Oregon Neighborhood Aims To Stop Crime


The old saw that when seconds count a cop is only minutes away has never been truer than now, as cash-strapped cities cut back their police presence.

To combat crime, neighborhoods in Oakland, Calif., Atlanta and Detroit, to name just a few, have hired private firms to patrol their neighborhoods. But residents of Clackamas County, Ore., are an independent lot. They think they have a better way.

Frustrated by an increase in petty crime, they’ve decided to forgo calling police and have taken to arming themselves. But so criminals won’t be surprised, they’ve put flyers out advertising their new policy.

“We’re starting a new group,” Coy Toloman told The Daily Mail. “We don’t feel neighborhood watch is sufficient, and we don’t feel the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office is sufficient.”

Toloman and some of her neighbors have taken classes and obtained concealed carry permits and formed what they’re calling a Glock Block. Their flyer reads, “This is a Glock Block. We don’t call 911.”

Toloman, who joined the group after a thief stole a prized statue off her front porch while she was home, says she hopes criminals will see the flyer and go somewhere else. But if not, “I will defend my home,” she said.

Criminals beware.

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  • peter

    Good for Toloman. You go girl! Glock Block sounds really cool and it also sounds as if the criminals better beware as these folks are not fooling around! Love it!

  • Darral

    The problem with this is The CRIMINAL Justice system will charge the people defending their property with a crime, Best have Jury ready to defend you other wise the CRIMINAL justice system which is controlled by the Democratic party will have your A— in jail.

    • jdn

      The legal system will not be deterred from making money , either off the criminal or those who defend life and property .

      • tim

        Yep the slimeball lawyers are just waiting for you to shoot someone!!!!! That’s one of the reasons we can’t exercise our 2nd amendment rights because of lawyers who are money hungry!!!!! Remember that the next time you elect a politician!!!

    • 5alive5

      Join USCCA, you can obtain insurance to cover the costs of defending yourself!

  • chocopot

    I applaud these folks for what they are doing. But far too many places in this country will not grant concealed carry permits to their population. I live in NJ, which has a concealed carry law on the books (ha, ha), but unless you are a judge, a politician, or a celebrity, you have a greater chance of being struck by lightning three times in one day than of getting a concealed carry permit. Even retired cops can’t get one.

    • 5alive5

      Even owning a weapon at home and knowing how to use it and having the will to use it would curb a lot of crime. Like the guy in the Rifleman who happened to look out and see two youths loading things into their car. looking closer he saw that they were covered in blood, got his gun out, covered them till the police arrived and found that they had killed his neighbors. he may have been too late to stop the loss of life but the perpetrators did NOT escape to commit another crime!

  • Bill

    I like it!!!
    We should all start Glock Blocks in our own neighborhoods. With the lefts failed economic policies, new criminals are being created every day. And we cannot depend on the police to protect us.

  • me

    The big cities with high murder rates need this. Once Bloomburg and Quemo are gone pass concealed carry bills. I’d almost bet the murder rate would tumble

    • Randy G

      What makes you think all those rich, politician types don’t have guards with guns???

  • rbrooks

    many people in this country can not legally own a gun. if you support any of the current gun and gun ownership restrictions, then you are a part of the problem.

    • 5alive5

      I would limit it to the mentally unstable and then only if they have DEMONSTRATED their instability!

      • chocopot

        Like most politicians?

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    It’s Oregon – This neighborhood & its defenders will be harrassed, sued, & arrested by the local & state popos until the members of this group give up or are financially destroyed. Same would happen if this was tried in NY, NJ, MA, MD, CT, CA, WA, IL, & most recently CO. Trained, background checked, & armed civilians are not tolerated in these progressive states as it gives too much control to the citizens as “you have no right to protect yourselves – only the government can protect you.”.

  • Michael Shreve

    In all seriousness, I’d be cautious about SAYING “we don’t call 911”, BUT I’d CERTAINLY recommend being FULLY prepared to defend yourself.

    • vicki

      How about
      “We call 911 for backup, not first response”

  • 5alive5

    Glock Block??? I LOVE IT!!! I get the Rifleman each month and the FIRST page I read is The Armed Citizen! To those that say arming the people doesn’t curb crime, I suggest they read it! I’m also a proud member of NAGR!

  • Dave

    Hooray for these folks in Clackamas County!