Ocean Of Bikers Drowns Out Muslim Protesters In Competing Rallies On Sept. 11


The quickly-organized “2 Million Bikers To D.C.” rally didn’t deliver anywhere near that many patriotic motorcycle enthusiasts to a Sept. 11 rally in the Nation’s capital city.

But the event did turn out tens of thousands of bikers, who vastly outnumbered the two dozen or so supporters of the competing “Million American March Against Fear” (formerly the “Million Muslim March”), a controversial program organized by the American Muslim Political Action Committee.

Here are a couple of pictures from the motorcycle rally:


And here’s one from the Muslim rally:


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Ben Bullard

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  • Alan

    It’s great to see so many patriotic Americans spreading their wings across the nations capitol! Hearing there was an estimated 800,000 or so left me feeling admittedly a little misty-eyed. Bravo!!!

    • podunk1

      No SHEET! Sheetless muslims?

    • texastwin827

      DC Police have revised their count….to 1.2 MILLION.

      That’s after only a little more than one month’s preparation….this is going to be an annual ride….can you imagine what the turnout will be, with a year’s planning time????

      • Alan

        Wow!!! Well I’ll certainly be supporting them in spirit, that’s for sure!

  • Sarah417

    Don’t you just want to hug those tattooed bikers? You guys are great. You’re doing so much for America’s moral now if you could just figure a way to get rid of the riff raff in the white house.

    • wellilltellya

      IMPEACHMENT call your congress, senators,representatives in the house impeach the closet muslim in the white house

      • ChiefBoring

        The Senate would not convict him. His base would consider him a martyr. Three more years. God save the Supreme Court. Study, learn, VOTE! Don’t stay home and sit on your hands.

      • Sarah417

        I’ve been there done it for five yrs. I know most of America has done the same and we see no change. 2014 Has to make the difference and don’t forget it starts at the local level. Keep plugging America.

  • http://www.lewrockwell.com/ Tuci78

    “tens of thousands of bikers”

    Hrm? Wasn’t it more like hundreds of thousands of bikers?

    I wonder what it sounded like from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue….

    • texastwin827

      DC Police have estimated there were 1.2 MILLION bikers. Not sure if that includes the bikers, riding double, or not.

  • Sam

    I am against Islam spreading in this country. It’s a bad fit and doesn’t belong.

    • http://www.lewrockwell.com/ Tuci78

      I am against Islam spreading in this country. It’s a bad fit and doesn’t belong.

      Oh, hell. It’s a disease – a sort of organized psychopathology – more than anything else, a systematized framework of delusions entraining just about every vicious, xenophobic, misogynistic, misanthropic, arrogant, malignantly evil characteristic ever to threaten civilization since the Sumerians started keeping records on clay tablets.

      We keep hammering these barbarians back again and again, and still they come on, in a perpetual state of war with any “infidel” they don’t brutally rule.

      Time to cut their legs out from under them. Dump the Muslim-in-Chief from the White House, nullify every crime he has perpetrated, and exploit domestic petrochemicals sources by way of “fracking” to shut down our own and the rest of the world’s demand for the rock oil under those nests of Sand Nazis.

      Without spending power to waste, nobody would so much as look at these wogs, much less give them more than a targeting laser dot right between their eyes.

  • Libertarian Soldier

    That’s our new, national religion at work!

    The “million muslim march” (isn’t it too late to change the name if it was procured in that name?) got the demonstration permit that the government wouldn’t give the motorcyclists.

    For perspective, you have to take into account the audacious concept, the choice of a muslim, islamic, political, protest march, on this day of all the 365 days of the year! What unmitigated gall!

    This inflammatory, disrespectful, if not sacrilegious, provocative gesture, on this 12th anniversary of the occupied, fully fueled, commercial jets being symbolically flown, on this symbolic date, into densely populated, high profile, American, iconic buildings in the name of islam!

    What is not understood is that islam is not just a bad, hate based religion that condones murder of non-islamists, it’s a parallel, geopolitical ideology that demands submission or death to all infidels, meaning everybody that is not an islamist.

    Lying, deceit, manipulation are tools that are encouraged to the end of submission or death to infidels as a religious and political goal. It’s not like the difference between Jews and Christians, Buddhists and Episcopalians, Jehova’s Witnesses and Hindus. It’s islam and everybody else! No religion is safe but Jews and Christians are in mortal danger, as are all nations that are not muslim. You have to understand that they are fighting among themselves to control the new Caliphate. That’s what’s going on in the middle east that’s got the whole region destablized and we kicked it off by overthrowing Mubarak and Qaddafi, working on Syria. That’s all us! We either toppled the government or were used to do it. Who’d we work with? We financed, the muslim brotherhood and supported Morsi to depose Mubarak. We advised, funded, armed and hired contractors to get ansar al sharia to butt rape and oust Qaddafi. We started the whole Syria thing to depose Assad, our “reformer ally” because Saudi Arabia, the home of the Wahhabi pulled the string.

    That’s why there’s no such thing as a radicalized islamist any more than there’s any such thing as a moderate islamist. They’re using “theocratic strategy”, outright lying with no compunction about it. If they are not on that page of the goal of islam, they’re not a real muslim.

    Fight the hate of islam. Restore the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st Amendment! Fight the intolerant, bigoted anti-Christian democrat ick party and their oppressive government!

    • Bill

      What this video to see why there was no Muslim drivers


      • Robert Messmer


    • IsThisAmerica

      I agree with you 100%. Say NO to islam, get them out of here. Our leader from behind is behind everything that happens over there. He needs to be the first to go.

    • hdrider

      ISLAMIC, Idiots Sending Losers Around Murdering Innocent Civilians! seems pretty simple to me. Sorry I missed the rally bro’s.

  • Barbara Johnson

    Way to go! A big thank you to all of the bikers who went!

  • JimH

    It’s easy to see what group was having fun.
    Million Muslim math seemed to be lacking.

  • chris berrian

    We love our patriotic bikers and we love are military and vets.

  • Daniel Moshe Johnson

    Freedom of expression, a right of sovereign liberty under the constitution, great to see Bikers and vets expressing their stance against radical Islam.

    • Libertarian Soldier

      There’s no such thing as a “radical islamist”. There’s also no such thing as a “moderate islamist”. In their Caliphate, there are islamists and there are infidels. No in between, no degree. You’re in or you’re out.

      The goal, the mantra of islam is submission or death to infidels. That’s it and that’s all! Deceit is strongly encouraged as a “theocratic strategy” to bring about that end. The idea of a “moderate islamist” is a theocratic strategy.

      islam is not just a religion. It’s a hate based religion, concomitantly, it’s an exclusive, geopolitical ideology. There’s no separation of theocracy and state policy. It’s very much like the democrat’s idea of the United States. They are involved in every part of your life, your food, your drink, your hygiene, your sexuality and your sexual acts, including how you do it, how often you pray and it’s all micro managed under their law. Most importantly, ultimately, if you break spiritual/state law, you may be killed.

      This is a blood-lust religion, a cult of death and it is honor to die if you cause suffering to infidels, rewarded in the hereafter. Infidels are all religions and lack of religion and they are particularly hateful of atheists, Christians and Jews.

      Don’t let your government minimize or assign measurements of the danger of or the movement to protect this hate based, murderous, angry, blood-lusting mob of a religion. They would not protect you!

      It’s not radical or moderate islam; it’s just islam, period.

      I ride but I reject the label, “biker”.

  • independent thinker

    I noticed in the one photo there looks to be a lot of support for the bikers from other motorist and pedestrians.

    • ch2801

      In one vidio, cars on the other side were honking.

  • Quester55

    I guess Obama didn’t Count on an army of ” Bikers’, to piss on his Rally?
    Muslims Beware, Not All of us Americans are Sheep!

  • CWA

    Dateline, Washington:

    In an amazing show of solidarity, more than a dozen Muslims converged on Washington, D.C. today to protest Constitutional restrictions that prevent them from exercising their religions freedoms of jihad and Sharia law.

    Unnoticed was an opposing demonstration humorously billed as the “Two Million Bikers” rally, which drew barely 200,000 bikers. We can dismiss them, since their objective was to show support for the Constitution, and individual liberty and individual freedoms.


    I haven’t seen any of the reports on the lame-stream media, but I’m sure they ran along the lines I have presented.

  • Average_Joe56

    The Muslims didn’t show up today, because they heard it was going to be HOG Heaven in D.C. today….and they don’t get to meet Allah…if they’re run over by a HOG……especially when they show up looking like raw bacon…..

  • Marie Asher

    Thank you American Roaring Bikers. God Bless You.

  • grumpyolman

    I have no idea who the Soldier is in the Muslim camp, but a few observations.
    1. – He is out of uniform – outdoors without headgear.
    2. – He appears to be overweight – does not reflect favorably on the military.
    3. – And most important – he is in violation of the UCMJ, which states that Soldiers in uniform are prohibited from ANY political endorsement.

    • Debbie Hogan Tate

      We no longer have dress Greens! We now have dress Blues in the Army. Old uniform and old ideas of religion! Send them back to the Middle East. How many are actually citizens? Slim to none! If you want to change the laws, GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY AND CHANGE THE LAWS THERE! We will not change our laws for you!! You obviously have mistaken us for some one who gives a rats backside about you. We would much prefer you had never come here. BUT since you did, realize this is America and we will not have Middle Eastern law here. You want M.E. law . . go back to the M.E.! We will not miss you one bit and will not be sorry to see you go! Do you need a ride to the Airport or boat? We have plenty of rides but unfortunately they are HOGS! Guess you will have to march! March back to your own country! But the Muslims WILL NOT CHANGE OUR LAWS!

      • Alan

        Right on !

  • freedomringsforall

    What a beautiful picture the bikers, the people on the bridge, the fire trucks with the huge U.S. flag draped; apt to bring tears to your eyes.
    Think of all that many, many, of those people sacrificed just to do that today!
    Many, many of them probably had to take off the entire week just to get to D.C. and back home again.
    And many probably have the hassles of the kids back in school again, etc., etc..
    To be able to swing everything and the money and the time to stand up for America is just absolutely heart warming.
    I wish so that I could have gone but just didn’t have the money and the time ability.
    I sure hope they all had a good time and I hope the dip stick Islamists and international elites are starting to get the message that we aren’t going to just roll over and die for them.

    • IsThisAmerica

      Very good post. Hard to look away from the picture.

    • denise0513

      I heard the bikers are planning to do it every year on 9/11! God bless the Patriotic bikers of America!

      • freedomringsforall

        I hope so.
        It sounds like a great new American tradition.
        Maybe I will be able to do it some day too before I croak.

  • Haymster

    Islam is the creation of satan and mohammed is it’s false prophet sent from hell to deceive the inhabitants of earth and condemn their souls to eternal damnation.

  • MichaelGuy

    On this anniversary of when Saudi Royal Princes and the oils sheiks of Qatar sent there hired assassins into the World Trade Buildings and Pentagon, we have Marxist liberals and Rino Republicans wanting us to be allies with Al Qaeda? These wahabbi terrorist ,who are sponsored and financed by our perfidious allies, the Persian gulf oil nobility, have been attacking Americans since the USS Cole and Mogadishu, even though we tried to help Muslims in Kosovo and Somalia. Since then Sunni, wahabbi terrorist sects have been murdering Americans, Africans, Asians and have been murdering or enslaving Christians, Hindus, Shia and all other religions. But not only do these Sunni oil sheiks use and finance “old men of the mountain” assassins to create a Sunni Caliphate, they also buy and influence American politicians bureaucrats and media personnel. That is why this progressive/ Sunni wanted to bomb the Russian’s Gazprom pipeline in Syria and replace it with a new pipeline controlled by Qatar. But on this sacred day may we never forget who caused it and may we always honor the brave responders who showed valor and courage and may we respect those victims murdered by Sunni perfidy. Jehovah bless our military, police, firefighters, EMTs and volunteers.

    • jaybird

      The Saudi Royals want control of the Syrian pipeline to extend it to Turkey, that is why they offered to fund our military to bomb them. It was supposedly discussed when George H.W. Bush was president that about 7 of these oil rich countries needed to be overthrown and the dictators be deposed. It was supposed to have been completed before now. They are all a conniving bunch of thieves, our country’s politicians included. Our Sunni POTUS is letting the Muslim Brotherhood, which is Sunni in our country. Thank God that we can count on the Bikers!

  • IsThisAmerica

    That picture with the big flag from 2 fire trucks holding it up is just so cool. All those motorcycles and everyone on the other side pulling over. Words fail me. Wish I could’ve been there. They got more help than they realized. I saw in one picture, cops blocking traffic for them anyway, so they could ride on through. Just beautiful.

  • Jeff Noncent

    way to go Bikers and Patriots I am glad to see what happen in Washington

  • WiSe GuY

    Yay! Low-life Muslims shunned!

  • Sarah417

    Could the bikers do a repeat of this and let us know well in advance. I didn’t know about the bickers until about three days before. Had I known well in advance I would have been there also but I don’t have a bike I would just be a walk on. God bless America.

    • mamaknock

      Sarah417 It has been set-up for each year on 9/11. Look forward to joining in next year and hope all mark their memory calendars!

  • usaok59

    Was the biker parade covered at all on MSM? Fox had coverage of it.

    • Average_Joe56

      Only as a byline….. Small print…Hidden away in a dark room…..in the sub-basement of Fort Knox.
      I guess it didn’t fit their agenda.

  • Tim

    Go bikers go may the force be with you GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • disqus_7seKPOeorp

    Congrats to the bikers! Where was the President? Isn’t he the one that said the Muslims helped build America? How many were on the Mayflower.