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Official Appointed By Obama Did Not Work For Free, Received Six-Figure Compensation

October 6, 2010 by  

Official appointed by Obama did not work for free, received six-figure compensationDebunking prior reports that the executive compensation czar hand-picked by President Barack Obama would work pro bono, a watchdog group recently revealed that the official received a six-figure salary.

Kenneth Feinberg, who was appointed to be the Special Master for TARP Executive Compensation by Obama in 2009, was in charge of establishing compensation levels for top leaders at companies that were bailed out by the Federal government. Several media sources, including Forbes magazine, reported that Feinberg would not be paid for his services.

Judicial Watch, a public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, has discovered U.S. Treasury Department documents that reveal Feinberg's annual salary of $120,830.

"This is yet another reason why more of these Obama czars should go through the Senate confirmation process, rather than being simply installed into power," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said.

Feinberg, who is currently the administrator of the BP oil disaster fund, recently drew criticism from the administration that appointed him. According to the St. Petersburg Times, Associate U.S. Attorney General Thomas Perrelli wrote a letter to Feinberg, urging him to devote "whatever additional resources are necessary" to speed up the allocation of $20 billion to compensate business owners and other citizens affected by the oil spill. 

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  • s c

    You’ve got to hand it to Fitton. He cares. On the other hand, there’s Herr Obummer and his closet Nazis. I learned told several days ago that Fitton has been working on this topic, and that further details will all but prove that whatever Herr Obummer’s real agenda is, it has nothing to do with making America safer or better.
    Again and again and again, Herr Obummer plans to do whatever he wants, and the Constitution and laws already on the books will be enforced according to his whims. What DO they learn at the Harvard Law School? Apparently, Herr Obummer surrendered his law license because something was afoot. Methinks Herr Obummer has many closets to keep locked, and he has many secrets to keep suppressed.
    It gets more interesting all the time, doesn’t it?

    • Warrior

      Isn’t patronage just the greatest concept perfected by the demorats. Let’s see, we take over HC, Banking, Auto, Edumacation loan program. There are just so many opportunities to insert our loyal followers. We could rule for the next 100 years. And this in a nutshell is what is all about folks.

      • Granny Mae

        What in the world does it take to impeach this guy? Why is he still in office?

        • Doc – not a Christian

          What it takes … is IN the Constitution. He is still there because his handpicked syncophants still CONTROL the Legislative Branch that must bring the Articles of Impeachment in the House of Representatives and then try him in the Senate upon those articles. Almost NO ONE currently there (Wash. D.C.) wants him impeached … each for his or her own reasons, but mostly as they want to keep their jobs! Those that do want him impeached have not the power or sheer numbers of like-minded folks to make it happen. Remember in November!

    • barbmiller

      whenever i see people call our govt officials names like herr obummer, nobama, etc., i cringe. it reflects on us all, and makes us look like part of the lunatic fringe. i’m no happier with our current crop than the rest of conservatives, but i think we should show some class. somebody told me once that, if you can’t make your point without cursing, then your ignorance is showing. i feel the same way about this name calling. make your point, then go vote and hope the new crop won’t become corrupt. if they do, vote them out too.

      • marvin

        barbmiller, you got to break eggs to make a omlet and when liberals or for that matter anyone that you put in charge and work for you won,t or don,t hear you when you say no more then you need to do some fact finding to get your point across some things can not be put of tell next mt

      • Jgilder41

        Very well said, Barbmiller. I cringe at the name calling as well. There is a certain Fox News host that I almost totally agree with, but at the same time, I cringe when is does the name calling, like ahhh deadfish, I think we can make the point in a much more civilized and even loving way. kinda like 8/28 vs 10/02/ :0)

        • honeybadger

          barbmiller and jgilder,YOU love as you see fit…..we’ll do the same! Personally I can think of some more appropriate and DIRTIER names to call them but the name calling does NO good so why bother? Attempting to ‘cipher’ what some of this homemade lingo means, does however detract from the message they are attempting to deliver, I suppose it is cute to the composer though.

        • http://aol Dennis

          You want to speak in a peaace loving manner to people that take such manners as weakness and with contempt for those of us that believe in American values, God and the puritan work ethic. I say kick them in the butt and be as nasty as they are. You cannot fight an enemy with your hands tied behind your back and they have no restrictions. That is why we are in the mess we are in.

      • s c

        Your apples and oranges technique leaves something to be desired, b. Cursing, by the way, doesn’t apply here. If you want to talk about more serious matters, let’s do it.
        At the moment, you sound like a pc specialist who’s looking for moral support. Not too long ago, Dems,
        libs and progressives were looking forward to and drooling at the thought of George Bush being murdered. Remember THAT, b?
        Why waste your time being ‘upset’ about name-calling? Are you aware that people used to call Hitler a little paper-hanging SOB? Would that offend you? We’re infested with people who couldn’t care less about destroying America, and you’re overly concerned about ‘name-calling.’ BLAH.

    • Sam in Cal

      The only problem is we gotta take it in the shorts to find out what the secrets are.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Judicial Watch must be the busiest interest group on the planet! How do they even have enough people, time, and money to look into all the corruption in Washington? Talk about job security!

    • Disgusted

      I would prefer my tax dollars go to funding this group than 3/4 of what the government is spending my tax dollars on now!

      • Dorothy

        Judicial Watch is funded by donations. They are a 501(c)3 non-profit.

        I have been donating to them for several years. They are at the top of my list to support. If you really care about our Rule of Law, please help by donating to them. Another great group to donate to is NumbersUSA.

        • rwnut

          Dorothy….NumbersUSA is doing a great job also.

      • rwnut

        Disgusted…Judicial Watch is not funded with tax money.They are funded by donations from ordinary people.They are fighting one hell of a battle on your behalf. Everyone should send them $5.00.

    • marvin

      Robin from Arcadia, IN you can join them and make donation i do

  • JoMama

    Well, S C -
    We already know that he’s a traitor, a liar, a con artist, an illegal alien, a crook, a Muslim, a Christian, unpatriotic, “the messiah”, black, white, a lawbreaker, apologizes for America – even though there’s NOTHING to apologize for & he hates our Constitution.
    Yup, he should be burned at the stake!!

    • Craig

      I’d pay a years salary to see that.

    • http://Foxnews gercar

      You are absolutely right. Obama could not come up with 31 marxist, liberal, progresive radical Czars overnight. He had this thing planned for years and he got good training and help at Acorn, so did Mrs. Obama, they are one of a kind.

  • Joshua

    @ JoMama Is he really a Christian or does he just play one on TV?

    • http://Foxnews gercar

      Obama is not a christian. He believes in collective salvation, no such thing. To be a christian you declare Jesus your Lord and Savior, that is individual salvation. Everything Obama does points to him being a Muslim, he walks the walk.

      • rwnut

        gercar…..You’re absolutely right. He is a closet moooslum right down to the very marrow of his bones! As he’s being found out,the first thing he does is hide behind Christianity.A move straight out of the Koran playbook.Lie to further Islam. Smoke and mirrors! A dog and pony show!He will do anything it takes to conquer America,through Islam.

  • jld

    The Koran says you can lie to infidels.

  • emerson

    well, my No. 1 agenda item is impeachment but there are so many “first” things the republicans have to do in january when they gain the majority back, hopefully with both houses. obama and his minions goal is to throw so much poop up against the wall that it is overwhelming to defeat. this is all right out of the sol alinsky radical playbooks. the new house and senate will have obama”care” to repeal and a plethora of trash bills rammed through by the lame ducks before january 2011. with the republicans heading the appropriations committee, much of this trash can be defunded or non-funded. in the next two years, obama will try to use these un-vetted czars to continue to ram his socialist agenda through the back door, skirting congress. obama doesn’t care if these “fall on your sword democrats” lose their seats. obama thinks he still has his mighty veto pen to keep the republicans from throwing out his leftist agenda. that is why it is critical that the republicans take BOTH the house and senate in november. they MUST have the votes to override obama’s veto pen or he will continue for the next two years to wreck this great nation. WE CANNOT AFFORD ANOTHER TWO YEARS OF THIS INCOMPETENT PRESIDENT AND ADMINISTRATION. we have the chance to throw these bums out, please VOTE and get out the VOTE on NOVEMBER 2.

    • Robert S

      Emerson Obama isn’t going to be impeached because he has dirt on almost everyone in Washington.

      • FireMall

        Exactly !!! You’ve nailed it dead on.
        All with half a brain here know this is why “O” hasn’t been impeached, let alone elected.
        Yep: I blame the repugs more than the crooked Socialist Demons.
        IMO, If the Repugs had kept their nose clean over the years , they would have at least 19 months ago, taken care of “We The People’s”} potential demise of “Our” Freedoms.
        I have seen the writing on this wall of Shame our so called leaders worship at.— Dems, Repugs, & I’s —One & the Same, Crawling out of / from the same cesspool .
        Sad part , Is all the incumbents are busy as a Jackrabbit at a Dog show digging up the dirt on the Tea Party folks . Thus ,if elected they will be powerless to Reverse what is “Business as Usual” in DC. Just as well include the Local & State “members” [pun intended] of the National Club of Deceit too.

        • emerson

          well, its easy to lump them all together, however, the demorats have controlled the house and senate since 2006 and that lock-step bunch of sycophant thieves certainly would not have let an article of impeachment to be introduced, much less voted in favor of it. also, nancy pelosi has kept any republican initiatives from reaching the house floor and the republicans have voted against ALL of obama’s leftist agenda. no, you have only the demorats to blame for the housing crisis and the related awful state of the economy. if we leave the incompetent obama and pelosi and reid in place we are in for more damaging legislation in the next two years. can’t afford 2 more years. throw them out in november and on to impeachment.

    • spike

      Okay, folks. This is what I REALLY WANNTA KNOW: IF WE DO indeed, vote these bums out. Will they actually be able to repeal healthcare, and will they actually be able to DO anything with him in office. Because won’t he just veto it all?

      • honeybadger

        Spike, cannot a veto be over ridden by sufficient numbers?

      • Doc Dolan

        Vetos CAN be over-ridden, and if true conservatives do not get enough seats to over-ride a law cancelling veto, then the ones who control the “purse strings” will just have to “de-fund” the programs we need stopped until we can remove them as a matter of law. NO ONE in the current governemnt is going to keep doing their jobs in dark cold rooms, awaiting eviction from their posh offices once the cash cow is butchered in D.C. To realy cure the problem you must first understand that: “It is ALL about the money!” Watch how fast the progressives and liberal socialists scramble and “change their stripes” when the money dries up.

        Exactly like the Anti-War protestors evaporated into thin air within DAYS … immediately AFTER the draft was abolished! The war in Viet-nam was still going full bore … but no draft now? NO MORE ANTI-WAR PROTESTORS! Funny huh? Not at all … then it most assuredly was all about being too damn cowardly to man up and fight, it had NOTHING to do with being anti-war — just anti-bravery, no balls momma’s boy’s afraid to get in the *^it and get an ‘owwie’!

        We’ll see it all happen once more, when conservatism reigns again with sensibilities and common sense in D.C. and the state houses. We must ALL remember who they are now … so when they use their millions to convince us later that “they were always on our side fighting for us from the inside” … we can tell them to put it where the sun doesn’t shine and hit the bricks!

  • FlaJim

    The boy in the White House lies? I’m shocked – shocked, I tell you!

  • TIME

    So who’s suprised again? Please stand up so we can get a count.

  • Bluebonnet

    Just one more reason to vote out ALL Democrat incumbents in Washington and elsewhere. The people have it in their power to do this, but, from the looks of things the majority of Democrats do not have the foresight to do so. We have a large portion of the population who are ignorant of the U.S. Constitution, including those members of Congress who neither have read it, understand it, or abide by it. Rep. Jim Clyburn of S.C. stated openly the Constitution doesn’t matter anymore, and that Congress does whatever it wants to. And, so it goes. The same holds true for appointed Czars, most all of whom are socialists/communists.

    • honeybadger

      A large portion of the population apparently does not NEED to read the constitution, they allow others to read it, then give THEIR interpretation as to what it says. EVERY AMERICAN needs to READ their U.S. Constitution AND the BILL OF RIGHTS occasionally, what it says just MIGHT surprise them. It sure is different than what the ‘courts’ interpret it to say.. I have reason to believe neither is mentioned in the schools curriculum anymore.

  • The Kiwi

    Now you know why I call them Commiecrats and why they want your guns!

  • FireMall

    Now Hear Ye ,Hear Ye !!! NEWS FLASH !! For the Sleeping among the Thinking folks here and World Wide.
    “O”/ Zero & Gang do not & Will not, ever, GAS what “WE THE PEOPLE” think or Know about the “Agenda”.
    The boulder has been kicked from it perch on top of Freedom’s mountain & there is a more than likely chance that it is headed straight to h-ll after it runs “We The People” & “our” Freedom down on the way.

  • http://gmail i41

    babsmiller, mostly people give respect to honest elected officals, this sorry bastard is just that. Nobody has seen the offical [a[ers on the heinz 57 mutt, we know by his own words several times he is a marxist, was raised as a muslim, his actions time and time again, has shown he hate the USA, and want to be a dictator. Craig, if he was roast at stake how would you know when he was done, wait till he was black, then he would be over done and dry not juicy like the Kobi beef he liked to eat, no marbeling,or as they did in Yugslovia, his wife went out with the old man, Michelle would probably be self basting.

  • JL

    Worst case….we don’t get House or Senate in 4 weeks. Can only hope Angel beats Reid in NV and Pelosi, who will obviously be back, is replaced by some other nitwit Dem., as Speaker. ALL Dem’s will have been taught a lesson by their parents (us). Just might take a different tact and help us against BHO…just to save their own neck’s in 12.

  • Donald

    Most of the folks commenting here need to get alife, or a job, or something to occupy their minds.

    • marvin

      Donald well atlest we have a mind to think with we an,t blaming bush for our own mistakes and are smart enuf to know illegal and undocumented are the same as criminal as for work i put in over 40 years at working have you

    • spike

      How do you come up with that, Donald? why are you commenting here, then?

    • honeybadger

      Back Donald, back into your cage! Who left Donald’s cage door open?

    • http://naver samurai

      OMG! I see that there is a lib sheeple here too. Just can’t get rid of them all!

  • Sam

    So Obama lied once again.. No surprise here!!!!! WAKE UP it isn’t going to change unless the people rise up and vote the liberals out of office…. Don’t just complain, help solve the problem with your VOTE>>>>>

  • alpha-lemming

    Crap!!! The cat’s out of the bag!! The “oversight” for failure to pay taxes will have to be corrected sooner than most of his litter-mates.

  • marvin

    spring has sprung fall has fell, nov is almost here so less give liberals hell,vote and as the liberals do vote often just do like acorn register as mick or donald or dead people i think i will get a ball bat and go set in front of the polling place you think holder would care being as i am white??

    • rwnut

      marvin…..I hear Ya.

  • marvin

    to all obama did nod not lie he said a change we need and for sure he was right, we need all the change in our pocket just to get by lest you are here illegally or a handout [welfare]reciver but an,t that the same thing obama hates all white people,but hell what do i know mabe obama need another vacation 6 in less then two years at 6 million per,mabe his wife needs to go to spain agin,we the people have lots of money

  • Disabled Veteran Brian

    What a surprise, a lie from our president Muslim, I actually think that that is allowed in Jihad if the lie is not told to another Muslim. Wake up American, recall our foreign born President now. This is not a black/white issue, as I would have cheerfully voted for Colin Powell…him I trust. Not the sleeze ball we got now.

  • guyb

    We should audit all the money spent by the white house and convict any one who embezzles the tax dollars from us. I know that would mean the entire white house would go to jail but hey,that would be a nice start…

    • honeybadger

      Don’t hold your breath for a WH audit OR an audit on anyone remotely connected with the WH. Why audit? They were shown to be jailhouse candidates prior to being appointed by his excellency.

  • Marlene

    Obama’s lies have grown into a stack way taller than he is and he adds more to the stack every time he opens his blue, liver lips. All of his czars are paid huge incomes with taxpayer dollars and, because their appointments weren’t okayed by Congress, they are taking our money illegally. The liar-in-chief doesn’t care – it’s not his money, just his agenda, whether its Nazi-ism, communist, Marxist, Socialist or Lenin-ist, it’s how he planned it. His avid followers don’t see it because they’re totally mesmerized by him. I would like to know who his handlers are. He’s not smart enough to pull off all of his crap without some anti-American organization pulling his strings. What ever it is, it validates our claim that he’s not a patriotic American, for sure…..

    • Doc Dolan

      Marlene, I don’t know if you are old enough to remember Nikita Kruschev’s statement to ‘America’ many years ago that they “would bury us from within” … I believe the current Socialist in Power was planned for, located, groomed and educated … now he is attempting it! It is a well known fact that clandestine ‘deep cover’ Kremlin programs went on for many, many decades. As well as similar ones run by OUR intelligence agencies in other countries. I would not be surprised at all if Obama and crew is the result of one of those. How much better to “bury us from within” than to groom a socialist for President and manage to get him elected by the sheeple?

  • dahni uru

    The Obama’s have their $10,000,000 in their pockets plus a lifetime income plus lifetime health care (not Obamacare or Medicare, but a real health care program like all the politicians voted for themselves). With their security, they feel free to do whatever they want about American and Americans.

  • http://gmail i41

    Marvin, the jug eared marxist moron is taking off for 2 weeks after the election is over. His roots are calling him, he will go the Indoneia, Japan, Korea, (probably to meet the next dictator of N. Korea, only if he can get that spot here) and over there on vacation he can maybe get his next executive orders ready for taking over private property,getting some coaching from Kim Ill Puke 2. There is plenty of madrases over there and probably will hook up with some of his sisters wives and extra close cousin wives, since with taxpayers money he can affords to bring out his fathom years as a hard core muslim. Let us see he has right to 4 more females.

  • Steven W

    I cannot find alist of the czars any help

  • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts John Despard

    I have no idea who this man is or what he might be worth. But unless I am willing and able to do all the work that he did for a lower cost I am not going to applaud or criticize his pay. There are far more pressing concerns facing our country and spending our time even thinking about a few hundred thousand dollars seems somewhat wasteful to me. Have you ever complained because a jet plane costs 10 million dollars instead of 9? That would save us taxpayers more money than cutting this man’s salary would.


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