Only Black Senator, A Republican, Left Out Of 50th Anniversary Of Civil Rights March


There was a noticeable absence Wednesday from the speaker line-up at the Let Freedom Ring event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington: Tim Scott, the Nation’s only black Senator.

Speakers at the event included Representative John Lewis (D-Ga.), Martin Luther King III, MSNBC host Al Sharpton, along with Jamie Foxx, Oprah Winfrey and others.

Scott, a Republican Representative appointed by South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley to fill retired Senator Jim DeMint’s seat, said in an email that he was not invited to the event.

Meanwhile, Melanie Campbell, the president of the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation, gave a speech at the event which compared America’s Supreme Court Justices to members of the Ku Klux Klan.

“Today there are no white sheets,” she said. “But there are judges in black robes in the U.S. Supreme Court striking down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, opening the floodgates in many states to pass more voter ID laws… with the goal of ensuring we never see a black man elected to the president, or woman, of the United states of America.”

Federal workers in the Washington D.C. area were reportedly given a “liberal leave” day to participate in the March commemoration.

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  • Don 2

    Hey Melanie, it’s a no-brainer; the only reason Democrats do not want voter I.D. laws is so that they can cheat.

  • Chris

    “with the goal of ensuring we never see a black man elected to the president, or woman, of the United states of America.”
    Uh………don’t we ALREADY “HAVE” a black president? Or, does him being half white cancel out the black?

    • chocopot

      Thanks to the damage caused intentionally to this nation by this Marxist POS, sadly it is very likely that no black will ever again be given the opportunity.

    • Robert Messmer

      Chris I thought the other part was even better–“never see …, or woman,” just how the heck do we elect any color of man to be a woman? Woman is not a political office. Had she paid attention in school she would have known that “or woman” should have been placed between the words “man” and “elected”. Then it would read….”a black man or woman elected”. If she was trying to say that Voter ID Laws would (hopefully) keep Hilary out of the White House then she should have added the word “a” in front of the word “woman” so it would read “a black man or a woman elected” I would say that since she is saying that the Voter ID laws being enacted, not those already on the books in states not subject to Section 4, would prevent that quite naturally she meant to add the word “again” either between the words “never” and “see” or after the word “America”. Of course we do not elect someone “to the president” but we do elect them to “be the president” or we elect them to “the presidency”. Strange that she feels only those few states subject to Section 4 control the outcome of national elections. Perhaps she is another example of Affirmative Action Failure?

  • carl_AF

    A lot of the statements made today will do more to create a division of the races than anything that has been done in the past fifty years. There are two prominent black persons in the highest offices of the land (President and Senator) and only one was invited to the event. And then there was a person from MSNBC (Mr. Sharpton) that was a speaker, while the most recent former president (Bush) was not invited. This does not reflect that the organizations that handled this event was interested in furthering the race relations between the blacks and whites of the USA. And, if you want to be friends with the Supreme Court you do not compare the Court members with the KKK.

    • chocopot

      All the chief racists and race-baiters were in attendance, stoking the flames which benefit them but do harm to everyone else. This should not be a surprise to anyone.

  • wavesofgrain

    The left have proved, time and time again, THEY are the true racists of society!

    • chocopot

      Yes, but the MSM will give them a pass and cover up for their misdeeds and foul words.

  • Dajeno

    But they invited Al Sharptongue who is the complete opposite of what MLK stood for.

  • Moustache The First

    To the PC/LIB/DEM/PROGRESSIVE Klan, A conservative black man is not black,, probably not even a man to them…this is the Alinsky elite mindset, “since we are right, there is no discourse & all who disagree do not count & shall not be heard”…this is the mindset of the Godless DEM party in 2013!

    BTW, wasn’t King a registered Republican? I’m pretty sure, but not 100%, I know for sure just like his wonderful niece, Alveda King, he would not be for the murder of life in the womb!

  • Feduponlychild

    It was a trial run of the Democratic Convention. Where was Hiliary?


    Hey, Melanie how may illegal immigrants & non-registered voters voted for our black president?

    • chocopot

      More than you care to know…

  • Moshe McCarthy


  • Oldmonkey

    Deliberately inviting the Bushes who were too ill to attend; Senator Scott, a minority, appointment by a different minority, elected by a majority wasn’t invited because his principles didn’t set well with Democrats because of RACE!

    Anyone who sees, hears, thinks, and feels through the prism of race is a racist

  • Jeff Noncent

    what do we expect? we have a democrat president who doesn’t know anything about what the black person went through, and we have Al sharpton, Oprah think that it is white people that make them slave, you gather those people in one roof no wonder that only black man who is a senator is not invited can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

  • chocopot

    You made a 100% correct statement but then denigrate yourself by using inappropriate terminology. There are many who agree with you, but please refrain from using such words.

    • billybob

      Why. Is policial correctness the parameters in which people must play. What happened to free speech. It in my opinion says we can say any thing we want. It may change in the future, but I may not agree with the terms used, but I shouldn’t condem him for using the terms.

      • chocopot

        Billybob –
        My point is that one will be taken more seriously if one does not use overtly offensive language. For example, calling them all racist race-baiters and America haters would be highly descriptive and accurate but does not use offensive terms that may cause many people to disregard the core of the statement.

        • laura merrone

          What are they then? Nice people who love our country but are destroying it? Just wondering…

  • Alan

    Is anyone surprized that the event was taken over by all the left wing nuts ? The funniest part is that the Rev. King was republican, and probably more closely in tune with the ideology of Sen. Scott.

  • justus brother

    Melanie Campbell; just what color is the jackazz in the whitehouse?

    • billybob

      Depends on who he is talking to! The man is a man of many colors. Arab, Black, White, Indonesian, Kenyan!

  • Libertarian Soldier

    Right, the MLK Dream Speech Celebration and if you’re white and not a democrat, you’re not welcome. even if you are black but you’re not supporting the Job killing un-affordable health-scare act, or you’re not a member of the leftist elites, you’re not wanted and not welcome. You might as well be white.