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Obesity Wreaking Havoc On Teens Despite Lack Of Health Complaints

April 12, 2011 by  

Obesity wreaking havoc on teens despite lack of health complaintsWhile a survey of obese teens reflected that they felt physically healthy, medical tests revealed otherwise.

Researchers at the Children's Hospital and Research Center Oakland in California compared the health data of 33 teenagers with high body mass indexes (BMI) to normal-weight teens from the same region.

The obese teens said they felt fine. However, tests revealed that when compared to the control group, they had higher markers of inflammation, elevated levels of a hormone associated with heart disease, more oxidative stress and insulin resistance — which is a precursor to diabetes.

"The metabolic abnormalities suggest that the process of developing heart disease has already started in these children, making it critical for them to make definitive lifestyle and diet changes," said Ashutosh Lal, M.D., senior author of the study.

When looking at the participants' diets, researchers found that few of the teens — overweight or otherwise — had optimal eating habits. However, the obese youth tended to consume less dairy and fruit than their normal-weight counterparts. This resulted in lower levels of potassium and vitamins C, D and A.

Authors of the study said that obese teens should not necessarily focus on eating less, but incorporate more low-fat dairy and fresh produce into their diets.  

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  • Tony

    Good job out there, parents.

    • Mike in MI

      Right, Tony -
      You know, what’s amazing to me is the fallacy that just because they have no “health complaints” the medical system so ignorant about health that they are willing to let these hings go until stuff begins to get so bad they are able to quantify they diseases an diagnose by their stupid rules. Those rules and guidelines for diagnosis are the reasons why we are so blasted sick as a nation…also why medicine fails so badly in so many areas. People don’t get any kind of diagnosis before they’re good and sick. So they need more treatment and more drastic interventions. The craziest part of this madness is that the brain is what is supposed to monitor and control proper functions throughout the body. But they make no effort to find out what might be happening in the nerve system that might be amiss or just plain keep it working best so people an stay strong and healthy.
      Maybe, medicine might not want “strong and heathy.”


    About a conservative as I can get, I have to agree with Michelle that this country needs an education on proper nutrition. Not just kids but everyone. Way to many junk food choices that are being chosen instead of the whole, natural foods that we’ve evolved on. Diet and nutrition is pretty simple. Eat it the way mother nature gave it to you. But that is hard nowdays with the marketing of junk foods and the necessary storage problems of our modern food supply. Proper nutrition in this country could by itself could do a big part to eliminate the need for ObamaCare.

  • Raggs

    Is it possible that the US has become such a nanny state that people are growing up in the belief that they will have no worries because the government will take care of them which is the leading cause of obesity?

    • Alice

      People on food stamps are often eat junk food. Often poor people have problems with their health.

      • Raggs

        Youre getting warmer….

    • granny mae

      In all my years I have not found a proper home economics class in our schools. Even when I was going and that was a long time ago. I had to learn on my own and with my mom teaching me and my sisters and brother. Now days too many people eat most all their meals out and most of that is fast food. When they do shop they pick out instant foods that are quick to fix. Most all of these foods contain sugar or corn syrup and some kind of starch in them. Check it out at the grocery store when you shop next time. Breakfast cereal is the worst. Most kids I know want the high sugar cerels. Capt’n Crunch Sugar frosted Mini Wheats, Cocoa Puff’s and so on. Everything you buy today that is pre-packaged is full of fat and fattening sugar in some form. It is used as a flavor enhancer and it is making us a nation of fatties ! These flavor enhancers also make our children want more of the same kind of food and they will eat more not because they are hungry but because they like the taste of it. Our children have open access to any and all of these things all the time. Parents buy things that are easy to heat in the microwave so Johney or Suzzy can help them self when the get home, because they are hungry and Mom or Dad won’t be home for another two or three hours from work. Fruits can sit in the bowl on the table and not get touched if the kid is not use to eating them. Mom will buy pudding cups and they will be gone in the first day in the house ! Kids are use to getting snacks like pudding cups and sodas from the time they are not much more than babies. I have seen mothers put soda and tea in baby bottles or sippy cups thinking they were not doing anything wrong ! Then they wonder why the child won’t go to sleep at bed time! I’ve heard doctors tell young mothers not to put milk in a bottle and let the todler carry it around all day but they never tell them not to give them soda or tea either. If they give them anything else it is koolade. Some moms can afford to buy a lot of juice and the baby carries juice in the bottle. Too much of a good thing can be bad too and there are a lot of juices sweetened with corn syrup or if it is sweetened naturally it is done with concentrated grape juice. Now if you have ever tasted grapes you know they are very sweet, then you concentrate that juice and you have double the sweet. After eating and drinking so much sweet stuff all day month after month and year after year, the body begins to not be able to handle the load. Then the sugar can’t get into the blood to nurish the brain and so the brain starts yelling I need sweets, so unconciously the child or person starts drifting to more and more sweets. Afterwhile it becomes a real craving and no matter how much sweet they eat it isn’t enough and it doesn’t even taste sweet to them anymore. This is all information that could be learned in home economics or health classes and young women could understand the reasons for not feeding babies junk food before they even become mothers. Mothers have to stop being fast food addicts. It is easier to go fast food than cook a decent meal. The only way to do that is to learn to plan ahead of time and set the meals out the night before or start using that crock pot stashed in the corner of the cupboard ! Plan for healthy snacks. Make some homemade snacks that are healthy such as yogurt. Stay away from prepackaged foods. Hamburger helper, mac and cheese even rice-a-roni has sugar in it ! It is OK to use these foods once in a while but not all the time. I know some women that don’t know how to fix a meal unless they use these packaged foods ! To them I say find a cook book or someone that knows how to cook from scratch. Learn to make your own fast foods on the week-ends so you know what is going into it. It isn’t hard just takes a little time and even the time lessens once you get the hang of what you are doing. Make some dishes ahead of time and put them in the freezer so all you have to do is pop them in the oven when you get home and have one of the kids make a salad and you are good to go. Cut way back on the sugar of all kinds. Any thing that ends in ose is sugar ! You will be a lot healthier and so will the kids. Once you take away the sugar they will loose the cravings for sweets after time. Diabetes is not a fun disease to live with in fact there is one sure fact about it, when you begin to live with it you will surly die with it ! If you don’t control your health noe else will. It is in your hands and only your hands so don’t try to push it off on someone else. Only you put the fork or spoon in your mouth. So don’t dig your grave with your own fork !

      • granny mae

        One more thing,
        Don’t make the mistake of thinking that everyone you meet that is over weight is fat because they over eat. That would be an unfortunate mistake. Some people have a real glandular or hormone problem and you can’t tell that just by looking at them. There are doctors that have made that very mistake and the person with the medical problem goes undiagnosed for years and the doctor gets the patient hooked on diet pills. We should never try to put everyone in the same cubby, because we are all individuals and unique in the sight of God. I have one son that is over weight and he works out three times a week and also runs at least 5 miles every day. His metabolism is way off. I have another son that also has a thyroid problem and he is of normal weight. You just can’t tell by the outside appearances. Problem is these boys have a future of diabetes ahead of them and there is not much they can do about it. Watching their eating and food intake is a part of their life but the body is what it is when doctors don’t listen. These boys were raised on good healthy food and snacks. They didn’t get a lot of candy and they never went to fast food places because they never had the money and lived too far from them for it to be convient ! Unfortunately we have a multitude of doctors today that think they have all the answers and never listen to their patients. All of them seem to be in Florida I think. So people be smart with your lives and don’t expect all these bleeding hearts that all seem to know what is good for you to make the rules and laws that you will have to live by. Use your common sense and take charge of your diet and that of your children. God Bless

        • Mike in MI

          Hear, Hear, g.m.,
          A whole lot of solid wisdom. You know, If you want to perform a huge service for America you might package all that wisdom and present it to your area as a class or homemaking school. Advertise it to young girls getting ready for marriage. You could also advertise it to young men who have left home and need to fend for themselves. Crimeny! I’ll bet it’d become the best possible way for good young kids to get together.
          It’d be a blast! You wouldn’t even have to get old gracefully.

          • granny mae

            Mike in Mi

            I can’t get out of the house much anymore but I do have some young people that come to my house for info. and classes in food storage and believe it or not we do go over this kind of information. I do have three young men in the classes and four young women. They are great young people. I will be starting another class in a couple months. They usually go for four months and come here once a week ! It started by accident and has just kept going. I had to turn dowm doing a class for the home extension in town because I just can’t get in their building. Not really handicapped accesible believe it or not ! But the word gets around and I don’t turn anyone away ! The classes are free they just have to show up ! I have a lot of fun with it.

          • granny mae

            Actually I never called them classes, we just called them get togethers for a lack of anything else to call it! It usually ends with a Bar-B-Q around Sept. or Oct. My grand daughter got it all started. She gets me into a lot of stuff and not everything is this much fun ! LOL !

          • libertytrain

            Granny – wish I lived near you… :)

      • libertytrain

        As always, great post granny -

        • granny mae

          I wish you lived by me too! I wish everyone did ! But I would really enjoy having coffee or tea with you! I could probably make it a habit !

          • libertytrain

            Speaking of coffee, have you been able to find a stove top percolator? We talked about that months ago. Just wondering.

  • Helena

    I don’t eat junk food. I always buy little food because I save my money. I am studying and I have a little income. I don’t apply for food stamps. I never being fat, I only wait 100 pounds and I exercise every day.

  • ian

    Greetings All
    I have a question for you all.

    I am
    Height= 179cm

    Body composition
    Subcutaneous fat=14%

    Q: what will make me fat 4000kc vegetables per day or 4000kc of Junk food per day ?

    If you can answer this question correctly you have the beginnings to understand how to manage body fat.

    • Mike in MI

      ian -
      Go away and consume all the junk food you want, what ever you want, whenever you want. Then, don’t come back and bother us for eight – ten years. Then come back and tell us how you feel or have your expenditures taken a sudden shift in budget priorities. But you won’t. Hell, things in those “foods” may not even allow you to lift your fingers on to the keyboard. On the otherhand, things that aren’t in those foods may by then have produced such deficiencies in your system your brain may not even function in a straight line.
      We’ve got quite a few people on this site who are already in that sorry condition. You all ought to get together and form your own site and see how long it takes to burn out the logic boards on your computers.

      • ian

        Hi Mike

        Take time for a moment and consider the my question, It is the TOTAL calories which if above your bodies requirement for that day, will be stored as fat, if the calories come from a donut or a Tuna salad makes no difference, too many calories will be stored as fat.

        So when trying to control Fat, TOTAL calories no matter where they come from are the KEY.

        But when talking about health, where the calories come from are the key.
        The answer to the question I posed is:
        Both 4000kc of vegetables or 4000kc of junk food per day will make me fat, but one will make me die quicker, the other will make me fat and live longer with illness associated with Obesity.

        The next question is why both will make me store excess fat ?
        RMR= 1611kc

        RMR estimate, my resting metabolism is 1611kc per 24 hours, lets add some more kc for activity , I work and strength train 1 hour per day 6 days a week, my total estimated calorie expenditure per day is
        So 4000kc per day of ANY kind of food will result in fat storage.

        I pose another question: what do you think will happen if I eat less than 2500kc per day of any kind of food ?. a clue, how will these measurements change ?
        RMR= 1611kc

        Here is a thought, there are many Skinny individuals who eat so called junk food, They are not healthy , But they do not have large amount of body fat.

        To understand food one must Know which foods provide Rocket fuel and which foods provide Minerals, Then one must have an estimate of your daily Total calorie requirements.

        Ps I sometimes have a large Blueberry Muffin with my espresso in the morning, it does get turned into instant body fat.

        Kind regards

    • granny mae

      4000ck is 4000ck. It will all make you fat if you don’t expend enough energy to burn that much, the only difference is both can make you fat but one can make you sick and unhealthy. One can keep you fit the other can increase your cholesterole, and put an increased load on your kidneys and liver. One thing though, if you consume to many carrots or orange squash you can turn your skin yellow !

      • ian

        Granny Mae
        I love your answer !!!
        Yes you are correct, and the trouble is to Burn 4000kc from any kind of food, one would have to be a Professional Olympic athlete.

        Oh buy the way I also eat 100grams of carrots for my lunch sometimes,
        Not because they are Healthy But I like raw carrots and the extra bonus is raw carrots happen to low in calories plus I get minerals.

        For me food is not good or bad, I use food types to get what I require, if its and energy boost I go for Natures carbohydrates, if its to protect and repair then I go for Green and leafy vegetables, How much do I need of these ?
        I find out the size of my fuel tank ( RMR ).

        Kind regards

        • granny mae

          Has your skin turned orange yet? One time my mother in law came to my house and she was all upset because her skin was turning yellowish orange and she didn’t know why? Knowing my mother in laws eating habits I asked her what she was eating? She told me she was eating squash everyday! I asked her why and she said because she liked it! I told her to quit eating squash for a while and see if that helped. She wouldn’t believe me so she went to the doctor and he told her the same thing ! LOL ! This woman fixed the same thing for daily meals every day of her life and Sunday dinner was always meat loaf, cream peas, potaotes and canned gravy ! It never changed in all the years I knew her! I asked her why she did that and she said because that was what her husband liked and the only things he would eat! Years later when he was an old man and had to come to live with my husband and I we worried that he wouldn’t like the way I cooked. Nothing was farther from the truth. That man ate everything and anything I put in front of him. The only thing I found that he didn’t care for was stir fry because he didn’t care for his veggies crispy cooked ! Other than that he could eat me out of house and home ! I think mom just didn’t know how to cook so she learned only a few simple things and that is how she raised her family! They were a house full of what I called mono eaters. Hamburgers everyday !

  • V.

    The problem with the kids (as I see kids in my clinic all day) is that the parents have no discipline and on and on it goes. By the time they get to concerning obesity levels, they are too tired and always craving. It would take drastic measures. Unfortunately, kids are not naturally motivated overall and the parents are too tired. The processed foods is easy and all over the markets. The only true way to control this problem (and I am as conservative as one could get), is to go back to the old style of working to grow food (in our country) and cooking it from scratch and tailoring the food industry so as to not cause one to believe that they are being driven by socialistic moves but to educate them in to helping their fellow Americans (it has become like a drug).

    • Mike in MI

      The only way to do that, V., is to shut down the subsidy programs and all the sludge and slush rolling out of Washington,DC to any and all special interests supported by your Congressman and mine.
      Shut down all the government health programs that force the patients into a medical system that holds on to patients and presses them into, ONLY, their treatments even when they show no hope of helping or bringing the health in the quickest way possible.
      Our govenment is presetly set up to force people to get, buy and have forced on them services and products that are not the most modern, most serviceable, longest lasting realistically effective or worthwhile. That’s what happens when government gets in the business of “helping people” and providing for their needs.

    • granny mae

      I have to agree with you on the control of kids by their parents. Most are afraid to touch or disaplin them for fear of reprisals. Now we have prisons over loaded with adults that have no self control. I have never seen children that display such disrespect towards their parents and it in my opinion is because respect has never been demanded from them. Respect is not something that you just earn, but there are time when it must be demanded. Parents must gain more control over their children even if it means a spanking now and then.
      By the time they are teen agers the time for spanking is over, however my oldest son has found the answer to the spanking in his teenage son. He simply puts him on the ground and rolls him over several times. He isn’t hurt but he can’t over power his dad either and when he gets up dad gives him some time to think about what just happened ! The grandson does his thinking and by the next day he is ready to apologize or come to dad with a different point of view and ready to talk the situation over. His grandpa does the same thing and so grandson doesn’t push grandpa either. He tried one time in the Wal-Mart store and thought grandpa wouldn’t set him down in the store ! He was wrong! It happened so fast that I don’t think that boy will ever forget it. It was an experience that he will one day relate to his children ! We never believed in the hitting and smacking around in our family but if it was really necessary it was going to be done, you just don’t disrespect your elders any time !

  • ian

    Again here we see the “good food bad food myth’

    Fat storage is not a result of junk food.

    I will answer the question

    Both 4000kc vegetables or 4000kc of junk food will make Me FAT.

    Don’t blame sugar or fat, they are both incredible forms of energy,
    Think of them as Rocket fuel for your bio engine, to be treated with great respect.

    As for the vegetables think of them as Engine oil for your bio engine, they contain Minerals to repair broken and worn-out Bio engine parts, and the good news is …. Its almost impossible to over eat Salad ,, do you know what 4000kc of vegetables look like ? .
    Nature is kind

    • Vigilant

      Sorry, I believe you’ve missed the mark.

      Sugar in the form of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) finds its way into almost every sweetened product, and it’s a killer. It reacts differently than cane sugar in the body, and I have no doubt that the diabetes epidemic is directly related to it.

      The so-called “diet foods” are almost as bad. Ironically, those foods would be so unpalatable that the companies have to put HFCS or other sweeteners in them just so you can get them down.

      Fat is absolutely essential to development and maintenance of the brain and central nervous system. Essential fatty acids are a boon, trans-fats are killers. Fats are required by the body, but are dangerous to your health when too much is tored.

      The best ways to be healthy are to eat and drink everything in moderation (after reading the food labels), get exercise, and stay away from those doctors that only push pills.

      • granny mae


        You are so right about the reading labels. When we buy prepackaged food today we are buying a lot of food additives that we don’t need and are not good for us. My family can’t tolerate food dyes! It makes them hyper. I was told that they would out grow that when they got older but they are in their forties now and still have a problem with it. I think it is criminal to put so much junk in our food. Most of it is just for fillers !

  • http://com i41

    Blame the parents and b–l s–t studies and all the regs that kids need to play by sitting a bean bag doing nothing. Parents and society don’t make the kids do a damn thing, kids can work, sack groceries, mow lawns(Ted Kennedy wanted to protect kids because a motor might blow up and a rock might hit them), towns make rules the kids ust be bonded and have a permit. Facts not crap, parents and society need time for them selves as well as lazy azzed grandparents, Dems and liberial progressives want the family stucture destroyed. Remember Whore hound b–ch beleived it took a village to raise a child. It is the government smucks in Congress and society that have come up with the crap of no work and just play and sit on you azz and stuff your face. Partents are toodamn worried about being veiw by society as slave drivers and mean to their kids for over 30 years. We have fat book trained lazy lard azzed adults and kids,. who are worthless as citizens and just plain f–k offs, who don’t have any skills or abilities but playing games and producing nothing of value.

    • Vigilant


      Good points.

      I’ll be 65 this year, and I had to laugh when the article said, “When looking at the participants’ diets, researchers found that few of the teens — overweight or otherwise — had optimal eating habits.”

      C’mon, people! Few teens when I was a kid had “optimal” eating habits. Ice cream, candy, candy bars, etc., were “staples” to us as teenagers. We turned out OK, and very few of us were fat.

      There’s a reason for that, and it’s not rocket science: we exercised!! Not the jogging/gymnasium/sychronized bicycling we see today, or other forms of yuppie torture. You couldn’t keep us inside the house unless it was raining, and sometimes not even then. Life in the “outside world” was a daily joy for us, and we took every opportunity to bite that apple.

      Our fun was found in the form of exercise itself. Hiking up to Buttermilk Falls or High Point on the mountain to inspect the caves and take in the view, playing softball every night in the summer at the school fields, swimming at “Bare Boys’ Paradise” on the Bozenkill Creek, bicycling out to the apple farm to steal apples, climbing trees, running races, playing touch football, sledding and skating in the winter, bowling, etc., etc., etc.

      We didn’t do this as part of an organized recreation, we did it on the fly and as the notion appealed to us. We didn’t “hydrate” every 30 minutes, we drank water when we got thirsty. No knee pads or helmets either, we skinned our knees and got the slivers and bloody noses. Mom had simply said, “be home for supper” and we were GONE.

      And what do you see today? Kids running into telephone poles because they’re too busy with their iPods, hanging out in their cave-like rooms for hours a day playing video games, driving to the mall and walking around and calling it “exercise.” Kids and parents fat, dumb and happy watching hours of “American Idol” or other inane TV shows while filling their stomachs with junk and their heads with fluff.

      No sir, the country’s got it too good, and has been duped into thinking that “creature pleasures” make you happy. The true creature pleasures are to be found in physical work and play, good books, exploring your world, the spiritual aspects of your life, continuing to learn throughout your life, being thankful for what you have and enjoying the freedom to do all those things.

      And yes, by all means, do what your mother told you to do: “eat your vegetables!”

      • granny mae

        I have to agree. I hear all the time I’m bored ! Well I should say I use to hear it all the time. I just gave them things to do so they wouldn’t be bored ! Now my grandson rakes under the rabbits cages and gathers the eggs, feeds the chickens mows the lawn and any other job that comes to my mind. Most of the time it goes over pretty good but there are days when he is just having a bad day! Then is when we do some card playing and let the chores wait till tomorrow. Grandma has bad days too sometimes ! I love that kid !

        • granny mae

          Today I decided it was his turn to do the dishes! He was not happy about that but I just told him he could quit complaining or he could do all the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher ! He decided to quit complaining! However he did carry a sour face around for a couple hours afterward ! LOL ! Poor baby !

          • granny mae

            Today I decided it was my oldest sons turn to cook dinner and the grandson could do the dishes ! It was a surprise to both of them but they both stepped up without a fuss!!! The grandson did remind me that he had just did the dishes the other day ! I just smiled and said yes and I cooked your dinner everyday so I guess you can do the dishes again today! He just smiled and said OK ! I love it when a plan comes together !

  • JimH

    When I was a teen, many,many beers, I mean years ago, we played sports on a field. Not a video game. Teens have a high metabolism and there for a high capacity for junk food if they just get up and move around outside sometimes. The drawback is you get in the habit of eating junk while you can burn it off and later it’s harder to change your eating habits.

    • granny mae

      Habits are hard to break and unfortunately humans are creatures of habit! I hate it when I have to break a habit, it is so hard !


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