Only Muslims Can Say, Write ‘Allah’ Under Malaysian Court Ruling


Three Muslim judges in Malaysia overturned a four year-old ruling Monday, finding that only Muslims have access to the word “Allah.”

Under the unanimous ruling, Christian newspapers doing business in Malaysia cannot refer to a deity named “Allah.”

Christians are a religious minority in Malaysia, which is predominantly a “moderate” Islamic country.

Catholic newspaper The Herald, which prints a Malay language edition, had successfully appealed a 2008 order that prohibited it from using the word “Allah.” But the ruling of that lower court decision was overturned Monday by a higher appeals court, amid a political climate that has seen Prime Minister Najib Razak court the favor of the country’s Muslim majority population by reversing earlier liberal reforms.

From The Jerusalem Post, which reported the story:

The usage of the word Allah is not an integral part of the faith in Christianity,” chief judge Mohamed Apandi Ali said in the ruling. “The usage of the word will cause confusion in the community.”

…In its case, the government argued that the word Allah is specific to Muslims and that the then-home minister’s decision in 2008 to deny the newspaper permission to print it was justified on the basis of public order.

The newspaper had argued not that it had a fundamental right to free speech in Malaysia, but rather that “Allah” is a word that existed before the advent of Islam itself, and that it has had cultural currency among native Malay speakers for hundreds of years.

The newspaper has pledged to appeal the ruling to the country’s highest court.

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  • JimH

    I guess the Catholic paper can refer to Allah as the god brought to you by that false prophet Mo-ham-mud.

  • 10-Nov-1775

    Allah, allah, allah. Well, isn’t that special.

  • Blank Reg

    They can have it. I certainly don’t need it for anything.

  • JRR

    So Allah is NOT the same god as the one Christians call God? Well, well … after thousands of years of Muslims insisting that Allah was, and after all the years of the Islam apologists insisting on it. And after our churches and Sunday schools pushed that BS for our entire lives.

    That would explain why one God instructs his people to behave with love and kindness, and the other one instructs that everyone that doesn’t toe the Islamic line be butchered or enslaved. Why one God does not allow animal sacrifice, but the other one wallows in human sacrifice. Why one God does not approve of abuse and torture of children, but the other says sex with newborn babies and the murder of young girls using rape as the method of murder has his crescent-moon-&-star seal of approval.

    It would explain, in fact, why is almost the reverse of the other.

    Well, well … how very interesting that they are finally admitting some of the truth.

    • tim duckworth

      You can call Him any name you will. That’s between you and Him. All told, though, there is only room for One God (the Creator) in the cosmos, universe, or whaterer we exist in

    • John

      7000 years ago there was a series of prophets that prophesied that there would come the great deceiver, Mohammad. He would promote the false God the 2nd son of Satan, Allah. So you have in a nutshell the truth of the matter. They worship the greatest evil in this universe.

      • Deerinwater

        Well, ~ that’s the way the story goes for sure.

      • Ron r

        yeah, and the difference between a war story and a fairy tale. One starts off with once upon a time, and the other with This aint no sh&&!! No john, people like you are the greatest evil in the world.

    • rbrooks

      you never read the old testament?

  • Robert Wood


  • Barnard Brown

    perhaps “the god formerly known as The All-Compelling Subduer”

  • Ron r

    So why is this important in the United States??? It’s not. who cares what happens over there. it’s their country!!

    • John

      We have 7 million Muslims and they are constantly trying to get sharia law imposed on our society. That is why it is important. Muslims want here what they have in Muslim countries. Ovomit is a Muslim and is trying to bring about the Caliphate. I don’t want to be around when that happens.

      • Ron r

        Oh, B/S !!!!!!

        • John

          So you are a low information voter. That is what is wrong in our country for the last 100 years. That is why demoncrats have been elected and for the majority of the time held majorities in congress. So you don’t bother to research, just listen to the communist media and swallow their lie, hook, line, and sinker.

          • Ron r

            Oh, B/S!!!!!!

          • Deerinwater

            low information voter is it now? ~ That’s catchy !

            More like a low disinformation voter John.

            Really John, ~ who is in the dark here?

            No one is entitled to their own set of facts. ~ You really need to learn to listen and hear it all, and not just what you would rather hear.

            You are being played like a violin.

            You can’t drink over and over again and again from a tainted well and not expect adverse effects.

            The good news is, ~ you don’t have too and you can recover in time with self discipline and thinking for yourself. ~ Just pretend everyone is lying and learn to validate facts from hearsay and conjecture.

            There is a lot of disinformation flowing around out there today. ~ so you have company.

          • Deerinwater

            ” That is why democrats have been elected and for the majority of the time held majorities in congress.”

            i don’t know just how far you wish to go back, ~ But for the last 34 years the GOP has donimated the Exective branch.

          • Ron r

            And you are a NO information voter. Your junk can be debunked by a 10 year olds weekly reader…

        • Deerinwater

          John says “that is why democrats have been elected and for the majority of the time held majorities in congress. So you don’t bother to research, just listen to the communist media and swallow their lie, hook, line, and sinker.”

          “Under William McKinley and Theodore Roosevelt, it emphasized an expansive foreign policy. The GOP (“Grand Old Party”), as it is often called, lost its majorities during the Great Depression (1929–40). Instead, the Democrats under Franklin D. Roosevelt formed a winning “New Deal” coalition, which was dominant from 1932 to 1964.

          “That coalition collapsed in the mid-1960s, partly because of white Southern Democrats’ disaffection with passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Republicans resurged, winning seven of the 10 presidential elections 1968 to 2004, with Ronald Reagan as the party’s iconic conservative hero.”

          The GOP expanded its base throughout the South after 1968 (excepting 1976), largely due to its strength among socially conservative white Evangelical Protestants and traditionalist Roman Catholics. As white Democrats in the South lost dominance of the Democratic Party once federal courts declared the Democratic White Primary elections unconstitutional, the region began more taking on the two-party apparatus which characterized most of the nation.

          “The Republican Party’s central leader by 1980 was Ronald Reagan, whose conservative policies called for reduced government spending and regulation, lower taxes, and a strong anti-Soviet foreign policy.”

          So history really does not support your argument well very John,

          Today’s GOP is comprised of a large number of Dixiecrat’s ~ basically disenfranchised democrats put off by the civil right act of 1964.

          We have tigers attempting to change their strip, ~ or maybe it’s a donkey in an elephant suit. ~ which goes along way to explaining the confusion the GOP is in today.

        • Quester55

          While there are those that have a keen insight for the past events, people like Deer-in-water, can’t see the forest for the trees!
          The THING in the President’s Office is Nether an Democrat,, Nor a Republican, In fact, He Is a Communist, Born & Raised as such & It is his main goal to Tear this Country Apart from the Inside!
          Due to People on this Page, It would seem that He (Obama) is doing a Great Job of it!
          The Question remains : ARE WE Going too Let Him Get away with IT?, Or Continue to Bicker among ourselves like little Children ?

          • jaybird

            Quester55, read my posting to Ron r above, it is too long to repeat. Back when the WH held the Ramadan Dinner they had the Official guest list posted and it had names of Muslims that have been appointed to positions in our government.

          • Ron r

            Idiot, why would you have a Ramadan dinner for non Muslims. Keith Ellison is an elected congressman from Minn. My goodness just how stupid are you damn racist !!!???

          • jaybird

            Since you did not get the point, you would have gotten to see which agencies the Muslims are in and have influence with. You like Hellary said “what difference does it make” if they are in some other country making decisions. THEY are in our country making decisions. I think I am writing to a rock.

          • Ron r

            you have no point other than the fact you like Bullard have a deep seeded hatred for Muslims. So deep that neither of you can see the that there are good as well as bad everybody.

          • jaybird

            I have never said that I don’t like Muslims, I have worked with them and had some as friends. There are 2 kinds, the ideological fanatics and then there are the ones that are loyal to this country and regard their Islamic faith as a religion. The Brotherhood is an extreme, fanatical group and that is the one that has ties to Obummer. You are the one that is blind in one eye and can’t see out the other and so stubborn/or don’t know how to investigate articles, that you won’t even read articles or investigate that someone else might be right. I think you are beyond help.

          • Ron r

            The chances of the president having ties to the brotherhood are about as slim as you having a rational thought. No ties by the president, no rational thoughts by you. BTW, why are people like you, the only ones who have this information??? Is it because it’s B/S??? Yes it is. A sitting president with ties to terrorist. Oh , my bad Reagan did sell arms to Iran, so he did have ties to terrorist. You have nothing to offer in the way of proof but sorry a## Reich wing wacko web sites and news letters like WND, Go vote.

          • Ron r

            The answer is that if he were (and he is not) there is not a damn thing you can do about it.

    • John

      Muslims like this country because of freedom of realion but they do not like anyone who does not believe in their realigion.

    • jaybird

      In case you have not noticed, we have Muslims trying to take over our country. Dearborn, MI there is a settlement that hates Christians. They had a fall festival and Christians protested and they threw rocks, etc and the children used the most vile language against them. The Christians brought a civil suit against them and won. Muslims with ties to the Brotherhood have been appointed to positions (FBI,DHS, State Dept., Pentagon, etc) in “our” government by our Muslim President who bows to the Saudi prince. Some have been elected in our state and federal government (Congress). We have been asleep at the wheel, America. Look up the Muslim Brotherhood in the Obama Administration. A newspaper in 1979, the St. Petersburg Evening Independent (FL) published the article by Valerie Jarrett’s father in-law Vernon Jarrett, reveals Start of Muslim Purchase of U.S. Presidency. (look it up). Another article said that the Saudi’s paid for Obama’s College edu.and helped seal the records. Now he is paying them back by appointing Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers to the FBI, DHS, Pentagon, State Dept., etc. Egypt found records of Obama sending payments to Morsi and other Brotherhood operatives each month + the foreign aid to the Egyptian military. You need to expand your reading habits. A document seized by the FBI in 2004, dated 1991 in NO. a top Muslim Brotherhood operative, Mohamed Akram stated that they were going to destroy the United States from within and the end game is Sharia Law.

      • Ron r

        Oh, B/S. And Lincoln shot Booth!!

        • jaybird

          I gave you information so that you could enlighten yourself, even gave you names and dates of the articles so that you can research them, but you continue to remain stupid. No wonder our country is in this mess, it is because of people like you. I bet you vote straight party line.

          • Ron r

            And I bet you are a birther. And think the iceberg hit the Titanic. Your information is as flawed as your voting record.

      • Ron r

        And what the hell would a Christian be doing at a Muslim festival? did Muslims attend a Christian festival?? and if you and others think there are Muslim brotherhood in the white house or that the president is a Muslim, then education will do you no good. There is no cure for islamaphobics. and in case you don’t know, I have Muslim friends and see them almost everyday. So far they have not tried to behead me or any of the women in my family. maybe they don’t like you because you don’t like them.. I wonder why you and your source are the only Americans who know about the funds being sent yet Fox news and Russ Limbaugh , or Hannity don’t know about them. Oh, my bad, they are RINO’s aren’t they???

    • Quester55

      So Ron R., Following your thinking, If Your Neighbor Grew Pit Vipers as His Hobby, It Wouldn’t Be Any of your Business?
      So what if He Allowed them to Roam His Yard, Are you still thinking it would still be None of Your Business?
      & Now if they got into your yard & Bit & Killed your Loved ones, Still None of Your Business?
      Funny Just how Many ” Neutrals “, Their where in the Civil War & What happened to them, that Didn’t want to get Involved!

      • Ron r

        If I am thousands of miles from that so called Neighbor , and that neighbor is in his or her country making laws that effect his or her country and I don’t have to visit that country, it’s none of my business. If I am a Christian in a m Muslim county then I follow the laws of that country. if I come to your house and you require no shoes be worn on your carpet, then I don’t wear shoes. Or stay home. No matter who sat on the side lines during the civil war , the right side won, and Lee along with Jefferson should have been shot for treason!!

  • John

    Nobody complained when Isis(Jesus) spoke in Arabic, Hindu, Hebrew,and Greek to get the message across. So why should these people complain about written comunacation about the word of God? It sounds like these people want everone to speak one language or one realigion. What they have done seems to me like they have proved how hopeless they realy are.

    • John

      Arabs and then Muslims have always been known as back stabbers. Cowards. They worship the 2nd son of Satan, Allah. They follow the teachings of the deceiver Mohammad. He was documented many times to be a liar and thief. he had sex with many mens wives who were followers. A con man at best and totally immoral. That is what they worship. They like the idea that men are in command and women are no more than slaves. They are not even considered human. How I would like to see pelosi and Feinstein stuck in a Muslim culture and then after three or four years of abuse and slavery return and see what their attitude is then.

      • John

        Feinstein would probably like it .She told me to stop eating pork when I was denied worker’s comp by a muslim owned insurance company back in 1998 that refused my claim due to the fact that I had served in the California Army National Guard and was given pork to eat at times.

      • Michigan_REB

        I had to look sounded like a description of Obama. Liar, thief, and con man.

    • Betta


      Isis is NOT Jesus’s name. Never was. Don’t know where you read/heard that. Certainly not in the Bible. Isis can be found in Greek Mythology.

      • John

        In the Holy Quran, it refers to Jesus as Isis, it must be Aribic.

  • sickoit

    Thats ok Christians aren’t down with Satan anyway

  • Deerinwater

    well , ~ we know that they are nuts! Nothing like this might surprise me.

  • hitthedeck

    In comparison of political correctness in America. Think about the N word as a word of hate when spoke by a white man but is acceptable when used by a black man. The Muslims are now trying to introduce a law that prevents spoken and written objections of Islam as a hate law.

    • Quester55

      Let them Eat Spam.!

  • Robert

    Hell with Allah

  • Quester55

    I wish I had copied a Great Picture from a Farmer, Who had Stenciled in
    6 inch letters, the False Idols Name, ” Allah,” on his Herd of PIGS!!
    A Farmer’s Stand against, ” False gods “.

    Just wish we could get all Pig Farms to do the Same!
    After all, What harm is their in a Fitting Name??


    this country needs to go back to where if you want to come to the US,you had to learn english and to adapt to the way of this country,learn the laws,obey those laws and learn our history and study for naturalization test,then take it and be a US citizen!now,it’s just not even close to that!and the muslims just take advantage of the US people’s generosity and then want,want,want more of their country here,in the US,and this Allah crap is just in their nature,to want everything their way or no way!like being able to kill someone in that name and have no consiquences!they don’t want to adapt at all and this is just another example of that!..”Allah sucks donkey dick”!there’s my lick on this!!