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One Of America’s Wealthiest Men Slams Obama

April 10, 2012 by  

One Of America’s Wealthiest Men Slams Obama
Bernard Marcus believes that another four years of Barack Obama will be detrimental to the Nation.

While President Barack Obama is busy persuading people that America’s richest citizens are in favor of his policies, one of America’s wealthiest men is speaking the truth about how he feels.

On Friday, Bernard Marcus, co-founder of Home Depot and one of the Nation’s richest men, sat down with FOX News to talk about what another four years of Obama would mean to the Nation.

“If Barack Obama is re-elected, what do you see in your crystal ball?” asked anchor Sean Hannity.

“Despair,” Marcus replied.

“I’m talking about small business people who don’t have lobbyists in Washington,” he added. “We are going to end up like Spain and Greece and U.K. and Germany and everybody else.”

Marcus, whose net worth is estimated at $2.3 billion, knows a thing or two about what it takes to make money and build business. He provided almost all of the funding for the Georgia Aquarium. He also funded The Marcus Institute, a center for children with developmental disabilities.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • s c

    If nothing else, great wealth can insulate you from the fantasy world of Washington. People who are extremely wealthy – in most cases – didn’t need help from Washington to get that wealth, and they don’t need that asylum for anything now.
    Those who dive into the political arena have at least one agenda. On that list you can include Soros, Buffet, Gates and the head of GE. I’d also include Carlos Slim, who is also the wealthiest man in the world (go figure). Slim probably feels like Obummer is doing him a huge favor by looking the other way when Mexican citizens sneak across our southern border.
    I’d like to see some our wealthiest citizens band together and give our business owners a reason to think someone cares. This administration is a poor actor when it comes to reality. Small business owners in particular know exactly what kind of “non-leader” we have in the W H.
    It’s too bad we can’t get our scientists and the wealthiest folks together and put Uncle Scam and his economy-rapers in their place and OUT of Washington.

    • Flashy

      OK…so we have a gadzillionaire going on FOX mcNews to slam Obama, state that small business has no money to lobby in DC, and he doesn’t think four more years of president Obama will be beneficial. That and a buck 65 will get a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

      he’s not rushing out ther to support small business. he can talk a nice line, at the same time he is out to either control the vertical supply lines which controls small business or he’s out to kill small business. Or, it’s too small to make a thought in his mind.

      Other than he’s sending gadzillions to SuperPacs to have you vote the way he decides you should vote…and is part of the problem we face in this nation. There are those, especially today on the Right, who hear what they want to hear, and jump on the bandwagon without looking to see what it’s attached to.

      Why would anyone believe this guy over that of Gates or Buffet?

      • Terry

        Buy from Home Depot!!!!!

      • Bill

        Gee, Flushy, and I do mean Flushy: Gates is a kreep looking to depopulate the planet. Buffet doesn’t pay his lagitament taxes. You need to be flushed along with the other waste matter you mentioned. Do you ever read anything besides Tom and Jane?

      • the big easy

        @ flunky—–COMRADE——-You sound like one of those ADULT DIAPER BOYS that has a very heavily soiled ADULT DIAPER and it is oozing out all over your ADULT BED,you should give your MOMMIE a call and ask her to give you a CHANGE,and be sure to wipe all that DIAPER DRIBBLE from your mouth.———–What a PUKE———————-

      • LA is Great

        As I read your post pinhead comes to mind!

      • Richard Walker

        Flashy, do me a favor. Until you have actually lived in a country governed by socialism would you cease yoour idiotic rantings against capitalism and rich people? You really don’t have a clue about what it is like to not know if you are going to eat on any given day because the ruling elite is keeping all the goodies for themselves. I was in Rhodesia in 1981 right after the “evil” Ian Smith regime lost the election to Robert Mugabe. It was a prosperous place where everything was available except oil (that was embargoed by the world community). Go there now after 30 years of Comrade Mugabe’s Marxist-Leninist policies and you find poverty, crime, and cholera. Of course brother Robert and his henchmen are living in luxury because they are the “ruling elite”, and deserve their goodies for their efforts (or was it they deserve the goodies because they have the guns…?).

        America became the richest and most powerful country in the world because of capitalism, and the idiots in power now want to reduce us to penury in the name of “social fairness”. We must share our wealth with those that don’t want to work for it. If you want to live under such a regime then please go to North Korea or Zimbabwe and enjoy. Socialism and its militaristic cousin communism (share or else, rich people who worked for their wealth) has not worked in the history of mankind. Ever. Why do you thinkl that Barack Obama and his ilk are going to make it work now? People like you that talk the talk without ever having walked the walk, speaking from your little place of comfort and throwing rocks at the system that has given you the freedom and ability to do so make me want to forcibly send you to a place where your idiocy is practiced. Since we are a free nation I can’t do that, your rants are allowed. I can, however, call you on your idiocy and point out the flaws in your communist ideology. You suffer from a terminal case of the 1D 10T syndrome. Like Ron White says, you can’t fix stupid.

      • Flashy

        Richard…do me a favor and before spouting off that because someone takes a biased interview , from a biased McNews program, and looks beyond words and into the deeds .. realize they are not “against rich people”.

        This guy is NOT in your corner as far as political agenda. Yes, he has favorite charity causes. But political ideology, he is far from being in the corner of Middle America.

        I am not against people making money. I am against people who make money crying about their welfare being cut back and their oligarchical hold on the marketplace be threatened.

      • 45caliber


        I agree. People like Flashy should be required to live in some place like Cuba (as a citizen, not a tourist) for at least two years before being allowed to talk about how great socialism and communism are.

      • Flashy

        45…..have I at anytime espoused Communism? Oh wait…anything other than an oligachy controlled by wealthy and Big Corporate interests is socialism and commun ism to y’all.

        One question..why do you insist that ceding our lives and our freedoms to an oligarchy akin to the Great Monarchies of the late 19th century to be a good thing?

      • texastwin827

        According to his own Biography, this man started out as “poor”.

        He was born to Jewish-Russian immigrant parents in Newark, New Jersey. He grew up in a tenement and graduated from South Side High School in 1947.[3] Marcus wanted to become a doctor but couldn’t afford the tuition, so he worked for his father as a cabinet maker through Rutgers University to earn a pharmacy degree.

        Later, he worked at a drugstore as a pharmacist but became more interested in the business and retailing part of the business. He worked at a cosmetics company and various other retail jobs, eventually reaching a position as a top executive with Handy Dan Improvement Centers, a Los Angeles-based chain of home improvement stores. In 1978, after a disagreement with his boss at Handy Dan, he and Home Depot co-founder Arthur Blank were both fired.

        So basically, Flashy, this man started with nothing, WORKED while going to college, and eventually created a company that became very successful…but you apparently feel he doesn’t have the right to express a political opinion…because he’s rich, today?

      • Flashy

        Texas…i did not state he had no right to express a political opinion. he can say what he wants. What I DID say was that hearing what he stated, and then looking at the totality of the environment, as well as understanding what he said…he’s not on your side.

        To agree with what he stated, and the implications, is to agree that we should have a ruling elite in this nation consisting of an oligarchy of wealthy and Corporate interests, a shrinking middle class, and continuation of the massive redistribution of wealth that’s been ongoing since 1981 from the Middle Class to the upper elite.

      • Troy

        LOL Its hilarious to see how many people that go onto this site are brain-dead. Flashy and Doc are two of the very few people I agree with who have been making responses on this site. As an individual mentioned earlier, you can’t fix stupid. No indeed, you can’t fix stupid. The math being used by “geniuses” like Paul Ryan is one of the biggest reasons this nation has had to climb out of the second “Great Depression.” If I was a candidate for president and found Paul Ryan was supporting me as a candidate, it would serve as a red flag that I needed to re-think my economic plan. Mitt Romney says he likes to be able to hire and fire people. Oh conservatives, beware, he wants to fire YOU. Romney, supported by economic brains like David and Charles Koch, along with Karl Rove, would love to implement policies supported by the Koch brothers like abolishing the minimum wage and providing even more stupid tax breaks to the rich which have been bankrupting this country. I commend President Obama for being one of too few politicians who want to get rid of big tax breaks for oil campanies and bring job back to the United States of America, rather than lower the corporate tax rate to zero like Santorum and lead us on a one way path to Greaseville (Greece). President Obama and Joe Biden have the sense to lead us away from the stupid economic policies of Greece and the Republican Party and Tea Party.

        • Richard Walker

          Troy,you are the stupid I was refering to earlier. I read your idiotic comment and just had to tell you that you have got it 180 degrees out. Obama is taking us to where Zimbabwe, Greece, Italy, and all the other socialist countries are now. SOCIALISM DOESN’T WORK! Did you get that?

          I have to think you have never left the confines of your home town, because if you had traveled in the wortld you would know (like me) that America is the most prosperous and free nation ever. We are being led down a path that the uneducated boobs like you think is a grand one… spread that wealth around, tax the crap out of the rich (until they leave), screw those capitalist pigs! If you have ever held a productive job Troy, I assure you that you didn’t work for a poor man. You are likely a government worker sucking up hard working taxpayers money. It takes money (capital) to make money, or do you think like all other drones that vote for democrats that it grows on trees?

          I have been to poor countries all over the world that are poor because of the way they are governed; the land itself is rich. Every one was a socialist/marxist/leninist form of government. I would far prefer to live as a poor man in America than a rich man in Zimbabwe or Zambia. Here I get to eat real food, instead of bark from trees and grass… If you are not happy in our capitalist society please remove yourself to someplace more to your liking, like Zimbabwe or North Korea.

      • 45caliber


        First, I said “people like Flashy”. I didn’t say that you in particular was in favor of communism. However, there is very little difference between the two. Both are oligarchies – which you say you don’t like. You get a small group of people in power who deliberately keep everyone else powerless and poor so they can control them. I’m also againt monarchies, thyrranies, and dictatorships … and we are very close to that when the President states that the Supreme Court is no longer of use if they don’t approve whatever Congress and he does and he states that the Congress is not of use when it won’t pass what he wants so he intends to use executive orders to by-pass them. Actually, the US is an oligarchy now in that the Congress and President run things to their own liking anyway. You are concerned about some CEO’s telling Congress what to do. I’m concerned because Congress does pretty well what it wants, whether they are told what to do or not.

      • Libertytrain

        flash is apparently kin to Maynard G. Krebs…..for those who remember who he was – and what he stood for – remember how fearful he was when folks mentioned the cuss word (to him a cuss word) WORK – scared him to death. Work – not a scary word — except for some folks.

      • Flashy

        45…In practice, Communism as so far implemented by a Nation is an oligarchy, and, at times such as Stalin and Mao, a dictatorship. Much like today’s corporation. on the face, the Management can be changed by a vote of shareholders. In practice, ain’t gonna happen. thinking about it, a corporate set up is akin to as practiced communism. Shareholders and labor equate to civilians, the Board of Directors would be a Politburo, and the organizational power structure is entrenched.

        And you are correct, I am anti-oligarchy, anti wealth concetnration via redistribution, and anti welfare for the wealthy. While i don’t think government is efficient nor necessarily a good element in some cases, I do think an efficient government is bad (the most efficient government structures are dictatorships), and i do see government in being a buffer to protect the Middle Class and lower classes from over reach by the wealthier and more powerful.

        What concerns me is expemplified on this site. Simplistic jingoisms and thinly disguised lies, obviously flawed when examined, giving a message based upon fear or hate, relying upon ignorance and shallow thought, and which feeds into social discontent. All calculated to give power to the very elements which created today’s situation as well as which promises to extend the inequlaities and wealth distribution which began in 1981.

      • JeffH

        Falsy is at it again, speaking out of ignorance! It’s no wonder that you have no credibility?

        Have you even heard of the Job Creator Alliance…Bernie Marcus
        is just one of their leaders.

        Their Mission: is to provide a voice for the small business owner and entrepreneur by promoting comprehensive reform in several key policy areas. JCA believes that by enacting certain commonsense reforms, America can get back on the pathway to solid fiscal footing, durable economic growth and consistent job creation.

        We do this by bringing together innovative leaders who understand the benefits and pitfalls of free enterprise, and by educating Americans on the vital role entrepreneurship plays in job creation.

        Marcus’s unbridled philanthropy is legendary. He not only donates his wealth, he also donates his time to worthwhile causes. He leads by example. Following his lead, most of The Home Depot employees who have enjoyed great wealth from their tenure at the company have also been very charitable. Marcus takes pride in having created a generation of special people who have embraced his efforts and concerns as their own.
        Marcus also directs a great amount of his philanthropy into helping those suffering from catastrophic diseases.

        Marcus’s other passions for his philanthropy include medical/healthcare issues. He has supported research at the City of Hope Hospital and served on their board since the late 1970s. He also provided grant support for research that includes bone marrow and stem cell transplants.

        In the area of free enterprise, Marcus has also made this a philanthropic priority. It is motivated by his own ability to succeed with The Home Depot. He wants to promote a system for all Americans who want to help themselves.

        Does this guy really scare you Falsy?

      • Doug

        Yes farty sure would. Hey Farty how come I never read about blowing gass about how the private union steals money from hard working people to put in Demorats pockets for elections? Or the PUBLIC employees unions that seat on both sides of the the bargining table so as to keep the criminals politicians on mostly the Demorate (Communist, Socialist) party in charge of their criminal zone. But you are so worried about super pacs might want to read up on how the communist unions steal money then have laws passed to help their criminal organizations!

      • Jibbs

        Go jump in a deep lake twice, and come up once.

      • jag57

        As long as it’s not attached to another 4 years of a Stalinist, at this point in time, I’m ok with it. I would vote for Donald Duck, or Elmer Fudd, if it would get this guy our of the White House. I’m not saying I don’t have a preference, because I do, but he isn’t going to be elected, since I don’t believe a strict constitutionalist can be elected.

    • eddie47d

      I love Home Depot and use it often.yet here you have a billionaire who gladly takes money from those of us who are willing to do things ourselves and can’t afford to hire someone else to do the work. Thanks for creating a place where the working man can buy the tools and supplies he needs Mr Marcus so I won’t fault you for that. Yet you are now coming across as another fat cat who made your billions off our backs. You certainly have a right to vote and show support for anyone you like and I doubt if I will boycott you like some plan to do with Coca Cola.I certainly won’t stoop that low in denying your right to make money. Yet the wealthy do have numerous lobbying groups who work their magic in Washington and they help you build your financial empires. From now on I will keep a closer eye on your company to see if lobbyists ALEC and Citizens United have influence over you. If they do then I will know if you are blowing smoke out of both sides of your mouth.

      • Vigilant
      • JeffH

        Ah eddie takes falsy’s lead and speaks out of ignorance.
        RE: my above response to falsy regarding Bernie Marcus.

        Heres a link where you can read up a a little on Marcus’ background.

        Avoid the taste of shoe leather, it tastes bad and doesn’t digest well. Promotes bad gas, heartburn and foot in mouth disease.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, thanks for the link. A great reference source I might add.

        I lost all of my bookmarks when I had the hard drive replaced in my laptop earlier this year.

      • TheOtherWhiteMeat

        Remember, folks, for whatever it’s worth to you: HomeDep has a BIG pro-homosexual agenda. Google it and see pictures of the celebration, replete with indoctrinated children at the festivities. Doesn’t sound like much right-wingin” going on there.

      • JeffH

        TheOtherWhiteMeat, what a dolt.

        Home Depot’s web statement:

        Embracing Diversity, Creating Inclusion — One Associate at a Time

        As the global leader in the home improvement industry, our ability to understand, embrace and operate in a multicultural world, where we serve a diverse array of customers, is critical to our success. In order to remain competitive, our workforce must mirror the diversity of the world we operate in.

        To serve our customers, we must know our customers. To know our customers, we must reflect our customers. The greater the diversity of our people, the greater our ability to serve our customers.

      • JC

        eddie, you and flashy really are demented idiots. Marcus made money off “your backs”?
        You don’t like the system move to China or get an idea and bankroll it yourself, nobody forced you to buy anything from anyone…except for maybe Obamacare?…communist morons.

    • steve

      maybe ya’ll should look into this man’s back ground before judging him like other rich people. how much money and hours did he and his partners put into home depot to not only get it off the ground but keep it afloat when time’s were hard. these men started from the ground with this comopany and look how sucessful they have become. why shouldn;t they reep what they sowed./ ya’ll are very jealous people.

      • Flashy

        And no one is asking to have their mioney taken from them…only to pay their fair share for the benefits they receive for being able to make that money.

        Is it so bad to have the wealthy’s welfare checks cut ?

      • steve

        then tell the congress to change the tax code. until that happens everything stays statue quo. you would reep the same benefits if you were in their shoes would you not? you have to take risks in life to have a chance of reeping the rewards for those risks. if you can’t afford to do that then that’s life. quite complaining about what some one else reeps and use your god given talents so you can prosper yourself.

      • Flashy


        I have written, and my Congressional reps are solidly behind President Obama’s plan to halt the massive redistribution of wealth we’ve experienced since 1981 from the Middle Class to the wealthy.

        As i stated, do not just listen to what Marcus stated….look at the totality. And you’ll realize he speaketh with not your interests in mind…..

      • Opal the Gem

        “And no one is asking to have their mioney taken from them…only to pay their fair share for the benefits they receive for being able to make that money.”

        In other words take their money from them.

      • Flashy

        Pay their fair share Opal. Not take. They receive huge benefits allowing them to make that wealth, they should pay for them.

      • RichE

        Why are capital gains taxed at a lower rate? What’s the justification?

        • Richard Walker

          Duh, um, well, maybe so people will have an incentive to invest their hard earned money, huh? No investment = no capital = no factories = no jobs = poverty for everybody… Are all you idfiot liberals so brain dead? I think most of you think your welfare checks are money you have earned by breathing.

      • 45caliber


        If everyone paid their “fair share” as you stated, we would be paying the same percentage – say 15% of our income. Unfortunately about half the people pay NO taxes at all, while others pay far more. What is fair about that??

      • JeffH

        falsy says “And no one is asking to have their mioney taken from them…only to pay their fair share for the benefits they receive for being able to make that money.

        Is it so bad to have the wealthy’s welfare checks cut

        “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” – “Jeder nach seinen Fähigkeiten, jedem nach seinen Bedürfnissen!”.

        In the Marxist view, such an arrangement will be made possible by the abundance of goods and services that a developed communist society will produce; the idea is that there will be enough to satisfy everyone’s needs.
        The complete paragraph containing Karl Marx’s statement of the creed in the ‘Critique of the Gotha Program’ is as follows:

        In a higher phase of communist society, after the enslaving subordination of the individual to the division of labor, and therewith also the antithesis between mental and physical labor, has vanished; after labor has become not only a means of life but life’s prime want; after the productive forces have also increased with the all-around development of the individual, and all the springs of co-operative wealth flow more abundantly—only then can the narrow horizon of bourgeois right be crossed in its entirety and society inscribe on its banners: From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs!

      • James

        Flashy, what huge benefits did Bernard Marcus receive that enabled him to become so successful?

      • Libertytrain

        Be real – he had the advantage of not being afraid to work for a living to earn his wage. A rare commodity on the left.

    • GALT

      “For every subtle and complicated question there is a perfectly simple and straightforward answer which is WRONG!” H.L. Mencken

      Thank you, Mr. Nash…….such in depth insight from some who knows “a thing or two about
      making money.” His concern for the small business people who “do not have lobbyists” is also very touching……but most impressive is the concept of “sharing” and his “speaking the truth about what he feels.” That we ( and he ) are going to end up like everyone else.”

      I imagine this latter part is the closest representation to the TRUTH that he can manage,
      but this is a pointless article, with no purpose except to attempt to assign causation and and therefor a solution to, a problem which is far more complex.

      The problem, began with the collapse of the housing bubble…..and the resulting “panic”
      which tanked the economy……..when this occurred, other weaknesses became visible,
      but the primary problem and the immediate solution was to attempt to stop the PANIC,
      which is the other side of the coin of “irrational exuberance.”

      The “panic” phase is over, but the fear remains…..and there are two truths of which we can be certain………….1.) The action of intervention that halted the panic has NOT
      resolved the underlying cause, in that the losses that took place, have not been written off, nor have the loser’s been determined or held accountable, so the “fear” remains and will RULE until this is RESOLVED. 2.) While this is working it’s way toward resolution, we can be certain that despite the FEAR, no rational actor desires the “collapse” that is still a possibility.

      This phase is both dangerous and critical, for despite attempted comparisons to the past,
      relying on history, or any sort of conventional wisdom, these are uncharted waters without
      precedent……..and it should be noted that while we can expect “rational interest” to
      prevail………this does not mean, nor did it ever mean…..”enlightened”.

      Pieces like this do not serve any useful purpose, contain no information, identify no
      accurate causes, nor propose any viable solutions.

      While the concerns of Mr. Marcus regarding the despair of “ordinary people” is quite
      touching…….I doubt the “ordinary people” will take much comfort from it, nor confidence
      that his concern and/or solution holds any promise of improvement. Cui bono?

      • JeffH
      • GALT

        ????????????????????? Unless you are willing to provide some relevant reason,
        posting a link in response to any post made by me, is a waste of my time…….if you happen to actually manage to provide a contextually relevant reason, complete disclosure of the nature, source and funding for the link ( the org in this case ) must also be provided.
        Inability, failure or unwillingness on your part to meet these conditions, and knowing thsi in advance……will save you time……which you can devote to learning to express for yourself
        whatever it is you think the link will do for you.

      • JeffH

        Galt says “While the concerns of Mr. Marcus regarding the despair of “ordinary people” is quite
        touching…….I doubt the “ordinary people” will take much comfort from it, nor confidence
        that his concern and/or solution holds any promise of improvement. Cui bono?

        And my point is that his concerns and solutions, by his own actions, do hold promise of improvement…for those that are interested and willing to work for it.

      • JeffH

        FYI, Galt…I do find you to be quite full of yourself.

      • Libertytrain

        well said on both your posts. I do as well see mr. or ms. galt tripping happily over an over-extended ego.

      • JeffH

        Libertytrain, now brace yourself.

        “And so the guided questioning goes on without anyone losing face or being left out of the decision-making. Every weakness of every proposed tactic is probed by questions…. Is this manipulation? Certainly….”

      • GALT

        For JeffH. and my POINT had nothing to do with your attempt to make a point, but please do not be discouraged, you may in time get the POINT….which is the POINT!

      • Libertytrain

        jeff – one can fix many things but one ——- do you get the point or it is pointless to point out that which we already know….

      • JeffH

        Libertytrain :) I just don’t speak in tongues. :)

      • GALT

        Actually, you have nothing to say, but insist on saying it……which was the point of my post.
        But I guess since there’s two of you….you win! Get the POINT?

      • Libertytrain

        yes, galt, it is easy to understand your point, or lack thereof, is pointless. I’m not concerned if you see my point or don’t – it’s pointless to continue with a circle that has no end – there is no point – just an endless line in a circle of egotistical Galt babble. a beginning but no end….

  • cawmun cents

    I dont know much about science,but I do know a little about human tendencies.
    Like the tendency to find in your research what you are paid to find,by those who fund it.
    Whether it has a basis in truth or not can be and often is debated in the scientific community.
    My personal favorite words used to confuse the ignorant are.”researchers”,and “experts”.
    These folks apply for grants,and are paid,by folks who expect results.
    Not withstanding certain aspects of this ideology,I understand that there are legitimate scientists doing these things for research purposes.
    But how can you necessarily assume to separate one form of science from the other,since those two previous buzzwords I spoke of are used so liberally?
    Ah…the question is one of trust.
    Scientists work for the Pharmaceutical companies yes?
    The military industrial complex,yes?
    The Red Chinese,and the North Koreans have “experts,and “researchers”working for them.yes?
    “,money,who do you trust?”,said the Joker.
    That is the million dollar question isnt it?
    No pun intended.

    • firefight

      I like what you say about “researchers” and “experts.” How about “procedural rules?’ This one is being used in place of “censureship.” When information leading to Obama’s forged birth certificate and Selective Service card are being removed from certain on line sites, instead of coming out with the truth that censureship is afoot, they blame it on that site’s “procedural rules” which might imply that certain funding might go away if they don’t play by the puppet master’s rules. So much for the 1st amendment.

      In America, today, we have this amazing ability to rename things or in a better explanation, “camouflage” the reality of our intent. Now, if Obama doesn’t like the lack of co-operation he’s getting from the Legislative branch of government or the Judicial branch, he chooses to implement “executive” order. How convenient. Someone ,somewhere gave him a tool to circumvent out system of checks and balances. So, to get rid of this clown, who do we call? A garbage man, or a “sanitation engineer.”

      • Cliffystones

        This is what cartoonist Scott Adams calls “Dilbertization”.

      • Cliffystones

        “In America, today, we have this amazing ability to rename things or in a better explanation, “camouflage” the reality of our intent.”

        Refer to my comment above.

    • 45caliber


      There are two types of researchers. There is the only like you describe who seeks to find what he is paid to find. I personally don’t consider them to be scientists. The other type is scientists who seek to find what is there to find. If it matches what someone wants, that’s fine but if it doesn’t, oh well. They may have some goal, such as putting man into space, but how they do it is left to what they find will work, not what someone tells them to find.

      The global warming scientists are members of the first group since they are finding that data as required to get the money (I almost said “earned” but they don’t really earn it) promised. They simply discard or ignore everything that disagrees with what they are paid to find.

      There are two definitions of expert. The first is “a has-been drip under pressure”. The other is anyone fifty miles from home. I don’t believe there is any other real definition despite what some government people might believe.

  • MAP

    Our president is a moron. His policies didn’t work for the Soviet Union. Why should they work here? There is no way to understand those that don’t dwell in the real world. And we are now supposed to be so stupid as to believe this Marxist, the most radical leftist in the history of the country, is actually a moderate! What are we to believe next, that the Soviet Union was a bastion of freedom, a conservative state that did not actually slaughter 30 millions of their citizens, but loved them to death? Out of the mouth of idiots….

    • eric

      as obscene as it sounds, not the most radical leftist in the country. you left out the leadership of the black panthers. a group that is now arguing that, being black, the laws of this nation do not apply to them. the current lot on camera in florida is now preaching the malcolm x line of going to war with the federal government with a constituency of whom the majority is taking gov handouts, but dont you dare stop supporting them.

      • eddie47d

        When you come to gripes about all the extreme right wing groups out there influencing communities and political policies (Sovereign Nation etc) then I will look at your comment as credible. Until then the NBP’s are only a fly speck on the national landscape.

      • MAP

        Eddie, as usual is full of far left blarney. The left can only exist by means of fear, lies and distortions. They have to create a boogey-man. And when that doesn’t work, they resort to total tyranny to completely suppress opposition. .That is why their only support is the parasite class, illegals, whiners and perverts.

      • 45caliber


        And here I thought he and Holder were members of the NBP.

        In any case, I’ve always considered the far left as the ones who want to control everyone and everything by violence if necessary while I consider the far right as those who want as little control as possible by anyone. There are groups who are so far right that they wrap around into the far left. Their only real difference between the NBP and some of the other groups is who will be in charge.

  • B. Holmes

    For those who think Obummer’s policies aren’t working…they are. His basic plan is to destroy America. It is working just fine.

    • Sirian

      Very much so, well said!

    • castaway

      Spot on B.Holmes

    • Terry

      If drastic changes are not made in the next elections there will be no more elections .Obamas plans are to stay in and you will do as you are told so wake up America!!!!

    • Doc Sarvis

      Hmmm; the economy is getting better – too slowly for anyone but consistently. Seems that is the opposite of destroying America.

      • Flashy

        Doc…their dream of what America is is a downtrodden shrinking Middle Class, starvaing masses, and a small eligatiarian elite who they can bow down to and only hope a few coins are tossed their way.

        ‘Cause whatever they’re wanting, it sure ain’t the America i grew up in

  • Chester

    I wonder how many of those charities he funded so deeply would have received a penny if he hadn’t been able to write the donation off his taxes, sometimes two or three times. If he is so worried about money being available for small business, why isn’t he playing the part of an angel and seeing to it money IS available. Could it be that he can see no gain for him in doing that? Or, more likely, his bookkeepers can show him no gain and lots of potential losses if he gets into that.

    • Ellen

      Chester, I doubt he was able to write any donations off his personal taxes. Once your income exceeds a certain amount (maybe $175,000) you start losing the full value of the few deductions you can take. You can’t deduct education expenses and many other things that all other filers deduct. You can deduct mortgage interest and charitable donations – but the deductions are reduced on a sliding scale. At his income, he wouldn’t get those deductions at all. I think most Americans don’t realize this and are constantly told by the media that the rich get all the tax breaks. The rich get no tax breaks at all. They do benefit from the lower capital gains tax, as they have capital gains. We all benefit from the lower capital gains tax, but most of us don’t have those gains.

      • ChristyK

        If you only include the Capital Gains tax of 15%, those who make most of their income from Capital Gains do pay a lower rate than others with similar income. Technically their income is already reduced because of the Corporate taxes, therefore the income is double taxed and the effective rate is very similar to what it would be for income taxes. The value of stocks is loosely based on the profit of the company. The company’s profit is reduced by the high (~30%) corporate tax. Therefore the capital gains are reduced roughly by a third before being taxed again at the 15%.

    • fixyourself

      Chester – please site your references. I would like to get a 3x tax brea too. Or should I be like Buffet, and pay lip service to taxes, while my company fights the IRS over 5 billion?

      • Flashy

        Obvious you have not done research to realize the tax issues Buffett’s company is in with the IRS has to be pursued or the SEC and the many fiduciary rules protecting the shareholders will be violated. It’s not Buffett’s tax’s his company’s tax issue and the dispute is legally mandated to protect the investor interests.

        But don’t let facts get in the way of a good rant.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Nothing like a big box like Home Depot to put small local hardware stores out of business. Marcus is focused on one thing and one thing only, his profits. Oh he can easily talk about his huge concern for small business (ha) but he sees four more years with President Obama at the helm as far better for the finances of 99% of us and not as great for he and a few other 1 percenters.

    • MAP

      “four more years with President Obama at the helm as far better for the finances of 99% of us”. You are delusional beyond help or pity. You may need to be reminded that Home Depot is one of the greatest promoters of the queer agenda. Carful what you say, comrade. The thought police will be searching for you.

      • Doc Sarvis

        When you refer to a “queer agenda” you must be talking about basic human rights.

    • http://personallibertydigest Lyle McDaniel

      poor baby!!! flash too dam bad you cant just dip into any and every ones wallet you feel has more than you . Pure commie trash…

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You did not care about the small hardware stores when they existed. Most likely you never set foot in one. So what is your concern now?

      • Doc Sarvis

        I actually used to work in one a long time back. I still visit the local one.

    • d

      “Nothing like a big box like Home Depot to put small local hardware stores out of business.”

      Odd that you mention that since it has no basis in fact. Our local hardware store is doing just fine and has even expanded its store since the “big box” opened here. they are doing just fine and we have in fact had another local company add a line of hardware items.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Take a broader sample than your immediate community.

    • Doug

      First off remove the title DOC because really what you are is a fool? If you happened to make more money since Obanation has been in office then after paying for energy you be in a hole just like your head is in your A hole!

      • Doc Sarvis

        How dare you call yourself Doug!

  • ConcernedVet

    And Flash-Trash leaves her one-level thinking -again, for all of us to digest…
    Another blind follower of our underachieving leader. Sip that Kool Aid, gurly!
    You disgust those of us that can see the writing on the wall, and you can’t even see the wall. Your blather, is that of a typical Dem -worthless, shallow, and without sustanance.

    I’m betting you are grossly overweight, hired by a local govt. agency. a single mom, getting child suport, Wix, and other program payments. (But by God, she is raising that child on her OWN) You are typical of the free loaders, and their defense of the “Good Life”
    By the way, does your boss know how much time you are spending on this site -spewing your pathetic ooz? Oh yeah, they are a like ilk, and probably on other sites doing the same propogating of crap. All at the expense of the working masses. Slurp it up gal, your time is coming.

    Do us all a favor, and go to a site (Craigs List?) and spew all you want. This site if for people with quite a bit more insight than you are capabile of digesting.
    What is the mindset of people like you? You can’t think through what is presented without falling back into the defensive ‘talking points’ so many of you chant…

    Gawd, you are a piece of work.

    • Flashy

      CV…as most of your posts are, this one is wayyy off. Bet you were a REMF eh?

      • MAP

        Yeah, you tell him Trashy. A commie mental case knows whats what!

  • Yoerg

    The Co-founder of Home Depot saying that 4 more years of Obama will hurt small business and the average working person. The reason he says that is because he does not want small businesses anymore. How many of you remember the local Hardware store that had everything that you would ever need for your home? If they did not have the lumber that you needed they knew the local Sawmill owner who would have it ready within a reasonable time. That is all gone now.
    It is easy for the republicans to want to get rid of healthcare for everyone, remember they get the best healthcare available at the cost of us the taxpayer. This is all done while they make more in one term in office than the working class most likely wont see that in their lifetime. And then after they are out of office they continue to get their pension that is equivalent to what their salary was. It is no wonder the United States is so far in debt.

    • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

      How dense can you get! read the whole bstory,.. These people started very small and with good sense and hard work developed a chain buisness. No govt handouts . They are entitled to keep every dime they get, they earned it, can you say the same?

      • Flashy

        no government handouts. you know this how?

        No one is saying the gadzillionaires should give their wealth back. The issue is whether to allow to continue or to halt the massive redistribution of wealth that has been ongoing since Reagan from the Middle Class to the wealthy.

        What is wrong with wanting to end the welfare for the wealthy and have them pay their fiar share for the benefits they receive from this society?

      • Yoerg

        I think that you better do your homework. Yes they started as a small business and then became a Chain. They did in fact recieve money from the government along with private investors to grow into that Large Chain.
        Yes, I can say that I worked hard for every dime but I am also paying my fair share and I am a retired, conservative.

    • Libertytrain

      Yoerg – despite a Lowe’s and a couple other chain hardware stores our local hardware store is always packed and busy – people utilize many types of these stores for many different reasons.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Nice try, but you probably never set foot in a hardware store or even knew someone who owned it or worked in it.

      • Yoerg

        Nice Try? Never set foot in a local Hardware Store? I have used the local Hardware Store that has been in our city for 93 years, I can alwasy find what I want even items that have been outdated for the past 50 years. I always get Quality products from this Local Hardware rather than the rejects that the Big Box Store that either does not have what I need or a product that I have to return because it is of poor quality.
        I was saying that Doc, should do more research on how that Big Box Home Depot got so big. AWhy shopuld the Wealthy pay next to nothing taxes while the middle class has to pay 28%- 32% every year?

    • d

      ” How many of you remember the local Hardware store that had everything that you would ever need for your home?”

      I will repeat my reply to Doc.

      Odd that you mention that since it has no basis in fact. Our local hardware store is doing just fine and has even expanded its store since the “big box” opened here. they are doing just fine and we have in fact had another local company add a line of hardware items.

      • Doc Sarvis

        And I will rfepeat my reply; you should make a broader sample than one community.

  • Ellen

    Doc, Contrary to what he says, Obama doesn’t care about the middle class at all. He needs their votes, so he tells them that he’s working in their best interest. Obama only works in the best interest of the 50% of the population who pay no taxes and of the illegals. We have 150 million earners in the US. 75 million pay no taxes; a large percentage of them get a tax credit. 1.5 million are the 1%; they pay 37% of all taxes. That means 74 million people pay the other 63% of taxes. It is imposible for any tax increases on the 1% (who already pay far more than their fair share) to make a dent in our budget. There are simply too few of them. So, the 74 million middle class are on the hook. Common sense tells us Obama can’t do anything to help them – except make the 50% who pay nothing start paying a small percentage. That will NEVER happen. They are Obama’s (Democrats) base. Obamacare will put an additional burden on the middle class to pay for preventive care for the ‘poor.’ The poor already get free sick care. The irony is preventive care doesn’t work. We’ve been under the preventive care model for 30 years and our health has greatly deteriorated in that time. Preventive care simply wastes billions of health care dollars each year, which have to be passed on by insurance providers as rate increases. Obama believes in wealth redistribution and open borders. Whose wealth do you think he needs to redistribute? The middle class’.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Contrary to what you say, President Obama IS trying to help our whole country including the 99% of us who have been given the shaft of late. Your statement; “Obama believes in wealth redistribution and open borders.” is the best place to start. President Obama has deported more illegals than any recent President and the wealth redistribution has been occurring for many decades (accellerated in the last decade), with wealth being more and more concentrated at the very top (1%).

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Doc, open your eyes! obama is a COMMUNIST!!! What he wants for us is that we all have the same, NOTHING! He was born, raised and trained a communist! Everything he’s done is in preparation to put communism into effect. You have to be blind not to put the pieces together and not see the entire picture! If he gets a second term, we are all doomed. LOOK at what he has done thus far! “There is none so blind as he who WILL NOT see.”

      • Doc Sarvis

        Nancy in Neb.
        Just because you capitalize the word Communist does not make your statemnent true. You provide no proof of your claim. Does America have social programs? Yes, of course we do and we have for most if not all of our history. That does not make us a Communist country.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        President Obama has deported more illegals than any recent President
        ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\WHY DIDN’T HE BACK ARAZONAS BILL? NOT FIGHT IT!

      • eddie47d

        Nancy has been going off the grid for awhile now and seems to fully embrace the extreme right and their antics. Obama needs to show more of a backbone in getting the job done and stand on his principles whether he wins or loses. Don’t cater to Wall Street,Don’t cater to the Jesse Jackson’s,Don’t cater to the Big Oil companies. ANY President must remember Country First and personal agenda second.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Bert Cundle Sr.


        Because he is doing his job.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Beacuse: Since Black Power in the 70′s Made the Black Invaders LEGAL, not Mexicans…

      • JeffH

        eddie, you’re so full of “talking points” your eyes are brown.
        eddie’s latest buzz words are “extreme right”. I see that Nancy really rattled your cage by calling Obama a “communist”…the horrors, the horrors!

  • 45caliber

    I love the way that all politicians (but particularly Oblama) say “all” the rich agree with him. Actually, I wonder if any actually does. And when he calls for the 70% tax on the rich, I wonder why Oblama isn’t already paying it. After all, you can donate any money you wish to the government in addition to paying taxes. The last time I saw a copy of Oblama’s tax form, he was paying less percentage of tax than I do.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Please site when President Obama has stated that, as you put it; ““all” the rich agree with him”.

      • 45caliber

        I might argue with flashy or eddie once in awhile. They sometimes make sense. You never do. So don’t expect me to respond to whatever you say.

      • Doc Sarvis

        Thanks for your response.

      • JeffH

        Doc, here’s one for the gipper.

        Apr 13, 2011
        From page 3 – Transcript of Obama’s Speech on the National Debt

        So this is our vision for America – a vision where we live within our means while still investing in our future; where everyone makes sacrifices but no one bears all the burden; where we provide a basic measure of security for our citizens and rising opportunity for our children.

        Of course, there will be those who disagree with my approach. Some will argue we shouldn’t even consider raising taxes, even if only on the wealthiest Americans. It’s just an article of faith for them. I say that at a time when the tax burden on the wealthy is at its lowest level in half a century, the most fortunate among us can afford to pay a little more. I don’t need another tax cut.

        Warren Buffett doesn’t need another tax cut. Not if we have to pay for it by making seniors pay more for Medicare. Or by cutting kids from Head Start. Or by taking away college scholarships that I wouldn’t be here without. That some of you wouldn’t be here without.

        ****”And I believe that most wealthy Americans would agree with me.”****

        They want to give back to the country that’s done so much for them. Washington just hasn’t asked them to.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    It’s The “Governments” Money… Spending… & Debts…. Is the “Problem”!
    It looks like to me… The “Federal Resurve” Backed Loans:, to home owners, Bussinesses, & Commities, to determan… “That had a great fall”… All of the Kings Horses & all the kings Men, Wouldn’t Put back together again.
    W.T.C. – N.Y: Insurance Company Didn’t Rebuild (Replace the buildings) The Loans to build & opperate were likely backed by: “Our Federal Resurve”…
    Since Our Government has gotten into Big Bussiness… & Now Small Bussinesses to… MISSMANAGEMENT HAS GONE RAMPAD… Driveing us into deeper Debt!
    The Fed. Insurance backed programs are a compleete failure… But now the Fed Government wants to have a Medical Insurance Program? When is the LIFE INSURANCE PROGRAM BY GOVERNMENT TO BE INFORCED?

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      THE OBVIOUS: Public will buy Cheepest… even if they have to spend more to get it!

  • RichE

    I’m stuck on the small business, lobbyists, Spain, and Greece comment. Spain and Greece got that way because they don’t have lobbyists for small business?

    • steve

      they got that way because 1/3 of the people work , 1/3 are retired on government pensions and 1/3 are on welfare of some sort. this is the ultimate nanny state ever . if your boy obama continues his ways then this proplem will come here sooner than you think.

      • RichE

        Spain, Greece, U.S., etc. got that way because each borrowed money without raising taxes to pay it back. Going forward, it’d be nice if every borrowed dollar (euro) was accompanied with a believable plan to pay it back and not kick the responsibility down the road. Is anybody against that idea?

      • Flashy

        When the wrld recession hit, the US and Europe had two options. One was cut back spending, lower taxes, and implement austerity. That was the choice of Europe. President Obama chose the other. To stimulate the economic cycle, work to increase credit availability, and target programs with a high economic multiplier effect, R&D, and infrastructure.

        We have had positive job creation, a steady but slow economic recovery, and poised to come out of the recession earlier. Many economists make the argument that the ongoing economic turmoil in Europe including limited credit availability, harsh government cutbacks in spending, limited nvestment monies available, and a consumer base with limited purchase power is stifling our recovery.

        And that is black and white, side by side, comparable fact.

        The policies advocated by the GOP in 2009 were implemented in Europe. The US chose the other option.

        You want to see where we’d be today if we had implemented the GOP economic plans? Gaze across The Pond…

      • steve

        go on the epa web site and look at all the restictions obama’s boy’s are implementing. then you will understand why businesses are not investing money in new employees and capitolexpendatures. look at how the big banks can borrow from the fed for zero interest and invest for themselves to profit. and when they loose money they just borrow more and it’s your dime they are borrowing. there is so much corruption going on now then ever before and there has alwas been corrution in government but not to this level. did you know that the vatican has a banking system that know one can see not even the italiain government. so they are laundering money fore the italian mob because the mob killed pope john paul and taht was the payback. this story was just on the history channel.

      • Flashy

        Steve…what new restrictions? Most of what the EPA is undergoing is enforcing BAT (Best Available Technology) requirements, those requirements have been in place since the mid 70′s.

        Look…in essence there are three ways to filter pollutants.

        1. Carbon adsorption, usually by activated carbon that can be used, regenerated and reused;
        2. Heat
        3. Condensation or precipitation to condense to liquid form

        OK? Absorb, burn, or liquify. Air, fire, water.

        Now, in light of your complaint that by enforcing the laws in the books since the mid-70′s, the EPA is destroying jobs. What would you guess are the numbers employed manufacturing this anti – pollution cleaning technology? High tech, so the jobs are likely well paying. And the fact that these pollution control manufacturers always have to be on the cutting edge of technology, would you not think the advancements are useful throughout our industrial sectors?

        To state the regulations of the EPA cost jobs is to state a blatant misrepresentation. Jobs and cutting edge technology is where the money is spent. Not costing jobs.

  • Troy

    The fact that we have some of the wealthiest men in America slamming Obama’s economic policies and ideas is an excellent sign that the president is doing exactly what needs to be done. I am ashamed of what the Republican Party has become. I used to support the GOP in almost all cases, but after doing some fact checking and research, I discovered what a sham they are. The notion that Republicans claim they are for job creation and putting Americans back to work while fixing the economy and paying off the deficit is absurd! Cutting taxes on the rich mathematically is like trying to claim the answer to the problem 13-7 is equal to 2. It simply doesn’t make sense when you think about it. If the Republicans were serious about getting the spending on our country under controll, they might propose something like what is done in sports to keep spending under control. If sports like football and basketball can have a salary cap in place, yet thrive, the same can be done in the real world. The Republicans could get spending and borrowing under control quickly by imposing a ten or even five year salary cap on earnings. Anything these corporate executives of the banks and rich oil companies made over the amount of 2 million dollars being immediately funneled toward the federal deficit would significantly pay off the national debt, even if such a law or policy was enacted for only five years. If we did something like this, we wouldn’t have to worry about this country basically becoming a Constitutional Monarchy like the Republicans want us to.

    • MAP

      Even a leftist boot-licker like you may be marched off for execution when the leftist cleansing begins. Study the Soviet Union and Red China. That is the end result of the leftist ideology. I have not love for corporations, but only governments can imprison, torture, confiscate, and execute. To place your faith in government is a fool’s errand. Those who composed the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were very aware of that fact. Obama and the commie trash posting here are the enemies of the American people.

      • Richard Walker

        spoken like a true conservative Patriot! Read this you liberal idiots and know that being a leftist liberal stooge is a sign of mental illness.

  • Troy

    If you want a Constitutional Monarchy, go to England or many of the other European countries. Believe me, I’m not putting my faith into governments, but I am amazed by the brazen nuttiness of the Republican Party. I supported many of the ideas for the GOP for years before finally seeing them for what they are, a sham. To support the ideas of conservative bone heads like Dick Cheney and Glenn Beck would be quite similar to attempting to create a new Nazi nation. I support the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and I also know that our founding fathers would be rollings over in their graves to hear that so many conservatives want to bankrupt this country and destroy the American Dream and the ability of anyone, anywhere to accomplish the dream of what is so great about America. Wake up before the Koch brothers confiscate and take ownership of everything in this country, including your life. They’re already trying to buy the election, using Mitt Romney as their puppet.

    • MAP

      I am not a Republican. I am a conservative, a very different thing from a Republican. The Republican Party was born with the election of Lincoln. Therefore, the Republican Party has been statist since its inception. On the other hand, the Democratic is pure, absolute evil. Their every platform is evil. I would just as soon vote for Lucifer as for a Democrat. Our problem is both parties and the money behind them. Talk of democracy is a farce. It is deep pockets that runs everthing, including both parties. That’s why nothing ever changes. For the better, that is.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        All have sinned… And fallen short of the glory of Election!!!

  • Priscilla King

    Glad to know Mr. Marcus has it right. Thanks for sharing. Do the current management of Home Depot think likewise? Should we make an effort to support this store?

  • Steven

    Common sense says that this” recession” will continue unless the american people stand up together,and no matter what,fight for what is right and just. Furthermore,if you think” this” administration will stop at the 2nd amendment if they TAKE it from us,you are dead wrong!.Think i am loco?,think again,Border Patrol Agent BRIAN TERRY was doing his job when he was killed,and what has this administration done about it?,..Try and cover their own arse. Acting like their BATFE(Bureau of Alcohol,Tobacco,Firearms and Explosives)/DOJ(Department of Justice) “Project Gunrunner” is NOTHING special, when a firearm THEY let walk across our sourthern border was Directly Responsible for His Death. If you need more? look to what occured in London last August.

  • jopa

    Home Depot is like the Walmart for lumber.Whenever possible I buy from local small hardware and lumber stores.Not usually but sometimes they have better deals but I would rather give a little extra if it means the little guy will get ahead somewhat.

  • James

    Mr. Markus seems so sensible, at least on this issue. I wonder why does the Home Depot supports and helps homosexual causes? For several years, Home Depot has thrown its support behind homosexual activism; now it has indicated that it will continue to do so despite being handed a petition with almost half a million names asking the company to “remain neutral in the culture war.”

    According to the American Family Association (AFA), Home Depot has chosen to sponsor and participate in numerous gay pride parades and festivals. AFA charges that by conducting kid’s craft workshops at special booths targeting youngsters, the company has deliberately exposed small children to the lewd displays of sexual conduct by homosexuals and cross-dressers that are a common occurrence at these events.

  • Jude

    Troy, you know if anyone is willing to WORK for a living then S/he has a right to receive the reward which happens to be in cash. So what is wrong with that? Many people on welfare are just lazy and want someone else to give them a free hand out. I have watched it with my own eyes. What a laugh ol’ lady Pelosi’s daughter wrote about interviewing lazy people standing in the Obama welfare line. They don’t want to work. There is a
    difference of being “poor” and being “lazy”. I am willing to give to a “poor person” any day, which I do than giving to the “lazy”. But of course Obama believes we should give to the “lazy” too because it guarantees votes for him. He loves the lazy folks vote only. They don’t realize that when the shi* hits the fan they will be cast aside like swine. We have a sick, sick, sick marxist, commie president along with his sick followers. This is so easy to see I can’t understand why you don’t see it!!!!!!!!

  • Kate8

    Have you guys seen this? Just out:

    Be sure to watch the videos. Lefties, it’s time to start eating crow.

  • Kate8

    And this one. It seems that the truth is coming out. Finally.

    This is huge, and will shut the Obots up for good.

    Proof. If you think you’ve heard it all, we having seen anything yet. There is plenty more to come.

  • Kate8

    Hmnmm. My other post was removed. What is up with that.

    Looks like O’s real father was none other than Malcolm X. I knew it.

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    My cursor no longer works here is anyone else having that problem?

  • Troy

    Richard W., if you had half a brain, it’d be lonely. Your ideas sound almost as dumb as those of George W. It was the ideas of fools like Dubya and you that entered us into a second great depression. Yes, our country has a mountain of debt. Yes, if we don’t curtail financial excesses, we will head down a path similar to that of Greece. But we would be closer to balancing the budget and have an unemployment rate probably as low as 6 or 7 percent if the Republican idiots in the House like Cantor and Boner (yes, I know its Boehner, but getting richer gives him a boner) would actually pass the President Obama’s tax increases on the rich and the oil companies or even pass a few of his jobs plans.
    I’ll forgive you since you obviously have no concept of how to balance the budget and pay off the national debt. You claim to be for creating job and balancing the budget, yet your poilicies of trickle down economics have only caused the debt to skyrocket and cause the number of people on food stamps and living in poverty to go way up. Its funny how republicans say nothing when people in the middle class or working poor have to pay higher taxes, but mention one time that we will raise taxes or fees ONLY on the richest Americans and you get mad and bent out of shape. And the Tea Party? They make the Republicans like Bob Dole and the Newt Gingrich of a few years back look like geniuses. For the absurdity of the Tea Party, google none other than Joe Walsh of Illinois. He’s a raving lunatic who needs to be led away in a straight jacket.
    If you were truly fiscal conservatives, you would support lowering the tax rate of individual making 5 million plus to zero, setting up an emergency deficit repayment fund, and cap salaries at 5 million dollars per year for just ten years. If we capped salaries at 2 million, we’d pay off most of the deficit pretty quickly, but not enough people would support that. No single person would miss making more than 5 million dollars per year over ten years. Ninety nine percent of the people making that much money were loaded already. And to morons like you who say these rich people will leave, they should be branded ex-patriots and brought to justice for stealing if they leave the country! Military folks who leave to avoid the draft are labeled ex-patriots, so why not do the same to rich Americans who try to fleece this country they say they love by not paying their taxes.
    If you consider jobs like working at Bain Capital like Romney and Conard did, you obviously have a warped understanding of what the word productive means. Those guys helped lead an operation in which a rich company takes over other companies and fires all the workers, takes away their health care coverage and retirement and in the process guys like Romney make milions of dollars and get rich off hard working Americans who suddenly find themselves unemployed. And you think these suddenly unemployed folks are lazy and don’t want to work? If you had any sense at all you’d see that many of these people can’t find jobs because many of the employers now make you answer millions of questions just to get a job that pays a little bit above minimum wage. Yes, the ideas of Lenin and Stalin were bad, as were those of Hitler. But conservatives like you want to lead this country backward to the point in times where there were just about no regulations and few people had health care. Guess what happened to interupt that time period? The Great Depression! The folks who want to extend the Bush tax cuts would lead us into another great depression (we’re already still somewhat in one after so many years of “genius” Republican ideas).
    Before you go vote for Romney, consider that if everyone paid only their fair share everyone would benefit, even the rich greedy folks like you.


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