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Our Posturing, Prevaricating President

October 19, 2012 by  

Our Posturing, Prevaricating President

That sure was a different Barack Obama we saw in Tuesday night’s debate, wasn’t it? We were promised aggressive, and we sure got that. Many commentators are calling it the most confrontational Presidential debate ever. The lead story in The New York Times the next morning carried the headline “Rivals Bring Bare Fists to Rematch.”

While no one actually struck a blow that night, neither Mitt Romney nor Obama hesitated to challenge each other verbally — and sometimes physically. This was the most “in your face” Presidential debate I’ve ever seen.

Unlike the first debate, Obama had clearly done his homework this time. He was primed and prepared, rattling off one assertion after another. But while what we did get from him was aggressiveness, what we didn’t get was candor. The Obama who took the stage Tuesday night bore no resemblance to the big-spending liberal we’ve known (and opposed) for the past four years. In fact, anyone who didn’t know better could be forgiven for thinking he was the more conservative candidate up there.

Do you think I’m crazy? Consider some of the things Obama actually said that night:

  • He declared himself a fervent admirer of the free enterprise system.
  • On a question about gun control, he voiced his strong support for the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees our right to keep and bear arms.
  • He claimed to have done more to encourage drilling for oil and gas on government land than George Bush, whom he described as “an oil man.”

Where was the President who has increased government spending so much that we’ve run trillion-dollar-plus deficits every year that he’s been in office? Where was the man who caused the national debt to explode from $10 trillion to more than $16 trillion? Where was the leader who’s presided over massive unemployment, soaring numbers of food-stamp recipients and billions of dollars in new entitlement spending? That guy was nowhere to be seen.

I could go on and on, but you get the point. The real Obama sure wasn’t on stage at Hofstra University Tuesday night. If the recent debate had been my first exposure to the Obama record, I might have concluded the guy is a conservative — or at least a whole lot less liberal than his record proves him to be.

Ah, well, we’ve just got to hope that enough voters will remember what his Administration has actually done over the past four years, rather than how his handlers are positioning him now, when they vote on Nov. 6.

The talking heads on TV will be parsing what each candidate said (or didn’t say) virtually nonstop until they have something new to quibble about. And that is sure to happen four nights from now, when Obama and Romney meet in the third and final Presidential debate. That one will be devoted to foreign policy. And here is where I think our President is in really deep doodoo.

The Obama Administration has been deliberately deceptive with the American people about what happened at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11. The official “line” — repeated ad nauseam by White House spokesman Jim Carney; our ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice; and even the President himself, in his address to the U.N. General Assembly — was that the assault on our consulate and the subsequent murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans grew out of a “spontaneous demonstration” against an anti-Muslim video on YouTube.

In Enough Lies About The Attack In Libya!, I wrote how ridiculous the assertions were. But for nearly two weeks, the Obama Administration stuck to that fairy tale and bitterly attacked anyone who dared to challenge it. The main target for the vituperation, of course, was the Republican challenger.

Now we know the truth. There was no demonstration and not a single protester. The attack on our consulate was a planned terrorist assault by a group with links to al-Qaida, armed with hand-held rockets and grenade launchers. The president of Libya confirmed what happened days before our own government finally began telling the truth about what really happened.

All of that is enough to give Obama’s campaign team a severe migraine. But now the campaign has something else to deal with: the president’s incredibly deceptive comments in Tuesday’s debate about his own remarks.

Obama claimed that the day after the murders in Libya, he called the assault a terrorist attack. And the debate moderator, CNN’s Candy Crowley, supported his assertion.

But it isn’t true. If you listen to Obama’s complete statement in the Rose Garden that afternoon, you will realize that he never called the attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack. He refers to it as an “outrage” and an “assault.” But he doesn’t use the word “terrorism” until the very end of his remarks, when he says that “no acts of terrorism” will lessen our resolve.

The truth is: Obama didn’t say what he claimed he said. Moreover, none of his spokesmen or spokeswomen did either for almost two weeks after the murders. As more and more Americans realize just how duplicitous our government has been, it’s going to be very hard for the Obama team to bluff and bluster its way past this one. Look for it to be one of the hottest topics Monday night.

I can’t end this column without saying a few words about the Vice Presidential debate, where Joe Biden set a record for ill-mannered and boorish behavior. Yes, his smirks and grins and constant interruptions were incredibly annoying.

But even worse than how he acted was what he said. Time after time, he’d lay a whopper on us while pointing his finger and angrily declaring, “This is a fact.”  And time after time, the moderator let him get away with it.

Biden claimed that the reason for the Administration’s misstatements about events in Libya was that the information it received from the intelligence community was wrong. That may have been true for a few hours. But we now know that less than 24 hours after Stevens’ death, Washington had been notified that there had been no demonstration outside our consulate in Benghazi and that his murder was the result of a planned attack.

Yet for another week, various White House spokesmen and spokeswomen and the President himself continued to blame angry crowds and an inflammatory video for what happened.

That isn’t true. We know it isn’t true. And we deserve to know why our government tried so hard to foist this falsehood off on us.

So far, all we’ve gotten is deception and obfuscation. I don’t believe this will still be the case after Monday’s debate. So stay tuned; there’s a lot more to come. And the result could go a long way to determining who sits in the White House in January.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • DaveH

    But Iran really is building nuclear weapons, isn’t it?

    • GALT

      Speaking of “free enterprise” Chip………

      The Wonderful World of Willard…..Part 3 of a continuing series, exposing another bit of TRUTH…….in a picture puzzle.

      The 35% Corporate Tax Rate imposed by the commie/socialist government of these UNITED STATES.

      Alphonse Capone kept two sets of books, one for public consumption and a second set which reflected the real state of his economic affairs. He managed to do this successfully for a while, but eventually the Internal Revenue Service managed to get a copy of this private set, and poor Al was convicted of tax evasion…….. a result which some analysis has suggested was from having bad lawyers, which is not uncommon, but Al has been dead for quite some time, so he doesn’t really care nor can he appreciate the irony of the present reality.

      Corporations keep two sets of books……..but unlike poor Al, this circumstance is required BY LAW.

      The first set is for the purposes of taxation subject to the relevant authorities, federal, state, local, etc.

      The second set is for the stockholders……and all others, a fact which many will be unaware of and might prompt a question regarding why this is so………after all, shouldn’t these books contain the same information? If so, why two sets………and this is where we begin our journey.

      Which starts in it’s modern form in 1954 as corporations started to re-assert themselves in the aftermath of regulations imposed after the “irrational exuberance” of 1929…….and restraints imposed by FDR.

      The first step was the introduction of accelerated depreciation, which can be used to reduce profits for the purposes of taxation, yet this need not be reflected in the information given to stockholders, so in terms of profitability we now have two very different pictures……and the potential for all manner of mischief……..and with other accounting gymnastics that have emerged……..which have evolved over the last 30 years……..and which can be used to totally misrepresent the actual condition of the company, so that for those seeking to invest there is no way to know precisely what the underlying financial reality is.

      Average corporate profitability at present runs about 10% in markets where competition exists…….but as we have seen for multi nationals and certain other types of companies, channeling profits to off shore and domestic tax havens, is quite easily done…….. ( see part two AMC theaters and the groups listed ) and there is no restriction that requires corporations from listing these taxes as being paid……when they have not been…….or vice versa, depending on the designs of the mgmt………as it affects their compensation.

      For industries where there is essentially no competition, those which are either monopolistic or oligopolistic…… competition exists, prices are forced up and quality of service and it’s reliability declines.

      Mgmt compensation is tied to stock price and its primary vehicle stock options which have no value unless the stock price goes up……..and given available mechanisms……….that this will occur is a forgone conclusion………..but this is only one mechanism by which a CEO can funnel wealth to himself………because unlike YOU ….. ( 401K and other vehicles ) there is no limit to the amount of income which can be deferred indefinitely into the future………so no taxes are collected or due, until this “income” is taken………and most of your activity is at shareholder expense. Since 1985 travel is 97% deductable, 2/3 paid by the stockholders and the taxpayer pays the rest……

      You can not only defer this income, you can have the board invest it for you……..Jack Welch not only did this….investing in General Electric Bonds, but secured a 14% interest rate, which was 3 times what GE was paying everyone else………..and if you have any knowledge of finance this gets mathematically interesting……

      At 14%, 10 million dollars deferred will double in a little over 5 years, so ole Jack has 20 million dollars on which he has not been taxed, and since the goverment did not have this revenue…….it would have to borrow the 1.5 million dollar short fall at current market rates…….if he cashes in he picks up a cool 17 million…….and finally pays the government 3 million…..but for each year, that goes by the short fall must be made up, with accruing interest…….but let’s say Jack could not get this deal at GE……… he decides to invest this money in government securities……..he is now lending the government money, which he should have paid in taxes, as well as having to invest it in the economy at large…….collecting tax free interest, while government debt increases…….and for which YOU pay the bills.

      BTW you are restricted to a maximum annual contribution of 17,000 and are forced to take disbursements at age 70………not to mention being subject to various penalties if you should mess up, juggling the various vehicles available……….as well as managing to actually keep it due to market forces…….and the investments you have chosen….in many cases. if your employer provides such a plan, you may also find yourself restricted to matching contributions in “company stock”, which certainly benefits the company…….YOU? maybe not so much, as the employee’s of Enron discovered……….

      But this is just the tip of the iceburg………so in the next chapter, we shall look at what is going on the the non-competitive economy…..which is much worse than these revelations……all perfectly legal. ( just not for you )

      • Warrior

        And 80.000 pages of “tax code” brought to you by………..drum roll………..our gubmint! And some portray the Tea Party as “extremists”. Ah, don’t think so.

      • Parks

        Most of what Is said is true but the irony of his assertions is you cannot be dissatisfied with it if you are willing to elect Mitt Romney in office. He will take away the little transparency that is in government. So you may think the the government needs to place all of the national security profiles out for the public to see immediately regardless of the implications to others in foreign service just for an election. But that action is more reckless then trying to smooth over a crisis that has the potential to become a major blow to American lives abroad. I do not understand why all of a sudden the American people feel the need to have everything at a beck and call when they we were lied to and thousands of people have been killed as a result and there was no outrage. There was no creation of a basic third political party (the Tea Party). It was talked about and basically excepted. Where was the outrage when people on the street in England called us stupid for reelecting George Bush. Now we have a candidate in Mitt Romney that lies to the public on a daily basis and people buy it and love it. We have a candidate in Pres. Obama and people hate him because he is following economics 101. Those that have jobs now are working because they have skills and are willing to make it. I know people that took the unemployment benefits for a year and went to school during that time to learn more advanced computing and now work in high paying jobs. They did not complain. They did not sit home watching tv and crying over spilled milk. They went and learned a new skill. This is America and there are jobs out there unfilled because people do not have the skill set to fill them. But… With Romney they will never be filled because in his plan. He is going to cut student aid. So instead of belittling people this is a time to get everyone back on track. This is not the time to be a bully and then destroy this country by giving it to China for a dollar. Ask those in Illinois if they are happy Bain Capital is moving their jobs off shore for a dollar. And in the process they were never told until the last minute. That is the new idea of transparency! Good luck with that.

      • Warrior

        Hey Parks, I live in ILL, CROOK COUNTY in fact and believe me, Bain Capital is the least of our concerns. You want to experience misery, try being a non-patronage worker in crook county. You obviously have NO idea who this regime is so take your bs somewhere else to peddle.

      • eddie47d

        This article was nothing more than a stump speech for Romney and full of holes like Romney’s Swiss cheese bank accounts.

      • DaveH

        So Galt,
        What is your solution?

      • GALT

        Solution to what David? You seem to have missed my last post yesterday in response
        to your concerns expressed to Nancy and that rather vague challenge…..

        You should go back and read it……..which will accomplish two things…..

        1.) I won’t have to re-post it if you respond again here without reading it.


        2.) You might be able to provide the specificity needed to identify the problems
        regarding the FACTS presented thus far which you believe require a solution provided
        you agree that they are problems which are caused by and not solved by your
        “free market, unregulated, voluntary transaction, capitalist” fantasy world.

        You should be aware that there are many more FACTS coming which might make
        identifying a specific problem a bit difficult to determine at this point…….but I’m
        certain you will not let this deter you from the attempt, as grasping complexity is
        not an ability that you have shown yourself to be capable of, nor is it a requirement
        of your rather simplistic view of reality that is demonstrated by your naive enthrallment
        with the von mises neo classical economic vision.

        But you are welcome to try……and we shall see. ( not holding breath )

      • DaveH

        Your comment is as obtuse as your link, Galt.
        Don’t you know how to link to a specific comment? Bob made it as easy as it could be to reference a single comment. One would think such a smart guy would have no trouble figuring that out.
        But still you haven’t offered a solution — just a lot of double-speak about corruption and such.

      • duane

        What does all of this drivel have to do with what went on in Libya?? Obummer out right lied to the American people. What does all of your rantings have to do with this? Oh I get it now, you are also trying to cover up for the liberal stupidity with crap that is trying to divert us from the real topic. I wish Chip Wood and Bob Livingston would boot [comment has been edited] off this site you pathetic excuse of a so called intellectual.

      • GALT

        I’m very sorry duane that you seem to be confused…..let me see if I can help….

        “Do you think I’m crazy? Consider some of the things Obama actually said that night:

        He declared himself a fervent admirer of the free enterprise system.”

        GALT says:
        October 19, 2012 at 5:22 am

        Speaking of “free enterprise” Chip………

        This, duane, is known as a “segue”………where I hijack Chip’s post and USE IT for my
        own purposes without risking a potential “off topic” charge…….

        I realize you are a mushroom and are here for feeding…..consider this a potential
        diet improvement……

      • DaveH

        What are your purposes, Galt? To show people how loony Liberal Progressives can be?

      • GALT

        Way to go Dave!!!!!! That is a perfect example of an “ad hominem” attack…..

        As previously noted, I am a P.L.F… you need to see the “clues” again?

    • tony

      Dave heres the Nuke weapon that will kick our Butts , This is foreign policy Romney needs to ask Obama if he plans on adopting the UNITED NATIONS Sustainable development plans as laid out here and what this will do to the Economy ???

      • DaveH

        Thank you, Tony. I have bookmarked that for possible future use.

    • Lorrence

      don’t beleive aword he’s saing, full of demagogery & lies

    • S. Johnson

      Look people. Remember the Cuban Missle Crisis when the US was thinking of invading Cuba before they could get the nuclear warheads active? Years later (after the Cold War) in a conversation with people who were part of setting up the missiles disclosed that they had active nuclear warheads before we thought they were active and had we invaded, Cuba had the capability to nuke us even though our Intelligence said just the opposite. This tough talk and going in guns blazing could be a very big mistake and we could be in for a very big surprise when we find out they already have nuclear weapons. Then, it’s a little too late to go oops we didn’t know that. This stuff has to be taken with a grain of salt because reports that a country doesn’t have nuclear weapons cold be a life changing, if not ending, mistake. President Kennedy stood alone in not wanting to invade Cuba simply because he was willing to proceed with caution and it’s a darn good thing he did. One has to considered the fact that our intelligence could be wrong or what they know doesn’t tell the whole story. This is a dangerous world and I don’t think we want to base our lives on what could be faulty information. Obama is proceeding with the same caution that Kennedy did and we can now confirm that he did the right thing and not be pushed into a devistating war by the military hawks!!!

      • John Woodbury

        Sorry S, but Kennedy was the hawk, Europe, Asia, NATO, amongst others. We screaming for him to stop but he, unlike gutless leader, drew a line in the sand. I was 10 when Kennedy was elected, believe me Obama is not like Kennedy at all.

    • GALT

      So predictable David……and as promised……

      GALT says:
      October 19, 2012 at 2:50 am

      David, David, David… poor lad, and you will have to do better than blurb’s if
      you intend to argue the content and facts in books you haven’t read…..and since
      the books are “foundational” any chance of you have of even coming close to understanding what I am about, to even begin to “argue” with ME about anything,
      isn’t going to happen…… an interloper here, I expected a hostile reception, and
      that it would be you and your coterie is simply the way of things…….and the problem
      with those who would pretend to “alpha dog status of an intellectual bully” is that
      to succeed……..actual “intellect” is required. You need FACTS and the reasoning ability
      to organize them into a coherent framework…… have neither, and reliance on
      “von mises” links and sound bite repetition can not disguise that deficiency.

      The state of being “ignorant” is a condition which can be remedied…….”willful ignorance” on the other hand is a terminal condition…….and you have
      my condolences.

      Ultimately everyone chooses what view of society they are going to adopt and what
      sort of social interaction is the most appropriate and reflective of their opinion of
      others as human beings both in commonality and differences…….and this determines
      behavior and civility, cooperation or conflict…….and there are no restrictions on
      the range of this behavior…….which for most is largely determined by the
      circumstances in which they find themselves……..and their ability to respond to them.

      One’s ethics and morality are also choices which are largely determined by
      circumstances and what works………which is for most again determined by
      observation and imitation……that which is successful brings both power
      and advantage and becomes habit……….but again, there are no restrictions
      on what will work……although for most this is simply a matter of the path of
      least resistance and for us that path has been the application of force, conquest
      and domination…….directly, or through the control of these mechanism’s.

      Observation and imitation are not intellectually demanding strategies so these
      cycles tend to be self re-enforcing…….where degrees of success, also result in
      social stratification and hierarchies……..but these structures are not the result
      of intelligent reasoning and because of this they are incapable of adaptation
      or the anticipation of consequences………which can only result in failure and
      collapse……….which is the LESSON of HISTORY and has been constantly repeated.

      Now you have demonstrated that your knowledge of history is rather weak as
      to the particulars of any given period, and it would be rather foolish to deny the
      general result just stated……….but we no longer have the luxury of past failures
      because there is no room left for failure and we still have not even begun to
      recognize the need for anticipatory and adaptive thinking nor do we have the
      intelligence to design and impliment the solutions, because those with the “power”
      now are concerned with maintaining it ( as they always have been ) and the “victims”
      are too busy being victims, expecting salvation from those who have enabled their
      oppression in the first place………you seem to get this part, but you imagine that
      somehow you are different……..that you are less deserving of victim hood, and
      that “government” is the cause……..unfortunately, that is the best you can offer
      and your solution is “free market, unregulated, voluntary transaction, capitalism”.

      Finally, you want me to produce solutions for you………( although you have already
      indicated that you have the solution, so your request would appear somewhat
      disingenuous ) and I have no objection to pursuing that discussion………but you
      need to understand that this would entail an actual dialog…….and to begin,
      you will need to identify those PROBLEMS which you believe require solutions….
      and you will also need to define your terms if you resort to using them…….and
      believe that they hold some contributory validity to the PROBLEM you are
      seeking to identify………..

      Evidence suggests that you are not capable of this kind of discussion nor
      have an actual desire to engage in one…….but you are welcome to try……

      P.S. and again, what PROBLEM specifically do you seek a solution to? if comprehending this or anything else you have read is a problem, maybe other’s
      here can assist you………I see no problem stated nor any questions regarding
      that which you claim is obtuse……..which would prompt a question from anyone
      seeking a serious discussion…….( and that you were not has already been noted,
      thank you for verifying this. )

      • DaveH

        So many ad hominem attacks. So many words to say basically nothing. Your comments boor me, Galt.

      • Frank Kahn

        Actually GALT, he is correct in his post and you are being a pompous [comment edited]. You are so obtuse that it makes determining what you are trying to say impossible to understand. You hint at a bigger problem but never state it, you pretend that you know more than you do (opinions are not knowledge). You are not only ignorant but willfully ignorant on the subject of free market capitalism. The massive posts you have given us of your opinions are meaningless drivel unless your give us some form of presupposition or if you wish a thesis statement. At the current rate of information (non existent at present), I will be dead and buried decades before you ever get to a point.

        Your acumen of monkey talk is laudable however, your positing that you are somehow better than anyone here is BS to the extreme. You want to know the real problem, here it is, YOU. YOU, LIKE ALL THE OTHER DECEIVERS, THAT REFUSE TO SAY ANYTHING OF SUBSTANCE, ARE THE PROBLEM. You say there is some mystical force? some demonic plan? some hidden agenda?

        You are no more credible than eddie47d, all hot air and no lift. You dont have a solution to whatever the problem(s) are that you are HINTING at.

        Intellectually you are miniscule in stature and your opinion of history is nothing more than just that, an opinion.

        According to Willard? who is this Willard you keep speaking of and when did he write a history that anyone can read? Who are you, GALT is not a name and you said it is not an acronym. What are you, a historian, politician, professor or just a worthless agitator?

        Victim? Yes, we are all currently victims of your OBTUSE implications and LONG WINDED diatribes. You talk about intelligent discussions but, you have not started nor have you encouraged anything resembling intelligent or discussable.

        You lower yourself to personal attacks on everyone that attempts to enter into a discussion with you, why is that? You claim we are all to stupid or lazy to rise to the level of intellect worthy of your time and effort?

        I can probably out do you intellectually on any subject that you want to PROPERLY DEFINE. It is not possible to rationally investigate or discuss something that you have failed to define. And, making a generalization about the problem(s) is bereft of intellect.

        I asked for you to provide sources for your FACTS and you prevaricated by saying “what FACTS are you asking about?” and then providing me with a link to a news report about a bill that was almost as OBTUSE as you are.

        Yes, tax money is being diverted from its intended purposes, so what? This is neither new news nor shocking. What is your point? Do you have one? Which conspiracy theory do you want us to start with to follow your personal vendetta.

        Go ahead, talk down to me like you do everyone else, see if it makes you feel better. See if anyone here thinks you are conducting a discussion of relevant information.

        This is an argument, and if you dont know what that means I can give you a definition. It is the exchange of facts and ideas (note the word exchange) in an effort to persuade someone as to the veracity of your views. This is not my definition, it is a fact, and as such you have exhibited a total lack of ability to participate in an argument.

        Just so you wont try to pretend that I used the word OBTUSE incorrectly, I have pasted the definition for you below with the proper definition indicated by being enclosed in asterisks.

        obtuse (comparative obtuser or more obtuse, superlative obtusest or most obtuse)

        (now chiefly botany, zoology) Blunt; not sharp.
        Intellectually dull or dim-witted.
        ***** Indirect or circuitous. ******
        Of sound: deadened or muffled.
        (geometry) Of an angle: greater than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.
        (geometry) Of a triangle: with one obtuse angle.

      • Flashy

        “Your comments boor me, Galt.” <— DaveH

        Boredom is a sign of a simple mind.

      • GALT

        Frank you are free to dispute any FACT you like… do not appear to have done so.

        I am sorry you do not know who Willard is……..that alone is enough to dismiss you outright, so consider your self……dismissed.

        DavidH…….still don’t have a specific problem that requires a solution?

        You also need to educate yourself as to what an “ad hominem” attack is…….

        Translated from Latin to English, “Ad Hominem” means “against the man” or “against the person.”

        An Ad Hominem is a general category of fallacies in which a claim or argument is rejected on the basis of some irrelevant fact about the author of or the person presenting the claim or argument. Typically, this fallacy involves two steps. First, an attack against the character of person making the claim, her circumstances, or her actions is made (or the character, circumstances, or actions of the person reporting the claim). Second, this attack is taken to be evidence against the claim or argument the person in question is making (or presenting). This type of “argument” has the following form:

        Person A makes claim X.
        Person B makes an attack on person A.
        Therefore A’s claim is false.
        The reason why an Ad Hominem (of any kind) is a fallacy is that the character, circumstances, or actions of a person do not (in most cases) have a bearing on the truth or falsity of the claim being made (or the quality of the argument being made).

        Example of Ad Hominem

        Bill: “I believe that abortion is morally wrong.”
        Dave: “Of course you would say that, you’re a priest.”
        Bill: “What about the arguments I gave to support my position?”
        Dave: “Those don’t count. Like I said, you’re a priest, so you have to say that abortion is wrong. Further, you are just a lackey to the Pope, so I can’t believe what you say.”

        So now that you know David, please feel free to point out these attacks….

        • Frank Kahn

          Good boy, you have done it again. Your statement that I am not worthy of an answer because I dont know who you are calling Willard is an attack on my credibility. It is not an ad hominem attack because you have only used step 1 not step 2. The rest of your post is invalid since I never said you make ad hominem attacks on anyone. You always simply dismiss all of us as worthless simply for the fact that we are asking you to explain your obscure observances.

          If you are too childish to answer a simple question then you are insignificant in the meaning of reality. To expect me to know which one of several million Willards you are talking about is arrogant stupidity. Maybe you have a problem with Willard Scott or maybe it was William Tell, hard to know who you are referring to since you give not one clue.

          Dismissal of my request for you to stop being an arrogant A$$ and be specific instead of obtuse is unacceptable. You must be afraid to participate in an intelligent argument.

          I challenge every FACT you stated in your 3 history of Willard postings. If you want me to post all of them I will (assuming this blog site will allow that big of a post). Also, so you will understand the use of capitals, I use that as a sign of sarcasm.

          Once again you have refused to answer any question made by me. I was attempting to engage you in an adult conversation and I apologize for my assuming that you are capable and willing to participate.

          Your obfuscations remind me of the last presidential debate where Obama kept changing the subject from his failings to the supposed failings of Romney. And I use that example for a reason, it is a clue to the fact that I know who you are incorrectly pointing your smelly unwashed finger at.

      • DaveH

        Those who would like to investigate can start right here:

        To spend anymore of my time would be useless as you would just follow with yet another obtuse comment full of ad hominem attacks.

        So go argue with yourself in the mirror, Galt.

      • GALT

        and I never said you did Frank……but we can add functional illiterate….AGAIN…… to your credentials…… were dismissed……btw since no one seems to want to ASSIST you, I will give you a hint……..W. Mitt Romney…….as in WILLARD…….

        The next line begins……

        “DavidH…….still don’t have a specific problem that requires a solution?

        You also need to educate yourself as to what an “ad hominem” attack is…….”

        Everything is not about you frank……given your demonstrated skill set it is unlikely
        it will ever be about you………

        So Frank, when you are dismissed you will stay dismissed and LIKE IT…..stop embarrassing yourself…….I admire your ambition…BUT……you just ain’t ready for ME yet.

        The previous paraphrased DISS……was brought to you by The Maltese Falcon and the Cinncinnati Kid………the world would make much more SENSE if everyone had their own
        script writer…….

        So DAVE….no problems to solve….no ad hominem attacks demonstrated….once again, you are irrelevant and inconsequential……and also DISMISSED!!!!

        P.S. I addressed my post to Chip ( and not really to him ) so why didn’t you just ignore it….as you have been advised to do? If I were hunting YOU, you would know it…….you
        are not worth my time……

        • Frank Kahn

          I know what what all the logic errors or by name and description. I also gave you a hint that I knew you were falsely pointing you stink finger at Romney. You are not qualified nor authorized to dismiss me. You are just to “expletive deleted” stupid to participate in anything except your own egotistical self love. I can safely dismiss any claim you have at any valid arguments pertaining to the US or any other part of reality. Go find yourself a rubber toy to amuse yourself so we dont have to be tormented by your failing ignorant raving.

      • Ida

        don’t even compare Kennedy to Obama .Obama is nothing,all he wants is to destroy America. so push your stupid on someone who is in the dark.

      • Karen

        Galt….your verbiage is making me dizzy….it rather reminds me of someone rocking in a rocking chair…you re doing something but not getting anywhere….I feel sorry for anyone who may have to share living or working spaces with your mentality.

      • kkflash

        Here’s how to make a without putting your audience to sleep: “You ‘ve proven yourself to be a boorish blowhard.”
        Do you see how easy that was? An economy of words, constructed to get to the heart of the matter without obscuring the intent or meaning. Listen and learn.

      • kkflash

        The word “point” typographically omitted above.

    • http://hotmail fred hayes

      Yes they are ! And an independent think tank has them about 30 days away from detonating one ! And Barack is perfectly ok with that !

      • Tag

        And why wouldn’t obummer be “OK” with that? It has been proven time and again that he is the village idiot so how can you expect more? He has absolutely no common sense whatsoever and a tragic inability to even think! He does not even assimilate correctly the info he receives – so, the village is loose in the white house!

    • John Woodbury

      @ Galt, I ask if you DNC trolls get paid by the post or the word, thanks for answering my question. BTW, how are the Arabic lessons coming, although Farsi is more appropriate?

      • Chester

        John, I hate to tell you this, but you speak far more like a troll than does Galt, I will add that no one I am aware of would hire Galt to write for them if he insisted on using the highblown language so many of you seem to have trouble following. I will grant that even I have some trouble following all the steps, but can see the logic involved, and it has less to do with politics than facts.

      • boyscout

        Yes Chester, I would sorely miss Galt’s postings shoud he decide to abandon this site. What really makes him so hard to follow is the lack of opposing argument that would elicit more indepth illucidations. But it doesn’t seem that we will get to that point before elections so I guess I’ll have to stick around much longer. Also, I do believe that much of his diatribe is in response to the ad hominems tossed his way – he needs cooler opponents who will attack point by point. I just love it when he and Mr. Livingston reparte.

        • Frank Kahn

          Actually, it is almost impossible to engage him in a meaningful discussion because he offhandedly dismisses any question posed as irrelevant.

          He has a set of rules, which includes, he is right no matter what, he has the correct information (which apparently the rest of us lack), he is only here to guide us to enlightenment, we must find the answer ourselves and we should just accept how things are and be happy.

          It is very difficult to describe him without using defamatory language. He is insignificant to anyone but himself. He is self aggrandizing, egotistical and quite frankly a pompous a$$. I think of him as a handicapped child with a social learning disability who needs our sympathy and support to help him learn how to interact with normal humans. I will keep trying to engage him in normal discourse, but have little hope of ever being able to reach him as an adult human.

    • http://comcast the fisherman

      We heard that before. Weponds of masdistruction, And was there any. We only listen to others that want to tell a story and they do not know them selfs. They just try to mix things up

    • maggie3

      Why hasn’t some smart lawyer (or the U.S. as a whole) charged BO with murder? Our embasy cried out for help and it was denied–at the very LEAST isn’t that failing to render aid? What is wrong with this picture? We have a lying POTUS who couldn’t tell the truth if his life depended on it; Fox is reporting the truth of the situation, namely he knew real time what was happening and still did nothing and there is very little being done about it.
      It seems the only way to get a POTUS questioned is for him to dally with a page. What about treason? Doesn’t that count for anything?

    • Sailor

      Yes. And Germany also has the bomb and it is basically manufacturing weapons to feed to Egypt. Wait a minute? I thought Germany was not supposed to do any of this. Hmm…

  • dan

    Tax laws make my head hurt….but taxes are more civilized than someone holding a gun to your head , extortion or kidnapping a loved one and holding them in a dungeon for ransom.
    Never mind…all tax is theft under color of law

    • Patriot

      And the goverenment has figured out a way for us not to see the ugliness of soup lines, it is food stamps! Without food stamps there would be soup lines in every town, scary!

      • Danny Biddle

        Patriot: You need to use some $4.00 gas and visit some cities, you will find that there are soup lines everywhere. If there not soup lines they are food pantry lines. It doesn’t make much sense that we have millions of people getting food stamps, but yet the food pantry lines continue to grow?

      • sancheleezy

        Thank you Patriot. You struck the nail smack dab on the head, as people feel better if we don’t have to see people lined up in a soup line—but we can handle it if they receive an EBT card which resembles a credit card at the grocery store. Americans have got to see and feel all of the major problems besetting this Nation under the Obominator. Only 3 more weeks to find out if everyone is awake and using their brains and not their EMOTIONS.

      • Karolyn

        Danny – It depends on how much in Food Stamp benefits people get. Families with kids get a lot more than single people. A single woman over 65 with only $723 SS retirement benefits gets $138 per month. It is difficult to eat for a month on $138 per month; and after rent and gas, (never mind other essentials), there is not much left out of $723. I have known single men who could not even get them. Then there are those on the fringes who would rather go to the food pantry rather than apply for FS.

      • uvuvuv

        at our food pantry here we have $40,000 new pick-up trucks in the parking lot, obviously, by the way, not driven by blacks, so i’m not being racist. the choice is, a $300 payment for a one lunger ford ranger and buying their groceries, or a $600 payment for the 4 wheel equivalent of the queen mary and getting the groceries free.

      • Chester

        uvuvuv , How many of those brand new pickemups are driven by patrons of the food pantry and how many are driven by people transporting patrons? It has been my experience that those bright and shiny vehicles are far more likely to belong to either a worker at the food pantry, or someone helping a neighbor out by driving them down and back with the groceries they got. Also, might want to go out and see exactly how NEW those vehicles are, as it is hard to tell a 95 from a 2005 in a lot of the light trucks and suv’s, and that older model truck may well be being bought from the neighborhood buy here pay here dealer.

  • levelheaded

    We need as a country to really examine the biases and racist thoughts that govern a lot of our rationale. We may try to deny that its there, but when we look in the mirror the only person we are lying to is ourselves. I refuse to believe that people are so stupid that we cannot see and understand what this president inherited and what he was (is) up against with the current Congress and Senate Republicans determined to make him a one term president.
    And why in the name of the God of heaven do I need to keep some powder dry? We are living in the 21st Century for God’s sake! Lets get over this notion that we need to go back! There is nothing in our past that is worth going back to that some of you are referring to. It was ugly, ungodly, and unciviized. It makes me ashamed to be an American!

    • huntman

      And here we go again! I actually agree with you about racist thoughts, provided you are talking about yourself and the other black racists who will support Obama, no matter what he does to this country. The rest of the posting is just some regurgitated liberal crap.

      • Shelia

        Dear Huntman, african americans are not the only ones who support President Obama, whites, hispanic, latinos etc. you get the picture.

      • http://google redbull

        You forgot all the shulbs, who need some to find a job for them, since they are only skill at head bobbing and can not for them selves Also don’t forget the wards of the government, Indian tribes, they needs omeone to feed and give them free housing.en sociaty declared stealing a crime, they needed special status.

      • godhelpus

        Sheila, The only reason the hispanics,gays and blacks support Obama is because he is promising the sky and will give them nothing like he as already done. He knows that these are the easiest to fool.. There is more racism since he became president. He uses that to have everyone fight amoung ourselves so that we don’t see what he is really heading too… Socialism. If we don’t wake up we will have a dictator. Stop believing his lies and open up your eyes.

      • eddie47d

        Godhelpus; Socialism is practiced within every nation and there is No pure capitalism and probably never will be. Greed is accepted and has run amuck in the USA so don’t expect that pure capitalism anytime soon if ever. Romney has on several occassions in his life practiced destroying others to gain personal wealth and is a crony capitalist.

      • JeffH

        eddie says “Romney has on several occassions in his life practiced destroying others to gain personal wealth and is a crony capitalist.”

        An envious talking head with the envious talking points. Specificity in your accusations would be nice for a change. ..but alas…this is just envious eddie enviously parroting again and I fully expect envious eddie to enviously say “Bain Capital”…does the envious polly want an envious cracker? Can I get an envious baaarrraaaccckkkkkk!

        From Wikipedia: Personal wealth

        As a result of his business career, by 2007, Romney and his wife had amassed a net worth of between $190 and $250 million; their wealth remained in the same range as of 2011.[99][100] Most of it has been held in blind trusts since 2003.[99][100] An additional blind trust, valued at $100 million in 2012, exists in the name of the Romneys’ children.[101] The trust, created in 1995, allows the Romneys to transfer money to heirs outside their estate, taking advantage of sophisticated tax planning techniques used by high-net-worth families in an effort to defer or reduce their tax burden.[102] Romney has an SEP-IRA worth between $21 million and $102 million.[103] A portion of Romney’s financial assets are held in offshore accounts and investments.[104][105]

        In 2010, Romney and his wife received $21.7 million in income, almost all of it from investments such as dividends, capital gains, and carried interest.[106] For 2010, the Romneys paid about $3 million in federal income taxes, for an effective tax rate of 13.9 percent.[106] For the years 1990–2009, his effective rates were at least 13.7 percent with an average effective rate of 20.2 percent.[107]

        Romney has regularly tithed to the LDS Church, including stock from Bain Capital holdings.[10][108][109] In 2010, he and his wife gave $3 million to charity, including $1.5 million to the church.[106] The Romney family’s Tyler Charitable Foundation gave out about $650,000 in that year, some of which went to organizations that fight diseases such as cystic fibrosis and multiple sclerosis.[110] In addition, the Romneys have often donated to LDS Church-owned BYU.[11] For the years 1990–2009, the Romneys’ total charitable donations as portions of their income averaged 13.5 percent.[107]

      • eddie47d

        Thank you Jeff for standing up for crony capitalism and how the scoundrels received their ill gotten gains. Even the Pharaohs were kind to the masses once in awhile to appease their yearnings. It still didn’t make them right in what they did or in how they accomplish their “greatness”. Not envy Jeff its the reality of the situation.

      • Patriot1776

        So eddie, you are saying that if you had been smart and had enough business savy or luck or what ever you want to call it, and were able to amass a fortune of your own, you would give as much to charity? Does it bother you that President obama uses the same tax/income manipulation himself? It isn’t like obama is paying any extra taxes while he continues to bash his 1% friends for not paying their fair share.

      • JeffH

        Envious eddie, thank you for making my point clear.

        Repeating the same thing over and over again doesn’t make it true.

        Definition of SPECIFICITY: the quality or condition of being specific

      • JeffH

        Envious eddie, this ones for you too.

        Definition of REALITY CHECK: something that clarifies or serves as a reminder of reality often by correcting a misconception

        Definition of REALITY: the quality or state of being real

      • eddie47d

        Neither one of you have a clue in how Romney got those millions. No wonder our country is in such a financial mess since you keep allowing these cronies to screw the public. The government screwing us is a different subject so don’t play change the subject like you usually do. If you don’t like how Obama got his millions then complain about it. Then you will also have to got after each and every author out there.

      • JeffH

        Envious eddie says “Neither one of you have a clue in how Romney got those millions. No wonder our country is in such a financial mess since you keep allowing these cronies to screw the public.”

        What kind of a comment/answer is that envious eddie? Who is changing the subject and who is playing a game her envious eddie?

        You have avoided providing vital information or references to support your “Romney has on several occassions in his life practiced destroying others to gain personal wealth and is a crony capitalist” yet you expect us to take your word and believe you know that “Romney has practiced destroying others to gain personal wealth”?

        Is this conjecture on your part? Absolutely!

        Keep ‘em coming envious eddie…wouldn’t want you to give the illusion that you weren’t ignorant.

    • Paul Wells

      Leave, mean levelheaded,
      I hear Venezuela might be more your style anyway. If you can honestly sit there and say that we haven’t had a good run, then this ain’t your country. And furthermore, I want all you miscreants to leave, so we can again make it great. Your help is surely not appreciated!

      • Sailor

        BINGO!! Paul. Let them go to Venezuela and see how long they last.

    • Warrior

      You obviously do NOT have any grasp of reality. See me post above. I live in the cesspool. I do not wish “crook county politics” to spread any further than it already has. It has absolutely NOTHING to do with this man’s skin color (he is nothing more than a composite put together by progressive demorats) (NEVER ACCOMPLISHED A DAMN THING IN HIS ENTIRE LIFE). It is all about “Green” and “Control”. And this has Nothing to do with renewables!

    • Alex

      The problem, levelheaded (and surely you are that, as can be ascertained by your post), is
      that on this websight we are dealing with people who have a vary narrow focus. Dangerously narrow.

      As you might find from my screed somewhere below, it is my thought, and certainly not mine ALONE, that the Fright Wing is incapable, for reasons of protecting the small, angry comfort they get from ignoring truths that do not fit into an agreeable soft sandwich of delusion. I think that doctors and theoreticians call it ‘cognitive dissonance’ …

      Many, many times on the PLD I have suggested that our fellow readers who have been the most traumatized by the encroaching senility of the nation they so love but so abuse to the point of forcing into hospice do what most of the Left Wingers I know do: we cull our facts and information from variant sources— a healthy but sometimes emetic mix of the various TV and internet options that includes even, yes!—the gas flowing from the Faux Noose tailpipe (some of my people occasionally monitor drug addict Rush, but I am an old man
      prone to seizures)….

      • DaveH

        If you Liberal Progressives are so well-informed, why do you need to lie so much?

      • DaveH

        Whoops. Image has disappeared.
        Here’s another:

      • alpha-lemming

        If that “very dangerously narrow focused” view point is a Constituionally RESTRAINED Government….???? I’ll wear that as a badge of honor every day of the week !!! Not sure what sit-com, realtiy show version of the USA you’ve been watching, but…. There ain’t a whole lotta restrainin’ goin’ on !!! A CnC ruling like a monarch, a legislation maxing out the credit cards (to the tune of 7-10 times your income!!)… or just printing “funny money”, judicial activism… the populace be damned….??? No capitalist enterprise has every held a gun to my head to demand I buy XYZ product…. just 1 entity I can think of… your precious nanny state threatening me with imprisonment lest I cede my 2 pounds of flesh to continue the waste, fraud, abuse, redundancy, and theft. And now you tell me everything will be perfect if we give Government a bigger gun???!!!!

        “The inherent quality of Communism is its EQUAL (don’t deny it….. likely your favorite word) distribution of misery”

      • Sheryn

        Dave H—- What about All of Romney’s lies ???? He couldn’t tell the truth if you held a gun to his head !!!!!

      • Flashy

        OK DaveH…I have to admit…I like the Chortle website….

      • DaveH

        I certainly would not stick up for Romney. The best vote for average Americans would be Gary Johnson on the Libertarian ticket:

        • tony

          President Obamas Over Regulation is Costing the Middle Class 1.75 trillion a Year !!!!

          Read where the Middle Class is getting Screwed by Obama Regulation Policy and where we can Balance the national DEBT in 8 years without one single cut to Entitlement spending !!!!!! OMG are we STUPID or what Being safe is fine but at a cost of 1.75 trillion Hell that’s 18 % of GDP with no benenfit to supply expansion to lower inflation cost of Living , common Mr. President you have to be smarter than this , ???
          Scroll down to the segment about : “ Regulations “ Where Senator Mike Johanns Talks about a Obama regulation COST PER YEAR of 1.75 Trillion ,

      • DaveH
      • OneGuess

        Well, Alex, it appears from our posts that you have a very narrow focus yourself. Dangerously narrow. So?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Wouldn’t it be much simpler to admit that you will vote for O no matter what?

      • http://google redbull

        Mental midgets who vote for the maddrass educated, marxist loving/socialist congential liar, must be educated in public school system. Their college degree in underwater basket weaving and lived too long off their parents and tax payers.

      • Flashy

        Actually Nad…had the rabid Right not controlled the process and the best choice, Huntsman, been the candidate…I’d admit to having a difficult choice in casting my vote.

    • Liberty Lover

      It was the racism of affirmative action and a serious case of identity fraud that put this woefully unqualified mixed-race person into the White House. His anti-American, socialist instincts have been constrained somewhat in a first term by the need to get re-elected, but there will be hell to pay by this great country if he gets a second term.

    • DaveH

      Levelheaded (NOT) says — “There is nothing in our past that is worth going back to that some of you are referring to. It was ugly, ungodly, and unciviized. It makes me ashamed to be an American!”.
      Unlike you, Headed, our Freedom Loving Founders had enough integrity to believe that Government helping themselves to other peoples’ money was immoral, and they set rules in place to hopefully prevent the Central Government from doing that. Of course, over time, the Leaders, as Leaders usually do, found a way to usurp those constraints so they could grow the Central Government beyond it’s legislated shackles.
      Those people, who you are ashamed of, did their best to prevent us from becoming a Society of Criminals, but unfortunately there were too many people like yourself who bought into the Progressive Siren Song of redistributing other peoples’ money:

    • Texas

      I have only one question, if you are so ashamed, why are you still in the USA?

    • julesv29

      Levelheaded seems a misnomer. ALL of our history is ugly? Where have you been living? Our history has its down points, but certainly what we have had is better than where we are headed. The current administration’s motto of “forward” is taken from Nazi Germany under Hitler. Are you paying any attention at all to where we are headed? There is a fiscal cliff coming up and we are at the tipping point. If we stick with the Trillion Dollar a Year spending policies with NO BUDGET that we currently have, we will be royally screwed. Please take your levelhead out of the sand. As far as “inherited” — Reagan inherited a lot worse from Carter, but he did not sit around and complain about what he campaigned for, instead he worked WITH (not around) his Congress and turned the mess around. This president ignores his Congress, trying to make them appear to be a do-nothing Congress, and signs Executive Order after Executive Order–just as a dictator would–he feels he has to work alone.

      • Smilee

        The recession that Obama inherited was ten times worse than the one Reagan inherited, so it will take a lot longer to get out of it as well. It was second only to the depression of the thirties You do not know your history. He did as good as was possible given that the republicans top priority was to make sure he did not succeed as well and that made the recovery slower than Obama wanted but no president can do more than the power and money congress gives him, We have made the presidency the whipping boy for all that ails the country for many years now when most of the problem is always with congress.

      • Patriot1776

        Smilee, you state that obama’s recessioni was 10 times worse than the one Reagan inherited. What measure are you using? Unemployment when taking office; Obama – 7.8%, Reagan – 7.5%. GDP; Obama -0.3 in 2008, -3.5 in 2009, Reagan -0.3 in 1980 and -1.9 in 1982. Inflation rate; Obama – 0, Reagan 12%. (

        I will agree with you that obama did as good as he could. He has demonstrated by the results that he doesn’t comprehend basic economics. He has demonstrated by the results that he doesn’t care about the middle class Americans.

        You claim that the evil republicans prevented all of his recovery efforts, yet the first 2 years he had majority control of both houses and yet could not peddle his snake oil even to his own party. Do you know how many democrats voted for obama’s last proposed budget?

        You claim that most of the problem is always with congress. The job of a leader is to bring people together to accomplish a common goal. Obama has failed to show any ability to bring people together, but he does have much talent to drive people apart.

      • JeffH

        Patriot1776, Hear, Hear!

      • Shel Baker

        So now Smiley is falling for the Obummer claptrap. When Reagan took office, the Prime rate was 22%; homes loan rates were 16-17%, unemployment was much higher. It WAS MUCH WORSE THAN THIS! The similarities are so strong – these issues were all the result of the 2nd worst President in history, Jimmy Carter. His foreign and financial policies were sooooo much like Obummers; resuting in a similar mess. It always seems to take a good Republican to clean up the Democrap mess. Must be because Republicans have real WORK experience – rather than pie-in-the-sky theory from Harvard professors peddling Communism.

        • Jeff

          You appear to be a very ignorant, yet very opinionated man? What is your secret?

      • Chester

        Patriot1776, you state, rather loudly, that the Democrats had total control of congress for the first two years, yet ignore the FACT that for only about three months in the middle of that did they have ABSOLUTE control of the senate. It takes sixty agreeing votes to move something past a filibuster or equivalent, and for the biggest part of that time they did not even unofficially have fifty-eight. If the opposing party fights tooth and nail, and DEMANDS my way or the highway on every item brought up, you do NOT get a lot done. Might ask the Tea Party caucus in the house WHY our credit rating as a nation took that one point hit, when they REFUSED to discuss anything that did NOT include program cuts to everything on the board except anything that helped big business, AND tax cuts for big business, plus anyone else with any money to play with.

    • sancheleezy

      If you are truly levelheaded, you would realize that this President is nothing but a Progressive/Socialist who exaggerates even more enthusiastically now that November 6th looms ever closer. We are another 6,000,000,000,000 in debt, more people than ever on welfare and food stamps, plus disability, also thousands more have dropped out of job searching, with even more millions working part time instead of full time, and you say that the Founders and Framers of this country were ungodly and uncivilized. The Democrats who forced through Obamacare in a lame duck session of Congress are your example of civilized people? You are a fool if you cannot see the hypocrisy in your thinking.

    • http://hotmail fred hayes

      I’m real tired of that comment ! The GOP said that AFTER Barack said they could ride along – but they had to sit in the back ! Now, I don’t know about you, BUT I TOOK THAT REAL PERSONEL ! BARRACK INSULTED EVERY WHITE PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shel Baker

      So Levelheaded is falling for 4 years of excuses…maybe you should read a few books about previous Presidents to learn about real leadership. It’s not whining daily and making up new excuses weekly. The economy was MUCH worse when Reagan come in to office and he flipped it completely around in 3 years – using the same STRATEGY ROMNEY HAS PLANNED. Ryan referred to both Kennedy and Reagan’s success with SOUND ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES, but it was one of the 82 times that Biden interrupted his sentences. So maybe you didn’t hear it….Obummer was no Econ major and never held a job, which is why he is using techniques that are the EXACT OPPOSITE of proven successes. If you can’t follow this reasoning, go back to the 4th grade.

      • Jeff

        Let’s see. We had 8 years under Clinton followed by 8 years of W’s tax cuts. In which 8 years did the economy perform better? And how can you say the economy was worse in the early 80s than in 2009? Was the entire economy about to head over a cliff in 1981? No. Were economists predicting another Depression? No. Was the recession the result of a financial meltdown? No. Did Reagan increase aid to the states to stimulate the economy? Yes. Has that been done under Obama? No. Why? The Republicans would rather see the economy fall apart than Obama get credit for the recovery. And that you can take to the bank. Cantor, Ryan, and especially McConnell should all be under arrest for treason.

    • Dave Rath

      you need to look in the mirror! The democrat party took over the house&senate in jan.2007! That is what Ooneterm had when he took office in 2009. He had the power then until 2010 . Now he is a Lame duck & the American people arn’t lemmings anymore!History will show in time as his secrets are exposed as the info comes in! The biggest fraud ever perpetrated! Save our country before we are Greece!!!!!

  • Alex

    Dear Mr Wood,

    Why are you not pointing out the misstatements, ambiguous verbiage, and outright lies told
    by both sides (or all three sides, if you want to count the Green Party)?

    To be fair to the opposition and, MOST of all, to be fair to YOUR followers, you should acknowledge the fact that both Mitt Romney and Ayn Ryan have fibbed to the public.

    While you cite President Obama’s initial post-attack statement, which some people seem to believe may be viewed as affirming it as being a terrorist attack—and when is the murder
    of four people anything BUT terrorism?—-you completely disregard the blatant untruths from the Reich Wing ticket.

    If anyone still wonders why “Red State people” or their followers trapped in Blue States are not regarded as highly when it comes to the processing of information, this is a perfect example: Those on the Left historically listen to and contemplate the various viewpoints on issues, while those people on the Right (C-o-n-s-e-r-v-a-t-i-v-e—think of the meaning) are in constant fear of change—Social, Scientific, Economic, etc—and retreat into a constant comfort zone in which every problem than confronts Humanity is the product of change—which is just plain ridiculous.

    Look into the debate fact-checking that has been done by groups on each side of the issue. Then you can do your readers a service by explaining to them that, yes, even though we hate to admit it, the Leftists are not complete liars.

    By the sheer number of audaciously unfounded postings on the PLD by writers who show time and again that they receive extremely limited exposure to information beyond their comfort level, hearing it from YOU, rather than your usual Left-of-Center gallery, would help misguided Fright Wing America.
    Thank you, Al X

    • Paul Wells

      Allow me to summarize Alex’s point:

      Wahhhh, Wahhhh…sniffle…Wahhhh!

      There…fixed that for you.

    • Bob Robbins

      Bet u don’t have this much drivel to post come Nov.7,2012

      • eddie47d

        Are you referring to Republicans or Democrats Mr Robbins? The Kleenex Corp. will do a booming business regardless which party wins or loses.

      • http://google redbull

        No it will not be drivel but truth and mo of the socialist/democrat party and the lying media. Since the iception of the dumborat party, they have syole ballot boxes from federal PO,, used ceemetary roles to get names, let illegals vote, now this time there will be plenty of pedophile worshipping rump riding freaks stuffing the ballot box. Sure would not support the anti-USA black theogical theorist, who throws any supposed friend, since he will throw you under the bus, like his grandmother and the ambassador. Proves what he will do toUSA, and will embrace a dictatorship, and mandate everyone put their rear in the air, , put a cresent moon and a single star, Which represents allah the clay figerine mooon god.

      • eddie47d

        Ca Ca Bull redbull ride in for the rescue of the Republican Party and lays all THEIR ugliness out in the open.

    • DaveH

      Focus, Alex. Chip was talking about the claims of a non-existent crowd of rioters. How does an administration become so brazen that they can make such dishonest claims? Oh yeah, I forgot, they’re Liberal Progressives so lying is okay for them.

  • Mrs. Harvey

    Chip Wood, I see that you spoke about the President but not Romney? Are you against the President and for Romney? Why didn’t you write about Romney and his binder remarks about women? What about women being paid equal pay as men? What about outlawing abortions? What about the employers that is willing to fire employees, if they vote for Obama? I thought this was a non bias web page that spoke truth about republicans and democrats, but at this point you are not!

    • Paul Wells

      Mrs. Harvey;

      Do you honestly think that anyone would even remember the binder full of women comment had the vitriolic left not raised the roof over that? Sure, it wasn’t an elegant way to say it, but I’d much prefer that to the aloof, I am mightier than Thou answer Obama gave on the Libyan terrorist attack. He seemed to sniff, and say I just hate having to have this whole thing politicized [because it makes me look sooo bad!]. He is NOT above the law, and he ANSWERS to us! So come off your silvery perch, Obama, and face the music. You are NOT above answering questions about this issue, as it is very important to Americans. Unlike the stupid binder comment. Geesh!

      • Alex

        The reason that Mitt Romney’s “binders full of women” is pertinent is simple. Mitt touts his performance as a “business leader”, and yet, in all his years as a Vulture Capitalist at Bain, he did not employ, interview, or even meet a woman he felt qualified for a position of trust and responsibility. MassGAP had to hand him a BINDER FULL OF WOMEN to look through!

        We are talking about a schoolyard bully and animal abuser who has reared at least one quick-to-violence son among a brood that, like their father, support sending OTHER PEOPLE’S children into battle.

        The “binders full of women” is an issue because women are an issue—despite the fact that American women still make about 74 cents to every male dollar the GOP still fought the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Mitt’s binders matter because my wife and my children and grandson and nieces and my friends matter.

        As I write this, the Republican Party is running candidates who see some women as “easy to rape” and some rapes as “legitimate”. They are also the party that engaged a panel of “experts” on women’s health issues—and failed to invite even ONE woman to participate.

        That is why the binders are an issue!

        • Danny Biddle

          Alex: Do you suppose giving free birth control to all women is a solution to rape or incest?
          Why didn’t he include free condoms to all men? Could it be because with free sex for all he can limit young women from getting old through an aides epdemic?

      • Alex

        Danny Biddle, why don’tcha go drink a cup of joe and post again after a break? You are not making sense….

        • Danny Biddle

          Alex: I don’t drink Joe nor do I drink KOOL AIDE!!! You need to have another cup of Obama Kool Aide so you can continue to believe than non-sense comes from everyone on the other side. What flavors do you prefer?

      • Phil

        Alex….for all of the sneering commentary about the ignorance of conservatives and your elitist commentary about how much research you and other left-wingers do to come to your conclusions…it seems to me that your comments are nothing more than parroting the talking heads on MSNBC and other MSM channels. That doesn’t sound like much research to me. Women may still not be completely equal – salary wise – to men on average, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with policies or actions of Mitt Romney. In the business that I work today (high tech – networking) there is a lower percentage of female participation in our work force. That has NOTHING whatsoever to do with any discrimination or violation of affirmative action! It DOES indicate that there are a larger percentage of qualified male workers who may have education and experience in this area! Perhaps if you watched the Factor last night, you would have heard a forceful defense of Romney’s policies towards women _from a woman_ who was part of the process – not some Progressive race baiter that has to come up with some reason (even if it’s contrived) for Romney being a woman hater, polygamist, and all of the other nut-case positions taken because Romney used the term “binder full of women” in his response. The Progressive supporter and antagonist for Obama on this issue that appeared with Bill OReilly last night had a ridiculous argument against Romney. Honestly, this kind of nonsense has really been tolerated too long by serious-minded people in the name of “tolerance” (espoused and trampled on by the left-wing Progressives to force their intolerable desires and behaviors upon the rest of the nation). I think that people like you have finally woken up a large percentage of the population that has been sleep walking for a long time now. I believe that the actions of the left to increasingly polarize and implement radical leftist policies will now be met with a whiplash effect. You may actually not like what you see as the result of creating policies that are at odds with the majority of the citizenry. The fact that Liberals are so rabid about this election is that you do understand that this is your last and best chance to create a permanent socialist state and you may be losing the battle.

        Getting back to Romney and women’s rights, the fact that he worked with Mass GAP (which had been compiling this information) seems to me to make a lot of sense and be more productive than trying to reinvent the wheel. Wouldn’t you agree that it makes sense to work with information and credible resources in an effort like this? To view Romney’s remarks as being an offense to women and as being exploitive of women is just another way that Progressives use any word or sound byte to try and twist a factual statement (confirmed by those who actually worked for and with Romney and his Lt Governor – a woman) and make it into something that they can get angry about.

        On a side note…I can think of another historic example of one who takes Truth and twists and distorts it so that it becomes a half-truth. Oh, yes, that would make it a lie. This administration follows the course set by the originator of the half-truth. And there appear to be a lot of Republicans that follow those footsteps as well unfortunately. To our collective loss….

      • JeffH

        Phil, well said.

        The book titled “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America”, Mark Levin shows that in all previous theoretical utopian societies the ruling elites required arbitrary bureaucratic control — which he describes this way:

        “Consequently, the mastermind relies on uniform standards born of insufficient knowledge and information, crafted from his own predilections, values, stereotypes, experiences, idiosyncrasies, desires, prejudices, and, of course fantasy.”

        No, that is not a modern job description for today’s government bureaucrats. It is the template for Marx’s and Engel’s government planners. But who could blame readers if they should think it a description of almost any government bureaucracy they know? In fact, the consistency of thought between all of the failed utopian thinkers of the past and modern American liberals is simply astounding.

        AMERITOPIA: Mark Levin Connects the Dots

      • Shel Baker

        If this is all Alex has, I feel sorry for him. Obummer is relegated to criticizing the use of the word ‘binder’. If he had ever worked or had ever been a job-creator, he would have worked with employment agencies, who provide resumes in an orderly fashion. By the way Alex, how much is ACORN PAYING YOU to sit home all day, smoke dope, collect unemployment and sabotage Conservative websites. This activity is definately in Obummers playbook.

        • Jeff

          The point about the binder of women is that Romney lied about it as he has lied about everything in his campaign. He didn’t ask for the binders; they were given to him by groups who wanted women employed in state government. Romney is incapable of telling the truth about anything including his own positions. He lies on national TV, then the next morning his little secretary, Fehrnstrom, takes back whatever Mitt said the night before. Romney has been on every possible side of every conceivable issue. He’s going to stand up to China? He can’t stand up to Grover Norquist or Rush Fatbaugh.

    • Danny Biddle

      Mrs Harvey: If Obama is so much for women than why didn’t he include free condom for men in his health care birth control bill. Does he want women to enjoy all the free sex they want so they can die from aides at early ages? Obama for women, I don’t think so.

      • Danny Biddle

        Alex: I don’t drink Joe nor do I drink KOOL AIDE, You need another cup of Kool aide so you can continue your supposed non-sense.

      • Jeff

        Congratulations, Danny. That may be the single stupidest post I’ve ever read, and I’ve read an awful lot of them on these blogs. You win the prize.

    • Tag

      Mz. Harvey – you apparently blame others for their beliefs and thoughts but let me bring to your attention that you are no different? The tone of your comment most definitely speaks volumns about what you believe in – obummer, no matter how lousy he is in the oval office and as a human being – you’ll still vote for him because he’s black and so are you! Duh!

    • Chip Wood

      I’ll have plenty to say about Mitt Romney in next Friday’s Straight Talk. But whatever gave you the idea that my column was supposed to non-biased? I’ve got a powerful bias in favor of liberty and limited government. And so do the other contributors to Personal Liberty Digest.

      It sounds to me as though you’ve bought into some of the more extreme anti-Republican baloney that’s out there. Do you really think anyone will be fired for voting for Romney? Give me a break.

      Chip Wood

      • Danny Biddle

        One has to understand that much like Obama’s presidency, they have to blame someone else for their problems, it has not been Obama’s fault for his first four years. They are a non-responsible society evolution that began when they began the dumbing down of our education system. Is there any negative’s during the past four years that Obama has accepted responsibility for? NOPE!!!

      • eddie47d

        You seem to be blaming everything on Obama so in your words you are no different than him. I assume the Benghazi attack is a “negative” yet this administration has taken responsibility for it. I concur that mistakes were made but you know how all those demands for budget cuts from Republicans can backfire. There is always someone who loses out when that is done and lets just say that Stevens lost his life for you and your attempt to weaken government. Maybe the Democrats should play your nasty game and blame his death on Ryan who did take $300 million out out the consulate budget. That would be no different that the horrific insults against Obama on the Benghazi attacks or anything else.

    • DaveH

      Women being paid equal pay as men?
      Who decides what’s equal, Mrs. Harvey? Why should anybody except the Employer (whose money it is) and the Employee (whose labor is being offered) get to intervene in that decision?
      Do we get to decide how you spend your money, Mrs. Harvey?

      • Karolyn

        Simple math – equal pay for equal work.

      • DaveH

        If you don’t like it, Karolyn, quit. Go somewhere else, or start your own company and pay your employees whatever you want with your OWN money.

      • Karolyn

        You just make it all sound soooo easy, Dave. I have not been in that position, but I can understand the frustration of women who hit the “glass ceiling.”

      • DaveH

        So you admit it isn’t easy to start your own business? Especially when the Big Government that you advocate is constantly throwing up hurdles to negotiate?
        So why are you so gung ho to help yourself to the money of those who have made that effort, Karolyn?

      • Karolyn

        I’ve had my own business, Dave, and I am not helping myself to anyone else’s money.

      • John Woodbury

        Let us see KK (Komrade Karolyn) When do I get to use my paid pregnancy leave? Equal pay for equal work, Obummer is not even doing that.

    • Mike

      Mrs Harvey. Well done! You have played the democratic playbook to perfection! When discussing the candidates you did not once mention the unemployment problem or debt problem! This is how the liberals stay in office- through sleight hand tricks. Look that way not this way.

      It’s an old trick. Just go back four years, what were people saying? “Bush put two wars on a credit card!” Misdirection. Focus on the cost of war- not on the cost of entitlements. The US spends MORE on entitlements than war.

      With your interest in getting to the truth… Just curious what candidate do you believe has the best economic plan for the next four years?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      By your own words you are saying that women are weak and cannot do anything without the government’s help. So there are no strong women because they need the government to provide the female goodies of the weak. Then if the government helps women, it in effect tells women that they are weak and cannot do anything of any value.

  • TML

    “On a question about gun control, he voiced his strong support for the 2nd Amendment, which guarantees our right to keep and bear arms.”

    While those words came out of his mouth, he clearly stated that he supports the assault weapons ban and revealed he has no understanding of the 2nd Amendment.

    “The Obama Administration has been deliberately deceptive with the American people about what happened at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11. The official “line” — repeated ad nauseam by White House spokesman Jim Carney; our ambassador to the U.N., Susan Rice; and even the President himself, in his address to the U.N. General Assembly — was that the assault on our consulate and the subsequent murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans grew out of a “spontaneous demonstration” against an anti-Muslim video on YouTube.”

    Still plinking the one string banjo. You were not deliberately deceived. There were many ‘spontaneous demonstrations’ in various countries across the world by Muslims who claimed themselves to be protesting the ridiculous video. Grow a brain.

    “But it isn’t true. If you listen to Obama’s complete statement in the Rose Garden that afternoon, you will realize that he never called the attack in Benghazi a terrorist attack. He refers to it as an “outrage” and an “assault.” But he doesn’t use the word “terrorism” until the very end of his remarks, when he says that “no acts of terrorism” will lessen our resolve.”

    Yeah, I listened to it… and the “no acts of terrorism” was in context to his repeated remarks of the attack. Apparently people are upset simply because the word “terrorism” wasn’t included.

    “Washington had been notified that there had been no demonstration outside our consulate in Benghazi and that his murder was the result of a planned attack.”

    TERRORIST attack, Chip, TERROR! Not ‘planned attack’.
    Hypocritical Buffoons

    • Patriot1776

      Because obama is highly successful in his use of doublespeak, he did manage to mention terror attack in his speech in the Rose Garden. He also continued for two weeks in every forum to blame the attack on the video, even well after Carney and other administration personnel had changed their story.

      In his speech to the UN on 9/25/2012, fourteen days after the attack and murder, he blamed the video saying “That is what we saw play out in the last two weeks, as a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world. Now, I have made it clear that the United States government had nothing to do with this video, and I believe its message must be rejected by all who respect our common humanity…And on this we must agree: There is no speech that justifies mindless violence. There are no words that excuse the killing of innocents. There’s no video that justifies an attack on an embassy. There’s no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon, or destroy a school in Tunis, or cause death and destruction in Pakistan.” Clearly placing the blame on the video.

      Also, it was clearly a planned, orchestrated attack, even in Libya, people don’t randomly carry rocket launchers and automatic weapons. Little details.

      • TML

        John Carney is a congressman – not part of the Presidential Administration.

        There were many protests throughout many countries in which Muslims, by their own admission (claim), were protesting that video at the same time the events in Libya took place. In a land in which the United States just helped arm rebels in the overthrow of their sovereign, I hardly think such weapons would be difficult to come by. People having easy access to rocket launchers and automatic weapons in such an unstable post-revolution region don’t seem that far-fetched to me.

        Now, I’m no Obama fan, but he outwardly condemned the attack. He called it, within the context of his speech, an act of terror. He addressed, as you pointed out, “a crude and disgusting video sparked outrage throughout the Muslim world” – and that is true. Planned or not, the video was being used by the Muslims to justify their attack, and so saying, “There’s no video that justifies an attack on an embassy.” seems suitable. He then went on to condemn other violence being carried out in the name of such video – “There’s no slander that provides an excuse for people to burn a restaurant in Lebanon, or destroy a school in Tunis, or cause death and destruction in Pakistan”.

        I don’t think it’s so much of Obama blaming the video; it was those committing the crime that was blaming the video, even if only to justify (in their own minds) a planned revolt against American totalitarian presence pushing western values in the Middle East. If there is anything being hidden about the motives of a planned attack, it’s that fact right there – a fact to which many willfully remain ignorant of the blow back from interventions such as that in Libya. They haggle over whether it was called a “terrorist” attack or not. Probably the same people who support making the same mistake again by arming rebels (terrorist) in Syria.

      • Patriot1776

        Jay Carney, not John Carney.

        All of the violence happened on 9/11. The video had been out for months. Suddenly on 9/11, multiple groups of muslims became offended by this obscure video and started rioting? Really?

      • TML

        I repeat; “…it was those committing the crime that was blaming the video, even if only to justify (in their own minds) a planned revolt against American totalitarian presence pushing western values in the Middle East. If there is anything being hidden about the motives of a planned attack, it’s that fact right there”

        So what are you getting at?
        You can call it a “terrorist” attack if you want, but remember that one man’s terrorist is another man’s patriot. Even the founders were labeled terrorists. I think calling it a terrorist attack (which so many Republicans are blasting Obama for not repeating enough) ignores the consequences of the mistake (intervention) while attempting to rally people to war with a nameless faceless enemy, or just Muslim’s in general. With that in mind, Obama outwardly condemned the attack. What more do you want? War with the people we like to think we just liberated? Chasing another boogeyman to the ends of the earth trampling entire nations in the process? What exactly is your angle?

      • TML

        I will also add – If you were a Muslim, and wanted to attempt fermenting revolution against American presence and interventions in the Middle East; what better way to unite Muslims across the globe than to blame a video, which insults Mohammed, on the American government. Are we to believe that every outbreak of violence was planned and staged across the globe without getting a whiff of intelligence on the matter? Nay… surely there were many more Muslims genuinely protesting the video they knew nothing about prior to that time. Even Iran, at the commend of Khomeini, protested the video (and may have been support for the actions in Libya as they once did the same and won their freedom from America). It was all these things.

      • TML

        I don’t want to hear Obama call it a terrorist attack. I want him to admit what it REALLY was: Blow back from his mistake of intervention and meddling in the internal affairs of Libya, and other countries.

      • Patriot1776

        TML, we can certainly agree that the true cause is the blow back. Gloating on his killing bin laden didn’t win any friends over there.

      • TML

        TML, we can certainly agree that the true cause is the blow back. Gloating on his killing bin laden didn’t win any friends over there.

        Although I’m bold enough to correct you that the true cause of such blow back was intervention (just because I’m anal like that)… no doubt killing Bin Laden without so much as a conviction in court of law, didn’t set a good standard.

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    and this turkey has the unmitigated ignorance to say :”that is not the real Mitt Romney” you saw in the first debate;; how about the second debate you retread.

  • Danny Biddle

    The truth of the matter is, no matter what the big zero says, the KOOL AIDE drinking Demos will never, never, never admit that he is lieing nor is he anything short of a SAINT?

    • eddie47d

      The Benghazi attacks are another issue being manipulated by Republicans who seem to be doing a heck of a lot of lyin/spinning themselves. Obama did mention terrorism in the Rose Garden speech on Sept 12th. A senior official also stated at a briefing on Sept 12th that “unidentified Libyan extremists launched what was clearly a complex attack”. Apparently that isn’t bold enough for some but it was stated. On Sept 13th in Colorado and Nevada Obama once again mentioned that the Benghazi assault was an “ACT OF TERROR” That is darn clear to me regardless whether the video came up in conversation or not. Since all the other demonstrations in the Middle East that flared up were directly linked to that video it was also plausible it had something to do with the Benghazi attack. That video came out in July and it is not certain whether the Libyans used it as a pretense to the 9/11 or not. So Susan Rice made mention of that video as did Obama. On Sept 19th Matthew Olsen director of the National Counterterrorism Center says “Benghazi was a terrorist attack”.

      • Danny Biddle

        Eddie47d: If this is the truth than answer WHY DID HILLARY JUST JUMP ON THE SWORD FOR THE BIG ZERO? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

      • eddie47d

        Overall this administration is on the same page on the attacks and they are all “falling on the sword” to get to the bottom of this attack. It was a terror attack was a terrible tragedy… it could have connection to the video and Stevens was a wonderful American. All have been said by the White House but all you want is political blood. If all you have is more snarky un American remarks Danny then maybe you need a head check at the local clinic.

        • Danny Biddle

          ddie47d: It is obvious the head Doctor you are seeing is prescribing that you increase the amount of KOOL AID you consume. The only person that is un-american are those of you who follow the Muslim’s philosphy and want the US Destroyed! Are you a US Citizen? Do you want to be destroyed like Ambassador Stephens and three others? Ambassador Stevens and three others are the ones that fell on the sword and gave their blood for both political parties and unfortunately the Big Zero has tryed to hide that fact by blaming again SOMEONE ELSE!!!

      • eddie47d

        I don’t have any intentions of following the Muslim “philosophy” any more than I would follow your un American swill and ignorance. Capiche?

      • Patriot1776

        eddie, “they are all “falling on the sword” to get to the bottom of this attack.”? The attack and murder occured on 9/11, the only ones who have “fallen on the sword” over this is the four Americans that were left behind by this administration. Yes, ms. clinton “accepted responsibility” for the deaths of these people, yet she is still in her position without reprimand. The great obama himself has “accepted responsibility” for these deaths, yet there is and will be no negative consequence for him. Some 38 days later and there is no progress on capturing “those responsible”. Surely the man who is soley responsible for the capture and assasination of bin laden can eradicate these lowly rioters with his drone guns drawn.

  • Lois

    This man our pres is a compulsive liar and no one is seeing it. He is very dangerous because for one…. they believe they are telling the truth and will fight to the death. They will turn around and do just the opposite saying they never said what they lied about in the first place and again will fight to the death to defend it.

    This is who the American people gave us as a president. They believed him last time because they wanted to trust and believe this compulsive liar but didn’t know him. This man says he’s black when he isn’t he is more white than black… and the black people are pandering to him.

    If he was a republican the media would be all over his lies. Has anyone checked lately who we are letting into the media? Does make you start wondering just who we are giving the privilege to tear us apart. The media has never gone after him or clinton for their massive deceptions…. why?

    Nonprofits that put their noses into politics should not be allowed to be nonprofit anymore. That goes for any tv, radio or any other group. We are all Americans and we all pay the government and when a nonprofit can go after conservatives and give all their support to liberals… it is time to set them free on their own dime! This is just my opinion… take it or leave it. I don’t have the voice of the liberal media.

    • Danny Biddle

      If we really think about the entire picture, the Dems are playing into the hands of the Iran leader, who has stated that the US will collaspe. The big ZERO (Obama) will not say anything negative about the Muslim faith but can denagrate the Catholic faith and their beliefs in birth control? Why, because he is a Muslim and his followers can’t see the forest through the trees. Islam hates are guts and want us destroyed, that includes all Democrats as well. We are all infidels except maybe for Obama? Women are less than 2nd class citizens in the Muslim nations but yet these same women think the big zero is a Saint? These women don’t have a clue of what it would be like living in the Muslim FAith but believe me they will not like it.

      • eddie47d

        Iran could be right Danny but not in the way you are thinking. Even if Iran could achieve Nukes they still wouldn’t have any capability to destroy America. We would retaliate and wipe them off the map and the Persian Kingdom would no longer exist. I believe what they are referring to is either an economic collaspe (which they are also facing right now) or a collaspe from our Empire Building throughout the world. We have expanded our military to to breaking point and are still muddled in foreign wars. Sadly we want more expansion and more wars and they know that. That is what caused the Roman Empire and the Russian Soviets to retreat and collaspe. Their economy couldn’t handle the continual wars,territorial costs, and the financial burden on their respective nations. You are still very busy with those snarky remarks instead of understanding history and the problems of spreading a nation too thin.

      • DaveH

        Why is it so hard for you folks to figure out that Leaders and their Crony Capitalists in both Parties (the Shadow Government) are orchestrating hatred toward Muslims (and I’m certainly not sticking up for the radical ones) solely to enable them to pillage the Middle East’s oil and to stop them from trending away from dollar pricing so as to expose the world to the reality of worthless fiat money?
        Read this and start the process of waking up:

        • Danny Biddle

          I have no hatred towards Muslims, blacks, Mexcians or any other persons of color. I do hate for what many stand for and what many want for our children and grandchildren, women and way of life. We don’t have to change this country to a something we shouldn’t be, Muslim. When the President states to a Russia leader that “He will have more flexibility after the election”. What the Hell does that mean? My question is “Do you Love this Country”?

      • DaveH
      • Patriot1776

        eddie, you and your friends continue to rail against the United States “empire building” and our great war machine. If we are trying to build an empire, we aren’t very good at it. When emporers were building their empires they would take over control of the countries that they conquered and replace the government with their own military and rulers. Other than obama’s mention of 57 states, I’m not aware the the U.S. has expanded it’s borders or laid claim to any property or nation outside of our borders since it’s inception.

        We have had very many great Americans fight and die to give others the opportunity to live in the freedom that we all take for granted too many times. We have helped rebuilt every nation that we have defeated in war and returned control to the people. Where is this empire?

      • DaveH

        Most of them may believe they’re laying down their lives for our Freedom, but they are laying down their lives so that Crony Capitalists can get richer at the expense of the soldiers and the rest of us. Read this and learn what’s really going on:,%20Wilson%20and%20Roosevelt.pdf

      • Patriot1776

        DaveH, I am aware of those who make their fortunes off of wars. I am also aware from those who have served and are serving of their experiences with the citizens of the countries that they were serving in and the appreciation of the citizens for ending the tyranny and terror that they lived under in Iraq and Afghanistan. The stories of the real people who’s daily lives were made better because the United States had cared enough to send our very best to defend them.

        Yes, some make money off of war. I would also venture to guess that our soldiers who use the equipment that these people make money off of are glad that someone is supplying the gear that they need to protect them.

        Some make money off of global warming. Some make money off of drugs, prostitution, you name it, someone will find a way to make money off of it.

        • Attaboyslim

          That comment was so full of [comment has been edited] that deleting it was to best this to offer. Then it dawned on me that you either believe that boatload of crap or you are trying to convince others in it’s validity. Either way, the truth cannot sit by idly and allow this to be counted as a final word. I am glad that you are aware of the people who try to make money off of war because that is one of the only solid things you stated. War profiteering has been around since … well, war first began and it always places an unfair disadvantage on one of the sides even though, investing in both sides seems to be the norm. The second invasion of Iraq saw the birth of the nauseatingly blatant greed in some.

          Haliburton with their never ending supply of “No Bid Contracts”, comes to mind and even though this was a new low for people to go, that isn’t what I came to talk about here. I want to preface what I am about to say with total sincerity when I say that our Military personnel are; for the most part, Hero’s. Not all but most. With that being said, it infuriates me to hear anyone make such a foolish statement as you made in this comment. “real people who’s daily lives were bettered because we sent our very best to protect them”, are you frigging kidding me? I need to make this brief or I’ll go ballistic.

          These kids that were sent to Iraq, had been set on a course of destruction by deceit. The lie that somehow, the Iraqi’s were responsible for 911 and 3,000 deaths plus a chance at revenge, was their charge. The senior military officials should all face charges and court marshaled for their pitiful exploitation of these soldiers but that is only half of the atrocities. Try and wrap your head around the fact that nearly all our weapons of attack were made with depleted uranium, let that sink in for a moment. Yes, “our” weapons were manufactured using illegal materials which meant that the soldiers as well as the enemy, were contaminated with toxic waste.

          According to every standard ever produced where nuclear waste contamination is involved, Iraq should be quarantined. An entire country … unlivable for a thousand years. No, I don’t think you know anything about people who make money off of war. Those people who’s daily lives were bettered by our best efforts, are doomed to lives of misery … forever. And finally, how can anyone justify the notion that our, “Best” has been relegated to the duties of guarding the Poppy production in order to insure that the expected tons of Heroin actually make it to the street addicks?

          No, I’m not sure you know very much at all about this subject and would like to suggest you learn.

        • Attaboyslim

          I must begin by saying that I have nothing but respect and admiration for the people who serve in the Military and having said that, I’ve got to say that hearing someone make such shallow comments as you’ve made here make me sick to my stomach. You were right about people making money off of war and war profiteering has been around for as long as there has been war but it has gone way over the top. The wasn’t the reason for this response but I’ll say that the pathetically greedy actions by people like Dick Cheney and Halliburton, with their never ending supply of, “No Bid Contracts”, has been reprehensible. Hopefully, they will be punished severely for their actions.

          No, what I wanted to comment on was the statement you made about the:
          “appreciation of the citizens for ending the tyranny and terror that they lived under in Iraq and Afghanistan. The stories of the real people who’s daily lives were made better because the United States had cared enough to send our very best to defend them.”

          Geez, could you have sounded any more like a Limbaugh Clone or were you reading that directly from Newsweek? You need to fully understand the reality of this situation and it is no where near the way you claim.

          Tyranny and oppression are everywhere on the planet and it is getting pretty bad in this country as well but our intervention in Iraq had nothing at all to do with good will. The brutal truth is that these people will dance in the street, “if” we ever leave but chances are that we will not. What is more sickening that our occupation of other peoples land is what we did in order to get to that place in time. The US didn’t send the “cream of the crop” to protect suffering people, the people in charge sacrificed their lives, the lives of the innocent there and the land they live on for a thousand years.

          The use of depleted uranium is an international crime against humanity but the illustrious leaders in this country took it one step further. They contaminated both our soldiers with chemical nuclear waste and made the ancestral homeland of the Iraqi’s unfit for living because nearly everything we used was unsafe for humans to handle and we used a lot. Had Saddam Hussein used 1/10th of the amount of WMD’s that we used on his country then his execution would have been justified but he didn’t and any hatred the people may have had for Saddam is not directed at the Americans. We have ruined the daily lives for generations to come because of a lie.

          Let me add one final thought. I pray that we are never invaded by another country because we will be brutalized as a form of pay back for all of the countries we have laid ruin to for the past fifty years and especially for all of the lives we have taken. If, however, it does come to pass, there can be a few things that you can be certain will happen. We will not be happy campers and, just like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya … etc, the only people who will be praising the invading force will be the ones who are desperately trying to save their own asses. The rest of us will be making ied’s, Molotov cocktails and booby traps as fast as we can and wouldn’t that be a switch? American Extremist Terrorist?

          • Frank Kahn

            Actually, if you bother to do some research, DU (depleted uranium) has a greatly reduced ability to produce Gamma radiation (which is what is deadly to life). There are some studies that assert that breathing the powder resulting from the pulverization of DU can cause long term medical conditions, and as such is an immediate hazard. However, after the dust settles, there is a very minimal ecological hazard associated with its use.

            When you say all our attack munitions employ DU you are being very misleading. DU is a primary ingredient of what is called API (Armor Piercing Incendiary) munitions, this is generally used in extremely high caliber munitions like 20MM, 30MM Gatling guns or guns mounted on vehicles like the Bradley and Abrams. None of the “attack” weapons used by the boots on the ground forces contain munitions made from DU.

            Next item is your claim of it being a war crime to use DU, there is no International prohibition of the use of DU in weapons. It was attempted to be declared so but was voted down.

          • Jeff

            That must make it safe like Agent Orange was for years following the Viet Nam War.

          • Frank Kahn

            You are mixing apples with oranges (no pun intended), one is a chemical toxin as opposed to radiological poison. I did not say or intend to imply that reduced gamma radiation is safe, I was merely pointing out that fact that exaggeration of the effects is unwise.

            If you want more details then I can give them. While the half life of uranium 235 is millions of years, the half life of its effects on a human is only 15 days, which makes it a relatively short term hazard. So saying that it made Iraq uninhabitable for millions of years is both an exaggeration and a lie. Now had we used dirty bombs that spread plutonium or pure U235 then it would be a long term danger.

            Uranium in its natural state has only .72% U235 isotopes ( which is the fissile part which emits gamma radiation), when it is depleted it then contains less than 33% of the original which brings it down to .2376% which is less than 1/4 of 1 percent. Radiologicaly that is an insignificant level of fissile material for producing radiation. You would get more radiation living near a uranium deposit than that.

          • Attaboyslim

            Then it must have been the Budweiser, Athletes foot fungus and foul language from all those foreigners that has caused so many birth defects and other health problems throughout the country, Huh? [Now, that was sarcasm. :) ]

          • Frank Kahn

            I am sorry, to which country is your sarcasm directed, Vietnam or Iraq?

          • Attaboyslim

            I do believe the topic of discussion was Iraq due to the apples and oranges effect of suggesting that agent orange or plutonium was the most deadly, than one or the other..

          • Frank Kahn

            I requested clarification because my post, that you responded to, contained references to both countries. And your comment could have been directed at agent orange as well as radiation.

            Now to respond to your sarcasm, I wont address the actual sarcasm here just the facts.

            I dont believe that DU is the cause of the problems, the residual radiation left behind from the amount of DU used in the conflict is insufficient to produce the birth defects and miscarriages noted in reports. It is more likely a result of heavy metal poisoning from the lead and mercury from our weapons that is the cause. I cover this more exactly in my other posts.

          • Attaboyslim

            If my post sounded misleading then I would like to apologize to you all and I most definitely should have indicated that I was neither a Nuclear physicist not an expert on the various types of military weaponry, again, I apologize. After re-reading what I had written, I suppose it could have been misconstrued as being something of a personal opinion but I thought that to be a strong premise in these comments.

            I would hope that a mistake would be over looked and misleading statements, given a chance at correction but on the other hand, I am grateful for the things you’ve pointed out. Honesty should be the one thing we all should demand of participants in this forum. We should hold each other to it rigorously and always point out untruths because we certainly don’t want to end up no better than the despicable people in our discussions.

            With that being said, my thoughts on the use of D.U. is as mindlessly criminal as is the idiocy behind putting fluoride into our drinking water. The water fluoridation gave the Aluminum and nuclear industries a means of disposing of mountains of toxic waste without spending a dime. The use of DU is no different because it is simply a means of disposing of toxic waste without the cost. The ramifications of these acts seem to be of little importance.

            If it is interesting research you seek, may I suggest?


            While it is quite lengthy, to data contained leaves little room for doubt. The absolute bottom line is that the health effects on human exposure cannot be 100% factual because of the many variables. Age, illness, exposure time and type and living environments are but a few but the evidence of debilitating health effects remains overwhelming. Exposure to radioactive materials, of any kind, has the potential to damage; any or all and anything in between every part of the human body until fatality.

            There are people who are allergic to peanuts and peanut products and some have proven to be fatal and yet, peanuts are available in masse and in many varieties. Toxic waste gained it’s reputation for a reason and that is the reason in is a requirement to, (for instance) bury in underground for 500 years or to dispose of it in a manner that humans will not come in contact with it any manner. Simply because it makes a very hard casing for a missile doesn’t remove the toxicity.

            My research has turned up a bit more startling data that those you speak of and quite drastically. While you suggest that, metaphorically speaking, the bombs explode and create a lot of dust which is the most toxic exposure that humans can suffer but then the dust settles into a dormant and harmless powder. On the contrary, what I am seeing is the exponential rise in birth defects and deformities and a host of other health issues that seem to be without containment and that the environmental hazards in Iraq, alone, are projected to last, an unbelievable 4.5 Billion years.

            And finally, your contention that the US violated no laws because no international law banning the use of DU’s was dropped seems to come right out of the Bush/Cheney handbook but has little resemblance to the truth. The fact remains that beyond the US Army contention that it violated no international laws with the use of depleted uranium,
            The UN Sub-Commission on Prevention and Protection of Minorities in 1996, passed a resolution banning DU weapons. In fact, the UN has condemned the use of all DU and has furthermore, rejected the claim of the US that the weapons are safe.

            Rarely will you see a statement from me that has not been researched. Opinionated and maybe even arrogant? Perhaps but not without research or lacking honesty as a means of supporting ANY agenda. I find them all deplorable and sickening to the health and wellness of this planet and her inhabitants.

          • Frank Kahn

            I have read the resolution you referenced and it is an advisory not a ban. I suggests that countries curb the use of DU because they believe it is toxic. If you have some other document to reference I will be happy to read it but that one is not a ban on DU usage in weapons. According to my information as many as 20 countries currently use DU in munitions. If it was illegal, that would probably not be the case.

            Also, if you have some documents that support your contention that there has been massive occurrences of birth defects that might possibly be attributed to DU then please provide them.

            No missile utilizing DU were used in that conflict that I can find reference to.

            You might also research other uses of DU such as it being used for radiation shielding due to its density being higher than lead.

          • Attaboyslim

            Again, it is always possible that I was citing something from an interpretation of international humanitarian laws or even by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and looking back, you were right on my original source on the UN’s 1996 sub commission resolution passage and so, I stand corrected. Truthfully, that doesn’t change my resolve on the subject any more than the US military claims having swayed the vast majority internationally, but it has given way to my query on your beliefs. Your have doggedly defended this issue and so, I wonder if you have a belief; either way, about the safety in using these weapons against other human beings. Oh, and for the record, my use of the word, “missile” wasn’t intended as a literal example. I thought I had confessed to my ignorance, by choice, of weapons designed to destroy, kill and maim people or any nationality. So, is Depleted Uranium safe, in your opinion?

            Agreed, the density factor of DU seems to be the most favorable quality for it’s use … well, and the fact that those who use it in manufacturing, don’t have the concerns with disposing of the waste. The biggest question for me is that even if 40 countries used it and it was bad then, the point would be mute so what have you discovered that this toxic material can be used positively for humanity? You other proposal that I provide you with references which show a correlation between birth defects and DU, has me baffled. The reason is that I haven’t watched television for nearly ten years but constantly come across video evidence, medical studies and even the efforts by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark who has shown a substantial increase in birth anomalies. Here is a quote and sourcing from the UK:

            “ … more than half of all babies surveyed were born with a birth defect between 2007 and 2010. Before the siege, this figure was more like one in 10. Prior to the turn of the millennium, fewer than 2 per cent of babies were born with a defect. More than 45 per cent of all pregnancies surveyed ended in miscarriage in the two years after 2004, up from only 10 per cent before the bombing. Between 2007 and 2010, one in six of all pregnancies ended in miscarriage.
            The new research, which looked at the health histories of 56 families in Fallujah, also examined births in Basra, in southern Iraq, attacked by British forces in 2003. Researchers found more than 20 babies out of 1,000 were born with defects in Al Basrah Maternity Hospital in 2003, a number that is 17 times higher than recorded a decade previously. In the past seven years, the number of malformed babies born increased by than 60 per cent; 37 out of every 1,000 are now born with defects.”


            There is voluminous evidence that postulates a responsible anomaly as the culprit for these sharp increases and based on the severity [e.g. – organs outside the body, missing limbs or extra appendages, bulbous and blood filled eyes … etc], depleted uranium or the exposure to radioactive materials fits the bill.

          • Frank Kahn

            I will have to do more research on your contention about radiation exposure causing the sited birth defects in that region. The ordinance containing DU should have only been used to attack armored targets such as tanks and possibly hardened bunker type buildings. If this was the case then the majority of it would not have been concentrated in highly populated areas. I also have to do research on the cities in Japan that were nuked to find out their birth defect rates for comparison. If your assessment is correct then the people living in the rebuilt cities should be exhibiting an even greater rate of birth defects by virtue of the much more massive amount of radioactivity produced by actual atomic bombs.

            On the subject of safety of the material in question, NO, I dont consider it to be safe. Many things used in combat are not safe, if they were they would have extremely limited useful applications. In supporting DU as API ordinance there are two separate concerns to be addressed. 1. the possibility of the extremely low level of residual radiation causing prolonged health problems as in birth defects and mutation. 2. The carcinogenic properties of the residuals left by the product.

            1. I would never accept the assertion that there is a significantly higher radiation component existing in the areas you have indicated without proof. If they can cover the area with Geiger counters to determine the level of radiation compared with normal background radiation that would give us a better starting point for analysis.

            2. The results of studies I have read, concerning the carcinogenic properties of DU as opposed to other compounds like tungsten shows a greater cancer risk from all the alternatives tested. If this is true, then we have a question of safe versus safer, or the better of two evils.

            Is API ordinance necessary?, ask the soldiers. Is war necessary, wish it wasnt but have not seen anything that indicates we will be rid of war in the near future. While there is war we need the API capacity because it is actually used as a defensive weapon which saves soldiers lives. If you are a foot soldier and you are being hit by a barrage of rounds from tanks, I guarantee you will be very happy to see A-10 Thunderbolts (warthogs) diving out of the sky spewing thousands of 30MM API rounds into those tanks ripping them to shreds. So, in that instance, yes DU is very good.

            Like I said, we need to have more data on the possible effects of the residual radiation from DU to make a more informed decision on how harmful it is in the long run.

            I hope you see from this answer that I am trying to look at this from an educated and reasonable view. I am not a warmonger, I think most conflicts are unnecessary. As I have stated before, I also dont like emotional accusations about the cause and effect aspects of something. If you dont like war, that is fine, but dont blame the effects of war on either the soldiers or the weapons used, that is the responsibility of the leaders of countries and military equipment corporations.

          • Frank Kahn

            I had some difficulty getting to the report that you provided a link for before, the |more part was the problem.

            Now I have read the report and have an issue with your assessment of its findings.

            Yes, radiation is mentioned as a possible cause, but there is more emphasis placed on heavy metal poisoning as the problem with the birth defects.

            As an aside comment, the legal term is moot not mute. Although they are pronounced almost the same they have very different meanings.

          • Frank Kahn

            sorry, I lost part of my comment on the heavy metal portion.

            They stated that heavy metal poisoning is a major cause of both miscarriages and birth defects, and that high levels of lead and mercury was found in the women who have experienced miscarriages. I do not dismiss the mention of radiation, I just bring this up to say that you failed to mention their concerns about the metals.

      • DaveH

        Patriot says — “The stories of the real people who’s daily lives were made better because the United States had cared enough to send our very best to defend them”.
        What about those whose lives were destroyed, like these poor fellows?

      • DaveH

        If you’d read the book I linked to Patriot, you would see that there have been more lives lost as a result of US involvement than saved. Not to mention that our military happily takes away the rights of other countries’ citizens while we sit over here enjoying our rights and ignorantly thinking that there is any reason whatever that our Leaders wouldn’t do the same to us if given the chance.

        • Danny Biddle

          I don’t need to read the book, I am aware of the lives that have been lost in wars, especially our’s and I am aware that our Government could do the same to us here and am more aware that our Present President would be more apt to do that if we don’t agree with him and not necessarily thorough the millitary but through OBAMA (DONT) CARE.

    • eddie47d

      Well Lois considering that the Republicans (Romney) jumped on the Libyan issue right off the bat and made false remark about what was done and not done maybe you need to be lecturing to them. That was a false attempt to divide this nation also. Not sure why you dragged up the “black” issue unless you are being snarky about it. Then you mention non profits which is unfortunate since I have seen several petitions on the Web that want to take non profit status away from religious groups and churches. Why? Because they are so involved in politics which is not allowed if they want to keep their tax exempt status. Be careful what you wish for for it could hurt an organization that is near and dear to you also.

      • Danny Biddle

        EDDIE47D: And Obama is not spending any of our tax money for his re-election? Is this allowed? Do you know how much the CEO of AARP Takes of the money they collect from dues? Isn’t this a non-profit organization or is it a ObAMA Cares associate that will make billions from Obama care? How much of the donations to Red Cross go towards helping others? I believe the answer is 10%. Every dime contributed goes towards disastrous victims. Every 90% goes to pay wages of the employees. What is dear and near to my heart is helping those that are in need and not asking other to pay me to do it!!!!

      • Flashy

        Danny….facts me man…facts.. You slammed the Red Cross why?

        Of every dollar donated, the American Red Cross says 91 cents goes toward aid, while nine cents covers the cost of running the non-profit, including salaries, administration, and fundraising.

        The American Red Cross receives a three-star rating from Charity Navigator, up from two stars in 2008, but still one star shy of the top ranking. Berger says that’s primarily because the Red Cross does not have an ample financial cushion to carry the organization through lean times.

        BTW…I believe you cite the severance package given to the CEO ousted in 2009. he received two years salary as a severance package. AARP’s CEO is paid an annual salary of $575,000 … it also has A+ rating from the BBB in operations, administrative distribution, and charity accountable standards,,,,

        • Danny Biddle

          Why should he have received a severance package? I believe you better fact check your facts, I believe you got the percentages turned around. The A+ rating compared to what? The BBB has rated them A+ for adminsitration distribution and charity accountable standards. Again what does that mean and compared to? (Obama spending). You Dems believe Obama has done a tremendous job of handling our contributions to him (tax money)?

      • eddie47d

        Danny; AARP does advocate on political issue but that is from donations from private citizens and not from organization/magazine dues. I have sent them $10 two years ago to support a particular issue and I paid separately for the magazine subscription. You seem to be confused on both the Red Cross and the AARP issue.

  • Flashy

    “The Obama who took the stage Tuesday night bore no resemblance to the big-spending liberal we’ve known (and opposed) for the past four years.”

    Actually…..”big spending” is what the GOP did for eight years of 2001-2009 and what this administration didn’t. The deficits…y’all do know that the last budget of Bush/Cheney blew their previous deficit spending out of the water did you not? that the level of deficit spending is the direct result of reckless GOP spending. And that the federal budget has grown the lowest rate in the last 50 years? That the number of government/public workers has shrunk while private employment has grown after the Bush collapse was arrested?

    Now is when the campaigns are gonna get dirty. the numbers will be cited ‘from the day he took office’…conveniently not pointing out that the slide had to be slowed, then halted and reversed which took over a year the damage was so bad. GOP math, which just doesn’t add up…is being cited as the gospel truth and the numbers will be known after the election…because it’s “complicated’ and we’re too stupid to figure it out beforehand. And the wealthy and elite will launch massive ad blitzes hoping we buy their snake oil and they’ll have another round of transferring our money into their hands.

    Libya? OK…my take. Something was going on..something we can only conjecture. Think about it. An Ambassador, few security. meeting with two former military guys and still unidentified “private consultants” (a private consultant in Libya? Now?). At a consulate…NOT the embassy.

    Something was going on. Something requiring a secret meeting and closed door discussions. And it was important enough for the “other side’ to risk an attack and snuff our guys. That’s the only reasonable line of thought to make of the subsequent events.

    Incompetent? One may allege a lot of things, but Sec of State Clinton and Pres. Obama cannot be said to be incompetent. The strongest argument would be security was down because of the cuts to embassy security demanded and mandated by the GOP. But that’s not being used by the administration.

    No…something important was going down, and the “other side” had to stop it at any risk. And now there’s most likely a silent war going on with body bags everywhere.

    The real question we should all be asking about concerning Libya….do we really want to know? Should we know?

    • Alex

      As usual, Flashy offers the truth, painful as it may be to those living in a bubble….

      • Danny Biddle

        Did Bush Cheney have to spend any money for 911 or Katrina? Did Bush have a Democratic Congress and Senate his last two years when the ecnomy began its collaspe?
        Has Obama had any crisis similar to what Bush faced? The answer is NONONONONO? Who is living in a bubble? THE BIG ZERO KNOWN AS A BUBBLE AND ALL YOU FOLLOWERS WHO THINK THE BUBBLE CAN FLOAT FOREVER. Sorry to inform you when it Burst you will be falling along with everyone else.

      • eddie47d

        Come on Danny you are one angry and irrational dude and making no sense.

      • Kinetic1

        “Has Obama had any crisis similar to what Bush faced?”
        Obviously, if you are referring to 9/11 the answer is no, but what is your point? Bush came in with a fairly strong economy, projected surpluses, a Republican lead House and lot’s of intel to warn him of what was to come from Bin Laden. The middle class was strong and the mood was upbeat. Bush ignored the intel, rejected many Middle Eastern nations that offered support and rejected the violence, advised Americans to just continue their “participation and confidence in the American economy.”

        Clearly, Obama didn’t have to face such a major attack in the first 9 months of his Presidency. Instead he had to deal with 2 ongoing wars, a 1.1 Trillion dollar deficit, unemployment rising at record rates, the housing crash, the bank crash and the list goes on.

        I almost forgot;
        “Did Bush Cheney(sic) have to spend any money for 911″
        Are you referring to the clean up or the wars to follow? I ask because a conversation such as this should not go by without noting Bush’s choice to keep the wars out of the budget and pay for them through “emergency spending.” When you talk about the Bush economy and his budget deficit it’s important to remember that he did his best to hide the real financial cost.

    • rb

      You’re dillusional!

    • Paul Wells

      “The real question we should all be asking about concerning Libya….do we really want to know? Should we know?”

      No, you brain dead liberals would rather talk about “binders of women” or free contraceptives that taxpayers pay for, rather than anything important like why is our scumbag president such a liar! Flash, you are one sick, deluded dude!

      • Flashy

        Wells….you avoided the questions. Do we really want to know what went down in Libya? Should we know?

        Think it through with all the ramifications. And your answer is ?

        • Danny Biddle

          Do you want to knowwhat President zero meant by the comment to the Russian Leader, “After the election I will have more flexibility”. I certainly do, but we won’t know unless he is re-elected, than it will be to LATE!!!

      • eddie47d

        Are Paul and Danny related? How much blistering diatribes are you two trying to throw out there? Name calling certainly doesn’t give Paul much credibility. If that’s the best you got Paul maybe you should join Danny at the clinic.

      • Paul Wells

        I understand what your concern is. Yes, let the truth win out. This condescending attitude that this administration has, that the electorate is not mature or educated enough to handle the truth IS THE PROBLEM! Yes, someone screwed the pooch big time, otherwise Ambassador Stevens wouldn’t be dead. They don’t have to give away national security secrets, just straighten out the narrative so that we have a better idea of what went down. The American public deserves to know. Here’s something that most people don’t know about the Libyan embassy. Three weeks prior to this incident, most of the staff at that embassy was ordered to leave! That tells me and anyone else who thinks it through that the administration KNEW something bad was about to happen.

        Very noble of Hilary to fall on the sword for Obummer, but for him and Biden to lie through their frickin’ teeth and say they had no knowledge is just folly. I’m beginning to believe that Obama is a congenital liar, since he just doesn’t seem to be able to tell the truth…about..well, anything, really, except that he likes basketball, and he can sing a little like Al Green.

      • Flashy

        My concern is that with the constant display of extremism portrayed on ths site, with the Bushies in foreign policy advising Romney and wanting war at any provarication….I don’t think the subtleness of diplomacy and international realpolitik (always present….as described from Machiavelli onward) should be blown out of the water by numbskulls who want nothing more than call themselves “patriots” (TPers, the American Taliban aka Christian Right, elite 1%, etc) while screaming for policies and acts which virtually guaranty the destruction of this Nation.

      • Paul Wells


        Gee, I was about to give you more credit than that, and say that your concern rested with any instability that might occur in the middle east, if the American Public knew the truth, but no, as usual, you just want to wail about how conservatives are so close minded, so unfair. You are just like the rest of the koolaid drinkers, and equally devoid of redeeming quality.

      • Flashy

        Paul..this is an election year, and with the rants and lies already being made over issues that are twisted unrecognizable from reality…i don’t hold the hope rational thinking will occur from the extreme Right nor the extreme Left.

        Read the posts today…just read them. You honestly think if something delicate was to come out that these folks wouldn’t scream, rant, and cry ‘woe is us!” to bring down Pres. Obama, cause a crisis and have it develop far out of control and weaken our defenses ? All for the cause of whatever insane ideology they hold?

      • Dennis48e

        “My concern is that with the constant display of extremism portrayed on ths site, ”

        Flushy (thanks Opal) if you are so concerned with “the extremism on this site” as you say why are you such a big contributor to it.

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “Actually…..”big spending” is what the GOP did for eight years of 2001-2009 and what this administration didn’t. The deficits…y’all do know that the last budget of Bush/Cheney blew their previous deficit spending out of the water did you not? that the level of deficit spending is the direct result of reckless GOP spending. And that the federal budget has grown the lowest rate in the last 50 years? That the number of government/public workers has shrunk while private employment has grown after the Bush collapse was arrested?”.
      Are you saying Obama didn’t approve the spending, Flashman? If so, why didn’t he work to get it stopped? Why did he lobby hard to pass a Healthcare Bill that will undoubtedly skyrocket our real medical expenses (including those hidden costs foisted on us by Government)?
      Indeed Bush spent like a drunken sailor (but at least drunken sailors are spending their own money). But Obama is making Bush look like a piker.
      Federal Spending in Bush’s last full year (2008) — $2,982,000,000,000.
      Federal Spending in Obama’s latest full year (2011) — $3,603,000,000,000.
      That’s a $621 Billion increase each year. That amounts to $2,000 dollars extra for each man, woman, and child in this country, each year. Or over $6000 dollars extra each year for every average family in the US.

      • Flashy

        DaveH…the last Bush budget was 2009. look carefully before you post those numbers…are both wars included? What were the revenue projections? For the Obama budgets, what has been the actual increase in spending? And…if the CBO states Obamacare will save us money, are you more of an expert to say it won’t? I’m sure Mises has some catchy title for you to paste. Please…try and read them once in awhile…

      • DaveH

        Obama could have stopped any of the Federal Spending if he had wanted to. He doesn’t want to.
        Flashman says — “if the CBO states Obamacare will save us money, are you more of an expert to say it won’t?”.
        Yeah sure, Flashman, a biased Federal Government agency says Obamacare will save us money. Here’s what an expert at Cato says:

      • DaveH

        From Gabriel E. Vidal, chief operating officer of a hospital system in the United States. He has a BA in politics, philosophy, and economics and an MBA in finance. Why Obamacare can’t work:

      • DaveH

        I forgot momentarily that Flashman couldn’t be trusted. So when I awoke I looked up CBO + Obamcare + costs and got this:

        And you can bet the costs will continue to be adjusted upwards over the years as is the usual case for Government programs.

      • DaveH

        Logically the act of adding highly paid Government meddlers to the Healthcare field will only make Healthcare less efficient, more scarce, and thus more expensive. But Liberal Progressives don’t understand logic, so to paraphrase Nancy — We will have to wait to see what Obamacare actually costs us (unfortunately).

      • Flashy

        DaveH…I jknow of that CBO. Now…here’s the truth 9something you take great pains to avoid)…

        From Forbes….costs more, and reduce the deficit LESS. note…it will still reduce the deficit. Go argue with Forbes magazine. That well known leftie magazine.

      • DaveH

        I can’t believe you posted that, Flashman. But thanks, I have bookmarked it for future reference. I’m hoping your Liberal Progressive buddies read it before they realize it isn’t in their favor.

    • DaveH

      Flashman says — “conveniently not pointing out that the slide had to be slowed, then halted and reversed which took over a year the damage was so bad”.
      Government cannot stop economic downturns. In fact the downturns are usually caused by Government interventions in the economy especially the Federal Reserve’s pumping money into the economy which results in Malinvestments and Booms (think Party Time) which cannot be sustained and so inevitably collapse. The best that Government could do is to butt out of our Marketplace and let Free Markets correct the excesses of the Booms. And Obama has certainly not done that.
      Read this to better understand the mechanisms of Booms and Busts:

      • Flashy

        Don’t need some over hyped tome to describe the workings of the capitalist system DaveH. Unfettered capitalism will eventually destroy itself as the extreme create conditions for dictatorships and controlling oligarchies (see e.g. the feudal system as well as Aristocratic England of the mid 10th century.).

        What government intervention does is ease the extremes to a more manageable, acceptable swing. It also aids in directing future growth and policy for what is more beneficial to the overall society.

        Take Solyndra for instance. You see it as a payoff and boondoggle. I, and most intelligent people interested in the long term future of this nation see it as a prime example of why government is needed. Take any of the major innovations we have today. Polio, birth control, freeways, internet, phones, TV, space exploration, Tang fer chrissakes…the list goes on and on. All began with government funding … Why? because at the very beginning of their creation, of when they were first thought of…it was too risky for private capital. Once they became established as solid areas of research for profit, private capital came around.

        Alternative energy? We’re at the cusp of that technology. With the massive monies Big Oil has to crush any competition to that outdated energy source, government is the only resource we, the People, have to utilize…

      • DaveH

        I don’t post those links for you, Flashman, because you aren’t here to learn anything. You’re here to harass good people who would like to learn how you and your masters are taking advantage of them.

      • DaveH

        Flashman says — “What government intervention does is ease the extremes to a more manageable, acceptable swing. It also aids in directing future growth and policy for what is more beneficial to the overall society”.
        Sure, Flashman, we believe you (not). Before the Progressives built Government to the Gargantuan size it now is, Depressions (what they called them in those days) were rarely more than 1 year long. The only one that was longer was very mild.
        Then we got Big Government and their Federal Reserve. Just 17 years after the Federal Reserve was created, we had the longest and, by far, the most severe Depression of our country’s history. So much for smoothing out the extremes. And now, with the Biggest Government in Peacetime History, we have the current Recession (really a Depression). And the end is nowhere in sight.
        As Government Grows, Economies Slow.
        See here for proof, Folks:

        It’s difficult normally to compare countries because they have different heritages, different customs, different work ethics, etc. But when Germany was split up, East Germany was forced into Communism, while West Germany retained a very Capitalist economy. Both sides were from very similar backgrounds. But East Germany had a lousy economy while West Germany had a very robust economy.
        Socialism has been proven a failure throughout History. Leaders like it because it gives them Power and Perks that the rest of the people don’t enjoy.

    • Mike

      Flashy let’s be objective here. You cite Bush/GOP spending from 00 to 08. Yes, they spent too much. Agree.

      However, it is a fact that Obama increased the Federal budget in his first submission, if I recall correctly it was a 15% increase over the last year of Bush. Obama has keep the budget above 3.5 trillion every year. You can look up this stuff on wikipedia. So instead of fixing the problem Obama made it worse. If he continued to pay for the wars (on top of the ridiculous entitlement spending and Interest on Debt – both of which eclipse DoD spending) then an elementary deduction would indicate that left felt the wars were justified. Disagree? What was nothing stopping Obama from bringing the troops home on day 1 of his tenure.

      Can you please clarify what you mean by “Bush Collapse.” Are you blaming one man for the problems of 2008? The man who warned congress 17 times? And speaking of Congress… The dems took over in 2006 what did they do to stop the collapse? Can Bush be blamed for a sub-prime mess? One that has it’s roots in the Clinton administration.

      • Flashy

        Two items…the last Bush budget was 2009..not 2008. Just as Clinton’s last budget was 2001…not 2000.

        Yes…the Bush Collapse. Aside from having a balanced budget inherited, aside from being the main cause of the recession he had his first year, aside from hiding the deficits of war, aside from overseeing the continuance of the Reagan Redistribution of Wealth, aside from weakening the Middle Class to the point of being unable to weather the resulting economic fiasco, aside from endangering our national security, social health and well being, and creating the strife and rancor we have today, aside from politicizing every regulatory and security agency we have, and aside from attaining the highest level of incompetency of any president (even outdoing Reagan which i had thought was impossible)…Bush’s main fault would lie in that when he deregulated to world of finance and corporations….he cut the number of regulators as well…thus, less regulation and no one around to make sure what rules remained were adhered to.

      • DaveH

        You’re equivocating, Flashman (as usual). It doesn’t matter who created the budget, Obama is Chief Executive and has the Power and Influence to get it shrunk — IF he wants to. Obama doesn’t want to.

  • eddie47d

    Obama has done just fine on the oil and gas drilling issue yet that topic gets beat to death. Production is higher and there are new well heads (many thousands throughout the USA). Permits have been authorized a couple years ago in the Gulf and even in Alaska. The Bakken oil fields in North Dakota still can’t find enough steady workers. The Keystone Pipeline was a farce from the get go yet the Conservatives try and make it a major issue in job creation. Obama was absolutely correct in keeping the pipeline from going through the Ogallala Aquifer in Western Nebraska. The environmental damages that could have been done would be devastating to the breadbasket of America. The new plan is to reroute the pipeline to Eastern Nebraska where any damages could be contained easier. The biggest problem with the pipeline is that it won’t change gas prices one bit yet we still have politicians stoking that line. These politicians say the pipeline is being stopped yet the oil companies are forcing people off their land throughout Texas. Looks like to me its going to be built. There are land owner who are facing eminent domain threats and are being booted off their property. The whole pipeline issue is a stink because all the oil is already contracted out to other nations. So if I was a politician I wouldn’t be crowing too loudly in it being America’s savior.

    • Flashy

      Keystone is a huge lie by the corporate elites and the GOP. Just as the ‘fance’ along the border was and is. Corporations will make HUGE profits…labor will suffer, no significant job creation.

      Meanwhile, both the fence and keystone have people being kicked off their land…in some cases family farms held for generations. In other cases, privacy is out the window as people are having to accept unrestricted access across their land by corporate reps. Crops and cattle rotations screwed up, etc etc…

      but we are told it will be good for us.

      I have yet to hear a valid argument how it will be good for us ….

    • Dennis48e

      “Production is higher and there are new well heads (many thousands throughout the USA).”

      And almost all if not all that increase is from wells on private land land the government does not have total control over like it does on federal land where almost no new wells are being drilled.

      “The Bakken oil fields in North Dakota still can’t find enough steady workers. The Keystone Pipeline was a farce from the get go yet the Conservatives try and make it a major issue in job creation. Obama was absolutely correct in keeping the pipeline from going through the Ogallala Aquifer in Western Nebraska. The environmental damages that could have been done would be devastating to the breadbasket of America.”

      The Bakken wells are on private land not federal land. As soon as objections to the pipeline’s route were announced the company started looking for then proposing a new route that eliminated the passage OVER not though the aquafier.

  • Tag

    This loser of a president was NOT aggressive as claimed by this author and others etc. Being confrontational is NOT being ‘aggressive’, it IS being physically threatening and posturing like a bantum rooster when he really is a coward!!! He was and IS insulting, interruptive like an unruly child, spouting untruthful rhetoric and making false and phony claims, making false and phony accusations and allegations against Romney and blaming all other presidents BEFORE him for his own failures and claiming successes where there are none to be claimed! That is who obummer is! He is as phony as a $4 dollar bill! For the life of me I will never understand why these people who champion him cannot see who and what he is – a posturing, ridiculous looking (flap his ears he’ll fly), male that has reached a position in his life he should never have been given under ANY circumstances, whos sole goal is to destroy America as we know it, who has no right to the oval office, simply by birth (he is NOT an American citizen born on this soil), who is extremely stupid and lacks the necessary knowledge and experience to even survive in this country without someone holding his hand and helping him through life (Ted Kennedy) who spends more money for his own and his families pleasure than on taking care of the country and its problems, and has no interest in doing what is best for our nation. He can memorize a script as shown in the debate but as far as being ‘knowledable’ he lacks all necessary intelligence to even make a rational decision abbout Afganistan, Iraqm this USA, the oil fields and pipeline, or what is actually needed to be done for this country to defend itself and be successful business wise. He has no business experience and is dumb and dumber when it comes to even running a small retail shop – he simply could not do it! He has made all of this money with the help of his ‘mentors’ in his life – does know how to play the political game, after all he is a product of Chicago, the most corrupt city and county in the USA, bar none.
    You folks get what you vote for and this time you screwed up and got the biggest failure of all times – even bigger than Carter or any other fool that has held our highest office in this land! Now, you want that stupidity repeated? If obummer gets back in again this country will suffer his misdeeds – believe it!!!

    • Johnny

      okay, let me get this straight TAG……when he took office, we were losing 750,000 jobs a month….since you are so brainy and knowledgeable, what action do YOU think we should have taken….??? he turned a 750,000 per month job loss into positive job gains for the last 30 whatever months, and republicans only talk about the 8% figure, they dont talk about the gorwth, they dont talk about the fact that he put out a jobs billl that would put people back to work and they wont pass it because they dont WANT the economy to get any better….it is treasonous the crap they have pulled over the last four years. I never paid attention until this time because this is the first time I actually voted for the person who WON the election….that’s right, I didnt vote for Clinton, I voted for Perot….I didnt vote for clinton the second time, because I was serving my country in germany and didnt get a ballot from texas to vote, but regardless, all I have seen since Obama was elected was republicans blocking every single thing he has tried to do, and despite that, we have gained jobs every month….the stock market has just about doubled from what it was when he took office and things seem to be going well considering you thinking he is such an utter failure. He actually EXPANDED gun rights and allows loaded weapons to be carried in National Parks and on Amtrak trains so where you get this bologna about him taking your guns is beyond me. All you people see is what you WANT to see….what you WANT him to be, and not what he is actually doing and promoting. I cant believe business are going to go belly up because he wants to raise their taxes back to what they were ten years ago under Clinton when we added jobs. Maybe if you cant afford to pay that additional tax, you dont have any business being in business. They have gotten away with a tax cut for long enough and if it means ending my tax cut as well, so be it….I am not gonna cry over a few dollars a month if it helps out the country.

      • Danny Biddle

        JOHNNY: Do you beleive everything the media says or the government agencies that publish the unempolyment figures or job numbers? Do you live in this country or work in this country? Have you hired anyone lately? Have you purchased any gasoline? Have you been laid off lately? Were you around the first two years of Obama’s presidency when he didn’t need the Republicans? In regards to gun control he also approved of 1,000 of gun sales to the drug cartel in Mexico!

      • DaveH

        Johnny says — “he [Obama] turned a 750,000 per month job loss into positive job gains for the last 30 whatever months”.
        The truth (from BLS website):
        January 2009 (Obama takes office), non-farm Employment — 133,561,000.
        July 2012 (latest actual employment figures), non-farm Employment — 133,244,000.
        So, jobs were lost over all in his 4 years. And that was at a cost of over $5 Trillion in added debt. So now every American has been saddled with an increased debt of $16,000 to pay off some time in the future. Or to put it another way — every average family has been saddled with an increased debt of $50,000 to pay off some time in the future.
        How many more years of Big Government can we afford?

        • Tag

          Hooray for you, DaveH. Unfortunately, some people can’t see the forest for the trees and certainly do not understand economics and what are called successes or failures from the ‘man in charge’ – just becuse obummer says its true means just the opposite. That means what you need to do is start looking under the rocks to find what REALLY went on – not what a posturing elected official says is true – obummer is full of balloon juice (hot air) – wake up and smell the roses and call a spade a spade!

      • Flashy

        Danny…you remind me of the ex. She blew her car engine and tranny. Was irate when she was told the repair cost and time it would take. Went to a chop shop, got a hack job at a cheap price…and is stranded more often than not with a car that she cannot rely upon. Her current BF is complaining because he has to drive her everywhere, rescue her, and she won’t spend the money for a new car.

        When you complain about doing a repair job right, and making sure you have solid, reliable, quality repairs undoing the damage … you’ll get what the ex got. Doing it right…building a strong base and infrastructure, repairing the Middle Class and its wealth…that’s doing it right.

        You want to experience a chop shop? That’s what you’re complaining not having …

      • DaveH

        You remind me of a multi-personalitied administration shill who has a serious problem with honesty:

      • Attaboyslim

        Johnny, I appreciate you being in the Military and serving this country, we all owe you a debt of gratitude but Sir, I am sure you have been misinformed on a couple of your points. Let me start by saying that I am not a Republicrat nor a Demopublican because I hate them both equally. Not for what they are supposed to stand for but for what they have stood for which is destroying this country. They hold equal blame.

        The figures you mentioned that were to indicate job growth, is a fallacy. It is untrue and not accurate because of the way the numbers were reached and for where most of the new jobs went … across the board. Any increases were reached because they did not and do not count the people who have stopped looking for work which means it can’t possibly be accurate. The only way it could be proven to be an increase would be a total census of the employed, those looking and those who were recently hired Also, the vast majority of new job creations were for Government positions. Began by Bush and continuing today, the Government has exploded in size and scope so those can’t actually be countewd in the public sector for job growth.

        As for your position on the Stock Market, well … that has it’s problems as well. The Central Banks – aka, the FED – aka, Wall Street and the White House are connected at the hip. With no auditing powers or public scrutiny, those numbers can be altered at will and they usually are in order to show some … any growth. Don’t forget that when Obama took office, nearly his entire cabinet consisted of Wall Street or Banking insiders and besides, would we really have a 17 trillion dollar deficit if the stock market and the Dollar were so strong?

        On gun rights and the 2nd Amendment … Both, Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama are working feverishly on a U.N. agenda that would end that Constitutional protection but truthfully, your guns do not belong to you at this very moment. Assuming they are registered, why on earth would you need to register “Your” gun and “Ask” permission from a lower source than yourself, just to have it for your protection? There is also the fact that Obama has placed Veterans and especially returning Vet on a watch list for possible terrorist activities but that also included people who believe in the Constitution and owning guns so that places you in a high risk group, according to Obama.

        Just because they vomit out a message on television and regurgitate the same message on the radio and in print, doesn’t necessarily make it something to live by in life.

    • eddie47d

      That is all Tag and company have Johnny is the constant drumbeat of negativity. See how nasty and one sided Tag was. During the debate both Romney and Obama did alot of posturing but will the likes of Tag admit that? Did he know that Romney used 7,802 words to Obama’s 7,294 words. That may be immaterial but apparently Romney did the most blabbering. Its amazing how wrong he (Tag) is on Iraq and our oil situation here at home but that is all they have.

      • Tag

        You don’t know your butt from third base on any subject just because you are a dyed-in-the-wool supporter of this loser president. He did exactly like I said he did and I don’t care how many ‘words’ were used – he interrupted just like Biden which is rude and immature behavior from an alleged ‘professional’ – which actually shows him to be TOTALLY ON THE DEFENSIVE in his positions – he is a failure, a liar, and racistf, and totally incompetenet to hold this office or any other! He knows he is a loser and he acted the way he did in order to try to defend his failures – that does not make him aggressive – it makes him a failure president in efforts to cover his butt on those failures by posturing and shooting his mouth off instead of producing bonifide facts on any successes he claims! This guy is a JOKE of the worst kind – a waste of space and oxygen and the sooner he is out of office the better off this country will be! He has done nothing but lie, make money for his own pockets, waste the tax payers money for his frivolity and fun and games with friends and family and has no sense of responsibility or the intelligence to run a lawn mower service, much less a nation! GET HIM OUT!!!! This should be our battle cry! GET HIM OUT!

      • eddie47d

        Tag still spews out conjecture to make a point when Romney also got into Obama’s face and did alot of walking around also. Maybe the moderator should strap their butts to the stool and give electrical shocks if they go over lets say 5 seconds.

    • Sheryn

      Tag—Obama has done a good job so get over it. He will continue to do a good job after he is re-elected. You are a fool if you think otherwise.

      • Tag

        Sheryn, I know, you are the type person that goes to bed and night and wakes up the next a.m. thinking that during the night the good fairy has visited and left the world you imagine it to be – in your case, that obummer has done a good job. In truth, all he has done is mess things up for everyone! Take a look at his ‘record’ while a senator in Illinois – he is such a waste of time and money that no one even missed him when he was absent during voting procedures – if it hadn’t been for Ted Kennedy he would have been kicked out of the senate for failure to do his job – he is a product of lies and corruption – Blago, Cook County and Chicago – read it and weep – its’ FACT!!!!

      • tony

        Sheryn you are wrong Obama has done a poor job , he is bleeding the middle class dry with over regulation . Read where the Middle Class is getting Screwed by Obama Regulation Policy and where we can Balance the national DEBT in 8 years without one single cut to Entitlement spending !!!!!! OMG are we STUPID or what Being safe is fine but at a cost of 1.75 trillion Hell that’s 18 % of GDP with no benenfit to supply expansion to lower inflation cost of Living , common Mr. President you have to be smarter than this , ???
        Scroll down to the segment about : “ Regulations “ Where Senator Mike Johanns Talks about a Obama regulation COST PER YEAR of 1.75 Trillion ,
        Plus Sheryn While President Obama pleads for 4 more years to finish what he has started , 4 more years of this without a Plan from President Obama on what he will do to curb this ???

        —23 Million Unemployed or Underemployed

        —47 Million on Food Stamps

        —5.5 Million Homes in Crisis/Foreclosure

        —$4500 Drop in Household Income

        —$5.5 Trillion of New Debt

        —$716 Billion in Medicare Cuts

        —$2.6 Trillion for Obamacare

        —$1.9 Trillion in New Taxes in Obama’s Budget

        —100% Increase in Gas Prices — in the last Debate when Romney challenged The president on his Higher Gas price issue hurting the Middle Class and stalling economic growth , Obama tried to claim was because when Gas was Low when he took Office the financial collapse was why prices were low , But before the crash when prices were high he demonized BUSH and the Oil Companies for gouging the Middle Class so whats the reason for higher prices this time Mr . President ?? Sheryn How can you defend this record of Strife and crimes of Humility bestowed against the American people’s ability to be self reliant as this president suffers only the humility of his inability to lie to cover his failures ???

        • Tag

          Tony, right on! Thank God you are among those that have the intelligence to what this goofball has done to this country. It is obvious that Sheryn (spelling of her name tells it all) is prejudiced and will vote obummer again – just because. Being correct, being responsible by doing the right thing for this country is tossed by the wayside in favor of color! Those people should just stand UP and let their brains air out!

      • Tag

        Sheryn, take your head out of your rear end and learn something for a change instead of being one of the sheeple that votes color. It is obvious you are black and want to follow like the pied piper but that won’t work in this case – too much is lost by voting obummer back in again – are you one of those that threatens a riot if he ISN”T? Guess the rest of us must get ready for being locked and loaded! I’m ready!

      • Karolyn

        Curiouser and curiouser. Tag uses the spelling of someone’s name to pigenhole her, as well as saying that she’s black because of what she says. That is funny! :-)

      • Attaboyslim

        Excuse me but, are you feeling alright? You had the nerve to make such a bold statement of supposed fact as well as stating that anyone who disagreed was, somehow less intelligent? Based on the fact that, you said it was so? Without a shread of information to back up your claim? I can list fifty solid pieces of evidence to support my claim that he is a worthless person with no intention of helping this country or anyone in it but … well, I don’t think you could stay awake long enough to read it or have any understanding of the truth. So, go back to sleep and dream those sweet thoughts of Obama paying your rent and giving you a brand new cell phone.

        Of course, you do know that none of that will be paid out of he and Michelles personal multimillion dollar accounts, right? Of course you don’t.

  • Tom Cook

    Any little [insult deleted] will respond loudly and feign defensive aggression if you step on its tail. Romney stepped on our little [insult deleted] in the first debate and it snarled and raised its lip, but it is still the little cowardly [comment has been edited].

  • Dussty1

    All of the lies are finally catching-up with the Obama Administration. Biden thought he did a great job, until the next day, when we found out how his disrespectful behavior really turned people off, especially women. Obama gambled on running his disparaging campaign against Romney, and now that the American people have seen and heard from Romney directly, Obama is greatly diminished. I have to say that watching the Al Smith charity dinner last night, I feel a bit sorry for Obama. I thought it was terrible that Michelle Obama didn’t attend to sit at her husband’s side. This was an important event during a crucial election. I thought Romney was really entertaining and unexpectly funny. I also liked seeing Obama and it’s firist time I felt he could be likable. I think it was good for the country to see the two men together, however briefly, being funny and cordial with each other.

    • DaveH

      It’s easy to be funny and cordial when you’re spending other peoples’ money and running other peoples’ lives.

  • Attaboyslim

    Obama’s true moral character focuses, primarily, on deceit. When he came onto the scene, he knew exactly what to say in order to get elected. All of the troubling things that were concerning to most Americans became his battle cry but only until the next item had been realized. “You want to troops home? The very first thing I’ll do is to bring ‘em home”. And the people cheered. “Are you saying you don’t like secret prisons where people are tortured? The first thing I’ll do when I get into office will be to close it down!” All the people shouted, “what a good man.”

    He smeared it on thicker and thicker each new day. “I’m sick and tired of the Constitution being ignored and our rights being violated, aren’t you? Well, once I’m elected, those things will no longer be a problem.” The whole country yelled, “Hurray!” Even as his followers grew exponentially, some offered caution because of his questionable eligibility to even be President based on his citizenship issue. A man with true integrity would have stepped up and said, “If this is something that bothers the American people then I will provide all documentation and cooperate with the investigation to clear it up completely.” Instead, he has hired a bunch of high priced Lawyers to keep his records sealed.

    The man won’t even allow his college records to be available because, he obviously has something to hide. But, his persuasion was strong and he got the job only, instead of proving that his word was good and the faith placed on him had not been in vain by keeping his campaign promises, he did just the opposite. Actually, he did worse because not only did he not keep his promises, (any of them) but he increased others even beyond their original concern. When coupled with the debt, unemployment, perpetual war … etc., It is beyond belief that there are still people who place their faith in the man.

    I suppose it could be that the last four years have been so overwhelming that people are too stunned to recognize the true damage being done or maybe the prospect of the Republicans taking control is just too scary and a Romney presidency is scary. It looks like this really is a choice between two evils.

    • momtokippy

      Now this is the truth. Thanks Attaboyslim.

      • Attaboyslim


    • eddie47d

      Extracting troops from wars isn’t always an easy task. Iraq and Afghanistan are even more complicated because of the ethnic in fighting. Nixon had the very same problem in Vietnam making promises he couldn’t keep. In 1967 when he started his campaign he said,”If anyone can’t end a war in 4 years (referring to President Johnson) then they don’t deserve to be President”. The Vietnam War didn’t end until May of 1975 long after his promised timeline.

      • uvuvuv

        my theory is, and you’ll call me stupid as usual, is that lbj as vp had bought raytheon, martin marietta, general dynamics, ltv and lockheed etc heavily on margin, and he had to keep the war going for 4 years. okay, lock and load, eddie.

      • Attaboyslim

        That may very well be true eddie but we went into the region under false pretenses, have devastated several countries and exploited their natural resources and killed millions of innocent civilians and we are not wanted. We have constructed the largest military base on the planet there and I’d say that they never had any plan on leaving. Getting out is never a problem if you are there illegally to start with and haven’t we obtained our main objective? Wasn’t the whole shooting match set up as a means of getting those dreaded terrorist who were responsible for 911? Well, the first bunch supposedly died in the planes, take a million dead Iraqi’s, Pakistani and Afgani’s as well as countries that are barely livable … a n d … Obama claimed he got Bin Laden … case closed … go home.

        They’ll be dancing in the street when we do … if we ever do, leave. Can you imagine what would happen if the Police came to your house looking for a Bank robber who shot a Deputy but then killed most of your family, destroyed your farm and killed all your livestock and then build a new Police station where your barn use to be and then claimed it was just to hard to pull out so soon? Especially after they killed one of your cousins, claimed he was the bad guy but burned the body before anyone saw it because … “that’s how you people do things”. Oh, and Vietnam was also started on a False Flag situation when the Gulf of Tonkin lie was perpetrated. What was the mission there? Oh yea, telling another culture how to live, I forgot.

      • eddie47d

        No argument there Attaboyslim; I have said the very same thing dozens of times on this site and elsewhere.

    • Paul Wells


      It’s hard to argue with your logic, because that’s exactly what happened. Here is my question: Where the heck was our main stream media, you know, the investigative sleuths that are supposed to dig deep into a person’s past, and ask the really hard questions? Oh yeah, I forgot…they were out on the stump getting “tingly in the legs”, and wetting themselves with joy about the monumental hope and change that was about to come. I’m telling you, the lapdog media in this country has become as corrupt and as socialist as the administration is, and when that happens, there just ain’t no checks and balances!

      And the American sheeple! You let this happen! It’s incumbent on anyone who votes in this country to do a little research. Myself, I took at look at the Illinois Senate records for voting by then Senator Obama. I saw an awful lot of “present” votes. I took a look at the issues he did vote for. They were all pretty left of center. When a person goes to such great lengths to cover up who he is, you have to rely on the bread crumbs on the path approach, so I had figured out he was pretty much of a leftist. That didn’t fit in with what I was looking for, so I didn’t vote for him. Were all Americans inclined to do as much, but I guess they’d rather watch DWTS, or American Idol, then pick a reputable man as president.

      • deerinwater

        Paul says; “When a person goes to such great lengths to cover up who he is, you have to rely on the bread crumbs on the path approach, so I had figured out he was pretty much of a leftist. That didn’t fit in with what I was looking for, so I didn’t vote for him.”

        Well Obama Senate voting record is known for those that wish to know. While I know little about any “cover-ups” ~ maybe that is why they are called “cover-ups” ~ while I don’t hold people accountable for their own birth or who they were born too.

        So rather the voting for Obama , you made the decision to elect a man that said in Sept 15th 2008,

      • Paul Wells


        Let me guess. You’re going after the angle that implies that McCain said the economy was sound. He said the “fundamentals” of the economy are sound, meaning the banking system hadn’t collapsed, some home mortgage loans were still getting made, international commerce was still intact, etc. He didn’t say we were in fine shape, I actually heard him acknowledge the challenges ahead. Ok, your turn. Let’s hear you spin it?

      • uvuvuv

        dear deer, if you read the book obama by dave maraniss you will see some very murky details in his past. the way it reads, he started out that project full of idealism for him, then as he learned more and more he kept going just to finish it.

      • Attaboyslim

        Paul, I’m unsure if you were agreeing with me or not but I salute your dedication and research in making an informed decision, people should learn from you. Reading between the lines and following bread crumbs has saved a lot of people from an eternity in the woods lost. “The main stream media?”, bunch of useless talking heads with their heads so far up the arses of whomever is in office that they burp farts Not sure what DWTS (?) is but have heard of American Idol but I haven’t watched TV with any regularity for over ten years now and I want to puke if I’m in the room now with a TV on because it is complete and utter garbage.

      • Paul Wells

        Sorry Attaboyslim,

        I wasn’t very clear in the way that i posted…I’m TOTALLY 100% behind what you said. I was making the rhetorical point about the media being AWOL, not actually asking you that or making it a challenge point. Keep on tellin’ the truth, and God Bless!

        • Attaboyslim


  • nosecondsforme

    Dear Alex,
    try out living in a so called socialist country. Here I don’t mean any of the Scandinavian countries but the real, macho iron-fisted type that the Soviet Union or China under Mao.used to be. The Scandinavian countries are an exception from the rule caused by:
    a) their strong Lutheran background; b) by their self discipline; and c) their work ethic stemming from a) and b). History tells us that conventional socialism does not work. The French tried it out in 1871 and it resulted in a weakend stae and invited “Bismacrk’s war” against them. The first Bolshevik revolution of 1905 failed because id did not have enough resonance in the Russian people. The 1917 revolution succeeded because WW I nearly bled Russia to death and Lenin (the saint??? Bolshevik) unleashed terror from day one and in the first year he had some 300 000 people murdered. Then the iron-fisted rule followed under Stalin. 6 million people starved to death in the early 1920-s, another 6 million Ukranians starved to death in the 1930-s because they resisted Stalin’s land confiscation, the Gulags were set up on day one and continued way after Stalin; in all some 30 million people were butcherd… Mao did not want to fall behind and he had more than 60 million people murdered!
    Why are terror, intimidation, murder and penal colonies necessary? Because socialism is against basic human wishes: respect of ones living-area (even primitive animals defend their territories where they feed and breed), minimal amount of freedom of speech and religion and consistent violation of democratically formulataed laws.
    Stop and think: where is the Pharao’s Egyptian Empire? Roman Empire? The Holy Roman Empire? The Ottoman Empire? The German Empire? The British Empire? The Soviet Union? etc.etc. They all had violated personal freedom, property rights and either were chopped up to bits or vanished all together. In spite of the fact that the Socialists “worship” history (read Marx, Lenin and the modern Socialist/Communist philosophers) they have not learnt from it. Freedom and democracy is messy and suffer of many faults — until you consider the alternative…. (W. Churchill).
    Having grown up in a Communist country (Hungary) and having had to learn the history of Communism, Marxist Economy and Marxist Philosophy at college level I have knowledge of the theory and experienced the practice on my skin until I “voted with my feet” in 1956. Even the presnt USA corrupted by left-right progressive rules is million times better than the Communism I left behind. For further information I recommend you read “The Black Book of Communism” written by disillusioned Communists (four French men, one Polish and one Czech).

    • Robespierre

      As one who had the honor to employ some refugees from Communism, I applaud your post and only wish my fellow spoiled lazy Americans would take heed. Your story is one I have heard many times and has a corrallary in the present trade union movement. We unfortunately have not vetted the people we trust to office for many years so they have taken advantage of the system especially those from area like Illinois and New York where the standard of living is generally higher but seems to be slowly diminished. the only conclusion is for the free enterprise system to take back the government and diminish it.

    • eddie47d

      Great comment Nosecondsforme but why did you level it at Alex when he never said anything about favoring communism. Socialism is practiced in Every country on our planet including our own but that doesn’t mean communism will evolve. We also are considered a Capitalistic country yet in reality it is almost totally crony fascist capitalism. Maybe there never will be a pure form of government because no nation can survive without some form of government leadership.

    • Flashy

      Other than containing a lot of falsehood and erroneous assumptions and labels…your post is so wrong it would fertilize the corn fields of Iowa and have some remaining for the garden….

      Just the first line “try out living in a so called socialist country. Here I don’t mean any of the Scandinavian countries but the real, macho iron-fisted type that the Soviet Union or China under Mao.used to be. ” …. is wrong. Please…enlighten us how the USSR and mao’s China was “socialist” ? heck they weren’t even communist ..

      • Frank Kahn

        You need to read the definitions of socialism and communism. And do a historical check on the ideals of how socialism is a necessary step towards communism. The Soviet Union, ran by Russia, was an extreme example of one type of socialism.

  • Sue

    Actions speak louder than words…

    • Joy Thompson

      My thought, exactly. Unfortunately, when I talk to people who support Obama they are very ignorant of the facts regarding what he’s said as opposed to what he’s done. Too bad these uninformed people can vote.

      • DaveH

        For sure. But to do such a thing would be unworkable. The best that we could do is to repeal the 16th Amendment (Income Tax) and to require that every adult pays the same amount of Federal Taxes with maybe a 5-year grace period. Basically that’s how it was before the 16th Amendment was passed (each state was liable for the same Federal Tax based upon it’s population size).
        Nobody could legitimately whine that it was unfair, anymore than one could whine that everybody paying the same price (at any point in the market cycle) for their cars or other goods and services was unfair.
        If every adult was liable for the same amount of taxes, you can bet that they would immediately vote for much Smaller Government and instead spend their own money voluntarily in the Private Sector to get most of those same services cheaper, and with better more polite service.
        With the dramatic savings that would result from much smaller Government we would all have much more to spend on ourselves and only the truly handicapped would be in need of help which they would get readily from Private Charities.

        • Attaboyslim

          Keep in mind that the 16th Amendment to the Constitution was never properly ratified and there is “No” law on the books that require any of us to pay income tax. Not Federal law, not IRS law and upheld by the US Supreme Court who agreed that a persons labor could not be taxed and any income tax collected were to be from, “profits made”. Please take a look at the Aaron Russo documentary called, “Freedom to Fascism”. The first thing you’ll probably say is … “Damn !”

      • DaveH

        What dramatic savings, one might ask?
        In 1900, Federal Government spending was 3% of the GDP.
        Currently it is over 40% of our GDP.
        Our GDP per capita is currently about $49000. So if we were to shrink the Federal Government back to the 1900 level, we would each have $18,130 more each year to voluntarily spend as we please.
        What do you get from the Federal Government that you would voluntarily pay $18,130 more each year to receive?

      • Johnny

        okay….he said he would end the war in iraq and he did…..he said he would end the war in afghanistan and he has set the time table even though I think he should bring the troops home now, he said he would enact reforms for wall street and he did, he said he would reform healthcare and he did, so what broken promises are you referring to…closing guantanamo??? do you want all of them detainees in YOUR backyard???? I didnt think so. Do you think torture is okay??? I dont. BUSH thought there was nothing wrong with it, since they are not POWs since no war was decalred, but you cant cherry pick what you consider to be a war and what isnt.

        • Tag

          Another brainwashed individual – Johnny, your reference to the health bill – maybe he did promote a program HOWEVER that program is detrimental to the well being, both financiall and health wise, to most citizens and particularly senior citizens. His ‘accomplishments ‘ are only as good as what GOOD they do us. If the prove to be efforts in frutility then he failed. As far as the war is concerned – our military was to have been ALL brought home before now – they are stil there and will be for quite some time and more of our military will suffer death because of it – DO YOU CALL THAT SUCCESS? It isn’t! It is abject failure and lies!!

  • stephen chavez

    Observing at all these volleyball of opinions and comments, what can you (if you are a believer), what can you
    say of Psalm 127:1?

    • Joy Thompson

      I understand your question. People argue about this, but it is obvious from all the way back to the Mayflower Compact that America was founded by believers. Subsequently, we have been blessed and because we have been blessed we have been able to be a blessing to Israel and the rest of the world. Thank-you, Jesus. In the meantime, everything happens for a reason. Romney was not my first choice but for some reason or another, God, for His intents and purposes, has allowed Romney to be the nominee. Being a believer, you understand that the Biblically predicted future events include a one-world government, one-world monetary system, and one-world religious system. In the meantime, we enjoy religious freedom and are called to proclaim the hope that is in Jesus Christ. I think we will be able to do that more easily with Romney’s policies rather than with Obama’s. Can you imagine the negative impact of Obama being able to appoint one or more liberal judges to the Supreme Court? We must keep praying for wisdom and guidance. God Bless You.

  • saukrhiann

    Yup, I’ll be remembering.
    I’ll be remembering who said, “Just Say No” for two years.
    I’ll be remembering who said, “We want to make sure Obama is a one-term President” for another two years.
    I’ll be remembering WHY Obama has not been able to keep his promises.

    Before you go blaming Obama for everything he has or hasn’t done, how about looking at WHY he hasn’t done them. This isn’t a Black and White world, people. Until you realize that, you’re going to simple see more extremism.

    • Attaboyslim

      While I agree with your statement about it not being a black and white world and our needing to look at the entire picture, there is one outstanding fact that you have overlooked. If the R’s are the reason the D’s can’t get anything positive going or if the D’s are creating too many issues that prevent the R’s from getting the country back on track … what does that tell you, really? They have all become a bunch of wealthy and greedy people and their corrupt nature has become their life blood and so they, basically have nailed one foot to the floor and are simply running in circles.

      “They” are the problem. It belongs to “Them” completely. American ingenuity and pride or our desire for greatness hasn’t changed, they have simply buried us under a mountain of debt and have blanketed us with laws that are choking the life blood of this country. By systematically taking our Liberties away, they are realistically neutering us all and forcing us to submit. That is the black and that is the white of it all.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Let me be perfectly clear “I did not have sex…OOPS wrong LIAR, now back to the Present “Liar in Chief” who has Fumbled, Stumbled, Mumbled the Libya football out of the Park. I guess when you make such a Terrible Lie and have to keep telling more Lies to cover the The First Big Lie then you run out of little Lies and you just Look Stupid with egg on your face. or in Oblammer’s case Blood on his hands. But most voters that Fawn & swoon every time he utters/stutters a word will still vote for him. The End is near.

    • eddie47d

      There may have been spin on the Benghazi issue but hardly a lie but I already posted what was really said .

      • Attaboyslim

        Yes, there is a spin on the issue with Libya and there has been since day one. The only reason we got involved, pushed for the removal of Gaddafi and had his regime toppled was the exact same reason we went after Saddam Hussein instead of Bin Laden. Saddam was making arrangements to trade the oil in his reserves for Gold only and no longer the US Dollar and Gaddafi had stated publicly that the Gold Dinar would be the only acceptable currency for their resourced and the Federal Reserve … I mean, the Federal government could not allow that to happen. “Why was our consulate attacked and people killed”? The exact and very same reason that if another country invaded these shores by force, we’d all be making Molotov cocktails and ied’s out of anything we could get our hands on in an attempt to kill them all … every last one.

        Wouldn’t that be a switch? American Extremist Terrorists?

  • FreedomFighter

    Obama’s liberal regime is the most corrupt, disgusting, criminal organization to ever gain power in the USA…

    “Only in America”

    Wake up, stand up, vote them out.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • sandy

    Hi there, that idiot in office, is all lies. He bas se eral personjties,one minute he’s nice, the next he’s mean and unwnted. He’s handing over a lot of info. To ot bhai er counries. I would not trust him with a ten foot pole, he said it would be CHANGE, that was wrong kind, that was pocket change. He is saving the military vote for last, so he can win. If he get’s back in office this country is just is good as gone. He is evil, he will say or do any thing to get back in office, and not keep what ever he said. He told his pastor off, he promise this and he promise that. It’s not going to happen. I’m not a collage person, to know what is going on. He lies about the birth certificate, and other thing’s. And the list is probably long.

    • eddie47d

      Obama did not lie about his birth certificate and only the Birthers made that an issue. The Republicans pushed that 2016 movie which explicitly says that Obama was born in Hawaii. You can’t have it both ways Sandy so who is really stirring up trouble and doing the lying?

      • Frank Kahn

        Birthers is an unacceptable term, he did lie about it, it is faked. And, as the experts (to be named later) say, it does not matter if he was born in Hawaii, the fact that his father was not a US citizen means he is not natural born.

        • Danny Biddle

          If the movie is correct and he was born in Hawaii, does that mean that you agree with the entire movie or do you want to abstract bits and pieces? I seen the movie and I agree in 2016 if the big zero is re=elected it will definitely be a different USA. We will be living like the Kenyan’s unless you are the elite politicians.

          • Attaboyslim

            This movie you talk of is irrelevant. The bottom line is that the man was called out on the issue and instead of standing, like a man, to defend his good name, he dodged the issue. He then took it further by releasing documents which were obviously fake and were proven to be forgeries. As it currently stands, he has refused to allow his school records to be viewed even though there have been allegations to suggest that he didn’t come close to having the kind of scores that would have provided a Law education or certainly being catapulted into Politics. Instead, he was given these opportunities because he was a Foreign Exchange Student and that sounds pretty logical but does he refute the charges? No indeed, instead he pays about a million dollars to insure that all of his records remain sealed.

            My point is, even if it is proven that he was born here and is eligible to be a US President, is he, “really” the caliber of a person that I want to represent me, to the world? Are the qualifications to be President … someone who is dishonest, deceitful, too weak to defend himself against derogatory charges? Do the American people have any pride left or will just anyone be okay, as long as he gives them a cell phone?

          • lenoir

            Attaboyslim says:
            October 23, 2012 at 5:57 am

            This movie you talk of is irrelevant. The bottom line is ——- Do the American people have any pride left or will just anyone be okay, as long as he gives them a cell phone?

            Bravo!!!! So insightful and profound. Thanks for that answer.

  • JON


  • http://NotAvailable Philip A. Sandi

    Your racist comments will not help Romney win the election. Tell me one good thing you have ever written about BO as not a single of your writings have said junk about Romney. Remember for now Barack is your Commander in chief. Take it or leave it he is the president. And Americans know the liar.

    • Frank Kahn

      what comment are you calling racist

  • alpha-lemming

    …”The Barack Obama who took the stage Tuesday night bore no resemblance to the big spending liberal we’ve known (and opposed) for the past four years. In fact, anyone who didn’t know better could be forgiven for thinking he was the more conservative candidate up there”… CW

    Same as it ever was. Recall the event that actually thrust BHO onto the national stage… his keynote address at the ’04 Democratic Convention. I vividly remember at the time.. “this guy sounds even more Reganesque than Regan”!!! I thought ??? maybe??? Then, of course, in ’08 it was all no policy all the time and wall-to-wall, hopey changey, not Bush, yes we can… coupled with his truely radical associations I determined pretty quickly, this is NOT a guy you can believe. Thankfully we now have “that damned record” (compliments of Mr. Root yesterday) and regardless of what he says, he’ll only appeal to the takers (.. “and der free Obama phones”..). And sadly…. they’ve out-bred us so it really is nip and tuck.

    • Sheryn

      alpha—got anymore stupid excuses why Romney won’t win ??? You people crack me up. Romney won’t win because he is a liar and a crook, plain and simple.

  • http://none Mikee B

    Sad for Obama. You could see it in his words and demeanor in last nite’s dinner in NY city.
    He knows he’s going down now. Body language gave it away. He lost all his change and only has a sliver of his hope that he can hang onto power by his fingernails. Not gonna happen.
    He’s toast. And Romney will burn whatever is left on Monday nite as he comes prepared this time for Libya and other topic issues of that debate. Bye Bye Obama!

    • deerinwater

      So when was the last time you were correct about anything? With any luck maybe to married a bright woman that loved you in spite of your flawed reasoning abilities.

      If you have yet to marry ~ select well, you need the help as you read too much into too little.

      It’s never been about Obama ~ while the GOP has worked very hard for 4 years to sell it as so.

      It’s about what people ‘want and believe’ that will decide any outcome. That you and people like you would believe it’s all about Obama represents 27% of the GOP vote. The same 27% that we lock horns with every election cycle and nothing new, same old 27%.

  • Deerinwater

    Well ~ ? What is served by any debate where a candidate is allowed to make any claim they wish to make and not be taken to task and allowed the opportunity to defend these claim? ~ That pretty well describes the 1st debate. ~ Just a waste of time, little more then trotting out a show pony out before a race. ~ Pure posturing. I know what these men look like.

    This 2nd debate was a big improvement while the whole affair still needs work.

    This topic of not drilling on government land leaves me flat ~ Do we not want the private sector to produce? It’s the private sector that needs to step forward today.

    Then too, if you elect to pursue this line of thought ~ these drilling companies lost their government leases to federal land because that were not drilling on them. These companies can’t be made to drill while they can be enticed to consider it.

    Jobs! ~During W’s 8 year tenure government grew 900,000 new employees. ~ During O’s 4 years government employment has declined and still is in decline.

    “Labor Department statistics say that government employment has decreased by 608,000 since February 2009. Nevertheless, Fox News and Politico both uncritically reported Mitt Romney’s false claim that “[w]e have 145,000 more government workers under this president.”

    ~ ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    For people that really want a smaller , leaner government ~ Obama has been delivering excatly what you want.

    • http://yahoo wendell

      [comment has been edited] Where in the hell have you been for the past 4 years, living in a cave. Oblamo has increased government to a point that it will collapse under it own weight and so bloated with rules and regulations people can’t take a dump with them getting a hand in it. Your so delusional, it leaves me almost speechless.

  • S. Johnson

    The American Crossroads ad claims that “Obama’s spending drove us $5 trillion deeper in debt.” But not all of the $5 trillion can be attributed to Obama’s spending. Much of it can be attributed to his tax cuts and the policies of President Bush. On balance, we rate the claim Half True.

    Private sector employment has grown for 23 straight months.
    The economy has grown for 10 straight quarters.
    The private sector is leading growth.

    The difference between the projected and actual debt in 2011 can be largely attributed to:
    $3.5 trillion – Economic changes (including lower than expected tax revenues and higher safety net spending due to recession)
    $1.6 trillion – Bush Tax Cuts (EGTRRA and JGTRRA), primarily tax cuts but also some smaller spending increases
    $1.5 trillion – Increased non-defense discretionary spending
    $1.4 trillion – Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
    $1.4 trillion – Incremental interest due to higher debt balances
    $0.9 trillion – Obama stimulus and tax cuts (ARRA and Tax Act of 2010)[

  • GiveMeLiberty

    You forgot one. He also muttered my personally favorite words….”self-reliance”!

    I’m certain he was swallowing bile as his ears actually processed what his mouth just released!

  • Thinking About

    Chip when are you going to write an article about the lies of Romney who changes his position even within a day. You can not point out very many politicians who continues to hold the same position on many issues and I even find post on this site which does not always contain the truth.

    • Bimbam

      Right now we have to get the BIGGER liar out first! The bigger unqualified liar is probably more dangerous than a smaller qualified liar.

      The [comment has been edited] has no business being president. This has endangered the entire planet and it is amazing he has not recused himself from this position.

      But why should he? The golfing is great, free jet rides everywhere, state protection and the worst part is every word he speaks cums out as a lie that’s repeated everywhere. What more could a liar want????

  • S. Johnson

    Be serious. During the Bush (and other) administrations, we were attacked in our own country so why would anybody think we can stop things halfway around the world? I could name a number of times we were attacked in our own country under varying administrations as far back a Pearl Harbor so if this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. If we can’t protect our own doorsteps, we will never stop things from happening across the world. Remember Lockerbee, Scotland? Embassy in Africa? Dead soldiers being dragged down the streets and posed in Afghanistan? And in the Middle East, there have been many assasinations, wars between Israel and it’s neighbors forever. And how about the Gaza Strip where war has raged as far back as I can remember? This wasn’t during Obama’s administration so what’s the point?

    • Jeff

      Don’t worry. DaveH will cite an Austrian who will blame it on Obama anyway.

    • John Woodbury

      Or Eddie will blame it on Bush.

    • Shel Baker

      This is the most ATROCIOUS excuse for imcompetency I have every heard. When some are so obtuse as to use the ‘he knew it was a dangerous assignment and accepted the risks’ as an excuse for Obummer, you really need help. The Obummer Gubment sent him there and Embassy’s ARE protected with security. The attack was broadcast on the Al-Queda website days in advance and the STATE DEPT WITHDREW ALL 8 OF OUR SECURITY PEOPLE and left this man like a sitting duck. He was in daily contact by videophone with reports that ‘things were getting worse and that he knew he was a marked man’. But his requests for security were ignored. IF EVERY AMERICAN IS NOT OUTRAGED BY THIS ADMINISTRATIONS INCOMPETENCE, THEN THEY HAVE A SCREW LOOSE. In fact, since this Ambassador was trading in ILLEGAL ARMS for Obummer, this is smelling like a full setup. They must not have wanted to get caught again with another Fast and Furious.

      • Jeff

        The Ambassador was not in the Embassy when he was killed. He was in a smaller, regional consulate.

  • Dorian Douglas

    It never ceases to amaze me how much the responses on this site so closely resemble the progressive HuffPost. But I’m not surprised, just saddened. But how did we get here, because we can’t change course without understanding the course we’re are on.

    After WW2, the progressives were firmly entrenched in the bureaucracy of the federal government. Then came “Federal Aid to Education” legislation, free money to colleges & universities. A subsequent good friend was president of a small college where I later lived. He warned his counterparts not to fall for this ruse, that there would later be “strings” attached. Most didn’t listen.

    But after getting schools hooked on the money, already spent, and already firmly in place in most schools’ budgets for the future, the progressive-riddled Dept of ED bought out the stings. “This program, but not that program”. “This course, but not that course”. This teacher, but not that teacher”. And all aimed at destroying the fabric of our society, to prepare for a progressive take over of the country. Most schools protested, but couldn’t give back what they had already spent (not to mention what they had budgeted for future years),

    The Dept of ED first infiltrated the Education Dept in schools, to start the “brain washing” process. Why? So future teachers would teach progressive thought. And very soon, they infiltrated journalism & economics classes, so future reporters would follow progressive doctrine (at the expense of truth) when reporting; and future econ students learned progressive economics. Then law schools, to get, interpret, and judge on progressive principles. Eventually, every dept in the schools.

    So when I read that “this administration is following economics 101″, or when I hear that “Romney lied, BO didn’t”, it follows from the education you got. But you have been brain-washed, first by your education (by the ’70′s in kindergarten), now by the TV channels you watch (notice I didn’t say news channels).

    The only matter of prime interest (yes there are secondary & tertiary issues) is the economy, but foreign policy isn’t far behind. I’m 71, a retired economist & economic historian, and economic speaker & writer. While I’m not a foreseer of the future, Romney is close to my age, and I have studied his past. We were both subjected to some brainwashing in college, but both of us us apparently resisted the training (I have said for years that college taught me NOT to believe what they tried to teach me, and to find the truth on my own). Friedman, not Keynes (altho Keynes is now always misquoted, and misused by the progressives), is the true economic hero of the 20th century. And Romney has always followed Friedman, Obama follows Soros, who follows the progressive line, BUT Soros does so in order to pick up the economic pieces when our country fails (like he did in Chicago in the ’80′s when he brought BO to Chi to organized sit-ins of Talman Federal bank, which eventually went bankrupt because of NINJA loans imposed on them, and Soros was there to pick up the pieces for pennies on the dollar! BTW, why can’t we see info of this from Chicago news agencies, without a court order???). BO ran for the presidency in 2008, as the final piece to cause the final destruction of our country. So far, it has worked.

    Thank God, it doesn’t look like we are going to over the cliff after all. And Soros will lose on a lot of his investments! As a CBS reporter said, we can survive Obama’s first term far easier than we can re-educate the legions of morons who voted to elect him.

    Will Romney save us? I can’t foresee the future. But his past, unlike BO’s, suggests he will employ sound economic principles. If he does, we’ll be fine in 2 years. Ironically, if BO hadn’t passed the stimulus & the ACA, and he had extended the Bush tax permanently, he would be sailing to a record electoral sweep for a 2nd term, with 4%-6% growth, and wouldn’t have needed to borrow most (if not all) of what he did.

    But there is another issue here. I’m guessing most of you are my kids’ ages, or younger. If so, you have been subjected to brainwashing since kindergarten. Not all of you succumbed, but most did. That’s not your fault. What will be your fault is NOT questioning every thing you are being and have been told. Most (not all) is a lie. It’s up to you if you’re going to change your ways. But we must take the country in a different direction, or we won’t have a country by 2016. And if we go down as a country, you will be in the same ditch with me. My only saving grace will be to say, “I told you so”!

    And if you still inclined to vote for BO, here are questions about your prince:

    In addition to the above-mentioned hidden records of his involvement with Talman:

    Why are his college records hidden?

    Why are his police records hidden?

    Why are his employment records hidden?

    Why are his passport records hidden?

    Why is his Cayman Island bank account hidden? And where’s the money from?

    Why was he forced to surrender his law license, to avoid prosecution for a felony?
    And what was the felony?

    If you don’t know the answers to these questions, how did you voted in 2008 for a man to the most powerful position on the planet, but that you didn’t know, and who had no experience in anything related to the position? Answer: you were brainwashed not to care. Are you going to make the same mistake again?

    Ed Klein’s book “The Amateur” is the best biography of BO ever written. The movie “2016″ is good too.

    Dorian Douglas

    • Paul Wells

      Great observations, and s’what I’ve been sayin’ all along!

      • uvuvuv

        the reason he won’t show his college transcripts is he took all his classes pass/fail and cruised through on affirmative action and reverse discrimination. his class attendance was so sporadic they couldn’t find anyone who remembered him for an article of recollections once he was elected. he did make an exhaustive study of hemp.

    • DaveH

      Dorian says — “We were both subjected to some brainwashing in college, but both of us us apparently resisted the training”.
      To complete the resistance:

  • SamiC

    The osama crowd will keep their heads stuck in the sand until our beloved America is gone. We MUST vote osama OUT OF OFFICE if America is to surviive. It is my belief that this November is “do or die”. I know if osama wins, there will be a knock on my door to let me know I am 73 years old and therefore, a strain on this country, so must choose a day to die. I will NOT. God is in charge of my life and will be my judge and jury. He alone decides when I live and die. What a sad time for Americans. I pray to God that this country survives as America. All your diatribes mean nothing except that it is a diatribe!

  • Norm

    The biggest lie was/is the Romney budget:
    Mitt Romney says the country can afford his $5 trillion tax cut plan, and that half a dozen studies prove he’s right.
    He insists the lost revenue from the tax cuts can be made up through the elimination of tax breaks for upper-income earners. This claim was first questioned by the Tax Policy Center, which said the tax tradeoff won’t balance out, and that Congress would have to raise taxes on lower-income Americans—by an average of $2,000—to fill the hole.
    Now, The Washington Post has chimed in, reporting that the “six studies” Romney is using don’t add up.
    Furthermore, only two of the six “studies” are really studies at all. Three are online articles and one is an op-ed that appeared in the Wall Street Journal.
    One of the actual studies, Growth, Distribution, and Tax Reform: Thoughts on the Romney Proposal by Harvey S. Rosen of Princeton, factors in economic growth of 3% to 7% annually and assumes that deductions will be eliminated for families making $100,000 to $200,000 a year, a group that both Romney and his running mate, Paul Ryan, have shied away from punishing in their calculations.
    And the author of one study, Martin Feldstein, an advisor to the Romney campaign, said that it was “impossible to calculate the exact effects of the future reforms since Gov. Romney hasn’t specified what he would do.”

  • The Christian American

    What difference does all this make. We know they are lying in that every word spoken is said to get votes:Period We know the Constitution, our barrier from them, is never given a thought. Are we going to a show to decide which one’s a better actor or are we trying to decide which one we can better trust with our Lives, Liberties and Properties? Are we reacting to words spoken at the moment as if there was no history to judge their words by? Are we afraid of the truth and denying it by listening to their words?

  • Lee

    I keep asking the same question, but so far, no logical answer. The public HAS to read, see, and listen to the same news I do, yet, Obama is still high in the polls, WHY? I can’t buy that his freebies, (Free phones) could actually bribe a knowledgeble citizenry, but it does. His bare faced lies are more than well known, legendary. As Romney factually stated, there are at least 47% who will vote for him, regardless of his lack of character. This is why I worry for our Republic, there is a chance he may win his second term, and I honestly believe that will end this great American experiment.

    • Danny Biddle

      Lee: I agree with you but it doesn’t stop with free phones, a free phone also includes free food, food stamps, free money, wealth distribution, free health care, Haven’t you ever spoken with a true liberal (Democrat) every other word is “FREE”. They don’t understand that nothing is free, someone is paying. To them it is the Government that is paying. Unfortunately, the Government makes no money (unearned income known as TAXES).
      FREE is the four letter word that the Big Zero is counting on to get him another 4 years.

      • DaveH

        I like that Danny — The Big Zero.
        He even has his own Big Zero logo:

        • Danny Biddle

          I made my own bumper sticker with two of the Big Zero’s logo’s on it. The bumper sticker states,
          4 YRS of BO Stinks, PU. I have had two of them removed from my vehicle in the past week, BO followers must not like the truth.

    • lenoir

      Lee says:
      October 19, 2012 at 3:08 pm

      I keep asking the same question, but so far, no logical answer. The public HAS to read, see, and listen to the same news I do, yet, Obama is still high in the polls, WHY? I can’t buy that his freebies, (Free phones) could actually bribe a knowledgeable citizenry, but it does.

      There are so many agendas out there, but the majority voting for him are not knowledgeable, even if they are educated. Most living off the government aren’t even intelligent or schooled, although many are. Some are union members who are told what to think. Some are just dyed-in-the-wool Dems. and if “it was good enough for Daddy”, it’s good enough for them. I don’t see very many who are thinkers who aren’t part of the NWO movement and that is still another agenda, but even they can’t foresee where they’ll fit in, so I think many are delusional.

  • Harry Kaufman

    To the writers quiz me this , how is prevaricating any way different from all you disparaging lame idioms you all claim as truthful???? I call it by another name,”BULL****

  • Bimbam

    This man has no business being our president! The elite knew that, the demoncraps new that, and the MSM knew that.


    Because they were all familiar with n***o behavior. They will get smartarse with you, laff at all the dirty things they do to white people. He is HAVING FUN getting you whites all scared and shaken up of everything and just laffing and going golfing and taking vacations with his wife MEchele.

    In their hotel rooms when they go to bed they just smile really big at each other at what they are doing to America and white folks.

    He was never serious about the job, just gett’n back at whitey. I’m afraid the demoncraps got us on this one. But it took them 60 years to effectively brainwash us to get it done.

    Now, after squeezing the negro dry they are going to start using Muslims to do the same thing. Perhaps, maybe in half the time.

    Good luck America, you keep getting sucker punched by the poop party.

    • Karolyn

      How sad for you to be that way.

      • Bimbam

        Yes, it is sad they cannot fool me, but they do you. Using one race to pit against another just so they can keep in power to repeat the cycle.

        It is a very destructive cycle whose sole purpose is to keep the cycle going, much like a power saw, tornado, whirlpool, it feeds on itself till everything is torn-up and gone!

        It is actually the philosophy of demons! Hence the name, Demoncraps!

        • Tag

          Bimbam, unfortunately Karolyn hasn’t leaned that the definition of insanity is: to keep doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results. So, she will keep on voting color expecting he might jack up his boots and do something positive – WRONG, HE WON’T, he will remain true to form – utterly worthless!

      • Tag

        Karolyn [comment has been edited] You make fun of those you disagree with yet you offer nothing positive to support your position – you just blindly follow the pied piper into destruction but that is nothing unusual – look how you cover up and excuse [comment has been edited] bad behavior by trying to push that blame onto whites and using a white crime to excuse a black crime – DOESN’T WORK THAT WAY – YOU MUST STAND ON YOUR OWN REPUTATION AND NOT USE OTHERS TO COVER YOURS!

      • Karolyn

        Wow! You guys are off the charts! My, my, such astute observations – NOT! Why would I be black? I have never excused bad behavior, and you would be unable to find a post where I did. I just think your thinking is skewed by your prejudice and reading comprehension difficulties.

        • Tag

          Your postulating clearly shows your prejudice against anyone that has a negative opinon of blacks PLUS it is a well know fact that [racist remarks have been edited] you’ve done it the old fashioned way – you’ve earned it! Hoorah!

          • Frank Kahn

            Actually many people have been using the Y instead of I in names for a long time, and not just blacks. I have seen many white girls named Dyane instead of Diane.

          • Tag

            Frank, that is correct to some degree, but who in a [racist comments removed].

      • Bimbam

        It’s a shame that this country has changed from giving them freedom to now giving them foodstamps! When we don’t owe negroes anything.

        Yeah, I believe in helping someone when they’re down, the problem with negroes is they don’t want to get up!

        • Tag

          Amen, Bimbam, you hit the nail right on the head! Now, of more people would talk up and outloud maybe this country can come back, under different leadership, and we as the working class can have out tax dollars being used besides [comment has been edited for racist remarks]

    • lenoir

      Now, after squeezing the negro dry they are going to start using Muslims to do the same thing. Perhaps, maybe in half the time.

      Good luck America, you keep getting sucker punched by the poop party.


      You forget about the hordes of illegals coming in on promises of free food stamps guaranteed and the possibility of amnesty. They want at least 1/2 of the people to be kool-aide drinkers, unschooled and ignorant of our country and how freedom works as long as there are enough taxpayers to pay for it. When the taxpayers can no longer pay for it, it becomes a NWO under the UN, Soros, and his fellow elitists. O is one of these. Romney isn’t, even though he would not be my first choice.

      • Jeff


        In case it’s escaped you all these years, you are really not very bright.

        • lenoir


          If you don’t understand the unfairness of granting amnesty to illegals while people are trying to get here legally and even to get green cards or become citizens legally aren’t able to get them as easily as the illegals, then you are not very bright at all.

          If you don’t understand the financial impact and hardships that the increased food stamp and welfare expenses place on the states when the national government that is supposed to be protecting the states goes against them instead and then doesn’t provide any increased remuneration to those states, then you are not very bright at all.

          If you don’t understand that voter ID is allowing fraudulent voting enough for our government to be taken over entirely by greedy politicians who care only about lining their pockets (and that includes O), then you are not very bright at all.

          Your ignorance is a threat to my very liberty and life and you are an absurd lib.,

          • Tag

            @lenoir, well done! Well said! Right on! Good for you!

          • Attaboyslim

            If you don’t mind my chiming in, I’d like to add a few more things on your topic. Truthfully, if we all; American Citizens that is, would actually take a step back and think about it for just a second, we’d be stunned beyond stupidity. We would probably recognize the obvious fact that the American Government doesn’t like us very well and might just be trying to rid the place of any US citizens. Here is the way I am beginning to see the big picture.
            For the fifty years I’ve been alive, there has always been a problem with a constant flow of illegal immigrants at the border with Mexico. The most powerful country on the planet but can’t secure one of their own borders? In most countries, bad things will happen to anyone who tries to enter illegal and so only a few dare try but it was never a serious crime here, or was it? Let’s see, the alternative was to apply for citizenship and if accepted, be provided with housing, food, college tuition, medical coverage, low interest or no interest loans that nearly everyone could receive and, of course, in a country where discrimination against your race was forbidden. I guess it was pretty serious after all but now they’ve gotten really tough,
            There are only three groups of people in this country who can violate the law and face no penalties or in most cases, benefit from their crime. Politicians, Bankers and Illegal Immigrants. Law enforcement would be the fourth but they carry weapons and love to hurt people so we’ll not include them on this list but speaking of border cops, how can they focus on protecting our borders legitimately? There is a Bozo in the White House who allowed weapons to be sold to drug cartel members and ordered immigration officials to accept any claim of a “Dreamer”; granting freedom, regardless of being caught in a act of a violent crime. Having said that, I think you own Jeff an apology.
            Obama is covered under the Dream Act and therefore, no longer an illegal immigrant and he is just sharing the wealth and earning votes at the same time, which is the US Policy that was started by a Republican or a Democrat as a way of getting tough on protecting our borders. The fact that companies like Diebold, disenfranchisement’s … etc are responsible for massive voter fraud, should be a concern because the American citizen, will soon be a thing of the past. Consider yourself a future North American Unionite. :)

          • Jeff

            I don’t even know WTF you’re talking about. I didn’t say a word about immigration.

  • http://hotmail fred hayes

    Barack actually called it a “bump-in-the-road” real nice !

  • douglas dauntless

    The reason Obama looked fare in the Tuesday night debate was it was a set up by the Demo-rats against Romney. Obama got all the set up questions, more then likely his staff wrote all the questions for the debate, and the moderater was on Obama’s side.

  • OL504Troop

    On Oct 17th, Obama told the American public on national TV during the debates: “We’re a nation that believes in the Second Amendment, and I believe in the Second Amendment” But it was a bold faced LIE – according to a Reuters article which came out Oct 14th: “Obama can appear before the public and tell them that he does not intend to pursue any legislation (in the United States) that will lead to new gun control laws, while cloaked in secrecy, his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton is committing the US to international treaties (UN) and foreign gun control laws.” So, just like in the ‘terrorist attack” phraseology – technically HE won’t be doing anything against our Constitutional Rights. Beware the coming storm, folks.

  • randy moore

    let’s set the record straight:-the 2nd amendment goves me the right to build as many bombs as i want in my garage-it gives me the right to garage military weapons if i choose-is that really what you want?-would you really want your next door neighbor building an atomic bomb in their basement-according to the Constitution he has that right-when are republicans ever going to grow up?-
    as far as the debate is concerned-as far as i am concrned Gov. Romeny’s beligerance was contemptible-when he basically told the President to shut up so he could talk ,i thought that was no less as offensive as the republican who called the President a liar during a state of the union address-
    last but not least the republicans should be sharing the blame for Ambassador stevens death because it was they who cut funds for the defense of our embassies over seas-to expect the president to know what happened a mere hours after the fact is naive -i find it incredulous that Gov Romney would even present an opinion about something he had no intelligence about-to turn the murder of our dignitaries into a political opportunity show true lack of character-
    To conclude:-to vote for a man who has no convictions of his own;to vote for a man who has a talent for embarassing himself with our allies;to vote for a man who has no respect for the President of the United States is not a man i will vote for-and that is setting the record straight

    • Danny Biddle

      Good deal you deserve everything you get or don’t get. Hopefully in November we will have a new President and you can than blame a real person (Mitt Romney) instead of the make believe Barry, alias BARRACK HUESSIN OBAMA> Does that sound like a US name or Islam name? You make the call. Mr. Obiden is another person that is kind and considerate and never shows in arrogance in what he says or does. “STAND UP CHUCK”
      Are you a Muslim or is your neighbor a Muslim? Those are the only people I am aware of that would like to build a weapon of Mass Destruction. It is obivous you don’t own a gun? Have you ever set off a firecracker? That is a bomb in many liberals opinion.

      • Jeff

        You are truly an idiot, Danny Biddle, if that’s your real name. Sounds totally made up to me. I didn’t know a real American could be that stupid. You deserve Romney as President. Maybe he’ll outsource your whole company to Mongolia. We can only hope as that move alone would significantly raise the collective intelligence of this country.

        • Danny Biddle

          Jeff: Thank you for the compliment, IDIOT!!! I would much rather be an Idiot than a KOOL AID DRINKING OBAMANITE!! Your name calling truly proves who the IDIOT is. I get much pleasure IRKING you Demo’s. I would like to relate a story of a couple I am friends with, they both voted for OBAMA in 08. The man is a GM retiree who receives a pension and Social Security. Up until last year they paid nothing for their insurance and had no deductible, This year they have to pay for their Medicare premium, they have a $200.00 deductible on any medical care and their prescriptions have going from a $2.00 charge to $4.00. They are Pissed.. The woman’s mother had an OBAMA Phone of which they have now, however, Mom died over a year ago. They were bragging that they attend at least 5 different events where they eat for nothing. Several at churches, of which they don’t attend, one at their union hall, They are upset they can’t get food stamps, although mom that died over a year ago could still get free food and they have her card.
          I told them they could get free food at the local food pantry, and their eyes opened as wide as silver dollars, and indicated they would go there this coming week. These people buy a new car every year and do a great deal of traveling, but can’t afford to pay their own way on their retirement money. Unfortunately, for the big ZERO they are pissed because he is not doing what he said he would and they will not vote for him this year. The Union is all over them and upset with them because of their opinions. During the conversation the word “FREE” came up at least 35 times. The Idiot I am, I tryed to explain that nothing is FREE, someone is paying for it, but to you Jeff and many of my friends, FREE is FREE and you don’t care who else pays for it as long as you don’t have to. OBAMA STASH??


          • Jeff

            My post was a parody of yours making an issue of the president’s “unAmerican” name. You must admit it was a pretty dumb post.

        • Danny Biddle

          Hey Jeff, I left out some of the story, the man who is the GM retiree was working for a couple car dealerships delivering cars and could make up to $600.00/year from each place, until the Government audited the dealership books and told them they had to send 1099′s to everyone, the guy quit. However, he found another used car dealership would give him a job and pay him under the table with no taxes and so he is back to work. You are so right I am and IDIOT because I don’t believe in ripping the OBAMA STASH OFF. Jeff, are you one of the smart Demos like my friends? The only difference maybe that you are still going to vote for the big ZERO!! The IDIOT I AM KEEPS ME FROM VOTING FOR THE BIG ZERO!!!

          • Jeff

            If your friend is receiving a pension from GM, he can thank Obama. The reason Romney is so in love with the bankruptcy process is that it allows companies to invalidate executory contracts like union contracts and agreements to provide pensions. Of course, in the case of GM and Chrysler, Romney’s bankruptcy idea meant liquidation as there was no private money to be invested in the auto companies. If you look at where we are now compared to where we were in January 2009 (direction as much as absolute numbers), there is no question but it Obama were a Republican, you’d be carving his face on Mt. Rushmore. As it is, no Republican is even physically capable of saying the name “Bush.”

      • lenoir

        Danny Biddle says:
        October 19, 2012 at 9:21 pm

        Jeff: Thank you for the compliment, IDIOT!!! I would much rather be an Idiot than a KOOL AID DRINKING OBAMANITE!! Your name calling truly proves who the IDIOT is. I get much pleasure IRKING you Demo’s.

        Jeff seems to be a most liberal follower of O’s who can only call people names and belittle others in his small-minded way. He posts to all of the conservative sites in an effort to chase people away and believes nothing against O, (the Prince of Darkness).

        • Jeff


          I try to bring a bit of reality to the discussions here. I’ve read so much nonsense about Obama being a socialist, communist, Nazi, foreign, blah, blah, blah that I can’t help but point out when you’re simply off your rocker. I do apologize for having a point of view that does not comport with yours. How very unAmerican of me.

          • Tag

            Dear Jeff,
            I am responding to your comment directed to lenoir and detected an uncalled for sarcasim that I don’t know if lenoir caught it or not, but I did. People have their attitudes about obummer because of caring for their country and how they respond to what he has NOT done for us. Things are worse, much worse, and maybe lenoir has been caught in that dragnet of a loser decision maker, obummer;s, incompetent performance in the oval office. I live in Illinois and I can personally guarantee you he did nothing for Illinois while in the senate and he has done nothing for the citizens of the USA except postulating and making claims of success where success has not happened. He has failed, he will always fail, because that is what he has done best -FAIL. He talks a good game, is good at speech making as long as he has a telepromter proven by the 2nd debate wherein all he did was interrupt, be rude, and act like a spoiled brat with his immature posturing. That doesn’t say he is competent and knows his job -that says he is scared to death and is putting on a show for those as ignorant as he is and will continue to try to vote him back into office simply because he is black. Fortunately, there are some intelligent black voters that voted for him the first time but not this time. Too bad the others don’t have the intelligence to know what is good for the USA as a whole, not just them. That goes for the ignorant blacks and the ignorant young, stupid, college iwhite or black diots that jump on the band wagon just because its something new to do! They don’t have a clue and don’t know their butts from third base, but they are of voting age, sadly. Obummer is incorrect the majority of the times in his claims and if you have watched his lack of progress you would know he is an abject failure at this job. Of course, the only other job he had before the senate was in the mayor of Chicago’s office when he allegedly got out of law school (where he met that angry black woman). The only reason he became a senator was becasue Ted Kennedy was his mentor and gave him a political hand up! Of course, we all know about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquidic! The drowning! Some mentor that left a woman to drown. Obummer has fleas! You lay down with dogs you get up with fleas is the old saying! It is what it is! At least Romney has business AND political experience so he has been there, done that!

          • Jeff

            I read up to “Obummer” when I realized you’re not a serious person. If you’re not serious, either make your posts short or divide them with paragraphs. I’m not going to read one long idiotic paragraph about how Obama is really Lenin.

          • Tag

            Oh, Jeff, I’m dead serious, besides I didn’t ask for YOUR input at any rate. Don’t read it, who cares? I certainly don’t care if an egotistical idiot like yourself decides they are better than anyone else who wouldn’t understand common sense anyway! Go peddle your papers elsewhere and try to dictate to others and inforce your thoughts onto someone else – it falls on deaf ears here! Conceit doesn’t run in your family, it gallops! What a waste of space and oxygen! Tha’t’s all we need on here, a know-it-all and a dictator – Heil Hitler!!!!

          • Tag

            Jeff, take a look at ALL of your ‘posts’ and you’ll see you are the most egotistical maniac that has ever left a comment on any blog. Do you REALLY believe all that drivel and that you are that good, OR, that intelligent? Son, I”ve already FORGOTTEN more than you will ever know. Grow up, go look in the mirror and you will see a danged fool that has fooled himself and convinced himself (a sure sign of low self esteem) more than anyone else could, into believing he is God’s gift to the nation – WRONG!!!!

          • Jeff

            I’ve read plenty of posts on these blogs. When I see “Obummer,” I immediately know 3 things about the author. First, he’s a jerk. Second, he has nothing of substance to say or he wouldn’t need to name call. Third, he hasn’t the imagination to come up with a name that hasn’t already been used by every other brain-dead right-winger.

            I have provided more detail in support of my blogs than nearly anyone I’ve encountered on these blogs. If you have a specific policy point you’d like to discuss in a logical manner, I’m happy to do so. But if you persist in identifying the President as the personification of evil, I wouldn’t waste my time engaging you.

          • lenoir

            “I have provided more detail in support of my blogs than nearly anyone I’ve encountered on these blogs. If you have a specific policy point you’d like to discuss in a logical manner, I’m happy to do so. But if you persist in identifying the President as the”

            See blog of substance below:
            Jeff says:
            October 20, 2012 at 12:22 am

            “Let’s see. We had 8 years under Clinton followed by 8 years of W’s tax cuts. In which 8 years did the economy perform better? And how can you say the economy was worse in the early 80s than in 2009? Was the entire economy about to head over a cliff in 1981? No. Were economists predicting another Depression? No. Was the recession the result of a financial meltdown? No.”

            You really think this is a blog of substance when anyone with any real honesty knows that the Dem. party (with ultra libs. in charge) controlled both HR and HS the last 2 years of Bush’s 2nd term? The Lib. Dems. were the ones who made the policies that they inherited from the last 2 years so I bet they screwed it up royally just so they would have more to blame on Bush. I know that stimulus money was deceptively attributed to Bush when they came up with it while Bush was still in office and was essentially a lame duck president for 2 years. The Dems. also voted for the war, which was a big expense that went on Bush’s watch.

            And then there were the things Bush tried to change with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They wouldn’t change it which is what caused the housing bust. And was it Bernanke who lied about how well the Fed was doing so that he and the other elitist could sell and make a killing before their treachery could come out?

            I don’t ever see anything truthful coming from your blogs, much less anything of substance.

          • Jeff

            It is essentially dishonest to blame the Iraq War on the Democrats. The War was the brainchild of Bush and his neocons, and I can’t imagine any other President having behaved so stupidly. Not Reagan. Not Bush’s father. Nobody. The Democrats who gave Bush the authority to use force if necessary, to their everlasting shame, believed him when he said he needed the authorization to resolve our issues with Saddam short of invasion. I never had any doubt that the vote meant War because I never had any faith that Bush or Cheney were telling the truth. I remember McNamara and to me Cheney was just a more evil version of him – all matter-of-fact statements followed by everything but the facts.

            In reality, those Democrats who gave Bush his blank check did so out of fear. They were afraid of being labelled as disloyal to the President, and there is a tradition of Congress granting presidents what they request in foreign affairs. But if you look at the actual votes, there can be little question which party “owns” the Iraq War.

            United States House of Representatives
            Party Yes Nays PRES No Vote
            Republican 215 6 0 2
            Democratic 82 126 0 1
            Independent 0 1 0 0
            TOTALS 297 133 0 3

            United States Senate
            Party Ayes Nays No Vote
            Republican 48 1 0
            Democratic 29 21 0
            Independent 0 1 0
            TOTALS 77 23 0

            Did the 29 Senate Democrats who authorized the war pay a price? Some did. That vote cost Hillary the White House. But a strong majority of Democrats (you know, the ones led by Nancy Pelosi) had it right.

          • lenoir

            It is essentially dishonest to blame the Iraq War on the Democrats. The War was the brainchild of Bush and his neocons, and I can’t imagine any other President having behaved so stupidly. Not Reagan. Not

            My point was that the blame didn’t rest entirely on Bush, and you don’t know whether he was given wrong info or not. So if it was wrong, then the Dems. share in that blame, which you so conveniently ignore.

          • Jeff

            There were inspectors on the ground in Iraq reporting they could find no weapons of mass destruction. The Administration (and right wing critics), in their rush to invade Iraq, both ignored and villified the inspectors as incompetent at best and traitors at worst. Remember Hans Blix and his young assistant? Remember Rush Blabberbaugh calling him “Hans Blitzed,” implying he had to be drunk to not find the weapons Rummy swore were on every street corner? If inspectors were on the ground, what was the hurry?

            I agreed that the Democrats shared in the blame for giving W a blank check to proceed. But a strong majority of House Democrats voted against the resolution, so it passed because it got virtually unanimous support from the House Republicans.

            And I haven’t even addressed Cheney cherry-picking the intelligence and pressuring the analysts. There is no question but that the policy was chosen first and the intelligence was used to justify the decision. It was a textbook case of how not to make policy.

          • Attaboyslim

            Despite all of the dizzying insanity with the mult-faceted arguments you’ve been having with several people at once, that covered nearly every topic know to man except for Micky Mouse, this comment was nearly perfect. I say, “nearly”, because your final summery statement was just a little off the mark. Very close but the truth is that the entire situation had been planned for a long time prior to 911. The orders had been given, the plan of attack readied, the preplanned reasoning’s had been rehearsed, the blame had been laid, the justification to the citizens had been polished, the stage had been set and the troops had been stationed along the borders awaiting further commands before the sun rose on that beautiful September morning. Most of Cheney’s cherry picking would come after the fact even though, I’m sure the entire Neocon think tank, each had their eyes on some sort of prize and well in advance.

            By the way, was it a plan or did it just become necessary to invoke Hitler, Romney, Bush & Bush, MacArthur and … Jefferson Davis, just to prove that Obama is a lying snake in the grass? XD … Just sayin’? :)

          • Jeff

            Those same neocon idiots are advising that empty suit Romney. What kind of foreign policy do you think he’ll oversee as president – an intelligent one or a neocon one?

          • Attaboyslim

            Hell, I am definitely on the same page with you on that point. The thought of that pinhead becoming President is only slightly less than the thoughts of that other Bonehead getting four more years of destructive power. The undeniable fact is that neither of them or any of those lifelong criminals from either party will do anything more than what they are told to do and if that means the end of America then, so be it … as long as they get wealthy in the process. Tell me Jeff, is it really that difficult to recognize and predict for most people? Think about it. There have always been one or the other in office and usually their counterpart as Congressional or House or Senate majority and they are guaranteed to constantly work against one another but then, occasionally, one Party will have majority rule across the board and what happens?

            Nothing more than would have happened if the other guy had been given the Crown to wear for a while. Their loyalty is not the same as my loyalty to you and hopefully yours to me, as American citizens. In fact, The greatness of this country has always been the result of what, “we” have provided, for ourselves and for the world. The only thing this two Party cabal has given us is heartache and despair. No, this country has had it’s ups and down just like any group of human who has ever lived but beginning in 1913, when our Politicians became beholden to the Federal Reserve, the Cancer became active. At this stage, Chemotherapy and radiation are useless, we need a stronger treatment. A smoker who is diagnosed with lung Cancer but continues to smoke two packs a day will surely die.

            We are no different as long as we continue to put a band aid on a bullet hole. we too will become a thing of the past. I mean, it is unbelievably ridiculous that the citizens of the greatest country with the most potential of any in history has been reduced; and is apparently satisfied with, “voting for the lesser of two evils”. A situation that is designed to pit us against each other because of the perceived beliefs of our Party and where any talk of another opinion is ridiculed and ostracized but even that has been tainted. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, we notice the morning paper and are told that there are two choices for President and … so it continues. It is really depressing.

          • Tag

            Jeffie baby, you really shouldn’t talk about yourself like that – (quote) First, he’s a jerk. Second, he has nothing of substance to say or he wouldn’t need to name call. Third, he hasn’t the imagination to come up with a name that hasn’t already been used by every other brain-dead right-winger.” Out of the mouths of babe’s and this is YOUR comment about others when you fit this description to a ‘T”. Open mouth and insert both feet, yes? Once an egotistical fool always a fool. Did someone actually tell you one day that you were smart? Sorry, boy, they didn’t really mean it – they were just pulling your leg!

          • Jeff

            Congratulations. You wrote a post without saying “Obummer.” I just knew you could do it.

          • Tag

            Obummer, obummer, obummer, obummer, obummer, obummer, obummer, obummer and oskunko, ojerko, Ophony O, there does that make you happy,Oidiot!

          • Jeff

            “Jeff, you are such a baffoon – first: the comment you contributed to me was not MY comment. Evidently YOU are the nut case here! Stand up and let your brains air out, big boy, you are a waste of space and oxygen – not even a mother could love the likes of you. You must be one of the most unhappy individuals in existence since you are consumed by hatred, bigotry, racism, egotistical and ignorant, sarcastic insults to anyone that disagrees with you – will go far – you and obummer will go far together! What a hoot! Two losers!”

            Easy, Old Man, or you’ll have a stroke. First, the original comment I made was to Redbull, not to you, in response to a clearly bigoted remark referring to PRESIDENT OBAMA in a racially demeaning manner. My calling him a racist ignoramus was right on target.

            If you are going to insult someone, try to spell the word correctly and use correct terminology. I am not a “buffoon” and the comment was not contributed to you but “attributed.” And I don’t insult everyone who disagrees with me – just those who write ridiculous posts like Redbull did.

          • Tag

            [comment has been edited]
            Hey, odumbo, follower of obummer, check your own errors – WWI ended in 1918! WWII ended in 1945 – way to go, oh ignorant one! Ever hear of the Great Depression? or the American Revolution? Go back to school and take a refresher course in American history!

          • Jeff

            Are you offering a course in “Obama as Hitler” next semester? I appreciate you’re still sentient enough to recall your youth in 1918 and 1945, but I fail to see the relevance to anything I’ve posted. I have talked about Romney and his avoidance of service in Viet Nam, a war he demonstrated in favor of. Of course, now he claims he wishes he had gone. When he says that (a) he’s telling the truth or (b) he’s lying. Which do you think?

          • Tag

            Jeff, do you even know the definition of sentient? Yes, ole boy, and you don’t remember commenting and inserting in that comment a reference to WWI? Sorry, but guess you’ve gone around the bend! Go back and read your posts and you’ll see what I meant. In the meantime, please save us from further rhetoric and your attempting to convince us that you are this brilliant individual and knows and and see all. It has gotten REALLY boring! BTW, what do you know about Hitler and the holocaust, which you have also referenced -have you even been there or just read about it! Guess what, bud, I’ve been there so you go ahead and tell me all you know about what the holocaust even means!

          • Jeff

            This is like arguing with a 90 year old who’s trying to prove he’s still viable. Yes, I referred to WWI because it came up in the debate last night. At no time did I say or imply in any way that Romney, born in 1947, was alive during that war. However, he commented that we have fewer ships than we did in 1916. I guess he can’t make reference to that since he wasn’t there?

            I don’t think I’m brilliant. If I did, do you think I’d waste my time on this blog? I have opinions that I think make more sense than some others that I see posted. If that’s a crime in your world, perhaps I’m fortunate not to live there.

          • Tag

            Jeff, in case you are interested in the correct analysis of what Romney said was to point out that because of obummer and his reducing the armed forces and in doing so will weaken the USA and reduce its ability to defend itself and its citizens. Ya know what – if YOU were in the military we would be seeing your back side as you fled through behind the lines and the action with your tail tucked between your knees! You, like obummer, talks a good game but put your money where your mouth is – any more insults and slings you want to throw – lets see, so far its been ‘racist’ reference ti ‘old age’, etc. You are indeed a pathetic individual – I’m glad you are where you are – tell me, are you trying to make up for ‘other’ deficiences? Like a small ????? maybe?

          • Jeff

            Are you referring to when W and Rummy sent our troops to Iraq without body armor for their humvees? Obama hasn’t cut anything from defense. Romney was trying to argue we have less naval capacity than in WWI which is patently ridiculous. One nuclear submarine can hit multiple cities. One aircraft carrier can do what several used to do. We spend more on the military than virtually the rest of the world combined. There is not a military on earth that would ever challenge us. Our challenges are from guys with box cutters. Trillions more spent on defense won’t help there.

          • Tag

            Are you crazy? Of course there are those that would attack the USA! There is always an ambition, now turban headed, mongrel that wants to control the world and know they must defeat the USA first. Why do you think there are so many little nations attempting to make and store nuclear bombs? Are you kidding? Did you ever look at the size of Germany? In WWII Hitler took on EVERY BODY as did Japan, why aren’t you complaining about all our military that were killed defending our country then. Nuclear subs? Yep, they exist as do flat tops BUT to do what you state they can do they MUST get through to their destination in order to do that, BUT, these other ambitious nut cases have those subs and flat tops, plus fighter aircraft and destroyers, too! WAR is never a winning game for the guy and gal that has to do the fighting! You missed all of the wars because of your age, too old for ‘nam, and too young for WWII – hey, where were you in Desert Storm, too old for that? Yet you see yourself as an expert on the subject. Wrong!

          • Jeff

            Yes, there are people who will attack but they can’t be dissuaded by a bloated defense budget. I said no army would dare take us on. Terrorists have to be controlled through the use of intelligence. A trillion dollar defense budget won’t stop a lone terrorist or small band of terrorists from blowing things up.

          • Tag

            Jeff, NOW you are an expert in military strategy and warfare! I think not, they would eat you alive. It is only common sense that if a military force is built up to withstand an attack from just about any direction with all the equipment and ordinance needed some one will hesitate and/or go away because they know they are outnumbered, out flanked, and out shot, and with the touch of a button can be blown to smithereens! Just like the criminals that walk the streets today – they have a handgun and they know because of previous gun laws that the person they want to rob is UNARMED they will strike, BUT if they think there is a possibility they just might get shot because those gun laws have changed they’ll stand back unsure of what they can do and get by with. Who would YOU attack, an unarmed guy, or an armed one! No difference but it does put it on a plain you might be able to comprehend.

          • Tag

            Jeff, BTW, you ae incorrect about nuclear subs being capable of attacking multiple cities. FYI, they travel under water, have no surface cannon, and only a few crew. They are built for torpedo’s, not bombing, or off shore attacks. And, funds ARE spent on defending this country through necessity and our military,every branch,must be prepared at all times to defend this country from despots like Hitler, Bin Laden, and their kind! Doesn’t bother me one bit that our defenses are built up to discourage others from hitting our shores. it is a critical need, pure and siimple!

          • Jeff

            Interesting how you insist on respect being accorded MacArthur but not Obama. I wonder why the difference.

          • Frank Kahn

            The difference in earning respect might be a matter of real accomplishments.

            Douglas MacArthur did many great things in his service to this country Yes, most of them were military related but duh, he was a General. He also served as a form of ruler in Japan after WWII. He was a great military man and what got him removed from command was not that he wanted to start WWIII with China. China was incapable of creating that much of a resistance militarily then. Whether he was correct in wanting to cross the border and eliminate the Chinese threat at that time is a matter of opinion that has been debated without a clear consensus. He was a man of action and determination.

            I never use made up names for Obama, but I dont believe he is legally the president so I dont call him that. But, that aside, I would really like to hear a comprehensive real list of beneficial accomplishments attributed to Obama. I will admit that he apparently did something that I dont know about because he won the Nobel Peace prize when he had barely taken office. I would love to have someone explain that one. In my opinion, he won it by having a great way with words. I do know that nobody has told us what magnificent accomplishment qualified him for that horrendous miscarriage of international acclaim. But then I guess being a Democrat is all you need to be to get one. After all that pompous crybaby Al Gore got one for his fight against Global Warming. I think it had something to do with his faked documentary called “An Inconvenient Truth”. A movie that was proven to be faked and had stock video from another movie that he used to pretend the polar ice caps were melting stranding polar bears on ice flows. But then again he was a Democrat, so I guess he deserved the Nobel Peace prize.

          • Jeff


            I see that you are an intelligent person. My post was intended for Tag and not for you. It is Tag who routinely disrespects Obama but is so protective of MacArthur. Both deserve respect, but he so readily disrespects Obama that the disparity is shocking.

          • Tag

            Jeff, bubba, when obummer earns my respect he will get it. In THIS camp it is earned and not given freely. It is a matter of honor and responsibility. When the loser in the white house does something besides lie and cover up, but actually produces something beneficial to this country then I’ll THINK about respecting him, but only think about it because his failures might surpass his successes. He, too, is an ego maniac like you!

          • Frank Kahn

            I knew who you were talking to, I just wanted to help explain why we dont give Obama any respect. He has not earned it. There should not be any comparing Obama with anyone of MacArthur’s stature.

          • Tag

            @ Frank: (below is Jeff’s post, etc.)
            “Frank: I see that you are an intelligent person. My post was intended for Tag and not for you. It is Tag who routinely disrespects Obama but is so protective of MacArthur. Both deserve respect, but he so readily disrespects Obama that the disparity is shocking.

            I knew who you were talking to, I just wanted to help explain why we dont give Obama any respect. He has not earned it. There should not be any comparing Obama with anyone of MacArthur’s stature”

            Frank; Well said! Well done!

          • Jeff

            The more you guys post, the more you reveal what you are – right wing, moronic bigots.

          • Frank Kahn

            We are neither moronic nor bigots, and your personal attack is not appropriate here. We, as a large portion of the citizens of our country, simply dont agree that Obama has done anything worthy of respect. If you have some legitimate reason to respect him then do so and please let us know your reason.

          • Jeff


            I’ve seen some very intelligent posts from you. My post had Tag and Lenoir in mind. If you identify with them, maybe I was wrong about you.

          • Jeff

            And he treated Truman with about as much respect as you have for Obama. I guess it’s in the Republican DNA?

          • lenoir

            Jeff says:
            October 23, 2012 at 9:57 pm

            “And he treated Truman with about as much respect as you have for Obama. I guess it’s in the Republican DNA?”

            I would have thought you’d have been a fan of Abe Lincoln. Maybe you don’t know his political DNA was Rep.

          • Jeff

            The Republicans ceased being the Party of Lincoln at least 100 years ago. Since about 1964, they’ve been the Party of Jefferson Davis.

          • lenoir


            Since about 1964, they’ve been the Party of Jefferson Davis.

            That’s even better, though I know you must have meant it as an insult. He was a real man of honor and decency. It was the Union Army that raped, pillaged, and used the burnt earth methods against innocent women and children.

          • Jeff

            I know you guys believe we should repeal the 13th amendment and everything that’s come since.

          • lenoir

            “I know you guys believe we should repeal the 13th amendment and everything that’s come since.”

            You just keep proving who and what you are, don’t you? Every time you do that, you prove yourself to be a liar all over again. Let’s see how many times you berate and invalidate yourself in that way. I don’t think you can help yourself.

            Tag was so right about you.

          • Jeff

            You’re the one who welcomed the Republicans being the Party of Jefferson Davis. What do you think he stood for? The right of the states to maintain the institution of slavery. What outlawed slavery other than the Emancipation Proclamation? The 13th Amendment. You welcome the comparison to Jefferson Davis but resent the implication concerning slavery. As Dr. Freud would say, very interesting.

          • lenoir

            Not all Confederates were fighting for slavery. Most were just fighting for their lives and property. Davis was doing the same. as far as I can tell.

            If you know that to be false, prove it for a change.

          • Tag

            The South fought for a way of life. Now, blacks have taken their battle flag and made it into another racist example. What a bunch of phooey! Guess we had all commit suicide in order to appease the poor, downtrodden, blacks of this country. You guys are your own worst enemy, Jeff, change your behavior and maybe the attitude will change towards you. THE SOUTH WILL RISE AGAIN!

          • Attaboyslim

            ” Now the train from grind to switch is runnin’ right on time and the Tucker Boys are cookin’ down in Caroline. People down in Florida can’t be still when Lynyrd Skynyrd’s picking down in Jacksonville. People down in Georgia come from near and far to hear Richard Betts picking on that red guitar.” Charlie Daniels Band

          • Tag

            Oh Jeff, are you in some scatter brained way trying to say you are from the south? I think not, too radical and off the wall. The sheriff would be knocking at your door to knock some heads together – well deserved.

          • Attaboyslim

            The reference to Charlie Daniels came from Attaboyslim and not Jeff so you may want to check yourself for scatterbraineditis. As for being a Southerner? Indeed Sir, I am. The deep South, God’s Country, as a matter of fact. Thank you for asking.

          • Jeff
          • Tag

            Attaboyslim, the way these ‘responses’ are received in email it is almost impossible to know for sure to whom you are answering – it was meant for Jeff and some of his insipid comments – that being said, I’m also from the south and my granddad was the sheriff of our county. As a matter of fact sometimes I’m still fighting the war between the states! Yep, it is God’s country and the people are terrific! I like hoe down, too.

          • Attaboyslim

            Well, thanks for clearing that up and I sure hope you weren’t being sarcastic because that would definitely be a disrespect to some of the best people in this nation. Often called, “Rednecks”, “Hicks” or “Country Bumpkins” but none can compare to true Southern hospitality and especially when there is Southern cooking involved. Hope your Dad was a good country Sheriff … a Mayberry kind of Law Man and not a, “Good Old Boy Sheriff ’cause they could be a bit rough. :)

          • Tag

            Hey, Attaboy, you are correct. My grandma taught me how to cook and I cook the good ole southern way to this day, cornbread, greens, Great Northern beans, milk gravy and southern fried chicken! Yummmm. Then, strawberry shortcake for dessert, coffee and iced tea to drink, or banana pudding as a dessert, homemade. Granddad was a terrific sheriff and did his job well. Where I came from it was a ‘dry state’ so lots of bathtub gin, red eye, but we were all called hillbilly’s, not rednecks. Rednecks came from the mid west and there is a difference from hillbilly to redneck, believe me.

          • Attaboyslim

            No…no, I’m hip Tag. I was just mentioning the names that many people outside of the South use to describe the people from our neck of the woods. I can, definitively say, Good golly Miss Molly son, you have surely made me hungry. I Know about them dry counties as well and the shine that went along with those ridiculous laws but my county wasn’t dry even though there was still a set of Draconian laws on the books. The worst was that alcohol sales ended at 12:00 midnight on Saturday night and would not resume until Monday morning at 8:00(am). In the summer, we would either stock up on Saturday or visit the bootlegger on Sunday. Hell, what am I saying? We did that year round. lol

            If you don’t mind, I’d like to add a few of my favorites to that fantastic menu of yours. Fresh from the garden, sliced tomato (many times, sliced and with mayonnaise, salt and pepper on toast), homemade vegetable soup (especially in the Winter), fried Fatback, home churned Ice Cream in the Summer and fresh Peach cobbler. I can’t leave out the home made muscadine or skuffadine or even Blackberry preserves and the sweet smell of Honeysuckles all around. It is also pretty amazing to be driving to work, early in the morning … before the sun comes up and no traffic on the roads when a lot of the time, out in the country especially … being able to smell fresh coffee and fried bacon but not a house in sight. Just clean Southern air and somebody fixin’ to have breakfast.

            Tag, you recon we are making a few people jealous by talking like this? It’s sad to think that every body can’t live that good, huh?

          • Tag

            @ attaboyslim – it’s funny you mention homemade veg. soup – I made that last week and this week it is homemade chili. Breakfast? It ain’t no good without smoked jowl, scrambled eggs with chopped up cilentro or baby spinach in it, and served with a side of salsa! Finger lickin’ good. Hot biscuits with honey butter or sorgham butter, too, along with country ham. I just got some ham hocks for a pot of black eyes, too. I like them cooked with green pepper, onions, garlic, a bit of red pepper, and salt and pepper along with the ham hocks or shanks. Gotta cook the hocks first because black eyes cook pretty fast. Try broiling some white bread with butter spread all over it then cover that with sugar (white) and cinnamon. When the edges turn brown it’s ready to be consumed! Toast that under the broiler. Creamed lima beans, or creamed peas with mushrooms. Did ;you ever hear of an egg pie? My grandma used to make this pie for my granddad. unbaked pie crust, break six eggs into it (whole), then cover with butter, sugar, vanilla, and some nutmeg, bake and eat. Sounds weird but very good – carmalizes the eggs.
            Brings back a bunch of memories – those were the good ole days. Potato salad with boiled eggs, or tuna salad. Illinois, where I currently live (drears) can’t cook worth a dang.

          • Attaboyslim

            Who ever said that talking Politics was boring, hasn’t quite made it this far yet, I suppose. You are too funny with the Chili breakfast but I’ll give it a shot. My thing at breakfast recently has been … are you ready for this, a fried egg omelet using five whole (not scrambled) eggs with the peppers and onions and ham or sausage … and cheese. No Sir, I’m not a whale of a guy but instead have remained thin my entire life but flipping this monster omelet takes some concentration. I’m a bit further away than you at the moment but people on the far left coast, also seem to be culinary challenged as well. I have gained two very good recipe`s from Cali though … one was Potato salad and the other, a Bloody Mary.

            I do love Potato salad but my good friend Jim, served it a bit different that I was used to back home. It was more of a gourmet type salad that could double as a meal because he added fresh fried and crumbled bacon, two kinds of pickles ( dill and kosher), chopped cucumber, finely chopped spinach leaves in addition to the standard ingredients plus a serving spoon addition of salsa.and it was topped with more bacon, hard boiled and sliced eggs and a little Sour Cream. Damn good eats. but A few hours later the wind around the place wasn’t so good. You might say it was … broken? :)

            A California Bloody Mary is what she called it and it is actually incredible if you like the hair of the dog mornings. The drink wasn’t some cocktail mix and Vodka only but instead was Tomato juice with celery salt and seed, a tiny amount of horseradish, Absolute, Vodka, salt & pepper, Worcestershire sauce, lime squeeze, and a shot of beer. Shaken but not in the blender because of the beer, strained and served over ice with a salted rim and a lime wedge. Other than those two, these folks just don’t know what cooking is all about. ,

          • Tag

            Attaboy, I forgot to add blackberry cobbler or pie made from my own berry patch, too! And, homemade vanilla ice cream!!! Scrumptious!

          • Jeff

            So Tag, you think the Sheriff should go around “knocking heads” of anyone who disagrees with you? Interesting view of liberty you have. Italy in the 20s? Germany in the 30s? Arizona now?

          • Frank Kahn

            I am not a Republican so your comment is meaningless.

          • lenoir

            “In my opinion, he won it by having a great way with words. I do know that nobody has told us what magnificent accomplishment qualified him for that horrendous miscarriage of international acclaim.”

            My theory is that benefactor Soros and other NWO elitist bought it for him, or put pressure on the board that decides the recipients. Kind of reminds me of Jane Fonda getting “Woman of the Year” (cough, cough) because Ted Turner gave enough money to the powers that be.

            As far as someone who is president deserving respect because of his position, he doesn’t deserve respect until he loves and respects the president he swore to protect and serve, which includes the citizens of that country, regardless of religion or color.

            And talk about a prevaricator, O tells the people with less money that the people with a lot of money are evil while he himself is one of those with lots of money. And he also touts and courts entertainers who are wealthy and somehow, those supposedly intelligent people don’t think he’s referring to them. Has he excluded them from higher taxes and from O’care without telling anyone else? They must know something there of which I’m not aware.

          • Jeff

            And what does your court-appointed psychiatrist think of your theory?

          • lenoir

            Jeff says:
            October 23, 2012 at 10:22 pm

            And what does your court-appointed psychiatrist think of your theory?

            Oh, so I see it was supposed to have been addressed for me. Well, I’ve already commented about how that statement and others made your statement about your not attacking or criticizing people just because they disagreed with you proved you to be delusional or a fabricator of your perceived truths.

            But to go a step further in my theory, O has never done ANYTHING in his LIFE to be a Nobel Peace Prize winner. All they did was to invalidate that award.

          • Jeff

            Your “theory” made absolutely no sense. Go and read it. As for Obama’s Nobel Prize, he himself admitted he did not deserve it. That he won it was a direct repudiation of his predecessor. The Committee was so elated that the world was rid of the W Gang that Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize simply for being someone, anyone, other than George W. Bush!

          • Frank Kahn

            Wrong, your theory is full of crap not mine, if that was why they gave a hate filled racist a Nobel Peace prize why did they give that other whiny democrat one? Both of them are whining loser democrats, and that is about all they have in common. Neither one deserved the prize and neither should have accepted it.

            And it would be a lot easier for me to know you are talking to me if you hit the reply on my posts.

          • Jeff

            I thought I was replying to lenoir.

            From your post, I take it you liked W as president. Can you actually say we wouldn’t have been better off if the Supreme Court had allowed Florida to count the votes? He was the worst president in U.S. history.

          • lenoir

            I wasn’t disagreeing with you and I certainly didn’t say you were full of crap. I was just saying what I thought it was. I don’t see how my theory was crap when Jane Fonda got her undeserved award in that way, I will hardly watch anything she does.

            it made sense to me since O is backed by money and power of Soros and others,

            And I did post to you. If it moved, they do that.

            I don’t even know or care which other Dem. got the award. I quit paying attention after it’s invalidation.

            But, haven’t there been a lot of great orators who haven’t gotten the Peace Prize?

            There was a woman who was nominated for the Peace Prize who saved 2400 children from the Nazis by smuggling them out with her dog as a cover for any noises. Then she dug up the info that she’d hidden about them and found their families or got them new homes after the war. She was so deserving of it. Maybe she would have been validating a holocaust that they want to deny happened?

            Regardless, I really was agreeing with you on most of it and just trying to offer an alternate reason as to how.

          • Jeff

            I’m sure Jane will never recover from the pain of having lost you from her audience.

          • lenoir


            I’m sure Jane doesn’t care, but I don’t want her to make a penny because of me. She was a traitor.

          • Frank Kahn

            Okay now I am really confused. I was not replying to you, I was replying to Jeff who I thought wrote that Obama got it because he beat Bush in the election. And I thought his reply, although pointed at you was meant for me, that is why I said the thing about directing his reply to me. I see that you are agreeing with me, my problem is that I read the posts as they are listed in my emails from most recent back. Replying to Jeff was also the reason I mentioned Al Gore again as an indicator that Democrats get the Peace prize without valid reasons.

            I also agree with you about the Traitor Jane Fonda, when I was in the service during Nam we were hoping one of our bombers would strike where she was staying there. I considered her actions to have been giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

          • lenoir

            Frank Kahn says:
            October 24, 2012 at 12:39 am

            Okay now I am really confused. I was not replying to you, I was replying to Jeff who I thought wrote that Obama got it because he beat Bush in the election. And I thought his reply, although pointed at you

            Yes. They do get dizzying as Attaboy mentioned. :-)

            And the posts don’t always stay beneath the ones we reply to.

            I think that Jeff has a strategy of not addressing a post to anyone and then also of being the third post in so that there is no “reply” to his posts. My guess is that the libs are taught how to do this to cause confusion and more harassment by the Dem. HQ.

            I do the same thing in reading the notifications. It’s easier than going upwards.

            Not only did she give aid and comfort to the enemy, but she actually betrayed those POW’s who slipped her the pieces of paper to get to their families because they thought they could trust another U.S. citizen. She was directly responsible for beatings and deaths.

          • lenoir

            The Committee was so elated that the world was rid of the W Gang that Obama was awarded the Nobel Prize simply for being someone, anyone, other than George W. Bush!

            That is so LAME!!! Bush wouldn’t have been there regardless and the committee had no idea what kind of president he would be. Did one of them confide in you or was that a theory?

            There was hidden agenda there, just that nobody is privy to that info other than the elitists who do want to rule the world. I think even the Bushes may have been part of that group. Certainly the Kerrys, Kennedys, Pelosis, and others in our government would be part of that NWO.

            Funny. I didn’t notice that Frank Kahn was posting to you. :-)

          • Jeff

            No, I have no inside information. It seemed obvious to me at the time and still does.

          • lenoir

            No, I have no inside information. It seemed obvious to me at the time and still does.

            Jeff, as I said, Bush wasn’t even running so that would be so stupid on their part. Instead, it seems to fall on you.

          • Tag

            The difference, JEFF, is that Macarthur was a professional soldier that fought for this country and supported this country through the military for many years, was commander over an army, occupied the Philippines when fighting against their occupation by the japs but got himself in hot water with Truman because he thought he was more powerful and had more muscle then he actually did – now compare that to obummer. Obummer hasn’t done one single, solitary thing except shoot his mouth off in front of a teleprompter – and without his tellie he is a lost cause. He was an abject failure as a senator in Illinois – I know because I live in Illinois, is totally selfish and has only one interest – himself. He hasn’t done anything that will compare to what Macarthur accomplished. You cannot compare apples to grapes! Even great soldier screw up! No one is as perfect as you think YOU are.

          • lenoir

            This is like arguing with a 90 year old who’s trying to prove he’s still viable.

            Are you offering a course in “Obama as Hitler” next semester? I appreciate you’re still sentient enough to recall your youth in 1918 and 1945,

            And what does your court-appointed psychiatrist think of your theory? (You didn’t even say who this was addressed at and they do shift.)

            “And I don’t insult everyone who disagrees with me – just those who write”


            Just look at how many times you’ve made a prevaricator (liar) of yourself with just this one statement. I haven’t even looked at more than 5 of your blogs.

          • lenoir

            “And I don’t insult everyone who disagrees with me – just those who write”

            You’ve just made this whole blog about yourself.

            Posturing, Prevaricating – This is one of the biggest prevarications and posturing I’ve seen from anyone other than O.

            I don’t believe you really believe that statement. If you do, then you live in a fantasy world about yourself.

          • Jeff


          • Jeff

            When the guys in white come for you with butterfly nets, just show them this post. It’ll explain everything.

          • Tag

            Nope, both you, odummer, along with obummer have already been there, done that, and won the T-shirt! BTW, did you enjoy your visit in the snake pit?

    • Frank Kahn

      What a load of crap.

      There is no mention of owning bombs in the Constitution, it is about bearing arms, as in rifles and pistols.

      You need a course in intelligent thought also, it was that worthless P#$#@ Obama that was inconsiderate, always interrupting Romney. Romney had the right to tell him to shut [comment has been edited] up since the Obama A$$ kissing moderator would not do her job.

      Nobody thinks Obama should have known immediately what happened. What is important is the fact that he knew, or should have known, it was a pre-planned military style attack within 2 days of it happening. He was told long before the two week mark when he was still spewing sewer garbage about the video. He is a liar and he has no capacity for telling the truth in substantive issues.

    • lenoir

      randy moore says:
      October 19, 2012 at 8:35 pm

      last but not least the republicans should be sharing the blame for Ambassador stevens death because it was they who cut funds for the defense of our embassies over seas-to expect the president to know what happened a mere hours after the fact is naive -i find it incredulous that Gov Romney would even present an opinion about something he had no intelligence about-to turn the murder of our dignitaries into a political opportunity show true lack of character-

      Tell me how the Rep. have cut the budget when there hasn’t been a budget passed since O took office.

      Also, this lib. gov. can get money any time they want it. Look at the money that’s being given to Egypt and all the other countries who don’t like us. They are enemies, but O is donating our money to regimes that we can’t even be that sure of but that look like they are of the Muslim Brotherhood. This admin. has the money to spend whenever they want because there’s no telling how much is being printed that doesn’t go into our budget. It’s essentially legal counterfeit money.

      And ask Mrs. O who can get any amount she wants to go whenever and wherever she wants just by going.

      And what makes you think anyone is any more entitled to build bombs in a garage by the 2nd amend. than anyone is allowed by freedom of speech to yell fire in a crowded theater when there is none. Where were you in the 5th grade?

  • Well-Informed

    The Posturing, Prevaricating Presidential Republican candidate tells another whopper when confronted. The TV does not lie, only those who manipulate it do.

  • lenoir

    ‘Oblivious’ Obama not behind Osama raid
    Maj. Gen. Paul Vallely reveals name of leader who authorized operation
    Published: 18 hours ago (I wonder what else we find out later on?!)

    Obama Grants Amnestyl President Obama Grants Amnesty! Will This Help Economy? Vote Now

    The decision to raid Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan and kill him was made without President Obama – and actually was kept from him until after the helicopters already were in Pakistani airspace – according to a new report from a retired major general who cites a senior intelligence source.

    The raid was handled by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Director of Central Intelligence Leon Panetta and others in this way because Obama had vetoed multiple earlier opportunities to attack the man behind the 9/11 terror attacks, the report said.
    The report comes from U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul E. Vallely, who retired in 1993 as deputy commanding general, Pacific Command, and has served as a senior military analyst for Fox News. He is now chairman of Stand Up America, which calls itself the standard bearer for the conservancy of the U.S. Constitution.

    The group has briefed the FBI, Congress, law enforcement and other agencies on terrorism and “anything that affects the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of our citizenry and way of life.”

    In a column published today by WND, Vallely said a “senior and sensitive intelligence community source” affirmed to a Stand Up America research team that Obama “did not know of the raid in Abbottabad to kill Osama bin Laden on May 1, 2011, until after the helicopters with SEAL Team 6 had crossed into Pakistani airspace.”

    The source said Obama was notified “at the golf course … which is why he was sitting in the strange sitting position in the picture that documented the White House operations room event.”

    The source told Stand Up America that Panetta “was the key player who organized and supported this daring raid.”

    “He signed the ‘execute orders’ with only a few people aware: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Adm. Bill Mullen and Gen. David Petraeus.”

    The source explained the White House “was closed out of the decision because the president, through Valerie Jarrett, had turned down two or three other earlier proposals.”

    Panetta, Vallely’s source reported, “and his covert planning team were extremely frustrated at all the denials, so saw the opportunity slipping away, as implausible as it seems.”

    The report said Panetta convinced his other principals to make the decision and received their full-fledged support but the president, according to the official, “remained clueless on the mission.”

    “This tremendously serious and sensitive information was relayed by a source who has been very frustrated with the continued dishonesty within the White House,” Vallely reported.

    Vallely, who served in Vietnam and retired in 1991 from the U.S. Army as deputy commanding general for the Pacific, previously has called for “We the People” to stop the nation’s “progressive socialist, treasonous death march.”

    He graduated from West Point and was commissioned in the Army in 1961. He served in theaters in Europe and the Pacific Rim and saw two tours of combat duty in Vietnam.

    CBS has reported that “Obama’s decision to send operatives after Osama bin Laden” was described by White House counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan as “one of the most gutsiest calls of any president.”

    However, the Mail Online in London reported a book by Richared Miniter documented that three “kill” missions were canceled by Obama in Jan., Feb. and Mar. of 2011.

    The SEAL mission was in May 2011.

    Miniter reported it was Jarrett who kept urging Obama to cancel plans to get bin Laden.

    The Ulsterman Report blog earlier said Obama did not make the attack decision.

    That blog said, “He can say he did and the people who really know what happened are inside the Pentagon, are in the military and the military isn’t allowed to speak out against the commander-in-chief so his secret is safe.”

    • Joy Thompson

      Wow, interesting. This is just one more evidence of “the powers behind the throne”, who are really running this country. Obama is just their mouthpiece. When he’s gone they’ll just insert another one.

  • lenoir

    Jeff says:
    October 22, 2012 at 5:04 pm


    I do apologize for having a point of view that does not comport with yours. How very unAmerican of me.

    No truer statement has ever been made. I think that is exactly what you are or you would see what he’s done to our country. You would see that he apologizes for it every time he can and even when he as a chance without reason. You would see that he opposes all Christians whenever and wherever possible, even at the DNC in Charlotte when the Islamists were invited to pray or protest in front of the coliseum. Our religious freedoms are ending.

    I don’t know whether you have Christian values or not. If you say you do, then I’ll believe it, but I really don’t see how any Christian can see what he does and approve of it.

  • Jean

    I truly believe this election could be a “tie” and will be decided in the House of Representatives. Mitt Romney won this last debate because he WAS and IS the most Presidential in his stature, appearance, kind responses, and handling of his personal anger toward Obama. I strongly disliked Obama’s constant barbs and especially the “horses and bayonets” comment when Romney told about discussing concerns with a top Admiral, the reduction of our Navy to 1930′s levels…During Iraq War, the Navy Hospital Ship saved combat soldiers lives with just 1 ship. We need more than one to effectively helping injured Afghans, our own injured soldiers in combat). Many covert operations depend on the NAVY SEALS (underwater and on water ships). Time crunch did not allow Romney to get detailed on some talking points; however, too often, Obama did his nasty attitude again toward Romney; this time for all to see; condescending, “I know it all in 4 years,” attitude. It is no wonder Congress and even Democrats can’t get him to listen to their opinions. He wants to be a commanding Dictator; not a President giving Leadership to his Administration, Congress, and America. Obama’s 167 signed Executive Orders has proven his intent; do we need more of same? NO! Vote for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan for a faster, robust economy!! To Blogger JR: You ARE DEAD ON RIGHT! This LG Battery Plant is paying employees to do nothing; daily! All we’ll get out of this Marxist/Socialistic President, is more dead ends!

  • lenoir

    Attaboyslim says:
    October 23, 2012 at 11:18 am

    “If you don’t mind my chiming in, I’d like to add a few more things on your topic. Truthfully, if we all; American Citizens that is, ——-Having said that, I think you own Jeff an apology.”

    If I was to apologize to Jeff, it would be that I’m sorry that he isn’t a thinker rather than a sheeple who idolizes O. I’m also sorry that he has no concept of liberty or freedom and probably believes that he is a patriot when he wants to give our country away and demean those who do care about this country. I really doubt that he even blogs on Lib. Dem. sites because he just likes to belittle people to prove to himself (nobody else other than those like him) that he is better than others because he can bully and harass others, and probably even get paid for it.

    I would also reiterate your earlier post, but slightly paraphrased. “I certainly don’t care if an egotist like yourself decides they are better than anyone else who wouldn’t understand common sense anyway! Go peddle your papers elsewhere and try to dictate to others and enforce your thoughts onto someone else – it falls on deaf ears here! Conceit doesn’t run in your family. It gallops! That’s all we need on here, a know-it-all and a dictator – Heil Hitler!!!!” And especially Heil Hitler to your idol!!! Or maybe I should say, take your “Praise be to Allah” and leave, to both of you.

    • Attaboyslim

      You know lenoir, I was prepared to respond to you with confusion because I couldn’t quite figure out which of my comments you were paraphrasing but then I noticed to nearly psychotic and manic depressive nature in your writing style and the it hit me with full clarity. I do believe we have become entangled in previous conversations on this blog post but you were using a different name, am I correct? Are you the same buffoon who gets a kick out of disrupting an otherwise intelligent conversation between adults with infantile blabbering? Argumentative, to an annoying fault and creating outlandish scenarios that are so far out of the box that they bear no resemblance to the topic at hand? Are you the one who shamelessly thinks you are helping people to see the truth that they are so blindly avoiding with the use of twisted and erroneous logic? The person who feels that juvenile name calling has somehow elevated you into a status of superiority?

      If I am wrong then I hope you accept my apology and instead will refer me to the specif comment I made which gave way to your paraphrasing me with such things as Hitler the egotist with a family history of maniacal intellectualism who worships Allah. If I am correct, which I think is the case then you know full well that I could easily run circles around you but will not lower myself to being entwined in your madness but will instead, ignore all that you say so… which is it going to be. What would ‘Charlie’ the Tuna say if he had his, ‘Freedom’, or changed his name to, ‘Christopher’ or, ‘Allen’, even though he looked like the Dr Seuss character called, ‘Horton’?

      • lenoir


        This was supposed to be for Jeff, but I forgot to state that.
        “I would also reiterate your earlier post, but slightly paraphrased. “I certainly don’t care if an egotist like yourself decides they are better than anyone else who wouldn’t understand common sense anyway! Go peddle your papers elsewhere and try to dictate to others and enforce your thoughts onto someone else – it falls on deaf ears here! Conceit doesn’t run in your family. It gallops! That’s all we need on here, a know-it-all and a dictator – Heil Hitler!!!!” And especially Heil Hitler to your idol!!! Or maybe I should say, take your “Praise be to Allah” and leave, to both of you.”

        I am so sorry, Attaboy. I was really addressing that to Jeff and was thinking of him. I didn’t state that. I’m so sorry. I admire you so much and have never disagreed with you on a single issue. Please forgive my stupidity in that mistake.

        • Attaboyslim

          Indeed, and likewise, I do hope you will overlook my rudeness as well as the accusations. No excuse but my rational behind it was the result of two encounters I’ve had on this site where a specific person was accosting people with insane statements and in a very unpredictable manner. That comment came so far out in left field that it seemed it came from another game and from their park so, I was stunned as I tried to catch the ball. All in all, it seems like a big misunderstanding and hopefully no long term damage was done. Thank you for the very candid and heartfelt apology … accepted and forgotten. Hopefully,,I will receive a similar reciprocal emotion.

          Continue to speak your mind and tell the truth as you understand it but try and remain flexible enough that you are always able to learn more, give more and to admit your mistakes when you are wrong. I might have also suggested that we all should keep the ability to humble when appropriate but that is a quality you have mastered beautifully. Thank you Lenoir. Lets talk again soon. :)

          • lenoir

            That comment came so far out in left field that it seemed it came from another game and from their park so, I was stunned as I tried to catch the ball. All in all, it seems like a big misunderstanding and hopefully no long term damage


            I know it did come from left field and I thank you so much for answering again. All I can say is that I had a brain blackout or a brain fart. I don’t know whether is was just the electronic pulses that caused it or maybe the meds I had to start taking Friday for walking pneumonia and diabetes. But I thought I was going to send it at Jeff and then all of a sudden, I was talking to him. So sorry. You are a southern gentleman and I do so appreciate you and your generosity, as well as your beliefs in our country and concern for it.

            Take care always.

  • lenoir

    Tag says:
    October 22, 2012 at 5:29 pm

    “Dear Jeff,
    I am responding to your comment directed to lenoir and detected an uncalled for sarcasim that I don’t know if lenoir caught it or not, but I did. People have their attitudes about obummer because of caring for their country and how they respond to what he has NOT done for us. Things are worse, much worse, and maybe lenoir has been caught in that dragnet of a loser decision maker, obummer;s, incompetent performance in the oval office.”

    I’m pretty sure that we’ve all been caught in his dragnet whether we’re actually worse off now or not.

    Just wait until O’care goes into full operation and the IRS is doubled or tripled in size to go into all of our bank accounts and possessions to start taking them away. That is the only way they would be able to justify their worth and expense on us. They will also be in place to strip us of all our income when the taxes are at least doubled.

    I guess that will be a lot like Germany’s looting of neighboring countries to pay for the better standard of living that a lot of Germans saw before Hitler was made dictator because of the popularity it earned him and the votes, not unlike the popularity O now enjoys with the people who pay little, if any taxes now, but who get everything given to them for free at the expense of those who do pay taxes.

    And those 167 Presidential edicts will look like nothing when he actually starts acting on them if he gets 4 more years (minimum). He’s had his nice, honest face on this term.

    • Tag

      Well said and spot on!

      • lenoir

        Thanks, Tag, and also for coming to my defense earlier.

        From a political ad by Paul Rand but worth the watch since it gives more info about Libya that I hadn’t heard:

        Talk about posturing!!!

        “Where the hell were the Marines?”

        • Tag

          YOU are welcome – when you are right you’re right! When we have an individual like Jeff who is traveling under some impression that he is knowledgable and is capable of distribuing what he thinks is the truth but when challenged comes out with silly rhetoric as a defense then you know you are dealing with the village idiot that has an unrealistic view of himself and his importance. I’ve dealt with arrogant individuals before and they just live in a dream world of their own making – but not realistic. Any time!!

          • Jeff

            Yes, Grampa, tell us the one about how you told off General MacArthur!

          • Tag

            Jeff, do you even know what his full name was and his rank or in what branch of the military he served? Tell me, where were you hiding during Viet Nam? Who was president, and where was he stationed? You like to throw around names but you don’t know diddley squat about them. STFU until you have something worthwhile to say – everything you comment and speak about is pure drivel! Go have yo mammy change yo diapers!

          • Jeff

            Army. Dugout Doug and his father was Arthur who served in the Civil War. Don’t believe he was in Viet Nam as Truman fired his ass for trying to start WWIII with China. The general most associated with Viet Nam in my youth was Westmoreland. We thought of him in the same vein as McNamara, Nixon, and J. Edgar Hoover. I was a year or two too young for Viet Nam, but I wouldn’t have gone. But I would never have demonstrated in favor of that murderous, unnecessary, idiotioc war. His actions then tell me Romney has never had any judgment or moral courage.

          • Tag

            Jeffie, he was GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR, stationed in the Philippines. Truman did fire him but do you know the reason? Viet Nam – in the beginning it was thought to have been an action brought on by what threat? And, if you had refused to go and you had been drafted then you would send some time in prison or declare yourself a conciencious objector – a coward! I’ve made a discovery about you – you have an extremely low self esteem since you find it absolutely necessary to insult everyone on here in order to make yourself feel better about yourself. It doesn’t work – Do you know the definition of insanity? It is someone that keeps doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results – and that is what YOU are guilty of. The same ole rhetoric over and over.

          • Jeff

            Why don’t you tell us what noble purpose was served by 58,000 Americans dying in that War? Even McNamara himself, before he died, admitted he had been dead wrong about Viet Nam. The truly ironic thing is nobody knew better or earlier than Johnson and McNamara what a fool’s errand that war was. They lied for years, then Nixon picked up the mantle, continued lying, widened the war, killed more Americans than LBJ even, and extended the war just so he could save face. He and Kissinger knew that “settlement” would never hold and they knew early on the war was unwinnable unless we wanted to kill everyone in the country.

          • Tag

            YES, even the USA makes mistakes and it was finally admitted and our military were brought home, unfortunately, minus 58,000 of our soldiers. The MOST pathetic thing about their coming home was the way the citizens in THIS country treated them for doing what they were ordered to do! It made me sick to my stomach that these returning military were treated as though they were criminals when they were doing what they were ORDERED to do as an alleged police action effort to stop communism in this country. I could not believe our own people would treat our soldiers with this much disrespect when they had no choice in the matter. It STILL makes me sick and I still have a hard time believing our own people could betray our soldiers in this manner – but they did. Everyone that took part in that disgraceful behavior should get down on their knees and apologize to our military, however an apology will not make up for what they did. They should be so ashamed but I wonder…….

          • lenoir

            Everyone that took part in that disgraceful behavior should get down on their knees and apologize to our military, however an apology will not make up for what they did. They should be so ashamed but I wonder…….

            I agree. I couldn’t believe how they were treated. I never saw any of that myself, because our neighborhood was lower middle class to poor and had plenty of our friends and relatives going. Some didn’t make it back.

            From what I’ve seen in the recent past, some are getting the respect they should have gotten in the first place.

            One man from our neighborhood became a war hero with a school named after him. He lost both legs at the hip when he stepped on a mine a couple of days before he was to be sent home. He was a Marine who wouldn’t leave the tenderfeet without a commanding officer with experience when they tried to airlift him out of the jungle a week prior, and when an area needed to be scouted for mines, he did it himself rather than to have the new grunts do it. After being told they couldn’t make prosthetics for him, he designed and made his own legs that worked. His name was Vince Rios.


            My brother was also a Marine in Nam, later sent to Okinawa.

            And someone mentioned that Romney didn’t serve in VN. Well, I don’t see them saying anything about Clinton, who went to Canada to avoid the draft. I can’t say that I blame him, but why would anyone criticize Romney without bringing up Clinton. (umph, umph, Politics!!!)

          • Tag

            Lenoir, I was around at that time and saw what people did to returning vets. They spit on them, they threw garbage at them, they hurled insults at them, they called them names and these brave military marched down the street with their heads held high while they were hurting like hell inside. If a disgraceful time for the USA! Then after all that and the horrific way our military was treated they then build the wall. It was a start to the process of recognition but not enuf. They deserve MORE!

          • Jeff

            How does that work? When you leave town, does Lenoir take over or is the title hereditary? Can it skip a generation? And who held the Midland, Texas title while W was in D.C.?

    • Jeff

      There it is – the Hitler comparison. Can you guys ever discuss anything without comparing what you dislike to the Nazis and the Holocaust? I guarantee you, it’s not just me. The vast majority, even most Romney voters, think this stuff is insane.

      • Tag

        Jeff, NOW you want us to believe that you are on speaking terms with the ‘vast majority’ and ‘Romney supporters’ that you can assume you have the right to speak FOR them? How ridiculous can you be? You are lucky you find your way outside your house without assistance!

  • lenoir

    Jeff says:
    October 23, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    “I don’t even know WTF you’re talking about. I didn’t say a word about immigration.”

    Then you don’t know what you’re replying to when you post, because that’s what the blog was about just above your post. You really show your stupidity.

  • lenoir

    Why don’t you tell us what noble purpose was served by 58,000 Americans dying in that War? Even McNamara himself, before he died, admitted he had been dead wrong about Viet Nam. The truly ironic thing is nobody knew better or earlier than Johnson and McNamara what a fool’s errand that war was. They lied for years, then Nixon picked up the mantle, continued lying, widened the war, killed more Americans than LBJ even, and extended the war just so he could save face. He and Kissinger knew that “settlement” would never hold and they knew early on the war was unwinnable unless we wanted to kill everyone in the country.

    I didn’t fight in Vietnam so I don’t really know that much about what was going on other than what was in the MSM, so I asked an Army buddy of mine who was there and who does study history and current events a lot what his response would be.

    His answer:

    General Douglas MacArthur was in the Philippines trying to train the Philippine army in 1942 when the Japanese invaded. He was taken out of there by PT Boat (Read, “They Were Expendable) and ultimately to Australia to begin his job as C in C, West Pacific. It was a Navy war, but MacArthur was in charge.
    In 1950, when the North Koreans attacked South Korea, he was in Japan, virtually running Japan. He was immediately put in charge of the defense of SK, and established the Pusan Perimeter (Basically a line around Pusan at the South end of the peninsula that we would not retreat from) and then the brilliant landing at Inchon on the West side, halfway up the peninsula. The US Army raced across the peninsula and cut off an entire North Korean Army. A few months later, the NK were driven across the Yalu into Manchuria.
    At that point, MacArthur publicly disagreed with Truman and wanted to cross the Yalu and pursue the NK Army and establish a perimeter with which to defend against Chinese attack, which he expected.
    Truman fired him for publicly disagreeing with him.
    In any case, MacArthur was right, for the Chinese invaded a few weeks later.
    MacArthur came home, retired, and wrote his memoirs, an honored man.
    Truman was right to fire him, but wrong to disagree.
    What noble purpose was served? Nothing, since the Democrat party ultimately engineered the downfall of South Vietnam, because it was taken over, not by anti-war types, but by socialist and communist types who regarded the invading NVA as allies (though they never admitted that).
    Had we won that war, and we could have, VN would be free today. In fact, in December of 1972, if Nixon had just kept up the pressure, and kept bombing NV, they would have signed anything he stuck in front of them.
    American traitors lost that war, not the military.
    I remember many guys saying, “We were winning the war when I got on the plane to come home, and by the time the plane landed in CA, we were losing.”
    The difference was between what was actually happening and the way it was being reported. Walter Cronkite should be burning in hell for his lies. But I have prayed for him.

    • Jeff

      Your account is contrary to that of historians and journalists who have studied the subject. It is also contrary to what Robert McNamara said in “The Fog of War” made shortly before his death. Here’s an excerpt:

      Of course the military won every battle in Viet Nam. We won every battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, too. And the British won every battle in the Revolutionary War. It is the nature of asymmetric war. You win the battles, but the war is one of attrition, not battles. You can’t occupy a country forever because eventually you have to go home.

      • lenoir

        As I posted, Jeff, it wasn’t my account but that of an Army buddy who was there and who saw it from the soldiers’ perspective rather than the MSM who did just about anything for a story.

        One such story of the race riots at MO School of Mines showed pictures of the town burning. In truth, it was a homecoming bonfire and the photographer laid down on the street in front of it to make it look like the flames were engulfing the buildings. Most reporters in Vietnam weren’t in a position of need-to-know and, at best, reported what could be told them.

        “Of course the military won every battle in Viet Nam. We won every battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, too. And the British won every battle in the Revolutionary War. It is the nature of asymmetric war. You win the battles, but the war is one of attrition, not battles. You can’t occupy a country forever because eventually you have to go home.”

        The rest of what you say is just a absurd. WOW, Jeff!!! Won’t you ever learn to stop with the lies?

        I’m sure we didn’t win every battle in Iraq and Afghanistan. I know we didn’t win every one in Vietnam, and I KNOW every battle in the Rev. War wasn’t won by the British. AND, WE DID NOT OCCUPY VIETNAM!!!! We were there to fight with the South Vietnamese against the Viet Cong.

        You sound just like O with his hatred of the U.S. and G.B. as colonialists. Do you share his hatred of the U.S.?

        • Jeff

          Listen to The Fog of War. read The Best and the Brightest. Then tell me about that war.

          • lenoir

            Listen to The Fog of War. read The Best and the Brightest. Then tell me about that war.

            As I said, I wasn’t telling you. I do admit that he could be wrong, too.

            Now, I have to complement you for not being mean with at least one statement for post. You can be very nice when you want to be and I was thinking I’d never say that. :-)

          • Jeff


            I much prefer to discuss policy seriously. But when I read posts about Obama that are absolutely nutty, I can’t respond seriously. How do you respond seriously when someone compares Obama to Hitler or some such nonsense? You want to vote for Romney? Fine, but stop with the birther crap already.

          • Tag

            Jeff, I must intercede here – it is very easy to compare obummer to Hitler! Their lives run parallel. Start from when Hitler was unknown and a paperhanger, then his rise to become the chancellor (head) of Germany and then destroyed Germany. Obummer started as a nobody, worked the Chicago corrupt mayors’ office then got mentors just like Hitler, promoted to the highest office in the USA and then went about destroying it by his pathetic decisions! Tell me, Jeff, have you EVER been outside the USA in your lifetime?

          • Jeff

            Tag, I’m sure you’ve lived a fascinating life and done many impressive things, but nothing is more impressive than your ability to operate a computer while wearing a straightjacket. I am impressed.

          • Tag

            Jeff, I must intercede here – it is very easy to compare obummer to Hitler! Their lives run parallel. Start from when Hitler was unknown and a paperhanger, then his rise to become the chancellor (head) of Germany and then destroyed Germany. Obummer started as a nobody, worked the Chicago corrupt mayors’ office then got [...]
            Tag, I’m sure you’ve lived a fascinating life and done many impressive things, but nothing is more impressive than your ability to operate a computer while wearing a straightjacket. I am impressed.
            Jeff, this response of yours is a perfect example of what I mean – you can’t defend a position so you start with the smart comments and sarcasim against someone that disagrees with you – that tells me how really inept you are! Do you say “duh” a lot? Maybe the moderator will check this out and see just where the problems exist – with you!!!

          • Jeff

            I refuse to engage a lunatic in a conversation about whether Obama can be compared to Hitler. The only way to respond to such a crazy post is mockery. Tag, I think you’re just like Hitler. He had a moustache, he ate vegetables, and he liked puppies! If Obama were one tenth what you morons claim (Hitler, Stalin), would we be having an election? Would these moronic blogs be permitted? Wouldn’t Rush Blabberbaugh have been dispatched on Day 1? The comparison is insulting – not to Obama but to the victims of the Nazis, you idiot.

          • lenoir

            If Obama were one tenth what you morons claim (Hitler, Stalin), would we be having an election?

            (I’m not going to post much of this since it can be read online. But my impression is that O is trying to incite riots time and again. He had no business getting involved in the shooting in FL. That was a state thing and it was being handled if my memory is right.

            Shouldn’t he have been more involved with the Ft. Hood shootings than with the FL shooting? He’s CiC of the military.

            Hasn’t O written a pres. edict for martial law to be declared with the government taking over everything?

            Does anyone but me think there have been more questionable things going on under O than I’ve ever seen before? That would include the CO movie shooting, the OWS, the 9/11 killing and blaming on a movie, and who knows what else since I never saw anything about how bad the people were in the OWS, Even the huge bullet orders are questionable. EPA arming themselves in full battle fatigue to take over and ruin an ice cream shop. ICE suing O and the government even to be able to perform their duties. Maybe I’m just a theorist who is looking to make sense of things. I don’t know. But if I am, then why are so many other people asking the same questions?)

            How Hitler Became a Dictator
            by Jacob G. Hornberger, Posted June 28, 2004

            But how many people know how Hitler actually became a dictator? My bet is, very few. I’d also bet that more than a few people would be surprised at how he pulled it off, especially given that after World War I Germany had become a democratic republic.

            The story of how Hitler became a dictator is set forth in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, by William Shirer, on which this article is based.

            On June 1, 1932, Hindenberg appointed Franz von Papen as chancellor of Germany, whom Shirer described as an “unexpected and ludicrous figure.” Papen immediately dissolved the Reichstag (the national congress) and called for new elections, the third legislative election in five months.

            Hitler and his fellow members of the National Socialist (Nazi) Party, who were determined to bring down the republic and establish dictatorial rule in Germany, did everything they could to create chaos in the streets, including initiating political violence and murder. The situation got so bad that martial law was proclaimed in Berlin.

            One of the most dramatic consequences was in the judicial arena. Shirer points out,

            Under the Weimar Constitution judges were independent, subject only to the law, protected from arbitrary removal and bound at least in theory by Article 109 to safeguard equality before the law.

            In fact, in the Reichstag terrorist case, while the court convicted van der Lubbe of the crime (who was executed), three other defendants, all communists, were acquitted, which infuriated Hitler and Goering. Within a month, the Nazis had transferred jurisdiction over treason cases from the Supreme Court to a new People’s Court, which, as Shirer points out,

            soon became the most dreaded tribunal in the land. It consisted of two professional judges and five others chosen from among party officials, the S.S. and the armed forces, thus giving the latter a majority vote. There was no appeal from its decisions or sentences and usually its sessions were held in camera. Occasionally, however, for propaganda purposes when relatively light sentences were to be given, the foreign correspondents were invited to attend.


          • Jeff

            Hitler got “elected” – once. If you actually believe that crap, Mitt Romney could sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. Wait a minute! He’s already sold you on the idea of voting for him. There is one born every minute!

          • lenoir

            Lenoir: I much prefer to discuss policy seriously. But when I read posts about Obama that are absolutely nutty, I can’t respond seriously. How do you respond seriously when someone compares Obama to Hitler or some such nonsense? You want to vote for Romney? Fine,

            Really?!!! If it’s fine that we vote for Romney or any body else, why are you here calling everyone names for disagreeing with you? You say you’re here to offer a different opinion. You’ve offered it in abundance, despite believing just the MSM that’s owned by Soros, O’s mentor and benefactor among so many others.

            We know how you think and we know how and WHY we think as we do, and it’s not blindness to how our religion, lives, and livelihoods are being taken away; and at an ever-alarming rate under this usurper of a president and his criminal, Muslim czars (including the one over our Homeland Security).

            No wonder this administration wouldn’t send help to an ambassador who repeatedly asked for it and shouldn’t have even had to since GB withdrew their ambassador for fear of his safety. I know the libs will say that it’s too soon to know what happened. They’ve always got an excuse, and especially your cowardly O who’s always hiding behind excuses of blame for someone else. He says “the blame stops here”. He’s posturing until after the election because accepting responsibility isn’t his style. It will never be his style. He has too big of an inferiority complex which always needs to be stroked. That’s where Jarret comes in. That’s why she’s essentially taken the place of his mother who was never around.

          • Jeff

            You’ll have to explain how your religion, life and livelihood is being taken away and how Obama is the cause of it.

          • lenoir

            You’ll have to explain how your religion, life and livelihood is being taken away and how Obama is the cause of it.

            If you can’t see the hatred against Christians now, you are blind. If you can’t see that he took away National Prayer Day, and instead, added new freedoms for Muslims, you MUST be blind.

            My life — O’care and the panel that will have to approve whether we are even worth the cost of health care.

            My livelihood — Bankrupting our country. Spending so much without a budget that we’ll never be able to pay it off, but they’ll act like they have to and raise taxes to where we can’t even live; and it won’t be just for those making over $250,000 a year. AND, O’care and the IRS intervention into everyone’s possessions and money before health care will be afforded to someone. And the limits on it per year, even for an individual, is ridiculous; never mind the amount for a family.

            You won’t believe anything. You are blind by design. ,

          • Jeff

            You’ve shown NOTHING but your own prejudices. As for religion, the religious nut jobs have taken over the Republican Party and are poised to take over the whole country. Your buddy in Indiana is talking about God-ordained rape and the other idiot is talking about women’s bodies shutting down. There’s an Illinois congressman who says there’s no such thing as pregnancy endangering a woman’s life. These are supposed to be religious people? Give me a break.

          • lenoir

            There’s an Illinois congressman who says there’s no such thing as pregnancy endangering a woman’s life. These are supposed to be religious people? Give me a break.

            And who is it you’re talking about? I have no buddies in IN.

            I’m not even Rep.

            So what do you believe in Jeff? I never thought you were a Christian. I think you don’t believe in anything or anybody other than O. I think you’re probably a “Progressive”.

            You talked about how racist a comment was about you that said you were black. I guess you aren’t black, but you had been talking like a Kool-aide drinker like a lot of the black people are who are behind O.

            I noticed you didn’t answer my question about O. Why is that? No defense of him?

          • Jeff

            The Indiana Senate candidate is Richard Mourdock. The Illinois Congressman is Walsh. The third bozo is Todd Akin from Missouri. As for your comments about Obama and Libya, we’ll see. There were reports at the time from the CIA indicating a terrorist group may have used the Cairo protests over the video as “cover” for their plot to assassinate the Ambassador. Susan Rice apparently reported what she was being told by the CIA at the time. Early reports on these matters are always wrong so it’s interesting that Romney chose to speak out before anyone knew anything about it.

          • lenoir

            As for your comments about Obama and Libya, we’ll see. There were reports at the time from the CIA indicating a terrorist group may have used the Cairo protests over the video as “cover” for their plot to assassinate the


            What was there to see about? Did he say that it was because of a film on Muslims at the U.N., 2 weeks after the attack? Yes or no? Very simple.

            Did he say he at the debate that on the day after the attack he had said that it was an act of terrorism? Yes or no? Did Crowley back him up saying that he had? Yes or no?

            That’s all there is to it. It’s all in the past. Very simple statements and very simple questions to answer.

  • lenoir

    More of our tax dollars at work for a failed agenda of being green,but maybe success to O if his agenda is to bankrupt us.

    Workers at Chevy Volt battery plant built with federal money paid to do nothing for months
    —– Original Message —–

  • lenoir

    I always wondered why he insisted the guys from the Prisons had to be tried in a Federal Court and not Military, and now we know why.
    Some interesting answers here about several things.

    WHY MICHELLE CAME HOME – Interesting!
    Sheppard Smith, Fox News.
    “If you check President Obama’s last trip over-seas, his wife left just after their visit to France . She has yet to accompany him to any Arab country. Think about it. Why is Michelle returning to the states when ‘official’ trips to foreign countries generally include the First Lady.”
    Here’s one thought on the matter.
    While in a Blockbuster renting videos I came across a video called “Obama”. There were two men standing next to me and we talked about President Obama. These guys were Arabs, so I asked them why they thought Michelle Obama headed home following the President’s recent visit to France instead of traveling on to Saudi Arabia and urkey
    with her husband. They told me she could not go to Saudi Arabia ,
    Turkey or Iraq .
    I said “Why not,(?) Laura Bush went to Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Dubai?” They said that Obama is a Muslim and therefore he is not allowed to bring his wife into countries that adhere to Sharia Law.
    Two points of interest here:
    1) I thought it interesting that two American Arabs at Blockbuster believe that our President is a Muslim, who follows a strict Islamic creed.
    2) They also said that’s the reason he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia. It was a signal to the Muslim world, acknowledging his religion.
    For further consideration, here is a response from Dr. Jim Murk, a Middle Eastern Scholar and expert on Islam.
    This is his explanation of what the Arab American’s were saying.
    “An orthodox Muslim man would never take his wife on a politically oriented trip to any nation which practices Sharia law, particularly Saudi Arabia where the Wahhabi sect is dominant. This is true and it is why Obama left Michelle in Europe . She will stay home when he visits Arab countries. He knows Muslim protocol; this includes, bowing to the Saudi King. Obama is regarded as a Muslim in the Arab world, because he was born to a Muslim father; he acknowledged his Muslim faith with George Stephanopoulus. Note that he downplays his involvement with Christianity (after touting it in the election
    campaign , by not publicly joining a Christian church in DC. And occasionally attending the chapel for services at Camp David.
    He also played down the fact that America is a Christian country and said, unbelievably, that it was one of the largest Muslim nations in the world, which is nonsense. He has publicly taken the side of the Palestinians in the conflict with Israel and he ignored the National Day of Prayer, something no other President has ever done. He conceals his true faith to the detriment of the American people.”
    — Jim Murk, Doctor of Philosophy in Middle Eastern Culture & Religion.
    ACTIONS speak louder than words.
    Another interesting item regarding Sharia Law. Why has Barack Hussein Obama insisted that the U.S. Attorney General hold the trials of the 9/11 Muslim Terrorists in Civilian Courts as Common Criminals instead of as Terrorists who attacked the United States of America ? If the Muslim Terrorists are tried in Military Tribunals, convicted and sentenced to death, by LAW, Barack Hussein Obama, as President of the United States, would be required to sign their death warrants. He would not be required to sign the death warrants if they are sentenced to death by a Civilian Court. Muslim Jihadist, Army Major Hassan slaughtered non-Muslim soldiers at Ft. Hood, Texas rather than go to Afghanistan and be a part of anything that could lead to the deaths of fellow Muslims. He stated that Muslims ‘could not and should not kill fellow Muslims’. Is the motive for Barack Hussein Obama’s insistence on civilian trials, to make sure he doesn’t have to sign the death warrants for the Muslim Terrorists? Why would he, as President of the United States, not sign the death warrants for Muslim Terrorists who
    attacked the United States and murdered over 3,000 U. S. Citizens on 9/11? Could it be that he is FORBIDDEN by his RELIGION to authorize the execution of Muslims?
    Think about that! Open your eyes, ears and mind to who the President is, how he behaves and what he is doing!
    Actions speak louder than teleprompter-written words.
    Please pass on to family & friends around the country and ask they do the same!!

    • Jeff

      I believe Obama has overseen the deaths of many Muslims so your logic is a bit shaky.

      • lenoir

        Jeff says:
        October 24, 2012 at 12:19 pm

        I believe Obama has overseen the deaths of many Muslims so your logic is a bit shaky.

        Not shaky at all since we’ve found out he wasn’t included in the decision to attack bin Laden after following Jarret’s advice twice before and not letting them go in.

        I’m not so sure the ones he went after weren’t fanatical enough for him. It’s a cinch that the psychologist or psychiatrist at Ft. Hood was enough of one for him. He’s never proclaimed him to be a terrorist.

        Come on. Jeff. Get your head out of the sand. (Useless even to ask, I know.)

    • Carol

      Where do you get this garbage? In you head?

  • lenoir

    @Jeff says:
    October 24, 2012 at 9:00 am

    So Tag, you think the Sheriff should go around “knocking heads” of anyone who disagrees with you? Interesting view of liberty you have. Italy in the 20s? Germany in the 30s? Arizona now?


    So, Jeff. Even though you are being nicer, this is still trying to force your views on those who think differently. Do YOU know what life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is all about?

    It’s certainly not meant to be spending our lives working on your liberal causes. It’s meant to let people be all that they can be and NOT live off the government, which, incidentally isn’t providing any of that money itself, but taking it away from those who do work and those who do provide jobs like Romney and other capitalists.

    O has never provided one job without taking our money to do so. That includes all government, but O has taken it to new heights with his bailout and his refusal to even agree to a budget in his term. There is no telling how much of our money, and that of future generations, he “invested” in private enterprise that should never have been undertaken by ANYONE in any administration. And how stupid can a president and his administration be to not supervise or have a better plan than was used to administer that bailout. (I don’t guess it was stupidity, but greed, if they were planning on getting some of it for themselves, their relatives, their political cronies both here and abroad, and at the same time; bankrupt our country.)

    I know, Jeff, that you will refuse to see any of this because you don’t know what freedom actually is. You think it to be socialism and all the other “isms”.

    You and O think that he has the right to do anything he wants just because he deceitfully won an election to be the highest civil servant in the country. Instead, all liberals think that we are his servant, and the way he’s going, we are. Just look at the spoiled baby when he says, “Oh, I won!!! We do it my way!!”. How stupid and how egotistical.

    And for some reason, all of the SCJ are afraid to say anything, as are all of the other politicians. I don’t blame them really. I think those murders were done for his benefit. I think he will send his new soldiers in the EPA, TSA, and other branches of government that once were paper pushing jobs into the night to pick up dissenters, and especially if he’s re-elected.

    • Jeff

      What does any of that have to do with the sheriff beating people who disagree with you or “Tag,” pray tell?

      BTW: You may consider as socialism many things others consider a natural part of living in a community. When the garbage man comes to your house, does he check to see if you’re current on your property taxes? Of course not. Is that socialistic? Maybe but it also makes sense so we don’t have neighborhoods full of rotting garbage. You guys act like any economic regulation at all is tantamount to the gulag. It’s a ridiculous way of thinking. We have a mixed economy and people can differ as to how much should be public. The disagreement does not make anyone Stalin unless you’re on one of these blogs!

      Romney himself admits the banks need to be regulated. But if the Republicans manage to repeal Dodd Frank, what will replace it? Virtually nothing because the Republicans are wholly owned by the Banks. There will be zero chance of any sensible regulation like the reinstitution of Glass-Steagall. And we will be guaranteed another financial crisis in 10 or 15 years.

      • lenoir

        Interesting view of liberty you have. Italy in the 20s? Germany in the 30s? Arizona now?

        How ingenious of you to just use that one subject when you were adding more and then to switch back to the one when someone answers. Are maybe that’s also called deceit.

        I considered it all to be about liberty, and welfare for masses isn’t liberty. Helping them get on their feet so they’ll learn and grow is much kinder.

        As for trash pick-up, it was always included in my water bill and part of that dept.’s waste management. Now, living in a rural area, I take my own trash to recycling centers or I pay a separate trash removal bill. You must live in the north. Figures.

      • lenoir

        Jeff says:
        October 24, 2012 at 2:47 pm

        What does any of that have to do with the sheriff beating people who disagree with you or “Tag,” pray tell?

        BTW, the post I made at 4:41 was for you.

        “Virtually nothing because the Republicans are wholly owned by the Banks. There will be zero chance of any sensible regulation like the reinstitution of Glass-Steagall. And we will be guaranteed another financial crisis in 10 or 15 years.”

        As far as another financial crisis in 10 or 15 years goes, where do you think we’re at RIGHT NOW?!!! This administration?!!!! He’s doing everything he can to bring us down NOW!!!!! Maybe you’re part of that because you certainly talk like you are.

        10 or 15 years would be a reprieve from what’s happening now. It would be a Godsend and a miracle.

        • Jeff

          Apparently you don’t understand the difference between stating an opinion and having at least some factual back-up for the opinion. On what basis do you think we have a financial crisis now? And do you understand what was going on in late 2008 and early 2009? I know Rush Blabberbaugh blamed Obama for the downturn in the stock market in late 2008. Do you agree? And does he get any credit for the stock market doubling from its low point a month or two into his Presidency?

  • lenoir

    Tag says:
    October 24, 2012 at 12:20 pm
    It was a disgraceful time for the USA! Then after all that and the horrific way our military was treated, they then build the wall. It was a start to the process of recognition, but not enuf. They deserve MORE!

    Yes, and instead, the government would rather give money to bring illegals into our country with promises of welfare and all kinds of support and give money to Muslim Brotherhood nations while shrinking benefits and healthcare to veterans from all wars.

    The government didn’t even pay for the memorial really. I think the WWII memorial had to be paid for with private funds, or it may be the Vietnam Memorial that I remember contributing to in the grocery stores, among others, and thinking it was terrible that the government itself didn’t do it.

    • Tag

      YES, Lenoir, you are correct again, and there is more to the disgraceful way the USA has responded to the well being of our military – take a look at the hospitals, for instance, Jefferson Barracks, in St. Louis, Missouri. It was in pathetic condition, no such thing as sterializing instruments, etc. FINALLY, after complaints they did attempt to bring it up to par but I don’t know how far they got – this was and is ALL under obummer’s umbrella, no one else!

      • lenoir

        (WND ad)
        Most decorated living
        U.S. military man speaks out
        Medal of Honor hero reveals humanitarianism of flyboys in Vietnam

        Gen. Brady, a recipient of the Medal of Honor, contends that America’s greatest victory in Vietnam was humanitarianism.

        As commander of the 54th Medical Detachment, Gen. Brady led his unit as it rescued over 21,000 wounded – enemy and friendly – in 10 months, while sustaining injuries that resulted in 26 Purple Hearts.

        It’s a story that Gen. Brady says has been all but neglected as many historians and pundits seem determined to view the Vietnam War as a terrible American crime.

        By contrast, Brady provides many examples of how American servicemen and medical personnel risked their lives to care for the Vietnamese people. They also brought new technology and technical know-how to win the “hearts and minds” of the Vietnamese civilians, including introducing basic dentistry and solving protein deficiencies among the children.

        Brady also tells the forgotten story of America’s indigenous allies in Vietnam, including the Montagnards, a fierce warrior society that lost half of its adult male population in support of the American effort in Vietnam.

        Most importantly, Brady tells the story of “Dust Off,” the helicopter rescue program that achieved legendary status during the Vietnam War because of the willingness of pilots to prioritize rapid reaction time even in the face of extreme danger.

  • lenoir

    In the face of widespread insecurity, fear, and hopelessness, our nation desperately needs your prayers.

    Today we are surrounded by the effects of forgetting—even forsaking—God, both as a nation and as individuals. The problem is too big for human effort. Our nation has a heart problem, and only God can fix it. Will you join us in prayer as we ask God to heal our land?

    We have a promise from the Lord: “If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land” (2 Chronicles 7:14, NIV).

    Please also join us in prayer for the millions of individuals who are at a critical crossroad and don’t even know it. Pray that those who don’t know Jesus Christ will turn and find forgiveness, hope, and peace in Him. Let’s stand together and ask God to pour out His Spirit on our nation in 2012

    Commit to join us today in concerted prayer, and we’ll send you updates on the lifesaving work of evangelism.

  • lenoir

    We need to call our state politicians so this after election tyranny doesn’t happen. Get everyone to.

  • lenoir

    Jeff says:
    October 24, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Tag, I’m sure you’ve lived a fascinating life and done many impressive things, but nothing is more impressive than your ability to operate a computer while wearing a straightjacket. I am impressed.

    And that again, makes you a liar in your previous statement about not criticizing people just because they disagree with you.

    Compliment taken away from earlier post.

    • Jeff

      I think you’re as addled as he is. I didn’t mock him because he disagrees with me. I mocked him because he said something completely insane. And did you see what he posted this morning when he thought I was Black? It was the most racist thing I’ve ever seen. You two deserve each other. Go burn crosses and books and leave me alone.

    • Tag

      Right on Lenoir, me thinks Jeff speaketh with forked tongue!

  • lenoir

    Media Research Center founder and president Brent Bozell has an extremely personal and important video message that he is eager to share with his online team featuring country music icon Charlie Daniels. Please see details below, and after watching the video, pass it along to your friends and family members.

    – Grassroots Action

    + + + + + + + + + +
    From the Desk of:
    L. Brent Bozell III, Founder and President
    Media Research Center

    Charlie Daniels, a man for whom I have so much respect, sent me his new video.
    I don’t think it’s even been released yet. But I told him — I insisted — that he show it to you. It is a very, very powerful tribute to our men and women in uniform, and to the Gold Star parents whose children gave their lives in service to our country.

    Charlie Daniel’s message of “Let’em Win Or Bring’em Home” resonates with me on a deep, personal level because my son is in the Marines — Capt. Joseph Bozell, stationed at Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan. It’s a great national tragedy when cowardly political correctness and civilian leaders’ incompetence corrupt a military. Afghanistan began as a necessary and noble cause. At this point it’s not worth another drop of American blood, yet our good men (and women) continue to die. And for what?

    Please share this moving tribute to our military servicemen and their loved ones with your friends and family. Charlie Daniels has done something really special here.

    Thank you. God Bless America.

    L. Brent Bozell III

  • lenoir


    I’m sure you can handle the foul language in our latest report because everyone in America needs to see this shocking footage RIGHT NOW.

    What will DEFINITELY offend you is the son and campaign Field Director of an 11-term Congressman offering one of our investigators detailed advice on how to “forge” documents to prevent the election of Mitt Romney.

    Watch the outrageous footage by clicking below:

    (Abt. 30 entirety, first 6 min. for short version)

    Once again, Project Veritas is flipping the media narrative.

    When our investigators went INSIDE Organizing for America headquarters in Houston and captured campaign workers conspiring to commit election fraud, the media let those low-level operatives take the fall.

    But this explosive new footage proves everything we’ve been saying all year long about how high up voter fraud goes – All the way to highest levels of an 11-term Congressman’s re-election campaign and beyond!

    Please watch the footage right now and then share it with all of your friends.

    Thanks for everything you do.

    Yours for Truth,

    James O’Keefe
    Founder, Project Veritas

    P.S. This shocking new footage of Congressman Jim Moran’s son Patrick conspiring to commit election fraud will leave you outraged. Please watch it RIGHT NOW and then share it with all of your friends

  • lenoir

    This is a huge condemnation of the Obama administration. Read it or don’t – it will not change the facts – and we will be learning of the facts MONTHS after the election – and probably most of the information will NOT come from the press. Our founding fathers surely never thought there would be such collusion of the media in covering up the misdeeds of an administration.

    It is tough for some to accept that Obama and his administration lackies have lied concerning the attack on the Benghazi consulate that resulted in the death of 4 Americans. There was a stream of intelligence information during the attack.
    This article details just the emails that went to the White House, the State Dept., Intelligence, the military and the FBI during the 5 to 6 hour attack. The first was at 4:07PM Washington time, (10:07PM Benghazi time), the second at 4:45PM WA time, and the third at 6:07PM WA Time.
    Note that the first email thought that the 17th of February Militia (a Libyan group) is in security support.

    This article makes no effort to expand the available additional information that was coming in to WA DC.

    There was a drone flying at least two hours over the Safe House which was the ambassador’s final escape hole. The predator relayed real time video of the final event which was viewed in Wash DC. The article does not give details of atrocities that were committed against the ambassador. It is known that the Libyan militia was ineffective at protecting the consul and revealed the location of and the ambassadors retreat to the safe house.

    The president has presented a story of lies since the first day after the attack. Administration toadies expanded the lies for over a month since the attack.

    There are so many details that are available concerning this story. Probably they will be released in a coherent time line after the election by the main stream media. There have been lies on the reason for the presence of the former seals in the final defense of the safe house compound.

    This is a sordid story of security mismanagement and failed policies. It probably will not be told until after the election.

    Al Swegle

    White House told of militant claim two hours after Libya attack: emails
    Related News

    The people and places that define the nation. Slideshow

    The U.S. Consulate in Benghazi is seen in flames during a protest by an armed group said to have been protesting a film being produced in the United States September 11, 2012.

    Credit: Reuters/Esam Al-Fetori

    By Mark Hosenball
    WASHINGTON | Tue Oct 23, 2012 9:11pm EDT

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Officials at the White House and State Department were advised two hours after attackers assaulted the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi, Libya, on September 11 that an Islamic militant group had claimed credit for the attack, official emails show.

    The emails, obtained by Reuters from government sources not connected with U.S. spy agencies or the State Department and who requested anonymity, specifically mention that the Libyan group called Ansar al-Sharia had asserted responsibility for the attacks.
    The brief emails also show how U.S. diplomats described the attack, even as it was still under way, to Washington.

    U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens and three other Americans were killed in the Benghazi assault, which President Barack Obama and other U.S. officials ultimately acknowledged was a “terrorist” attack carried out by militants with suspected links to al Qaeda affiliates or sympathizers.

    Administration spokesmen, including White House spokesman Jay Carney, citing an unclassified assessment prepared by the CIA, maintained for days that the attacks likely were a spontaneous protest against an anti-Muslim film.

    While officials did mention the possible involvement of “extremists,” they did not lay blame on any specific militant groups or possible links to al Qaeda or its affiliates until intelligence officials publicly alleged that on September 28.

    There were indications that extremists with possible al Qaeda connections were involved, but also evidence that the attacks could have erupted spontaneously, they said. adding that government experts wanted to be cautious about pointing fingers prematurely.

    U.S. intelligence officials have emphasized since shortly after the attack that early intelligence reporting about the attack was mixed.

    Spokesmen for the White House and State Department had no immediate response to requests for comments on the emails.

    The records obtained by Reuters consist of three emails dispatched by the State Department’s Operations Center to multiple government offices, including addresses at the White House, Pentagon, intelligence community and FBI, on the afternoon of September 11.

    The first email, timed at 4:05 p.m. Washington time – or 10:05 p.m. Benghazi time, 20-30 minutes after the attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission allegedly began – carried the subject line “U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi Under Attack” and the notation “SBU”, meaning “Sensitive But Unclassified.”

    The text said the State Department’s regional security office had reported that the diplomatic mission in Benghazi was “under attack. Embassy in Tripoli reports approximately 20 armed people fired shots; explosions have been heard as well.”

    The message continued: “Ambassador Stevens, who is currently in Benghazi, and four … personnel are in the compound safe haven. The 17th of February militia is providing security support.”

    A second email, headed “Update 1: U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi” and timed 4:54 p.m. Washington time, said that the Embassy in Tripoli had reported that “the firing at the U.S. Diplomatic Mission in Benghazi had stopped and the compound had been cleared.” It said a “response team” was at the site attempting to locate missing personnel.

    A third email, also marked SBU and sent at 6:07 p.m. Washington time, carried the subject line: “Update 2: Ansar al-Sharia Claims Responsibility for Benghazi Attack.”

    The message reported: “Embassy Tripoli reports the group claimed responsibility on Facebook and Twitter and has called for an attack on Embassy Tripoli.”

    While some information identifying recipients of this message was redacted from copies of the messages obtained by Reuters, a government source said that one of the addresses to which the message was sent was the White House Situation Room, the president’s secure command post.

    Other addressees included intelligence and military units as well as one used by the FBI command center, the source said.

    It was not known what other messages were received by agencies in Washington from Libya that day about who might have been behind the attacks.

    Intelligence experts caution that initial reports from the scene of any attack or disaster are often inaccurate.

    By the morning of September 12, the day after the Benghazi attack, Reuters reported that there were indications that members of both Ansar al-Sharia, a militia based in the Benghazi area, and al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, the North African affiliate of al Qaeda’s faltering central command, may have been involved in organizing the attacks.

    One U.S. intelligence official said that during the first classified briefing about Benghazi given to members of Congress, officials “carefully laid out the full range of sparsely available information, relying on the best analysis available at the time.”

    The official added, however, that the initial analysis of the attack that was presented to legislators was mixed.

    “Briefers said extremists were involved in attacks that appeared spontaneous, there may have been a variety of motivating factors, and possible links to groups such as (al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and Ansar al-Sharia) were being looked at closely,” the official said.

    (Additional reporting by Susan Cornwell; Editing by Mary Milliken and Jim Loney)

  • lenoir

    @Jeff says:
    October 24, 2012 at 4:57 pm

    I think you’re as addled as he is. I didn’t mock him because he disagrees with me. I mocked him because he said something completely insane. And did you see what he posted this morning when he thought I was Black? It was the most racist thing I’ve ever seen. You two deserve each other. Go burn crosses and books and leave me alone.

    It was something YOU disagreed with. I don’t and I’m sure there are many who don’t disagree him.

    Now talk about racist!! Burning crosses and book.

    I would be glad to leave you alone, so just leave already. You’re actually the interloper and caustic ingredient here and, my guess, on every other conservative site you can find.

    • Jeff

      I didn’t realize you were the arbitor of acceptable opinion on this blog. Here’s a clue: outside the bubble of this insane group of geriatric bloggers, if you compare Obama to Hitler, people will think you’re absolutely nuts. Frankly, there’s no one on this blog worth communicating with. You live in Southern Racistland and still long for the good old days of Jim Crow. Live with your memories because you are old and irrelevant.

      • lenoir

        Frankly, there’s no one on this blog worth communicating with.

        Wonderful, Jeff! You’re leaving! Hooray!

        I didn’t realize you were the arbitor of acceptable opinion on this blog. Here’s a clue: outside the bubble of this insane group of geriatric bloggers

        I never said I was speaking for everyone, only that there were probably others who agreed with him as I did.

        But I do have a question for you.

        How can you listen to him say that the reason for the riot in Libya was caused by an anti-Muslim film and then listen to him, or read about him, in the debate saying that he said on Sep 12 in the Rose Garden that it was a terrorist attack and NOT know what a prevaricator he is? (Prevaricator is a nice word for a president that you’re afraid will send people out to get you in the middle of the night if you call them by the simple 4 letter word.)

  • Attaboyslim

    Hello Folks, Hope everyone is doing great today. There must have been a thousand comments posted on this article and the discussion has been going on for a couple of weeks now, I guess, but this is how it should be with this election and all that is at stake. Are we getting any closer to the truth … I mean, have we figured out where this country is going wrong and what should be done to correct it before it is too late. We all have our own opinions about things and we, naturally want our guy to win because we have always followed what their Party stands for because it is the, “Best” way for the United States of America, right? It seems foolish to us that the people who support that other guy, must be on drugs because people on pure air don’t act like this, right … again?

    But honestly, does any of that matter in the least? If the wrong guy is elected, will blaming it on the people who supported him be of any use to any of us in the end? If it is the other guy, will the laughter and ridicule of the other teams supporters make us a stronger nation. Is is worth, taking a very close look and with total honesty, about every aspect; but not from simple Party loyalty but with scrutiny of both men as we make our critique? Have we really come to understand that whomever we elect into the office of the President will directly effect the lives of the people we love, especially our children? Have our discussions found a way to avert the possible destruction of this Republic and all that it stands for, just as true American Patriots are expected to do always?

    I know … that is a pretty tall order isn’t it and honestly, I’m still having a bit of trouble on a few things and wondered if you could help..This is how it looks to me:even though a lot of you may have already know how I feel about the situation, they are still unresolved issues.

    You sort of expect the Government to lie to our enemies in order to protect us but when we are continually lie to, where does that place our level of importance? Back in 2001, we all thought the world was coming to get us and in a very violent way and so we agreed that steps were necessary for our safety but when it turned out to be mostly hot air, why have the steps increased instead of returning to normal? We all know that the main stream media is totally untrustworthy because of the lies they tell us too and even though the Boogie-Man has been pulled from under our bed and put outside, why do the continue to spy on us and take more and more of our freedoms? Why, in God’s name, are we at war in so many places when we are going broke?

    I really don’t want to hear any BS about protecting our interest, spreading Democracy or ridding the world of terrorism because, if you are still following that set of beliefs then you shouldn’t be answering my questions and in fact, should not be participating in these discussions..Postulating such ridiculous theories will help no one and arguing about it’s validity will benefit even fewer. The only, and I do mean the only poignant points to ponder here, ought to be on those issues . Debating Hitler or wars that occurred before most of us were born and certainly, anything we may feel personally about a candidate, have no place here if you are serious in your beliefs.

    Absolutely, we should take into account what moral character a candidate possesses. We should demand that our President exude Honor, Integrity, Decency, Honesty and especially pride in the people and the country they love but getting into a proverbial pissing contest about these semantics is pointless. How could your being victorious one your own personal opinion be of any help to this country? It cannot. We desperately need to come to terms with and correct the fact that our negligence is partly to blame for the current condition in this country. We have stood by, divided by our differences of opinions on a political system that doesn’t even hear our requests to be involved and certainly does not listen, why?

    We innocently nod in approval as our jobs are moved over seas, super highways constructed through the center of our country but benefits a foreign nations coffers, really? Yes, and we say nothing as we learn that the police can enter our homes, while we are away and search our homes without telling us a thing and can them arrest us at a later time should they choose, Huh? All true and the can legally listen to our conversations through our cell phones or watch us through our personal web cams and that is only a fraction. Please refrain from accusing me of exaggeration or untruths because anything remotely associated to anything I have listed, is atrocious and illegal under our Constitution and Bill of Rights that we allow them to ignore.

    Finally, even though there is a mountain more, through our nap, they have placed every man woman and child in this country, for the next several generations in debt, so badly that it cannot be repaid. An amount of money, so great, that it is mathematically impossible to be repaid and the tab came to us as the ones responsible. Well, our great great grand children were also included but it certainly wasn’t for something we agreed to buy and the tab continues to increase. The irony … no, the insanity here is what we are doing to fix this massive problem at this very moment, can anyone guess what that might be?

    We are fighting with every ounce of strength we have and giving our last few Dollars to help support the very people who have ruined our happiness. Talk about being gluttons for punishment? Yes, I’ll still continue to read all of the responses. Even those about Donald Duck, The Lockness Monster but I will ignore most of those with references to those new kinds of cartoons because I have no idea what they are trying to say to kids. Still, I’ll be holding my breath in anticipation for those involving Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the involvement of the Black Hand. Peace, Love and Happiness to you all. Slim.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Like one Congress Man said: You LIE!

  • Carol

    Obama has done a lot more than you try to make it appear in your article. This is just more propaganda.

  • James Corbin

    Yes, Iran, is building nuclear weapons and who doesn’t believe this they are just trying to fool themselves. Obama’s foreign policy is a total mess, but we won’t see the results of it until a second term—–God forbid. I would like to know what Obama has done. I am a Democrat but not too proud to admit that Obama has failed in many ways. He has gotten us in debt more than any president in history. If Obama gets elected who will he blame the last four years on????????? I’m telling you people wake up and give Romney a try, we can’t get any worse. We need to give him a chance since, Obama is a flop.

  • HKaufman

    Chip-you know better then to release such Bull.. Prove just one prevaricated promise the president released??? The problem began with T-Bag KKK sitting on their fat A** giving NO support what so ever to the PRESIDENT.. CEASE with all the DISPARAGING RHETORIC.. This is not poetic Rhetoric, but Matriculates into the realm of :BIGOTRY,HATE and forces thinking individuals to SUFFER the blind ignorance of what you and many others that contribute OPINIONS to Articles written.. OPINIONS are OPINIONS

    • Frank Kahn

      I can find no accepted definition of matriculate that would pertain to your usage in this post. There was a coach of a football team that incorrectly used it to mean move but that is not a true definition.

      Disparaging is a strong word, which means many things. If you mean that they truthfully speak of his bad decisions then I agree, If you mean that they are doing it just to insult him then you are wrong.

      To hold to your personal beliefs and state them is indeed bigotry but not hatred.

      It is equally bigoted of you and the Obama administration to refuse to change their beliefs in the face of opposition, so what is your point?

      It is incorrect to lay the blame of a stalemate on one side, it takes both sides to make a deal or to create a stalemate. Obama would not make reasonable concessions and maybe neither did the republicans, result stalemate. Nothing gets done. Who is to blame, both. If the majority thought Obama was right, everything would have gone smoothly for him. Sorry, the majority thought he was wrong. You dont like our ideas, too bad, live with it, our ideas are just a valid as yours. We both might be wrong, one of us might be right, but one thing is for sure, we both have the right to believe in our ideas.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    ( 1. ) WHAT are you attrubiting his additional T’s of debt to?
    ( 2. ) What was the previous T’s of Debt For?
    ( 3. ) WHO did he get in debt too?
    ( 4. ) Who is the Previous T’s Debt too?
    If the Truth could be known… Debate can Start!

  • Gente – Isaac Sutton Club

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to understand so much about this, like you wrote the e-book in it or something. I believe that you simply can do with some percent to power the message house a bit, however other than that, that is great blog. A great read. I’ll certainly be back.

  • Florence

    BO told the russian president that he would have more flexibility after the election…whatever that means; he also was on TV agreeing w/latino FL politician: the politician told (not asked) but told BO to “give amnesty to all illegals” and to “do it in your first term.” BO is a deal maker for everybody except America..

    • Jeff

      332-206 in the Electoral College.

      • Mrs. Harvey

        I thank GOD for this opportunity of all coming together to make our country more better by us all working together. We are all Americans no matter the race! I ask it in JESUS’s name! Amen!


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