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Opponents Of Federal Challenge To Arizona Immigration Law Speak Up

July 27, 2010 by  

Opponents Of Federal Challenge To Arizona Immigration Law Speak UpThe Obama administration’s challenge to the Arizona immigration law in Federal court faces significant opposition from some politicians and immigration reform advocates.

On Tuesday, July 20, Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce, author of the bill, filed a memorandum with the United States Court for the District of Arizona opposing the Justice Department’s (DOJ) request for preliminary injunction that would stop SB 1070 from taking effect on July 29.

“As I’ve said all along, SB 1070 makes no new immigration law, it simply enforces the laws already on the books,” Pearce stated, adding that the president “has put politics before the safety of citizens of Arizona who are under the gun from the illegal alien crisis in our state.”

Meanwhile, more than 80 Congress members filed an amicus brief refuting claims by the DOJ and some other activists that the law is unconstitutional. Those groups have alleged that the legislation may open doors to racial profiling of minorities.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which assisted in the preparation of the brief, stated that the filing emphasizes to the court that the constitutional separation of powers gives Congress the authority to prescribe immigration laws, and that the executive branch—i.e. the administration—is limited by the power of Congress. The brief also recounts examples of many cases in which Congress encouraged the activity of states in the enforcement of immigration laws.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19904009-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    Either a president has unlimited powers or he doesn’t. Either there are checks-and-balances or there are none. Either Uncle Scam has a constitutional duty to defend America’s borders, or the old fart doesn’t.
    Why make things complicated? FORCE Uncle Scam to his job. Either that, or take the gloves off, and knock Uncle Scam on his miserable arse. Simple is always best – especially when you’re dealing with a corrupt government.

    • William

      we dont have an uncle sam any more. more like an uncle remus. only uncle remus was a hell of a sight smarter than the IDIOT in cheif we have in the oval office now,

      • kate8

        I think what we have now is…Big Brother.

        • Bruce

          Kate, That sounds about right to me.

      • s c

        William, you wouldn’t be wrong to claim that we have an evil Uncle Tom mentality in DC. For all the wailing, legislation and years of open abuse, are ethnic groups any better off now with what amounts to a new massa? Are ANY of us any better off now? “Why, dis here new massa gwine tak care ‘o all us po folk.” B S! It makes me want to puke.
        William, when people trade their dignity and their future for ‘promises’ that NEVER get delivered, what you get is exactly what we have. America traded the old slavery for a new slavery (ALL of us).
        People who go to Washington are the ‘new rich’ and whip-wielding slavemasters. We work for those twisted bastards. They don’t work for us. The new common sense (political correctness) spits in the face of reason. We’re told we can have whatever we want – as long as we only dream about it.
        It’s the dream we’re supposed to worship. A horse that has a carrot dangled in front of it has a better deal than America.
        The one thing that we’re not supposed to talk about is the fact that when politicians run the country like it’s their private whore house and casino, we live in chains with a new massa in the White House and ‘bosses’ in Congress and even the Supreme Court.
        The color of one’s skin has NOTHING to do being ready and motivated to treat the rest of us like braindead slaves. That’s how Washington does what it does.
        America needs to be emancipated. ALL of us, William. NOW.

      • GMillso

        this is dumb the president was when AZ went after poncho via…the AZ guard 25,000 went across the border and got waxed then the president sent 75,000 across the border to stop the border raids, etc and they caught poncho via and hanged him or shot him. So the president is already set. AZ has every legal right to protect and defend its constitution from all attacks both foreign and domestic. same as the US constitution. Didn’t Obama’s oath say this or is he the CEO of a Corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

    • Hank

      where is our FBI and CIA in enforce our constitutional laws and take this corrupt administration out surely they cannot believe this administration is obeying the law

      • Norman

        They are in on the total corruption of this country. They, along with the senators and congressmen/women are in fear for their lives and their fanilies lives if they go against the illegal Obama machine. Why do you think Obama has hired the strongarm thugs from Chicago as enforcers (czars)? Unusual disappearances and deaths are nothing unusual in Washington. Read your history books while we still have them. They have already removed them from schools, along with prayers and the pledge of allegiance, and replaced them with lessons on deviant sexual behaviour, gay “pride”, How to use condoms, and removing all symbol of the American way, flags, pins, “T” shirts with anything that is patriotic, not to mention the removal of anything religious, unless you happen to be a Muslim, then you can wear your Burkas, beards and sheets, and rags on your heads.

        • gtrmachine11

          Hey Norm , it sounds like you live right next to me in new jersey ! the flags are gone , no god in school , no pledge of allegence, it’s all gone up here . I live in Islam ,it’s not new jersey any more .Anything that has to do with what America believes in will be gone . there are so many of them up here ,I being a white American am truely the minority right here in my own country .Any day of the week you go outside at sunset and they line the streets by the hundreds. you go to Edison N.J.( or should I say Islam n.j.) and you would swear you were in pakistan , signs , stores all written in whatever language that they write in . No english ,and heres the one that gets me … at the school my kid goes to ..on the ground in front of the school they have hello written as a plaque on the ground in front of the school with every language …..but english.. how do you like that sh*t. Are we not at war with these people ? Like I said B4 they will come after us , except now they are in our back ,front and side yard , they are already planning it , and we are giving them every opportunity and means to do it right here on American soil … will happen it’s just a matter of when ….be ready cause the perverbial shit will hit the fan sooner than you can say ……OBAMA

  • gtrmachine11

    Are we in the same united states here ? you know the one with laws that we are suppose to abide by ? Let’s say that I was selling drugs , or driving under the influence , or better yet broke into someones house, if caught i know that I will go to jail , correct ? It’s because it is illegal , right ? So why is it ok to come over to America ( we will use mexico for example )and live here illegaly ? It’s not the point of them coming over here , it’s that they are doing it illegaly ! I think that everyone is forgeting the illegal part of it . Now I understand that there are many groups that say that they put money back into our system and they do the jobs that no-one else will do to that I say BULLSHIT! They bleed us of our economy , they cost us hundreds of millions of dollars every year !! just in unpaid hospitol bills alone. The amounts of money they cost this country are staggering and far outways the money that they so call put back into our so called system . I believe that it is an insult to the American people in the economic stand still that we are in to let those “so called jobs that no American would take ” go to anyone other than the American people who need those jobs . I also believe that it is time for America to stop letting everything from toys to cars be built by other countries . Why are we having everything built or grown in other countries? We need to bring it all back to America where it belongs. We as a country need to stand on our own two feet again and stop having the need to go outside of the United States for anything ! Can we not grow our own corn or make our own oil, or build our own cars for that matter ! Why do we feel the need to get it from somewhere else when we have everything that we need right here in the good ole United States of America ! We have the greatest minds ,the best schools , the strongest military, the best hospitols and doctors in the world are here in this country ….. So why do we need so many things from so many other countries that leave America weak and broken ? We don’t … we need to stand together and close the borders and take care of business in our own country and make America the superpower that it once was.

    • Dan Burke

      But the “greens” don’t want the production to come back to America. See if someone else manufacturs it, then we don’t have the pollution here. Then we can create a video showing how terrible it is that we force other nations to pollute to create our stuff (even though we drove our manufacturing overseas because we didn’t want to see the pollution here) and thus educate our future generations on how evil capitalism is and that they should all be subject to some other type of economy, oh, like communism. See for the “greens” the manufacturing cannot stay here or come back, it must go away. Personally, I want it to come back. I am no fan of pollution, but I would rather an American inventor create a cleaner factory that is profitable too as opposed to seeing all our capacity to produce driven overseas. As I understood it, we had been doing some of that, but of course, there was always something the “greens” had to complain about. If the factory wasn’t spewing enough pollution to generate concern, then there was endangered species or it was destroying the natural beauty of the land…. And now we wonder why our production is overseas??? And it is probably there to stay until we are so poor and desperate that we will work for pennies…. Funny that the “greens” talk about a “green economy” when you realize that so much of our production is done overseas that some of think for a moment and realize that the “green economy” will be overseas too. Because if we can actually make it profitable here, then they can make it cheaper there too just like they do for all our other stuff. And again, I turn back to the “green” movement to remember why it is so expensive to make stuff here.

    • GMillso

      good comment but what if the illegals get a chrismatic leader and 1mill-2mil mexicans decide to cross the border hands high and walk across into the good ole US of A and throw themselves on the economy, emergency wards, schools, DHS, etc further bankrupting the US and throwing us down a hole. We couldn’t muster anybody for the chaos and china and russia would have a hey day

  • Rove

    gtrmachine11 you like to rant,eh,are you stupor induced?

    • Ken Davis Sr

      To Rove

      You must be a liberal…no mind of your own…no real stance except put down all of America…no constructive ideas…just put downs of those who express themselves so you don’t have to come up with a cohesive pattern of thought. I am sure your ideas will go well with the main stream media. You have a great future with them.

      • Lyudmila

        Arisona does right thing – example of how defend the Freedom of the legal residents of the United States of America.
        Those who here illegally should face proper judgment under the Law – be it Federal (first and foremost)or particular State that is forced to defend itself by lack of Federal Law enforcement.
        What is so difficult to understand that illegal means ILLIGAL????

    • William

      sounds like you are stupor induced,

      • Joe’s Grandma

        Why did you comment to Lyudmila that she sounded “stupor induced.” Obviously English is her second language and she did a better job of expressing her opinion about something she cares about than you did. At least she was original, and all you did was copy Rove’s comment to the first comment, which, indeed was a stuporous rant from the left. Why bother to even comment if you don’t have something constructive to say. You know the liberals love to get on these blogs and make stupid comments just to get us riled up. We need to ignore them completely and just tell the truth.

        The main thing I want to say today is the main reason that Obama and crew of cronies does not want to stop illegal immigration, nor stop welfare for illegals, and extend unemployment for Americans out of work, is so those very people will vote for Democrats in November “because they’re so caring and compassionate for the poor and downtrodden!” What a bunch of tripe! It all boils down to “Votes, Stupid!” (That’s not directed at us, but them!)

        Okay, next on the agenda is Obama’s other agenda. He has an ego so big it won’t fit in the United States and he’s going to withhold his birth certificate until he becomes the King of the World and then it won’t matter where he was born. Unfortunately, Michelle Obama thinks she’s smarter than Barak and constantly nags him about what he “shoulda, woulda, coulda.” Just read Laura Ingraham’s new book, “The Obama Diaries” — it’s fact, not fiction, or she’d be sued — yesterday already. Get it before the libs get them all off the shelf and burn them like they did “The Manchurian President”. Good luck finding a copy.

        Next, you all had better bone up on your history, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, etc. And I don’t mean the history books they use in school today. Go back 50-60 years to the books hidden away in dark corners that they don’t use anymore. Demand them at your library. Check out Glen Beck’s reading list, or Sean Hannity’s list, or Rush’s list. You’ll see what I mean. There’s so much more out there without going to the conspiracy theories, which should come last. Please, Americans, what you DON’T know, will hurt you in the end.

        • MSSouth

          William was answering Rove. Check the boxes.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Lyudmilla has a right to be pissed!!! She probably came here after crossing all the Ts and dotting all the I’s, waiting in the soviet Union for a long time before being granted immigrant status. now they are wanting to grant immunity to twelve to twenty million illegals. I would say she has every right to be madder than hell!!

  • dan of arizona

    Its time to close the borders and return our industry and jobs get nafta out of our lives for good. if you havent noticed the big companies are complaining that there going broke and need assistance from the one they layed off to help them make more profit. I say enough is enough with the blatant lies from all of them and our bullsh^t government its time to build the fences and if they want to stay then let them but no more monies from us. we will need it to rebuild industry and provide jobs that were taken from us and keep your workers on there side of the fence

    • Doug

      Well if you want to build then you better get the comm unions out of the way. Who do you think is one of Obama’s puppet master is???? Unions suck the live out of everything!

      • dan of arizona

        do like arizona did make it thae wright to work state and geep them out

        • dan of arizona

          next time ill look at what i wrote soory this state has had the right to work policies as long as ive been here and there isn’t any unions like calif. or others if you dont want them they stay out

          • Norman


  • Bruce

    I have a house in Costa Rica. By their law when i walk out the door i have to carry a passporte, a valid drivers license (theirs) and I have to pay an exit tax and leave every 90 days or face big trouble. Thats just the way it is. Its their country and I abide their laws. Why does my country allow illegals to trample our laws?

    • Craig

      Wait? They tell you to leave in 90 days and you pay to leave? That is simply one of the stupidest things I’ve heard. Sounds like something a liberal came up with.

    • William

      Bruce they do it because all we have is for the most part a bunch of crooked politicieans who should be doing hard time prefferrably in Joe Arpaio’s tent city and working on his chain gang.

      • http://yahoo joyce

        i agree with you 100% they should all be in prision.

  • lynn of arizona

    I live in is hard to understand why our own people here in the USA don’t back us or the laws already on the books. People don’t really realize what is really going on and it has NOTHING TO DO WITH RACIAL PROFILING!

    • J.M.R.


    • William

      lynn the damned democrats are only interested in getting more democrats on the books to get them reelected, they dont give a damned about you me or the country,

    • tmaiers

      I live in lower part of Oregon, and know you had my support when this legislation was talked about. I SUPPORT ARIZONA AND MANY OTHER ALSO.

    • GMillso

      good for Lynn in AZ but your in 2 united states the tail of Obama’s plane He CEO of the CORPORATE UNITED STATES…not the united States of America….the ….and to the Republic for Which it stands….Like a supreme court justice said we don’t need the Constitution!!…nobody is in the Constitution of laws.

  • lynn of arizona

    P S. Janet Napolitano: You were are Governor, you KNOW what is going on over our border..SHAME ON YOU!

    • marvin

      lynn remimber nepolitano told sen jeff session that it is not illegal to be in this country undocumented smart real smart

  • old roofer

    yes,no..this,that…bla bla bla! just fine the employers 10k per illegal. quick fix! simple as 123 abc.

    • dan of arizona

      old roofer
      its all ready on the books and it doubles the second time and your lic. is pulled the third time

  • Ely

    Hey, don’t expect the government to fix immigration! They can’t control what they have now! My wife is from Russia and we went through all the proper channels. We were robbed in Miami 2 months after she arrived. All her identification was stolen, passport and visa. BCIS said to get the passport from Russia replaced first, Russian embassy needed proof she could stay in the U.S.! We went to the immigration office and they looked on there computer and had not record of here arriving in the U.S.! Well, she is standing right here! They told us to go away and get the paper work we needed! And who is supposed to do that? Right, the immigration office! Big help they were!
    My point here is, don’t let the government run anything!

    • J.M.R.


  • Denis Flaherty

    Kudos to the Gov of Arizona-she’s a tuff gal and will need to be. I’m sick of this crap and it’s time to kick hell out of the Administration. I would give up a week’s vacation to help patrol the border and so would thousands of others who are fed up.We need to take back our Country and there are plenty of citizens to take those jobs that illegals now have. Don’t like it? Don’t ask for unemployment either then.Grow some and throw those politicians out!!!
    The employers who hire these illegals are just as guilty-fine their asses.
    Big Dawg

  • Loral Orow

    ELY – that’s the point. People from other countries have to wait until they’re called when they apply to live here. They have to jump through hoops in comparison to these people who just wander over & pitch a tent. My husband’s family had to wait nearly 20 years to be called. His father died before getting here and they lived in a rough situation. They had to have a specific amount of money and a sponsor to help them find their way around too. That makes some sense to me.

    ROVE – you have a mean spirit. gtrmachine11 is exactly right in his comments. Did you have anything to offer or are you just here to find fault?

    • Ted Crawford

      Loral; ole rove is just another deciple of comrade alinsky. Their method is to insult and belittle anyone who doesn’t bow to their progressive agenda. As near as I can determine, they are not at fault! It seems to be a mental defect of some kind!The best thing we can do is to just ignore them!!

  • RobertG

    Arizona should file a writ of Quo Warranto. This would force the president to prove his citizenship status, and give the state the right to know his legal standing (his authority to sue the state).

    • Craig

      Problem is, is it isn’t the idiot president that is suing. It is the DOJ. Yes we all know who directed the law suit.

    • Lyudmila

      Look up the Bible if you a Christian – which is not evident at all based on your behavior, Mr. president.
      We need all to know the TRUTH – are your have real Legal Status to be a President?
      Please, show your Original Birth Certificate before the Congress and American people if you have nothing to hide!

  • james shelton

    The real Americans know what’s going on – we’ve simply gotten tired of those who pat us on the back while picking our pockets. The criminals in congress are taking $170? thousand for life after serving (cough cough) the people for one year while they forceably steal our earnings.We do back Jan and the ACM tho it does create sort of a delema as to which direction to point our bang toy.


    When I was growing up my parents taught me that the “TRUTH” was etremely important. Currently there is no mention of TRUTH as it has been replaced with “POLITICALLY CORRECT” which in my opinion is a concerted effot to avoid the TRUTH with the idea of confusing the issue.

    If any group makes up 25% of the population and is causing 40% of the problems in our society I would suggest that racial – religious profiling be “MANDITORY”

    So much for politically correct. OK lets hear it.


  • BrotherPatriot

    I have to agree with James Shelton, “The real American’s know what’s goin on…” Slowly, so very slowly we have been waking up to the truth but waking up…indeed we are.

    Before I go off on my usual tirade of the Elites…I would like to add this…Indeed, we need to make it so it’s less cost effective to have our factories built on foreign soil using their cheap labor to make the products. I’m not intelligent enough to know exactly how we can make this happen but I’m sure there are enough readers out there who are. What comes immediately to mind for me is…perhaps a tax that’s sooo heavy that it renders their cost saving plan of a foreign placement and workers obsolete. I wish I could say, just bring back our factories and give the jobs back to American’s but unfortunately, the moral and proper action is most often not taken due to the need for “profits”. Well, I say that those “profits” are not profitable for any of us in the long run. Another solution is perhaps to just make it illegal to have the company based in a foreign country…<— once again showing my lack of knowing all the ins and outs of such an equation. But I can tell you this, my heart and soul tells me that our business' should be ran here in American giving jobs to American's versus the way things are done now.

    Time to bring our companies back onto our native soil.

    Now, for my promised rant about the Elites. It really is all confusing as to why our Federal goverenment isnt' enforcing the immigration laws or protecting our borders, until…until you learn what the REAL equation behind it all is. Once you learn the real equation…well, it's not confusing at all when you look at it from THEIR perspective. These people have an agenda. They have many, many different organizations all working together to further this said Agenda. They meet once a year to make sure everyone is on the same page and to enlist new blood into their scheme. The Bilderbers/Rothschild/Trilateral Commision/Council of Foreign Relations and the rest of them are all in bed together to make the New World Order. They want to destroy the soveirnity of individual states and in order to do this, they blur the borders and create chaos. They spend lives like those lives are a currency, these bankers who have some of their origins with the Knights Templar. Their goal is against what every true American and patriot of the world would want. They are the enemies who are behing it all…they are indeed, the shadow government that has led this world to where we are at now. All in a cold calculated, methodical attack upon us all. We are at War people, and we have been for a very long time. It's called the Silent War and now that more & more of us are becoming aware of just who these people are…the more scared they are getting. They have every right to be scared and that's why they are so nervous…they know what they are doin is an affront to Humanity and indeed, one day we will call for them to answer their crimes.

    We currently are trying to unravel what they have done by using our legal system. I sincerely hope we are successful, because if we have to use force…our world will be forever changed and many will perish. Which of course could very well be their goal as they try to drastically cut down on Humanities numbers. As their goal is 500,000,000 (see the Georgia Guidestones) that means 12 out of 13 of us has to die for them to achieve that number. These people are the Elites and they wish for a return to their old fuedalism form of government. Mix in a healthy dose of their religion and what we have here are fantics who will stop at nothing to kill our babies.

    Alex Jones' movie, End Game…and Daniel Estulins book, The real story of the Bilderbergs are a great way to learn just what is really happening. I recommend watching the 2 movies, Zeitgeist as well. These movies and books are humanities attempts to give warning of what they are trying to do to us. Please do your own investigations and research. It will be worth your time, trust me. Your future and your childrens future depends on it.

    Become aware. Awaken to the truth that they have been hiding from you.

    • Ted Crawford

      As to how to bring our factorys back, that is very, very simple STOP BUYING FOREIGN PRODUCTS!!!!! There is nothing very mysterious about that!!

      • Deborah

        Try to find them, American made products…I did find mace at the Army Navy that was Made In USA, I bought it.
        Pay a seamstress to make your clothes. Pay a farmer for your food. Keep your pennies hidden or they’ll tax or take it from you.
        God Bless America and God Bless her People!

      • dan of arizona

        if you havent noticed there are no factories left here to buy from when was the last time you saw made in the usa

    • dan of arizona

      Heres an idea make the companies pay set wages just like the unions except the people keep their money then they wouldnt have to come here for min. wages jobs that nobody wants like factory work ect.

  • patricia peterson

    I’ve often read that illegals take the jobs that Americans don’t want. Well how about making some of the Americans that have collected unemployment for three years, yes that’s what I said three years, be forced to take these jobs and let the Government subsidize their wages to a liveable amount which has to be less than what it is costing us now. Then unemployment is very low, jobs are filled, bills are paid and everyone is happy. I can’t believe the governemnt is not even keeping track of people on unemploymnent when they say you were only allowed to collect for a max of 99 weeks. I was on unemployment several times and only received 6 months. No one cared about us then. When we stopped collecting we were no longer a statistic but today if someone collects for three years they are always a statistic. So much for fudging numbers.

    • Deborah

      Did it say a max of 99 months or AT LEAST 99 months. The jobs have been going to China since Bill Clinton gave them away, along with MILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year to keep them.
      We’ve been conned. Don’t bad mouth Americans for being out of a job. You are probably limited on the time you have yours…wonder how you’ll feel then.
      Americans Excluded on all charity for 2011. Anti-American clauses in the new hiring act…employers have to find immigrants (legal or not) to apply for the jobs, even if they have to search them out and even if there is 1 million Americans applying for the job.
      You should see the waste! You should see it for yourself…2011 Tax Budget.

  • Keith

    When it comes to illegal immigration, the federal government is not doing it’s job and does not want to. There was a case here in Missouri in 2009 that illustrates this point. In a small town, in the rural Missouri Ozarks where unemployment is high, there was a new hotel being built. The sheriff of that county went to the construction site to verify the immigration status of the workers. There were 11 illegal immigrants working to build this new hotel. The deputies detained the 14 and contacted ICE. ICE had indicated that they didn’t want them and to let 10 of them go, but to detain 1. I do not recall reports ever stating why ICE wanted this one individual.

    I know for a fact, that this was not the case of the INS about 10 years ago. Another case shows this point of being active in tracking down illegals in Missouri. In the southwest Missouri county of McDonald, there was a big problem of illegal immigrants. INS was working on a case of a large national company that was “headhunting”. In fact, an entire village was made up of illegal immigrants. Any way, this company was paying $200 for every Mexican that was brought into the country to work for them.

    For those of you that would like to read more about these cases, both cases were in the news. The first one was in Farmington, Missouri. The name of the hotel chain that was involvedis The Hampton Inn. The second one pertained to Tyson Chicken Plants throughout the country. However, the plant I was referring to was in Noel, Missouri, which is in the southwest corner of Missouri.

    • JC

      So, if ICE isn’t doing its job…what job do you think it IS doing?

  • LadyPatriot

    In addition to closing the boarders and then deporting the those here illegally, no amnesty, we should revisit NAFTA! Apparently what we thought NAFTA was supposed to mean and how they interrpreted NAFTA were two different ways! I say Kudos to Arizona!

  • Deborah

    “emphasizes to the court that the constitutional separation of powers gives Congress the authority to prescribe immigration laws, and that the executive branch—i.e. the administration—is limited by the power of Congress”
    Well, I’m glad they took responsibility for some of their actions. However, they prescribed it, they passed it, executive branch(president) ignored the problem, the state is administrating the law. To PROTECT their state, their people and the United States of America from Terrorist!
    Now, as far as the executive branch being limited by Congress…they are in denial.
    The president doesn’t get told no, he’ll finds a way to circumvent any obstacle in his way, whether it be Supreme Court or Congress. Thus, he has been putting in place his government, the true ruling power behind his administration.
    They’ll get their wake up call. Hopefully, it will come as a big surprise to them as it has been to the American People.
    God Bless America, God bless her People!
    I stand with Arizona and the Latino Group that is standing with Arizona! It wouldn’t let me post to that article.


    The only reform needed is to enforcethe laws now on the books and then vote out all polititions who have not done so.

  • gtrmachine11

    ok while we are on the subject of immagration let’s move abit to the north east, we’ll say New Jersey …… or should I say Islam . Now don’t get me wrong here but we have this same issue in the north except it is with the Indian ( pakistany , islam , ect.) I am not sure exactically what law it is that gives them the right to stay in our country after haveing a child on American soil but man have they capitolized on that law . If you come up north I swear to god himself you would feel that you are in another part of the world . so what is this law does anyone know cause that should be taken off the books . It is not spewing hate but this is America , right ? or is there a more prominant reason that they are coming over here by the hundreds of thousands . Does this alarm anyone but me ? Why is it that our country is catering to these people , did they not smash planes into the trade centers . did they not bomb the towers while georgey b’s dad was in office ……now they want to build a mosque next to ground zero ( oh excuse me it’s 2 blocks away ) WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY ? What does it take for this country and the people in it to open their eyes , only problem is by the time they do it may be to late . they will come at us on our own soil .. they had that attack planed for years , and I can guarentee that they will do it again except now they will do it from right in your back yard .

  • Joe

    The opposition to Arizona’s SB1070 screams that it will encourage racial profiling. However, those that may be asked for proof of citizenship should be happy to comply with the request to help resolve
    a major problem facing our nation.

  • Joe

    The opposition to Arizona’s SB1070 screams that it will encourage racial profiling. However, those that may be asked for proof of citizenship should be happy to comply with the request to help resolve a major problem facing our nation.

  • Hank

    obama gives grant to oil company to drill offshore of Brazil then closes ours down Hillary signs away our gun rights to the UN We then give Pakistan 50 million and they support our enemy. we can stop this mess by what Bush said if you arent with us your against us so bring the boys home and bomb the Hell out of the enemy the only deterent is went you carry out your mission with what you have the rest is just killing our own so the politicion look good by saying we are wrong

  • Da Norseman

    It is about time the People take action against these DC politicians wishing to sue Arizona over its SB1070 law. It would be great to counter-sue these lawmakers for not upholding the federal immigration laws already in place and for the attempt to provide any form of amnesty to illegals, including Harry Reid’s DREAM Act Amnesty bill he wishes to push through congress this November.

    I would also support a lawsuit against these so-called sanctuary cities for breaking immigration laws. I also firmly support boycotting these cities as well as supporting no federal funds to be issued to any one of them. It’s time to get even!!!

    • dan of arizona

      lack of federal funding no theres an idea

  • S Heissler

    Da Norseman, you mean the same ol’ schmoes that put us under Obamacare yet exempt themselves from it. Com’on they are truly looking out for us!!

  • Marlene

    This President (I use the title very loosely) is so far off base he should be beyond The 12-Mile Reef watching the bubbles popping over his head as sinks slowly ever-so-slowly, in the ocean until he no longer can breathe.I wish him no less bad than he wishes for the American public…..


    The immigration problem…simple The Feds print a national work card and issue it to those we need to work. Any employer found hiring anyone without a card will be fined $1000.00 per day, per employee.

    NO card no work….. No work no motivation to cross our borders.


  • gtrmachine11

    I like IT KURT

  • dan of arizona

    I think its time for the government to stop issuing green cards to them or what ever they are using now,there are 40 million here now and there are no jobs now what are they thinking maybe its when they lift the borders all of their oil and minerals would be ours for the taking and left up to the states to figure out what to do with the people in the way
    just saying

  • gtrmachine11

    The issues that we face as a country especially in todays world is such a differant ballgame than when the constitution was writin .I firmly believe that it’s time to re-write it .The laws that governed the land some 200 + years ago have almost nothing to do with todays world ( kinda like the bible ) . in todays world there is terrorism not realy sure if we had to worry about the taliban or N.Korea dropping a nuclear bomb on us back then. It is so different today . So that means that we need to do things a bit different . I say get rid of these guys that we’re around before we accually had states and put some young blood into our government . If we do not watch out for our country who will ? This is our country too not just the government’s , we put those bastards in office and goddammit we need to take them out . they screwed us over for so many years and we just sat back and let them do it ( can you say george bush). It’s time for a new world order . we ( the people of this country ) need to take our country back . we have a fight just like my father and grandfathers who fought for my freedom in WW1 & WW11 . They fought for this country to be what it was not what it is today .
    with all of these groups that say they have rights ( the illegals )I think that they should be thrown the hell out of this country . If you can tell me that these people acually belong here and take the food , education , god and my faith away from me then you do not belong in this country . It’s funny cause in my childrens school they do not say the pledge of allegence, it would insult the people from india , we can not mention the word of god , it will insult them …….. TO HELL WITH THEM!!! THIS IS MY COUNTRY NOT THEIRS ! i was born and raised here for generations. my family has fought for these beliefs why should I stop because it will insult them . they should be thanking us every day for letting them walk on American soil and not live in the shithole that is their own country. If you are gonna come here to this country learn the language . there is no reason in the United States of America where I should have to speak in any other language tha english.isn’t it bad enough that there is something called ebonics that is accually part of any language, now spanish ,then indian when will it stop. what will be next for America .We speak english and beleive in god here and if that bothers you ,take your mosque and blow it out your ass & bring it back to the country you came from ,I also believe that if they build that mosque in New York all hell will break loose. It is Time for America to be America again not the bunch of left wing pussies that this country has become kissing the ass of every other country giving away billions upon billions OF OUR MONEY TO COUNTRIES THAT HATE US . That money should come right back to America screw those other countries I do not see them doing anything for us …….do you ? AMERICA THE BEUTIFUL !!!!!!!

  • dan of arizona

    This is a invasion from a foriegn country what part of this do they not understand they should be held accountable for not protecting our nation from invasion

  • gtrmachine11

    Well Dan from Arizona , I think that at least has a big set of balls for doin what they think is right . and I will stand right next to you on that wall . Its a shame that our government is so full of corruption from the president on down the line to our local gov.
    Arizona rules in my book & I hope that the rest of this country grows the same set of balls that you people down in Arizona have . cause these people are taking more of this country away from us every day and what’s worse is asses like Mike Bloomberg will willingly give our country away on a silver platter , as long as they come out smelling pretty ( pretty sh–ty in my book ! Well good luck Dan & you make sure you give me a shout out cause I am there for ya

    • dan of arizona

      they stalled the decision on 1070 because they new they couldnt win for the simple reason of this law that has been on the books since 1996 just so they could say, see we are right your wrong will here is the law that they cant seem to by pass

      The Section 287(g) program is a means by which state and local law enforcement agencies may cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to enforce our immigration laws. It was established by the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 so that officers may receive training from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in functions such as identification, processing, and detention of immigration offenders. This training provides state and local police with additional tools they can use to prosecute crimes committed by aliens, especially gang violence and document fraud, while reducing the impact of illegal immigration on local communities and making it less likely that terrorists will be able to operate with impunity in the United States.

      Any state or political subdivision may initiate a 287(g) agreement on behalf of its law enforcement officers by contacting ICE. Once a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the state or locality and the Department of Homeland Security is signed, the state or local officers participate in a four- to five-week course on immigration law and enforcement. Once the officers are certified, they can count on the assistance of ICE agents as they perform the immigration functions for which they were trained.

      The utility of this program is borne out by its documented success to date. As of August 21, 2007, 23 state and local law-enforcement agencies have struck agreements with ICE, and about 75 others have submitted applications. Most agreements were signed in the prior 18 months. To date, ICE has trained 416 officers, who, in turn, have made over 22,000 arrests in conjunction with Federal law enforcement officials.

      Several large, urban counties – including Los Angeles and San Bernadino Counties in California and Mecklenburg County in North Carolina – participate in the 287(g) program. Mecklenburg County’s participation has been so successful, in fact, that the Criminal Justice, Drug Policy and Human Resources Subcommittee of the House Government Reform Committee held a hearing in the county in 2006 specifically to discuss that jurisdiction’s experiences with the program.

      so you see we won this war its just stalled untill he can pass a reform bill that would legalize all 40 million of them. so write your senators and stop this madness and impeach this muslim.

      • dan of arizona

        oh by the way I’d be proud to have you on the wall thanks

  • chuck b

    shut down the aclu and so. poverty law center. bring our troops home from afghanistan and iraq. place troops on our southern border. force the islamic people back to where they came from, clean the ghetto’s out of our cities. only naturalized citizens allowed. rewrite our security laws. put the flag back in the classroom and remove all dissident teachers. clean out the universities, only dedicated patriotic professors allowed. no more emigration until this country is back on its feet and then only if employment allows. when you are asked to produce an id by the police, produce them!! bring our manufacturing back from the foriegn countries. let nasa return to space exploration not an ambassador of goodwill to the islams.

    • Ron

      Chuck, I agree but, much easier said than done.You have to remember politicians and government does not use common sense to solve problems. It has to be made complicated you see so as to play the people against each other and create problems where there should not be any. Then create more government to fix a problem that they created. On and on and all the while enriching themselves and their union cronies and destroying what made this country great. It’s a vicious cycle.

  • gtrmachine11

    the problem with all of this ,there needs to be a small light lit on more of a global issue than just this immigration thing .Out of all of it we should look at everything , it’s not about just America, we as humanity should be ashamed of ourselves ,with all the needles suffering , starvation , murder , corporate greed , political greed , war , I mean all of it !! It is absolutly horrible , we have the greatest minds, the greatest schooling to educate a new race for humanity that can stop all of it . there is no need in this day and age for what happends in this world every day . why do people starve , why are there homeless , why do we continue to let this happen .this world can be such a great place , a place of hope, a place where every one can live . can we not help those who need ( Africa comes to mind so much )there is absolutely no reason for any of it . our entire human race needs an adjustment , how can the rich sit in one of their multi-million dollar homes and a half a block away a family sleeps in a cardboard box . children starving …. children!!! .. with absolutely no hope what so ever, this is so far beyond the scope of illegal immigration … the whole world needs to really take a step back and look at what we are doing to our future , it’s all about greed in this whole world . from the oil giants who are raping the world population for every dollar that they can squeeze out of us . to the greed of every politician that walks the earth . how can these people who have control over this let their own people starve to death, it just makes no sence at all. it seems that America is no different than any other country we care more about lindsy lohan then the homeless . or about a cat with no home , the whales the dolphins ….. what about the kids starving and living on the streets of new york while the stock broker down the steet lives it up in his park ave penthouse driving his new bmw is all a big joke .. the rich get rich and the rest of us are left holding the bag.
    we pay the taxes that pay the corrupt politicians that pay off the building inspecter that pays off the judge …. that is where the whole problem seems to stem from … It’s all about how corrupt the government is in every part of the world from America to greenland …… things need to change on a world level cause at the rate we are going now there will not be a world around for to much longer …… god help us all ……

  • http://yahoo Sheila

    Obama only wants to give the illegals free citizenship is because he wants their votes. He wants to be a ruler not a leader, he has almost destroyed our country and nobody is doing anything about it. We need to get our country back, and clean up the government, if we keep voting these idiots in then it’s our fault. Obama has put our country in danger by not protecting our borders, he doesn’t care about this country, all he does is do whatever he can to get rid of the constitution and our freedoms! When Obama was elected he took an oath to be for the people and by the people, not do anything you can to destroy the people. Obama is putting people in high places trying to secure his position, when did you ever here of a president spending any amount of money he wants or make any rule without having to get permission, he just does whatever while our corrupt government stands back and allows it. We don’t have democrats we have demoncrats! How long will this continue before we have nothing left to defend, they are trying to takes our guns so that we can’t defend ourselves, we can’t choose our own healthcare, and soon the media will not be allowed to report what Obama is up to, soon it will be our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, freedom to vote for whomever we think is right, how much more can we loose?

  • Bob

    Simple on what to do…
    Vote out all the incumbants, replace them all except for Ron Paul, R. Texas. He has alway supported the Constitution !

    … if voting the old guard out doesn’t work then stock up on food, water and amo. Call your relatives who have places in the country and let them know your coming to visit for about 3 to 6 months. Take your money out of the bank and pay your state taxes. Just don’t pay your Federal taxes for the next year and STARVE the Washington Elite out of Washington. No money, the Government no workey !! Washington will be in chaos. Hungry, thirsty hot or frozen Government Employees will riot, loot and kill each other… I would buy silver now to use for real money or gold.
    Sounds cruel but Washington is not listening… pull the rug out, let it collapse, clean house and let’s start over with the Original intent of Constitution in mind. The balance of power has changed and if WE don’t change it back now, it’s going to get much, much worse !
    God bless the USA ! Good luck to all !
    PS If most of us don’t pay our Federal Taxes do you really think they can put us all in Jail ? I don’t !!

  • dan of arizona

    great idea, love to see them riot, hey you never no could happen


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