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Own A Handgun? You’re Probably A Mass Murderer

August 8, 2012 by  

Currently, Americans are being bombarded by news reports about psychopathic villains who, enabled by the 2nd Amendment, are killing innocent people at random.

The media narrative is strong and makes public enemy No. 1 not so much the disturbed individuals carrying out the brutal attacks as it does the weapons and accoutrements they have used in the commission of the murders.

Instead of a discussion about public health, mental disorders, widespread psychotropic drugging and considering the vast number of alternatives that could be behind the horrific actions of these murderers (even those more sinister scenarios that could involve hidden actors), Americans are engaged in a discussion only about the guns used in the crimes.

President Barack Obama, who has been so adamant in pushing his view of perfect public health policy, has made no mention of what appears to be an explosion in the number of mentally disturbed, murderous psychos roaming America’s streets.

But when asked by a member of the mainstream media about reinstating an assault weapons ban, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney assured reporters that the President supports renewing the ban that expired under President George W. Bush.

As the Administration touts its support of certain gun bans and some members of Congress scurry to draft gun ban bills, the media is doing its diligence to further the cause of disarming the 2nd Amendment by shaping public perception.

Whether you happen to be a sport shooter, a gun-owner for self-defense or an Olympic shooting athlete, the media try to link you with psychopathic murderers. In the eyes of the non-gun-owning public, you are to be seen as strange and fully capable–only because you own guns–of carrying out murderous attacks.

By mainstream reasoning, you become even more likely to commit the same actions as psychopathic murderers if you value the U.S. Constitution, call yourself a patriot or dissident and/or sometimes disagree with the official narrative fed to you by government and major news networks.

And if you happen to own a handgun (say semi-automatic in the .40 caliber or 9mm varieties popular for self-protection) and perhaps a high capacity magazine, you are almost certainly going to carry out mass murder, by the media’s reckoning.

Consider this report from Reuters:

The semiautomatic handgun used in the deadly attack on a Wisconsin Sikh temple is the same type used in other recent U.S. mass shootings, including one at a theater in Colorado, and the attack on a congresswoman in Arizona, gun experts said.

… Semiautomatic handguns are the weapon of choice for mass murderers because they are light and easy to conceal, and adaptable to using high-capacity magazines, experts say. This allows the shooter to fire the maximum number of bullets in a short period of time, said Josh Sugarmann, executive director of the Violence Policy Center, a nonprofit group that advocates to reduce gun violence.

“There is no valid reason for civilians to have assault rifles, semiautomatic handguns and high-capacity magazines,” he said. “We have to start ratcheting down the firepower in civilian hands in the United States.”

No doubt, every moment of your life you face danger. But by all mainstream accounts, it is not from mentally unhinged freaks who want to kill you; it is from the guns they have, and the one you have for your own protection. Besides, it would be politically incorrect to point out psychos in your midst, and guns can’t cry foul.

It is time for gun owners to cling to their weapons like never before, and to launch an educational campaign about the benefits of gun ownership. It is time to demand from the media a distinction between psychos who own guns and responsible firearms enthusiasts.

And most of all, it is time to silence the idiotic diatribes of the anti-gun lobby with the Constitutional guarantees provided by the 1st Amendment. Because once they take the 2nd, the 1st will fall without warning or argument as the other psychos–the ones who have remained behind the scenes and are perhaps the real masterminds, the ones running your life from marbled halls–emerge from the shadows. Make no mistake, they will still be armed.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • cawmun cents

    Reuters…a bastion of intelligent thought processes.
    Wasnt the host country of that particular entity our closet neighbor?
    These people are of the same mind as the appeasers of Hitler were.
    How Chamberlainesque can you possibly get before you watch the world burn before your eyes?Apparently in as much as modern England,and the folks that survived the Blitz are a dying breed.
    They have let the trash peddalers run thir once mighty nation for far too long.
    In fact they invented tabloid press,and the mindless fop who reads it and sees his vision of truth.
    Now in a stunning reversal,those in our own nation wish to follow the example of the one nation we had to fight to gain our freedoms from,and return to those days we spent under her wing.
    How gauche.
    How very left-handed of them.
    They train the eliteist academia to be insensitive to what those who fought for,and died so gallantly to defend,and prance back into the waiting arms of mother Britain.
    The idiocy of the media/academia and the Ivy League Academics Home for Disturbed Progressive Liberals,(or what we used to call the White House),is astounding.
    They wish to push us backward in time,by shouting FROWARD!and marching to get along with all the other nations of the world.
    Go along to get along.
    Brainwashing 101,to the simpleton who considers themselves well educated.
    But what would you know of black science?
    You losers who think you have been well educated are the stupidest people on earth.
    So you ate the candy coated scat and smiled and told your handlers it tasted good.
    You dolts!
    You fell for the oldest trick in the book,and left your pants hanging about your ankles,leaving your posteriors high in the air,to offer them to the folks who you prized as your finest teachers.So now when you are sodomized,victimized,scrutinized,and finally ripe for your own national suicide,you berate those who speak of your impending doom.
    It HAS to work this time you exclaim!
    But it never has,and never will.
    But dare to dream little utopian Socialiste Democratique.
    There where your fetid corpse lies before you naked,exposed,ravaged,and mutilated.
    Dare to dream…..

    • TIME

      Dear CC,

      Yes, Reuters is ownd by the Goldman Sak’s who also own the AP, and UPI, all are owned by the bank of London of what is owned by the Rothschilds.
      Of whom are one of the very top dogs in the whole “New World Order” Gang of Criminals.
      Who JFTR; also own this nation lock stock and barrel, by way of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, the IMF, as well many others to vast to list.

      But, the American people are not within the noted ranks.

      Thus most all intel is at best bent to form a three legged beast with a single eye atop it. Saddly the vast amount of humans have been suduced by this very beast and will follow it to the end of all days as they can’t break out of the BOX.

      Peace and Love

  • Harold Olsen

    This sort of thing had been going on by the left for years, perhaps decades. Now it’s if you own gun you are automatically a mass murderer. It’s kind of like what blacks say about whites. If you’re white you’re automatically a racist. To lesbians and feminists, if you’re a man you’re automatically a rapist. All it does is show how stupid and ignorant the left truly is. They get their marching orders and talking points and go out and swew the hatred because they do not have the ability of intelligent thought. Just puppets and parrots. Someone pulls their strings and they parrot what others tell them to say.

    • Larry K.

      How come the news people never tell of the people saved by guns? they do how ever
      lead the way for more crazies to follow suit and do what the killer has done. thank’s you stupid newspeople.

      • Vicki

        Larry K. says:
        “How come the news people never tell of the people saved by guns?”

        Because it is commonplace. News people like sensational stories like “Man bites dog”.

        Now quite a few stories do get out cause “if it bleeds it leads”. But only for local news. Wouldn’t want to mess up the elites agenda by actually lettering both the left and the right know they are being lied to.

        “Because while we hear about the murders and accidents, we don’t often hear about the crimes stopped because would-be victims showed a gun and scared criminals away. Those thwarted crimes and lives saved usually aren’t reported to police (sometimes for fear the gun will be confiscated), and when they are reported, the media tend to ignore them. No bang, no news.” – John Stossel

        If it were not for the internet you wouldn’t even find out about the local news events unless you were local to the event.

        Here is a longer list:

    • nc

      Harold, we are the number one nation in the world and it is due in great part to the leadership of Presidents you conservatives calls the “ignorant” Left! Name a “true conservative” President who brought us to this position!
      The “parrots and puppets” as you call us have had the good sense to elect leaders that did not “lead” us to third world status! It was not automatic that we became the world leader.Obviously the “right” way was not the correct way!!See Hoover, Nixon and the bushes!!!
      See also “BULLS, Bears, Donkeys and elephants” site! The “right”( conservatives) should have been that good at running our free market society!! We might be “ignorant” but we have been da**ed good for this nation! Remember World Wars I &II! It was that “ignorant” left leading the way! Denial is a mental illness, Harold! You need to get it fixed!

      • Rob

        It was the ignorant left that got us into WWI in the first place. Wilson was just itching to get us into the war, one that we had absolutely no business getting into. The Lusitania was just an excuse.

      • Vicki

        And it would appear it was the ignorant left that got us into WWII. Pearl Harbor was the (possibly false flag) event used by FDR as the excuse.

      • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

        Rob, your information has many flaws.It didn’t matter who was president at the time, we did what we had to do both 1 and 2.

  • Vicki

    Joe Sugarman (in the report from Reuters) says:
    “There is no valid reason for civilians to have assault rifles, semiautomatic handguns and high-capacity magazines,”

    Sure there is. To stop crazed phyco shooters like in the movie theater and the Sikh Temple.

    Here is a perfect example. It happened in a church (well it didn’t get to the church building)

    The shooter was stopped by a citizen who just happened to be attending that service and happened to be carrying a semiautomatic handgun.

    I can hear the left starting to yell foul already cause the citizen was an off duty police officer. Read the article. That detail is also addressed.

    The obvious point that the liberals will not acknowledge (it interferes with their plan to disarm the law abiding) is that a man with a gun STOPPED the mass shooting before it could become a mass shooting. Not a man with a knife (as in the Sikh Temple) But a man with a semiautomatic handgun.

    Come to think of it the mass shooting at the Sikh Temple was stopped by a man with a gun too. What was the difference? Both were trained police officers.

    The difference? One of them was just minutes away.

    • JimH

      People have been killing other people long before the invention of gunpowder. Kane killed Able with a rock.(first reported murder) If a gun is unavailable a determined killer will find another way. The root problem is there are people who are willing to kill people.
      I do own a firearm for self defence. I won’t pick a fight, but if someone else does, I’ll do my best to protect myself.
      I think of it like a fire extinguiser, or firstaid kit. If I never have to use it I’ll be happy. If I need it, it’s there.

  • dan

    Meh , Reuters takes too long to load for me to bother with….take my guns and I’ll still
    have my deadly hands ….bwahahaha

  • RivahMitch

    The 2nd Amendment is, and always has been the ultimate guarantor of the others. Without it we are all just serfs to the government master. Live Free or Die! Semper Fi!

    • TIME

      Dear Rivah,

      You got it, thats just what it means.Nothing More – Nothing Less.

      Peace and Love

      • Kate8

        Furthermore, the 2nd Amendment is the only permit we need.

        Requiring permits only has one goal: knowing where they are when they want to confiscate them.

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        How right you are! Also lets not forget they get to RAPE you twice, the FEE / Permit, then when they come for you. How special is that?

        Kate, your post today have all been just GREAT! Keep up the super work
        God bless you and keep you safe.

        Peace and Love

      • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

        Permits would be ok if it kept guns out of the wrong hands. But we know thats not the case. So, permits are senseless other than revenue.

  • Don Wright

    Never has a firearm picked itself up from a table, loaded itself and discharged a round into a human without a human hand guiding it. With that said… we have to look at what they won’t go after. Rifles – semi, bolt, lever action, pump… all are capable of long range well placed shots… remember the beltway shooters a few years ago (sniping and shooting from a concealed car trunk… terrorized the entire region)… long guns would definitely have to go, shotguns… the real offenders… capable of inflicting massive destruction if used on people…. they would have to go, revolvers… typically more accurate than semi automatics… well placed shots… we know the rest… let’s see, what does that leave us with? Crossbows, bows… can’t have them… in the right hand they could be deadly. BB guns, pellet guns, oops some of these well built guns put out over 1000 feet per second… couldn’t have that… left with pump BB guns… the gestapo left probably won’t have a problem with that as long as we register our “BB” guns. Then they can look at relative lengths of knives in our kitchens… we already have seen the degree of idiocy in regards to what constitutes a weapon in our schools… kids suspended for parents packing a knife, fork and spoon with their childs lunch. How much more can we take? The lefts rule of thumb is simple: Run with the story they want, rerun it, repackage it and keep it out there. Never show the other side of the story, self defense statistics, lives saved, anything that takes from their message. Make up false statistics, loudly proclaim a lie… if they get caught on it… print the retraction days later somewhere on the back page. This is going to be the real war. We need to identify the liars who will be coming out with these new gun bills and hit them with their same medicine.

    • 45caliber


      You said: “Never has a firearm picked itself up from a table, loaded itself and discharged a round into a human without a human hand guiding it.”

      Wrong. A gun MAKES a person pick it up and use it! A person wouldn’t do that on their own. Not only that, a person wouldn’t even have violent thoughts or actions if a gun wasn’t present to FORCE them to act! Just ask any liberal! They know what is right and wrong. They are the intellectuals and we with guns are only simply morons. So we MUST do what they say! Otherwise they might get mad at us and refuse to let us pay them all our tax money we earn solely to support them!

      • TIME

        Dear 45,

        I love the humor, thanks we need a good hardy belly roll now and then.

        Peace and Love

      • whitedoveblogg

        Excuse me, but the angry thoughts or feelings are there no matter what is on the table, even an empty plate, will be picked up and crashed across someone’s head!
        even the table can be used as a weapon, by bashing the person’s head across it…are we to ban tables too or walls that they so diligently show in the movies that they bash people against????!!!!
        The angry thoughts have to be there first…….and that comes form the person not what is on the table….

      • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

        You know it and I know, but the govrnment because of all their misbehavior are in fear of themselves. I’ll keep it short.

  • http://Google James S. Gibson

    These people need to wake up and live in the real world. We,the people of the South have lived with guns of all types most of our lives. It’s just a way of life with us. Bread and potatoes don’t make you fat unless you eat them,so don’t blame them anymore than you would blame a fork and spoon for making you fat.(next thing you know they will outlaw them). Common sense and reasoning is not on their agenda,only complete control of all us Sheeple, by taking our guns so we will have no resistance and follow along.(I really don’t thinkso!!!!) Long live the 2nd Amendment and everything else all Red Blooded Americans stand for).

    • 45caliber


      It is because of people like you and I that we have all the violence in the world. After all, guns CAUSE violence! If there were no guns then there would be no violence! Just having a gun around makes us want to go out and shoot someone! All the liberals tell me this so it must be true. After all, they would never lie and they are the intellects of the universe. They will tell you so if you ask them. They are the peace-lovers of the world and know better than us what is right. And if you won’t agree to that, they will order their army and police to come to shoot us and take our guns by force since they are so peace-loving.

      • TIME

        Dear 45,

        Just how bloody sad is that? A really good post dude.

        Peace and Love

      • Kate8

        Yes, 45, that was awesome.

        I saw a headline yesterday: Obama First Murderous President to Oppose Violence.

        I wonder what liberals think about all of the wars that were fought, all of the slaughter that occurred, prior to the invention of firearms. I also wonder if any governing body ever debated banning swords.

        I think I’d rather get shot than have limbs cut off, or to be ran through. If I had to choose.


  • peter

    So, let me get this straight. If you are not on farcebook, you are probably a psychopathic serial killer, if you own a hand gun, you are likewise a serial killer. So we now know who all the killers are, all that needs to be done is to round them up, execute them and voila, all the murder, violence and killing will stop. Hallelujah! How easy is that when it comes to solving such serious issues like rape, violence, murder etc.

    • 45caliber


      Exactly. Except it only solves murder, not the rest. After all, rape is a crime of passion. The girl lures the men into the act by acting and dressing sexy so it is really her fault, not theirs. Theft is a redistribution of wealth. The thief was forced into the act because the rich won’t give them more money and spend it on themselves instead. Violence? That is only a healthy person’s reaction to those who try to limit their expression of self. The only problem is if the other person attempts to fight back. After all, if you don’t fight back the other person won’t harm you – right?

  • 45caliber

    To most libs, anyone who joins the military or who likes guns is a prospective murderer. They just haven’t had the chance to kill someone yet but sooner or later they will. So anyone like this should be avoided and watched carefully. A vet is even worse since he has undoubtedly already murdered someone but did it legally.

    • Kate8

      45 – If the left manages to get us all disarmed, then they will be guilty of the mass genocide that follows.

      • TIME

        Dear Kate,

        Yes, but it still will be someone else’s fault! Afterall you know with such Brilliance they just can never be wrong!

        Well perhaps a few times over the last 5000 years they may have been a tad wrong.
        Ok many times, well – Ok – really so many I lost count, “Ok you got me they are never right.”

        Loved the post, BTW – you and 45 are making my sides hurt today… :-)

        Peace and Love

      • Kate8

        TIME – :) :)

        BTW, I just heard a militia briefing that said that our military factions are ready to kick butt…and I don’t mean ours. If this is true (and who knows what’s true), they have already been busy dismantling the PTB power structure, and some big events (hopefully positive ones) are about to transpire.

        The militia is to be ready to be called upon for assistance, if need be, in many areas. They are asking citizens to take action against local corruption, as in filing complaints against the people in question and requesting arrest warrants. The military is dealing with the big guys at the top, but the local governments will be up to us.

        They said that this is our chance to win back our country and our liberty. We must all be ready and willing to assist.

        According to sources, these plans have been in the works for many years. They just needed the okay and the cooperation of the American people. Well, they got a whole bunch of Americans to request the military’s assistance in defending us against this government enemy insurrection, and supposedly they have activated.

        Let’s pray that this is, indeed, the case, and that WE succeed!

        It stands to reason that there has to be some good guys out there. There always have been before. They can’t all be sold out.

      • JeffH

        Excellant news Kate8. There are many well organized organizations that are fighting for our nation like the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and Oathkeepers.

        You might want to check out this website also.

      • JeffH

        The following is the narrative report from CanadaFreePress. It documents intelligence that (CFP claims) comes from several meetings with a DHS Agent who is trying to sound the alarm about the plans our governments are proactively making. They are anticipating an imminent collapse of our economy, with emphasis on the aftermath. They are planning to be in absolute control, whatever it takes, using every tool conceivable. What they are planning should make every lover of liberty and Americanism sit up straight and pay attention.
        It is unknown if the ‘source’ has been independently verified as authentic.

      • Kate8

        JeffH – This is also whatPete Santilli has been warning about. And more.

        Great links, JeffH. I saved them.

        This is such an hour in history, and there are still so many Americans who don’t have a clue anything at all is going on!

        And now another expert is predicting a 9.5 quake in Australia and 3 – 9.6 quakes in CA in the next few days, with resultant tsunamis. He also predicted the big on in Japan and nailed it, so let’s hope this one doesn’t happen. I suspect HAARP, or undersea nukes.

        Sheesh. I don’t know. The PTB like to keep us jumping. But we must remember that there have been big ones in the past few years. All I know is that I’m staying put come h*ll or high water.

  • don

    obunhole maybe you and your policies and those of the elitists are causing all the problems and hopelessness of things in this country are causing all the nutcases to be turned loose on society. i had a pistol for years and hardly used it. i kinda like precision shooting with rifles but i am not a sniper. as with gun owners our weapons are more like toys. i have a couple of motorcycles and many people are killed on them but there is no campaign to outlaw them. cars are worse. i wonder how many people go nuts in cars and kill others with them. these peole wo go nuts . we’d have to outlaw knives, hammers wrenches poolsticks peices of iron and most things which cold be used as tools to kill. gun laws make guns guilty of killing people,not people. guns making people murders is retarded. i’m a gun owner and a very ordinary person like most gun owners. the only way i would use a gun is to defend myself, my family and my belongings plus my country. an i’m considered a murder by some power mad idiots lik3e obunhole.

  • CW

    For all pro 2nd amendment gun owners: Check out This is a great resource. It shows the actual statistics on guns and gun violence, not what the future despots and their puppet media spew out ad nauseum.

  • Kate8

    Hey all, I feel that I have to post this, and I trust that everyone who really wants to know what this government is doing…has already done…will check it out.

    This man is an ex-marine who actually worked on the FEMA documents for martial law back in the Reagan days. Since then there have been many laws and EOs put in place for implementation, and it’s all now coming to fruition. As soon as the dollar crashes, or some other type of event occurs, it’s over for us. Martial law is already in place. The UN has already been handed our sovereignty. Has anyone noticed that we no longer have a voice, and that the Constitution is not given any relevance? Because these “laws” clearly state that when the UN is in control, the peopl HAVE NO VOICE AT ALL about what transpires in America.

    He was scheduled to go on Alex Jones yesterday in order to give the American people information that we need to know SO WE CAN ACT POSTHASTE. At the last minute, Alex Jones cancelled his appearance without so much as mentioning it on air, as thousands were tuned in to hear it. I am coming to believe that Alex Jones’ job is to keep us panicked and lead us to surrender to the NWO, and he was not willing to let us hear this info. No one else is telling us this stuff.

    It seems that our government has had plans, for decades, to kill tens of thousands of Americans at any given time, with not so much as a second thought. Our higher military leaders have sold out to Obama and the UN.

    It’s really up to us now to act. Remember, there were those who gave warning to the Jews that Hitler was setting them up… and they refused to believe it. Now it’s Christians, conservatives, Tea Party and militia who are being set up as homeland terrorists (the recent shootings are to reinforce and justify this notion, and more are sceduled to occur).

    I don’t care if most of you won’t believe me. Don’t. But for the love of God, look into it. Look into Pete’s information…he has provided official documentation and personal insider knowledge. He doesn’t care that he could be Breitbarted…he wants to save us. He’s a United States Marine. One who has awakened.

    BTW, he voted for Obama, to his own horror.

    God save America.

    • vicki

      Kate8 writes:
      “(the recent shootings are to reinforce and justify this notion, and more are sceduled to occur).”

      Remember this line in the sand. When they do it we point out to all who will listen that these once unusual events are happening too fast and that the threat is real.
      Maybe we can avoid the fate of the Jewish people.

    • JeffH

      Kate8, kudos for your moxy & strength. After these last 4 years, 3+ on this website, I’m inclined to believe that anything is possible. There is no doubt that our the POTUS is just a puppet, as was Bush I and II, Clinton etc., etc. Our government has been co-opted by TPTB, ie the Rothschilds Banking Cartel with the UN, which is their main global “social engineering strong arm”.

      Anything is possible!

    • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

      I beleive part of the 2nd amen. states, the right to bear arms even against your own government if it were to take over your liberties and overthrough the citizens of it.Wish I had it in front of me now to use proper terminoligy.

  • s c

    Let’s use a bit of utopian logic, folks. The only way we can be FAIR about this is to ban all vehicles (including commercial planes). If you will recall, utopians demand that all things that can kill are BAD. ERGO, no planes, no vehicles. THAT will make life beautiful. Right? It might be worth remembering that we’re being dragged into the glorious future by people who worship Prozac and self-esteem.
    Is it any wonder what they demand? They might do us a huge favor, and start an immediate program in which those who managed to survive being aborted (and favor it) get to have another spin and another chance at being aborted. Talk about SOCIAL JUSTICE! Oh, comrade e and n and the rest of you champions of social justice, where are you?


    I think we ought to tax those who don’t have weapons training and know the proper use of firearms, I am tired of paying so much for protecting idiots who cannot comprehend that a society that carries is a polite society……and a government that controls all the guns will make your life hell……..ask a former commie.

  • JeffH

    A MUST READ: Shocking Admissions from Gun Control Advocates
    Manasquan, NJ –( The Aurora Colorado Massacre has predictably brought out the worst of the worst “blood-dancing” from the various usual suspects in the Pro Victimhood/Anti Gun movement.

    If it wasn’t for the fact that their ignorance laced commentary and opinions are sold to the American Public as factual “news” and “reasonable” objectives, their statements would be hysterical. Near universally smug and arrogant, convinced they are the “enlightened one’s” and confident that the abundant Fifth Columnists in the Media will faithfully repeat their dogma under the guise of credible “news” reporting.

    But every once in a while, the Gun Control Zealots masks slip, and they inadvertently reveal their real feelings and opinions, to their own detriment and do enormous damage to the credibility of their organizations and public policy positions in the process.very once in a while, the Gun Control Zealots masks slip, and they inadvertently reveal their real feelings and opinions, to their own detriment and do enormous damage to the credibility of their organizations and public policy positions in the process.


  • Ted

    Whos going to protect you politicians against guns when Irans people get here?Or our Govt,goes wild against there own people?Those depending on the Military will see them protecting their families not you .Those of us in IL. will not need a stupid permit when the attact starts we will unload on them till we die doing it,just dont get in the way.

  • JeffH

    Navy Seal Bickle Sentenced to 17½ Years in Prison on Firearms Charges. The evidence at trial demonstrated that from about March 2009 to November 2010, Bickle, a Navy Seal, conspired with Richard Paul, 35,of Durango, Colorado, Andrew Kaufman, 37, and Omar Aguirre, 36, both of Las Vegas, to sell machineguns and other weapons possessed by Bickle when he returned from Iraq.

    “ATF works diligently with our law enforcement partners to ensure that illegal machineguns and explosives never make it to our streets,” said Acting Special Agent in Charge John P. Lee.
    “Mr. Bickle ‘abused the public trust’ inherent to the position of a Navy SEAL and today he paid the price.”

    The irony of this is that Bickle was guilty as charged and the judge imposed a greater sentence because of the large number of firearms involved, the types of firearms involved, and because the firearms were stolen and trafficked. Judge Hunt also found that Bickle was a leader or organizer of the offense…
    “and that Bickle had abused his position of trust” in order to facilitate the offenses.

    It is too bad that our elected representatives and their appointees are not held to the same standards when they “abuse the public’s trust”.

    • TIME

      Dear Jeff,

      Man o man you said it! Your last statment is just so on target it hurts.

      Peace and Love

    • Kate8

      JeffH – My daughter just heard from a childhood friend, an ex-Marine, who now lives in the midwest. He pulled in to a gas station and, while pumping gas, a black man (oops…not supposed to mention color) pulled a gun and demanded everyones’ wallets.

      Well, of course her friend packs…and he pulled his gun and shot the would-be robber in the leg, decomissioning him until cops could arrive.

      Now, it is her friend who sits in jail awaiting indictment. It seems that his permit did not allow him to pack in liquor stores or gas stations.

      So, the guv prefers we let people be robbed and/or killed rather than have someone pull a gun in a restricted area.

      Don’t ‘cha just love the government.

      • JeffH

        Kate8, if Obama is re-elected the S will hit the fan. Look for a “fairness” doctrine, economic and social through EO…he has been empowering the executive branch and the central government since he took office. These evil progressive roots started way back in the FDR days and there is no doubt in my mind what we’ve seen, been seeing and experiencing over the last hundred years has transformed the last two generations into unknowingly supporting progressive ideology. Indoctrination through propaganda and revised history.

        Tell a lie long enough and it becomes truth.

  • wdharris2

    If they would legalize the carrying of the concealed weapon there would be plenty of people to shoot back and since the police seem to take their sweet time to get there. In the mean time innocent people are getting killed. All of these people had a legal right to carry a gun and did this. Criminals coming in all walks of life and people deserve the right to defend themselves. But the Gov. is trying to stop that from happening. The problem is criminals don’t need a legal right to have a gun. Further more, you can ban guns all together and they will still get them. Given enough money you can buy anything.
    I’m saying this and I don’t even like guns, I don’t like the noise.
    With that being said, If they banned guns all together you can make explosives out of most household chemicals. And you can get all of the info on the net. What are they going to do, ban the net as well.

  • gunner689AI

    [expletive deleted] !!! I’m a middle aged white guy, veteran, and own several handguns. I must be on the terrorist list.

    PC is BS

  • http://yahooandfacebook John Gagne

    Too much to say, but,I believe the government would love for people to give up their weapons, their getting cautious because their fu—–.up so bad and fear the definitions of the second emenmant.Answer, get someone one up there who truly cares about america and get it right!!!!

  • paulahoule


  • Chris

    I am not a gun owner, nor am I against guns. The interpretation of the second amendment is a waste of time since no one knows what was meant……..militia or not. In “this” day and age with so many loonies out there (including your congresspeople), it would behoove us to give up guns……….NEVER give up your rights!


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