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One In Seven Believe World Will End Soon

May 4, 2012 by  

One In Seven Believe World Will End Soon
A Mayan prophecy predicts the world will end in 2012.

If you are reading this in a room of six other people, one of you thinks the world is about to end. At least that’s what a Reuters poll suggests. Ipsos Global Public Affairs conducted a poll for the news outlet and found that one in seven people believe the end of the world is just around the corner.

“Whether they think it will come to an end through the hands of God, or a natural disaster or a political event, whatever the reason, one in seven thinks the end of the world is coming,” said Keren Gottfried, research manager at Ipsos Global Public Affairs.

U.S. and Turkey citizens rank among the most melancholy (or optimistic depending on how you look at it). In each country, 22 percent of citizens think the world will end in their lifetime.

According to the poll, people with lower incomes and people under 35 are more likely to think the world’s demise will happen while they are alive.

Researchers think that a Mayan prophecy which predicts the world will end in 2012 may be behind the trend.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • revnowwhilewecan

    That is a crazy number. I’m still on the fence about it tho. I’ve been doing a lot of research on the scientific part of it and when you look at any one fact it’s not too alarming but when you find a lot of different things from a lot of separate sources that seem not to not be related, it gets kind of weird.
    This is where I’m at so far. The guys name is Pane Andov. If you can get past the first few minutes and listen to the scientific analysis, a lot seems pretty scary. I’ve looked into the science in his claims and I can’t find anything to refute his claims so far. When you put it together with the fact that there are underground bases being finished up along with the 3000 F.E.M.A. camps the government built, (the official reason is “just in case of a natural disaster”), 450 million .40 caliber bullets purchased by D.H.S. (the official reason is for “training”…lol), Russian soldier exercises in Colorado and a wave of executive orders meant to seize everything from food distribution, transportation, any and all sources of energy and let us not forget that if you disagree they can detain you “indefinitely”. I’m not a “doomsday prepper” but I’ll be flying home to be with my family on December 21st. for a few days. Just in case. ;) :) :) :)

    • Randy G

      Just remember on Dec.22 there will be a mad rush at the malls for people who will realize that they need to buy Christmas presents

      • Karolyn

        Wow, good point!

  • MAP

    I have no way of knowing if the end of the earth is near. The Bible says it will come as a theif in the night, unexpected and without warning. I do, however, believe it is the end of the country we grew up in.

    • Mike in MI

      MAP – ease down (don’t succumb to others’ hysteria) and rethink what people are saying, what the Bible says, what is scientifically most feasible (of the different options), and where do you, personally, look for your well-being and hope? Most importantly, how believable are the people or “authorities” making such prognostications? Who or what ultimately has the highest level bona fides, track record, ability to influence the course of events and do things to protect me and put me in the best position to prevail ultimately?

      Is the whole WORLD and all human life going to be completely obliterated? Is that really a likelihood? What about this possibility:
      Some verses in English translations of the Bible where the word “world” appears are translated from the Greek “”aeon”…which usually is translated “AGE” – a period of time, epoch or defined chronological duration (like the term during a president’s authority in power with a beginning and an end). This throws a whole different light on most “end of the world (AGE)” expectations.
      Few Biblical students bother to go back to the manuscript evidence to verify that the basis of their beliefs concurs with what they think, do and speak (write). Pay them, even if they have “Rev.” after their names, no attention. Learn to verify things yourself.
      It’ll save on your prescriptions for anxiolytics and tranquilizers.
      The peace of God is a marvelous thing.

      • charlie

        when Obadiah arrives the program will be over …

    • child of God

      Paul instructs though that if we are in Christ then we are children of the light and not of the darkness, that that day should overtake us a thief. Children of God will know when the time is at hand. We may not know the exact day but we will know the season.

      • One-Angel

        To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord anyway, It’s just a little change in venue.

      • charlie

        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing,,, The Kingdom is to be prayed into place ,,, see Matthew 6:9 and Matthew 6:33 for those “Orders” from King Jesus…
        There will be no change of venue ,,, King Jesus owns the Universe

      • Mike in MI

        OK, charlie –
        So, somebody has taught you that God’s schedule depends on something, or anything, that man does? Your tacher has zero credibility. What about all the other Biblical citations dealing with kingdom of …, Christ’s return, when, where, how, etc. ?

  • Vigilant

    “According to the poll, people with lower incomes and people under 35 are more likely to think the world’s demise will happen while they are alive.” That says a lot.

    I don’t know whether to be scornful or have pity for those who think that way. As I see it, the group is composed of the following:

    The youngsters (under 35) who have been dumbed down by an “education” system that has disempowered them to face the world by teaching agenda-based soft subjects and turning them into sheep. They’ve been spoon fed on apocalyptic movies and have been given no lessons in the positive, optimistic world view that can change things for the better.

    The naturally paranoid or drug-induced paranoid who have no real capacity for rational thinking.

    The religious fanatics who (unbelievably) actually WANT the world to come to an end. They center on the Book of Revelations and ignore the rest of the Bible which encourages celebration of life and being grateful for what we have been given.

    The normally undereducated and gullible poor who tend to the superstitious acceptance of Nostradamus, Mayan calendars and every conspiracy theory on the block.

    If it’s gonna happen, it’ll happen, if not, it won’t. I’m not losing sleep over it.

    • BigBadJohn

      ….people under 35

      I remember hiding under our desk at school practicing nuclear attack scenario. We were certainly taught to believe the world would end!

      • Randy G

        And ” Duck and Cover” wouldn’t have helped when the whole building collasped on the kids!

    • Steve E

      I don’t think the world will actually end. I believe there will be riots, violence, mayhem and all sorts of bad things everywhere, but there will still be people on earth. The earth may end as we know it, but people will still be here on earth.

      • Donald York

        I beleive like you Steve.Man is destroying himself.Barack Obama isjust grease for the wheels.

      • Mike in MI

        Steve E. -
        If you believe that the Bible has any dependable information about God’s agenda for the ages the Bible shows Jesus Christ has never yet reigned upon the earth or returned in a reverse operation from when he departed (in Acts 1:9-11). It declares he will return at some point to assume and wield power as Israel’s king, prophet and priest…for a thousand years. Hasn’t happened yet! So at least a thousand years are yet to pass – even if he came back today!

        • Steve E

          I believe Jesus will return like you said. I believe it will be a bit of time between now and then though. The reason I think that is because somewhere in the Bible states that people will be want him to come now, but He has to wait for things to become ripe before He comes. What most people may currently believe is that the time is ripe now. But it is not. Then many will eventually say that He is not coming. Then he will come like a thief in the night. That why things are going to get way worse before His coming.

      • Mike in MI

        At last! Somebody who looks at the whole scope of the evidence and thinks it through (and before he makes some dumb guess) lets God, on His timetable, show how it fits together.
        Steve E., that’s true genius. Congratulations, I salute you.

    • charlie

      To lose sleep one must have a thinking mind…

      • Mike in MI

        charlie -
        rest real peaceful, doncha, chuck?

      • Vigilant

        No charlie, an obsessive mind that can’t separate fact from fantasy, or a cowardly, hand-wringing mind that worries about things over which it has no control.

  • dan

    End of an AGE, perhaps,or so one could hope things being as whacked out as they are.
    Return of Christ….one should pray as just governance would be a novel idea…..
    but the question you should ask is how would you live today if you knew your life was going to end tomorrow.

    • BigBadJohn

      “End of an AGE,”

      The Mayans simply walked away from their great cities at the end of each age, there is no evidence to prove they HAD to leave or that there was a major disaster. They simply said on this day things change and walked away.

    • charlie

      Have you accomplished Acts 2:38???

      • charlie

        How about that ,,,Acts 2:38 is still in The Bible

    • Mike in MI

      Good observation, dan. But, if I’ve believed and confessed what the Word says in Romans 10:9-10 you need to believe and confess in order to get saved…well, God’s Word is faithful. I’ve got it (whether I see, hear, feel, taste or smell anything different, or not). Then, every time I bring forth what the Word says is the proof that I’m born again, it’s always confirmation to myself I’m God’s kid. He never, never leaves me nor never, never, never forsakes me. He’ll tend to my stuff as I continue to tend to His stuff.
      I have no more need to fear Oblama-lama-ding-dong than Wycliffe feared his Hoary Roman accusers in his day. Just need to know how to meet it Word first.
      God bless, Mike

  • peter

    There are many reasons why we could be forgiven for believing that the world will end soon. As one who does not fear death, my own feeling is that it would be nice to bear witness as it should be very spectacular and I would love to see it. Being unqualified to predict the exact date I remain hopeful that I shall still be around, but as an old geezer now, my time is limited, so I assume that somehow I shall miss the show and be disappointed.

    • charlie

      Do you understand Matthew 15:24???

    • Vigilant

      peter, thanks for giving us a peek into a totally self-serving mind.

      • peter

        My pleasure. We are different then aren’t we?

  • Thomas Phillips

    If this statistic is valid, it means the feds have been very successful in instilling fear in our society of the various federal hobgoblins.

  • angelwannabe

    “__No one knows the hour or the day the end will come except the Father”__
    We are to stay alert…..Revelations in the Bible says, storms and earthquakes will worsen and become more violent,…. and they have…

    Personally I think we’ve been living in the end times for a long time now at least since the Sixties….But, I also believe human time is NOT the same as God’s Time. While our time speaks in days and weeks, God’s time may be one day equal to 1000′s of years or vise versa._

    Each Culture & Generation had they’re own beliefs. I remember as a kid in school, it being fun to learn about other Cultural Beliefs in other parts of the world, their Celebrations, their Religions. Today all we do is fight about it!__

    I’ll refrain from prediction…Only the Father in Heaven knows the hour…

  • Sirian

    Personally, I worry myself with this about as much as I did with Y2K – remember? Take it with a grain of salt and let the chips fall where they may. If it takes place, as so many believe, then let it. With it supposedly going to be as devastating as is being proclaimed, what could anyone actually do to survive it? So, if there is a solution to this imminent problem just what is it? Al Gore? Then again, is this nothing more than another “possible” event that can be exploited? Many both have and will profit quite well, no? Strike up a conversation with the Lord and I don’t think you’ll have much to worry with. Up to you folks. . .

    • Vigilant

      Excellent assessment and advice, Sirian.

  • Bill Weavers

    The world is in a very desperately bad shape, but I don’t have any idea of when it will end. The end of the age is only known by God the Father.

    Things like feminism, NWO, law courts, child support, price of houses, people being layed off jobs and multiculturalism. The birthrate of whites in the west is a big deal. It’s all evil and Satanic.

    On the other hand, 100 million were massacred in China, 60 million massacred in Russia, 2 world wars, nuclear bombs, and now 7 billion people but no end of the age in site! God is the one with the magic wand not me!

    Hopefully God will end it all before they start colonizing out of space AND RUINING ANOTHER PLANET!

    So, I don’t know when the end of the age will be, but I WANT it to end because the world is very Satanic now! Look at all this Satanic music, our children can’t even have decent music anymore! We can only look back. But that’s only one thing wrong with society out of all the other stuff I mentioned!

    • eddie47d

      An overpopulated planet could easily bring the end of the world as we know it. Wise family planning and common sense will get us through any crises. We still have much going for us in America and are a good example of being compassionate and we make many attempts to be responsible. There are countries like Sweden,Norway and Costa Rica that also set the standards of better living so the world is not doomed if we stay on track.

      • angelwannabe

        eddie, your tryin to play God, by dictating how many children who should be born.
        You and the GUV should mind your own business!

        Did you ever stop to think that if you get out of other peoples bedrooms and let THEM decide how many children God wants them to have, there may be less of a demand on Nursing Homes, Daycare Centers and the like, because bigger families share in responcibilities.

        Responcibilities, of daily chores, the caring for younger children and elderly family members. It works, I’ve seen it first hand as my Dad was one of 8. _

        -NOWand if your agrument or comeback is going to be, that there is so many unwanted children, that comes back to the morality of the people__you and I can’t change that, we can only be responcible for ourselves and our own families, and attempt to educate them and those people out side of family, who are willing to listen to reason__

      • eddie47d

        God gave us the ability to use his earth wisely and it has come to the point where some nations are not responsible. Many don’t know our God and will continue to ravage the environment and reproduce at a rate that THEY can’t handle.What they do does effect us and eventually more and more will want to come to our shores. Why do you think we are involved in so many wars if others don’t influence how we react to world events. So we do have to be concerned about overpopulation because it is everywhere.

      • Mike in MI

        Oh eddie – family planning? control of birth numbers? wha-a-at?

        The liberals have been advocating and promoting free sex, infant sex education, smothering bananas with condoms, experimenting with every proposition, prostitution, position and perversion imaginable (or not) since the late fifties. They’ve got every possible set of hormones in the whole world all scrambled and tortured so folks are obsessed with finding a new mate every night so they can screww their lives away passing the various STD’s around. They’ve done it on purpose and they’ve succeeded.
        Why? Because liberals have an innate compulsion to immorality, authority rejection, diversions, perversions, deceit and child neglect and abandonment. It’s a mental disorder with genetic overtones by disturbance of nerve transmitter production and/or transport. It’s exaccerbated with improper die. But it is avoidable or preventable with personal control and discipline…but, that ain’t likely to happen.
        Those things being true, by their own willful perversity, it was easy for God Almighty to look down through time and see that as liberals prevailed in the population game Everything would come to chaos and total, confused destruction (involution) with no avoidability – because liberals won’t take orders or conform to reason.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Wow, Eddie! They have a place for you in the new world order!

      • angelwannabe

        eddie_You said ” God gave us the ability to use his earth wisely and it has come to the point where some nations are not responsible….( Since when are we the policemen of the world?)

        Many don’t know our God and will continue to ravage the environment and reproduce at a rate that THEY can’t handle.What they do does effect us and eventually more and more will want to come to our shores….. ( We have Liberals right here on our shores affecting every aspect of our daily lives, why don’t you put the blame where it belongs, instead of roaming halfway across the world to blame another country!?”…. Why do you think we are involved in so many wars if others don’t influence how we react to world events. ( Lets let the US leaders take the blame not the citizens, we don’t want the wars, but if our leaders say “Yes” to war, what the hell can we do to stop them??!…..So we do have to be concerned about overpopulation because it is everywhere.”….(no we don’t have to be concerned, God said “be fruitful and multiply”, the imposiing of family size regulation is Liberal idelogy!)

        There is plenty of resource available for everyone, for God’s sake eddie look around….and look outside, off of your little piece of the pie!!!…No one ones running out of anything, rationing and restricting the use there of, is a different story!

      • Jay

        This whole concept of “overpopulation” can be traced to Thomas Malthus, the British scholar and Anglican clergyman (albeit a very misguided one) who, without any specific knowledge other than his own speculations, predicted in 1789 that the planet’s rapid increase in population would soon outstrip the planet’s ability to produce food, resulting in massive worldwide starvation.

        Malthus’s predicted famine never materialized, of course; he could not have predicted the industrial revolution or the enormous impact subsequent technological innovations would have on our ability to produce food.

        Recall that today our federal government actually pays farmers not to grow crops due to the abundance of food produced on considerably less farmland than existed just a century ago.

        Even the United Nations, historically a rabid advocate of population control, has conceded that the world’s current infrastructure is capable of supporting a worldwide population of more than 9 billion people.

        Furthermore, according to the most recent estimates, the planet’s population will most likely continue to climb from its current level until 2050, when it will peak at 9 billion; other predictions have the world’s population peaking at 7.5 billion in 2040.

        In either case, global population levels will begin a sharp decline sometime during the middle of the twenty-first century.

        Present fertility rates actually indicate a massive underpopulation crisis is coming, particularly among Western nations.

      • Karolyn

        Angel – Haven’t you heard that we’re running out of water?,8599,2097159,00.html

      • Libertytrain

        Karolyn – running out of water was talked about 40 some years ago…kind of like running of gas was – no one in government took the steps to solve either problem then – will they now —

      • Jay

        We’re not running out of water, Karolyn; that is absolutely, absurd!!!

        70 and 75 percent of the Earth’s surface is water-covered. But water also exists in the air as water vapor and in the ground as soil moisture and in aquifers. Thanks to the water cycle, our planet’s water supply is constantly moving from one place to another and from one form to another. Things would get pretty stale without the water cycle!

        When you take a look at the water around you, you see water in streams, rivers, and lakes. You see water sitting on the surface of the earth. Naturally, this water is known as “surface water.”

        Your view of the water cycle might be that rainfall fills up the rivers and lakes. But, how would you account for the flow in rivers after weeks without rain?

        In fact, how would you account for the water flowing down ypur driveway on a day when it didn’t rain? The answer is that there is more to our water supply than just surface water, there is also plenty of water beneath our feet.

        Even though you may only notice water on the Earth’s surface, there is much more water stored in the ground than there is on the surface.

        In fact, some of the water you see flowing in rivers comes from seepage of ground water into river beds. Water from precipitation continually seeps into the ground to recharge the aquifers, while at the same time water from underground aquifers continually recharges rivers through seepage.

        Humans are happy that this happens, because people make use of both kinds of water.

        In the United States in 2000, we used about 323 billion gallons per day of surface water and about 85 billion gallons per day of ground water. In a way, that underestimates the importance of ground water, since not only does ground water help keep our rivers and lakes full, it also provides water for people in places where visible water is scarce, such as in the desert towns of the Western United States. Without ground water, people would be sand-surfing in Palm Springs, Ca. instead of playing golf!

        Just how much water is there on (and in) the Earth? Here are some numbers you can think about:

        The total water supply of the world is 326 million cubic miles (a cubic mile is an imaginary cube (a square box) measuring one mile on each side). A cubic mile of water equals more than one trillion gallons.

        About 3,100 cubic miles of water, mostly in the form of water vapor, is in the atmosphere at any one time. If it all fell as precipitation at once, the whole Earth would be covered with in 1 inch of water.

        The 48 contiguous United States receives a total volume of about 4 cubic miles of precipitation each day.

        Each day, 280 cubic miles of water evaporate or transpire into the atmosphere.
        If all of the world’s water was poured on the United States, it would cover the land to a depth of 90 miles.

        Of the freshwater on Earth, much more is stored in the ground than is available in lakes and rivers.

        More than 2,000,000 cubic miles of fresh water is stored in the Earth, most within one-half mile of the surface.

        Contrast that with the 60,000 cubic miles of water stored as fresh water in lakes, inland seas, and rivers.

        But, if you really want to find fresh water, the most is stored in the 7,000,000 cubic miles of water found in glaciers and icecaps, mainly in the polar regions and in Greenland.

        Educate yourself, Karolyn:

      • eddie47d

        Fresh Water Jay! Fresh Water! We should also be concerned about the oceans because of all the dead zones(no oxygen) being created by pollution. That will effect the fish population a product I love.

      • eddie47d

        Populations in 3rd world countries will decline by those years Jay if they start using birth control and responsible family planning. Those “predictions” can’t be made without knowing how it will be accomplished and it’s not by the vaccination conspiracy either.

      • eddie47d

        Hey Mike then Nancy won’t tolerate Ayn Rand since she advocated for sex outside of marriage.

      • eddie47d

        Angel I think you are then abusing God’s word in saying “Be fruitful and multiply” . Are you positive he wanted recklessness?

      • Jay

        eddie says: Fresh Water Jay! Fresh Water!

        What are you talking about eddie, there’s plenty of fresh water! The scarcity of fresh-water claim, is a myth; perpetrated by the radical environmentalists!

        eddie says: We should also be concerned about the oceans because of all the dead zones(no oxygen) being created by pollution. That will effect the fish population a product I love.

        This is another misconception. The claim that coral reefs around the world are suffering badly from overfishing and various forms of pollution, is misunderstood. Experts argue that the greatest threat to them is the acidification of the oceans from the dissolving of man-made carbon dioxide emissions.

        The effect of acidification, according to J.E.N. Veron, an Australian coral scientist, will be “nothing less than catastrophic…. What were once thriving coral gardens that supported the greatest biodiversity of the marine realm will become red-black bacterial slime, and they will stay that way.”

        This is a common view. The Natural Resources Defense Council has called ocean acidification “the scariest environmental problem you’ve never heard of.” Sigourney Weaver, who narrated a film about the issue, said that “the scientists are freaked out.”

        The head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration calls it global warming’s “equally evil twin.”

        But do the scientific data support such alarm? Last month scientists at San Diego’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography and other authors published a study showing how much the pH level (measuring alkalinity versus acidity) varies naturally between parts of the ocean and at different times of the day, month and year.

        “On both a monthly and annual scale, even the most stable open ocean sites see pH changes many times larger than the annual rate of acidification,” say the authors of the study, adding that because good instruments to measure ocean pH have only recently been deployed, “this variation has been under-appreciated.” Over coral reefs, the pH decline between dusk and dawn is almost half as much as the decrease in average pH expected over the next 100 years. The noise is greater than the signal.

        Another recent study, by scientists from the U.K., Hawaii and Massachusetts, concluded that “marine and freshwater assemblages have always experienced variable pH conditions,” and that “in many freshwater lakes, pH changes that are orders of magnitude greater than those projected for the 22nd-century oceans can occur over periods of hours.”

        This adds to other hints that the ocean-acidification problem may have been exaggerated.

        For a start, the ocean is alkaline and in no danger of becoming acid (despite headlines like that from Reuters in 2009: “Climate Change Turning Seas Acid”). If the average pH of the ocean drops to 7.8 from 8.1 by 2100 as predicted, it will still be well above seven, the neutral point where alkalinity becomes acidity. (WSJ)

        Scripps blockbuster: Ocean acidification happens all the time — naturally
        There goes another scare campaign.

        Until recently we had very little data about real time changes in ocean pH around the world. Finally autonomous sensors placed in a variety of ecosystems “from tropical to polar, open-ocean to coastal, kelp forest to coral reef” give us the information we needed.

        It turns out that far from being a stable pH, spots all over the world are constantly changing.

        One spot in the ocean varied by an astonishing 1.4 pH units regularly.

        All our human emissions are projected by models to change the world’s oceans by about 0.3 pH units over the next 90 years, and that’s referred to as “catastrophic”, yet we now know that fish and some calcifying critters adapt naturally to changes far larger than that every year, sometimes in just a month, and in extreme cases, in just a day. (Jo Nova)

      • Mike in MI

        WOW, Jay – Thanks.
        Great info. and good to know we’ve got another one here with stuff worth proving and making known.

        eddie47 – no mater which way I turn that last comment you directed at me I can’t make it reflect anything meaningful. It just drains some sort of goo.

    • Karolyn

      Bill – Our elders thought Elvis was Satanic.

  • Corsica

    There’s a lot of theories as to what the end of the Mayan calendar means. There are the doomsday theories of an asteroid hitting the Earth; the eruption of the Yellowstone caldera; the flipping of the Earth’s magnetic field; some incurable plague decimating humans; a nuclear war; the collapse of the world’s economies and social order etc. There are Mayan scholars that say the Mayans predicted no such thing. The calendar simply ends because the Mayan civilization ended and the ones doing the calculating simply stopped calculating.

    • Randy G

      They didn’t ‘print’ “next year’s ” calendar!

    • TML

      “There’s a lot of theories as to what the end of the Mayan calendar means.”

      Not really… and the objective scientific theory is as I provide breifly below.

  • Mary Scott

    Anything that has had a beginning will have an end. I can hardly wait for December 21, 2012. Will it? Or won’t it? To get to live to see the answer to this question is indeed a treat.

  • http://facebook patricia

    soon and very soon the Lord is coming just look at the signs brother hateing brother mother hating daughter. young people killing crazy no peace until Jesus comes.

    • charlie

      King Jesus is here ,,,I prayed to Him today ,,,see Matthew 6:9…

      • charlie

        Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing ….

  • Renée

    I do agree that it isn’t the end of the “world/earth” but the end of an age or the world as we know it.

    2 Chronicles 7:14 says:
    IF my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    The problem is, people REFUSE to do this. It’s easier to continue doing what they are so used to doing than give up the sin. What is sin?
    1. transgression of divine law: the sin of Adam.
    2. any act regarded as such a transgression, especially a willful or deliberate violation of some religious or moral principle.
    3. any reprehensible or regrettable action, behavior, lapse, etc.; great fault or offense:

    Our world if full of this. I’m not pointing fingers, I’m guilty too and anyone that says they aren’t, well….Nobody seems to care anymore..about anything enough to turn from sin and we all wonder why our world is in the state it’s in now!!! Greed, hatred, anger, prejudice and not just against race but anything that someone else doesn’t agree with. What happened to do unto others as you would have them do unto you? It doesn’t exist anymore. What ever happened to common sense? That died too! What ever happened to respect? HUH? what does that mean!
    We wonder why…this is why. This country hasn ‘t been the same in many years. It isn’t what it was and we will never see it as it was again. It’s too late…UNLESS, people do what 2 Chronicles says and I would love to see that happen. The end of the world as we know it is in the process now, you can see it everyday deteriorating right in front of our eyes. Those that can’t see it are blinded. No one cares about their fellow man, there is no work, food, gov. take overs, a police state, odd weather changes, increased knowledge and it isn’t being used for the good of the people, earthquakes in places where there have never been earthquakes before, diseases that can’t be cured….what else do I need to say? I’m not a religious fanatic, I’m a believer, a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ and the example He set for man. It breaks my heart to see how our “world” has become so evil and is getting worse by the day.

    • oh oh

      “IF my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

      We’re no longer HIS special, peculiar people. We forgot who we were, rejected HIS laws, denied our unique purpose as HIS people. The Children of the Promise have let the stranger in and mixed their seed, producing broken cisterns that cannot hold Living Waters and assuring our alienation from God. The curse of this sin… our incessant celebration of a doomed mixed culture that fears the judgement of men more than it fears God. The admonishments of our Father have been ignored, the legacy of our forefathers has been squandered and we have forfeited our inheritance and the blessings we would otherwise have enjoyed as a nation. We’re no longer HIS people; we’ve become Babylon.

      • charlie

        Some of us have obeyed Revelations 18:4,,, Praise King Jesus for Salvation and Healing …

    • charlie

      What goes along with 2 Chronicles 7:14 in the New Testament??? would you believe it’s
      Acts 2:38???

  • Jeanie Nelson

    Only the Good Lord knows and Are you ready if it does.

    • charlie

      Yep,,,done what Peter said to do at Acts 2:38…

  • Buck

    I have no reason to believe the world is ending soon , but I am praying , hoping , and wishing for it . Better that than living under the progressive utopia or the Muslim scourge .

  • FreedomFighter

    The world will be here after we are all dead an buried.

    The big question is will the human race survive the coming New Wrold Order. The NWO itself has documented that world population needs to be reduced to 500 million a 6 to 7 billion reduction in population.

    IMHO the 6 or 7 billion on the chopping block of the NWO will not lay down and die for the NWO, nuclear war, war, pestilence, starvation are in future, along with bio-weapons that will be released to kill billions, some even race specific. Throw into the mix autonomous robot terminators, both airborn and land-sea based once set loose will continue to kill until destroyed, scaler weapons, weather weapons, death rays, mindcontrol and as yet undisclosed super weapons, hidden deep in Americans landscape.

    World end no, time of troubles yes

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • charlie

      The NWO is not new ,,,it’s old as the Devil,,, NWO same old Satnic tricks…

  • http://goggle DALE JURASEK

    Hummm , End of the world huh ! O.k . they say an anti Christ will appear ! Ain’t seen him yet ? But if he does i’ll take him out what do I have to loose if the world ends? I’ll just sit here and await the arrival of Christ. If the world ends O this will be one hell of a show !! Hope i get to see it ! IF it happens? And if its by bombs I hope it lands right on top of my head ….All I hope for is that family and I are togethere on That day…….Why panic ? you can’t hide or run from it !. But for real people I don’t think it’s going to happen. But if it does Remember mankind caused it to happen. We can all change to make this planet a better place you just have to start caring about what we do and how we stop destroying or planet.What have we came for Today in this life ? Money over life (Fact) money over the environment (Fact) !!!! Money over polluters. (Fact) If this is how we live Pffttt let the world end………….

    • charlie

      Anti-christ have been here for a long time ,,,see 1John 2:22…

  • Jay

    The world will not, end. That is absolute nonsense! What is meant by the end of the world, at least from the Bible’s perspective, is a changing of the guard, so to speak, or the end of this evil-system that presently permeates/dominates our lives; the curse, as it were. It will be replaced by the Heavenly Kingdom, where Yahwey/Christ will rule forever and ever! At last, what man and the god of this world, satan, could not accomplish; peace, prosperity, freedom and a purpose-driven-life, such will be accomplish by the coming King, The Christ!!!

    • http://goggle DALE JURASEK

      Hey , Like that Jay ! Thumbs up bud !!!!

    • charlie

      what Scripture do you have that shows that “Yahwey” name ???

      • Renee

        Yahweh is the primary Hebrew name of God in the Bible. Jews normally do not pronounce this name, considering it too holy to verbalize. Instead, whenever they encounter this unpronounceable string of consonants, (YHWH) they speak the name Adonai. Orthodox Jews strenuously avoid mentioning or even writing the divine name, preferring such circumlocutions as “the Holy One,” “the Name,” or the defective writing “G-d.”

        In Christian Bibles, Yahweh is usually translated as “the LORD,” a rough equivalent to the Hebrew “Adonai.”

      • Jay

        Thanks Renee, excellent response!!!

  • Average Joe

    Considering what has been going on in DC over the last 40+ years….I am not worried aboutthe end of the world…I am however, worried about our way of life…..Think NWO.
    From what I’ve read about the Mayan calender, they aren’t pridicting the end of the earth….but rather a major change upon the planet…and the NWO would fulfill that view.
    All it would take would be for Obama to declare a state of emergency,followed by martial law….and poof…. the end of life as we know it.

    It’s the end of the world as we know it….and I feel fine…….

  • Jay

    Is the World Over Populated? Lets do the math… The World Can Fit In Texas

    The world has a surface area of 510.072 million sq km.

    Well clearly we can not live any where on the surface of the world as the majority of it is
    water 361.132 million sq km. The remainer is the land mass 148.94 million sq km.

    So what is the population of the human race? Estimate is currently at 6,525,170,264 (July 2006 est.).

    Now let us do some translations.

    For every 148 sq km you get 37,000 acres of land. 37,000 acre = 148 sq Km meaning that the world has about 3.68*10 to the 10th

    Acres of land. I will be using 37,000,000,000 acres for the math below.

    Now, if you were to split that land up between all the people of the earth and gave each one a share each would get 5.67 acres of land.

    37,000,000,000/ 6,525,170,286 = 5.67 acres per person

    That does not sound like a lot does it? Some may say “Much of the land is unliveable” and they are right so let look at a area where we could make it nearly totally liveable.

    The Great State of Texas.

    Texas has a surface area of 261,797 square miles.

    1 square mile = 3,097,600 square yards = 640 acres, 640 * 261,797 = 167,550,080 acres in Texas

    Now lets say we move all the people of the world to the state of Texas.

    They would each get only .02568 acres of land. 167,550,080 / 6,525,170,286 = .02568 acres per person.

    That does not sound like alot. But wait, how much is .02568 acres?

    1 acre = 4,840 square yards, 4,840 * .02568 = 124.29 square yards

    1 square foot = 1/9 square yard

    124.29 * 9 = 1,118.61 square feet

    Thusly, if we moved every living human to Texas and the split the land among them, they would each get 1,118.61 square feet.

    Now you may say that still does not sound like alot. But consider the average square footage of a house.

    “The average American house in the 1940s had an area of 1200 square feet”.

    Well that means individually each person could have almost a house worth of
    space to live in. But there is more, as we know most people don’t live alone.

    The average population of a household in the USA is 2.5.

    Ok then, combine the average household in this World Population, Texas would have a living space of about 2,796.5 square feet. Easily a nice sized living space.

    But the “Over populated world crowd” may say “You need roads, schools and other
    things then just living space”, and they would be right.

    Let us consider New York City.

    8,143,197 People live in the area of New York City. New York City’s land area covers 321 square miles (almost 206,000 acres or nine billion square feet).

    So how much land are does the average New York Citizen use?

    206,000 Acres / 8,143,197 People = .02529 acres, 02529 acres per person in a working, functional, and “Safe” city.

    How much land would the people get in our Total World Population in Texas?

    .02568 acres per person.

    Wow nearly exactly the same amount, and in fact it would be a little more spaceous then New York City is.

    CONCLUSION: The total world population could move to Texas, and make Texas in to a functional MEGA city that acre by acre would look much like New York City does today.

    Leaving the Rest of the world with out a single person on it.

    Image Russia and China devoid of people. The only humans you could find would live in Texas. And that city would be as safe as New York City is today, Skyscrapers and parks included.

    Summery: The world ISN’T over populated and has a long way to go before getting any where near it.

    The truth is that man kind is spread around and yet even with the spread we seem to perfer to live in cities. So we group up and naturalist get upset at seeing these groups and think that is a sign of over population.

    It is all a game on their part and don’t buy in to it!

    • Karolyn

      What about supplying all the inhabitants with food, water and enerrgy?

      • Jay

        You would have the rest of the earth’s surface (which is considerable) for the cultivation of food and energy; more then enough, over-kill, in fact. Anyways, Karolyn, that wasn’t the point. The point being; there is more then enough space on this planet, that is presently unoccupied, and certainly not enough people to fill it; not even close.

        The fact is, the planet could easily handle twice the present population, and not blink.

        The Creator packed the earth with more resources then your feeble, little un-believig mind can comprehend; oh ye of no-faith!

        And lastly, the Creator commanded us; to be fruitful and multiply. (He) never made mention of keeping the population to a certain number. In fact, even if the population were to reach 100 billion, El Shaddai would not, be worried; I doubt very much He would even consider it a challenge!

        Anyways, for people like Al Gore, and Bill Gates, to name a few, they talk a big talk, regarding conservation of energy and preserving wildlife habitat, yet live in mansions, that sit on huge acres of land.

        Bill Gate’s house alone, is 66,000 sq. feet, is worth $147 million dollars, 17-by-60-foot swimming pool, and sits on 5 acres of property. Yet this putz wants us to take him seriously when he starts preaching about, over-population? I think not!

      • eddie47d

        How come then it’s bad when the Liberals condemn the wealthy and their lifestyle but okay when a Conservative does it? Hmmm!

    • charlie

      King Jesus knows Math far better than you….

    • janna

      awesome, dude! and so true. all anyone in the U.S. has to do is take a road trip across country and back; tons of open space that is inhabitable, and not only in Texas.

  • TML

    “Researchers think that a Mayan prophecy which predicts the world will end in 2012 may be behind the trend.”

    Once again, that would be due to lack of education and understanding of culture and religion.

    The Mayan’s believed everything ran in cycles, and they watched the stars very closely, believing them to be representations of their gods, and took great mathematical attention to the cycles in which the bodies in heaven moved. In a nut shell… The Mayan prophecy predicts a cycle; a galactic alignment in which at dawn, on the winter solstice, the milk way galaxy will be aligned with the earth in manner in which it is said it will “sit” upon the earth like a crown, and the sun will rise and be centered in the great rift (a dark spot in the milky way galaxy created by interstellar dust clouds), which they viewed as the birth canal of the great mother goddess, and was to represent the birth of the new god of a new age on earth. This happens on average, according to the Mayan calendar; every 500 years or so. Not the end of the world… and it doesn’t even hold any planetary scientific significance, as it’s an alignment with interstellar dust clouds. This alignment has been verified by science, which is why it has made such an impact on society today, and really only stands as a testament to the brilliance of the Mayan people.

    • TML


  • One-Angel

    So far no one has touched on the really weird stuff of earth ascension into the 5th dimension and alien disclosures the latter part of this year. Oh, and here’s my favorite—Kevin Trudeau claims he has the real secret society inside scoop on what’s taking place at that time, where he will be with his family, and is selling this information to those who will become members of the Global Information Network at the third level. NASA says this alignment happens every year; they are not worried about it, and neither am I. Check out the NASA web site if you think it will make you feel better. Otherwise, I plan on finishing my Christmas shopping and going dancing; this is my prophetic prediction. I know I can trust God to take care of me.

    • Mike in MI

      One-Angel -
      5th Dimension, Aliens? Have you looked into those in the WH lately? They certainly don’t seem to know anything about how the laws of this dimension or this world proceed and operate.
      Did you hear about the friend of Barry’s who went to the WH to go golfing with him. He went i and saw Obama in the next room all doubled over getting help from some servants. When he asked what was going on he was told,
      “The pres. has been kinda constipated for the last couple of weeks and decided to figure out how to fix the problem. And, got stuck, and we haven’t been able to get his head outa there for a long time.”



    • charlie

      Look for Obadiah when it happens it’s over…

      • Renee

        Why would you look for Obediah, he was only a servant. Who you need to look for is the ONE and ONLY, Jesus Christ!

  • Dave / NM

    Ancient Aliens is now my favorite show on TV.

  • Jay

    MYTH #1 People are hungry because food is scarce. In truth, food isn’t scarce.

    There’s enough food in the world at this moment to feed adequately every man, woman and child. Think of grain-production alone.

    There’s enough grain grown right now to provide everyone with sufficient protein and with 3000 calories per day. (Most of us need only 2300 per day.)

    To be sure, one reason people are deprived of the grain they need is that 50% of it is fed to livestock. The 3000 grain-calories per person per day produced right now, grain that could be fed to humans, doesn’t include many other foods that aren’t grains, foods like beans, root crops, fruits, nuts, vegetables, and grass-fed meat.

    What’s more, sufficient food is produced right now even in those countries where millions are hungry. Even in its worst years of famine, for instance, India has produced so much food as to be a net exporter of food. In India, while millions go hungry, soldiers patrol the government’s six million tons of stockpiled food — which food, of course, now nourishes rats.

    In Mexico, where at least 80% of the children in rural areas are undernourished, livestock destined for export are fed more grain than Mexico’s entire rural population. There’s no shortage of food.

    MYTH #2 — Hunger in any one country is the result of overpopulation in that country.

    If this were the case, we should expect the worst hunger in those countries where there are the most people per food-producing acre. But it’s not so.

    India has only half the population density per cultivated acre that China has. Yet the Chinese eat while millions in India do not. China has eliminated visible hunger in the last 30 years.

    There’s dreadful hunger in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Yet these countries have scant population per cultivated acre.

    In Africa, south of the Sahel, where some of the worst hunger continues, there are fewer people per cultivated acre than there are in the USA or in Russia; there are six to eight times fewer people in Africa south of the Sahel pre cultivated acre than there are in China.

    Please note that I’ve spoken of “cultivated acre.” We must be sure to understand that less that 50% of the world’s land that could grow food is now growing food. (It’s plain to everyone, by even this point in the sermon, that the real barriers to alleviating hunger aren’t physical but rather political and economic.)

    MYTH #3 — In order to eliminate hunger our top priority must be to grow more food.

    Already you’re aware that the world is awash in food right now. The real problems concerning feeding hungry people lie elsewhere.

    For instance, land-ownership is concentrated in too few hands. A recent United Nations survey of 83 countries disclosed that 3% of the world’s landlords control 80% of the land. In most countries only 5% to 20% of all food-producers have access to institutionalised credit, such as banks. The rest, the other 80% to 95%, have to get their credit from virtual loan sharks who charge up to 200% on farm loans.

    What’s more, new agricultural technology benefits only those who already possess land and credit. It’s been documented irrefutably that strategies which simply aim at having more food produced have dreadful consequences. Here’s what happens.

    New agricultural technology (for instance, hybrid seeds that produce bigger crops from less fertiliser) attracts investors whose primary interest is investment, not food-production; i.e., new agricultural technology attracts investors who see agriculture simply as a good investment.

    Moneylenders, military officers, city-based speculators and foreign corporations rush to get in on the good investment. The new money swells the demand for land. The price of land skyrockets. Tenants and sharecroppers are then squeezed off the land. These folk can’t feed themselves and now go hungry.

    What about the crops that the new technology has made possible and that speculators now produce in record quantities? These crops are luxury items (carnations, for instance, to adorn dining room tables); these luxury items are purchased by consumers in the western world and the northern hemisphere. In other words, new agricultural technology reduces food production.

    We’ve all heard of the Green Revolution, a breakthrough in agricultural technology that promised to generate oceans of foodstuffs for the world’s hungry.

    The Green Revolution was born in northwest Mexico. Overnight the average farm size jumped from 200 acres to more than 2000. And overnight three-quarters of the rural workforce was squeezed off the land — now with nothing to eat. The Green Revolution found rural people hungrier than ever.

    Any attempt at remedying hunger simply through greater agricultural sophistication renders people hungrier than ever.

    MYTH # 4 — The increase in population (and therefore the need for greater food production) requires the use of chemicals that are environmentally dangerous.

    In fact very little pesticide or fungicide or insecticide is spread on farmland. I know, when we hear of the tonnage of these assorted “‘cides” it sounds colossal.

    For instance, the USA alone spreads 1.2 billion pounds of pesticide every year. One-third of this, however, is used on golf courses, lawns and public parks. Very little farmland is treated with these chemical substances. In fact, in the USA only 5% of cropland and pastureland is treated with insecticides; only 15% with weedkillers; only one-half of 1% with fungicides.

    Over half of all the insecticide used in the USA isn’t used on food crops at all. (Most of it is used on cotton, and even then, most of the land that grows cotton isn’t treated.) Greater demand for food doesn’t issue in overwhelming chemical pollution.

    MYTH #5 — In order to help the hungry we should improve our foreign aid programs.

    The truth is, increased foreign aid will do very little to alleviate hunger. The question we must always ask concerning foreign aid is this: when the government of a western nation sends financial aid to a hungry country, into whose hands does the money find its way?

    The money falls into the hands of that tiny number of people who exercise social and political control. This tiny number benefits; few others do. In Guatemala, for instance, virtually all the money sent as foreign aid merely enriches still more the handful of largest landholders.

  • jopa

    The gravitron at the carnival went out of control today causing excessive gravity on our planet earth.Hunker in your bunker for this may cause the moon to crash into the earth.Or maybe the moon is just stopping by to pick up some workers for Newts moon colonies.Any way it may be a good show tonight.

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