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Palin Retorts To ‘Blood Libel’ And Fields Death Threats

January 18, 2011 by  

Palin retorts to 'blood libel' and fields death threats
Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin recently responded to critics who have claimed she is somewhat responsible for the deadly shooting in Tucson, Ariz.

The Tea Party favorite posted an eight-minute video on her Facebook page on Jan. 13, saying that those who have shifted blame to her are committing "blood libel." Palin quoted former President Ronald Reagan, who said that "we must reject the idea that every time a law is broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker," quoted by The Washington Post.

In the wake of the Jan. 8 massacre in Arizona, which left six people dead and 14 wounded, many politicians and commentators have debated the role that political rhetoric played in the attack. Some Republicans have accused liberals of using the shooting to advance their political agenda.

Palin-haters have turned to Twitter with some vitriolic comments of their own, according to FOX News. Some user posts have said that Palin should be "shot" and "assassinated," according to the media outlet. 

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  • Draco Malfoy

    Shooting Palin would be a waste of a good bullet. DEPORT the bubblehead!

    • http://naver samurai

      What we really need to do is to deport you with Obama Bin Laden to a country of your choosing. By the way you sound, Sarah is a genius compared to you moron! This incident isn’t Sarah’s fault and you know it. Just another lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxist to make personal attacks and call names. The libs have been trying to use any kind of rhetoric to exploit this incident, even posting death threats to Sarah via emails. Really sounds like the libs care about this country, not! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Alan

        Right on Samurai! These liberals who blame everybody except the nut who did the shooting sicken me. They have lost the American people and they know it. So they think their only hope is to tear down real Americans with their ridiculous claims. I think we should put them all on a one way plane to France. They are more French than American and it would be a great way to pay back the sorry French for all the trouble they have caused the US and the world!

        • Kinetic1

          Yes Alan, payback indeed. I’m sure the British agree that the French deserve all the trouble they can get for helping us gain our independence. And what about that Louisiana purchase? Wow, selling us 1/3 of the nations land was a devious move, and so cheap! Yea, they have a bad reputation after World War II, but then they were the first, along side Brittan to declare war against Hitler’s Germany. Pasteur, Deisel, Braille, Cousteau and his scuba equipment, Cailletet and his altimeter, all just a bunch of trouble makers. Yep, there’s a lot to hate about France.

          • Pete NY “R I P FEDERAL RESERVE BANK”

            Well done Kinetic, I couldn’t have said it better myself. If it wasn’t for the French navy, Cornwallis would have escaped and the War would have lingered on and on. Plus, DeGaulle warned JFK not to get involved in VietNam, it was a losing battle. How right he was.

          • Dogma-Free

            Hahaha…careful, Kinetic…if you keeping talking sensibly, you might upset Limbaugh, and the rest of his nutty, mindless far-right drones (including the ones who post here).

            Then again, if you upset them too much, they’re liable to come shoot you, and any 9 year old girls who get in between you and their gun sights.

            Yup…it’s the *French* who are evil…riiiiiight…not the mindless, thoughtless Americans who cling to the 2nd amendment like a scared little girl clings to her favorite doll. Good call ‘tea-baggers’…way to think that one through…not.

          • Vicki

            Dogma-Free. Lovely ad hominem attack. Not much useful in your comments but sure was a waste of characters.

        • who cares

          Alan the only people that Democrats might of lost is the right wing nut jobs, you. because America once againg is seeing how the G.O.P. works. while Pre Obama was in Tucson, AZ consoling the people of Tucson, the G.O.P were having cocktail in DC. while the G.O.P. is wasting time and tax payers money trying repeal the public option they’re only pleasing you they know it will never pass. Over 50 percent of americans approves of the public option and 27 percent disapproves thats you lose nut. over 50 percent of americans approves of Pres Obama while the G.O.P. and Fox (opinion) News continue to be the OBSTRUCTIONIST. How many lives could the U.S.A. and Bush could of saved? If only Bush would had listen to the French when they said Iraq did not attack us in 9-11!! Do you know what right wing/ republicans and Dinosaurs have in common? both have walnut size brains!

          • http://naver samurai

            OMG! The looney lib is back! Big words comming from someone who supports a party that says that Palin should be shot. We also know that Obama Bin Laden was just playing to the crowd. He could care less who lived and died. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • DREX Don Greene

        Amen Samurai Liberals love death Proverbs 8:36 But he that sinneth against me wrongeth his own soul: all they that hate me love death. KJV King James Version
        Tell me do they love Death? Most of them Hate GOD.
        Nuff said

        • Kinetic1

          “most of them hate God..” Is that right? You have this on some great authority? How about most Republicans hate non-Christians? Or most Republicans are uneducated red necks? I can point to individual examples of both (maybe even small towns) but that doesn’t make it true. There are Liberal Christian churches all across this nation, and while they may not conform to everything you believe, they are non the less Christian.

          • ND Free man

            Just so you do not assume a point, to your own detriment. Just because ‘anyone, someone’ goes to a liberal (or ‘conservative’, whatever) church that claims to be ‘Christian’, does not make them a ‘Christian’.
            Any more than if you go and sit in a hair salon makes you a beautician.

            Everyone will answer for the choices they and they alone, make in this life, good bad or indifferent. Live with it, and don’t blame someone else for the consequences.

            Pray that your choices are good ones! God is a God of mercy and grace, however, He is not mocked by imitators. Whatever seed is sown is that which will be reaped. A law of nature. Choose well, my friend!

        • who cares

          DrexDon Greene, Is not that Lib hate God because they do not. if God were here he be a LIBERAL, Jesus is a Liberal. While you people hate Liberals you are what you hate what are you??

          • http://naver samurai

            Too much kool aid. Prove that they are liberals, moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • who cares

        samurai, first get off God and country crap, stop wraping all you nut jobs around the flag. Que Sarah Sarah palin maybe a genius to all of you because she has fooled you all. Sarah Palin is to be blame for what happen in Tucson, Az. Palin used crosshair and called it a bullseye, Palin even named the congress woman by name. Palin might of not pull the trigger to the gun but she planted the seed of fear. The nut job might not of been register republican but his was right wing nut as all of you are. Palin knows no one can hold her resposible for anything she knows is not what she say but how she say it. her book going rogue (scoudrel) is not like she plying with a full deck of cards look whos is her fallowers are one fried short from a complete meal. you all are the suckers.

        • http://naver samurai

          Palin, baaaaa! Right wing, baaaaa! Chaaaaange! I think the only sucker is you, moron! You are such a sheeple and probably still believe Obama is the “messiah.” She isn’t responsible for anything and you’re just trying to stir the waters. Just like any other lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxist. At least I’ve had the opportunity to serve, what’s your excuse moron? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Rebecca

      AMEN Samurai! Well said. Until we as a nation of natural born citizens stand up and tell people like Malfoy to GET OUT! We are doomed to have to share air space with them.

      • who cares

        Rebecca, you don’t have to you can return to where you came from Europe maybe. today!!

        • http://naver samurai

          The same can be said about you moron! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • ND Free man

      Isn’t it instructive that ppl like you feel COMPELLED to look in places like this website for a forum for your pathetic views? You have to be THE FIRST TO POST on a civilized forum of good and decent people, to get your rocks off.

      Why not just keep it to the Huffpo or DU or DailyKos, et al, or do you just not ‘stand out’ there, giving you the ‘satisfaction’ of a “shocked audience”, where you can get some controversy going?? The filth of the ‘educated, scholarly progressive class’ in those forums is truly informative and instructive as to the state of mind and the hopelessness of their existenses. Really pathetic.

      Get a LIFE, moron (that’s a very useful descriptive for your kind) ..someone who has a twisted and depraved sense of what is right and good… fits most libtards actually.

      Go party with Obama, his followers, and your friends until your gov’t paychecks bounce, or dry up altogether.

      When that happens, you may be ready to look at the responsibility of you, the individual, to do what most conservatives and libertarians have learned already.. take responsibility for your own life and your own choices, and keep the GOVERNMENT out of your life, instead of handing them the keys and the checkbook to take care of you.

      Sarah Palin has more grit and smarts than most all of her critics, plus the class to not hand back the same crap they dish on her and her family! Now that’s class I can admire. God bless you, Sarah! Keep the faith! :)

      The interesting thing about the libtard anarchists, chaos creators, street thugs, and flame throwers, is that no matter HOW LOUD THEY SCREAM trying to paint the TRUE “conservatives” NOT “conserv-ino’s”( WHETHER Dems, Repubs, Libertarians, Indepts, et al) as ‘extremists’ and ‘hatemongers’ etc.. with their media attacks and internet machinery and spokespeople, all you have to do is WAIT A LITTLE WHILE and because these LIBTARDS are SLAVES TO THEIR PASSIONS AND HATEFUL HEARTS, their ACTIONS ALWAYS COME TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THEIR ‘MESSAGE’, and display for all the world to see what kind of people they really are. It really IS, a ‘mental disorder’ as informed professionals have noted. It doesn’t work, and does not form the basis for a good life model, yet they choose to embrace their twisted logic, to their own unhappiness and destruction.
      Just DO NOT FORCE IT ON ME, MATE… that’s YOUR problem, OWN IT.

      North Dakota free man.

      • Dogma-Free

        You would rather be surrounded by a bunch of ‘yes men’…?

        And someone said something about how America needs to be inhabited ‘only by *natural born*’ Americans again someday…

        And by that, do you mean *indigenous* to this land?

        …so…in other words, the native American Indians.

        …or did you really mean to say the white, conservative, so-called christian ex-European outcasts…?

        Just curious.

        • ND Free man

          Hi there Friend,
          I just happened to have this browser still open, and checked back to see what was going on… so… nope, not a forum “post sitter” :)

          You make a great point… I don’t know many ppl who would take that position, personally. I don’t, for one. And I do not choose to be surrounded by “yes men”, but I DO object to someone making stupid accusations about good ppl, which have no basis in fact, and are the product of ignorance or bigotry, usually by choice.

          I love the fact that we have indiginous ppl among us, I’m from immigrated euro stock, but have American Indians in my extended family
          bloodline, as well as East Indian. They have been warmly welcomed, and are great additions to the family. Some of the lesser notables in my extended family, in fact, are the same caucasian stock as me, who made stupid choices. So again, it’s all about personal choices, right?

          I think it’s deplorable the way the US Corp. has honored it’s treaties, and it should be corrected, to the extent it is possible. However, we may not agree that it doesn’t appear that the ‘native American’ Indians are truly the originals on this land.. they migrated here too, and thru tribal war and conquest, and simple occupation of a largely uninhabited territory, were deemed the ‘rightful owners’ of the land.

          Historically lands are occupied, and ruled over by more powerful (or ruthless) invaders and conquerers, for their own occupation, and the defeated residents are absorbed into the new society. Thankfully the USCorp. did not exterminate the tribal occupants, as a MORE ruthless occupier may have done, and has been done in Mexico BY the “indiginous” tribal people. This nation is big enough to care for many inhabitants, and it is incumbent on us to strive to co exist and benefit from the strengths of one another.

          Can the American Indians truly wish they could still be living as do the stone age cultures which still exist in other places?? There are certain native tribes which have chosen to accept a new world, WHILE YET PROUDLY KEEPING THEIR HERITAGE, but finding the good to improve their lives with, and growing in knowledge and awareness of the world we all share.

          While America is far from perfect, these days, it still has the opportunity to become a place for freedom and happiness. The republic movement is a great example, with seating of local and county assemblies, and citizen de jure courts, and the sheriffs once again taking their rightful places of protecting the rights of the people on the land. This is the right path, and we should support and participate in it!!

          The US has to face it’s demons, and the evils that would destroy us all. I believe that Mexicans, Arabs, Indians, Europeans, all of them, can enjoy the best of America, and sift out the graft and crap, PUSH IT AWAY AND OUT OF THE CULTURE… and we will be happier for it.

          Forward, and UPWARD, AMIGO :)

          “…or did you really mean to say the white, conservative, so-called christian ex-European outcasts…?” (don’t forget that many of those you name here, are products of persecution they suffered in those former lands.. and it would appear that for some of them, they forgot what it was like to be persecuted, and let their new found freedom and power overtake their senses!)

        • Bart Batten

          Dogma-Free, I agree with you about how our nation has treated Native Americans with sinful unrighteousness but I took offense with the “so called Christian” reference!! My great, great grandfathers came over “legally” from Germany and Ireland so they were not “outcasts” but hard working, God fearing Christians whose faith and love of God allowed them to live the “American Dream”!! Sadly not all Christians live there life “Christ Like” but nobody is sinless, that is were the Blood of Christ applies grace to the saved soul. My friend,Through love I invite you know Christ


      Sounds like you need to be airlifted to the Khyber Pass with two or three day’s provisions, and go back to get you in two or three months to see if you still feel the same way.

    • Doug Rebertus

      Ah, yes… More of that liberal “civility.” I’m not impressed.

  • traveling golfer

    Draco Malfoy? Really? using the name of a character from a kids series of books. still living in Mom’s basement?

  • Michael J.

    Sarah Palin is no more responsible for the Tucson massacre than Al Gore is responsible for inventing the internet. What we need to know is, who gave the order to activate the manchurian drone (Loughner).
    Midterm elections eliminated all the blue dog democrats except for Gifford. It’s just way too convevient for democrats that elimination of the last of the blue dogs, a federal judge who ruled against Obama, plus an act of violence that sparks a crusade against guns and free speech could come from one incident without prior planning.

    It will be interesting to hear what Gifford’s take on her attempted assasination will be, when God willing, she recovers.

    • http://naver sook young

      I hope that she recovers soon. We’ve been praying for her and the victims of this shooting spree of an insane individual. Thank you.

      Sook Young
      Wife of the Samurai

      • Dogma-Free

        You’ve been preying for who?

        Sarah Palin…??

        …or do you mean the *real* actual victims of the Tucson 2nd amendment related gun slaying tragedy…?

        Again, just curious.

        • JUKEBOX

          why don’t you blame Obama for the Gardena School shootings today, for his speech last Wednesday probably motivated that African American to shoot those students. He is as guilty as Palin, Beck & Limbaugh

        • http://naver sook young

          I’m praying for the victims of the shooter, who do you think I’m talking about? Geesh, you don’t sound like a very intelligent person to me. Also, why would my praying for Sarah be a bad thing? God wants us to pray, but not just for ourselves. Praying for others to God really helps them and God does answer all prayers. Sarah really sounds a lot smarter than you do now. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

    • Norm

      Michael J.

      “What we need to know is, who gave the order to activate the manchurian drone (Loughner).”
      You give this sicko much more sanity than he has. There was no plot, only a deranged mind.

      • Michael J.

        Are you psychic? How can you be so sure a mere 10 days later that “there was no plot”?

        • Norm

          Michael J.
          Are you familiar with the term PARANOIA. Look it up.

        • Norm

          Michael J.
          Let me help you…

          Paranoia is an unfounded or exaggerated distrust of others, sometimes reaching delusional proportions. Paranoid individuals constantly suspect the motives of those around them, and believe that certain individuals, or people in general, are “out to get them.”

          • Michael J.

            Typical liberal accusing normal people of the things they themselves are victims of.

            What you foolishly mistake for paranoia is actually situational awareness, a survival instinct seldom found in those who suffer from liberal disease.

            Despare not! Huge gains toward halting the progress of this once terminal condition have recently been made. According to creditable lab studies, intense conservative therapy has begun to turn the corner on lab rats who no longer steal food from their fellow rat test subjects. Though there remains a lot of work to do in aquiring a satisfactory reversal of the liberal disease, Scientist are confident a resolution some where short of a labotomy can be acheived.

          • Vicki

            So, Norm, A deranged individual shoots a bunch of people at a shopping center and the liberal sherrif and a bunch of liberals start blaiming Palin, Beck, The teaparty. Lets look at that definition again;

            “Paranoia is an unfounded or exaggerated distrust of others, sometimes reaching delusional proportions.”

            Paranoia, thy name is liberal.

      • Raggs

        Pretty much sounds like you.

        • http://naver samurai

          Yep, that’s right. The libs on this site are all morons. Sarah Palin isn’t responsible for this moron going out and shooting people. They said he used to watch a deranged videos and smoke pot every day. This sounds like enough to make someone crazy, doesn’t it? Or do you agree with that moron Rob Smith about how “weed” doesn’t affect the brain and how you interact in society? Even his friends said that as far back as 2007 he became a liberal and an atheist. Remember he said “I don’t trust God?” Don’t sound like a Christian or conservative to me. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • coal miner


        Pay no attention to him.Micheal J doesn’t know what he is talking about.Loughner was showing weird behavior long before the shooting incident.

        Here is the · Cached page

    • Kinetic1

      “Sarah Palin is no more responsible for the Tucson massacre than Al Gore is responsible for inventing the internet.”

      Oooh, bad choice of metaphors. Gore was, as you suggest not the inventor of the internet, but he was recognized as one of, if not the political leader in promoting the idea. His knowledge and leadership in technology helped promote the congressional support necessary to bring the internet to life. So does this mean that, though she was certainly not responsible that Sarah Palin helped promote the violence in Arizona? I doubt that’s what you meant to suggest.

      As for your conspiracy theory, who is waiting in the wings to take Congresswomen Giffords place? Unless they can guarantee a liberal Democrat will win (in Arizona?) it doesn’t make much sense.

      • libertytrain

        Gore claimed that he was a “creator” of the Internet – not the same as promoting it — :)

        • Kinetic1

          libertytrain, MichaelJ and Seacher, We’re just playing semantics here and you know it. Yes, as a member of Congress Gore did take the initiative in the creation of the Internet. No, he did not “create” it in the sense of programing and such, but in terms of the governments involvement in establishing the Internet as a means of public communication and information, he was directly involved. It was more than simply “promoting” it, but less than being the sole creator.

          • libertytrain

            Sadly, you should have been there to help him with his semantics. He used “create” – and could have used a little assist back then from you.

          • Michael J.

            I do notice the way you back away from a losing situation without anyone noticing, hopefully.

          • Vicki

            For those paying attention (I.E. were there) the internet came into existence in spite of not because of Government tampering.

          • NDakDave

            Al Gore’s exact quote (which was self-serving hyperbole) and the subsequent twisting of that quote for political gain (by both Democratic Presidential nominees and Republicans) can be found here…

      • Michael J.

        Here’s a vid for your entertainment:

        But seriously the internet was first conceived by the scientist at MIT, not in Al Gore’s tobacco barn in Tennessee. Giving Al credit for creating the internet is like giving Bart Simpson credit for discovering Quantum Physics. Personaly, I don’t know much about physics either, but I know what matters.

        As for the blue dogs, neither Reid or Pelosi displayed a sense of loss after Nov.2nd nor concern over who was to replace them. Only that they were gone and good riddance.

        • Kinetic1

          Michael J.
          No, I don’t miss those Blue Dogs either, but I don’t think that feeling is cause for suspicion of calling out a hit on those that remain.

          • Michael J.

            Absolutely, and Vince Foster never suspected what his fate might be either.

      • Searcher

        Al Gore did not invent the internet. He invented global warming.

        • libertytrain

          The man is so beloved for all his creations that his home state didn’t back him as pres.

          • JUKEBOX

            His hometown of Carthage didn’t either, because he was born and raised in DC.

          • libertytrain

            cie la vie

          • http://deleted Claire

            Gore was all about and for himself, and he failed. He must be a lonely person, lost his wife, people lost respect for him, I don’t envy him, I never did.

          • http://naver samurai

            Now all he has to do is give back the $300 million dollars he made from people on this global warming nonsense and he should be even with the average American he took advantage of. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • libertytrain

            Claire – you are correct. Nothing there to envy. Just an embarrassment of sorts.

          • http://deleted Claire

            libertytrain–In a way, he seems to be rather patehtic. The last time I saw him on TV he looked like he was in a dream world, not “with it.” Dang, I wish I had your email address and you had mine! I haven’t figured out how to do it yet–I could give you some clues…but dare I?

          • libertytrain

            He is pathetic. And I’ve now tried, hopefully I got it right.

  • jimmy joe

    You notice that Communist,And Sharia’law islamic worshipping liberals only believe in deportation of law abiding taxpaying,independent minded americans.So I believe I have a solution to america’s great divide.As liberals worship dictators,and communism,Want to build shrines to the 9/11 hijackers,Terrorist,And Sponsors of terrorist.Do what this administration is trying to do,and all liberals want to do against americans.Tell china that liberals won’t work for a living in america.So send them to the country of their hero mao se tung.On an american work training program.In return liberals are taught how to labor the mao se tung way.While paying off america’s debt to china.On their spoonfeeding another lazy Deadbeat,and predatorial liberal socialist programs.Send those who worship sharia’law islam,And seek to destroy Christianity.To Yemen,Darfur,sudan,Iran,Syria,Pakistan,And saudia arabia.With one free birka,and,a tatoo of 666,on their forehead,And down with allah akbar tatooed on their necks.I’m joking.But this is the contempt,vicious,and evil natures That liberals are trying to do to,And against america.

    • Chris

      Obviously, the public schools in this country are a great failure.

      • Dogma-Free

        How true, Chris. Sadly, how very true.

        Although – and I hesitate to make such a blanket statement (okay, that’s a lie) – has anyone else noticed it’s almost always the really deranged, far-right loons here who have the absolute worst grammar and spelling…?

        Apparently being a Republican means you’re most likely a racist, white bigot, who claims to be a ‘christian’ (even though they’re completely judgMENTAL, and act nothing like their ‘savior, Jesus H. Christ), and is dumber than a sack of dogsh!t.

        …you know, if I were to go by what I see posted here. ;-)

        • http://naver samurai

          Must be looking in the mirror again, aren’t we? If that’s true, then why did we mop the floor with you libs in the November elections? Enough said. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Vicki

          Dogma-free. Good spelling does not a good post make. Ad hominem attacks however signal a win for the side attacked. Thanks. +1 republicans.

        • http://naver sook young

          You could be more believable if you stated some facts and would quit swearing in your posts. Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai

          • Curtis

            You might want to give that lecture that to your husband too. He loves to call people names and make statements that are little more than assumptions based on his narrow world view. Clean up your own house first… and have a nice day.

          • http://naver sook young

            I have a question for you Curtis, or whomever you are.

            “What proof and evidence can you provide the proves atheism is accurate and correct?”

            Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • Curtis

            That’s easy Sook Young… a basic understanding of science and enough common sense to see through the mythology and dogma.

          • http://naver sook young

            Sorry Curtis, but there is no scientific evidence to support gay behavior, nor any psychological evidence. If you support them then go ahead, but I do not. There ways are an abomination to God and are not good Americans. This opinion of mine may be different than others here, but it’s my right under the 1st Amendment. I notice also that you just came onto this site and sought out my husband and I only. Why? Can’t you answer others also or do you just single someone out and attack them? Thank you.

            Sook Young
            Wife of the Samurai

          • Curtis

            Well actually there is some scientific evidence to support gay behaviour in humans and other animals… you just don’t accept it. Here’s a link to the New England Journal of Medicine.
            I didn’t come to this site to annoy you… I just found you to be the biggest hypocrite of the day. You chastise others for their posts, yet your husband never cites any facts, uses “bald assertions”, mindless repetition and is one of the biggest name-callers on the this cite. Like I said… clean your own mess first.

  • Simsmd in Indiana

    Oh come on Samurai, gay loving? I have friends that are gay and Libertarians, and they don’t deserve to be slammed into a group like the first yahoo up there. LOL. They will get their judgement when they meet their maker. The squirrel that perpetrated this crime is at fault, mentally stable or not. He could have used the same box knives as the 19 Muslim Extremists but they wouldn’t be accusing the muslim faith of causing this. Why don’t these talking head idots leave the normal people alone and work on fixing the real problems like what liberal idea (like psychedelic drugs) that got this kid messed up this bad. Work on fixing what made his mind go so far out there he could not stop himself from insane acts. All people deal with anger, most know enough not to act on it. Most don’t sit around and blame normal people for abnormal behavior. And thank God for Sarah Palin, she has the backbone and the stature to go out and say what normal people want to say. We all pray for all the families that were injured and killed. Pray that the Lord soothes them soon.

    • eddie47d

      It’s not Palin’s right to speak up that we are concerned about and she can say whatever she wants. She behaves like all pundits and politicians and twists and turns her own comments to get out of a situation. No one wants to apologize for saying anything that offends (blood libel).She is back peddling with the best of them and that weakens her character.

  • Ted Crawford

    I find it normal for the progressives to make accusations without any facts. That is,after all,their usual habit. It’s humorous that after some facts come to light, it would seem that if Loughner had any political beliefs they would seem to be to the left. I personaly do not believe that he had the presence of mind to even develop a belief!
    You are aware Michael that the progressives will attack you as a conspiracy theorist! What they seem incapable of understanding is that all conspirics are not theoritical.
    As for Mrs. Palin, They seem very, very afraid of her for some reason! She is neither an office holder, nor even declared to run for office and yet they demean her at every turn! As much as I like her and agree with her viewpoints I hope she chooses not to run! I believe she is much more valuable to the Conservative cause and therefore America, in her current role. She is completely unfettered by the restrictions of public office, and able to be a free spirit!

    • Norm

      Ted Crawford
      When it comes to false accusations and political BS, it sounds like you haven’t tuned in the 3 stooges (Rush, Sean, Glenn) lately.
      As far as Sarah running for president, it would guarantee Obama another term. In fact, at this point polls show no GOP candidate who could beat him.
      As the economy improves (the stock market makes me happy) employment picks up, and people see the truth in Obamacare, Obama will be a shoo in.

      • coal miner


        Obama’s approval rating is now 53 percent.My niece in Batesville,Ind called me and said a company called Sperry Rubber Mfg is going up in Osgood,Ind.She said the thanks goes to the job stimulas bill that was passed.Its paying off.

        • Maranatha! Mark

          How has the “Stimulas” bill/money help bring any industry into this country. The U.S. has one of, if not the HIGHEST Corporate Tax rate in the world. Obamacare is going to add to the cost of employing folks tremdously, the anti-energy policies of Obama are causing our energy prices to sky-rocket (true, not high as Europe, but much higher than they need to be), and the U.S. Dollar is virtually worthless and on the verge of collapse as a result of the gov’t policy of printing money to pay off debts. The Stimulas, has contributed in a significant way to the approaching collapse of the dollar, as we had to print money – create money out of thin air to pay for the stimulas outlays!

        • coal miner

          I meant stimulus bill.

        • Michael J.

          coal miner’s daughter,
          How’s Obama’s move to shut down coal mining in West Virginia paying off?

          • coal miner


            Hey stupid the job stimulus bill has nothing do with it.Try the EPA.Obama didn’t shut down coal mines. The Environmental Protection Agency (founded in 1970) delayed mine permits because they weren’t in compliance with the Clean Water Act (enacted in 1987).

            You’ll notice that Republicans controlled the White House when the EPA was founded and when the CWA was passed. How is it Obama’s fault for expecting the coal industry to abide by the law?Please don’t show your ignorance and write such a silly post.

          • coal miner


            Its not regular mining,its a brutal assault on nature.


          • Michael J.

            What ever you say Lorretta, who do you think pulls the strings at the EPA? The same guy who shut down oil drilling in the Gulf, that’s who. Now your hero is shutting down YOUR industry, YOUR livelihood. How do you like him now? You’re gonna need a new handle, like ex-coal miner.

            You people are so brain-washed that you will probably follow this guy blindly right through the doors of the gas chambers exclaiming rejoicefully that, “Obama the Magnificent, has granted free showers for everyone”.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            coal miner,
            Hate to tell you bud but Nobama said he was going to shut down the coal industry from the start!!

          • Dan az

            Black lunger
            If you dont believe them then check this out its called facts!

          • Vicki

            Coal miner writes:
            “You’ll notice that Republicans controlled the White House when the EPA was founded and when the CWA was passed.”

            What I notice is that you made an assertion without evidence.

            Now for my assertion which is common current knowledge so does not need any cite for evidence.

            Your “friends” the Democrats have had a super majority in the house and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate AND the Presidency and they STILL allow the EPA and CWA to exist AND to shut done the industry you use in your name.

            Some “friends” you have.

        • Walt

          I do not know what tar roll your are smoking, but a verse for you, norm and the rest of the libs. Just repeat it out loud and be proud!

          I am we todd it. I am sofa king we todd it. that I am a left wing, tar roll sucking Nazi!

        • http://naver samurai

          Cite your source! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Vicki

            I presume that comment was to Coal Miner about Obama’s approval rating. He can’t cite his source. He is his source. It’s just another “proof by bald assertion” propaganda fiction from the liberal mind.

            For those who care here is just ONE of the approval ratings for Obama.
            Note it changes daily so maybe Coal miner is in a time machine.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            There was a poll out just Monday that said he was down anther two points!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Vicki. Yes that was for coal dungger. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • patrick

    Obammy boy, he is the main cause folks. Just look at what he did when Arizona tried to force Obammy’s administration to do the job they were not doing, that is to protect our borders and our citizens! Not only did he send his little boy, Holder, to bring a law suit against AZ, but then he brought it to the UN to embarass AZ and to get all the terroristic and communistic countries to bully America and AZ! What a scam Obammy boy and his administration is. How has this happened in America? Better read up on How Hitler, Stalin, Castro, Chevez, and Mao did it in their respective countries….. because folks IT IS HAPPENING right before your closed eyes!!!

  • patrick

    Do you not understand folks? Divided we fall, united we stand. Obammy uses these deplorable events to promote his plan to wreck and ruin our great country. It seems that everyday there is some kind of issue, such as union favortism, corrupt appointments of crooks to high Gov’t postions, gun control, illegal immigrants, taxes, Gov’t spending and bail outs, Gov’t handouts and entitlement programs, media censorship, free speech, racism, etc. etc. EVERYDAY it’s something! This is Obammys plan… to keep us confused and angry and on the run. This way we do not have the time to focus in on any one issue to reject it, he just keeps us mad, angry, confused, exhuasted, and unsure of the fight for Good and Evil. This is how liberal democrats operate. Study minnesota and you will see the effect manner the liberal democrats have taken total control of the State of Minnesota. Do not let yourselves become complacent as then the liberal democrats will win our country.

  • John Woodbury

    Poor Sara, the liberals do some thing, hey it is OK; but, let her do the same thing and all hades breakes out. While I would never vote for her, I will say some of her ideas are not too bad. And the media and Dems hate her with a passion. The reason is that she is a female, and it is a God (or whatever) given right for the Democrates to have the first.

    • Norm

      John Woodbury
      What the dems are, or aren’t, doing has little to do with Sarah. Two wrongs never make a right.
      The woman is not very bright. I watched her on Hannity (I also watch Mathews) and she is difficult to listen to. Her dullness and whining rhetoric are like fingernails scraping on a blackboard.

      • Palin12

        Are you sure you weren’t listening to the Hildebeast??

        • Norm


          • Palin12

            If you really want to see some whining and screeching get the video “Hillary”.

    • Ms Nat Broad

      John Woodbury,

      I just now read your post of Jan 18 2011 at 8:44 AM about Sarah Palin,

      ‘And the media and Dems hate her with a passion. The reason is that she is a female, and it is a God (or whatever) given right for the Democrates to have the first.’

      This is stunning insight. I don’t know why I didn’t think of it myself.

      Of COURSE the Democrats want the bragging rights of having the first female president of the United States.

      That way they can keep polarizing people between the Good Ole White Boys’ Club (Republicans, the oppressors) and the non-prejudiced racially diverse anything-goes groundswell of oppressed masses yearning to be free (Democrats et al, the oppressed).

      The Democrats have long been operating from a script that boasts of hard-won incremental gains (against the Big Money bad guy Republicans) for the advancement of all oppressed people (non-whites, women, gays, etc.). There’s a lot of truth in that.

      But if Sarah Palin, a Republican woman, became President of the U.S.A., it would steal the Democrats’ thunder. It would take the wind out of their sails. It would require an immediate and permanent revision in their political identity … one they are not prepared to make. They’d be lost.

      How dare the Republicans play ball on the Democrats’ side of the court! It would be like changing the ground rules of a longstanding sham dispute. It would be like suddenly refusing to lose a rigged World Championship Wrestling match.

      John Woodbury, you are spot on.

  • Norm

    Poll Boosts Obama’s Tucson Response
    Continuing his general upswing in the polls, President Obama scored high marks in a Washington Post-ABC News poll for his response to the Tucson shooting—but Americans overwhelmingly had negative things to say about the tone of political discourse overall. Nearly eight in 10 respondents approved of Obama’s handling of the shooting, with even 71 percent of Republicans approving of his leadership. But while 55 percent said they were optimistic the political discourse in the country would become more civil following the tragedy, a majority said political commentators on both the left and the right crossed the line before the shooting. Sarah Palin didn’t come off so well either: Only 30 percent approved of her actions following the shooting, and about half—46 percent—disapproved. A majority of respondents also supported stricter gun-control laws.
    Posted at 6:08 PM, Jan 17, 2011


      Washington Post-ABC News poll …….hardy har har. There really is a sucker born every mintue.

      • Norm

        If you’d rather hear a spin turn on Fux news.

        • http://naver samurai

          Think what you want abnorm. We both know that Obama Bin Laden was playing to the crowd and doesn’t give two hoots in h*** about who died and who lived. Second, what you said about Palin we can say about you. There’s just one thing different, we don’t have to see her left wing extremist posts on this site like we see yours. If Palin ran against Obama Bin Laden, Sarah would win. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Norm

            I think you need to start your own web site. Anyone who doesn’t agree with your extremist views is called nasty names and told not to post (by you).
            For God and Country – my a*s!
            God believes in tolerance and mutual respect.

          • http://naver samurai

            I sais what I said and believe in what I said. You have to know that if Obama Bin Laden was this caring since taking office, would his approval and poll numbers be this low? I don’t really care if you agree with me or not norm, if you have a different opinion that’s fine. I don’t mind different opinions, I just don’t like the lying, back peddling, and whining done by the libs. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Raggs

    Well the left is pissed that they cannot blame the shooting on the tea-party / palin or anyone on the right.

    Anyone figure that the left will hire a hit and call it as being that of the right?

  • Winnie

    I’ve been watching Palin’s Alaska for the past few weeks, and folks, she’s quite amazing. Her family values are solid, she’s got both feet on the ground, and she can take the punches and still stand her ground. I was never crazy about her; in fact, I thought she was kind of dense, but she has proven herself to me that she loves her family and her in-laws. Good going Mrs. Palin. Don’t allow negative comments influence your thinking.

    • Norm

      She is dense, poorly educated, and represents a very small minority of not very sophisticated Americans.

      • Winnie

        Well, Norm that was how I used to view Palin and I’ll probably laugh about the things she does and says, but I enjoyed her program. I would not want to see her run for president because she seems to become dense when trying to look political, but she is still an ok person.

        • Norm

          She MIGHT be an ok person in some ways.
          She is surely making a lot of money. If it weren’t for McCain we would not even know who she is and we’d better off.

          • Palin12

            I knew who she was 2 years before McCain picked her as his running mate.

          • http://deleted Claire

            Class and sophistication is great, but so is education (that includes common sense), knowledge of world affairs, congeniality, honesty, rationality, logic, etc. However, I must include a good heart and a good soul which counts for a lot in my book.

          • http://naver samurai

            Be careful norm, she could be your next president. Just think norm, if she was elected president it would be a history making event. She would be the first woman POTUS. She’d definately be better than Hillary, Nancy, or any other lib woman you can think of these days. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Wanda Perry

        Sarah Palin says what she thinks and is a true american, I am one of the so called minority of uneducated idiots you seem to think so little of. You are a jack*ss and probably not a true american either. I am tired of borrowing money to give to Haiti, Africa, Cuba, and the other numerous things our country supports. I am all for bringing home our troops, keeping every dime in america and the hell with the rest of the world!! I am also all for Sarah Palin, I am not sure she should run for President but a damn dog could beat Obama the traitor.

      • http://naver samurai

        Sounds like you abnorm! At least she graduated from college, what about you moron? She’s also served her country in the political field, how about you abnorm? What have you ever done for this country, other than take monthly handouts from the till provided by the average American taxpayer? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Kinetic1

      Despite what they call these shows, television is not “reality”. Perhaps Sarah Palin is the women she presents on her show, but who among us wouldn’t put on our best face for television? Nope, I still believe that her words on the campaign trail tell more about the real women than anything you’ll see in “her” Alaska.

      • Winnie

        Kinetic1, as I said, she does become dense and not so understandable when she is trying to be political. But I have to give the woman credit for going on even when the critism is overwhelming.

  • jopa

    Saying Sarah Palin is resposible for these murders is like saying Charley Manson is resposible for the Tate LaBianca murders.Charley was no where in the neighborhood when they were killed.She also supposedley had death threats so I would recommend everyone take all their guns and dry powder to her ralliies to protect her.Let’s make it look like a gathering of the Talibam with RPG’s machine guns and everything else in our arsenal.Long live the Sarah

  • Erik Osbun

    I don’t think Palin should be shot. I think she should be President.
    That’s what the shooter leftists are afraid of: that they and not society must be accountable for their actions.

    • Kinetic1

      Palin would need to have a chance of winning for any Liberal to be afraid of her Presidency. After this last “speech” of hers, I’d say there is little threat of that.


        Palin and maybe a couple other conservatives have a good chance. Guess what, Obama’s biggest enemy and strongest foe is Obama himself. Yes, he will be haunted by all the things he said and did and did not do if he runs for re election. His betrayal of American values will be like volleys of bullets to his body. His advisors will tell him to stand down and Hilary Clinton will be the D candidate.

        • http://naver samurai

          Pence and Daniels of Indiana look good to run. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Michael J.

        It is precisely the left’s persistant persecution that keeps alive Palin’s potential as a candidate in 2012. At first I did not consider her capable however, the left’s obvious fear and loathing of her is beginning to sway me in the other direction, so keep it up. Who are the real fools here? With enemies like hers on the left, who needs a campaign staff?

  • Carl

    We really are afraid to have a person of just average intelligence and with a love of family and wholesome moral values to be in charge of this country because there are always others that actually make the decisions in the first place. It will always be the rich get richer. We should kick them all out and start from scratch.

    • Angel

      “We really are afraid to have a person of just average intelligence and with a love of family and wholesome moral values to be in charge of this country…” Sounds like George W – and look how he trashed this country…

    • http://?? Joe H.

      We have had people of above average intelligence running this country for eons and what has it gotten us? The country is in dire straights and the largest adversary we have is owed 903 billion dollars by us! Push comes to shove, who do you think the UN is gonna side with China or us??

      • http://deleted Claire

        JoeH–You run for POTUS–I will vote for you in a heartbeat. In fact, there are several on this blog that are just as good if not better than what is currently running and recently elected. I can think of quite a few. Personally, I think there are too many ding dongs that are in office now plus some of them that were elected in November, and I have to add I am happy some did not get elected.
        I shall name some of the “regulars” that I think SHOULD run for office. And just watch me catch hell for this!

        Dave H
        Angel wannabe
        Bob Wire
        Chuck B

        And I could name a few more, so if I don’t have your name here, don’t get made at me. The point I am trying to make is that a lot of us are just as intelligent, honest, logical, and worthy as what is currently in office now. There are a lot of good knowledgeable people on this site. I read everyone’s post and I can be hard-headed but I have gained a lot of insight from these very thought-provoking posts. Thanks to all of you.

        • http://deleted Claire

          “don’t get mad at me” not made Geez

          • libertytrain

            Gee, I don’t think I’d want the job. I have no political correctness skills, nor have I been a community organizer. And I was born in the US. :)

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Thanks for the vote of confidence, but I don’t think I could stand the stench of working with some of the communistic liberals!!

          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks Claire, I wouldn’t mind the job. If I can survive 20 years in the military, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc, I could survive Washington. The only problems I have are:

            1. I’m not PC, but PIC (Politically Incorrect).
            2. My wife (Sook Young) wouldn’t like it.
            3. I tend to not just fire back at my opponents, but try to destroy them.

            FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Of course the left really hates Sarah Palin because she’s honest, tells the truth, and speaks out against the leftists’ detrimental agenda. As for threats, sadly, Sarah Palin doesn’t have the kind of protection these leftwing miscreants in Washington have!! Why is she getting blamed by the left for the acts of a leftwing not job like the one in Tucson?? Why won’t ‘hate crime laws’ be used to protect people who believe in the Bible and constitutional limited government instead of just protecting fringe groups which the politically correct liberals deem deserving?? And if (God forbid) something tragic should happen to Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh or other conservatives, then let’s give the leftwing malcontent miscreants a dose of their own medicine. By that I mean – let’s hold these hate-filled leftwing statists culpable for any violent acts!!!!!

  • Maranatha! Mark

    If political Rhetoric was responsible for this nut shooting up the crowd a couple of Saturday’s ago, then when the Liberals/Progressives were screaming bloody murder about Bush 24/7, and I mean literally screaming bloody murder, accusing Bush of everything but being a Christian, as well as writing books on killing Bush, had plays and movies about killing Bush, the Iraqis POW pictures, accusing our troops of murdering, raping and stealing, blaming Bush for Global warming and that his policies were going to kill the planet, we should have been knee deep in blood and bodies from all the liberal nuts like the one that did the shooting in AZ, out there blasting away! The tone and level of hatred and contempt for Bush, coming from the liberal media – CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, PBS, etc., and liberal congress people from 2000 to 2009, by comparison, to the right’s hatred for Obama’s policies, makes Sarah, Glenn, Rush, Sean and Tea Party folks look like a bunch of hippies participating in a “Love-in” singing, “Love is All We Need!”. There is no correlation, remotely connected to the shooting in AZ, but that has not stopped the liberal media and progressive pundits from falsely accusing Sarah, and Conservative Talk Shows for getting this crazy person fired up… despite the crazy man’s friends saying that he never listened to or watch conservative talks shows or Fox News. He was just a nut-job.


      Very correct. the Liberal/Progressives/progressive workers party/ etc etc are the NEW KKK.

  • coal miner · Cached page

  • jopa

    Nobody hates Sarah she is the great white hope of the Deemocratic party and some Republicans think she is okay also.

    • http://google ernie

      Im not a democrat nor a republican.I dont give a flyin (offensive word removed). my president is Ernie dont care.She is a Child killer murderer Sarah Palin thats all there is to say….I dont care what your (offensive word removed) saying. she is a murderer….what if its one of her kids who got shot?

      • http://naver samurai

        Dude you need to get off of whatever your smoking before it fries your little mind. Did Sarah pull the trigger? Was Sarah there? Did she had this left wing extremist moron a gun? Did she collaberate with him to make an effective plan of action? Did she tell him where they would be? Did she tell him to take a taxi to the site? Did she tell him to take out any opportune target and die in the end? The answer to all of these are NO!!!!!!! I know that I may call libs morons, but you have to be the biggest one here. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • http://? Karel Eekels

    “Beyond the ideas of wrong doing, and right doing, there is a field, I will meet you there”, a quote from the great Sufi master and philosopher, Rumi.

    Governor Palin, a lightening rod for the liberal cause, finds herself in a unique situation to move the conservative creed forward. She is a thorn in the eyes of the press/media who are part of party establishment, the make believers in guilt where there is none and foremost, the disbelievers of the Constitution, the bedrock of our society which sees to that each US citizen can enjoy the ultimate individual freedom consistent with law and order or down the keep of totalitarism and tyranny.

    Earlier this morning Mr. Ted Crawford around 8:15 A.M. made a statement in this blog I can relate to: ” that she should not run for president at present but she is completely unfettered by the restrictions of public office, and able to be a free spirit”. Let her stir up the waters . With this said, the persona Governor Palin (with the help of others) has a minute chance to restore or hopefully bring back political hygiene in our system and that the majority of the US people choose to live in an ownership state and not in a welfare state.

    Edgar Poe sums this up best > ” I became insane after long intervals of horrible sanity”!

  • Norm

    Palin has been a focus of criticism since the 8 shooting rampage in Tucson for urging followers to “reload, not retreat” after last year’s healthcare debate and publishing an electoral map identifying vulnerable Democratic congressional districts, including Giffords’, with rifle cross-hairs.
    In an interview on Fox News, where she is a PAID CONTRIBUTER, Palin said the Arizona tragedy should not be allowed to quell vigorous political debate that “makes America exceptional.””I am not ready to make an announcement about what my political future is going to be,” she said. “But I will tell you … I am not going to sit down. I am not going to shut up.”
    Sarah you don’t need to sit down.

    • 45caliber


      If you and other liberals are bent out of shape when you hear anything about guns then don’t expect us to get too excited. We happen to like guns and simply see such comments at normal to most of us. They are simply a way of speaking here in the South, the West, and evidently in Alaska too. All it looks like to me is that the liberals are hunting ANY excuse to try to make her look bad.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I will support anyone that is genuinely for my rights as a citizen of The United States of America! Rights such as own and bear arms, life, liberty, and the Persuit of Happiness, Freedom of Speech, among others. Most importantly I wish to support someone that will not try to abridge my right to worship where and when I wish! I have yet to see a progressive that fits this description in my 60 years of life!

        • http://naver samurai

          Well said, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Ms Nat Broad

    A simple comparison chart shows why Sarah Palin chose to use the term ‘blood libel’ to describe what she considered to be smear tactics against her. Two columns compare the five main components, (A) through (E), of the blood libel story and the Sarah Palin/Loughner Shooting story. The Sarah Palin column continues with a list of the additional lies and half-truths which incited further verbal attacks on her in an attempt to take her out of the presidential race.


    (A) Certain persons in the 12th Century ..(A) Arizona Sheriff Dupnik and others …

    (B) said that … ……………………(B) said that …

    (C) Jews … ……………………………………(C) Sarah Palin and her website …

    (D) physically killed Christian boys and ..(D) took verbal and pictorial aim at Rep. Gabrielle Gifford

    …..made bread with their blood (THE LIE) …(a Jewess) and other political opponents. (THE TRUTH)

    (E) This incited (THE TRUTH) non-Jews in ..(E) This allegedly (THE LIE) incited a non-Jew (Loughner)

    ….the general population to physically ……to physically attack 20 victims by gunshot, killing six and

    ….attack Jews, wounding and/or killing …..wounding 14 (severely wounding Rep. Gifford, a Jewess).


    …………………………….(D2) Sheriff Dupnik’s accusation against Palin’s website

    …………………………………(THE LIE) after the Loughner attack …

    …………………………….(E2) incited (THE TRUTH) people in the general population

    …………………………………to devalue and verbally attack Sarah Palin, discrediting

    ………………………………..(or wounding) her as a presidential candidate.

    …………………………….(D3) Sarah Palin’s use of the term ‘blood libel’ in self-defense

    …………………………………prompted charges that her use of the term was defective

    …………………………………or ‘not ideal,’ or that it was inappropriate (THE LIE), …

    …………………………….(E3) further tarnishing (or wounding) (THE TRUTH) her image

    …………………………………as a viable presidential candidate.

    …………………………….[If (D) and (E) kept repeating and if they succeeded in

    ..................................delivering multiple wounds to Sarah Palin's image, she would 'taken out' of the presidential running, the equivalent of

    ..................................being 'killed' politically.]

    A stringent comparison of the content of the blood libel and Palin/Loughner story phrases in the two-column chart above, phrases (A) through (E), shows a close parallel between them with two variations and some echoes.

    In the first variation on blood libel, phrases (C) and (D) do not contain religious groups which are parallel in the two situations (i.e., Jews vs. non-Jews).

    (C) Jews ……………………(C) non-Jews [Palin et al]

    (D) allegedly harm non-Jews …..(D) target opponents including a Jew

    In the second variation on blood libel, phrases (D) and (E) are not in parallel construction as to whether they represent truth or a lie/allegation:

    (D) killed (THE LIE/ALLEGATION)..(D) took verbal and pictorial aim (THE TRUTH)

    (E) incited (THE TRUTH)……….(E) allegedly incited (THE LIE/ALLEGATION)

    Finally, phrases (D) and (E) are repeated as a pair more than once at the end of the Sarah Palin column, creating a reverberating echo effect (D2 & E2; D3 & E3), as Palin is targeted by further lies which (truly) incite certain reporters to attempt to deliver more blows to her political image.

    The false charge that Sarah Palin and her website played a causative role in Loughner’s shooting rampage does indeed fit within a parallel to ‘blood libel,’ but with a couple of twists: (1) social group reversal (Jews and non-Jews), and (2) truth vs. lie reversal. Those twists come from the kind of techniques used by verbal masters (in this case, Palin’s detractors) to vary their arsenal of verbal warfare tools and create mental confusion.

    Those clear thinkers who gently faulted her use of the term ‘blood libel’ were not entirely correct, and they knew it. That’s why they were soft in their criticism. It was deadly accurate, it underscored the merits of her argument, and it unequivocally demonstrated profundity of thought and first-rate brain power.

    By referring to blood libel, Sarah Palin revealed that she was extremely astute in recognizing the fine points of variation in the blood libel tactics of her opponents, who intended to eliminate her as a political rival.

    • 45caliber

      Frankly, I couldn’t follow your reasoning, perhaps because your table didn’t print out correctly.

      The real problem I see is that you keep bringing up Jews.

      I know a few people who admit to being Jews. They are good people. The rest, even if they might have a Jewish name, are simply people to me. They don’t act any differently than others I know and have the same values. The only reason I can see that some people, particularly in the NE, hate them is the same reason Hitler did. And he just didn’t like anyone in particular.

  • mj mahony

    Norm go to hell !!!

  • 45caliber

    One thing I just don’t understand. I’ve never even called for Oblama to be assassinated. I certainly haven’t called for Gifford to be shot. Yet hundreds of self-identified liberals are called for Palin to be assassinated.

    From all I’ve seen of her, she is a conservative who managed to replace and then get rid of several crooked politicians in her state – most in the GOP. She cut her state’s expenses. She governed her state as well as anyone has done and better than most. She has a standard American family with standard family problems such as an unmarried mother. She has expressed love for her family – and I believe even the liberals love their own families so why not her? Even Pelousy has shown her love for her family.

    Yet these people want her killed, want her family killed, and insist that she is a very horrible person. What exactly are they so angry about? Why are they so afraid of her?

    Could it be – horrors! – that she is so like most of us that they fear she might actually get elected as President as a conservative?


      Think it would be great for the former half governor of Alaska to run for President. That way President Obama could sweep the electoral college as Nixon did in 1972. It is time for a Democratic president to win another landside. He won in a landside in 2008, and will again in 2012. That woman is an idiot.

      So let her run and totally destroy the Republican Tea Party.

      • http://naver sook young

        Have we taken our meds today? Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

  • Ms Nat Broad

    Let me try again on the main chart (hard to do without tabs and without counting characters per line!):

    ……………………………..LOUGHNER SHOOTING

    (A) Certain persons in the 12th …(A) Arizona Sheriff Dupnik
    Century…………………………..and others …
    (B) said that …………………(B) said that …
    (C) Jews ……………………..(C) Sarah Palin and her
    …………………………………website …
    (D) physically killed Christian …(D) took verbal and pictorial
    boys and …………………………aim at Rep. Gabrielle
    ….made bread with their blood …….(a Jewess) and other political
    (THE LIE) ………………………..opponents. (THE TRUTH)
    (E) This incited (THE TRUTH) ……(E) This allegedly (THE LIE)
    non-Jews in ………………………incited a non-Jew
    ….the general population to ………to physically attack 20
    physically ……………………….victims by gunshot,
    ….attack Jews, wounding and/or ……killing six and
    ….killing them. …………………wounding 14 (severely
    …………………………………wounding Rep. Gifford, a
    ……………………………..(D2) Sheriff Dupnik’s
    ………………………………….accusation against
    ………………………………….Palin’s website (THE LIE)
    ………………………………….after the Loughner attack
    ……………………………..(E2) incited (THE TRUTH) people
    ………………………………….in the general population
    ………………………………….to devalue and verbally
    ………………………………….attack Sarah Palin,
    …………………………………(or wounding) her as a
    …………………………………presidential candidate.
    ……………………………..(D3) Sarah Palin’s use of the term
    ………………………………….’blood libel’ in self-defense
    ………………………………….prompted charges that her
    ………………………………….use of the term was defective
    ………………………………….or ‘not ideal,’ or that it was
    ………………………………….inappropriate (THE LIE),
    ……………………………..(E3) further tarnishing (or
    ………………………………….wounding) (THE TRUTH) her
    ………………………………….image as a viable
    ………………………………….presidential candidate.
    ……………………………..[If (D) and (E) kept repeating
    ...................................and if they succeeded in
    ...................................delivering multiple wounds to
    ...................................Sarah Palin's image, she
    ...................................would be 'taken out' of
    ...................................the presidential running,
    ...................................the equivalent of being
    ...................................'killed' politically.]

  • Ms Nat Broad

    Hi, 45caliber,

    I’m rather apolitical, I’m not a Palin supporter (nor am I her adversary), and I’m not involved in the Tea Party.

    However, what I observed caused me to take the time to slow down, do an online search for the unfamiliar term ‘blood libel,’ and do a phrase-by-phrase comparison of the blood libel story and the Sarah Palin/Loughner story.

    My conclusion: Palin’s use of the term ‘blood libel’ was accurate, in spite of attempts by some Jewish persons and some Jewish organizations to own that phrase and limit its use to references to either its historical origins or to themselves throughout history.

    You can see a neater display of my comparison chart in my post at here:

    • 45caliber

      I can understand it better after you changed things.

      Frankly, I never knew or cared that Gifford was a Jew. It simply doesn’t matter to me or any I know here. To us, Jews are simply just another white person. Our real problem is with Mexicans who are here illegally. (There isn’t enough of other illegal races around for us to notice here.) They take the jobs that many out-of-work Americans need at lesser wages because they also draw Welfare. The government ignores it. Most of them are only here to save up some money and then go back home to retire. They have NO intention of becoming Americans.

      So Jews are simply not something we care about either way. I’m sure there are some bad ones somewhere but I’m also certain there are far more good ones. Just as I’m certain of the same thing about whites, blacks, Mexicans, Orientals, etc. Our main problem is that many of the illegals (far out of proportion to their numbers) are criminals in other things as well.

      • misguided

        I hate to say it, American out of work will not take a job that pays less than what they were making before they got laid off. I am afraid that the Mexican’s will take those lower paying jobs. And when the government quit paying unemployment ther will be no more jobs to take.

        • 45caliber

          I’m not sure about where you live, but they will in this area. I’ve done it several times in the past when I was laid off. In fact, I knew when I took the jobs that I would keep looking and change jobs as soon as I found one in my field again.

          • http://gunner689 gunner689

            yes, but you’re a man with character.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Good name, by the way. The fact that they take lesser paying jobs, in most cases, is not the problem. It’s the fact that they take a 20 dollar an hour and do it for 5 to 10 dollars an hour that’s the problem. They are doing this in carpentry, painting, construction, welding, and a whole lot of other fields as well.

        • Vicki

          misguided says:
          “American out of work will not take a job that pays less than what they were making before they got laid off.”

          You realize we only have to find 1 example to prove your assertion wrong? 45caliber provided one. I am another. I am currently working for MUCH less than I was a few years ago.

          Misguided: “And when the government quit paying unemployment ther will be no more jobs to take.”

          I can not see any relationship here. What were you trying to say?

      • Ms Nat Broad

        45caliber (and others),

        My url at January 18, 2010 at 2:33 PM has a typo. It should say ‘msnbC,’ not ‘msnbD.’

        Here’s the correct URL at FirstRead (a neater online version of my chart comparing the blood libel story and the Sarah Palin/Jared Lee Loughner Shooting story):

        I’m surprised by the number of people who mistakenly think that Palin’s use of the term ‘blood libel’ was either anti-Semitic or that it was in poor taste or was even incendiary. It was none of those things.

        This was a case of using an analogy from Jewish history that fit her situation perfectly, except that instead of somebody smearing Jews to incite other people to attack Jews, Sheriff Dupnik smeared Sarah Palin (a non-Jew), to incite other people (including some Jews) to attack her (a non-Jew) and other conservatives.

        And most of the Jews who chided Sarah Palin (they didn’t really attack her) were simply objecting to or questioning her use of the term ‘blood libel’ to refer to the malicious put-down and subsequent destruction of a NON-Jew (mainly herself). They were quibbling over semantics, attempting to keep the term from being ‘borrowed’ by anyone else.

        I personally think Sarah Palin had poetic license to apply the term to her own situation, especially since many non-Jews down through the centuries have done the same.

        However, I can see how easy it is for later generations to lose sight of historical truths because of borrowed analogies, and so I can understand the proprietary feelings of Jews who want to own that term. (Maybe they should consider objecting to the use of Jewish persecution language by the Black community.)

        The difficulty is that it is not only Jews who are discriminated against or ‘taken out of the picture’ by the same kind of tactics that were used in the original 12th Century blood libel lie (that Jews killed Christian children and made bread with their blood). It is hard to come up with a term that means exactly the same thing without invoking the religious context of ‘blood libel.’

        To simply say ‘libel,’ as one Jewish person suggested, is not adequate to describe the planned aftermath of what Sheriff Dupnik was doing. ‘Libel’ is simply an untrue accusation (actually, one that is written) which negatively influences other people’s opinions. Since Dupnik’s slander (spoken accusation) was intended to not only damage Palin’s reputation but cause huge numbers of voters to turn against her (and the others whom he named, such as radio talk show hosts), it was the intentional and monumentally destructive forces following in the wake of his slander that created the parallel to historical ‘blood libel.’

        Sheriff Dupnik wanted to destroy Sarah Palin’s viability as a presidential candidate.

        Talk about civility … Sheriff Dupnik owes Sarah Palin and the other targets of his slander a very humble, hat-in-hand, high-profile public apology.

  • 45caliber

    Speaking of “blood libel”.

    I’ve always understood that it meant that you were responsible for any blood spilled due to something you did and were therefore libel to make amends. Am I wrong? In this context, Palin was right. It wasn’t her fault that this shooting took place and she is not responisible for righting it.

  • chuckb

    sarah palin has the liberals standing on their ears. the more they try to denigrate her the more she shows her strength. she is the difference whether barry gets a second term and they know it.

    barry has shown us he shouldn’t be president and he has done this nation great harm. the stimulus, healthcare and shutting down the oil rigs are proving to be disastrous and this is is just the beginning. the democratic party and it’s socialist agenda has this nation headed for a third world status. they have stood by and allowed more illegals to enter the u.s. and worse yet allowing the seiu and acorn to register these people to vote. we can thank bill clinton for originally signing the motor voter registration bill, his first bill signed when elected, he knew this was a winner for registering illegal’s and they will vote for the democrats.
    now we are at the crossroads, barry has allowed african, middle east and carribean people to stream into the country, most of these people can’t sign their name, but, they do know how to find the voting booth and the welfare office plus a guiding hand to place a vote for the demo’s. next we will be presented with the nation of puerto rico as the fifty first state and walla, more democratic votes and congressional representatives. our future as a republic nation is being cast out the window.
    they fear sarah palin because she represents just the opposite and if she is elected, hopefully with enough patriots we can undue what this puppet (barry) has perpetrated on us.
    i don’t have much hope for the republican party at this point. it looks like they are falling under the spell of the old rino’s and will end up losing next election.
    if we don’t clean out the congress and senate and set up new rules for the elected, we are just wasting our time whether it’s democrat or republican. two 2 year terms for congress, one four year term for the senate and one four year term for president. the second term of the presidency hasn’t shown to amount to much other than political fighting so stop with one term. all on social security and the same health care as the natives.
    maybe the democrats and republicans can not only set together at the state of the union, they can hold hands to show us they really want to be bipartisan. (wimpy republicans, easily had)

  • da norseman

    The biggest turn off for mainstream America is the blame game, which has gone too far! After the Tucson massacre, those on the left immediately cast blame on those they oppose. No one is falling for the bait as liberals and progressives are hurting themselves a lot more rather than gain any sympathy when they expose more of their weaknesses.

    Pro-left mainstream media personalities, especially MSNBC’s Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz and Chris Matthews, even broadcast all this B.S. without any sort of evidence that is leading to their own self destruction when they can’t prove anything and are only speeding up the tempo losing more and more viewers each day with all this political garbage, badmouthing and making derogatory comments against those they intend to alienate in hopes to gain public opinion support to their claims. The fact is, these accusers are only alienating themselves and those they support. It will end up that these personalities of the mainstream media will be slapped with one lawsuit after another as promised by those they have targeted.

    There are some leftist militant-type who stoop so low by wishing death or even threatening death against those they hate. Anyone resorting to or supporting this insane form of behavior is just being plain stupid. It goes to show that these death wishers are nothing more than a waste of human life by having no regard for human life, which is not going to solve anything or help out those they support!!!

  • Howard R Gray

    “She is dense, poorly educated, and represents a very small minority of not very sophisticated Americans.” Talk about the origins of blood libels! Tar brushing enemies is so often the first port of call for the left, the quoted sentence is exactly in that spirit. The “blood libel” of the left has been the insidious idea that if you are not a progressive, communist, Nazi or socialist you are innately dumb, this has been a feature of liberal elite society opinion for years. Avoid the subject at all costs and go ad hominem. Pathetic at best!

    If she really is dense, how come she is so successful at what she does day in day out? She never fails to be in the public mind, fools are soon dismissed from the public discourse more often than not. As for representing a not very sophisticated base? You really want to comfort yourself with such a silly idea please do so, underestimating your opponent is ideal, don’t stop now. Ronald Reagan was demeaned by the cognoscenti of the left, to their detriment; he made it to president and had quite an impact in the process.

    This side of politics takes the left very seriously for a number of reasons; they are still the dominant force in the establishment. After all, there are many on the so called right, if that has much political meaning these days, who are aware of leftist governments worldwide over the last century who have impoverished nations and been the authors of some of the most hideous political mass murder of all time. Of course we take the left seriously, we understand the flaws in what you believe in, progressive, communist, and socialist history is replete with failure on all counts that matter. Progressives, who largely ignore evidence and history never, seem to understand why their programs just don’t work. We do understand that fact, classical liberal tradition (what many conservatives believe in) is more of an experimental science, progressivism, on the other hand, is a complete and flawed prescription that has no time for evidence or adaption, the core beliefs never change nor do the results either. Progressives have no idea about wealth creation or about personal liberty and the connection between them. Sarah Palin does understand these ideas, why they work and the history behind them. This makes her dense?

    As for the polls they have little significance, many are less than representative of the state of the nation, it would be folly to rely on them as a prime predictor of what will happen in 2012. For one thing, the rate of inflation, dubiously reported at best, is very likely to be so high as to impede any incumbent President perceived as responsible for high prices from reelection. Jimmy Carter and Jim Callahan (the UK prime minister) went down at the polls following double digit inflation rates. The current inflation rates, that is the real rate not the reported rate, is clearly marching upwards in no uncertain terms, that alone will reduce any President’s chances at the 2012 election. This point need not be labored given the absurd spending levels, inflation is a given and if it is as severe as it appears likely to be, no incumbent will remain in office.

    Underestimating opponents is not a regular feature on this side of the fence, though if you wish to do so, be our guest it can only help our cause. I suspect Sarah Palin understands this more than you give her credit for.

  • http://com i41

    When every trhe socialist soros pukes claim Tea Party people are “red necks” actually all long haired dope heads are really wanna be rted necks. But they are too lazy and unable to use a sharp and dangewrous knife or shear. That is why guns are so damngerous for them to hold and handle, they are too mentally deficent mechanics of firearms confuse them. That is why Palin is hated so, she is educated and doesn’t play the b–l s–t games of elit educations and linages. Common simple speech twists the book trained do nothing in life beltway a$$wipes gut less bastards hate that. Plus she isn’t a damned leech lawyer and has owned and operated a business. Even the beltway rinos put her down and think compromise is a game only Conservatives should play, the Bob Beckel says he started the wave of putting cross hiars on oppents, don’t hear any of your puke democraps talking about socialist soros party pukes admitting who did the beginnng of the cross hairs. I sure hopr nobody assinates Onmnutts, since he needs to eat a s–t sandwichs with all dumbocraps pukes.

  • Raggs

    obama eats peanuts and craps gold?

    • Raggs

      I would say something further but… I suppose I should be afraid of obama?

      Err ya know, the ole tyrant trick..
      So F him!
      I’m so glad that he takes his left hand and runs it through the communist grab bag being that they are his only friends.
      When the dust settles we will have this stupid ass some stupid people call ( barf ) president..

  • http://google ernie

    She is a Murderer child killer.

    • http://naver samurai

      You said that before, moron! I hope we don’t see you on this site in the future. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Vicki

      Ernie. Continuing to bear false witness I see. Just to save a few characters from an ignoble waste by Ernie I would suggest that Ernie look up “proof by bald assertion”.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        He’s just going by the old progressive rule that if you tell a lie often enough, it becomes true!!!

        • Vicki

          I know. I’m just pointing out to others that they can ignore Ernie.

          • http://naver samurai

            Say Vicki, let him come back. I need to practice at a pop up target. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • http://deleted Claire

      ernie- Palin didn’t shoot these people, and I don’t think either party had anything to do with it. A classic nutjob killed these people.

      • http://naver sook young

        That’s right and you go girl! Maybe if they would have brought her into the CBM (Center for Behavioral Medicine) earlier, this episode may not have happened. Thank you.

        Sook Young
        Wife of the Samurai

    • http://gunner689 gunner689

      Must be talking about Hillary.

  • Kurt Loukas

    contenido muy interesante, donde podriamos ampliar información sobre esto? saludos hi! i would like to know where y get more information? thank you


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