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On Running ‘The Most Electable Candidate’

December 6, 2011 by  

On Running ‘The Most Electable Candidate’

Even after three years of thugocratic government, there are still many conservatives and libertarians who cannot bring themselves to believe that Barack Obama is anything more than a “big-spending liberal” who is simply misguided. It’s true that some have finally thrown in the towel and sparingly use words like “socialist” and “socialism” to describe Obama and his policies, but terms like “communism” and “dictatorship” are uttered only by those whom the establishment considers extremists.

Much to my fascination, most conservative media pundits continue to scratch their heads and insist that “Barack Obama is just in over his head” when talking about his “failed policies.” The idea that he is actually trying to destroy the last vestiges of the free market and freedom in America is such a radical thought that their mainstream minds will not allow them to even consider it.

But, in the end, Obama’s motives don’t really matter. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that he really is just a lazy, unqualified dunce who is totally devoid of leadership skills. Even if that were the case, the bottom line is the same, i.e., he has spent the first three years of his Presidency primarily focused on three tasks:

  1. Pushing Obamacare through Congress against the will of the American people.
  2. Piling on as many economy-killing regulations as possible.
  3. Getting re-elected, primarily by conjuring up hatred toward the rich.

Now, with elections less than a year away, BHO has shifted most of his efforts to task number three: getting re-elected. He has laid out his strategy for all to see, and it’s clear that he intends to wage a vile campaign straight from the sewers of Chicago. Not the business-as-usual dirty tricks and lies that are par for the course in most political campaigns, but really slimy stuff that has its roots in the criminal world of community organizing.

What’s so disconcerting about this is that Republicans (1) have fielded the worst group of candidates of my lifetime and (2) have a large number of very strong, highly principled, appealing party members who are not running. Ten who come to mind quickly are Paul Ryan, Chris Christie, Bobby Jindal, Jim DeMint, Mitch Daniels, Mike Pence, Sarah Palin, John Thune, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio (who instead will be anointed as the Vice Presidential candidate).

I believe that any of these people (yes, including Sarah Palin) could have beaten Obama and, once in office, done a good — even great — job of cutting the size of government, rolling back job-killing regulations, lowering taxes and getting the country back to its Constitutional foundation.

In South Carolina last week, Newt Gingrich admitted he “isn’t the perfect candidate” but is “a lot more conservative than Mitt Romney and a lot more electable than anybody else.” In their zeal to topple the Obama regime, Republicans have become obsessed with the idea of electability.

But their emphasis is misplaced. What they should be focused on is finding a candidate who not only has conservative principles but can be trusted to stick to those principles throughout the campaign and beyond, because the most principled candidate would be the most electable candidate.

Unfortunately, Republicans never seem to believe that. After all, it’s only through the grace of Jimmy Carter that Ronald Reagan managed to win the Presidency in spite of the Republican establishment’s unhappiness with his being the party’s nominee. Republicans feel much more comfortable with names like Dole, Bush (1 & 2) and McCain.

As a result, it appears that it now may be down to Romney and Gingrich. Gingrich would be a great President if he governed according to (most of) what he’s been saying on the campaign trail. But that’s a huge if.

Remember, Obama still has the entire mainstream media not only supporting him, but blatantly lying to the public in an effort to continue the ruse that he is a thoughtful, self-critical, mainstream, patriotic American who is being thwarted by a mean-spirited Republican Congress. Nevermind that Democrats controlled the House and Senate through the first two years of his socialist policies, and that the Senate is still controlled by Democrats.

Obama increasingly may try to sound as though he’s a moderate, but no one — neither on the right nor the left — seriously believes that. The reason nearly half of voters still rate him favorably is not because they believe he’s a centrist. On the contrary, it’s because they want more redistribution of wealth, and they realize that he is determined to make that happen.

That is why Republicans cannot win if they try to Romneyize or McCainize their positions. The conventional wisdom is wrong regarding this issue. Independents — who, as usual, will decide the 2012 election — will be much more inclined to vote for a highly principled candidate with whom they may disagree on a number of issues than for another phony conservative.

If there were any doubts about what the dirty Dems have in store for a RINO Republican nominee, they should have vanished after their early shot across Romney’s bow: the “Mitt versus Mitt” ad that posits Romney’s candidacy as “the story of two men trapped in one body.”

Early on, I didn’t believe that BHO and the Dems actually would try to win the 2012 election by pounding away at the income-inequality theme, because any fool knows that it has nothing to do with the economic problems the United States faces. If anything, focusing on this canard is the cause of the economy’s death spiral, because it motivates politicians to increase taxes, increase regulations and increase government control over both people and the economy.

Interestingly, Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen, every Republican’s two favorite Democrats, have been urging the Obamessiah to bow out of the 2012 race. Recently, they wrote: “He should abandon his candidacy for reelection in favor of a clear alternative, one capable not only of saving the Democratic Party, but, more important, of governing effectively and in a way that preserves the most important of the president’s accomplishments. He should step aside for the one candidate who would become, by acclamation, the nominee of the Democratic Party: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.”

Yikes! The thought of Hillary back from the dead is enough to give conservatives chest pains. With Obama, there is no doubt about who the enemy is. But it would take several years for those smitten with the new-and-improved happy-face version of Hilla the Hun to come out of their stupor. By that time, she would have enacted every policy BHO wanted to foist on the American public — and then some. (Remember, Hillarycare preceded Obamacare by more than 15 years.)

As much as I hate to say it, given the alternatives, maybe we’re better off with an unprincipled, flip-flopping Republican in the White House. I mean, it’s not like we aren’t used to it. Still, in all, it sure would be nice if someone with strong and consistent conservative convictions broke through the pack and won the Republican nomination — or ran as a third-party candidate.

–Robert Ringer

Robert Ringer

is a New York Times #1 bestselling author and host of the highly acclaimed Liberty Education Interview Series, which features interviews with top political, economic, and social leaders. He has appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, The Tonight Show, Today, The Dennis Miller Show, Good Morning America, The Lars Larson Show, ABC Nightline, and The Charlie Rose Show, and has been the subject of feature articles in such major publications as Time, People, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron's, and The New York Times. To sign up for his one-of-a-kind, pro-liberty e-letter, A Voice of Sanity, Click Here.

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  • Anthony

    As usual, it will take some discussion between everyone to finally point to the truth of it all.

    The Bilderbergers, thru the CFR and Trilateral, are who offer up, for your consumption, this latest serving of suckerbait candidates. You are only allowed to vote for those they offer. You will have no other(s). This is how it has worked since at least the 1930′s. Only in 1954, they made it globally official with the creation of teh Bilderberg Group.

    Do not doubt any of it. ALL candidates are beholding to the CFR which rules their every move in life. Whether that be Family, business, friends…. you name it. They will coerce, bribe, defame, destroy careers, end marriages, send thugs to issue threats to loved ones…. whatever it takes. And, the Bilderberg-owned Media will never tell you the truth of it.

    During the ’08 election, they got blatant about it, by inviting both Obama & Hillary to the same annual event. Obama got it, but only by agreement that Hillary would be next. She wanted to be who would walk the World and disarm the US, by means of th SMALL ARMS TREATY, which supercedes the 2nd Amendment.

    No … whether it be NEWT, MITT, HERMAN, or any of the others… the slate/line has been drawn. Hillary will be positioned as the next, and possibly last POTUS.

    Only RON PAUL stands a chance of winning at the computerized voting machines. And, if it gets tooo dangerous, you will find Ron Paul in some sort of incident… either like the Kennedy’s or like Ron Brown. He will be removed. AND THIS is where the true Patriots will stand up, face the Banksters (enemy) and begin the long fight back to what Jefferson & Frankln gave us… and we let slip away.

    Where will you stand?

    • Monte

      Thought provoking comment, Anthony. I don’t believe the present can be viewed in light of the past. These are very different and very perilous times. The real enemy is not halfway around the world and living in a mud hut; he is right here among us. Our ‘leaders’ are mere puppets, dancing on the strings of the enemy.

      • DaveH

        Don’t give the Leaders an excuse, Monte. Without them the Bilderbergs, Rothchilds, or whoever the conspiracy theorists worry about, would be powerless.
        The blame lands squarely on the shoulders of Government. The People must start learning to vote all those, who favor Government meddling in the Marketplace, out of office, and keep them out. Regulations are one of the protectionist tools that Politicians use to favor their Crony Capitalist contributors at the expense of their competitors, their customers, and the taxpayers.
        People need to quit blaming all Big Business and awaken to the fact that there are Political Entrepreneurs (Crony Capitalists) who survive by supporting their favorite Politicians, and Market Entrepreneurs who survive by pleasing their customers.
        Getting Government out of the Marketplace would defang the Political Entrepreneurs and force them to compete fairly (ie, without the assistance of Big Government) in the Free marketplace. There is only one Political Party that would implement those Free Markets — The Libertarian Party:

        • DaveH

          Study at to learn about Austrian Economics which tell it like it is, unlike most styles of economics which provide cover for self-interested Politicians and their politically-connected buddies.

          • patrick H.T. paine

            “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

            “Know ye the TRUTH, and the TRUTH shall set you FREE!”

            Copy and save what you are about to read so that you can refer to it and possibly recognise those who can restore what we have lost or more precisely what YOU have voluntarily, if unwittingly, surrendered.
            “I believe that any of these people (yes, including Sarah Palin) could have beaten Obama and, once in office, done a good — even great — job of cutting the size of government, rolling back job-killing regulations, lowering taxes and getting the country back to its Constitutional foundation.”

            We did not lose the “Constitution” with the supposed passaage of the 14th, 16thor 17th Articles of Ammendment, nor did we lose it with the creation of the Federal Reserve.

            Citing the Constitution or referencing it is simply convenient for those in government provided they do NOT have to explain what they mean, and for most citizens this is also true, although in the latter instance this is usually a result of ignorance.

            A simple example of this willfull ignorance is the demonstrated by the FACT that the Bill of Rights does not say, Congress shall pass no law respecting the establishment of a CHRISTIAN religion.

            For those that have taken the time to read it, it is not particularly difficult to understand and for anyone with half a brain, serious problems arise almost immediately……the specific powers delegated to congress is Article One, Section 8, to include the power to coin money, as well as, the restriction of legal tender, by the states to gold and silver coin aa well as those pesky rights in the Bill of: especially the 9th and 10th Articles and also the types of taxation permitted, direct and indirect.

            Now the phrase “unconstitutional” is widely used to describe a lot of things that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is doing now, and this claim is based on the simple understanding of Article V which explains the two methods which are available to AMEND the Constitution.

            When presented as such, this argument appears to be a “valid” objection, yet the venue for addressing this grievance is the “court” system, and these claims are rountinely rejected as “frivolous” and without further explanation at both the state and federal level.
            How is this possible? This result clearly indicates that the policies and programs of GOVERNMENT are NOT “unconstitutional”, and while it is “conveniant” to attempt such an argument, none of those cited in the list above can or have explained WHY or HOW this was done? The failure to understand this makes the possibility of the “restoration of constitutional foundations” an impossibility…..rhetoric “full of sound and fury signifying nothing.”

            But let us look at two experiences which alter your perceived “rights” yet do not require a constitutional admendment to do so.

            When you enter military service, you are now subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and when you apply for a license to drive, you are subject to the Motor Vehicle Code in whatever “jurisdiction” you happen to be. These two instances completely alter any access or claims you might have to rights or restrictions of government power, available to you in the Constitution.

            The key to this circumstance is that you “voluntarilly” subjected yourself to these “jurisdictions” by joining the military or acquiring a driver’s license, so whatever rights you may have, are now determined by the “laws” governing these circumstances.
            In Article Three, there are four “substantive and procedural” jurisdictions cited,( common ) law and equity, which was the “jurisdiction” that use to apply to citizens and provided complete access to the constitutional protections and restrictions against government, and admiralty and maritime jurisdictions which are in the exclusive province of Congress and are NOT subject to or required to “honor” these “rights and or restrictions.

            In addition to this “difference” both common law and equity have a requirement where harm and/or injury in the case of persons, or damage in the case of property must be present and in the case of conviction, proven!

            It becomes rather obvious, that Motor Vehicle Codes do not operate under these requirements…….and therfor are NOT cases in either law or equity, since moving violations need not be demonstrated to have caused harm, injury or damage. Given the available choices here, if we know what something is not, then we also know what it IS………and the question you might be prompted to ask is, how did state Moter Vehicle Codes come to operate under “admiralty and maritime” jurisdictions?

            You should also know that common law and equity courts no longer exist, and in the “jurisdictions” that you are now subject to, both your rights as well as any restrictions on what government can and can not do, is subject to whatever congress and the courts decide…….anything to the contrary in the Constitution is irrelevant. To make matters worse, you are considered to have “volunteered” to be subject to these “jurisdictions” and your ignorance of how, is also irrelevant.

            So any actual “restoration of constitutional foundations” would by neccessity require that those proposing it to actually understand and acknowledge the FACTS of how this was done, but also the means by which they can be undone.

            I am not aware of any candidate, current office holder, government official or judge that has done this…….or even indicated they had a clue…….and it is also clear that the “victims”, YOU are even more unaware… the claim of “unconstitutional” is attractive…..but it is either “ignorant” or deceptive, and holds no promise of restoring anything.

            “ Do not ask for whom the bell tolls………….”

            P.S. This “insertion” is a direct response to the quoted text of Mr. Ringer and not intended as a comment to the previous posters or relevant to the opinions expressed by them.

          • DaveH

            Then why didn’t you post it at the bottom of the page like most people do, Patrick?

          • patrick H.T. paine

            “To conquer, first DIVIDE!”

            Simply because it’s easier to locate and respond just in case someone might have an intelligent question or observation to offer, however
            unlikely the probability.

            “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls………”

          • DaveH

            Use the browser’s find feature with the phrase ‘paine says’ to easily locate your posts.

          • Firefly

            The words of “…T. Paine” above are thoughtful, and some claims are rejected because they are frivolous, but that in itself doesn’t mean they are not without merit. The 9th Circuit Court in our far west is made up of judges who tend to be far out, unlike anywhere else. When ever something decent and seemingly worthwhile is rejected I am never surprised when I hear it’s the 9th.

            Judges are human beings and they are not always partial, and their understanding of the constitution is often at odds with the intent of the founding fathers because of what they were taught from grade school on. If judges were truly impartial it would be wonderful for the innocent and terrible for the who were not or who had an agenda for this country.

            Although the citizens of California voted twice to insist that the natural law and indeed five thousand years of history said that marriage was between a man and a woman, a very human judge who wanted to marry his gay partner vetoed all those who had voted. He and he alone because of very biased reasons voted that all must except his reasoning. Was he recalled? If so I hadn’t heard of it. Likewise homosexual judges must have been the ones who voted to force this on Iowa but some of them were kicked out because in Iowa the citizens still have a say in some things. I’m simply pointing this out because it is the most obvious way in which Government and the courts are not always on the side of the people. Homosexuals have the same rights as all citizens but they want special rights and until the citizens of the country decide they SHOULD be elevated there is going to be conflict. Christians of all people should not be surprised about this because it’s pretty clear in the Bible they follow that there will be a rise in homosexuality in the world before it is finally destroyed, and although many don’t know what is in the Bible, it also implies that the hearts of men will grow cold and no one will give a damn about anyone else but themselves before this happens. Whether that time is soon upon us I have no way of saying but I have read on this very site in years past that a couple of dozen projections or prophecy’s that were written thousands of years ago have never come about UNTIL THIS GENERATION so I would not be surprised at anything that happens.

            However, if the American people want communism as a form of government then let them vote it in, not sneak it in behind closed doors and rammed down our throats with Obamacare and sky high cap and trade electricity prices and so much more. No citizen ever voted for these things just as none voted to stop using gold as money as per the constitution, but it was done nonetheless. The supreme court was not even allowed to vote on it and the partly foreign owned bank we call the Federal Reserve has controlled our money for 98 years. Even now they (or their Treasury counterparts) are fast and furiously printing money to keep the government running, and trying to keep down the price of gold as they did for so many years and lately doing a fairly decent job of keeping the stock market up, but none of us have any say in all of that. None of this is in accord with the spirit of the constitution or even in it’s actual wording but we the citizens did not have a say in it.

            I hope the Constitution and the United States survives the coming hard times, the greatest economic crisis the world has ever seen, but I have no insight into whether we will pull out of this one when the whole world will be in affected. I was blessed to be born in this country and don’t mind others who want the freedoms we have long enjoyed but to try to convert us into another failed socialist state is not my idea of something desirable. Only those at the top will benefit as they already do, so what’s the point?

      • Centurion

        Exactly my biggest worry. JFK signed an executive order to begin the elimination of the Federal Reserve and a return to sound money. Less than 3 weeks later he was dead. I fear that RP could face a similar fate. But, if he is valiant enough to go for it, I’m behind him. I know the man has courage of his convictions and suspect he knows that he is risking his life by pursuing his current course. True patriots take risks for principles that are bigger than themselves. God Speed and Go bless Ron Paul.

        • ARCHANGEL

          Interesting, I believe Lincoln met with the same fate after he refused the offer of the central bank and began printing GREENBACKS!

          • JC

            Andrew Jackson survived two assasination attempts in one day after he said:
            Gentlemen! I too have been a close observer of the doings of the Bank of the United States. I have had men watching you for a long time, and am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves. I have determined to rout you out, and by the Eternal, (bringing his fist down on the table) I will rout you out!

        • Mary

          If Ron Paul is the candidate I’ll work full time for him at donorem. I’ll go dooor to door but if something happens to him I believe we won’t have to ask for whom the bell tolls because they will be tolling day and night and not just for RP. He deserve to go with a lot of company. This is an excellent article gave me crumps the part of thinking Madame Serpent (Hillary Clinton) been the candidate for the democrats.

    • chipshot

      Unfortunately, Anthony, you are dead right. Look at the choices we have been given during the last few elections: A choice of the lesser of two evils.
      The end game is here and now and the only way out of this is a bloody revolution which the patriots are most likely to lose.
      I believe it does not matter who the repubs (and/or 3rd Party) nominate since there is likely to be economic crisis allowing the Sores Administration to declare Martial Law before the next election. I believe that is the end game strategy islamobama and the Sores Administration will adopt, resulting in basically a dictator assuming power. Welcome to the NWO.

      • DaveH

        We are given the choices of the lesser of two evils, because we let them give us those choices. What if they threw a nominating party and nobody came? It’s time to stop voting for candidates who won’t promise (and keep that promise) to shrink Government dramatically. If the Republicans won’t offer such candidates (Ron Paul is one, Gary Johnson is another) then switch to the Libertarian Party or let would-be dictators like Obama win until the Republicans start offering better. It’s the only way.
        If we all stuck to our guns instead of meekly going along with whatever poor substitutes for Freedom the Republicans offered, things WOULD change. If we don’t stand tough, in just two decades most of us oldsters, who have actually lived in Freer Times, won’t be around to tell the youngsters how much better it was before Big Government took over all aspects of our lives.
        People adjust to loss of Freedom. They adjust to loss of prosperity. That’s what enables Politicians to keep sliding us gradually towards Bigger and Bigger Government.
        So, all of you out there, Please quit voting for the Lesser of Two Evils which is still just EVIL.

        • Larry

          Don’t waste all of our Time. Forget the Libertarian Party because they are just Republicans with a different name.

          Vote for and Promote the Constitution Party for REAL CHANGE.

    • amarq

      Spot on. I am independant and will not vote before I vote for someone whose principles and ethics I don’t accept. I have supported Dr. Paul for years and will continue to do so knowing any level of success will likely very quickly leed to his demise. He is aware of this also. Most of America has no idea what a true patriot he is, what sacrifice he is willing to make. He will give everything to give america back to americans if possible. The question is will we accept it…and the responsibility…

      • Dave

        Dr. Paul is a Libertarian; he doesn’t believe in the government defending marriage (anti-DOMA),and doesn’t believes what the founding fathers believed – that the Constitution was wholly inadequate to govern a people who lacked internal control. A faction also didn’t want strictly the Constitution back then either – hence the Bill of Rights. STS, we’re far beyond “Just the Constitution”. Many Constitutional lawyers (including the current POTUS) pay no heed to this foundational document.

        • DaveH

          The Government has no business being involved in marriage issues other than to enforce explicit contracts between two people. As it stands now, Government enforces the implicit terms of the marriage contract (those not stated directly) and ignores the explicit terms of the marriage contract (to have and to hold, etc.). We need to change that. We need to develop Explicit Marriage Contracts that detail what both parties are agreeing to, and get the Government out of the business of imposing Implied Contracts on Married Couples.

          • Monte

            Dave, these are state issues and have no place in the general government. Blanket reforms, imposed on the country as a whole by fanatic, leftist crusaders, is the core of many our problems. If Mass. wants queer preachers, that’s their right. But to impose it on the rest of us is not only unconstitutional but pure tyranny. I believe, if a consensus could be taken, it would show most of us in America just want to be left alone. The foaming-at-the-mouth, radical leftist can’t allow this, however. They need secular moral crusades so they can feel good about themselves. That is why all leftise regimes are totalitarian. They determine what is right and wrong, based purely on their own god-like opinion, then impose it on others by force. Welcome to modern America.

          • DaveH

            Monte, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m talking about Government enforcement of voluntary contracts between two people, the traditional role of Government, whether Federal or State.
            As it stands now, “implied” contracts such as alimony, child support, etc. are enforced by Government, but the victims of that enforcement rarely know what they have implicitly agreed to when they say “I do”.

        • Vigilannie

          The Constitution was written for a MORAL PEOPLE. period. sadly today most people have no morals.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Step aside Captain Obvious….make room for Lieutenant Hindsight.

          • APN

            Yep, I agree. Just no way to legislate morality….must be taught at the earliest stages of life.

          • Peter S. Chamberlain

            You got that right! The Framers and Founders were clear on that point. See also (honest liberal) U.S. Court of Appeals Justice Learned Hand’s famous statement in the nineteen forties, The Spirit of Liberty, [not an exact quote] lives in the hearts of individuals, when it dies there . . . no court can . . do much to save it. Of course this traces back to St. Paul’s discussion of liberty vs. licentiousness.

            Mankind has gone from a few precepts to the Ten Commandments to over nine hundred rules in the Jewish system by the time of Christ to the U. S. Code that weighs about half a ton on paper and just its Internal Revenue Code was volumes bigger than the Bible, plus the Regulations, when I was in law school and several times that big now, and now we have the 2,700 page Obamacare law and at last report 40,000 pages of fine print rules and regulations under that and it hasn’t even kicked in yet, all doomed attempts to respond to people trying to rationalize their way around shorter and simpler laws. Read the Pennsylvania law on reporting child abuse at the heart of the current scandal which law is a scandal in itself with loopholes for most people, and ours here in Texas is about as bad and trying to get help for a child is, in my personal knowledge, dangerous. Several years ago, Billy Graham said that if God doesn’t judge America he would have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah, and now we sure know why. Both political parties were implicated in the scandal of Foley, the R co-chair of the Congresional Child Abuse Caucus, which my Members of Congress wouldn’t join and wouldn’t tell me why. Now we know. I got in terrible trouble, in violation of state and federal civil rights laws, when I discovered that daughters, sisters, nieces, etc. of politicians palmed off on us by both parties, with many of whom I had privileged and confidential relqtionships as atorney and client, etc., were survivors of childhood incest and confronted the mother of one of them about this privately. One poll showed 51% not of defendants but prospective jurors did not believe there even was any such thing as fixed, objective, determnable right and wrong that applied to everybody. Since knowing the difference between right and wrong is the key to the definition of sanity and insanity, imagine a sanity hearing before a jury picked from that sample.
            I want whoever I support to win in 2012. I want them to have the character adn capacity for the jb. It might be nice to know whether they could be trusted alone iwth their own or anyone else’s child, could be trusted to come into our homes and fix our toiletls, much less their economic and other political principles.
            Al right, now who can or would anyone suport who can win?

    • Angel Wannabe

      Anthony__Good post!__Andrew Jackson called the Bank Cabal “a Den of Vipers and Thieves” they’re intent is more and more blatant by the day!

    • Lastmanstanding

      I pray for “last”…I cannot imagine our kids and grandkids with nothing…or less than nothing.

    • Republic Man

      Obama is an ILLEGAL ALIEN & Muslim terrorist from Kenya committing Islamic Jihad from inside our White House!!

      • Buddy

        But it wouldn’t matter if the centralist people in the USA had not abdicated state power of the state to the federal government. Most of us are not sure how this happened but here we are without any good reason of being a nation of 300,000,000 people being “micromanaged” by a small ruling class in an eastern city.

        Is there any reason that the USA is one nation?

        • Monte

          Buddy, it is the concerns for consolidation, the same concerns that gave rise to the Jeffersonians. The concentration of power and money into a few hands has been developing for the past 150 years.

      • ChristyK

        Many people have dobts about Obama’s constitutional right to be President because of questions about whether he was born on US soil. A bigger issue is that his father was never a US citizen. This should disqualify him.

        If we are consistent it should also disqualify Marco Rubio from being President or VP because his parents were not US citizens when he was born (they are now). If we follow the letter of the law (and the interpretation of “Natural born” that was used when our constituion was written) then Rubio is not eligible for President and therefore VP. He can honorably serve our country as a Congressman or Senator.

        • moonbeam

          “A bigger issue is that his father was never a US citizen. This should disqualify him.”

          This is what I’ve been saying as well. I’ve also said before that people want to play a semantics game with what natural born citizen means. It means what it means. Where the confusion comes from is quite frankly a big pile of stinking BS.

          This stuff will just keep happening until Americans grow a spine and do what is right, which is to take back our government by force. What choice do we have? If this continues it is because we let it continue. We can not sit idle while known criminals control of our government and institute their rein of terror.

          We are Americans, shouting The Battle Hymn of the Republic. We know what to do and what needs to be done. Let’s get ‘er done.

          We will deserve everything we get if we don’t get off our duffs and do what the Constitution gives us every right to do, what it compels us to do – to rid our nation of the liars, whores and thieves running our government. I’m talking tearing the roof off the sucker, drag them all out by the short hairs and throw them into the street. Every last stinkin’ one of them.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Excellent, no…Important First post, Anthony.

      Thank you for your work in trying to help educate the sleeping American’s enmass.

      God Bless.

    • Sancheleezy

      This guy Mr. Robert Ringer can’t see the forest for all of the trees—-what a bumbling idiot that he cannot even see that Dr. Ron Paul is the knight in shining armor. He is not like all the other candidates and all one has to do is LISTEN and WATCH as he not only “talks the talk” but “walks the walk”. He has voted within the bounds of the U.S. Constitution his whole career in office and can be fully trusted to do so as President of the United States of America. Thank you, Anthony for pointing this fact out to those who still doubt Ron Paul’s integrity

    • Old Henry

      Robet’s list of ten “better” candidates has two major flaws – Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio. Neither one is a Natual Born Citizen and thus they are not eligible.

      There parents were not citizens at the time of their birth, they were only legal residents.

    • meiling

      I believe we have a candidate w/great strength to lead & direct us in the next 4 years. he is Mitt Romney. he is a man of principles. Most importantly he walks humbly before God. What is wrong about America today is that her people has shown disrespect for God. We have embraced worldly cares over love for the almighty God. God knows the world is in a chaotic mess. CORRUPTION, IMMORALTY, BLASPHEMY, are the evils demoralizing our lives. We all need to walk humbly before God & elect Mitt Romney for 45th president of this once-great-nation.Or else, expect obama to win a 2nd term! Thank-you.

      • Rosco1776


      • newspooner

        Communists believe that they have the right to force people to do things, like buy health insurance. Anyone who favors mandatory health insurance is either ignorant or a communist. Romney is a two-faced communist.

    • JohnT

      Thank you for already expressing what I was thinking!

  • s c

    Vermin being what they are, the schizophrenics who ‘run’ the GOP probably think only kinder, gentler, limp-wristed Quislings are good enough to campaign. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to learn that America’s better candidates have been “DISCOURAGED” from running.
    Sooner or later, ‘Republicans’ and ‘Democrats’ will tire of playing bend-over with each other. However, America can’t afford to wait for that cat fight.
    We need solid, conservative leadership, and we need it NOW. This is for ALL the marbles. There is too much at stake to shrug off the handwriting on the wall.
    America’s puppet masters and their shills ['Republicans' and 'Democrats'] know this is
    the time they’ve waited for so long. It’s freedom or slavery.
    There is NO third option. For those whose love of self transcends all reason and common sense, YOUR CHILDREN are the prize. Do you love your children, or do you hate them?
    America can’t wait for you to buy back your souls, you freedom-hating scum. You don’t need to play with your crystal balls or check the papers.
    The end game is right here and right now. Either you’re a herd of mutated, 18th century Brits, or you’re on the side of freedom.
    You’re being watched, and we can’t wait forever for you to grow a spine or remember that the Constitution is much more than a piece of paper. The hand of destiny has written on your wall, too.
    Read it, and understand it. Your children will either love you or hate you, and the American people will remind you in ways that no turncoats can ignore.

    • FreedomFighter

      “It’s freedom or slavery.”

      The NWO wants the American prize: most wealth, resources, clean water, food production. We are in the endgame, Congress has passed the bill that puts the troops in the street

      Its time for the choice Freedom or Slavery, are you going to be a lackey dog for an lawless bunch of crimnal bankers and there puppets in goverment or

      are you going to be a son of the republic, an AMERICAN and fight for what our fathers gave us?

      They have crossed the rubicon, its happening, the takeover is in progress.

      FREEDOM or SlAVERY now is the time for choice.

      Under NDAA: Everyone is The Enemy – Alex Jones Monday Edition 1/2

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

      • texastwin827

        We are in the endgame, Congress has passed the bill that puts the troops in the street

        True, they have…HOWEVER, today’s military does not like what is being done to their country. Will there be ones who follow their “marching orders”…sure there will be.

        That said, our govt has accomplished something that we civilians could have never done. They have provided this country with a young group of seasoned, combat vets who are more than willing to lay their lives down, for THEIR country. If you know any of these young men/women, today, you would find (from talking to them) that they do not intend to meekly “follow orders” as their oath is to the Constitution and their country, not the President nor Congress.

        You couple that with the older vets (Vietnam vets to present day) and the American people could be a force to be reckoned with. While I once doubted that our young people had any patriotism, that thought was banished, when 9/11 happened and thousands of them enlisted in the military, afterward. I think we sometimes presume that they do not have love of country, like the older generation does. We sorely misjudge them, if we do.

        • Unrealistic

          Amen Brother

        • APN

          ..I agree totally….The Military will NEVER turn on us, WE THE PEOPLE, and I have numerous family and friends that have served or are still serving. Some of those in my family served in George Patton’s 3rd army in WWII. None of the aforesaid would even consider bearing arms against we citizens.

          In my estimation, those in power clearly understand that fact so another avenue must be taken to neutralize our Military. Spreading them all over the face of the earth would be a good start. The next step will be to defund the Defense department thus reducing the size and scope of our defense capabilities. Eventually we will end up with a shell of the military we have now powerless to successfully defend WE THE PEOPLE.

          I think we now have over 100,000 armed and highly trained “Federal Agents”. What would be the purpose of that?

          • moonbeam

            “The Military will NEVER turn on us,”

            Really? Hope you’re right.

          • APN

            I am….I don’t make statements that I do not believe to be correct.

        • JC

          The Military has donated more funding to Ron Paul in the last election and so far in this campaign than all the other candidates from both parties combined. Apparently they know why they put on the uniform in the first place…they’re Americans who took an oath.

          • APN

            Not sure where you get your facts. Newt seems to be favored by the Military.

          • JC

            My mistake. It’s actually more contributions from the military than all GOP candidates combined.

            According to a press release from Huntington News and a report from Russia Today, the three-time presidential candidate raised more money from American troops overseas than the rest of his GOP opponents and President Barack Obama.
            Dr. Paul was able to produce $36,739.79 in donations from U.S. military personnel. His closest Republican competitor was Godfather’s Pizza CEO Herman Cain, who raised $6,223.
            The complete breakdown can be found below (in alphabetical order):
            - Rep. Michelle Bachmann: $2,550
            - Herman Cain: $6,223
            - Rep. Newt Gingrich: $1,025
            - Gov. Gary Johnson: $0
            - Rep. Ron Paul: $36,739.79
            - Gov. Tim Pawlenty (dropped out of race): $250
            - Gov. Mitt Romney: $5,000
            - Sen. Rick Santorum: $250
            *Texas Governor Rick Perry was not included in the tallying.
            Total GOP Military Donations without Paul: $15,298.00
            President Barack Obama has been able to garner $28,833.99 from U.S. military personnel.

            Read more:

        • Old Henry

          YOu may be correct, but we are making one very wrong assumption. What makes you think it will be OUR troops?

          • JC

            Good point Henry. Here’s my take on it.
            I “assume” that American Military personnel will honor their oath to uphold the Constitution and defend Americans on American soil.
            So anyone in a soldiers uniform that is harrassing, rounding up or firing on American citizens must be presumed to be an enemy combatant…no matter where they are from.
            And 180 million gun owners is a force to be reckoned with, wouldn’t you think? ;)

        • ReadyToFightTonite

          Actually, the enlisted Oath specifically requires members to follow the orders of the President of the United States: “I, _____, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.” (Title 10, US Code; Act of 5 May 1960 replacing the wording first adopted in 1789, with amendment effective 5 October 1962).

    • mark

      This is almost a textbook statement, you could take it to a psychiatric clinic, of a disturbed, paranoid mind, riven with irrational hatred, fear, and revulsion for one’s fellow human beings. If this is an example of libertarian or conservative “thinking,” than it is a chilling proof as to why they will lose and why anyone opposed to a such hateful, fear-mongering vision of life will win the elections of 2012

      • DaveH

        Are you implying that Liberals/Progressives care about their fellow humans? Please don’t kid around. If you cared about your fellow humans, you wouldn’t even dream of using Big Government to force your way on them. Liberals/Progressives have nothing but contempt for the Free Choices of others.

        • mark

          DaveH, it took the power of the federal gov’t through the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act and the deployment of thousands of federal marshals and on occasion federal troops, to restore the right to vote and basic civil rights of African Americans in the South and the Border States. It took federal power to restore these Constitutional rights that had been violated by local individudals, local organizations, and local gov’ts for some 90 years. This is an example of the big government that you disapprove of, protecting human and civil rights.

          • Monte

            Mark, like most liberal fanatics, you like to dwell with the overall and ignore the ramifications. You remain in the abstract, where you can pat yourself on the back for another great accomplishment, while ignoring the fact that social engineering is always disruptive and destructive. Your disconnect from the real world and the effects of your actions underlines the pure evil that is liberalism. I give the left credit for nothing but pure evil. So what you take so much pride in, I view with only dread and contempt.

          • mark

            Right, it was pure evil for Liberals to use the federal gov’t to restore constitutional rights to our African-American citizens in the South. Oh, I know you believe this Monte. I’m sure you believe it to your core. Conservatives also opposed all liberal attempts at an federal anti-lynching law in the 1930s, citing that it would be a dangerous extension of federal power onto the states. But this wasn’t an abstact issue, Monte, this involved trying to prevent thousands of African American citizens from being strung up from trees, burnt, castrated, and dismembered without trial before cheering all-white Southern crowds. White children often fought over the burnt bones from the corpses that they kept as souvenirs. Nothing abstract about that, Monte. Also Barry Goldwater, noble champion of libertariarin and conservative ideals proudly voted against both the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Acts. But unlike the Klan, he did so on principle. The principle of states rights over the deliberately violated constitutional right of 20 million U.S. citizens. We know how conservatives went on that choice. Especially since they were non-white U.S. citizens. Principles matter.

          • libertytrain

            I have to agree with Monte, Mark has an apparent disconnect from the world of today. Nothing at all we can do to change what we believe about the past and does no good to accuse folks of something they were not living during to have done or stopped – unless Mark was -

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To Mark:
            I do agree in essence with what you say about enforcement of the constitution for all Americans. Also, African Americans weren’t the only people being lynched for poor whites, Jews, Gays, along with other people of color were lynched too. The problem has become the government being too interventionous. The goal the Gov. is to be as a judge to make sure no one oversteps another one’s boundaries plus vice-versa. Thanks!!
            P.S. The GOP field looks so bad that Obama will probably win in a landslide. Sorry but true.

          • Monte

            Mark, I could post numerous studies illustrating the ‘fallout’ from this leftist crusade, (many of our problems today stem from this violent act) but I won’t bother. You would never read them. It would cut to the heart of the absurdity of your fanatic, leftist, swollen pride. When man stepped out onto the moon, it was said. “A giant step for mankind”. But I didn’t take the step. Nor did I have any part, whatsoever, in putting him there. Only from a very abstract perspective can that statement have any meaning at all. For you to understand this would require your coming back to earth, something impossible for one of your ilk. I hold every thing you hold in pride in only contempt.

          • mark

            No Monte, I would read your posts. I read lots of material all the time. I try to maintain an open mind and especially like to read and study the arguments of people I disagree with. My fanatical, swollen pride? Because I disagree with you on some issues? The very abstract example you used of the first man on the moon, actually you and I ARE directly connected to this as our tax money paid for the Apollo program and NASA, a big federal gov’t boondogle that I personally disagreed with. I think that program was a mistake and a waste of taxpayer money. So are some of the federal, liberal social programs. But big gov’t besides making mistakes, also did some great things for America like finally helping to restore the constitutional rights of African Americans. And there are contemporary real-life ramifications to this. The liberal Democrats took a stand on principle for once (and it was a long time coming), a moral stand, and they are still paying a political price for it. The Democrats lost the South – and the white male vote – ever since. There is nothing at all abstract about that. These were votes that transformed everyday life in the South and had devastating political consequences for the Democratic Party.
            Another big liberal federal program that the Democrats pushed and which I whole-heartedly support, it had a huge impact on my life, was the G.I. Bill. After WWII that giant Democratic spending bill provided millions of returning veterans with federally-subsidized technical and higher education plus housing that helped lift them from poverty and the working-class into the middle class. My Dad was a WWII vet who took advantage of this and got some trade school training and a VA mortgage (2.5 % down and a low federally-subsidized mortgage rate). This elevated my Dad who grew up in terrible poverty into the ranks of the lower middle class which directly and concretely benefited me. There was nothing abstract about this. It meant I got to grow up in a home, albeit a modest one, with plentiful food on the table and even a few luxuries like a color TV and a new car every five years. Some liberal gov’t programs are good and some are terrible. The same hold true for conservative initiatives. Although I tend toward the liberal/progressive side, I don’t have this doctrinaire, all-consuming ideology that blinds me to looking at alternatives or toward the benefits of conservative ideas.
            One strange thing with me for instance is that while I disgree with most of his domestic policies, I support Ron Paul on foreign affairs. The United States is far too interventionist and should mind its own business and quit invading all these countries. People hold too strictly to these narrow political categories of liberal and conservative when a lot of Americans like and dislike elements of both party’s programs.

          • DaveH

            You can’t force equality (whatever that is). It has to come natural, or it doesn’t come at all. By forcing equality, you build resentment and cause otherwise tolerant people to become intolerant.
            If you’d read the book “The Real Lincoln” you might understand the amount of resentment towards the blacks that was caused by the North depriving the so-called Rebels of their votes, giving votes to the former uneducated slaves, and basically forcing their ways on the Southerners. If the elimination of slavery had been done like the rest of the world did it, our country may have been spared from all of the ill feelings between races that we subsequently had.
            I know you love to bring up the slavery issue, Mark, but my previous comment was about many more things than just that. In general, Liberals/Progressives are all about forcing their ways on other people, including helping themselves to a lion’s share of other peoples’ money, which is just Slavery no matter how you try to paint it differently.

          • DaveH

            And back to the Black/White issue, how can you ever expect people to become Color Blind as MLK advocated, Mark, when Liberals like you keep throwing it in their faces constantly? I don’t see Blacks or Whites. I just see human beings, who are different in many physical features with skin color being just one of them, but all deserving respect and the Freedom to choose their own destinies. We could move in that direction, Mark, if racists like yourself would just quit reminding us that we have different skin colors.

          • http://Personalliberty Tony

            To Dave H.:
            What you don’t understand sir, is that segregation and other racist
            laws were being forced on the common citizen of the south along with
            the rest of the country. This coercion is the reason why the great divide between the races came about. Although, i’m no supporter of big government intervention. However, the gov. was right in enforcing everyone’s constitutional liberties. Now, i agree you can’t force integration down people’s throat. Nevertheless, all citizens’ rights need to be protected regardless who they are. In real democracy, the majority overrules but the minority’s rights are promoted and protected the same with the majority’s. This is just food for thought to consider when debating this point. Thanks!!

          • bob wire

            I see! it’s all Mark’s fault for what we “think”!

            I like that! I’m going to blame Mark for now on! I feel better with myself already.

          • mark


            I have read The Real Lincoln along with about 30 other books on Lincoln. As I am sure you have gathered by now, I’m a history nut. I am not persuaded by the bulk of DiLorenzo’s arguments and especially by his failure to analyzed contrary evidence. I actually am more attuned to Thomas Krannawitter’s thesis in Vindicating Lincoln (Krannawitter is a conservative, by the way, not a liberal historian).
            You are right, the Civil War and the Reconstruction heightened racial tensions in the South. But under slavery the majority of Southerners already developed a belief in black inferiority and a general contempt for blacks that preceded the Civil War. These attitudes were also quite popular in the North. But federal officials were faced with a very real crisis in the 1950s-1960s: the deliberate violation of the Constitutional rights of 15 million Southern and Border State African-Americans. These cruel and egregious violations that humiliated blacks on a daily basis, subjected them to terror, and denied them most human and civil rights simply because they were darker skinned than the white majority provoked a populist reaction: the modern Civil Rights Movement of MLK and others. This in turn ratcheted up white violence and atrocities against the black population of the South. Federal officials had to deal with this. They had to do something. They couldn’t just take an academic approach and say well this is all happened because of past gov’t policy 100 years ago, therefore there is nothing we can do about it now. It will have to gradually work itself out over many generations and if thousands must die and Constitutional rights be denied for another 60 years, so be it. After all, these Constitutional rights violations were only occuring to an unpopular, mostly impoverished, non-white minority (like the Japanese-American internees of 1941-1945), so tough luck – the Constitution doesn’t apply to you guys. That was the approach advocated by William F. Buckley, Barry Goldwater and most of Southern conservative leaders, as well as the violent forces of white resistance (KKK, the Nightriders, etc). As I mentioned conservatives voted against all efforts at federal intervention. It was a matter of states rights to them. And states have the right to deny citizens their constitutional right according to this bizarre theory providing it is a long held tradition and only pertains to a despised non-white minority. The Constitution isn’t for all Americans, it is only for majority white Americans. MLK critiqued this absurdity brilliantly in a number of eloquent speeches.
            Liberal politicians took a different approach. This cannot go on. African Americans’ rights must be restored. Not only was it a Constitutional issue for them but also an international issue as the U.S. proclaimed itself the leader of the free world and waged the Cold War against tyrranical communism while it refused to honor equal constititutional rights towards Americans of color at home. This was a huge embarrassment for the U.S. and a godsend for communist propaganda. So liberal democrats acted. Beginning with JKK, who moved very slowly and timidly, and ending with LBJ who took forthright action pushing a Civil Rights Act and a Voting Rights Act through Congress and sending thousands of federal marshals and voting officials south to enforce it. I agree with this policy and think it is an example of the federal gov’t intervening against the states to rescue our Constitution and in the process aid our citizens and provide for the general welfare. Thank God LBJ had the courage to act on this matter. We all know what happened when Chief Justice John Marshall upheld the Cherokees’ property rights in Georgia and Pres. Andrew Jackson refused to act in enforcing the Court’s decision. He said “Marshall had made his decision, now let him enforce it!” Of course the courts could do no such thing without federal power behind them. The Constitution is just a piece of paper if officials and the people do not enforce it. So the Cherokees and numerous other tribes were robbed of their property at federal gunpoint and marched in the same manner to Oklahoma and Arkansas. One president in 1964-65 showed moral courage and acted to enforce the Constitution’s protections to a despised, non-white minority. The other in the 1830s refused to do so. LBJ, liberal democrat believer in big gov’t, (I disagree with some of his Great Society Programs and with all of his Vietnam War) was the hero of American history in this crisis. Andrew Jackson believer in limited federal power was a villain. I am very glad that LBJ made his decision as he did and with the vast majority of the Congress voting in support of his policy through legally-constituted legislation. But I am sure that you totally disagree with me and feel the government should have waited several more generations until this montrous system of Jim Crow segregation somehow evaporated on its own – or until I don’t know what, white Southerners shot down and killed every every non-violent civil rights demontrator and cowed the black population into surrender?

          • mark


            I’m not throwing race in anyone’s face. I’m discussing the role of race in our history. How can one talk about the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Civil Rigthts Movement without discussing race? So let me get this straight, if we all just stop talking about race the whole matter will just go away? All racism in our coutry today is the fault of liberals who oppose racism and condemn it in all its coded and camouflaged forms. It is not the fault of right-wing extremists who celebrate racism and foment hatred (I am not including you in this group Dave but, my God, read some of the comments on this website when race is debated). In survey after survey white ciitzens tend to think race is not a big issue or problem in American society. Blacks have a whole different opinion and typically attribute white indifference towards discrimination to the fact that whites have always enjoyed white racial privilege without even thinking about it, and therefore don’t get what the problem is. No one has ever discriminated against them. So why don’t you blacks (and liberals) just get over it? Also MLK did not believe in a “color-blind society.” This is a common misperception among conservatives. He wanted African Americans to be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. That is different from a totally color-blind society, see:


          • DaveH

            I certainly do understand that there was much institutional segregation and racial corruption in the South. But I’m saying that the animosity began with the political shenanigans of the North during and after the Civil War. The South didn’t want to be a part of the Union any longer because the North was using the Central Government to take severe advantage of the South. So they seceded and started the Confederacy. After being forced militarily at a great cost of human life to rejoin the Union, the Southern Soldiers, those who wouldn’t take a loyalty pledge and deny their involvement in the war, were stripped of their voting rights during reconstruction, while Blacks were given voting rights, and the North proceeded to subjugate the South for a long time afterward. If you read the 14th Amendment Sec 2, it says:
            “But when the right to vote at any election for the choice of electors for President and Vice President of the United States, Representatives in Congress, the Executive and Judicial officers of a State, or the members of the Legislature thereof, is denied to any of the male inhabitants of such State, being twenty-one years of age, and citizens of the United States, or in any way abridged, except for participation in rebellion, or other crime, the basis of representation therein shall be reduced in the proportion which the number of such male citizens shall bear to the whole number of male citizens twenty-one years of age in such State”.
            Note what they are saying is that the right to vote can be stripped from those with “participation in rebellion”. What is rebellion? It is an effort to seek self-determination like that which the US sought with the Revolutionary War. So the North turned the efforts of our founders in the quest for Freedom just 80 years earlier upside down.

            If your vote was stripped from you, Tony, when all you wanted previously was Freedom from a Dictatorial Central Government, and then given to uneducated slaves instead, you wouldn’t be a little resentful? I’m not saying it was the fault of the Black Slaves who were just being used as pawns by the Federal Government, but you could surely see how that would generate animosity towards the Blacks. As usual Big Government screwed things up.

          • DaveH

            You’ve laid that same line of me before, Mark, that “I am not persuaded by the bulk of DiLorenzo’s arguments and especially by his failure to analyzed contrary evidence”.
            If you indeed read his book, Mark (I doubt it), you would know he did speak of contrary treatments of his subject matter, and that he had copious references for his conclusions.

          • DaveH

            Finally, Mark, when you make statements such as this one, I must say you don’t strike me as the kind of guy who respects his fellow human beings:
            “What a pathetic pack of paranoid loons who wet their pants at the first sign of the “revolution.” Oh God helps us, we’re all gonna die because people on T.V. are demonstrating and all the cuckoos I know tell me America is finished! Well, I’ve got news for you: America will still be here five hundred years after all you bedwetters have puked up your last can of survivalist beans”.

            Or this on this page:
            “This is almost a textbook statement, you could take it to a psychiatric clinic, of a disturbed, paranoid mind, riven with irrational hatred, fear, and revulsion for one’s fellow human beings”.

            Comments like those make it very difficult, Mark, to envision you as a great humanitarian.

          • JC

            The Government can not legislate morality, period.
            Hell, they can’t even balance a check book.

        • mark

          DaveH, those quoted lines were responses to some pretty crazy and insulting remarks made by posters on this site of which I am sure you are aware often get way off the charts.

          • mark

            I don’t claim to be a great humanitarian but I do support the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, that many on this site view as a tyrranical federal intervention into state affairs. I see it as the federal goverment using its power to restore freedom to an aggrieved group of U.S. citizens. But conservatives in the Congress voted agaisnt these laws and gave tacit often full support to maintaining Jim Crow segregation and denial of the black franchise.

          • JC

            I agree mark, people should be equal.
            So we should probably have a United Caucasian College Fund, Miss White America Pageants, Cloud Magazine, the White Panthers and so on…
            Don’t you think?

          • JC

            Oh and Mark…let’s not forget that the KKK had its roots in the Democratic Party.

          • libertytrain

            gosh mark, I feel like Hermain Cain was denied the franchise that you speak of because he was black – but the wrong kind of black for the press…huh…it was ok for Clinton to do, not just be accused, to do these things but Cain got blackballed so to speak by the same press on just accusations ….how’s that work? In this day and age. I thought we were long past that.

      • texastwin827

        You have the nerve to suggest Libertarians/Conservatives are the fear mongers, when the President of the US is the worst offender of using fear and hatred, to achieve his goals. You need to pull your head out of the sand…before your entire body is buried.

        • mark

          Well texastwin827, people have been writing on this site for three years now about how Obama is going to round up his political opponents and put them in internment camps, how he is going to put seniors in death camps, how he is going to suspend elections, take away everyone’s guns, end free speech, impose Sharia Law, destroy the entire Constitution, on and on the list goes…. None of this has happened. None of this ever will happen. If this isn’t fear-mongering for political mobilization, I don’t know what is. Also the personal hatred and distortions spread about Barak and Michelle Obama on this site is pretty breath-taking.

          • Const40

            If you don’t believe “any of these things are happening” please do a study of Executive Orders signed by our Presidents. Begin with Clinton who signed a great many EO’s that take away ALL of our rights.
            There isn’t enough room here to give them to you, you will have to find them for yourself. They SHOULD concern you as they infringe on each and every American.

          • DaveH

            I have not to my knowledge seen any posts about people being rounded up and sent to internment camps by Obamanites in particular. Those who warn about the roundups are talking about Big Government in general, whether under the Democrats or under the Republicans.
            If you don’t consider that possible reality, then I have to say that you are very naive, especially considering the recently passed (by the Senate) S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act, part of which allows indefinite detainment of American Citizens in this country.

      • Maryland Freestater

        I disagree. It does appear paranoid but I fail to see the ‘hate’ you’re talking about.

        I think you confuse things here – growing up Catholic I learned to ‘love the sinner, hate the sin’. Many Libertarians and freedom loving people don’t necessarily hate leftists but absolutely hate the sin of liberalism, specifically it’s being forced down our throats. There is a LOT of frustration amongst people like me who are truly fed up with a bunch of cowardly, honor-less leftists forcing their mores upon us who can decide our own life’s courses.

        And believe me, it is EXTREMELY difficult to prevent myself from hating liberals anymore…but I have a HIGHER President to answer to who has commanded me NOT to hate them, even Obama.

        • unrealistic

          Classic wussy christian, you are to love your brother as yourself brother being defined as a practicing christian believer. Father himself hated esau, father himself said if you are not with me you are against me and who will stand. Get a ticket to the clue bus this is not a feel good game these people hate us and a true christian soldier will defend the Father Son and Holy Spirit period. institutional church dogma’s be damned. Or have we forgotten Christ’s lashing out (physically) at the money changers in the temple? This will be war but Father is on the throne and it will be as he wishes.

    • Lost in Paradise

      SC,that is why we all need to vote for Ron Paul. I certainly do not see him as the lessor of two evils like I do Newt. Good Greif with a name like Newt who would trust him anyway, and then there is his background. WOW! He is really A Democrat, and running interference for them.

      • DaveH

        Newt is just a typical Politician, in it for themselves and willing to tell the people what they want to hear to get elected. Most of the politicians are self-serving people who are just doing whatever they are allowed to get away with in order to feather their own nests. They don’t think Laws should apply to them (witness the insider trading in Congress) and they don’t even honor the oaths they take to uphold the Constitution (that includes many in the Supreme Court).
        If they did honor their oaths to uphold the Constitution, they wouldn’t even dream of passing the frontal assault on the 5th Amendment which they recently passed (contained in the NDAA bill):!

      • Buddy

        A vote for Newt Gingrich, like a vote for any neocon, is a vote for another war. The warfare/welfare state must have enemies to survive.

      • Don

        LiP, you are truly lost, but with odumbo in charge we are losing the Paradise ,get your head out of your arse !!

  • Flashy

    “Obama still has the entire mainstream media not only supporting him, but blatantly lying to the public in an effort to continue the ruse that he is a thoughtful, self-critical, mainstream, patriotic American who is being thwarted by a mean-spirited Republican Congress”

    Ummmm…just pointing’s not lying when it’s a fact.

    • s c

      f, it needs to be said that it takes money by the ton to brag that a nation’s media is your own personal whore. It can be done – obviously – but it also makes the owner a special breed of WHORE, too.
      And your education continues . . .

    • Lastmanstanding

      and the republicans are doing the same thing…Jesse Ventura said it pretty well…”politic’s is like pro wrestling, we hate each other on camera and when the show is over we go get [comment has been edited] up and have a great time.”

    • Lastmanstanding

      if you have and open mind, watch “the obama deception”

      then make your OWN decisions as to whether or not facts are inmportant to your freedom and liberty.

      • Lost in Paradise

        What would you like to do to fix this mess???

        • Buddy

          A first step would be getting back power to the states, like seriously considering nullification.

        • Flashy

          What would I do to fix this mess?

          Easy to state what needs to be done. First, I’d revert back to the tax rates during the final years of Clinton. Anyone who states those rates would kill the wealth obviously hasn’t looked at the economic performance of that era. And for certain, you weren’t hearing the wealthy whine and cry and they were grabbing for the gelt.

          Next, I’d cut every department budget by 10%…including Defense. to make certain it wan’t lower workers who suffered, I’d mandate the majority of cuts occur at mid to high management budgets. It can be performed via job cuts, pay cuts, streamlining procedures whatever…but 10% of current budget.

          Third, i’d financing a total rebuilding of our infrastructure. Telecommunications etc where private industry is feeding off the government, i’d have matching funds if it were a franchise monopoly…if they passed on the matching funds I’d open the franchise market (i.e. cable )

          Fourth…Reinstate Glass Steagall

          Fifth … Full and open disclosure on all privacy information gathering and storage..private and public entities. Not curtail it…but absolutely require the extent and from where.

          Sixth…public option for health care

          Seventh…complete, immediate, and fully disclosed all donors of campaigns and PACs…including who donated to what PAC or 501/503.

          Eighth … Change Immigration laws to go after the real criminals…the employers. I would not penalize anyone for looking for work. I’d toss the employer…who knew or should have known…into the county clink for 30 days. No exceptions. Yes Mitt…you would have spent 30 days…

          A rough draft of an outline. But one which would most ikely work.

        • Lastmanstanding

          The answers are in history…everyone thinks that there is an new “answer” that we have overlooked…It is called the US Constitution.

          Look at how many of the original amendments have been s**t on.

          Look at how many have been attacked and are being attacked.

          “We the people… get a pocket Constitution and read it…if you get through the index without being pissed off…you’ll never get it.

  • Curtis

    todays problems solved=RON PAUL!

    • singer23

      Why don’t you, “Paulites,” give it a rest! Ron Paul hasn’t got a chance in the world, getting the Republican nomination! He’s just taking up time that needs to be used to campaign against Obama! Paul does nothing but, “Whine,” about Israel and the cost of the military, frankly, most Americans are sick of his complaining! He knows nothing about the international affairs, I know he doesn’t think that matters but it absolutely does! He has been a practicing politician as long or longer, than he’s been a doctor! He, if he were to win the nomination, he would be soundly beaten by Obama and America can not have that happen! If he thinks he’s above a debate, so be it! Let’s get serious, we have to get Obama out of the White House, that’s the most important issue!

      • Bob Livingston
        • isBubba

          I know why you replied to this comment, but why do you allow the Occupy White House plants to continue stinking up this forum? You know they’re paid by the leftists. You should censor them just as the left censors us “real” people in the MSM. You know the ones I’m talking about…Flashy, eddie47d, et al. They are succeeding in ruining this forum, which is all about in-fighting, not wasting our time with the common, obvious enemy.

          • mark

            Yes, you’re right: censorship should be the centerpiece of any libertarian vision. We must silence all those who disagree with us. This, after all, is what has made America so great. Wow.

          • Angel Wannabe

            So Mark, you don’t like playing the same game the Progressives play, which is agree or shutup?

          • DaveH

            We aren’t like the leftists, Bubba, we believe in Freedom. Why would you want us to behave like them?

          • DaveH

            Mark won’t answer that, Angel. Good question though.
            Mark is too busy lying and slandering Libertarians.

          • mark

            Angel, agree with who? Progressives certainly don’t agree with Conservatives and Libertarians on the majority of the issues. But Progressives and Liberals also don’t agree with one another. They are constantly fighting among themselves just like the Conservatives and Libertarians are. I thought this was what political debate was all about: disagreement and conflict. Should we all march in lockstep instead totally indoctrinated into a single ideology – like for instance, the Austrian School of Economics. I think not. The more voices, opinions, and arguments, the better. This is what the First Amendment and free speech are all about.

          • DaveH

            Don’t pretend to know anything about Austrian Economics, Mark. If you did, you wouldn’t be a Liberal.

      • Steve

        I beg to differ that removing Obama is the most important factor. Saving the country is more important here. Ron Paul will do both.

        • pj

          I could really love Ron Paul when he talks about limited government, reigning in the fed and all of his conservative, constitutional agenda. Then he talks about the military and foreign policy and scares the **** out of me. Although I do agree we get involved where we shouldn’t, we can just ignore what is going on in the world. A minimum would be to support Israel and keep a minimum footprint in the middle east. But as far as economic and governmental policies, I think he is spot on.

          • DaveH

            PJ, there are two main factions of Big Government, the military state and the welfare state. They both have their select Crony Capitalists. They both are deluding the people with their particular brand of Propaganda. They both are examples of a relatively small group of people in the Political Class who are feeding on the ignorance and wealth of the rest of us.
            Does anybody really think that the most heavily armed country in history is in any danger at all of being invaded militarily by another country?
            Our biggest danger, by far, comes from our own Leviathan Government.

          • James

            Pj, I’m curious, why must we support Israel if we do nothing else inter-nationally? Why not Uganda, or Timbucktoo?

          • ChristyK

            Right now we give 3x the foerreign aid to Israel’s enemies as we give to Israel and the aid we give to Israel allows us to push Israel around and tell them what they can and cannot do. If we really care about and respect Israel, we will cut all foreign aid and allow Israel to defend themselves as they see fit. Israel would be better off and we would be less broke. The US needs to stop treating Isreal as their personal pet.

      • 1776 again





        • Lastmanstanding

          1776…good post…everyone needs to look at what is going on (and has been). Look at all of the info out there whether it is what you want to hear or not…whether you believe it or not.

          You, your family and your friends life will depend on your final decision…ignoring the info will certainly seal your fate.

      • Justinj

        Some of the people who commented on here are just dumb! You need to study what Ron Paul talks about. If you don’t support Ron Paul then you simply aren’t an American. Restoring CONSTITUTIONAL LIMITED GOVERNMENT! THATS WHAT MADE AMERICA!! Study history people, Ron Paul is and always has been right.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          Ron Paul ran for President on the Libertarian Party ticket in 1988. I left the Libertarian Party in 1985 after thinking about their open border policy, which continues today. Is Ron Paul still for open borders? Ron Paul will never get the Republican nomination, nor can he ever win the general election running as an independent or write in candidate. Does your head hurt after continuing to bang it against a brick wall?

          • eve4drpaul

            Check out why Ron Paul left the Republican party and went to the Libertarians. The Republicans LOST their way and were piling on the debt and taxes!…. Though Paul leans Libertarian, he’s never been for open borders or abortions, so that puts him somewhere in the middle of both parties. See what Reagan had to say about Libertarians- that they are the heart and soul of Conservatism.
            Ron Paul is the only real chance this country has. No “lesser evil” is going to save us.

          • DaveH

            Why do you keep making that equivocating statement about Ron Paul’s agenda on Immigration, Capitalist? You surely know the truth after all the times I’ve corrected you?
            If you want to retain your credibility, I suggest you stop the equivocating:

          • DaveH

            I suggest you look up the Libertarian stance on borders and abortion. We are divided on those issues.
            Some of us believe their should be no borders at all in the quest for human liberty, others of us believe borders are a necessary thing.
            The same is true for Abortion. Some of us believe that Abortions are wrong (or at least a big mistake), others of us believe that Abortions should be only the choice of the mother (whose life is at stake in the birth process). Most of us believe that the Federal Government should not be involved in such decisions.
            At any rate, most (if not all) of us believe that laws should be obeyed rigidly by all people (including politicians).
            Here is the Libertarian Party Platform:
            See particularly section 1.4 and section 3.4

          • JC

            DaveH, Socialist at Birth has a problem with an imagined open border policy if it comes from Ron Paul. RP advocates coming through the front door and American allegiance so that shouldn’t be a problem for anybody. No, he preferes to support another Globalist who will let the invasion on our southern border continue unabated. he seems caught up in his own hypocrisy, don’t ya think? ;)

      • Bruce D.

        I do not think Ron Paul is electable either but foreign policy needs to be reined in and Paul is the only one talking about it. If our soldiers are in others countries such as Germany defending their freedom Germans should be paying full price for that protection. America has helped people in S. Korea, Taiwan, and Georgia maintain their freedom. I think that is a good thing. I do not think allowing China, Russia, and N. Korea to take over these countries will be to our benefit in any way. I am with Donald Trump. Take Iraq’s oil to pay for the war. Newt has a history of liberal appeasement. I do not understand why conservatives like him other than he is as good at talking a good game as Obama is. I though Rober Ringer did a pretty good job on putting Obama into the ground with this article.

        • DaveH

          Please don’t repeat that Media Propaganda message that Paul isn’t electable. He is most definitely electable. And he would probably be MORE electable than any other candidate (excepting Gary Johnson maybe) if the vast majority of the voters were familiar with and understood his platform. They aren’t because there is the usual media silence about his platform, so many of the voters have no idea what he stands for.
          We need to change that. Donate here:

          • DaveH

            An example of Ron Paul’s electability. This poll was taken shortly after the first Iowa debates and quickly removed by Fox (probably because the results weren’t what they wanted):

      • amarq

        Singer..would it be reasonable to guess the “23″ is your age? Your grasp of the situation is illusive, even for one so young…your roots planted firmly in thin air. I hope that inspite of your self you have an oportunity to mature in freedom.

      • Karolyn

        singer – ” frankly, most Americans are sick of his complaining!”
        You know this how? Because YOU are sick of it?

      • Doug

        You don’t get it!! It doesn’t matter if it’s Obama or Newt They are the same!! It makes me sick listening to the media and people like you talking up Newt or Romney and making you think they will help America from that evil Obama. Get real!!

      • Don the Canuck


        I find it strange that anyone who believes that the constitution is the document that should be protecting the people would discount Ron Paul, considering that he is the ONLY candidate that has consistently and passionately put this document ahead of anything else he may believe.

        My contention is simple and can be proven. Those Americans, who do not appreciate the Doctor from Texas have simply not done and due diligence or read his books that all express an indepth knowledge of the monetary system, the definition of freedom and a passionate belief in the individual and his rights under the constitution, as well as the benefits of limited government.

        As you may see from my alias, I am not an american, but instead a loving neighbour to the North, hoping that the lack of informed voters this time around will not lead to another mistake when it comes to choosing your next president. One of the greatest failings of America is that the electorate is simply not taking the time to really study their candidates. As a Canadian, I have spent many nights reading all I can find on each candidate, to better inform myself of what they stand for, and I have come to the conclusion that if America really believes that the constitution is what will protect the people, then there is but one clear choice.

        Do I believe that America is ready for someone with such a unique level of integrity and selflessness? No, not by a long shot, because Americans have become too “lazy” as BHO puts it….too lazy to actually take the time to study their candidates and their options, instead choosing to continue to be blinded by the clear manipulation of the news media and their current oligarchy participants. this is not a question of REP vs. DEM anymore, It is a question of understanding that your country has reached a point of no return. If you do not elect a person who has the country’s best interests at heart as opposed to his own of his friends, then you have chosen to die as a people, for all intents and purposes. You will not have another chance before your system collapses under the strain of having been pillaged by those who say they wish to protect you, but instead take away all that should be dear to you.

        It is sad to see such a wondrous country be destroyed by its own people, for lack of effort and for lack of wanting to be informed appropriately. The 5-8% of Americans that truly do the work to this end have little chance of succeeding in maintaining their great country if the balance of the population holds out their hands,instead of rolling up their sleeves.

        Much of America, unfortunately, has indeed become lazy and dumbed-down, because it is far easier to simply allow someone else to take care of you than to actually rise up and take responsibility for your own lives, which is essentially what made America great in the first place. You will go the way of all the rest of the “developed” world, because as all changes around us, the only things that ever remain the same, are the flaws that humans possess. therefor, history continue to repeat itself as each country develops.

        The pattern is easy to see and the game ends where Margaret Thatcher said it would… ends when you run out of other peoples’ money. America has now nearly been bled dry, and those who have done this will move on to a next frontier and bleed that one dry as well, leaving behind a group of people scratching their heads while they watch sitcoms and silly little shows that do not add to their knowledge of what the real world is about. When they get up off their couch and wonder where all that wealth went and what happened to their freedom while they played their little games, they will soon come to understand that it is their own unwillingness to learn that contributed to the downfall of a great nation.

        A sad, sad story to be sure and not one that I wish to be witness to as I love my neighbours to the south and wish them all that is good. I can only hope that they stop playing games and see the urgency of this matter, and indeed take the time to study the issues and give this fine gent from Texas a shot at it, as outside of the U.S> he is seen as the only one who truly understands what is needed to reverse this current trend of insanity.

        Of course, most expect the populace to simply do what they do best, which is to elect to lesser of two evils. If this is the case, then God help them through the next phase of this as it will be much more difficult than anything they have ever seen before. History can only repeat itself if we understand why it happened in the first place, and then make the choices that will end a cycle.

        Ron Paul , at this point in time, is the only candidate that thoroughly understands what needs to be done, and he may not express this adequately, as he is not a “politician”, but more like the rebirth of a “founding father” to the country. When he passes, then perhaps the people will know how much of a true patriot he really is. but by them, it will be too late to use his vast knowledge, his clear passion, his unselfish goals and his immense love of true freedom and country.

        I wish you all the best and in the hopes that you will indeed stop this cycle of insanity,


        • pj

          Don, well thought out comments. I agree with most of what you said. Do you think Ron Paul would be too stubborn to listen to his foreign policy advisors? Determination is good, stubbornness is bad. I would have no problem voting for him if he could relax his isolationist stance on foreign policy. As I said above. I agree with drastically reducing our military footprint overseas, as well as eliminating much of foreign aid (at least until we recover). I don’t agree with total isolationism.

          • PA RIGGS

            Non-interventionism, the diplomatic policy whereby a nation seeks to avoid alliances with other nations in order to avoid being drawn into wars not related to direct territorial self-defense, has had a long history in the United States. It is a form of “realism”.

            Non-interventionism on the part of the United States over the course of its foreign policy, is more of a want to aggressively protect the United States’ interests than a want to shun the rest of the world.

            Non-intervention, sometimes referred to as military non-interventionism, seems to some to be the antithesis of isolationism. Participating in global economic affairs would likely boost trade and expand US diplomacy, in the view of Edward A. Olsen.

          • DaveH

            Ron Paul is not isolationist, pj, he is a non-interventionist. He does not believe that you can make friends by imposing your will on them and beating on them. He believes that you make friends by trading voluntarily and peacefully with them. As I do.
            The United States has no business picking sides and imposing our wills on the politics of other countries. Perpetual Wars will do nothing but impoverish our country and build the numbers of our enemies, thus leading to our eventual destruction, as has happened to all great Empires. War DOES NOT bring Peace. That is purely illogical propaganda.

        • Republic Man

          The only way to understand why Obama has taken every action he has taken is to view his actions through the eyes of an Islamic Jihadist. Then and only then does his every action make sense. With forethought and purpose, Obama is weakening/destroying America. He must be vanquished.

        • DaveH

          Thank you so much, Don, for taking the time to write such an inspired comment. It is greatly appreciated.

      • Bob in Boston

        Anyone saying “Ron Paul doesn’t have a chance” is an idiot – the guy wouldn’t be in second place in both Iowa and New Hampshire if he didn’t have a chance. Despite the best efforts of the media and the GOP establishment, Ron Paul has a GREAT chance of being the Republican Nominee, and it’s the responsibility of every freedom loving Patriot to do whatever they can to make sure he’s elected. If you want more corruption of our liberties (like the Patriot Act or the Defense Reauthorization Act) then sure, vote for Obama, Romney, Gengrich, etc (they are all the same) but if you want to return to the greatness that America used to represent, then we need to make sure Ron Paul gets elected. If you are in any way on the fence, 2012 is the year to vote your conscious and put Country over Party. That’s what a real patriot would do.

        • Capitalist at Birth

          Calling people names, because they do not agree with you, is a sign of immaturity, insecurity, or both.

          • mickey

            Don’t take it personally but what would you call an idea if a candidate is running 2nd and is still labeled “unelectable”?

      • Johnny in the Pedros

        Here is a comprehensive list of Newt Gingrich’s positions, with sources:

        Newt is a liberal, whether you choose to believe it or not. The proof is staring you in the face.

        He talks like Reagan and votes like Clinton. Haven’t we had enough of that already?

        • Capitalist at Birth

          The sources used in this list are not reliable. They need to be fact checked. If you can then prove them, I suggest you do so, rather than believing everything you read.

          • Johnny in the Pedros

            If you give me a specific example or examples I’ll try to improve the source, like the page says. If you direct me to a false accusation I will delete it.

            I certainly hope you aren’t going to disregard everything on that page because there are a few things you don’t think are sourced well enough. That would be like refusing to let the facts get in the way of your decision.

          • DaveH

            Speaking of credibility, Capitalist, yours is getting low.
            Perhaps you could pick specific items on the list and show us how they are inaccurate?

          • Johnny in the Pedros


          • JC

            Johnny you already posted a myriad of “facts” about Newt and his checkered past a couple of threads ago. (Good work BTW) CAB called it a rant. He doesn’t want to hear “the facts”. He wants to be catered to during a tantrum.

          • JC

            Better Idea CAB…you “disprove them” it would be a good exercise for you and you might actually learn something.

            Johnny in the Pedros says:

            December 5, 2011 at 7:37 am

            Sources for the following are available here –

            05/04/1979 – He voted for a federal land grab that put tens of millions of acres of land in the hands of Washington bureaucrats.
            09/20/1979 – He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the first time.
            09/27/1979 – He voted to establish the Federal Department of Education.
            06/04/1980 – He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the second time.
            02/05/1981 – He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the third time.
            06/28/1984 – He voted to raise the debt ceiling for the fourth time.
            04/02/1987 – He cosponsored the 1987 Fairness Doctrine (anti 1st Amendment legislation)
            02/22/1989 – He cosponsored the Global Warming Prevention Act of 1989.
            10/22/1991 – He voted for an amendment that would create a National Police Corps.
            03/–/1993 – He was “passionately in favor” of sending $1.6 Billion in foreign aid to Russia.
            11/19/1993 – He voted for the NAFTA Implementation Act.
            11/27/1994 – He supported the GATT Treaty giving sovereignty to the U.N.
            12/25/1994 – He was quoted as saying that his wife was “not young enough or pretty enough to be the wife of the President. And besides, she has cancer.”
            04/10/1995 – He supported Federal taxdollars being spent on abortions.
            06/–/1995 – He wrote the foreword to a book about tearing down the U.S. Constitution and implementing a Fascist World Government.
            08/27/1995 – He suggests that drug smuggling should carry a death sentence.
            01/06/1996 – He himself conceived a secret CIA mission to topple the Iranian leadership.
            04/18/1996 – He voted for Federal restrictions on laser sighting devices.
            04/25/1996 – Voted for the single largest increase on Federal education spending ($3.5 Billion)
            06/01/1996 – He helped a “Clinton Clone” Democrat switch parties in an attempt to defeat constitutionalist Ron Paul in the 1996 election.
            09/16/1996 – He voted for the anti-gun Brady Campaign’s Lautenberg Gun Ban, which took away gun rights for people involved in certain misdemeanors.
            09/25/1996 – Introduced H.R. 4170, demanded life-sentence or execution for someone bringing 2 ounces of marijuana across the border.
            09/28/1996 – He voted for the “Gun Free School Zones Act” which resulted in schools being easier targets for shooters, and disarming law-abiding citizens.
            –/–/1996 – He earned a “D” rating from the Gun Owners of America.
            01/22/1997 – Congress gave him a record-setting $300,000 fine for ethical wrongdoing.
            11/05/1998 – He resigned from his House seat three days after being elected to his 11th term.
            10/13/2005 – He called for “universal but confidential” DNA testing of citizens.
            09/07/2006 – He stated that Congress should declare WWIII, and wants a “dramatically larger budget” for war, new homeland security agencies, and attacks on Iran, Syria, North Korea, & Lebanon.
            11/29/2006 – He said that free speech should be curtailed in order to fight terrorism. Wants to stop terrorists from using the internet. Called for a “serious debate about the 1st Amendment.”
            11/29/2006 – He called for a “Geneva Convention for terrorists” so it would be clear who the Constitution need not apply to.
            02/15/2007 – He supported Bush’s proposal for mandatory carbon caps.
            04/04/2007 – He says that there should be a clear distinction about what weapons should be reserved for only for the military.
            04/11/2007 – He had a public debate with John Kerry on global warming, in which Newt agreed with Kerry and his views on the environment, praised his book, and almost hugged him.
            04/20/2007 – He praised NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg; said that he “takes his hat off to the mayor for proving government can be effective.”
            04/24/2007 – He praised the corporatist business-model of Freddie Mac, saying it would be effective for space travel to Mars.
            04/24/2007 – He said about Government-Sponsored Enterprises (GSEs): “conservatives should embrace [them] and want to extend as widely as possible.”
            05/20/2007 – He would bypass the court system by establishing a “military tribunal system to lock people up the way Abraham Lincoln would’ve done it.”
            05/20/2007 – He would “establish a nationwide ID card with biometrics so you can actually track everybody in the country.”
            04/17/2008 – Made a commercial with Nancy Pelosi on Climate Change.
            04/28/2008 – He said that allow some terror to happen, to keep the people afraid.
            04/28/2008 – He wants yet another new Federal agency to be “very aggressive” against “terrorists” and have “extraordinary abilities” that are not restricted by the constitution.
            09/28/2008 – Says if he were in office, he would have reluctantly voted for the $700B TARP bailout.
            10/01/2008 – Says in an article that TARP was a “workout, not a bailout.”
            09/28/2008 – He says that McCain’s vote for TARP bailouts rivaled President Eisenhower’s pledge to send troops to Korea.
            12/08/2008 – He was paid $300,000 by Freddie Mac to halt Congress from bringing necessary reform.
            03/31/2009 – Says we should have Singapore-style drug tests for Americans.
            10/16/2009 – He angered conservatives by endorsing super liberal Dede Scozzafava.
            06/10/2010 – He’s cozy with VeriChip/PositiveID, a company that specializes in human-microchipping.
            07/30/2010 – Says that Iraq was just step one in defeating the “Axis of Evil”.
            08/03/2010 – Advocates attacks on Iran & North Korea.
            08/16/2010 – Opposes property rights of the mosque owner in NYC.
            08/16/2010 – Compares mosque supporters to Nazis
            11/15/2010 – He defended Romneycare; blamed liberals
            12/02/2010 – He advocates a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens.
            12/05/2010 – He said that a website owner should be considered an enemy combatant, hunted down and executed, for publishing leaked government memos.
            01/30/2011 – He lobbied for ethanol subsidies.
            01/30/2011 – He suggested that flex-fuel vehicles be mandated for Americans.
            02/02/2011 – He says we are “losing the War on Terror”; the conflict will be as long as the Cold War
            02/10/2011 – He wants to replace the EPA instead of abolishing it.
            02/13/2011 – He criticized Obama for sending less U.S. taxdollars to Egypt.
            02/15/2011 – His book said that he believes man-made climate-change and advocated creating “a new endowment for conservation and the environment.”
            03/09/2011 – He blames his infidelity to multiple wives on his passion for the country.
            03/15/2011 – Says that NAFTA worked because it created jobs in Mexico.
            03/19/2011 – He has no regrets about supporting Medicare drug coverage. (Now $7.2T unfunded liability)
            03/23/2011 – He completely flip-flopped on Libyan intervention in 16 days.
            03/25/2011 – He plans to sign as many as 200 executive orders on his first day as president.
            03/27/2011 – He says that America is under attack by atheist Islamists.
            04/25/2011 – He’s a paid lobbyist for Federal ethanol subsidies.
            05/11/2011 – His campaign video said that he wants to “find solutions together, and insist on imposing those solutions on those who do not want to change.”
            05/12/2011 – He was more supportive of individual health-care mandates than Mitt Romney.
            05/15/2011 – Said GOP’s plan to cut back Medicare was “too big a jump.”
            05/15/2011 – He backed Obama’s individual mandate; “All of us have a responsibility to help pay for health care.”
            05/16/2011 – He also endorsed individual mandates in 1993 when Clinton pushed Universal Health Care.
            05/17/2011 – He has an outstanding debt to Tiffany’s Jewelry of between $250K – $500K.
            06/09/2011 – His own campaign staff resigned en masse.
            07/15/2011 – His poorly managed campaign is over $1 Million in debt.
            08/01/2011 – He hired a company to create fake Twitter to appear as if he had a following.
            08/11/2011 – His recent criticism of the United Nations is United Nations by a long, long history of supporting it.
            09/27/2011 – He says that he “helped develop the model for Homeland Security”
            10/07/2011 – He said he’d ignore the Supreme Court if need be.
            11/12/2011 – He advocates assassinating Iranian scientists and covert war with Iran.
            11/19/2011 – He said Barney Frank should be arrested for his close ties lobbying for Freddie Mac, just one month before it became public that Gingrich was also lobbying for them at the same time.
            11/20/2011 – He has been outed as a paid lobbyist for drug companies, but he still denies it.
            11/22/2011 – He supports the Patriot Act and would like to see it strengthened.
            11/22/2011 – He says that matters of National Security should not be encumbered by giving Due Process to the accused.
            11/28/2011 – He thinks its the job of the Federal Government to ban medical marijuana.
            11/28/2011 – He is a Pharmaceutical lobbyist, and coincidentally thinks that non-Pharma drugs like medical marijuana should be banned by the Federal government.
            11/28/2011 – He said he wants to be “aggressive” with Cuba topple their government before 2014.
            11/28/2011 – He praised draconian drug penalties in Singapore for the second time.
            12/01/2011 – His comments about warning Freddie Mac of its “insane” business model are proven false when his laudatory interview from 2007 surfaced again.
            (excessively long post removed)

          • JC

            Sorry about the excessively long post Bob.
            I’ll try and remember to trim things up a bit.

      • steve in AZ

        Again and again I hear from establishment pseudo-republicans that Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination.

        A more important thing for the clueless establishment types to remember isn’t that Ron Paul doesn’t stand a chance in getting the nomination or beating Obama, but that:

        The Republican Party stands ABSOLUTELY NO CHANCE of beating Obama without the strong-minded, principled and growing number of Ron Paul “disciples” who will vote for Ron Paul regardless of whether he is the nominee or not.This group includes myself. Any other vote is wasted, as there would be NO CHANGE OF DIRECTION with an establishment candidate.

        You are counting on our votes for the next empty suit candidate because we hate what Obama stands for. We are much more positive than that. Ron Paul will garner enough write-in votes if he is not the Republican nominee, that it is YOU who DON’T stand a chance WITHOUT US.

        You’re letting a difference of opinion regarding one or two issues keep you from waking up and smelling the coffee. Better to quit YOUR whining and jump on the liberty train as it accelerates.

        DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

      • DaveH

        Singer says “most Americans are sick of his complaining!”.
        I love how you claim to speak for MOST Americans, Singer. Can you show us some evidence for that wild claim?

      • texastwin827

        Might I suggest your REALLY educate yourself on Paul’s stances before you openly display your own stupidity.

        As for International Relations, Paul is the ONLY Rep candidate, save possibly Gingrich, who has EXPERIENCE on Foreign affairs. Look it up, idiot. He also is the only one with EXPERIENCE on the monetary situation.

        As for Israel…his viewpoint is that NO country should be receiving foreign aid from us…that includes Israel. The media focuses on Israel to make idiots like you, immediately judge him..why? Because they know you are not likely to research the facts, on your own accord.

        As for the military…if he’s so poorly informed, then explain why the active duty military have donated more money to his campaign than all the other candidates, COMBINED! We have hundreds of bases all over the world, in countries that are fully capable in defending their own borders. Why should our young men/women be there to protect them, when they offer no financial reimbursement and, in many cases (Germany for one) most times do not even share our own goals?

        Being uninformed (like you) is part of the reason this country is in the shape it is.

      • http://sandstone gail

        Can anyone out there explain to me What is a Republican? Can you tell me what they have done for you. just you. I see all this anger and I don’t understand. It appears that Democrates help poor people. Do the Republicans? I’ve been out of this country a while and this is all so puzzling.

        • mickey

          lol I can’t describe a repub’s difference from dem either. Both are two sides of the same coin.

          As far as dems helping the poor. They did that alright. We used to have a small portion of “poor” which most churches, neighbors, or family helped. dems redefined that to “living wage” or equivalent to mean those that don’t work should share in the labors of those who did work, via education, work experience, etc. To make matters worse, those border line workers make no more money than the welfare crowd so as to discourage the trade off of working vs welfare benefits.

          This has been very lucrative for dems because the poverty class has expanded and federal and state funds come rolling in while all the time the pols are getting richer.

          Don’t think I excuse the repubs because they have done the same thing, and now as we know, both sides participate in insider trading.

          Although Ron Paul is labeled a libertarian (not a liberal), he is probably closer to heretofore republican platform.

      • JC

        singer is one of those liberal idiots, isn’t he? :)

    • Dave

      How do you think Dr. Paul will deal with Islam; will he let Sharia Law take over our Constitutional Democratic Republic because an ardent minority wants it??
      Remember, he’s all for liberty and we’re seeing this play out in Egypt, Libya, and wherever Islam waits in the wings, the people are doing their dirty work. They are playing this game here; I trust a Libertarian who believes liberty solves all doesn’t think Islam won’t take advantage of this.

      • Lost in Paradise

        For one thing Paul believes that the citizens need to take part in this process also, but what he fails to understand is that most American are so ignorant they do not know poop from Shinola,and that ain’t tooth paste. Its really true! LMAO. OMG, we are doomed.

      • texastwin827

        Dave, as a Constitutionalist, Ron Paul would not accept Sharia law because it’s in direct conflict with the Constitution.

        While he may believe they have the same religious freedom that the rest of us do, that does NOT mean he would allow them to interject their RELIGIOUS laws into this country’s laws.

  • Ellen

    Both Newt and Mitt are a big threat to Obama and maybe if they both joined forces it would be better. Instead of attacking each other, these candidates should be focusing on Obama and his past associations with Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dorn, Jeremiah Wright, and on and on – why not go after this dirtbag regime instead of each other.

    • David in MA

      The biggest threat to obozo was Cain and we see how they assinated his running……..but what if he were nominated from the convention floor, otherwise Ron Paul is the last (perhaps only) hope for America.
      I would like to see a Ron Paul/Rand Paul ticket.

      • Flashy

        Cain couldn’t have whipped cream he had so much baggage as well as lack of political intellectualism and knowledge of realpolitik.

        • pj

          Unlike Obama who was overflowing with real-world experience.

      • Dave

        Cain blew it all himself. He could not defend his history. Yeah, it got blown out in political fashion but, come on, he did what he is accused of and was not qualified on those grounds alone. He wasn’t very good in a debate when he can’t get any of the points of fact straight. Might have been a really nice guy but not Presidential.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        What are you smoking? You are living in a dream world.

    • rb

      Newt and Mitt can’t go after Obama’s friends because many of them are their friends too. Check out the records. If we would like more of the same then send Mitt or Newt to the White House. If we would like our country back then send a message to “the party” that we will not vote for a Republicrat RINO.

  • Ruth

    Ron Paul 2012!!! Long live the Republic!!!
    P.S. All I want for Christmas and the New Year is a RON PAUL PRESIDENTIAL VICTORY!! And it will all start with us in Iowa, the good Lord willing.

  • Warrior

    You really need to read up on this marvelous provision in the defense spending bill just passed by 93 communists in the us senate. Contact your congresscreature today or it’s lights out. Amerika will be considered a war zone and all within can be detained by the military without cause. This is fricken unbelievable!!!!!!

    • FreedomFighter

      The fools are ignoring it, they wont ignore it when a machine gun is in there face at a checkpoint and they demand to draw blood,

      why do they want to draw your blood at a checkpoint? When you find out it will scare you even more.

      The only other country that has a law like this is NORTH KOREA, welcome to hell America.

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • DaveH

      Here is the Bill:
      Note the number of users for and against in the top right corner of the page. Then note the number of Senators who voted for and against the Bill. There is a shocking disconnect between what the Leaders want and what the people want. Considering the fact that the provision of the Bill which allows indefinite detention of citizens without due process, those Congressmen are blatantly trampling the Constitution which they took an oath to uphold. Remember those Senators (won’t be hard because only 7 voted against this Unconstitutional Bill) and VOTE THEM OUT!

  • Bobby

    Ron Paul = Principled Patriot = Electable = POTUS 2012

  • BillboTex

    If a third party candidate shows up and as few as 4% of the “angry” Conservatives either don’t vote or vote third party – Obama will be re-elected. And in Obama’s second term enough welfare votes, non-essential fed employee votes, Muslim votes, and illegal votes will be added to insure Obama’s position of dictator becomes permanent. Our choices will become very limited at that time.

    • amarq

      Actually, it is people like you willing to comprimise their principles who are the problem. Sad but true…always has been and always eill be.

      • isBubba

        @amarq – Voting for your candidate in the primary is one thing…that is your conscionable, patriotic duty. But splitting off a 3rd vote if your candidate loses the primary is simply treasonous: throwing of the election to the avowed socialist enemies of this country. And you’re a total idiot to even consider it. As disgusting as they may be, if you actually think the limp-wristed, “establishment” republicans (aka RINOs) are as bad as the socialists, then your stupidity exceeds all but God’s power to enlighten you.

        • DaveH

          No, Amarq is correct, Bubba. We have gotten to this point because people naively have voted for the lesser of two evils which is still just EVIL. We can NEVER expect a Principled Government if we keep putting Non-Principled Politicians in office.
          The primary instinct with any human being is to feather his own nest first. That is especially true for those who aspire to such Power. It is up to the rest of us (who will be their victims) to elect only the rare people who won’t succumb to that temptation for self-enrichment.
          If you want any chance at all of getting your Freedom back, Bubba, then you must quit voting for the lesser of two evils just because he or she is perceived to have a better chance at winning. To do otherwise is to play right into the hands of the Power Brokers who live at our expense.

          • steve in AZ

            Ditto. :)

        • JC

          isBubba says:

          December 6, 2011 at 8:43 am

          @amarq – Voting for your candidate in the primary is one thing…that is your conscionable, patriotic duty. But splitting off a 3rd vote if your candidate loses the primary is simply treasonous:

          Are you suggesting that if we don’t vote for the Globalist RINO trotted out by the MSM we’re treasonous?
          I guess if you have “zero” principles…

      • steve in AZ

        Rock on, amarq!! We need to acquaint the RINOs with the reality that they need the Ron Paul voters to elect ANYBODY, as we are those who BELIEVE in Constitutional principles (also known as Right and Wrong) and are hard-headed enough to write Ron Paul in should they give us another choice like obama vs. mccain.

        As obama successfully fulfills his mission to destroy our country, he hastens the day when we can begin anew to restore and rebuild it. Mitt or Newt just delay the inevitable a bit. Why wait? Let’s get behind obama if we must to hasten the time of our revival.

        Whether a third party emerges or not, the mitts and newts stand no chance without our numbers.

        DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

    • Dave

      There are no profound evidence of illegal votes. get off that lie.

      • Pointyendfirst

        Umm… Ref: former AZ Gov. Janet Napolitano.

      • JC

        There’s no shortage of evidence. You just have to look.

    • Dave

      Socialism requires someone else’s wealth; IMO, they’ve pretty much gone through all available wealth in this country.

    • http://bobfromohio Robert

      Here we go again letting the uper end stir the pot,while they sit back and laught at us talking about what we can do about our problems. well what we can do is stick togeather,as we did when the twin towers came down, Because if we don’t we just may have the same problem the germans had before the 2nd world war,read up on it U find some simularites to what happen their.I have always stated that as this country goes so goes the world,look around and see.We don’t neet too split, we need to stick togeather, to save our country,OUR COUNTRY,we don’t stop any of the people we allect,we just let them do as they please. People it is not about parties dem. or rep. it is about our country,not about the NAACP or the ACLU but about OUR COUNTRY,and we have to stop the politician from giving into big interest groups,AND I QUATE WAKE UP AMERICA,quite alowing the uper end to stir up at the middle and bottom,Watch what they are doing on top,that is 545 people,congress,senate,suprem court and last but not least the President.ON this we have got to stick togeather,ITS ALL OUR COUNTRY WE HAD BEST START WATCHING WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO IT>

  • crazzyotto

    you can NOT be serious!!! a 3rd party candidate is a GUARANTEE that bho wins. i can not believe you are so naive as to suggest such a ridiculous desire.

    • Steve

      You’e right. It is much better to vote for the other half of the same coin. Ron Paul 2012! Whether that is as a republican or a 3rd party. He is our only hope to save the republic.

      • Vigilant

        Dr. Paul has already said he would not run on a third party ticket, so you can dispense with that idea. crazzyotto is 100% correct, as history shows that it was Ross Perot who threw the election to Clinton.

        Paul understands fully, and certainly more so than many bloggers on this site, that a third party vote is a vote for Obama. And the egotistical Trump, more interested in his own media glitz than the welfare of this country, would lead the blind to disaster if he indeed runs on a third party ticket.

        Thus, a “principled” vote for Paul, unless he’s the Republican nominee, would fall right into the devious plans of the statists who would destroy the last remannts of freedom in this nation.

        • APN

          Best post yet on this entire subject……principled logic cannot be beaten!

          Most of the posts I have read here are a direct byproduct of emotional content. ie.; If you don’t see it my way, then you are dumb, stupid, ignorant, uneducated, nitwit, imbecile, moron, etc etc etc

          By the way, these comments appear to be mutually exclusive to my understanding of the libertarian mindset.


          The world is about to come to an end if Ron Paul is not our next President. That entire thought process eludes me? If you could call it a “Thought” process. Or, if the rest of we idiots don’t vote for Ron Raul and help YOU elect him, then YOU will just write his name in anyway and give even more power back to Obama. Makes perfect sense to me!

          Not even King Amabo has been able to destroy this great nation because we put a stop to it in 2010! That stopping process will continue in 2012, in VOLUME, and the next President with one stroke of his/her pen can NEGATE EVERYTHING Amabo has done during his entire Presidency. i.e.; EO!………..Except recoup the TRILLIONS he has dumped in a large hole, thanks to those who voted this clown into power.

          I’ve been around for over a 1/2 century and I’ve seen the big pendulum swing back and forth numerous times. Trust me, a LARGE movement to the right is coming, like a freight train! And, to be quite frank with you, could care less who the next President is as long as he/she is driving that CONSERVATIVE train. If is is Newt, it will work just fine. If is is Ron Paul, maybe, just not sold yet. Both are HUMAN, not gods, and neither of the two have reached some euphoric pinnacle of principled thought.

          Even if they had achieved this SUPERIOR package of principles, they could accomplish nothing in a world driven by corruption. If they mandate their superior principles on the rest of us, then they would be no better than Obama himself. Principles must be taught at the earliest stages of life not mandated through legislative action or dictatorial POWER.

          In closing, given the high standards set on this subject matter, not even Ron Paul could live up to the expectations of this square box mentality.

          I pity the next President, given the aforesaid.

          So much for libertarian “thinking” !

          • Vigilant

            Thank you, APN.

            Along the lines of your comment, let me re-post what I said the other day:

            “The election of Ron Paul would not change the “generally incompetent, ignorant, stupid and just plain dishonest” majority in DC. Dr. Paul realizes better than anyone that ours is a constitutional republic, and that fact alone (unless he became a dictator) would impede him from EVER instituting the changes he wishes and the changes this country needs.

            His unwavering principles and fidelity to the Constitution would result in a plethora of vetoes and a constitutional gridlock would ensue that would make the current situation look like a meeting of Evangelists.

            No sir (or ma’am), unless and until the dysfunctional, anti-Constitution Congress and courts are wiped clean of the traitors they harbor, you will not see a change in the way DC conducts business.

            Placing your faith in one person to get us back to a reverent respect for the Constitution is pie in the sky. And a write-in or third party vote is a vote for Obama.

          • APN

            Vigilant, Exceptional my friend…just plain exceptional!

      • isBubba

        @Steve, You’re an idiot leftist plant placed here to throw the election to Obama in any way you can! Get lost, you pissant!

        • DaveH

          The people have been listening to advice such as yours, Bubba, for many decades now. As a result, both Republican and Democrat Leaders have been able to build an almost unstoppable Big Government Leviathan. It’s time for people to quit listening to misguided people such as yourself.

    • 1776 again

      This election is unlike any other before, and the only way to get rid of Obama’s commies is to elect the one candidate that just wants to turn our country back to its honest and peaceful roots, get us out of the UN and FEDeral Reserve, to prevent the takeover of the IMF , as is happening in Euro land because both parties will not QUIT SPENDING TRILLIONS THAT DO NOT EXIST !! WE ARE BANKRUPT !!!!!!

      Ron’s detailed plan to do so is on his website,, but you might change your mind if you check it out i

      Ron is DEVOTED TO GETTING OUR COUNTRY BACK, is only running as an act of love for his country, and he has been educating people about it for 30 years.

    • Dave

      That’s howBush 2 got elected.

      • Lost in Paradise

        I would take Bush 2 over Obama anyday anyyear. We would not be in this mess if Bush would have had another term. I really believe that.

        • Dave

          That would have allowed him more time to clean up his huge mistakes. He had his allowed time to screw things up and no matter who follows it will take decades to fix. War was not the answer but it sure fed his cronies pockets with Private Contractor profits. Smae guys who were rewarded in those Energy Policy meetings. Can’t wait for the fallout 20 years from now when those records are opened up. How do they keep things like that quiet. It has affected everyone of us since his terms.

        • DaveH

          To stop Big Government we must first break out of the state of DENIAL.
          Neither Bush was an advocate of Freedom. Both were advocates of Big Government. Those who don’t face up to that are helping to feed the Behemoth Big Government Beast.

        • action not words

          I would like someone to explain to me how Obama is entirely to blame for this mess when it was all a built up leftover economy from Bush2. The only difference is Bush didn’t do anything to try to right the ship in his last year and moreover didn’t want it in his name. It was the first time in history that a black man and a woman were the front running candidates??? You expect me to believe that the time had finally come for this type of political evolution. BS!! It’s because the ‘good old boys club’ didn’t want to take credit,blame or responsibility for it!! What else is new? If that’s so hard for you to swallow try this. Obama with his superior wisdom and experience hatched a failed bail out plan all by himself (in under a year in office) and hasn’t been able to accomplish or pass much of anything since!!?? Really,I suppose he created the housing bubble too. Come on people,this is a clear case of both parties and their special interests talking it over at the custom tailors shop while getting deeper pockets sewed into their wives pants. My sincere advice to all Americans is start doing your homework,listen to your heart and end this ‘stick to my party crap’ that has gotten US to this point!!! Otherwise we are no better than the house of representatives getting nothing done!!

  • http://bobLivingston Power to the People

    Freedom Fighter is right…the game is on! This is not about elections…they are a ruse, it is about power and protection of the ruling class. The Senate has passed the first step towards Marshall Law and the House almost always takes a more aggressive stance. We better hope that Obummer actually acts presidential and vetos the act or the next moves by big brother will make the TSA look childish.

    Think about it, why are better, smarter and trust worthy people not running? 1) they know the next candidate can’t repair all the ills in one or two terms; 2) they probably have been warned not to run for their own safety.

    Is there any surprise the fastest selling items on Black Friday were firearms and survival supplies?

    • Dave

      Actually I thought the fastest selling item was the Waffle Irons…..just kidding.
      But the one thing I can readily agree with that you said. No one is capable of turning any of this around in one term. The economy is a decade type effort to get jobs back here in this country as far as manufacturing jobs and jobs where someone actually “makes” something. We have given them away, or should I say the Corporate business world, has given them away for bottom line greed.
      Conflicts in other countries are draining the swamp, too. Taking away our tax dollars from domestic needs that would benefit the economy. And thee conflicts also increased the opportunity for graft to private contractors who take the money and run. Higher amount of waste on the defense budget items than any other massive budget out there.

    • Dean Behrens

      Your right,arm yourself its the only. Its out of reach for any one man
      to bring it back. Dino

      • Lost in Paradise

        So then you would choose to just give up and let them have it?

  • hope4thefuture

    If the media fails at brainwashing people that a TRUE 100% Constitutional President is not what this country needs before it’s total destruction then I agree the elitist ruling class will find a way for Dr. Paul to have an “accident” or if that fails will outright assinate him. The courage it takes for this man to ALWAYS stand on principle, vote 100% Constitutional and has taken years of laughing and derision and never wavered is astounding. Not to mention both he and his family are fully aware that he is putting his life on the line but love this Republic enough to STAND. How many of us would have that courage and endure the mockery daily?

    • Lost in Paradise

      Good post and we already have the answer.

  • tonto

    the article speaks of conservatives. Neither Mitt nor Newt are conservatives. They are BIG govt people. Neither of them are seriously talking about taxes. Both have a history of flip flopping. True republicans do NOT want this. Yet its being spoon fed to the public by MSM. And the sheeples are eating it up.

    There is only one candidate and that is Ron Paul. He has a very good conservative record – look it up. He was against wars (which we cannot afford). He has not voted for any tax increases. He is not in the congressional retirement plan. He makes sense. He is the only one pushing for a full audit over at the federal reserve (those of us who have read a bit about the fed understand how important this is. the rest of the nation is totally clueless).

    If repubs do not nominated Paul I guarantee I will write his name on my ballot. I want to be able to face future generations and brag that I did not sell our country out to big businesses and the big bankers.

    I am thrilled to see that Anthony up the top knows his stuff. Congrats to him for opening his eyes and being able to think things threw thoroughly.

    Singer… how do you think that we can continue to afford all of this military around the world? The only way is a huge fed income tax increase on those of us who are paying taxes. Printing money is going to push inflation higher. all fiat currencies have crashed throughout history. I have yet to hear ANY other candidate say how they will balance the budget. The reason why is it cannot be done without spending reductions (Newt and Mitt have no big spending cuts. They are kicking the can down the road kinds of people…

    If repubs don’t put Paul in there ALL of my friends who are Paul supporters will write his name in. If it results in another 4 years the RINO’s can blame themselves for their candidates that are like the Dems of 30 years ago.

    • Steve

      Absolutely! A vote for the candidate you want, not the one you settle for, is never a vote wasted. It amazes me the ignorant public never “gets” this.

      • Dave

        We should all agree that everyone who has the right to vote, should.
        We have few “voices” that are recorded and sadly they are the census and voting records.
        There are other ways to press our oints but you must vote, if they allow you to.
        That is what we have been fighting for all these years.right?

        • Buddy

          It would appear that the focus of voting is to vote for getting the most benefits. That seems to be what present day democracy is all about – - and as such is failing.

      • Vigilant

        Absolutely! A vote for the candidate you want, not the one you settle for, is never a vote wasted. It amazes me the ignorant public never “gets” this.”

        Au contraire! It’s worse than wasted, it gives aid and comfort (and election results) to the enemy. It amazes me the ignorant public never “gets” this.

    • Dean Behrens

      I dont believe the Banks & big business are the problem. Too many people on the public dole, that is the problem. Look at California.

      • Angel Wannabe

        RIIIIIIIght Dean!___and The only with Cali is Pelosi….just sayin….

      • JC

        And where does the dole money come from?
        Oh yeah! The Federal Reserve BANK in cooperation with the GOVERNMENT. ;)
        Taxes don’t pay for people on the dole Dean, Fiat Currency printed out of thin air provides for people on the dole. The taxpayers get the bill with a ton of interest attached that goes back to the BANK with the cooperation of the GOVERNMENT!

        Do ya see what I’m getting at here Dean?

    • Vigilant

      tonto says,

      “If repubs do not nominated [sic] Paul I guarantee I will write his name on my ballot. I want to be able to face future generations and brag that I did not sell our country out to big businesses and the big bankers.”

      If write-in votes throw the election to Obama, future generations will not give a damn what you think. It’s not about YOU, it’s about what’s best for America. And if Obama wins, you will indeed have “[sold] our country out to big businesses and the big bankers.”

      “If repubs don’t put Paul in there ALL of my friends who are Paul supporters will write his name in. If it results in another 4 years the RINO’s [sic] can blame themselves for their candidates that are like the Dems of 30 years ago.”

      Then you and your ilk will be as anti-American and anti-Capitalist as the Democrats, for you will have helped to accelerate the demise of our country. Get smart: this nation cannot afford four more years of socialism, and if third party votes or write-ins tip the scales in favor of the Dems, you will have been not just irresponsible, you will have shown a morally reprehensible disregard for the welfare of America.

      Why, in your self-centered mind, do you think Dr. Paul wants the Republican nomination and has rejected the prospect of a third party run? Simply because he cares more about America than he does about self aggrandizement (Obama, Trump, yourself, etc.). He is smarter than followers like you, for he knows full well how destructive a split vote will be to the future of America.

      He knows that falling on your sword gets you nowhere, and that pushing America on the same sword is worse than unconscionable, since your vote smacks as being both spiteful and worse, a vote for the opposition.

      • Zack

        t least Dr. Paul is coczinant(sp) of the factthat write-in votes will give the election to the current POTUS, ala Ross Perot, and states he will not run as a third party.

  • sean murrey ILLIniois

    The bastard is ruining this country on purpose just like his buddy soros.

  • tnk4urself

    I really wish people would stop bringing up Marco Rubio, he’s as unqualified to be President as obama. Same reason – NOT A NATURAL BORN CITIZEN!

    • texastwin827

      Rubio’s parents came to the US, from Cuba, in 1956…he was born in Miami, in 1971. So how can you claim he is not a US Citizen?

      • ChristyK

        For most of the history of our country “Natural Born” has meant born to parents who were US citizens, especially the father (which should make Obama ineligible). Rubio’s parents were legal residents, but not US citizens at the time of Rubio’s birth. He is therefore ineligible for President/VP. He can continue to honorably serve in the House or Senate. He would help the conservative cause greatly by declining any offers for VP because of his ineligibility. That would show a man of honor and integrity and let us know that he can be trusted.

      • JC

        He is a US citizen. But in order to become the President ( I think) his parent would have to be natural born Americans as well. I think the reasoning begind it is to avoid any sort of divided loyalties.
        So being born in a hut in Kenya to an underaged American mother and a Muslim fellow with British citizenship wouldn’t qualify. :)

  • http://bobLivingston Power to the People

    I agree Ron Paul has been and is the only voice of constitutional reason. The media mocks him to silence any attention to his message. Even Fox News who claims to be fair and balanced mocks his stances.

    • Steve

      And the reason is simple. He is a threat to the establishment. Ron Paul is the first conservative since Barry Goldwater. Even their beloved Reagan fell way short by doubling the debt & granting amnesty, not to mention that the Iran-Contra ordeal was border line treason if you consider the October surprise as the pay off.

      • Dean Behrens

        Barry Goldwater supported gun control & abortion. In my books that
        takes him out of the conservative realm.

        • DaveH

          True Conservatives believe that Abortion is not a Federal Government issue. Nowhere in the Constitution is the Federal Government given the power to ban Abortions.

        • ReadyToFightTonite

          Are you serious!!??!! Barry Goldwater is the father of modern conservatism. Period!

    • Ted Crawford

      Nonsense! It’s history and commonsense that mock him! He walks in the shoes of Neville Chamberlain, Charles Lindbergh, Joseph Kennedy and many other “mind our own business” leaders(?), that, through their negliance, allowed Hitler to amass such a force that, barring his mismanagement just might have been unstoppable!
      I realize that this is not exactly the same. Iran,even with nuclear capibilities is no direct threat to our major institutions. There are, however many different, but equally bad ramifications to a nuclear Iran. Widespread proliferation comes to mind. How could we, or anyone else deny any other nation what we allowed in Iran?
      If, no when, this happens, sooner rather than later someone will launch! What action might China conclude is proper, given this will be in their back yard? Chinas weapons can reach us!

      • Lost in Paradise

        Don’t worry Ted, you will not feel a thing. BOOOOOM! In one instant you are here, and pssst you are gone. This is not meant to be funny.

      • DaveH

        Please, Ted, don’t talk about History and Common Sense until you read this book:

        It’s all about the Leaders and their pals, whether they be domestic pals or foreign pals. The rest of us are just their pawns to achieve what they want.

  • David in MA

    Jindal & Rubio are NOT natural born citizens (LIKE OBAMA) and cannot be Prez. or V,Prez by the constitution.So, scratch them off the list or America will become a both party violators of the constitution!

    • DaveH

      I don’t think that the phrase “natural born citizen” has ever been fully developed by the Supreme Court. Marco was born here in 1971 by parents who had immigrated from Cuba in 1956, but his parents did not become citizens until 1975.
      So it’s definitely a gray area, and it probably would be best, given the uproar over Obama’s citizenship, to leave him out of a Presidential race.

  • Flashy

    Too funny. I suggest reading Sherlock Holmes for the possible answer. “But the dog did not bark!”…”That’s what is significant”

    Admit it…the GOP candidates are like the cast in the Wizard of Oz. no brains, no backbone, no courage, smoke and mirrors. The GOPs in Congress? toat..especially now after going on record they’d tax the middle class workers (the true job creators) but say “hel* no to nay move towards taxing the wealthy. (And why isn’t ol’ Grover Norquist jumping in calling for the payroll tax cut … or is he too in bed with the wealthy and corporate elite intent on enslaving the 99%? Think about that…where is good ol’ Grover?)

    But what do we hear from the GOP Establishment? Nada. Those powers are silent.

    Leaving one of two possible answers. One possible is the GOP Establishment is letting the Far Right and TPers commit political suicide, ceding the election to Obama and planning for a better quality candidate in 2016. Much like what the Dems did when the4 Far Left ran Dukakis. The Dems lost that election, but they used that loss to purge the Left and move to the Moderate and Conservative brand we have today.

    Or…the GO(P Establ;ishment is hoping like the dickens Romeny, Gingrich, Paul etc beat their brains out, split the votes, and they have a brokered Convention. Then deals can be cut and an “alternative” nominated to give Obama a run for his money.

    Chew on that for awhile

    • rb

      “The Dems lost that election, but they used that loss to purge the Left and move to the Moderate and Conservative brand we have today.” Thank you for that enlightment. Apparantly I mistook the Dems current brand of “Moderate and Conservative” for fascism. I’m glad you can still re-brand a skunk and call it kitty.

    • Monte

      Flashy, your post is hilarious. You mean to imply that the Obamanation, Pelosi, and Reed – the party from hell – are, somehow, conservative or moderate? Any of thses nutcases would fit very well into the old Soviet Union. You must create your own definition of what a conservative or a moderate is. These vermin are so far left, they have no concept of reality. And by your post, I believe neither have you.

    • Dean Behrens

      If the economy stands the way it is today at election time. Mickey
      Mouse could beat Obama.

    • Lost in Paradise

      Only from a liberal??!!

  • Tony N

    Here is why we have a Dying US and EU set of Currencies , HELLO is anyone listing to the SOUNDS of Value ?????

    JOBS made in the USA , this is a balancing act , we cannot Just Import all our needs or we become a Consumer Only Nation that create nothing to make our Currency worth anything and our trade imbalances as well as Europe’s is related too why the Dollar and Euro is Insolvent , listen to these People in this Video they create the SOUNDS of VALUE !!!! Its NOT JUST all about Trading Paper , maybe the CME guy needs to Listen to the Sounds coming out of these people in this Video !!!!

    Here is the Video interview with the CME guy that is describing a scenario for Default in EURO ZONE as the Only remedy and he needs to understand that if this is the only solution for the EU then same is cure for USA so is he ready for that ??

  • John Orr

    The only Republicans I would vote for are Perry & Paul. The rest are just as bad as Obama and I am a Democrat

    • Dean Behrens

      I disagree with Gingrich on many of his past stands. But I would much
      rather have him than that socialist Obama. Many independent voters
      are impressed with someone that is considered “intelligent”

      • DaveH

        The way I see it, Dean, there are only a small portion of people in society who have actually experienced a reasonable amount of Freedom (us baby boomers). When we’re gone, the rest will have never actually experienced that things are better with much less expensive Government. Those remaining people will be much less inclined to fight for Freedom because it will only be an unproven concept in their minds. They will only finally rise to throw off the shackles when things have gotten so bad that they can no longer tolerate them, like happened in the USSR 30 years ago. But, like in the USSR, if the living citizens have never actually experienced Freedom it will be a crap shoot as to whether they embrace concepts of Freedom (like Czechoslovakia did) or adopt some form of Big Government (like Russia did).
        Therefore, the best chance we have, Dean, is to vote only for Principled Candidates who won’t just maintain the status quo. If they don’t beat Obama, so be it. At least when things get really bad, as they will in such a case, we oldsters will still be here to tell the youngsters how it used to be, so they can learn before our country has a complete collapse.

      • Flashy

        Only Newt thinks he’s intelligent. read some of the writings about Gingrich and quotes from those who servd with him in Congress. I believe the most oft used word is “egotist” …

  • Patriot II

    Bob; None of what you say matters except the part about the Media.

    Obama is not who we need to campaign against, the Liberal Marxist media is with a Generic Candidate.

    All Candidates, running for any office, need to incorporate EXPOSING THE LIES and ther SELECTIVE Sensoring of bad things that Obama and the Libs do, IN THEIR CAMPAIGN ADDS.

  • clarence swinney

    Now we know–Bush proposed 8.5T Bailout in 2008
    Greenspan removed M-3 Total Money Supply from Fed Reports.
    spin-”cut costs” to deceive is to lie

  • 4-just_us

    Ron Paul will be my choice.He’s fearless, just like our founders. If the truth hurts some people so be it. This man will be nobody’s puppet and can’t be bought at any price and the media elites are trying to sink his boat. DAM THE TORPEDOES-FULL SPEED AHEAD!!!

    • DaveH

      I agree. It’s incredible that a man in his mid 70s would sacrifice his last years to champion for the citizens. Ron Paul deserves much praise for his goodness.

      • steve in AZ

        Right on,DaveH. Praise him with great praise. And thank God for him. And then, let’s all be sure to

        DONATE NOW so we can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

        (Dang I wish we had an auto signature tag function here. lol)

  • uncle jimmy

    If anyone but paul or gary johnson gets the nomination, then it might as well be four more years of obama . Don’t you see obama is bush basically . He is no different . So when you vote for newt or romney and wonder why things haven’t changed , just like the fools who voted for obama thinking he was different , are scratching their heads now . When will yall understand republican politicians only say things you agree with but they act like democrats, to the republican eye . When will democrats realize that democrats only say what they want to here and that the will act like republicans , in a democrats eyes . Libertarians are real old school republicans . They are the only political party that even takes economics into account . Yet they are dismissed . Ron paul is so republican , he just might save the republic . But most of you are afraid of uncertainty which is funny to me . Because if you vote for a typical republican or democrat again and nothing will change and you will wonder why . Paul voters aren’t stupid we don’t accept the polls we don’t accept propaganda , we think for ourselves . And we see a candidate who reflects that in paul . Weapons of mass destruction in iraq , now nuclear weapons in iran . How many fathers must be taken from their families , how many children will have to grow up wondering how or what their brave dad died for in the war . These are people, these are family members, they have children. If you want to vote for family values and values and general I beg you to cast your vote for a lost republic and ron paul . We are not the crazy ones , we just are not easily deceived . We can restore liberty to this once great nation and this time liberty and justice for all people of all colors and both sexes .

    • Dean Behrens

      Dont you understand. A lot of people dont want things to change. They
      want them government checks to keep coming. That is why we are in the
      shape we are in now.

      • Flashy

        Dean…I would venture you are probably one of those who want those government checks to keep coming. no shame in that, our government funds numerous beneficial programs. Infrastructure, Small business financing, unemployment, education, environmental safety, product safety, consumer protection, police/fire/emergency, research facilities, and the list goes on.

        We have a two fold problem with the deficits. One is the wasteful welfare program for the wealthy and the corporate world. The other is the utter failure of the GOP and their followers to admit that the real “job creators’ in this country are not the wealthy…they never have been “job creators”…it’s the middle class. They are who props up industry via purchasing and spending.

        Anyone who states that the wealthy are “job creators” is either lyin’, or telling of their ignorance and gullibility.

        As for government checks….do yourself a favor and during the day list what items you use which depend upin government funding and backing. begin with your driveway, then the road, don’t forget the electricity to turn on the lights in the morning, and go from there.

        Have a nice day …

    • DaveH

      Very good, Jimmy. I agree with almost everything you said, except the part that Libertarians are old school Republicans.
      From their birth (1854), Republicans have been the party of Big Central Government and Mercantilism. Now of course, the Democrats have caught up and exceed the Republicans in Big Government Growth.

  • tonto

    The Dems and Repubs are quite similar. They are able to say magical things like we will pass out more entitlements AND lower taxes AND reduce the deficit. And sheeple buy into it. There are a lot of unemployed, underemployed people right now that just might see little difference between the CFR / big business anointed challengers.

    This election has to come down to freedom AND the economy. Paul is the only discussing the issues.

    And what do Mitt and Newt say about cuts??? Waste and abuse is not enough – that is chump change

    Here is another one

    If Repubs want to win this election they better get behind Paul. There have now been defections from the Dem party to Paul for his war stance. Liberals might warm up to that idea too and support Paul.

  • clarence swinney

    Easy Solutions–KISS A B C

    A. Fed financed election–6 months-3 primary 3 general
    Equal free TV time–debate a week=12=enough to evaluate

    B. Congress-White House can accept nothing O-O-O of Value.
    Offer=Felony Accept=felony=jail

    C. Progressive Flat Tax–burn tax book-start anew–This gets enough additional revenue to balance the books. 2000B
    cswinney2 comments welcome

  • jerry

    Tell the truth: Obama is a muslim plant. He is charged with destroying America so sharia law can be implemented. With the unlimited wealth of islam he will be made the Caliph of America.

    • Dave

      If that is what you believe I really feel sorry for you. That is just plain idiocy.

    • JC

      Obama is nothing like that Jerry. He’s a Globalist using the Islamic faith to further divide America. He has no faith of any kind I’m sure.

  • Debbie

    Who is the most principled and most consistent candidate running in this election? Ron Paul, of course. I only wish more people would actually do some research and check his voting record, as well as what he has written over the years, before jumping to conclusions based on what the media wants us to believe.

    • Lastmanstanding

      these days, the truth needs “proof, documentation, etc.”…make something up and everyone eats it up without another thought.

      Look at history…only one way out of this deal…

    • Dean Behrens

      i like most things Ron Paul stands for except leagalizing drugs.

      • Lost in Paradise

        He never said he would legalize drugs. You need to pay attention. He wants the constitution to work, and it will if we all allow it.

      • Karolyn

        What’s wrong with legalizing drugs? Get rid of the DEA and save a bundle of money that can be used to SOLVE the problem, not put bandaids on it and fill up the jails, thereby ensuring even better-schooled criminals. I suppose you think that the legal addiction to medications by the medical community and Big Pharma is OK?

      • DaveH

        Read this, Dean, you might change your mind:

  • Barry Nall

    Robert – Even John Stuart is capable of seeing the myopia that afflicts Republicans, especially concerning Ron Paul.

    What, too acerbic?
    Too old?
    Not enough middle east adventurism to suit?
    Wanting to end the federal “war on drugs” and return drug enforcement to the states?

    Ron Paul definitely has a chance. Did the Republicans not change their primary rules? It’s no longer winner take all? And he has a chance to take both Iowa and New Hampshire to kick things off.

    I’ll definitely vote 3rd party before I’d Vote for Romney, and probaly Newt.

    • Lost in Paradise

      I do not like either of those two, but if you vote third party you give it to the [racist comment removed] in the Whity House.

      • DaveH

        Obama has awakened the slumbering citizens like no President before. I think that’s a good thing. But the goodness will be wasted if we meekly elect another lesser of two evils Big Government Growther like Romney, Gingrich, Perry, or Cain.
        There is ONLY one way out of this mess, and that’s to start electing our Politicians based on Principles, NOT whether they can or can’t win an election.

  • Aniko

    If Ron Paul would be nominated as the Republican nominee (thank God most Americans have not lost their minds yet, so it is highly unlikely), then there IS no need for a 3rd party: he WILL be the one to guarantee an Obama re-election!! Real people will NOT vote for a Ron Paul-like candidate in the general election! Like it or not, WE ARE connected to the rest of the world, and we can either lead or follow; there is no isolating us form the problems of the rest of the world! Every patriot knows that, except the Ron Paul dreamers.

    • tonto

      I will still support Dr. Ron Paul. Its the principal of things and issues like a sound dollar and freedom are important to me. I am thrilled to read that more people think that Paul is our best and only hope to correct things. The others are puppets to the elitists (many of whom do not live here yet few realize this.

      Where were Newt and Mitt on the bill last week that partially did away with the 4 th amendment?

      • Aniko

        PrincipAL is the person who heads a school! PrincipLE is what guides or misguides you! PrincipLE alone will never get you out of the mess that has been built since the early 19 hundreds (the beginning of the Soviet Union) and permeated the WORLD!

        What we have now is a state where gradual weaning-off CAN be achieved, but not one as radical as Ron Paul dreams of. What Ron Paul is talking about is, in THEORY, doable with 100% responsible people. BUT, and that IS a HUGE BUT, people are NOT 100% responsible, especially the world over! China tried it a long time ago and it still was not able to just “mind their own business”; they stagnated and eventually realized that no nation is an “island”. That is even truer in the age of ICBMs and supersonic speeds.

        All this Trilateral and CFR One World or NWO conspiracy theory is nothing more than a theory that can be proven to only those who believe in it to begin with, but can never be proven that it actually exists, and pushing for a kook-in-chief, will definitely not get us away from the Islamo-Communist trend Obama is leading us towards! First order of thing is to defeat Obama and his Communist cronies, and sadly a conspiracy theorist will not resonate with the wider public. Not even in the US of A. I bet anything that Ron Paul supporters are mostly under forty and lack a critical part of commons sense: WISDOM and PATIENCE!

        • http://ObserverfromPhoenix Thomas Shia

          This is in response to Aniko’s comment.
          Going back to the history of China, China underwent a very long time to become a nation that included many groups of people. Through wars, unions China had come closer to other nations. China even went out to explore by land and sea, to as far as Africa. So, in my eyes, China was not one that believed in being an “island-country”. It was only in the last dynasty when European Countries began to push closer and closer, and posed as a serious threat with their canons and iron ships that China wanted to be immune from these invasions. Even then, there were intellectuals that condemned it as making a cart behind closed doors. However, it is true that Confucius’ doctrine inculcates constant personal search for perfection first before eyeing one’s neighbor’s defects. But that doesn’t mean isolationism. And the late Founder of the China’s Republic, Doctor Sun, even said: we should look at all four seas as one world for we are all brothers. Here, again, he really meant that we should all treat each other like brothers. After all, we are all part of this humanity. He certainly never ever thought of NWO.
          It is my belief today’s China, though not exactly founded on Dr Sun’s principles or visions, is not an isolationist country. Nobody can or want or would be in their right mind. But for the same token no one country wants other country/ies put their noses in its internal affairs. I think for this reason our history teacher, back in 1946 when the United Nations was founded, made comment that the United Nations indeed would be an excellent forum for the participating nations to iron out their disputes but it would fail miserably if a few countries would gang up together and impose their wills on others. We are seeing it today! Every country has their own heritage and culture and civilization; and they must be respected. No one can make them abandon it unless by eradication or thorough cleansing.
          In my youth, when I studied the history and the birth of America, I had very deep respect and admiration for the bravery, the virtues and the spirit of freedom and independence of the religious and political refugees that gave up their homes and relatives and came to this far
          away and totally unknown land, looking to start a new life.
          Today, I don’t see it any more. This land has given to the world a lot of inspirations by heroic sacrifices, scientific inventions, untiring and selfless dedication to work and building of a strong new country. Today I see too many claiming rights on what they have not earned but can indeed work and earn. I certainly cannot understand why the slavery system that was in the past and certainly imposed by only a few clans ;should be laid on everyone American’s shoulder as if all are forever guilty of such injustice. The racial inequality was rampant at one time in certain regions. But that is in the past!
          And the broad brush application of certain federal government concession of special treatments towards (certain) minority groups to offset the past injustices, in my eyes, is over-reaching and ineffective. As a matter of fact, I resigned from a rather rewarding state government position, even with regret, for I loved to serve my clients in my professional capacity and was satisfied with visible positive results, simply because I could not accept that federal government’s interfering policy of discriminatory hiring, I myself being a member of a minority group but not in that particular category of minority group. To give opportunity to development is one thing, to insert one that is not qualified for a professional position is a totally different matter. Tax payer’s money is wasted and people are not served. This account is for Mark to ponder. And I don’t think I am a lonely voice.

    • Dean Behrens


    • Lost in Paradise

      Aniko what is it that you do not understand?? Paul IS NOT an isolationist. WE are essentially broke, and can no longer afford these futile wars to no where. He has said many times he would rather work with these other countries than butt into their business. Be smart, think with your brain, and do not let the media do it for you. Love your country, and vote Ron Paul.

      • Aniko

        Way too many voters have no clue what the “solution” would be to get beck to a position of strength, which is essential to, not necessarily “win” the world over, but to survive.

        Ron Paul, maybe right in what he is trying to say, but sadly, he cannot articulate it in a manner that enthuses people at large.

        He basically blames us, Americans when we clamored to go after the people who attacked us on 9/11 and supported Bush to go wherever we might clean the terrorists who are constantly plotting to destroy what we stand for: economic and international leadership.

        I know, Dr. Paul wants us to go back to “responsible” governance, but to not EVER go abroad to support our international interests, by whatever means, is NOT the way! In the 21st century we are, like it or not, inter-connected, especially on the economic side. Trying to close up within our borders and letting the world go on without our interference is not economically sound; a great deal of our economy relies on safe international dealings. That safety does not come cheap nor can it be left up to the myriads of national interests, which every single one of them want to be the inheritors of a demised America.

        No one wants “war”, but the natural state of international existence IS “war”, a.k.a. competition. Pulling out of this competition-war spells failure to our present status; we might be the most powerful nation on Earth at this point in time, and it is good to remember we’ve become that NOT by watching the world go on its “merry” ways, but inculcating ourselves into its affairs ever since WW I. Certainly at this point in time we CANNOT afford to JUST concentrate on ourselves and HOPING the world will be friendly to us, if we are going to be friendly to them.

        • http://ObserverfromPhoenix Thomas Shia

          Again I find your ideals quite contradicting with each other. You equalize competition with war. There is a kind of competition that is called fair and just. That means two or multiple sides can emulate each other to win a prize. But at the end the one has the best skills or higher strength wins the prize. Most times there are second, third or eve fourth prizes. Each participant wins what they have earned. And the competition is conducted in a fair, regulated, mutually accepted manner. Usually there is an impartial official or referee that maintains the order and is endowed with authority to disqualify WHOEVER breaks the rules. The “WAR“ you want to equalize with “COMPETITION” is absolutely different. That is why to you winning a competition is

          • http://ObserverfromPhoenix Thomas Shia

            I have to come back and finish my idea. I was intercepted by some unknown alien. I am sorry!
            To you, Aniko, winning competition in economic competition means
            absolute domination. Whatever you say or want or intimidate is the sacrosanct edict, to which everyone else must bow. This is the most
            ridiculous notion I have ever heard. In competitions there is winning and there is losing. There is the first prize and there is the second, third prize. This time the gold medal gos to this one. Nest time it very likely goes to another one. Everyone has a chance to improve and also a chance to fall back.
            I dare to say there are more people, more countries in this world that embrace this kind of competition and rules than what you have dictated.
            Also I can guarantee you that the arrogance in your statement only provokes hostility, not cooperation. I prefer cooperation, a win-win

    • DaveH

      You are not Real People, Aniko. You are just one of the propagandized minions who is an enabler of Big Government.

      • Aniko

        That depends how you define “big” in Big Government!

        Am I for special groups and special people with special rights over all the rest of the people? NO! Am I a Ron Paul marginally anarchist “small government” fanatic? NO!

        He talks a lot about “going back to the gold standard”. Does that mean that we can have currency only in the quantity that is backed by the amount of gold held in Fort Knox?

        Gold has two definitions: one is for the metal itself, the other one is for “wealth” in general.

        The wealth of a nation is judged by its GDP; its productivity of goods AND services.

        Truth be told, Donald Trump is accurate with his complaint that we were suckered into many trade deals where we were literally AND figuratively robbed blind. That is not necessarily the Federal Reserve’s fault (the arch enemy of Dr. Paul!), but our State Department’s and our business entities’ representatives’ fault. Greed has something to do with it, since greed does not have “patriotism” in its definition, but more than greed, pure stupidity has a lot more to do with our internationally perceived weakness than the Federal Reserve Bank.

        The “war” started by Bush WAS a retaliatory war for what was done to US, and there was nothing wrong with it initially. As we altruistically stayed on to rebuild what we destroyed in the process of ousting a dangerous and threatening Middle Eastern dictator, went wrong, by not playing hard ball with the freed leaders of Iraq; we should have insisted to be paid for their “right” to lead their nation to rebuild, with procuring ONLY defending their nation form sinking into anarchy. Like Trump said, they would have agreed in a heartbeat, but by THAT time, our House of Representatives was overtaken by Democrats, who are notorious altruists! Bush suffered and still is hated by many Republicans because no one so far could articulate WHAT and WHEN things started to get out of control: January 2007 , when the “demonrats” took over Congress and then manipulated our government to bring in Obama with BOTH the Congress and the Senate in the neo-Communists hands!

        We, as nation are BEST in warring! We are not only best at winning wars, but so far we’ve used our technology to better our warring abilities (which technology is BTW the bases for many of our advanced information technology of the 20th and 21st centuries) and we could use that ability to enrich ourselves as all other nations have done it before the 20th century. It sounds callous, but when it comes to survival as a nation you cannot be as squeamish as Dr. Paul is.

        I think that one of the reasons Dr. Paul never went back to his profession is that he cannot stand the site of blood! That is something Obama WOULD use to floor him in the debates.

        As conservatives, if our greatest peril comes form this present administration, than we cannot afford a lunatic 18th century country doctor who can’t stand blood! We need a mano-a-mano fighter like NEWT! BOTH sides of the aisle are afraid of him and I can assure you so is the Obama-Reid and Pelosi triumvirate too!

        • DaveH

          You lay that war-mongering tirade on us, Aniko, and then have the balls to call Ron Paul a lunatic? Whew, look in the mirror, dude.

        • steve in AZ

          “That depends how you define “big” in Big Government!”

          “That depends on what your definition of the word “is” is”.

          Great minds must in fact think alike! And oh, btw, Aniko – rather than correcting others’ spelling here, spend some time on your own spelling skills. And don’t forget to

          DONATE NOW so you can VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

        • http://ObserverfromPhoenix Thomas Shia

          I don’t mean to be personal. But I can tell you the Sino-Japanese War’s memory is still fresh in my mind. It is not possible to delete those memories. However, I do know not all Japanese people were hostile against the Chinese. That war was initiated by a small group of war thirsty young military officers under the leadership of an ambitious general. Whether it was due to the need to expand beyond the confines of an island nation or the greed to occupy other countries and take away their natural resources, that war did not end well for Japan.
          Do I lay it on all the Japanese people or entire Nation? Absolutely not!
          But anyone who wants to carry that kind of doctrine to lord over
          others better think twice. Because this time around the consequences will be very different. And vast number of victims are going to be innocent people, like those peace-loving, cultured and beautiful Japanese folks. For this reason alone, it is much better and wiser to hold a cooperative attitude and gain a win-win position.


  • bob wire

    Lies? Oh golly gee Wally !

    “It’s true that some have finally thrown in the towel and sparingly use words like “socialist” and “socialism” to describe Obama and his policies,”


    “Much to my fascination, most conservative media pundits continue to scratch their heads and insist that “Barack Obama is just in over his head” when talking about his “failed policies.””

    Failed? ~ Policy must pass some policy in order for it to fail! Most never got pass the Senate!

    You are left to ignore as much of what didn’t fail to make your point!

    “1. Pushing Obamacare through Congress against the will of the American people.”

    Which America people? ~ Corporate Interest?, ~ and their 1 million dollar a day campaign for 9 months to create that “image”?

    “2. Piling on as many economy-killing regulations as possible.”

    after the BP oil spill and destroying the southern coast economy. We found out the Oil Industry had been lying to us about what they could and couldn’t do. Some reg reform was required. Many of the victims have yet to receive restitution for their losses or do you even care to keep up?

    “3. Getting re-elected, primarily by conjuring up hatred toward the rich.”

    We have 300,000 Americans making in excess of 1 million dollar annually today. We have 30 families that own and control 60% of America’s wealth. They are not “hated” but we wonder where and how can you aspire to such a lofty position by hard work alone? As today, 90% of American’s are experiencing a serious slip in buying power, discretionary in drying up and living standards are on the fall.

    After bailing their sorry assets out, finding them “too big to fail” We, the American people are asking, to removed Wall Street Fraud, Crony Capitalism and people seated in position that offer a clear and direct “Conflict of Interest”.

    and that is see as a “BaD thing to you?

    • Dean Behrens

      You dont make a lot of money unless you have money to start with, or
      just get damn lucky. Most people arent willig to invest everything they have to promote an idea. What do you think of the bailout of GM &

      • bob wire

        Dean, I’ll answer that with a mediator. I think the “middle” of the lake is a bad place to changing your mind and refuse to swim or decide to go back.

        The bailouts started in OCT of 2008, one month before the general election. I thought at the time that, ~ that this bailout was “so” very wrong. I didn’t care if it haired lipped the devil himself or Europe went back into the Dark Ages. All I see and think about was the “bag-man” all but unnoticed, casually walking to the back door in the middle of all the confusion.

        In hind sight, I still believe that I was correct, someone pulled funds overnight and the 1st bailout was just a “down payment” to a cover-up but once invested and committed to “salvage & save” when do you say ENOUGH!?

  • Joyceann

    Paulbots only talk about our USA being first. Their extreme position. It is votes that cause blame, not because we won’t stand behind Paul. Name calling won’t make us vote for him. We have issues with him that name calling won’t fix. He can compromise with us without abandoning his core values. He must look for compromise as president and Paul has none in him. He is EXTREME.

    • tonto

      Not arguing with you just debating things. O.K.?

      1. we run a deficit of 1.5 trillion per year. What are ANY of the other candidates talking about doing with that?

      2. we have over 700 bases and occupy over 130 countries. What will the other candidates do to fund that? Even totally eliminating ALL soc sec, ALL medicare, and ALL medicaid will still leave a deficit of ~ 800 billion

      3. Where are the other candidates on the vote that happened last week? This is the one that can pick up anyone, hold them indefinitely, and they might not get a trial. I seem to have heard nothing from the others.

      4. why are the others NOT willing to do an audit at the federal reserve? This is the private bank that is allowed to create dollars and leave the bills for those of us who pay taxes.

      5. is it worth our while to go into more countries when we are borrowing money to do so? Is it so important that a draft be returned for BOTH sexes? I am probably the only one to read the book Blowback which explains lots.

      6. what is the fear of backing the currency with something of REAL value? ALL fiat currencies have tanked throughout history. When it happens it wipes out the middle class. A country needs a strong middle class that is productively working. We are at a new record for food stamps.

      All of the others are part of the big establishment republocratic party.

      If not one can answer those questions its more obvious that Paul is the man of the people.

      • Dean Behrens

        You make a good case for Ron Paul. If he would change his stance on
        legalizing drugs I could support him.

        • catfish

          Ron Paul would be the first president to allow war on american soil. This nut is not the answer.

          • DaveH

            What? Where do you get that crap?

          • bob wire

            “Allow war” is a strange phrase to attempt to use, could you restate yourself?

            Ron Paul seems to make statements under the premise that we (and other nations) are all grown ups and willing to take personal responsibility for our words and action. That it’s not government job to wet nurse a snot nose citizen just because they exercise poor judgment.

            If people want to fry their brain and live under a bridge for the rest of their short life, let them. We can’t protect everyone against themselves without restricting everyone freedom and liberties.

            I wished that we could still buy Paregoric, or GI Gin or Contacts, simple medications that really worked!

            Today, it’s hard to even buy paint in some places.

            If you want to “declare” war, ~ declare it, whip it out. If you get to be too hard to deal with, someone can punch your ticket for you. After a small trial, it’s over.

            Too many people are using laws to hind behind today and alive only because it’s against the law to extract a pound of flesh.

        • tonto

          none of us will go along with everything any candidate says. Paul has the best answers for most of the problems facing us.

          A few threads up the comment about only under 40 supporting him… Wrong I am well over that age. A lot of my friends are over 40 and support Paul. When the under 25 crowd read what he wants to do for them they will flock to him. Soc sec is insolvent. He wants to allow the under 25 to be allowed to do their own retirement IF they want to. That is one nice gift to them.

        • DaveH

          Ron Paul has stated that it is NOT the Federal Government’s Constitutionally given Power to outlaw drug usage, it is the power of the States.
          Given that, though, I personally believe that we had been led down the rabbit hole on the drug issue, so Big Government could gain more power and step on more of our Constitutional Rights. What poisons an individual chooses to ingest are none of Governments’ business. If that individual harms somebody or their property while on drugs (or not), he/she should be punished for that crime. Otherwise Government should butt out.
          All Government has accomplished with the Drug Wars is destabilization of several countries, Mexico being the most dramatic example. Drug Laws keep the price of the illegal substances artificially high which causes users to commit crimes to support the high costs of their habits, and enriches the worst segment of society (Drug Lords). Money is power. The last people we want to give power to are those who are willing to break laws to achieve their wealth.
          We’ve been fighting the Drug Wars for forty years now with no end in sight. We spend in excess of $30 Billion a year fighting the futile Drug Wars. When I was a teenager, 50 years ago, neither myself nor my friends had a clue about drugs. That all changed with the Drug Wars. Almost overnight it became the cool thing to do. After all, teenagers are at the nascency of their Freedom-seeking and they love to spite the Authoritarians.
          Note that I have puffed once (I inhaled) on one Marijuana joint in my whole life. I don’t even take aspirin. I don’t intend to ever change that, drugs being illegal or not. But I have enough common sense to know that the Drug laws are futile and wrong-headed.

          • Cawmun Cents

            Lieutenant Hindsight is busy today,is’nt he Ron Paul supporters?

  • Angel Wannabe

    I have to agree wholeheartedly with Anthony’s post!__My greatest fear for 2012, has been a False flag incident, the suspension of the elections & calling for Martial law.__Those who are not awake now, better wake the hell up or you will be rudely awakened.
    Whoever(leaning towards Ron Paul) gets in office of the President, and tries to make the changes to save the Republic, are going to be a target & a sitting duck.
    Personally I think Obama is going to be re-elected. The ones that count the votes, decides the winner, just like the last Presidential Election.

    • Lastmanstanding

      Angel…I can guarentee you that, “everything is on the table.”

    • Dave

      didn’t you men to say the first Bush2 election? That was the biggest fiasco in history.

      • DaveH

        Be fair, Dave, it has been going on for at least 150 years including almost every President since and including Lincoln.

    • Dean Behrens

      Give me a synopsis of why Obama will be elected? I think Obama has
      one chance to be re-elected. The econimy must turn around big time
      for that to happen.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Well Dean, First of all, you seem to be a “Newbie” here, so I’m not sure whether your here because your phishing to see what info the the regular posters know, or your a concerned citizen??…with that said__I believe our vote is and has been token,to let we the people believe, we have a say. TPTB choose the candidates and in the end the elected…if by chance we may be wrong, we continue to vote anyway!

    • Cawmun Cents

      So what you are saying is….that Captain Obvious is actually correct in his assertions.Hate to say it….Lieutenant Hindsight is clearly working here again.

  • Grant

    Based on your logic for a consistently principled conservative, the Republicans should nominate either Ron Paul or Jon Huntsman. Personally, I greatly prefer Huntsman. But I think the yahoos in base are too dimwitted to see this. Too bad – whoever wins, we all lose.

    • Buddy

      Yes, agreed. Paul or Huntsman, or Gary Johnson would be good choices. However, most voters will probably opt for continued centralization with government cartel management of trade, currency, globalized welfare and micromanaged regulations.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    We need to be asking those that are running who they plan for attorney general, secretary of state etc. The attorney general position may very well be the most important. position outside of president. I would have loved to have seen Palin- Rubio with Moore for attorney general. If Cain has been falsely accused and he proves it,. he could still be a major player; at least in my mind.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Henry, I think Cain was purposly ruined, he was well liked by the people, but wasn’t the Bankers pick__. While he was a Fed insider for Kansas Federal Reserve at one time, I did like his message.
      Cain was in long enough to prove that skin color has nothing to do when it comes to winning elections, as is/was always the lefts excuse for not liking Obama_ policy, truth and a belief in the Republic is everything!

  • Sol of Texas

    After all these years I still cannot get over how people want to treat political campaigns like horse races, trying to prognosticate the “elect-ables” instead of voting their principles. I guess the power of social conditioning can never be underestimated.

    I intend to vote for Ron Paul in the primary because he is the only candidate who can truly change all the nutty laws and policies that the professional politicians have “crooked up” over the last 100+ years.

    It sounds like my fellow citizens are determined to vote the lesser of two evils — once again. No wonder the economy and the country are in decline!

    God help us.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Maybe some of us think the other candidates are better than Ron Paul. I for one do not use electability as my main reason for supporting or not supporting a candidate. Why are all of the Paul fanatics, intent on insinuating, that those who do not support Paul must be stupid? Those of us who do not support Paul, do so for well thought out reasons. You are simply following a mob.

      • Lost in Paradise

        We do not think your reasons are well thought out. That is it in a nut shell. We are also not followers. Maybe you are huh?

      • DaveH

        Capitalist says “I for one do not use electability as my main reason for supporting or not supporting a candidate”.
        But he did say this on earlier blogs:
        “Although Ron Paul is correct in his assessment of the Federal Reserve, he is not electable, end of story”.
        and this:
        “Ron Paul will not get the nomination, nor will he be elected President of the United States. Get over it and find a new candidate”.
        and this:
        “Ron Paul does not have a chance to get the nomination, nor does he have a chance of being elected President”.
        and this:
        “A write in vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. I hope you enjoy the fact that you will be putting the rest of us through 4 more years of hell. Get a grip”.
        and this:
        “The Ron Paul loons are out in full force. He does not have a chance to get the Republican nomination, nor win the general election”.

        I could go on but I’m getting bored. In fact, almost all Capitalist talks about is Ron Paul’s “electability”.

        • steve in AZ

          Thank you again, AND WELL DONE, DaveH! I was thinking along those same lines myself as I read non-capitalist’s post. Can you cook? ;)

          DONATE NOW so you CAN VOTE RON PAUL 2012!!!

  • Wyatt

    Interesting reading all the forum comments . Personally I see no clear candidate among the Republican contenders . All of them have their pro’s and con’s and I will not get in to that . The candidate’s I personally would have supported are not running so I have yet to take a stand for anyone remaining . That said , the one thing everyone should be clear on is that the current White House must be voted out if America is to remain a nation of freedom and liberty . Who ever is the Republican pick to face Obama in the 2012 election , we, the freedom loving people of the United States must stand behind him or her 100% or we risk losing our country . We must also make clear that the Republican pick must regard the will of the people and the good of America above all else and not the self serving wishes of some special interest group out to get rich from some ill advised scheme .

    • littledog

      The “special interest group” Newt represents is not out to get rich they are out to destroy our economy and our county’s sovereignty. It is the same “group” Obammy represents. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

    • 45caliber


      I agree. I’m wondering too about the Demos. Oblama is carrying a lot of baggage right now that will harm his chances. Now if he was to decided, at about the Demo Convention, to not accept the position again and was to nominate someone else to run instead ….

  • Rose

    The Republicans have the worst group of candidates? Well, if they will just get rid of all of the candidates except for Ron Paul, they will have the best candidate. Ron Paul the best choice! Ron Paul our country’s last hope to keep our freedom.

    • littledog

      God bless you and Ron, Rose! Thumbs up.

  • http://liberyalearts john p.


  • Joey Biden

    At this point, if Alfred E Neuman were the Republican nominee I would vote for him just to get rid of Hussein Obama. Alfred could do a much better job.

    • 45caliber

      I fully agree. Alfred can’t do any worse at least.

  • littledog

    If Newt “I talk like a conservative and vote like a progressive” Gingrich gets elected this country is finished. Member of CFR and as much a globalist as Henry Kissinger or George Soros.

    • DaveH

      Newt, like Obama, lie to the electorate like they think we are a bunch of ignorant serfs who can’t discern fact from fiction. That shows their contempt of us.

  • T-Texas

    A third party run would mean status quo for the Democrats.I am not for a third party at all.I also think that right now (asp) Congress should get this impostor out of office.He has admitted that he wasn’t born in Hawaii but in Kenya and is a muslim.His parentage alone should have kept him being certificated to run.The constitution states this.I think that when he admitted this it made him criminal not a legal citizen of the US but a citizen of Indonesia.I think he came here as Barry Soetoro and over stayed his student visa,changed his name to Obama to send the immigration authorities an road block.Is this the great secret that he has spent large amount of money to hide?Every one who signed on to this should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. This my feeble mind trying to answer some questions I have that I haven’t heard anyone bring up.

    • littledog
    • Lost in Paradise

      You do not have a feeble mind, and there are alot of us that are wondering why the hell congress is not doing its job and doing a thorough investigation into Obama and his goons. I think the reason is, that it is a real snakepit, and lots of heads would roll, and it would shake up the entire country.

    • 45caliber


      By the time the top Demos had realized he wasn’t qualified to be President, it was already during their last Demo convention. At that time, if they had kicked him out, it would have put the Repubs ahead – so they chose to take him anyway. A bad choice for all of us. I hope, this time, that all parties make an attempt to determine whether their candidate is qualified before that time comes.

      Incidently, a federal judge recently ruled that a person who has become an American, even though originally born elsewhere, is qualified to run as President. It makes you wonder …

  • James

    I think, if the first-lady ran against Obama, on any ticket, she could win handsdown. So could Michele Bachmann, the women’s vote will determine our next president.

  • Ridge Runner

    The only way to save the country is to change the ones that are guarding the hen house. these are the ones that have put the country in danger by destroying the economy and puting the country in debt.

  • Joe Brooks

    Mr Livingston appears to be censoring my differing, but historically American, conservative ideas, here.

    • PA RIGGS

      @Joe Brooks he only censors false statements, or blatant lies.

  • Ridge Runner

    You can’t keep ihe ship from running aground unless you have a helsman with a honest sound mind knows what he is doing.What we have had in washington dc for deccades is what is wrong with our country.If you(the people) want any thing left of the u.s. you had better wake up pronto it is past time to change the guards.If some thing isn’t done pretty damn quick our country is going to be another north korea.Too many of these guards are stealing our chickens lets put a stop to it and a start is vote Ron PaulFor president.

  • Greg

    The USA is past being saved for the simple reason that the
    largest self interest groups taken all together and voting for
    their best interests is larger than all other voters.
    The govt employees, their relatives and dependents and union
    members and relatives and friends will always continue to
    support democrats and big govt. Any other vote would be to
    downsize govt and kill their source of sustenance. This is what
    has happened to all the great democracy based civilizations
    leading to their downfall. Until there is an argument that
    can persuade someone to take less pay and give up their job
    we will never be able to rebuild America. USA is forever gone
    as a world leader and the most we can do now is manage the decline
    as best as we can to preserve our individual prosperity.
    One of the biggest problems is that voters cannot weight appropriately
    the issues that affect them. For instance lets take abortion.
    it is infinitely small in comparison to the military budget and
    expense which gets very little discussion. May I remind that
    the USA military expenditures exceed all the rest of the worlds
    combined ! ! Yet look at the percentage of bandwidth given to abortion
    and gay rights etc instead of Military budgets. I’d like to see an electable candidate say he would bring home 50,000 soldiers from Germany and station along the Mexican border. I think we have over
    250 military bases around the world. Surely we can be respected with
    only ten percent of those being kept.
    Anyway all efforts are wasted until the persuasive argument can be
    created to convince the entitlement holders to give them up for the good of the country. Obama with his campaign war chest and thugs cannot be beat. Obama instead of handling his presidential duties elects to conduct fund raisers all throughout his presidency instead of doing his job. Almost as bad as the Soviet Union. Bachman and Palin and a few of the also rans are sufficiently conservative but none running are electable.

    • DaveH

      Only one candidate has the Principles and Courage to downsize Government dramatically:

    • ChristyK

      The best way to reign in our Federal government is to repeal the 17th amendment. If Senators were selected by the states, they would prevent the Federal government from overstepping its constitutional limits and stealing power from the states. If most things were controlled from the states, lobbyist would have less power (having to lobby 50 governments instead of 1) and the people would have more power. If one state tried something that did not work, people would vote with their feet and move to states with better laws. Other states would learn from each other and move toward more effective (less onerous) laws. A bad law would only effect one state instead of everyone. The carefully crafted checks and balances were knocked out of balance by the 17th amendment.

    • Libertarian58

      “Democracy is the most vile form of government” – Thomas Jefferson-

      The reason all these groups vote all these perks for themselves is because we have forsaken our Republican ideals. Majority (mob) rule is now the norm, and to heck with right or wrong.

      Democracy – Two wolves and a chicken voting on dinner.

      • JC

        Representative Republic: Two Wolves and a very well armed Chicken voting on what to have for dinner. :)

  • Chris

    Why are you people fascinated by talk of democrats and republicans. I’ve been saying for years that there are only two things wrong with this country—democrats and republicans. With eleven months to go until the next election where are the libertarian candidates?? Let’s get on the ball here. Vote all those D and R bums out of office and get some libertarian candidates elected.

    • 45caliber


      I think that most of us have a dislike for both Democrats and Republicans here. We tend to think more in terms of “liberals” and “conservatives” which are not the same thing as the two parties would like everyone to think. Libertarians are simply another type of conservative but they have, as a party, several things that I don’t care about either. So I’ll continue to vote for the person I feel is the best for the position – which is seldom the one the parties or the media think should be there.

    • DaveH

      Unfortunately, Chris, we may have to wait until our country is completely impoverished before people finally wake to reality.

  • 45caliber

    I dont’ think either party gets what the public wants. They want to choose someone who might be pretty and superficial to distract from what is going on. The people want someone who will do as WE want. The media is determined to be the one to pick the leaders according to their own idea of excellence. The next election is getting more interesting all the time.

  • CJM

    We need to dump both the republican and democratic parties–and get a third MAJOR party in place. The republicans RNC/GOP is allowing the DNC/Socialist and scurvy media dictate who their candidate will be. All you have to do is look at who the media is pining for (and it has been Romney all along–look at how they claim is is the ‘front runner’ among the group of candidates when he is lagging behind at number 4 in the polls). Once in office, romney will foist his romneycare (aka: obamacare) unto the people and will continue to let the government grow longer than pinocchio’s nose. Romney, Perry, and Gingrich are LOSERS…and need to be kept out of the Oval Office.

    • DaveH

      There already is a major third party whose agenda very closely parallels the teachings of Thomas Jefferson, one of our greatest Forefathers.
      For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Limited Government, Free Markets, and PEACE — Vote Libertarian!

  • roderick usher

    It is simple.

    If Obama gets a second term —> things crash and burn.

    He IS, after all, only following the Gramsci/Alinsky strategy, since he hates this country and its institutions. He is Hard Left, an ideologue, and the thugocracy/kleptocracy we’ve seen since his inauguration was a fait accompli. He learned his trade in the Chicago wards, and has the deep pockets of George Soros to fall back upon. And that’s the key. George Soros himself HATES America. These new species of uber rich only want to play God as they seek to destroy our form of government, and replace it with a world system under their control. It is a merely matter of convenience for them. They all deserve to spend a VERY long time in Hell.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Whizzer

    I got an idea…. why don’t all the Ron Paul thumb suckers & bed wetters take your man and form a new party? Because no matter how you slice he is simply unelectable! Now stop the belly aching, cause it is gettin real old!

    • 45caliber

      Another lib gives up his hiding place …

    • Angel Wannabe

      Hey Whizzer, Don’t let the door thump your azz on the way out!

    • steve in AZ

      Did it hurt when you got an idea, Whizzer? Untrained muscles, and all.

      Just askin’.

  • Aniko

    I am reposting this comment (with a little “editing”), because while Lost in Paradise inspired me to write it, it may well serve other Ron Paul supporters to think about this fantasy-land-gnome’s “vision” for our future:

    Way too many voters have no clue what the “solution” would be to get beck to a position of strength, which is essential to, not necessarily “win” the world over, but to survive.

    Ron Paul, maybe right in what he is trying to say, but sadly, he cannot articulate it in a manner that enthuses people at large.

    He basically blames us, Americans when we clamored to go after the people who attacked us on 9/11 and supported Bush to go wherever we might clean the terrorists who are constantly plotting to destroy what we stand for: economic and international leadership.

    I know, Dr. Paul wants us to go back to “responsible” governance, but to not EVER go abroad to support our international interests, by whatever means, is NOT the way! In the 21st century we are, like it or not, inter-connected, especially on the economic side. Trying to close up within our borders and letting the world go on without our interference is not economically sound; a great deal of our economy relies on safe international dealings. That safety does not come cheap nor can it be left up to the myriads of national interests, which every single one of them want to be the inheritors of a demised America.

    No one wants “war”, but the natural state of international existence IS “war”, a.k.a. competition. Pulling out of this competition-war spells failure to our present status; we might be the most powerful nation on Earth at this point in time, and it is good to remember we’ve become that NOT by watching the world go on its “merry” ways, but inculcating ourselves into its affairs ever since WWI. Certainly at this point in time we CANNOT afford to JUST concentrate on ourselves and HOPING the world will be friendly to us, if we are going to be friendly to them.

    I was not born in America, but am an exilee of the Ceausescu regime.

    I watched the elections for all these years and I came to the conclusion that it is a capricious “popularity” contest, not a real, thought-through affair. Oftentimes, populist, one-track minded “candidates” have weakened a “not-perfect” candidate for a worse one (remember Ross Perot!). It is scary that with Ron Paul we may just have a repeat of the 1992 and 1996 election, except that at this point we are in a lot worse shape and in a lot more danger than we’ve been then.

    No one can turn back the times to the 18th century America, not even Ron Paul and his worshipers! Today we have to deal with our problem in the context of who we are TODAY!

    I know a lot of people lost fate in Newt in spite of his successes during the Clinton presidency, but that he was and IS a conservative at heart and also a PATRIOT, is without question. No wonder that Pelosi even succumbed to basically blackmail him and Coburn is only willing to re-enforce doubts in the minds of conservative voters, without coming clean about his “objections”.

    Newt IS a threat to BOTH the Republican establishment (Coburn et al) AND the left-wing socialist/communists (Pelosi). He just might be the stealth “third” party candidate that the Ron Paul worshipers can’t recognize!

    • DaveH

      So many words, so much nonsense.

    • steve in AZ


      Please marry a crackhead, adopt a liberal and go back.

  • Juanita Peterson

    I am very disappointed in the dialogue among most of the writers; the hatred and vemum expressed is heartbreaking. We are suppose to be Americans whether Black, white or otherwise. We truly want the best for our country. It cannot happen with the attitudes that are expressed in these comments. Americans are at war with each other it is tragic. President Obama is a good leader; he can be an even better leader if he had cooperation. From day one Dement and McCllough said they were going to make him a one term President and that is their goal. People need to search their hearts and admit that because he has African blood running through his veins some white people are trying to make him a monster and the root of all our problems. That is far from the truth. If you read, you would know the the economy was damaged before he took office as well as other ills. Have faith he just needs more time to get the economy working. Can’t we all get along as brothers and sisters. If not, we appear to be headed for destruction.

    • 45caliber


      I know that you libs hope to convince us that he isn’t all that bad but then you go on to insist that our only real reason to dislike him is because he is black. Actually, he is also white. So your argument is bad to being with. I never look at a person’s racial profile, sex, etc. when I try to judge whether he will be a good person for an office. I look at what he has done and what he intends to do. I occasionally make mistakes (while I didn’t vote for Oblama, I did think he’d do better than he has) I certainly don’t dislike him because “he is black”. I dislike him – as President – because 1) he appointes everyone else to do what he should be doing so he can have fun instead and 2) he simply can’t handle the job as President. He might have a good career as Mayor of Chicago – but it doesn’t take the abilities he has shown he lacks.

      • libertytrain

        I’m guessing these folks can’t get an original thought going so they keep doing the same old same old race crud – it’s just easier for them then understanding the truth has nothing to do with white, black or half of each.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Juanita__your post copy and pasted,

      “I am very disappointed in the dialogue among most of the writers; the hatred and venom expressed is heartbreaking. We are suppose to be Americans whether Black, white or otherwise. We truly want the best for our country. It cannot happen with the attitudes that are expressed in these comments. Americans are at war with each other it is tragic. President Obama is a good leader; he can be an even better leader if he had cooperation. From day one Dement and McCllough said they were going to make him a one term President and that is their goal. People need to search their hearts and admit that because he has African blood running through his veins some white people are trying to make him a monster and the root of all our problems. That is far from the truth. If you read, you would know the economy was damaged before he took office as well as other ills. Have faith he just needs more time to get the economy working. Can’t we all get along as brothers and sisters? If not, we appear to be headed for destruction.

      REPLY_Please go and read history my dear, elections bring the best and the worst “venom” out in everyone,
      __a Revolution created America; we didn’t win her, playing roulette. Elections specially this one is serious business and heated in debate!

      I beg to differ, Obama is NOT a Great Leader he was raised by Communists and is a Marxist/Socialist! He’s caused further division with his class war fare & let’s levels the playing field speeches.

      As to the color of Obama’s skin, it should be noted that Herman Cain was also a Black man. He became popular ir-regardless of his color. His message was a breath of fresh air, had he remained I may have voted for him, but he became a threat b/c he wasn’t the Elite pick, and his reputation was ruined.

      __ We don’t care what color you are as President, but once your elected, you don’t act like a King, Legislate by Executive Orders to get your own way, dis our Allies, bow to our enemies, turn us into a police state, shred what’s left of the Constitution, and expect those of us who disagree with his policies, to be NICE about it!
      Your RIGHT, We are headed for destruction, if Obama remains in office!

    • DaveH

      We can’t get along, Juanita, because people like you keep voting for Politicians who think our money is theirs to spend. So we need to scramble all the harder to make a living while at the same time listening to the parasites whining about their rights to free healthcare, free food, free sheltor, and anything else their parasitic hearts desire. We have a Big Government which thinks one size fits all, and wants to micromanage our every decision. Because one size doesn’t fit all, half of the citizens are angry at any one time depending on whose Party is in power. We are like pigs at a trough all fighting for our space, while the Politicians and their Cronies are partying hardy on our money.
      Welcome to the Brave New World, Juanita, which opportunistic Politicians and propagandized sheeple have created.

  • Judith Elston

    Oh for cryin’ out loud! Any one of the Republican candidates can be a better President than Obama. The problem is most of the news pundits keep questioning the viability of our choices causing many Republican and conservative voters to be unsure of their choice. I will be very glad when this primary thing is over and I pray that Republicans can firmly get behind whomever is nominated. My biggest worry is the “SLOBBERING LOVE AFFAIR” the three major news networks have with Obama. That will push the overwhelming number of non-informed voters to vote for him AGAIN!

    • 45caliber


      I agree. I think the owners of these media groups want to be “king-makers”. They want to pick the winner and then force all the politicians to come to them with hat in hand to get their support all the time. That is why they slant the news as they do. I think that “journalism” should go back to reporting ONLY what happenes, when, where, how, and why. Leave the ability to make up our minds about the problem to us rather than try to tell us what to do as well.

  • The Obama Timeline author

    Sorry, but Bobby Jindal and Marco Rubio are not natural born citizens. Nor, of course, is Obama. To be a natural born citizen means birth on U.S. soil to two U.S. citizen parents. None of those three meet that requirement.

    In 1862, Congressman John Bingham—the “father of the 14th Amendment”—stated, “All from other lands, who by the terms of [congressional] laws and a compliance with their provisions become naturalized, are adopted citizens of the United States; all other persons born within the Republic, of parents owing allegiance to no other sovereignty, are natural born citizens. Gentleman can find no exception to this statement touching natural-born citizens except what is said in the Constitution relating to Indians.” In 1866 Bingham stated, “Every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of your Constitution itself, a natural born citizen.” Bingham’s definition was never disputed by other Congressmen. (Unscrupulous Obots—including attorneys filing briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court—have omitted the words “of parents” when quoting Bingham’s statement, in a shameful and intentional effort to mislead.)

    In Minor v. Happersett (1875) Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Morrison Remick Waite wrote, “The Constitution does not, in words, say who shall be natural-born citizens. Resort must be had elsewhere to ascertain that. At common-law, with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens also. These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners. Some authorities go further and include as citizens children born within the jurisdiction without reference to the citizenship of their parents. As to this class there have been doubts, but never as to the first.”

  • Michael Hardesty

    I can’t believe that Ringer could pen such a column and not mention the best candidate who ever ran on the GOP or any side, Ron Paul.
    I grant you that the others are all statist turkeys but from my Libertarian-Objectivist perspective Ron Paul is great on just about everything but God and Abortion. He has done some backsliding on his staunch criticism of Israel but he’s still better there than the other warmongers.
    I want to ask the moderator some questions about his guidelines.
    I can understand no profanity or racial epithets but no ‘racism’?
    What does that mean ? Races differ as much as the sexes differ.
    I grew up in DC area and have lived here in Oakland for over 30 years
    and I see plenty of Black Anti-White racism all the time.
    I’m not supposed to mention it because it goes against PC leftism rules ?
    As far as attacks on the authors here goes, again no profanity, but
    if they are that sensitive to criticism they shouldn’t be writing in public. I have been censored for no valid reasons on The American
    Conservative, American Renaissance and Occidental Observer websites
    as well as the Mises site and as a result I don’t look at those sites ever.
    You have the absolute right to run your site anyway you wish but I want to know up front so I am not wasting my time.
    So far I’ve appreciated most of your articles here.

  • David Warheit

    Third party candidate. Excellent idea! Nothing could be better for the country–Obama might win every state!!

  • Palin16

    A little (ok, a lot) off-topic, but the big news today….Rod Blagojevich (D-Ill) sentencing hearing going on right now. So far, it’s not looking good for ole Blago. We shall hear the outcome tomorrow, and hopefully that will make for a new column here. I’m hoping for 15-20 years. Can’t wait to see a photo of him in cuffs!

  • Raggs

    I most CERTAINLY will NOT vote for Newt!
    I most CERTAINLY will NOT vote for Romney!

    Well that kinda narrows it done some now doesn’t it?

    Paul in 12…..

    • Raggs

      Excuse the typo….

  • Libertarian58

    Newt is being placed to lose to obama just as McCain was. And even if he does manage to “win”, he is Bildeberg material all the way. Both parties are flip sides of the same statist coin working together for the NWO. Only Ron Paul is outside the loop, which is why he is always under attack by both sides. It’s the Hegelian Dialectic being played on us.

    “When you’re catching flak, it means you’re right on target.”
    - Bo Gritz -

  • Raggs

    It is the neocon media pushing for Newt the nut…
    Isn’t it funny how that he suddenly soars to the top of the heap?
    I have to wonder how one becomes from a dead rot on the bottom of a heap of garbage to a full blown contender….

    • Thinking about

      It may be poor field to select a viable canidate. All the games played by the Republican party is coming home.You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge. The best prediction of future behavior is past behavior.

      • DaveH

        Don’t kid, TA. If you learned from the past, you wouldn’t be a Liberal.

      • George E


        Newt has his problems. That’s for sure, and most of us will acknowledge that. But, compared to Obama, he looks real good.

  • Alex Gammey

    Why is it that the republicans can not find a candidate who has not all ready self imploded, or at least embarrassed themselves to the point of leaving voters with the image of doundering fools? If McCain had not picked Miss Simple Witt we could be re-electing him.

    • Palin16

      You should look in the mirror before calling someone as successful as Sarah Palin a simple wit. Have you ever been a mayor or a governor? Did you ever have an 85% approval rating while in office? All by her own hard work, unlike Lisa Murkowski, who was appointed Senator by her father, or Hillary Clinton who’s done nothing more than ride her husband’s coattails. You’re right, we could have been reelecting McCain-Palin if not for Acorn and all the dead people in Chicago that voted for Obummer.

    • DaveH
  • chuckb

    gingrich is not backed by the republican hierarchy. karl rove is the front man for the party and they definitely are behind romney. the repubs will be satisfied just getting full control of the senate. they can line their pockets until the next term then get thrown out as usual.
    i doubt romney could out debate barry, he gets too nervous and loses his bearing when under pressure.
    voting for paul is a waste of time, the only thing keeping him afloat is the drug vote and that’s not enough to get him elected.

    • Will

      Ron Paul is the only candidate besides Hilary bob that can beat uhbamma. If the republicans can’t run Ron Paul we get 4 more years of uhbamma and they’ll be worse than the last 4 you can be sure. The sorry fact is that people have turned wholesale away from republicans and none of the globalists that have expressed interest are worthy of a majority. It’s gonna be RP, bHO or Hilary. That’s the choices, take your pick.

    • DaveH

      Gingrich is not backed by the hierarchy? Sure. He just came out of nowhere to take the lead because the hierarchy isn’t backing him. Sure. Is the Pope Catholic?



    • George E

      And how do you know that?

      • Thinking about

        Perhaps she spends a little time thinking.

        • George E

          Maybe so, but from where I stand, Republicans these days tend to be middle-class working folks in middle America. There are more millionaires supporting Democrats today than there are supporting Republicans. Wall Street, big corporations, and big labor are all behind Democrats. Main Street and small businesses tend to be Republican.

    • DaveH

      Government spends 40% of our GDP. You are sorely mistaken if you think they’re getting all that booty from the Rich.

  • Willie

    What the mainstream Republicans don’t realize is despite all their bad mouthing and telling the American public that Ron Paul can’t win or that he is a joke, we who support Ron Paul will vote for him or write him in if need be no matter what ticket he is on, or whether he is alive or dead … he alone gets our vote because he alone deserves our vote. And if the rest of the GOP decides to vote for any of the other globalists running then it’s may well be 4 more years of Obama and that’s what the GOP and America deserves if they won’t choose the only candidate that truly represents the Constitution and has practiced those beliefs for years in Congress. God save the Republic, God save Ron Paul, death to tyrants! End the FED!

    • George E

      So if you can’t have the “best” candidate, Ron Paul, you’ll take the “worst”, Barack Obama. There is no middle ground that you would be willing to accept. Is that what you’re saying?

      • Will

        George, I’m afraid that there are only three choices to be made here. It’s gonna be RP or one of the evil twins, Uhbamma or Hilary. The people of this republic aren’t having any more borrow and spend republicans. It’s either a balanced budget or tax and spend. Sorry that it’s true, but it is.

        • George E


          If Ron Paul wins the honor of becoming the Republican candidate, I’ll definitely vote for him. However, so far there’s been nothing that leads me to believe he’s going to get that honor. If he doesn’t, I’ll vote for the candidate that the GOP selects because I don’t want Obama to get another 4 years. If he does, we will be vastly worse off than we’ll be if almost anyone else wins, and I’d include a number of other Democrats in that group, although I’d have a tough time voting for a Democrat. We’re at a critical point in our history.

          • DaveH

            At what point in time do you suppose people will wake up to the simple fact that we will NEVER get a Principled Government, if we don’t elect Principled Politicians?

          • George E


            I understand your frustration. However, splitting our vote will not get you where you want to go unless you’re more intent on hurting the GOP than getting Obama removed from office. If people aren’t accepting your political philosophies as you think they should, maybe you need to work harder at winning them over. Getting your guy elected to office is not the final step in the process, but only one step. If you can’t win the hearts and minds of a majority of Americans, you can’t win, even if you get your guy in office because he won’t be able to get anything done without the support of most Americans.

          • Rosco1776

            You do know that you have to vote for him in the primaries? Switch to republican to do so if your state requires it. We pick the nominee, not the media! Sheesh!!

          • George E


            That’s the game he chose to play, so he should play by the rules. No one forced him to be a Republican.

      • DaveH

        Well, let’s see, where did I hear that before “anything is better than ____”. Oh yeah, in 1980. I’ve been hearing it ever since, and the Government just keeps on growing.
        It’s time to wake up to the fact that you can’t get from point A to point B without heading in the direction of point B.

        • George E


          I’m fine with going in a different direction if you can get Ron Paul nominated to represent the Republican Party. On the other hand, if he fails to get the nomination, I think he ought to support the party’s nominee so we can get Obama out of office. If he runs as a 3rd party candidate, I’ll be very disappointed after he claimed to be a Republican and participated in the Republican primary. Splitting our vote is just another way to surrendering to the socialists. That’s not a viable path to victory for anyone opposing big government.

          • JC

            RP is the only actual “Republican” in the primary.
            The rest seem to be RINO’s allied with Globalism.
            Now do we need one of those in the W.H. any more than the Kenyan?

            Frankly I’d rather see the Kenyan continue to get America angrier by the day than have everyone think that the GOP will save them…it won’t.
            If we want a Constitutional America back this is our last chance before lock n load time comes.

  • George E

    The Republican candidates for President may not be “perfect”, but any of them are vastly better than Barack Obama. I’ll vote for any of them, even though my preferred candidate may not become the Republican candidate. We can not stand 4 more years of the current administration. They are destroying this country.

    • Michael Hardesty

      No, ONLY Ron Paul is NOT a continuation of the BUSH-Obama policies. The others are AIPAC and CFR puppets. That lesser evil argument has played out.
      It’s Paul or tyranny if anyone else of either corporate state party wins.
      We are living in Atlas Shrugged.

      • George E


        I believe you’ll get Obama and his corrupt team for another 4 years if you can get enough folks to think like you. I don’t want that because as flawed as the Republicans are, I believe they are much, much better than Obama. I don’t like the steady slide toward progressivism/socialism that we’ve been going through either, but I’ll take a slide over a fall off the cliff which is about where we are today. I think a significant number of Americans are coming around to understanding that the socialist state doesn’t work. If we can convince another 10% of that, we’ve got a chance to turn this country around. Otherwise, we can just throw in the towel and surrender now. I don’t like that alternative.

    • DaveH

      And eating dirt is better than eating cow dung. But I think I’ll pass.

      • George E


        I believe passing equates to accepting Obama and his team of thugs to screw over our country for 4 more years. Serve me up some dirt, please.

  • John

    Robert Ringer is why we have Obama and he wants Obama as a two term president. In my book , Ringer is a democrat mole.
    You have to be politically deranged to believe anything he puts out there. Ringer is one of those folks who think that they are God’s gift to politics and the rest of us are just not in his cl…ASS. We Republicans have a habit of shooting ourselves in the foot when it comes to choosing an Presidential candidate… and we pay for it. Democrats don’t have a similar problem. They just proclaim ” I am a democrat”. and they vote for anyone with a “D” after their name. No problem there.I personally know that this is the way they think, even though they are totally against what the democrat candidate stands for. It’s like a microchip was inserted in their brain at birth.
    Rush Limbaugh, who I don’r always agree with, made one of his most understandable statements that, “Any Republican candidate for the Presidency is far better than Banach Hussein Obama. That is a remarkable declaration from the most popular talk show host who always stands by his claim that he does not endorse any one candidate.
    The trouble with too many politically challenged voters is that they spend five minutes a day watching CNN for their lack of knowledge. but will watch five hours of “Dancing With Two Left Feet, American Idiot ( which is rigged), biggest loser” ( just look in the mirror anytime to really see the biggest loser).
    Just keep making asses of yourself and you will get Obama again. Your grandchildren will reward you by urinating on your grave.

    • George E

      This is why I don’t want everyone to vote, especially those who aren’t paying attention and paying taxes. Sometimes I think our only hope is for people who think they would benefit from a socialist government just stay home on election day to watch those “intelligent” programs you mentioned on TV.

  • Bob Marshall

    Who is going to be able to stop “Which way To Persia” Google Land Destroyer/Which Way To Persia read page 84-85 of the 150 pages of this pdf. This was decided in 1993. Remember The PNAC, Plan for New American Century. A reshaping of the Middle East.All we need is another event like Pearl harbor. What has happened to America since 9/11? “It is fortunate for the governments that the masses don’t think.” Adolf Hitler. Newt, Paul, Romney? Which one can stop this? Newt called for attacking Iran. Robert Gates: Wimps want peace, real men drop bombs!

    • DaveH

      Indiscriminate killers drop bombs. Real men make moral decisions.

  • James

    For mentioning that some person could/might run as a 3rd Party candidate, I am unsubscribing.

    • Michael Hardesty

      Please do. No one will notice.

    • steve in AZ

      Boy, James, are you strict…

  • JeffH


    Anti-gun Judicial Nominee Defeated!

    The response of Gun Owners of America members to Monday’s alert was overwhelming and played an important role in defeating the confirmation of Caitlin Halligan, a judicial nominee with a history of anti-gun activism. Halligan, a former solicitor general in New York, was a leading advocate for bankrupting the firearms industry through the use of frivolous lawsuits.

    All Republicans voted against Halligan except for Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, who voted in favor of the nominee, and Orrin Hatch of Utah, who voted Present. Every Democrat voted in lock-step with Obama and Reid.

  • Joseph

    It is impossible to become President of the United States without support from the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a massive lobby group currently headed by Obama’s friend and funder, Lee Rosenberg.

    Also, it is also very difficult to hold high office of any kind if AIPAC doesn’t approve, and a real struggle to even become a member of Congress or the Senate if AIPAC is against you.

    So how does Fig Newton Gingrich play into all this? Anyone notice how Obama seems strangely absent, not so much in the limelight lately? It seems the focus has all been on Conservatives jockeying for nomination, and the lame-stream media has been busy, 24/7, making all of them look ridiculous. Personally, I smell a set-up!

    Consider, Obama has taken a lot of heat for his time so far in office, and for good reasons, as he has been pushing and passing fascist legislation here at home, embroiling the US in middle east wars, and bending over like a prom-queen for the jackals and enemies of America. And the result? His ratings dropping faster then a rock in water.

    Enter Newt, strangely enough, a scumbag with more baggage and skeletons in the closet than you can shake a stick at, yet rarely mentioned by the brain-dead media. Why not? Could it be that closer to the dead-line we will witness a massive smear campaigning against Newt Gingrich? So much so, that Obama will suddenly look, not-so-bad, in light of big bad Grinch! I think we had better stay awake and not forget how we have been suckered, time and again by the creators of the muppet show!

  • Donald

    Ah, the Conspiracy Theory of History is running rampant here again and paranoia reigns supreme

    • Joseph

      If you’re not paranoid, you are either not paying close enough attention, or you are simply brain-dead!

      • steve in AZ

        Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean people are not out to get me….

    • JC

      Donald says:
      December 6, 2011 at 8:30 pm
      Ah, the Conspiracy Theory of History is running rampant here again and paranoia reigns supreme

      Shouldn’t you be watching a football game somewhere?

  • Marty S.

    Ron Paul is the best in the current line-up hands down unless one of the above mentioned conservatives throws their hat in the ring. God Save the USA.

  • AR15ACOG

    Food for thought, if Mr. A goes into Mr. B’s house and steals his tv to sell it and pay his rent it is considerred theft by anyone. But if MR. B is taxed from his paycheck before he can even buy his tv and that money is used to subsidize MR. A’s rent, this scenario is considerred acceptable and not theft by many people. I just don’t understand how people think anymore.

    • DaveH

      Then you’ll agree with this article:

    • JC

      AR, I had a similar thought a while ago. I was driving past a school and all the buses out front, when it occurred to me that it was odd that people will refuse to give the Government their guns, but readily hand over their childrens minds…strange thing that.

  • GKS

    If all Americans would become educated on the facts, positions and history of the candidates, they would learn that Ron Paul is the only candidate that will do what this country needs.
    Ron Paul the best choice! Ron Paul our country’s last hope to keep our freedom.

  • Word

    We just need the best candidate…..Ron Paul
    the rest will continue the ruin.

  • Idylewylde

    Romney: Obama Lite.
    Gingrich: I wrote the RINO Bible.

    Even if both charges are true, neither of these two are a tenth as bad as Obama.
    The fundamental difference is that Obama could care less if America fails as long as Socialism succeeds. He’s even ready to spend more American money via the IMF to bail out the failed EU Corporate Fascists.

    Obama needs to be deported to Cuba before he turns us into Cuba.

  • mrbobl

    Getting back to the subject of the article: Lets let the electorate decide who will be the republican candidate. If the RNC tries to unload one their fair haired pukes on us, (Gingrich, Romney, Perry) Ron Paul will will go third party or Libertarian and Obama wins again. If everyone dislikes this Obama regime as much as I do, It would behoove you to rally behind the only candidate who is not a flip-flopper,can’t be bought, and is REALLY a true conservative, RON PAUL. Or, you can vote for another “lesser of two evils” served up By the RNC. The McCain fiasco SHOULD have taught them that this will not be bought by the American voters.


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