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Palin And Trump Consider Presidential Bids In 2012

November 23, 2010 by  

Palin and Trump consider presidential bids in 2012Sarah Palin hasn't decided if she'll run for President in 2012, but she believes she can beat Barack Obama in an election.

During a recent interview with Barbara Walters, Palin said "I believe so" when asked if she could defeat Obama. The unofficial leader of the Tea Party said her candidacy hinges on whether it makes sense for her family.

The former governor of Alaska said she learned a lot about politics during her time as Senator John McCain's (R-Ariz.) running mate in the 2008 presidential election. Palin claimed that she was "thrown under [the bus]" by some of McCain's top aides, and she said those lessons have taught her to be more selective about whom she can trust.

Palin admitted that harsh scrutiny from the media would be a major challenge in a potential bid for the nation's highest office.

"Other candidates haven't faced these criticisms the way I have," she said during the Walters interview, quoted by CNN.

Business tycoon and reality television star Donald Trump is also considering a presidential run. In an interview with ABC's Good Morning America on Nov. 18, Trump said he'll make his decision by June 2011. Trump, who would run as a Republican, said he will step in if "the country continues to be taken advantage of by the world." 

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  • http://none Mike

    Hmm Palin Trump 2012 has a nice ring to it,Although Palin Paul dosent sound bad either.And Mrs.Palin if you do decide to run grow a thick skin and pound these attacks for what they are a disparagement of your beliefs. So come out stand strong and let your supporters shine the light of truth on you. If you stand for your conservitive beliefs and dont wander down that dead end road of compromize the way your running mate did in 2008.You would be an almost dead lock for the whitehouse in 2012 P.S Could you make it a personal favor to me to push for H.R 25. Lets get the I.R.S out of americas pockets. :) Mike L.

  • Patriot1776

    Palin seems fake to me. Trump is unreliable. How about Chris Christie/Jan Brewer

    • Rhea

      Chrisie and Brewer are doing a GREAT job where they are … leading by example … leave them in place … Trump NO (unpredicable) One of the good things about Sarah is that she has dedicated two years now on influencing America for good … she has no state to run and has the commitment to lead good people and policies … she is eagar to cooperate with the people and the elected representatives of those people to get back to the constitution and sanity. I do think that a FIRM hand at the captain’s table is most important … you don’t have to TELL people but ONCE if you FOLLOW THROUGH … ask any good disciplinarian in the home or in the classroom. It is time a strong parent stands up … that’s the trait in Reagan we all liked.

    • Allan Halbert

      Since most politicians are fake, when one of them is not, you think it must be a fake. I suppose that’s understandable. Character, common sense, and work ethic serve the people better than perceived intelligence and approval of the media. Palin is popular because she is traditional and honest with people. She is also one of few Rebublicans to place principle over party. We still don’t know what Barack Obama’s intentions are. BTW, Christie has said very clearly he does not want to run for President.

  • Patriot1776

    Or better yet Ron paul/Rand Paul

    • HGilmer

      yes indeed I would vote Ron and Rand Paul if they run but the truth of the matter is it will be another globalist like George Bush will be there, his name is Rick Perry and he will have Sarah Palin as his helper

      • Bus

        Where is Ross Perot when we need him? I say Romney/Palin for 2012

        • http://personallibertydigest bryans

          romney and palin—yes !!!

        • Terri

          Sound like a win to me!

  • Angel Wannabe

    Yeah Christie/Palin, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, Mike Huckabee, Pence!__I love Sarah Palin, she’s up beat, a go getter, but I’m not sures ready yet.__As far a s Trump goes, on one positive note he has business sense and thats about it!__I get the feeling who ever the first Lady is at the time of his election, should he win, probably wouldn’t stay the firt Lady long, he changes women, like most of us change underwear!

    • Frannie

      I’m with you on Palin/Christie, Rand or Ron Paul, and Pence. Christie isn’t interested he said and Palin can handle herself well in many fields of government, but to negotiate terms with the UN, China, Iran and other leaders of the third world countries, I’m not too sure she’s ready for that either. I’m also not too sure about Huckabee. He’s a nice guy but I’ve been observing him for a long time now and he is walking the walk, talking the talk yet there’s a feeling I have that makes me think of a Rino politician as he was govenor IMO. Trump does have a great business sense,tough and realize we’re losing our country. However, he has no morals or compassion which this nation also needs. One note firing Miss America because of her political and moral views which he said that wasn’t the reason but we all know it was.

  • http://aol Linda Maddox

    I’am tired of hearing how Sarah Palin may not be ready to be President. Who is? Look at Obama, he has no business experience, not even experience in Congress.He is way over his head!

    Our beloved country is a train wreck happening now. We need someone like Palin, who believes in our country, our traditions, values. Who will take care of our military, make sure they have the proper supplies! Who cares about our huge debt. Will apply common sense to where our country needs to go. She is way more qualified than Obama to run our country. She loves our country and will make it strong once again. Go Sarah!

    • TIME

      Linda, Can’t argue with you, very strong points.

      But as to The Donald, he’s a total wack job.

  • Dagney

    I REALLY like Sarah Palin. I think if she put her hat in the ring, you would see political energy like never before in this country for her. Contrary what the lefties say about her, she’s definitely smart enough and definitely loves this country as it was founded which is what we need so badly right now. However, some of her jabs back at the left strike me as being more devisive and, at times, make me cringe. I long for the wonderful, intelligent, non-rankerous humor of Reagan. If she can learn to turn their childish insults and arguments around with the smarts and the humor Reagan did, nothing would stop her!

    • coal miner


      Wrong!Sarah Palin’s IQ is too low to be president.Here is a non bias report about her.

      The starting point for my estimation of Sarah Palin’s IQ is her college career. The fact that she graduated from a four year college at all indicates her IQ is above average (above 100). But her college history seems indicative of someone who was barely able to graduate. It seems as if she couldn’t hack majoring at business at a college in Hawii, and then transferred to community colleges, and finally was able to transfer back to an easy four year college, the University of Idaho, where she graduated with an easy major, journalism. She definitely does not have the college career of someone whose IQ is one standard deviation or more above the man (115 or higher). Thus her IQ is likely somewhere between 100 and 115. Perhaps I was being generous in the previous post where I estimated 110. It could be as little as 100. A person with an IQ of 100 can still graduate from a four year college if she chooses an easy major and attends a non-challenging school such as the University of Idaho. Half Sigma:
      Later report:IQ 109

  • http://none OJD

    I love Sarah , but she would be an unbearable target from the left.
    Possible she would do the best job as president but may not be electable… Ginrich… to much baggage. brilliant but unelectable.
    We need new blood… how about Christie and the new senator from
    Florida , a very good communicator. or Paul as VP
    New blood.. more concerns for our country…We might even balance
    the budget

  • Doc Sarvis

    As soon as things got hot she would quit the job just like she did in Alaska. We need courage in the White House.

    • skippy


      • Doc Sarvis

        Yes, to do the HARD work – to give the effort to do the right things even if they are not “popular”.

        • Angel Wannabe

          The hard work comes from Congress & Senate!

          • Doc Sarvis

            Angel Wannabe
            So you are saying that the Democratic led congress has been hard at work to do the right things. I’ll take that opinion. My opinion is that President Obama has been doing the same along with them.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Nah, I’m not giving ya that much credit, Soros pulls the strings on Your Congress and Senate to make the decisions, the President’s got the Military and some veto power.

          • Doc Sarvis

            So all the criticism of President Obama is misdirected.

          • Angel Wannabe

            DS, Obama’s the front man, he gets Glory or Crap depending upon the decisions made. Personality is everything, Congress was screwed with Obama, he’s nothing but an arrogant SOB with something to prove!

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      Doc Sarvis, do us a favor, be polite and go in Democrapola Utopia.

      • Doc Sarvis

        I choose to do you a favor by enlightening you. You seem to be the expert on other forms of favors.

    • Allan Halbert

      By quitting, Sarah Palin:

      Became more popular.
      Became a successful author.
      Became more of a leader to conservatives.
      Became more knowledgeable in domestic and international issues.
      Stopped the nuisance lawsuits, costs, and distractions for Alaskans.
      Oh yeah, and gave LP’s something to keep repeating besides “it’s Bush’s fault”

      In case you haven’t noticed, saying that Sarah Palin is a quitter did not help LP’s in the recent election. Her influence won many congressional races and helped to shift the national balance of power. So keep pointing out that she’s a quitter, and it should help her win whatever is in her sights in the future.

    • Allan Halbert

      When it comes to courage, I’ve observed that Sarah Palin can handle criticism MUCH BETTER than Barack Obama.

      In a fight, I would expect Sarah to be fighting in the trenches. I would expect Barack to be looking for someone either to blame or apologize to.

  • Cheryl Lynn

    I personally love the ideas and stand that Sarah has taken. I believe she would do a good job. If she runs I will vote for her. But, what concerns me is the way she and her family have been treated in the media. Bristol was sent power in the Mail just last week. The attacks would be terrible. The press would do any thing to crucify her and hurt her family. So it’s probably a bad idea. A tough skinned male might have a fighting chance. He must be a true conservative and have moral ethics. Sara for vice.

    • Rhea

      Tough guy (male) is narrow minded … who runs a home with a larger stick than a FIRM mother. My disgust with left is that they laugh about encouraging Sarah to run for defeat … BUT this doesn’t make sense because if they really wanted her to run … they would be talking about how much it would hurt the Democrats if she won the general election … think about it … does that sound reasonable.

      • Allan Halbert

        But remember, they go with political games over common sense these days. Sometimes their level of ignoring reality is so ridiculous it seems like they are on drugs. There are a few Democrats that think independently but not many. Their party has been stolen. I hope the Tea Party stays strong and independent and grows.

  • dale

    I think Sarah would be a great president.She would the right choice to move our country forward, but I not sure the people could handle what needs to be done to fix the mess that the republicans and democrats have created in the last 30yrs, but we can only hope GOD BLESS AMERICA that is one of them.

    • coal miner


      She would quit in mid term.She did in Alaska.

  • J.M.R.

    i’m for sarah not romney or trump huck good rands can do more good where their at for now. why is the left so afraid of sarah, maybe she can save our great country from the lefts B.S.

  • eddie47d

    They both have tremendous name recognition only because they love the limelight. That makes them attention seekers so would they “settle down” and get down to the business of the nation? Neither would be able to continue their previous lifestyles and would have too much cabin fever. In other words they will love the electioneering and politicking (the fame and glory) but what about the hard work that follows.

    • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

      eddie69d, Seems like you’re the attention seeker, settle down, be polite, find your Democrapola Utopia and go F&%$ yourself, same old blah blah.

      • eddie47d


        • coal miner


          I think wild man has got diarrhea of the mouth.

    • Allan Halbert

      That may be true of Trump if he doesn’t have enough responsibility. He’d get bored. I don’t think it is true of Palin at all. Pure speculation on your part, I think she’d roll up her sleeves and work very hard. And I think she’d spend very little time trying to look and sound important.

  • DeJay

    If the Elders want Palin in, they will get her in but then she’d be beholden to the Elders and then we’d have more of the same. We have lost control of the world, the Elders control it.

    • Doc Sarvis

      I know a lot of “elders” on both sides of the political fence. Most of them have no influence either way. It is probably more accurate to point to the ones with the money as those with influence.

  • Terri

    Mitt Romney is the one with the economic know how to pull this country from the depths in which we now are. He also possesses the most moral fiber & that is something we really need!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Terri, Two Thing I have against Romney, he’s a Country Club Repub & also responcible for Masscare, in Massachusetts! Which isn’t doing good either.

      • Terri

        Don’t know where you get your information, but Mitt Romney spends more time in service to others than the majority of all the other politicians put together. Therefore, I don’t feel he is a “country club repub” by any means. As for Massachusetts, that state was in the best hands ever when Mitt Romney was Governor. He pulled them out of economic crisis. Also, please learn that if something is plural “two thing”, it requires an s on the end. A lesson in spelling wouldn’t hurt either, “responsible”.

  • 45caliber

    Trump as President? My God! I can’t even conceive of the idea! I suppose he will want to put in a casino for the government to generate money.

  • hundabuxt

    I live in Sarah’s State, I’ve talked to her and followed her course closely. Sending her to the White House would be like sending Mr. Smith goes to Washington to the White House. That job is not for amatures anymore than mixed martial arts boxing is. Gingrich has the smarts and guts to be a President who can dog fight but as has been said here he has baggage, on the other hand who doesnt?


    Above all else, Sarah Palin, is a patriot, unlike Obama. Sarah Palen and Marco Rubio, would win in a landslide!

    • Angel Wannabe

      Hangmen, yeah I forgot about Marco Rubio!__I like Bobby Jindal too. Pawlenty?!

  • hundabuxt

    Anyone old enough to recall John Kennedy as president. I know, say what you will but he was intellegent and very well spoken. His wife was as well and spoke spanish fluently, which made the southern hemisphere excited about the states. Kennedy got massively intimidated by the Russians during negotiations over arms shortly after taking office. He was noticably shaken but did recover. There are some evil thing’s lurking in the world and the person occupying the highest office in the world (for now) has to be able to cope with the stresses of the job. I’m not a democrat but Hillery Clinton would likely have the fortitude to handle to job and I would have preferred her to what we have certainly. I like Sarah and hope she aspires to higher office but I couldn’t support her for president. She caved in to the relentless attacks from the left and quit the governorship here when I would have preferred she fought.

    • 45caliber

      I wouldn’t take Hillary at all. She and Bill were (are) up to their eyeballs in crime, not just politics. That included a lot of murders. Now I don’t believe they committed any of the murders but they certainly benefitted by them. (Foster wasn’t the only person who drove to the end of a dead end road and committed suicide – without a bullet.) They were involved with a cocaine import business that brought it at least 2 tons of cocaine a week. Also they set up a money laundering program. And so on and so forth.

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal

        TO:45caliber its funny you bought that up,years ago a good friend of mine gave me a soft cover book,the ruddi report,long since out of print,i still have it,and you are so right,everywhere the clintons went dead bodies were coming out of the woodwork,of course they all killed themselfs or accidents,it just shows a person that politics is bad for honest peoples health.tuff bunch up top,parahnas something for everyone to research.very interesting.

        • Patrick

          A few years back it seem G. Gordon Liddy was always bringing up about the Clintons, like the suicide of Foster and how that was quickly buried, kind of makes one wonder????? And a few other little secrets that was never investigated….

    • Allan Halbert

      So you’d vote for Obama over Palin?

  • http://BobLivingston Blackbird

    I say give Sarah Palin a chance,It’s time for a woman president and she is the one. As far a being an amature what about our president? if she picks a good running mate such as Rubio,and surrounds herself with grat advisors she will be fine.

    • 45caliber

      She can’t be worse than what we have. If nothing else, I don’t believe she would be running all over the world on expense paid vacations. And she certainly has more experience than Oblama had/has.

      • Bus

        It would make for great irony to have the first woman president be a conservative…I like it.

  • Michael J.

    How to become President of the United States.

    American kids grow up hearing that anyone can become president,
    but so far fewer than 50 people have done it (and all but one have been
    white men). You need drive, charisma, money and backing–not to
    mention experience (optional), marginal diplomacy, mob connections, cunning and miniscule knowledge of foreign and domestic issues. But above all, you’ll need the the backing of someone like George Sclerorsis whose experience with societal and liver demolition is unsurpassed.

    Difficulty level: Challenging

    #1 Be at least 35 years old and a citizen born in the United States, Guam, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Indonesia or the U.S. Virgin Islands (or to at least one American parent abroad). You also need to have been a U.S. resident for at least 14 years (but you won’t have to prove it).

    #2 Hold a law degree. Out of 44 presidents, 26 have been lawyers. It also helps to have government service or community organizing skills on your re’sume’– 17 governors, 16 senators and 19 members of the House of Representatives have become president.

    #3 Attend at least one Bilderberg meeting and start raising money–lots of it, from special interest groups and unions. Get crackin cause you’ll have a long list of contributors to promise cabinet positions to. Don’t worry about running out of cabinet positions, that’s what Czar’s are for.

    #4 Gather a corupt, devoted and tireless campaign staff, including strategists, spokespeople and spinmeisters.

    #5 Campaign like crazy before, during and after your party’s primaries and caucuses. They begin in January of each election year.

    #6 Name your running mate. If you happen to be black, pick a white running mate to help balance the ticket, preferably stupid so he or she doesn’t out shine you, but with 30 years or more of high level political experience. Also, when you look at potential candidates for vice president, take into consideration the voting block he or she is supported by and can help deliver (the South, the union vote, women,the gay community,illegal aliens, senior citizens, military veterans). If your experience is weak in certain areas, your running mate can strengthen it with his our her own background. Bottom line: Pick someone who would be a good president should you die or be impeached and forced from office.

    #7 Bribe the majority of delegates who will vote at your party’s national convention. If you don’t have more than half in your camp going into the convention, work on blackmailing unpledged delegates. These include high-ranking party members, governors and congressional representatives.

    #8 Celebrate your convention victory with a trip to your home country, and campaign like crazy all over the world until elections in November.

    #9 Win a majority of the electoral college, which isn’t the same thing as the popular vote, Acorn and SEIU won’t help you here. There are 538 electoral votes, and you need 270 of them to become president.

    #10 Practice reciting the oath for the inaugural ceremony on January 20: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute all parties deemed to be offensive to the office of president of the United States, and will to the best of my ability castrate, deneuter and defile the Constitution of the United States.”


    *Better yet people, let’s do a little more investigating before pulling the lever this time.

    • http://none Mike

      Michael, You just described a modern election to a T. Its sad but I would guess every bit true.Seems like being a crook is a good thing in an election. Since you might have to do a little arm twisting and kick backing to get elected.It becomes we the peoples job to uphold the constitution in these cases. Marches lage scale protese and petitions have worked in the past. I guess its time for we the people to hit thoes trails again. Remember we are many they are few. If we turn out in force they just might get the message this time. Mike L.

    • july43

      I totally agreed with you. You’re my man!!!

    • Warrior

      Great piece! LOL.

  • Chris

    I really appreciate Sarah Palin. She is very energetic, and very positive. She has accomplished a lot and gives “the realism” America is looking for. She is very strong and also personable. I think she would be a good running mate for Ron Paul or Glenn Beck, but NOT The Donald, he has too much baggage and his reality show, was a bust!! America needs someone strong and serious, and knowledgeable.

    • Doc Sarvis

      America also need someone who will not quit on the job like Sarah did to the Alaskan people.

      • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        Doc Sarvis, Why don’t you quit your job posting here, be polite and go in the anointed one’s cavern.

        • Doc Sarvis

          I choose to do you a favor by enlightening you. You seem to be the expert on other forms of favors.

  • HGilmer

    but the truth of the matter is it will be another globalist like George Bush will be there, his name is Rick Perry and he will have Sarah Palin as his helper

  • Teresa

    I like Palin, think she would make a great President…but so would Cristi, Paul, Huckabee, Romney…few others…
    But….I also think the media is focusing too much on the next presidential election when we are facing so much now. They are intentionally drawing our focus away from the problems at hand, and while they are at it they will use the bias media to deminish the popularity of any candidate who chooses to run in future elections…that is if we are still a Nation.
    I fear every morning when I wake of what the next day will bring for my country, much less the next Presidential campaign.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    The last president who won and Eliminated the Central Bank was Jackson…why dont you check out how THAT election went.

    Then… Tell me just how you plan on eliminating globalists, elitists, leftist, communists, and they other NON_Constitutionalists with only 2 choices. :)

  • chuckb

    there is no one out there that compares with palin. she has all the experience to handle the job. she is conservative, she has a clean record and a good resume, on top of that she has brains. a lot of the comments so far say they like her,but, she isn’t prepared to be president! does this mean she has to be of the same caliber as hillary or kerry or barry? i didn’t hear this from the people when hillary ran for the prseidency or maybe hillary’s experience as a suspected murderer, accused of fraud and full of arrogance qualified her in the eyes of many. you can bet that if things keep going as they are, hillary will be nominated for the 2012 run for president, and you won’t hear anyone claiming she doesn’t have the experience.
    no folks, sarah’s biggest problem is her religion, the brand of christianity is a strike against her and to many she will never qualify for that reason, especially the media and liberals.

    • july43

      Sarah would make a good Pres but I don’t think she’s electable because the main media, the left, would beat her to pulps (relatively speaking). She needs to be the outsider and doing the things she’s doing now to help the country.

      • chuckb


        anyone the conservatives run will be facing a hostile media. with fox news we kind of half their influence and i believe fox would support palin. of course another obstacle is the old republican guard, the karl roves, baker and other rino repub. they would want romney or huckabee
        and what would that prove, we would be right back in the same old political process that has caused the republican downfall. we need some
        new people to head the republican party and a new president that will honor the position and respect the country. sarah can do that and the hell with the media.

      • Allan Halbert

        Unless Obama and cronies such as Jay Rockefeller pull off something drastic to silence the conservative voice, or perhaps a bailout, I think the lamestream media will be weaker in 2012.

  • Pat G.

    Lemme get this straight: Obama was elected president with the following administrative qualifications: junior U.S. Senator, former relatively anonymous law professor, and rabble-rousing community organizer. Where, pray tell, was the experience to qualify him for the highest office in our land? Compared to Palin, who served first as a municipal mayor and then as a state governor, Obama was a grade-school upstart. Anyone who dare says that Palin lacks sufficient experience to run for president should stuff their mouth with a sock.

    • Angel Wannabe

      One Man, Soros!

    • Warrior

      It’s all in the pedigree! These types are raised from kittens in none other than crook county, IL. Look at the latest lineup of mayoral candidates for city of chicago, Rahm, Mosely Braun; Danny Davis, what a fricken joke. This is the midwest’s version of Schumerville and Pelosiland. Ya just have to admire a good progressive patronage machine. 3 broke-ass states.

  • rodney burke

    Yeah, we are being pushed around a lot, thanks to Osama’s weakness. We need REAL leadership. I guess these two are the ones to provide it. I’ll vote for ‘em!

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    Tuff one to answer,i feel we need to elect someone who will be more interested in really fixing the mess that has been heaped upon the american people, and the border must be sealed as an act of good faith by anyone that wants to secure the trust of this nations citizens just to start with.WHY? because of all the major problems with the governments down south,murders 27854 people murdered in the drug wars in that nation and the massive drugs being imported into this nation and a entry point for any murdering terroist,on that one point whoever ran would sweep the election,because at least the average voter would feel that someone really cared about this republic to make it safe to try to live in again,but what do i know? i came from a time when the elected people that we put in office worked to do as the voters times have its like a can of worms you dont know what you will get until you pull your hand out of the can,it might be another me boehner might be someone to look at.


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