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OWS Doesn’t Like Obama

September 7, 2012 by  

OWS Doesn’t Like Obama
OWS protestors at the Democratic National Convention.

If the Democratic Party intended to co-opt the Occupy Wall Street crowd to pad the outcome of the upcoming Presidential election, as some pundits suggest, the OWS turnout at the Democratic National Convention appears to show that the party has failed.

In calling out President Barack Obama for lies and failed promises regarding “hope” and “change,” Occupy protestors appear to be taking on the Democrats with regard to everything from crony capitalism to veterans’ affairs.

Earlier this week an OWS group protesting the Charlotte, N.C., convention turned out in force to demand that the President (of the “most transparent administration in history”) release Pfc. Bradley Manning, the soldier accused of providing classified information about dishonorable military behavior to WikiLeaks.

Unfortunately for the protestors, the DNC organizers set up the convention with an abundance of heavily militarized police and security checkpoints in order to keep the disaffected potential voters away from media in town for the convention.

“Four more years? No more years!” Occupy protesters have been heard chanting, even in some cases alongside anti-abortion and conservative activists in town to protest the event.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    My personal opinion of the OWS is that they are just a bunch of brainless idiots who do not know what they want. If the Democrats went along with everything those idiots demanded, they would still protest the party. Not that I really care, since I hate the Democrat party. I’m not so sure the TEA Party is much better. In the beginning, they did not ally themselves with either party and were all inclusive of people who were dissatisfied with both parties, as I am. But, in the past year, the TEA Party seems to have become a mouthpiece for the Republicans. Grassroots? Maybe in the beginning, but neither are any longer.

    • Paul B.

      I agree and felt the same way, but given that the Republican ideology is MORE aligned with our values than the democrats, and given that a third party in our current political environment is nearly impossible, the Tea Party has decided to press the Republican party to return to conventional conservative values.

      Progressives have infiltrated both parties, but has nearly consumed the Democratic party making any headway within their ranks nearly impossible. to effectuate the greatest level of change, our only hope was to infiltrate the Republican ranks, as the progressives did and drive out the demon that is Progressive Liberalism, restoring the fundamental values that MOST citizens live by.

      I agree with MOST of what the Tea Party stands for. I am a bit more lax on social issues, and the rights of those who prefer a lifestyle not in line with Christians, but agree with the conservative fiscal policy and scope of DC control which has gotten WAY out of control. I believe in personal responsibility, equal OPPORTUNITY, not equal everything, and similar traditional conservative values.

      Our best chance for success is to transform an existing Republican party than to create an entirely NEW party. As long as the Tea Party values are NOT compromised with Progressive values of some party members, I believe we have a chance to succeed. But WE MUST STAY ON TOP OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING. Left unsupervised, they will be sucked into the DC culture of corruption spawned from the atmosphere of Greed and Power.

      It is OUR responsibility to keep alert and aware of what is going on for it is US that has to pay for THEIR mistakes… again, it is a matter of accepting responsibility for our own future, not relying on DC to do it for us.

    • Andy Cott

      Third parties have no chance. We…the Tea Party are attempting to take over the Republican party. Go to the meetings if you want to know what’s going on.

  • LC

    I can’t say that I’m surprised by PLD reporting of the OWS at the DNC or that the Dems responded the same way the Reps did when OWS was in Tampa, which PLD failed to report.
    Another example of how established government is circumventing our freedom of speech by shoving protesters into controled areas away from media. In Tampa OWS was allowed space a mile away from the convention center also under heavy guard.
    What is interesting is that OWS is equally dissatisfied with both parties. Many were claiiming they were Oblamer supporters in search of more entitlement. I guess that’s not the case.

  • Soundbiteme

    LC, Originally, it was the case but after the dogs were cut loose onto unsuspecting towns and cities across the country, they finally realized what a HOAX the DNC pulled on them. Sort of like that hopey changey crap the Dicktater pulls on a daily basis. Just about time some of the sheeple woke up, wouldn’t ya say???

    • LC

      YES!! Love the idea that more are becoming aware!! Wish we had a televised media outlet to help spread the wild fires. I predict a record showing in the polls for a third party this cycle. If each person were to do some digging, have some reflection, and put the pieces together, they would find that now more than ever Americans are willing to ‘chance’ a third party candidate.

  • Neil

    Wow, Obama does not appeal to the 1%. (the bottom 1%)

    • Doc Sarvis

      I’m sure he is fine with connecting with the middle 98%.

      • momo

        I’m sure you can back that assertion up with facts….right???

      • Doc Sarvis

        Just like Neil can.

      • http://yahoo marc lizotte

        Doc,please check out!

  • Alex

    Shows how STUPID the Reich Wing truly is, that’s all.

    Of course, OWS does not support President Obama. YOU are the people who seem to
    see the American Left and the Democratic Party in lockstep.

    I certainly hope that President Obama is reelected, but he is no more than one more main stream Capitalist center-left politician. You people on the Right should really learn more
    about Political Science than what you get sucking at the Faux Noose tailpipe.

    And you, Sam Rolley—I realize you are a not-so-bright gun-toter, but you did not
    seriously perceive any gap between the White House and OWS—c’mon….

    • s c

      Comrade ‘a’ [dupe, shill, poser, camp follower, yahoo] have you ever heard of George Soros? H E funds OWSer retards. Soros is a major PAL of your prez. Where the _____ have you been? You’re about as well-informed as Obummer’s #1 sidekick [Motormouth Joe]. I can only hope that you don’t get paid to be so clueless. However since this tends to be a utopian feature, you probably ARE paid to be clueless. It may be your middle name, too.
      Get a brain, comrade. You’re 35 years behind the learning curve. If you’re trying to be like Al “duh” Gore, you’re very close.

  • peter

    Are these people relevant or do they just have nothing to do and nowhere to go? Rabble rousers without a plan at all. These are the kind of folks who will go to the airport to purchase a flight ticket and when asked ‘ whereto?’ reply,,,,,,,,,just somewhere nice ok?

    • eddie47d

      Last year the anti-OWS folks insisted that they (OWS) were part and parcel of the Obama White House. (Go back and read your comments). That never was so but we sure have plenty of new spin in an attempt to make it so. Too many anti-OWS folks either want things their way or are trying to tell anyone with a grievance to shut up go home and be a good little citizen. Maybe you want to “silence the lambs” so they will be easier to take to slaughter.

    • Paul B.

      One reason people thought that way initially was because the way so MANY mainstream Dems supported the movement, made excuses for their shortcomings, spouting about how GREAT it was they were expressing their opinion. At the same time they were demonizing the Tea PArty for doing the same thing, simply voicing an opinion.

      Since the message was in line with Dems, anti-Wall street, many Dems jumped on board, creating the image that they were in bed together. The same holds true for Tea Party. While our values are closely aligned, the two are NOT joined at the hip.

      It was the hypocrisy of the left promoting applauding the free speech of the OWS while condemning the free speech of conservative Tea PArty that gave most everyone, even Dems the illusion of collusion. Honest mistake.

  • dan

    ….reality is always in the eyes of the beholder. The whole world is spinning :)

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  • SJJolly

    Gad-zooks! The generally left of center Occupy Wall Street movement doesn’t think Obama is much left of center at all. And this after years of commentors in forums like PLD screaming that Obama is extreme radical far Left! Maybe the right-wing / Libertarian commentors think anyone with an idea not in vogue as of 1776 is hopelessly Communist, or worse?

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  • historianMI

    I commented at at he time of the encampment of these soiled, nihilistic persons that their sponsors were somewhat suspect as to their motives. There is a list of these sponsors, I forget where, and I don’t want to access my email right now, but it went beyond the unions already known about. Their silly, decadent and criminal activities were just a show, to allow their sponsors to indirectly denounce “Wall Street” and the banking/financial institutions which underpin the Capitalist/private enterprise system of our nation. It is truly frightening to imagine such as these dopers and rapists and defecators becoming the “new” government……..

  • Vas

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