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Organic Food No Better Than Regular?

November 2, 2010 by  

Organic Food No Better Than Regular?

We all know how expensive it is to “eat right.” A simple trip to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s will eat up an entire paycheck. But we want to be healthy, and eating organic, so we are told, is the way to do it. Or is it?

Well, it seems consumers in London have been complaining about the huge financial disparity between ordinary food and organic food. They clamored and wanted to know if there were true health advantages for their financial investment in the organic stuff.

Researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine conducted a systematic review of more than 160 scientific papers and studies published in the leading journals over the past half-century. Their study, “Nutrition-related health effects of organic foods: a systematic review,” was published in the July 2010 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Here’s the abstract:

BACKGROUND: There is uncertainty over the nutrition-related benefits to health of consuming organic foods.

OBJECTIVE: We sought to assess the strength of evidence that nutrition-related health benefits could be attributed to the consumption of foods produced under organic farming methods.

DESIGN: We systematically searched PubMed, ISI Web of Science, CAB Abstracts, and Embase between 1 January 1958 and 15 September 2008 (and updated until 10 March 2010); contacted subject experts; and hand-searched bibliographies. We included peer-reviewed articles with English abstracts if they reported a comparison of health outcomes that resulted from consumption of or exposure to organic compared with conventionally produced foodstuffs.

RESULTS: From a total of 98,727 articles, we identified 12 relevant studies. A variety of different study designs were used; there were 8 reports (67%) of human studies, including 6 clinical trials, 1 cohort study, and 1 cross-sectional study, and 4 reports (33%) of studies in animals or human cell lines or serum. The results of the largest study suggested an association of reported consumption of strictly organic dairy products with a reduced risk of eczema in infants, but the majority of the remaining studies showed no evidence of differences in nutrition-related health outcomes that result from exposure to organic or conventionally produced foodstuffs. Given the paucity of available data, the heterogeneity of study designs used, exposures tested, and health outcomes investigated, no quantitative meta-analysis was justified.

CONCLUSION: From a systematic review of the currently available published literature, evidence is lacking for nutrition-related health effects that result from the consumption of organically produced foodstuffs.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? I mean… wow! Not what we have been led to believe in all cases. Yet, the studies indicate there is no difference. Disturbing, really. Let’s consider some of the information for a moment.

In the article, their findings showed that "a small number of differences in nutrient content were found to exist between organically and conventionally produced foodstuffs, but these are unlikely to be of any public health relevance," said Alan Dangour, one of the report’s authors.

Dangour went on to say: "Our review indicates that there is currently no evidence to support the selection of organically over conventionally produced foods on the basis of nutritional superiority."

Sure, research shows that the nutritional content of chemically-treated food is almost the same as organic food… But who cares?

The reason people turn to organic food is to avoid the herbicides and pesticides that commercial farmers use to improve crop output and kill crop-eating insects.

We choose organic so that we won’t get cancer from eating an apple or salad that was grown in chemically-heavy soil or sprayed with toxic chemicals that will then enter our blood stream.

Recent reports showed that children who ate fruit grown with everyday commercial chemicals presented with traces of pesticides in their urine! And after a mere five days of switching to organic fruit, the toxic levels dropped drastically from their blood.

So you can save a few bucks by consuming commercially grown foodstuffs, and you may actually receive the actual nutrients found in their organic counterparts.

But beware, having money in your pocket and nutrients in your system in no way reflects the toxic chemical levels you are also living with. Life is too short and too valuable to play games with. Buy organic and live healthier.

— Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • John Carraway

    I’ll stay with organic foods as long as GMO’s are not used. GMO’s are the greatest threat to world health, and should be banned completely. However, organic farming should use sea mineral fertilizers, fungi-rich mulch, and structured water for much healthier produce. Then the nutrients available in organic produce would put ordinary produce to shame. The plant is only as good as the soil it grows in, and today’s farms are woefully lacking in minerals and mulch.

    • Tony Jones

      The main reason to eat organic fruits and vegetables is the avoidance of pesticides. Organically produced beef and bison has the correct ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 fatty acids. It is also high in CLA. Do not eat farm raised fish as the omega 3/6 ratio is wrong and it is high in arachidonic acid (causes inflammation). Industrial farming practices are destroying the nutritional value of the foods we eat and poisoning us at the same time. It is now necessary to supplement with a good multivitamin/mineral supplement.
      Does organic produce have more nutritional value than conventional? No, but if you’re concerned about your well being you will go organic.
      If one asks the wrong question you rarely get the correct answer.
      Tony Jones
      Houston, TX

      • Olaf

        I could not say it any better Tony. I hate 24D for my lunch and all the other poisons now available. But that is not all Tony what about the coal tar dyes in many food stuffs from number 100 to about 155 all toxic and some carcinogenic.What about antioxidants from 311 to 321 all very toxic and some mutagenic and carcinogenic and what about 951 aspartame and 952, and say, what about preservatives worsted offenders numbers between 249 to 252 all carcinogenic and teratogenic all in pre-prepared meat products. If we want to care for ourselves then we cannot be half heartened about it. Good health, God bless. Olaf New Zealand

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      John, you are correct in your assessment. GMOs are killing our food and us. I am working on a piece on this subject now. Thanks for introducing it here for our readers.

      • http://FarTooMuch.Info Russ Lemon

        Both of you are exactly right. GMO foods almost killed me. By avoiding Bt-corn, Bt-soy, Bt-cotton-seed, and avoiding all canola, aspartame, trans-oils, trans-fats and MSG, I recovered so much that I no longer need a triple does of Atenolol for high-blood pressure. I no longer need any Atenolol at all. Avoiding these poisons greatly reduced the amount of Metformin I need for type 2 diabetes. And I feel much better. Can I call this an ‘allergy to GMOs’? If so, why do they not put a warning ‘Contains GMO’ on their GMO food label?

        Some Medical Doctors are now prescribing non-GMO for their patients with stomach problems. The Bt-toxin & herbicide [glyphosate, gufosinate or 2,4-D] GMOs contain cause high blood pressure, raise blood sugar, irritate the stomach lining and may cause lymphoma, or cancer of the pancreas or liver. These toxins have been shown to reduce fertility in rats. I expect to see the next generation of heavy soda drinkers unable to reproduce. A recent study has confirmed that the herbicides used with GMOs and left in the soil can prevent plants from making vitamin B-12. GMOs seem to destroy our immune system.

      • Granny Mae

        Someone please explain to me what GMO’s are and what they have to do with canola oil etc. I am far from scooled in this matter. However I have personally come across two baffeling things in food ! One when we went north to get my father-in-law to come live with us we cleaned out his clothing and meds. he needed but turned down the heat and locked the house till we could come back in the spring and take care of everything. We were on Christmas vacation and had to get back home to go back to work. In late June we went back up to clean the house and get things straightened around. I had emptied the fridg. of all food and took all canned goods with us but discovered that I had forgotten a loaf of bread in a plastic bread box sitting next to the kitchen table. I just knew I was going to have a mess of mold to clean up when I opened that bread box. To my surprise there was not one bit of mold anywhere ! The bread was soft and just as though it had been bought fresh that day ! It had been 6 months ! Talk about preservatives ! Found out the same thing had happened to a friend that had bought some bread at the store and come home and one of her grandchildren just tossed it in the cupboard and it fell behind some other things. A year later she was cleaning out the cupboards and came across the loaf of bread and it was still perfectly fine ! She did the same thing I did with the one I came across, Tossed it ! If it doesn’t rot it isn’t good for my system. Now we come to today ! I had bought 5lbs. of hamburg from Wal-Mart and brought it home and put it into the fridg. Not the freezer. I got busy canning and forgot about it in the fridg. as we have a second fridg. in the utility room. A week later I remembered the meat in the fridg. and got it out and checked it expecting to smell a terrible odor, but there was none. I thought wow how lucky, so I quickly cooked it up and then put it back in the fridg. because I still couldn’t get to it. Today a week and a half after cooking it I got it out and it still looked and smelled fine! I made it into sloppy joes and then got to thinking about it. All together this meat had been in the fridg. for three weeks with no freezing. If this meat did not spoil in all that time why was that? I have heard that the meat from Wal-Mart was gassed but I didn’t believe it. Now I’m wondering ? It is obvious to me that this meat under went some kind of preservative but what and is it good for people to eat? Our food is suppose to rot in our bodies so we can make use of it but if it doesn’t rot in the fridg without cooking how is it going to be useful to us in our bodies? The more I thought about it the more it bothered me so it became dog food and we didn’t eat it ! What is going on with our food ? How can we tell before we buy it?

    • Lawrence Edward Calcut


      Organic Food No Better Than Regular? »

      “We all know how expensive it is to “eat right.” A simple trip to Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s will eat up an entire paycheck. But we want to be healthy, and eating organic, so we are told, is the way to do it. Or is it? Read this article to find out””

      John, what you said makes a lot of sence, but answer me this.

      What will the quality of the soil when, as the result of Chemtrailing of the land were we grow our food is completed next year be,,, all over America?.
      Will the Aluminum particals they have dumped on us and our land help or hinder the growing of any food, organic or non-organic. If the Chemtrailing was to defeat Global Warming it is a failure, but if the Chemtrailing was to slow down out breeding and/by reduce the production of food on a plenet with 6.88 billion food eaters, it may well be a success.
      I’m not worried for me because I’m 73, but I have 6 lovely grandchildren who will have to live on this planet.

      I think I read somewhere last week the UN may order the end of Chemtrailing worldwide soon.
      God I hope so.

      • Sam in Cal

        U.N. right that just means they are about done

        • Granny Mae

          Sam in Cal,

          What is this about chem trails?

          • Dan az

            Hey granny
            here is one to start with.

  • Jeanette

    I know that organic food is SO much tastier than regular. I always buy organic carrots and now Costco has frozen organic broccoli which not only tastes better, but cooks in half the time. I always buy organic if I can afford it.

    • Brad Lewis

      I will tell you that I will never go back to any of the chemical laiden products and meats. Since we changed our diet to organic and range fed stock my migraines of daily visit have STOPPED! We grow a huge organic garden, I grew up on the farm and know too well the cheimicals put on our crops. My family’s medical issues have also been substantially reduced to the change in our diet. I will pay the extra bucks any day even with our tight budget to be confident of what we are eating and not be spending tons with the doctor for body repair. You keep on truckin Whole Foods and Trader Joes!

    • Average Joe Patriot

      Everyone knows “carrots are good for you,” but which carrots, grown where?

      About 15 years ago my girlfriend and I started an organic juicing regimen, mainly carrot juice, with apples and strawberries mixed in to jazz up the flavor. We both immediately noticed pronounced benefits, in part because although you can do it, it’s difficult to eat 6 to 8 or more large carrots a day, whereas it’s easy to drink them with the pulp removed.

      At some point we ran out of organic carrots and, wishing to continue receiving the health benefits of raw juice, we substituted some identical-looking non-organic carrots from our nearby supermarket. Within just about the same amount of time it took us to notice the original burst of energy and vitality brought on by juicing, we now began to feel distinctly ill. If it had been just me I’d have chalked it up to coincidence, but my girlfriend had the identical experience. We quickly ended up feeling much worse than we did before we started, and we didn’t improve till we stopped juicing altogether. When we went back to organic we once again started feeling the vitality we’d first experienced.

      I attribute this to the fact that when we substituted petro-fertilized and bug-sprayed produce for the organic, we did not reduce our produce intake. So what we were now ingesting was an extreme concentration of toxic chemicals and our bodies’ reaction to this assault was equally pronounced.

      As for oldsters who lived well into their 90s without shopping at Whole Foods or their local co-ops, as others have pointed out, many of those people grew up on predominantly healthful, locally grown grains, produce, meats, and dairy. A large number of the toxins and fake ingredients (preservatives, MSG and aspartame, refined salt and sugar substitutes, hormone- and antibiotic-fed cows raised in factory lots force-fed GMO corn and soy, farmed fish, caged poultry, etc.) didn’t even exist when they were growing up. Cows ate grass, milk had to be shaken, chickens ate weeds and bugs, fertilizer usually meant compost and manure, and “preservatives” consisted of natural salt, apple cider vinegar, canning jars, and drying racks. People ate less meat and more legumes and grains. Even the tobacco they used, like the beer and wine they drank, contained no unnatural flavor enhancers or unpronounceable chemicals. Diabetes was quite rare, as were colon, skin and breast cancers, and autism was almost unheard of. Nobody worried about a lack of fiber in their diet, or about dietary cholesterol. Whiskey was used as much for medicinal purposes as for recreation and, except for some of the crap produced during prohibition, was generally additive-free.

      One might add that people walked, rode, or pedaled more for basic transportation, and the TV remote had yet to be invented. A dishwasher was usually a person, a lawnmower was either someone with a scythe or a two-wheeled pushable tool. People visited one another more rather than hitting speed dial on their cellphones. And tap water was simply H2O, not some weird soup consisting of chlorine, fluoride, anti-corrosives and mineral-settling agents, sewage and factory farm runoff. Infant mortality was greater owing to less advanced mother/child medical treatment (thus largely accounting for lower average life-spans) but once into their teens people stood a good chance of enjoying a productive life well into their 70s, 80s, even 90s (not spending the last 10 or 20 years of their existence eating artificially sweetened Jello and sipping MSG soup through a straw in a rest home or hospital).

      In the early 1970s my father nearly lost his leg in a car crash. They saved it through the miracles of modern surgery, but he was a long time recovering. He asked his doctor if this was because he was in his 50s, and whether a much younger man would have healed more quickly. His doctor just laughed and told him that a youngster living on what passed for a modern “healthy” diet and lifestyle would probably have lost his leg. Kids (by which he meant anyone under 30, back then) just don’t possess the internal bone strength, immune system, and general recuperative powers their parents and grandparents had.

      That was true 40 years ago; it probably isn’t true in most cases today, unless one grew up on an old-fashioned truck farm. I, too, would like to know who actually paid for this “study” of selected “studies.” In another study I read a few years ago, the issue of toxins aside, foods grown in organic (non-petro-fertilized) soils contain significantly greater actual nutrient value. I then did a cost comparison and found that the difference in price approximately mirrored the nutritional value differential. Yes, in addition to not poisoning your system, that extra buck you spend on a loaf of organic bread or organic beans, free-range meat vs. industrial feedlot meat, buys you an extra buck’s worth of nutritive value, and you can literally eat around a third less food, pound for pound if you’re eating high quality organic vs. “regular” food.

      So in addition to asking: “Which carrot, grown where?” we must also ask, “Which studies, culled by whom, for whose purposes?” Since when is “organic” food not considered “regular” food?

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    My dad is 86 and is healthy as can be. He has never ate organic food. He still drinks whole milk. He eats meat everyday, along with mashed real potatoes. He eats cheese and eggs. He eats candy. He loves bacon and sausage with his eggs for breakfast. He uses real butter and real sugar. He has never had a health ailment, and has never been overweight or skinny. He has never drank a diet soda pop, or used faked sugar or any so called dietary products. Just real food, all the time. Im thinking thats the route Im going also. Im 52 and I have no ailments, as does either of my 5 surviving brothers and sisters. I lost one sister to breast cancer, no doubt from the hormone replacement therapy she took after menopause, and her studies confirmed this. You all can keep your diet cokes and low calorie this and chemically produced low calorie that, and your organic food grown in piles of cow poop. Me, Ill eat the real stuff and stay health. And truth be told, almost every single person I know that does these diet things and eats fake sugar and low cal this and low cal that, is the first ones to catch colds when the weather changes, and they seem to be at the doctor all the time getting antibiotics for this, and antibiotics for that. No thank you sir.

    • FlaJim

      I’m with you. This organic junk does keep as long after purchase and the very tiny trace amounts of chemicals from insecticides and fertilizer are much safer than animal poop and fruit with worms in it.

      There’s a good reason why those chemicals were used in the first place: They help keep us healthy. A century ago, average lifespan was in the upper 40s. It’s considerably higher now.

      • Tom edwards

        First. Any Organic vegetables I see in the stores are wilted missformed looks to be poor grade produce. My Father lived to 93. If was good for you he spit it out. Mother lived to 97.Lard! Chocolates, Sugar, coffee, large bag of corn curl puffs every day, fat. He took the fat off the fattest bacon and dumped the lean. 4-6 eggs every morning. Used heated lard instead of syrup. Yellow with butter or margarine. If you could pour cream it was milk. If you dipped with spoon it was cream. Bowls of it daily. My brother and I never ate that crap. I am 70 and total disabled from accident. But other than that healthy.

        • Common Tater

          I’ve given and continue to give a lot of thought to this subject. I also know relatives who smoked like trains and ate crapola and drank 12 beers a day and lived pretty healthy into old age… until they suffocated of emphysema, but not always. Sometimes they just died easily. These are the same people who WERE NOT VACCINATED with toxic vaccines. They also didn’t drink sodium fluoride daily in their drinking water, which is rat poison. The food they ate throughout childhood was clean and good, without chemicals, without pesticides, without herbicides. If you take out infant mortality people are not living longer today and they’re dying of really horrible diseases.

      • independant thinker

        “There’s a good reason why those chemicals were used in the first place: They help keep us healthy.”

        Wrong. All those chemicals are used to kill insects they have nothing to do with keeping us healthy. They are also used as defoliants to make harvest easier again nothing to do with keeping us healthy.

      • Fl Scott

        Jim I wish you well , but you are in for a miserable life. Your health will go bad after a while and the Medical community will make it even worse. You are way off track. The chemicals stay in your system as the human system can not metabolize man made products. Eventually they find the weak part of you system and create a new disease. Then you are given more “medicines” that are just more chemicals and you soon find you have another disease. It goes on and on until your system completely shuts down. Get you whole body PH at 7.0 – 7.5 and eat only Organic and you will stay healthy for a long life.

    • FlaJim

      Typo in the above. I meant “doesn’t keep as long.”

      • Average Joe Patriot

        Typo in the above. I meant “doesn’t keep as long.”

        Not your only typo, FlaJim. You’re out of your depth, here.

    • anonymous, please

      One reason your grandfather may be so healthy is because he probably grew up eating far healthier than we do today and his body is “set” at healthy.
      My grandfather who lived to be 100 years old was a dairy farmer who, too, lived off of eggs and cream —He ate tons of homegrown veggies and fruits and his own beef and poultry that were not GMO and were not grown or raised with herbicides and pesticides. He kept a compost heap and used it.
      I’ve read a study that compared the urine of children who were fed organic foods with children who did not. The urine of those that did not eat organically had traces of pesticides and herbicides where by organically fed children’s did not.
      I think organic vegetables simply taste better. Organic milk does too.
      I cannot tell the difference with most fruits but certain vegetables are unmistakably better tasting.
      It is better to ere on the side of caution–especially regarding children whose little bodies and organs are still forming and growing. My two daughters feed their children orgnically as much as possible and I must say, those kids are NEVER sick.

      • Wanda Murline

        I eat organic now because I have not been growing my own. I am 63 years old and until lately, I had never heard of Salmonela in lettuce, for heaven’s sake. How in the world, can vegetables get poison in them? I noticed that the younger generation of girls have bigger bussoms that we did at their age, and asked my friend why…well, they have been drinking milk and other products with human growth harmones in them all their lives…and now we are seeing the results with higher numbers of breast cancer and at younger ages. When you pile poisons and artificial harmones into your diet, you can expect your body to react accordingly. Oh yes, my dad is living at 92, still drives, lives alone, has all his marbles, and yes, grows his own vegetables every year in a small garden in the back of his house. He knows what is in his food, and then he cans it or freezes it. We are killing our children with poisons, and now the scientists are on an endeavor to genetically change salmon and they can not only change animals, they can cross between the animal and vegetable…this is scarry as hell. Thanks, but I’ll stick with my organic eggs…which by the way, were the only ones in the stores when the egg recall happened a couple of months ago. I am 63, and in pretty good shape, and I am going to try to stay that way, especially in the light of the new health care law, which I believe seniors will be hurt the most.

        • ValDM

          You might be interested to know about a product that is put on conventionally grown vegetables and fruit: Solid waste from the sewage treatment plants close by. This practice has been in place since 1979 or earlier. Now sewage treatment plants can’t remove all
          the chemicals we use as medications. We excrete at least 1/4 of all medications we take. Remember that several women in you own neighborhood are taking birth control pills and the kid down the street is taking a round of antibiotics. These things are being spread around fruits and vegetables. As for the compaints about organic looking bad or deformed, only the good looking produce gets to the grocery store. The “ugly” produce gets made into juice or baby food. Having lived and worked in agricultural areas almost my entire life, I DO know what I’m talking about.

          • Cliffystones

            Sewage? Yuck! That sounds almost as bad as “Soylent Green”!

          • Hrwg

            So true! They talk about why so many couples have infertility issues they say that it is exactly for that reason. They cannot get the birth control pills out of the water or other medications for that matter.

            On the organic topic, my body is so sensitive to any chemical. I am even allergic to bandages. My stomach hurt from the time I was a small child and my mother could not figure it out. I would have to go to the hospital for ice baths because of spiking such a high fever, but now on organic food, and non-chemical cosmetics and paper products. I haven’t had a stomach ache or fever in years or exzema(which was my close friend growing up).

            There is definitely something wrong with the chemicals in the food. I am so happy that there are now non-chemical options on the market. Boy I feel so much better.

          • Granny Mae


            In my area, farm country, they airiel spray chemicals on their fields and spray farm sewage on the fields also. This stuff is sprayed out all over the place and it stinks and it looks disgusting too! A terrible brown color ! People wonder why they get salmonella ? I don’t wonder.

          • Granny Mae

            There is a big difference between composted manure and liguid waste sprayed on a field !

          • Dan az

            That’s disgusting besides how many people have hip c in that area?You know that it cant be killed by bleach right? and what else is there in that crap?

          • independant thinker

            SUPPOSEDLY (and I say again SUPPOSEDLY) the waste has been processed and is safe to use. Given the gubments record on such matters its safety is extreemly doubtful.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Granny Mae,
            what you are probably seeing is composted manure used as a compost “tea”. A lot of farms are using it! I go and buy it from the farmer that I get eggs from. He fills his tanks with water, puts composted manure in burlap bags and lets them steep in the tanks and then sprays it on his fields! I’m not sure what the rate of water to compost is but it does work real well! The rest of the year I use only leaves, grass clippings and miracle grow!!

          • Karolyn

            Joe, Miracle Gro is chemical. I would only use it on flowers or houseplants.

    • markpepper


    • Docleo

      Your Dad, being 86 would have a great (pioneer) constitution. These people heal very well and have little or no ailments. Most are physically active and do manual work, this is what keeps them healthy. It is graet to see that he eats all the natural foods, the foods he remembers, the food that was grown without tons of herbesites, fungasides, pestesides and genetically modified, just ask your Dad if he ever was on a farm and if he remembers the poo smell all over the farm. Thats how good nutrition rich food was grown. Who ever suggested that ‘diet’ anything was healthy? Nutrasweet and all the other artificial sweetners with aspartame are extremly toxic (so far from healthy)and create a sugar craving. On the other hand there are natural, plant derives sweetners that can replace sugar, which is in itself artificial and has empty calories. Molasis on the other hand has all the minerals intact and tasts graet, just ask Dad if he remembers the rael tast of licorice. Yep made with molasis. Eat organic like your Dad did when he was young this gave him the strengh to endure some of the modern “foods” complete with toxins and artificial coloring, waxing, and other processing that denatures the food and often destroys the nutritional value. Raw milk would even be better for Dad, he never had pasturized and homonenized milk in his early days.That stuff goest straight into the blood stream fancy that milk in your blood…. What will they do to us next.I could go on but its up to all of us the educate ourselves and take control of our own health. So never see a doctor unless you break something and when in doctors care always keep one eye open to make sure nothing gets removed from your body, Believe it or not we need ALL the bits and pieces we have been given at birth…. God bless

    • JoJo

      Just be ever so gratful your dad has a terrific immune system. Some where down the line in your family, they took good care of themselves…and I bit it wasn’t chemicals that did it.

  • Char says

    Organic tastes better. Organic has more phytonutrients and more trace minerals present that are not considered nutrient important by many, but are essential to whole nutrition. There are other considerations not being addressed. It is not only what is in organic food but what is not present in organic food that stimulates me to purchase it. No GMO, no pesticides, no antibiotics. If you are measuring General Mills regular food vs. General Mills organic, then there won’t be much difference, because the organic standards have been gutted in so many ways that there is not such a difference. However, smaller independent growers who are using their own greater standards have much better food quality. Measure local grown organic produce fresh to local market and you have more vitamins and Life Force is present. So it is not just organic that is important, but growing more organic foods locally and distributing them to local markets that is the best for everyone. Also, if you know the person growing your food and you know that they are growing food consciously, then you also notice that everything is better vs. mass grown food organic or not. I know this is not physically measurable at the moment, but it makes a huge difference in food quality and energy that is received from food.

    Grow and buy locally grown organic foods!

  • Linda

    Organic and Non-organic foods may may both supply the same NUTRIENTS, but the non-organic foods contain chemicals and sprays which can be harmful to the body. Both foods can have the same nutritional value but it was not mentioned how the chemicals in non-organic foods can damage the body.

    • Robert S

      These studies all depend on who is paying for it. Most times the big Agri-businesses pay and the study is swayed toward them. There are alot of people who lie about the studies after taking money from special interests.

      • SusieQ

        Robert S is right on! Follow the money! Could you please look into who paid for the study?

    • Average Joe Patriot

      But…the compared foods DON’T necessarily have the same nutrients (for example farmed fish and feedlot meat lack the essential Omega 3s to properly balance the Omega 6s, resulting in widespread heart disease; processed fruit juice has had its vitamin C and bioflavinoids boiled out of it resulting in weak immune systems; common table salt has no minerals left in it but sodium chloride–plus added aluminum, as if we suffer an aluminum deficiency–resulting in high blood pressure and osteoporosis), AND they most certainly DON’T have the same nutrient value.

      I don’t necessarily believe that “I am what I eat,” that concept touches upon the question of spirituality. But I do believe that my body is built of what I put into it. What else could it be made of?

      If this is true, then plants and animals are what we put into them. If year after year we grow food crops in petro-chemicals and soak the soil in pesticides, what are they made out of (sure, they’ll TRY fo be a tomato plant, but what are they, really)? If you put hormones, antibiotics, GMO corn and GMO soy into a cow (rather than natural grass, what a ruminant’s body is designed to digest), what could anyone possibly imagine will end up in a glass of milk?

      Now take the milk which is sourced from petro-chemicals, toxins, and bio-lab magic and homogenize and pasteurize it (boil the natural probiotic enzymes and beneficial bacteria to death), add vitamin D for some reason (it’s not like our bodies can’t produce all we need from exposure to sunlight, remember sunlight?), and thin it down to allowable government standards with tap water containing fluoride and chlorine and whatever industrial/farm waste seeps down into the water table.

      Now put it into your child.

      What could we possibly imagine our kids’ bodies will be constructed from? Fruit Loops and Count Chocula? Hostess “goodness” and Oreo cookies? TV dinners, perhaps.

      Was “nature’s most perfect food” insufficiently perfect, that we had to do all this to ordinary cow milk? (Which, incidentally, is in fact nature’s most perfect food for baby cows, not necessarily baby humans–”studies have shown” that goat’s milk is more digestible, if for some reason mother’s milk is unavailable.)

      Again I ask, whatever possesses anyone to espouse that “regular” food is “just as good as” natural organically produced food? How did the common sustenance of our grandparents and their forebears become the subject of “studies” of “organic vs. regular?” In what sense is the crap most people are eating acceptably “regular” or “ordinary” when it appears to be the only common vector of skyrocketing, off-the-charts levels of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, arthritis, autism, assorted deficit disorders, and quite possibly rampant stupidity? Do we think space aliens are visiting plagues upon us?

      Talk about drinking the (coal-tar dyed, aspartame-laced) Kool-Aid. We shouldn’t need studies to explain all this internal mayhem any more than forensic examiners need to look far beyond a car’s smoking exhaust pipe to determine a suicide’s probable cause of death in his garage. And these “studies?” Think of them as the suicide note.

  • Vigilant


    I fully agree with you on the use of mulches (compost). The big commercial farms plant the same ground over and over with not much more soil supplementation than synthetic fertilizers of primarily nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

    Over time, the valuable trace minerals are depleted and we get a product that’s woefully deficient in them. I’ve never had anything against synthetic fertilizers, since they do provide the basic ingredients for plants to grow large and strong, but without compost we fail to produce the best a plant can be.

    I’m certain the sea mineral fertilizers you mentioned are superior to most synthetics in providing the trace elements. Kelp sprays, applied judiciously and at the right time, can also reduce pest infestations and considerably enhance plant growth.

    Moreover, my soil is a rich clay loam, and without the addition of compost, would bake hard in the summer sun.

    When it comes to pest control, there are many ways to reduce them without resorting to pesticides. In any case, I always let the bugs get what they want, and I eat the rest.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Each fall I mulch my leaves and put them on my garden spot. During the growing season I use my grass clippings as mulch between the rows. The only thing I use is miracle grow and all the neighbors tell me that I have the best tasting tomatoes around. I do occaisonally use a little pelletized lime to sweeten the soil a little. My soil soaks up the rain instead of it running off like a lot of spaces. I have gotten peppers that are 7″ across and 6″ tomatoes. It is nothing for me to have kentucky wonder beans that are eight inches long!! I’ve had 12 to 14 inch heads of cabbage as well.

      • Dan az

        Hey farmer Joe
        So now you have a green thumb too?

        • http://?? Joe H.

          Dan az,
          nope I just paid attention to my parents when they grew their gardens. You don’t need a green thumb to grow tomatoes, just a little soil, a little compost and a little water!! They do need a little tending!!

  • Will

    This is just another scam. Free range chickens and global warming are other scams that any independent thinker should find bogus. I do know people who insist this stuff is legitimate. They are mostly green peace type folks who also want to save the planet from the devastation of mankind. Pure balderdash!! My grandmother, bless her departed soul, lived to the ripe old age of 94 and was never admitted to a hospital in her life. She cooked with lard, ate biscuits and gravy every day, drank whiskey on a regular basis, and worked hard all her life. She never heard of free range chickens or Whole foods… or ever green peace, for that matter.

    • anonymous, please

      Will–Forgive me for repeating myself….your grandmother was probably benefitting from a lifetime of eating better than we do today.
      BTW> I am a non-Green, Obama loathing, CONSERVATIVE!

      • SusieQ

        Will, anonymous is right! Your grandmother never heard of free range chickens because they were ALL free range! A friend of ours grew up next to a chicken factory (it sure wasn’t a “farm”) in Texas, and he REFUSES to eat chicken! He says the conditions would make you throw up if you saw them!!! All the mis-information in the mainstream media is what you have learned as “healthy” – it is exactly the opposite of the truth! Eggs are one of nature’s perfect foods – all you need is a little vitamin C and you have almost all of the nutrients you need.

        And cholesterol is a myth, as far as it causing heart disease. What really causes heart disease are calcium particles that “nick” your arteries; your body uses cholesterol to “patch” up these “nicks”. Why do you think calcium channel blockers are the drug of choice by doctors for this situation? Raw milk and cheese (not pasteurized), like what they have in Europe, is what is the remedy for this calcium problem. For the entire story, read Dr. Susan Lark’s works. She is an AMAZING doctor with the TRUTH.

        It’s not your fault that you don’t know this stuff – the MSM has brainwashed billions of people. Our grandparents drank the milk right from the cow and the veggies right from the garden. And that is why so many of them, (eating the “wrong” diet) lived such long (fun!) lives!

        Let’s inform ourselves with the TRUTH and stop listening to the idiots who have their heads in the sand. And you must always follow the money when it comes to these reports. The FIRST question you must always ask is “who paid for this report?”

        WISE UP!

        • http://?? Joe H.

          I eat chicken all the time and I worked in a hatchery as my first real job!!! The animals on this earth are for man to consume! I admit some of the big farms are inhumane to the animals but we are an ever growing world and we need to find ways to produce more and more food!

          • meteorlady

            So – the chickens live in a cage and are fed automatically. They can’t really stand or move much because the cages are too small. When they reach a certain weight the bottom drops out and they are “processed” while still alive. Torn to shreds. My point is that those facilities are continuously operating and the sanitary conditions can’t be all that good. Of course the good old FDA probably visits all the time – not……

            I would much rather each something that has run around loose eating what it’s supposed to eat to live than something from a cage at a bit corporation processing plant.

      • Granny Mae

        Wil says

        I have both fenced and free range chickens and I can tell you there is a difference. My free range chickens have a more golden yolk than the fenced in chickens ! There is a difference !

        • Average Joe Patriot

          And I’ll bet the yolk stands up straight out of the pan! I own some chickens, too, on a neighbor’s mini-ranch. Before we started having a few dog and wild animal incidents, they ran free during the day. The eggs were better. What were they eating? Bugs and desert seeds.

          • Average Joe Patriot

            And earth worms, that ate dirt for a living before being discovered by free-ranging chickens. From mother dirt to protein- and lecithin- loaded eggs. Getting pretty close to “nature’s most perfect food,” there, marvelously packaged. Without even touching a cacciatore or a chicken sandwich, without even whacking off an animal’s head, you get great food. (Add sea salt and organic pepper on Ezekiel 4:9 toast with natural raw butter…I can’t argue with that, and don’t tell me they serve it better at Denny’s). Oh, and try homemade bison sausage on the side, with organic home fries and fresh-squeezed organic orange juice, and organic coffee. You’ll explode out of your front door and catch the morning bus by the throat.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Are you a libertarian or not. Are you for less government and the free market. If you are shut up and let people choose what they want. Or do you want to impose your limited beliefs?

    • Karolyn

      Well, Will, they never called the chickens “free range” when she was young. Do some research before mouthing off about something you know nothing about.

  • http://MSA Kirby

    How do we know which is commercially grown or organic,just because the sign in front of the product says”ORGANICLY GROWN” doesn’t mean it is. If the truth was known, the products probably came off the same vine and the so called “organically grown” product costs about twice as much as regular grown.

    • Eric Bischoff

      You are absolutely right. Greedy corrupt bastards are everywhere. Having noticed that these foods command a premium, some scums have infiltrated the system and unfortunately this has been facilitated by a weakening of organic standards and the lobbying by big chemical agra.

    • Robert S

      There are probably organic farms in your area. If not you have to investigate where your food comes from. Alot of markets sell food from other countries and who knows what they use. Some of the larger health food stores sell organic produce.

    • Grocery employee

      Q. How do you know if vegetables are organic? A. By the PLU (Price Look Up). This is like the UPC codes on manufactured products.
      The PLU is a 5 digit code given to all vegetables in the grocery store. If the PLU starts with a “9″ then it is organic (like 94011 BANANAS). If the five digit PLU number starts with “8″ the food is either genetically modified or genetically engineered (like 84011 BANANAS). If the PLU is 4 digits (that means it starts with a zero) then it is conventionally grown with pestisides (like 4011 BANANAS).
      This applies to grocery stores, not farmers markets.

      4139: Conventional Granny Smith apple
      94139: Organic Granny Smith
      84139: GMO Granny Smith

      • Average Joe Patriot

        Thanks for bringing this up, most people don’t know it. Where I live, we get a lot of California produce. CA is very strict with growers on what they can call organic; if the produce says it’s organically grown, if probably is. As for meat, I eat bison (in addition to the regs on what you may feed a buffalo, for all their apparent stupid beast looks, they won’t eat what feedlot cows are raised on), and of course free range chicken. Also we have a lot of local ranchers. One taste of their beef and you’ll know whether it’s grass-fed or corn/soy.

        Farmers markets are good because they’re self-policing. You can’t just show up with a truckload of stuff and call it organic, your competition in the stall next to you knows where you live and grow. If they don’t, you stand out like a sore thumb, rather than a green one.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        how do you explain the red plumb PLU on black plumbs??? Or the black plumb sticker on the prune plumbs?? Don’t say it can’t happen I see it all the time!!!

  • LM

    Yes, I’ve read the report before and I’m almost ashamed to be British. I’ve been studying such reports for many years, and have learnt to ask who is funding. Although I did start to worry with the article from Dr Willey as I thought it was heading towards confirming that eating organic food is not better than the contaminated food – I should have had more confidence in Dr Wiley! What I fail to understand are the scientists behind the research, are they really so corrupt or just really stupid – it has to be one or the other, as anybody with an ounce of sense would realise there is a difference between the two owing to the farming methods.
    John’s comments re GMO are spot on and it is also, as he states, to do with the quality of the soil.
    Daniel’s comment is also a common one – it is always a balancing act between providing a free service and surviving commercially – some practitioners get it slightly out of balance and it irritates people – be thankful Daniel that Dr Wiley is putting this information out there for all to see.
    Keep up the good work Dr Wiley.

  • Allan Halbert

    In biochemistry class in college, I sat behind several younger professors who snickered as Linus Pauling discussed his research on vitamin C. As with the hockey stick graph in global warming, scientists can be very adept at finding just the answer they are looking for. Common sense knows that eating less polluted food is a good idea. Scientists can take all the time they need to prove this to themselves. I don’t plan to wait.

  • LM

    Wow, I’ve just posted but more posts have appeared whilst I was doing so. It’s OK mentioning some folk who have lived their lives the way they have without eating organic food etc, but the fact is most people die from a degenerative disease, in fact in the UK, it’s about 90% of deaths each year. Self inflicted my friends. Why do all the major cancer natural treatement centres around the world use organic food, and always vegan. When are some of you people going to wake up to what is really happening out there?


  • Leo

    Organic food tastes better? Not sure . Cost more , that’s right. And I tried organic beer once – what a crap !!! It was germans organic ” Paulaner” . Taste like shit . I love ” Paulaner ” . Any kind but organic.

    • Common Tater

      It depends on your state. If you live in Wisconsin and you buy organic, it will probably not be very fresh. If you live in Cali, like me, organic is so much better it’s unbelievable that anybody buys anything else. I’ve always grown a lot of food, but I’m finding it more and more difficult and I think it might be from the persistent jet aerosols, a/k/a chemtrails a/k/a aluminum a/k/a life inhibitor.

  • f a

    Let’s look at the study. First, done in the UK. Relevance to US? Maybe. (I realize the study was reported in an American Periodical, but, “London School of Hygeine and Tropical Medicine” does sound a bit nationalized, does it not? Could it be a part of their nationalized healthcare system? I am asking a question, I don’t know.)
    Second, it’s a literature review, with data/literature taken from over 50 years. How much is recent litereature? Yes, they said they updated through 10 March, 2010, but what is included from that update? What have the Mon-AD-Tyso’s added to what we consume in just the last couple of years? And was that information reviewed as part of this study. Third, who supported the research that the literature was culled from? Watch “Food, Inc.” for a wake-up call.
    I agree with Dr. Wiley’s last statement, but feel that more independent (not gov’t/school funded) research needs to be done, which would most likely back up the theory that organically grown foods are safer and healthier. And try to buy locally grown/raised organics.


    Folks, this is all pretty simple stuff. Let’s keep it that way. My grandfather lived to be 101 years old and always had the theory when it came to food, eat it as mother nature gave it to us. This simple thought means God gave us food that needs to be eaten as close to the source as possible with no interferance from man (chemicals, pesticides, processing etc). I know that does not always work in todays society, but it is something we can all strive for. The more you follow this rule the better your health will be. The human body did not evolve consuming processed food out of a box. How do we think that we can do better than by not following the laws of nature. At 18 years of age I became very interested in nutrition and for the following 39 years I have been feeding my body as close to this idea as possible. I’ll continue to follow grandpas advice since it works for me.

  • Docleo

    You did not drink enough of that beer thats what went wrong for you..

    And Will,
    What is this about your Grandma not having heard about free range chickens or the darn chickes where FREE roaming in those days….
    Do you eat the stuff that is called ckickes that comes from birds that are in cages? or have 1/2 a foot of walking space and grow twice the speed that they use to in Granmas days. What do the feed them Certainly not a single worm. Have a look at these chicken sheds that will turn you of choocks for ever..

  • Eric Bischoff

    You can choose to eat what you want, well almost. I say almost because our choices are being reduced more and more. You might think you have many choices but probably 80% of what’s in these massive grocery stores is mostly made up of GMO corn and soy these days

    I support my local farmer first and I choose organic on the products that are known to contain the heaviest traces of pesticides.

    Some of you may not know it yet but the verdict is already out. Organic, low or no till farming is the only sustainable farming method. Small farmers that have taken the plunge have managed to save their farms and are making greater profits now. It’s a win win situation. They are happy not to be exposed to these poisons as well.

    As the price of oil climbs so does the cost of petrochemical and intensive farming.

    I would gladly pay higher food prices to help save local small farms and therefore protect our food security. Unless of course you are OK with massive recalls of tainted eggs or spinach or … We would not have this problem if we had a stronger healthier network of smaller farms.

    Big agra is corrupt and in bed with the FDA. They produce inferior products at a cheap price that is responsible for the fast food industry’s success. If we stopped subsidizing the soy and corn industry, fast food would stop being cheap. Corn syrup would stop being so cheap and that would eventually affect our diabetes epidemic. If we stopped eating so much processed and fast foods we would be healthier. Healthier means lower healthcare costs. Connect the dots. We are what we think, breathe, drink, eat in that order.

    The current methods destroy the top soil and all of the beneficial micro organisms and render the soil deficient in essential nutrients and minerals. Our soil is getting worse and worse. Remember the dust bowl! Our current medical community spends almost no time studying nutrition. They are mostly ignorant in that area.

    A Japanese farmer has been experimenting with do nothing agricultural methods and has clearly proven that he can beat most yields by doing almost nothing including growing more rice without water than any of the traditional water wasteful methods.

    A grass farmer in Virginia has revolutionized again the simple method of cows eating grass and rotating pastures with chickens. The secret is in the timing of when to move the cows out and when to move the chickens in. He has broken the limits of what we thought we could produce per acre in eggs, milk and meat. And the best part is that in the end his soil is superior. Now that is sustainability!

    The reason we use so many insecticides and pesticides is because of single crop farming and weak soil. They are having to use more and more. It’s not sustainable.

    This farming practice is also using more water than necessary and causing the rapid depletion of the Ogalala acquifer which is absolutely vital to sustain the midwest agriculture. California is having similar problems. Most typical agricultural systems in the world are faced with the same problems.

    Monsanto will probably turn out to be the most destructive and dangerous company in the world. Their creation of the Terminator seed is truly an act of madness. Their willingness to trade profits for food security is about as obscene as it gets. Deregulation gone mad. GMO seeds are actually causing farmers to need more chemicals not less and forcing them to buy their seeds every year. Thus the massive farmer suicide rate in India and other parts of the world. Farmers killing themselves by drinking roundup!

    And finally everything resonates. A fresh squeezed carrot juice contains a very high level of electrical life energy that is mostly dissipated within a few hours. Overly processed foods are dead, they contain no life force. Some day we’ll understand this better and instead of ridiculing it and we will revere growing and living off of high life force foods and foods that balance our ph instead of making us acidic.

    Remember this cancer cannot exist in a ph balanced body. Cancer needs an overly acidic condition.

    Bon appetit.

  • Eric Bischoff

    To those of you who are focused on your long living relatives, I am happy for them and for you. Unfortunately they are the exceptions and not the rule. The rule today is we have an ever growing epidemic of cancers, heart disease and diabetes and the ones that really break your heart are the children’s cancers.

    • Kate8

      Eric, For probably the first time, I agree with you about something.

      Good post.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      My mother had angina, diabetes and leukemia and still lived to be 97!!! My father lived to 90. both of them ate bacon, eggs, ham, beef, all sorts of so called bad foods!!

      • Bill

        I am sorry your parents died prematurly
        90 and 97 is so young.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          my mother used to brag about how old she was. she was proud of it!!! My father was the premature one, he wanted to live to be 100. Missed it by 10 years and 2 months!!

      • Karolyn

        Everyone’s body is different. What’s good for one could be poison for another. I haven’t touched margarine in many years and eat nothing low-fat and am pretty darned healthy. Years ago in my research I came across literature that said if we ate what our particular ancestors ate, we would be healthier. However, the flaw in that is that most of us are mixtures of different cultures, ehtnicities. I am 100% Polish, with some Tatar in there from the days of Attila the Hun. If I were to eat a strictly Polish diet, it would be kielbasa, cabbage, pork and potatoes!

      • meteorlady

        Genetics enters into the equation…. My father died young and my mother is still alive at 93. Her family was long lived, my father’s was not. Same with my husband – his dad had 11 brothers and they all died before age 60 of heart problems.

    • Granny Mae


      For the first time I too agree with you. I can trace back to my grandmother on both sides of my family as to when cancer started. My great grand parents lived to ripe old ages but their children on both sides all died from cancer ! Scary !

  • dordor

    Why does the government always intervene and dictate what, when, how much and where farmers grow?? Why isn’t the water turned on in California for the farmers. Since when does a tiny fish determine this??We will not be able to provide food for this country with this government if this continues.

    • Eric Bischoff

      It’s not the government, it’s big business and the wealthy that are imposing their way. Have you seen the $320 Billion scam perpetrated in California by some Billionaires who talked the government into giving them the water rights to a system that was developed, built and paid for by the citizens. And then they sell it back to Californians at inflated prices. Then they also foster a fake trading system where developers can get around the environmental laws without insuring that there is enough water for their new subdivision real estate projects. They are trading fake water rights Enron style.

      You can keep blaming government all you want but it won’t explain the real problem. Greedy corrupt business people. Government’s only problem is that they are not enforcing laws and regulations already on the books to protect us from these thieves.

      • 45caliber

        How come your idea disagrees with everything I’ve seen on this problem??

        • Eric Bischoff

          45Caliber I guess we read different things and hang out in different places and watch different programs. This happens to be a field that I have been interested in my whole life. My very first paper in school was on world hunger.

          I once read a pamphlet by the WorldWatch institute. They puts out a book every year that has become the bible of earth statistics. One year they decided to put out a pamphlet based on what they had learned. The question was, If we were going to change only one thing, something that we could easily accomplish, which one would have the greatest impact on the planet. The answer was eating 50% less red meat. It would change the economy, the environment our health and our use of resources.

          I decided then to do my part and stop eating red meat completely. That was almost 40 years ago.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            good leaves more for the rest of us meat eaters!!!

          • Average Joe Patriot

            Good for you, Eric. I do the same, periodically, as part of a cleanse, and go for months at a time without meat. It pisses me off that Monsanto is co-opting maize (corn) and cross-fertilizing our easiest-grown grain with sci-fi monster food. I’ve been interested in proper nutrition for forty years (while often being quite bad at it, yet often returning to the unpoisoned well for self-healing), still I’m in pretty fair shape for someone who only recently quit smoking (organic hand-rolleds, the last few years, now down to FDA disapproved e-cigarettes only), drinks mainly organic tea and decaf nowadays (low-caf, high antioxidant), yet has oft been known to take a nip or two (only the purer stuff, of course).

            I eat bison because it’s grass fed, sardines because they’re lower on the food chain than tuna (less mercury) and aren’t farmed, raw milk cheeses, preferably from goats.

            I almost never eat pig for three reasons. One: They’re much lower in protein value, by weight, than most other farm animals (perhaps because of the crap they’re forced to eat). Two: I’ve seen how they’re treated on pig farms (how they’re fed, how they’re sadistically abused). Three: They’re very intelligent animals, probably more so than most hog farmers, easily more so than the majority of those vultures in government stuffing their bills with pork. It’s harder for me to consider eating an animal who might actually be smarter than the unscrupulous lying $#!+#e@d$ my neighbors expected me to vote for. I’d hate to slide down that slippery slope to cannibalism on frying pan grease provided by my locally elected representatives.

            If you err (and don’t we all, my friend) it’s in mentally separating government from corporations. They’re all merely shape-shifting forms of the same symbiotic creature–a corporatocracy which does not have your best interests at heart. Each feeds the other with favors, and with your money. Respectfully but seriously, the revolving door between DC (FDA, FTC, USDA, EPA, etc.) and the major corporations which control most of our food supply, cannot that easily have escaped your otherwise astute attention.

      • Kate8

        Eric, What you are failing to realize is that there is no longer any difference between Big Corporate and Big Government. They are one and the same. And they are controlling everything. Any lip-service to the contrary coming out of DC is a smokescreen.

        I know that you are a Progressive who thinks Big Bro is the answer to all of our problems. All I can say to you and to all Progressives is that by supporting Big Government, you are supporting corporatocracy. You are supporting these very people who are destroying our food supply and killing our children.

        The only answer is to get rid of BigBro and give the farms back to the private farmers. With the demand for organic food, the price would go down and our health would improve. Bugs like poor, stunted plants. Healthy plants grown in nutrient-rich soil thrive and don’t have much problem with bugs. Pesticides are used because the soil is poor.

        • Eric Bischoff

          Kate8 Why do you assume that I have failed to realize that? Is it because you have a certain belief system on what Progressives are and how they think?

          Yes I am a Progressive and no I do not believe that big Bro as you call it is the answer. I believe in effiiciency. We need a govt but one that works and is efficient. Small is beautiful, small and fair is even better. But cutting govt just for the sake of it will only put more people out of work and banks aren’t lending and and businesses aren’t hiring. Will businesses hire tomorow like it’s a miracle after the political tide swings lthe pendulum back to the other side? I don’t think so

          I absolutely agree with you on supporting small farmers and getting rid of subsidies to Big Agra. And yes healthy plants and healthy soil is what we need to take America back to.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            no, but what you do believe in is just because you read some dam phamplet somewhere and decided to quit eating red meat, you think it’s all right for government to say we HAVE to!!! why don’t you just go play with your worthless little life and leave ours alone!!!

          • independant thinker

            “Why do you assume that I have failed to realize that?”

            Perhaps the reason Kate8 believes that is the fact that your 11:28 AM post very clearly stated your belief that big business was totaly at fault and big government had nothing to do with it.

        • Average Joe Patriot

          Well, then let’s dump the labels. Dump the the political ones, like Left, Right, Center, Progressive (Teddy Roosevelt created the Progressive Party to combat corporate monsterhood, and even he was an @$$#073) and let’s lose the food ones in our supermarkets, like “flavoring” and “coloring” and “preservatives” which are euphemisms for weird non-nutritive ingredients which do not belong in food. Should we accept “monosodium glutamate” or “hydrolized yeast protein” as a “flavor enhancer,” or “aspartame” as a “natural sweetener?” What was wrong with the taste of the product in the first place, is what one should be asking. (Followed by: If it’s “natural,” why mention it? Just makes me wonder about everything else in the can/jar/package/bottle.)

          Next time you’re in the supermarket, first see how much you can feed your family just pushing the cart around the outer edges of the building. Stay out of the center aisles unless you need to dive in for batteries, dried pet food, or rat poison. That’s just for starters. However, what this article and discussion’s about is why you should stay out of this poison distribution center in the first place.

          Don’t just grow it yourself, teach your family. (Mine did, we thought it was normal behavior in those backward times. We just didn’t know any better.) Start with organic seeds, they’re tougher and easier to grow.

    • 45caliber


      It was pointed out that if they took these “endangered” fish and put them in a fish farm pond, they could quickly breed them back from any danger. But the environmentalists insisted that this wasn’t “natural”. So the water was cut off to protect them.

      Correction: it was cut off to MOST farmers. Pelousy got a concession so she could get all the water she needed for her grape vinyards.

      • Kate8

        45, What also is not said is that this is not the only place where smelt live. There are plenty of smelt on the planet.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you are very right. We used to dip smelt up in michigan every year!!!

  • AReeves

    As a farmer I know the dangers of chemicals and have never used them, nor did my father for 50 years. Chemicals are only necessary if you are too lazy to farm right. They benefit the Big Business only: not human health. If you can’t afford organics, grow your own! Why do humans wait for others to do something for them and look after them? Get off the couch and grow your own garden. You will never regret it and be healthier for it.

    • TIME

      I agree with you 100% we buy from local farmers and they do it right, no chemicals.
      Know your local farmers and buy from them, its the best way to do business. Buy from your local Meat producers as well, get farm fresh eggs, milk etc. We make our ouw butter, and all our food is fresh.

      Keep the chimicals out of your food and you will not only have better tasting food, as well you will live longer and be moch more healthy. If you have the space grow your own, we have a spice garden and we grown some of our own veggies.

    • Camp1955

      Thanks for pointing out another problem most people have and you expressed it quite will; it’s just unfortunate that most of the inhabitants on this plant don’t have the means to find for them self as apparently you’re self have. If was not for advance in modern horticulture more of the inhabitants of the good earth would be undernourished. So please look beyond the end of your nose and think about your post before you rant.

      • TIME

        I am rather confused by your post, are you upset that I buy fresh foods and grow many of my own?
        I guess that I also cook most of our food is also a no no.

        The down side is traveling for me, I have to rely on the folks making my meals that they will be honest about what I ask for.

        People please do the best you can, at least try to make your Life & Health better.

  • Bob

    The best book I ever read about all this stuff is Everlasting Health. The guy who wrote it used to inspect pharmaceutical plants. Scary.

  • 45caliber

    There is one difference in organic vs. enhances food.

    Breast size after drinking milk from cows given harmones to increase milk production. At least that’s what I’m being told.

    • ValDM

      Cows that have been given growth hormones store these in their fat cells. Fat is excreted in their milk. There is nothing more heart-breaking than seeing an 8 year old girl that has begun menses. She doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, just that she’s bleeding from somewhere that she shouldn’t. And all because she has been fed milk and milk products from cows that were given growth hormones. I happen to know this is true, since the girl is my granddaughter’s good friend.

      • NH

        My daughters are 13, drank regular whole milk all their lives and have not yet started menses.
        I think this has more to go with genetics than milk.

        • independant thinker

          It is both. It is a proven fact that girls over all are maturing earlier physicaly that 50 or even 25 years ago. The only logical explination I can see is all the growth harmones and other chemicals (many of which mimic estrogen and other female hormones) that they ingest.

        • Bill

          go back and look at the medical records of 50 to 70 years ago when the girls (and boys) started to “mature” Keeping one’s head in the sand will not help with understanding what’s going on. (diabetes next?)

  • Joe Dunst

    I’m reluctant eating organic foods which is too pricy, and difficult to insure about it being better for us. Opinions do differ, but we
    need to rely on scientific studies that are factual.

    Secondly, we should all be concerned about: food safety since the
    standards in countries like China and India are much lower than ours.
    For example, I avoid garlic grown in China although it’s much cheaper
    than American grown garlic. Sincerely, Joe Dunst.

    • Kate8

      Joe, “Scientific studies that are factual”? Do you see how brainwashed we are to believe everything we are told by the ‘experts’?

      Scientific studies are skewed to show a desired result. This is one way the elites control our thinking and behavior to suit their purposes. When we can break free of this idol-worship of the ‘experts’ and go back to doing things the way God set them up, we’ll all be so much better off.

      There is no substitute for common sense. We need to relearn to think.

      • TIME

        Kate, DITTO!
        Wake Up People, think for yourselfs. There is no good in following any leader who has a set agenda that infringes your freedoms.
        I don’t care what party they are in.
        As to science please keep in mind the highest payer gets the results that fit the profiles needed.

        Learn a good amount about everything, know enough to keep your self safe. If you rely on “experts in their field” you will end up with brain rot from not thinking.

      • Average Joe Patriot

        Kate: “There is no substitute for common sense. We need to relearn to think,” you said. Bravo, true for most.

        Well, yes and, no. There’s little substitute for common sense, but only some of us need to learn to think, sensibly. Those of us who already do (such as yourself) need not repeat the class. (You may repeat TO the class all you wish, I fear you may waste breath.)

        Class: Repeat: Government is owned by corporations. Corporations now own our food supply. With me so far? Okay, not everyone, the rest of you go sit in the back and mentors will work with you individually.

        Now, for the rest of you who don’t quite yet get it, the FDA, FTC, USDA, EPA, and other Government agencies (can you say Guv-ern-ment? Good, children!) are funded by and for corporations masquerading as…individual people! No, really, by law! Just like us! (Say cor-por-a-shuns, good! And they get to make funny faces, like you guys are doing. Only in court, they get to do this and make fun of us.)

        And these alphabet people (we know our ABCs, right?) these government agencies make it easy for the cor-por-a-shuns to operate. (Op-ur-ate, means do things, good! Only not on our bodies when we get sick, but on our sick body politic.) That’s called sym-bi-ot-ic (sim-by-ot-ick…rhymes with sick!). Excellent, children!

        Now, kids. The only way you’re going to graduate is if you can tell us all the connection between these confusing facts about our government and these food and drug corporations. Hint: Can you spell LUNCH MONEY?

        Who can tell us? Anyone? (Not you in the back, you haven’t proved you can spell FDA or USDA yet, wait for your chosen mentors.) Anyone else?

        Hurry up now, the bell’s going to ring, and someone wants to eat your lunch. You’ll get paste. Anyone?

      • Bill

        Wow! you said it about worshiping the people who set themself up as allknowing, all powerful, alltitled, all educated. Just look at nature. Even the seeds and nuts have more intelligence on how to survive than does man. How is it that the berries know that they need an enzyme in them that will let some of the berries pass through the digestive track without being digested so that they can pass out of the birds body with bird made fertilizer so that the berry seeds will be ready to reproduce and create life again?
        Why do flys eat s_ _ _ that has bacteria in it? Put some artificial sugar outside on a place where flies can get to it and see how many are attracted to man made chemicals. Notice the smell and texture of the mothers milk after the baby drinks some and then spits some out. It has already been acted upon by bacteria that will sour the milk and make it ready for digestion.
        On and On and On, it doesn’t take a government empolyee or a college graduate or scientist to do this. Just believe your eyes and mind rather than someone who is looking at you just to empty your pocket book of the earnings you have given some of your life to acquire. You are on this earth for your own happiness and no one elses, just like the flowers in the fields.

  • FreedomFighter

    Learn to garden, it can take a bit of work, saving a bit cash.

    Couple of egg-chickins, you will never buy a store egg again.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • D Black

    I think that the most dangerous problem with our food today is not from the farmers, but the processors. Tyson injecting large quantities of water and preservatives into chicken, all the chemicals that are added to all processed foods, look at labels, do you have any idea what you are eating. They ad chemicals to prevent spoilage, which our digestive system has to fight to get any food value from the food that we eat. What really causes Cancer, besides stress. Do you buy frozen fish, because fish is good for you, Well look where it is processed No control on any of the chemicals they use in China or the other Asian countries.
    How many dogs died because dog food was a good place to dump their bad chemicals.
    I lease my 160 acre farm to an organic farmer and have for 20 years.
    He puts on about 20 ton of manure per ace every year and our ground is in excellent condition.

    • Granny Mae

      I have a book about food additives and dyes. They are know as excitochemicals. Their effect in the body and brain is well documented and known and still they are in our food. What the heck is up with that? A lot of ADD and ADHD is effected by these chemicals and dyes. My grandchildren were effected by these dyes and so is my one son. We had to start looking for dyes especially , in foods and let me tell you just about everything has dyes in it even things you wonder why it would be in there? When we got rid of the dyes and as many additives as we could there was a huge difference in the childrens behavior ! It was amazing ! If anyone out there has this problem with your children I beg you to at least try cutting out all the dyes. You pretty much have to go back to making everything home made but when you see the difference it makes it all worth while. You will even have to pack their lunches because even though your school may have a healthy luch and breakfast program there is always something that sneaks in and when you have gone to all this trouble , one little thing can set you back a week sometimes. It takes anywhere from three days to a week to get this stuff out of the system. You will even have to watch meds. too. capsuls that have colors on them can raise cain and so can childrens vitamins, popsicles, lolypops and so on. Look at the ingredients from the bottom up. It is at the bottom that you will find all the dyes. Look even at marshmallows and marshmallow cream. They usually have blue or red dye in them ! I have no clue as to why. I guess they think it makes them look better ! But if you have a child with this problem try looking into the dyes and throw away all colorful cereal ! Check out the Feindgold group on line for more help ! IU promis you it makes a big difference ! It did in our family !

  • Indigo

    Red Flag!
    “We systematically searched PubMed, ISI Web of Science, CAB Abstracts, and Embase”
    PUbMed is owned by the gov’t who is in bed with the likes of Monsanto.
    ISI is owned by Thomson Reuters a huge conglomerate trading on Wall St.
    CAB is an inter-governmental organization based in the United Kingdom.
    Embase is a publishing company owned by Elsevier also traded on Wall ST.
    We all know Wall St and the Gov’t are in bed together and they hate organic food,natural supplements etc,because it cuts their profit and control of the food supply.Has anyone noticed the swat team raids of health food stores recently.Ever read about how Big Pharma fakes their pharmaceutical studies?I don’t trust gov’t and corporate studies due to financial interests bias.
    The fact that this article was written by and MD gives it even less credibility in my book.Drs,Pharmaceuticals,Gov’t are all part of the same corrupt sick system.The author has NO hands on experience and no frame of reference other than Wall St and Gov’t entities.Gee that makes me feel real trusting.
    Organic food aside from being more sustainable,creating healthier soil, air and people and just makes more sense.
    Here is a non Wall St study stating the exact opposite.
    MOre here.
    The gov’t and corporations always hide the truth.
    As far as eating lots of meat,dairy,etc.The latest research shows that carbs are the problem,not protein and healthy fat.Protein and fat are a more natural diet.Most high carb foods are man made by those same corporations that don’t want you to eat organic.
    If you can’t find fresh unwilted organic produce,go to a farmers mkt.
    If the huge corporate grocers wanted to provide healthy organic food they could do so at a much reduced cost due to their buying power but instead they charge outrageous prices,so the stuff just sits their and wilts.
    My 2 cents

  • B W Dennis

    A lot of different opinions from a lot of different people. Most of us realize we have no absolute proof the “organically grown” opposed to the chemically grown food is not really guaranteed to be as advertised. However, if we can buy from local people we know and who do produce it organically we are much better off. Living in a smaller agriculturally rich area is an advantage and one reason I (we) choose to live in the country, not in a town or city. Yes, my great grandmother lived to be 98 and she lived in a simpler time without the chemical environment we have today. My Dad lived to 77 and died from emphysema while Mom lived into her eighties. I am nearly 71 and don’t see doctors if I do not have to. My only surgery has been for cataracts and a vasectomy many years ago. I was raised on organic foods and figure it has a lot to do with my continuing health. NO, I cannot prove it irrefutably but still believe it.

    Big government is a big problem because a lot of our government agents are corrupt and in bed with big corporations, big agriculture and the selling out of the people. Funny thing is the ones who sell us out are condemning themselves and their families to all these poisons in our food, air, water, etc. Greed exists, especially among the rich and politically powerful.

    I agree with the lady who said throw out the Demoratic bums, but we need to include all the bums, no matter what their party. We need to start all over and ban political parties. Let us go back to the people for our leaders and for our food and our security. One or two terms in political office is all anyone should serve. No Big money and no retirement.

    The one who responded their grandmother lived to 94 and never heard of free ranging chickens is probably right. Back then they were just barnyard chickens. No one had ever referred to them as free ranging back then.

    Stay safe and healthy, everyone.

  • Sandy in NY

    My vote is for ORGANIC as possible. I have been eating as much organic as possible for the past 3 years and noticably feel better! I know its expensive but well worth it. I eat normal and have even lost 40# and put on some muscle besides! I am 63 as well and plan to continue as I have been doing because I too see persons around me getting sick and I do believe my immune system has improved greatly. I also include supplements of kelp, cinnamon, organic flax capsules,coq10 and garlic. I don’t know if they helped or not but I know the results of the change in my diet. I also eat NO convenience foods, partially hydrogenated foods or bromated flours. I make my own bread as well. When the dog food scare came upon us I also found a good premium dry food and stew an organic chicken for a bit of broth and meat for them and the two that had skin issues, cleared up as well as the weight issues. Their fur is a soft and shiny as it was when they were puppies! When we realize what goes into our pets food, there is no choice for them either and my dogs have benefited from the change as well. They also take an Omega supplement. All I know is that its working for us! God Bless…

  • Tank

    The point is that mechanized farming and the monocultures are bad for everybody; we eat the c*rap they grow whether we like it or not; you can’t compare todays “foodlike stuff” with what grandpaw ate who lived to 97 or whatever; he ate FOOD!

    Mike Huckabee lost like 100 lbs. by only eating what his grandparents (now great-grandparents for some) would recognize as FOOD, not the stuff in the middle of the store…stay on the outside and you’ll be healthier and skinnier

  • coal miner

    Lets go organic:

    Organic foods are the ones that are cultivated without using any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. These foods are free from artificial colors, preservatives, and sweeteners. These additives interfere with the nutritional value of the food and may cause health problems in the long run.

    Benefits of Organic Food

    Organic food benefits are plenty, ranging from eating more nutritious food to conservation of soil. Organic farming does not expose crops to harmful chemicals to increase the yield. It relies on organic fertilizers that prevents depletion of soil. Organic food benefits for children include superior health and nutrition. Children on an organic diet are less likely to contract dangerous illnesses in the near future. Some of the other health benefits of organic food are given below:

    High Nutrition Value: A recent study revealed that organic foods are more nutritious than their counterparts (conventionally grown). There is a significant nutritional difference in both these types of foods. Organically grown foods have a higher nutritional value, and hence are a better option for maintaining overall health. Inorganically grown foods are heavily processed, which in turn reduces their nutritional content. One can definitely say that organic foodstuff are the purest form of food. It is observed that organic food has more vitamin C and minerals than conventionally grown food. So, an easy way to increase nutrient intake would be to have more organic foods in your diet.

    Scientists have also studied the impact of antioxidant content of foods. As expected, it was found that the total antioxidant value of organically grown food is significantly more than those produced using inorganic methods (with the help of synthetic chemicals). Therefore, consuming organic foods that are high in antioxidant level can definitely induce a positive change in overall health.

    Optimal Health: One of the organic food benefits is that they are grown using natural fertilizers. There is no involvement of artificial fertilizers or harsh chemicals in organic farming. Research revealed that use of pesticides during farming depletes the nutrition level of food, and have been associated with the development of diseases like cancer as well. Inorganic farming also exposes workers directly to these chemicals, which can adversely affect their health. Eating foods that are conventionally grown by spraying pesticides can cause side effects such as stomach cramps, abdominal pain, and unusual weakness. People having organically grown food in their diet have less probability of suffering from food borne diseases. Read more on organic farming methods.

    Tantalizing Taste: Taste any organically grown apple or any other fruit, and one will understand the importance of organic foods. This is obvious as organic farming does not spray pesticides, which are also responsible for killing the taste. However, in case of inorganic foods, occurrence of pesticide residues on the surface of fruits even after washing them, cause them to smell and taste differently. Also, the abuse of chemicals is rampant in inorganic means of farming which can lead to the formation of toxic residues. So, there is a higher chance of ingestion of chemicals by humans. Read more on chemical fertilizers vs organic fertilizers.

    Environmental Impact: The organic food benefits for the environment have also been thoroughly studied and well documented. As organic farming does not spray pesticides to cultivate crops, the surrounding environment is not polluted with these chemicals. This practice of cultivating farms can also decrease the quality of soil. Overuse of pesticides can harm beneficial soil life that may trigger soil compaction and lead to unhealthy plants. These chemicals may get washed off during heavy rains and travel to lakes and rivers via sewers, thereby causing harm to aquatic life as well. Read more on benefits of organic farming.

    Scientists have come up with two equations that demonstrate how soil fertility is linked to the type of farming implemented:

    Inorganic Farming: Synthetic Fertilizers + Pesticides = Infertile Soil
    Organic Farming: Microbial Activity + Organic Fertilizers = Soil Fertility

    These two equations clearly speak about the need for organic farming. Chemical fertilizers, over a period of time, will diminish the soil’s ability to provide essential nutrients that help crops and plants to thwart pest attacks.

  • Paul Beaird

    Wash the pesticides off! They are applied to the skins of the fruits and the vegetables to keep insects off. They are not provided as food for the plant to internalize. So, they will wash off.

    • Eric Bischoff

      Unfortunately there is now a class of nasty Systemic pesticides that are now in the inside and in the soil and in the seeds. You can’t wash them off and a woman can pass them off to her offsprings and animals are passing them up the food chain.

      • Bill

        Have you ever taken in Pestisides, herbasides. If you don’t think they do any harm to the body or they are no problem why don’t you eat them. Before you do you might want to check with the Indian farmers for their preferred means of suicide.

    • Bill

      BS they will not wash off. Try putting some garlic on your toes with a rubber glove and then taste it in your mouth later. Why would you say such things, “just wash them off” without verifying your source of proof. The skin of fruits and vestables are the same as your skin. Don’t believe it, Then why do people wear hormone patches and nicotine patches on their skin? (believe me its not to cover up a skin wound.)

      • coal miner


        You are one hundred percent right.Organic is the only way to go.

  • Grocery employee

    Grocery employee says: November 2, 2010 at 4:20 pm ==>> This is me!!!
    Q. How do you know if vegetables are organic? A. By the PLU (Price Look Up, look for the little sticker on fruit & veggies). This is like the UPC codes on manufactured products.
    The PLU is a 5 digit code given to all vegetables in the grocery store. If the PLU starts with a “9″ then it is organic (like 94011 BANANAS). If the five digit PLU number starts with “8″ the food is either genetically modified or genetically engineered (like 84011 BANANAS). If the PLU is 4 digits (that means it starts with a zero) then it is conventionally grown with pestisides (like 4011 BANANAS).
    This applies to grocery stores, not farmers markets.
    4139: Conventional Granny Smith apple
    94139: Organic Granny Smith
    84139: GMO Granny Smith

    If you want a full list of PLU codes, here is the International Federation for Produce Standard’s PLU Codes User Guide (pdf)

  • Paul Voiland

    Coal Miner is on the right track. Organic is better for the health of the consumer, land and the farmers. The best organic farmers pay close attention to the health of the soil that they work with and feed the soil what it needs. The result is better tasting crops (better flavor means more nutrients that we need) and less damage from insects. The soil conservation practices and avoidance of Chemical contamination of the land makes the land more viable and the environment safer for a bigger diversity of life.
    To find out how organic agriculture should be done check out “” The farmer there has been growing organic vegetables since he was 12 years old If you want good quality, fresh, organic food at a reasonable price, join a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm like the Red Fire Farm and you will enjoy better health and better food your food dollar will support the improvement of the environment as well as your health.

  • Scott

    I agree with your conclusion summed up in your final sentence, “Buy organic and live healthier.” However, due to an incorrect statement on your part, I thought you were going to take the opposite stand.

    You incorrectly stated that “studies indicate there is no difference” when in reality the statement would more accurately read “evidence is lacking to support the widely held and logical belief” that organics have health benefits over conventionally produced food items.

    Lack of evidence to support a belief does not make the belief inaccurate. Only evidence to the contrary can invalidate that belief. By your conclusion, that lack of evidence to support a difference makes the difference non- existent, all people, whether they believe in a higher power or not, believe the exact same thing.

  • meteorlady

    I buy organic because I want to be kinder to the environment and hate the concept of generically engineered food. I don’t want pesticides, growth hormones or antibiotics in my body. With they would use tighter regulations about what “organic” is. Some definitions allow sewer sledge as a fertilizer.

  • Dora

    We eat at least 90% organic(meats, vegatables,grains, and fruits). Only when we eat at resturants do we eat non organic. Very few organic resturants here in Atlanta and I can’t think of any that serve meat. So 10% of the time I do eat at resturants. We also drink spring water shipped in from NC,(Lipsey) which is in glass not plastic water cooler bottles. It has already payed off. A year and a half ago Atlanta drinking water had ecoli(sic) in it and the public was not notified for a week! My grandson was drinking formula from a bottle so we were so relieved that we use Lipsey!

    • independant thinker

      “We also drink spring water shipped in from NC,(Lipsey)”

      Have you researched the water to be sure it is truely natural spring water with no or minimal treatment. I am not saying it isn’t but much of the bottled water sold today has been shown to not be what it is represented to be.

  • Dora

    PS………….Organic is kinder to the animals being raised and slaughtered for consumption. My brother was a inspector for slaughter houses and he could tell you nightmare stories.

  • Lawrence Edward Calcut

    I have, as far back as I can remember, never spent a penny on an Organic food product. Now I’m 73 and showing no signs of mal-nutrician, or rickets or any other ailment associated with bad or poor food. The word “organic is meaningless to me. I once saw a add in the paper for Organic Deer meat and I wonder how they managed that.
    It was not a joke, just stupid on somebody’s part

    • Karolyn

      Everybody’s different. You have no ailments?

    • Average Joe Patriot

      All dear meat, and elk, and bison, is likely organic. They have to literally breed and train naturally ruminant cows to accept the chemical-medicinal slurry-slop they are fed in factory lots, to produce the milk, cheese, and butter we consume, and the meat we eat.

      Well, most of us consume. I generally have to be on the edge of starvation, with what I now know, to even touch the stuff.

      They’ve already treated our animals that way. I won’t allow myself to also be treated this way. I’ve said before, I don’t think that as a spiritual being I am what I eat, but it’s clear my body is built of what I put into it. I won’t put into it what big-agri puts into farm animals and the crops and drugs they force-feed them. And I won’t eat their fake legumes and grains and sprayed vegetables and fruits.

      I’ve a tough constitution (we grew a lot of our own food, and a lot of these adulterated food-like substances didn’t exist when I was a kid), but I sense my body won’t take such abuse forever.

      Here’s a thought-experiment for you. We used to have fairly smart politicians, our founders were amazing in their thought processes. The Thomases: Jefferson and Paine, Patrick Henry, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and the rest…could any of our current Hostess-fed politicians stand against them in a debate?

      Seriously? Bush, Boehner, Palin, Obama, either Clinton, Rove, Rumsfeld, Pelosi, Barney Frank…anybody? Against our Founders? They’d give even Ron Paul a serious run for his money, because they taught him everything he knows (more power to them and to him for listening).

      What’s the point? One possible point is our country’s Founders ate organic food their whole lives because there was no other kind. Their brains were not warped by exitotoxins. Organic booze and tobacco and hemp, maybe, but not the toxic crap our current politicians grew up on, thinking it was “regular” food, thinking that their thoughts were “regular” thoughts.

      They get away with selling us their Kool-Aid because we grew up on the same stuff they did, none of us seem to know any better. (And those who point this out are, of course, considered quite mad.)

      Drink the aspartame, people, ingest the MSG. Take your big-pharma medicines like good boys and girls. Drink your adulterated milk and eat your hormone-cheeseburgers and pesticide-laced fries. Do this in front of your TVs and video games. It’s the American way. Freedom and, like, um, you know. “Studies have shown” such behavior cannot unduly influence brain function. That’s just an urban myth. Never mind that the studies were performed on government grants, sponsored by big-pharma and big-agri, by kids who grew up on toxic crap.

      (People wonder why I drink.)

  • AN

    Bigger breasts from drinking milk? Is this a problem?

    All kidding aside, it just makes sense to buy organic and support your local farms whenever possible. I want the tomato that ripens on the vine, not in the back of a truck after being infused with some type of gas.

    Do what you can. We all drive cars. We all pollute. But I’d rather pay my grocer than my doctor. We all have a story or two about a 100 year old relative that smoked, drank, and played with mercury all day.

    I’m not interested in genetics, per se. Just eating good food and living well while I’m here.

  • http://com i41

    Eric, your comment of use of pesticides and chemical and the price of oil.(FUEL). Well thank your crap brain green, no oil and all electric dream nightmare of farming. In the 60′ up to the mid 70′s we farmed several thousand of dryland wheat, corn, barely and several 1000 head of mother cows. Our diesel cost about 28 cents a gallon, we didn’t use pesticides or chemicals, because it was cheaper and easier to produce clean grain. By late 1968-69 the drug headed shucks want more regulations on every thing, especially DDT. DDT was used to control malaria and soon we found out it would kill and slow down lice on livestock, It sure didn’t kill my granddads or my uncles or Dad when getting sprayed with it several times year. Now the world has several people dying of malaria since it cann’t be controlled. The b–l s==t of eagles eggs being thin shelled, was DDT but eagles not eating enough shell and high calcuim food. When fuel climbed like heck in 1975, we switched to using pesticides to control weeds, also as the EPA dips–t wonks got more ivasive on controlling everything. You couldn’t farm the most effective way, no summerfollowing (letting the ground rest a year) absolutly no deep tilling to prevent run off and increase water in to the ground. The same stupid ag degreed wonks wanted an other cover crop put right back into the same ground for winter. It will not work in the real world, west of the Missiouri River, might work on higher moisture areas. The price of fertilizers ,some dug out of the earth, some out of oil products, cost goes thru the roof to transport or mine. Second area the marxist communist democrat idoits love to screw with, food production. We cann’t use our own oil right here in the middle of the USA, why, the pus gutted envior airy fairy electric windmill crap. In the Whorehound Clinton regein the land use plan was developed in 90′. I could have 1 cow and 10,000 acres, if I cut some native grass and stack it cose to a corrals or feed yard, feed the cow for 90days durning the winter, I must go get a manure permit from some moron paper pusher from the state, not matter what state I live in. Now if I am some over sized corporation with several thousand head I can get federal taxpayer’s money to develope a manure plan.The ones most hosed are ther mom and pop family producers. The million of acres in the Conservation Reserve Program, that has paid owners million a year for doing nothing., The main smucks who have bought up the small properties are corporations like ADM, Con-AG, just to mention 2. This multi-million acre idled ground has produced high yeild of wheat and all sorts of new ceral crops, which we import from other countries/ As well as more pigs, beef, and chickens. But dumocrat love total government control of every facet of your live to what youy eat. Now to raise wheat, you must register how many acres and exact location, and present an agreeable farming plan every year, and be inspected at anytime some fed wonk feels like. As oil prices climb 2 things will continue to happen, bigger corporations will control everything in food lines, chicken production is controlled by 2 corporations, about the time chicken became the only meat approved by FDA, and when eggs were a no eating item, might kill you from “closteral hoax”, until corporations became (the TYSONS) became controlling slugs. Pork was the next “bad” protein source, until (Smithfeild and Hormel packing plants) controlled processing and packaging. Then the other white meat was OK to eat. All small operators disappeared. in the 60′s chicken, and in the 80′s pork production individual production disappeared. Right now the Sec of Ag and the adminstration are pushing for “IDing”all beef. Just another b==l s==t method of making sure mega feedlots control what beef goes to any of the 1 of 4 mega plants, . These same mega corporations want the private owners now become feeding hired hand like it was done with chicken and pork. So when you start back checking, in the 1920 there was a Feeder and Stockyard Act that was passed, has it ever been enforced on stopping packing plants, no. Right now all 4 packers, own a capitive number of their own livestock, in stead of having to buy on the open market, which is why action barns were set up so producers could get a fair price. To keeping any packing plant or feeder from having a control of prices produceers receive, to keep some one becoming a monopoly. At present when you buy beef especially from Wal-Mart, the mega corporation packer and feeder uwners only get paid when Wal-Mart sells the product. If you think democrats and the National Marxist Communist Democrat Party and your marxist muslim moron cares abouty the small producer or private enterprise, with his own purple lips claims you are a bunch of enemies. If you pinheads are worried about chemicals and manulipation of the food, than all the pukes who vote for dumbocraps and the totalitan dictatorship control plan!

  • independant thinker

    On a related subject look into the proposed mandatory tagging (microchiping) of all food animals. This is nothing but an attempt to drive the small farmer/cattleman out of business.

  • Bob Wire

    The more unadulterated and fresher, all the better and is a no brainier.

    Then you could step out in front of a bus.

    Simple “Supply & Demand” and Markets ~ it doesn’t have to be “real” only perceived as real and desired.

    Such you interfere with your wisdom and perception?

    I think not.

  • Russ

    This discussion could all be mute if the powers that be get their way. I can’t believe that nobody posting here has not brought up this danger to our right to eat what we want and to grow our own organic food.

    The Natural Solutions Foundation Trustees met on August 11, 2010 to discuss the health and food freedom situation in America and the rest of the world. These videos are our report…

    One urgent item discussed is the faked “Food Safety” bill.
    S. 510 is a lesson in the politics of persistence and perfidy.

    For more than a year, the plan to capture – and kill – clean, local, organic, independent and safe farming has been wending its way through Congress. Last year, the devastating HR 2749 passed although we put up a good battle, delaying it for quite a while. However, at the end of the day, a good battle followed by a loss is still a loss. Then the field of battle shifted to the US Senate, where we’ve held the forces of Big Agra and Big Govt at bay for nearly a year… Part 1 below includes an estimate of that situation, and much more! Part 2, below, continues the discussion of strategies to defend health freedom in the USA and worldwide.

    URGENT Action Item: Stop S.510!

    Please go here and become part of the fight agianst the very ones who would see us all starve or die from eating their poison food.

    • Karolyn

      thanks for the links Russ. I love a good food fight! :-)

    • WTH

      I agree… When I read an article like this, I have to ask myself who has the most to benefit and compare that with other alternative news that I have read (cause you ain’t gonna get it from MSM). I have seen from several different sources that some governments are concerned about how large the population is getting. I have also seen articles about population control. High Fructose Corn Syrup is horrible and it is allowed to be put in a lot of conventional foods. I have read that aspartame can be used as an insecticide to kill ants. I listened to a video of a drug rep that quit her job because she could see that the medical establishment is not really in the business of making people well. Her take on it was that if the medical establishment was in the business of healing people, they would be putting themselves out of business (or at the very least, reducing their bottom line). (She wasn’t speaking of the doctors or nurses who go into the field because they are compassionate and truly want to help people, she was talking about the “establishment”… those with the most to gain monetarily.) I have read an article that there are more people that are taking anti-depressants now more than ever before. If the medical establishment can get people reliant on certain medications, they have a customer for life. What better way to keep the money flowing than to make sure people remain in a state of potential illness through whatever means necessary (e.g., additives in foods, chem-trails, fluoride added to the water/toothpaste). I read an article that a typical woman uses around 16 different chemicals on her body every day and a typical man uses around 10 (regular soaps, shaving creams, conventional toothpastes, lotions, deodorants that contain aluminum, conventional shampoo, conditioner, etc.) Ask yourself this question… “why are these toxic substances allowed in our food supply and hygiene products?” This is why I buy organic… that and I have an overall feeling of well-being.

  • Lana

    For me eating organic become a “the only way” to avoid GMO. I do not care much dor Herbicides end pest-s,even so I am against over-use of syntetic fertilisers. BUT GMO is deadly and there is no way to know if product is GMO or not. Organic for me means NOT-GMO, and that why I buy it.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      Watch it. Organically grown foods (especially corn and soy), do not mean non-GMO (80% percent of them are, and that is not counting produce like eggs and dairy from GMO-fed farm animals). You can grow GMO in organic soil and call it organic. But in the US, GMO foods do not have to be labeled as such, and the PTB are currently making it illegal to label non-GMO foods as non-GMO (so as “not to confuse consumers”).

      It’s gotten to where you can’t feed your animals bagged feed and be sure you’re not consuming GMO from what they produce. GMO crops are cross-ferilizing with natural crops, as well. Even corn tortillas from deep in the Mexican jungles are now tainted. Native Mestizos are baffled as to why generations-old seed strains are failing.

  • Diane Davis

    Let the marketplace decide what does or doesn’t sell and for what price.

    In a country with still some semblance of personal freedom, no one is compelled to buy organically grown foods!! People who have decided to take their chances with life as it comes still have the right to buy the cheapest foods available.

    It has long been my understanding that wine makers must use organically grown grapes to make wine. Pesticides can make the grapes so that they will not ferment into wine.

  • edinGA

    All of this is well and good and I hope those that truly believe that organic is the way to go continue on that path. However, small organic food plots will not feed the world, period. So, in the end it comes down to would you rather starve or eat foods that have been commercially grown? I suspect that most of you have never seen what a disease can do to a crop, thousands of acres destroyed overnight under the right conditions. And neither have you seen what uncontrolled populations of insects can do to a field of what could have been nutritous food for hundreds of people, all destroyed within a few days time. So we use pesticides when necessary. It seems that some on here think that farmers get their jollies from spraying all those “toxic” chemicals on foods at the cost to them of thousands of dollars per year. They spray because they know from experience that if they don’t, they won’t need to even worry with harvesting as there won’t be anything left to harvest.
    Do any of you know what it takes to get a compound approved for use on a crop? Do you know the millions and millions of dollars that go into these tests? Or even to get a crop added to a use of a material that’s been around for years? I’m sure you don’t and don’t care. So, live in your little world, grow your organics. That’s great because it takes the burden of feeding you off someone else. But, you should also be aware that some of the most toxic materials known, some of the most potent carcinogens known, are all natural materials found in foods in nature. Maybe you’ll continue to be lucky and not encounter one of those, maybe not. But in the real world the use of some of the pesticides greatly reduces the chance that large numbers of people will be exposed to those very bad “natural” compounds. Natural is fine, but like everything else in life, it comes with its own set of risks. Nothing is perfect. Just don’t get too far out on your quest for perfection in life because it’s just not out there. Be sensible, be moderate in all things, don’t eat in excess and exercise. Those are the secrets to a long life. Well, that and a good genome you received from your parents. All the rest is inconsequential for the most part.

    • Average Joe Patriot

      Thank you. And a long life to you, friend. Protected from the inexplicably skyrocketing rates of cancer, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, autism, Alzheimers, and so on. Not, of course, having anything to do with anything we as first world nations have adopted dietarily, but rather through mysterious forces beyond our control or understanding.

      But never fear, modern pharmaceutical science is hot on the trail of cures for the rampant outbreaks of these and uncountable other diseases, and meanwhile they’re keeping millions of us alive on state-of-the-art prescription drugs and life support in hospitals–extending our wonderful lives by feeding us green and orange Jello (with aspartame for the Type II diabetics, of course, who apparently have a genetic defect denying them the ability to enjoy high fructose corn syrup in nearly every processed food product sold to us).

      Did you know that Native American farming methods, which have been replicated and resumed in parts of the Southwest, produce more food than standard commercial growing with petro-chemical fertilizers and spraying on a per-acre basis common in the Midwest?

      Simple stuff, like growing cornstalks with pole beans, surrounded by leafy squash plants at their base to catch and hold water and shade the soil. You can live on these three food sources for quite a long time, without once visiting a Nifty-Mart (except for the occasional sixpack of Diet Coke).

  • Karolyn

    Trader Joe’s is comparable, if not cheaper, than many chain stores, especially with their own brand products. Whole Foods is another story. I have had to travel at least an hour to get to a Trader Joe’s in the last two places I’ve lived; and the drive is well worth it. Their baked goods alone are worth it! Their packaged salads and dairy are cheaper than chain stores. and the store-brand bread and cereal are great!

  • Meg in CO

    Dr. Wiley, Thanks for your insightful articles. It is such a pleasure to read each week!

  • Marj

    Just got around to reading this, but did not see mention of another problem in purchasing good foods: genetically engineered foods. USDA does not require that genetically engineered foods be so labled, so you cannot tell unless the lable says it was not. Many of the common foods that have been messed with are also ingredients in other foods…like Soy Beans and Corn. Monsanto is one of the largest companies to do this and you cannot imagine what untold damage is being done to our food supply by them. This, combined with unnecessary vaccinations (i.e. H1N1 flu)and undertested OTC medicines, MSG in practically all processed foods, and poisons added to water supplies,Fluoride in toothpaste, aluminum in deodorants, etc. makes it more difficult to find good foods. Thanks for your timely and informative articles.

  • Polski

    So you’re saving all this money by buying conventional instead of organic. So you die 30 years earlier than you should have because of eating conventional instead of organic. GOOD DEAL, HUH?

    I’ll agree the Whole Foods is a rip off. So go to your local coop. Here in Seattle we have PCC and Central Coop.

    Trader Joes is CHEAP!! But Trader Joes is like K-Mart or Target. They have some good stuff and a lot of bad stuff. You have to be very careful there.


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