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Over GOP Objections, Senate Votes To Open Debate On Healthcare Bill

November 27, 2009 by  

Over GOP objections, Senate votes to open debate on healthcare bill The Senate voted along party lines 60-39 to open debate on the Senate healthcare reform bill, but after scoring that victory the Democrats are admitting they will have to compromise in order to gather enough votes to pass the legislation.

In addition to most Republicans—such as Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison of Texas who called the measure "a disaster" for the nation—independent Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut stated his opposition to the current version, telling NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday that he will join a Republican filibuster if the bill includes a publically run insurance option which he called "radical."

Among those Democrats who have entered the debate phase emphasizing the need for a realistic and practical approach is Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, the second-ranking Democrat in the upper chamber. He said he was open to changing the government-run health insurance option provision that is widely favored by the left, if it means the bill will have a greater chance of passing.

Democrats also admitted that some conservative members of their party have expressed misgivings about the bill’s potentially burdensome fiscal provisions, including the plan to tax those earning more than $200,000 a year as well as insurers providing expensive health plans.

The Senate is expected to begin debate after the Thanksgiving break.

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  • s c

    America has not had enough time to debate health care. First, if our “leaders” plan to “give” us health care that is ‘not good enough’ for them, then that system is automatically immoral and illegal.
    Second, any plan that is 4,000 pages thick is a self-serving abomination that is unethical, anti-American and is much worse than dishonest. Where is the OPENNESS this administration PROMISED?
    Third, ‘leaders’ who have no plans for reading this legislation are useless and unworthy pretenders who must be thrown out of office. Fourth, any president who considers himself ‘too good’ to have the same health care he wants to “give” us is a con artist. Fifth, it is impossible to be compassionate or responsible when a health care system will bankrupt America. How can an administration care when it spends money that America does not have? What true leader can justify indebting future generations when this legislation amounts to government-sanctioned slavery?
    Some people do not understand why this administration wants this diabolical farce passed in a hurry. This legislation will make Americans slaves. Never before has America been confronted with legislation that is so far-reaching that the worst thing we can do is to let it pass without a lengthy, comprehensive debate.
    What are you hiding, Mr. Obama? Why do you fear an open and honest debate? Show Americans who you really are – if you dare. As yet, I have no reason to think the oath you took will be respected. Respect, honesty, leadership, competence and
    truth are much more than mere words, and every day you hesitate to honor your oath you prove to us that you belong elsewhere. You work for us. We do not work for you. Act like an open, honest and true president – or resign.

    • Joe H.

      s c,
      I read the other day on the net page where Sen. Cornyn of Texas donated a complete copy of the health care bill to a library so the patrons of the library could do what he was not given a chance to do. READ THE WHOLE BILL BEFORE VOTING!!!!

      • s c

        JoeH, I don’t expect perfection from ANYONE who goes to Washington. However, I find it insulting, dishonest and IMMORAL when an elected official DARES to imply or say that he or she doesn’t have the time, or that not reading legislation is a “right,” or we should tolerate this kind of dictatorial behavior.
        Obviously, the Founding Fathers didn’t think future ‘leaders’ would stoop to this unpatriotic, treasonous level, or they would have written something into the Constitution to STOP it from happening. What these retards have done is to guarantee that the Second Amendment will never go away by itself. They should be treated the same way they act!
        ANY elected official who does not READ the legislation they sign deserves to be taken out and tarred and feathered, and then put in front a firing squad. We deserve LEADERS! Non-talented, non-reading SCUM can be had anywhere – and FOR MUCH LESS MONEY.
        We need a contractual agreement with those who get elected (BEFORE they’re elected). The first part of that agreement must include an immediate penalty for those who can’t or won’t read proposed legislation. The minimum penalty should be for that pathetic son (or daughter) of-a-whatever to be tossed out of office. Who the hell do these vermin think they are to go to Washington and get all kinds of perks and OUTRAGEOUS salaries and do this to the AMERICAN PEOPLE?
        Who in America thinks that these scum bags go to Washington to LEAD? What in the name of God and REASON does it take for people to WAKE UP and SOLVE the PROBLEM?

        • Jana

          John Cornwyn did not vote for this bill. Actually the vote was to push forward a debate on this bill. None of them could possibly have the time to read this 2000 page plus bill let alone study it. This was the Democrats plan though, to push it through so fast that no one had time to read or study this thing.
          I agree that they all need to study any and all bills before they vote on them.
          They are not supposed to go to Washington to lead. They are NOT our leaders, they are supposed to represent us. They are not doing this, they are trying to lead us and we don’t want to follow.

          • Jana

            Actually, Sen. Cornwyn is a Republican who voted AGAINST the bill. hooray for this.

          • s c

            Jana, because the House and Senate have to ‘confer,’ the total of comrade obama’s nation-destroying scam is over 4,000 pages long. I find it curious (though utterly predictable) that the lamestream media has chosen not to rip anyone in DC ‘a new one’ concerning this point.
            Many names come to mind when I think about who will and who WON’T read this legislation. Because these filth are of the opinion that they are NOT to be held to the same standards as the mortals who send them to DC, a lengthy debate is probably NOT on the horizon (a polite way of saying WE will NOT be represented – AGAIN).
            We have lawyers, at least one MD, and others with many backgrounds in Congress. And yet, we have quite a few people who think they are in no way accountable to us. Can you think of one reason why minimum wage doesn’t apply to those USELESS EATERS?
            I get the impression that they think they elect themselves. It’s time for the dog (the American people) to sever the tail, grind it up and force feed that rotting, raw tail to them ICE COLD. Don’t think of it as revenge. Think of it as delayed JUSTICE.

          • Jana

            sc, I do agree with you. It makes me mad too. They don’t represent the people. They try to lead us, and the problem is most of them can’t lead their own lives without problems and they want to tell the rest of us what to do? HA.

          • Joe H.

            Unfortunately there are a couple of questionable votes I read on his E-page. Just type John Cornyn ? and you can read for yourself. I’m really torn on him. I will not try to influence you, just check the site!

    • GregS

      S C, You are so right! I sincerely hope this mess is still going on in November of 2010, so that it is still fresh in people’s minds when they vote. Hopefully, if they can just draw this out a little further into January of 2011, enough of the liberals will have been replaced in the Senate and the House, so that none of this garbage gets passed. I know that’s wishful thinking, but the bill does have a long way to go before the final version gets voted on by both the Senate and the House. They won’t get any help from most of the republicans, and luckily there are still several issues that divide the democrats and independents (e.g. abortion, public option, medicare, etc.), which will probably take a lot of time to hammer out. There are blocks of democrats and independents on both sides of these issues who have vowed to filibuster or not to vote in favor of the bill if it does not reflect their respective positions on these issues. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

  • Jean,Fl

    NO bartering KILL THE WHOLE BILL.We have the best medical care around the world yes it needs work but not a government take over which really isn’t about healthcare it is total control of the people.WE ARE WATCHING ALL OF YOU IN DC.ALL.

  • Bill Bordeaux

    I am not in the least bit concerned about health care in the USA,
    I have worked the last 50 years, paid my health insurance each month and never been disappointed with my health care; I also paid my Medicare bill each pay period. I have only had one problem doctor in 50 years. If you think you can get free health care, please close the door on the way out of the USA, It is the people that can work and will not work that are destroying the USA and lady liberty. Charity begins at home; the entire health care fiasco is noting more that theater for politicians

    • Joe H.

      you should be worried!!! If they pass this cluster F. you will lose the benefits you now have!!! Even medicare will be trashed as you can’t make the kinds of cuts they are talking about without losing certain coverages!!!

  • Bruce

    This is not about health care, Its a “Power Grab” at the American tax payers checking account. Just like the Cap and Trade same deal differat candy coating.

    Agreed that if the Congress and the Senate, {who by the way have a health care package} that they DON’T want to give up, as that would expose them to a “FAR lesser” package, and that would not make them happy campers, but as they have told YOU, its ok for YOU, who again by the way pay them to be your “PART TIME LEADERS.”

    Just like the SS system, we the people who pay for Congress and Senate persons for the “PART TIME” jobs we made for them, well they also have a differant SS system then you or I have.

    And to top that off, all a Congress or Senate person has to do is one term, then they walk away with their pay for the rest of their lifes thats for “”PART TIME WORK.””
    Plus they also get Inflation factors added in, as in if the inflation goes up 10% They don’t get hurt, no we pay them that amount.
    Yet the very persons who pay YOU the TAX Payer, has no “GOLDEN FAIL SAFE”
    Is that Strange for PART TIME WOKERS? No You all voted to let them have it that way.

    Now ask yourself, why is it you did that again? { LIES } They tell you every time they run, yet – You will eat them up, time after time and then you all have stupid things to say, such as; “It can’t happen here.” Oh and the LIES only count when they say something other than 100% pure rhetoric, hey and kiss a baby or two, shake you hand, like you just met a ROCK STAR.
    If it were not so bloody sad it would be funny.

    I said it before and I will say it until someone gets the picture, we live with the “ILLUSION of FREEDOM.”
    You were sold as a {SLAVE} long before you were born no matter how old you are now.
    Its not just #44 or #43, its a long story and its only going to get worse, as in = its not going to get better.

  • Robert

    Let’s just hope that enough Americans will voice their outrage over this government’s attempt to dictate our lives. We might be cursed with the worst politicians in the history of our nation but they can’t be so stupid not to realize that there is a very good possiblity they will be voted out of office this comming November. Or am I giving politicians the benefit of the doubt by saying they can’t be that stupid?

    • Jana

      Robert, the sad part is when a citizen raises his or her concerns over this HCB they label us as rioters and have themselves convinced that we are just trouble makers.
      We do need to remember. they count on us having short memories. Well I am not forgetting. I will vote them OUT.

      • Joe H.

        I think a bumper sticker saying “Health Care Bill?
        Forget hell!!!!”

        • Joe H.

          Please add ‘is in order”

          • Barbara

            I loved that we all have to pay them, and they are on the take all the time. They even give themselves a payroll raise when most are struggling to stay afloat. And…Hell care is right!!! We can’t afford it, and don’t want it either. Who kows what else is in that Health Care package. Someone tell me the truth for a change.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Candy

    Obama has had it on his agenda to control health care since before his election. Never mind that the latest poll I read today said only 14% want the bill as it stands. What truly disgusts me is that the senators voted on a bill which doesn’t even cover everyone. It would be far cheaper to have health savings accounts provided by “The Government”-read those of us who pay taxes- provided to the currently uninsured than to forge on with this untenable bill which will definitely ration care, add to our despicable rising debt, and not provide for the people who have been paying into both Social Security and Medicare for their entire working lives. If you truly don’t believe this, check out the other Socialized Medicine countries. Why not take care of the looming Medicare fraud as well as other areas of fraud (Acorn??) before completely disrupting the world’s best medical system. Ever been to Mayo Clinic? You would not believe all the Heads of State who regularly visit once a year for their physicals. I’d be happy to have the same medical care available to both houses, if a change is so needed. Let me make my own choices, please. And do you think the brightest and best will continue to go into the medical field? I think not. Most start their practices with close to a debt of $100,000.00 in loans for their education. Too much, too fast= too bad.

    • Barbara

      Canada has health care and you can ask any of them how they like it. They don’t. It has cost them plenty and when they need help, they have to wait months to get a doctor. Go to the emergency room and you could die before anyone waits on you. Gee…..HellCare

  • Bob

    Here’s some simple math: to GIVE 30 million uninsured people insurance at $5,000 each person a year is about $150 Billion. Over 10 years (the Healthcare proposal) that would equal $1.5 Trillion- about what this plan requires – at the least. And if they just did that, NOONE has to change their current Insurance, NO Reform needs to take place. No Insurance Czar and 5 Year Plan needed, Mao.

    And I REALLY doubt there’s 30 million who legally are here that have no insurance.

    No, this isn’t about giving the uninsured insurance. They could do that cheaper and with 10 lines in a simple bill.

    It is NOT at about that at all. Its all about Ivy League educated anti-Capitolists – those I went to college with, running our lives with them having Power. And their dream of 1 world govt.

    • Jana

      Well said Bob, very well said.

    • Joe H.

      You left one qualifier out. They are also ANTI CHRISTIAN!!!

      • Bob

        Good point. You are quite correct, Joe. They are most definitely anti-Christian!! As a former atheist and member of their club in my college daze, believe me, I know.

        • Joe H.

          don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you. You got smarter AFTER college!!!!

    • Barbara

      I was just about to say that. One world order. Obama often says Americas, not Americans. You can see the special hand wave of the one world order all the time now. They are getting brazen. If you want to do anything at all, you have to scream at your reps., congressmen and vote all of them out of office if they don’t do what the American public want. They shouldn’t make a life time living off us. We need to change that so that they can’t spend more than 4 years in office and not lobby for another 4 years. We even have lobbiest from other countries. What!!!!! Yes. We don’t want a dictatorship or any other type of country. We want American just as it is. By the way, this health care package doesn’t mention illegal aliens. They will get help anyway and we will pay for it. It is costing us plenty now for hospital, doctors, babies, housing, food stanps, etc. Not to mention illegal drugs, gangs, etc. We need “CHANGE” alright. But not this kide of controlling change. America works when America if free.

  • Annabelle

    Let me share with you my greatest concern about this impossible health bill. This bill will push small businesses into closing their doors equals rising unempolyment ,forclousures, higher taxes, high stress levels specially to thoes that can not afford health insurance.

    Bottom line this health bill will not only kill the economy it will also kill us with stress and taxes ,therefore there will be no need for health care ….

    What has happen to our free country? It smells like dictatorship…

    May Americans bless God because God has blessed us in every way….


    • Joe H.

      you just stated O-mans goals for this country!!!!

  • Eric

    Our government can’t even run the US Postal Service where its even close to being in the black and yet do we really want them running something as complex as our Healthcare??? Anyone that believes that the govenment should run this needs their head examined. Ops thats right that won’t be covered under the governements plan.

  • Robert

    I pay $721.36 per month for my health care insurance in New Joisey. I am a single white male. There are only 3 insurance companies that are allowed to offer health insurance in this state. In reading my contract I am relieved to know that I am fully covered if I were to become pregnant. There are a slew of other things I am covered for that will never happen. When I called my insurance carier to ask why these benefits were included they replied, “The state’s insurance agency requires that they be included in all policies written”. When I said, hey look, I’m a single male so why am I paying for things that do not apply. Their response, “Sir, you will need to take that up with the state’s insurance agency, we are required by state law to cover those things on all policies we write”. The moral to this story is, insurance companies are not the only ones to blame for the high cost of insurance, government is the biggest reason. And with that, I’m going out to a singles bar and get knocked up so I can cash in on the maternity benefits. To you ladies that have had children, does it hurt when you give birth?

    • Joe H.

      My wife says that if men had to have the kids we would have dwindled down to nothing long before now!!!!

    • eyeswideopen

      Robert, you need to contact your Congressman and ask that they repeal the Anti-trust act for the Healthcare companies. It won’t really make them more competitive as they don’t have to be, but it will make it appear so….

  • s c

    For those who need more information about the destructive and immoral potential of comrade obama’s health care reform monstrosity, read anything you can find by Yuri Maltsev. Comrade obama is obsessed with forcing Soviet-style health care on us (“for our own good,” of course).
    The Soviet Union’s health care system legacy resulted in a government monopoly. The Soviet system proved yet again that socialized medicine doesn’t work, it lowers the quality of life and living standards, and the main beneficiaries of socialized medicine are those ‘at the top’ who rule with an iron-hand. The people are abused and neglected.
    And this is to be comrade obama’s legacy? This is the best we can expect from one of the best-and-brightest? Comrade obama must suffer from a vicious form of selective memory. Socialized medicine’s documented failures are known around the world, yet progressives can’t remember that things that fail must be abandoned. When a ‘leader’ refuses to be on speaking terms with reality, the people are obligated to put that ‘leader’ in his place – out of office, away from society and on his way to being just another self-made loser who will be seen as someone who chose insanity over reason.

    • Joe H.

      s c,
      for our own good? But of course, of course!!! the only problem is he will be around in the background for too long after he leaves office!!!


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