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OPEC Takes Aim At America

July 27, 2011 by  

OPEC Takes Aim At America

Only once have I looked down the barrel of a gun. I can tell you it was damn disconcerting. It happened 25 years ago. The automatic rifles that were drawn on me then are pointed at America today. Yet President Barack Obama refuses to acknowledge that America is facing Middle Eastern guns.

In 1986, I traveled to Geneva to attend an emergency OPEC meeting. My father Vernon was in his early 70s but had lost none of the drive that shaped his youth as a reporter, which led him to found Oil Week Magazine and Myers Finance & Energy (MFE).

Vern was old school. While he had not changed from his reporting days, the world had. I got a sense of that when we pulled up to the hotel decked with machine gun-toting policemen.

My dad either didn’t notice the tight security at the hotel or he simply didn’t care. He asked the desk clerk, “Where’s the meeting?”

That was a tough question for anyone, never mind someone not familiar with English.

“Are you looking for the OPEC meeting? That is on the penthouse,” he responded.

“Thanks,” mumbled my dad, as he marched toward the elevator. As I crept behind, I heard the clerk say: “Sir, you are not allowed up there!”

Inside the elevator my dad said, “Penthouse!”

The elevator operator protested until my dad spelled it out: “We are the press.”

The operator reluctantly pushed the button. As our elevator climbed higher, I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. I understood we were about to walk in unannounced on some of the world’s biggest power brokers.

The elevator stopped. The doors slid open and before you could say, “Sheik Your Booty,” four machine guns were aimed at our heads. There stood four of the biggest men I have ever seen, each wearing a turban and a bulletproof vest.

Questions were barked out in Arabic. My dad was led down a hall while a single guard stood over me. I must have put him at ease; because after a few minutes, he shouldered his gun and offered me a cigarette.

Our entrance was like the Keystone Kops, but luck would have it that Vern got his story. Down the hall was a member of the Saudi delegation who remembered my dad from a 1962 trip to the Kingdom. While I stood before the guard, Vern was talking to his old Saudi acquaintance. He learned that Saudi Arabia was going to open up its spigots. Over the next several months, oil prices began to fall dramatically.

An Energy Crisis Waiting to Explode

That OPEC no longer exists. The de facto leader of OPEC today is militant Iran, whose influence grows with each passing month. Whether we know it or not, America is staring into the guns of OPEC.

A recent simulation called Securing America’s Future Energy declared that the United States lacks effective energy policy responses in the event of another OPEC embargo. The Heritage Foundation, which is made up of current and former government officials and diplomats, reported that protracted turmoil in principal OPEC countries has the potential to cause a sharp decline in oil production and an acute price spike.

The crisis game they played was called Oil ShockWave, and it took place in The Ritz-Carlton ballroom a stone’s throw from the White House. Players included George Bush’s former deputy secretary of state John Negroponte, a former official of Jimmy Carter’s Administration and a former Shell Oil chief executive. They participated as make-believe cabinet officials. At the conclusion of the simulation, participants acknowledged America had become hostage to its need for oil, yet they couldn’t quite seem to break away.

“We are reaping the harvest of our dependence on petroleum and the fact that the countries that produce it are either unstable or hostile to our interests,” declared Stephen Hadley, who reprised his real-life role as Bush’s national security adviser. “How did we let this happen when we’ve known we’ve been dependent on oil for 20 years?”

Former Shell Oil chief executive officer John Hofmeister played the role of energy secretary in the exercise. He gave assurances about U.S. domestic supply. Not one person called for an accelerated transition to renewable energies. According to one participant, nobody even whispered the words “climate change.”

Hofmeister said: “The most powerful message that we have is that the United States of America has more oil than any other country in the world that we know of. We have simply been holding ourselves back from producing that oil. I think it is time to really get the message to Congress that it is time to start producing.”

My question is: When is Obama going to wake up to the impending crisis? It may already be too late, and if Muslim guns turn on the Saudi Royal family itself, it will be far too late — not just for the House of Saud for but the United States.

Ari Fleischer, the White House press secretary under George W. Bush, said: “The president has to do something bold. He has a real challenge to his leadership.”

Fleischer’s conclusion is that Obama should announce the Federal government is going to open up every acre of land for oil drilling that was previously declared off-limits.

After 2½ years of disappointment, I think my odds of winning the SuperLotto are better than the chances that Obama will wake up to the petroleum peril America is facing. That is bad news for the country, which is staring down the barrel of $8 per gallon gasoline prices.

This summer the threat of soaring energy costs has been swept under the rug by a President and a Congress that want us to be mesmerized by the “debt crisis.” I believe a compromise on the debt ceiling will happen. While nobody may like it, it will do enough to temporarily placate dollar holders. Meanwhile, the clock continues to count down toward zero hour when energy prices explode.

As an investor, you should seek out blue chip petroleum companies whose reserves are in North America. Natural gas is extremely underpriced right now. Besides being abundant, it has the added benefit of pleasing the Greens because it is cleaner than coal and oil.

According to a report from International Energy Agency, natural gas is poised for a golden age — with at least a 50 percent spike in demand by 2035.

The upswing in natural gas comes from several factors. First, there will be a continued focus on energy sources that have lower carbon-emission levels. What’s more, demand from China, India and other emerging economies should remain strong.

In addition, as seen with the Fukushima nuclear implosion in Japan, natural gas looks fairly safe. Germany recently announced that it will shut down 17 of its nuclear power plants.

Action to take: Buy EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG. $101). The company is a big producer of natural gas in North America. But it also has operations in China, so it can take advantage of the resilient Asian economy.

EOG is on the cutting edge of finding and developing unconventional sources of natural gas, especially methane extracted from shale.

EOG has proven reserves of 11.7 trillion cubic feet and not much debt. That combination allows EOG to finance further exploration, while developing new technologies to extract gas. EOG could be a takeover target by one of the majors within the next year.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Just like the robber barons of old.

    • paintbrushbright

      Where did the Obama Federal Reserve oil go? Our government acquired it at half the price oil is selling for today. How much did the government sell it for and where did the profit go? I don’t trust Obama and the B S about the Federal Reserve oil relieving high prices at the gas pump. It didn’t and that was another Obama flop.

      • paintbrushbright

        Did Obama spread the wealth to his friends with the Federal Reserve Oil sale?

      • Raggs

        Thats a damm good question!!!!

        If you notice the media says nothing about this at all.

      • pegasis

        The reserve oil was released to the international market, not the US, on the say-so of of the president of the IEC (International Energy Commission), who is a Japanese national. So, in a nutshell, this dude says, give us 30 million barrels of your emergency reserve, because we want it, and Obama said,yes sir, and released American property to foriegners without consulting Americans.

        • paintbrushbright

          We fell to another Obama Lie under the impression that the media pushed on the american that his move was going to lower the price at the pump. Obsms in now campaineing for king of the world.

      • karel Eekels

        Nothing other than one of the so many campaigning tactics the current occupant of the WH uses. Give ” we the people” a temporary break to reduce the price of gas with a few dimes by opening the spigots of the Nations Security Oil Reserves, uniquely meant to last the country for 2 to 3 months in case of an emergency.

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      This piece failed to trace the history of oil embargo’s. The first was in 67 after the 6 day war then again in 73 and 77 In 77 the DOE was formed and money was allocated for research into alternative energy.In 82 funding was cut and every administration
      Republicans/Conservatives 20 years
      Democrats 8 years not including the current administration
      have only paid lip service o the issue
      In the late seventies America was the innovator in alternative energy
      Hard fact’s You have to love em

    • EddieW

      And…our own State Department formed OPEC! Against our own country!
      They taught them how to organize and operate…they took their advice well, and we paid multiple BILLIONS for their treason!!!Oh! but they, like Obozo, our Liar in Chief, are above the law!!

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

      Mouth breathers and shut-in

      217 permits to drill oil have been issued since the BP Gulf spill
      Cuyahoga River Ohio = EPA

      • Alice Parrish

        Maybe 200 some odd premits were issued…..but precious few went to American companies.

        Foreign companies are drilling off our shores and if there is another problem, who will clean it up this time?

        Folks, Obama has to go in 2012. We have to get someone in the White House who is on our side.

        • Jay

          May 7, 2011

          President Obama called for the elimination of billions of dollars in oil industry tax breaks Friday, while stressing that the United States can’t drill its way out of high gas prices.

          “We can’t just drill our way out of the problem,” Obama said during an energy policy speech in Indiana Friday. “If we’re serious about addressing our energy problems, we’re going to have to do more than drill.”

          Obama’s remarks come as Washington policymakers are feeling pressure to take action to address high gas prices, which are nearing a nationwide average of $4 a gallon.Republicans have ramped up calls for expanded domestic oil-and-gas production. House Republicans passed the first of three offshore drilling bills Thursday that have been fast-tracked by GOP leadership.

          • independant thinker

            Obama actualy said something that makes sense that being “we have to do more than drill”. The problem is he wants to ignore drilling while looking for other solutions instead of drilling to help tide us over while looking for other solutions.

          • sylviam

            OBAMA wants to go GREEN. HE will not even look at any other type of ENERGY at all
            That is except to GET RID OF IT ALL WE have MORE oil, NATURAL GAS, and COAL, YES we have the tecnology to keep it CLEAN and the ability to produce it at minimum cost, and will be SELF SUSTAINING for YEARS TO COME.
            But OBAMA wants nothing more than to DESTROY AMERICA and all it stands for. HE WANTS TO BE OUR DICTATER. What did he do with the OIL that he grabbed? The only time he is in WASHINGTON is to have AIR FORCE ONE serviced or some such, whatever it is. He is TOO BUSY RAISING money for the big CAMPAIGN he has NEVER stopped doing since HE PAYED FOR THE POSITION OF PRESIDENT, HE thinks he can do it again on OUR DIME.
            HE lies at every turn, and you can be assured he is a criminal as well as a usurper, and will sell us out in a heart beat. HE hates AMERICA more than anyone ON THIS EARTH. Why can’t HE just LEAVE NEVER TO RETURN that would be the best thing that ever happened in a long time.

          • PeteH

            Our destiny is in our hands, period! So, we continually “do it to ourselves.” WHY??? Is it an enemy within??
            We could drill our own resources, putting countless thousands to work and keeping the money here instead of, potentially, putting it in the hands of those who could use it against us. We need to wake up as a country—wisely picking our leaders (‘building’ from the ground up–that’s us–the citizens.

    • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68


      Thousands of unused permits issued by the BLM show that the biggest obstacle to oil and gas companies drilling in America is…oil and gas companies themselves!

      New data released by the Department of the Interior’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM) indicates that as of May 2011, the agency had issued over 6,500 oil and gas drilling permits on BLM land that the industry is not using. Despite the fact that tens of millions of acres of federal lands under lease to the oil and gas industry are not in use, and the industry is sitting on thousands of approved but idle drilling permits for these lands, the industry and its allies have kept a drumbeat of pressure on the Obama Administration. Those squeaky wheels would like to weaken environmental safety laws and open more lands to drilling. This simply is not necessary.

      The approval of an Application for Permit to Drill (APD) is the final step allowing companies to drill on federal lands. Issuance of an APD means that all environmental requirements are addressed, all plans have been approved, and all “I”’s are dotted and “T”’s crossed. In other words, they are “good to go.” Most of the idle federal drilling permits were issued in Wyoming – 3,528, according to the BLM data. The rest are in New Mexico (1,307), Utah (775), Colorado (571), Montana (203), and in four other states.

      BLM data released earlier this year also indicated that although over 41,000,000 acres of BLM lands- – a land area larger than Florida – were under lease to oil and gas companies in 2010 only about 12.2 million acres of these leased lands were actually in production.

      The oil and gas industry’s criticisms are nothing new from their supporters in Congress. However, their claims are not based on the relevant facts. Despite clear evidence that thousands of approved federal drilling permits are sitting on the industry’s shelf, and that tens of millions of acres of federal leases are not producing oil or gas, unfortunately there are still Members of Congress who advocate “more drilling” and less regulation, and blame high gasoline prices on a shortage of federal leases and drilling permits. This just isn’t so.

      For example, Rep. Gary Coffman (R-CO), recently introduced a bill (H.R. 2375) designed to eviscerate current environmental safety protections in the federal onshore oil and gas program, saying in a press release that his bill “…would require the U.S. Department of the Interior to accelerate and streamline the approval process for onshore oil and gas production permits on federal lands to produce for [sic] domestic oil and gas…” According to Open Secrets, Rep. Coffman received $53,000 in campaign contributions from the oil and gas industry last year.

      And, despite the fact that the BLM data shows that oil and gas companies hold over 3,500 idle BLM drilling permits in Wyoming alone, Senator John Barrasso (R-WY) has introduced a bill (S. 1027) that would rescind the BLM’s oil and gas leasing reforms, which were designed to promote a better balance between oil and gas development and the protection of environmental values on public lands.

      • Al Sieber

        Why don’t we boycott this a$$hole who calls himself Sarge, let’s “Frag” him.

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

          Can’t handle the truth shut-in/mouth breather HOW SAD You do not have the Ba–s to frag have never humped a ruck or done anything productive for this country More non Murdock reality to come

          • Al Sieber

            You sound like the shut in Sarge, you can only face your own reality, anytime, anywhere Sarge.

          • independant thinker

            Al, he sounds an awful lot like jovianus re-incarnated to me.

          • Jay

            This is were sarge found the article. Now it all makes sense.


          • Bob Livingston

            Dear SMSgt Z retired Nam 68,

            Sir, your posts of this nature, of which there are many, add nothing to the conversation. They are sophomoric, mindless drivel and are not acceptable in polite conversation. If this is the best you have to offer, please move along. The Sesame Street website may be better suited for your bluster.

            Best wishes,

      • Jay

        Talk about a fabricated piece of crap! Where did you find this article sarge?

        • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68
          • SMSgt Z retired Nam 68

            Dear SMSgt Z retired Nam 68,

            Sir, your posts of this nature, of which there are many, add nothing to the conversation. They are sophomoric, mindless drivel and are not acceptable in polite conversation. If this is the best you have to offer, please move along. The Sesame Street website may be better suited for your bluster.

            Best wishes,


            I’m sorry that facts are something you site stays away from.Are you afraid your shut-ins and mouth breathers will waking up ?
            Best wishes only proves that you are phony


  • spepper

    And this is why the fecal material is about to hit the rotary device, pointing in the direction of Iran, very soon– the danger here is that this time, the “fecal material” has the potential of being re-directed right back at its origin– making the ENTIRE WORLD a dangerous place to live (with the possible exception of the polar regions perhaps)–

    The ONLY reason that the “Saudi spigots” were opened back in 1986, was that the president at that time, Ronald Wilson Reagan, did away with the government-mandated price controls started by Nixon, and continued by Carter, which had essentially shut down domestic oil production– once the “playing field” was made “even” again by Reagan, the American oil producers actually resumed production, which beforehand had led to the “artificial energy crisis” of the 1970′s.

  • s c

    By definition, any elected official who willingly aids and abets foreign countries and does damage to America is a criminal of the highest order. And then there’s the DEPARTMENT of ENERGY.
    Aside from the fact that it shouldn’t exist, it has done damned LITTLE to get America OIL-INDEPENDENT. If anything, the DoE has made our oil situation WORSE, and NO ONE can dispute that FACT. Therefore, since it won’t do its job, IT MUST GO.
    I nominate the DoE as the most corrupt (and quite probably treasonous agency) we have in Washington. Shut it down. Abort it. Destroy it. A small group of experienced people working in a coffee shop can do the DoE’s “job,” and do it BETTER.

    • Vagabond

      s.c. you are so very right. and I agree with you. if nothing else they should be jailed for taking money under false pretense. that being taking money for a job they are not doing and have never done. the STUPID bastard who set up the DOE should never have been allowed to draw a damm penny of his big pension that he has drawn all these years and continues to draw even now. and the damned IDIOT sitting in the oval office now should not be allowed to draw a damned dime,

      • s c

        Vagabond, I didn’t include this because it’s so obvious that it shouldn’t have to be said – normally. For a long time, America has had a terminal case of OPECitis. It is very contagious. The DoE was SUPPOSEDLY created to get rid of OPECitis. Instead of doing the job, Washington is ibfested with wannabe OPECers and OPEClosers.
        Some of them make a lot of money by selling themselves to OPEC. That makes the OPECwhores. Then, they use some of that money to infect Congress and the W H. For my money, anyone who
        willingly spreads OPECitis [or takes their money] should be shot (a rope takes too long).

  • FreedomFighter


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • wayne

    The new form of Socialism – Neo-Plantationism requires that the peasant slaves be returned to the plantation. The framework for this is already being put in place: the destruction of the single family home market, the push for trains and the Portland Plan for urban-focused land management, the destruction of the Middle Class economic system, Obamacare, the incredible rise in energy prices and the single-minded focus on passive energy sources that only support urban and non-transportation usage. All of these things are the precursors to creating a new Socialist Urban Plantation society where the bulk of the population is forced back into the cities for survival and Redistributive Justice and social equality for the urban poor is achieved against the White Middle Class.

    • Bill S

      Well Said! and So true! It must be stopped.

  • Al Sieber

    Why the hell don’t we drill our own oil? use our own natural resources? it’s because of the environmental “Nazis”, we need to get rid of these people.

    • Vagabond

      Al the EPA and the STUPID ASS sitting in the oval office are the ones who are responsible for no drilling here at home, every member of the EPA and all tre huggers should be identified and forced to wear a label on their shirt or blouse identifieing them as such and they all should have to pay 100 times as much for any energy they consume as the rest of the people,

      • Bud Tugly

        It sounds like what the Nazis did to the Jews in Europe… wear that yellow star on your coat.

    • Working Man

      I agree that 95% of envirementalist are nutcases, but these people
      have the ear….and sympathy…..of the media and the brainless
      Hollywood “A” list crowd, who have alot of influence and sway on
      alot of dumbed-down, uneducated at best, miseducated at worst sheeple.
      Good luck changing the minds of these brain-dead sheeple who think
      that everybody must now use those stupid curly-q light bulbs or ride
      a bike to wherever you want to go.

    • Al Sieber

      I’m in the mining business and have to deal with the EPA, MSHA, State Mine inspector, Fed. Mine inspector, etc, etc… they don’t want us to make a living, so, we’re all outlaws no matter how much we comply. and I’m just a small mom and pop operation. Obama shut down all uranium mining in Ariz. 4000 jobs lost and they’re just beginning. Obama is the reincarnation of Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. and he’s just the beginning I don’t like the Govt. screwing with my livelihood and people need to wake up. and you sarge are a idiot.

  • Vagabond

    as long as the CLOWN currently occupying the oval office is allowed by the congres and the senate to have his way things are only going to get worse. he set out to wreck the country and he is doing it, why the STUPID asses in the congres and the senate continue doing nothing to stop him he will cintinue,

  • Linda

    Meanwhile – back at the ranch….. Canada’s proposed pipeline to the US is being held up by the State Dept (Hillary in inaction). So many job oportunites lost again to these anti Americans. Whay ARE they still in power? Why hasn’t anyone started legal proceedings against them for treason or felonious reasons?

    What can we, as a people do – other than start a violent revolution to rid ourselves of these pariah to our nation?

    • Vagabond

      Linda as long as the wellfare beats and bums the dopeheads and the illegals and a lot of IDIOTS are allowed to vote we are going to be stuck with the worthless IDIOTS we currently have missmanaging this country,

    • spepper

      And when will the Congress get off their dead asses and start dragging the “employees” like Hillary before investigation committees for obstruction? The State Dept “should” not have a damned thing to do with whether or not a pipeline deal is secured– unless they are simply holding up the “formality paperwork” which I don’t put past them for 1 second– if that’s what they’ve been up to (Barry and the Hildebeest), they need to be CALLED OUT on it– that’s what we’re paying Congress for!

      • Gary

        Congress is as much a problem as the rest of them.
        Government has become so big, that the people have no real say so.
        Those elected to represent the people are only concerned with thier own interests. If “we the people” don’t do something soon to stop this huge government monster, it will be to late to stop them at all.

    • DaveH

      Do what you can Linda to wake up your friends and relatives to the reality of Big Government. Too many people still buy into the propaganda. They need to understand that most of the leaders are in it for themselves and will just tell the people sweet-sounding lies to get their votes.
      This book “The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money” by Timothy P. Carney, will go a long way in that direction if you can persuade them to buy a copy or borrow one from the Library.

    • Lone Sheep Dog

      Hey Linda,
      I agree with you whole heartedly. To start a revolution is exactly what Obama wants us to do so that he can declare Marshall Law and start coming down on law-abiding citizens. Once he startys that he will never stop. The very reason we have not started that revolution IS because we are a law-abiding nation. However, how much longer can we remain that way?

      • 45caliber

        All revolution comes from the middle class. The rich are happy with the system as it is and the poor are too busy trying to find the next meal to worry about it – and they don’t have any money to buy guns, etc.

        I believe that the present goal is to eliminate the middle class. A revolt would do it or they can simply destroy the middle class economically.

        • http://deleted Claire


          My Mother used to say:

          The Republicans are for the rich, the Democrats are for the poor.

          Ever wonder why the Republicans want to keep giving the big corporations, businesses, banks, pharmas, insurance companies, etc. all the tax breaks and loopholes? It is appallling especially since none of these businesses are hiring. There are keeping their money and laughing all the way to the bank with their Democrats are for the poor, keep them on welfare so they will vote for the Democrats. It is a tangled web they have weaved and now they want two classes– the rich and the poor. The poor will have to “walk the line”. Literally. This is why I believe the Republicans are as much of a dictatorship as the Democrats.

          • http://deleted Claire

            “with their tax-free money.”

          • George E


            No one is perfect. They are “all” corrupted by the power and money. That’s why we need to keep the government lean and from getting too much control over our lives. Obviously, we’ve allowed them to stray from these principles over the years, and now we’ve got a huge problem to deal with (huge government debt and unnecessary regulations which discourage business).

            Regarding differences in the parties, it seems to me that the Democrats have gotten in bed with the socialists and actually believe that big government and socialist programs are the answer to most of our problems. Republicans still say they believe in free market capitalist economics, but often stray from this principle. Both parties get way too cozy with big business and other large organizations, in my opinion. I believe one of the reasons Republicans stray is that they see the Democrats getting elected on their give-away programs, while Republicans often don’t. Over time, one can assume public pressure at the voting booth will move politicians of all strips one way or the other.

          • MNIce

            Claire, these aren’t your mother’s political parties. The Democrat Party policy makers are heavily influenced by multi-billionaires such as George Soros, Jay Rockefeller, Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Tim Gill etc. Most of the wealthiest people in the entertainment business are Democrats. So why do they call for increasing taxes on “the wealthy”? It’s because the income tax is not designed to tax the wealthy, it’s designed to keep other people from becoming wealthy. Very little of the wealth of these people is actually from last year’s income; most of it has already been accumulated and taxed. Therefore, an increase in tax rates will not have much effect on them.

            The Republicans are the party of middle class entrepreneurs and others who want the freedom to contribute to the economic well-being of the nation without the politicians grabbing their money and using it to buy the votes of the unproductive. Yes, there are some billionaires in the Republican Party as well. They still remember what it was like to work hard all week, then look at the paycheck stub on Friday and discover that 15-45% of their wages disappeared before it ever got to the paycheck.

            And then there are the so-called independent wealthy people. These folks contribute to the candidates on both sides; usually they pick those favoring an expansion of government. Why? Because they make their money from government contracts. Since Democrats expand government more rapidly than Republicans, the Democrats usually get larger contributions from this group. For example, the executives of General Electric contributed heavily to Barack Obama. They were rewarded with a multi-billion dollar contract to develop the nationalized electronic health care record system, for which your personal records will be confiscated and searched by the Federal government (it’s in the ObamaCare Act – didn’t you read it?).

            The Democrat Party has become the party of spoiled rich kids who don’t want anyone else to move into their neighborhood and the perpetually immature who want government to take care of them. They’re the party of the children, the Republican Party might be the party of the grown-ups.

          • eyeswideopen
        • Nadzieja Batki

          The middle class is already gone. What is considered the middle class does not produce or manufacture anything of any substance, they are mainly lawyers, doctors, teachers, office workers, clerks, store keepers, etc.. They are consumers and mainly provide services in the form of healthcare,pencil pushing,hospitality. It would be very easy to pull the proverbial rug from middle America just by punitive regulations,high prices and high taxes. God forbid that any disaster befalls this country these people would have very few survival skills to fall back on.

  • Dan az

    I think it is more Obumers inaction than billary’s,If they approve the pipe line then he would lose the environmentalist vote.You know the ones that drove there suv’s up to canada and chained them selves to the equipment to stop the supply.Billary was to busy signing over mortgages on our lands to deal with such small problems.The last I heard was that he needed to make a decision or they would let china have it and they would build the pipe line to the side of canada.

    • Dan az

      Sorry its still early and my keyboard is still asleep.

    • Bootsaddle

      Dan – As far as I can ascertain from the research I have done Billary is in this up to their necks. Who magically appears everytime there is a crisis that BO can’t handle – Billary. Who stacked our Appeals Courts with Communist Activists – Billary. I could go on and on with what Billary did while in office but we all know they formed the framework they are trying to close in now. Who took Obama into a meeting with the Bilderbergs (BB) just prior to the 2008 election – Billary (not proven but all suspected their destination when they disappeared from the Texas airport during the meeting in West Virginia of the BB). I don’t think the BB wanted Billary to become identified/smeared with what was on the “to do agenda” for the winner of the 2008 election. The intent, I believe, is to try to put Billary back in office in 2012 to attempt the final “kill shot”. BO was the only one the BB’s could find that was filled with enough hate and greed to do what they wanted done. Also, watch the actions of Tim Geitner – he belongs to the Trilateral Commission and is an “attendee” of the Bilderbergs – they don’t have members, only attendees.

      • Dan az

        All good points.Thanks!

    • Al Sieber

      Dan, never mind, I shouldn’t post what I want, too many swear words. no rain here yet, maybe Friday. we put a gate up to where we’re working to keep most of the Feds out and gave a key to the ones that work with us. they still didn’t find that man lost out in the desert.

  • FlaJim

    Expecting that the usurper will allow any drilling in the US is plain nuts. By now, every true American with half a brain should realize that the aim of this fraud is to destroy our economy. He hates the US. All of his twisted upbringing taught him that America is the enemy of the world and needs to be cut down to size. He’s nothing but an evil foreign operative that needs to be expelled or shot.

    • 45caliber

      I seriously doubt that Olbama hates the US and wants to destroy it – and I’m not his fan.

      Instead, I believe that he (and many others) wants to destroy the existing middle class. All revolt comes from the middle class. Without a middle class, they can control the poor by controlling the food – and all wealth would go to the rich which are all those in office. They don’t really care if those of the middle class do become rich because they assume that those who do with agree with their goal to eliminate any threat to their government control and to to those who want that control.

      • http://deleted Claire

        45caliber–You see the light. Good for you.

      • Dan az

        I hope your right because that would mean there would be less to take care of when the time comes.

        • Al Sieber

          I’ll second that Dan.

      • George E


        Interesting theory. I would have guessed that Obama just believes a socialist dictatorial political system is better than what we’ve got, where there is really only two classes; political class with all the power and money and everyone else. I believe the only thing he wants from the rich is their money and power, and for them to become subservient to the political class.

      • eyeswideopen

        45, your logic is not sound. If he wanted to finish off the middle class, as he has to do is side with the radical right who is working day and night to ruin this country.

  • Ben Crystal

    I hope the Personal Liberty Digest patrons realize how lucky they are to have access to John Myers. I say that not simply because he can weave captivating tales gleaned from a lifetime of valuable experience (raise your hand if you can honestly say you’ve ever been held at gunpoint by a Saudi button man the size of a small car. Yeah, me neither. But John can).

    I say it because we all have access to one of the foremost energy/finance experts on the planet, free of charge…or at least until Obama figures out how to levy a tax on sound advice.

    • Dan az

      Give it time Ben its still early!

    • Raggs

      Amen to that Ben… I visit this site daily and I learn alot from coming here.

    • DaveH

      Sorry, Ben, but I don’t share your adulation.

    • John Myers

      Dear Ben,
      Thanks for the wonderful compliment. I always your work and if my writing is passable it is because I am forced to keep up with you, Bob and Chip.

      • patrick H.T. paine

        “To conquer, first divide!”

        Well John, thanks for the stock TIP, or would that be a tout? BTW isn’t there a RULE which requires you to disclose your personal interest, holdings or any relationship you might have with this company? This information doesn’t seem to be included?

        What is even more interesting is the little blue headline that begins
        all the reply sectoins to every “offering” here.

        Bad News…Solar Industry Is Ripping People Off! Click Here to Find Out More.

        What this should SAY, is How to actually be ripped OFF by the Solar
        Industry. Which was, I must say a truly amazing experience and which
        hasn’t ended yet……and begins with one of those stupid videos that
        you can’t stop, speed up… get to the punch line…..and then what you get is a single dvd……where very little of what is promised is delivered……and processed through Click Bank, which
        according to my security system, is an insecure site.

        Even more interesting is the dvd contains a link for technical support, but when you use it, if you can, you are sent to click bank,
        which opens a ticket for you. Two business days later, you get an e-mail from click bank saying because of inactivity, they are closing the ticket……even though the inactivity is due to the fact that the seller, has not responded to the support request.

        The product has a 60 money back guarantee, and after trying for a month, I took the only option possible requesting a refund, which was supposed to happen in two days, but has not….and may not, and if it does, the actuall effect will have been the use of my money for close to 90 days, interest free…….for a dvd which costs about 20 cents to duplicate and maybe a dollar to ship.

        Course being livingston’s site, maybe you are clueless here, but it would be funny if this interest free float was being used to speculate
        in say, oil or gas futures……

        I apologise for the interuption, feel free to carry on with what you were doing.

        “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls……….”

      • Roadrunner

        Is it true that you are the editor of Newsmax? I thought I read where you said you were.

        Do you have someone who helps you write some of your articles or do you write all of your own? Are you a U.S. citizen, and what is the reason your living in Canada and show such a strong interest in what U.S. citizens think and do?

        • Roadrunner

          My posting is addressed to Mr. Myers.

          • John Myers

            Dear Roadrunner,
            Yes I am a U.S. citizen.
            I live in Alberta because I write about the energy sector here.
            I also write all my own articles, but I do not work for Newsmax.


            John Myers

    • Bert Cundle

      Reporters Give their opinion… Editors Make Changes!

    • eyeswideopen

      Ben, sorry, I lost all respect for him, when he had his daughter come out and respond to my statements to him about his previous illegal status and how he knew he was breaking the law by staying. He thinks because his attorney told him he wouldn’t get caught, that it justified him knowingly staying in this country illegally. My premise is and was, that laws are laws, and “most of us” don’t get to pick and choose which ones we will obey, especially when it comes to a legal status in a country. He broke the law. Many immigrants have sad stories just like his, but alas there is no forgiveness for them is there? Maybe because they are the wrong color or not quite rich enough. Conservatives have this habit of breaking laws, but then wanting others who do the same thing they did to pay a price. Unfreaking believable.

      • libertytrain

        Ben, I’m sorry but I had lost all respect for eyes because her sole intention of coming to this site has been to attempt to discredit anyone she doesn’t agree with and stir up a hornet’s nest. She will say one thing on one post and the very same day you will find her disagreeing about the same thing she said was correct on another post — apparently only to cause conflict here. Of course it’s more fun when she comes on as eyes and then uses one of her other site names to answer herself and applaud herself for her self-envisioned cleverness. I would not get too concerned about her opinion of anyone. She’s proven herself to be NOT credible more times than Obama plays golf. :)

  • Raggs

    A “crisis” is just what oblama wants it will further his agenda of “green” energy and that is why there is no leardership coming from the white house… Green energy is a farce at best on a good day… Climate change is a conspiracy theory for the soul purpose of empowering the government over everything that we do. oblama will never release our oil for drilling never!.. That is totally against his agenda.

  • KJQ

    The solutions are simple, but not easy. You (USA) already get 27% of your oil from us (Canada). We have a vast oil surplus which could easily meet 100% of the USA’s requirements. We are friends and allies. In addition, Canada is THE ONLY supplier of “ethical oil”. All other oil (surplus) produces have human rights issues, corruption issues etc. Why isn’t this happening? Special interest groups (e.g. Saudi financed lobbyists), and environmentalists are blocking every effort at US self (or ally) dependance for energy.

    • George E


      You are right. Canada is our friend and ally, and has vast oil reserves. We are very fortunate to have such a great neighbor on our longest border. The USA should buy most of its oil and gas requirements (which it can’t produce itself) from Canada and Mexico to help strengthen our ties and economies in North America. However, the smart move for the USA is to produce as much of its own resources as economically possible before buying resources from other countries. This would go a long way toward solving many of the economic problems we current have in the USA.

      • 45caliber

        I agree – except I believe that Oblama has given/sold all our domestic oil to China to continue borrowing money from them. Any agreement to drill today won’t bring in more money for at least ten years. He wants the money now and so is willing to give up that oil.

        • Dan az

          I heard that the oil fields are being opened in South Dakota did you hear anything on it?They are paying good for truckers to stay up there year long.I don’t see much on it here but my kid was told by another trucker.

          • 45caliber

            There is some going on here in Texas too. Over the last two years they have drilled about twenty wells in this area. But I think most are NG. They have trucks pick up the oil that comes up, though. But the big fields are off limits to drilling.

    • texastwin827

      KJQ, as a Texan (whose state refines the bulk of the oil we use) I can assure you, most of us would rather buy our oil from a country that has always been our friend & ally.

      While you Cannucks may not always agree with us, you have always been there. There are many Americans that do not even know you were there, with us, in Vietnam, and are in the Middle East (Afghanistan) with us now and have even lost some of your native sons, as well.

      One only has to look back at 9/11 to realize what true friends, Canadians are to the US. Not only did y’all take our flights that couldn’t land in the US you took care of the passengers as if they were your family members. Canadians, like Americans, lined up to give blood in the hope we would find survivors. I feel certain there were many Canadian firefighters who volunteered, like US firefighters did, for people at the WTC. Many Canadians flew American Flags in a show of support of the US.

      While we give aid and money to countries who literally, hate us, we ignore the one country that would stand with us, if we needed them to…Canada.

      • Dan az

        I’ll second that!!!

    • Al Sieber

      KJQ, you are right, and Canada is hot on developing their natural resources, unlike the USA. we need to nail these environmentalists to a tree, or out here tie them to a cactus.

      • George E

        Yep. Here’s a video which explains the latest battle with environmentalists and the EPA to keep our Permian Basin oil fields and thousands of people working in West Texas. Someone tell me again how this administration is working night and day to grow this economy and create jobs for the American people……….(crap!)

    • John Steyer

      As long as the Muslim movement (or any other) around the world that supports socialism, anti-Semitism, anti-Christianity, and anti-American ideology, then the progressives (fems, libs, etc..) will fund it and support it. It’s that simple.

    • Hydra

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Why are we buying oil from the Middle East when we can get it from Canada? It’s the perfect solution.



  • Bert Cundle

    Oil is on its way Out! Less Oil used = More $ Paid!

    • gman4691

      Oil ain’t going away any time soon.

      • 45caliber

        It can’t go away until some else comes along to take up the slack. And NOTHING is going to do that at this time without a lot more research. Too many libs believe that if we decide to go with wind or solar, that this solves the problem. It might – twenty years from now if we start today. But it won’t solve it any time sooner even if they start today on it.

    • Always Right

      This is more of the insanity of the left. A drop in demand doesn’t increase prices, it decreases them. To state his insane argument differently: “horses & buggies are on their way out since the auto was invented. Fewer horses and buggies needed, the higher the price”. Yup, makes perfect sense.

      • Bert Cundle

        Than Why Isn’t Gas Cheeper… With less bought? With all of the small cars using less gas, Price still goes up! To compensate for the losses!

  • DaveH
    • Dan az

      Wow never thought about that way before but he’s right!

  • GHOP

    This idiot in the Whitehouse does’nt have enough sense to come in out of the rain. Instead of putting a moritorium on drilling, he should be opening up all of our oil fields, both on land and off-shore. Get rid of the EPA snd DoE. All he talks about is green energy. This type of energy is years away from being perfected. The pipeline from Canada would probably be the quickest way to get oil to the US while our oil companies drill.

    • FedUp

      I agree GHOP.
      Here’s my game-plan:
      1. Replace the idiots in the DoE with real people who are in gear to benefit our country.
      2. Build the pipeline to bring oil from Canada.
      3. Ramp up our production of fossil fuels to eventually produce a surplus.
      4. While ramping up production we also start planning serious research into more sustainable energy sources.
      5. Use the profit from the surplus fossil fuels for research projects.

      There are a lot of other things that need to be done, this is just my ideas on the subject at hand.

    • 45caliber


      The oil companies do NOT want domestic oil production either. Their profits are based on a government mandated 10% profit increase at each point of production. And the oil companies got a top price of $6.25 a barrel set back in the ’20s. There is very little profit on a $6.25 barrel of oil vs. that on a $100 barrel brought in from outside the US. Further, all oil that crosses the seas can be priced at any price they wish – and domestic oil does not cross the seas.

  • Carl

    Mr. Jim Meyers,

    You asked a question, that being when will obama wake to the impending crisis. The answer is so very simple, he is not asleep to the crisis at hand, he and many others in your elected and unelected Government are very well aware of what is happening and they are very much in wait of it to happen as they seek to destroy this Republic once and for all. You have an avowed communist posing as the President of this once great Nation. My question to you Mr. John Meyers and the rest of America is: When is it, “We the People” will throw away the bonds of denial and take back “OUR REPUBLIC” before there is no HOPE left?

    • FedUp

      He’s not a Communist, he’s a wannabe Socialist Dictator. There’s a difference…

  • Tom SC

    I have read the comments above and agree with most. obama will never allow free reign on domestic oil. As for that ALCAN pipeline, it terminates at a dock in northwest US where it piped aboard tankers and sent to Japan to be distributed througout the world, some of which is SOLD back to the US. Please notice obama is not capitalized. Caps show respect.

    • 45caliber

      You are correct. In fact all Alaskan oil is sent to Japan, supposedly because there isn’t enough refining capacity in the US to handle it. We get less than 10% of it back; the rest is sold elsewhere, mostly in Japan.

    • DaveH
      • Dan az


  • kay c.

    God only knows what this obama did to OUR COUNTRY that we do not know about. He is poison to OUR COUNTRY. I say let all AMERICANS get together right now and throw him out of the WHITE HOUSE and OUR COUNTRY in 2012. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL. GOD BLESS OUR COUNTRY.

    • 45caliber

      I have a very strong belief that he has sold/given all American oil to the Chinese as a way to get the Chinese to continue to loan us money to pay for all his give-away programs. And I think that is the real reason that the Dems are so interested in preventing us from drilling more; the Chinese wouldn’t like it.

      He is also intent on taking control of all water and mineral rights in the US, regardless of who might presently own them. In Alaska, it is illegal to develop ANY mineral deposit unless you are Eskimo. Any discoverer is required to report such deposits to the government so they can sell them to some corporation – and they don’t reward the finder at all for doing this. I’m wondering what they intend to do to those of us with water wells – charge us a monthly fee for the water?

      • kay c.

        You are right on about this narcisstic man obama. He is evil. He to me was not even qualified to be President. Maybe this next election the so-called people who voted for him will or have woken up. In all my 69 years on earth, he is the worst President I have ever witnessed Have a nice day!!!!!!!!!

      • Dan az

        Its called Agenda 21

      • Al Sieber

        45, check out if you want to learn more, you’re right on the money.



  • 45caliber

    We are dependent upon foreign oil. We are going to be dependent upon it for at least another 20 years. We’ve known that for years. But no one has made an effort to prevent it or to get us off that dependency. And that includes the present administration.

    I would like to see us off that oil dependency. But we aren’t going to get off it as long as the government insists on dragging their feet. Solar power, wind, etc. will NOT get us off it – there simply isn’t enough places to set up such stations even if we really wanted to do so. People talk of solar power cells being installed on roofs of houses; fine, do it. But don’t expect me to cough up the money to pay for it. I can’t afford it.

    And unless there have been major improvements to solar power systems in the last few years, even that won’t do a lot to reduce our dependency on oil.

    Further, until the car/oil companies will release their patents on electric cars, etc. there is no way they will allow us to get away from oil to cars. I KNOW how they insist that batteries aren’t able to handle electric cars and cost almost as much as the car does. But I also know I’ve ridden in an electric car about 1970 that used standard car batteries (six), got over a 300 mile range and ran at 65 mph – something they tell you is impossible today.

    • http://personalliberty M14

      It’s true we won’t get off our dependance of oil any time soon. And there is no incentive to make eleectric vehicles cheaper and longer running. Here in Denver, at least, coca-Cola is now switching to electric 18-wheelers for in town delivery. There is another alternative though, too, and it’s been around for a while, though not as popular. And that is LPG powered vehicles.It’s cheaper and much cleaner burning, though it lacks the power that gas/diesel powered vehicles have. And we have plenty in of sources in the USA for natural gas and in the Gulf. Just something else to think about.

      • 45caliber

        There is also propane.

        NG and propane need only a conversion kit put on a vehicle to run it. But the government has a problem with taxing it for road use. They can’t tax all NG as it would increase fuel prices for heating in the NE where most of the politicians live. They would risk tar and feathers if they tried to do that. And it is too easy for many of us to simply hook onto our home system to refill the vehicle’s tank if they tried to tax at “filling” stations. T.Pickens Boone tried to set up service stations for this and the government refused to let him.

        They are talking about a “road tax” now for non-gasoline engines (although they intend all to use it). I think it is supposed to be in addition to the present fuel tax. Your car GPS will send a message of your milage (at least) to radio sites so they can charge you monthly for your milage. But until then, this is out. So is electrical use.

        • kb

          I don’t understand why we never mention hydrogen in these conversations. Norway now has an entire hydrogen highway that supports hydrogen powered vehicles. It opened officially in 2009.

          • Dan az

            Even in Japan and China they use hydrogen generators in there homes and are powered by the sun and LP gas or NG.It works so why would we do that.The problem is the cost of this unit but with production the cost would come down if it were a free market and we kept the gubmnt out of it.45 is right about the cars I have been in a saturn that was converted by the factory that would blow the doors of todays cars and would get about a 20 mile range.But it is not to be,it like others are controlled by the oil companies and big gubmnt.Its not profitable so it aint going to happen.

          • George E


            I’ve been interested in hydrogen powered automobiles for many years. The basic problem, I think, is that it takes more energy to produce the hydrogen than the energy released by burning it in a combustion engine. This technology still needs a lot more research before it’s economically ready for prime-time.

  • chuckb

    the oil released from the oil reserve was place on the world market.
    what a joke, the illustrious leader is using our emergency reserve to relieve world markets rather than taking the ban of offshore drilling which has been decreed by a federal court. this is our leader, what a disgrace. the profit from the reserve sale probably went in to barrys re-election fund.

    • 45caliber

      That does not surprise me at all.

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    What can one expect from someone who pays obbesiance to a Suadi King?

    • TML

      Yeah, I was floored when I saw Obama bow like that.

  • Wobarg

    Has anyone ever looked at the Bakken range in eastern Montana and western North Dakota? I was just up there. You almost get ran over by the oil trucks. Look it up on Google. The Bakken range has more oil than Arabia. Why are we buying oil from anyone else and giving billions to foreign countries to develop their oil and then promise to buy it back as gasoline? We would be paying for it twice. Can’t NOBAMA see ahead of his nose. They say the oil is so “sweet” that it hardly needs any refining to be used as diesel fuel. Let the Arabs sell their sand.

  • Always Right

    We’re the stupid ones here because we’re allowing our congressholes to even engotiate with this guy instead of demanding an investigation into his citizenship and loyalties, along with his criminal acts throughout his adult life. Blackbarry might be certifiably insane but he knows what he’s doing to our country and why.

    Before the antichrist was elected president, were were allowed to drill our own oil. We had a fall-back position. But now we don’t, so let me lay this out for you: Our oil money is supporting terrorists all over the world; blackbarry’s brother muslims. By depleting our oil reserves, preventing new drilling and the Canadian pipeline, he sets us up to get SLAMMED by OPEC once the draw-down is complete, breaking the back of what is left of the U.S. economy. Further, it will pull the wheels and wings off the U.S. military abroad, leaving our troops stranded and sitting ducks for the tangos we’re supporting with our oil money. With out troops strranded overseas, blackbarry and his minions will have free rein here at home without fearing military inverntion or a coup. The military stranded abroad can & will be disassembled piecemeal over time by the 0-bomb’s buddies as they will, in effect, have been abandoned by their supply line, like the German army at the Cauldron in Stalingrad, where 290,000 perished. Except this will be several “Cauldrons” at the same time, widely separated by distance from each other and an ocean away for the defenders and in the back yards of the aggressors, who have right at their fingertips the money weapons and oil that barry, the CFR and the muslim brotherhood made sure that we purchased for them. With no economy, no military to speak of (since so much of our materiel is supporting bammy’s wars abroad, 5 of which are in support of upstart muslim Juntas; the sort of stuff any “christian” president would do), we’ll then be ready for the non-negotiable offer by the one-world caliphate, which bo n’ de ho, along with hildebeest, will immediately agree to. Done deal. The U.S. dies with a whimper, not a roar, as the what was once the world’s finest military grinds to a halt, goes to ground, then goes feral overseas. Fait accompli. Israel, on the other hand, will die with a roar, the roar of a nuclear holocaust as this will leave Israel alone in the middle east to get whacked by iran’s or pakistan’s, or “whoever”‘s nukes. Either that or the battle of Aramageddon will play out as prophesized in the Bible. Either way, the world as we have known it will cease to exist and as long as we have wimpy cheek-spreaders for “leadership” on the right, we’ll continue down this road to the final countdown. Basically, I blame this on gutless repiblicraps.

  • DaveH
    • OB1

      DaveH: Holy moley! Thanks for the video link! Short, sweet and to the point. How about congress was supposedly investigating how smart phones can track where you are at any given time? Steve Jobs of Apple did not say very much in his public statement about this. Do you know anyone who knows what happened with this? Smart meters and smart phones. Maybe not too smart.

    • Dan az

      Good one Dave did you catch Alex Jones take on it good stuff.If more people would just read the Agenda 21 by the UN they would already know what they have accomplished,Its coming fast and I would guess the take over is going to be this year.Who knows for sure?

      • Al Sieber

        Dan, it could happen between end of Oct., or early Dec.. DaveH, thanks for the links.

  • chuckb

    wobarg, not only the bakkens we have wells capped in alaska that could do the job. we have more oil than any of the oil producing countries.
    unfortunately our oil companies have strong ties to the saudi’s and opec can control the price, how convenient.

  • DaveH

    A visualization of the US debt:

  • DaveH
  • George E

    Good article, John.

    I agree with you that natural gas makes a lot of sense. It is cheap, abundant, clean burning, and ours. Unfortunately, the “greens” haven’t embraced natural gas in a big way yet because it is a fossil fuel and emits carbon dioxide when burned. Hopefully, they’ll come to understand that even though natural gas isn’t a perfect fuel (by their definition), it is better than other options (again, by their definition), and moves the world closer to their ultimate vision. The good news for most of us is that natural gas won’t wreck havoc on our economy like so many of the so called renewable sources when adoption is pushed too aggressively by the government. Nevertheless, it appears the trend is moving in the direction of utilizing more natural gas in power plants and large trucks as a motor fuel.

  • Mad Max

    Cheer up! The Revolution has started -
    Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

    “Spread the News”

    • DaveH

      I figured when he was quoting Paul Krugman, that something was amiss.
      Then I read that he wanted to create a Direct Democracy. Sure, just what we need — Direct Democracy. Democracies have historically devolved into mob rule, where a raw majority runs over the rest of the citizens.
      Our wise founders knew the fate of Democracies and they tried to protect us from such by establishing a Constitutional Republic or Democratic Republic.

    • pegasis

      Good joke. Let’s get serious. A democracy never survives, that’s why we are supposed to be a Constitutional REPUBLIC. Our founding father’s knew that then, you should know that now. Look at ancient Greece, a democracy that devolved into anarchy, ancient Rome, a democracy (they even had a Senate) that devolved into a dictatorship, Pre WWII Germany, a democracy that devolved into a dictatorship.
      WE the People have been a little lax, but that’s because we have been lulled by the professional politicians that only want to continue their own power grabs, and hold on for dear life (you know, the onhes who LIE during their campains, then follow their own agendas). What we need to do is TRULY follow the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and recall those “representatives” that represent themselves or their cronies, instead of doing what WE the PEOPLE sent them to Washington for in the first place.

    • George E

      Mad Max,

      Take a look at this video. It helps explain why pure democracy is a bad idea.

  • FreedomFighter

    America will never be successfully invaded.

    Americans are well armed, usually trained by the best military the world has ever seen, and Americans are a surely, tough group of people when invaded by aggressors.

    Many write off our youth as placated, intranced by games, movies entertainment, not as much as you might think. I know an 8 year old that started throwing knives at 6, axes,and small arms training at 8. In addition, this Christian school attender can put together a low power laserpulse rifle (thing is a bit dangerous). Yea, pops got the kit, now both can do it.

    Just think when that kids 28, what will he be building then?

    In my opinion, whatever happens, America will alwasy prevail.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • TML

      If America ever falls, it will happen from within, not from a foreign enemy.

      • LindyMaeUSA

        TML: Sorry Patriot! It isn’t “if” America falls, it’s “WHEN?”

      • mike

        Roman Empire anyone?

    • 45caliber


      I agree. We shall prevail.

      It was discovered in WWI that all Europeans fought on orders from officers. The officers would lay out a plan and the men followed it to the letter. (Remember “Charge of the Light Brigade”?) But when the Americans got involved, there was a sudden change.

      American officers very seldom give a battle plan. Instead, they specify a goal. “Take that hill.” “Destory that machine gun nest.” The American soldiers are the ones who are expected to determine how based on the situation and land. And they seldom fail.

      During WWII, one of the biggest battles was with our own allies over who was to be overall commander. The Americans (with stories of their fathers in WWI) refused to fight under a European commander. Eisenhower was selected as a result of that “battle”.

      Today, American soldiers are the same, although many politicians would prefer they weren’t. The politicians (and probably many generals) would prefer that they obey battle plans to the letter. But the American soldiers in the battle are the ones who decide what to do, how to do it, and where to go as they do it. As long as we continue to do that, we shall win.

      • Jay

        Hmm, that was very interesting 45, and very insightful on your part. Thanks for sharing that, it was very encouraging!

    • pegasis

      I agree, except the part about America wil never be invaded. If you lived here in the South West, you would realise that we already have been, and are being infiltrated more and more each and every day.

    • Jay

      That’s the spirit FF, that is exactly what we need to hear, and, on a constant bases. A fight isn’t over until someone says: I quit!

  • TML

    We need that invention that burns salt water as fuel to come into the mainstream. Although, I’m sure oil producers would try to supress that from happening.

  • Mutantone

    It is all part of the plan by the president and the Marxist-Communist in congress to force America to buy oil from Soros and the Muslim Brotherhood. If we drilled here instead the cost of a barrel of oil would be cheaper because the shipping cost would be less and make jobs here, but instead the Obamaommunist want to ruin the USA and send our money to his allies, our enemies. The EPA is out to enforce the carbon tax on our industry to further prevent coal from being used to produce energy, they have allowed drilling permits but banned the drilling in the locations that the permits are requested for.

  • Ronald Johnston

    osama obama is doing his puppet master’s bidding.

    • http://deleted Claire

      Seems like “they” all do their master’s bidding.

  • Jay

    Thanks for the tip on the EOG product Mr. Myers. Makes perfect sense, and sounds very promising, especially in light of the fact that OB will NOT be allowing America to tap into its own resources any time soon. The man is dangerous, and a complete disaster! For someone who studied economics at Harvard, he seems not to understand the basics. Which is; If a country is to succeed, it must be allowed to harvest its own resources, which equals to a thriving, and vibrant economy. I still feel the need to pinch myself when I consider OB in the White House, how could this have happened?

  • Dan az

    The Livable Communities Act, (SB 1619) was introduced by outgoing Senator Christopher Dodd (D-Conn.). It seeks to fulfill the United Nation’s plan Agenda 21, adopted at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 and signed onto by “New World Order” President George H.W. Bush. This bill is the rounding up of all the displaced workers, homeless families, rural folk, and who ever else can be herded into these United Nations, planned population centers. This is the creation of ghettos that will virtually function as prisons for massive portions of the population as land is seized and declared off limits to human habitation as required under the UN Agenda 21 plan.

    * This act:
    * Is a blueprint for the transformation of our society into total Federal control.
    * Will enforce Federal Sustainable Development zoning and control of local communities.
    * Will create a massive new “development” bureaucracy.
    * Will drive up the cost of energy to heat and cool your home.
    * Will drive up the cost of gasoline as a way to get you out of your car.
    * Will force you to spend thousands of dollars on your home in order to comply with EPA demands that you must meet their standards before you can sell your home.

    Much of this is already in play and evident in the economy and in government as we are steered into accepting UN control.

    And that is where we end up: at the United Nations. Virtually everything mentioned here and much more that was not mentioned can be traced back to UN agenda 21 mandates. We are being maneuvered into economic disaster while losing our freedom and human rights to water and food and self determination.

    While we founder on the edge of un-repayable national debt, congress on both sides of the fictional isle and the president work tirelessly to implement by stealth the Agenda 21 protocols. Our government refuses to impose a moratorium on foreign aid even as American’s slide into poverty and this same government refuses to give aid to American’s.

    If there is anything the United Nations hates worse than our dogged determination to remain free, it is our insistence that we will not fall under UN control. Of course the politicians in the District of Criminals, whether Republican or Democrat, and our president have other plans for us
    People its time!!!!

    • Al Sieber

      Good post Dan, thanks for the info.

  • iam

    What do you mean, “When is Ubama going to wake up to the impending crisis?” He knows about it. He wants it. He is helping to manufacture it. Why do you, and most other people, assume that Ubama wants the same thing you want? He doesn’t. He wants to destroy this country. He wants to be this country’s first dictator. For that, he needs crisis after crisis, so he can claim that to cure all the problems, he must have absolute power. Until you realize that, and stop believing that he wants the same results you want, you are blindly being pushed into oblivion.

  • Ridge Runner

    It is all coming to a head as fast as these criminals in washington can put it in place.I think we can still turn it around if enough of the people will just get out and try to in form the people(eduicate the people) to what is going on in our government and all over the world. I have started talking to every one that will listen to me and i belive most of the people don’ have a clue to what these traitors are doing to our country. Most of the people don’t have excess to a computer and you know that you never see any thing in the papers or on tv about what is being done all over the world.I don’t know what in the hell is going on in people’s mind when you try to protect your self and maim or kill in the process the police want to prosicute you and let the criminal go free.It is mind bogglingthat they are saying this idiot tjhat killed all these kids in norway will if convicted will only get 21years at the most. What in the hell is these people thinking taht man’s brains should already be spread all over that camp and his body burned so as not to polute the ground.

  • Insurgent

    This is the price we are paying for allowing the race card game to be played. What makes matters worse is we have allowed a LFN from Kenya to sleep in the White House and impersonate a president.

    • mike

      When people despise a politician for their policies, when the previous president had policies that were even more destructive (remember how we got here), it appears personal, thus race related in this case. It boggles my mind how people refuse to see the massive amount of damage that the previous president did, but yet hate the current one so much they imply he needs to be forcefully removed from office. Obama has done nothing yet to compete what that war criminal has done.

      • http://moniquer7 Merlin

        Bush made a lot of mistakes and I for one did not approve of everything he did But Obams has done nothing but makes things worse. I don’t care what his skin pigmentation may be.

  • Christine
  • Charles

    When will people realize that Obama is just a puppet whose string holders want to cripple the USA economy so that they can control what is left.

  • Matt Burns

    Obama is indeed a threat to America, but the fools who voted for him, and will vote for him again if he is still in office, are an even bigger threat to America. They are gullible, and will believe anything if they think they will benefit from it.

  • Speller

    Independant thinker the correct spelling is independEnt.


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