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Our Hundred Years’ War

October 10, 2012 by  

Our Hundred Years’ War

The race for the Presidency has been interesting, not because of what either GOP nominee Mitt Romney or President Barack Obama has said, but because of what has been ignored.

The most notable taboo topic is the Nation’s continued involvement in Afghanistan as well as the progressive deterioration of American strategic goals for the Mideast.

Neither candidate has been candid on a geopolitical blunder in Afghanistan that continues to rack up hundreds of billions of dollars in additional debt and potentially thousands of American deaths.

Phyllis Bennis, a fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies and author of Ending the US War in Afghanistan: A Primer, contends that neither candidate has a way for America to extricate itself from Afghanistan.

In an interview, Bennis said:

Candidate Obama has now stopped talking about Afghanistan this time around. Candidate Romney has said that Obama is not tough enough, but what he has called for has not been different in any substantive way. He has said that we should keep troops there, not pull out right away. President Obama is not pulling out right away, so there’s very little substantive difference.

What is inescapable is that this month marks the beginning of the 12th year of war in Afghanistan; it is America’s longest war. What has been ignored by American strategists is that Afghanistan is a desolate, Stone Age nation that refuses to be civilized and has successfully resisted past and present superpowers, a group that includes not only the United States but also the British Empire and the Soviet Union.

Washington has ignored this historical truth and has so far invested nearly $1 trillion in fighting a losing struggle that has cost us more than 2,000 dead.

Obama has promised to end the U.S. combat role in Afghanistan by December 2014, although the United States has pledged to continue some undefined military and economic support well beyond that date. How far the United States will offer support beyond that date is open to speculation. Given the growing conflict with millions of radical followers of Islam, it doesn’t seem impossible that right now America has a future President who is in college and who, decades from now, will be deciding his strategies to defend America from an ever-expanding Muslim mob.

Afghan war strategists in the Obama Administration agree there is little chance of negotiations with the Taliban that would bring a political settlement to the war.

The question is why would the Taliban want to negotiate with the United States? Some 12 years into this war, American soldiers on patrol can’t determine who the biggest threat is: the enemy fighters in the countryside or their Afghan allies who once protected their backs but have increasingly been taking aim at them.

Gareth Porter, a historian and investigative journalist on U.S. foreign and military policy, said: “The Taliban have been able to carry out spectacular attacks on U.S. bases that have gotten much farther and done much more damage than anything the Vietcong and North Vietnamese were ever able to do during the Vietnam War.”

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen admitted the killings of almost 50 allied troops this year by Afghan security forces has damaged the relationship between the international forces and the Afghan police and military.

The Much Bigger War

Unspoken by both Presidential candidates is how America can win the war far beyond Afghanistan, a war without borders against an elusive enemies with unspecific goals united only in their hatred of the United States.

“The enemies we face in the future will look a lot like al Qaeda: transnational, globalized, locally franchised, extensively outsourced–but tied together through a powerful identity that leaps frontiers and continents,” wrote Mark Steyn in America Alone: The End of the World as We Know It.

“All dominant powers are hated–Britain was, and Rome–but they’re usually hated for the right reasons. America is hated for every reason. The fanatical Muslims despise America because it’s all lap-dancing and gay porn; the secular Europeans despise America because it’s all born-again Christians hung up on abortion; the anti-Semites despise America because it’s controlled by Jews. Too Jewish, too Christian, too godless, America is George Orwell’s Room 101: whatever your bugbear you will find it therein; whatever you’re against, America is the prime example of it.”

We no longer face a monolithic enemy like communism. What we do face is an enemy that will persist in its extremism and its hatred of the United States long after the upcoming occupant leaves the Oval Office.

And yet our policymakers continue to be like old generals and persist with fighting the last war. That war was won by outspending the enemy. Eventually, the Soviet Union imploded because that empire simply could not afford the cost of the Cold War. Today, America’s strategists are spending even more money on everything from nuclear aircraft battle groups to ultra-sophisticated fighter-interceptors like the Raptor F-22 which costs $420 million per plane.

Expenditures on these types of weapons put the Pentagon’s budget at $670 billion this year, about 18 percent of total Federal spending. The dollar amount has more than doubled since 2001 when the United States began its wars against Islamic extremists. It is hard for me to see how jet inceptors or nuclear submarines can effectively combat the growing radical contingent within Islam which continues on its jihad.

From Yemen to Libya, revolt rolls forward. Not long ago, nations like Egypt were our vanguards, influencing at least some stability on the region. In the past three years, one regime after another has been toppled, and there is growing radicalization inside the governments of almost each of these former allies. That could, as Steyn suggests, leave America alone.

When I was a kid, there was a joke about the IQ test for dummies. One of the questions was: Who is buried in Grant’s Tomb? Another was: How long did the Hundred Years’ War last? This second question isn’t so easy because it turned out to be a series of conflicts between England and France that lasted from 1337 to 1453.

That is trivia. But there is another question we should all be asking: How long will America’s war with Islam last? Tragically, we are into the second decade of this conflict and there is no end in sight.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    The establishment has their puppets in place. Neither will talk about the illegal occupations in the M.E. or their obvious intentions to further support Israel in furthering it’s terrorism for conquest. You won’t hear the words “indefinite detention” from either candidate nor from any moderator. If you’re one of the majority that doesn’t like either candidate then you must leave the corrupt two party system and start thinking about plans to take the country back in 2016 because we’re f#@%ed until then. I just hope it’s not too late by then.

    • RevNowWhileWeCan

      They handed us a line of crap on Afghanistan. They handed us a line of crap about Iraq. Thousands of Americans have died and almost a MILLION arabs have been killed in the name of “freedom”. Are we really naive enough to still believe that? Are we safer now with DHS, TSA, NDAA and the host of other personal liberties being clipped away from Americans daily?

      We’re fighting a proxy war in Syria and about to enter a full scale war with Iran. Are we really going to let them pull the wool over our eyes again? Have many millions more have to die before we take a stand and tell our leaders that dropping bombs on people isn’t making us safe, isn’t bringing stability to the ME, isn’t stimulating the economy and just isn’t working. I’ve had enough already? Haven’t you?

      • Jeff

        It’s too bad a few more on the right didn’t feel this way in 2001 and in 2003. I remember when Phil Donahue was the only national personality to oppose the invasion of Afghanistan. The militarization of the “war on terror” was pure stupidity as it was always primarily a policing problem. But Bush and Cheney got away with belittling anyone who spoke anything but nonsense.

        Donahue got fired because of that position, and only a few spoke out against the Iraq Idiocy, a policy so foolhardy the Administration had to cook intelligence and flat lie to its moronic base and to Congress to accomplish. Did anyone on the right ever oppose the Iraq War? Congress believed that little cowboy when he said he needed the authorization to invade to “negotiate” with Saddam. Please. A blind man should have seen through that ruse. Virtually every Republican voted for it and enough Democrats, to their everlasting shame, went along despite misgivings. If not for that vote, Hillary would be president right now.

        That being said, I don’t deny there’s a place for limited military action in certain cases to avoid massacres, particularly where there’s a real international coalition. But invading and occupying countries to impose democracy is idiotic.

      • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

        Good post, and don’t forget the old saying ” Violence abroad begets violence at home”

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I agree with you, Rev!!!

    • rendarsmith

      Unfortunately most Americans are too gullible to see through the two-party system, especially when the media blacks out anyone who says otherwise.

    • FreedomFighter

      Three words:

      New World Order

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    Afghanistan was a lie. Iraq was a lie. Are we going to let them lie to us again with Iran. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, well that’s just stupid now isn’t it?

    • Travis

      I was over there in Iraq when the Operation Iraqi Freedom was executed. I worked in a Combat Support Hospital as a Captain and the amount of damage being consistantly deployed is unreal. The sad part is for every American that is killed you have 3-5 Iraqi civilians that are also affected with morbidity or mortality. We are making far more enemies by our presence. I agree that area needs to be stabilized however there comes a point when you must conclude a stalemate.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I agreed with you Travis, until you said “the area needs to be stabilized”. The area has never been “stabilized” and never will be! They don’t WANT to be stabilized! They want to be left alone. It should be apparent by now to everyone that if they want to be stabilized, it will have to happen from within.

      • DaveH

        Nancy says — “They want to be left alone”.
        The usual wise statement from Nancy.
        We all want to be left alone, but somehow many of us forget that simple wish when we are messing with other peoples’ lives. How else could we have allowed the Force of Big Government to take over so much of our lives?

      • noel

        Bottom line is this, it was MUCH more stable in the middle East before Obama.
        Next bottom line, are folks , as a whole, better off than they were four years ago? If the answer is NO to both of these questions, THROW THE BUM OUT!!!

      • TML

        Well said Travis…. sometimes the only way to win is not to play.

    • figmo

      What was the lie about Afghanistan? The plot to destroy the World Trade Center was hatched there and we had to respond and go after the perps.I agree, it’s beyond time to leave now. Irac was enticed by Saddam who played games with us and led us to believe he had WMD when all he had to do was allow the inspectors to determine he did not have them. While I think Obama is our worst president ever (even worse than Carter – if that’s possible), Irac was W’s debacle – trying to finish the job for daddy. I hope to see other choices in 2016 beyond the same cookie cutter, boring, out of central casting candidates the dems and the repubs give us.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        figmo, I hate to wake you up when you were sleeping so peacefully. But the “lie about Afghanistan” is that the plot wasn’t hatched there. It was hatched in Washington, DC! I know! It sounds outrageous and bizarre! Your first instinct is denial! It couldn’t be! That’s where I was a year ago. The amount of evidence out there on the Internet is overwhelming! It’s just waiting for you to go find it. I wouldn’t be able to convince you so you’ll have to go look for yourself. Just keep following the links. If you do your research, you can come up with NO other answer! Start with the you tube video, architects and engineers speak out about 911.

      • Nancy in Nebraska
      • Joe Hammond

        It also should be stated that Cheney, Wolfowitcz, and Rumsfeld were talking about invading Iraq long before the 9/11 destruction (which was executed by Saudi nationals with a couple of others from the ME). Whether Saddam had WMDs or not they were going to war in Iraq (perhaps for Halliburton profits as Cheney was the former CEO).

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Joe, you’re right except that the REAL reason for going to war with Iraq is that Sadaam was starting to rebel. He was going to start selling oil for gold instead of the petro dollar. Having the dollar as the only exchange for oil is the only thing that gives the dollar any value. If one country rebelled, others would follow. They couldn’t allow that to happen. The dollar would collapse and the US would no longer be a super power. The fact that Halliburton profited is just a Duh!

      • eddie47d

        Thank you Rev and Nancy well said! Afghanistan was a bit player in 9/11 and Joe also got it right about Saudi nationals. These continued wars were indeed hatched in Washington DC many decades ago and what we did back then is still biting us today.

      • Chester

        Nancy, you are so tied into your conspiracy theories that you wouldn’t recognize a true conspiracy if it bit you, The true conspiracy I have seen is trying to lay the blame on anyone and everyone EXCEPT the people who worked together to hatch the plot, then convince a couple of dozen jihadists that this was their gateway to heaven. I don’t see that happening behind the walls of the capitol building or the white house, nor even behind closed doors on Wall Street. This was a prime example of Islamic jihad, kill as many infidels as possible before you die yourself.

      • noel

        I’m calling BS on that crap!!! Not a shred of evidence that suggests such a thing was contimplated or that it EVER happened!!! Paranoia will destroy ya!!! Get back on your meds asap!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Chester, al quaida is owned and operated by the CIA. They created it in the 70′s . There’s a you tube video of brezinski (sp?) BEFORE 911 talking about how they created al quaida!

        Noel, there’s more than enough evidence to prove it to anyone! Theyre just not going to hand it to you! You’ve got to go look for it! It’s NOT hard to find. Even Paul Craig Roberts, former asst. Secretary of the treasury and former editor of the Wall St. journal (among other credentials) says that 911 was done by our own government! There are many “famous” people who also acknowledge it. If you want TRUTH, you HAVE to go look for it, because you won’t get any of that from our government! I guarantee you, if tou just spend a few days searching for the truth, you will find it!

      • RevNowWhileWeCan

        Yea. That horrible plan to take out WTC bldg. #7 worked out great for the guy who took out, and collected on a multi-billion dollar insurance claim. Bin Laden got us good there. SMH!

      • Mario

        The plot to destroy WTC was made in various locations in USA and Europe, and supervized from NY Major’s bunker in Building 7. The scope was to drag USA in an endless war, profitting and actually keeping in business the military complex, while cipping away civil libertyes.
        Define “terror” ant state how can be defeated as an enemy.Tell everybody how can you establish a “Victory day” in that kind of war. But the American Idiot is buying it…He gives away liberties in exchange for “safety”, and as Ben Franklyn said once, the AI will get none…
        Heh! The American Idiot doesn’t even realise the Presidents of USA (POTUS) are not even elected – they are APOINTED by some other powers, and only after that, the media, which is owned by those powers start to do it’s “population brain washing” in “electing” the president…
        Well, but why bother…

    • http://none Charlie

      Most Americans have been fooled far more than 3 times , when goes over 4, that’s called
      “Brainwashing”.. 99.99 % of Americans are brainwashed on , at least one subject matter…
      Most don’t have enough common sense to,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

      Charlie Freedom

      • Jeff

        Speaking of brainwashed . . .

  • Deerinwater

    Excellent write up John Myers . It needed to be said.

  • michael

    Sadly, I think that the existing wars and new wars will continue. It seems to be the way we are going. Spending on wars, that we cannot win, loosing our young in those same wars and spending on entitlements, with borrowed money is endless.
    It wont stop until we implode, and are bankrupted.
    Sadly again, over a 30 year cycle, pc has taken over and we have been dumbed down.

    The sad saga of 9/11 is there for all to see, except, did we ever see surveillance footage of the aircraft crashing into the Pentagon ?

    • figmo

      Right on Michael! I believe the last war we fought with the objective of winning was WWII. The wars or police actions since then have been self defeating exercises where we restrict our warriors with rediculous self imposed restrictions and rules of engagement. So all that is accomplished is that a lot of good men are killed or maimed both physically and mentally. How can a soldier have high morale when he knows that his higher ups are more concerned with courts martialing him for violating the Geneva Convention than with defeating the enemy who has no such restrictions?

      • DaveH
      • SJJolly

        FIgmo: Meaning, all we need to win wars is throw out the Rules of War, Rules of Engagement, etc.? IOW, tell our troops to kill everyone not wearing an American or allied forces uniform (and take a close look at people wearing such, just in case), and destroy everything we don’t want to use ourselves? In short, turn every area where we send troops, to help our allies, into a wasteland of death and devastation. One has to suspect that few foreign leaders would be requesting US assistance — the cure being worse than the disease!
        Rules of War and Rules of Engagement are intended to keep armies from devastating the areas they march into.

      • SJJolly

        DaveH: JOHN V. DENSON gets many things right, but not all. I.e., FDR wanted to provoke war with Japan, yes, seeing that the USA needed to get into the fight against the Axis, but reportedly was genuinely surprised that Japan attacked our bases in HawaiI. FDR was too much a master politician to believe that a plot as big as concealing knowledge of a Japanese battle fleet advancing on Hawaii could be kept secret for very long.
        Something conspiracy theorists forget: [expletive deleted] happens.

      • Mario

        You are or senile or just a f—k imbecile! FDR KNEW more than two weeks before Pearl Harbor what will gonn’a happen ! It’s already in documents you can access from US Library online!!!
        The mofo PROMISSED to American people he’ll never involve America in another European war. Well, but if that could be done starting one in Pacific?…Hmm…Yummy!…So,just to be sure , he managed ALL CARRIERS, to be out to sea for “exercises”, while ALL BATTLESHIPS were tied to docs…How interesting…Why protect battleships when already was obvious a warplane or two can sink any of them?…
        Well, god thinking, with just a little problem…THEY WERE MANNED!!!! But THAT little problem didn’t stopped the CRIMMINAL FDR…”What? 2 thousand some casualties? That should be a joke-let’s get in the war, “revenge them”…” Yeah, THAT plan cost America another 2+ million victims…Just for backing a crimminal who shoud drive in his f—k weel chair right in front of fire squad….

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The only footage from the pentagon that they’ve allowed anyone to see is a few seconds of impact. All you can see is a flash. That is because missiles move so fast, you can’t see them! Photos from immediately after show one round hole. No hole where the wings entered the building, yet there re no wings visible outside the building. No fucilage, no engines, no seats, no bodies, NOTHING! That’s because they weren’t there!!! Non military personnel who were there and actually escaped through the hole said there were NO signs of an airplane anywhere! Go on you tube, you can hear these people speak for themselves!

      • noel

        BS!!! My buddy works for the fda and saw the plane, wings and all sweety, go right by his window…thanx for playing Nancy!!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Go on you tube, “engineers and architects for 911 truth”. Find out for yourself!

      • http://none Charlie

        What was your buddy smoking when he saw that plane ,that was NOT,,,you better give him a test for drugs , he’s on some potent stuff…

      • SJJolly

        If the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not a hijacked airliner, where did the missile (a rather large one) come from, and where did the airliner disappear to? As for the lack of wing slots extending out from the impact hole on the Pentagon, the outer walls of the Pentagon are hardened (aka, armored), I’ve read.

      • Paul Wells

        I think Big Bird did it!

      • YouhaveGOTtobekidding!

        Doesn’t everyone know that the best source for the truth is the INTERNET???!!! And people wonder why our country is in the shape it’s in! God help us! Get off Facebook!

      • Mario

        Yes, Nancy, you’re all right. I know they are a lot of documentaries pro and contra of US officials involved in 9/11 masacre, but to me, and I am an engineer with a master degree, one stands out. And that’s the “911-In plane site”. Just analysing the images made public after the event, they pull up tons of questions. And all are very logical.
        Anyway, you may want to check my comment posted as a reply a little earlyer to figmo…
        It may be enlightning…

    • elizabeth

      No, we never saw any footage of any plane crashing into the pentagon, nor was there any evidence of a plane wreckage happening (debris, plane pieces, etc)…but there IS footage showing a cruise missile (maybe 2) blowing up the front side of the Pentagon (where it collapsed) and punching a nearly perfect hole through the back.

      • Mario

        Sorry Elizabeth, it was no missle, it was few tens of pounds of C4 planted INSIDE Pentagon building. Very convenient, that part of the building was just sustaining some “upgrades” and no personel was present when explosion occured. Don’t you find interesting the fact they were NO VICTIMS in Pentagon attack?!!!…
        If you bother to watch “911-In plane site”, you can see the immage of a book on some desk, taken from outside of Pentagon, book which haven’t the slight trace of burn on it. Now, IF a jetliner, full with fuel would crush, in Pentagon building or wherever else, the fire wouldn’t be put away for hours. IF a missle would hit Pentagon building, the heat wave from the explosion would vaporize and carbonize everything on hundreds of feet radius.But there, you can see a book, on a desk, on second floor, completely untouched by flames! How that is possible? Only if destruction came by shock wave, and not from fire, and only if the explosion which created the shock wave actually blew the termal wave away, which in this case is from inside out.
        I hope I made it clear enough for you and everybody else.
        Just go and watch “911-In plane site”…

        • elizabeth

          In response to Mario- Well we are agreed that it was no plane that caused the damage at the pentagon, but C4 doesn’t explain the whole punched through the back wall of the pentagon. Also- please check your facts as there were 125 casualties at the Pentagon on 911. These people were our fellow Americans and should not be forgotten.

  • sj

    IMHO we don’t have until 2016. Our military leaders hold our fate. If they don’t do their job, protect us from enemies foreign and DOMESTIC we are hosed.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      I believe you are right!!!

    • Mario

      That would mean MILITARY DICTATORHIP!!!! you morron!…Not even USSR got so far!!!…
      Want some examples from history what that could mean?….
      Nah, I’ll let you figure out…
      In the mean time, why are you not prepearring for a FEMA camp?…Hm?…Could be something diffrent from Hitler’s exterminations’ camps???… Oh, no! In Hitler’s exterminations’ camps, they didn’t have all day TV’s…And three meals a day…
      Well, enjoy that untill you can’t…

  • sj

    not their job – correction THEIR SWORN DUTY

  • dan

    Room 101….spewed coffee over that one John
    the sun never sets on the American Empire….Pax Americana or Pox Americana
    ….unfortunately the barbarians are already within the gates….and it’s us

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      That WAS a good one! Room 101!!!

  • Warrior

    Something to think about. If the US is not the policemen for the world, than who will be? It is costly to perform this function however we can also see what happened after WWI. We took a isolationist attitude and voila, facists and marxists filled the void in Europe and the far east which of course led to WWII. Ever since that time, the US assumed the role as police to protect world economies and attempt to maintain peace throughout the world. No WW since however we have fought more than our share of skirmishes because we have acted as the good and bad cop. Think about the condition of Germany, Japan, Italy, Russia from the 30′s and 40′s to now. Yes, there is a price to pay to be the police however, as you can see, the price we paid for WWII was extremely heavy. So, we propped up dictators in ME to maintain a peace and for the most part it has worked. Our good old friends from the kremlin are the real culprit behind the continual unrest in the ME.

    Don’t fool yourself into thinking that there doesn’t have to be a policemen because throughout history, there has always been a dominant society to lead the world. China and our friends in the kremlin would gladly fill those voids where ever they are provided.

    If we do not lead, than I would enjoy seeing your responses as to whom you think should.

    • dan

      no one loves the police,eh….and we’ve financed it with the petro-dollar and THAT”S coming to an end soon. A large part of our involvement in the ME is because of pipelines and oil …. but we’re losing control of the ‘free’ market or at least the leverage we had over it. The realignment of global alliances and markets is going to be chaotic….but it’s inevitable

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The kremlin isn’t the culprit in the middle east. We are! We are the ones who foment unrest, encourage and abet overthrows of governments. We don’t do so for the good of their people. We do so to install puppet governments who are willing to take bribes to do whatever we tell them to do. Many of the dictators that we have installed have been horrible to their people, but we just stand back and allow them to do as they please as long as they obey their masters. I want to make it clear that it isn’t really the United States doing these things. It is the evil elite have usurped OUR government as well. They USE the United States to conduct their evil business! We have become the evil puppet government who is reigning terror upon any country who does not do “their” will! These wars are NOT being fought for good and noble reasons! They are being fought for oil, money and power!!!

      • retired soldier

        Nancy, You are really onto something there! I wonder if someone were to gather the identities of the “evil elites” and placed their portraits on billboards with the words in bold printed below the portraits, “Wanted for crimes committed against the people of America”. Do you think that this action would serve to slow their crimes if they knew that the people were onto them?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        retired soldier, start with the rothchilds and rockefellers! That’s where it begins!

      • retired soldier

        Along with the folks that bombed the USS Liberty!

      • Warrior
      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Warrior, I read it (well, some of it). For the first time, I agree with Russia!

    • Joe Hammond

      WW2 was a direct result of the Versailles Treaty which tied all the evils that resulted in WW1 to the German Empire (refusing to recognize the continued arms race and empire building which was fueled by the needs for profit by companies such as Krupp, Schnieder, and Remington). Making Germany a pariah and poverty stricken country allowed fanatics such as Hitler to assume power of the most advanced scientific country in the world at the time and instill a sense of revenge within its people.

      The USSR was cut-off from the rest of the world and even attacked by Japan, Britain, and the US between 1919-1921. It wasn’t until the 1930s that the US recognized the USSR. That isloation led to interior policies that formed the Stalinist culture and resulted in the totalitarian state to emerge there.

      Japan was always an expansionist empire due to the population problem (which is growing quickly throughout the world today) and lack of raw materials needed by a modern industrial nation-state. Our embargos as well as the naval treaties we made with Japan and Britain (which ignored the defensive lessons learned from Jutland) convinced Japan that eithr the US or britain or the two of them together were destined to attack the Empire. Our cut off a scrap metal and oil by FDR (which some feel was done to get us into the war against Naziism) fueled the reaction.

      Our self-annoited task of being “policeman for the world” along with our prejudice for Israel has created a dynamic state within the Arab world that is not designed to allow the US to be anything more than the bully of the ME. This is converted to propaganda and sent through the organs of the Islamic religion and the result is never ending war against the Muslims. Muslims who once thought well of us are now convince we are the “Great Satan”. Hatred leads to Jihad and our hospitals fill up with the maimed American youth of the middle class.

      But one more thing….remember that the number of jobs within the US that are directly associated to the creation of a global wehrmacht. If we did pull back and stopped using munitions at an incredible level then why would we need those jobs and what would these people do if those factories of death were shut down? How much unemployment could we tolerate before we became vulnerable to a voice crying out for revenge and conquest again? A voice demanding a New World Order based on Democracy (which is mob rule)….

      Remember the warning given to us by an American President who had fought in many wars….”This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society.

      In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

      We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. We should take nothing for granted. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. ”

      To bad we did not heed his advice……..

      • ireAmerica


        Much of what you have said is spot-on. Especially the bit from President/General Eisenhower.
        You are also correct about “democracy” and the way forward to socialism (Marx).

        In America, conditions are firming up toward a mid-30s Germany situation, including confiscation of citizens’ arms, currency collapse, class-ism and anti-semitism – without the fervent nationalistic patriotism. At the same time we are facing two antithetic transnational forces. Let’s just call out these enemies.

        First, progressive state socialist-communism. We must condemn in the harshest terms certain characters within our government as enemies of America AND subject them to trials for their acts of treason. The President and Secretary of State top this list, but we must continue through the rest of the communists and socialists as well. These persons have inserted legislation which documents their many direct violations of the Constitution (both in letter and intent) – so, legal proof is easily available.

        Second, Islam. Not one is a thousand followers of Islam have read the Koran (and supporting documents), nor have one in ten thousand of the general population. Instead, the mullahs dictate their extracts of the books, their policies, their demands for action and Shariah law. And their followers either act or dummy-up.

        About the Koran; there is no excuse for any civilized person to follow a “god” who revels in torment – especially burning alive, or a “god” who vilifies women at every aspect of being, or a “god” who commands murder of unbelievers – especially beheading and crucifixion, or a “god” who reserves the best places in paradise for these murderers, and one place in a thousand for the rest of the believers, and torment in hell for all others. But that is the “god” of the Koran.

        These enemies may be met with forbearance or love if you will, but; Fourteen centuries of Islamic terror and progress toward global domination are proving the failure of that mercy, and; Ten centuries of failed experiments in communalism, socialism, communism and various state enforcements of collectivism have fully displayed the evil guts of that enemy.

        No more. These enemies must be called out and met with unremitting force, as they have declared against the survival of every American. This fact has been repeatedly shown and proven beyond all doubt.

        Demand and enforce Constitutional government.

    • eddie47d

      Again Nancy and Joe hit the nail on the head. All this continued support for Middle East dictators infuriated their masses. Viola’! You now have the Arab Spring and even more Muslims hating America. We can’t cleanse ourselves of this madness if we keep repeating what we’ve done before. The older Middle East wars from 20-30 years ago only brought on newer and more dangerous wars and nothing changed except the installation of proxy leaders, (Karzai,etc). If we aren’t waring we are buying the next generation of dictators. Nothing but a false illusion that we are doing something.

    • Mario

      Warrior, when was the last time you had a pleasant encounter with the Police?…IF you did, it must be on another planet!!! As far as I remember, Police was founded “TO SERVE AND PROTECT”… They still do that. My question is WHO is the entity they are serving?… Us?…Get real! What about THEMSELFS AND WHO CUTS THEYR CHECKS??!!!…
      The same I think is applying to the rest of the World…Nobody wants or likes to be policed. And if you think all the effort to impose OUR way of thinking uppon the World is really worthing, just look around…Get a passport, get on a plane, visit some foreign countries and look for value there. You will be surprized how many people who hate American football, may like you… if you don’t try to teach them….American football….

  • George Grover

    Election Year is here again. You want to know what your politician stands for or against.

    Here are some things you will see that they want you to voice your approval for or against.





    You want to see what they don’t want you to discuss, that would be issues they see as unimportance like









    Then there are





    Here are some of the very important things that MUST BE ADDRESSED before WE THE PEOPLE can move forward.



    • Nancy in Nebraska

      George, I don’t agree with everything you said , but most! If we could do all that you said, I’d be willing to compromise! Awesome post!

  • johno

    Somebody threw a rock through my window. I’m by far the toughest guy on the block so I immediately went to the neighbor I’ve had trouble with before and slapped him around a bit. For good measure I intimidated his wife and kids.
    For some reason the rest of the neighborhood started grumbling so I took to walking the sidewalks with a baseball bat and once in a while knock on a random door to make sure they weren’t thinking of doing something stupid. I’m just protecting what’s mine.
    There has come out some evidence that it was my own kid that threw the rock. I choose not to believe that. Besides the power trip I’m on feels pretty good.
    My wife has started to think that our kid needs some discipline and she wants to get back to being neighborly. I may need to use the bat on her.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Heeheehee! Nice analogy!

    • retired soldier

      Gee! that’s nearly what Illegals are doing to us too!

    • SJJolly

      You missed, collecting money from your neighbors, to fund your “neighborhood security administration.”

  • Dad

    … and now, with the Obama administration asleep at the wheel, we are having terrorist attacks again. Our enemies are encouraged with out ‘Casper Milquetoast’ prez…

    • eddie47d

      This issue is much bigger than Obama and goes back a long ways.Our national policies must change and we have to stop being the cat chasing its tail.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      The terrorist attacks were set in place by the neocons to make obumass look bad. He betrayed them. They’re going to replace him with romney. Don’t get too comfortable, romney’s their guy too!

  • braindeadus

    It’s real easy problem to solve in the Middle East, and Afghanistan as Ron Paul said we walk in and we can walk out. What is hard about that, our goverment wants us in wars, and untill we as a people stand up and revolt it will never end.

  • Theresa Kelly

    We need to bring our troops home!

  • Polski

    The war in the Middle East is simply the CROOKS in our government making obscene amounts of money. Anybody who is NOT sitting on their brain knows that America’s claim they will solve the middle east problem in a week and a half when the problem is more than 6,000 years old is just something someone with the mentality that not even WalMart would hire would say. Too bad. All our elected officials are crooks. All corporate executives are crooks. All media are crooks.

  • The Christian American

    I have noticed how both sides of the political spectrum have completely ignored “Our” Constitution when it comes to wars. The Constituton calls for a majority vote in congress to declare war. Our founders thought we would only declare war to defend ourselves. Korea was fought without a declaration of war as have all the wars since.Today, war is entered into to expand the countries imperial interest. The last defensive war America engaged in was the war of 1812. You can’t count the Civil war. The Spanish war was fought to take Cuba from the Spanish. During the 20th century every war we were involved in was offensive for our part. For the rest of the world war is engaged in for economic purposes. The “In God We Trust” country has joined the crowd and will be buried in the sands of time like the rest of them. 100 years of war use to be confined to Europe when refering to the 19th century.

    Now we have a candidate for president that wants to expand our involvement in wars further than Bush. Obama is hesitant to do it but to save his “job” he’ll do anything. From the way it sounds we’ll be entering Armaggedon before the end of October. Pride is the sin that will bring Satan down and it sounds like Romney has bitten into it as well. As a Christian I know where my future lies. John 3:16. As an American I’m thinking the only thing I can do for my country is shed a tear.

    • http://none Charlie

      As We have said before ,,,one CANNOT become a “True”, per The Law Book “Christian”
      with just John 3:16,,, you have to read on down to John 3:22,23,,, most of John chapter 3
      ties in and harmonizes with the basic single verse complete salvation “Scripture”, which is
      Acts 2:38, The Authority of Acts 2:38 is confirmed by King Jesus Christ at Matthew 16:19,
      Peter was the only Man given The Keys to The Kingdom by King Jesus,,,AND,,,Acts 2:38 IS one of The Keys to The Kingdom that King Jesus told us to “seek”at Matthew 6:33…
      Peter is the ranking man under King Jesus Christ ,regarding , basic baptism Salvation, which is Acts 2:38 , spoken by Peter and confirmed by Peter at 1 Peter 3:21… Now, there
      is no such thing as believe only salvation,,,BUT,,,there are a very few cases of salvation by direct commission from God or King Jesus Christ ,,,BUT,,,routinely , salvation comes as
      Peter said at Acts 2:38…………….
      Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing…
      America IS NOT conducting itself under The Bible Law Book ,NOR, is it conducting itself
      under The Basic Constitution ,,, so ,,, America is as “Lawless” as The King’s Men say…

      Charlie Freedom

      • Frank Kahn

        YAWN, will you ever get tired of your misrepresentation of the Bible? Confederate Christian? did you do any research about the origins of that particular cult?

      • http://none Charlie

        Frank Kahn,,,
        Why don’t you tell us what the Bible says ? don’t know? don’t believe? Hare brain???
        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing… Acts 2:38 is salvation…

        Charlie Freedom

    • SJJolly

      The US Congress is too busy with important business (i.e., getting re-elected) to have time for such minor stuff as declaring wars.

  • Ray

    As I see it, we are on the verge of an overdue uprising here. How many lampposts are there in D.C. and how many more, whereever are found the greedy elite?

    • Nick

      You said it, Ray!
      OWS could have been that revolution, if it were more organized. We are in a new guilded age, where the rich are being given a tummy rub by this president (even though they want to deny it) and were given the same by the president before. Of course everyone has the right to be rich, but those rich guys have become way too influential. The way I see it, this government has become a plutocracy, and if the rich screw up, well, the government bails them out. You call that capitalism? Heck! Even MAD magazine made fun of bailouts in one issue.

  • spidermike

    When a Man Hath No Freedom to Fight for at Home
    1820 -
 George Gordon Byron
    When a man hath no freedom to fight for at home, 
    Let him combat for that of his neighbors; 
    Let him think of the glories of Greece and of Rome, 
    And get knocked on his head for his labors.
    To do good to mankind is the chivalrous plan, 
    And is always as nobly requited; 
    Then battle for freedom wherever you can, 
    And, if not shot or hanged, you’ll get knighted.

  • http://yahoo Larry

    Why does everyone keep complaining about the USA starting wars. This is a warrior nation that was founded with war and we have been in some sort of war including the indian wars since our founding. It appears that our entire economy needs a war. If we aren’t in one we are stirring up conflicts between other nations so we can sell them the weapons to fight with, often to both sides. One thing’s for certain, it ain’t ever gonna stop as Bog Seger’s song says.

    • retired soldier

      Against the wind?

    • The Christian American

      In WW1 the Germans and English were using the same Maxim machine gun. Many of guns the English were using were manufactured by Krupp in Germany. Read “War is a Racket” by Major General Smedley Butler. USMC retired and expired. He won two Congessional medals of Honor. In his later years, he realized what he gave is life for. It’s on the net.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Tattoomama

    “What has been ignored by American strategists is that Afghanistan is a desolate, Stone Age nation that refuses to be civilized . . .”
    This is probably the most profound statement in the entire article. We need to just get out now–and take out money with us–and leave them to their stone-age existence. Turning off the money spigot to the ENTIRE region will do more to neutralize the islamists than another untold number of years of our intervention will EVER do! You CANNOT help anyone who REFUSES to be helped!

  • Jimbo

    It was stupid from the start. We drove the Taliban into the hills and smashed their training camps in weeks. We should have declared victory then, and bugged out. We could always bomb them if they re-built the training camps. Instead, the nimrods in our government ignored centuries of history, (most recently the Russian occupation), and thought they could force the Afghans to accept democratic, western system. We’ve tried to fight them the way we fought Vietnam. (Send patrols out, wait for them to attack, and retaliate.) Did it work in the 60′s?? No! Why should it work now? We built a massive, expensive embassy. Rebuilt their infrastructure (while ours was crumbling). And we handed them all the arms they need to go on killing Americans.

    What we ought to do is string up the leaders who dream up this idiocy.

    • TheBucko

      Jimbo-You are so right. The only thing you forgot and our commanders forgot was the heart and minds of the Afgans. Due to their Muslim religion and tribal culture they will smile and shake your hand and stab you in the back at the same time. They will accept our food, clothing, money, new buildings and still hate us because to them we are infidels!

  • ChuckS

    >>”It is hard for me to see how jet inceptors or nuclear submarines can effectively combat the growing radical contingent within Islam which continues on its jihad.”

    Narrow minded. These may be needed for a nuclear Iran, North Korea, or Pakistan. Also, China and Russia may be potential threats.

    One of the easiest things that will help us would be to drill more of our own oil – this will strengthen us relative to the M.E.

    I heard from some ex-military people that the war in Afghanistan was going fairly well until we changed tactics in 2003 or 2004. Also, our military has rules of engagement that makes it hard. The latest is troops see enemies loading their rockets on surveillance cameras, but can’t attack them.

    This is part of the bigger question is how to deal with Muslim extremists. Thisarticle gives some ideas.

    Everybody wants peace, but we may have to be prepared for war to keep peace.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      All this crap in the middle east is a distraction while they gear up for world war III. They’re surrounding china and threatening russia! Nothing like a big war to grab more money and power!

  • Jim Shinn

    Wars has been going on since the world began.There never be peace in this world?

  • chuckb

    nancy where do you get they are gearing up for ww3? the last i heard barry is trying to cut our military budget to the bone, that’s a far cry from what you say.
    if you think for a minute that all we have to do is retract our forces and become an isolationist nation think again. we have obligations with the israeli’s , uk, germany among a few. this islamic movement is a world wide jihad, they plan on making this world a muslim world and they have enough ignorant people willing to die in their struggle. our assisting the muslim brotherhood in their quest to take over the middle east is only drawing us deeper in the muck and a bad mistake.
    the nations allowing the immigration of these ragheads to their shores are contributing to their fate.
    we have to retaliate when they strike and barry refuses to do this, our answer should be swift and deadly and the rules of engagement should be removed, their women and children should not be shown consideration, they don’t care about ours.
    if we had leadership in washington, libya would pay dearly for our ambassador and the other citizens killed by libyan terrorist, immediately!

    • Jay

      This is where she got it, Chuckb, and she is absolutely correct!

      The public opinion pollsters are telling the world that the race for the White House between President Obama and the Republican Party candidate Willard “Mitt” Romney is still too close to call, but Obama has already lost the election when it comes to the elitist bankers and officials of the semi-secret Bilderberg Group.

      Bilderberg held their annual meeting in Chantilly, Virginia at the end of May. Romney reportedly attended the meeting, but Obama did not. Events since then leave little doubt that a key sector of the ruling elite of the NATO countries now want Obama out, and Romney in.

      This development, if confirmed, is very ominous for world peace. Obama was the Bilderberg candidate of 2008, but the financiers now think he has outlived his usefulness. Many key groups in the Democratic Party have been antagonized by Obama’s repeated betrayals. Internationally, Obama’s trademark color revolutions have been stopped by the courageous resistance of Syria and its allies. Given Russian and Chinese refusal to approve aggression against Syria, the NATO elites want to go back to a Bush-Cheney confrontation policy.

      Romney has been running as the biggest warmonger in either party, attacking the trigger-happy Obama as a weakling. Romney says that he wants to option of a sneak attack against Iran in his hands, and not just on the table, as Obama says. Romney also proclaims that Russia under Putin is the number one geopolitical enemy of the US. Romney has signaled that he would junk the latest START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) between the US and Russia – one of the few results of Obama’s “reset” – thus starting a new nuclear arms race. Romney is also calling for 100,000 more troops to be added to the Pentagon’s forces.

      For his foreign policy advisors, Romney has turned overwhelmingly to pro-Israel neocons who are veterans of the catastrophic foreign policy of the Bush-Cheney years. Of 40 key advisors identified so far, over 70% are known Bush-Cheney warmongers. “More enemies, fewer friends” has, according to The Nation magazine, emerged as the slogan
      of this clique.

      Recently, a poster referred to Mitt as the “Mormon mauler”. I happen to think the label, quite accurate.

      • Jeff

        The prospect of Romney as Commander-in-Chief is disquieting, to say the least. He has been incapable of standing up to Rush Limbaugh, for Pete’s sake. How will he stand up to his generals when they, or the neocons he’ll be surrounded by, tell him he has to commit troops somewhere. If he even thinks about saying “no,” they’ll tell Rush who will criticize him. Romney has been consistent in only one area, avoiding incurring criticism from the Right.

        He will be another Bush on the world stage, led around by the nose by some of the same neocons who brought you the Iraq War.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Jeff, that’s what I’ve been SAYING for months!

  • Karolyn

    And if Romney gets elected, we’re in for a lot more war!

    • gunner689AI

      did you ever consider that he might just end it quickly, unlike the 1000 monkeys in the WH?

      • eddie47d

        Now how would that benefit the Military Industrial Complex?

  • bitterclinger

    Once again we are reminded that it doesn’t matter who wins in November, the same old and tired rhetoric will be used to illegally and unconstitutionally invade and murder….

  • chuckb

    i’ve heard all this bilderberger crap i can stand. this is a bunch of nonsense. since the l960′s when the birch society was complaining about the same thing, communism, .cfr,united nations, the bilderbergers, nothing has changed except we get more engulfed by socialism. we have communist jews running our government and you people are crying out about the bilderbergers. you try your best to denigrate romney, mostly because he is a mormon and you are willing to let this jackass barry stay in the white house, the country is falling apart at the seams, the muslims are running amuck in the areas we have so called conquered, yet, romney attended a bilderberger meeting that is the worse, most awful thing.. big deal,
    romneys not president, the one we have has just allowed some of our citizens to be massacred by terrorist and then lied to the whole world about it to protect his muslim brothers and his own skin, however, this is of little consequence, romney attended a meeting with a bunch of people who think they know how to run the world.

    well with this kind of thinking it’s no wonder we are in freefall.

    • Jeff

      The ususal well-reasoned nonsense. I can’t make out WTF you’re trying to say except whatever it is you’re against Obama. Big news.

  • Rob Zarwell

    “We the People” have allowed ourselves to let our Republic run unchecked as a Democracy for far too long. It would probably be best for us to bag the election process and opt for taking care of what needed to be done long,long ago, Revolutionary change for a system that we have allowed to become corrupt and defunct. Until we do we everything on the face of our precious Earth (environment,habitat, home) will continue to deteriorate and be consumed. Our founding fathers would be ashamed that this greatest of nations they risked everything for didn’t have the balls to stand up and do the right thing for the right reasons. We owe it to them, to ourselves, to our children, to future generations of this greatest of nations, and to the world to stand up and be true patriots and make changes happen now! Save the United States of America ! Save the Republic! Save the Nation! Become a world leader again! Shut the Jihadists down by becoming an example of what to be like, a country with Liberty and Justice for All! Free.

    • Jeff

      Almost sufficiently vague to garner support except you said environment. That leaves out all the Republicans.

  • Don

    Uhm, we have been at war with Korea much much longer (and still are) and it is an officially declared war.

    • Jeff

      Yes, and there are still troops in Germany. But there’s been no shooting in either place for more than half a century, so let’s not compare apples and oranges.

  • chuckb

    don, the korean was was a police action designated by the u.n. there was no war declared by congress.

  • chuckb

    jeff, who the hell cares what you make out or not. with your reasoning mother goose would be an obstacle for you.

    • Jeff

      Your writing is as muddled as your thinking. If that’s OK with you, sobeit.

      • chuckb

        and yours is not? look in the mirror jeffy. if i were you instead of trying to insult ones way of expressing themselves, take a look at your own comments, if you want to call them that.
        if you have something poiitically to say that is one thing, however, what you do say is nothing more than political spin or innuendo, you appear to be someone out of the public education system, brainwashed with liberalism and a student of rewritten history.
        i don’t pretend to be a good writer nor do i worry about it. if it bothers you that much, don’t read it.
        if you want to argue about current affairs have at it.

        • Jeff

          Sometimes you read something that just makes no sense. Considering the source, it’s probably better that way.

  • needfulthings

    We will be at WAR with Islam till the end of our time, Remember what dubya said ” we are at War with Terrorism” and when have we not had “Terrorism” in the world? In fact we are the second largest Terrorist group in the world and thee world will NOT soon Forget!

  • TallDarkAndHandsome

    Well,the way i look at things,if there is bad,or good times ahead,we can at least enjoy a good drink(Coffee,or tea,etc)and some great music.How about typing in”Homeless Kid Steals Talent Show”,that would be a great start.

  • youngatheart

    I agree TDH..That is a great song,and the singer is good too!!Thanks for the post TDH.

  • StrightoThePoint!!!!!!

    I must admit the singer is very talented!!!!,but i think the last two of you that made comments . are getting a little off topic!!!!! t

  • actual socialist

    Mr Nash the ONLY thing the afghanies are resisting is foriegn occupation not civilazation and by the way who THE HELL ARE YOU to decide what is civilizeor not? because i dont think invading a soveriegn nation and justifing it with proven LIES is NOT very civilized. and afghaistan is not desolute they have an estimated trillion dollars in untappes resources including but not limited to oli coal and diamonds. TRY RESEARCHING WILL YOU? instead of just regurgatating the childish notion that they hate us for freedoms that we for the most part DONT HAVE ANYMORE! to paraphrase a certain someone it is not the afghanies who are backwards for not liking you it is YOU who are backwards for not understanding why they dont like you.

    • actual socialist

      P.S sorry i put the wrong name Mr Myers

  • StrightoThePoint!!!!!!

    I Have to agree Actual Socialist- I wonder how the people in this country would feel,if we had the same thing happen to us.I can’t understand why we,as a nation can’t find some thing better to do with our money than waste it on fighting decade long wars,and mostly at ,the cost of lives of our young,people!!!

    • actual socialist

      The reason we must fight the wars is because the capitilists realize that if ther were no external threat to fear the workers would see just how poorly we have it at home.

  • Reader Never Forgets Afghanistan

    Where has John Myers been the last couple of years. Afghanistan is forgotten? Mitt doesn’t mention it, his sons aren’t involved.

  • Strightothepoint!!!!

    Is it time for music yet?


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