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Organization ‘Disappointed’ As Governor Vetoes Embryonic Research Bill

May 6, 2009 by  

Organization 'disappointed' as governor vetoes embryonic research bill Americans United for Life (AUL) has expressed its disappointment with the decision of the Oklahoma governor to veto a bill which would have banned destructive embryonic research.

Last month, Governor Brad Henry vetoed Oklahoma House Bill 1326, which would have also made it illegal to conduct research that would subject an unborn child to a substantial risk of death or injury.

Although the veto was subsequently overridden by the state House of Representatives, the Senate failed to do the same.

"This life-saving bill was vital to keeping Oklahoma a leader in the pro-life movement," says Maressa Treat, AUL director for Oklahoma.

"The veto is disappointing to all who support life issues, such as banning embryonic stem cell research," she added.

Upon assuming office last January, President Obama lifted the ban on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research saying such research offers hope for finding a cure for a range of diseases and conditions, including Alzheimer’s and spinal cord injuries.

Founded in 1971, AUL is a nonprofit, public-interest organization committed to defending human life through judicial, legislative, and educational efforts at both the federal and state levels.


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  • http://govveto Dave Anderson

    Just showing his Democratic,Lawyer, kiss O’s feet self. The Gov. of Okla. is an embarassment to this State. I’m glad I didn’t vote for Brad Henry!! If anyone one thinks, making gambling legal, making some dumb song, our State rock song, has anything to do with being a good Gov……..HE’S NUTS!!!! Where is Henry Bellmon when we need him.

    • rodin

      Oh come on. Isn’t that a little strong. Most of y’all don’t even understand basic biology so why would your opinion matter on a bill of higher science.

  • http://govveto Dave Anderson

    Brad Henry is just showing his true Democrate, Lawyer, kissing O’s feet self Now!! He’s an JOKE.

  • http://personalliberty Charles D. Webb

    All I can say it’s just one more step in the Wrong Direction {{ LEFT }} I just think of any Words Bad E-Nuff To Say To These People The ONLY Thing I’ll SAY is We’ll Be PRAYING & VOTE’n Here Soon !!!!!! We Will Remember These Things on Election Day!!!!!

    • rodin

      Scientific Research is neither a left nor right political or economic issue. Unfortunately though, the Christian fascists have adopted the issue as one of their raison-d’etres. Since they generally support the far right of the political spectrum, opponents of the the fascists tend to be called “left”. I suppose anybody arguing against torture and wrongful imprisonment and loss of due process is also left wing. Give your head a shake.

      • kimberly

        Hi, I totally agree with you. I believe Gore Vidal said it best on Real Time with Bill Maher. There is no longer a republican party, it’s a mind set, their against everything. Including evolution. Yeah we’re all Lefties, and great for us. Every bad thing that has happened this gr8 country of ours was due to the idiot Bush League. I’ll be glad when the republicans get it right, and I don’t mean Right
        America. Hopefully, those days are over. All the lives and illnesses that may be saved and cured due to stem cell research will once again prove the Right wrong.
        Those losers still believe that creation happened five thousand years ago. Please. When will the Right wake up and smell reality? Their fear of death has turned them into robots. Once again, thanks for speaking out, cause, sorry but these folks are so on the late freight and they don’t even know it.

      • http://naver Brady

        Boy am I glad I’m not like you liberal losers! A child, inside or outside the mother, is a sanctioned being and has all rights given to all Americans under the Constitution and the laws of our nation. I’m glad Indiana protects a child more than what you scumbags would do. Do not forget your history, since it seems you have, I will remind you that some Nazi programs were the same way. The only difference with you fools is that they performed these acts on people they said were “inferior”, but you idiots want to do this with anyone. Regaurdless of race, nationality, or religion. This is also not what our 45 conservative christian founding fathers would have wanted for our country. Don’t forget the words of James Madisn: “If an American wishes to do anything that is illegal, immoral, or unethical, they shall not have the right to do such things under this U. S. Constitution.” Thank you. Read your history books and learn something and not just get drunk and waste our time.

        • rodin

          Brady, you seem to be predicating all your vitriol and rhetoric, which seems to pass for logic, on the definition of a child. I’m happy that you view a couple of dividing cells as a child. I’m sure it provides a sense of certainty and calm in your mixed up world. The rest of us, liberals or not, most of us not Nazis, and most having a very high regard for history and philosophical discourse, prefer to live in the real world, with its uncertainties and shades of grey. I don’t pretend that I know absolutely “when” a fetus becomes a human being and should be subject to society’s protections, but I’m pretty certain that a couple of cells cannot be classified as human. If you want to define these cells as persons and use the rhetoric of murder and genocides, then I’m sure you’re more comfortable, but I can’t follow blindly.

          Nobody is doing anything illegal, immoral or unethical in this field!

  • Bob

    I am interested if the AUL considers a company such as Advanced Cell Technology a viable alternative to embryo stem cell research. The following was taken from the web site:

    Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. Prepares IND Filing with the Capability to Produce Stem Cell Lines without the Destruction of the Embryo
    March 12, 2009
    Advanced Cell Technology, Inc. announced that it is finalizing preparations to file an IND in the second half of this year with the Food and Drug Administration for the Company’s retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) cell program for the treatment of diseases of the eye. It has available the only technology that can today produce stem cell lines without the destruction of the embryo. While President Obama recently issued an Executive Order that authorizes expanded federal funding for research using stem cells produced by destroying human embryos, the decision remains controversial as some believe that the Government should not fund the ongoing destruction of human embryos. In the coming months Congress will be debating altering or eliminating the Dickey Wicker Amendment which is at the core of this controversy. Advanced Cell Technologys stem cell platform offers a compromise on this issue, as described in peer review scientific journals published over the past several years. Over 3000 healthy children have undergone the medical procedure, PGD, which is at the core of ACTCs technology.

    • Right2Know

      I do not know why President Obama is so out of touch with reality (must be that Washington mentality), but great success has been achieved with adult stem cells rather than sacrificing defenseless embryo to harvest stem cells for research. If the President would take the interest in procedures in how an abortion is done, he would realize that waterboarding is a cakewalk in comparison. Even animal rights activists would protest tearing an animal limb-from-limb. Where is any compassion for a defenseless human?

      • rodin

        Boo hoo. Let’s hear it for those itty bitty little stem cells. I just know they’re crying in pain as we extract their DNA with long needles. Right2Know – There’s a huge difference between a small cluster of cells and a fetus. OR perhaps you’re so certifiable that you think masturbation is mass murder too.

        Stem cell does not equal fully developed human. Get a grip on yourself.

    • rodin

      The basic problem with using non-fetal stem cells is that they are not as flexible. Basic principle is the younger the line the better the cell. Yes, it is possible to do research and spend a lot more to get results almost as good as using fetal cells, but why bother. Fetal cells are here, they’re cheap and they offer the best results.

  • Berklee’s Dad

    Right to Know is right. Adult stem cell is proven and does not destroy life. The only thing I would disagree with is the statement, “Obama is so out of touch with reality.” ‘Bam Bam is very in touch with reality, the reality of the radical left’s agenda.
    We need to wake up, because Bam Bam’s agenda is tearing down this country and building it the image of a fascist, socialist nation.

    • rodin

      But pretty soon we’ll be able to create cloned humans with adult stem cells. Does that mean the adult stem cells are “life”. Sorry guys, your religious nut case viewpoints don’t hold any logic.

  • rodin

    Thank god or whatever other deity you believe in. Finally someone in politics has the balls to stand up against the moronic right to lifer, born agin, Christian fascist extremists. It’s time they crawled back to their 7th century holes along with every other fundamentalist religious movement.

  • Dale

    While “rodin” and “kimberly” have all the grace and tact
    of a stoned albatross or a blue footed boobie, they do
    make a few good points. My concern over anything that
    is destroyed in the womb ( or the tomb for you pro-
    choicers ), is when does GOD imbue the body with
    a soul. We don’t know that. And I’m sure the two
    previously mentioned brain trusts are laughing even
    now that I even believe that there is a GOD or a soul.

    But if I were to bet what little money I have on that
    question, then I would say that GOD doesn’t give
    anyone a soul until their brain has started to form.
    We all know that the heart is just a blood pumping
    muscle right? The embryo hasn’t formed a brain
    yet, much like R & K, so I’m less inclined to believe
    that anything is being destroyed other than forming
    cells. I’m more inclined to believe though, that people
    who think that all Oklahomans says “y’all” or
    know nothing of biology are simply showing their
    own ignorance and arrogance. A “thinker”
    you’re NOT!

    • rodin

      You’re right Dale, I shouldn’t generalize as much as I do. Even I don’t believe that ALL Okies are backwoods, one-toothed hillbillies that marry their cousins.. just kidding. I was actually referring not to Okies but to the usual Christo-fascists that respond in this forum. I have never heard an intelligent argument against fetal stem cell research that I could give any credence to.

      Further, the world will be much older by the time the issue of religion vs atheism is finally resolved. I don’t care whether you believe in something or not… I just don’t want to have it shoved down my throat. For those that seek comfort from the knowledge of a higher being, I’m comfortable with their existence and right to believe in whatever tooth fairies they want. They just don’t seem that comfortable with me, mostly cause I don’t want to follow a few of their rules.

    • rodin

      PS. Despite my own proclivity for sarcasm and overstating the obvious, I thought Kimberley had a very mild response and in no way was untactful or graceless considering the other commenters and their vitriol.

      And thank you for the insult of us not having a brain…. that must have taken real ingenuity to come up with. I hope you’re as much fun when you’re heckling performers at a club.

  • bill

    Every person who has ever existed or who will exist on the face of the earth since time began started or will start as an embryo; this is a scientific fact that is indisputable.

    So we now kill people to “help” people; this is what the Nazi’s thought they were doing. Did you know the Nazi’s did not kill any “persons” with reference to the Jews? By Nazi law, Jews were not persons! Now we do the same thing with unborn babies; they are not persons. They can be 8 months and 29 days old but are not yet a person and can be and have been aborted, then at 9 months delivered, they magically become a person! Any scientific explanation for this? Don’t even bother to try.

    We in America have aborted (killed) 50 million people just since 1973, and the pace accelerates. What a wonderful society we are. Just look around, read the newspapers, watch television, movies, video games, etc. See how “good” our society has become. We are the new Romans just before their civilization collapsed. Our Eagle has morphed into a sick combination of the Roman Eagle and the Nazi Eagle. The eugenic legacy of the past is still with us I assure you, as are the population controllers. Margaret Sanger would be so proud!

    What’s next? Cloning for human parts? (being done now) Human animal/ hybrids? (being done now) Aborting your baby because it’s the “wrong” sex (being done now). How about Professor Springer’s idea; the legal right to kill your child up to 5 years old if “it doesn’t work out”.
    We have come to this; the most dangerous place on the face of the earth, defined as the place where a person is most likely to die is now a Mother’s womb. This is a rock solid fact. Abortion is the most prolific surgery on earth, more extensive than all other surgeries combined and it is the least regulated. Congratulations people of Planet Earth, you are destroying yourself!

    • rodin

      Bill, I’m glad to see you’ve got convictions. Completely freaking misplaced convictions, but nonetheless convictions all the same. I really love how you provide your scientific fact of everybody being once a fetus. Bravo… did you think of that all on your own. Maybe we should treat masturbation as a capital crime cause lord knows how many kids I’ve killed that way.

      Seriously you moron, nobody is trying to be a Nazi about this. Most of us are quite happy to find some “grey area” where abortions start being treated as something that society as a whole finds to be not for the common good. It used to be the birth defined sentience. I’m not sure that many people are still comfortable with waiting that long. Most places that allow abortions set a limit of the first trimester. Nobody with two brain cells to rub together can argue that some cluster of cells less than that is human. It shares as many human characteristics as a frog tadpole. So get off your high horse and stop trying to deliver your form of morality on me. Not interested, thank you very much.

      • bill

        18 Days: A baby’s heart begins to beat.
        43 days: Brain coordinates movements.
        8 weeks: All organs are functioning.
        9 weeks: Has permanent individual fingerprints.
        10 weeks: Sense of touch (comfort/pain).
        12 weeks: A baby can smile, suck his/her thumb, make a fist.

        Adoption: Over 2 million couples wait to adopt (just in the U.S.)
        Every baby aborted (murdered) could have been adopted (watch this if you dare and ask yourself one simple question; could you work in an abortion clinic and then ponder your reply

        I will gladly accept the title of “moron” as you so quaintly put it, if it saves one unborn baby.

        Look up Onan in the Bible.

        • Dale

          touche to rodins feeble attempts at logic. He has only proven ( by his own words ) that he is indeed a great
          Master Debater ( with apologies to Curly, “NYERK,
          NYERK! ). We really should pray and have sympathy
          for those who are so blind and yet refuse to also see.

        • rodin

          That’s nice dude. Sentience and humanity are not based on ability to “suck one’s thumb”. All mammals have brains. Are we dolphins, chimps, rodents…. Why would you provide as a measure of humanity the same criterion that fit for all creatures?

          It’s not the we’re blind and can’t see…. we’re just not mired to an absolute dogma devoid of logic. Perhaps you should try Master debating as you obviously have too much time on your hands.

          • Tim

            nice to see you are still a monkey…

  • Bill

    Thank you Mr. Dale, and you are correct about praying for the Rodins of this world; everyone else too for that matter.

    I am going to be a bit unkind now, but Rodin will live.

    The old addage comes to mind, and that is “it is better to stay quiet and be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt”.

    Rodin is a member of the “Culture of Death”, and I fear nothing can be said to change his mind. So be it. My efforts will be placed elsewhere. Peace to you Dale.

    • rodin

      Thank you for the concern about the state of my existence. Many thanks also for granting me membership in the “Culture of Death” club. Such a neat sounding moniker… I’m sure membership is swelling… What with Hells Angels, Satans Choice, Culture of Death, I suppose I should get me a Harley. Everyone’s gonna want me then.

      Religion is not a substitute for independent thinking. But if you really need it, I suggest opium, more pleasant and you’re not as prone to screw up other people.

      Peace and pipes to you too.

      • Dale

        rodin , or can I call you “thinker” as well?

        Actually it’s always been my belief that sports
        is the true opiate of the masses, not religion.
        Where else can you find so many normally
        semi-intelligent men ( and some women ) whos
        behavior drops to that of cavemen when their
        precious team/player loses?
        As for having “too much time on my hands”, I
        believe you’ll find your name/s on these discussion
        boards a lot more than mine.
        And as for “dogmas devoid of logic”. Ponder this
        and WHO said it. “Liberal institutions straightaway
        cease from being liberal the moment they are soundly
        established: once this is attained no more grievous &
        more thorough enemies of freedom exist than
        liberal institutions.”
        Now, if you can tell me who said this ( without
        consulting Wikipedia ), then you get a cookie.
        I might even throw in a little opium dust just to
        help your thought processes.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Dian Tornow

    Bill…Kudos to you, Sir!! I fully concur with everything that you have stated so eloquently. Unlike the intellectually deficient, Rodin, you have obviously done your research on many levels of the subject in question. What’s more, and most importantly, the Rodin-inclined pseudo-thinkers of this world will one day have to spew their detestable guts before their Creator Who, according to His Word, ‘knew us all while we were still in our mother’s womb’. Tell, you what, Bill…you and I, as well as many others can take comfort in that and in this thought… the “Rodins” of this world, I say, If you’re right and I’m wrong, I have nothing to lose when I die. If, on the other hand, I’m right and you’re wrong, YOU LOSE BIG TIME when you die and all of your cocky talk won’t mean squat to the final Judge. You MIGHT have time to rethink your position on the value of these unborn souls….then, again, maybe not. After all, I know and, I think, that Bill knows that WE don’t get to make that call ….You’ll see! There is a God and He’s NOT going to be happy with the nay sayers and the spewings of the contemptible.
    Bill. You hang in there! Don’t worry about Rodin…He’ll get what he deserves and, hopefully, it will be as painful as that which he condones for the unborn . The same sentiments contained herein can also be applied to any Rodin thinkers (?) out there.
    Thanks again, Bill and also Brady. God bless You.

  • Star37

    There is no need to use embryonic stem cells and they have not proven to be successful. Adult stem cells have been useful in healing and have peer reviews in medical journals after medical doctors have used Stem-Kine for more than two years. This product is now exclusive for to market…a natural nutrient product increasing adult stem cell production in the body. ID 1495

    Moreover, Christians are not fascists. You show your ignorance of truth and history. Instead of name calling, value life and respect people as you would choose for yourself!


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