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Occupy Plans Mass Laughter At World Leaders

March 28, 2012 by  

Occupy Plans Mass Laughter At World Leaders
OWS wants everyone to laugh at the world’s leaders on May 18.

Remember the scene in the 1976 film “Network” when newsman Howard Beale — played by actor Peter Finch — encourages his viewers to open their windows and exclaim “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore” in response to the constant barrage of bad news? Adbusters, the publication that could be credited with planting the seeds of Occupy Wall Street, is asking people around the world to do something similar on May 18.

In a recent article, the publication concedes that the Federal government’s decision to relocate the G8 summit of powerful world leaders from Chicago to the Presidential compound at Camp David represents government leaders’ fear of the angry masses.

The article says: “Wow! Looks like the specter of 50,000 occupiers ready to swarm with a list of demands has turned the climactic Showdown in Chicago into a humiliating G8 Backdown. Bravo! Splitting the G8 and NATO summits was a deft move… but now we’ve got a major tactical rethink on our hands.”

Adbusters says that protesters must now decide whether they should “follow Mao’s advice (‘when the enemy retreats, we pursue’) or Sun Tzu’s (‘Do not pursue an enemy who simulates flight’)? “ There have reportedly been discussions within the movement of both organizing protests in Chicago and trying to get near Camp David to disrupt the summit.

Comparing the Administration of Barack Obama to regimes toppled elsewhere in the world over the past year, the article calls for people to simply laugh at the White House and G8 en masse on May 18:

When Ben Ali first attacked then tried to hide from his people, he was toppled. When Mubarak refused to negotiate and tried to beat his people back into line, he was deposed. Now the White House and the G8 are repeating the mistakes of last year’s autocrats … first they try to scare us with tough talk of repressive anti-Occupy ordinances, crowd suppression technologies and paramilitary policing, then they make a hasty retreat to the safety of Camp David.

The world’s leaders flee from us … so what do we do? Maybe we just laugh at them?

On May 18, the day the G8 leaders meet in Camp David, why don’t we, the people of the world have a #LAUGHRIOT. Let roars of laughter rise up from towns and cities everywhere at the spectacle of the world’s leaders trying to crisis manage the economy from behind closed doors and razor wire fences.

Laughter is one of the most powerful tactical weapons of memewar … it signals supremacy and loss of fear. So let’s pull off the greatest comedy of howling flash mobs, riotous street parties and hysterical pranks the world has ever seen. May 18 could be a monumental tipping point… an ahahaha! moment when the people of the world have a collective epiphany, and from that point on start thinking differently about how the world should be governed.

Jammers, whatever we do this Spring, let’s float like butterflies and sting like bees! Let’s bend the G8 and NATO to our will with shock tactics and audacious culture jams that capture the imagination of the world. We may be far closer to a Global Spring than any of us has so far dared to imagine …

for the wild,

Culture Jammers HQ

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Vicki

    Finally the Occupy movement has come up with something useful to do. Lets all join them on May 18. Lets laugh at all the elite. Don’t do any of the crazy riot things. Just step outside and laugh at the elite who would be kings.

    • Karolyn

      Actually, more laughter is exactly what this world needs. Have you ever heard of the laughter self-help groups? They’re people who get together and just laugh, which creates more and more laughter. It ‘s very healing and cathartic. The majority of people, including me, takes themselves too seriously.

      • Maryland Freestater

        Don’t worry, Karolyn, I don’t take you seriously and I don’t even know you!

        -Just joshing of course, so please LAUGH!-

        I should break out my sax and do some honkin’ on Mayday – that’d make people either laugh or retch!

        Now, what can we do, along these lines, to the NWO?

  • Sirian

    Stand by, the enormous herd of COWS are going to bellow. Break out the cattle prods, that’ll shut em up.

    • Karolyn

      AAre you afrad of laughter, Sirian? What would it hurt if masses of people did that?

      • s c

        K, do you walk around bent over so you can be the first to ‘accept’ anything that comes your way? Is your “mind” so open that it’s rare when anything sounds bad? Does a perpetual smiley face get you through the day?
        LET those OWSer losers try their ‘parrots on a leash’ routine. At long last, they have accepted an image of a herd of aimless, brainless mammy jammers. Let them laugh their asses off (then they can run to Obummer for healthcare).
        Maybe they should petition Obummer so they can go to Camp David for a ‘chat.’ He’d probably be happy to see them and offer them coffee, pop, a snack and a photo-op session, too.. Maybe they can teach him how to “laugh.”
        K, when is the LAST time that a new idea didn’t sound good? If you’re not a first-rate example of an extreme “pleaser,” you’re very close. To paraphrase a common expression from not long ago, ‘Get a life.’
        Change the channel. Smell the septic tank. Make that stuff between your ears work – for a change. THINK. Either that, or start laughing at yourself.

      • Karolyn

        S C – You obviously take yourself too seriously. Maybe you should take a vacation from thinking. Day after day, nothing but “growl, growl, growl.” Doesn’t it get tiresome for you?

      • Maryland Freestater

        Not afraid of laughter in this case as much as methane!

        I wonder why the US Gov’t hasn’t banned cattle for producing a dangerous greenhouse (?brown-house??!!) and being horribly fuel-inefficient?

      • Sirian

        No Karolyn, laughter is good for you – YOU. This form of “laugh attack” is nothing more than an admission that they don’t know what to do. This will warrant no more than a twenty second news report, if even that. Are you not aware of who’s backing the COWS? Probably not – I can assure you it isn’t the local COOP. Do a bit of research Karolyn, I don’t believe you will be overly pleased with what you may find. Then again. . . :(

      • Sirian

        Uh, let me see, “Day after day, nothing but “growl, growl,growl. Doesn’t it get tiresome for you?” Are you absolutely sure you’re not talking to yourself? Seems to fit up quite well. May not hurt to give that a bit more thought. Just saying. . .

      • Joe H

        By all means!!! Then let’s ban TREES as they produce more methane than the cattle!!! All those rotting leaves!!! Mega-Methane!!! Even more rediculous than cattle!!

    • freedom reigns

      …and the laugh will be on you and your likes to boot sir ian :)

  • cawun cents

    Apparently the left doesnt know who they work for yet.-CC

    • Donald York

      Actually, the OWS is laughable. Beleive me young Obamanites, The Union bosses and socialists did not have this in mind for you to do. The likes of Andy Stern, Richard Trumpka, Jimmie Hoffa Jr, and the hollywood crowd expect you clowns to be out in full force for Obama . Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Louis Farriqan will work the New black panther party, Maxine Waters, Sheila Jackson Lee and Sandra Fluke will manage the women (not all), and Chris Matthews, Wolf Blitzer, Ed Schultz, Rachael Maddow will cover the so called news with their blather..I’m not against laughing, I laugh a lot, but seriously, you wannabees ought to be doing something constructive for our country, ( like maybe have your sorry butts out in front of the Supreme court protesting Obamacare.

  • Karolyn

    Great idea!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    the administration and “occupy” are both communist losers;; they deserve each other.

    • Mirage

      Spoken like a true cracker.

      • Wyatt

        Now thats a true RACIST remark . But I suppose its what one would expect from a leftist liberal loser .

      • wwjd

        And bet you are the first one in line to cry “racism” if something offends you or hits too close to your own back yard..Why is the “N” word so taboo, yet “cracker” is not? ridiculous

      • Joe H

        WHY? Because it is so close to the truth? It’s not PC? Give it a break!

  • http://n/a AmFer

    I think this is a great idea – “Laughter from the OWS” Sure back-fired on O and company!

  • http://mozilla Robert E. Lee

    it is amazing that everything Obam the Imam touches turns to dung;; egypt spring, hawvard profether incident, obammiecare, immigration NON-REFORM, democrap candidates who loose when he shows up, chicago olympics loss, iran/n. korea bitch slapping him, trayvon the doper.

  • Ross Richard Blankert

    There is nothing funny about these world leaders deciding on how they plan on dividing up power over the whole world. Tyranny from these would be dictators is not funny. It is a call to arms.

  • eddie47d

    Who cares! I’ve seen few here who care about the OWS or any part of their message. I’ve seen too many on the right side with the G-8 Elites and even the Banksters and then eagerly lambast the OWS. So this is much to do about nothing or have you switched sides. Some of us could be sure that if the G-8 Summit was held in Chicago the headline would be that Obama was helping his buddies in that city. I personally could care less where the Summit is held but it may be better to avoid the yearly riots. Does anyone really pay attention to what is implemented at these G-8 Summits and where the Elites take us? Would you even listen to the OWS’s? Street demonstrations can work but other times they can backfire in trying to get a message across. Even a well planned protest can fall flat so why not stick to the Internet. The important thing is to expose those in power not where it is done.

  • Anastasia Beaverhouser

    we all need to watch our backs, the *choke* artificial president that we have and his evil goonies are planning things behind our backs……and not things that would make America better or stronger, their inatentions are solely on how it will make them “leaders”…(real leaders don’t have to “MAKE” anyone follow them or do what they want them too, the people see real leaders and follow them.

  • Edmund Jones

    I would certainly agree that the G8 summit is no laughing matter , how ever violence that may attend the laugh out should not be allowed and should be shut down by the OWS members imeadiately or risk further discrediation by not only the G8 leadership but the public non involved citizens As Americans we must be very wary of the attempts by our own leadership Obama, and Hillary Clinton to undermine our Constitution and their effort to subjigate our nation to the world leadership Of The United Nations !

  • martin fee

    i think its time to step up and defend ourselves from both these groups. one would have us enslaved to a single person while the other will have us emslaved to the masses with no freedom at all. We need to be prepares to meet violence with complete and total domination

  • ConcernedVet

    The OWLs could make a tremendous difference if they would do ONLY one thing. OCCUPY D.C.! Set up there and stay the entire summer until election!

    Believe me if the elite in D.C. had to put up with that bunch thru the heat of the voting season, it would make a big difference! Can you imagine a twenty person wide line of people walking around the WH day and night? 24/7 Singing WE WANT AMERICA BACK!?!

    With enough ;people doing this, taking breaks, then filling in the ‘chain’ again, refreshed, CLEAN, and with renewed vigor, the elite would again realize they work for US!
    Doing this with a peaceful, CLEAN, effort, they would gain the respect of the citizens, by doing things in a responsible manner…

    The country would then listen to their protest, demands, and concerns.

    • Mirage

      Exactly, if institutions like Washington were decended on, the people from ALL 3 POLITICAL PARTIES would finally have to acknowledge a restoration of fairness for all, less they loose their power. When those in power fear the loss of it, they act, and here in America, they can’t very well brutalize peaceful demostraters.
      Throughout history, peaceful social movements against governments have worked, and what better place to occupy, than ground zero U.S.A.:Washington D.C!
      Given their marching orders by the Rightest Elite Media (counter balancing the Leftist Elite Media), unfortunately many here deride OWS/Get Money Out type social movements as a bunch of hippies/commies etc., while simultaneously wanting HUGE governmental change … without leaving the house! WEll, that is NOT gonna happen if everyone stays indoors.
      Regarding the OWS demographic: If you study photographs/film of the OWS crowd from a VARIETY OF SOURCES … you’ll notice all different types of people … hippies, grand mothers, out of town police, “frizbie throwers”, union members, the homeless, fire fighters, teachers, etc … Americans from all walks of life. What is wrong with that?
      Unfortunately, the kind of change people on the Right, Left, and Center (me) want, will probably only be realized through ochestrated demonstations … social movements that “evolve” into something else as they go.
      I think the 99% are at a pivotal time in America. In a country where something like the top 450 wealthiest Americans are worth as much as hundreds of millons of the rest of us; does NOT represent a true democracy regardless of which party RULES … THEY’RE BOTH KILLING US.
      Want more of the same?
      Well do what you’ve always done, deride the “other side” as evil, vote for your political thief to go to Washington, and expect different results. Good luck with that.

      • Joe H

        Here is where you and I differ on our opines of OWS. ME, I could give a rats behind how much the next person has aquired! His money, not mine!! Hell, I could go out tonight, buy a mega lottery ticket and win HALF a BILLION dollars!!! Would that mean I’m an evil person for being LUCKY?? Just because someone had the smarts to amass a fortune, or even had the luck to be born into the right family does not mean that they OWE me or you a dime!!

  • Rich Buckley

    A constant dose of private aerial hand operated drone suveylance overhead the conference with live Internet feeds?………nah!

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    This would be a wonderful place for all American Patriots to gather — along the route taken by the world leaders as they drive along the road to Kamp Daavid. THINK ABOUT IT! One million+ American Patriots pointing fingers and laughing their a$$’s off as each bullet-proof limo passes by.

    I saw this coming years ago, when harry “phuck America” reid (yes, spelled incorrectly on purpose) stopped sending replies to any of his constituants; stopped having “in person” town halls that were only conducted by telephone with picked questions sent in to be gone through and picked out with and for his appropriate liberal response; and, his response to parents of little girls and boys (18+) who were sent into battle zones without the “appropriate politically correct”) body armor, by banning the wearing of such, if their parents were to pay and send to their children for wear in said war zones. In other words, these flak jackets could not be worn, because their branch of the military’s “uniform” regs forbid the wearing of “civilian” attire along with the wearing of said military uniforms, even if they were the exact brand, make and model authorized by thosse regulations.

    And, for those civilian types who do not know this, each and every person who serves in the Armed Forces of the United States MUST PAY FOR THEIR OWN UNIFORMS. Enlisted people get an allowance to do so (that does not cover 100% of their needs; and, officers above the grade of Sargeant Major, must pay 100% of their uniform costs, with no allowance to do so.

    Next, our Commander-in-Chief (remember, whenever he addresses the amerikan public, he is introduced by the media, and himself, as the Commander-in-Chief, never as the President, will probably require all future-troops to pay for their own ammunition. I’m sure the Castro brothers (Feedel and Ra-ul) are laughing their asses off!

    Know the real reason why he bows to world leaders? Because he knows that “they” are better than the “President of the United States”, and as such, he responds appropriately. Knowing that he is “nothing” to the world’s leaders, even though, he should realise that he is equal to, or better than they are.

    Remember these words, “I hate the United States,” “I have never been proud of my country.” off mike, “The average amerikan is a moron,” and, “All of this for just a flag!”

    Or, how about this one, “If my husband’s mother had health insurance, she would not have died of cancer!” Woo-Hoo! Guess what, folks. They did’nt have health insurance in those days. Nor did they have MRI’s, CAT scans, chemo-therapy, radiation, or ultra-sounds. EVERYBODY DIED OF CANCER IN THOSE DAYS. The real reason why she died of cancer, is because she married a man who said he would take care of her for the rest of her life, which, he didn’t. Actually, if he paid taxes, he could have written off every penny he spent for his family’s healthcare. Something that is still on the books. But, apparently, he refused to do this; take care of her, until death do us part. I guess moose-lambs don’t beliere in that BS! But, with ob-care, moose-lambs don’t have to participate, nor will they ever be fined for not doing so. Great insight for a man who claims to be a Christian!

    Here’s a tax concept. Instead of having the 7% cap on Schedule A, why not put it on the front page of your tax return, allowing everybody to reduce their adjusted income by every penny paid for healthcare. Why not? As it is, already, 53% of all Americans don’t pay any kind of federal or state income taxes, most have 2 parents and 2 kids. What a screw job to the child-less people in America. I believe that any tax-loop hole that gives a break to anybody with dependants, to include spouses and homosexuaal couples, should pay the same tax-rate as the rest of us single folks do.

    And, by the way, remember the 15% tax rate that buffett and romney pay for their income? Well, guess what, WE ALL PAY 15% FOR OUR SAVINGS & DIVIDEND INCOME, EVEN IF IT WAS ALL DERIVED (RICH OR NOT) BY LIVING OFF OF OUR INTEREST AND DIVIDENDS ALONE, AND NOT LIVING OFF OF A SALARY! HaHa, you’ve been fooled again. GO TO IRS.GOV AND CHECK IT OUT. You do know how to read, dontcha?


    Read the Declaration of Independance, so you can see the “real” reason why we revolted against our king. Read the Constitution, too. And, for those who watch PBS, the only reason why we even have a Bill of Rights (which they won’t tell you), is because it’s only purpose was to make ten changes to the Constitution. They didn’t have word processors back then.

    Here’s some more PBS stuff. For those black people living in the British Colonies in North America in the 1600′s, why are they being called African-Americans, when America did not even exist, until 1776?

    And, here’s some more feds brain-washing. The National Guard has a day of rememberance honoring their founding somewhere in the 1660′s or thereabouts. How is this possible? We were a Crown Colony back then, and there was no national guard. Read your own state’s constitution. It says that we (the people of your and everybody else’s state, is becoming a part of the Union, for protection from invassion; meaning, the Union will come to the assistance of any state being invaded by another country. It also says that no municipality (city, county, state, etc.) can ever “boycot” another. It also says that to not protect another state, as set forth, it is aiding and abetting the enemy. Don’t believe me, though, as you continue to vote for idiots who pass bills, THAT THEY HAVE NEVER EVEN READ! Texas even has in their state’s constitution, the ability to split into five other states, giving them additional members in the House and Senate, and even has rules as to how to suceed from the Union, bringing them back to the Republic of Texas!

    What a great concept. With ob’s debt, every family of 4 owes the feds about $650,000, each, as their portion. By succeeding, the citizens of Texas would pay no federal taxes, AND they would be a foreign government, etc., and teh citicens would still get their social security payments.

    SS even has treaties with every country on the plaanet, and pays SS to all American citizens who have paid into the fund. Heck, In Ireland, you can even get Irish Social Security and Irish benefits, ALL FUNDED BY YOUR SS TAX DOLLARS which is sent to Ireland for your benefit and dispursement. ISN’T AMERICA WONDERFUL!

    SO LONG, amerika, YOU DESERVE TO BE FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET. NO OTHER COUNTRY HAS LASTED ON THE SAME CONSTITUTION AS LONG AS WE HAVE. In Italy, as an example, they have had over 250 different constitutions or forms of governments, JUST SINCE WWII. Most have even been communist!

    Here’s another. Anyody know if the US is still at war with somebody, besides the war on terror? The answer is: North Korea. Yup, folks, we are still at war with them; all the world is, because a “cease-fire” and not an amnistice, something once again that the liberal media says will never inform to their viewers.

    Notice all the flak Bush II has been getting for his speach on some air craft carrier with a sign behind him that says, “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.” The liberal media will tell you that that sign is all BS.

    I will tell you that that sign is right on. The “Mission Accomplished” is referring to the only war that the USA has won, since World War Two. Know what it is? Why not, you “idiot” (quote of slick willie) or you “moron” (quote of the guy who looked at a monkey painted on a casket in Egypt, or some other S-hole, where people can’t read or write or even sign their own names) and said, because of the large ears, “Hey, it looks like me!” Yup, but not by the ears, though. The answer to my question is: The Liberation of Kuwait. Yup, the only one won since WWII!

    So, when you vote in November. Remember, illegals are diluting your child’s pre-secondary education, by having to be taught their classes in janitor’s closets, because illegals do not pay tuition for their education; then, their kids get pissed off because they cannot prove their residency to obtain in-state tuition for their post-secondary education, and must pay the out-of-state rate, just like all legal Americans and foreign students with vis’s have to.

    Boo-Hoo! Know how much money you give each illegal family of 4+ kids each year in Section 8 housing and food stamps? The answer is: $50,000.00. Yup, and you and your family are starving, living paycheck to paycheck and just 2 cents away from being homeless. What a buncch of idiots you all are. “They are only here to better their lives.” Know why illegals stand around street corners looking for work each day of the week, meaning M-FRI? They are not looking for work, fools. They are staying away from their homes between the hours of 8 to 5, when their homes will be subject to surprise visits from social services to make sure their is no man in the house. The money they earn on street corners is the only cash they have, for beer and cigarettes. Section 8 vouhers and food stamps aren’t worth “money” to them, so they earn it on street corners, Again, what a bunch of idiots you all are! These people are not immigrants who came here for a better life. Those people, legal aliens, must have a passport from their own country (permisssion to leave) and a visa from our country (a wecome mat), and a job, that they applied for in their own country.

    It is not the rich that have polluted America. It is every business-owner who hires illegals and gives them $2.50 an hour, all the water they can drink, and one free meal a day. Why not walk into a McD’s someday, pull a quarter out of your pocket, and ask the illegal cashier who’s picture is on it. Nobody will know. So, my anaolgy is correct. BOYCOT EVERY BUSINESS THAT HAS ILLEGALS WORKING THERE. THEY MIGHT HAVE A HEALTH CARD, BUT THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN TESTED FOR TB OR AIDS, or any other disease, because the state health depaartments do not require health testing of any kind! AND, YOU WANT THIS SCUMBAG MAKING A MEAL FOR YOUR 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER? BOY, ARE YOU PHUCKING NUTS!

    SCREW YOU, AMERICA. We used to have a saying that “freedom is not free.” Well, guess what, “freedom, IS free.” When that african-kenyan-irish capon (remember, for the first time in almost 70 years, there is no Kennedy in either the House or Senate, of the “USofF-ing KKK) said, “We are now at war. As amerikans, you need to serve your country. I suggest you join some organisation that teaches poor kids in Apalacia how to read and write.” YOU GOT THAT CHIT RIGHT!

    Vote for the person best suited for the job. If you live in Alexandria, Virginia, moniker lewinsky will be in line to make sure you vote for the demo’kratic (all I can afford to eat now, is rice and beans) candidate who is fully eligible for the job. Someone who thinks everything he does, is “above my pay-grade!)


    Remember, there are more illegals living in Las Vegas, as there are American forces with their boots on the ground all over the USA, to protect all 350 million of us.


    GOD BLESSS AMERCA. We really need your help, Lord!

    PS-I have to go now. My neighbor called me and said that there is a SWAT team ssetting up outside my front door. Time to load up my assault-potato-blaster, so I can protect myself from my gun’nant!


    But, don’t worry. I am brain damaged. In 5 minutes I won’t even recall writing this jibberassh!

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    My comment didnt show soI tried to re-do it and when I clicked “Post Comment” I got a message saying my comment is a duplicate YET it wasn’t there at all???

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    Bread and Circuses provided much laughter for the masses of Rome BUT the Elites kept ruling and enriching themselves! Finally when Nero was fiddling, Rome burned

    I think laughter ,as such, could indicate a sign of defeat for the 99% and will be perceived as such by the 1%. Laughter WILL NOT sway the 1% one bit as they will see the 99% as having no real solution.

    ANGER and ASSERTIVENESS at their gates is what frightens them,NOT laughter .

    Personally I believe they SHOULD BE PURSUED and “haunted”
    wherever they go !!!

    They do that to us…and it works!

  • ROGER, Canadian Libertarian

    I found a solution ….I made a slight change and re-posted, as above..It worked

    • Maryland Freestater

      Roger, are you SURE you’re Canadian??

  • havinganopinionwillgetyoufired

    I agree with Roger. I don’t think laughter will send the right, if any, message to the White House. The OWS organizers had a cloudy message at best with no real foundation for their arguements. Now what about a mass protest in the areas deemed illegal by Obama’s police state with thousands screaming for their Constitutional rights to be returned to them? That would send a message. That would keep Obama awake at night. Knowing that 1000s of citizens are willing to defy his illegal and unjust laws, that are meant to silence us, with a loud and clear message that we want our Constitution back.

    • Vicki

      “The OWS organizers had a cloudy message at best with no real foundation for their arguements.”

      They had a message?

  • Nick

    Ows lost all credibility when they ransacked govt buildings in Oakland and then proceeded to burn the American flag. These people are dispicable, have cost tax payers untold millions, and advocate communism. Why would any American want to side with this sort of trash? OWS, what a joke.

    • Karolyn

      But it’s’ OK for some conservatives here to call for revolution and killing people. Killing people vs. making a mess? I think making a mess wins for me.

      • Maryland Freestater

        Karolyn (I seem to be fixated on you today!),

        Many of us who are not leftists are so angry and frustrated about the crap and idiocy being forced upon us, and not knowing how to resist, fight back, make them (the ‘left’) just QUIT interfering in our lives that they feel the only resort is to violence.

        Most people who compose the Angry Americans are people who just want to be free to live as they see fit. Because they’re NOT meddlers, like the busybody, anal-retentive humorless leftists who feel the need to regulate every aspect of SOMEONE ELSE’S life, they haven’t developed the tools with which to defend themselves.

        The Right, and even more so the Libertarians, need an ‘Alinsky’ of our own. We need to do our own community organizing. We need to learn the game, which the religious right became somewhat adept at after the ’70s.

        We ARE at war – this is a cultural revolution of titanic proportions that most people aren’t even aware of, and the left does know that if they don’t impose as much of their will on the rest of us, they’ll probably lose their last best chance of imposing their belief system for a LONG TIME. It’s also a self-fulfilling prophecy – the more they oppress us, the pisseder (sic) we become and will most likely push back sooooo hard that we’ll crush them.

        I admit, I like the idea of a laughing revolution because i like absurdity (and look just how absurd and NOT in an amusing way!) and the more one laughs at a humorless person, the madder and more frustrated they get. Obama has absolutely NO sense of humor – it’s been consumed (subsumed?) by his sense of self-importance – and this infuriates people that look like him (RED, not Black!) that they become irrational.

        ‘Liberalism’, I have come to believe, is some sort of mental illness. For someone to seriously believe they have the RIGHT to tell others that they have no vested interest in of any sort means they’re a bit wack to begin with: to actually attempt to impose this nasty belief-system on others IS insane. The cure for this is a right-of-center-insurrection, preferably nonviolent: and laughing at these idiots and tools Is one decent psych-op method of turning the tables.

        Keep the baking powder dry boys – time to raise the heat in the kitchen!!

  • ranger hall

    Laughter only makes YOU feel better for a short time. These People have been Laughing at the American People and the People of the World for a very long time, When these people laugh at us they are also Doing something to us. When we laugh WE do nothing else except talk Tough.
    The Powers to Be Just love us because WE do Nothing.
    ONEDAMNANGRYAMERICAN,, Ok Boy, Pretty good, Damn i like your Attitude, Even made me Laugh in a good way.
    ROGER,, Could be, But will not happen.
    I for one see nothing to Laugh about.
    Americans againest Americans. Hell we could stop anything if we just could come together for the common good.

    • captain mike

      Right on, bro.

  • ranger hall

    Nothing will ever change in this Country or The World. Because we have become followers and not leaders, We just follow the bell where ever they lead us. Right or Wrong they know we will follow.
    Can anyone out there help me with the term Money Lenders in the history of this World

  • Doris

    This is really ironic, the party, that hailed the occupiers, is now hiding from them.I think a better cinematic comparison would be from, I think it was “Hannible”. The rich guy has a pack of pigs trained to kill his enemy, and they end up killing Hannible.

  • Les

    Do not give the world leaders a chance to run from the voices of the people. Come to Cunningham Falls State Park on the 17th of May for Occupy Camp David to demand transparency, accountability and genuine democracy; that the leaders of the world address the people, not hide in their private retreat. Then on the 19th at the close of the G8 let us gather all those present into an Occupy Caravan bound for Chicago taking the 11 hour drive to confront the same people whose polices keep ordinary people all over the world from realizing their potential through their political, economic and military aggression. We should reach Chicago by the start of the NATO Summit, making several stops along the way in significant/symbolic places. This would be in the tradition of the freedom riders of the 60′s. They went to support Civil Rights and demand freedom. We go in that tradition, demanding that our government live up to its promise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone.

  • captain mike

    Oh yeah, that’ll show’em. Let’s laugh all the way to the FEMA camps.

  • boyscout


    • Nadzieja Batki

      Did that make you feel better or did it just numb your fingers?

      • Joe H

        Nah just kicked up his carpal tunnel!!!

  • Raggs

    These people that live in their mommies basement came up with this?
    Now I’m laughing….. :)

  • Buck

    There are NO world leaders , just the sock puppets worn by the uber rich around the world , those like George Soros , the Rothschilds , and even some of the nuevo rich like Buffet , and wannabe’s like Bloomberg of New York .

    • Raggs

      You forgot some… The al gores, the clintons, the rangles, the pelosi, the reid, the oblamas, just to name a few who have stole from us not only our money but our freedom!

  • ranger hall

    Captain Mike, If you were a railroad tracker, You should know the People as a large well regulated group for a common cause will be heard, but as you should also know it would take at lest a million Americans to be Heard and listened to, anything less would not even make them skip a heart beat.
    America is no longer the country i always believed it was,The people are no longer the people i always believed they were.
    When i went into the Military at 17 as an RA I had always been taught to do my Obligation and Duty, Then return home and go on with my life living it the best i could, But at 17 i did not know much about how this Country was run, Or the World for that Matter, but before my first 3 was up i had gotten a real good education about these things, I had always been raised about Right and Wrong, I soon realized that there was more Wrongs than Rights, Even the Military was not what i thought it was supposed to be. Oppression and Commies was the teaching of the day, yet here we were in a country that most of the people did not even want us there, Oh they seemed friendly during the day then tried to kill you at night.
    I have seen nothing but wasted Lives, destruction and Money Since my early days and it is still going on nothing new, We just give out more unearned Medals, The Rich get Richer and the People still suffer. The american people are so seperated that the only thing we do as a group is follow that Bell.when they ring it.

  • Stephanie Jewell

    I personally do not think that the path our country is on is funny at all. The only thing I read worth laughing at is the stupid and pathetic comments I read here. Are you sheeple really so blind that you still think our countries situation is a problem due to the “left” or the “right”? Idiots! Obama is just a puppet, if it wasn’t him, it would be someone else. Until the American people take their blinders off and awaken to what is really going on in the world things are only going to get worse.

  • Shoestring 47

    Occupy is so dirty I can smell them from here. They are the joke, they are doing the bidding of Soros, Obama and billionaires around the country only they are not smart enough to know it. I would stay away because of their record of rape, dope and just plain stupidity

  • oh oh

    OWS decries the Wall Street 1%, but rejects the American creed. They are a small minority of anarchists and collectivists who have caught the sympathy of fringe lefties and the mainstream media, but they are the antithesis of the America we inherited from our Founders. Between these OWS extremists and the 1% they assail is the real America, which other than being abused by both of these extreme minorities, has nothing of value in common with either.

  • Dottie Hanna

    It might be better to go “dark” for the entire day. Turn off the master switches to the electricity in your homes. That, at least might be noticable whether media covers it or not. Don’t buy anything, or drive anywhere that day, either. If you want to go outside and laugh during this time, sure, go ahead.


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