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Over Republican objections, Senate confirms Sotomayor for Supreme Court

August 7, 2009 by  

Over Republican objections, Senate confirms Sotomayor for Supreme Court With 31 Republicans saying "nay," the U.S. Senate confirmed Sonia Sotomayor to be the next Supreme Court Justice last week.

Sotomayor came under fire from the conservative quarters during her confirmation hearings for her pro-choice, anti-gun liberal views, with many critics expressing fear she will be legislating from the bench.

And while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hailed the vote and stressed Sotomayor’s life story testifies to the values of opportunity and justice, Family Research Council President Tony Perkins complained this justice does not include "empathy for unborn children, for white and Latino firefighters from New Haven, for property owners who have their land taken from them by greedy politicians or for Americans who believe in their right to keep and bear arms established in the Second Amendment."

Now that Sotomayor is heading to the Supreme Court, the debate in the media is likely to shift to the issue of whether the GOP opposition will cost them even more Latino support, especially since the party’s share of the Hispanic vote dropped sharply in last year’s presidential election where 67 percent of Latinos voted for Obama.

Some politicians appear to think not. Don Stewart, communications director for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was quoted by the Washington Post as saying, "I thought that voting for someone or not voting for someone based on their ethnicity or sex went out of fashion 40 years ago."

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    Based upon the evidence of her own inept actions and the contradictions in opposition to her own senate testimony, the only real history here is that she is indeed of Puerto Rican hispanic decent and although a woman of empathy, she is far from being wizened, honor, truth, credentials and dignity has been abandoned in order to sit this person on the bench as a SCJ, regardless of qualification.

    In this country rule by law is our means of justice, empathy is rule by man and Cuba would be a more suitable place for her to practice her empathy.

    • Brian Rawls

      What a rotten horrible piece of shit she is. I cant believe that these scumbags voted her in.

      • Jerry Semenick

        this is one of many steps obama is using to turn to socialism,now he (obama) will do what ever he wants.well welcome to the beginning of civil war.

      • Margie Adam

        Brian and Jerry: What a mean-spirited, rude thing to say. This is a woman who came from nothing, became something through work and self-discipline, has much prosecutorial experience and is educated in the area of law.

        Could it be that both of you are just mysoginist?

        • Brian Rawls

          Margie,higher courts have overturned her rulings 60% of the time. You dont rule with the constitution in mind. She is just another person this country has to put on the list. Margie are just as horrible as her. Why dont you go eat some tacos Margie.

    • John

      Selective vision; we see what we want to see. ONTIME apparently chooses to not see that Sotomayor has had more judicial experience at the time of her appointment (and prosecutorial experience as well) than most – if not all – of the currently sitting justices. Consider her whole judicial background, not just a few “gotcha” moments – which everyone has.

      • http://none Irate Grandma

        Sotomayor may have had quantity of experience but the quality is indeed questionable. She more than half the decisions she made reversed by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional. This is just a backdoor method for liberals to do an end run around the Constitution. Shame on the deserters from the Republican party who went along with it.

        • Margie Adam

          Irate Grandma

          The Supreme Court previously decided that prayer in public school is not legal. The Supreme Court once decided that a man escaping from slavery had to be returned to the slave holder even though the slave had reached states where slavery was not allowed.
          Perhaps it is good that Sotomayer has had some of her opinions overturned by the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has not always made “judicious” decisions.

        • http://none Irate Grandma

          I agree that the Supreme Court is not always “judicious” in that they forget that they function to uphold the Constitution and feelings and empathy have no place in their rulings. Sotomayor has continually demonstrated that she rules from feelings and empathy instead of law. This country does not need even one more judge making law from the bench much less one who has clearly demonstrated through her actions that is how she makes her decisions. Observe not what she says but what she has already done. It is time for this country to get back to law and the constitution and stop this slide toward socialism before all is lost.

    • Rob

      Ontime, you are SO RIGHT.

      Without Rule of Law, there is no justice.

      But man demands justice. Without a legal avenue, he will take the law into his own hands.

      Wise Latino? No, Small Minded Latino, incapable of realizing her own limitations. Self promoters, with “Little Princess” complexes, most are mentally unstable and expect to be treated like royalty.
      Its actually laughable to the rest of us.

      What I have learned about these women, was explained to me by their men.

      Hey call me a racist, and ignore the facts! LOL!!!

    • Margie Adam

      Well the Republican party can kiss the state of New Mexico good bye. The Latino population is alive and well here in the Land of Enchantment and the disrespect the Republican party has shown to Latinos will not be soon forgotten. Latinos have fought for this Country in every war, including the American Revolution and yet our white brothers continue to denigrate our contributions to this country. Yes, there are many wise Latino women and it would seem after 200 years of ONLY old white men (other than two other women and one black man) being elected to the Supreme Court, it wouldn’t be such a BIG DEAL to have a Latino on the Bench. How arrogant can some people get?????

      • Brian Rawls

        Wet-backs f@#k everything they touch Margie. Look at Mexico they done a real good job there. If Mexicans cant run Mexico right you are mind F@#ked to believe they can make the right decisions here.

  • s c

    She convicted herself with her own words. The moral of this disgrace is very simple, America. That is, NONE of the scum bag ‘Republicans’ who who dared to vote for that woman are fit to hold office.
    No party could block this nomination as long as ultralibs have a majority in the House and the Senate. They were trolling for easily-bought retards who could be ‘persuaded’ to go along with their pc insanity.
    Recognize these slimers, and put them in their place. For helping to stack the Supreme Court, give these people no quarter and no rest.
    This is only the start of a heavy dose of much-needed, comeuppance and REAL social justice. Enjoy, you two-faced, prostitute losers!

    • Rob

      Yeah, SC,
      BIG TOILET FLUSHING come midterms.
      Say goodbye you traitorous, non representing representativers. Back to the private sector to live under the same laws you jammed down our throats.

      Just don’t make the mistake of voting Republican….. We’ve done this before.
      Republican ABUSE and FAILURE is why Obama got elected in the first place.
      Don’t forget that.

      Listen to what they say…
      Ask questions….
      Demand answers.

  • john

    I think this whole Democrate & Republican issue in congress will never change, and maybe we should put an equil amount of each. 50/50 that way we can all get a true choice

    • Rob

      John, BOTH parties have failed America.
      Why reward them with your vote?

      Look where we are today. THEY run the country, not us. Its THEIR FAILURE. In their total arrogance, they would NEVER consider what you have to say anyway. So its ALL ON THEM!

      Get them BOTH out. There are other parties out there…..

      And Term Limits for ALL those in government.

  • Margie Adam

    Sotomayor handled herself with grace and dignity throughout the entire proceedings after being subjected to the same tired old questions by old white Republican men who couldn’t even be inspired enough to ask something worthwhile or original. All they could do was keep repeating the same “wise Latino” phrase. Would they have rather she referred to herself as a dumb Republican sycophant? Well, that probably would have gotten her a few more Republican votes. Republicans better start waking up to the fact that old white men are getting older and older. (Hopefully not any dumber and dumber.) Old white men die off. Soon they will be the party of the last one old white man standing.

    • Brian Rawls

      Margie, we will shoot all you dirty wet backs before that happens.

  • Donnie

    I think it is time to vote them all out and put some people in office that are not DEM or REP. it seem the two party are working to do away with everthing this country stood for it is time to get rid of the all and put term limit in these assholds have been in office to long and make the pay all the back taxs the owe why should they be the only ones that don’t pay any taxs and make them be the first ones to take the shots.
    Stand up and everyone get together and let’s get our country back.

    • http://none Irate Grandma

      Take a look at Stands for Get Out of Our House and is aimed at giving votgers a better selection of candidates.

  • sisyphus

    Yes, there are many wise Latino women and it would seem after 200 years of ONLY old white men (other than two other women and one black man) being elected to the Supreme Court, it wouldn’t be such a BIG DEAL to have a Latino on the Bench.

    This is however is not one, she has had over half of her decisions overturned on Constitutional grounds.
    Color, creed, and gender are irrelevant. Constitutional adherence is the only test that must be passed, she has not by at least 50%.
    This is nothing more or less than a leftist power grab appointment.

    • http://none Irate Grandma

      You can say that again, louder this time. Our representatives don’t seem to be able to hear us!

  • nancy A.

    The most important quality is for Sotomeyer to follow the rule of LAW and our Constitution. I find that most Judges like to interpret and make their own law. It has really gotten out of hand. The law makers of this country have also made law solely to benefit themselves. How many people can get a lifetime retirement ?????? by serving 2 years as a congressmen or 6 years as a senator? Now the rats really do have the keys to the cheese factory. The only losers are the AMERICAN PEOPLE.

    • Donnie

      I agree with you and I think that once they leave office they shouldn’t get anything a person that stay’s in the military only get half their pay for retirement and get screwed on medical

  • Blair

    Time will tell if Sotomayor’s a reasoned jurist or an activist. She could turn out be one
    of Obama’s greatest disappointments.

    • DixieConnie

      Donnie: Amoung other issues that the next President can put the blame on Obama, like Obama continues to put on Bush. Its interesting how Obama has yet to take responsibility for anything, only trying to clean up the mess. ha And he & Poloski just might be the ones to clean up the mess, right?


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