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Orthodox Jewish Publication Excludes Clinton From Famous Photo

May 12, 2011 by  

Orthodox Jewish publication excludes Clinton from famous photoConsidering that the photos of Osama bin Laden’s corpse and sea burial may never see the light of day, the highly-publicized “Situation Room Photo” could be the most prominent image to emerge from the historic event.

Media outlets throughout the world have published the now-famous photo of President Barack Obama and his national security team watching the military’s raid on the bin Laden compound as it unfolded. However, Di Tzeitung, a Hasidic newspaper based in Brooklyn, N.Y., printed the picture without the two females in the room, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton and Director of Counterterrorism Audrey Tomason.

On May 9, the Orthodox Jewish newspaper apologized for publishing a doctored photo of government officials, but defended its decision to leave the two women out of it. The publication claimed that its religion’s “laws of modesty” prohibit the inclusion of images showing females, according to CNN.

“The 1st Amendment to the Constitution guarantees freedom of religion,” reads Di Tzeitung’s statement, quoted by the media outlet. “That has precedence even to our cherished freedom of the press.”

In the undoctored photo, Clinton is seen holding her hand over her mouth. Some people have speculated that she was reacting to something she was watching. According to media reports, Clinton has stated that her body language may have no significance whatsoever, and it could have been linked to her “early spring allergic coughs.”

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  • Uncle Chunks

    Unless the story’s changed once more while I wasn’t looking, the SEALcams weren’t operational during the actual raid, so there was nothing to react to.

    Maybe she was just popping in another handful of M&Ms.

    • wandamurline

      I read an article yesterday that said that Leon Panetta and Hiliary Clinton were the ones that committed to the mission. It said the Valerie Jarrett had been havin the president stall on the mission for over a couple of months because if the mission failed tht he would lose popularity for this re-election. She had vehmently refused to do the mission and Obama agreed with her. Panetta and Clinton actually authorized the mission along with Patreus and a couple of other high ranking military, and that once it was begun, they went and got Odumer off the golf course for the photo opt. This is why his behavior of being in charge and doing the actual work was so different from his usual behaviors…we now find that he had nothing to do with the mission, was playing golf and was his usual lack luster self…like his voting record of “present” as a Senator, he has not deviated from that…he was not in charge of the mission, he only got invited for the ride. Of course to hear him talk, he was in the seals company with a rifle in front of them. Bull. Again, a do nothing idiot in chief.

      • Norm

        In the words of Harry Truman, “The buck stops here”.
        Obama’s “boys (and girls)” could have done nothing without his OK.
        If the mission had failed, I’m sure you’d be singing a different tune!
        2008: Obama promised to get bin Laden. McCain disagreed. Obama won. 2011: Bin Laden is dead

        • Kate kat

          Norm: That was Stupid. It was Obama that said…”America will never find Osama Bin Laden, so I am going to bring the Troops home.” so don’t give me that you dope. Besides it was the BUM that said “I need 18 hours to sleep on it first.” And the military said “You don’t have 18 hours. We will do what we need to do.” And that was that. Why do you think that Obama looks so mad…DUH! that was his Hero! PLEASE.

          As for the Jews, it is up to them to do whatever they want for their Relgious sake, as long as they are not killing people, I respect them for it!

  • rafael


    • libertytrain


    • Norm

      And you could have a brain.

  • MIKE


    • Wyrdwolf

      yes but from now on his position is assured him being a Martyr and killed like all their victims…unarmed and unsuspecting. The propaganda will be that we had to send our elite in to kill him, as he faced the great Satan ( the USA ) unarmed but fighting Valiantly only to die. They will gather faster as their leaders talk and raise him ( Bin Laden )to nearly god-like status. And with our Leaders watching the whole thing on TV and still unable to get the story straight well that just adds fuel to fire. Bringing him in for trial for crimes against mankind, would have had a lot of protests and posturing by all parties involved. In any event it will come down to who has the best story line.

  • Norm

    Religion trumping truth is not new, but anything being made more important than reality is the greatest “sin” of all.
    God forgive you hypocrites!

    • libertytrain

      Frankly I don’t see “religion trumping truth” here – but if you do so be it. If it was trumped I don’t think we would have known about this “photo” -

      • Norm


        “The publication claimed that its religion’s “laws of modesty” prohibit the inclusion of images showing females.”

        Photo = truth and REALITY. Doctored photo = lies and DECEPTION.
        Religion = doctored photo.
        Christian deceptions and unexplainable beliefs include:
        The Trinity,
        The Virgin Mary/virgin birth,
        Noahs Ark with billions of species on board,
        Earth is the center of the universe,
        Etc. ad infinitum.

        • libertytrain

          A Hasidic newspaper – how do you feel about the Amish? Do you know anything about the Hasidics?
          You kind of having a missing the Fuhrer moment?

          • Norm

            How do you feel about a mixed race president?
            Are you having a Klan moment?

          • libertytrain

            While I don’t see the relevance of this question, I will reply. I welcome a black, red, or yellow president if I agree with their politics, etc. I don’t care for the current one. I didn’t vote for him, did have a bit of hope at the Inaugural speech but quickly that was shown to be bogus. Transparency -

          • Cawmun Cents

            Yeah,so your entire credibility is formed on throwing the race card?Fallacy is obviously your forte.

        • coal miner


          Right on.There is not one ounce of truth in The Bible.Its all fiction and no facts.Coal

          • http://WeThePeople Jean

            Then why when Nasa has problems about trajectory or other equations they go to the Holy Bible for answers

          • 45caliber


            Really? The Bible is only fiction? Then how come the archeologists keep finding things that verify what it says?

          • Jana


            Right on.There is not one ounce of truth in Coal.He’s all fiction and no facts.

          • Cawmun Cents

            So the historical fact that the Jews had their Temple destroyed,predicted in the bible,600 years before it happened,was a myth?So the very prophecies that have come true since the beggining of the fiction book(Bible)you write of,are just a clever ruse?You are either very misinformed or not very intelligent.Why dont you do the research yourself instead of relying on other misinformed people?


    If this bit of dink publication was not well known, this kind of stupidity on behalf of the MSM just upped the circulation. We cannot even begin to count the ways our non objective MSM distorts the news and expects you to believe them, this is more hypocrisy at the peak.

  • patrick

    I can’t believe all the stupid idiots out there that have been brainwashed into believing that Obammy boy and his crew of crooked czars pulled this false shooting off? Obama Bin Laden has been dead for several years. This entire show was simply a stunt for political ratings for Obummer boy, who’s rating were in the toilet, where they should be. Obammy boy had his crew put together this fake shooting and release it to the world for rating improvements only. Come on now folks, think about it, where is the proof? oops we buried his body in the sea immediately… so sorry we don’t have photos or proof that we dropped him in the ocean, in fact we don’t have any information or proof that any of what we say happened actually happened… how convient huh? And just before this this false incident, wouldn’t ya know it …. they release another fake/false document… a doctored up multi photo copied Birth Certificate? Ya right, Obammy boy, we believe you…. NOT!!!!

    • crystal

      Obama’s story has changed so much on this issue, if you think he wasn’t worth listening to before, you definitely know it now.

    • Norm

      WOW! I hope you’re in an asylum.
      You’re delusional.

    • Bert Cundle

      As believable as alkaida / Muslams / Iraq had anything to do with 9/11! Even the government since W.W. I Has our safety their Priority!
      Control; Useing Their Criminal System Keeps us, under their control.

  • patrick

    Ya right norm, to bad the liberal news medias won’t talk about Cinton’s impeachment, or Nixon’s Watergate, or all the other incidents that seem to take years before the truth finally comes out. Just wait norm, the truth will eventually be known to all. At that time, I will do the famous, ” I told you so”. Folks we should be asking why the fast disposal of the body in the sea so nO ONE can verify? Oh and how about the timing of the release of the Birth Certificate? How convienant… 2 years after the fact. And then it has now been verified by two professional document investigators, that the document released by Obammy boy has been altered, along with the fraudulent Social Security number Obammy boy has been fraudulently using? Hmmm way too many cover ups and deceit by Obammy boy and all that surround him!!!

  • randomorbit3

    Hi ALL. My name is Fred. The reason they made it look like he was buried at sea is so they can take him to a very private location and get evey bit of info from him. They have ways of making it look like he was shot and killed. Watch CSI or any other show. Also we know that they need to get the #2 guy as well. Now they need to get #2 and #3 so they can really put a stop to must of this. Anyone who kills and butchers his own is not loved or respected by his people who are thrilled that he is gone wit hthopes that ghey get #’s 2&3.

    Next, we all know Obama and his cronies hid his birth certificate because if it was proven that it was a fake and that he is NOT a AMERICAN citizen our government would be in so many lawsuits that it would be better to let it pass. It has also been proven that he was getting student assistance because he was from another country. I also heard tghat hisstudent loans are unpaid. I am not sure but I would not doubt it.

    As for this newspaper removing the two woman from the photo. Really who cares and does it really matter?? The newspapers used to report the truth. Now the major papers report what they are told to report. They want us to know what they want us to know. WAKE UP folks the TRUTH has not been told for a long long time. Ever since Viet Nam when the reporters were able to show it as it when and as it happened.

    Really who cares what I wrote or say?? Who really cares about what is happening to our country and our way of life?? None of you or you would be writting your representatives in the Senate and Congress and letting them know if they do not straighten things out they will be voted out come next election. But you do not have the courage to do that either.

    So have a nice day.

    • 45caliber


      Welcome on here. However you said, ” Ever since Viet Nam when the reporters were able to show it as it when and as it happened.”

      I’m sorry to tell you that a lot of that was wrong or faked too. I know of several times when the soldiers were told to fire simply so they could take pictures and insist a battle was going on. And one battle I was in panicked my mother. We were fighting about 25-30 VC – but they reported we were fighting about 2500 of them here in the states. So the reporting then wasn’t very good either.

  • randomorbit3

    Sorry for my spelling errors but my hands are numb and I did not notice them until it was sent. Yes I should have used spell check and I am sorry.

  • Jana

    Right on.There is not one ounce of truth in coal.He’s all fiction and no facts.

  • coal miner


    You are nuts.Give me some proof.

  • http://com i41

    Hillary was blocked out, since they were watching XXX shots of Whorehound and Monics, and Hillary and Vince rocking the rafters, and she might have already been on her knees. Since most federal dorks aren’t really at work any way, just pissing away our tax money, and hosing the citizens and doing nothing.

  • coal miner
    • Jana


  • Earl

    As usual, the deniers pop up like mushrooms to say that Obama was not born here………..The important point that most “birthers” miss out on is that his FATHER was a British subject during those years, therefore, Obama is NOT A NATURAL BORN citizen. Read up on the law regarding this issue. That is ALL you need to know! forget the birth certificate. is is just a distractor. He is not eligible to be POTUS. Period. Any other discussion is a waste of time………..Move on to other important issues.

  • chuckb

    i wonder if hillary had a shocked look on her face when she wasted vince foster? all show!

    earl, he’s mainly ineligible because if his ignorance.

  • http://com i41

    As to who was watching Bibby the sand rat getting shot, when the dictators in the UN, can hold the marxist muslim and his radical domestic terrorist thugs as accessories to a “murder”. Sincer Onumnutts and Billary are such suck up for UN control over the USA. See how they screw their way out of pictures and their mouths that keep spewing crap.

  • Ridge Runner

    Norm numb nuts shit for brains or what ever fits you the best.your talk of a kkk moment seems to fit your mental compacity.The kkk started out as a law and order group wich the south desperately needed after being raped and plundered by the northern states because the south wanted to succede from the union it wasn’t about slavery and there was lots of slaves in the northern states.check it out. I have nothing aginst a president of any color as long as he is for the good of our country and i am finding out that we haven’t too many presidents including obama that was for helping our country most of them was for helping them selfs first and the big money men of the world the ones called the builder burgers. that is the peoplke that want to put the world under one gov. and cut the world population by around4,000,000,000 . If you think this is good then you must be one of these misguided idiots that think a rat has as much rights as one of my children or any body’s children. if you are then you need to stick your head up your ass and let the shit circulate.There is several blacks thati would vote for president namely bill cosby he is a good example of what a person can do if they want to and not sit on their hind end crying poor me and playing the race card and blaming whitey for all their problems.There has always been people that takes things to the extream and always will as long as there is people alive.I don’t have a problem with people’s color but i do with with their words and actions.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Wiselady

    Wiselady says:

    Wake up, Norm. and smell the coffee! Bush declared that Osama would be found. He set the stage for it which took a long time because Bill Clinton avoided Bin Laden after numerous attacks on on the USA when we had not made any on on whatever country he, (Bin Laden) was in. Remember the US Cole Ship attack, an Embassey in Africa, where many Americans died, the underground bombing attempts on one of the twin towers made by a blind man, now in jail; and about 10 others made while Clinton was screwing around with Monica??? where have you been? Wise up! Obama did not have to do much in going after a man who faced his justice with God. GET REAl,and be informed.

    He tried the opposite, get rid of the experienced FBI/CIA agents, reduce the military operations budget. Now he is claiming it as a political victory because he needs to overcome the disasterous performance on the economy.

  • Marc

    I disagree that freedom of religion takes presendence over freedom of press. They’re equally important. But because they have both of those freedoms, they are certainly free to do what they have done.

  • Bert Cundle

    Lets get Spielburg, to redo, the Show… I’m sure he can make it look more believeable!


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