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Organization blasts healthcare reform fast-track deal

May 1, 2009 by  

Organization blasts healthcare reform fast-track deal Congressional Democrats have struck a deal to use a fast-track budget process to speed up President Obama’s healthcare reforms, in a move that was compared to a "declaration of war" by one Republican senator.

Republicans, and even some Democrats, have warned against trying to implement such a major reform without bipartisan support, but Democrats now hope they will be able to push it through as early as this summer, according to

One of the organizations that criticized the move, which it sees as "muzzling" any meaningful debate, is, an organizing center for activists for traditional and conservative values.

"Once again statist politicians have carved out a deal in darkness and silenced opposition debate," says Steve Elliott, president of the alliance.

"A shift this monumental needs to be debated in clear view of the public, not hidden behind a closed door on Capitol Hill," he adds.

The organization has also called on citizens to flood Congress with faxes and phone calls opposing the fast-track provision.

Conservative groups have also been outraged about the recent nomination of Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius as Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Sebelius, known for her pro-abortion views, has been accused of failing to disclose how much money she had received from a controversial provider of late-term abortions.

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  • http://GlennBeck NanaPat

    Reconsiliation?Thought that was bringing people back together not leaving a large
    number of duly elected officials out of the process….limit debate…don’t allow time
    to read a bill before voting on it….What happened to the bill being “on-line for
    americans to see 5 days before voted on by congress??!Instead use of technique
    that requires only 51 instead of 60 members to pass a bill that has a great effect on
    a majority of americans and debillitating effect on our economy during “the worst
    crisis since the great depression?”Revisionist historians have forgotten the Carter
    years…Republicans used Reconsiliation to get those “evil Tax cuts”passed..Many
    people who voted for CHANGE thought it meant “no lobbyists in my admin” “going
    line by line to eliminate Porky earmarks” Tax cuts for everyone making less than$250,000 (wow thanks for that $13 extra dollars a week..”no more business as usual in D,C.”Nobody is above the law”unless you are the tax cheat appointed to head the IRS eh? “Transparency” $328,000 for Scareforce One photo-op (that was
    certainly more terrorizing for average New yorkers than “Waterboarding” .”arrogant
    americans?” Obama is Arrogance Personified and anti-american ,aided &abbetted
    by leftist media and anti-capitalist billionaire Soros preach DIVERSITY & TOLERENCE AND smear anyone who doesn’t share their opinions(ok if White
    christians want to spend their time & money to go to New Orleans to help people “of
    color”rebuild their homes as long as they don’t stay too long & contaminate Mayor
    Ray’s “chocolate city” with their work ethic & goodwill,eh?!

    • Randall

      I am 71 years of age and this man in the oval now is a slick willy .He has a proud look of which the God of this universe tells us He hates. I prayed to God to let Mike Huckabee win if if was His will ,but Mike didn’t win but has a one hour program that reaches millions across America with truth. Mike’s book titled “Do the Right Thing is dead on the money. My prayers are that true Americans that love this nation will come together to stop Obama and his liberal agenda dead in its tracks. This president will stop at nothing to disarm this country so that we can fall into the hands of dictatorship . He like Hitler understands in order to take a nations freedom they must be disarmed. Any human that will say he doesn’t know when a baby becomes a human doesn’t have too much common sense. A baby that kicks inside or outside of its mothers body is a human.If this man has a high I Q then it is demonized and controlled from an evil power. I hope he is impeached before his first year ends.

      • D.

        Well said Randall. Obama’s answer to the question of when life begins, “That’s above my pay grade,” that response right then and there told this country everything we needed to know about this guy. Are you familiar with the case of a child who was born, but was not supposed to have been born, this child was supposed to have been aborted? Well, there was a nurse who was told to take it [the baby, a U.S. citizen mind you] to the laundry room and to leave him there until he died. The nurse held the baby and the baby died. I listened to this woman tell us this very sad story. The nurse brought a case before her state’s highest court to insure that this sort of thing cannot be done and guess who was the only person in government who voted that it can be done? You got it, Obama. This guy is a throwback to ancient Greece and ancient Rome where they used to call that type of death ‘exposure.’ Another pretty name for murder.

        I think there is a link to Hitler and Fascism. Hitler was elected as we all know. And it seems clear that Obama is no friend of Israel. We will be seeing how that dangerous situation plays itself out.
        I read where in Italy, the people absolutely “adored” Mussolini. They learned; albeit too late.

        I still come across Americans Randall, seemingly intelligent people, who come up with no other response than “Oh he’s better than Bush,” or “Something had to be done,” and I shake my head and I try my level best to bring them into the light, but people just don’t want their thoughts steered onto the correct path. I mean, okay, if you have to like this guy, Obama, at least admit that all he does is lies to us, each and every day. And then just honestly admit that you like being lied to, and he does it so well.
        You mentioned Huckabee also Randall, I like him and he has such a soft and even temperament that I can hardly even imagine him being the president, but I sure do wish he had been the other choice instead of McCain.

        I too wonder about the possibility of impeachment proceedings against him Randall. I don’t know if there is enough to bring to a proceeding at this point in time, but I think that an attempt at impeachment is coming.
        I did not read Do The Right Thing, but I recently read Fleeced by Dick Morris and what an eye opener. This country has to educate itself as to what these professional politicians are doing to us and to this country.
        Good posting Randall, keep it up!

      • Bobby

        Right on Randall. My sentiments exactly.

      • http://msn Freckles

        The reason we have the government that we have is that pple like you really want a free republic. I want a republic that lets us live our lives without government poking there heads into every nook and cranny of my life.

        We are being taxed to death and if we would have elected Huckabee he would have nationalized health care and raised all of our taxes just like Obama. The only difference between Obama and Huckabee is that Huckabee is pro-life and is a christian.

        I want a person who believes in pro-life, is a christian, and will not raise our taxes. We had no one who was really a true conservative running for office except Sarah Palin. We as americans need to educate ourselves on who we are putting into office.

        When Huckabee was Governor he raised taxes, and implemented a health care system much like what Obama wants to do. Huckabee lost a lot of weight and he has his own band but that would not have made him a good president. I also forgot he was for letting illegal immigrents into this country. Amnesty for all the illegals that were in this country.

        Guess what, we did not have any true conservatives that were running. WE need pple who will not be power hungry and will do what is best for the American pple who are here legally and love their country, and don’t want to be taxed to death.

        Another thing is that Carter ran on change and look what we got a white Obama who put this country into a depression era. Inflation of 17% up to 25% and the start of what is happening today.

        I know that Obama is the worst of all but he was voted in as I said before as we did not have any gun toting, bible thumping, tax cutting, social securiity fixing, running illegals out of the country, protecting human life conservative.

        • glen

          Alan Keyes and Ron Paul are conservative and were running. Alan Keyes is very conservative. His problem has been a lack of money and that grass roots america is relying on the liberal news media and their version of the news. That is changing and if Obama has done anything good it is that now most Americans realize the news media as a whole are for a fascist style government and are losing trust in them.

      • too much government

        I second everything you say my friend, however, this is one evil tyrant and he will not be stopped.
        This is a done deal which makes me wonder just how long all of this garbage has been ‘perking.’ and his ‘ordination was ‘bought.’
        He has to be stopped however, all of these blogs are just talk only–no action.
        What is it going to take to get a revolution started and this ‘talk crap only’ stopped?
        We are going to be CUBA shortly!
        All of you folks who voted for hope and change this is the liberal that you were warned about.
        Once it is done, it wlll be too late to stop and you wlll be working for the government!

    • Linda

      I totally agree. I remember the Carter administration and the 16% interest on mortgages. There were no bailouts there was Reaganomics that worked until Clinton got in and his almighty legacy that George Bush got blamed for.

      The American people are the majority Godless and STUPID.
      This administration in the first 100 days has created change alright. Accept no responsibility for one’s actions is the change created.

      I fear we are in BIG trouble.

  • KZ Paul

    I absolutely concur with Randall and Linda (5/2 & 5/3 respectively). A female knows exactly the moment of conception as it “quickens her Spirit.” And, I hope impeachment is on the way, however, if one wants to destroy a nation he must first destroy and corrupt the “family” and its “youth”. Well known is the process of divide and separate. What do we see in Washington currently? The two parties doing exactly that…..if the devil can’t destroy he WILL distract…and we see a distraction but what is really going on behind the scenes?

    Thank heavens we really know who is in charge! KZ

  • I am concerned! and confused!

    Why are we not ALL standing together. I personally think there are LOTS of folks thinking along the same lines….we need to have a voice in what is happening in DC. Unfortunately the new Cabinet is riff with folks who have broken the law….and gotten away with it….they used to be crooks….honesty, integrity and ethics…words we used to know the meaning of. Bill Clinton changed definitions of words during his terms and now this administration is trying to do the same. Tigers don’t change their stripes….they are still tigers! People not telling the truth….”liar, liar, pants on fire”…let us really get back to the real basics….less government and a government OF the people, FOR the people, BY the people. The voting fiasco in Minnesota is a true reflection of the agenda of the democrat party….it reminds me of stuffed ballot boxes found in South Texas with LBJ votes in them!!!

  • JM Thomas

    Only God can overpower the horrible attacks, and He will not if not invited to the table. He still has more power than the powers that be, but does not intrude. May we turn in great number to His power and find power to uproot this turn toward dictatorship and replace it with honesty and truth! May God bless America again!

  • ATC333

    Where were all of these conservatives when the GOP was attempting to rewrite the rules to severely limit filibuster or end them during the period when it had total control of Congress? Where were you they when they attempted to implement a policy which would limit any entity or corporation which made political contributions to the Democratic party or candidate right to bid on and participate in governmental contracts? Where were you when the Patriot Act was being implemented? Why are you so up in arms about possible, no, most likely inevitable tax increases which were made necessary as a direct result of the Conservative wing of the GOP trashing our economy in the name of little or no governmental regulation? Is it so hard to see that unpaid medial bills and sick workers, who, if they had been treated early in their illness, would cost society far less than terminal care cost this country far more than any national plan of health care? Who do you think pays for all the emergency room visits by the uninsured, or those who can’t afford regular care? The Taxpayers, through the County, State, and Federal governments. Why do you think it is fair for the uninsured to pay $100.00 a visit to see the doctor, when the carriers and you pay a combined total of less than 40% of that amount to the doctors for the same visit or services? This country will save money, and be more productive with a well thought out national health plan. Now, despite the fact Bush started a war based upon lies, ignored legitmate facts he did not want to hear, and intentionally withheld information from Congress,His administration, one of the most incompetent administrations in US history, is apparently getting a “get out of jail free” card, and the NeoCon wing of the Lemming party (GOP) is crying out “Impeach Obama” because he now has to fix the direct results of 8 years of failed Right Wing Neocon polices. All Bush and Cheny had to do was point to the cliff, and the Lemming party jumped over. So, here we are today, and the facts of life are that unfortunately we individually and as a nation will have to kick in and help pay for it.

    • Bobby

      With such limited knowledge about anything, how can you blame the GOP for
      the things that went on in the Clinton administration? Get out facts straight before mouthing off.

      • John

        It is amazing to me how conservatives blame everything on Clinton when republicans have controlled BOTH the Senate and the Congress since 1994. During Clinton’s whole second term, the republicans kept his hands tied with the never-ending investigations…
        But in the GOP world – all the problems have been caused the Clinton and the democrats even though the republicans have ruled since 1994.

      • ATC333

        . All that is necessary is to look at the Bush/Cheney Record: 911, could have been, should have been avoided, but Bush knew it all, did not want to hear what the Clinton Adminsitration considered Ben Laden to be the most serious threat to America. Bush and Co. were going to do it their way, despite being warned, which warning they ignored. The FBI had names and faces for those individuals who participated 911 who wanting to learn how to fly planes, but not land or take off. Did Bush take steps to make sure that information was passed on -No. Bush Cheney knew it all. What about Katrina-”Great Job Brownie” Iraq- Bush’s war has killed more innocent Iraqis than all of Sudam Hussain’s brutalities, and that was a war predicated on lies and intentional misrepresentations. “Mission Accomplished!” The mortgage mess, and the Bank failures could all have been prevented, because despite what is now claimed, sufficient regulations were on the books to greatly limit the “irrational exuberance” which went on unchecked by the Bush Administration. They chose to ignore it. This was not the Clinton Administrations mess, this is the Neocon mantra of “self regulating free enterprise” which was supposed to look out for its “own best interests” They did, they lined their pockets, and now the Public will pay, and pay and pay. Bush and crew followed a political agenda in its governing of America. It is almost as though the NeoCon goal was to bankrupt the Federal Government, thereby accomplishing their true goal, forcing the Federal goverment to greatly shrink in size because of lack of tax revenues. What other nation in history has gone to war, and continued to cut taxes. Bush did, because he did not want the general public to understand what “Bush’s war was really costing, in lives, catastrophic wounds, future costs to care for the maimed and disabled, and the cost of the war its self. We will pay, and pay and pay, and if you go back and study the past 8 years of GOP control of the economy, you will understand why we are now where we are.

    • Terry

      ATC 333……I guess you also want the destruction of our freedoms that this national health care will bring. One of the supreme court justices has already indicated her intent to follow suit with Britain. Britain is going to inspect people’s refrigerators and pantries and TELL them what they can have in them. If they are found to have “offending” foods too often…they will be fined and punished! IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HAPPEN HERE??? Wake up! Our government is headed for TOTAL CONTROL of us! THAT IS NOT DEMOCRACY!…. I don’t even have health coverage BUT i don’t want it under those terms!!

    • DJ

      ATC 333… it is great to hear that all you can say is what the liberal media has been spewing for the past 8 years. Can you not think for yourself? You are dead wrong about the Bush administration being the most incompetent. You have absolutely no evidence to support your claims. We are now witnessing the most incompetent president, cabinet and staff EVER in the history of this great country. Why don’t you educate yourself about your buddies in Congress that caused the “mortgage crisis”. Why don’t you learn about the laws your friend, Nancy Pelosi passed to benefit her tuna company? Why don’t you ask Barney Frank what he knows about the mortgage crisis? Perhaps you would do well to read some United States history from ‘primary sources’ so you can learn about what made this country great.

      • ATC333

        DJ–the past 8 years is evidence. Fox news is not a primary source. What ever Pelosi has done pales by comparison to Halliburton’s non bid award of contracts to support the troops, and the manner in which they did it, pocketing Billions of tax payer dollars. Barney Frank does not control the actual enforcement by the SEC, or enforcement of existing banking rules and regulations. That was the Bush/Cheney area of responsibility, which they chose to abdicate for a political agenda. Pork is one thing, if it is as bad as what you claim go after them, impeach them, remove them, All of that pales to the comparison of Bush/ Cheney Administration’s blatant disregard of repeated valid warnings to slow it down, done solely to further a political agenda. Administrative incompetency is what got us here, 8 years of the GOP Lemming Party jumping over whatever cliff Bush pointed to.. I suggest you wait a year, see the results of Obama’s efforts, and then reread your posting above. The Great Depression would not have lasted over 10 years had the Federal government acted to infuse money into the economy, and get people working again. It didn’t, and so it did.

    • Debbie A.

      It is a shame to see someone so mis-informed. To start: McCain pushed a bill through with Dem. Fiengold in reference to capping political contribution and amounts spent on campaign. Problem: Obama said he would agree to it with McCain and then found every possible loop hole i.e. $200 contributions unlimited. Do you remember how much he received in contribution and over shadowed McCain? Next: Bush had signed bills for Medicare reform. Did you forget people complaining they didn’t understand the different parts? That went on for years. Get over Iraq!!!! Sadam had WMD’s and used them on his OWN PEOPLE. There is a report by a reporter from Sweden (?) who interviewed survivors and it was awful. He did this on multiple occasions. Did your forget the pics. of dead women holding their babies from his WMD’s. Oh let’s take a moment and laugh about it!!!!!!!! It doesn’t mean anything?????!!!!!!! How about UN kicked out repeatedly from Iraq? How about we sat and waited for the UN to get off their lazy asses before we said screw you we are going to take care of this ourselves. YOU PEOPLE HAVE SHORT MEMORIES!!!! People paying for those who can’t afford medical attention is ME. My expenses for my health care, medications, co-pay’s and God only knows how much my company is being charged. What? Search a video from a hospital health care official speaking in Florida about the cost from ILLEGALS. How about them staying for 2 years in a hospital. How about millions of $$$$$ to pay for these people. How about trying to send them back to their country only for their family to sue the hospital for millions. How about million of illegals having babies each and every day here. WE PAY THE BILLS. IMPEACH OSAMA OBAMA – NO IT IS TREASON. How about that. It’s in the courts as we speak and tomorrow it goes to the grand jury. YEA!!!!!! We got him for his 100 different address and 30 different SS#’s. His certificate of live birth (Photoshop copy) which is meaningless, his selective service papers (photoshoped poorly), treason on his remarks about our Constitution is a “Dark hole” and need to be overhauled????? His transparency? Have you seen the bills on the Internet for 5 days before a vote? 3 of 9. That’s it. He BOWED to a KING!!!!!!!! VIOLATION-VIOLATION. Rubbed against dictators who don’t believe in human rights. Loved N. Korea until 2 days later they sent up a missile. This guy is so incompetent. This guy can’t appoint anyone who doesn’t have some kind of problem. Pelosi and her husband has taken MILLIONS from taxpayers for his businesses. Franks robbed us by telling Bush “hey all is ok with AIG, Frannie and Freddie as he lined his pockets. Oh that was in 2002 & 2004. YOU people are BLIND. Listen to what he doesn’t say. Listen to how he says we much all get along but in the next sentence he bashes the Rep. He is working you just as did Hitler. Read some books for God’s sake and wake up. I don’t want to have to take care of you…………….

      • Richard

        “Liberty and Tyranny”, by Mark R. Levin…and “The 5000 Year Leap”, by W. Cleon Skousen. The first will wake the people up, and the second will teach them that it is in fact the “people” who are in charge, NOT the government. Wake Up America, before it’s all gone!!

        • Debbie A.

          Richard, thanks for the reply. I should have added in my post the books you mentioned. Both are EXCELLENT read and should be a must for our public schools. I also should have added another good read, our CONSTITUTION & BILL OF RIGHTS. Too many people have NEVER read the documents our Country was founded on. I am amazed how the “bible toting, red-necks” can recite the Constitution and Bill of Rights far better than our citizens who have adorned Obama as our Messiah and his minions the new disciples. WAKE UP PEOPLE. OPEN YOUR EYES AND EARS THIS IS NOT GOING AWAY. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO BRING DOWN OUR GOVERNMENT WE ARE TRYING TO SAVE IT. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • ATC333

        Interesting comments about Obama not being a US citizen. If it is so obvious for all to see, then why, why, why didn’t the Republican National Committee get him disqualified as a candidate? They had millions to do so. Could it be that this claim is entirely without merit? The only other alternative is that the GOP is simply incompetent, and just screwed up royally. I find that alternative hard to believe.
        As far as the mortgage/securities and banking meltdown, that is laid directly at the Bush Administrations feet. Deregulation in the 80s and 90s had nothing to do with it. It all happened on the Bush/Cheney watch, and they deliberately refused to enforce regulations on the books which would have greatly limited the financial disasters we now see. Banks were lending money to people with no proof of income, no proof of job, predicated only upon them having a good beacon score. There are repeated examples of individuals getting $400,000.00 loans with nothing but a 740 score. Nothing else was required of them. Then it got worse. Some bright securities and banking guy decided how to make even more money. Bundle mortgages and turn them into a security, which companies such as Leighman Brothers (the ones no longer in business now) could buy and sell. In accomplishing that feat, turning mortgages into a security which could be easily sold, identifying specific owners of a particular mortgage became impossible. They sold like hot cakes, Foreigners invested in them heavily, Then the down turn started, the real estate market went south, and people started defaulting, as the Bush Administration refused to enforce existing regulations, that is, regulations which were on the books, but not being enforced, which would have required banks to document income, assets, and the value of the mortgaged property. The Bush Administration was repeatedly warned about the risk of implosion, defaults by persons with no proven income, banks giving loans of 110% of appraised value, with no money down. It was all ignored, because there was the belief that the market would regulate itself, that the “financial experts” would police themselves, and not risk their companies. Bush and Co refused to act. Greed won out. Greed by the bankers, the Securities companies, and greed by the people getting loans with nothing but an excellent Beacon score. It was not Carter, not Clinton, not Bush I, not Reagan that brought this on. It was a conscious decision by the Bush administration not to enforce existing banking and secuities regulations. They intentionally and knowingly refused, and now we as a nation will have to pay, and pay and pay.

    • 13th Gen. American

      Just another liberal wacadoo spewing his idiot love for obama. He calls us lemmings but he is showing us all that THEY are the ones not willing to look at the truth of their party. They cry about Bush but are unwilling to learn the facts about Obama and his cronies. I dont agree with all things Bush but He did not get us into this mess. The dems in Clintons administration and progressives did.They also believe his lies. Obama says one thing with the help of his speech writer and then goes and does the EXACT opposite. They all remind me of those nut jobs in the movie Independence day. Ya know all the normal and sane people are running for their lives. They see the evil for what it is and are trying to destroy it. Then there are those idiots running to the aliens holding signs “TAKE ME!” “I LOVE YOU!” “VOTE FOR OBAMA!” Then when it’s to late to run they have that OH SHIT moment when they see them for what they really are. Here to destroy America. Unfortunately it affects us all. Normal and sane people had that OH SHIT moment while he was running for Prez but there were to many lemmings with their signs “CHANGE!!!” Change for the worst thank you ATC333 and all your fellow nut jobs. I do feel sorry for you all though. God did say he will allow minds to be deceived. I’m just so glad there are enough normal people trying to keep America the land of the free and not one nation under OBAMA. So whenever there is proof he was voted in from fraud and isnt even a citizen I will be be so humble to not say I told you so. In the mean time go cry your stupidity to your other liberal wack jobs because all you and the likes of you do is prove OUR point. You are an uneducated fool who is only fooling his self.

    • Lori

      First, you need to educate yourself instead of listening to spin lines of the media and the dems.. Who introduced de-regulation? Democrat Jimmy Carter…it was introduced and signed into law under he and his Democratic Led Congress….Reagan took office and then the new law came into affect….your media spins this to say that the deregulation was during the Reagan Administration…A little education sir and you may change your though process into one in which YOU decide the truth instead of being spoon fed it.

      Who introduced the idea that all Americans deserved to be able to own their own home regardless of whether or not they could afford to pay the mortgage? Bill Clinton…who created Fannie Mae and Freddie? Bill Clinton. Who ran the committees that oversaw those entities? Barney Frank and other Democrats. Who called for tighter regulation and enforcement of existing regulations on those entities (which were cooking their books)? Bush and his administration. Who shot down those regulations? Barney Frank and the Dems who used the fillabuster and media spin lines to stop the debate.

      HOW did the Patriot Act affect YOU personally? What rights of yours were infringed upon? Yet, what terror attacks were prevented by that same Patriot Act? Or by the water boarding that you want to bann? How about a second wave of 9/11 on Los Angelos that was prevented by both the Patriot Act and the Water boarding.

      Wake up or you will soon have the America you think you want.

  • Jerry

    As I am thinking of the appointment of Kathleen Sobelius and the failure to declare the monies she and her political reelection game garnered from the infamous Dr. xyz (name withheld) Kansas abortionist, et al and Planned Parenthood (aka Planned Child Remover for Dollars), I can not help but marvel at the hypocrisy of those in Congress. Case in point: Congress passed the Sarbannes Oxley law (commonly know as SOX) and companies need to comply by establishing a written code of ethics including rules regarding conflict of interest, disclosure and limits on acceptance of monies in return for favors (i.e. business deals). Congress evidently can look at you and I and the businesses that give us jobs and see a spec in our eyes but when they look in the mirror they fail to see the plank in their own eyes. Hypocrisy originates from the hunger for power over people and greed and a heart of deception. Pray (while it is still legal) for people with character and integrity to rise and stand strong.

  • Stotaglio

    I agree with all the comments made. It’s not a white/black problem, it seems to be a problem of the soul. If this administration continues, we might all have to learn to communicate by tapping on walls. By the way, I think Ms Nancy needs to give up her position. Perhaps God will bless America when America stops turning it’s back on God.

    • http://msn Freckles

      You are right on the money, and I say God Bless us all. I have tried to pray for Obama in the hopes he won’t wreck this country, but vengence is mine saith the Lord God Almighty.

      We have been silent while this country has been taken over by the liberal leftists. We did nothing and we let this country be taken over by not standing up and fighting in God’s name.

      Pple are afraid and when we live in fear of our government we are lost. I’am now praying that we will get some God loving pple to run for office and they will be true to what the ten commandments of the bible says.

  • Vorenious

    Under this Socialized Medical Program, deemed to be modeled after the European countries, the Democrats have failed to inform the public, that in Europe, they have Death Doctors, who come to the home of the elderly, terminally ill, and disabled to administer a lethal injection of drugs to terminate their lives, once the government, determines, any further health care is not cost effective!

    In reality, as what happens in Europe, for instance, Holland, the country, provides the healthcare, but barely, no new drugs, but the same items others get. At the time, you become terminally ill, or elderly or disabled and you are no longer able to contribute to the Socialized Medicine Program guidelines of that country, you are given two choices:
    1. Receive a Death Doctor visit to your home
    2. Die a slow and painful death on your own!

    The Democrats are concealing this fact of life in Europe from you. I lived in Europe, courtesy of the US military for 5 years and 3 years in a Pacific socialized medicine country, and the same was true for both theaters of the world!

    So call you Senator, Congressman/women, e-mail the White HOUSE at and protest louding, NOT NO, BUT HELL NO!

    The government bean counters will determine whether you die or live based upon your illness, age and disability, to think, they would not do so, if insane, as they support the murder of fetuses in the womb and the petri dish, so under that same method of thinking, life is expendable!




    Then get off your rear ends and call/e-mail/fax ASAP!

    • http://na Mary Ann

      Where can I become more informed about the facts you presented in your blog? Thanks.

      • Debbie A.

        Smart Girl Politics, CFIF (center for individual freedom), (america coast 2 coast),freedom works, we surround them USA and to remember where we came from and who is going to protect us check out Oath-Keepers. God Bless you for wanting to check things out.


    Ladies and Gents,

    This health care the government is pushing is another wordy scam of which there seem to be a number of floating around these days from our esteemed electeds. If we look closely the Washington politicians will not be included under this plan, they may be stupid but not so crazy, that tells you all you need to know, if they don’t want it for themselves, should you?

    This Congress is made up of a majority of sneaky and devious people looking to line their pockets, keep their office and make you their retirement plan, a Constitutional Convention will go a long way into scaring the living hell out of them or getting rid of the slugs and laggards. You got to t be tough to get old and if you want to have some comfort and some assets to lean on then you will need to harrass these elected parasites until the day you or they die, hopefully them first and in less comfort than you.

    Best of all stop putting them back in office, try to see how much problem they really cause for all concerned.

    • Frank

      I agree every Conservatard retardican must go!

  • David F

    I think Randall’s remarks are on the money. Continuing with the Biblical references, the Book of Revelation tells us that in the end times, God will send a “strong delusion”. How else can one explain the election of someone as anti-American as B.H. Obama? Anyone who paid any attention at all to the presidential campaign should have been able to recognize his lack of character and integrity by looking at his associations, his double-talk, hypocrisy, and lies. One flagrant lie he uttered was his answer to the question: “When does life begin?” He is an educated man and knows when life begins. His glib reply that such knowledge is beyond his pay grade tells me that he is not qualified to make policy about such matters.

    As far as how we got into our current economic mess, BOTH political parties can share the blame for policies enacted and promoted during the Clinton/Bush years.
    What strikes me as really sad is the fact that the government continues to pour taxpayer money down a rat hole, trying to support failed institutions. There comes a point in time when we have to cut our losses. Both liberal and conservative economic experts acknowledge that the government’s current plan has, and will continue to fail. No less than the head of the FDIC and the President of the Kansas City branch of the Federal Reserve have blasted the administration’s present course of action.

    Ontime’s post sums it up well: NO politician can be trusted! Have you ever wondered why a person would spend millions of dollars to win a job that pays significantly less than a comparably responsible position in private industry? Do you really believe their primary motivation is to become a public servant?

    NanaPat raises an interesting point about Obama’s pledge to have a transparent administration. I suppose part of that program involves the “president” spending over $800,000 in legal fees to suppress the truth about his birth and meeting the eligibility standard mandated by the Constitution.

    According to polls, Obama won on his appeal to younger voters. This is probably true. They have no historical perspective and are more interested in the next American Idol competition than the people and events that have a real impact on their lives. They were undoubtedly mesmerized by the media’s adulation of the “fresh, new” candidate who promised “CHANGE”. Well, in 1917 the people of Russia wanted change; Italians wanted change in 1923; Germans demanded change in 1933; the Chinese sought change in 1947…and they all got it in spades!

    It’s too bad the Republicans didn’t have a stronger candidate that John McCain.

    My prayer is that, unless this “president” is part of God’s judgment against our country, that he be removed from his position of authority. God does have the power to establish and remove kings.

  • J L L

    To ACT333 – If you are paying $100 for a doctor visit while the insured are paying 40% less then you need to change doctors. Most respected doctors offer those paying cash a discounted rate. That translates into me and my insurance company actually paying a higher rate than the uninsured. I talked to a surgeon today who told me I couldn’t have an artificial disc instead of less effective fused disc because my insurance company won’t pay the extra $20,000. I said what if I tell them I will pay the difference. He said then they will make me pay for the entire procedure. This is my first procedure in 16 years. I probably wouldn’t qualify for either operations with universal healthcare because at my age, it would be wasteful spending. Yes, the government would have the right to say who deserves medical attention and who doesn’t.

    • Lori

      But, he’s paying $100 for a doctor visit that we get to pay 40% on BECAUSE WE PAY INSURANCE PREMIUMS OUT OF OUR PAYCHECKS EVERY MONTH WHETHER WE SEE A DOCTOR OR NOT. Pay now or pay later….perhaps some of those who “can’t afford health insurance” could afford it if they didn’t have the latest technilogical gadget, a 50 inch flat screen tv and a new car every 3 years……

  • Frank

    God bless you Obama. We need a single payer healthcare system in this country. Please mop up the floor with any and all fascist right wingers. You are a great president so far. When the evil republicans were in charge I prayed to God to wipe out their political power and my prayers were answered, he used you as the instrument that will end their tyrany.

    • debra

      Get a job Frank. Stop living to sponge off of others and you will be happier for it.

      My husband (a real man) and I have always been hard workers and as a result, have never had to whine as you do about other people having better healthcare.

      I’m going to go way out on a limb, so to speak, and assume that you did not start working when you we’re eight years old like my husband did (cutting lawns) and keep working and improving yourself through education and hard work so that you would be sought out by companies who need intelligent, hard working, honest men to prosper their companies. Just a wild guess, but I do wish I was a gambling woman right about now.

      • Frank

        I have a job, and yes I have worked since I finished college. My education was too important for me to cut grass. I am a real man, if I was to show you my “manhood” your husband would cry.

    • Lori

      Do you even know what a single payer system is? I lived under the English Socialized Medicine…..I know from experience that a bleeding ulcer is not treated until they get to you in the line…that a broken arm can take weeks to be set properly and many times requires a re-breaking to get it set right. Are you aware that the UK just decided NOT to treat women with certain stages of breast cancer? That is what you are asking for? And don’t say that that won’t happen here because with folks who don’t pay into a system, you never have enough to cover even those who do.

      • Frank

        Yes I do, I have family that was overseas, my girlfriend’s cousin’s husband is a Canadian and he goes from Michigan to Canada to get treatment rather than have to file bankruptcy over medical treatment here. My boss provides me with health care I could easily be one of the snobs that has to feel better than everyonelse I want everyone to have what I have or better, plus single payer would help our industries.

  • http://Republicans! Republicans!

    Its time for the REAL american people take back their country!!!

    • Frank

      Republicans can’t be real Americans just traitors.

  • s c

    Washington is THE problem. Why get mad at one party and ignore the other? Wrong is wrong. A career politician is a career criminal. Get it straight, America. WE send criminals to Washington. Keeping them in office [both parties] makes matters worse. Anyone stupid enough to have faith in career politicians will elect ANYONE. That makes Americans slow learners, and slow learners learn via hard knocks. Politicians have every right to laugh at us {‘easy money, no standards for conduct, fast retirement, above the law and “they” think I’m doing a great job’}. P T Barnum had no idea how right he was.

  • Lyn

    ACT333 & Frank – Are you so anxious for tyranny that you miss that BOTH Bush & the Republicans AND Obama and the Democrats want tyranny too. Have you ever talked to anyone who has lived in Canada or Europe or in a socialist or communist country? I have and they moved here to escape. They think Americans are idiots to be embracing socialism and are upset that folks like you want to bash Bush, deny what Obama is DOING (SOCIALISM!!!) and pray that it won’t be as bad as Bush. WAKE UP, IT’S WORSE!!!

  • June Gagnon

    Honestly, what we need right now, is another Ronald Reagan – -”if” we’re lucky, his son, Michael, might be convinced to “throw his hat in the ring” in 2012! We currently have an “impostor” in the oval office, who is not even qualified to be there. He’s so, obviously, “unqualified” I’ve never understood how a majority of American voters could have been duped into electing him; actually, I do understand- -too many believed his lies and rhetoric! Our only salvation, for this country, is to make his term a “single” and vote out every single radical democrat in both houses. I fully realize 8 years, of a 2nd Bush, was a mistake; but take the time to analyze the last 2 years, with democrats in control of both houses; you’ll find that GW wasn’t to blame for “everything”. He did manage to keep this country safe from another 9/ll, but the “impostor” has managed to destroy even that. Think about it; it took 230 years to obtain freedom from oppression, tyranny and fear of invasion- -the “impostor” has destroyed it in just 100 days!

  • Muriel Byers

    A full discussion on Obama’s health care plan is the American way.


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