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Old Hickory’s Murky History

March 15, 2012 by  

The seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson, was born on March 15, 1767, according to conventional wisdom. But Jackson’s birth history may be murkier than that of the current President.

The official history lists Jackson’s place of birth somewhere in the woods of northern South Carolina or southern North Carolina to Irish immigrant parents. Supposedly, his father died in an accident shortly before or about the time of Jackson’s birth. His mother died during a cholera outbreak in 1781 while serving as a nurse to prisoners of war on board a ship in Charleston Harbor. Jackson was then raised by uncles.

But historian and novelist Allen W. Eckert claims in a footnote in his book, The Frontiersman, to have uncovered evidence that Jackson was actually born on a ship at sea in 1755. The evidence comes in the form of a story about a bar fight between Jackson and the book’s protagonist, Simon Kenton, that Kenton recounted in interviews later in his life. According to Kenton, he and Jackson, whom he did not know at the time, were about the same age. There is also, according to Eckert, a secondhand account of a remark by Jackson who responded to a question from a man named Marshall Anderson about his place of birth with the answer, “I was born at sea.”

This much is known: Jackson served as a courier in the Revolutionary War at age 13 (or 25). He was captured, along with his brother, by the British and held as prisoner of war. While in captivity, they both nearly starved to death. Jackson was slashed with a sword by a British officer for refusing to clean the officer’s boots. The sword left Jackson with a scar across his head and left hand, as well as a seething hatred of the British.

His military service during the War of 1812 was noted for his bravery, and he was a successful military leader. During the Battle of New Orleans he led about 5,000 soldiers to victory over 7,500 British soldiers.

He was tough as nails and never shirked from a fight. He loved to duel and, reportedly, engaged in as many as 100 duels in his lifetime. In one against Charles Dickinson over an argument stemming from a horse-racing debt, Jackson received a bullet to the chest, near the heart. He placed his hand over the wound to staunch the blood, took careful aim and killed Dickinson.

He was adamantly opposed to a central bank, believing it to be a den of iniquity. He once said of the bank: “You are a den of vipers and thieves. I intend to rout you out, and by the grace of the Eternal God, will rout you out.”

He was elected President in 1829, defeating John Quincy Adams. When the charter for the Second Bank of the United States came up for renewal in 1833, Jackson vetoed the renewal bill. It was about that time that Jackson told the bankers: “Gentlemen, I have had men watching you for a long time and I am convinced that you have used the funds of the bank to speculate in the breadstuffs of the country. When you won, you divided the profits amongst you, and when you lost, you charged it to the bank. You tell me that if I take the deposits from the bank and annul its charter, I shall ruin ten thousand families. That may be true, gentlemen, but that is your sin! Should I let you go on, you will ruin fifty thousand families, and that would be my sin! You are a den of vipers and thieves.”

He survived an assassination attempt and beat the assassin with his walking stick.

After serving two terms as President, Jackson retired to his Tennessee estate, The Hermitage, and died at age 78.

The Frontiersman
, by Allan W. Eckert

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    I don’t care what anybody says. I ADMIRE Andrew Jackson. Any DEMOCRAT who MAKES SENSE [unlike the professional retards we're supposed to 'tolerate' these days] is someone I RESPECT. Jackson understood central banks.
    ‘Democrats’ these days are collectively RETARDED when it comes to central banks – and MANY other basic issues. Heck’s peckers, people, they REFUSE to understand that the Fed is a fricking PRIVATE CORPORATION. Aren’t ‘Democrats’ supposed to hate corporations?
    The recent GE incest orgy is a recent exception. You’d think GE’s ability to pay ZERO taxes would make ‘Dems’ find a way to regain a measure of SANITY. Then again, some people grow to love being psychotic.
    Get some ‘Republicans’ to grow a spine like Andrew Jackson (good luck with that). We have far too many ‘Republicans’ now who might as well climb off their fence and dive into the nearest utopian closet. Jackson was no saint, but he had qualities that make today’s ‘Republicans’ and ‘Democrats’ seem like the over-priced hookers they really are. Scroom. All of them.

    • Stan Smith

      Yep SC! DemoCRAP party been hijacked by the Commie/Marxists and there is no REAL Conservatives in the Repuke Party! It’s Funny when Libtards blasting Conservatives in the Repuke party, They been smoking too much Crack! I don’t see any real Conservatives in the Repuke party?? only very very few real conservatives on Repuke party but the rest of the Repukes party are just only elites just like their DemoCRAP partners same side of the coin! The Repuke don’t have the desire to Win 2012 elections it’s a repeat of 2008 elections, They just handed Obummer a easy 2nd term! IF that’s a big IF Ron Paul get’s the Presidential nomination The Repukes better support and endorse Ron Paul! If not congratulation Repukes You handed Obummer a 2nd term! If Rick or Mitt in the race Obummer will still win, He got the Libtard no news media to back him, and voting fraud with Illegals help When they vote! It might be a close race the odds are in obummer favor! If Ron Paul is in He be a Long shot to win just like betting a horse at a race track you can win big money with a long shot if he can beat the odds, But Obummer the odds is in his favor but you wont win that much money because odds favor Obummer!

      • TMRN

        English please.

      • TMRN

        And I liked what you had to say,

      • MSgt Richard J Gregory

        Well Said,the mutalated english serves to emphasis your points.The Washington establishment is ANT-American,Anti-Constitution, Anti-Christian. They will stop at nothing to prevent a Rom Paul or Sarah Palin ( either of whom I believe would make a Great American President)

    • Cherokee Lady

      Read Jackson’s history concerning his dirty lies to the Cherokee
      Indians and the infamous “Trail of Tears” he caused!

      Most liberals can only run their uneducated,crooked tongues!

      • Tallman

        Jackson was right about the banks, but wrong about almost everything else. His betrayal of the Tsalagi in defiance of the SCOTUS decision set a pattern for future presidents to ignore the constitution whenever they felt like it. He was more a dictator than he was liberal.

      • NOBODY

        AMEN SISTER ! ! !

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Livingston, a correction: Jackson was elected in 1828, not 1829.

    • Libertytrain

      goodness you’re being a little too vigilant – he was inaugurated in 1829 – a slip of the word elected instead of inaugurated isn’t quite that gutting of a mistake – :)

      • Vigilant

        I admit my anal rententiveness here, but I just want it to be accurate. Not a fault-finding, just a correction (:-)

      • Libertytrain

        Vigilant – Deerinwater brought up the term anal retentive last night or this morn. I mentioned to him that we all have that affliction on occasion, and I do as well. That inauguration didn’t take place till early March, I thought that was interesting, probably because of travel times, etc., back then — or perhaps that’s what was originally set as Inauguration dates – something about that rings a bell from school. :)

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Vigilant,

      You are correct. My mistake.

      Best wishes,

  • pearl87

    Let’s not forget the rules for presidential eligibility as per the Constitution:
    “No person except a natural born Citizen, OR A CITIZEN OF THE UNITED STATES AT THE TIME OF THE ADOPTION OF THIS CONSTITUTION, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”
    Sometimes so-called conservatives are worse than liberal liars when it comes to making this issue muddy. Jackson was born before the Constitution was signed and was clearly a citizen when the Constitution was adopted, hence this clause does not apply.

  • dan

    anybody care to fill me in as to Mitt’s eligibility…seems to be a question as to his father having given up citizenship/become a Mexican citizen….and was Mitt born in this country or Mexico (not that it would matter if his father wasn’t a citizen)

    I only ask as that is the pertinent question on Obama…
    (ie:his father was a British subject/Kenyan)

    • dan

      ……and he has been an illegal alien since he attended school as an Indonesian
      national …also see Harrison J Brounell,Barack husein Soebarkah,Barry Soetoro,
      Bari M Shabazz.

      On Old hickory and the Trail of Tears…. as bad as Wounded Knee and the
      rest of the Native American holocaust .

      • Tallman

        Right about the genocide, but the rest of your post is a non-sequitur. No connection whatever between Obama and Jackson except that Jackson would have relegated Obama to the cotton fields. What about you?

      • flajim

        Tallman, can’t speak for Dan but back then, I’d have taken him back to the vendor and demanded my money back.

      • Libertytrain

        Dan perhaps Jackson would have as you suggested but if you ever get to his home, you’ll see that he wasn’t all that bad to his workers as one would assume for that time in history and place.

      • David in MA
      • David in MA
      • Vigilant

        David in MA, would you kindly stop posting that obviously dubbed videoclip?

        • David in MA

          Will you stop acting like a democratic socialist?

      • BrotherPatriot

        I’m sorry David in MA…but Vigilant is correct. Your second link is a dubbed piece and proven as a hoax. Even though we know what is stated in it is true…that piece is a fake & doesn’t serve our cause. So please, stop posting it as it actually hurts our cause & thats’ most likely why it was made.

        Research and learn the truth…cross analyze and verify. I have done enough of that over the last 3 years to feel I have a good grasp on the true Conspiracy behind it all…it stops being a conspiracy theory when the facts say it’s true.

        God Bless.

        • David in MA

          And exactly who proved it to be a fake?
          Some DEMONcRAT?
          It’s true and that’s good for me!

    • David in MA

      If you check real close you just might find romney was born to a mexican national father and I read somewhere he was born in mexico and brought to the U.S. around three years of age……another reason to repeat the call, WHERE’S THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE,MITT?

      • AZ-Ike

        According to newspaper articles vetting George Romney during his presidential run, George’s grandfather PERMANENTLY left the Utah Territory with his then 14 year old son because he didn’t like the polygamy laws being enforced in Utah Territory. That was around 5 years BEFORE Utah became a state. George’s father married in Mexico, had son, George, and returned to live in the U.S. when George was 5 years old.

        The question is did George’s grandfather receive automatic U.S. citizenship when Utah Territory became a state even though he had permanently moved to Mexico? If so, George’s father also would have received U.S. citizenship as his minor son; as would George. Mitt Romney, who was born in the U.S. would then be a ‘natural-born’ citizen.

        However, why would the U.S. have granted citizenship to a man who permanently left the Territory before statehood–and to his son and succeeding generations?

        If U.S. laws in 1895 did not grant automatic citizenship to someone who permanently left the territory, then George’s father would have had to apply for naturalization to gain U.S. citizenship when he returned to the U.S. If he did that, son George still would not have been a ‘natural-born’ citizen, as his father did not become a naturalized citizen until after George was born. However, Mitt Romney would be a ‘natural-born’ citizen.

        If George dropped out of the presidential race because his father did not become a naturalized citizen and applied for naturalized citizenship, himself, Mitt would not be a ‘natural born’ citizen and ineligible to run for or become President.

        If automatic U.S. citizenship was not granted to George’s grandfather and father when Utah became a state, and if neither George’s father nor George applied to become a naturalized citizen, then is Mitt Romney even a U.S. citizen?

        So if Mitt Romney wants to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate, then all he has to do is produce his grandfather’s/father’s naturalization papers. Without proof of Romney citizenship and ‘natural-born’ citizenship for Mitt, questions will follow him throughout a potential presidency, as they have for the usurper, Obama.

        BTW- Rick Santorum’s father is a naturalized citizen. Does anyone know when his father became naturalized? Another candidate who should willingly produce naturalization records to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate.

    • Bob M

      ALL the candidates should be thoroughly vetted by each and every state election comission

  • flajim

    What’s left out of this brief narrative of Jackson is that he’s the only president to have paid off the national debt. He was adamant about living within one’s means and died in virtual penury when unable to manage his plantation properly late in life because he refused to borrow.

  • http://NA Kris Lounsbury

    I can’t speak to Jackson’s treatment of the Indians but he was ‘spot on’ relative to the ‘Banksters’. We need someone of his caliper to give the Fed back a fancy looking check for all the money that they created out of thin air (I can’t remember the percentage of debt was created simply by printing more bills and charging interest on the ‘created money’). Then we need to balance the budget immediately and start paying back the bond holders (including, as distasteful as this must be for some, China and other ‘hostile’ nations that hold our bonds. I find myself in agreement more and more with Ron Paul, even on foreign entanglements.

    A former Marine Corps Machine-gunner who fought in the TET offensive.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Mrs. Cherokee Lady…

    You are very correct about the horribleness of Andrew in regards to what he did to the indians. For this…I whole heartedly appolagise for the actions of my President. In this case he is definitely in the wrong in the terms of how God wants us to interact with each other. There is no way I or anyone else can make up for what occurred back then…just know that there are some of us who are very sorry for the treatment of the indians.

    Now, that said…we have to take the equation for what it was. Back then…expansionism was usually through conquest. It was the standard norm for it’s time. The indians were not a nation…just a bunch of tribes living freely as God intended us to be. Unfortunately, this made them weak compared to the combined might of the newly forming country of America and to the French & Spanish, etc. The indians simply were the losers of the conflict.

    Andrew Jackson, I very much respect aside from his war on the indians. However, he was doing it because he was a fierce & loyal servant of America. Fiercely loyal. He viewed indians as an enemy & treated them just like how he hated the English. With all the fire in his loyal heart.

    His view on what the central bank was SPOT ON. He knew the threat that they represented and indeed, was instrumental in the defeat of the bankers during his time. For this, we should all love him for the efforts he put forth to protect America. He helped give us some breathing room to develope as a nation. Unfortunately, the bankers kept at it and eventually their third one stuck…the Federal Reserve. Which of course, is an illegal, privately owned business designed to give control of our country to the special interests who have all the money…especially since they eventually set up the racket of where they can print money at will…this not to the benefit of the soveriegn citizens of this country.

    So many lies…so many. I’ll eventually digress into my usual rant if I continue so I’ll try & stop myself here. I digress to this point because they are the ROOT cause of why our world is the way that it is…it’s called divide & conquer.

    Just…people…wake up. Do you reseach into History & learn what it tells you. We are being lied to…all our lives we have been lied to. Why do you think they want to censor the internet? It’s all about control for these people. It’s not about money anymore now that they control our money supply. We must put a stop to it & there is only one choice for a TRUE American to vote by and that is Ron Paul.

    At least he is addressing the issues most pressing to our country. You vote anyone else in your just changing the flavor of our icecream. You might think you have made a change but your still…just eating icecream being dished out by the same icecream man who is behind the scenes, silently pulling the strings of who we think are our “leaders”.

    In my opinion, Old Hickory would put his boot into the ass of the vast majority of our “elected leaders” & would possibly go so far as to reveal the international cabal of assholes who are behind it all…the Bilderbergs & the rest of the decendants of the Venetian Black Nobility. If only we had a man of his caliber in office.

    Again, Mrs. Cherokee Lady…I’m sorry for the History of my countries expansionism but it was just the way it was. Now all we can do is the best we can with what we have to work with. Let’s hope that people start learning the truth of things and perhaps by living in God’s wonderful Light…we might begin to make this world into what it’s supposed to be as viewed through His eyes.

    What a wonderful thought that is…

    God Bless.

  • Lev Belinkov

    Dear Mr. Levingston!
    Thank you very much for tremenois job you made discovering who would be eligible
    to became the Persident (or Vice-President) of the USA.
    It’s stated very clear: ….BOTH PARENTS MUST BE USA CITIZENS….
    How did happened that this very important moment was overlooked by members of all
    branches of the USA government ?
    Now all of them scratch their heads and think what to do?
    Recognition would creat a lot of problems:
    All Obama’s issue became illegal (including international agreements,all his internal orders and appointments….etc, etc…!)
    All his “tsars” should be removed from their positions,all his trips should be payed off by him, all 22 madam’s Mischell secretary would be laid off, etc.,etc.,
    All free world’s country will be laugh !!!
    I wouldn’t care about all international jokes!
    Much more important to clean up yourself, remove the sranger (*and his stuff!) from
    White House, make them accountable for the damage have been created by them,
    and place the USA on right way!
    I’d deeply appreciated to know your opinion, Thanks, Lev Belinkov
    (please, forgive my possible misspelling)

    • David in MA

      Someone with the money has to look into Romney and Santorum being Constitutionaly qualified.
      Romney may in fact be a mexican doe to his father being a mexican national and Santorum may be ineligable due to his father being a naturalized (immigrant)citizen…..I wonder if Gingrich knows this and is waiting for the right time to spring it?

    • Vigilant

      “It’s stated very clear: ….BOTH PARENTS MUST BE USA CITIZENS….”

      Tell me where it says that in any legal document and I might believe you. Otherwise, you’re making thing up.

      • David in MA

        It is defined in a federal code.
        (I don’t remember the code number, it may have had to do with immigration)

  • David

    All of you ignorant white no doubt racist who rant about the President get over it okay. Educated blacks always rile dumb ass white folk. His mamma was white and raised by white grands so you know his grands put that white-boy name Barry on him and he could wait until he could change it back to his African and biblical name Barak. Many black people don’t sweat you racist white folk.

    • David in MA

      waaa waaa waaa screw off!

  • Wm. F. Bos, P. E.

    Andrew Jackson was a great man even if he did have his flaws. He certainly was the right man for his time. There was a bigger issue that surrounded the National Bank that is largely missed today. If the National Bank would have been continued, an oligarchy would have coalesced around it. This oligarchy would have eventually controlled the country. This actually occurred in many of the countries that tried to copy our form of government. I believe that Jackson saw this, and that is the real reason that he blocked the National Bank

    Flajim is right. He did payoff the national debt in 1835 and it was the only time it was ever payed off. Like today, there was a cry to pay off the evil national debt. He was a no nonsense, get things done, General. For the good of the country, he paid off the national debt. In relative terms, this caused the worst depression that this country has ever experienced. In absolute terms of course it was not as great as the Great Depression, but the country was much smaller than it is now.. Jackson’s depression actually started in 1837 and lasted through 1844.

    What Jackson did not understand was that the national debt represents the national money supply or the money available for circulation. It took two years to set in: 1835 to 1837.. Then essentially there was no money in circulation for the seven years between 1837 and 1844. This is something that all too many people don’t understand even today. When you withdraw money from the economy, you make it more scarce and more valuable, Banks and people start hoarding it. It then becomes unavailable for the commerce it was intended for. Commerce can not proceed and depression ensues. I don’t think there has ever in history been another case of monetary depression as bad as Jackson’s. (Zero money is about as low as it can get.)

    On the other hand, when the money supply, or national debt,is increased, the value of the money is reduced, and it becomes less effective for its intended use. In the extreme, the money completely loses its value. The monetary system collapses and again commerce comes to a halt. This is the inflationary tendency that we have been fighting in recent times

    Between these two extremes there is an optimum money supply.. The money supply has to be managed if it is to be kept near optimum.. In our country, the Federal Reserve is tasked to do this. This is not easy.. In addition to knowing just what its going on currently with the monetary system, there is a time lag between action and response In Jackson’s episode, it took two years for the effect of the bond retirement to first be felt. Then the resulting depression lasted another seven years.

    This time lag behavior is consistent with what is being experienced today. The economy is constantly changing so that management actions that would be currently appropriate might be totally inappropriate when they take effect two to nine years later. With all of this, we should be careful how we criticize those who serve on the Federal Reserve. They have a nearly impossible job. It appears to me that currently they are taking Professor Thomas Sowell’s advice and trying to maintain a constant modestly increasing money supply. They are banking on the automatic feed-back systems within the economic system to take care of the short term fluctuations. I believe this is a good and practical strategy, if that is actually what they are doing.

    I believe that much of the problem that we have understanding national debt and money supply is due to the terminology that is used. The term national debt is used because the bankers and accountants who work with it treat it as a debt to keep track of it. That is convenient for them with their complex double entry accounting systems. It is not convenient for the rest of us who have to keep an eye on them. It would be better if they just called it money supply. Then you wouldn’t hear uninformed people saying “we will never pay off the national debt”. I hope not. If we do we will create the same problem that Andrew Jackson did. The National Debt, however, does have some of the attributes of a debt. We certainly cannot just ignore it as some very liberal politicians would have us do.

    Jackson did not understand any of this, but neither did anyone else for the next one-hundred years.. If nothing else, his depression left a nice clean simple extreme episode for economists to study.

    I feel that Andrew Jackson is not fully appreciated, even if his understanding of economics was limited. He did what he thought was right. If nothing else, he got things done.

    Wm. F. Bos, P. E.

    • flajim

      You sound like a Keynesian. Just keep printing money and pay off current debt with devalued currency. That’s dishonorable.

  • GiveMeLiberty

    I so much enjoy history and thank Mr. Livingston for sharing some stories I’ve never heard before on Jackson.

    At this point in history, no matter where Jackson was born, it pales in comparsion to the current situation. I would submit two arguments. First, he was born before this great country was born and our SACRED constitution was written and second, his service to this nation more than compensates for any question of his actual birth place. Since a teenager, he demonstrated he would sacrifice his life on numerous occasions to protect LIBERTY. He gets a pass from me, especially since the evidence is only in the form of a story.

    Regardless of his birth place, I will say this about ‘Old Hickory’, at least he stood and FOUGHT for HIS country. What was Barry doing at age 13? Whatever it was, I’m certain it lacked character and I can promise you he wasn’t risking his life in service of our nation.

    • David in MA

      We now have a coward-in-chief who only wants to do the dirty work of soros and destroy America, like he has tried to do and has done to other countries. November cannot come fast enough. BUT, who will the military stand with, obozo or their oath to the Constitution?

  • Bob M

    I wonder if AJ’s birth cirtificate looked like it was cut and pasted by a ten year old.

  • Pingback: obamas birth certificate here.... - Page 20


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