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Oral Chelation With EDTA

April 29, 2010 by  

Oral Chelation With EDTA

Chelation therapy is an artery cleanout alternative to bypass heart surgery. Since bypass surgery is the most profitable income to hospitals, a big propaganda effort by orthodox medicine against chelation therapy is ongoing and has been for many years.

Medical doctors who practice intravenous (I.V.) chelation keep a low profile because of pressure and harassment from the medical establishment.

Oral chelation is a safe and noninvasive way to boost circulation and reduce plaque and toxins in your circulatory system. It can work miracles over time. It is usually taken by mouth in capsule form. The basis of oral chelation is most often a simple acid ethylene-diamine-tetraacetic acid (EDTA).

Chelation was originally created to remove heavy metals that accumulate in the arteries from the industrial use of paints and other materials. It was discovered that workers who had heart trouble got much better while taking EDTA (chelation therapy) to remove heavy metals. The chelation therapy would bind to organic molecules and purge the arteries clean naturally, renewing the artery system. The long history of efficacy is proven and the benefits well-known, but often controversial with the conventional medical establishment.

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Free Report Reveals How You Can Sweep Arteries Clear!

I.V. and oral chelation, even with medical blackout, have become strong alternatives to surgery over the past 60 years. Chelation is inexpensive and noninvasive and works all over your body.

Clogged arteries seem to come with aging. Oral chelation has been the answer for improved circulation for millions of people.

Enhanced Oral Chelation™ from Health Resources™ is a product I’ve used personally for many years. This powerful nutritional formula helps support cardiovascular health and promote healthy circulation by supplying much-needed nutrients to your circulatory system. So Enhanced Oral Chelation™ is a powerful source for heart nutrition. There is no history of risk.

The American Medical Association has approved I.V. EDTA chelation for the removal of toxic metals. But we have the history to prove that chelation helps promote peripheral circulation which is basic to life, health and longevity.

The American College of Advancement of Medicine (ACAM) estimates that at least a
million patients have received more than 10 million I.V. chelation treatments without a single fatality.

The record for oral chelation is even more exciting since it is safe, inexpensive, easy and something you can do in your own home without needles or doctors.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • David Forness

    Your article about Chelation therapy is misguided and misleading. There is a large study which started in 2003 and is expected to be finished by 2010 as to the effectiveness of this treatment. Up to now, this is not recommended by the American Heart Association or any other reputable medical service providers as there have not been any documented evidence to it’s efficacy. I have heart disease and if this proves reliable, I will jump at it but in the meantime I am grateful that my two stents and medication are doing the job nicely. A Google search should be made by anyone considering this as an alternative to get all the facts. I am a subscriber to your email because we agree politically but I think you need to rethink promoting any alternative medicines or procedures with out better documentation as to their effectiveness.

    • Robert Jerkovich

      I disagree with David Forness and agree with Bob Livingston. Bob did not go far enough. Chelation therapy was devised by the Nazi regime to develop a super race. Chelation therapy was first brought into th4e United States in 1949, but right away the AMA and Blue Cross and Blue Shield started knocking the procedure. Why? If it was approved, there would be a very, very big business that would go into near extinction. Personally, I know of individuals that have taken the treatment for heart disease and after the treatment, their arteries were cleared. They stopped taking medications prescribed by their doctors and have been leading very productive, healthy, and physical lives. I have had a heart attack, by-pass surgery, and a stent. I have already told my cardiologists that I will not be cut open again, that I will take the chelation therapy. It is expensive. When I last checked on it, the cost was $500 for the first treatment, then $100 a pop with a maximum of 30 treatments. Then it would be a yearly event. Being retired and 70 years of age, I must save up for the procedure as I will probably have to have the full treatment to get the desired benefit. Yes there has been improvement in the heart procedures, etc., but it can be even better by allowing the insurance companies to pay for this valuable treatment. It is all about money. A google search can be valuable, but you must remember, who is putting out this information on google and why. What is their ulterior motive? Think outside the box. I know that if I have not listened the people like Jean Carper and taken alternate medicines, I would probably be dead by now. Think about it.

      • Mike In MI

        Robert J. -
        Thanks for confirming what Bob Livingston said. One of the key things you said in your post was, “they stopped taking their meds.” God forbid anybody ever stop taking drugs or get healed. If something works medicine can be trusted to be a long ways away, raisin’ dust and running fast.
        The first guy, David, said the American Heart Assn. won’t advocate chelation. If anybody but them was leading the heart disease charge in this country it wouldn’t be the primary cause of death. Heart disease would be dead…not the patients. So, David, if you expect to live without pain and angst or avoid bankruptcy you probably ought to think about getting to a chelation clinic. Anything except what you’re doing now. ‘Cause their record only gives Digger O’Dell confidence. But…that’s what it is – a confidence game.

        • Mike In MI

          To Everybody :
          I’ve got a question I’d like you to consider. If our medical system is so great why is it one of the top growth industries? Isn’t it logical that if our “health”care system is advancing it should make people healthier and healthier? Then, shouldn’t they need it less and less? Do they? Or, what makes medical costs rise so fast compared to the costs for everything else? Rising demands due to growing needs for disease care? Isn’t it the common concept that health care is supposed to make you healthier? Health care that only takes care of your diseases, does it make you healthier…or just a little less sick? And, if you go to your doctor when you feel good could they make you healthier? Is it correct to say that the more you need to go there to use it the worse off you are? Conversely, what if a doctor visit could make you healthier and the more you use it the better off you are? Which service would you be prudent to choose?

          We have both of those kinds of systems available. Which kind do you use? Do you use health care only when you are down and sick? Do you think that a worthwhile expense? Costly that way isn’t it: Paying when they’ve got you over the old barrel?

          What about the other kind of services – the kind that make you healthier when you still feel good? Or, the kinds of services and products that keep you healthy when the others around you are sick in bed? Or, are recuperating for two weeks? Which person will be more valuable to the boss? Your clients?

          Now think a minute. The body is designed to fully heal itself. Most people aren’t sick at any given moment. With most communicable diseases, once you get them, the body makes you immune. Almost all other diseases are degenerative condtions which can be cured by proper diet and nutrients. So, why is health care breaking the nation? What makes medicine a leading growth industry?

          • Donald from Oakland, Ia

            it seems that you may be beating around the bush so to speak. You said it was “HEALTH CARE”! not “HEALTH CURE” Diabetes can be cured but the AMA won’t let their Dr’s practice it because after a while they never come back for more treatments, there-by lessening their income stream Any question?

      • Mary Broughton

        My husband has had 40 chelations and I have had approx. 35, very successfully I might add and Medicare paid for everyone of them. So if you are on Medicare, check it out.

        • jane

          i have been thinking of using this where are the clinics would appreciate any information. have talked to my doctor and he says it is very expensive if he does it

        • Mic

          Mary, I would like to know what you told your doctor to get him to send your chelation in to Medicare. Mine just says they won’t pay for it.

    • Tom Pounds

      Hi Dave and All,
      This is a friendly recommendation.
      I’m a 62 yr old working professional electrical engineer and heart patient with a very strong interest in alternative and preventive medicine, who underwent heart surgery in 1996. I discovered chelation therapy in 2003, researched for a while, and treated myself via an internet resource, Detoxamin, which was administered via suppository over a 6 month period and then a once per week maint. regime (initial six month cost was about $1000.00 total and maint cost is about $50/month avg). In 2006 I had a routine Heart catherization which revealed that my left cornary artery which had been 85% blocked and by-passed in 1996 had actually opened to only 40% blocked; and no other blockage had developed elsewhere. I was never on any other heart medication other than aspirin therapy which I have discontinued due to undesirable/unhealthy side effects. I have recommended this therapy to numerous friends but have no feedback except from one friend. She was diagnosed as requiring a triple by-pass and did in fact remove sufficient blockage via oral chelation, according to her account, to avoid the need for surgery. You owe it to yourself to investigate Detoxamin….hope this helps. PS I realize this is anecdotal evidence; but I beleive one friend to another info. is credible when the experience is verified…the proof is in the pudding and it does not take 10 years to verify results with this safe and inexpensive therapy, it is not dangerous or harmful as are other procedures but you will detox. Also see DR. Sherry Roger’s (MD) books for more info……hope this helps

      • marcie urban

        I took angioprim. its 600.00 for an extreme cleaning. you can pay less acording to your needs. I loved it and all my family has done it now. it really works. I am curious if they let this show up.

    • Patty

      The drug pushers (of legal drugs that are suppose to cure anything) in this country are keeping many things that could help cure people from being used!! It is a terrible shame! Most evoryone I know flocks to their doctor (acting like he is a god) to try anything and everything to get well, not to mention spending so much on drugs that they can’t even afford food! I am a Respiratory Therapist and I have seen so many people die who didn’t have to die. Clean living and exercise and use of natural supplements could save the lives of countless people each year if it weren’t for the billion dollar drug industry pushing their drugs on people. Now they are trying to make it mandatory to have to go to a doctor to even get our vitimans! It’s all about MONEY as for as the drug industry is concerned, not about saving lives!

    • Bill Lutz

      You are totally misinformed and you are against something you know nothing about,no experience… better refer people to ones who have had success with chelation and there are thousands upon thousands.
      The fact that you even needed stents proves that you took the wrong route. Had you taken chelation years ago you would not be in the condition you are in now you are still a walking time bomb and asking others to do the same.
      I talk from experience and I’m 82 years old.
      annyone wants to contact me

      • marcie urban

        Do not discount chelation therapy. I am a walking testimony because of it. i had a hard time doing it because it worked pretty fast on me. but I stuck with it. i had 70 percent blockage in one cartoid artery and a high concentration in the others. i was having angina, i had breathing problems, i was over weight, and just sick all over. High blood preaaure also,. well I took oral chelation by a reputable company . after taking 24 bottles of it My arterys were clean and I am on the lowest dose of bp meds. I take a maintanance dose once a month. i have medical proof of the test done before and after to prove it works.It may nbot work for some people if they eat the wrong foods that intefear with it or take medications at the wrong ttime that can intefear with some kinds of chelation. and if you do not follow the instructions exactly as you chelation doctor advises you could get negative results. its all up to you how serious you want to get well. iam 58 and am bnow running 3two miles each morning and went from 141 lbs at 5 feet tall to a lean firm 110l;bs. I got so much energy because the oxygen could flow through clean arterys that I can do many things I did not do before. I know it works. if it didnot work for you maybe you needed longer dosing.

    • Just a Country Boy

      What do you do for a living Forkness?

      Work for for Merck Parma like my dumb brother?

  • http://NONE Joan

    Chelation does not work. My husband spend over $12000 for their therapy and he is now dead because he believed in your methods. So tired of Quacks preying on people wishing for a cure. Lucky for you people are always looking for the snake oil salesman and will do anything that they think will cure them.

    • Jeff

      Sorry for your loss, but your husband was led around by his nose if he spent 12,000.00 on useless cures. Chelation Therapy has been proven by millions of people to remove heavy metals that build up in the walls of the arteries. It has been used, and still is used by hospitals to remove the lead content in young children who have made a diet of eating paint off of walls in getto situations. If your husband stuck to one thing instead of jumping from one cure to the next, he would probably be alive today. Now if you want preventative measures incorporated into your life, then start taking Nattokinase (NSK-SD) It is a product that helps the body eliminate any and all blood clots, and also helps to regulate the waste products found in your blood that will eventually lead to blocked arteries.

    • Mike In MI

      Well, Joan,
      I too am sorry for your loss. But, what great exemplary habits did he employ that he needed to use chelation? What was he using it for? Did he tell them everything he knew about his condition that they needed to know, or answer the admission forms honestly? Did he follow all the advices of the clinic doing the chelation? Or, did he alter the regimen to fit his pleasure? How did he happen to end up in that clinic; did he do any research on them first? Or, did he just walk in off the street and say, “Heal me”?

  • paul

    yeah, I second this comment, Bob, wish now that you have placed this on your site, taking such a strong stand against accepted and widely used protocalls, can you make a stronger case for this? Thank you much, enjoy reading your site, Paul

  • Larry

    The previous comment by David is accurate. I have been watching for this study to end so I could evaluate the data or see the Final Study Report. The one point that David did not make, and it is an important distinction, is the study in question is using an IV EDTA delivery and not an oral form. This is important to understand as even if the IV therapy shows promise, and that is yet to be proven, the oral administration may not provide the same benefit. I would like to see this work as an alternative to surgery is always the best course, but in reality we don’t know yet. I work in pharmaceutical development, so I have the experience and knowledge to make an evaluation. We just don’t know at this moment.

  • Tom

    Chelation therapy does everything you say Bob and more. I had a massive heart attack, I did not gone to the hospital but started taking the chealation pills I had justt ordered;knowing something was wrong. I took 2 1/2 times the recommended dosage for 4 days until I could see my new cardiologist who does IV chelation therapy. When he got my EKG he yelled to the technician to get me in his office. All his first tests were normal, this he said “you had a massive heart attack recently, you could have died. You din’t go to the hospital?” I said no I did npot want to be cut and end up like everyone eles I knew dead in 5 years anyway. I took 13 IV, 3 gram chelation treatments and never spent one day in the hospital or lost a day of work other than the 3 hours 3 times a week for treatment.I now take chelation pills and will again go back to the IV later. Also we have taken the Hydrogen Peroxide IV and cured shingles. Doctors are not allowed to tell they are curing cancer, arthritis and other ailments with a combination of chelation, oxidatoive therapies etc. The FDA will go after them.
    By the way my cardiologist was very upset with me for not going to the hospital, but he understood. He said he had a quadruple bypass,after doing many of the surgeries himself, he now knew there must be a better way. As the other fine MD’s, not quacks, who I have met doing this they all investigated and have helped 100% of their patients that I have met and I have met over 100. Right now I am going to take 7, 500mg EDTA pills for the morning dose.
    I have taken DMSA pills for heavy metal poisoning of the brain. It is a chelant that breaks the bloood brain barrier. I was losing my memory and my internal organs were shutting down due to destruction of cells from hexavalent chrome and 11/4 pages of heavy metals in the red, from being in the chemical business. My “regu;lar doctor never found a problem and said I was healthy as a horse. My chelation MD found the heavy metals in testing regular MD’s don’t do. Chelation has saved my life twice over the last 10 years.
    My mother in law was diagnosed with Alzhiemers by her doctor, we knew it was not. She was at the point of no communication and losing her faculties. She was having small strokes from a botched surgeryt 2 years earlier. Chelatiion and oxidative therapy had her back to 4 sylable words in 8 months. She continued to get better and have a better quality of life until she passed away from a mechanical heart problem that had nothing to do with arterial blockages.
    Check it for yourselves. Doctors are trained the pharmecutical way. They have to investigate and be trained in tjis. It does work. Get a certified MD or DO and live again.

  • Arlene H

    I heard about chelation and tried it because a back xray showed my aorta to be pretty coated with plaque. After abou 4 treatments, orally, my next xray show a nearly clear aorta. I’m impressed. My doctor was cautious. My husband has porphyria and I have tried it on him to cleanse the iron from his system. He goes for a blood test today and will soon know results.

  • Louis

    I must disagree with Robert about Blue Cross Blue Shied. These companies are owned by the policy holders and would profit much
    more from an inexpensive effective treatment than by paying out
    large sums of money for surgery. During my working years my main
    occupation was scientific research, but it is beyond my limited
    knowledge of economics to understand how paying out large claims
    could be profitable to an insurance company.

    I am less confident in the American Heart Association for reasons spelled out in detail by the late Dr. Atkins in his book. I am
    persuaded that for most people controlling carbohydrates is much
    more important than fat in the diet.

    • Sue

      The arguement that it would be in the best interest of insurance companies would only hold true if they (company) were paying the bill. From the multi-media sources (TV, Radio, Internet, Newspapers, Mags, etc.)and my personal experience, the insurance companies turn down the claims and do not pay the bills anyway. Siteing all kinds of pre this an pre that. The bill for payment then goes back to the folks who had the work or service performed. Then it is usually followed up with a collection company in about 30 days or so if NOT PAID IN FULL. The hospitals add odd things to bills (Case of sanitary pads to my man’s fish hook in head bill). Only you are going to look out for you – COMPANIES ARE ONLY GOING TO LOOK OUT FOR THEIR BOTTOM LINE NOT YOUR’S!

  • s c

    Because our healthcare system is what it is [a huge, money-driven, pseudoscience power grab], we owe it to ourselves to determine what is scientific and what is not.
    If something works, we should consider it scientific. If something is PUSHED by those who should know (they don’t, and they put money before a patient’s welfare), then it’s not scientific.
    Americans are reluctant to make the MONEY-POWER connection. It makes people rich at our expense, and keeps people ignorant via a process that is supposedly ‘enlightening.’
    To me, if it works, it’s scientific, and I will ignore the rest. If something is supposed to work but DOESN’T, then it’s false science. Separate the apples from the oranges. If your MD keeps you healthy, good for you. If your MD keeps you sick, then run away from the money-hungry, quack bastard. Period!

    • Bill Lutz

      You have it exactly right.

    • Troy

      Isn’t that all part of capitolism and free enterprise? No matter if you’re a doctor or janitor you do the job for the money. It all comes down to how you can make a buck and how fast you can make it.

      • s c

        Troy, if you’re trying to be ‘funny,’ Obummer’s wealthcare scam will soon cancel your ‘sense of humor.’ We haven’t had REAL capitalism in the US for a long, long time.
        What we have is MANIPULATED capitalism, and the sons-of-scum politicians in Washington are the ones who are engineering it. These are the same people who rant and rave about what they call ‘economics’ via capitalism. They wouldn’t know real capitalism if they were in bed with it.
        Many of those sociopaths are truly in bed with something (sexual favors, easy money, titles, power and perks (and the list goes on and on). These vermin want to replace what we had and what we should have with a proven system known by many names (socialism, communism, fascism, etc.).
        If you really think this a dog-eat-dog world, sooner or later, you’ll just be a faceless member of the dog pack. Don’t we already have more than enough of those stinking, retarded, back-stabbing muthas in America?

        • Troy

          So your solution is to do away with all regulations on everything from building cars, to drilling for oil, to making paper clips?

          • Mike In MI

            Troy -
            From your response I’ll bet you’re one of those people who shaves and texts, drinks coffee and chews on a donut while you drive 10 ft. behind the car ahead at 60 miles per hour aren’t you?

  • Ron

    Met a large lady with deep purple leggs scheduled for amputation (diabetic)the next week and had heard of intravenous chelation. Long story short her leggs were saved and the dark skin color lightened up a lot. A year of treatments. Also she can walk again.

    A personal friend of mine and I would do walking(in our 50s)She started these chest pains and feared for the worst as her father died of heart attack at 49 and her husband at 39. We found a I-V therapist Doc and she went through 6 months at once a week which cleans out the whole body where the blood flows. We are near 70 now and she has no problems walking.

    An easy test: squeeze large toe untill white….count how many seconds it takes for toe to return to pink. One to 3 seconds is no problem. My lady friends toe took 7 seconds for the blood to return.

    Does chelation therapy work HAHA! I might add a mineral supplament is required because the EDTA mixture removes minerals along with heavy metals and the mess that is plugging the blood flow. Ron

  • Terrence Snyder

    Inflammation is the cause of most disease including heart and circulatory diseases… Chelation can clear areas of plaque but if the person continues to consume or indulge in items that cause inflammation, the blockage just reoccurs… If anyone checks the Internet for anything, it should be ‘inflammation’ and how to stop and subdue it. Dr. Blaylock has an excellent newsletter. Dr. Mercola has an excellent Internet site. Others are excellent too.

    • marcie urban

      infliamtion can be cured or almost eradicated by takimng msm. it is natural and has no side effects to any of your body or your medicines. i had my bones hurting so bad i could barley walk because i had to take steroids for my asthma. after taking msm in a pure capsule for a few weeks i do not need the steroids. it helped my bones and any pain in my body and my asthma is very improved. along with me taking the chelation therapy I amvery healthy. if you want safe and cheaper forms of these therapys contact me at free info. I make no money off of it. and the chelation company i use has been around for 45 years sucessfully.
      Also I have the company name for your purest form of msm. it takes inflimation from the body wich is the root of many dieases( inflimation is)

  • Joe Ohio

    All I can say about the Insurance biz (Louis) is that once someone has the operations/treatments etc that they then become like an opium addict and an addict for life. There is no cure for this addiction so then the Ins. Corps can then raise their rates and they know that they must pay!!! Seig Heil!!!

    As far as the carbs being the reason – true, it is a part of the equation but another part is how acidic is the blood? Most Americans have very acidic blood due to what they drink (pop) which are fed to them by the same people in the secret societies that the pharmas are in. Surprise, Surprise. Oh, and not to worry, they won’t get caught soon because the Gov. watchdogs get their marching orders from their people in the same societies. Any wonder why they attack anything natural?

    By far the best thing that I’ve ever had to clean me out has been the Kengan water system. It’ll get your blood to a maximum PH level (slightly alkaline) and it also gathers together the free radicals in your body and expells them because this water has a negative charge to it which attracts and holds the positively charged free radicals. There’s much more to it than what I’ve described here but I bought the machine because I know what were up against as far as combating the “slow death” syndrome (not my words this is what the architects of this “lifestyle” call it) and with all the research and reading that I’ve done in my life it was the best answer to the problems that we’re facing as a society as a whole.

    If you don’t get the Kangen machine by all means stop drinking pop!!!

    • Lloyd

      I believe that this is a known fact that our body was created to regulate our blood pH to a specific range, which I believe it to be within 7.35 and 7.40 or we die. Our urine and saliva pH’s can vary more, but if they show a high degree of acidity being below 7, which is neutral, then we are more susceptible to diseases. This is why sugar is very bad because it creates acid, which bacteria and the like thrieve on. Cancer also thrieves on sugar to produce excessive lactic acid as a waste product.

  • kate8

    Several years ago my sister had become incapacitated following a gradual decline. She had always been a very active person, and every function of her mind and body was affected. She went to many doctors, and they were all unable to diagnose the problem.

    I did some research (I was in the alternative health field) and suggested she get tested for heavy metals, so she went to an alternative clinic where they did that, and her toxic metal load was very high, and she had Hashimoto’s.

    After several rounds of IV chelation therapy she is back to her old self. It has been nothing short of miraculous. She has also changed her diet and takes natural thyroid, but her debilitating symptoms have disappeared.

  • Huelan Sanders

    Where do I get this chelation therapy ???????

    • kate8

      Huelan, I would suggest that you call around to some alternative health practitioners. There’s a good chance that someone will know where you can find a doctor who does chelation.

      • B.L.P

        They have oral chelation—- liquid– soft-gel caplet– caplets and it works, been using for 22 yrs. not expesive.

    • marcie urban

      go to I swear everything you read there worked just like it sayes. You largest package to do it at home cost less than 600.00 total. i am not a sales person for them I am just so greatful for how it has changed my life and 6 family members. get a scanof your arterys first( maybe 200 or your insurance may pay for that) and then after the treatment of chelation get another scan.that will prove it worked. please believe . i would stake my life on what i have told you! or contact me for non solicitous info at i amjust trying to be a good citizen and help. i am not making money from any kind of thing and wouldant be that kind of person. i just want to help anopther human being! good luck!

    • marcie urban

      to hulan sanders…go to…this really works. I have proof from my own doctor on the before and after tests to prove it. and it does not cost thousands and works twice as good as pills or iv and has a 89percent absorbtion compared to iv or pills.

  • Mary

    I am 75 years old. My husband and I have taken IV chelation several treatments, then several more, at yearly intervals. We had no unpleasant side effects. I changed to oral chelation a few years ago, due to the expense, and have used Angioprim oral chelation several times. The full treatment takes about a month, then one continues using a monthly dose for maintenance. We have recommended this to our son who had some heart problems in his early 50s and he used it with success, proven by the medical tests done afterward. I really believe that many would benefit from this treatment. I believe that it is more effective that the accepted medical protocol. I am well, and never have needed medical care.

  • Jay

    Hi all
    I am going to be 60 soon and have been relatively healthy. No big bypass or anything like that just high BP and alittle arthritis. I started taking EDTA a few months back along with SSKI and MSM. I purchased all in bulk form, the EDTA and MSM by the kilogram, the potassium iodide by the pound and 35% H2O2 by the quart.
    The MSM I dissolve 3/4 of a cup in some distilled hot water and add this in a 2 liter bottle ( old soda bottle) with distilled water to top it off. I take a small glass, about 2 oz., with a 1 gram chondroitin and glucosamine caplet. This give me about 3 grams of MSM. I did this for a few months to aliviate the pain in my feet, but only need it once a week now for maintenance.
    The EDTA I will mix 20 teaspoons in hot distilled water, enough to dissolve the powder and again I pour this in a 2 liter soda bottle and top with distilled water. This will provide about 3 grams of edta in a 2-3 oz. dose.
    Potassium iodide powder is placed in a 4 oz dropper bottle until about 2/3 full, then filled with distilled water.There should be alittle KI left undissolved and this makes a super saturated solution known as SSKI. I take 10 drops a couple time a week you can look up the advantages of this in Johnathon Wrights manuals.
    Don’t feel my blood pressure going down yet, but I know something is going on. I sleep all the way throught the night now without getting up once to go to the bathroom. Been that way for weeks now. I did have a biopsy for abnormal cells on my prostate a year ago but can’t get another one since my insurance ran out.I feel if I can get through the night whatever happened has got to be good for my prostate.
    A few years ago I had a basal cell carcinoma on my forehead, couldn’t do anything about it, you know, that insurance thing again. I put a few drops of 35% food grade hydroden peroxide on a bandage and place it on the cancer for a few hours, once a week, for 3 weeks until it was all gone. ALL GONE! I murdered cancer!
    I won’t debate the capabilities of alternative medications over conventional with anyone. I do what I do. One test is worth a thousand expert opinions. I look at the death rate for people under a doctors care and would prefer to take a few bucks and invest in my own health. If something is wrong I will go to a doctor for advice but I will also do my own research to find an alternative before I see any knives! Those things are sharp! Physician heal thyself! How bad is it to invest 60 bucks for a key of EDTA with the possibility of staying health and avoiding surgery. I consider it to be good preventive maintenance,

    • marcie urban

      wow that seems like a real hard bunch of mixing to keep up with. Their are msm pure capsules you can just swallow. i have done the powder form and it is bitter even in juice. and their is chelation thwrapy that you can mix a half of a timy bottle in a glass of jusice and drink it on an empty stomach. results show improvement in as little as one week.

  • William E. Inman Sr

    Im 79 years old. Had chelation therapy. not on any medication.not overweight yes, chelation works. If you live in Colordo contact Frontier Medical, Dr Terry Grossman MD speicalizes in chelation theropy.
    Check his book “The Baby Boomers Guide to Living for Ever”. also his latest book “Fantastic Voyage * Live Long Enough to Live forver”
    by Ray Kurzwell and Dr Terry Grossman MD.
    There are Doctors who adminster chelation in almost every state.
    Call 1-800-523-3688 American College for the Advancemnt of Medicine for a listing in your state.

  • Char

    God forbid if we should find something that would heal us. where would the drug companies go and how would they make any money. The doctors can’t okay this treatment and the insurance companies wont pay anything on this treatment because the AMA does not recognize this procedure. My husband and I tried every way we knew to get this done for him without any success. He went on to take all those pill that the side effects said would give you a heart attach and that is what there success turned out to be. He died in 2000.

  • http://none The Beez

    I usually don’t contribute to these threads but can’t let this one pass. I.V. chelation has been in use for years and proven effective by many, many, reputable studies. David F. is waiting for the completion of yet another study . . a better approach would be to determine who is doing the study and what axe THEY have to grind. He says there is no evidence. The FDA must think there is because they have approved it use . . for it’s original stated purpose . . which is to remove heavy metals from the blood stream. The process was discovered and first developed in Germany in the thirties. Not by the Nazis as Robert J. states but by Scientists working for the mining industry .. basically the miners were suffering from lead poisoning and I.V. chelation using EDTA was found to be the solution to ridding their bodies of the lead buildup in the blood stream. It works . . it’s an accepted practice . . whether or not one chooses to accept the fact is a matter of personal opinion.

    • Anthony

      Beez -
      I believe you are more on target, but Robert J does get us headed in the right direction. My information shows me that here in this Country, they were treating the Navy Sailors (around 1942) for lead poisoning from painting the ships, with that gray lead-base paint they used to use. I have no doubt dealing with the Germans was a link to how it reached our shores. The reports discusses how well the chelation therapy works that child-like sensitivity returned to their fingertips – which had disappeared awhile back (in their teens) due to poor diet habits.

      In truth, DIET is everything throughout and in doing so, Cancer/Heart troubles should never be a real threat; nor even diabetes (stay away from Apartame-read the labels). Certainly, there are different therapies out there, but I did ask my Mother’s Heart Doctor about it, and he got very upset decrying “all the crazies on the web” … and I ask: Don’t you and your Hospital here have a website? Needless to say, he didn’t like being lumped into the same group as the rest of us. I hope he never gets over it. He put the stint in my mother’s heart without discussing it with her or even me. This is the extent of how they work the process in Mainstream Medicine. And, no matter how you look at the practices, we’ve had great advances over the last 30 years, yet people seem even more sick than ever – it truly is in the diet. Big Pharma doesn’t lose money, nor do the Insurance Companies by this “treat the sympton, and not the cause” process. They actually make alot more money in doing so. Whether they share all of that profit with the stockholders remains as a different topic for discussion – but if there is a chance for avarice and corruption… well, you know the drill. Maybe owning stock somewhere else would be a better option. Personally, I see chelation works and if not for the Internet, it probably still would be a BIG secret.

  • S Jacobs

    Excellent book on heart disease alternative therapies.

    Pay particular attention to stem cell in-heart injection, wherein such can get your heart reinvented as if it is that of a 20 year old!

  • LocalYokel

    Just how many FDA pharma controlled studies do you need David before you see through their smoke screen? Get out of your rut articles in stale journals in clinic waiting rooms. Take a look at the duration and death stats on hospital procedures. Ask yourself why they put EMT patients on a blood thinner drip immediately and prescribe a different rat poison thinner when they’re released. Ask why an amino acid generated by natto bacteria on fermenting soy beans is not used instead of the $8k clot buster shot. It has a 400 year history as staple Japanese food and was isolated by a Japanese doctor in Chicago. Search the internet for research done by independents that do not have the med school (FDA) mindset. There are over 80,000 pages linked here:

  • Paul Powell

    I am approaching 809 years of age. About 6 years ago I started the IV Chelation process and took 57 treatments. I am now taking oral Chelation daily. Chelation definitely works. While I was taking the IV series. a fellow patient told us of his story as to why he was there. He had a heart attack and was scheduled for heart surgery. All of his major arteries were 90% blocked. He had heard about Chelation and wanted to delay the surgery until he could learn more about Chelation. He started the IV method and while I was going to this clinic, he underwent a Dopler test and all of his veins were as clean as a whistle. I personnally would recommend this treatment for everyone, whether you know of any reason to do it or not. It can’t hurt and it certainly would do you good.

  • Paul Powell

    To follow up on my previous post. I am not 809 years old (typo). I am almost 80.

  • Peter

    I really hate to see such a black picture painted of doctors. Not all are in the field just for the bucks. I have renal disease. Although it had not progressed to the point of needing dialysis it was getting there. Thanks to the Nephrologist I have been seeing
    , the situation has greatly improved. I have gone to seeing him from on a monthly basis to once every six months. Its been 12 years. The latest thing he prescribed was 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda daily. The creatinine, BUN and CO2 numbers have come almost back to normal. I still have renal disease but it is no longer imminently life threatening. They ain’t all bad guys!

    • Mike In MI

      Peter -

      How’d you get renal disease? One of the best ways now-a-days is to have been on too high dosage rates of acetaminophen or other NSAIDs for too long. There are a few ways to get renal damage and most of them are from medicine reations.

      But, congratulations on finding somebody who cares and got things straightened out.

  • C. Chase

    Hello Everyone,
    IV Chelation treatments work!! If you want to hear my story, send me an email. I’d be glad to let you know how the treatments gave me my life back! (I wasn’t dead, but almost) April 30, 2010. Thanks, God Bless You and here’s a smile and an encouraging word from me ~ God gives wisdom through his Word,
    the Bible ~ Read it, it is good for the soul.

    • Yohan John Kunnenkeril

      Dear Mr. Chase
      Please elaborate.
      I believe in Him, am 52, male, had angioplasty and a drug eluting stent inserted in Oct 2007, doing quite well, of course on statins etc.

    • marcie urban

      yes ivechelation may be working for you. but their is an oral chelation that is less expensive and much more of a absorbtion rate that means faster results and less money. its angioprim. check it out and save money with faster results.

  • Edward Krieger

    I wouldn’t believe the AHA for any honest info regarding chelation

    therapy.I’ve personally experienced the results of the therapy.It


  • http://none RICK PASEK



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