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Paterson Proposes Measure To Counteract ‘Inflexible’ Deportation Laws

May 7, 2010 by  

Paterson proposes measure to counteract 'inflexible' deportation lawsWith several states embroiled in contentious debates concerning immigration reform, New York Governor David Paterson announced May 3 his pledge to enact a measure that could prevent the deportation of thousands of legal residents who have criminal histories.

Paterson said he would create the nation’s first "pardon panel" to investigate whether legal immigrants who face deportation because of a prior conviction have been rehabilitated and can safely return to society, the Associated Press (AP) reports. The measure will certainly clash with several recently implemented federal laws that the governor has referred to as "embarrassingly wrong and inflexible."

"To be sure, there are some individuals whose crimes are egregious or who pose a threat to public safety," Paterson said. "But there are others for whom the situation is far less clear. For them, our national immigration laws leave no room to consider mitigating circumstances. But in New York, we believe in rehabilitation."

Paterson, who announced earlier in the year that he will not run for reelection in November, noted that the new measure is not a response to Arizona’s historically aggressive immigration reform act that was signed into law last week, and has been in the works for some time. The policy does not need legislative approval to be enacted, The New York Times reports.

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  • Vick

    Why would you not want to deport criminals? Even legal immigrants? Has our nation become such a “criminal state” now that we won’t deport criminals? If other nations hear about this, they’ll start deporting their criminals… to the U.S.

    The best “rehabilitation” is making the criminals actually be punished; then others will “back off”.

    • RivahMitch

      You ask:

      “Why would you not want to deport criminals? Even legal immigrants?”

      Simple Answer: Because they’ll vote for you.

    • uniteas1

      There are countries that already send their criminals to the USA. Look at the terrorists that get in and many that were from Cuba when Castro emptied his prisons and sent them here to the US,years ago. They say this country was built by immigrants,which is true. BUT LOOK AT TODAYS IMMIGRANTS! Many are here ILLEGALLY and many suck the system dry or for all they can get.

      I too have a daughter that gets help from the State but nothing compared to what illegals get and for one reason . They lie about any income they recieve. And everyone is suppose to believe them,for you would not want to upset them. This country is on a downward spiral thanks to our generous politicians. They are so blind and dumb or just plain stupid.

      But then what do I or any of you know. We are racists!

      • Jana

        I said this on another posting, but would like to repeat it here,

        The illegals are wanting respect. At least this is what some of their signs say. How come they don’t realize that goes both ways? They need to respect our laws, not break them. Come into this country legally. They need to respect our language and learn it, they need to respect our rights not to be used and stolen from.
        One sign an illegal was holding up stated
        “give us FREE
        health care
        jobs- no taxes
        You owe us America.
        We will shoot more police in Arizona until we get free.”

        That certainly does not show us any respect. If they want respect they a. earn it and b. show respect back to us.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I don’t know why that person wasn’t later arrested. That is conveying a threat against the police and illegal!!

          • Jana

            I wholeheartedly agree. If you or I would be carrying a sign like that we would be arrested, but not an illegal. So much for their worrying about being arrested and deported for standing on a street corner, they can threaten the police and not get questioned.
            And they question the TEA Party signs, HA!

  • Kevin

    Problem is,
    You’d have to start first with the President,
    then almost all of congress. (for deportation, that is)

    • http://?? Joe H.

      sounds like a plan to me!!!

  • Clifton

    This is unbelievable. Even the Governor of New York will not honor the rule of law. Has he considered for one minute the victims in these cases?

    As I understand the role of his office, he must enforce the law before him. Until the Courts overturn a law by declaring it unconstitutional or the Legislature repeals the law, the Governor has no other choice. Technically, he doesn’t have a choice. It is Federal Law and the Agency that deports them, like ICE, has sworn to enforce the current law. Believe me, I have read thousands of cases and the Immigration Judges rarely overturn a decision to deport. The Federal Appeals Court would have to basically find that the Immigration Judge did not apply the Law correctly and made an error that would be so egregious as to deny justice. That rarely happens also. It most cases, the crime they commit the suspect pled guilty. As long as the procedure or due process was correct, there is nothing to appeal except to challenge the law as unconstitutional. The Judges have absolute immunity from a civil lawsuit, so you can not take that route.

    The immigration laws were passed by a majority of the House and Senate, then signed into law by the sitting President. Each law has been challenged at some to the United States Supreme Court. The ones being enforced have held Constitutional at the Highest Court in the Land. They are the Law of the Land. What part of that doesn’t the Governor and others understand about that absolute rule of law?

    • JC

      Maybe he should be given a Border Patrol uniform and sent into the desert alone at night in Arizona. He can embrace them to his heart’s content…until they cut his heart out that is…

  • ldot

    Are the left nothing but idiots??!??! Pushing to allow felons to vote, etc. Why do they insist on rewarding bad behavior?!?!?!??!?

    Please vote conservatively in 2010 to take our country back!

    • s c

      WHY is anyone surprised at this development? Is there anyone left who doesn’t yet realize that Obummerbubba and his flunkies have no use for common sense or laws? Think of convicted felons as the answer to dead voters who have been ‘outed.’
      Not too long ago, a certain LOSER prez [Peanuts Carter] made a deal with Fidel to accept a bunch of ‘prospective citizens.’ As it turned out, they were CONVICTED FELONS.
      Carter wasn’t smart enough to outsmart Fidel, and Fidel made Carter look like the horse’s asset that he’s always been. Get it through your heads, folks. Socialists, Communists, Fascists and all their friends are NOT to be trusted – EVER. What don’t you understand?

      • sue


  • Bill

    But in New York, we believe in rehabilitation.” And how do you do that and pay for it? Just look at ex-prisoners returning to prison. Patterson is another fool. Maybe he will pay for the rehab out of his pocket, not ours!

  • http://personalliberty PFFFF

    Why even have laws if everyone passes their own ‘laws.’

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you HAVE to do that when the higher authority involved won’t enforce their OWN laws!!!!

  • Victor L Barney

    Again, it’s all part of the Black-lead “Marxist takeover” of Israel, which is America, an offspring Of Joseph’s kid, son of Israel! PS: The Bible is ONLY about the Nation of Israel, especially America, but including the “Britains”(Isaac’s son) and Judah, who now cal themselves Israel, “but not in truth or righteousness”! This movement started in Chicago as the “weathermen movement” in the 60′s that Charles Manson took-off on(remember him?). And, don’t let me forget about telling you about the “set-apart” people that have been and or will be called-out of “Babylon”(confusion) in these coming last days of man’s era! The two-witnesses described in Revelation are not far away from their appearance and doing just that. Watch!

    • obiwan

      Barney, you obviously did to many drugs in the 60′s and your currently
      drinking the kool-ade. Time to check into rehab.

    • Jana

      You have obviously been in a much deeper study than most people. I know and understnd what you are saying. However, you are trying to introduce too much too fast, and in too short of a setting. It is frustrating to know something and not be able to get it across, but not everyone is going to comprehend, and not everyone is supposed to comprehend.

      • Jana

        Thought I had better clarify.
        I am talking about certain Biblical facts here, not the rest of it. He gets a little confusion in there about America being the black-lead Marxist that is taking over Israel.

        The part I was agreeing with him on is the Old Testament is about God’s dealings with the Hebrew (Israelite) people.
        The rest of it is a little hard to comprehend there.

  • Jack

    I think Gov Paterson should be deported. What a stupid idea. Spend more money to stop the deportation of criminals? How do these idiots come up with this stuff?

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    Nobody has a “right” to become an American citizen, unless born here; and, nobody has a “right” to immigrate to any country on this planet. In the USA we used to have quotas, so that a fair system for immigration would be allowed (which Clintoon changed) for those wanting to come to America so that one country was not favored over another (Mexicans, alone, make up 33% of the US population and most came here illegally). Current immigration law says that any legal immigrant (not yet a citizen) “shall” be deported if they commit 3 misdemeanors or 1 felony. Pretty stiff law. It shows that you “respect” your new country and “value” your presence here. If you want to stay in the USA, then you “must” obey the law. Don’t obey the law, then you are gone. WHAT THE %$&* IS WRONG WITH THAT? Most crimes committed by illegals from south of the border are “sexual” in nature and most of those are committed upon children under the age of 10. Check out the stats, if you don’t believe me! Are these the one’s who can be rehabilitated and allowed to stay in the USA? The governor of NY needs to open his eyes! (Yes, pun intended!)

  • Mark

    What else would one expect? He’s Black. He’s from New York. Come on, get real! This is exactly what they are.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Drop the Black remarks. I know quite a few Blacks that are against the illegal immigration problem just like YOU!!!

      • Claire

        JoeH–I agree with you. There is no valid point in mentioning black or white. I do not care what race Patterson is, it makes no difference. He is still idiotic.

        • Claire

          JoeH–Oh, BTW, didn’t America take in Cuba’s criminals and the mentally ill people? Remember? !! I think if a person from another country comes to America, becomes a legal citizen and then commits a crime, YES they should be DEPORTED!! They should be sent back to wherever the heck they came from.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Yes, that’s exactly what happened and it’s a disgusting state of affairs. Problem is, it won’t do any good to deport them, Castro won’t accept them back. course we could just dump them off and runand Damn the consequesces!!!

      • JC

        Joe, I know and respect a goodly number of Americans with brown skin and black hair with names like Gonzalez who are against illegal immigration. Race, as you already know, has nothing to do with any of this.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I know, I just get tired of the Black and Mex comments. I have friends from both and the Mexican friends are all legal!

  • sick

    And here they go again… taking pity on those that contribute nothing but misery to our society; those that drain the hard-working American’s pocket-book. Geez. Go Arizona! Deport them all!

    I’m a 35 yr old single mother of a small child; worked part-time in high school; worked full-time after I graduated. I’ve worked hard all my life to buy a modest but nice home and own a decent vehicle. In 2008 I lost my good paying refinery job. Strapped w/ bills and needing to provide for my child, I turned to government programs for help.

    Guess what?? I didn’t get jack. Nothing. DENIED.

    I was told that I had too much money in assets, ie. my house and car, so I didn’t qualify. Really????? The fact that I had been paying taxes to contribute to these programs all the years meant nothing. My money was there to pay for the losers of this country, not people like me who just needed a little help. If I sold my home/car, then I would be able to get assistance from my American government. Talk about a slap to my American face.

    And now they want to help criminals?? They want to give them the right to vote when they don’t even have the right to walk down the street?? You want to spend more of my money deciding whether or not their law-breaking selves should be deported?? Really???

    What about me?? What about the rest of the hard-working Americans?? What about those of us who are NOT criminals?? WHAT ABOUT US!?

  • maverick2

    Can’t he see what is going on in his State? Whoops, that didn’t come out right.

  • Steven Mark Pilling

    This? And now… after a near mass murder in the streets of NYC?! Just how many lunatics are in power in the State of New York? Along with foreign born criminals, let’s pass a exile measure for idiots and self serving politicians. Zimbabwe sounds like a nice dumping ground.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      you sure that wasn’t designed to take the focus off the present state of affairs along the borders and the oil platform???

  • http://gmail i41

    Sick, hope you find another good job, most simple-minded democrats dream of renewable energy is pipe dreams, windmills components are made in every else but the USA, bioenergy will not fly since transportation cost will eat up the extra benefits, solar has about much benefits as a bik lighter used for a head light, Since you worked in a refinery, you should explain why crude oil is still the cheapest and most effeicant of any energy, we are already set up for dispensing the products. Hydrogen will weigh down any vehicles and we don’t haveenough ffueling stations. There is over 2 trillion and 503 billion barrels of oil in our country in the heartlands. When you get around needle headed, climate change, greenies, tell them to check out two sites. First, The Stansbury Report on the Rocky Mts. and the Williston Bassin Survey Report, some of this oil is only a 1000 feet down in one pool. There is a Canadian pipeline being built through and beside the 2nd pool going to the gulf. In one pool there is more oil than in all of the middle east. Remember all the bull from dems, that we would run out of oil in 25 years in the 1980′s, the USA doesn’t have anymore oil in the early 90′s. The lies are from all democrats and their media wonks. Why hasn’t the last permitted refinery in the southwest been stopped for so long? A mouse or jumping rat that the serria club abd other nut jobs who convinced pinheaded envior judges to place a moratorum for decades to study the issue and the range and habitat, Guess what the rat goes all the way to Canada and into Mexico. Snafus with idoits in government will kill our ability to be independant and self self suffient, which dems don’t like and is against any of their brain functions.

  • http://gmail i41

    If legals with crimminal rercords were deported it would get ride of 3/4s of the populations in most cities.

  • Terrie McCormack

    I can’t wait until we get rid of the liberals running everything into the ground. Why can’t we deport these legal immigrants? It is known that people are becoming citizens so they can plan terrorist acts on our own soil and use our own freedoms against us. I say do what we have to do to fight terror.

    • JC

      Exactly! Let’s start with the imposter in the Oval Office.
      Vote him out!

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Claire

    I had to take 3 of my dogs to the vet this afternoon to get their nails trimmed. On the way there I came upon 5 police cars, and guess what–they had a van pulled over, and it looked like a bunch of “illegals.” God forbid I am not being racist but they looked like Mexicans. I got a good look since they had traffic slowed down. I have to be honest, I hope I see more of this. Something has to be done.

    • http://naver samurai

      My thoughts exactly. Governor Daniels of Indiana has already passed laws to try to deal with this problem, though I don’t think they are like Arizona’s. I wish they were. Don’t forget folks, when I was in the army they had us learn the Patriot Act I and II. It says in there (sorry I can’t remember the page #) that if a person is caught being here illegally more than once, one of the punishments that can be handed down is “CASTRATION”. It would be as a last resort and would keep them from breeding new illegals.

      • Claire

        I55 is a known path for illegals–I guess heading for Chicago? Now that the state of Illinois announced to the world that they are laying off 450-460 state troopers it will become a nightmare. The illegals will be coming in droves.
        The burglaries are picking up–and someone robbed Chase Bank yesterday (my bank) and they got away. The amount of money stolen is undetermined yet. Or so they say.
        Not all people that are on welfare are lazy–but the ones that are lazy, do not want to work, and have babies like flies, should have tubes tied and vasectomies. This is a blunt statement but something has to be done about the situation. Or do away with welfare and let them fend for themselves but they would probably turn to crime.
        Illegals–Sorry, this is blunt too but the illegal babies just grow up to be big ones. I cannot believe the administrations do not have this problem taken care of, it should have been dealt with years ago. But no, they had to leave the problem for incoming administrations and now it has wreaked havoc on all of us. Something has to be done, and the sooner the better. We cannot go on like this. It has to be stopped.
        Our military should be beefed up and kept that way. America has to KEEP military/weaponry strength updated and ready. NORAD, SAC, all of them must be on the ball and ready. No slip-ups. And I am not a warmonger. It is common sense to have your country prepared in the event of something happening.
        Politicians—all of them should be kept under close scrutiny regardless of party–especially since politicians from both parties have had “incidents.” If an elected official commits ANY type of crime, gets in trouble with the law, income tax evasion, etc. they are to be dismissed immediately. Perhaps this would keep the “shady” politicians out of office?
        Economy–no more handouts and bailouts. The banks/companies that received a bailout should pay back their debt to the U.S. with interest. Our government should run a “tight ship.” All programs and agendas should be cleaned up and decided upon which should be kept. Wall Street should have some regulations, that is the only way they will be kept honest, same with oil companies and others. The word “greed” comes to mind when I think of them.
        Supreme Court–these judges should be re-evaluated to see if they are truly “objective” people, NOT party affiliated and biased.
        The Fed–to be done away with–they are too powerful and this is not good. This is a tough one to deal with. I keep remembering JFK, and others that were murdered. The word “murder” is blunt but this is what it was.
        Taxes–There has to be taxes to pay for infrastructure, public education, etc. Or America would become like an underdeveloped country.
        Education–schools need to be “cleaned up” and teachers hired should also be given a test to prove their capability. Math, science, history, economics, etc. should be taught in an upright manner, no more hanky panky about politics or religion. I am a believer in school year-round. If kids drop out, they go to a boot camp/military school or some place where they will be taught the meaning of an honest life. Some parents need to take more responsibility in raising their kids. Keep them off the streets.
        Politics–No more two-party system. The Dems and the Repubs do not get along once they are elected, consequently hardly nothing of any merit is accomplished. Too many people go with one or the other party and vote for whomever is running in their party whether the person is any good or not. This is not productive. I go for an independent system. A system where we vote for the person/persons that are running. To heck with the Dems and the Repubs.
        I have to stop here–I could have added more comments under each category but I tried to make this short and simply express a few of my thoughts. Some of you will not agree and that is fine. I don’t expect you to. I won’t freak out. Especially since we do have freedom of speech.

        • libertytrain

          Claire – as always, well said, and I agree with you.

      • Claire

        samurai—What gripes me is that “laws” are made but they do not enforce them. Some of the law enforcement officials and the judges let it slide by. And then when a law enforcement officer tries to do their job like they should, then the judges do the opposite. I sometimes wonder why they even make laws if they are not going to abide by them. Another thing–to heck with racial profiling. The matter of illegals is severe enough that “racial profiling” should be kicked aside. I have a big van, and it would not bother me if I got pulled over. I have been pulled over once on the interstate, the funny thing was my van was loaded with dogs! And I was only going 5-6 miles over the speed limit. I was just glad they were checking since many illegals are transported in vans. I will not feel inconvenienced one bit if I get stopped again. It just tells me law enforcement is doing their job! And they should!

        • http://naver samurai

          I agree with you Claire, something has to be done. I’m all for the stationing of troops at our border, punishing those who are caught, deportations, etc., but since the job is a very big one, can we get the average citizen to do something about this? I’ve known people to look the other way or say to let them alone. They’re trying to make a living for their children. We need to get rid of the “born here” rule and drastically overhaul the whole system. How long will this take? I don’t know, but we really need to start now.

          • Claire

            samurai–Illegals trying to make a living for their children? This is exactly what Americans are trying to do. And a person must remember that some of the taxes Americans pay are going towards taking care of the illegals. This is money taken from us to provide for them. Every time we go to a doctor or to a hospital we get charged for what the illegals do not pay. The Americans have to bear the burden of cost in many ways. Times are hard enough, with the cost of everything. I do not think Americans need to shoulder the responsibility for these people. Sure, I have compassion for the human race (providing they are NOT criminals), but this situation is out of control. Enough is enough.
            If we have to use the National Guard, then so be it. We must turn illegals away and send them back where they came from. I do not think some Americans realize what it is like unless they have lived or live in the states that are affected by illegals. Surely people realize what is going on, the crime, etc. I wouldn’t want to be bothered by illegals and have to worry about them stealing from my home, etc.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            I have a lot of family in the service both now and since the passing of the patriot act. I have not heard any of them say anything at all about the “castration” part of the act. Now, I’m not calling you a liar, but I think at least one of them would have said SOMETHING about it!

          • Jeep

            I’ll say it Joe…there is nothing in the Patriot Act about “castration”. Period.

      • s c

        Samurai, look at it from a different angle. Most of the people in Congress are nothing less than “repeat offenders.” It’s not as though they never had any time to change their self-serving, thieving ways.
        They’ve been there for a long time (like career criminals), they have accomplished little or nothing, and they won’t STOP what they’re doing. And, they do what they do for YEARS.
        Ergo, put career politicians on a huge, updated medical castration list. I am NOT trying to be funny. Politicians should be seen as budding criminals who have no motivation to mend their sorry ways. WHY do we treat them like royalty, when most of them are no better than CRIMINALS?
        Now, do you see the issue in a different light? If you want to give ‘God’s gift to politics’ a reason NOT to become a career politician (CRIMINAL), put the scummy manure pile(s) on a frickin’ medical castration list.

    • libertytrain

      Claire – Mexicans drug running is apparently very popular in this part of the country using Atlanta as the base of operations.

      • Claire

        libertytrain–Hi!! I believe you. They are everywhere. That is a subject I did not include in my post above. Darn it!! The druggies must be dealt with in a hard nose-type manner. I have no sympathy for them. Far too many have gotten by with this filthy crime. Look what they have done to some of our kids. If I had any power or was in charge I would really go after them. If any of them were picked up “one time” they would not be simply reprimanded and “let go.” They would really pay the piper with me. I would clean their clocks in a hurry. The judges we have are far too lenient with this situation.
        After I got rid of the druggies I would go after the creeps that promote the dogfighting rings. I would show them no mercy at all. I would deal with them like I would deal with the druggies.
        “If it offend thee, pluck it out.”

        • libertytrain

          I’m with you – I am not merciful about some things, like drugs, etc.

  • http://gmail i41

    Claire, we have both 1-90 and 1-94 running through up here and our record drug bust have all involved illegals in stolen vehicles. The last bust was stopped due to wired on pick up plates, and flippim g out a lite cigerette from a window. should have streched a rope like my ancestors did when the caught cattle and horse theives. Saved on court room time and anyothers bleeding heart lawyer left chasing ambulances. Also no repeat offenders.

    • Claire

      i41–Definitely–NO repeat offenders.

  • s c

    It’s good that people can have a difference of opinion. However, when it comes to law-breakers, the New York governor is on a lawyer’s fishing expedition, Obummerbama is beyond clueless, but Arizona’s governor is trying to do the right thing and PROTECT Arizona’s citizens.
    Paterson and Obamabubba are busy trying to resurrect their sinking political careers. The governor of Arizona has the people of Arizona and common sense behind her.
    I’ll bet on Arizona’s governor. Obummerbubbabama and Paterson need to be de-programmed and summarily DEPORTED. How and why did America ever have a reason to cater to losers who brown-nose felons?

    • Jeep

      SC, why not just skip the deportation part and get straight to the deportation? Just a thought…

    • Jeep

      Darn it, SC. I was laughing so hard…I meant to say, why not just skip the “deprogramming” part and get straight to the deportation?

  • Jeep

    Wait…wait…wait…so, some crimes are “egregious or…pose a threat to public safety”? I thought that ANY crime was a “threat to public safety”. Silly me, maybe those things that are not a threat should be decriminalized, and then there would not be a problem. Right? And, of course, we should “consider mitigating circumstances”. I suppose there might be a good reason to rob, rape or steal…and, we should ask ‘em before we deport ‘em…sheeesh. But, if it were up to me I’d deport ‘em 200 miles off shore, and sianara!

  • Tom

    I’m all FOR Governor Paterson enacting those laws for his Great State of New York. All the illegals will flock to his State and break THEIR financial backbone even more quickly that California.
    But what does governor Dave care? It’s not HIS money that will be spent caring for the sick and providing for the unemployed.
    He won’t be put out of work because an illegal will do his job for less. Oh NO!
    In fact, with all those new citizens – who aren’t paying a cent in taxes – he’s certain to get re-elected again and again and again…
    Good luck New York. You bleeding heart liberals are gonna NEED it!
    But it’s okay – really. The upside is that at least we won’t have as many illegals here in Michigan!

  • hermon

    Patterson is happy about the progress of the great demographic shift. He’s not White, doesn’t care if whites become a minority. So much for helping your fellow man, and after all the white man has done to help the black man( fough civil war, gave rights, freedom, prosperity, vacinations for africa, etc…) So now our Black brothers stand with all people of color against a White America. Backstabbers!

  • emy . tokyo.

    democrats can do anything for vote, america is helping to keep world best criminls, afterall abama is a criminal, paterson is an agent to the criminals.
    what a shamefull thing to be an american, what a country without a law.

  • Fed Up

    Patterson is an idiot. What possesses this moronic segment of our society to make such stupid comments? Times Square needs some more protected criminals walking the streets.

    He is blinded by far more than his loss of sight.

  • http://PersonLibertyDigest Dee

    That’s why this administration wants amnesty for, so they can get all the illegal immigrants into the dumocratic party and they will vote them in every time. We need to vote these dumocrats out, they are ruining this country. If they succeed in taking over, you will lose your freedom and liberty. Do you want that? I think not.

  • Airangel

    We don’t want them, we don’t want to pay for them – Deport them or punish them and make them pay society back for their crimes…clean up the slums, pick-up trash, build the poor shelters, paint, revive bad neighborhoods…do constructive jobs and if any money is earned it goes to the families who they victimized…as for the murderes and rapist, death penalty…if we sent stronger messages, criminals would be less likely to go back or to commit a crime in the first place if they knew there was a zero tolerance for crime…we need some elected officials with back bone, not these sniveling, whining, politically correct dips! But if you’re going to deport them, secure our borders so they can’t come back!!!! Where I live, several have been arrested, deported and back within 2 weeks…it’s that easy.

  • Jim H.

    Now Arizona has 2 places to send ILLEGALS, back across the border or to New York.8)

  • http://?? Joe H.
    does that stand for enemy Tokyo?? If you are so ashamed to be an american you should go somewhere else!!!

  • Claire–Do you live here in America? If you do and you are unhappy then I suggest you go back to Tokyo. If you are in America, don’t bite the hand that feeds you–you obviously came here for a reason. If you live in Tokyo, stay there, America does not need your unpatriotic attitude nor do we want it. We can do quite well without your presence.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    don’t say that, it’s too close to Ohio!!!

  • Colo43

    what are these idiots smoking?

  • s c

    Colo43, because of the “big picture” complexity of what’s involved by having someone like Obubbabummer in the White House, you can be sure of 3 things. First, whatever these losers are smoking has been OKed by the FDA. Second, it has been ‘blessed’ by the medical retards at the AMA. Third, it has the daily, personal seal of approval of the individual or group that OWNS Obamabummer, controls him and tells what him what to do.

  • Claire

    JOeH–Maybe she lives in Japan.

  • http://?? Joe H.

    Then if so the person should not say anything at all about shame being connected to being american. Especially after some of the scandals coming from Japan lately!!

  • John Pickett

    No Paterson your rehabilitation is like putting a child in timeout! And then you say okay now you’ve learned your lesson so go vote for me cause I’m the one who helped your problem. Not them but, me don’t forget! Grow up and yes get out of politics and get a real job where you have to work for a living and wonder what your next check will cover the water bill, maybe the rent!!!!!!!!!!


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