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Old Generals Don’t Fade Away, Either

November 13, 2012 by  

Old Generals Don’t Fade Away, Either

Just to be clear on this: We’re against politicians keeping a “girl Friday” on the side? I’m asking only because the sudden resignation of retired Gen. David Petraeus as CIA director has me a bit perplexed. While I have no doubt that Petraeus’ extramarital affair and subsequent admission thereto are real and sincere, I don’t remember the directive suggesting that extramarital affairs were cause for concern. After all, the list of Washington politicians who have dined out on their spouses is longer than the list of union thugs with felony convictions.

This is the guy whom the Democrats used to refer to as “David Betray-us.” Therefore, it’s unlikely that the vermin in the Administration of President Barack Obama withheld information regarding his misbehavior out of any concern for his endangered dignity. These are the same clowns who shrieked bloody murder when former President Bill Clinton faced impeachment for perjury over his lies regarding his tendency to treat the Oval Office like a crash pad. They threw an epic tantrum when many demanded the resignation of Anthony Weiner for turning Twitter into an unmarked, windowless van parked too close to the high school. To be honest, a Republican opposition that looked the other way on the extracurricular activities of Senator David Vitter and former Senator Larry Craig (I still get nervous when nature calls while I’m in the Minneapolis Airport) can hardly object.

But why cut Petraeus loose now? Why not months ago, when the FBI allegedly “stumbled” upon the affair? If the CIA director opened the door to a security breach at the highest level, why would Obama allow him to continue potentially jeopardizing national security during an exceptionally fiery time? Some people might suggest that Obama (who brazenly lied to the American people about virtually everything from the budget to Benghazi, Libya) simply doesn’t care as long as it doesn’t interrupt his golf games. But I think the answer is simpler: protecting the campaign.

Obama held back on dropping the hammer on Petraeus until he knew his re-election was clear.  The irony lies in the fact that an electorate that displayed no qualms over Obama’s bald-faced lying about Benghazi and Operation Fast and Furious (for starters) is hardly likely to pull the handbrake over Petraeus’ peccadillos.

When Attorney General Eric Holder perjured himself in front of Congress, he did so with Obama’s full endorsement. When Obama changed the tale of Benghazi more often than Al Sharpton changes the oil in his hair, Democrats sang along to every new refrain. Last Tuesday, 62 million Americans (51 percent of those who cast ballots in the 2012 election), laid down their dignity and patriotism in support of a President whose dubious accomplishments on fronts economic and diplomatic pale in comparison to his arrogant mendacity. If Obama forced Petraeus out in order to quash any potentially damaging testimony he might deliver to Congress over Benghazi, then the President’s efforts were not only another example of his usual bumbling, but they were entirely wasted.

In Obama’s America, people care as much about marital infidelity as much as they do about dead ambassadors, dead Navy SEALs, dead Border Patrol agents and dying liberty. And the Republican-controlled House will drag Petraeus out of a spider hole if they have to in order to force him to testify.

The idea of a member of the Washington reprobates’ club getting the bum’s rush for something as mundane as a an affair seems as strange as a Presidential Administration making Richard Nixon look like George Washington — and getting away with it. Here’s the curveball: I don’t think Petreaus’ resignation has anything to do with Obama’s re-election racket; I think he stepped down because he knew he had disgraced himself, and he wanted to rescue what little dignity he had left. Tragically, that means the lone member of Obama’s crew who is worth a plugged nickel is headed for the door.

–Ben Crystal


Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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    • deerinwater

      We agree Horton, ~ if that is as far as this rabbit hole goes.

      Women desire men they seen as powerful ~ and make themselves available. ~ That is the nature of women. A man’s nature is to accept their nature while attempting to keep their life straight and the rubber on the road AND HONOR ALL COMITTMENTS ~ that is a part about men, that women don’t like ~ so very much ~as they want it all and they want it forever. ~ or at least until they decide to change they mind about a man which can changes by the week.

      • Tony Newbill

        Its all a Cover for whats really going on in the world , Destablization of World societies to bring about a International security threat will open the doors to Fundamental Transformation !!!! Is John Kerry has always despised the US DoD a sign of a Trojan Horse to Head the DoD and this usher in the Transformation of US National Security communizing it with NATO command forces that can even Enter USA security issues ???

        Will a Breakdown in US CIA/DoD Head operations commanders usher in NATO oversight of the US Military communizing the US Military even in the USA with the Absolute Power vested in the New NDAA ACT ???

        While we watch all the juicy sex scandals in our Security Agencies unfold , The what appears to now be a Intentional Destabilization of the world over the past 4 years looks to be the means to open the doors for the Fundamental Transformation we heard in 2008 . The Arab Spring is Spreading all over the world with economic suppression and oppression as the means to bring about this opening of Pandora’s Box to usher in the Fundamental transformation while we watch the Destabilization of the US Security Agencies as well giving a Perfect Reason to International Security to Question the US Military ability to manage USA and world security issues and this gives the Perfect Opportunity to Bring about a Communization of US and International security with the NATO arm of the United Nations .

        Argentina Unrest: Brought to you by Goldman Sachs

      • mary beardslee

        Todays news General Allen top Afghanistan comander is being investigated for his emails to the women who received the threatening emails from Paula .He is under investigation for inappropriate communications. How can anyone be so stupid sending emails-that are easily traced?

      • Annie

        Oh deerinwater, you have an extremely “jaded” view of men and women. Are you then saying that ALL people are only the sum of their sexual parts?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      It does matter very much how a man honors his marriage and his country. Is this the new morality that you follow, making excuses for evil?

    • Karolyn

      Well, apparently, the US Military disagrees Chris. If a senior officer is caught in an extramarital affair, he can be court-martialed. Let’s see what happens to Gen. Allen if it is true about his affair with Kelley.






    • ClaraJune

      please quit typing in all caps. thanks.

      • Randy Thomas Johnson


  • Corkey

    This guy was pretty bad. I am not saying the guy who replaces him will be any better but this guy will not be missed.

    • eddie47d

      Gen George Armstrong Custer gleefully and patriotically slaughtered Indians for the benefit of territorial grabs.Some call him a hero and some a cold blooded killer. He paid for his conquests at Little Big Horn and Petraeus is paying for his conquest by using his little big horn. Custer made a very bad decision and Petraeus also made a bad decision but which one is really pure evil? What are the standards for our heros and how far will we go to inject ourselves into their personal lives?

      • THA DUKE

        Despite you lack of literary talents about Petraeus’ “little Big Horn,” I do get your point. Petraeus made a mistake and with the honor and integrity of a military officer, he owned up to it. He looked at his mistake and made the decision to remove himself from a position of very high responsability. Nobody had to tell him what he needed to do. He knew what he needed to do and he did it. Can you say the same of Bill Clinton after the exposure of his Lewinski affair? Can you say the same of Eric Holder after the exposure of the Fast and Furious affair or Hillary Clinton after the Benghazi terrorist attack? You see, people who have honor and integrity KNOW when they’ve made a mistake and are willing to accept the consequences. People who have NO honor and NO integrity deny their wrong doing and try to cover it up. I hope you can see the difference in the aforementioned individuals and adjust your thinking to be able to discern the difference in qualities that distinguish a person concerning honor and integrity.

      • Karolyn

        Agreed eddie. You can’t compate slaughter to adultery.

      • Patriot II

        Ed; what is more likely is the administration was black mailing him, so he would not expose their criminal actions in Benghazi. It looks like that anyway and that he beat them to the punch and exposed himself! We may hear from him yet, but not anything the administration wants us hear. They do not want him to talk plain and simple. His life may actually be in danger.

      • eddie47d

        You can make all the assumptions you like but will you publicly apologize if you are wrong. (Benghazi connection) Do you want standards for others but not for yourself?

    • mary beardslee

      This stroy gets better the FBI Agent who Jill Kelly called about the treatening emails from Paula about her flirting with Petrasus he is now being investigated for he sent Jill emails and photos of himself shirtless to Jill. According to the Wall St. Journal. This whole story is perfect for James Bond movie. ha

      • Annie

        No Mary…….James Bond would NEVER get down in the mud with those despicable criminals in the White House or in the Pentagon, etc. James Bond has a much higher level of integrity than those horrors in government today do.




    • Annie

      Hey Corkey
      This entire matter does NOT pass the smell test. WHY did billy boy clinton’s sexual perversions not make him a huge target of “blackmail” as all of those liberal idiots are saying about the General. WHY did the General “play along” with that entire charade and who has the most to gain with that contrived ‘affair’? WHY are so many Americans NOT seeing obama for exactly WHO and WHAT he really is? And WHY is the outright murder of 4 Americans on American soil in a foreign country perfectly OK with so many Americans?

      • THA DUKE

        ” And WHY is the outright murder of 4 Americans on American soil in a foreign country perfectly OK with so many Americans?”

        Good question Annie. Look around you. People today are so dumbed down that they don’t know the meaning of “act of war.” Moreover, they don’t care because they are not directly affected. Unless they are looking down the barrels of Katrina or Sandy, they could care less. They’re more concerned about who is going to win Dancing with the Stars or is there still going to be Monday night football. Still, there are a few sheep dogs left in this big pasture and you can bet they are watching all the sheep and when the time is come, the wolves and coyotes will their dues.

      • Michael Papich

        Clinton was let off the hook because Democrats have a double standard, same for Holder. If They had been Republicans there were have been loud calls to “crucify them.”

      • Karolyn

        Duke – People die every day. How about all the innocents killed by Americans?




        “Annie” AND “THA DUKE,”



      • THA DUKE

        What about em?

      • ClaraJune

        Karolyn – what about all the innocent Americans who have died?

  • Deerinwater

    I don’t know much about the man, other then he was the military commander in charge of the worst military effort the United States has ever be engaged in. Never has so much military might be used so ineffectively . Why 44 installed him as head of the CIA , I’ve accepted but never understood, finding it above my pay grade.

    • Jim

      Considering the rules of engagement they had to contend with I would say he did pretty well. For quite some time we as a country have not been willing to let the military go in and do what they are trained for. Hamstring them with over restrictive rules of engagement and prosecute them for collateral damage and our troops mostly become targets.

  • jopa

    This is not much of a news story as it is a sex story and sex sells papers and gives the MSM a good following.The ones I feel sorry for are his family and especially his wife.But then we have the fact he was with the CIA so that makes for a good conspiracy theory or a spy novel.This will be in the news for some time with all of these elements that I find particularly boring and especially with , I think it’s a new James Bond movie coming out and this will help fan the flames.We are back in the silly season again.

    • deerinwater

      True, ~ but the head of CIA , can not live such a life and be married. The position requires impeccable character. And that is just the way it is.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        If only the same would apply to his accusers, deerinwater. But tell me, where is impeccable-character to be found, in the brothel we call our political-system? Liars accusing liars, thiefs accusing thiefs, pedophiles accusing pedophiles, traitors accusing traitors ect…but then again, what else can one expect from a insane-asylum?

      • Patriot II

        deer; who defines impeccable character? We have turned our back on God in this country the majority rules right? I say the lack of God in this country dictates that there is no such definition anymore. That is why God is letting this man destroy our Country. It is not God’s country anymore. Satan is in Control.

  • Ken

    Where is the author’s concerns that the affair does not affect Petraeus’ memory, and that he should still testify before Congress?

  • Bev

    Obama’s plan B is never about an alternative to action, but who to blame. Petraeus is being thrown under the bus like any good patriot in [comment has been edited] administration.. Something untoward was going down in Libya and 4 poor souls lost their body because of it.

  • jheasler12175

    I’m not moralizing here, but as a CIA head, Petraeus’s affair and using an open email account to communicate with his paramour are egregious offenses. He would have to a complete fool to think that others wouldn’t be reading his correspondence and gleaning it for any hint of CIA secrets or using the contents thereof for blackmail. Rightfully, he should be gone. On the downside, the administration has known about this for months and waited until two days after the election to do a hatchet job on the General. Why? If you’ve been observant, you will now notice that all three military commanders that know what’s what about Benghazie have all been removed from their positions or cashiered – General Petraeus, General Ham, and Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette. I expect Hillary will be next. Why? Is “The One” shifting the blame to them? Or is he trying to silence them? There are way too many unanswered questions in the Benghazi debacle for Congress and the media to ignore. We know that MSM i.e., ABC, CBS, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, AP, Reuters, will not probe the issue and are only out there to provide protective cover for obama. Well, they can’t hide from the fact that the Commander In Chief stood idly by and watched four people be called because it wasn’t politically expedient for him to save the. The unmentioned part of the episode is that obama didn’t just abandon four people, he abandoned everyone in the Consulate and the annex. If it weren’t for the SEALS, the twenty or more people that they evacuated to safety may have all perished. The POTUS is a cold, calculating, [expletive deleted] intent on destroying our armed forces and our nation. His plan at this point is to pretend that Benghazi never happened. Move on, nothing to see here!

    • Ol504Troop

      I thought the same thing-too much top brass replaced in a very short time. Here’s something else to chew on – Allen, who had been selected as the next supreme allied commander in Europe, may now be replaced by the man who was supposed to replace him in Afghanistan- Gen. Joseph Dunford. Dunford vaulted from a one-star brigadier general to a three-star lieutenant general in less than three months — a highly unusual move, possibly political.

      • ranger09


  • Jim

    These leaders who are being sacrificed in an attempt to cover the real story in Benghazi need to be closely watched over the next few months in particular. They took out Breitbart and could easily take out these guys and make it look like natural causes or suicide. If they start dropping then the red flag needs to go up because we will know who is behind it all.

  • Allen Rinyon

    Why haven’t we impeached obama already?

    • KG

      Because hes going down in history as the greatest President America ever had.

      • Wake The Sleepers(Jay)

        He will go down as the greatest something…that’s for sure.

      • Annie

        WHOA KG……you surely swallowed something that is very deadly. It would be incumbent upon your lifeline to get examined for that poison you swallowed.

      • jheasler12175

        He will go down as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated against the American people as well as the one most antithetical to the American principles of self reliance, personal responsibility, industriousness, faith in God, and Charity. After the facts about Benghazi are disclosed, if ever, obama should be impeached and tried for his crime/s.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        It appears that you must be the one writing the history of this sordid character Clinton. If you are aligning with Clinton then you are exactly in character like him.

    • Patriot II

      Allen; Answer: Liberal Marxist media. Our job is not to keep preaching to ourselves, and wasting our time arguing with Obama Lovers on here, but to expose the Bias in the media.

      That is our fight! That is where we need to direct our energy.

      • Tony Newbill

        It’s What Wayne Allen Root talked about , Obama to Overwhelm the system , the Economic and Societal System thereby creating a Distrust across the board to the point of everyone becoming scared of the Private sector and Free market Investment sector and instead of Clinging to their Guns and Bible they will want to Cling to Obama’s Government !!!!
        Dependency on the Government , and this is happening all over the world now , is the plan to bring about the fundamental Change to our Rates of Consumption and everything to do with FREE MARKET driven Growth which is the Basis is for Self Reliance and a Unfettered Population that grows both in consumption and Population something the Engineers are Screaming needs to be Zeroed out on all Levels of Human existence .

  • John

    This is just another attempt to change the subject in order for Pravda West to look the other way while America follows Pravda West. Then today America does not care about the destruction of this great country, after all they gave him another four yeas to do it.

  • Patriot II

    Well put Ben! ………………… Except you (we), are preaching to the choir! Why do we go on kidding ourselves that these people who voted for Santa even read this, or have the IQ to comprehend it if they did read it?


    The one thing that distinguishes a military officer from any other person is their command pesence. General Petraeus definitely has that. The most important quality to a military officer is integrity. You see, it isn’t what other people think of me that matters most, it’s what I think of myself. It is, to me, that quality that prompted General Petraeus to resign his post. I also feel that the Liberals, to include Bill and Hillary Clinton, saw this afffair as an opportunity to bail Hillary’s butt out of the fire by throwing someone else under the bus. A typical ploy of the Liberal agenda and General Petraeus’ extramarrital affair gave them what they needed. I believe the reason the affair wasn’t exposed sooner was because of the election, Eric Holder’s already dirty “Fast and Furious” and the Benghazi mess and the Generals affair would not serve them in any way until now. The Liberals saw this as the “golden” opportunity to save one of their own by exposing the General.
    In addition, let me say this. General Petraeus has served this country in the highest, most honorable and diginified position that exists. He has displayed dedication, loyalty and courage without any limit. And, now, with dignity, HONOR and integrity, he will resign his position just as Bill Clinton should have done and just as Eric Holder should have done. I will NOT allow this one incident to tarnish even the slightest point of any star on his lapel and I will support him throughout this ordeal because of who he really is……A true American Warrior.

    • ranger09

      Duke, One thing for sure WE know hes pretty good at PUSHUPS. Also the Only good Officer i have ever seen, NEVER got Past COL.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If Petraeus really cared about this country and his marriage covenant he would have kept his pants zippered. So in effect he has announced to the whole world that he is nothing more than a failure.

      • eddie47d

        Many Biblical figures had more than one wife and Abraham had two. Does that make him less of a man. Should we abandon the Bible because there is too much hanky panky going on. I believe that one wife or girlfriend is enough but are Conservatives being honest on this issue? Where does forgiveness come in?

      • ClaraJune

        I don’t know what world you live in Nadzieja, but there are an awfully lot of men (and women – after all, it wasn’t JUST the General who carried on the affair!) who really care about this country and their marriage covenants who have still been caught up in extramarital affairs. There are more reasons for this than there are stories. This does not make them failures. I agree with the fellow who said, basically, if you’re so concerned about General Patraeus’ morals, why don’t you take a look at your own and seek to forgive the man for being human? He’s still a great General. I certainly don’t agree with what he did, but there are obviously more angles to this story than are likely to ever come out. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  • mark

    Got anymore election predictions, Ben Crystal? Still living in that bubble of the” conservative entertainment industry” as David Frum aptly calls it? Enjoy your irrelevance. I certainly do.

    • Patriot II

      mark; What do you call a country who is controlled by Big Government, steals money from would-be job creators, to give to the general incompetent centralized fund and creates jobs for it’s massive glutinous wasteful, counterproductive corrupt self so it can control the profits so it can reward individuals who praise the beast and subsequently continue to self promote itself by deceiving the peasants who suckle off of it and vote for it because the are too ignorant to comprehend it?

      • Tony Newbill

        There will come a Breaking point and it will be driven by a Stagnate GDP mostly effecting food production where we see the cost of Inflation along with our energy use rising signally a lack of supply expansion . That ushers in Government Intervention that will resemble what has happened in the past only on a Global epic scale .

      • Tony Newbill

        How we can tell that Supply Expansion in Food production is stagnate is by looking at the GDP growth in the Hardware areas that would feed a parts supply to a Commodities sector that would be growing at a rate equal to Population growth in the world , and with this 1.5-2 % growth today being represented in the Tech Sectors of the economy like Apple , expansion is happening in the wrong areas we need growth to be happening as we see Inflation in the Key areas we see growth needed to stabilize that demand that is out pacing supply .
        When you look at this graph it shows that when GDP was Higher it was showing the growth of real estate so we were still not sending investment in the right direction then as well and since the 2008 financial collapse we are doing nothing not even keeping up with maintenance demand . And we wonder why God is being denounced when these engineers of society are business psyching everyone out to do whatever they can to enable a ZERO growth in humanity like everyone just Voting for a BIG Government help me solution because everything going on is just too Overwhelming is the Perfect storm to keep world Population growth at Less than 100 million a year which reflects a 1.5 % GDP growth fundamental which basically is ZERO growth Policy ???? Running out of Raw Materials that Feed even a Constant Food supply that sustains the current level of Population in the world is a Real Concern of these Engineers , so we wonder why we see all the lack of Kicking the economic growth back into gear , Ha wake up and smell the REALITY of what is going on !!!
        The Peaks and Valleys in these charts tell of times when Population growth was exceeding supply and True economic growth was stalled due to this lack of expansion and Government debt expansion was running operations while 2 things played out while supply is trying to find ways to expand population growth is stalled with oppression and even societal engineering while supply is stalled , we saw these things play out in past Historic measures and we are at this point in time again , look at the charts they tell us the story of supply demand situations .

    • Patriot II

      Dear marky; Frum is a fool! and you think he is not, are a fool!

  • Joe

    Every time I use an airport bathroom, I say ” Phone call for Craig, Larry Craig”. Sometimes it gets some chuckles, most of the time they don’t get it.

  • 45caliber

    “When Obama changed the tale of Benghazi more often than Al Sharpton changes the oil in his hair …”

    Ben! I’m ashamed of you! You should know better! Al doesn’t change that oil! He simply adds another quart or so of motor oil each morning to keep it neat and straight! The extra oil simply washes out the old stuff.

  • Lynda Reilly

    People this is just a smoke screen, let’s clear the smoke from our eye’s. Let’s focus on Benghazi, Libya. Those 4 men died in vane. Obama is just a puppet sitting on Clinton’s lap with Bill Clinton’s hand up his back. Think about this ” This has the Clinton’s written all over it”” It, even smells like a CLinton issue!!!! Of Course the two are related, because the scandal is snowballing down the hill. Let’s wait until Thursday when they have their meetings behind closed doors. Petraeus is going to testify, the reason why all the smoke screen on him. Is called the double standard to keep the 2 safe, and now the 3rd party general. Sign the petition and let your voice be heard!!!

    • eddie47d

      Benghazi may have nothing to do with this Lynda and stop the “double standard” of those four being killed. Reagan allowed 242 Marines to be killed because of lax security and a much poorer foreign policy in Lebanon. The more you bring up your nonsense I more I’ll bring up what goes on in the Republican world.

  • Lynda Reilly

    This comment goes to Ben Crystal. Why don’t the press bring in the reality to this all. President Clinton had not 1 but 2 women on the line. He had sex in the Oval Office with 1 and in the LIncoln Bedroom. Really!!! He didn’t resign!!!! Everyone said, “What he does in his life is none of the governments business” Write the truth don’t shadow the truth. Also get the word to Kerry, don’t get involved with this mess reject their offer.

  • Jimbo

    Petraeus didn’t “make a mistake”. He did something wrong. And his resignation was not some “honorable thing”. Only when he got caught did he resign.

    • ranger09

      HONOR, Use to be a Proud word. Something Politicians DONT have. And Gen Pushup is a Politician.

  • ranger09

    Sharpton, Jackson. Just two more Lazy Blacks being supported by others. And protected by the Govt.

  • Ben Robinson

    The role of the cIA is anarchistic makes the US Government play the role of organized
    Mercenaries. Not one thing they do is noble.

  • Billy J. Cooper

    Four-Star Generals are in their own mind, just one notch below God. They have more Aids than you can shake-a-stick. With everything they have going on for them, Its probably difficult at some point and time, and they get confused on which “head” they should be using. Its apparent that General Petraeus was confused on which one he should use, And then again there is always PTSD. Seems like nowdays everyone suffers from that. Myself among them.

  • truesoy

    Where were you when Bill Clinton needed you?


  • Steve Banks

    Mr. Crystal,

    Thank you for your well-written editorial on the Petraeus debacle. A widely-admired man once again proves to have feet of clay. It is unfortunate, but choices have consequences. I agree with your final surmise, that he resigned of his own volition, seeing it as the most appropriate action to take when his integrity was compromised. I rarely find myself in agreement with most of your positions, but I do genuinely appreciate that you take the time to write with concision and clarity. The majority of your like-minded counterparts do not even bother with such trivialities.

  • http://NotAvailable Philip A. Sandi

    Look Ben, the election is over and your man lost like a novice. Is high time that you focus on nation building because you are preaching to the GOP choir. Understand that kindness is an attribute of God and every of the 60% of the electorate understands has any idea of who is godly. You, the entire GOP and mitt invokes God’s name but do not have relationship with him. As i told you before the election Benghazi could not give Mitt the white house, so i still will tell you that 2016 election is for another democratic candidate. The 60% you refer to know that the democrats and president Obama have God in their heart.

  • Don Cartmill

    This is a lot of smoke…When the Gen’l / CIA director refused to support the adminstrations spin on Bengazhi…i.e. He stated the CIA did not give the stand down order , thus implicating the POTUS as the authority most likely to have done so. Obama gets even ,and is now punishing the gen’l while creating a distraction away form Bengazhi… and the MSM is of course buying into it and ignoring what should be a front page story ho..hum..what else is new. How do journalist ( is that liarist or just liar…or did I create a new word )

  • Don Cartmill

    Whoops that last line was how do you spell journalist

  • Terri

    This is 100% total corruption and a massive cover-up of what Obama’s Administration had Stevens “doing” over there…good God, you would have to climb Mt. Everest in order to remove yourself from the pit of lies that are going on here…I personally, am offended with Obama’s total arrogance, and the fact that he really believes that “we the people” are really stupid enough to swallow ANY of his fantasy.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Well at least he did not bugger a boy !

  • Randy Thomas Johnson

    Much talk going on by people with agendas spouting off about things they know little of and as usual other people read it and accept it as fact. Common sense will tell you that the attack in Libya was perpetrated there instead of another embassy because there was the place least likely for it to be expected and therefore the least secure as well as being a brilliant move by the terrorists to make the most trouble for the least investment. It was an unfortunate occurrence just as it was unfortunate that 31 diplomatic personnel were killed during Bush’s tenure. These things happen when war happens which it is. So it WAS a bump in the road! Playing the blame game is much less productive than moving on. It was critical that Obama get reelected instead of a return to policies that got our economy into it’s present shape so it was a back-burner issue for him till after the election. It comes out now as soon as possible. It is an issue blown out of all proportion to its actual seriousness by people whose agenda’s are more about heaping blame on an opposition in a power struggle than about it’s seriousness to the welfare to our national security. It is also glass house dwelling people throwing stones in desperation to focus the public’s attention away from their past failures to perform effectively at home and on the world stage of international affairs as is being done by the present administration. Look up the history of the national debt and study it thoroughly to see where it came from. Your ignorance and gullibility have gotten you where you are now American electorate!

  • Kjell Myraas

    Out side of your job I don’t care who you sleep with. It is not any of our business. If you’re not doing your job, well…. that’s another story. Let’s hear some real news. Enough of this Hollywood smut.


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