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Outcome Of Massachusetts Senate Race May Affect Healthcare Debate In Congress

January 18, 2010 by  

Outcome of Massachusetts Senate race may affect healthcare debate in CongressThe current battle brewing in Massachusetts for an open senate seat has taken on national implications as conservatives have begun to fear that if Republican candidate Scott Brown wins the special election tomorrow, Senate Democrats will stall the certification process until after the final vote on healthcare reform.

State Senator Brown is currently in a contested battle with Democratic Attorney General Martha Coakley over the senate seat left vacant by Democrat Edward Kennedy, who passed away last year.

If elected, Brown has vowed to vote against the healthcare bill and "send it back to the drawing board." The Massachusetts State Senator could account for the 41st vote opposing the legislation, meaning he could prevent Democrats from breaking a Republican filibuster against the bill.

"When I heard … the machine, not only locally but nationally, is trying to manipulate the process and make sure that if I’m elected, a duly elected senator, I can’t be seated in an effort to vote on this important piece of national legislation, it made me almost sick to my stomach," said Brown, quoted by Fox News.

President Obama conveyed the importance of the Jan. 19 vote in a fundraising email, stating that "the outcome of this race could not be more important," quoted by The New York Times.

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  • republicanblack

    Speaking as a republican and a conservative I thought at first that the health care legislation and reform effort was being forced down our throats and a debt to our children. But then I saw this article and it explained how we conservatives have framed the debate has crippled our ability to see it for what republicans in the past would have seen it. Now I have changed my mind I hope you will take a look and think about it to

    • Giovanni Faga

      Please don’t let yourself be swayed by such a lame argument. The two subjects, highways and healthcare, are hugely different in many aspects. The first one would be moral difference. If it wasn’t so late I would elaborate… maybe I’ll come back later today.

      Quick thought before I go… You may be a Republican, but I seriously doubt you are a Conservative.


    • Tinwarble

      Didn’t you just say the exact same thing, word for word, on another post. I don’t think you are a Republican, more like a Plant and you aren’t fooling anyone. You are just a Liberal posing as a Republican, and if I had to take a intelligent guess I would say that you are actually this Kerion Jackman who is just pushing some Liberal propaganda.

      This election is not just about Health Care, which is neither about Health nor Care, but has even more implications. Not only will the election of Brown stifle the Dems push for their so called Health Care Bill, but will also put a monkey wrench in their plans for Universal Registration & Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, dumping millions of new Democrat voters into the system. If any of these things get passed and especially if all these things get passed this country will no longer be recognizable except that it will look more like the old Soviet Union rather than the America our Founding Fathers envisioned. If we want to keep the Democrats from pushing us further down the socialist road, Brown may be our only and last hope.

      • Michael J.

        Tinwarble, You must be a carpenter because you just hit the nail on the head and sent it home all in one whack. This obvious RINO, Republican Black is a phony along with the others like Eyes Wide Open, Denniso and JimBob who infest this and other conservative sites. The truth is that Massachusetts, the most liberal state in the union is about to elect a republican senator to replace Kennedy and squash Obamacare in one fell swoop. That is if he is sworn in, in time.

        • JeffH

          Michael J., you left out Norm and a few others, but you too have hit the nail on the head…Tinwarble, thanks.

      • Jana

        I agree, he is not a Republican, nor a conservative. Therefore what ever he says cannot be trusted.

    • maggiemoo

      Wow, republicanblack, did you not read the rebuttals to your other post that was almost word for word the same as this one? Your argument was already debunked. And your tenacity in pushing your agenda just proves that you are just a liberal plant that doesn’t even bother to hear “the other side”. Give it up.

      • LindyMaeUSA

        Lolololol, I LOVE IT! Give em’ the boot, Maggiemoo!

        I’m not politically experienced enough to “recognize” Liberal “plants” but I’m sure grateful the guys and gals in this site ARE “aware” and looking after the rest of us.

        Thanks a lot and God bless you! :-)

    • Arkham Grundy

      Health care reform in NOT a Constitutional issue. There is no way the founding fathers could have predicted the world of today and its problems any more than they could have predicted the need for auto insurance and airline regulation.

      Health care reform is a moral and economic issue. As a society we have the means and hopefully the will.

      Too many people have been either financially crippled or cut off from needed treatment by the greed based system we have now that is incredibly inefficient and inhumane. Let’s stop the partisan nonsense and do the right thing.

      Reform health care.

      • DaveH

        How does it not compute that more people involved in the system is going to cost more money? And with more costs we are going to have less HealthCare, not more.
        Also, the HealthCare Bill has in the neighborhood of 2000 pages. It is over 200 times the size of the Constitution. And the Constitution is responsible for endless court cases, so you can imagine the amount of courtroom activity we will have if the HealthCare Bill passes.
        How Big do you think Government can get before our economy is brought to its knees like Haiti or Cuba?

      • Michael J.

        Arkham Grundy,
        You said,”There is no way the Founding Fathers could have predicted the world of today and it’s problems”
        What the Founding Fathers did not envision was Saul Alinsky, Cloward Piven, Acorn, Van Jones, Mark Loyd, Anita Dunn, Rahm Emanuel, Cass Sunstein and on and on and on.
        As far as Health reform goes, when it’s actually about reform instead of government control I will endorse it.

        • Arkham Grundy

          You are correct, we need REAL reform. Politicians on both sides need to focus on the needs of the people and not the interests that have bought their votes.

          It is nauseating to see people in congress spewing forth diatribes they obviously do not and could not believe as they pay back special interests for their contributions.

          • DaveH

            The Politicians can not be expected to care about us like we care about ourselves. If we don’t care enough about ourselves to get educated, work hard, and make the correct decisions about our own life courses, we sure can’t expect some distant Politician to do it for us.

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          Michael J,

          Thanks for your comment; I could not agree more. Very nicely done! Currently, it is not about “reform”, but rather “control”.

          I don’t mind helping people who truly need help…to get on somewhat of a level playing field; however, I resent those who never save…always have to have the latest and greatest technology, fashion, cars, etc….and expect everyone else to pay their healthcare…while they wear out their pockets reaching in to pay for all the “must haves” instead of planning for their own health or for that of their families. They don’t care that they will take other’s money (even take from those that don’t own all the latest and greatest stuff), to make it easier for them to do both!

          I’m also getting sick of all the emotional backmail some are attaching to the debate.

          Fed Up Gal

          • Michael J.

            Hey there Gal, Thanks for the atta boy. My dad always said it only takes one “uh oh” to mess up a whole ship load of “atta boy’s”.
            He used a different four letter word than ship but, you get the idea.

            On the subject of The Constitution, I believe the founders crafted a document that is as relevant today as in the time of it’s conception.
            While I am talking about conception, I… ahh… well… nevermind.
            Forgive me, my thoughts are not always immaculate.

          • LindyMaeUSA

            Fed Up Gal:

            You said it so much better than I could!

            We are definitely “on the SAME PAGE.”

            Excellent explanations, to-the-point and every significant topic truthfully covered.

            Thank you :-)

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Michael J,

            I know of the “ship” you speak of…LoL. And as far as conception…well….I’m not touchin’ that one with a 10 foot pole! I know you’ve heard that one before (being from Texas…that is) :-0.

            Fed Up Gal

      • Tinwarble


        You said, “There is no way the founding fathers could have predicted the world of today and its problems any more than they could have predicted the need for auto insurance and airline regulation.”

        So what you are saying is that the Founding Fathers wouldn’t have known that people got sick and that they would have to go to doctors. Well, you must have been reading different history books than I have, since I’m pretty sure that people got sick during their time just as they do now. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said “Nothing is more fatal to health than an over care of it.”. Perhaps your assertion might be valid if, like automobiles & airplanes, people never got sick when the Constitution was written.

      • Robin from Indiana

        Arkham Grundy…
        You are right, Health Care is not a constitutional issue. It is a control of the people issue! Health care is not a right. This whole idea that health care needs to be reformed is basically a way to control the people. Yes, our current health care system could use a tune up and tweaked a little, but reform is just another word for control.

      • JeffH

        REFORM is the key word here. Health care cannot be reformed by a political system that must be reformed first. It is like asking the Fox to guard the hen house.

        • Michael J.

          I agree Jeff however, I have a more suitable analogy. I think giving government the keys to health care would be more like giving chainsaws to an army of termites. Trust me on this one, this ain’t my first row of tater’s.

          • JeffH

            Michael J…Heh heh! I like it!

  • Giovanni Faga

    The implications of this one Special Election has the political Left worried, but strangely enough the people that consider themselves on the left and/or Democrats are NOT worried. The general consensus seems to be that Coakley should lose, and let this be a lesson to the Obama administration. They too have figured out that Obama and his deal-makers are not really in this fight for the people.

    Wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants to see Obama supporters start to move towards the center? Nah, never happen! They simply want someone that will do their bidding.


  • realbigal

    What was going to be another ho-hum Massachusetts election (coronation of another socialist Democrat) for US Senator has turned into tons of fun for political junkies, and sort of a referendum on Obamamania. This did not just happen. It is a rare example of success by some of the GOOD people behind the scenes using some odd circumstances to our advantage, and creating potential headaches for the Establishment. The Republican candidate is NOT the reason for this occurrence; he is just the very lucky beneficiary of it. He is about a 60%er (a moderate, if you will), not a “conservative”, not a constitutionalist, not a libertarian, not even a true liberal, but just your typical pragmatic politician who chose to be a Republican. Sure, he would vote to stop Obamacare (Orwellicare, Maocare, Hitlercare, Ulianovcare, etc.), but if you look at his record you will see that he would promote Romneycare (not much different in the end result). The governments (both state and feceral) have no business being involved in healthcare. It is clearly unconstitutional. Romneycare mandates Massachusetts residents to have health insurance. How unAmerican!!! When government can force anyone to buy anything under penalty of law, freedom is truly lost.

    So don’t get your hopes up too high if Brown does win for Senator. It is not the real answer. Sure, it would send a strong message to the Socialists that the average American is angry. But the Backlash movement must be steered in the right direction, by the right people, or it will fizzle, or worse yet, it will be taken over by evil conspirators who will use it to continue the communization of America.

    The reason that this Massachusetts election has become close is the presence of a “third” candidate (actually the first of the three to qualify) on the Ballot. This was a planned strategy to change the dynamics of the race. It has worked very well and given the voters a chance to have a practical choice in a one-party state. It would be even better if the “third” candidate could win, but with the extreme bias of the Major Media, his presence is hardly known by most people. So, the millions of dollars flowing in Massachusetts for the Republican and Democrat have made it a two-way race, with no hope for an Independent to match their publicity. He would be a totally reliable Senator on our side who would create havoc for the Establishment. But don’t expect him to win. Just thank him for giving all of us some hope of some success in stifling Obamamania.

    • DaveH

      I agree RealBigAl,
      Scott Brown is just another of many RINO’s. As long as the Republicans keep putting up the “lesser of two evils” we are just going to see Big Government become even Bigger.
      Here is Scott Brown’s issues page:

      For those people who insist on voting Republican, at least call or write the Republican National Committee and let them know that you will only vote Republican if they start putting up candidates who will promise to cut back the size of government.
      And if you don’t have Republican feet of clay, please consider the Libertarian Party.

      • DaveH

        Here is the party platform for the Libertarian Party:

        I know that some of their freedoms are scary, especially to those of you who have been educated in the public propaganda schools. But please research those topics which scare you. I believe you will realize that freedom is a much better alternative than stifling Government regulations.

        • DaveH

          Some good sites to explore those topics are,, and

          • Viktor Leben

            I;m going to have to be the misanthrope in this discussion …..

            1) It’s crazy to think everything hinges on a liberal state like Mass. Remeber Carla Howell tried to get rid of the income tax in Mass. ? Those dumblibs voted and didn’t come through !

            2) IF THE REPUBLICROOK WINS who to say he won’t compromise and change his mind ? Everyone has a price …….

            3) GOOD GOD ! (that’s a gasping prayer ! not a swear) When our you going to smite the liberals ?

          • Tinwarble

            And another good site:


          • Tinwarble

            And here’s one that everyone should see:


        • Tinwarble


          Didn’t you say “I’m not in the business of winning people over to my side.”. Curious!

          • JeffH

            In defense of DaveH, even though he doesn’t need it,he has been consistant and passionate in his belief of the Libertatrian Party.
            I respect that. As you know, he doesn’t speak with a forked tongue.

          • Tinwarble


            I know that DaveH is passionate, and I do respect his honesty in what he believes, but my comment was more about winning people to his side by calling a Republican the “lesser of two evils”.

          • JeffH

            Tinwarble, gotcha. Keep up the good comments, a pleasure to read for sure.

        • Tinwarble
      • Jana

        Wanda, I went to brownforsenate site and really didn’t see anything wrong with his ideas and values. Is there something I am missing?

        From that site it looks like he upholds most of what most conservatives do. ???
        Thanks for any insight that I may be missing.

  • Dale DuBois

    If this special election is won by Brown, the democrats will demand a recount. This will do 2 things #1, stall for time as Brown won’t be able to vote on the Obama care as he will not be certified. #2, give the democrats a chance to lots of cheating on the recounting.

    This is what I am predicting so just wait and see if I’m right.

  • Robert

    Here’s hoping Brown wins tomorrow. He wins, then we all win. Real Americans, that is. The liberals, special interests, Washington crowd loose. Now wouldn’t that be nice for a change? At least Brown came right out and said he would vote against the health care bill, the Democrat running against him felt it more important to remind all of us that: “There are no terrorists in Afghanastan”. She is absolutely right. They’re all in Washington and go by the name Democrats.

    • LindyMaeUSA

      Chuckle, chuckle, chuckle! I LOVE THIS SITE!

      My husband constantly complains “I’m too dang serious about politics!” so now I can read some of your postings to him and he’ll realize “there are patriotic Americans “out there” who know how to help people (like me) “lighten up and laugh” in the face of such imminent danger from THIS GOVERNMENT!

      God Bless you guys and gals! I love you all from the six foot high snow drifts of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula! ;-)

      • Fed Up Gal in NM


        LoL….that’s funny….your description of your husband complaining you’re too serious about politics. I’ve heard that myself before…but it matters very little when I hear such things…because politics is serious business. I just laugh when someone says similar comments to me…because they are usually the first to “holler” when they feel shafted by a business or even an individual….so why would we not “holler” when government does stupid things with our money and without our consent? I mean….even Massachusetts finally got’s it’s voice back…thank goodness!

        You go girl….keep up the good work!

        Fed Up Gal

  • tomeg42

    There is no reform in this so called health care reform bill. This bill is all about the Government taking control over more of our lives so that those in power can can make us all live according to their beliefs. Brown damn well had better win tomorrow so that all that is Obama can be stopped in it’s tracks. This lying S.O.B. had planned all along to go with his socialized agenda just as GWB was going to dispose of Saddam the first chance he got. Had the media done their job, which they never do they would rather spend weeks on Michael and Anna then do what work would benefit the citizens of this country, the well he tried to kill my dad didn’t he. Had the media brought that one phrase up and played it in it’s proper context we as a nation would never had allowed bush to use our military and billions of dollars and lives and limbs of such brave members of our military just so he could get even with Saddam. Now we have another President that is trying to ignore the will of the people with this boondoggle of a bill just so the Dems. can say they made history. Well the majority of Americans don’t want history to be made on the backs of our children’s children and grandchildren. These clowns must be STOPPED TOMMOROW!!!!

  • Randy

    It just amazes me that when intellegent people can’t figure out which end is up or which is down. This stuff didn’t just happen over night, it started way before now. Why do you think there are CZARS in the White house. They are there to undermine our whole system of bureaucracy. Not once have I heard any objections from anyone in the Senate or House. Thats because we have a bunch of overpaid lawyers and crooks setting in Washington gathering their weekly checks letting some young kid read to them every night.They are the ones who are actually running this country, not them that were elected. Why do you think all these laws that are being ppassed are written the way they are. They are written by those that were never corrected, but sent to time out. They really don’t know whats its likes to work for a living or lose there job to an illegal alien. They have no Idea what life is like outside of the loop in Washington. They have no Idea what struggles a family has just to make ends meet. All the regulations that they pass and how they affect the working class people. They require us to carry all types of insurance in order to go make a dollar to feed our families, but when you need some type of assistance, they don’t consider the costs that the Federal or state or local governments require us to have. This is all a big smoke screen for a bigger agenda. Its about His reputation( The President ) just look where he was a representative at, Chicago. Look at the crooks that have come from there. What do they do up there anyhow, give out courses How to disrupt a government. We, the people want not just affordable health care, but a chance to live the American dream without some snotnose kid up in Washington tell those that we elected how to get more of there money. We all know that all they want is another pay raise. To bad they wasn’t a law that says there pay raises have to be voted on by their constituants back home. If that were the case, most politicians would get the pay cut instead of raise.

    • usmadgirl


      I agree with you on most everything you said except that you haven’t heard any objections in the House & Senate as to what’s going on in the White House.

      All of my Tennessee representatives, Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker & Zach Wamp have expressed their disgust. Also, other TN reps. that have been very outspoken against everything this administration is doing are Marsha Blackburn, & Phil Roe (who was a physician for 31 years has spoken out against the “health care hoax”). In other states, Pete Hoekstra of Michigan, Jim DeMint of SC, Mike Pence of IN, & Michele Bachmann of Minnesota have expressed their anger & concern over the unconstitutional antics of this administration. That’s just to name a few right off the top of my head.

      The only problem is the fact that they are speaking to “deaf ears” in Washington just like we the people (including the Tea Party protestors, who were totally ignored by everybody except Fox News or ridiculed by the few “MessiahStreamMedia” who actually acknowledged their “mob, racist, terrorist” existence)!

  • jim

    Healthcare needed a tune-up not a trade-in, But that’s not what it’s about. If the vote is close, like Dale said it will be held up by recount after recount. If this bill is so wonderful why did the senate have to rush it through before anyone could read it? For the price tag to be put on it, wouldn’t it be prudent to make sure it is well thought out and not something just tacked together and jury rigged so there is something to rush through? Our un-representitives in action. If pro is the opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress?

    • Michael J.

      Jim, the opposite of progress is regression and is exactly what Obama’s handlers have in mind. They have in mind to herd all of us like cattle by controling every aspect of our lives. Decreases in population, the end of private transportation, the end of private property and so on and so on. All this and more is written in actual U.N. documents and available by searching the net.

      • jim

        Hi Michael, The opposite of PROgress is CONgress.

  • Palin12

    Coakley showed just how out of touch she is by not knowing who Curt Schilling played for. For someone who’s lived in Boston all her life, she doesn’t even recognize some of that city’s finest sports heroes. This is a city that takes great pride in its Red Sox, Celtics, and Patriots. I’m sure ACORN is madly registering dead people in Mass. at this moment.

  • ron jenson

    nothing has changed just the special interest groups in charge at this time.

  • Wandaellen

    Scott Brown has energized Mass.Voters by giving us a choise. I’ve gone to vote every election and most times there are no republicans or libertarians to vote for. If Scott Brown wins maybe others will run against the dems. if he losses I may register my dog to vote.

  • Michael J.

    Four score and about one year ago today our country inaugurated a new President. Hopes were high and the smell of change was in the air. The in-experienced masses, the ethnic classes who never voted before, the college age children who never voted before were all duped into the possibility of a future full of sunshine and roses, a utopian high unmatched by anything thus far seen in human history.

    Enter a man who more closely resembled a rockstar than a politician. A man who played before thousands at rallies in Europe inspite of the fact that he sought to be President of this country. A man who’s political experience spanned four years as a Senator in Illinois, though two of those years were spent running for President. “We will fundamentally change The United States”, he proclaimed. Fact is,that’s the only truth he ever told.

    Most of us old fossils were never fooled by this manipulator. His manufactured charisma. His unholy ideology. I, as a small business owner noticed a difference even before he was elected. People began to close their wallets. Their plans were put on hold.

    By the time he was inaugurated it was as if someone had flipped a switch and turned the economy off. Smart people were scared, scared of what was to come. And who with half a brain wouldn’t be, every day a self imposed new chink in the armor of Americanism inflicted upon us by a suppossed one of our own. A man who took an oath to protect the Constitution, who instead trampled it daily like a welcome mat outside a hog pen.

    That was then and this is now…
    Today the people will speak their mind by casting a vote. The good people of Massachusetts, home of the original Tea Party will again fire the shot heard round the world. The opening salvo which will set into motion the purge of the scurge in Washington. They will vote for Scott Brown and in so doing, cast a death nill on Obama’s Presidency. After trying three times and having failed to help his fellow Democrats get elected in New Jersey, Virginia and now Massachusetts, the next time he offers his services the reply is likely to be “Thanks, but no thanks”.

    Other party members will likely distance themselves from him as well in order to themselves survive. He may be the first President in history to become a lame duck after only one year in office.

    “The sleeping giant has awoken and complacency is dead, not the Constitution”.

    Just as the switch was turned off nearly a year ago, soon it will be flipped on again and freedom will ring once more. It will ring on Wall Street as the opening bell anounces a new day and a brand new rally amongst investors insured that the insanity has passed. Amongst business people who can now plan for the future because they know now what the rules will be. No longer will the fruits of hard labor be absorbed by those unwilling to work. No longer will we bow to undeserving despots and dictators. No longer will we saddle our unborn offspring with paying for the financial whims of a mad man.

    I’m not saying that tommorow will be perfect or even lead to perfection. However, now by the grace of God, we may once again catch a glimpse of a shining city on top of a hill coming into focus.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      Michael J,

      Superbly stated!

      Fed Up Gal

  • James

    Relax, Scott Brown got 52%; Martha C. got 42%; and Joe Kennedy (I) got 1%. For Massachusetts that’s a turn-about-face. It’s a shame Sen. Edward Kennedy couldn’t have lived to see that.

  • Justin griffis

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  • Richard J. Sizer

    As a WW II Veteran of the South Pacific – No Surrender until the
    Atomic Bomb, built by American Germans? A United Nations in Place?
    I Can Not Justify any War Since? I Would like to see the Mountains
    and Forests of My Country tis of Thee? Why Are All Americans Climbing
    the $$$ Tree? Will more,more,more $$$ Bring Greater Happiness to
    Eternity? A 2000 Year Old Story? Love God Above And All Human Neighbors, including the Good, Bad and Ugly? Only God can Judge Who
    Needs More Love? The “Burning Bush” Can Destroy The $$$ Tree? At My Age,I Understand the Things I Love? I Now Understand The Green Pastures And Still Waters? The TRUTH so Help Me God? I Swear!
    I Have Been Blessed By God and Pray MY Sins Be Forgiven? Amen!
    His Last Words: “Forgive Them Father For They Not What They Do”?


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