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Opposition To Kagan’s Supreme Court Nomination Growing

June 10, 2010 by  

Opposition to Kagan's Supreme Court nomination growing As the review of President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee’s legal writings continues, national conservative groups are stepping up their efforts to block Elena Kagan’s appointment.

For example, a conservative student outreach organization called Young America Foundation (YAF) declared June 8 "Keep Out Kagan Day" and urged citizens to contact their Senators in order to dissuade them from voting for her confirmation.

Among the top reasons for that, the organization cites Kagan’s decision to deny military recruiters access to Harvard Law School because of the law banning homosexuals from military service, according to

"As dean of the Harvard Law School, she prevented students from meeting with military recruiters," said Evan Gassman, a spokesman for YAF, quoted by the news source.

"She signed an amicus brief that opposed the Solomon Amendment, which… is an amendment defending students’ rights to get organized with ROTC," he added.

These sentiments were echoed by Family Research Council President Tony Perkins who recently addressed the Baton Rouge Press Club on the issue.

He said that "Kagan is part of a movement that is willing to sacrifice our [freedom of speech and religion] for the sake of a narrow ideological agenda," and should be rejected by Congress. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19825697-ADNFCR

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  • Al Sieber

    That’s a insult to George Washington, Obama and Kagan sitting under the picture of George Washington. where doe’s Obama find all these Marxists?

    • Ed McKenzie

      He finds the Marxists by simply opening up his Rolodex and picking a name at random. These are the people he grew up with, the people he associates with, his friends. He has no more difficulty finding them than you or I do finding conservative, GOD-fearing patriots. Those are the people we associate with.

      • TIME

        Ed, True words!

        • Joe A. Everson

          Obama’s handlers got him where he is, keep him there, and tell him what to do and who to nominate. Investigate who Obama’s handlers are and you will see why Kagan is nominated.

          • Bob Wire

            It was George that required “Handlers”, leash and muzzle. ~ All he needed to do was get up and dress Presidential. And I would suppose the First Lady helped with that! ~ That seeming to be a job every woman I’ve ever known takes to bear, having to fight them off at times.

            I think 44 is beyond need of some of such help.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

      You have to be one to really know one, Marxist that is. If Kagan is confirmed, then the ‘Democrats’ won’t have to worry about repealing the ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’ law now on the books, after the November elections, they can then destoy it from the bench of the Supreme Court, which if the legislature fails to do so, then it will go to the courts, all the way to the Supreme Court. Then the greatest voluntary military to ever exist will be torn asunder. The young macho men, and woman, will not want to join a service where knowingly they might have to share intimate space with someone who might have sexual designs on them. So if she is confirmed you better break out the old draft laws, for we won’t be able to keep up our numerical needs of our military just to defend us, let alone to aid an ally.
      And what will be the quality of the men and women we get from a draft? One nation, under GOD, who goes against GOD’s word, is doomed!

      • Dan Burke

        If you believe that a one world governing organization is ideal, like many politicians have bought into, then your statement is actually for the best. Why draft then? If America’s military becomes weak, and don’t we see evidence of attempts to demilitarize both our military and our citizens, then America cannot change her national opinion about being ruled by another organization. There is only two ways a “one world order” would accept an American military. One, strong and under their control. So whatever strength we have must be conditioned to accept that international law supercedes American law and American interests. Two, a weak American military. A military too weak to defend its nation from the control of the world.

        Let me see, I thought China was building its military might. We are deeply indebted to China. If China were to pressure our politicians to weaken our military so we could get more loans to increase the government spending, I think I politicians would slowly bend to China’s will. Well, maybe quickly these days…. Anyways, I like at it this way. There is no doubt in my mind that if we do not change our destination politically that we will default on our debt with China and the rest of the world. It isn’t a matter of if down this path, but when. Will we just print money to pay the debt and thus make it so worthless that they lose their investment? Or do we just declare bankruptcy? Either way, for the world to get their money back at that point, America must be conquered and divided for its resources (those National Parks we’ve been using to reserve our resources will be pillaged then for sure). The world must realize the risk of America defaulting, and I suspect they are counting on it. A total collapse of our economy will weaken our military, but I think it better for the world if we weaken our military some first too.

        By the way, as pessimistic as I am about the future of America, I believe that if we change course and make the hard and difficult sacrifices (I don’t think Americans will, but I would hope they would realize that we cannot afford the EPA, a Federal Education Department, etc), if we make the hard sacrifices, I think America can be restored and we the people remain a free people. Free to fail. Free to succeed. Free to fall on our face. Free to soar to the stars. Unless we pay the price, I am afraid that the only freedoms we will have are poverty, slavery, and serfdom.

  • David Daniel Ruddy

    I don’t get it! Bob would appear to me to be anti-military [with its phony wars and overseas committments] but the YAF appears to me to be supporting that same industrial/militayr complex which Bob opposes. Which is it? Pro war of anti war?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear David Daniel Ruddy,
      This is a news article, not commentary, and in no way is meant to imply I endorse the YAF. Obviously I’m anti-war, as only the military-industrial complex, corporatists and the state benefit from war at the expense of the people.
      Best Wishes,

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Ask and you will recieve!!!

  • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

    All Supreme Court nominies should be heavily questioned to see if they will interpret the Constitution with original intent. Any politician voting for someone who wants to make up their own idea of what the Constitution should say should be voted out of office and viewed of as in a state of treason.

    • TIME

      Bruce, Great idea!

    • Smilee


      Orginal intent ended in 1789 and there has been 27 ammendments to it since none of which where orginally intended and the last was in 1992, hardly orginal but equally a part of the constitution with equal force of law. Orginal intent was not to prevent their orgininal intent to be cast in conctete and that is why it was the orginal intent to allow for changes or additions and deletions to it, that in fact is its history and our reality.

  • http://Scio,Oregon David Silbernagel

    I agree with you 110% Bruce

  • s c

    How many of you REALLY think Kagan has a place on the Supreme Court? Why would anyone think she has plans for PROTECTING the Constitution? Obummer, in his NWO, progressive ‘mind,’ doesn’t intend to play by any rules (OR preserve, protect or defend the Constitution).
    Obummer, it appears, has much in common with Nero and Hitler. Does anyone out there have any use for another Nero or Hitler?
    I’m not sure which closet Kagan is trying to blast her way out of, but it’s been clear for a while that she has much to hide from America.
    Because of the damage that a sans conscience, NWO progressive judge can do to America, Kagan’s presence on the Supreme Court is the same as putting a loaded AK 47 in the hands of someone who sees ‘social justice’ and paranoid schizophrenia as the highest virtues.
    Thanks for NOTHING, Herr Obummer.

    • 45caliber

      You are wrong. Oblama DOES intend to follow the rules – but he makes them up as he goes along.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Kagan DOES have a place on the supreme court….Floor sweeper!! If she gets the nod we are in trouble people!!!

  • Laurie

    I agree with Bruce and S.C. 100%

    There is hope for the USA. . . God Bless America!


    It’s looks as though Kagan is simply another Obama in female form, the reason I say this is that her credentials and records are being kept from public view also and the lack of vetting goes so far as to stop any from contacting friends and relations in order to judge her character….that folks is just plain wrong and it another form of CYA being used to corrupt the ethic and clarity of the nominating process.

  • Robert Pgh Pa

    obama hates america and wants the U.N. to rule the world . the un has done more damage to the world than any other group in the world. they want to ban our personal weapons which are a constitutional guarentee so if the government ever becomes intorrable to its citizens we have a way to overthrow said government. they understood what could happen and with a democracy and it could happen if a constitutional republic was corrupted. so you have more knowledge to understand what is going on now.

    • 45caliber

      If you take a look at history you will know that the politicians have been working toward a single world government since the early 1900′s. The Libs believe that if we have a single world government that there will be no more wars. Of course, it also means that they would have the right to meddle in the affairs of everyone in the world then. As politicians of the US they expect to be in charge. Most of the world prefers to sub-divide while we want to consolidate. Oblama is simply like the rest.

  • Maxine Albritton

    I agree with Robert and it may have to come to pass that the American Revolution will have to appear again inorder to get America back. I would never have believe that the events which transpired could have taken place could happen in this country and so high up. I have to show proof for just about everything. Purchase something and they want ID. Apply for a drs license and you have to have proof of who you are. Go to school and they want to see your Birthcertificate. Apply for Nomination of President of the USA and you have to show nothing????? Supremem Court Judge and anything goes???? Never in the past have bills or laws been passed in such a quick manner with hidden agendas and no one reading the things. God help America! Oh wait- we threw him out a long time ago and we are just putting on the final touches – probably no help there either.

  • 45caliber

    Kagan may have taken law but she is not a judge. She “decides issues based on the heart.” Sure she does. That means that she either doesn’t know the law or doesn’t care what the law says. If you don’t follow the law, then the law is useless.

    (Oh, wait! I forgot. The law is meant to keep the honest citizens in line, not the criminals. Therefore the law may be used if you don’t follow it unless you are an illegal or other minority.)

    Kagan doesn’t intend to follow the Constitution. It is likely she may not have even read it. We don’t need her in a SC office.

    • Smilee

      45caliber says:
      June 10, 2010 at 12:16 pm

      If she has not been a judge as you say how can you know how she will rule, sheer speculation on your part. Many SC Judges were not judges and that is not a requirement for judgeship. If you can read her heart and mind as you infer in your post, let us in on your secret as to how you do so and if you can not, then you simply are not believable

  • Randy F.

    As a Latter-Day Saint, I know that the Lord consecrated this land, which we call America and raised up righteous men to frame the Constitution of the United States, which Obama and Kagen are determined to destroy. And they will, unless we as freedom loving Americans sit back and do nothing.

  • Steve

    Here is a petition you can sign opposing Obummers nomination of Kagan for S.C. Justice. ALL your family members can sign it from one computer ip and/or one email addy.

    We do not want this woman on the S.C. She will/does NOT decide issues dependent on the Constitution or the law. She decides on her own personal opinion, and her hopie changie feelings.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      thanks man, another one I signed! got through first try on this one!!!

  • Smilee

    This article only cites Tony Perkin’s statements about her and the ROTC opposition at Harvard as the only reason she should not be confirmed. If Tony Perkins is against her she must be OK to confirm. Fact is nobody in the know believes she will not be confirmed, even some heavy republican senators.

  • Smilee

    45caliber says:
    June 10, 2010 at 12:16 pm

    If she has not been a judge as you say how can you know how she will rule, sheer speculation on your part. Many SC Judges were not judges and that is not a requirement for judgeship. If you can read her heart and mind as you infer in your post, let us in on your secret as to how you do so and if you can not, then you simply are not believable.

    • Cindy

      Smilee liberal
      Kagan is almost as qualified to be a SC justice, as she is to do brain surgery on you. What do you think? Ready to have a go at it? Since you’re a little bit “out of it” mentally, I will sign the authorization papers for you.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Need a co-signer?????

      • s c

        Careful, Cindy. When rockhead progressives talk about hearts and minds, they’re telegraphing their intentions. In that rockhead’s case, he’s telling you that someone like Kagan is so superior that we mere mortals dare not comment on her abilities or her ‘plans.’
        Those who line up to defend Kagan expect us to believe that paranoid schizophrenia constitutes a ‘better way of life.’ You can bet everything you’ll ever have that she sold her posterior to get close to the Supreme Court.
        If she was in the House, she might be contained and muzzled. On the S C, she’ll be more dangerous than an any invading army.

        • Cindy

          It’s too late Joe. Smilee went over the edge before the brain transplant could be performed.

          SC, amen, amen, and amen to your points.

          Has anybody noticed the little statue/bust sitting on the table to the left of where Obummer and Kagan are sitting. Did Kenya present that to Obummer when he was the crown prince of Mombasi? Is that some sort of an African voodoo doll?

          • Bob Wire

            Harry Truman didn’t have a lot of nuclear experience.

            Lincoln didn’t have a lot of “war” experience

            Grant was loser at everything he tried to do except one, being a great warrior and skillful tactician.

            So we depend on people rising to the occasion.

            And sometimes we’re disappointed and sometimes greatly surprised.

            I fail to understand how so many would support or set quietly by while the previous administration, violated rules of law, the public trust, ran up huge deficit spending, compromised our bill of rights in the name of patriotism and national security while willing to ignore simple matters of conflict of interest and misrepresentation of the facts!

            But it only now ! They rise up and voice their disenchantment, feel it their “DUTY” to address such matters and finding fault everywhere they look. The sanctimonious calling of names,labeling, personal attacks and pointing the finger of blame unending.

            I think you’re a little late with your “Tea Party”, the boat has already set sail and left the harbor. How about some hot chocolate, it’ll make you feel better about yourselves.

          • Cindy

            Blah Blah BOB WIRE SAYS:
            I fail to understand how so many would support or set quietly by while the previous administration, violated rules of law, the public trust, ran up huge deficit spending, compromised our bill of rights in the name of patriotism and national security while willing to ignore simple matters of conflict of interest and misrepresentation of the facts!

            SPEAK for yourself Bob. I have been politically active since Clintoons first campaign. Don’t like the Patriot Law either, never did, AND I find it interesting that Obama hasn’t recinded it or modified it. You have any answer for that Bob? Oh yeah that’s right. Obama doesn’t believe in civil liberties, except for his own, and you probably “think” he cares about yours too. As for Bush running up huge deficits? WTF do you call what Nobama’s doing? Oh, I suppose you think that’s different doncha?

  • mehoward

    You might be qualified educationaly but if you have never sat on the bench as a judge then you have no experience. So one president with
    no experience nominates another with no experience. You see what a mess Obamma has wrought. She should never be voted into the Supreme Court. mehpensacola,fl.

  • Just an American Patriot

    Well, what can I say. She is the O’s attempt at corrunpting the supreme Court with sexual perversion as a “silent agenda”. They had to go and buy her some dresses and a pearl necklace from QVC for the pittiful, phoney, staged “presidential” photo opps, because the learned lesbian didn’t have any….

    We’re going to hell in a handbasket, accellerated buy the fraud, Obama.

  • http://gmail i41

    Well Kagan was a Clinton liberal lez who was a eleit educated feel good idoit, just like his tag along wench Hillary. Everyone knows how that mind set has, and keeps destroying the USA. If this lez gets to sit on the SC, so as to give a voice to the freaks and fruit cases, that just don’t fit in to society, and wants the USA to be another EU socialist country. When the puke brained Congress get her seated, I give her and Sodamoron will bond like earthworms, and watch the big change in the USA, that we have never known! Still don’t think all democrats are socialists and are true communist lovers.

  • Bob Wire

    >>”That’s a insult to George Washington, Obama and Kagan sitting under the picture of George Washington. where doe’s Obama find all these Marxists?”<<

    Yea! who does he think he is? !

  • Bob Wire

    wow!*this is new! *

    maybe this is why my browser has been acting up ~ and faulted some of my more researched, copy & paste posting.
    !neat stuff!


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