Parent Loses Daughter For Smoking Pot, Daughter Dies In Foster Care


After learning that her parents enjoyed winding down some nights by smoking marijuana once their child had been tucked into bed, Texas Child Protective Services officials decided it would be best to kidnap the two-year-old girl from her loving home and place her into State custody.

Joshua Hill who was accused by the State of “neglectful supervision” is now mourning the death of his daughter Alexandria; and, the foster mother with whom she was placed by the State for her own safety from her natural, marijuana-loving parents, is facing murder charges.

KVUE News reports:

Hill’s daughter Alexandria, or Alex as they liked to call her, was rushed to a Rockdale hospital with severe head injuries, then flown to Scott and White Children’s Emergency Hospital in Temple and immediately placed on life support.

Alex was living with foster parents after DFPS removed her from her parent’s home last November for “neglectful supervision.”

Hill admits they were smoking pot when their daughter was asleep.

“We never hurt our daughter. She was never sick, she was never in the hospital, and she never had any issues until she went into state care.”

For two months, Alex was placed in a home that Hill says was dangerous.

“She would come to visitation with bruises on her, and mold and mildew in her bag. It got to a point where I actually told CPS that they would have to have me arrested because I wouldn’t let her go back.”

In January, CPS placed her with Sherill Small in Rockdale, and Hill says things seemed safe there.

“They listened, they paid attention when we had concerns, they tried to keep us in the loop, but in the end, it wasn’t enough.”

Hill got the call Monday night that his daughter was in a Temple hospital.

Meanwhile, Hill has paid the ultimate price for breaking the State’s prohibitive marijuana laws.

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  • Alan

    How disturbingly sad. They were no more of a threat to their daughter than those who have a nightcap before heading off to bed. They had in no way abused their child but the state certainly did. So tragic.

  • Eagle525

    Once again the governmental “police state” shows its ineptitude and penchant for destroying the lives and liberties of it s citizens.

  • donnypinetree

    as a dad and a papa, I would have sombody’s ass

  • TheSilverRanger

    I think Anonymous has another police department to target. Let’s raise some hell for the communist scumbags.

  • Debbie Hogan Tate

    Sue their butts broke! Run them thru hot coals and then burn them to a crisp! So sorry for these parents. Proves the State does NOT KNOW BETTER!

    • Karolyn

      My first thought!


    One of the saddest stories I’ve ever seen! Gotta have more than a joint burning to take a child away, those SOBs !!!!!!!!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      They well do it in texas for pot !


    Some butt-wipe had to call on parents to rat them out…maybe a vendetta? Whoever it was, has blood on their hands, too!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Who ever did call should be fed to the hogs ,

  • jdn

    This state run child services is crap at best . How many kids get booted to the street at 18 with just the clothes on their backs because the pay checks stop ? There are kids who truly need help from a really bad home but as with all government programs they have to grow every year to justify their existence and budget increases so more and more kids are removed from their homes for little to no reason to be put in questionable homes looking for a paycheck . This is not the first sad death of a child in their care nor the last . We need to stand up and let the government know they do not own us or our children .

    • nrahat

      Right on jdn, the government should keep there noses out of our lives unless there is proof of child abuse. Smoking pot is not child abuse especiall if it is done after the child is in bed!!!!!!!

  • nrahat

    Your government at work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • David J. Sanchez

    Isn’t this totally sickening? Government needs to remove itself from people’s lives.

    • Vis Fac

      Liberals want more government why I have no clue. Government is self serving and all consuming and never cares for those who support it. Government is like cancer destroying that it feeds off of. You will never have government hold itself responsible for anything it does.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        That the reason for the swift kick !

  • 57girl

    If I were the parent of this child, I think I’d sue the State and anybody else I could think of even mildly associated with the death of my two year old child.

    Weed needs to be legalized, once, and for all. It is not the demon drug our Government pretends it is, and now, here we have a fine example of how our Nanny Government has once again screwed up, sticking its’ nose where it doesn’t belong.

    My most heartfelt condolences go out to the Hills. May little Alex RIP. And I hope the foster parent goes to the gallows for murdering a baby. It infuriates me, that it is always the babies that pay the price when the adults screw up. Absolutely heartbreaking.

    • Vis Fac

      Do not sue the state, sue the person in charge and responsible for the decision to remove the child as well as those responsible for the untimely death.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Or better hunt down some CPS workers

        • Vis Fac

          I do not advocate violence, I wish to explore other avenues. I am not afraid to, and will resort to violence if the circumstances dictate.

          • Jimmy the Greek

            But the only thing some people understand is a good swift kick in the arse ,

          • Vis Fac

            That reminds me of a little story where a city slicker bought a mule from a farmer and was having trouble loading it in a trailer.
            The farmer told the city slicker that you need to be and talk gently to the mule. He then too a tree branch and promptly smacked the mule right between the eyes to wit the city slicker asked “why did you do that” I thought you said to be gentle” The farmer replied you do have to be gentle but first you have to get his attention.

  • JRJ21

    Don’t do drugs or be around them,as this is their ammo to use against you.I figured out a long time ago to take their ammo away.They (cps) should all be jailed, but all parents owe it to their kids to walk the straight and narrow.

    • Vis Fac

      As I said earlier they don’t need an excuse all is necessary is a mere suggestion from a teacher a neighbor or anyone. Until they are held personally accountable things will not change. Liberal one dimensional idiot-ology mandates there is no accountability.

      • Mike


        A wolf came upon a lamb straying from the flock, and felt some compunction about taking the life of so helpless a creature without some plausible excuse. So he cast about for a grievance and said at last, “Last year, sirrah, you grossly insulted me.” “That is impossible, sir,” bleated the lamb, “for I wasn’t born then.” “Well,” retorted the wolf, “you feed in my pastures.” “That cannot be,” replied the lamb, “for I have never yet tasted grass.” “You drink from my spring, then,” continued the wolf. I have never drunk anything but my mother’s milk.” “Well, anyhow,” said the wolf, “I’m not going without my dinner.” And he sprang upon the lamb and devoured it without more ado. Moral: A tyrant needs no excuse for tyranny.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    this crap goes on all the time in Texas I had a frend that we helped play hide the baby with CPS , They make a lot of money for the state stealing babys and selling them there is some kind of scam that gets fed money for every kid they adoped out .

    • jag

      Amen to that! Like they say”Don’t mess with texas”..that’s their job!

  • Dr Moon

    I know what I would do to the officials who took my daughter and let her die. Eye for and Eye.

    • Chester

      Sir, are you willing to give up the rest of your life just for that bit of vengeance? Seems that the Bible has a word or two to say about that, with the most appropriate at this time being the simple statement, “Vengeance is MINE sayeth the Lord.”

      • TheOriginalDaveH

        How convenient for you screw-up Liberal Progressives.

        • Chester

          How very inconvenient for the messed up conservatives who think nothing ever needs changing because everything is just perfect the way it was a hundred years ago. Things DO change, whether we like it or not, and about all we can do is try to keep them from getting totally out of our control

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Technology changes, Chester, but human behavior remains a constant.
            If you’d take the time to read this book, Chester, and learn the history of our country, you’d see that your same arguments were made hundreds of years ago. Despots always have plausible excuses for building their Power at the rest of the citizens expense. It’s up to the rest of us to see through their Propaganda and do something about it:

      • Jen

        That is but one of gods words , but gods vengeance is an eternity away . In order to stem the evil that has free will and reign over us we must heed the words of man ” Give me liberty or give me death ” . If not just bend over and like it .

        • Chester

          Instead of taking the law into your own hands and changing nothing but the lives of two people, why not spend a bit more time and change the law so fewer people will have to live with things like this? Too many people think like you,”I was hurt, so now I get even with the person who hurt me.” Why not spend the same amount of effort on changing things for everyone, instead of just putting yourself at risk? You will be better for it, and so will society as a whole.

      • Vis Fac

        I would and let the record show that if enough people stood up attitudes WOULD change overnight. If there were a chance of being held personally responsible we would see things operate as they were INTENDED to operate. We would not have the “power hungry” getting out of control.

      • 57girl

        Sometimes vengeance is worth the consequences. I imagine losing a child under such circumstances, on top of all of the other crap the Government shoves down the people’s throats (in general, on a daily basis) would warrant a little vengeance.

        I would like to think the people would stand beside Mr. Hill in seeing to it that other people are not subjected to the same Government intervention that robbed little Alex Hill of her life.

        How the hell does the Government know what Mr. HIll and his wife are doing behind closed doors, to begin with?

        • Chester

          That was more or less what I commented on earlier, that it had been reported. Essentially, that means a nosy or pissed off neighbor, or someone who simply didn’t like the fact that they used the herb and had kids. In most states, you can make an anonymous call and have CPS or the equivalent on someone’s doorstep within twenty-four hours.

        • jag

          Pissed off CLOSE Friends most likely??

      • jag

        If it was yourchild, would u still bdrinkin the FREE KOOL-AID???????

  • Chester

    Wonder who called CPS in the first place? The statement is made that CPS “learned” that the parents used marijuana, so someone had to have filed a report. That person, along with BOTH sets of foster parents, owe a life. Try working with a CPS agent for a while and see what kinds of problems they see every day. They have rules they have to follow, so why not see about getting some of the rules changed so they don’t HAVE to step in for a minor marijuana usage? I will grant that some case workers get over zealous in their actions, but again, they do, generally, try to follow the rules as set forth in the state’s laws.

    • TheOriginalDaveH

      Yeah, it’s always somebody else’s fault.
      They’re just “doing their jobs”.
      Bull Scat.

      • Chester

        Did NOT say every person in a position of authority is perfect, but do know from first hand experience some of the BS they do have to put up with. Granted, bad things happen to good people because of a screwup, but bad things also happen to good people because no action was taken. Personally, have NO problem with a bit of herb usage, but some people equate that with full scale meth or heroin usage, and the laws of more than one state still work that way.

        • TheOriginalDaveH

          Chester says — “Granted, bad things happen to good people because of a screwup, but bad things also happen to good people because no action was taken”.
          But wouldn’t it be better if the “bad things” weren’t a result of Force by an over-wielding Government?
          I have personal experience with CPS. My niece is a Foster Parent to two children who were stolen from their parents “for their own good”. She is one of the most mixed-up fowl-mouthed persons I’ve ever known, and now she is messing up somebody else’s children.

          The Government has created most of the mess we’re in with their phony Drug Wars. Without them there would be plenty of money for good people in private agencies to help those who are seeking help for their drug problems.

          • Vis Fac

            Any of these so called wars on anything are a means to control people through legislation.An apathetic population just sit by and watches it happen.

          • Jeff

            Granted. The War on Drugs is an idiotic policy that has done far more harm than good and few politicians in either party have the courage to end it. But what is the free market solution to parents who are truly neglectful or abusive? I’m not talking about the absent-minded mother who forgets her kid at soccer practice or the marijuana smokers, but the truly dangerous. Are you saying the State has no legitimate interest in the welfare of those kids? Clearly, the parents have to be truly neglectful or abusive and the foster parents need to be carefully screened, but any CPS caseworker can probably regale us with instances where parents suspected of abuse were given the benefit of the doubt and the result was tragic.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Jeff says — “But what is the free market solution to parents who are truly neglectful or abusive?”.
            Government involvement in family business should be very rare indeed, and it is a matter for the courts — not some bureaucratic agency which stands to gain from meddling with other peoples’ lives. Who protects the children from them?
            I watched a documentary one day about 3 children who were taken by authorities (pre-CPS) because the mother was deemed unable to feed them properly. They were divided among 3 foster homes and never saw each other again until they were adults. The main player, who searched out her siblings, said that when she cried repeatedly (understandable given the separation from her family), her foster parents would lock her in a closet until she quit crying. Sick. How anybody would think that is a solution is beyond me.
            Here are some results of Government Meddling:

          • Jeff

            There are horror stories galore involving both parents and foster homes. The example you gave sounds like something unlikely to occur in modern times. If all kids were taken away because the parents had trouble feeding them, there wouldn’t be enough foster homes. Obviously, kids should be removed from homes only in extreme cases of neglect or abuse and foster parents need to be well screened.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Obviously you didn’t read the article I linked to. Now why would that be, considering that you claim to care about the children?
            And why would you be an apologist for Big Government which is mortgaging those same children’s future, and they didn’t even get to vote in the matter?
            Considering the potential for abuse of Power that is inevitable when you give unelected officials such Power, the only reasonable way to address the issue of Child Abuse is to pass definitive laws and enforce them evenly in the courts. The CPS needs to be abolished.

          • Jeff

            In most individual cases, we might not even disagree as to who is neglectful or abusive and which foster parents are good. But you just have to get in your nasty digs. I do read most of the stuff you suggest – just not at the moment you direct. I do work and have a life.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            I don’t like your kind, Jeff. You might have your moments of goodness, but your moments of badness outweigh them.

          • Jeff

            Well, since I didn’t enter the Creepy Dave Please Like Me contest, I don’t really care. Just so you know, I have been against the War on Drugs since before Nixon even declared it. As one of the few in my generation who never smoked marijuana, I wrote essays about legalization when I was in high school in the early 70s. I agree that the War on Drugs has been a disaster and has been used as a weapon by police to devastate the Black Community. Blacks and Whites use drugs at approximately equivalent rates, but Blacks are targeted by police five to ten times as much as Whites.
            Because official policy has been largely responsible for much of the dysfunction in the Black Community, it is my belief it should be official policy to not only correct these inequities but to create, or at least permit, effective remedies. When you throw up your hands and say “let the free market do it,” knowing that will take generations if it happens at all, I don’t think that’s an adequate position. Affirmative Action was supposed to be the remedy. It had some impact, but its effects were distorted by those on the right who harbor vestigial prejudice based on their upbringing.
            Capitalism is the engine of economic progress. Virtually no one is advocating an end to capitalism. But unrestrained, capitalism can be a runaway train. To have a safe car, you need more than an engine – brakes, steering, seat belts, and an intelligent driver all help, too.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            There is no such thing as “unrestrained Capitalism”, Jeff. That is just a figment of controlling Liberal Progressives’ minds.
            Capitalism is always constrained by the consumers. In fact, in Free Markets Capitalists are slaves to the consumers. They have no choice but to please them or go out of business.
            And please don’t bore me with claims of their “force” because they can only do that with the complicity of Government.

          • Jeff

            By “unrestrained capitalism,” I wasn’t referring to the ability of companies to put out bad merchandise. For the most part, companies do have to make things that people want to buy. There are other aspects that may require regulation in order to maintain competition, restrain false or misleading advertising, etc.

            But what I was really referring to was the system itself. If you rely on capitalism to solve all societal problems, it will not do so. I know you don’t care much about those who lose in the marketplace, but they live here too. And when the difference between winning and losing becomes too great, you’re flirting with revolution. FDR recognized that fact and has often (not here but by many real historians) been recognized as the savior of capitalism. What Marx failed to foresee when he predicted that capitalists would sell the rope to hang them was that the system could be adapted to provide a floor below which people would not fall. Guaranteeing that someone who fails in business or gets sick or disabled can have a roof over his head and enough to eat is not the same as guaranteeing him a condo at the beach.
            It’s why people laugh when right wingers equate social democracy or social security or Medicare or Obamacare with Marxism.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            You could buy any kind of protection on the Free Market that you could buy from Government, only it would be with your own money, not somebody else’s money.

            FDR — the savior of Capitalism? You mean because he woke some people up to the reality of Socialism by keeping us in 10 more years of Depression?
            Here’s what happens to Depressions when Government butts out:

            Those who would like to know the real FDR, not the phony hero the Propagandists would like you to think, read this:

          • Jeff

            I am so surprised that you and your Austrians have a counter-narrative concerning FDR. Considering the right wing has hated him from Day 1 as a “traitor to his class” and “that man,” I’m surprised you didn’t name 100 such hatchet jobs.

            But your first sentence is most revealing of the essential difference between liberals and conservatives. Yes, one could buy such protections on the free market – assuming one is in a financial position to do so and one has the foresight to do so. Of course, most people fit in neither category. And the number who could never afford such things would be far higher were it up to you. Without the benefits of collective bargaining and the minimum wage, people without a college background would be even more destitute than they are currently.

            You want people literally thrown to the wolves, required to “negotiate” with Wal Mart to earn a living wage while villifying the unions who give them at least a bit of power in the marketplace. Then, out of the meager wages they are thrown, you want them to pay for medical care, retirement, etc.

            If you are fortunate enough to work for a major company for 40 years, never suffer a layoff, have medical care provided by your employer, and have a pension that actually still exists when you hit 65, you are clearly in the minority. No one has that life anymore.

            Forgive me for believing we can do better than Bangla Desh Redux.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Jeff says — “Yes, one could buy such protections on the free market – assuming one is in a
            financial position to do so and one has the foresight to do so”.
            Leave it to the Liberal Progressives to create a condition and then use that condition as an excuse for not repealing what they did to create the condition in the first place. Duh, you think if Government wasn’t consuming 40% of our GDP, and killing another 10% with productivity-killing obstacles (regulations), that people couldn’t afford to protect themselves?
            And as the economy becomes worse and worse with ever-increasing Government, do you think that the Liberal Progressives would ever throw in the towel and claim responsibility? Of course not. Assuming responsibility is just not in Liberal DNA.

            Jeff says — “Without the benefits of collective bargaining and the minimum wage, people without a college background would be even more destitute than they are currently”.
            So let’s think about Jeff’s Fairy Tale a little (a little thinking is all people like Jeff can handle). What happens to the workers’ productivity when Unionists demand higher wages for doing the same amount of work and fellow non-Union workers and even low seniority Union workers get laid off by necessity since the company can only afford to pay so much? Productivity goes down of course. So what does less production get for us? Less goods and services of course. Fewer goods and services means somebody has to suffer more than before. Do the Unionists care? Of course not. They got what they want and that’s all that counts. Similar results occur with minimum wages which could be better described as higher unemployment wages. But who cares about those who have lost their jobs? Not Jeff.
            If Jeff really gave a damn, he’d read this book and learn just how ignorant he is:

          • Jeff

            Dave, the only fairy tale is your belief that the free market, by itself, can produce the wondrous system you describe. You have no problem with the “market” for labor being skewed by the power of a few big players, but if workers want to unionize and take back a little of that bargaining power, it’s somehow evil. The economic system is supposed to serve us; not vice versa. If workers can wring a little extra money from employers, productivity will not decrease. Taking the example of WalMart, if forced (whether by collective bargaining or Government action) to pay its workers a living wage, it could recoup the “loss” by raising its prices so that most customers would be paying a few pennies more per purchase.

            In addition, those workers might even spend some of their money at WalMart. I believe it was that famous Marxist Henry Ford who first recognized that his company would prosper if his workers could actually afford to purchase his product.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Jeff says — “Dave, the only fairy tale is your belief that the free market, by itself, can produce the wondrous system you describe”.
            Government’s only role in an economy should be to litigate against Force by a Corporation. If they sell shoddy products or services they won’t last long in Free Markets.
            In UnFree Markets they have their Crony Politicians to run interference for them.

            Jeff says — “You have no problem with the “market” for labor being skewed by the power of a few big players, but if workers want to unionize and take back a little of that bargaining power, it’s somehow evil”.
            The only way any companies, large or small, could “skew” the market for labor is with the complicity of Big Government. A Big Government that you promote, Jeff.
            Forming Unions or Associations is not evil, Jeff. But Unionists trespassing, destroying other peoples’ property, and creating violence is.

            Jeff says — “Taking the example of WalMart, if forced (whether by collective bargaining or Government action) to pay its workers a living wage, it could recoup the “loss” by raising its prices so that most customers would be paying a few pennies more per purchase”.
            Many, if not most, of Walmart’s customers are poor people. So you’re suggesting that the Unionists should be able to raise their wages at the expense of those poor people. If the Walmart workers don’t think they’re paid enough, Jeff, then they can seek employment elsewhere. Or they can get together and start a competing business, maybe Hopes and Dreams Mart.

          • Jeff
          • TheOriginalDaveH

            Yeah, and if every one of the senseless Liberal Progressives would send me just 50 cents, I could invest it in silver and never have to work again.
            Just 50 cents, Jeff.
            Send it to Bob, and if he so chooses he can forward it to me.

          • Jeff

            I’d gladly pay an extra $.50 on a $30 or $40 or $50 purchase if it meant the workers could earn a decent living, get health care, and not be dependent on Food Stamps despite working full time. As for sending money to your Creepy Fund, I’ll give it all the consideration it’s due.
            BTW: If silver is such a sure thing, you hardly need my money to get rich. Have at it, Mr. Hunt (So that’s what the “H” is for!).

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            You are free to donate all of your money, Jeff, to anybody you want. But keep your hands out of my pockets, Thief.

          • Jeff

            Tell it to the IRS, you Creepy Bastard.

          • Jeff

            And to think this list doesn’t even include any of your acolytes on this Blog.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            No doubt, rapists can also justify to themselves why their Forceful actions are justified.
            Bottom line, Jeff — You are a coercive thief.

          • TheOriginalDaveH

            By the way, Jeff, I turned you into CPS.
            No, not that one. This one — Commenter Protection Services. You will be getting a knock on your door soon.

          • jag

            Jeff is brainwashed and clueless I hope he dosent have any kids

    • Vis Fac

      You do not work with anyone in a position of power People who run CPS are power mad and enjoy ruining people’s lives They have the ultimate power to destroy people as there is nothing more sacred than family.
      Like the IRS they don’t answer to anyone so these people like most liberals make up rules as they go so you can never win.I have a heads up for all would be morons who want to rend or harm my family. You come near my family with evil intent you are going to die. (BTDT) Plain and simple.

    • Jeff

      Absolutely. Condemning the very idea of state action because of overzealousness resulting in tragedy is not wise. CPS is there to prevent such tragedies at the hands of neglectful or abusive parents. What the people in Texas need to learn, apparently, is not everyone whose lifestyle is a bit to the left of Rick Perry is a threat to his kids. And not every person with a spare bedroom and the ability to cash a check is a fit foster parent. There’s a show on TV called “The Fosters” about a lesbian couple with a bunch of foster kids. That couple might not be up to snuff in Texas, but they’re apparently light years beyond the mentality of some such foster parents.

  • ch2801

    Lost a 1 year old grandson in foster care when he was left alone in the house while foster parent went to get the other children who were a block away. He drowned in the toilet even though my daughter warned them to keep the bathroom door closed because he had discovered the water in the toilet was fun to splash. In Texas, not the towns you named.

    • Vis Fac

      It is never easy losing a child I know from experience. It is avoid that will never be filled. And to lose a child at the hands of another to suffer unimaginable pain. I have experienced this as well. ANY entity who causes death to another should suffer the same those who are negligent should be left in a remote area to fend for themselves as those who they had let fend for them self. A one year old need constant monitoring and cannot fend from him or herself.
      I feel your pain and empathize as the pain never goes away.

  • Troo

    Ultimately, the “state” want any excuse at all to take kids away from parents. This gives them total abusive power over the lives of adult parents. The state uses the kids as a ransom and lever. My, what wonderful leaders we have in this nation, who would sit by and ignore these horrendous abuses, or even enable them. Despite this horror, I note that so many young still do not hesitate to join the military and make the beast get bigger, stronger, and more abusive. How stupid can American get?

    • Vis Fac

      Ultimately the “state” wants CONTROL!!!!

      • Troo

        They sure do, and low and behold, they got, God help us all!

  • Troo

    Christin Marr of Maine, lost her daughters, Logan 4, and a baby of 2, for no other reason than that she was poor by state standards and could not keep the 2 girls in state of comfort the state saw as arbitrarily high. Logan was duct taped around the mouth for throwing a temper tantrum as she was a very angry girl for people taking her from her mom who she loved. she died of suffocation. The only good thing about it is that the Bit@H that had custody and killed her got a very severe sentence because the state did not appreciate her making them look bad. But they do look very bad. the 2 year old was quickly returned to mom, but Logan was forced to rot in the ground. Some day, all politicians will join her when God catches up with them and He will.

    the state had complete immunity from having to pay any damages at all, in violation of the Constitution which says the gov can not take anything from a citizen without due process and just compensation. Maine can tell anyone it wants to go to he11 and they owe nothing for it. Luvs ma country, I do, I do. Why don’t some more of you join the military and praise the state for its wonderful benevolent actions.

  • Pamela Ann Myers

    CPS does as much or more harm to children than the parents they are taken from.

    I served as an advocate/liaison for someone whose very young child was taken by the Texas state owned Child Prison System, also known as CPS.

    When I read a letter written by the foster “mother” during a meeting I realized the child was being psychologically, emotionally and medically neglected and abused. The foster “mother” was so ignorant that her “update” to CPS and the parent on how well the child was doing in her “care” actually proved that he was not doing well in her care at all.

    Here are some of the things the CPS case worker and her immediate superior said to me after I stopped reading half way through, grabbed my phone, and told them I was calling the DA and the police to report the foster “mother” and CPS for child abuse and neglect:




    I was able to get the child as well as four other children out of that foster “home” and shut down the home permanently. Those people will never again be allowed to “care” for foster children.

    Additionally, CPS states on their website that the first and most important goal is to place the child with a close family member to reduce the effect on the child.

    In this case there were THREE close female family members willing and able to take the child immediately yet no attempt was made by CPS to find a family member to care for the child.

    The child was whisked out of his home without the parent being given any information on who to contact, no name, no phone number, no paper work, nothing. They swooped in, took the child and drove away.

    Although I made many attempts every day to get desperately needed information on how to contact the case worker I had to file a formal complaint with the Ombudsmen to get it Even then it was almost FOUR WEEKS before I was able to talk to ANYONE who was able to give me any information.


    Just imagine someone coming into your home and walking out with your very young child without giving you any information whatsoever, no name, no phone number, not even the CPS office location, and then you are unable to locate the case worker or get a call back for FOUR WEEKS.


    When the thirty minute “visit” was over, they came and took the child away from his mother. His screams could be heard throughout the very large office and as he was carried further and further away his screams became more and more distant and more and more panicked.

    Imagine your child being stolen from you, you have no idea where your child is, who has him, and you have absolutely no way whatsoever to get any information on how to proceed. FOR FOUR WEEKS. No one calls back. No one can give you any information. Every effort is met with a brick wall. FOUR WEEKS. Not only did no one call me, no one called the child’s mother or made any attempt to place him with family.

    Imagine BEING a very young child. Two strangers come into your home, take you, quickly walk out, stash you in a car and drive away. Imagine the shock and fear, the desperate need for your mother or even a familiar face.

    Imagine BEING a very young child and being snatched out of your entire world and dropped into an alien world.

    Imagine being taken to a strange place where the people are a different race than you and eat food you have never eaten before. They talk and behave differently. Every thing about the entire situation is strange and very frightening. Where is your mother? Where are you? When will you see your mother? You are hungry but can not eat. You are only able to sleep once your body and mind are thoroughly exhausted. As the foster “mother” reports, you stand alone all day in one place and cry. All you can do is cry and no attempt is made to comfort you.

    The fear this child and every child feels in this situation must be extremely intense. The intensity of the grief, fear, stress, anxiety and anger is staggering.

    As bad as this is, it is only a tiny fragment of the horror of what CPS did to this child and his mother during the child’s requisite 6 month prison sentence imposed on him by Child Prison System because his mother smoked pot.

    • STMA

      If what you describe happened to my child, I would be in jail and somebody would be rethinking their career choices from a hospital bed.
      To the NSA- it won’t be necessary to intervene. I don’t have any children. Find something productive to do with all that money besides screwing the rest of us.

      • Vis Fac

        That is what the liberal establishment does; screw with others and tell you how to live YOUR life. They are not satisfied in ruining their own lives and being miserable, and as misery loves company, they want everyone else to be just as miserable as they are.

    • Vis Fac

      Any other entity would be charged with kidnapping but since it is state sponsored and sanctioned it is fine. Our constitutional rights are gone usurped by out of control government policy. The presumption of innocence is no longer valid as mitigating circumstances. All that is necessary is a whisper of wrong doing and persons involved are automatically guilty.
      APATHY has led to government abuse of freedom. The “as long as it doesn’t affect me I am fine with it” attitude will eventually bite us in our collective rear ends.

      People need to get involved NOW BEFORE it is too late. You could be next, and all it takes is an accusation and it’s you who will suffer the wrath of the state.

      • Walt wenger

        So true!

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Well at least you did somthing , more than most would , I know of a child cps put with the grand pertans at birth because the mother was a meth head , they raised the little girl untill she was six years old , with no problems . then one day CPS calls and tells these people that they have found a asin cople that wanted to adpot a little girl ( the child was 1/2 asin ) they sead no and started looking for a lawer , CPS grabed the girl out of school , and they never seen the child agen , This happend in harris county Texas , CPS sead they were to old to rase the girl and they thought they were leting the mother see her .

  • Iris D. Lynch

    BTW, two year olds are at the greatest risk, because they have usually gotten the idea of self power by then and will use the powerful word ‘NO’ without discrimination. Someone who does not love or even like the child may be hard pressed to ‘put up with’ this behavior and it is all down hill from there.

  • Ibn Insha

    Government is bad news. Can anyone tell me what any government, federal, state or local, is good for? Government can’t keep people crossing our borders without authorization, it cannot keep us safe from criminals while it taxes us out of existence, it spies on us, etc. Who needs enemies when we have our friends like our government.

    • jag

      Whatdo u know….u hate us disabled…remember…the obama phones?.

  • jag

    Dosen’t CPS stand for Crazy People Stuperunvisioned!? That’s all I ever thought of it! So now the states now how to raise our children better than WE?!

  • jag

    won’t b long before the come at 3am in all black outfits to gather your children to”Raise”for u too!


    don’t ever let your children be taken away from you!fight for them!if you have children,change your lifestyle,that’s what i did,i’m a single father and i’m always worried the state is going to come in the middle of the night and take her away!i’ve been told a man can’t raise a child by themselves!i had all boys till she was born,i’ve adapted,if i can anybody can,everyday is worth it!when they grow up and leave home,then go back to what you want to do!