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Partisan Battle Over Effectiveness Of FEMA Rages On

September 2, 2011 by  

The comments that were made by Cantor were met with harsh criticism from FEMA officials who noted that the organization needs the funding due to the scope of the disasters.Several influential members of both parties have defended or attacked the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as Washington debated the necessity of the organization.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has voiced his distaste for the Federal agency and has said that the money that is used by FEMA could be offset by cuts from another area of government, according to The Hill.

“We are just going to have to make sure there are savings elsewhere to continue to do so,” Cantor said in an interview with Fox News. “Just like any family would operate when it’s struck with disaster, it finds the money to take care of a sick loved one or what have you, and then goes without trying to buy a new car or put an addition onto the house.”

The comments that were made by Cantor were met with harsh criticism from FEMA officials who noted that the organization needs the funding due to the scope of the disasters, Politico reported.

Representative Ron Paul (R-Texas), a man who has denounced the agency for many years, noted that FEMA was a system that was inefficiently run and devastated by the bureaucracy that the Federal government has come to represent, Human Events reported.

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  • DanB

    For me, I really don’t care how effective FEMA is. Or perhaps how much fraud or waste there is. For me, the real problem is that FEMA should not exist. This is our personal responsibility to help our neighbors in need. Not the responsibility of government. By shoving it off onto government, we now destroy ourselves and our neighbors instead of building up. When Christ told us to love our neighbor as ourself, he did not say “and have government steal from the rich to do this.” When the widow gave her mite, he did not say “and the rich should support her.” He said the widow gave more than them because she gave all she had. Percentage of her income, she had given more than all the rich because she gave everything. They only gave a percentage. He did not say that this then justified taking from the rich. He held up the widow as an example for us to follow, to give all the WE HAVE. Instead we have become a den of thieves, stealing that which is not ours to give to those we choose, justifying it with calls of charity even though the government programs we create for this cause now bind us and those we claim into bonds of slavery. We have surrender our right give personal and true charity to our neighbor ourselves. And our neighbors have had their rights to true charity stolen from them. Sure, there are people that do give and do help with their own money. However, we are shifting further and further from this, even having government fine and regulate true charities out of existence for “safety violations.”

    • Sam I am

      Christ’s one act of violence in the Holy Bible (if it could be considered violence) was to toss the tables of the money changers out of the temple. That pretty much sums up what Jesus Christ thinks about big bankers.

      • s c

        SIA, are you a charter member of the ‘off-topic’ club? Frankly, your comment didn’t have anything to do with the article’s content. Was your goal to show how little you understand the Bible? Are you trying to compare FEMA with Big Bankers?
        Let us know, one way or the other. Now, since YOU drifted off-topic on your own, I want to know something from you. Tell me (us), if you can find ONE word in the Bible about building churches, wasting money on their being built or why anyone in the modern era (now) should ever consider building a church. How are we obligated in ANY way to bvuild or maintain a church? And what is the fascination with having a church or attending one? Let me (us) know, as there seem to be companies around the US that get rich building churches, yet the Bible says NOT ONE WORD about ANY need to build them. Quite a paradox, eh?

        • john

          it does order the building of temples.

  • s c

    People, people, people. There’s only one issue here. Why make things complicated? That’s what politicians do. Are you politicians, or are you human?
    If you want a grade #1, bona fide example of what’s WRONG with relying on Uncle Scam (ala FEMA), ask the good people of Missouri. Do you remember when that state recently suffered a devastating tornado? What was their reaction? Did they beg for FEMA to come and “help” them?
    Ask Missouri – and I don’t mean Kansas City or St. Louis. Ask Missouri. THEY are SHOWING America. They’re SHOWING Washington. SCREW FEMA. Stop the bickering. Eliminate FEMA.

    • Sam I am

      Indeed,where was FEMA? I know the Coast Guard helped some with the flooding, but FEMA was AWOL anyway. I know one of my favorite power point shows to look at every winter is how people in the mid west helped each other after devestating snow storms and how there was no FEMA, no trailers, no food cards, etc.

      • Mike in MI

        FEMA? US Government? What good are they now without any wealth to draw on by anybody? Now that OBLAMA-LAMA-DING-DONG sucked everything out of nearly the whole economic system (because the THEORY that people should have the FREEDOM to make FREE decisions about what they WANT to do with their OWN…EARNED…CAPITAL is repugnant to HIM)…GOOD BYE, AMERICA.
        In HIS mind any amount of sufferring, any amount of chaos, any amount of damage and loss to people is OK, because HE thinks he has the right to make it happen because HE thinks HE has HIGH IDEALS.
        Well, just where did his “HIGH IDEALS” come from?
        Jesus Chrst had the highest ideals I have ever read or heard of anywhere. He KNEW where his ideals came from. Where did he ever say any of the sort of crap OBLAMA-LAMA-DING-DONG says? From anything I can read his message was “personal responsibility, each one is worth one, get (and keep) yourself in order, help your neighbor – if you can do it and keep taking care of your own responsibilities.”
        Obama is a ghetto-bred, ghetto-brained, ghetto-conman.
        The ghetto-rat he organized against to step out of on there had more personal sense of responsibility and worth than HE showes.

  • Andrew

    fema is totaly useless, redundant, and not needed. get rid of fema.

  • Dan

    There is nothing I hate worse then seeing a National Response to a Natural Disaster by the head of Homeland Security. It makes me distrust the whole process to begin with. I’m sure homeland security tracks all those who need and get assistance and those who ask and don’t. Nothing like a federal government police entity directing aide during emergencies.

    I agree with everyone so far that FEMA should not exist to begin with. If a state needs assistance during national disasters then money should be sent directly to the state from congress. That would require a congressional vote for every disaster. We don’t need to feed a bunch of federal workers.

  • YahCoyote

    Well one “benefit” of the terrible Government has been to examine all the socialistic agencies that have been “created” by the bureaucrats over the past 90 or so years. The You Cut project of Eric Cantor is a fine example of searching for waste. I pray the “baptism by fire” we have experienced under Progressive Government will have inspired us to do our work as citizens and “throw the bums out”. The “silent majority” can no longer be silent. After having our calls, faxes, and E-mails ignord our one recourse is to reverse the ugly voting statistics of the Twentieth Century with say a record 80% turnout of eligible voters.

  • JKA

    As FEMA claims to be the almighty answer to all things disastrous, they tell us they have no money to do what they claim they must. Has anyone noticed how FEMA has been reassessing flood maps around the country? Areas that really have little or no flood risk are now a flood risk. And what happens next? The mortgage companies demand flood insurance on the home. Who provides the insurance Policy? FEMA. Who collects the money? The banks that have all partaken of government bribes, er, I mean stimulus money, which they use to beef up their capital numbers.

    It is all a con, FEMA needs to go. The banks need to give back our tax dollars. Americans left to their own ingenuity will handle every disaster better that any bloated government bureaucracy ever could.

    • independent thinker

      “Has anyone noticed how FEMA has been reassessing flood maps around the country? Areas that really have little or no flood risk are now a flood risk.”

      Absolutely correct. It happened to my daughter. The feds put her house in a flood zone and the nearest stream of any kind is several miles away. Also her house sits on one of the highest places in the town she lives in and has never had high water anywhere near it not even in the hundred year flood in that area. She fought them over the listing and after several years got her house removed from the flood plane.

  • Bruce

    Oh I see its the BiO two step, meaning its just one step and its all the same thing.

    People wake up there is ONE party thats the DemoRebo single coin unit party.
    Or you could say good cop bad cop – same cop – same story – same day. Its really DC v YOU and DC stands for Globlist Bankers, You means just that, your a piece of Chattel owned by the Globlist Bankers who play Pin Pong with your brains and emotioms.

  • slapshotpuck

    Facts overshadow the opinions that the feds can do anything right. The federal Government has established a reinsurance fund of last resort with all casualty insurance companies who pay a premium for stop loss coverage for all disasters covered under policy provisions.Fema and the SBA look to the insurance carriers adjusters to mitigate the claims and subrogate back to the Fema and SBA for repayment of non covered claims. In a major disaster the stop loss agreement goes into affect after a huge deductible paid by the casualty companies completing the losses.Therefore Fema and the SBA become less of a constructive force and the insurance adjusters become a major claims settelment force on the street where the losses occured. Insurance adjusters are highly trained claims specialist that work in the loss world daily. The FEMA people are hired and trained by the bureaucrats that do not have a budget or authority to actually assist in the overal needs of the loss victim. Insurance adjusters have the authority to write checks on the spot, help with housing, food, transportation and most of the needs of their policyholders. They want to keep them by servicing them.Fema has no such mandate. Their policy needs to be not renewed.The uninsureds can be paid by the Fema mandate for social good. That takes a very small unit to handle that repayment to the insurance carriers. Coverage for losses are not an entitlement or a right accept by contract. Fema needs to be downsized and all disaster relief needs are to be consolidated. Stop the waste from overlapping make work programs.

  • chuckb

    new orleans and katrina should answer the question is fema viable. we have people so dependent on government they won’t make an effort to help themselves. we are probably still paying for the welfare of thousands of people evacuated from new orleans and transferred to other cities. this is just one glaring example. then to thank the tax payers, in the interim, they looted the city. so i say unless there is an invasion the government should stay out of it. if they turned their effort to protecting our border just think how much better off we would all be today.

  • John Kramer

    Get rid of FEMA!

    • Christin

      John K,


      Both Eric Cantor and Ron Paul are right!

      • john


      • john

        I cannot say has been said and whoever runs this will not let more than one person agree.if enough agree,some one may pay attention.

  • Larry W. Mayes

    Do you remember times in your youth and young adult life where someone had you doing some mindless job or “BUSY WORK”! You hated it then when you realized hated this mostly unproductive (usually unpaid) time.
    When we find PAID workers to spin their wheels 50% to get 4% productive motion from beaurocrats that are late to respond, half way drill trained and planned by people who would write six sigma standards and require ISO certifications for a 10 year old’s Lemonade Stand, without a thought to the actual mission.
    Hurricane Andrew overwhelmed FEMA whiched seemed as “shell-shocked” as the Florida residents. With Katrina, half the nation was likely screaming at the TV coverage of days before someone fired the FEMA “starter’s pistol”. As we saw, people face down in the swirling Mississippi water must be resuscitated within 4 minutes in order to survive. Being out of position for four days is akin to manslaughter. FEMA’s planning and execution was bad under Bush 41 and improved to modern day “Failure”. We loved having the ice filled trucks from New Orleans deliver their vacationing payload to Maine. It is rare indeed to have such unseasonal guest to help tourism.
    Judging from some 900+ days in office, anything President Obama and Janet Napolitano are associated with, will need rescue itself. Their hope of salvation will likely come from Fool Every Moron (in) America. Yes, the whole White House and most of the Congress are oblivious to the fact that FEMA needs a FEMA of its own.

  • Ted Crawford

    One fact is undeniable, if it has “Federal” in the letterhead, and it deals with social issues, it’s F.U.B.A.R.

  • john

    FEMA is very important in their own my mind they are a bunch of expensive,arrogant,useless people who couldn’t hold a job in the private sector.they never should have been brought into existence in the first place.D.H.S. is in the same category.besides all the previous descriptions,these wannabe commandos are very dangerous to the country.these people are like janet reno who murdered all those children at Waco Tx to save them from being abused.does the govt have a need for these organizations other than to keep their boot on the neck of the people?


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