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Panetta: U.S. Within An Inch Of Another War

April 23, 2012 by  

Panetta: U.S. Within An Inch Of Another War
Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said war with North Korea may be looming.

The United States has been at war for more than a decade in the Middle East, and last week Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said that every day it becomes more likely that the Nation will go to war with North Korea.

“We’re within an inch of war almost every day in that part of the world,” Panetta said in an interview with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, responding to a question about the threats in the Korean Peninsula. “And we just have to be very careful about what we say and what we do.”

The Defense Secretary also said that charges from Republicans that President Barack Obama has been weak with regard to responding to foreign threats are unwarranted.

“I think it’s pretty clear this administration took a firm stand with regard to provocative behavior North Korea engaged in,” Panetta said. “We made clear they should not do it, and we condemned the action even though it was not successful.”

Panetta promised “worsened” relations between the U.S. and North Korea if the hermit kingdom attempts another nuclear test. The Defense Secretary also told the House Armed Services Committee last week that he believed China was aiding the country in its ballistic missile ambitions through “trade and technology exchanges.”

Along with the potential for conflict with North Korea, the U.S. remains threatened by Iran and Syria, Panetta said.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Michael J.

    To put in succinctly, Panetta is forewarning of the impending elimination of another dictator not on board with the New World Order game plan.

    • mark

      Correct, trying to figure out a false flag claim.AN inch away, ya because they have the false flag attack planned already, what a joke.

      • factnotrhetoric

        This madness, of endless wars, can be stopped if we just follow, and convict, the counterfeiters of $16.1 Trillion US Dollars in April and May of 2009. See

        Every Dime, of this $16.1 Trillion fake dollars, was sent overseas to the “Organized Crime Syndicate D’s” (D is for Dictatorship in America) bank accounts and foreign governments. This Fake Money is being used to pay off US politicians, pay off US judges, and to pay off US news media. These payoffs are all for “Organized Crime Syndicate D’s” endless wars, and to create a Dictatorship in the US.

        Under “Organized Crime Syndicate D’s” style of Dictatorship, “Organized Crime Syndicate D” owns the oil under the ground, the drug trade, the property owned by the US Government, any utility company or nuclear power plant, the printing of US Dollars and THE LARGEST MILITARY BUDGET THE WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN.

        The bank records, of the Fake $16.1 Trillion Dollars, are a road map to this “Organized Crime Syndicate D”. The bank records are a road map to every politician who has been paid off since Obama took office. The bank records are a road map to the criminals buying up the US gun factories, US ammunition factories, US voting machines, US Mainline News Companies, and Hollywood. The money will keep us on a track to being an “Organized Crime Syndicate D Dictatorship” until the counterfeit money is returned to the US.

        “Organized Crime Syndicate D” is running out of time and must act before the November 2012 elections. If Obama is no longer president, and someone like Ron Paul is, they have a chance, of going to jail, for this counterfeiting.

        Also the FBI, the Secret Service, and the House of Lords are being encouraged to investigate, by concerned Americans, everywhere. Please join in and demand an investigation.

    • TIME

      Yet more “POLITICAL THEARTER” from the spin factory also known as the DC – United States – De Facto gov.

      We are well into WW III but as the Oman’s masters the Psychopaths such as the Rothschilds / Rockefelers have had to slow Oman down a tad before the election of what he will win no matter what.
      { I don’t say that to piss anyone off, its just whats written on the wall that no one really wants to read.}
      We are well into a real 1984 format but again very few wish to see that either.

      WW III is just an inch away — so will YOU work to wake others up or will YOU sit back and let this Blood sucking Monster known as the “New World Order” just keep on pushing us deeper into the hell they have planed for the world as a whole?

      Its really up to all of us, we can make our life worth something of value by being “Honest and Truthful and express whats broken?”

      Or we can waste our life by just geting by to try and stay safe?

      Be honest with yourself, then take the action that applys to your answer.

      Peace and Love to all.

      • Rhonda Reichel

        yep…that’s why I’m voting for Ron Paul

      • Mike in MI

        Hey there, my friend. You’re a sensitive, sensible, wonderful guy, TIME. You can see and understand things going on around us and want desperately to help or make it better. But, “illegitimi carborundum non” – don’t let the bastards grind you down. Look, you’re a believer. I know you are ’cause I’ve read some of your posts to that effect. This is going to sound nutty, but please, hear me out.
        What’s the most powerful thing a human can do? Well, what was the most powerful thing that ever happened? How about when God created the heavens and the earth – the whole freekin’ Universe? Would that qualify?
        So, how’d He do it when He set it all up? He spoke things into being. He SPOKE, and it changed the conditions. Then, something that hadn’t been before – all of a sudden – WAS. Words change things, for good and/or for bad…especially His words (for good). “Bad” is from a different source.
        Now, do you think God has changed, or His word gotten any less powerful, effective and effectual? I doubt it.
        So, does it make sense that if you want to do things that are going to have an impact you might try learning some of His word and learn how to use it impactfully? Could a fit phrase spoken to an appropriate situation change the situation if you relied on God to know what to say and when? I’ve seen it – often. It givs me the greatest, most energized feeling and sense of satisfaction imaginable. Heck, anybody can do it and you don’t even have to become some long-faced, dour, black-suited, backwards collared, holier-than-thou, dead to life numb-nuts either. God’s willing to take you, who you are, where you go, do what you do and do it together. The more you know of His word the better you get at paraphrasing it and speaking it to the situations of life – and hardly anybody ever knows – but it changes things like crazy.
        Like anything else it takes some practice. But He’ll work with you. Try it. Whatcha got to lose? The blues?

    • Ron b

      These people are forever plunging us into another false flag of a war. Americans need to wake up, and realize our government has Ben taken over by foriegn banks….who wish to bankrupt America!

  • Robert Button

    I guess that’s one way to keep his budget intact. Or maybe he’s just trying to help Obama to spend more. Besides South Korea is not the weakling they were in the 1950′s. Today they’d wipe the floor with the North, and they’d probably get a lot of help from the North Korean people doing it.

    • Alex Frazier

      The north Koreans are loyalists. They view their dictator as almost god-like. It’s one of the side effects of keeping the people completely shut off from the rest of the world. So don’t expect any help from the north Koreans against their own country. Furthermore, just as in the middle east, you can expect them to rally against the US when their wives and children start getting bombed. Though we like to attribute radical extremism as the cause of terrorist attacks, the fact is, they are just fighting back against a foreign invader who kills their civilians.

      • Maryland Freestater

        Agreed. Ron Paul was right on this topic. Unless NK does something truly stupid, leave’em alone. While they’ll eventually get launching of rockets and missiles down, at that time the US will probably take them out with a laser, or some other countering device.

        If they were smarter, the NKs would permit international inspection, or at lease Asian inspection to verify that they are indeed launching comsats (or spysats) rather than ICBMs. Plus, I know for a fact that NSA has radiologic-detection that could identify what type and how much of a radioactive substabnce is on board – because they scan EVERY automotive that passes by NSA HQ on Rt. 32.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Better get a good read on the China factor. South Korea wiping up North Korea assumes no assistance of the North by China.

  • James

    Dear Foreign Policy Experts at the CIA and State Department:
    Since you missed it before, here’s a news flash for you: North Korea does not do ANYTHING without the approval of Communist China. North Korea gets its food, fuel and arms from China. North Korea does not even sneeze unless China says it’s OK. Now, do you “experts” get the picture? China is using North Korea as a bludgeon to get you idiots to accede to her unfair trade demands. And here you are talking as if North Korea were an independent political entity making decisions all on its own! Your ignorance is simply astounding! I know, of course, that you cannot get into the CIA or State Department unless you graduated from an Ivy League college, and it’s a shame that you don’t learn anything of any value about foreign affairs or history in those institutions. So print this out and put it in your wallets and purses and refer to it next time North Korea starts threatening something!

    • Vigilant

      Correctamundo James!

      “Panetta promised “worsened” relations between the U.S. and North Korea if the hermit kingdom attempts another nuclear test. The Defense Secretary also told the House Armed Services Committee last week that he believed China was aiding the country in its ballistic missile ambitions through “trade and technology exchanges.”

      Panetta’s statement is ridiculous. “Worsened relations?” If you plotted a graph of the times relations with N. Korea have worsened or improved since the 1950s, it would look like a DJIA Value Line graph. I’m sure the N. Koreans just quake at the prospect of “worsened relations.” It happens to be the very reason they provoke the West.

      China’s the puppeteer and Panetta knows it. That’s why the paper tiger known as the USA is regularly threatened by N. Korea every time they have a famine or shortage of heating oil. Then we dutifully send some idiot like Jimmy Carter to trade off nuclear ambitions for food and fuel, gullibly believing all their promises, which they inevitably break when things improve.

      Appeasement is alive and well in the 21st century, as well as the politics of fear. No, Mr. Panetta, we are NOT “within an inch of war almost every day in that part of the world” and you damn well know it.

  • Vigilant

    “I think it’s pretty clear this administration took a firm stand with regard to provocative behavior North Korea engaged in,” Panetta said. “We made clear they should not do it, and we condemned the action even though it was not successful.”

    In the movie “It;s a Gift.” W.C. Fields lambastes his employee (Everett) for allowing a child to open the spigot on the molasses barrel, thereby flooding the entire floor with molasses. In defense, Everett says, “I told him I wouldn’t do it if it was me.”

    That’s what liberals call a “firm stand.” LOL!

    • Deerinwater

      Well used and nicely placed metaphor Vigilant, point made.

      • Vigilant

        Thank you.

  • Deerinwater

    Conflicting human ambitions in a world that gets only smaller each day creates this fine drama. I was born into it, was told to hide under my desk and keep my head down in case of a nuclear attack and you and I shall die in it, while it will continue long after we are gone.

    In the mean time, what’s for Breakfast?

    Anything N.K. puts in the air we could neutralize if inclined to. China would not approve publicly while privately they could care less. They could sell N.K. more toys. Then Americans could act offended by this sell of advanced arms and make some noise and justify spending and more aggressive military activities.

    Supply and demand forced in play, everyone is acting sad while hiding just how happy they really are.

    China has no interest to double down on N. K. at this point in time. Maybe someday but not today.

  • SSMcDonald

    That’s just what USA needs: a TWO front war by this administration….using an already decimated military. It appears the administration will do anything to get our patriotic troops offshore, well away from the USA in case of any coming collapse. It is almost impossible for offshore troops to get back home in an emergency if their transportation suddenly is not available or provided…..

  • FreedomFighter

    I dont believe anything Leon “Itakeordersfrom UN” Pannetta says, in fact I dont believe anything on mainstream media and for good reason.

    1 inch from war, pfft, if that were true Pennettas nose would be in full blown combat.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • ServedWithHonor

      Spot-on, FreedomFighter! Panetta is just like his “daddy”, Hussein. And, just like his “daddy”, he’s a P O S.

    • Donald York

      Very little was said when India fired off a test rocket capable of delivering a nuclear armed bomb intercontinally, though i do beleive that North Korea is a threat . Obama and Panetta will politicize this whole thing for the benefit of his re-election bid.

      • BunRoe

        What I can’t understand is fearing little punk countries like this.. Oooh, Iran is gonna make “one” bomb.. Beware, be very ware!.. Oooh, North Korea is gonna put “one” nuke in the atmosphere.. Beware, be very ware! What the hell are we? Pansies? We’ve got thousands of these little killers in the wait.. If the feds are really frightened then they must be frightened about the fall-out from the opposition big boys and their not owning up to it.. Israel would be giddy if they had a chance to quell Iran.. South Korea would gladly welcome kicking the North’s ass yet we say Ooooh, don’t do that.. Leave it up to us because our Chinee friends might turn on us.. Well let’um and get this pansy fear out of the way. As it seems now, we’re only postponing the inevitable anyway.. Be a man you faggot leaders, stop feeding our enemies and start challenging their idiotic threats!! Fools!

  • mark

    Another false flag on the horizon.

  • Johnny Hiott

    One thing is for sure. China has the technology now to fight a war most anywhere and probably win it thanks to our federal govt. for giving them that technology. Not to mention the shere number of chinese people. Now thanks to obama they are giving it to Iran. Does anyone believe that when the drone crashed into Iran it was not intentional ? Of course obama “ask them for it back”. It was a treasonous act to not blow it up and was intentional as a means of giving the technology to Iran, Russia and China. America’s biggest enemy is the treasonous government we have in wash. d.c.
    The time to have destroyed North Korea was during WWII before the traitors Truman and Geo. Marshall destroyed the best ally America had (Chaing Kai Shek) and turned China into a communist nation by giving it to Mao Se Tung to appease Stalin’s demands.

  • Charles

    Bull Corn. N Korea doesn’t have what it takes.

    • Delroy Brown

      Don’t use N. Korea testing a rocket as a basis for going to war. Lets get real here. The USA test weapons and rockets several times a year I have not heard anyone declaring war on us for that. We are militarily superior , a better response is to hold a military exercise in N.Korea back yard to let them know what they are up against should they get stupid.Every body knows N.Korea is just seeking attention and trying to stay relevant please ignore them. They are not suicidal.

  • Mark in LA

    This says it all right here:

    Along with the potential for conflict with North Korea, the U.S. remains threatened by Iran and Syria, Panetta said.

    Man how delusional. I guess we will need to start a war against all of them.

    • BunRoe

      If we do that, they’ll cower for sure and beg their bosses to fight back in their stead.. This is what our g’ment fears, that the bullies will surface and make us either blow their asses to hell or back off and send them more aid.. This congress is pathetic and catersa to only one god.. the U.N. OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!

  • Sirian

    “Defense Secretary Leon Panther said that every day it becomes more likely that the Nation will go to war with North Korea.” Really? Hmmm, technically, we’ve been at war with North Korea, under the direction of the U.N. since 1950. That old war has never actually ended – we’re in a “negotiated ceasefire”, are we not?

  • Dad

    Panetta, grovelling and bowing is not standing firm… you are an idiot. No wonder this administration is getting us into another war… they are all idiots. Lower quartile performance in skool and kwotas have lowered the bar to unacceptable levels.
    The rest of the world thinks you are idiots too!

    • Wildey

      FDR came to power at a time when America was in a deep recession. He reasoned getting America into the wars in Europe and the East would solve his problems. He did and it did. Americans died and Americans made money. Both the Bush’s and Clinton liked his thinking. Obama’s getting his mentoring from FDR as well.

  • Carol

    Obama is sounding like North Korea’s leader every day by bypassing Congress and issuing executive orders for himself, which is what dictators do. Penetta is nothing but the Rothschild’s puppet who controls the Obama puppet. Both of them need to take their heads out of other countries businesses and stick them where the sun doesn’t shine. Wars are nothing but a stockpile of cash for the already wealthy elite, and bloodshed and slavery for the little guy.

    Anyone who goes to fight in the Rothschild’s and Rockefeller wars needs their heads examined. And then they yell, ‘We’re the 99%!’. Yes you are because you put yourself into that category and made the 1% who they are – lying, thieving, criminal, SOB’s who don’t give a damn whether or not you come back from their wars in a casket or missing limbs. The only reason American citizens need a military is to eliminate the dark, black, mass of evilness that’s circling the globe and peace will reign upon the planet. The evilness is not coming from other countries – it’s coming from the 1% who controls the banks and the illegal money supply. Those criminals time is running out and they have Obama yelling for them, ‘WE CAN’T WAIT!’, and the stupidity coming from the entitled poor is fanning those flames and voting for the jackass who wants to see the NWO in place before his time expires in the White House. Criminals like Panetta and Obama need to be in prison – not running a country and dictating what other countries do.

    • Bruce

      Blaming the brainwashed 99 percent is like spanking a newborn for messing it’s diaper or kicking your puppy for being thirsty. Re-Education is the only way to affect change and
      prompting a change of attitude.

    • Delroy Brown

      What party is the Party of war and live for a perpetual state of war. You need to answer that , Obama is not a war monger he is trying to avoid one, the people around him and the opposition including Mitt Romney are the one’s advocating war by painting him as too weak for not bombing every body who does not act the way we deem correct. Elect the other guy and watch the military industrial complex start to party and the push for new wars as fast as we can deploy. There are people out there obsessed by war they think its la video game.

  • Rhonda Reichel

    I’ll bet we used our scalar weapons to take that missile down….
    Nukes are now obsolete unless they are hand carried into a country

    • Bruce

      Ever heard of MERV’s?

      • Vigilant

        …Or MIRVs? (:-)

      • 11C Ret

        Ah yeah…that was Griffin:-)

  • Wyatt

    Lets see , since we ended the ” Korean War ” with a cease fire , and then did everything we could to prop that nation up with its mad dog government . Sat and watched for the past three and one half years as they have flexed their muscle now we worry about a war .
    This is merely more of Our fearful leaders spin to justify more taxes that he can piss away on spending . North Korea attempted to launch a rocket that was intended to frighten us with its alleged intercontintal range and it flopped . They lost their best chance to cow us into submission . Now , suddenly we are faced with a new war out of the clear blue ? Don’t be absurded , this is just more of Obama’s levering to spend even more money to placate his Communist Pals .

    Any war No. Korea choose’s to start will end in their destruction unless backed by Russia or China . A conventional war will drain the already broken economy of that country so I doubt they will start anything with anyone . Right now they want money just to survive .

    • http://Google Gary Gerke

      China was the cause of the truce with NK, their army right now has a million boots on the ground today, I have to assume they have the largest standing army in the world. I believe no other country in the world can match the USA with star wars tech, however, we would be hard pressed to engage in a military action on the ground with china!!!!!

      • Wildey

        Nixon took a new approach to China. He opened the door with trade and the people liked it to the point where they are. The Chinese don’t want war. Reagan and Gorbachev didn’t want war. The USSR crumbled and the Russian people were exposed to the world and look how the country has grown. Enter Bush Sr. and his “New World Order”. Clinton and Bush Jr. grabbed on it. North Korea is not an asset like the Mid East is. One failed missle to our and Russia’s thousands. China could squash it like a bug and its no threat to us. No, the godless socialist running America have their eyes set on a world Empire and you can’t build one without constant wars.

  • Dens

    Panetta has been sent out to warm up the audience of the big Kabuki Theater known as Washington D.C.. We audience members, better known as “voting stiffs”, to the elected ruling class actors in this particular theater, are getting a heaping helping of threatened war thrown our way by a leading member of the Kabuki Theater cast, the puppet Panetta.

    Who is this war to be against? Why none other than the equally repressive Socialist/Communist government of North Korea. The main difference between North Korea’s thuggish leaders and ours is; their leader(s) eat with chopsticks and disarmed their citizens decades ago.

    Why would we go to war with North Korea? What would we gain? The answer to those questions was already provided by history. The Korean war of 1950 to 1953 gained nothing and ended in stalemate. The cost? About 50,000 young Americans and millions of Koreans, Chinese and other nationalities killed or missing. Of course the elected ruling class and their financiers made out like bandits, which they always do when wars are fought.

    The time for preventing North Korea from developing nuclear weapons was frittered away with endless negotiations and bribe payments. The North Koreans took the bribe payments and used them to develop nuclear weapons. Now when they already have nukes which they can use to extract whatever they want out of their peaceful South Korean neighbors, and the world, we should have a war with them?

    Let South Korea, Japan and China take care of that problem, it’s their neighborhood, not ours. Panetta and company are pounding the war drums not to “defend freedom” as these clowns like to crow, but to try and get his boss and their comrades re-elected. They know it would be impossible to get a “war time” President out of office and this is what the war talk is really all about. Same goes for Iran

  • Nan

    The war mongers believe that money is free in the USA. We taxpayers just keep sending in our tax dollars and yet we don’t get to dictate how they get spent. What if we tell the rest of the world that we’re going home. If they are stupid enough to actually threaten us we will wipe them off the map. Obama has the balls to do it! Thanks President Obama… you had them take out Bin Ladin, Kadaffy and the American Taliban! Nerves of steel.

    • factnotrhetoric

      Obama is working for the other side. Obama and SoS Clinton left “Saudi Organized Crime” authored “Sharia Law” in the constitutions of Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia and even his beloved birth country of Kenya.

      Leaving “Saudi Organized Crime’s Sharia Law” in any country’s constitution, turns any Democracy into a “Saudi Organized Crime Dictatorship” where the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate” owns the oil under the ground, the Opium in the fields, the gold diamonds and uranium in the mines, the drug trafficking, the printing of their money and their entire military.

      Obama made gifts of these whole countries to the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate” at the cost of $Trillions of Borrowed US Dollars, killing thousands of American Soldiers, and the murdering over 1 million innocent Middle Eastern and African civilians and citizens.

      Obama’s war budget, for these endless wars, is 60% of every government dollar that he spends. Now Obama, Clinton and Panetta all want to hand Korea, Syria, Iran and Israel over to the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate” and their “Sharia Laws”.

      No, it’s perfectly clear that both Obama, and SoS Clinton, are both cowards, working for the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate”, and not working in the best interests of Americans. Neither have the courage to stand up to the “Saudi Organized Crime Syndicate”. Just watch Clinton prance around the world trying to fund new wars. Just watch Obama’s video at:

    • Wildey

      Nan, You realize Bush and Obama knew where bin Laden was for years. He was their bogeyman keeping the American people afraid and running to government. What did Ghdafi do to us? We wanted him to sell his oil in dollars to keep our bankrupt currency afloat and he balked, same as Saddam. The people were looking at Obama with a jaundiced eye so he thaought he’d get brownie points, which he did for awhile. Like Ron Paul said: Because we’re over there, they’re over here.

  • TML

    Amazing, how stupid and cowardly can ya get? North Korea is not a threat to us. We are however, a threat to them, which is no doubt why they seek to arm themselves. It’s very simple; we don’t need a war with North Korea, we need to leave them the hell alone and let them love their lives the way they see fit.

  • cerebus23

    if we goto war with NK my money says at some point china will find an excuse to goto war outright with us.

    You do not spend the last 20 or 30 years stealing every tech you can from the US israel russia, building up the largest “peacetime” army in human history, and not have some plans for it.

    We are well on our way to a real world war 3, and odds are our own governnent will either collapse utterly soon before or soon after we start mucking around with nk and its puppet master china.

    • Wildey

      I believe that since the war of 1898, the Spanish American war, our involvement in wars has been offensive, not defensively. We did declare wars until the Korean war. Truman changed that when he put the UN treaty ahead of our constitution. Since then we don’t even bother declaring war. We chose sides in 1968 and that decision has lead to all the trouble we’ve encountered since. Good for expanded government. Bad for the people.

      • sesame

        Good Point!

  • Raymond Carl Hardie

    While on active duty I was tasked to teach a course titled ” Inside the Threat “, It was composed of intelligence data along with photo’s of equipment and training of our ( US ) enemies such as Russia, China, and North Korea. The one factor concerning North Korea that I have not forgotten is the training they put their troops through. Their boot-camp is 18 months long, their mandatory conscription ( draft ) is 12 years active and 8 years reserve. The main emphasis is on hand-to-hand fighting using bayonet, knife, and martial arts. The Defense Intelligence Agency at the Pentagon rated the North Korean Army as probably the best Infantry fighting Army in the world. In my military history classes I instructed all attending soldiers to read and make an essay on the book titled ” This Kind of War ” which is a compilation of interviews and photo’s of the Korean war by those who fought it! It does not paint a weak picture of North Korean atrocities. As a combat veteran myself I know full well that it is a fatal mistake to underestimate your enemy by using Western culture mentality in thinking we are superior because of technology, training, or capabilities, while these attributes are a strength, they can also become an Achilles heel, or weakness if properly exploited by ones enemies. Also, do not discount any intervention by either China or Russia, or both if we should be thrust into a protracted ground war with North Korea. It is only 50 miles from the DMZ to Seoul, South Korea and that distance can be closed in less than 30 minutes with a well trained Armored brigade supported by massive Artillery, Rocket, and Missile saturation which is exactly what they train to do.The North Koreans strength is to close upon all South Korean and American units to heavily engage at close quarters so as to make our Air Support of little or no use and thereby leaving ground forces to fight hand-to-hand in interlocking forward edge battle areas and the numbers are overwhelming at present with actual American Infantry at less than 26 thousand and South Korean infantry at roughly 180 thousand. The North presently has an active Army well over one million and their DMZ units with reserves are estimated at 683 thousand. It will definitely be an Infantryman’s nightmare. While I believe we can eventually win a war with North Korea should such event occur, yet it will not have the same ending we have seen in Afghanistan or Iraq with our shock and awe. Every aspect of this scenario is going to be bloody and costly, in more ways than just money. We need to let the nations of the world fight their own battles and take our troops home now.

  • Wildey

    TERROR: A physical or psychological violent act committed to gain submission. Of course Panetta is a terrorist. President Washington said, Why intervene between other countries political acts. To intervene will mean another countries enemies will become our enemy. Trade YES. Intervene, NO. We’re on the road to Empire and that means we risk war 24/7. LIke Ron Paul said: Because we’re over there, they’re over here. We went till the war of 1898 using our military defensively. In that war we acted offensively and since then all of our wars are offensive. Our imaginery enemies have been created by politicians. Why? When you were a child, didn’t you run to a parent when someone was picking on you? Picture gov’t as a parent. In this case, government grows in power and stature and government likes it. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you”. From the cradle to the grave. All you have to do is be an asset to government and that means, submissive.

    Read YOUR Declaration of Independence and look at Panetta and his ilk as Red Coats

    • castaway

      It also tells us to remove a government like we now have. WHat are we waiting for???

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? waiting on you to man up and show us what your got. Lead the charge castaway! Walk Point soldier!

  • Patrick Henry

    Go ahead Pinheada. You are the war monger – You have a never ending flow of money coming from all these insane wars that the United States of America should never be in! Get us out of these wars all over the world Washington! Get the g-damned FED shut down and take control of the IRS and your plans to make slaves out of all of us. The f-ing Pentagon gets most of the tax money from us and the thugs in WA take more and more and more from us and give us back suffering, ill health from big -pharma and it’s total poisoning of the air and the water and our food supply. The harrassment from the TSA is unbearable and these SOBs should be obliterated – the entire dept taken apart. There are so many useless depts in WA that we are paying for and it’s never enough. WE never get a break on anything! Now even two people working their asses off can only provide a simple living – nothing great! Is there money left after all the f-ing taxes we pay? Why – hell no. I haven’t seen extra in years! Let China take care of N. Korea and get the hell out of destroying the peoples of the world just so you can have New Slavery World Order. As for the REAL citizens of this country – Give us liberty of give us death. We will fight forever to save this great land and get rid of the evil.

  • ranger hall

    Sorry Folks We have not fought for this Country in a very long time, And we are still not fighting to protect this Country, And folks our troubles are right here in our own States and Fed Govt. We have given up our Country, aND nothing WILL IMPROVE for the People or the Country untill the People have said WE want our Country Back.
    But where are we going to find Honest Americans to replace the Hoods that have been running this country for a very long time.
    Folks i just think that the Bulk of the American People just dont care, I guess we just do not have any Rich and Honest.people that want to be in Office, And you do have to be Rich or have a rich backer to run for office today.
    To most of us i guess a piece of bread is better than no bread at all.
    I remember a time i could travel in most Countries in the World, Except What our Govt called Commie Countries, As long as i respected the People and their Ways and their Laws I NEVER had a problem, Now i would be afraid to travel to most all these Countries, Even the Countries we have died for and give Money to seem to resent us more and more. The People that is, The Politicians still love us, as long as we keep buying them to be our friends.When we start caring about the people over the Politicians maybe things will change.

  • Dave

    The Illuminati need another big event to convince the masses to give up more of their money and freedom so they bring us inline with their agenda of one world government under their watch and total control. Remember the true value of war is the debt it creates.

  • Dave

    For Ranger,

    We have Ron Paul who was not selected by the Illuminati. It is said the presidents are selected, not elected and elections are an illusion to make people think they really have a choice. There is really no difference between the two parties and they both work for the same people. Ron Paul is the rare exception and fear if he got too close to wining, they would put a stop to it and threaten his family and friends like they did to Ross Perot.

  • louie1

    What gives this country, no matter who the administration is, the right to tell other countries how to live? Why must we declare war against all countries who don’t conduct themselves like we want to live? This has gone on too long. Unless another country is directly and actively threatening us, not merely implying a threat, we have no right trooping onto their soil with military gear, ready to fight. Bring all of our troops home and let the other countries fight among themselves till they annihilate one another. They’d do it with or without our presence and we make no difference in their bloody though processes. That is inbred in them and we will never change that. They are definitely lost causes and their own curse.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    The Korean War never did end, there was no peace signing, it was put on hold and since then there has been death threats, a few soldiers killed in the DMZ, peace talks going no where. N. Korea tunneling all over the DMZ, and starving it’s citizens and building modern weapons, makes them more fearless, so the chances War, starting into a full time war again are high and it being nuclear if the North fears of losing is very great, with millions dead north and south and China getting back into it too will happen, as it spreads world wide…………..

  • ranger hall

    you know in all my travels in the world Most all the People i talked to all wanted the same thing that i wanted. Just a decent life for me and my family.
    Maybe if we just QUIT trying to change People and their ways, The world could be a better Place, When traveling in the Most of the Countries, No one tried to preach their Religion on me BUT i did see other religions trying to push their religions upon them.
    In our Country have you had people Come to your door or send mail or standing in front of stores passing out things about their Religions, Trying to get you to see their ways. In all my long life i have never seen or received anything about Islam,chinese,japanese,Arab,Indian,Hindu.and others but i bet you know the ones that try and PUSH their religion on to others.

  • Charles Bill L.

    We never won the war with N.Korea because of a truce.Red China is ading N.Korea like they did in the N Korean war.N.Korea nor China had an Air Force so Russia provided the Air Force with their Mig 15,s So we were fighting N.Korea,China and Russia at the same time.A while back N.Korea broke the truce at their doing so really the United Nations and the U.S.A are at war with them again as they broke the truce.They are the greatest sword rattlers in the world.They want foreign aid and so the U.S.A. gives them food because their people are starving to death they play the little game with us like “If you give us foreign aid and food we will stop with our nuke building”So we give them food and foreign aid and in a few months they are back to their old tricks again it will take a nuke to stop them.

  • chuckb

    let’s see, no. korea agitates a conflict with the south, they overrun so. korea ubntil we get our troops deployed, then we push them back into no.korea, in fact we push them all the way to the yalu river. at this same time the chinese have amassed nearly a million troops at the river, the american general calls for the bombing of these troops, harry says no way, this may trigger a nuclear war.( the chinese did not have nuclear weapons and the russian communist did not have a delivery system) the chinese army crosses the river and forces our troops back to the 38th paralell. in the meantime harry fires the american general for criticizing his handling of the war, two years later after month’s of stalemate the two countries agree on a cease fire. the u.s. loses some 54,000 troops and an unknown amount never identified m.i.a.
    this is the way bolsheviks handle military actions and if you think it would be any different under barry, forget it. he probably would outright surrender.after praying on his rug for twenty hours. soon as he and moochella got back from their vacation and their trips around the cities joining with war protesters, you have to remember bolsheviks do not like to battle with countries that have their same ideology.

    • castaway

      I have always thought that MacAuther should have had his wish. They could have at least declared war on China, and bombed them back to the stone age with conventional bombs dropped from B-29′s. That was the beginning of the cold war, and its not over yet, as we still have communists, and now the liberals have opened the door and let the wolves in.

      • chuckb

        castaway, macarthur was right, we should have decimated the chinese at the yalu river. truman was just another politician, who should have kept hismouth shut.

        in korea we lost 54 thousand lives for what? the demo’s refused to help chiang kai shek defeat the communist and the country of china fell to communism. you have to go back before ww2 the japs were actually fighting the chinese communist. history has been modified to fit the bolsheviks. they have a stranglehold on our country right now, so don’t expect any big move to overthrow any communist regime. if any right wing government gets in their way look out, you remember how they tried to destroy the contras in central america. south africa was overthrown now barry is busy overthrowing the middle east for the muslim brotherhood and it will be a matter of time before israel will be in big trouble, it’s hard to understand why barry has so many jews in his cabinet and they do control him, why would they set back and let israel fall, i believe these people in his admin are communist and have more interest in conquering this country thru their subversion. barry is nothing but a puppet and they will destroy him in the end.

      • Deerinwater

        MacArthur was a worthless dip! holding an overrated opinion of himself. He fired on war veterans of WWI and got more American soldiers killed in Korea needlessly then any commander in American history. His blundering some bad, history has elected to covered it up.

        MacArthur the Man
        Of course, to understand a man as complex as Douglas MacArthur, one has to look at him within the context of his own time. He was the product of an America and an American army that no longer exists, so we must be careful to take those factors into account when judging the man. Additionally, no one can deny that Douglas MacArthur was a brave and intelligent man. His leadership skills were considerable, and he proved his bravery in battle more than once on the fields of France during the First World War. As such, MacArthur the warrior is not on trial here. He apparently earned his stars on the field of battle and served his country tirelessly far longer than most officers in history (a West Point graduate in 1903, he served on active duty for 44 of the next 48 years—one of the longest military careers on record.) For that alone he deserves his countries’ gratitude.

        However, even his proponents do not deny that Douglas MacArthur had some serious flaws in his personality that made him a less than ideal commander and even a potentially dangerous man. Aside from his legendary personal ambitiousness, by all accounts he proved to be a vain, egotistical and difficult man that many of his colleagues found impossible to reason with. Of course, such characteristics have often been a part of many—and some would say, most—great military commanders, and so in that respect at least, he was no different than Napoleon, Caesar, Alexander the Great or, in more contemporary terms, the famous George S. Patton, another commander known for his larger-than-life persona. In fact, it can be contended that supreme self-confidence is an important characteristic for any man whose job it is to order men into battle to possess, so this, too, is not the problem. Such common human failings are not what made Douglas MacArthur a failed leader; they only reinforced what other weakness in character he possessed. MacArthur’s problems were not in what he was, but in what he wasn’t, and what he wasn’t was a good strategic planner.

        The Chinese Counter-Offensive
        Perhaps nothing illustrates MacArthur’s recklessness and failure to anticipate potential scenarios better than does the Chinese counterattack in November, 1950—an operation which not only managed to allow MacArthur to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, but almost resulted in what had been a small regional conflict turning into a major Asian land war.

        Of course, no one can deny that MacArthur’s bold drive north of the 38th parallel in the months immediately following the Inchon success was impressive, and had it ended at the Yalu River by Christmas as envisioned, it really would have made MacArthur a superior military commander. Unfortunately, like almost everything else MacArthur touched, it too fell apart because of his inability to anticipate potential enemy responses and an unwillingness to recognize any inherent flaws in his own strategy.

        MacArthur was just another Custard but rather then fighting and dying with his troops,he commanded from the rear.

  • Silas Longshot

    Why should we waste our blood and treasure getting in between the squabbles of these sand flea countries who have been killing each other for centuries? Bring the troops home and defend OUR turf, like the southern border where they can easily walk a suitcase nuke right into any US city they want to.

  • Bimbam

    First of all Pathetic, er Panetta is a COMMUNIST. Second, we have always been in an inch of war with North Korea for more than 50 YEARS!!!

    So this is a c**k of bull! This is just another attempt to scare and then control American people.

    One of so many rules commie’cals use to contro the poopulation, well to them, that’s what we are.

    These people are absolutely DESPICABLE and and actually have mental illness.

  • castaway

    I would not worry, its just another war we will not win, and we the citizens of America will be the ones to pay for it,and die in the name of freedom, all this as our freedoms are being taken from us at home. So if you really want to are are willing to die for freedom, then the war must begin now against the U.S. government. They all need to be removed forcefully, and tried for crimes against the Constitution, and most executed.

    To repeat, it really amazes me that our government, such as hillary constantly warns other nations about how they treat their citizens, when at home it is becoming a weekly event that we lose our god given rights to our government.

    • Bimbam

      I have a bitter solution. We should start executing the bastards that put the bastards in office.

      You put a stinker in office and you’ll get just a stinker in office.

      • Deerinwater

        LOL! That ‘s the good old “American Spirit” ! Send them to hell and catch up with them later!

        $ee you in the $treet a$$hole!

  • cawmun cents

    Gotta weed out the undesirables,before you can have a one world gubment.
    Easiest way is to get the tough kid to clean up the neighborhood,right?

    • Deerinwater

      Easy is important?

  • chuckb

    deerinwater, your assessment of macarthur is just plain liberal baloney. macarthur was one of the greatest generals this nation ever produced. the bolsheviks hated him and you are repeating what someone in your lineage has said. i don’t have to paste some bs written by some envious clown. you probably are not old enough to have been around during his time. he was a military genuis and if your idol truman had listened to him things would have been a lot different today.
    the writer whom you pasted from has got his history all screwed up. macarthur wanted to bomb the red chinese at the yalu river and truman would have no part of it, claiming it would cause a nuclear war. truman lied, they knew russia did not have the means at that moment to use nuclear weapons, and the chinese didn’t have nuclear power.
    so mr. truman can be thanked for the fiasco at the yalu river, the lliberals have tried to alter the history books to protect truman. the truman administration had their share of communist passed on by fdr.and that’s your so called democratic party today. i was there where were you?

    • Deerinwater

      15000 dead soldiers tell no lies chuck. Did you ever “attempt” to read MacArthur’s auto biography? You can “label” my opinions all you want to Chuck, permit me the same. My opinions please neither you or I, but when should an “opinion” been rightfully based on ones “pleasure”?

      Explain yourself, what do you mean when you say “You were there”. If you were, your words and insights would weigh more heavier with me.

      It is true, much like Patton’s hunger to continue the fight on to Moscow, MacArthur wanted a unconditional surrender, willing to push his troops beyond the 38th and Judas Prudence, ignoring intel of advancing Chinese in over whelming numbers. The complexion of the war changed with the Chinese entering the fray, snatching hopes of victory by the jaws of defeat. Clearly MacArthur’s focused determination far too narrow for the rapidly changing events. And No! A nuclear option was never a consideration in 1951.

      A soldier is the first to understand that he is expendable, but no soldier wants to be sold wholesale, rather demanding a “retail” price for every drop of blood, for every fallen soldier. MacArthur was a little too ‘wholesale’ for my blood. like one soldier said about “Blood & Guts Patton, yea ! My blood and his guts! Both of these dogs of war required a strong leash of control to contain the war and control collateral damage leave us all to second guess the top leadership of the day.

      You would attempt to apply your 2012 political bias to event that occurred in 1951 Chuck and tell me how “liberal” I’ve been programmed. Sounds like you have got a little programming of your own taking place.

  • chuckb

    deerinwater, so there’s no mis-understanding, i was not in korea, however, i am a veteran of ww2, what i meant to say: i was alive during this part of history and watched closely what was happening in the korean conflict, also in your derogatory comments made about macarthur using the army to clear out veterans camped in wash d.c., he was ordered to do so by the president, the troops did not fire on the veterans and they were moved out an their encampment burned. general patton was part of that movement. of course the communist had agitators in the crowd and they did their best to blame macarthur, however, he was under orders and no veterans were killed. try reading un-biased history and you may enlighten your liberal soul.

  • chuckb

    deerinwater, there is one explanation, why did truman remove macarthur? . “the bolsheviks running truman didn’t want to defeat the communist army.” part of our country was fighting communism, the democrats as usual, defending.. unless you lived thru those times it would be hard to understand, the communist movement was coming into power thru the media and hollywood, they were embedded in the government since fdr. in those days just being labeled a commie was detrimental to your health and they stayed under cover until the mccarthy hearings.. macarthur and patton had no love for communism and that’s what brought all the derogatory criticism down on both these great generals.
    nixon had this same problem, he ran for congress on an anti-communist platform and they didn’t stop until they destroyed him. the same applies for macarthur and patton, there chance came when macarthur balked at the way truman was letting the u.n. run the war so he removed him. the media put out the lie that macarthur didn’t know the chinese had massed those million troops at the yalu river, why do you think macarthur wanted to nuke china, he wanted to turn our air force loose on the chinese at the river and truman refused, so now tell me who’s responsible for that mess. the media had a vendetta against macarthur and that’s where all the derogatory info comes from. much like any right wing general would face today under those same circumstances.

    i have no poilitical bias, only the truth, like i said before, read history that hasn’t been modified to fit the liberal agenda.

    • Deerinwater

      Well that is certainly an interesting viewpoint Chuck. There is enough happenstance in both past and present to offer some support for you views that no doubt many people like yourself share, “The Red Scare”. Where some respected statesman would openly claim extremism is not a “Vise” and be honored and applauded.

      But Still Chuck, General’s do not dictate policy in a country of “free men and women”, They serve at the pleasure of the CinC, the duly elected Representative of the people. This notion that the world is only big enough for one train of thought, a single mindset as to how the world peoples must be ruled and live, leaving no room for any other, is a bit extreme and most American and the world peoples seem to agree.

      The people of the world was ready for WWll to be concluded and looked for closure, finding success in two unconditional surrenders and willing to accept two stalemates. The Johnnie come lately Chinese came in “fresh”, well mounted with numbers we could not match to defended their Asian cousins knowing full well we possessed the power to make a lot of Asian toast. But still they came.

      Chuck, the pantry was empty in Britain, in Canada, in Europe and in America. Man power and resources were running dangerous low. Such things generals like Mac Author really knew little about. Requisition forms are made only of paper. We had spent our sons, it was not in the cards to open up another big old can of whoop a$$. The people would not have supported it. Or at least that’s my feeling on it.

      Well ~ I admire your old warhorse grit Chuck, It ain’t never over until you say it’s over ~ is it Chuck? Some people live by the feud. Two people in one place is one too many. It’s hard to let it go if they are still standing. I accept that.

      It was never intended for a man to live very long, it would not be a good thing if he did.

      I enjoyed your post and your insights, thanks for sharing how you feel and why. And most of all , thanks for you sacrifice and service to your country during one of our darkest times.

  • chuckb

    thank you and the best to you.

  • Patriot

    C’mon you armchair patriots. Sign up and fight you cowards.


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