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Out Of Iowa

August 18, 2011 by  

Out Of Iowa

The dust from the Ames Straw Poll and corndog eating contest continues to settle, and the outflow from a big weekend in politics is decidedly worth a gander. Texas Governor Rick Perry, who skipped the main festivities, cast a long shadow over the rows with his announcement that he would seek the GOP Presidential nomination. Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty cast a much shorter shadow with his announcement that he would no longer be seeking the same. Congressman Ron Paul of Texas finished a strong second in the contest and was finally recognized for what he has become: a real, viable and serious candidate for the nation’s top office. And President Barack Obama took a break from his exhaustive vacation schedule to squeeze in a taxpayer-funded bus tour through the hinterlands to remind people that the nation’s economic woes would be mere memory were it not for a string of bad luck which is in no way his fault.

Meanwhile, back in Iowa, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann of Minnesota, who won the Straw Poll, also won the corndog-eating contest, if a now-infamous picture of her is anything to go by. A decidedly non-conservative friend of mine (who’s not even American! Egads!) sent a link to the shot of the Congresswoman chowing down on that ubiquitous Hawkeye State treat. I presume he intended to poke fun at the Congresswoman, but I think I can speak for most of the men who have seen the photo in question when I say: “Works for me.”

Think about it. Liberals despise Michele Bachmann as if she’s Sarah Palin, 2.0. They scurry through Byzantine logical alleyways in an effort to portray her as crazy, stupid or both. Democratic Party mouthpiece Chris Matthews spends so much time shrieking at her that the untrained observer might think he’s carrying a torch for the congresswoman. Liberal glossy Newsweek even took a low-angle poke at her with a recent cover story which did everything but hold up a sign saying: “Look at the crazy lady!”

We’re all used to the liberals’ desperate hatred of people who don’t talk with their eyes closed — especially if those people are women and even more especially if they’re women who look like women. But why are Democrats so horrified by the idea of a badass soccer-mommy type (who’s fairly attractive) wielding White House power? They certainly thought it was acceptable from 1993-2001 (except for the attractive part, of course — maybe I’m onto something here). Including Obama, the past four Presidents have been: a skinny, jug-eared pansy; a clean-shaven version of Yosemite Sam; Larry the Cable Guy with better hair; and a doppelganger for Mr. Rogers, respectively. Their foreign policy accomplishments have included: costive shooting war, costive shooting war, costive shooting war and costive shooting war, respectively. Pardon the overt chauvinism, but maybe a decent-looking broad with a temper is a better choice. Think of it, President Bachmann hikes up the hemlines a bit, and peace breaks out in the Middle East, Russia crawls back into its bottle and China stops running people over with tanks and starts doing that spiritual tai chi with the Falun Gong and churning out more counterfeit golf clubs.

On the home front, the aforementioned gang of four former Commanders in Chief certainly didn’t manage to sustain an economic happy face, either. Obama is so breathtakingly incompetent on matters of finance that he’s actually managed to accomplish the dubious feat of making people wistful for Jimmy Carter’s Presidency. The uber-conservative Bachmann might not win any fans at the Service Employees International Union banquet, but they’d be able to afford better champagne.

Before you all dismiss this piece as an endorsement of Bachmann’s candidacy, let me point out that I’m merely demonstrating the availability of better alternatives to another four years of listening to Barack Obama blaming his failures on everything except space aliens (or lack thereof, according to Paul Krugman). Plus, she won in Iowa. However, while the Ames Straw Poll — a pay-to-play beauty pageant with all the electoral validity of a prom queen ballot — ended up in Bachmann’s column, note the man who finished right behind her: Congressman Ron Paul.  Paul has suddenly been “discovered” by the corporate media and is one of the more intelligent human beings to run for the Presidency in decades. And Mitt Romney — who still makes me a bit nervous — is out-polling Obama at the national level.

Of course, as demonstrated by his weird little bus tour, Obama is all flake, no corn.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Bachman is the one that will get this mess straighten out.

    • Liberty Minded

      Excuse me! She is just mimicking Ron Paul without the consistant voting record that Ron has had for the past 30 years. She is for these endless wars and voted for the continuing of the Patriot Act. Ron Paul is the only one who totally understands how we got into this mess and knows how to get us out of it.

    • Bud Tugly

      Bachmann!!!??? Please… get real. Commander in chief of the most powerful military i history??? Eghads…

      • Sue B

        I see – you think Obama knows more about the military?

        • Bonnie Bixby

          Dear Sue
          I have an idea I would like to kick around. It goes like this, Change
          the election so that a President is given 2 years if his performance is
          not as good as it should be or things go down hill the way that they are
          under this guy he is fired. Think about what happens if you and I have
          a job and we are not doing what we should. You got it we are let go and
          someone who is more qualified takes our place.

          • moonbeam

            My sentiments exactly, Bonnie. But, I suggest only 90 days like the rest of us get. In addition, they must take and pass a test on The Constitution the first time. No second chances. They either know it or they don’t. Failing this test means you can’t be president.

            They MUST PROVE beyond a shadow of a doubt they are USA born and raised. Certificate of Live Birth (COLB) from Hawaii is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

            No vacation time until after 1 year, like the rest of us get. And they must foot their own vacation bill, not We The People. Many of us haven’t had a vacation in years. When we do it’s usually in the back yard or on the front porch.

            All presidents must be made to live like main street does, not wall street. That means no shopping trips to Paris on the taxpayer’s dime. Pay the rent and utilities to live in the white house from their OWN paychecks. Pay for their own food, security personnel, parking, health insurance, etc. I shudder to think what those bills amount to, paid for by the circling-the-drain American Taxpayer.

            Presidents need to do it like WE have to do it, out of their own paychecks. I’ve never had a job where my boss pays all my bills and I get to bank my paycheck to spend how I want.

          • moonbeam

            OH!, and they must have served in the military. How can one be Commander in Chief of our military if one has never served in it? That trims the playing field quite a bit. Only serious inquiries accepted. No bullshi**ers allowed, which trims the playing field even further to ZERO.

      • USAF VET

        Egads Bud Tugly. What the hell have we got now? He is one of the most dangerous people to have as “Commander-in-chief” of the most powerful military on earth. You’ve no doubt heard how the Marines disrespected Clinton by not turning as he walked past? They respect the office of President, but NOT Clinton, nor the one who holds that office now. Obumski scares me by being in that position and Michele Backmann would be a far cooler head to have in that office than what we have now. Ron Paul makes me nervous where she shows to be a lot calmer person, slow to anger,not like the hotheaded Dr. Paul.

        • Simian Pete

          Clinton should have kicked that Marines ass ! To bad he didn’t (or couldn’t ?) ….

    • Janice M Cullen RE Broker

      Are you crazy! She has not 1 original thought between her ears,thinks the downgrade was no big deal,OMG, and I bet agrees with the idiot Tx. gov.,There is no global warming, as the water of Tx slowely dssappears!

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Says who?

        • USAF VET

          The fact is, THERE IS NO GLOBAL WARMING. It is the socialist dream of conspiracy theorists like Albert Gore Jr..

          • Simian Pete

            You got that right Mr. Air Force Vet !!! AL and his PALS are going to make a killing with “carbon credits ” !!! I wish I was one of Al’s Pals ! But selling your soul is to high a price for this wimp !!!

          • mishu

            if global warming is being viewed as a myth..then why are governors in “red states” are allowing solar energy technology to thrive in there states…office buildings installing solar panels, gated communities use wind energy….the are becoming “green friendly” while we are being told that green technology is a waste of time and money….why do they speak out both sides of their mouth…what’s in it for us.

          • Jyrine

            So true USAF Vet. I just watched a special on Al baby Gore. It’s a bloody crime the money he’s pilfering from guilable people.

            Semper Fi

      • Average Joe

        Janice M Cullen RE Broker,
        I love it when people who helped cause our economic collapse ( yes, I am talking about you RE Broker) shoot their mouths off about national issues….as if they have a clue. It was greed by Wall Street, the banks….and Real Estate brokers that caused the economic mess….easy security swaps (bundling)….easy money (falsify income docs etc.)….and flipping houses for fun and profit (as a land surveyor, I saw the same house sell 5 times in one year and the price more than doubled during that time). Because of your greed….housing prices went to rediculous levels…all because you people manipulated the system…plain and simple.
        Everytime you people find a loophole to crawl through…you get out the loophole stretcher…and won’t stop until the hole is broken beyond repair….While it may not be “Shake ‘N Bake”….you still helped.
        Thnx for our wonderful lives and economy….I certainly hope you’re happy now…….

      • Bus

        Perry/Bachman ticket, the dream team of the teaparty!!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          BULL$HIT!!!! Ron Paul and I haven’t made my mind up as to who his running mate should be!! Would love to see Duncan Hunter Sr!!!

          • Average Joe

            Joe H.

            That would be Judge Andrew Napolitano.

            A few weeks ago, Ron Paul was asked who he was considering as a running mate. His reply, ” I really haven’t given it much thought, but I sure do like that Andrew Napolitano fellow”.

        • http://deleted Claire

          Bus– All I can say to your comment is “OMG.”

        • moonbeam

          Perry? abso-freaking-lutely NOT! He is another cowboy from Texas. Didn’t we have one of those in the white house already? How did that work out for us?

          With Perry’s well-noted strong ties with the Muslim community, he will be the first to sneak and sign sharia law into US law.

          As governor of Texas, he FORCED parents to submit their too-young-for-sex daughters to Gardisil injections. Many young girls and women across the nation died due to Gardisil.

          As president he would force many of his beliefs and opinions on us that we don’t want. Look what he did as governor and the power he would have as president. Do you really want this? I DON’T!

          Be forewarned, people. Perry is a NO GO! Do not drink the koolaide.

      • bob hubscher

        Who are you? You sound like another Odumbdumb robot. A loyal follower of the manchurian candidate. Please open your eyes and look at the world around you. If you are SO ANXIOUS to be a socialist then give me a call so you can pay my taxes also. If not then why don’t you move to Greece and go down with their ship.

  • bob wire

    Egads ! she won the corndog eating contest too? WoW! I knew she had talent! There more to this lady then meets the eye.

    It’s a shame Dick Perry had to show up to steal some of her thunder. At least he was late in arriving. I don’t like him either!!!!!

    • moonbeam

      Same here!!!!

  • Wapitiman

    That so-called bus tour was a blatant act of desperation, trying unsuccessfully to take the spotlight off the Republican straw polls! Nobama had the supreme arrogance to go campaigning and used government money to finance his fiasco. What happened to the zillion of campaign dollars the dems had amassed? (Better save it so it can be stolen later!)

    • bob wire

      maybe ~ that might explain it but as I understand it the DNC placed little importance in this straw poll event.

      I’d come near thinking, ~ congress has left town for vacation, and the first family preparing to leave town as well, “O” had a little spare time on his hands and did what he thought might best serve him when he returned for the time spent.

      • Janice M Cullen RE Broker

        When GW went to Tx, alot, that was okay,ie the Tx WH! When Eisenhower went to Camp David, that was okay, when Kennedy went to the Cape that was okay. This is oh so CHILDISH, but look who is talking, oh yess, and Oboma did not inhariet 8 years of GW’s BS, but made it all happenn. Please get your head out of where the sun does not shine!

        • Capitalist at Birth

          GW was working at his ranch in Texas. If you did some research you may be surprised to find that there were visits there by at least three heads of state from other countries. I wish Obama would vacation and golf the rest of his term. We would all be better off.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          RE Broker,
          how the heck did you ever become a broker with that brain??? If you laid it on the edge of a razor blade, it would look like a b-b on a six lane highway!!!!

    • mishu

      when republicans display their overweening arrogance it is called passion….when they glorify their disordered self-love “take back our country” they are called patriots…….

  • Terry Haney

    Thanks for being one of the few conservative web sites to mention Ron Paul. All of the others have focused on Bachmann, Perry and Romney and haven’t even mentioned Ron Paul. To even listen to Fox news you would think Bachmann had won the straw poll by a landslide. I have sent every news outlet possible an email questioning the blackout on Ron Paul and gotten no reply. Whoever you want to win, please email them and demand coverage for all the the candidates. Don’t let the media pick the winner.

    • DaveH

      They did the same with Reagan in 1980. Hopefully, it will backfire on them again.

      • USAF VET

        And they did the same thing to Fred Thompson in 2008. He never recoved from it although he was a much better candidate than the one we got.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      No serious intelligent person would believe that Ron Paul has a chance at winning the Republican nomination for President. Obviously a lot of people on this site continue to live in a fantasy. He blew it in the debate on the subject of Iran and Nuclear weapons. It is a perfect attack ad that would destroy any chance of him getting elected in November.

      • DaveH

        No seriously intelligent person would make such a prediction.
        And only a militarist bigot would think it okay for the good old USA to possess nuclear weapons, but nobody else can. How could any intelligent person not see that it is the US which has military presence around the world, and it is the US that is the only country that has ever actually used a nuclear weapon? Yet, we can be trusted with nuclear weapons? How myopic.

      • mishu

        ron paul is a realist he tells it they way it is….he has insight…people in this country do not want to identify with the truth they identify with entertainment and pagentry, that is why when we get an elected official they become the puppets of every fowl bird that rests in this global political and economy circus we call the land of the living….i am an independent voter…i appreciate what ron paul represents and will be studying his policies and views more indepthly…

  • Morduin00

    I would have an interest in voting for Paul if he wasn’t so naive on foreign policy. Like it or not, you can’t be a true isolationist anymore. That stopped with the advent of the ICBM.

    If you don’t have national security, you don’t have a nation.

    • Alex

      I think, perhaps, you are naive about Ron Paul being naive. Wars cost money. Occupation costs money. Weapons and ammunition for continued military action costs money. It all costs money.

      And we don’t have any.

      Maintaining the current foreign policy requires the continuation of an elastic currency. It means continued deficit spending. It means continued inflation. It means continued taxation.

      The American tax payers are footing the bill to police the world, feed the world, medicate the world, and bail out the world. And what’s worse, the policy has our government maintaining a standing army, which the founding fathers considered the bane of liberty.

      So again, don’t be naive about Ron Paul being naive. America can’t keep footing the bill for all the things we do relative to our foreign policy any more than you yourself could afford to feed and house all your neighbors on your block. It’s just not realistic.

      • Morduin00

        Actually, you misunderstand my point. I am talking about recognizing threats where they exist. Not ignoring them until they are in your back yard and showing you the business end of a nuke. You have to be aware of 1) that you have an enemy and 2) what your enemy is doing. He doesn’t seem to get that.

        Also, military funding is actually one of the few mandates of the federal government that is constitutionally legitimate. It was so important to the founders that they placed it in the preamble – “provide for the common defense”. Notice how the preamble didn’t say provide for the general welfare? Lets cut welfare programs.

        So if Ron Paul is such a hawk against these wars, why isn’t he out there taking the lead to get them unfunded. He is still a congressman isn’t he?

        As much as they want to criticize Bachmann on not having “results” in congress in her relatively short tenure there, she has shown me more effort than Paul (except when he is running for president).

        Now more than likely I am not going to vote for Bachmann. But I certainly will not be voting for Paul.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Why isn’t he out there defunding the wars??? The troops are the only real victims of that! Billy Boy did that and we had un-armored hummers that cost a lot of soldiers their limbs and worse!!! The troops didn’t even have body armor, for cripes sake!!

    • TML

      He’s non-interventionalist… not isolationaist. Pay attention.

    • TML

      Btw… bringing our troops home – ceasing to incite hatered against America – would not weaken our national defense. It would strengthen it. We are weakened by having our military spread across the globe in over 135 countries… that isn’t ‘national’ defense.

      • Morduin00

        TML, sorry I missed your comments as I was working on my last post… please see above. While I understand your distinction between isolationist and non-interventionist, I think my argument still holds water. Regards -M

        • TML

          “please see above…. I think my argument still holds water.”
          “I am talking about recognizing threats where they exist. Not ignoring them until they are in your back yard and showing you the business end of a nuke. You have to be aware of 1) that you have an enemy and 2) what your enemy is doing. He doesn’t seem to get that.”

          I’m certain that he does ‘get that’ we have enemies, and does not shrink from acquiring necessary intelligence. However, what you imply as the answer, it seems, is preemptive… or preventive war, based on a perceived threat. What difference would it be then to incarcerate someone for crimes they have not yet committed? We should be well informed of our enemies, but to let fear drive us to throw the first punches, not only increases our enemies, but makes us no better than those we seek to condemn.

          “As much as they want to criticize Bachmann on not having “results” in congress in her relatively short tenure there, she has shown me more effort than Paul (except when he is running for president).”

          I would say that you should look further into his 30+ year career. He has constantly spoken out against these kinds of wars since before Bush senior, and was at the forefront of efforts to stop Obama’s illegal “military action” against Libya.

    • Liberty Minded

      Ron Paul in NOT an isolationalist, he wants to have nonintervention, which means talk and trade with other countries while defending our own borders. How can we have a strong defense while all our troops are abroad? We cannot police the world, it is immorral and we are flat out broke!!

    • DaveH

      It is not “isolationist” to advocate NOT being the World’s Policemen, Morduin.
      If that definition was valid, then the vast majority of countries in the world are “isolationist”
      I sure do grow weary of the manipulative words.

    • Average Joe


      And your point is?

      While Iran produces lot of oil…it lacks refineries to even make their own gasoline, which they must import from elsewhere…and you are worried about them getting a NUKE?…Pardon me while I laugh hysterically at you.
      Even if they did get a nuke..
      1. They aren’t the only ones in the region to have them.
      2. Even if they had one, they don’t have the capability to launch one at the US…..and…
      3. If they did, we would just shoot it down…and then retaliate.

      The best way to secure our nation from “terrorists” is to bring the troops home and place them at every port, airport and border in our country…period….that is called, “National Security”. If we were to do this, everything and everyone comming into the country woud be inspected and cleared…before entering the country. TSA and homeland Security isn’t the answer….our troops are. How much money could we save if we got rid of DHS and TSA (a major waste of taxpayer money)….and deployed our troops to do the job? After all, we are already paying them to defend our nation…instead, they are defending what? ( oh yeah….Corporate interests in other countries. Get rid of all of the Body scanners etc….bomb sniffing dogs are cheaper….and will actually chase down and capture a terrorist if and when they find one. Body scanners are dangerous and just put money into who’s pocket?….Michael Chertoff ( follow the money…it isn’t about safety…it’s about money).
      Now, I just eleiminated two agencies….TSA,DHS….which would save the taxpayers several hundred billion a year…and I increased National Security of our nation…without adding any new costs…..And all of that saved money….can help SSI, Medicare etc….to stay solvent.

      Some things in life require “Critical thought”…try it sometime.

      Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012!

      • USAF VET

        How about this for an idea. Iran isn’t looking at us, the ones they will nuke first is Isreal, that is their main target. Plus they are shipping nuclear technology to Nort Korea and a few other little hotspots around the world. So your little theory of why Iran is making nuclear weapons is a little off the mark.

  • Mary

    What about the moderate Republicans and the Independents.
    She cannot win because she is a dingbat and a looney.
    She will assure obumer’s reelection. Another train wreck
    waiting to happen. Long live Ron Paul! He is my candidate
    but I know he does have chance either. We need a moderate
    candidate who can win nationally.

    • Alex

      Ron Paul has a chance. He is finishing strong in the polls. Don’t be fooled by the lack of media coverage. He’s being blackballed in the media, but he still has a strong following.

      • DaveH

        With the Internet, we can make it happen. The MSM is becoming increasingly impotent.

        • Average Joe

          The MSM has become “irrelavant”…because it has lost all credibility concerning “real news”.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Average Joe,
            you mean you don’t find all those reports on Clown College NEWS?!?!?!

          • Average Joe

            Did you mean Clown News Network? AKA…CNN?

          • Average Joe

            Or maybe My Story Needs Better Coverage? aka MSNBC?

    • Elevenarrows

      Mary, with all due respect, I think it was your “we need a moderate” mentality that got us where we are today. Throughout history, it has been the men and women who don’t straddle the fence or compromise, who have stood firm for truth that have made all the difference. No, I disagree with you, Mary. The last thing America needs is a moderate/compromiser. We need someone with moral fortitude and strong shoulders to drag the dead weight of apathetic Americans too willing to throw right aside to be moderate.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      It appears as though you have not listened to Michelle very much, and have taken the main stream medias attempt to propagandize these thoughts as though they are fact. She is not the loon, you however, appear to be one yourself.

    • Average Joe

      The only way that Ron Paul wouldn’t stand a if we don’t vote for him….vote with your conscience and not media talking points. Media has its own agenda…preserving the “Status Quo”.
      Don’t let anyone convince you that you are wasting your vote…it is your vote (not theirs), use it wisely…..but use it as YOU see fit (no matter what choice you make…it is still “your choice” to make).It should never matter what someone else thinks….only what you think matters.
      Best wishes,

      The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
      John F. Kennedy

      • newspooner

        How ironic that the quoted statement applies to John F. Kennedy more than to almost any other politician. Did he also plagarize that statement like he plagarized from Khalil Gibran about “…but ask what you can do for your country”?

  • Morduin00

    I wonder what would happen if the next president appointed Ron Paul as the chairman of the fed? Now that I would pay to see.

    • bob wire

      Hmm? ~ well Paul needs to get “in” somehow ~ so far , much like the last general election, he’s more like a house cat scratching on the back screen door wanting in. An appointment would work ~ but appointments are usually “earned” ~ You must carry some water for someone else. Does Ron Paul not hold such political equity?

      Today, we see that Ms Bachmann has earned political equity from the “Good old Boy’s Club with them attempting to ignore her. She has been in their eyes like onions for two years now. You place that fire in Ron Paul and you’d have a valid contender for the White House today.

      • DaveH

        Neither the establishment Republicans, nor the Crony Capitalists (that includes the MSM Media Moguls) want Ron Paul in office. His agenda is toxic to the Big Government buddy-fest that they crave.

        This guy (Paul) is incredible. He’s 75 years old and he’s got more mental clarity than most younger people.

        • newspooner

          You are correct. I can assure you that Ron has excellent health and his mind is as sharp as it has been since he first entered Congress. He certainly could serve 4 years as President, and get a decent Vice President ready to take over for the next 8 years. What we will need is to find a new leader in the House of Representatives who will introduce the income tax repeal and United Nations withdrawal bills each year since Ron is not running for reelection to the House.

      • DaveH

        For those who would like to hear what Ron Paul’s agenda is from Ron Paul instead of some distorted version from the MSM:

  • Terry Haney

    Chairman of the Fed! Now that would be fun.

  • AJ

    What national security? Our borders are wide open and we are being invaided. There is no national security. This poser in the White House is a pupet on the agenda of his puppeteers. The agenda being played out here is that of the Global elite. Their goal, a one world government. The past linage of presidents have been on this agenda putting us in the mess we are in today. And we the sheeple have been brainwashed in ideologies of conservite vs. liberal. Only so each can blame the other for the mess we’re in. Concealing what is really going on which is one agenda, NWO and each side has played a vast part in the grand plan of this new world order. And we the sheeple have swallowed that hook line and sinker. Their result will be, that they’ve caused, is so much social disorder because of the state of affairs and conditions our countries will be in that they will come along as benevolent benefactors offering the world the only solution for peace and order which will be a one world currency and a one world government. Look at the globalist canidates lining up for the GOP nomination. We’ll probably end up with another Global puppet to hand the election over to Barry or they the Global elite will send him packing and replace him with again another pupet on the NWO agenda. And of course on the way to distruction they will be blaming Barry for the mess we’re in. The Global elite will put in power whoever they feel will do the best job continuing their agenda. Our hope is Ron Paul.

    • Morduin00

      I am not saying you have to be a globalist either. But you do have to recognize the threats that are out there as threats and you have to react accordingly.

      Along with objecting to giving bribe money to other countries to be our “friend”, I also object to our government sending aid to all of these natural disasters around the world when the American people have been more than generous (more generous then all of the other industrialized nations put together) with private donations.

      Maybe the other countries should prove their friendship before they get the money. And, if they reneg… cut of the funds. It’s called political blackmail and I approve that message.

  • FlaJim

    Frankly, the whole exercise of the straw poll is meaningless except for a few that show well and will use that to raise funds. In nearly every straw poll I recall from 2008, the actual results of the primary were closer to seeing the straw poll flipped upside down.

    Ron Paul is a “real, viable and serious candidate” because he bused in a bunch of college kids to skew the results? He’s a fringe candidate. Always was, always will be, and that’s why the media mostly glosses over him.

    Finally, who really cares what IA or NH thinks? It’s certainly not going to sway my opinion.

    • Alex

      That’s really kind of ignorant. He’s been a fringe candidate in the past because people weren’t aware of the financial problems we had coming. Economists saw it, and smart people recognized the potential. But the average citizen didn’t know the trouble we were in until the trouble hit the country in the face.

      The 2012 platform is economics. Count on it. People are educating themselves on economics. They are tired of the spending, and they are becoming aware of the dangers of inflation. Any candidate not on the right side of the economic fence will be brushed aside.

      Frankly, I see the final race for the Republican nomination coming down to Paul and Bachman. The rest are just chafe.

    • Robert W.

      Don’t over look Ms. IRS buying 4000 of her votes! And yes it’s on record of her doing it! Ron Paul 2012!!

      • DaveH

        OMG! What was she thinking? That is the last food item she should have been eating with the MSM just chomping at the bit looking for ways to dis Michele:

        I must suppress my carnal instincts and stick with my man Paul.

        • Average Joe

          I just read the article….and my heart stopped beating for 10 seconds…. For the first time in my life, I agreed with Paul Krugman ( I guess even complete idiots can say something right…once during their lives). His assesment of assesment of Bachman’s “win” in Iowa…..was spot on!….or should I say Randy Travis’ “Win”?

  • TML

    “…but I think I can speak for most of the men who have seen the photo in question when I say: “Works for me.”

    I’d say that’s a fair statement. Yet, it would seem to me that we need a president not based on gender or looks… which that’s about all it comes to with her, is nothing but a pretty face. It’s not just the Democrats who are against her. There are several things she seeks to do that are in support of her own subjective values, and do not uphold the Constitution. We need a president who will stick to the constitution regardless of their personal values. Ever since she voted to extend the patriot act – the worst, most un-American, un-patriotic, bill to trample the constitution in American history – she lost my vote. In that, she has shown that she will not unconditionally uphold the constitution. Personally, she can take a knee and do what you implied in your comment for all I care. Works for me.

    As for Perry… he talks a lot of things people want to hear… but just like with the Anti-groping bill in Texas… he will cower when it comes down to the line, as he did when the Justice Department threatened a no-fly zone over Texas if the bill passed. The bill was initially killed, then watered down (replacing “probable cause” with reasonable suspicion) before it was passed. He talks the talk, but doesn’t walk the walk.

    The only viable, reasonable… and even the most American choice… for anyone who does their diligent research, is Ron Paul. Over 30 years and his voting record is the most consistent I have ever seen from a politician. He never voted for the Patriot Act, and his record shows that he walks the walk, to back up his words. All candidates like Bachmann and Perry are only recently regurgitating the truths that Ron Paul has said for years and years. No one can even come up with any dirt on this guy even if they try… in trying, they find they truth… that’s why all his opponents can do is call him crazy, a cook, unelectable, etc. Not surprising really when we consider that every truth goes through three stages… in the first it is ridiculed, in the second it is opposed, and in the third it is regarded as self-evident.

    Ron Paul 2012

    “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”

  • AJ

    The Patriot Act is a intrical piece for the agenda of the global elite. Rick Perry NWO, Mitt Romney NWO, Machele B. I belive NWO.
    Ike said beware the Military Industrial Complex. Vote Ron Paul


    1920s-Coolidge low interest rate– high money supply –free market– Let It Rip Wall Street. Gamble Gamble.
    Little Job Creation
    2000–Greenspan cut interest rate from 6.5% to 1% and increased M-3 by twice as much in five of Bush as in prior 10 years.
    1999 Repeal of Glass-Steagall let 20 Big Investment(gambling) Companies buy up 80% of deposits in 7600 Commercial Banks
    2000 Deregulation of Derivatives let Hedge Funds  go wild selling a multitude of new Derivatives world wide.  Rich Investors rushed to get in on new Gambling Casino for quick easy profits. It sucked billions out of corporate stocks and reduced investments in new industries and expanding current firms to create jobs. Proof is in Job Creation. Lowest since Hoover. Ala Coolidge.Obama suffers like Hoover from disaster left by Bush Freeak Marketears.
      The greedy anti-middle class Repuglicans, as usual, do not accept responsibility for anything and blame Clinton for signing two awful bills.
    A vote for a Republican in Washington is a vote against the Middle Class and for the Greedy Rich.
    Only difference from prior label Country Club Party is now Wall Street Party

    John Paulson made $4300 Million in 2009. His commission was 20%. Did his investors make 16B Billion? Gambling,. He has yet to pay any tax on that 4.3B.
    Greek officials blamed Wall Street for some of their problems.Derivative and Housing Gambling let rich lose huge sums.

    Paulson made 4.3B some lost 4.3B  No value created. No improvement of Standard Of Living.
    Las Vegas on Wall Street.
    Reward the Gamblers with 15% Tax Rate  Teachers-Police-Firemen-Preachers-Mine workers pay at 28%..  They pay full 6.2% Payroll tax while Paulson pays 1/100th of 1%. Fair?
    Top 400 Incomes in 2010  paid 14% Tax Rate.  Plus, (unverified) they made more than bottom 90% of taxpayers.

    Today, per OECD, America is taxed higher than only Chile and Mexico in 28 OECD nations,. 6-30-11

    Is this a Great Nation or what?
    Is this nor a Great Christ-Like nation or what?
    What would Jesus say about 5% owning 62% of all Net Wealth in America?
    What would Jesus say about 120,000,000 workers owning 15% of all Net Wealth in the richest nation in history?
    What would Jesus say about America leading 28 OECD nations in Poverty?
    What would Jesus say about  120 million American workers owning 7% of all Financial Wealth?
    What would Jesus say about 70 Million hard workers getting only 13% of Americas Total Individual Income?
    Jesus would weep. So do I.
    Jesus would kick out of his pulpit any preacher who encouraged a vote for Republicans in Washington.
    So would I.
    end of weekly rant of olduglymeanhonest   madmadmad at Inequality in America

    • eddie47d

      Taking on “wealth creators” is taboo Clarence. We owe them our absolute allegiance at least according to other wanna be wealthy persons. I actually like conservatives and much of their philosophy or I did until I came on this site. Some wealthy person could rob a bank: Wait they have been doing that and often. The problem is those conservatives turn a blind eye to that bank robbery and refuse to call the cops. That would offend those “wealth creators” and we can’t have none of that. Remember the Keating scandal and Silverado Bank. They took us for a ride yet the culprits were not severely punished and most of the incident was ignored. Crime does pay for they keep doing it over and over again and then they wonder why we have economic crises over and over again. The conservatives refuse to regulate their practices and only tell us to keep trusting them. “scouts honor” What would Jesus do …throw them darn money changers out on their butts.

    • Don

      CS, loons like you shouldn’t be allowed out of your cage.

    • 45caliber


      Go back to Huffington – they believe you there. But then – they will believe almost anything if a liberal like you tells them something.

    • Jay

      Which Jesus are we talking about here, Clarence? We have one in the White House, and he seems to be ok with robbing the middle class to make himself, and his friends disgustingly rich. Is that the Jesus you’re talking about? He also fancies himself “The messiah”. But we were warned that in the last days there would be impostors claiming to be the Christ, and obummer sure confirms the veracity of that warning. You must take better care Clarence, your stupidity not only brings damage to yourself, but also to everyone around you!

  • IibRep

    John Hawkins did a slam piece of 10 reasons Conservatives won’t vote for Paul. After reading his trash, it became apparent he left off “NEO”.

    Won’t matter anyway after the Day Of Rage planned on SEPT 17, kicking off protests against the rich nationwide beginning at Wall Street.

    • 45caliber

      Paul won’t be supported by the GOP because he won’t obey their orders.

      However, that does NOT mean the conservatives won’t vote for him. Most conservatives do not vote Republican – they vote against the Dem choice. And they definately will not vote Dem in protest of Paul.

  • chuckb

    the candidates presently running are not going anywhere, bachmann and paul are out of it. christie will probably jump in and him and palin will change the whole scheme. the thing conservatives have to watch for is to keep the republican hierarchy candidate out of the race. watch who karl rove is pushing then vote for someone else. it’s time we change the party and get rid of the liberal faction, that’s why we have a weak congress, that needs to be changed in 2012. the republicans are letting reid and pelosi run the country. get rid of all the liberals
    we possibly can.

    • bob wire

      I don’t believe Palin or Christie will a choice on the 2012 Ballot but it’s within everyones power to write them in.

      fond wishes,

  • fedup

    I am seriously considering a vote for Ron Paul. He makes a lot of sense, albeit in a kind of weird way. As far as foreign policy, I’d be curious to know who he would like to nominate for that position. I think he would be a breath of fresh air to all the puppets we’ve had recently.

    • DaveH

      The only thing “weird” about Ron Paul’s agenda is that he’s a Politician who actually wants to decrease his power for the betterment of the citizens. That’s just plain strange.

      • Don

        kind of a nice agenda for a change,, eh Dave , lol !!

    • alabama red neck

      All the talk is about Ron Paul….Some of you sound like he could be

      • TML

        “All the talk is about Ron Paul….Some of you sound like he could be
        the next Superman…”

        No, but he is the closest thing we’ve seen to Thomas Jefferson or Andrew Jackson, since their time.

      • 45caliber


        The real problem with Ron Paul (as far as Washington is concerned) is that he WON’T OBEY THE GOP LEADERS WHEN THEY GIVE HIM ORDERS. He won’t vote the way they tell him to vote. He votes for reducing taxes. He won’t vote for all the pork they want passed.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you just made a good argument AGAINST Nobummer being a muslim!!! He loves pork too much!!! In politics, anyway!!!!

  • Robert W.


  • MR.Washington

    Exhibit A. Secret Service Interrogates 7th Grader For Facebook Post, Without Parental Consent

    ExibitB. Bachmann Addresses Security Provisions

    Economic Freedom & Quality of Life

    “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Benjamin Franklin

  • Robert Walker

    Those who call Ron Paul an isolationist probably don’t understand the word. Howard Hughes was an isolationist. He was friendless.
    Ron Paul suggests that we be friendly with other nations. While Romney, Perry, Santorum, Bachmann, et al want to bomb people with no ability to attack the United States of America. The Naval forces of Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Yemen, and Syria combined cannot rival the U. S. Navy. Camels are not real good swimmers.
    It is the same with the Air Forces of those nations. Camels don’t fly and the “leaders” of those nations are afraid of pigs.

    Kenneth Wegner, a candidate for Congress in 2008, reported that if we brought home the troops from just Japan and Germany, we would save over $16,000.000,000.00 per year. And if those same troops were placed on the border of Mexico and the United States of America, we would create 250,000 new jobs in this country. Would it make sense to bring those troops home? I think so.
    Ron Paul’s cry of non intervention is not isolationism, it is sanity.
    Thank you,
    Robert Walker

    • Acryforsanity

      A cry for sanity in this world of insanity. Ron Paul is the only person running who understands the problems that this country must face and turn around, but best of all he’s not afraid to mention the unmentionable that the other candidates fear. Perry has been associated with the Bilderbergs, and that’s enough to make me run from him. Bachman continues to try to tells us about subjects that Ron Paul has been ranting about for years. He’s known for years but needs our support to turn it around. If we quit dilly dallying around and put someone into office that tells it like it is and will do something about it we have a chance. If not, the Bilderbergs will see to it that we all get the same grade, even if we didn’t study for the test. All they want is a one world government with the NATO forces making us do what they want, and that’s our self sacrifice to their self serving ways. Obama is part of the Bilderberg idea and if your not careful you’ll put another “Berger” in the white house with more of their cronies. God help us.

      • Average Joe


        Very well said!

    • DaveH

      Well stated, Robert.

    • Average Joe

      Robert Walker

      I concur, well stated.

  • mjs

    The area that has by far the greatest effect on me is my paycheck, the taxes I pay & the value of my currency. Other than being ready and prepared for an international fight/war, the BILLIONS of dollars that leave the US for foreign aid, war, occupation, etc. need to stay here – we have too many domestic problems to be helping other nations.

    That being said, no other candidate is running on the platform to dispand the IRS & FEDERAL RESERVE. I can’t even imagine how much more money and freedom we all would have if our accumulated wealth and paychecks (income) were not subject to a percent confiscation – both direct (taxes) and hidden (value of $).

    To me, vote Ron Paul – his domestic ideas put him in class above the rest.

  • Trude

    Thank you for the giggle, Mr. Walker. I read Dr. Paul’s book
    “Freedom under Siege” 23 years ago and admire him for his ability
    to stay the course in spite of being surrounded by deaf ears and
    hostility. Now that takes guts !

  • 45caliber

    Bachmann, like Palin, worries the libs badly. Both are articule, both actually LOOK like a woman, and worse yet – both are WOMEN! Those are supposed to be only liberal according to the Dems. The idea of a conservative woman winning the election makes them p33 their pants. This could actually pull women voters from the ranks of the Dems! How can this be allowed!

  • Average Joe

    “Of course, as demonstrated by his weird little bus tour, Obama is all flake, no corn.”

    You mean the “Tragical Misery Tour”?
    He just needed to see howm much misery he has caused for the nation.
    Since he hasn’t left office…I am guessing that his job isn’t finished….until we are…as a nation.

  • Michelle Deskin

    I don’t think there are a lot of conservatives really answering on this site. Bachman has a better voting record than her other presidential hopefuls! Look at their voting, immigration, debt, special projects, debt ceiling, etc…. bachman hasn’t bowed down to business as usual!!! She has stated what sh believes in & is voting for the people, not some special interest groups. She’s not one of the Good old Boys at the capitol. What she does is in the open, not behind closed doors!!!. Business as usual is. Bust!!! We need a GOOD Conservative leader who will stick-up for the people, not the Unions, Special .Interests, Muslums, etc…

    • Average Joe

      “Bachman has a better voting record than her other presidential hopefuls! Look at their voting, immigration, debt, special projects, debt ceiling, etc…. bachman hasn’t bowed down to business as usual!!!”

      Patriot Act? did you forget to mention that little tidbit? She did vote for it….and anything that subverts the Constitution ( which the PA does on several fronts)…is not worthy of praise….but rather disdain. Because of her vote on this issue….disdain is all that I hold for Mrs. Bachman…no vote from me for her…she does not look trustworthy…Besides, she is riding on the coat tails of Ron Paul and the Tea Party….her Ideas are not original….they are borrowed from Ron Paul ( and… I believe she’ll be happy to give them all back if she is elected… to place a bet on that?).

      It is obvious that you’ve never seriously looked into Dr. Ron Paul’s records very thoroughly….12 terms in congress…there’s a pretty sizable record to go through. Try it…I think you’l switch candidates….”if” you actually “get it”…..if not…may God have mercy on your poor misguided soul.

  • chuckb

    ron paul will never get the nomination, even though i appreciate most of what he says, his stance on drugs has killed any opportunity for nomination.

  • Jim Lundberg

    The war on Drugs has been a complete failure. We have spent all this money and effort and simply created a war in the country trying to supply this product. Back in California they are growing their own and the supply from Mexico has decreased significantly. This is the correct approach. They have built a prison empire of cheap labor by arresting people for non-violent drug sales. You don’t have to participate, but it’s not your right to tell someone not to either according to our constitution. Plus hemp should be legalized especially because it is such a versatile product that produced all of the ropes for the navy before it was criminalized to grown what makes a hemp rope.

  • chuckb

    when drugs were legal we had three times the addiction, not a good idea and the supply from mexico has not diminished. you don’t hear about it until they get caught. and where in the constitution does it say you are free to use drugs? holland tried it, and it’s not working, several other countries are in the process of curtailing the use, since they lifted the restrictions. and the navy has little use of hemp lines anymore. please tell me what are non violent drug sales, is that where the dealer innocently sells crack to children.

    • Alex

      Any sailor will tell you that hemp ropes are much preferred over the nylon ropes pushed by Dow.

      • chuckb

        only those that smoke’m

    • newspooner

      The whole drug topic needs much more public discourse. Few people (pro or con) seem to understand the real issues. Children should be protected from many things, including drugs (most especially “legitimate” proscribed drugs). Rick Perry trying to force Gardasil upon the adolescent girls (and maybe even boys) in Texas is just as bad as a teenage Juan Peron Obama sharing puffs on a “joint” with buddies. Come to think of it, it is actually worse, because forced vaccinations have the power of the state behind them, while a skinny teenage communist probably only has the force of peer pressure.

  • Riding High

    GOP party: Michelle Bachmann (airhead) Ron Paul (idiot extraodinaire) won in Iowa. Proves that Iowans love their farm animals.

    • newspooner

      Your comment shows one or more of three things:
      1. You have been fooled by the Establishment media.
      2. You are a dedicated advocate of total government (communism).
      3. You severely lack intelligence.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I vote number 4: ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!

  • GOP Losers

    Michelle Bachmann: You are losing this race, Perry will win, but dumb is not giving up, but has more crazy ideas she is trying to sell. I guess when you are dumb, you do not see what is in front of you, like a deer caught in headlights. Bye! Bye! bird-brain.


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