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Obama’s ‘Victory’ Could Spell His Defeat

July 6, 2012 by  

Obama’s ‘Victory’ Could Spell His Defeat
Protesters and supporters gathered in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on the day the court handed down its ruling on Obamacare.

So Chief Justice John Roberts joined the liberal wing of the Supreme Court to decide that Obamacare, including the hugely unpopular “mandate,” is perfectly OK under the U.S. Constitution.

Now all three branches of the Federal government — the legislative, the executive and the judicial — have agreed to support the biggest expansion of government power in the history of this Republic. To say I’m aghast would be the understatement of the week.

Aghast, but not surprised. Let’s be honest: The Supreme Court has a lousy record of telling the Federal government it can’t do something. As far as the nine members of the Court are concerned, the 9th and 10th Amendments to the U.S. Constitution don’t exist.

Of course, Roberts had to twist the facts like a pretzel to justify the ruling. Barack Obama had insisted that Obamacare “absolutely” was  not a tax. The measure’s supporters in Congress said the same thing, over and over again.

Now comes the Supreme Court saying that of course it’s a tax. If it were to be judged based on the Commerce Clause or the Necessary and Proper Clause (two phrases in the Constitution that liberals love to use to justify every possible expansion of federal power), a majority of Court members said it would clearly be unConstitutional.

I’ll leave for another day speculation about why Roberts ruled as he did and gave himself the task of writing the majority opinion. Justices Anthony Kennedy, Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito dissented: “… to say that the Individual Mandate merely imposed a tax is not to interpret the statue but to rewrite it.”

Exactly. The bill’s defenders were desperately afraid that the Court would rule against Obamacare. When it didn’t, they were ecstatic.

But their glee won’t last for long. Two things are going to happen that will turn their rejoicing into anguish. One will occur later this year, the other further down the road.

The first will be massive Republican gains this fall. Consider: Before the Court’s ruling, some 55 percent to 60 percent of potential voters said they opposed Obamacare. Now that they know it will be shoved down their throats, they should be furious. Many of them are. Pollster Scott Rasmussen put it this way: “The conservative interest in the election was already much higher than that of moderates and liberals. It went up to really stratospheric levels right after the ruling.”

In the majority opinion, Roberts wrote something that will come back to haunt every liberal supporter of this odious law:

“We [the Court] possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

Is there a single Democrat anywhere running for election this fall who will brag about foisting this massive tax increase on the country? I don’t think so. I predict we will see a ton of them “thrown out of office,” to quote the Chief Justice.

Fox News commentator Dick Morris put it this way: “So this really puts Obamacare front and center as the leading issue in the 2012 campaign. In a real sense it makes the 2012 campaign a carbon copy of the 2010 campaign — and we all know how that turned out.”

A lot of liberals are worried about this very thing. In a fundraising appeal on the eve of the Court’s decision, Ted Kennedy’s son Patrick predicted: “If the Court upholds the law, dangerous Tea Party extremists will go on a rampage.”

Don’t you just love the liberals’ scare tactics? Of course, no conservative will go on a rampage. The Tea Party types will do something the left will find much worse. They’ll vote — in larger numbers than ever before. And they’ll get a bunch of their friends and neighbors to do so as well.

Remember, the 2,300-page monstrosity that created Obamacare contains at least 21 tax increases. Estimates are that it costs taxpayers more than $800 billion. And get this: The majority of those increases will hit families earning less than $250,000 a year.

So much for Obama’s promise that his healthcare proposals would “never be purchased with [a] tax increase on middle-class families.” Tea Party favorite Sarah Palin used just four words to describe the situation: “Obama lies; freedom dies.”

When The Other Shoe Drops

What if I’m wrong and Republicans don’t enjoy enough legislative victories this year to repeal Obamacare?

If Obama wins re-election and the Democrats retain control of the Senate, I still think Obamacare will end up on the ash can of history. Here’s why.

Once Obamacare is fully in force and insurance companies are required to accept every possible applicant — no matter what pre-existing conditions they may have — you can bet that healthcare premiums will skyrocket.

When that happens, for many people it will be cheaper to simply pay the penalty rather than cough up the money for the premiums. After all, why shouldn’t they delay getting coverage until they actually need it? Just think what would happen if you could wait until your house was on fire to buy insurance on it. Who would be dumb enough to buy it before you needed it?

The only way to prevent this from happening is to make the penalties higher than the cost of insurance. But I don’t see that ever happening, even with a Congress filled with Nancy Pelosis and Harry Reids.

Margaret Thatcher once said, “Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money. It’s quite a characteristic of them.”

That’s the same problem Obamacare will encounter. The faster the plan is put in place, the sooner it will collapse. Of course, in the meantime, the government will do everything in its power to keep us tax cows producing as much milk as possible. It won’t be pleasant having every last dollar it can grab squeezed out of us.

Rather than waiting until the iron bars are around your neck, locking you in place in the dairy barn, wouldn’t it be a good idea to accept Roberts’ challenge and get the law repealed?

The only way to do that is by replacing the people who passed it. Of course, that means starting in the White House. But that won’t be enough if the Democrats still control the Senate.

We’ve got our work cut out for us, folks. Better get busy.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Vigilant

    Kindly refer to Mr. Livingston’s article on July 4 at

    The SCOTUS ruling that Obamacare is a tax clearly invalidates the law at the very outset. The ACA was passed using “reconciliation” procedures. Such procedures CAN NOT be used in the passage of tax bills. The Solicitor General argued before the SCOTUS using the tax aspect, and THAT was the portion Roberts said was Constitutional.

    Ergo, the law is null and void on its face.

    While Boehner may not have the sack to pursue this, this would give Romney the very opportunity he needs to declare the law invalid. He would not be acting in an unconstitutional manner by stating that he would not enforce the law (as Obama is inclined to do) because the law was never properly passed in the first place.

    • Vigilant

      Another aspect that is overlooked is that Roberts brilliantly got the liberal activist justices to sign their names to an opinion that clearly disowns the Commerce and Necessary and Proper clauses as vehicles “to justify every possible expansion of federal power…a majority of Court members said it would clearly be unConstitutional.” Not just a MAJORITY, but LIBERAL ACTIVIST Court members.

      With the liberal justices skunked into this admission, it effectively stops in its tracks, perhaps for decades, further efforts by the leftists in Congress to abuse the Constitution by hanging their hats on Commerce and Necessary and Proper clauses. In short, the activist lefties on the Court have been screwed, and I have a sneaky feeling that they know it.

      • MAP

        You could be onto something here Vigilant. This would show Roberts to have been brilliant rather than traitorous. The slippery and deceitful method by which the bill was pushed through would come back to bite them in the…well, you know. Pat Buchanan’s take on the ruling was very different. He missed the fact that a tax can not bypass the Senate, thus rendering the bill unconstitutional and invalid. Let’s see how fast the GOP can pick up the ball and run with it, though I have long since ceased having any faith in the GOP.

      • wsk

        Nonsense! This decision will embolden them. SCOTUS has given the Federal Government the ability to tax (penalize) and behavior, life style, etc it sees fit.
        VOTE ROMNEY.- Its not like we have a choice.

      • dan

        That’s how I interpret it V. But the real question is WTF Romney will do as he’s on both sides of this and Mitch McConnel has said that Congress won’t be able to get rid of it…

        There IS,however, a candidate who will reign in the terrorists at the iRS,EPA,FBI,ATF
        and undo a lot of the mess…. RON PAUL

      • Jazzabelle

        wsk, the feds have been exercising that power for a while now.

      • SailAway

        I believe you and the author of the article are incorrect about this. That statement by Roberts regarding the Commerce clause was part of a separate writing he produced that was not part of the majority decision. In effect it was not part of “The Opinion of the Court” which means it has no impact as a precedent. The liberals will continue to use the Commerce clause and the “Necessary” clause to expand their power at the expense of the Constitution and consequently at the expense of our freedom.

        This is precisely why we must stop this nonsense of trying to “cooperate” or “compromise” with liberals. Does one cooperate or compromise with lunatics? Modern liberalism is a fraternity of narcissists, statists, communists, and lunatics. The only solution is to defeat them at every turn and on every battlefield at the local, county, state, and national levels. Defeat them on School Boards, PTAs, Zoning Boards; defeat them for clerk, and recorder, and coroner, for sheriff, and supervisor, for state rep and senator, for every board and office in the land. They are the ones that made it an all out war on American freedom decades ago, and just like with regard to Al Qaeda, they have been at war with us, but we have not been at war with them. They call GOP members Nazis while the GOP Senate Minority Leader calls them colleagues. No, my friends, make no mistake they are at war against America, Americans, the Constitution, and against everything that America has stood for since its creation. It is time we fought back and fought back with our entire arsenal of logical, rational, informed intellect as well as our primary weapon, OUR VOTE!

        At least when Mitt Romney was Governor of Massachusetts, he did not govern by ignoring the State Legislature or by shredding the State Constitution. BHO has done this at he national level since day one. It is rational to conclude Romney will not start doing this when President. It is insane to conclude that BHO will stop if given a second term. That in and of itself is more than good enough reason to abandon any notion of a “protest” vote for a third party candidate. This is not the election for such sophomoric logic.

        Vote Romney and vote in as many conservative and Tea Party candidates as possible to the Senate and House. Then we must remain engaged to push for a Tea Party or at least a conservative Speaker of the House and Senate Majority Leader. Boehner and McConnell must be replaced by effective leaders with the will, intellect, and backbone to take the fight to the liberals and to keep taking it to them until American freedoms are not only restored but better protected from future liberal eruptions of insanity. This is the only peaceful pathway forward that includes freedom.

      • Old Sarge

        I agree. The unwritten message that Justice Roberts gave to the American People is staring you in the face. That message is that the Supreme Court cannot be expected to clean up the mess made by the voters that put the legislative politicians in office in the first place. We have to pay more attention to who we are voting into office. It effects all of our lives. The way I see it the voters have one very important question. Who can you really trust? The candidates will be making powerful speeches to try to convince you why they should be elected or reelected. I have said this many times. Do not be fooled by what the candidates, in both parties, say in their campaign speeches and debates. Those are just words and slogans. Edward R. Murrow said “Our major obligation is not to mistake slogans for solutions.” Actions speak louder than words. Research the candidates. That means doing a little work. That’s right. I said that four letter word “WORK.” Look at their past voting records, accomplishments, backgrounds, the issues they supported, activities they participated in, books they may have wrote and the organizations they joined. Those things can tell you quite a lot about the person. If you are reading this you have the ability to do that research in the comfort of your home. The important thing is to get out and vote and try to encourage those who don’t vote to get off dead center and do so or we could loose this Republic the Founding Fathers started for us. Those who don’t vote deserve the government they get.

      • slapjack

        I like your observation better than Chas. Krauthammer of Fox news. Nice insight!!!!

      • Sarah R.

        Article I, Section 7, of the Constitution of the United States states that “All bills raising revenue shall originate in the House of Represenatives.” Obamacare did not originate in the House.

      • JeffH

        Vigilant, Justice Roberts could very well have sealed Obama’s fate…intentionally I might add. This ruling was so off course and Obamacare is so unpopular that those that oppose it or were riding the fence have had a fire lit under them to get out and vote…all the while, the liberal supporters of Obama and Obamacare are basking in the light of their victory looking forward to another 4 years under the Marxist in charge.

        I know it’s a bit of a stretch, but Robert’s may have served the people, for those that can figure it out, the incentive to think about where they place their votes…start weeding out the rot in both parties.

        For the time being, it’s important to let Boehner and your state representatives know that O’care must go and their political survival is at stake…in no uncertain terms.
        Boehner’s contact link:

        There’s a long road ahead, but 2010 was a start and 2012 can be a statement.

      • JeffH

        Boehner on O’care: “At my direction and that of our majority leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA), the U.S. House of Representatives on July 11, 2012 will vote on legislation that would fully repeal the president’s health care law to stop it from inflicting further harm on our economy. The House passed a similar bill last year, but it died in the Democratic-controlled Senate. By passing our repeal bill in July, we will give the Senate and President Obama a second opportunity to follow the will of the American people.

        “House Republicans understand that ObamaCare is bad for our economy, and we will act, on behalf of the American people, to repeal it in its entirety. We stand ready to work with a president who will listen to the people and will not repeat the mistakes that gave our country this harmful law.”

        Keep the pressure on Boehner and our representative to fully repeal O’care…

      • JeffH

        In a news conference overlooking the Capitol, Mitt Romney said, “What the court did not do on its last day of session I will do on my first day if I am elected president of the United States. I will act to repeal Obamacare.”

      • Old Henry


        I hope you are correct, but do not hold your breath. This issue is basically a good campaign tool to help wrest power from the democraps so they can run the committees.

        We gave them the House of Representatives (checkbook) in November 2010. How much of guvment have they defunded since January 2011? None. Nada. Zippo.

        Have they put forth a SCHEDULE for the repeal? The first day of the new Congress? By the end of Juanuary 2013? Before April 15, 2013? Not a peep.

        Boehner is a go along to get along good ole boy political hack and they will continually find ways to postpone a repeal as TPTB do not want it repealed and they will continue funneling $ to the off-shore bank accounts of these politicians to keep them “in line”.

        Vote Ron Paul, or if he does not make it, vote Gary Johnson.

      • JeffH

        Old Henry, I hear ya loud and clear! As Vigilant pointed out…basically what Robert’s did, besides his twisted opinion, was state that the voters should have the final say on who’s supporting any type of egregious legislation.

      • Hank, MO

        Vigilant, I really disagree with your statement. This is how we continually get sucked in to this crap. Somebody like Roberts comes up with a ridiculous conclusion that is twice too cute to be anything approaching reality, and those who want to believe in him jump through their hats trying to sell that conclusion as a golden nugget of brilliancy. A lot of blue-collared workers would have one retort to your justification of Roberts’ insanity: Get your damned Nike ass out of here!” That’s because they’ve been sold a bill of goods before and paid for $90. tennis shoes and $200 jackets just because their kids screamed for something with Michael Jordan’s name and logo on it.

        We didn’t suddenly checkmate the liberals with Roberts’ convoluted logic. We irrevocably changed their ability to stick their noses in our business and their hands in our pockets. The author here states: “If Obama wins re-election and the Democrats retain control of the Senate, I still think Obamacare will end up on the ash can of history.” Is that supposed to console me? How long do you think it would take and how much misery would result? Hell, the Soviet Union ended up “on the ash can of history”, but how many millions lost their lives in the meantime? How much misery resulted from it?

        We don’t need to justify Roberts’ decision; we need to condemn it in the strongest terms– and exile him to his beloved Malta as the French did with Napoleon to the island of St. Helena.

        • RichE

          It won’t wind up in the trash can. Obamacare is a cash-cow for the insurance companies. Companies pay the majority of insurance premiums and now more companies will be forced to insure more employees. I sure hope someone is auditing this to make sure the insurance companies don’t get too wealthy.

      • http://aol darrell

        I was thinking the same thing. What if he did it purposely knowing it would take care of a bigger issue as well…..Obama! Genious! Quite genius!

      • Old Sarge

        He also got a 7-2 decision on the States Rights issues under the Tenth Amendment saying that the Federal Government cannot penalize states for not abiding by its wishes by means of withdrawing funds. That sets many such practices at severe risk and prevents further attempts to do so. In my humble opinion, the states are going to have a field day suing for already sequestered funds in education, transportation and other areas. Federally mandated speed limits set by the EPA under threat of withdrawal of funds? Goodbye.

    • Agi Groff

      Don’t get sidetracked with side issues, watch this video and you will know what is wrong with America:
      You-tube USS LIBERTY Cover Up – Full Documentary – “The loss of Liberty”
      Watch the video, sign the petition!
      Do not be afraid to put your name on this petition, initiated by one of the survivors of the attack. We must all hang together, or else we will hang separately.
      It is time to “Come From The Shadows” (Joan Baez) and demand that truth and justice reign over this land.
      Watch: Loss Of Liberty on You- tube!
      Sign the petiton:
      Google: Investigate the Attack on the USS LIBERTY PETITION

      • Vigilant

        Uh, I think YOU are the one trying to sidetrack us. You might want to scroll to the top and review the title and gist of the article.

    • SamFox

      There is little doubt in my mind that 0 care is not about people’s health. If it were this bill would not have been needed. If it were about our HC, govt woulda started doing what it takes to fix the economy rather than working to collapse it according to the Cloward & Pivon book & the book Rules For Radicals.

      What we are really seeing is an attempt to collapse the US financially with the goal in mind to ‘re-build’ US into some kind of Marxist-socialist nation. A nation where central planners control every aspect of every individual’s life. We see this happening NOW.

      I concede that Mitt may be a bit better than 0, because like Bush, Mitt will take us to the above agenda slower than 0 has. Which is not much of a redeeming factor.

      Don’t give up. Ron Paul is still in the race. Do the research. The Paul campaign is going after delegates & they do have many more than fringe presstitute media wants us to know of. Lot of info available at YouTube on Ron Paul & the delegate count.

      Also look up @ YT, copy & paste the following phrases,

      Judge Napolitano on Ron Paul

      Combat Veterans for Ron Paul

      Blacks for Ron Paul

      Jews for Ron Paul

      Hispanics for Ron Paul

      9-11 War and why Ron Paul’s foreign policy is right

      Southern Avenger on Ron Paul

      Thanks! Pray for the USA! God help US!


      • SamFox

        Here are some links exposing the real flip flopping two tongue Mitt Romney–

        Romney exposed

        Fake Conservative Mitt:

        Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

        Romney & 0bama the same.

        It’s up to us. We must do our best to educate every one we can. Look for & post replies at websites that knock the only fiscal conservative Running in either party, Ron Paul.

        Ron comes with a great bonus. He is also a Constitution based Congressman, would follow the Founder’s intent as much as possible & is a 30+ consistent US statesman.


      • Greg

        I believe a lot of companies will choose to pay the penalty as opposed to insuring everyone under the new premiums. It will be much less money. Most people will have to fend for themselves and get their own insurance.

      • Don_in_DC

        Let me start by saying I don’t like Obama but I have thought much of the comments about him were also false, as in him wanted to bankrupt the country…but I have to say that the more I think of it, the more I think it is a willful plan by him and probably many more in the government. It isn’t because of his dad or any of the other stuff, it’s because I notice 2 things…Our government isn’t doing anything to deal with the debt and yet many are smart enough to know that it is a critical situation.

        The three options they have then are:
        1) pay off the debt
        2) default, let everything crash, start over and the debt has been wiped effectively sort of like bankruptcy.
        3) print more money and pay it off that way. This really becomes #2 though.

        Given that Obama is adding a huge tax on the public in the middle of a debt problem shows he is willing to accept the default plan. I wish people could see the truth isn’t whether healthcare needed reform or whatever but a simple matter of money. If you can’t control your debt you can’t increase your spending. Nobody but Ron Paul is willing to attack the debt…NOBODY. And since he is seen as crazy by so many it tells me that really Americans are ok with the march to destruction.

        Other countries are working to remove the US dollar as the international currency because of our debt issues. Once this happens, the fight is over. Really it should happen too. No one country should have the ability to print money and affect the global economy. Stick to American arrogance all you want but that is only fair. International affairs should not give any country that power because it is unfair advantage to said country.

        There are many things I don’t know. I don’t know how much of this is related to the fundamentals of our banking system (money created from debt by the FED, the fiat system, etc). I do know something though, it cannot survive as it is going. Maybe Ron Paul has some strange ideas and maybe some aren’t right but he really seems to be the only one trying to change the path. So many fault him for wanting to remove regulation and such but I remember Reagan caught the same grief over removing the federal control over gas prices and he was right. We all want to make sure there is clean water and such but I can’t say that all our regulation really is responsible for making it happen.

        So I really suggest that all parties think about this strongly. Social programs can’t exist without money. It doesn’t seem a good idea to let government even try them because of the inefficiencies. Yes we want to help the less fortunate but it shouldn’t be at the expense of the country as a whole. I reduce everything to it’s basics. If a family is broke and in debt and they continually help the less fortunate it sounds like a noble gesture because we hope they can find a way to make all survive but if the reality becomes that the family dies because of that support then it was folly. If we let the entire government fail because of its spending then we have killed the family. Healthcare reform won’t survive that failure, food stamps won’t, etc etc. We can’t approach this problem with passion that we will live as martyrs because there is more at risk than just us. There are the lives of the whole word in this. Remove the US and it’s freedom from the mix and the dictators will take over everywhere because they will have another example of how freedom leads to corruption. Instead of bashing China and these other countries realize that you are faulting their governments. Their people still see the US as hope. That is the true American dream and it isn’t just ours anymore. We are a beacon to the entire world that you cannot take away.

        Gandhi said it best, be the change you want to see in the world. For a long time we have built the reputation that our way of freedom is something that is a right for all humans. We can’t allow that to die because we can’t balance our checkbook. If you want to be idealistic then be it for that dream. Fight to show that our ideals can work. Our ideals don’t have to be chained to all these false attachments. We seem to be clinging to the idea that we can still have our cake and eat it too. We can’t preserve any program or whatever if we can’t survive as a country. So don’t let this election be about healthcare or even jobs…let it be about showing that we will do our work to preserve a haven for everyone in the world. If we can’t protect the country within the borders we can’t protect others in their country. Get back to the simple ideas that here in the US there is protection for all. Don’t worry about the illegals already here or all these distractions. Get back to the fundamentals that within the borders everyone is welcome and has the freedom to live their life. Government can’t support that life it can only preserve the environment that lets freedom exist. Stop fighting about all this fluff and get back to the basics.

        Elect the man that is willing to put us on the right track. Obama showed he isn’t that person. If you think Romney is then elect him but I see him as more of the same. Only Ron Paul is willing to fight the tough fight and try something radical. We were formed by radical ideas. Our forefathers were the first terrorist remember by creating guerrilla warfare. Instead of hating Muslims try to learn from them what we have lost. People will give their lives to ensure their ideals can live. Be willing to stand up to this huge machine we have created in the same way and say “no more”. Show we deserve a better fate than Rome did because our ideals can carry that dream. We can’t have politicians in a different system of healthcare than the citizens. There are several rings of power in our system and it was never meant to be controlled by the central government, it was meant to be controlled by the local government. Your local community should be more powerful than the county which should be more powerful than the state which should be more powerful than the federal government. As you get further removed from your local community you have less impact to make your personal problems relevant. We have it backwards people. The federal government can’t give you anything without first taking it from you. We don’t have to support their salaries for life, their special health benefits, etc. They are rich enough to do that themselves. Elect someone that will strip all these benefits and give them back to the people. It isn’t about speeches or slogans but the fundamentals. Prove to the future generations that we were here for a reason.

      • Old Sarge

        I agree that, for most small businesses, it will be much less to just pay the fine instead of providing health care for his workers. I have a friend that owns a franchised Toco Bell. According to him he would have to charge up to and perhaps more than six dollars for a toco. Who would want to pay that?

      • Jim Cumber

        Another DVD which has just become available, and which may lead to the Obamanation’s Impeachment for Treason, is Joel Gilbert’s masterful “Dreams From My Real Father”, available from Alex Jones’, at UNDER $15 per copy.

        In short, the “Birthers” have been barking up the wrong tree. The REAL issue is NOT “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” The REAL issue is “Who is the father?”

        The REAL father of our erstwhile, pseudo-POTUS is Frank Marshall Davis (deceased) a black member of the Communist Party, which means that we have a “Red Diaper Baby” living in the White House. Our “Usurper-in-Chief” admits in his Bill Ayers, ghost-written “autobiography” that Davis was his “Mentor!” His Step-Father, Lolo Suetoro, was Muslim, so his early “formative years” were spent learning RADICAL ISLAM in an Indonesian “Madrasa. That’s right, kiddies, we have an honest-to-Lucifer, full-blown, “brain-washed” (or, rather, his brains were “dry cleaned”), COMMUNIST (and “stealth” radical Muslim) in the White House, whose “Mission” is to DESTROY the US Constitution and our Constitutional Republic, REPLACING them with a Muslim-Soviet State (a WORST possible politico-religious combination I CANNOT conceive), abiding by strict Qur’anic, “Shar’iah” Law! If he happens to get re-elected, the gloves and the Mask comes OFF, and the REAL Luciferian personality will be revealed, in all his Satanic “glory!”

        THIS is the REAL MEANING behind his TRUE AGENDA for “fundamentally transforming America!” His talent for prevarication can be traced to the common, Muslim practice of “al-Taqiyya” (“intelligent dissimulation”: essentially, LYING to non-Muslims in order to promote the Muslim Agenda!

        God Help us ALL!

        • Victor J. Fedrizzi

          All the garbage you read amd preach can go down to the bottom of the ocean. With you gone, there will less jackasses around

          • macgyver1948

            Victor J. Fedrizzi … I like your comment to Jim Cumber although I might have worded it a bit differently.

            To Jim Cumber I say, in case you do not want to know. You can do wonders with Photo Shop and video editing for an agenda and the Tea Party and the GOP are very good at it.

            I have seen TP/GOP videos and I have seen the unedited and the full versions of those same videos and they convey such different messages. Some you could see the frame cutting and the unprofessional job so maybe some are not so good. Ah, to give rise to “the truth, THE WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth”. I guess THE WHOLE truth doesn’t matter when it gets in the way of your real agenda. It even gets in your way when you don’t want some things known, LOL. Happy viewing there Jim… :-)

    • Bradley

      Add to the law not being legal that way and add that, it was a Senate Bill, ALL revenue Bill are required by the Constitution to come from the House

  • Rasta

    Wishful thinking!

    • Vigilant

      Another fact-filled and meticulously sourced argument from the resident communist.

      • Opal the Gem

        Rasta isn’t smart enough to be a communist he is just a slug spreading slime over everything he touches.

      • Old Henry

        Vigilant! RALMAO! Right to the point!

  • Vigilant

    Mr. Wood says, “If Obama wins re-election and the Democrats retain control of the Senate, I still think Obamacare will end up on the ash can of history.”

    That may be so, but the important thing is this: If Obamacare and out of control spending are allowed to continue at this pace, THE NATION “will end up on the ash can of history.”
    Obama and the Democrat majority in the Senate must be replaced before the country will have any hope of survival.

    • Robert Smith

      “If Obamacare and out of control spending are allowed to continue at this pace, THE NATION “will end up on the ash can of history.””

      Really? I’m proud to be part of a nation that takes care of its own.

      The selfish among us are the ones who are working against society and fracturing out country.


      • Karen

        Bet you’re unemployed on food stamps thinking everyone owes you a free lifestyle upgrade.

      • Vigilant

        RS, my statement is impeccably correct. You want to see what reckless social spending results in, just look at Europe. If you can’t see that, you are blind.

        Then you say, “Really? I’m proud to be part of a nation that takes care of its own.”

        The nation took care if its own long before socialism became de rigeur. Sloth and indolence were not rewarded under a free enterprise system, as they are under wealth redistribution schemes. American Capitalism has been more successful in history, and made more people prosperous, than any socialist system ever did. You could at least provide some substantiation for your argument, but you can’t, because it doesn’t exist.

        “The selfish among us are the ones who are working against society and fracturing out country.”

        You’re absolutely right. And we need to vote their leftist backsides out of office in November.

        Rs, you’re both mathematically challenged vis a vis the state of finances in this country, and historically ignorant as to the societies that have prospered the most.

      • Jack2

        Well said karen

      • Dorian Douglas

        Robert Smith (& others)

        You say you “are proud of a nation that takes care of its own”. We all should be.

        But why government??? Just give your share to the people in need (including illegals, if you are so inclined), as I & millions of others do. Cut out the “middle man (government)”. That’s what the “greedy rich” do (at last accounting, about 80% of all giving), all the while paying over 60% of all fed income taxes. What % do you give (rhetorical)????

        And how about letting us keep money we pay all of our working lives for SS & Medicare (every dime of which I put in has been stolen by government!!!), and let us manage our own money for health care & retirement??????

        Setting up non-profit foundations to fund health care for the poor costs 20%-30% (probably less, but that was the GAO # in 2008) of what the government charges to fund the poor’s health care now (which is going up exponentially under ACA), as well as “preexisting conditions”. (Or P E could be easily handled by Reinsurance, used sucessfully in P&C for decades).

        Of course, much of goverment’s excess is for graft & corruption. Don’t believe that? The ACA robs over $800,000,000 from medicare (now served by many of whom you presumably “want taken care of”), and still doesn’t pay for itself (Obama lies). Fraud, graft & corruption in our current medical monstrosity (to be made infinitely worse under the ACA; look at the “exceptions” for BO’s political friends and campaign supporters already) WAS NEVER ADDRESSED in this bill.

        How much payoff goes to politicians to support all forms of medical legislation (which means higher costs to us for drugs & med devices), and then the illegal “inside info” that they use to make stock profits? Where is tort reform, one of the 5 largest costs in current health care? Where is “buying across state lines”, which would obviate the need for costly government bureaucrats to run the new system, plus 10,000 new IRS agents to collect the penalty “tax”? What about the FDA Rule (not law!!!) that “only drugs can cure something”, that robs us of inexpensive cures for major diseases & conditions (a few if ys are getting these anyway, but we have to find out about them, then find them on our own)?

        There is another factor being overlooked. What function does insurance play in our current system? COST ANALYSIS! Who would do this in the ACA? Bureaucrats! Guess which well be more accurate! Why is this important to anyone? Ever hear of death panels? They are being set up now! NOT PANELS OF BUREAUCRATS! HSS is MANDATING that anyone over 70 (me) that has recurring “events” (congestive heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure, eg) that are expensive to treat, must now be evaluated by a panel of DOCTORS in that specialty, for long-term viability. Treatment for the 2nd (or 3rd) “event” won’t be treated (HHS “rule”) until a panel convenes. PROBLEMS: HOW DOES A DOCTOR GET A PANEL TOGETHER AT 2:30am, IN TIME TO INTERVENE WITH THE PATIENT’S EVENT??? How in the daytime (all doctors are seeing patient of their own)? How in outlying areas, that only have one or 2 specialists? Remember, time is usually critical for these patients. My mother had about 20-30 minutes the last time she was treated for cong heart fail. If she was made to wait for a ‘Panel” then, she would have died.

        For those of us who are healthy, this won’t be a problem, but we are few. The more that “pass on” before a panel can be convened, it helps the government “fix” the SS & Medicare mess they created! Ironic that a campaign ad showing granny being dumped from a wheel chair over the cliff, was put together by the very side that is dumping granny over the cliff!

        There are reasons why our government doesn’t want to discuss these & other issues, which is exactly why we should want them to!

        I could go on, but everyone should get the picture. To quote: “Government is not the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem.” Government should prevent force & fraud, NOT create it!

        But here is the real kicker. The ACA CREATES more new problems than the old system, and fixes a couple but few of the problems in the old system. And who set up the old system??? CONGRESS!!!! Why would we ever trust those idiots to fix something they broke??????

        Again, “Government is not the solution to the problem. Government IS the problem.”

        Dorian Douglas


        “Robert Smith,”



      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        R s The selfish among us? I can just see all you self rightous sorry assed liberals going around your neighborhood sharing your food stamps and welfare with any one.. The only place your kind will be seen is campaining for a commie state and demanding more handouts that you can benifit from. Out of those terrible selfish working , small buisness ,people’s pockets…

      • Ted G

        I’ll call you out for this BS Robert. I’ll help you take care of our own but not by using the federal government to do it.
        So come on lets do it as true Americans eh? If you really believe in the US Constitution and the BOR etc. then you should know that it is up to “we the people” to do what must or needs to be done! But absolutely it is not the within the realm of the Federal governments responsibility do do it!
        What you should really do is admit that you want to throw away our current form of government and replace it with Socialism/communism. You know that which has proven to be a failed ideology and unworkable.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Now you were assigned the use of the word “selfish”. Be sure to use it pointedly after everyone who disagrees with you.

      • rb

        I also am proud to be part of a nation that takes care of its own. It is such an unfortunate thing that our government keeps interfering with our ability to do so. We have a local helps agency in our community that takes in donations, sells the items and uses the money to help those in need. We are a rural area with high unemployment and even more underemployment. There are only 60,000 people in the entire county. Yet this organization, through private donations feeds over 1,100 families every month through the food pantry they house. They have paid for numerous car repairs for those whose car broke down but the new job they have only pays $8-$10 per hour so they don’t have $500 to fix it. The number of heat bills that have been paid during long winter months can hardly be counted. Yet they do all of this without one red cent front Big Brother. Yes, we are a nation that takes care of its own. I would like to ask you when the last time you donated to an organization such as the one I am talking about with your money or more importantly your time. There are over 250 volunteers that run the place I am talking about. No government!
        Oh but wait. Lets talk about what the government can do. Medicaid. I have a doctor friend who is the only surgeon in a four county area that will accept a Medicaid patient. Why would that be you ask? Because Medicade doesn’t even reimburse him what it costs to buy the drugs to treat his Medicaid patients! Let alone his staff. That’s right…this doctor pays in order to treat Medicade patients. Now that’s what I call “taking care of” our own isn’t it? See what a good job government graft and corruption does at “taking care of” our own.

      • vicki

        Robert Smith says:
        “I’m proud to be part of a nation that takes care of its own. ”

        Of course Rob is proud to be one of the thieves taking OUR money at gunpoint to take care of HIS own.

        And he dares to call us selfish.

      • No Cent Kansas

        If you think fiscal emasculation of the economy is a way of “taking care” of anyone, let me explain. The socialist agenda is to render everyone dependent on the government by making it impossible to independently survive the hegemony of the federal bureaucracy. Each day, there are fewer decisions left to individuals, and that results in the lock-step parade of sheep into the slaughterhouse. Maybe you prefer the goose-step parade?

        • RichE

          If the socialist agenda is a chicken in every pot then what’s the non-socialist agenda?

          • macgyver1948

            RichE….. To your “If the socialist agenda is a chicken in every pot then what’s the non-socialist agenda?”.

            I would guess it is like the old fish story. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach him to fish and he eats for a life time. To your question I suppose you teach him how to catch a chicken but more relative to today problems, for example, I would make it easier, and less pay-back costly, for him/her to go to college.

            It was a lot easier to payback student loans in my day but I didn’t have that problem. I went into the Air Force and when I got out our Uncle paid my way through. Not through Grad school, that I did on my own. :-). Its the learning that counts and I think that should be the point to your chicken question and the fish parable.

            In other words, help people enough so they can help themselves. Not tell them to ask mom and pop to buy them a business when most of our parents do not have the money. Romney is a sweetheart of a guy when it comes to his apathy toward all of us who aren’t as wealthy as he is. I oppose being given the chicken but I like the idea of being taught to catch one. Thanks for your question…

          • David Watkins

            The non-socialist agenda is have as many chickens as you want, in the freezer, in the yard, in the frying pan OR/AND the pot. No one saying “It’s not fair!” Just ask the guy how he got them and try to do it yourself.

      • Jay

        Well one thing’s for sure, obamacare is certainly taking the focus away from the fact that we have an illegitimate President who should not be in the White-house in the first place, much less be passing legislation, wether Constitutional or not. The debate should not consist of wether obamacare is Constitutional, but rather, that our current president is not legitimate. Thereby rendering the debate over wether obamcare is Constitutional, irrelevant!

      • vicki

        RichE says:
        “If the socialist agenda is a chicken in every pot then what’s the non-socialist agenda?”

        Your premise is in error so your question has no meaning. The socialist agenda is any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

        Thus it has nothing to do with chickens other than having the government raise them and giving them to the people that government wants the vote from (while the charade of voting is still used).

      • Don_in_DC

        Robert…nothing wrong with a country taking care of its own, its a good theory. Communism is good in theory too.

        Now you need to look at reality. Government isn’t capable of making moral distinctions. It can’t decide if your food stamps are deserved or not, it can only give them. It can’t decide if your healthcare is wasteful, it can only give. It uses some metrics in trying to give those and this creates problems. Some people deserve the assistance and don’t get it while others get it and don’t deserve it. That is reality.

        Do you want the government making those decisions for you? If you do then why aren’t you living in a country that already has this? There are numerous countries with socialized medicine, socialized benefits, etc…why change this country to have them when you have alternatives?

        Reality for me means to evaluate fairness in each decision. If the healthcare reform is so great why is it the politicians aren’t in it? No politician should be able to vote you into something that they aren’t taking a part in. That is the basis of our government even if it isn’t explicitly defined (although it should be). State governments are supposed to create laws that apply to that state and the politicians there live in that state. It opens too much abuse if you don’t control scope. Laws aren’t supposed to pick and choose fine detailed issues they are supposed to cover very basic ideas. Even then they aren’t supposed to enforce those laws, that falls upon the courts and juries of peers. You can argue assistance being great and wonderful all you want but in the end the Constitution is quite clear…decisions are supposed to be made at a local level and the federal government is only to be involved in issues across state lines. If your state can afford to give assistance then they are using their taxes to do it and that is fine. There shouldn’t be this taxation on a federal level to give it to the states, that is against the Constitution.

        When you try to cover all these things you only end up with nothing getting done properly. It would be much better to have a powerless federal government than to have a federal government that makes the people powerless. It isn’t a Dem or GOP issue, it is a fundamental issue on how to avoid corruption. Any system that has a strong central government has been shown over history to be highly corrupt and unfair to the citizens. We were different because we created a system that had local and centralized government but we aren’t that anymore. Now that localized government is only a bureaucratic part of the central government meant to enforce it’s agenda. Again it is fine if you want that, many other places already have it. Leave this one to be different.

    • nc

      Vigilant, tell me real slowly how the last Republican President and a Republican controlled Congress turned out considering the economy when they took office? Any reason to believe that Romney and the same Republican platform will do any better?
      I sort of like the economy figures from the past Democrat administrations compared to those of the past Republican Presidents.See “Presidents and Prosperity” at FORBES. COM going back to Harry Truman! Notice that it ends BEFORE little bush left office and his figures, if they had been included, would have placed him even below the weak record of his father and Nixon! You do remember that Steve Forbes was and is a Republican?

      • http://yahoo marc lizotte

        I agree with you NC and also would like to see Stevie boy picked for vice president . Romney/Forbes , that would move us forward. Would be interesting to see if Forbes would accept tho.

      • John

        nc I am confused by your question/statement about Bush and a Repub congress; If memory serves we had an unemployment of less than 5% for much of the Bush presidency with a Repub lead congress.

        In January 2007 Nancy Pelosi (D) and Harry Reid (D) became leaders of their respective houses of congress and within 15 months of their tireless managing of the purse strings we had an economic meltdown.

        Prez Obumma continues to emulate FDR in his policies and ideas and though FDR is promoted as some great Prez by the “historians” I have always wondered why his policies kept us in a Great Depression while the rest of the world had economic growth. I have also wondered how long it would it have continued if the Japanese hadn’t bombed Pearl Harbor.

        As for other Dems, Truman happened to be pres when we were the only industrialised nation that hadn’t been ravaged by war. Kennedy and Johnson were still riding that wave of being the industrial base of the west. Carter, was a complete joke, granted part of his problem is the rest of the industrial nations were finally rebuilt after the war, with newer and better equipment, but his policies were a joke, especially his CRA which took a couple decades to come up and bite us hard (used to think he would go down as the worst Pres in my lifetime).

        Clinton got real lucky; the internet boom and a Repub congress to make him balance the books. Yet he still left office with a recession, passing it on to the next guy….. oops.

        And we all know what our current Democratic Pres is doing to the prosperity of our nation…… if one keeps in mind that when Obumma talks about redistributing wealth; he’s talking about redistributing the wealth of the USA to third world nations, one can see he is doing exactly what he set out to do.

        I don’t know about the rest of you, but I for one can’t afford 4 more yrs of Obumma. Would prefer Ron Paul, but anyone but Obumma will do at this point.

        of my soapbox


      • phideaux

        “… yet another mediocre-to-bad jobs report. The economy added just 80,000 jobs in June and unemployment remained unchanged at 8.2%. It’s the third straight month of weak hiring.”

        And that is just the official unemployment figure the actual number is closer to 16.5%

      • JeffH

        KUDOS to you Vigilant…for not responding to an ignorant liberal parrot!

      • texastwin827

        I am constantly amazed at where people put the blame for a poor economy…the President, when in fact, he does not pass the spending bills (that put us in tremendous debt) the CONGRESS does! Americans do two things really well….we bitch alot and continue to put the same people back into office, that have created the mess that we are in!

        Congress’ history might actually provide some “insight” if Americans ever bothered to look at who controlled it and who was President, at the time. Keep in mind, the House can pass all the bills they want, however, IF the Senate Majority leader elects to not bring their bills to the floor, for a vote, as Harry Reid is currently doing (over 700 House bills have not been brought to the floor for a vote in the Senate), they are rendered ineffective so it would appear the true “Party of No” might actually be those in the majority in the Senate. If not, it could be said, at the least the Senate Majority leader’s fault.

        Many times, I’ve seen people (usually Liberals) point out what a “good economy” that this country had, under President Clinton without even realizing that, except for his first 2 yrs, his Congress was a Republican Majority in both houses, during his entire tenure as President. Gee, could that be a clue we’ve overlooked??

        While George W Bush (and no, Liberals, I didn’t vote for him as my Gov of TX, let alone my President), had a Republican Congress the first term, he had a Democrat Congress to deal with his last 4 years. Gee, did we miss another clue??

        103rd 1993-1995 Bill Clinton
        Senate 57 Dems/43 Repubs Democrat Majority
        House 258 Dems/176 Repubs/1 Indep Democrat Majority

        104th 1995-1997 Bill Clinton
        Senate 48 Dems/52 Repubs Republican Majority
        House 204 Dems/230 Repubs/1 Indep Republican Majority

        105th 1997-1999 Bill Clinton
        Senate 45 Dems/55 Repubs Republican Majority
        House 207 Dems/226 Repubs/2 Indep Republican Majority

        106th 1999-2001 Bill Clinton
        Senate 45 Dems/55 Repubs Republican Majority
        House 211 Dems/223 Repubs/ 1 Independ Republican Majority

        107th 2001-2003 Geo W Bush
        Senate 50 Dems/50 Repubs Equal Majority
        House 212 Dems/221 Repubs Republican Majority

        108th 2003-2005 Geo W Bush
        Senate 48 Dems/51 Repubs/1 Indep Republican Majority
        House 205 Dems/229 Repubs/1 Indep Republican Majority

        109th 2005-2007 Geo W Bush
        Senate 44 Dems/55 Repubs/1 Indep Republican Majority
        House 202 Dems/231 Repubs/1 Indep Republican Majority

        110th 2007-2009 Geo W Bush
        Senate: 49 Dems/49 Repubs Equal Majority
        House: 233 Dems/198 Repubs Democrat Majority

        111th 2009-2011 Barack Obama
        Senate 57 Dems/41 Repubs/2 Indep Democrat Majority
        House: 256 Dems/178 Repubs Democrat Majority

        112th 2011-2013
        Senate: 51 Dems/47 Repubs/2 Independents Democratic Majority
        House: 193 Dems/242 Repus Republican Majority

        My Point? For far too many decades, Americans have shirked their duty to educate themselves about the very ones that pass laws that effect us and, instead, have opted to adopt the “I’m pro Dem or Repub party” instead of “I’m for the best candidate, regardless of party affiiation” because we’ve become lazy and apathetic. And we are now reaping what we, the citizens have sewn!

      • texastwin827

        Sorry, I meant to say Geo W Bush had a Democrat Congress for the last 2, not 4 yrs.

      • Don_in_DC

        I’m sick of the party debate…dems, GOP…both got us in this mess. Neither side can really be proud of anything. If you honestly think that either party is doing a good job then you are delusional. Hello, we are broke and you are arguing about who is the better accountant. Neither side has reduced the debt in my lifetime. You people love to quote this figure or that figure but you miss the point. The one thing the government CAN do is tax and spend. When it leaves us with debt that means it isn’t doing it properly. You don’t raise taxes during a recession and SCOTUS says this is a tax. You don’t spend more money than you take in, that is finance. You can’t add to spending if you are using debt UNLESS the gains can be worth more than the cost of borrowing and it is always a gamble to do so. Nothing in this points to fiscal responsibility on the side of either party.

        If you can’t reduce the debt and balance a budget then you are part of the problem. That is the #1 issue. The rest of this is nothing but number games to decide where you are buying more debt. So you think its good to have entitlements then pay for them. I don’t care. If you are broke though you need to be doing something to fix that instead of adding more issues to the mix. Cut ALL the programs, and give everyone a flat tax of 75% until the debt is paid off. After that you can resume your programs and if we ever have debt again, shut it down until its paid off. That is too extreme? Ok, then at least submit a budget and live within that but it better include a real plan to pay off debt. Having debt to foreign nations automatically reduces your ability to be a separate nation. You want to criticize China, how can you do much of anything to them if you need them to buy debt??

        90% of you argue these details and you do nothing to solve them because you will vote your party no matter who they put up there to run. Might as well directly vote for the donkey or the elephant instead of using them as symbols…they can’t do worse.

        • macgyver1948

          Don_in_DC .. LOL.. Wow man you said a mouth full. And so much of what you say is right, fiscally speaking. But when it comes to cutting programs we need to be careful or will will add so deeply to the homeless rate and make so may undertakers happy.

          We are in debt for so many reasons and you are right it may not matter which donkey/horse wins because much of what they do is the same. Heck if Romney wins we will have more bushisms because he is appointing so many of the bush advisors. If Obama wins we better hope Obamacare will penalize only those who do not comply so it will not be a tax. I think the GOP and Romney felt the IRS was a good collector because they are so good at that and they can be so scary.

          We need to cut down on huge government. We also need to be compassionate and prudent in how we do that. And we need to prevent this country from becoming the Corporate States Of America, that is for sure. How we go about it maybe needs to start with a total house cleaning and government reform. Our constitution, it clearly does not belong to the government, must be brought back to how it was meant to be, protecting our liberties, and only needed protections added.

          Corporate influence must be stopped as the founders wanted because of their fear of huge money influence. Wow were they so right.

          “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare to challenge our government to a trial by strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” — Thomas Jefferson. 1816

          The founders felt corporations cannot be considered people. I say if we allow that where will it end? The Founders wanted only those with beating hearts to be people and therefore citizens. I say if Corporations ever get to vote, out right in public elections or how they influence in government, it would like they have two votes, one as a citizen voter and one as a corporations. How is that fair to the rest of us who have only one vote?

          I do not know all the answers but I have opinions as everyone else does. We need to get pissed off enough and re-create our government as it was intended 236 years ago, or as close to it as we can. And we need to make our so-called representatives fear more for their reelection by us than they hope for their campaign contributions.

          There is more to what I think Government Reform should be, and specific things, but there isn’t enough room here and now. Want I do know and believe is “we cannot fix the problems with the minds that created them”. Man I wish I was the first to think that up. All we continue to do is elect the same kinds of minds and we expect different results. Is that one of the purest definitions of insanity or what?

          We need enough of us UN-wealthy citizens banding together to make all of our government know they work for us because we, by ourselves, do not have the same clout as the big corporations and the very Koch-like wealthy.

          I’m sick of the party debate too.

      • Jim Cumber

        In all this discussion of the ACA, the lack of discussion of certain information indicates that most of the people on this discussion board have NOT really READ the Affordable Care Act (AKA: ObamaCare). Not only does the ACA include the “Death Panels” which the Obamanation claimed it does NOT have, but it also includes RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS from the requirements to purchase health insurance by MUSLIMS! They are also exempted from the fines and penalties for NOT PURCHASING Health Insurance. In order to provide “cover” for the unConstitutional favoring of Muslim Shar’iah Law (essentially, establishing Muslim, Qur’anic, Shar’iah Law as the State Religion of the United States, in VIOLATION of the US Constitution’s First Amendment!), such RELIGIOUS EXEMPTIONS are also provided for the Amish…

        THAT is just for “starters…”

        Our COMMUNIST, and Stealth Muslim, Pseudo-POTUS, has the “Mission” of “fundamentally transforming America” into a Communist and Muslim State!

        • Eric Jones

          I know you cant but for giggles PROVE IT !!!!!!

    • Flashy

      Vig…you state “RS, my statement is impeccably correct. You want to see what reckless social spending results in, just look at Europe. If you can’t see that, you are blind.”

      I would suggest the blinders are being worn by you. What caused the issues today facing Europe? Yes, spending is part of the problem, but only part. Had the economies continued to grow as pre-2008 forecasts had them pegged, and spending capped or slowed in growth, the economies of the EU would be stable.

      What occurred? The Great Bush Recession crippled ALL economies. European reaction was to adopt the Janapense solution of the 90′s…the decade the Japanese refer to as the “lost decade”. The adoption of the budget austerity measures so pushed by the GOP for us to adopt. Boom…. what occurred in Japan in the 90;s lo and behold is occurring in Europe.

      Credit dried up, investment monies disappeared, unemployment skyrocketed straining already strained budgets, banks were cash strapped, tax revenues went down (again straining overstretched budgets).

      Uh huh … that’s where the austerity measures the GOP and TPers screamed for us to adopt led Japan and Europe. Cut spending while in the grips of a recession.

      This week France hit the wealthy and Big Corporations with additional taxes and announced short term spending stimuli for the french economy. Now…I may not be a major economic guru, but did you see what the stock market reaction was to those measures? As the wealthy and Big Corporate elite of france scrfeamed “the sky is falling”? Stocks went up. Hmmmmm….

      Every European economy that is in trouble today followed the 90′s Japanese formula of economic suicide. The very same formula that the GOP and the TPers are screaming for today.

      • JeffH


      • phideaux

        Same old crap flashy posts every week with absolutely no documentation, links, or sources. Only flashy’s word that it is true and we all know what flashy’s word is worth around here.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says, “Uh huh … that’s where the austerity measures the GOP and TPers screamed for us to adopt led Japan and Europe. Cut spending while in the grips of a recession.”

        Now let’s look at what you’ve said. Tell me what precise austerity measures have been adopted in response to the GOP? That’s right, none.

        Now tell me where the Keynesian pump priming has gotten us. That’s right, unsustainable debt load, dilution of the value of the dollar, downgrading of America’s creditworthiness, anemic GDP growth, 23 million Americans unemployed or underemployed, 40% drop in the net worth of the American family, unemployment over 8% for 41 months (over a longer time than the Depression unemployment figures), black unemployment higher than under Bush, and climbing, and hyperinflation on the horizon.

        Now, if you’re such a proponent of Keynesian economics, how come you don’t look at the other facet of recommended actions during a recession? It’s called “lowering taxes.” Yeah, like Obama’s resurrection of Alternative Minimum Tax, increase in capital gains taxes, and a health care program that will become the largest tax increase in American history (over 20 NEW taxes),

        So. let’s review. How does one blame austerity measures which have never been applied, then turn around and condone, nay praise, a course of action that is harming this nation and leading it on a road to disaster? Obama’s had 41 months to do something about this kettle of fish. He OWNS it now, regardless of who started it.

      • John Woodbury

        Wow Flusher, what a piece of crap from you. You do what libturds the world over do, accept projections as facts. Republicans are not proposing anything, which is better than your no-witted brothers in the government are doing. As far as Bush’s anything, it over fool, it your child-leaders problem. But if you read well, you would find it was mainly a Democratic push not Republican (remember Bush tried to fix Fannie and Freddy, of course you do not. No brain = no memory). There is no point in educating a rock, so have a great life.

      • Jim Cumber

        Besides which, our pseudo-President has a virtual ADDICTION to the Muslim practice of al-Taqiyya (translates from the Arabic as “Intelligent Dissimulation”: in essence, DELIBERATELY LYING to non-Muslims in order to further the MUSLIM AGENDA!). That Agenda can be summed up by quoting the Battle-Cry of the Sons of Islam as they first boiled out of the Saudi Desert in the 600s AD: “The Sword or the Qur’an!” In other words, “Convert to Islam or we’ll KILL you!”

  • Bob

    I cant believe PELOSI SAID “we have to pass this bill,so we will know whats in it,t”is she stupid??and why didnt somebody stand up,and say thats a crock of crap? I personally think ALL Senators and Congressman (and women) should be replaced,what a bunch of IDIOTS we have in Washington,Starting at the top !!!

    • MAP

      PELOSI SAID “we have to pass this bill,so we will know whats in it,t”is she stupid??
      She is a far-left nutcase and statist. Yep, she’s stupid alright, but too far into ourter space to know it. Voters that would put her into a position of power are the very, very stupid ones.

      • Flashy

        MAP…I have a question for ya. When are you going to write something worthwhile and of substance?

      • phideaux

        “MAP…I have a question for ya. When are you going to write something worthwhile and of substance?”

        I would say about the third comment after you write “something worthwhile and of substance” flashy.

        • Victor J. Fedrizzi

          I have a question for you? Why don*t you have anything sensible to say? You say the President shouldn*t be in office. I say you don*t need to be here in the United States. Your word can go in the garbage can. Amen

    • jopa

      Bob; When she said “We will know what’s in it” what she was saying is you will also know what she already knows.That’s where the “We” comes in.I can pretty much assume you didn’t read the bill and she did.

      • Paul Wells

        Jopa, that’s a load of crap. That bill was revised so many times, NO ONE had a chance to read it in it’s entirety. Pelosi was way too busy conducting midnight arm twisting meetings, and excluding R’s from any engagement in the process! I believe you are not up “to snuff” in your understanding of how full of crap she is!

      • Don_in_DC

        Jopa, let’s assume you are right. Well now it is passed and we know what is in it. We know it is several new taxes as confirmed by SCOTUS. Now what?

    • http://BarbaraLeiss Barbara Leiss

      The end is near. I do hope I am not alive to see the downfall of America the brave and beautiful. No matter who gets into office the die is cast. The bible shows that the only way we will be saved is by God’s intervention. this take over is far out of contrioll for us mortals to reverse the situation. May God save us All.

      • Robert Smith

        “I do hope I am not alive to see the downfall of America the brave and beautiful.”

        Without health care your wish is more likley.

        Ohhhhhhhh! I get it! Christian Scientists don’t need medical care.


      • Jay

        Without you, Robert, there will be less stupid-pollution.

      • Don_in_DC

        Sorry but God doesn’t fix governments…people do. They usually have to use a lot of force to do it too.

        Your religion is your own choice in life so it isn’t for me to correct you. It is frustrating how you leave everything in God’s hands though. If it turns around then you give him the credit and if it doesn’t then it was part of a bigger plan. The only areas I can consider where it seemed God really saved a government was Japan when it didn’t get owned by the Chinese on two separate naval attacks. God hasn’t done much since then to help them though. Might be better to plan on humans doing their part and hope that God supports them.

        • macgyver1948

          Don_in_DC … I would like to throw in my two cents to your comment responding to Barbara Leiss. You are right when you say “Your religion is your own choice in life so it isn’t for me to correct you”.

          I agree and I wish people wouldn’t tell those of my religion, or any other for that matter, are going to hell because we do not believe what they do. And I wish people would stop going into my bible and redefine the scriptures to justify whatever but so many do.

          With that, and this is only my theory because how could I know?, I want to say something from my bible concerning this issue.
          God made it clear He didn’t want human Governments because He knew how greedy and corrupt humans can be, especially when they are in control. But the Isrealites continued to ask for a king so they could better deal and barter with neighboring cultures. Eventually God gave in and said Saul should be King but my thinking is perhaps God was acting as a concerned parent in this case and He wanted us to learn the lesson on our own.

          It is amazing that was maybe 2600 years ago and we still haven’t learned how to treat each other. It is as though we may read our bibles but we really haven’t taken a look. We should at least learn from human history since we aren’t from the bibles.

    • Old Sarge

      She said it. The video is on You Tube. It has been shown by, not only FOX, but CNN as well. All you have to do is call it up.

    • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

      Bb What is there about nasty Nancy tha made it so unbelievable abot her statement She hasnt said anything yet that made any sense

    • http://none Jude

      I think they do not vote in what they believe in the vote the majority of their party wants regardless if they think it is right or wrong. They have to vote their party line not what is best for our country. I have worked all my life and sick and tired to taking care of those who do not make an effort to be responsible for themselves. Now they have classed drug/alcohol addiction as a disease ( they now get our tax dollars to support the habit) That is what it is a habit. A disease is something you have no control over. Drugs/alchol is a choice and if they really want to quit there is help for them. Also against the illegals using our tax dollars, for housing, food stamps, medical, if old enough Soc. Sec and SSI. and taking our jobs. Obama has got to go. I am not a die hard supporter of Romney but will vote for him and not split up the votes to allow Obama to have a second term, he has destroyed our country enough.

      • Judy

        I am so tired of hearing you people putting all of the economies woes on Obama. Have you forgotten what Bush did to the country for 8 years? I don’t know how you think that Obama can fix everything in four years what Bush did in 8!!!!! What gives you the idea that Romney will do better? He’s Republican! Those who are down and out financially want to be able to put food on the table and a roof over their heads.My husband worked in the Federal Prison system for 24 years. Everyone thought that he was making ‘Big Bucks’ because he worked for the Federal Government. NOT!! I am sure that there are people who would like to see if Obama can undo what Bush did. We come from a long family of hard workers and we try to make do the best that we can. I am willing to give Obama another chance to try to make things right for the country.How would you feel if say you were put in a position to take over a job that your predecessor had messed up for a long period of time and you were expected to clean up the mess in half the time it took for the trouble to start?

        • Rosemary

          Please enlighten us, just how was Obama “put in the position to take over a job that your predecessor had messed up for a long period of time and you were expected to clean up the mess in half the time it took for the trouble to start?” Obama said himself “if I don’t have the deficit cut in half by the end of my first term I don’t deserve a second.” No one drafted him for the position of President. No one forced him to make that promise. No one forced him to lie about ObamaCare which is a tax, Obama tax.

      • Vigilant

        Judy says, “I am sure that there are people who would like to see if Obama can undo what Bush did.”

        Wake up, Judy. He’s had 41 months to “undo” Bush’s work, and the situation’s WORSE than under Bush, MUCH worse. Moreover, you don’t fight fire with fire. Obama’s fatal flaw is that he CONTINUED the Bush bailouts and giveaways, and did it at a much accelerated pace.

        And you can blame a Democratic Congress for causing the recession. Many videos are available showing Republicans warning Democrats of the impending housing bubble disaster, while Democrats said “don’t worry, be happy, Fannie and Freddie are financially sound.”

  • rv

    maybe Chief Justice Roberts is smarter than we think.

    • Old Sarge

      You may have hit it right on. Roberts may have dealt a fatal blow to Obamacare in his “approval” of its Constitutionality. Here is the count: The act is an overreach of the Commerce Clause, vote 9-0. The act is an overreach of the Necessary and Proper Clause, vote 9-0.

      That seems pretty slick. Would you have imagined the entire court finding the act Unconstitutional if relying on the Commerce and/or the Necessary and Proper Clauses? Yet those were the sum and total of the government’s arguments. This is now a clear, bright and shining line drawn wide in the sand that tells Congress to back off any expansion of those powers.

      He also got a 7-2 decision on the States Rights issues under the Tenth Amendment saying that the Federal Government cannot penalize states for not abiding by its wishes by means of withdrawing funds. That sets many such practices at severe risk and prevents further attempts to do so. In my humble opinion, the states are going to have a field day suing for already sequestered funds in education, transportation and other areas. Federally mandated speed limits set by the EPA under threat of withdrawal of funds? Goodbye.

      The idea of getting the liberal faction of the court to agree to tell Obama and Congress that, no matter what you call it, a tax is a tax and don’t try to BS us is a cup of the fresh water. Further, his opinion is so stated that it gives clear warning that if the regulators or Congress try to make the tax a punitive amount then it, too, will be Unconstitutional since a penalty for not engaging in commerce is Unconstitutional. That is a 9-0 decision.

      This could be one for the history books as a powerful move to reign in the Federal Government’s expansion.

      • Vigilant

        “Would you have imagined the entire court finding the act Unconstitutional if relying on the Commerce and/or the Necessary and Proper Clauses? Yet those were the sum and total of the government’s arguments.”

        Not quite. The administration was so desperate to cover all possible angles of Constitutionality that the Solicitor General actually DID use the power of Congress to tax argument.

    • Mike in MI

      Old Sarge -
      That’s so unfathomably involuted, convoluted and revoluted it might even be right. Hope to God it is. (laughing uproariously I am, I am)
      That’s so funny!!! Even the three lib “ladies” on the court were so hyper-excited about taxing the people more they forgot who they were and actually voted correctly on something that holds high and strengthens the Constitution. Do you realize how huge that is? I can hardly believe it…The Devil stepped on his own dick again. Incredible. I’ll be laughing for a week if you’ve got it right.

  • bearilywilson

    Now all we need to do is exile the liberals….ALL of them….to Kenya; never to return to U.S. soil; for treason against America and the U.S. Constitution; so that we can have a FREE society once again without anyone telling us how to conduct our lives!

    • Robert Smith

      Sounds to me like a thriteen year old ready to run away from home…


      • Karen

        You sound like an unemployed recent college grad still living at home w Mom amd Dad. You have a long road ahead.

      • Paul Wells

        What Karen said. RS, you sound like you haven’t experienced life on your own at all, judging from your very naive comments.

      • Robert Smith

        Hmmmmmm, perhaps I am misguided.

        Aren’t christians supposed to take care of their brothers (and sisters)?

        Maybe I got that part wrong. Please correct me if so.


      • wsk

        Yes, Robert
        Christians are supposed to help others. We just don’t need the government to do it for us.

      • Vigilant

        “Sounds to me like a thriteen year old ready to run away from home…”

        Aptly spoken by someone with a mental age of 13.

      • Jay

        Not perhaps, you are, misguided.

    • RichE

      You just don’t get it, throwing people overboard won’t fix the holes in the boat. Just what would happen if you got rid of all the entire liberal? Would corruption vanish? Would the blue laws of Sunday return?

      • JeffH

        Socialist governments traditionally do make a financial mess. They always run out of other people’s money.

        • RichE

          Who winds up with the money?

      • JeffH

        DUH! The politicians and their cronies!

      • Mike in MI

        Hey-y-y-y RichE, – Socialists, Communists, NAZIs, Statists and Obamanites, etc. always run out of OTHER people’s money to spend.
        Ever wonder how President Ronald Reagan destroyed the United Soviet Socialist’s Republic? He just quit sending them our aid money, free food and technology.
        Liberals, without somebody else to afford them a living, make pretty good fertilizer. Recognizing this, when in authority they try desperately (maybe…disparately..?) hard to make sure to pass laws that assure others of their sort a free ride on the backs of the “Middle Class”. ( To them the “Middle Class” is anyone with a business, an industrious heart, ambition, skills, a “can-do” attitude, personal responsibility and money he earned from effort and brains.) Taxes work quite nicely to wrest any loose change the Libs decide they have a “better” use for…short of outright thievery.
        If they don’t happen to be in power they use identity theft, highway robbery, cat burglary or others of a number of very stealthy ways to get Granny to give over her Social Security check or take some kids’ lunch money.
        Anyway, when Reagan stopped the flow of our capitalistic profits to the ravenous Russian Bear it shriveled up and went poofth-th-t. When all the world’s liberals saw it they screamed in horror and changed the subject. They knew if the wod ever got out about what had occurred people might never again vote for a Democrassass.

    • nc

      Bearily, there are a lot of women in this country VERY concerned about how conservatives will tell them how to run their lives. Other citizens who find the conservatives wanting to tell them they can’t express there feeling for the ones they love as a FREE AMERICAN when it does no harm to any other American!
      Please tell me the last “true conservative” who has lead this country to it’s posidtion as the leading country in the world. If you are thinking Reagan, remember he raised taxes and tripled the national debt without a war to finance and said his UNION LEADING days were among his happiest! Not real “true conservative” values as I read them expressed here!!

      • Kevin

        Bull he tripled that national debt , what you and others keep forgetting is he doubled the Intake into the treasury, Congress still spent it faster than he made it.

        He cut taxes not tripled him, yes he trusted Congress once and they nailed him.

        A fool can look at the Numbers and see the truth, remember Jimmy and the 21% inflation I do.
        He also got conned on immigration.

      • Vigilant

        “Bearily, there are a lot of women in this country VERY concerned about how conservatives will tell them how to run their lives.”

        nc (nut case), the 76 year old paid Democratic opposition research operative, you’re on the wrong page of Democrat talking points. The “War on Women” propaganda (ending up as a real loser for Obama) is on page 42 of the talking points. We’re now on page 55.

        Lose your place?

    • Karolyn

      So then you could have Christian fascism like in Islam? If everybody thought the same, it would be an awfully boring world. Is that what you would like? Well, I guess boring, closeminded people wouldn’t mind that.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Robert Smith the simple answer is NO.
      We are not to take care of the moochers, the parasites, the loafers, the predators even if they tell us that we are obligated to help them.God never put such an obligation on anyone.
      Are you hoping that all people can be conned anymore as you Lefties have been doing for generations?

  • wsk

    You’re dreaming! Once a government program is started, it never goes away. It enlarges, transforms, costs more, becomes more intrusive, but it absolutely will not stop -ever.
    Sounds like “The Terminator ” movies. We are royally and irreversibly screwed.

    • Robert Smith

      Isn’t that the right wing way? Once you get pregnant, you STAY pregnant.


      • bryan downs

        not if your a dem,just get an abortion our new insurance will pay for it

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Robert Smith,

        I believe you have set a new record for yourself. Before 8 a.m. you have already blasphemed and brought God into a discussion that had nothing to do with religion and abortion into a discussion that had nothing to do with reproductive rights.

        Best wishes,

      • brett

        gee bob, inquiring about a biblical passage is not blasphemy, abortion is a medical procedure, and barb leiss brought god into the subject at 8:29am.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        brett, what part of Robert Smith’s body do you come from, the part that is the waste disposal?

      • JeffH

        Nadzieja, brett’s an eddie clone.

    • Dave Kirby

      Dems don’t get more abortions than Repubs. Honestly, do you see more out of wedlock/unwanted children running around the macmansions than in poorer neighborhoods? No. The Repubs just like to talk against abortion hoping, knowing that the Dems will defend women’s rights and keep the christian bully pulpits active.


        “Dave Kirby,”



    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      We definitelly are screwed, but the sad news of the matter is that the majority of people don*t use their own minds. They listen to Fox news for Republicans and are brainwashed by Congressmen controlled by Lobbyists, Karl Rove and other big money donators to Romney and Congress. I believie what is rtight or wrong in my own mind. Guess what?, I am registered as a Reppublican, but I am strictlly against the Republicans failing to cooperate with the President for a number of years to create jobs and improve the economy. Then theyhave the nerve to blame the slow economic and job recovery on the President when they are the ones to blame. They are paid for doing nothing , but fight against the Democrats and President. Their chief goal is just to get ride of lthe President. They don*t do anything for the people who elected them in office. So , the Repulbicans won*t get my vote. I am mad at them.

      • Rosemary

        Victor, DO some homework. #1 The lack of leadership is the number issue. #2 The House passed several hundred bills to address many problems of the Nation. #3 The Senate and Mr. Harry Reid have not allowed many of those House passed bills to go to the floor for a vote. To lay all blame at the hands of one party, lets the other two branches off the hook. The division of our Country is misdirected. The anger should be at the Government, not citizens against citizens. Who are we paying for all the grid lock? Independent Voter

        • Victor J. Fedrizzi

          Like I said, Congress is all screwed up and you aren*t using your own mind. Where your misjudgement comes from , I don*t know. Lobbyists and Big Monely Control Congress and the Elections so they are the ones to blame.

  • hpw3506

    good article but so much more can be said about how devastating obamacare will be to so many people

    • Robert Smith

      Not to mention but the lives it will save.

      Not to mention the families who won’t be crushed by catastrophic medical expenses.


      • Karen

        What you fail to see is the shortage of doctors choosing other fields because of Obamacare which will lead to longer wait times for patients, patients dying because they couldnt get in soon enough in some cases, astronomical health insurance premiums to cover losses from catastrophic illnesses and on and on. Look at the failure of healthcare in Europe and England. That s what we can expect.

      • CaptRCG

        Smith – being a liberal & stupid you would not understand what it is like in the real world – but being a liberal you should be rewarded – there are only 2 ways to reward a liberal – they are as follows #1 – a long prison sentence – #2 – lethal injection – either one would fit you to a tee – have a great day – wake up stupid – So Mote it Be

      • Concerned Montanan

        But, Rob, bureaucrats in Washington DC are going to decide whose life is worth saving. And as to families being crushed by medical expenses, these will increase, not decrease. And their will be an internal army sent out to make sure that doctors (those that are left) and clinics stick by the rules and not save you if the bureaucrats decided you were not worth it. I am not being a scaremonger – what some have been scoffed at for calling them death panels IS in Obamacare, as well as the internal army (brown shirts).Obamacare is a socialist power grab (right out of the Marxist Manifesto) not a consideration of anyone’s health.

      • trw

        rob the poor have always been covered by medicade you have been duped by the goverment again there is nothing wrong with our health care make the insurance companys sell directly to employees and not employers and you will put competetion in the market and prices will go down

      • Robert Smith

        concerned says: “bureaucrats in Washington DC are going to decide whose life is worth saving. ”

        Better an American making decisions about my health care than some fat cat lackey in India answering the phone and denying heath car so he can afford to put gas in his guzzler.

        Why do you trust Americans less than the 1% who only want your money?


      • wsk

        I think the Death Panels ( the buerocrats that will determine who gets what health care ) wikk take care of the old age problem.

      • Rosemary

        Robert, Since you think this is the best thing since canned Spam, should you not allow yourself to take on more of the ObamaTax deficit? In case you have not seen the deficit numbers go and look. We are broke, broke, broke. You are promoting policy that ensures we will become a Banana Republic! Two cities in Ca., have filed bankruptcy. Are you wishing for an epidemic? Who ever said Obama was Robin Hood. Steal from those who have to pay for those who do not? The people who love OmbamaTax are the same people who pay no federal tax, at this rate explain how the middle class will ever survive please???

      • Nadzieja Batki

        If someone acrues those catastrophic medical expenses you don’t believe that that patient’s life will be shortened. The all benevolent government health care will go to the ends of the earth for every dollar to keep them alive. Right now even catastrophic cases get taken care of.
        Spend a day in ERs and find out how neglectful patients are of caring for their own health.Why should they do that as someone else will be responsible for them.
        The longer you post the more lacking of common sense you show yourself.





  • rv

    Justice Roberts saved the court’s face while delivering to the American people the chance to repeal Obama care through their elected officials.

  • http://yahoo Shirley Leger

    People, read aout the FEMA camps. Look it up on the internet. It will shock you. We are going to be ?????

    • Robert Smith

      We already have a very high inmate population in America. It’s disproportionately skewed against minorities.

      Jail is now a BIG BUSINESS and apparently the extreme right wants to keep feeding it.

      Why should a kid go to jail over a joint?


      • Doug

        And why is that Robert you mean living on the Demorat (Communist) plantation where you are given enough food and money to buy drugs and encouraged to not want to be free and provide for yourself a true life makes you want to commit crimes? Lets see been giving out money as long as we have been fighting the war on drugs how all that going. And now you are going to tell me that because of conservatives. Nice try I don’t give a crap what you put in your body its your body as long as you don’t harm someone else do what ever you want. That is what being a conservative is Robert my boy. Where as Liberals, Progressives and Communist and Marxist want to control every aspect of your life!

      • uvuvuv

        that would include asians? you have to be specific.

      • Karolyn

        Doug – It is quite evident that not all conservatives have your views. All you have to do is look back in the archives of the website to see the numerous occasions of conservatives railing against drugs and backing that “war.”

      • JeffH

        Karolyn, ever heard of a neo-con? Oh that’s right, you don’t like labels.

      • Jim Cumber

        As I read the various comments, I am reminded of the title of Jesse Ventura’s new book: “Democrips and Rebloodlicans.” The point, here, is that there is MORE than enough “blame” to go around, and around, and around…to BOTH of the “Lame Stream” Political Parties, and to ALL Government Departments! In short, the US Government has become what the US Marines call (in “polite” company), ONE GIGANTIC, “CHARLIE FOXTROT!”

    • Karolyn

      You’re late to the game with that one, Shirley. That old tune has been sung for a long time already. Conspiracy theories abound. Have fun with it!

  • Flashy

    LOL…I was wondering when the twisted attacks on the recently upheld HCRA would begin to reach levels of jaw dropping absurdities. Wonder no longer.

    “Consider: Before the Court’s ruling, some 55 percent to 60 percent of potential voters said they opposed Obamacare”

    Actually…when asked about each portion standing alone, the public supports most of the provisions of the HCRA. From a small farmer trade association website:
    • Children can stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26;
    • Help with prescription drug coverage for Medicare recipients;
    • No co-pay or deductible on preventative services such as mammograms and colonoscopies;
    • At least 80 percent of insurance premium dollars must be spent on health care;
    • Insurance premium increases of 10 percent or more must be publicly justified;
    • Lifetime limits on health benefits are removed, annual limits are restricted and are scheduled to be banned by 2014;
    • New coverage options created for individuals and children with pre-existing conditions.

    Consider people who will begin in this next month receiving rebate checks for being overcharged premiums as the insurance companies go “oops” and send back monies for charging excessive premiums this past year (some reports have the amounts averaging over $200.00). I am sure they all will agree the HCRA is evil and they’ll send back those monies being so grateful for being overcharged.

    Consider the state health insurance trade centers allowing people to shop and compare apples to apples and force competition on insurance offerings. (Excepting those states with GOP governors who were negligent and decided not to begin the process).

    When polled, it was the mandate that people opposed. A mandate which was falsely defined as being ‘forced upon everyone”…when, in fact, it affects few in number. Those who could afford insurance but decided freeloading upon us all was a better way to go.

    And, it will be a non-issue in the campaign as sure s heck Romney and the GOP won’t want to talk about it. HA! Can you imagine them being asked ‘well..just what would you change and take from us in the HCRA ?”

    Even here, unless it’s some warped twisted ranting about the mandate, few if any will propose weakening the benefits we receive from the Act.

    • DavidL

      I share your point of view on all of this. This law is already slowing the cost curve in healthcare and, according to the CBO, will reduce the deficit over the long term. The penalty, assessment, tax penalty, I don’t care what it’s called, is ONLY imposed on the freeloaders. You know, the people who are stealing from the rest of us and forcing us to pay higher premiums.

    • Doug

      And Flushy come on flushy what does one have to do to keep a turd like you from coming back hell I been to the bathroom 3 times already today yet you keep floating back up to this forum. Flushy go back to the sewers where you belong with the rest of the turds like you!

      • Karolyn

        Ah, such wisdom and intelligence displayed. I’m in awe!

      • Flashy

        Karolyn…at least we know Doug either has regular bowel movements or suffering from intestinal issues requiring frequent reading times…

    • wsk

      He who is willing to sacrifice freedom for security deserves neither….

    • Greg

      You missed a few of the benefits there like the death tax: determining that it would not be cost effecient to save an older persons life by giving the treatment they may need. And lets not forget that illegals get all the benefits we do without paying a penny into it. Do you want me to go on?

      • Daniel from TN

        I’ll go on; with items that are actually in ObamaCare.
        1. MANDATORY euthanasia counseling when you reach a certain age. This means you will be taught at what point in life you should allow yourself to die, or just commit suicide.
        2. A lifetime dollar limit on health care. After that it will be a felony if you get any more health care, even if you pay for it out of your pocket.
        3. Your health records become public information. (Yes, it’s actually in the law. Hidden, but there.)
        I could continue but I encourage you to go to a library and read the law for yourself, as I did. While I was reading it I thought I was reading a Stephen King horror novel. I’ll bet money you will think the same.

    • Vigilant

      Flashy says, “And, it will be a non-issue in the campaign as sure s heck Romney and the GOP won’t want to talk about it. HA! Can you imagine them being asked ‘well..just what would you change and take from us in the HCRA ?”

      Dream on, dude. That’s wishful thinking if I’ve ever seen it.

      The PACs are already wisely attacking it. It will become a centerpiece of the remaining months of the campaign. You have a VERY short memory of you don’t remember the mid term elections, yeah, THOSE elections in which Obamacare was a rallying point that threw more Dems out of statehouses, governorships and Congress than anything in recent memory.

      Justice Roberts, wittingly or unwittingly, gave the GOP the election year present they needed. “…and the GOP won’t want to talk about it.” We will see, my friend, we will see.

      • Daniel from TN

        The establishment GOP (RINOS) will not say a word, but the TEA Party GOP will shout it from the rooftops. Guess who’s gonna get elected!?!?!?

      • Daniel from TN

        Romney also stated he would issue a waiver to all 50, not 57, states so it would not create problems for the states while waiting for its repeal.

    • Ted G

      Well O.K. lets take those ten pages out of over 2000 and agree to start with them after we repeal the rest.

  • John R. Howell

    We are not “royally and irreversibility screwed”. Mitt romney stated on the day after the
    Supreme Court’s ruling, that if elected he will seek to repeal Obamacare on his first day of office.
    John R. Howell

    • Robert Smith

      Just like he did in Massachusetts!

      Good plan there ROFL…


      • Concerned Montanan

        How much reading/research do you do? I heard Romney say on TV before the last election that, although Mass. had a state healthcare program, he would never recommend it as a federal program.
        If you read into the facts of the Mass. healthcare program, it was not all Romney.
        There are successful state programs, I believe Minnesota is one, but haven’t looked into it enough to say this with surety.
        Again Rob, you have to realize that Obamacare is not a health program, it is a power grab.

      • Robert Smith

        Yes, grabbing power from the 1% and giving it back to the people.

        Why would you trust your health care to someone in India knowing what’s best for you?


      • Flashy

        Concerned Montana:

        omney may have stated that yesterday, but he certainly wasn’t stating that in 2008 when he ran against McCain…and he is on record as stating it as a National Blueprint up until the 2010 elections when he became a ‘born again’ Conservative and began making all sorts of backtracking, hemming, hawing and outright denials of what he was on record as.

      • Vigilant

        RS says, “Yes, grabbing power from the 1% and giving it back to the people.”

        No, son, you’re talking about some other program. With 20+ brand new taxes on EVERYONE, the 1% will suffer much less than the middle class.

        While the ACA is admittedly a wealth rdedistribution program (see Dr. Berwick’s comments), it’s Joe Bagadonuts who will pay the most. Sorry, RS, your “hate the rich” mantra gets no purchase here.

      • Don_in_DC

        Everyone wants to attack the 1% but you consider how impossible that really is? They can afford experts to avoid taxes, they can invest elsewhere to avoid taxes, they can buy assets and charge you rent to use them. Even if you could take it away what is left, the middle class then becomes the rich class and you will demonize them. Eventually this has to lead to the poor and non-working people being taxed to support the government. There is no other solution. Many people work to pay mortgages for their house so your solution to that is to remove the house and that is somehow helping them?? You have assets and you have debt. The rich have more assets than debt. The poor have more debt than assets. It doesn’t mean that you become a demon when you have more assets than debt but you are a saint when you don’t. How does attacking them help you in any way except short term? Even if you take all the assets and wipe away all the debt the cycle continues. I don’t see how anyone can logically come to any other conclusion.

        • Victor J. Fedrizzi

          The conclusion is that rich peiople are crooks.

        • macgyver1948

          Don_in_DC … Yep, logically there very few other conclusions to jump into. But there are conclusions people are told to jump into and that they should avoid the history and the logic and the whole truth. Taking stuff out of context and editing it so their followers can see ‘it has to be true’ works very well with people who will not think for themselves.

          Personally I do not just listen to my side. I look for the issue or the bill and read it and then decide if I like it, if it will work for most of us. I could still be wrong since I am not an economics, for example, expert but I try and not allow others to think for me. And I also respect others points of view because I feel if I do not I do not deserve any respect for my own.

          It is amazing how quickly some people will tell you how wrong you are if you do not agree with them, :-).

          • Dave Kirby

            No one is advocating attacking the 1% and taking anything from them. I, personally would like to see them pay more taxes on their income. It is because of this great country that they have been able to make their wealth in relative safety and security. The fact is, the rich get more from the country e.g. police and military protection. They simply have more to protect. I mean, seriously, who benefits from the police not allowing the “occupation” of “good” neighborhoods.

          • macgyver1948

            Dave Kirby.. I too do not want to attack the so-called 1%. It is not money that is evil, it is the intent that got the money and how it is used that can be evil…

            Personally I do not want, for myself, hand outs or welfare. I want to make it on my own as I always have. I actually do not want stuff I did not earn given to me, well, unless it is the Lotteries or PCH, that I will always take, :-). I am a proud liberal and I do not like it when Liberal haters define me. They are generally wrong about me.

            I want total equity in so many things for all of us. I do not want the wealthy to pay more taxes then they should. I would like to see that they are brought back to the tax levels they were before their buddy GW gave them those gifts. I say gifts because they were supposed to be used as incentives to create jobs and other nce things to help the country. But instead they use the bush gifts as savings so there were not much in the ways of job creating or helpful to us. The Oil Company execs loved bushy as they too were not at all requited along with all the big receiptiants of his gifts.

            I agree with you when you say the rich get more from the country, they pay more. It’s nice to be rich, I’m told. The rich can afford much better tax advice so they can pay less taxes than the rest of us tax payers. When it came out that Warren Buffet paid less taxes than his secretary I decided right then and there I needed to be a billionaire. LOL

            Seriously, I want equity and fairness and what we get from the government should not be so costly. I want the government to spend our money more wisely and morally and to shrink itself but with compassion and prudence. Some things need to be repeated.

            I do not want to hear any more crap about non-breathing, no heart entities are people too. The founders fought against that non-sense and we should too. How much more to we need to hear from Romney to be convinced he is ONLY for the big corporations and we are just in the way. I do not know who is best for the Oval Office job but it very much isn’t Romney unless you are a Koch-like person….

    • rv

      We conservatives can vote in mass in November to elect a President and a Congress who can repeal Obamacare!

      • nc

        RV, were you a part of the group that gave us george bush and the repubican controlled congress that in the end only 26% of your fellow Americans agreed was a good deal?

      • Robert Smith

        “We conservatives can vote in mass in November to elect a President and a Congress who can repeal Obamacare!”

        There aren’t enough of you.

        Americans know what’s best for America. Religious nuts, teabaggers, the 1% are either in it for the greed or they are supporting (against their own self interest) those who are.


      • JeffH

        nc is the Repeat Talking Parrot, the most obedient bird you can buy! Just tell nc any phrase that has conservative, Bush or Republican in it, and he’ll repeats it back to anyone. Practice your ignorant doublespek! Interrogate conservatives with double in-effectiveness! nc comes with his own hanging perch and a liberal list of Jr. Bush and Republican talking points, batteries not included.

      • Vigilant

        JeffH, what do you expect from a 76 year old senile operative? Parroting is all of which he is capable, and the last original thought he had was in 1946.

    • wsk

      I hope you are correct. However, Mitt (of whom I will vote for) says he will repeal and replace Obamacare. Replace it with what? Another government program? ……and it absolutely will not stop, ever……

      • RichE

        Because of the mandate, the insurance companies won’t allow Mitt to do anything but flap his jaws.

    • Karolyn

      Right! And on his second day, he will rise the dead.

      • Rosemary

        He can de-fund and sign State waivers. In the time from now until elections, his staff needs to write this bill down to say 75 pages. There is a much better way to insure those who have no insurance and those who have pre-existing conditions, without putting it on the backs of the middle class and seniors. Also it will not cost nearly what this monsterous bill does.

  • Kelly Clover

    It should never be forgotten that judges are supposed to be impartial umpires. They are not
    supposed to be partisan political hacks. There are many people who want judges to be
    what they are not supposed to be. While I disagree with significant parts of the Affordable
    Care Act, I find the GOP agenda to be worse. Republicans were out to kill the ACA from
    day one out of blind partisanship. They were not willing to seek common ground with the
    Democrats. They have yet to offer a reasonable alternative that attempts to achieve most
    of what the ACA tries to accomplish. If Republicans get their way, insurance companies
    will be free to cancel coverage in the middle of a costly illness or injury. They will be free
    to deny coverage to those with known medical problems. Millions of children and young
    adults who recently gained coverage under ACA will lose it. There will be no restraints on
    excessive administrative costs. I’m sick and tired of only hearing what Republicans oppose.
    They need to offer practical solutions that make sense to those who aren’t ideological

    • Concerned Montanan

      You are SO wrong! The Republicans presented numerous bills, other ways to cut healthcare costs, but all were killed by Reid. We need healthcare reform, yes, but NOT controlled by federal government. In the first place, the Constitution does not give the federal government that duty or authority.Remember the Clintons’ – right away presented federal health care, but it went on the ballot to be voted on by the people and was soundly voted down. Secondly, the Marxist (or Communist) Manifesto states that one way to control the people is to control healthcare. Google it – see for yourself.

      • Robert Smith

        “Secondly, the Marxist (or Communist) Manifesto states that one way to control the people is to control healthcare.”

        And you would rather give that control to Corportracy and the fat cat 1%!

        I’ll take my chances with the people.


      • Flashy

        OK Concerned, I’m calling you on that one. Just what exactly did the GOP propose to “control healthcare costs” ? BTW…never read the Communist manifesto have you …

    • Rosemary

      Say it with me PROPAGANDA! Talking Points! The same stuff manufactured by the left and written everywhere. Tell us your thoughts withour your Pelosi Paper!

    • Vigilant

      Kelly Clover says of the GOP, “They have yet to offer a reasonable alternative that attempts to achieve most of what the ACA tries to accomplish.”

      And what is it that the “ACA tries to accomplish?” Confiscatory taxation, wealth redistribution, creation of universal dependency upon government, massive loss of qualified doctors, and continued lack of control over malpractice suits and defensive medicine.

  • Tazio2013

    More white wing wacko nonsense from the Chipster! And for those few of you PLD readers interested in a more fair and balanced POV, you will want to read the following by Brandon Smith:

    The Socialization Of America Is Economically Impossible

    There are other powers at work in this world; powers that have the ability to play both sides of the political spectrum. The money elite have been wielding the false left/right paradigm for centuries, and to great effect. Whether socialism or corporatism prevails, they are the final victors, and the game continues onward…

    Knowing this fact, I find that my reactions to the entire Obamacare debate rather muddled. Really, I see the whole event as a kind of circus, a mirage, a distraction. Perhaps it is because I am first and foremost an economic analyst, and when looking at Obamacare and socialization in general, I see no tangibility. I see no threat beyond what we as Americans already face. Let me explain…

    We-have-no-money. Therefore, the debate over universal socialized medicine is pointless. It is mathematically and economically impossible to implement. What the Supreme Court says on the subject of socialization certainly matters in terms of principle, and they have failed Americans spectacularly in that respect (or served their globalist sugar-daddies well; however you want to look at it). But, in terms of finance, the Supreme Court’s shocking decision means nothing.

    One of Ron Paul’s primary arguments against the ongoing wars in the Middle East has always been that whether one agrees with these conflicts or not is irrelevant. The U.S. does not have the means to fund them. Eventually, we will break the bank and the dollar to maintain our presence in the region, and thus, the wars WILL end, one way or another. The same philosophy goes for Obamacare and every other socializing program presented in America.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Tazio2013,

      That article first ran here on Tuesday.

      Best wishes,

    • Don_in_DC

      Agreed Tazio. I don’t care what laws they pass at this point because we can’t afford any of them. Once they attack the money which is inevitable it will force change. No government has ever been able to survive prolonged and excessive taxes because people will revolt. While most of you are throwing around statistics to defend your party it won’t matter…in the end you either find the solution that people can live with or you go too far and they revolt to fix the problem.

      It is sad to me that Ron Paul can’t get more respect than he does. It only shows that the people aren’t ready and therefore don’t deserve to be saved. So keep adding your entitlements and trying to redistribute the wealth and you will only make it happen faster. Nothing is going to solve this debt issue as long as nobody is even trying to solve it, the rest is smoke and mirrors. The entitlements will end, the wars will too. Watching the way things usually happen in the world we will be selling nukes to North Korea and Iran to try and make a buck while pushing grandma over a cliff. We inherited the best system of government in the history of the world but I don’t think we will keep it much longer. Everything is a cycle so I guess hope and freedom will always exist in some way but democracy is losing its best vehicle to date. All signs point to Communism being the power in the next era. Maybe they can learn something from our mistakes.

  • Lane

    To boil down the discussion, the Obamacare bill will cost approximately $2400 per person living legally in the United States based on the $800B estimate in the article. In other words, a family of 4 will be charged $9,600 just to exist. That equates to 12% of the gross income of families making $80,000 per year in household income. In other words, since the the average family currently pays 17% of their gross income in taxes, they will now pay nearly 30% of that income in taxes. For families currently struggling to pay their bills, this is a crippling blow which will radiate out to all parts of the economy. It is slavery by way of economic chains well beyond what the government has managed to do through devaluation of the currency. I creates serfdom. Without disposable income in the economic era, there is no real freedom. There will be no more “getting ahead”, as we will have to expend the majority of our efforts just to meet the tax burden. Mobility will be a thing of the past. Americans must see this law repealed not just because of the Constitutional ramifications, but because it will single handedly destroy our economy and our freedom. For the left however, I commend them on an ingeneous method of fully controlling the population without use of military weapons. With this law, they won’t need them.

    • Flashy

      For kicks…just what taxes will increase with the HCRA ? Specifically…no generalizations twisted out of reality. (bet this one goes unanswered …lol)

      • RichE

        How’d you know it’d go unanswered?

      • Paul Wells

        Flashy: Try selling a house and having a 3.8% tax added, to fund your beloved HCRA. Try that for starters, and once you absorb that, check into the law. There are plenty more tax increases. Your comments are spoken like someone who “hasn’t read the bill yet, so we can see what’s in it”, a masterpiece of true statesmanship, unequaled in the hallowed halls of the House! LOL

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        You write: “For kicks…just what taxes will increase with the HCRA ? Specifically…no generalizations twisted out of reality.”

        You write: “(bet this one goes unanswered …lol)” You lose.

        Best wishes,

      • Brad
        • RichE

          Who’s left to pay the tax?
          “Exemptions for religious objectors, undocumented immigrants, prisoners, those earning less than the poverty line, members of Indian tribes, and hardship cases (determined by HHS)”

      • Brad

        Hey Flashy,

        Mr. Lingston and I came up with the same answer and used two different sourses, where’s the rebuttal or does the cat got your tongue???

      • Brad

        Mr. Livingston, sorry for my spelling.

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingstone…I was asking Lane, but thank you for stepping up. Bet’s still on. BTW…are you ever going to get around to answering what the purpose of business is? Or are we still waiting for an answer by that poster which you kept insisting you would hold off before stating your views (yet stating I was in error when i stepped up with the purpose of business).?

        As to your response on taxes being raised and the link provided.

        They are talking about the .09% income tax increase on incomes over $200,000, they are talking about the tanning tax, they are talking about the tax on medical equipment… Only they’ve inflated that to be taxes on EVERYONE not just those it is actually on, or more importantly they’ve inverted it to be taxes on people making under $175,000. In other words, as i asked…just what ‘taxes’ are affected. I’d say it raises reveneue on folks earning well over Middle Class income. It counts caps and elimination of deductions as ‘raising taxes”.

        Then the Conservative call is that it is the “largest tax increase in history”. False, so very very false. Even if you take the dediuctions as tax increases (which they aren’t), it still doesn’t even make a bl;ip on the meter of history.

        Now, add up the amounts of revenue expected to be raised raising minimal rates in some areas. Don’t count the elimination of deductions..those aren’t “raising taxes”. Spread it out over ten years as the Anti-American forces somehow fail to do yet are calculating it as in a lump sum increase.

        Wow…not much of any increase is there?

        Jeesh…and the world will end because of … ?

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Flashy,

          You write: “are you ever going to get around to answering what the purpose of business is?” I have answered it. The purpose of a business is to make money.

          You write: “Bet’s still on.” Great. What’d I win?

          You write: “Wow…not much of any increase is there?” You fail to consider the trickle down effect of the tax increases. As Heritage notes: “This isn’t the only way Obamacare increases taxes for middle-income and low-income Americans. As tax policy expert Curtis Dubay explains, “Several of the taxes… will ultimately be passed on to [middle-income families] through higher prices. These include the fees on medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and health insurance companies and the new tax on tanning services.” And by the way, the tax increase is $500 billion over 10 years. Sounds like a lot to me.

          Best wishes,

      • Don_in_DC

        Flashy I got one that others didn’t mention…HCRA increases government spending and we are broke. They already raided Social Security, there isn’t a lot of places to get more income. We already couldn’t handle the liabilities we had on our plate even BEFORE we raided social security, now we added more after we stole from it. We don’t even have a control on the year to year spending, everyone is just ignoring the 17 trillion of debt, the 100-200 trillion in liabilities. The deficit is like 1.5 trillion a year. Next year if they don’t add more spending we can expect 18.5 trillion, the year after that 20 trillion and that is a very conservative estimate since the numbers just keep rising as the economy tanks. There is not even a plan to TRY and reduce these numbers. You can expect that by 2016 we will have a debt of 25-35 trillion and again no plan to address it.

        Here is why I hate liberals. You keep spending money on entitlements after we are broke.

        Here is why I hate conservatives. You keep spending money on wars after we are broke.

        I’ll be in another country while you are working out the details.

  • David Watkins

    Why don’t they do medical insurance like life insurance. You’re healthy enough at 20-30-40 to not pay. You probably have other things like school loans, new house, etc. to eat up your income. But you should pay more when you DO take out insurance at 40-50 years old. Maybe you can better afford it then. Pre-existing conditions? Certainly if you didn’t know it — that shouldn’t prevent you from getting insurance. If you DID know, you should pay more. Don’t know how that would work out in practice.

    • Patriot

      David, it has nothing to do with logic, it is all about controlling the individual. They could care less about making you healthier, wake up this is why most of us felt betrayed last week and are sick about the decision. The system we had in place was the best in the world, the needy already had healthcare it was and is Medicaid, which was working fine. A couple a tweaks to the system was all that was needed, but no, they had to fundamentally change the whole system, you get it now!

      • chester

        Patriot, can tell you have little if any experience with Medicaid. True, it supplies medical care to the poorest, those at or below fifty percent of poverty level income. For those of us just a few dollars above that cutoff, we have the OPTION of giving the state back every cent we make above that fifty percent of poverty level, or subsisting on our little dab of income and praying nothing major happens to run up medical bills we have no way of paying. Take a really hard look at that program you are so proud of before you recommend it to anyone as a replacement for what Obamacare has offered them.

      • Patriot

        Chester, you just proved my point. Medicaid is a government run system and as you say is it crap and you think another government program is the answer. You know the definition of insanity right?

      • Don_in_DC

        You are right Patriot. The sad part is that the people recognize there are problems and they try hard to find a solution but when they turn to government they can only expect it to be used to pass a law that is then implemented ineffectively and that is if you are lucky.

        It’s really time we decapitated the monster that exists now. I just wonder how much blood has to be spilled before we can get control again.

  • Patriot

    Forget about this bill it is over, we will deal with this later. Let’s start discussing all the characters that surround Obama, everything will be on the table. People, how did a no nothing community organizer become President and has a net worth of over 10 million, I am certain he did not do what most of us do, that is EARN it! The first evil person is that phony/baloney Axelrod, he has the nerve to say that “Romney is the most secretive person to run for President, you see it is the same rudimentary game you played in school, if you are the real imposter you blame the other guy. Well Axelrod it ain’t gonna work this time around. Axelrod is a member of the US Communist party and Obama’s White House gave his firm millions of dollars to push a propaganda campaign for ObamaCare, which by the way is against the law. When a society starts to breakdown the leaders start acting in a lawless way, lets’ put the whole cabal in prison, let’s start with Holder then move to Obama, what did he know and when did he know it?

  • rv

    A number assigned to each person, “the mark of the beast” is coming soon. The real choice is yours to make. Do you want to buy or sale? Think of the compulsory health care and the taxes needed to fund it. I’m sure the “one world government” or “new world order” is upon us.

    • Jazzabelle
    • boyscout

      Reference the number “666″ into Hebrew which uses letters to represent numerical value and one arrives at the result of “www.” Sorry, didn’t mean to side track.

      • macgyver1948

        boyscout – Since you are prepared you should know this from your comment. Please translate the English letter “w” into its Hebrew alphabet equivalent.

        I would like to learn. I do know that ’666′ is a reference for the minor beast as described by prophecy in the Hebrew bible. You are correct when you say “Reference the number “666″ into Hebrew which uses letters to represent numerical value”. Actually they, as with many ancient cultures, did not have a number system so they used their alphabet for math. The first letter = 1, the second letter = 2 and so on.

        We know that the Prophet was Danial and he tells us what God told him in Danial 8:9 & 11:31. We know that it was a greater beast who orders, according to Danial’s prophecy, the lessor beast to destroy the great city. We also know that that great city Danial speaks of is Jerusalem and the lessor beast will destroy the great city by fire and kill all who isn’t of his minions.

        And we know that in the year 70 AD the Emperor of Rome ordered his Son, General Titus, to totally destroy Jerusalem as a punish for the havoc the Hebrew rebellion caused until that year. The Romans finally defeated the rebels, or insurgents, in 70 AD. So, General Titus, being a good general and son, followed daddy’s orders. Jerusalem went up in fire and it was the end of days for the inhabitants, from Danial’s prophetic messages. Does any of this sound familiar from another bible that came later?

        Jerusalem was destroyed, the Temple, that is second Hebrew Temple, was destroyed and, as the emperor commanded, all the Religious artifacts were sent to Rome.

        By the way, General Titus, the name Titus, equals 666 in the Hebrew alphabet. The year 70 AD was about 37 years after Jesus was executed. The Prophecy came true in the year 70 AD. Jesus, as a rabbi when he was alive, taught it as Danial told us, it was his job as a Rabbi.

        So please fill in the gaps and please include that translation for the English letter “w” into its Hebrew alphabet equivalent. I would like to learn. Thank you. :-).
        Your comment boyscout – “Reference the number “666″ into Hebrew which uses letters to represent numerical value and one arrives at the result of “www.” Sorry, didn’t mean to side track.”

      • Jim Cumber

        The “666″ reference in the Bible, is a misidentification of a MUSLIM CONFESSION OF FAITH! See the Codex Vaticanis… The “666″ or “Mark of the Beast” is the “MUSLIM CONFESSION OF FAITH,” as recognized and reported by former Muslim terrorist, Walid Shoebat when he read the New Testament in the original Greek!…

  • Ken

    Although I agree with Chip on his points, I do not believe this next election can be won and I also think that it will be our last. There is a massive cheating process being put in place by the current regime and even if that doesn’t work I don’t think Obama will step down. I believe a small militia of Black Panthers and some union members will enforce any attempts to remove him from office. Most so called Americans are sheeps and cows and will not be willing to make the sacrifice it will take to remove this dictator. The Marxist have been working on taking over this country for 150 years. Once America goes the rest of the world will fall easily. The brass ring is within their grasp. They will not let go of it easily.

  • chester

    rv, if you are that worried about the “Number of the Beast”, why, may I ask, do you have a social security number. You can legally neither buy nor sell, nor hold a job, without that number, or a number issued in lieu of. THINK before you speak, then think again just to be sure you know what you are about to say.

    • uvuvuv

      aha, but you can vote

    • Jazzabelle

      The SSN may well turn out to be the mark of the beast. But now, it is still possible to buy, sell, work, and travel without one–if you know how.

      • Greg

        And get free money too, just become an illegal alien. Also, don’t you think we should give Obummer more time? I think 25 to life sounds about right.

  • Rich

    Step by Step plans of Castro, Stalin, Lennin, Mao, Chavez to develop Communism

    1. Nationalize major sections of the economy, health care, industry, banks, student loans, etc

    2. Redistribut wealth

    3. discredit opposition, even press afraid to ask him a hard question

    4. censor opposing views

    5. control gun ownership -agreeing to sign onto UN ban treaty

    6. devlop a constabulary force to control civilian population – its in the health care bill just as powerful as the miitary

    7. control the press/propaganda

    8. take over agriculture or private land

    See anything to worry about yet/

    • Dave67

      So when wealthy interests lobby congress and gets their agenda passed that puts more money in their pockets alone… That is what Rich?

    • Dave Kirby

      I actually do see something to worry about.

      1. Unrestrained capitalism. If it weren’t for anti monopoly and other business restricting laws, free enterprise would be easier to find in China. Privatization of education and prisons. If schools are run for the bottom line, there will be multitudes left behind. And private prisons are paid by the inmate. Who will get out for good behavior? Think about it.

      2. Redistribute wealth. It’s happening. The rich are getting a bigger and bigger piece of the pie; and that’s just what they can’t hide in foreign accounts.

      3.Discredit opposition. When you own the media (est. 90 per cent of media is corporate owned. Nearly all television broadcasting) Outside of a few liberal shows, look at the content of what is reported and the timing of the reports. The mainstream media is certainly not liberal. It’s just that the farther right keeps saying over and over to make their own opinions seem less “out there.”

      4. See number 3. if anyone has the power to censure, it’s the money.

      5. Gun control. Use the media for fear mongering coercing the easily convinced to buy more guns.

      6. The constabulary is in place more for the haves that the have-nots. Although everyone benefits from a fairly managed police force. Have you seen any corporate officers who were mostly responsible for sending the country into a recession put in jail? How about any corporations? After all they are people.

      7. See number 3.

      8. Corporations, albeit some small ones, own 99 percent of the agriculture producing lands. They grow food, robo-food, fuel, cancer and other diseases.

      9. Besides having the media and the politicians, the conservatives also have the religious leaders who exercise control over their subjects. And Jesus said; Make all the money you can and if you have to screw your brother to do it, it’s ok, they are probably just liberals anyway.

      • Doug

        Boy I must be real dumb to think when I watch the ABC, NBC and CBS’s that these are really conservative things they are saying. Hell who would have know anybody for a little Alinksky? Dave you might want want to pull your head out of the poop shoot because you vision is obvisouly clouded with crap!

      • Dead Right

        The difference is Liberals demand laws to enforce their beliefs. Free Enterprisers try to sell their beliefs. What you believe colors how you perceive. So how do you know your lens is correct? You ascribe greed to conservatives. I as a conservative ascribe envy to liberalism. Greed is self regulating as others always come along and punish greed with a lower price. Envy though is a close-to-the-vest grievance when looking at others, by looking at disparate numbers and making accusations. Instead of taking responsibility and creating value to sell to others. Thank you for the insight into the way you view the world. It is why you will find it hard to sell your ideas here. Good luck, hope the lifestyle works out for you.

  • Paula

    There’s one thing that I haven’t heard yet and I’d like to know the answer. The people who choose not to buy insurance and pay the fee instead, will they still be able to get free medical care by going to the emergency room? I always thought that hospitals cannot turn away people who need treatment. Does anybody know? If the law is that you have to buy medical insurance and you don’t, hopefully when they do go to the doctor, they’ll be required to pay their bill in full, not for the tax payers to continue to pay their bills for them.

    • Jazzabelle

      Paula, I believe that the tax for not having insurance is meant to pay for medical care for those who don’t have insurance. If people without insurance still had to pay for all of their own care out-of-pocket, there would be no reason to penalize them with a tax.

      It’s just one more way that big-government social programs discourage personal responsibility, even for people who otherwise would save their money and be able to afford their health care out-of-pocket.

  • Big Woody

    Ok, Obama care is the law. All I want to know is how much WILL IT COST ME? All we hear is theory and suppositions. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST ME.? How much will it cost a family of 2 or 3 or 4 or 10? I want to see facts. I am sure there are charts like in the 1040 tax boooklets. When will we see these charts so we can plan our lives. I know the sky is falling and the end of the world is near, but until then. What will I have to pay? Does anybody out there have a clue or are we just going to sling mud until the IRS gets into our accounts and takes what they think is a FAIR amount?

    • Mike in MI

      Well-l-l-ll, Big Woody -
      That is going to be determined on an individual basis and according to merit.
      When they make you show your voter registration card if it reveals you are a member of the leftist ruling regime you will pay by a progressive income scale for your diagnosis code.
      However, if you are registered (or anyone fingers you) as an iconoclastic, revisionist, reactionary, responsible, wrong wing, churchy, educated or broadly defined “malcontent” you will be branded on the forehead and told to go home. If you thought you were sick before, that was nothing worth complaining about compared to the misery that you’ve got now.

      • macgyver1948

        Hay Mike in MI… That was pretty funny. OCare might be a bit individualized but it will not take into consideration party affiliation in any way. Are you trying to scare the righties who think only what they are told to think?

        Your comment was funny though, LOL..

  • Dave67

    LOL! Can anyone tell me why there is not a single country in the world that is moving to a private system like ours? 18 years ago Taiwanese officials came to this country to learn about which HC system works best and you know what they came away with? We are what NOT to do. Thanks to our farm subsidies, the employer-insurance company private HC system, we pay more for HC and get the 32nd ranked system for our trouble. We should have a public system because quality of care at affordable prices are not what private companies are good at. Private firms need to make money, and when the company you work for is the end user, the quality of care you get suffers and all it takes is 1 major illness and you can be bankrupt in this country.

    The right do love to talk about “family” values but when the rubber meets the road. They are a bunch of selfish corporatists. Jesus Christ would NEVER approve of this system we have in this country.

    Obama took a small step in the right direction after the right wing loons did NOTHING!!! You righties have no leg to stand on. You can lie about this HC law, say its a tax when it is not, you can say there are “death panels” when there are none… You can claim its too expensive when doing nothing as the GOP have done actually costs us more.

    People are now covered with pre-existing conditions.
    Kids can stay on their parents insurance until 26
    Insurance firms must use 80% of their premium intake on actual care or the people under their insurance gets either a refund or a reduction in premiums
    It maintains if you can afford insurance, you must get PRIVATE insurance to be part of the system (less freeloading)

    But hey, you righties are always pushing your fear and sky is falling agenda. Just know the real info is out there. You just need to seek it out. We need a public system based on prevention and an end to farm subsidies.

    • Doug

      Us Righties eh Dave? Come join Dave and the Communist party what Dave does not understand is where will the money come from Dave to pay for this health care Dave. I know you are probably 25 living on your dadies HC so all these people living off the government are all of a sudden going to have the money to pay this tax right Dave out of what their govt check Dave? There are no free rides Commie Dave once the money is gone Dave will see who survies and who parishes because they are hooked on the govt. tit. Would love to see Dave in a few years if you is still around. Go read up on the health care you brag about in Canada and Europe Dave you might not like how many people just don’t get the care they need to survive once they come down with cancer that is prevalent among you liberals thats why cancer came about it needs to grow in poluted enviroment the same thing that liberal are comprised of!

      • Dave67

        No Genius, 45 with two kids 1 of which I had to pay $4000 out of my own pocket because the corp insurance I have won’t pay for my my doctor prescribed for her digestive issues. care to come up with more BS.

        Let me ask you a simple question. Why are NO OTHER COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD moving to a great private system such as ours?

        Do you realize by doing nothing, it is actually more expensive? Of course not… Just repeat for BS talking points the corporatists have given you.

      • Doug

        And what coutry to do you want to live in genius Dave? Which one Dave then lets see how great their health care is! Oh and Dave I really don’t need the govt to take care of me and really don’t need all those Big Pharmy doctors to take care of me either Dave. You know why Dave Im a big boy and take care of my self along with my family on mostly natural health Dave. Just leave me a long Dave and if I need to see a doctor I will pick the doctor and be happy to pay for him to stich me up or set a bone but thats as far as I will go with these wonderful AMA doctors Dave. And gee Dave you know what created these wonderful drug pushing doctors the Govt Dave that’s right Dave they allowed the Big Pharmy to take over and teach these doctors BS ways to help people pushing the latest new drug. Try educate yourself on natural medicine Dave.

    • Dave67


      For most people in this country, all it takes is one major illness and besides the illness itself, you can be saddled with massive debt.

      I do not take pills of any kind and I am a big believer in using the bodies natural ability to fight disease. Trouble is, I have used our “wonderful” system and friends of mine had to declare bankruptcy because their 8 month old had a brain tumor and guess what? The Insurance company provided by the company she worked for did not cover the prescribed treatment by the doctor ok? It is contray to an insurance company’s interests to pay claims . That is the reality. They bring a 30% overhead number to the system which makes it more expensive then it needs to be

      You have NO EXPERIENCE with major illness and how badly the system works for most people. I want to make this country better. We can do better and we should, we should learn from the better HC systems of the world, not stick our heads in the sand about the reality of this system.

      The conservatives got the public option taken out. That is what we need along with removing farm subsidies on the food that contribute to higher obesity rates (fast food, snack foods in this country).

      That requires a deeper conversation that the bumpersticker crowd on the right is willing to have.

  • William 1

    The majority of those increases will hit families earning less than $250,000 a year.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Gail Wilcox

      I think your comment is gross

  • uvuvuv

    i kept saying this in newsvine until tyler permanently banned me for writing while repub, and that is, a truck stop waitress will be forced to get health insurance because her restaurant has just 48 employees (and will never no matter what add any) and so she is on her own. so she decides to pay the fine, or tax, sorry, but then when she sees the doctor whatever those charges are will be additionally burdened with her paying that tax. she pays this even if she doesn’t see the doctor, an expense for which she gets no return whatsoever. if she has to with shaking hand write a $200 check for tires at least she has the tires. or, if she decides to get the insurance, assuming she will be reimbursed with a tax credit, she still has to pay up front for the policy and how is she going to do that? a loan? oh, fun! and then, the reimbursement will only be a percentage, because after all she does have a job unlike the poor illegals on cradle to grave welfare.

  • loboviejo

    I will say it again. Statists are not liberals. Expect this lecture every time. I would not go to the point of predicting an election, but there are possibilities for the Republicans. Like all “landmark” decisions, this one has the basic element of being a full employment for lawyers measure. And the court will revisit it sooner or later on whether you can call it a tax if it is not in a revenue measure–is the purpose of the mandate revenue or punishment. If the ACA is followed, the revenue will be negligible. Further, there are some folks out there with such names as Yoder, etc who are exempt from Social Security (also a tax under the pretense of benefit) on the basis of the free exercise clause.

    However, the problem for Obama is that he does not have the “right wing Supreme Court” or “nine old men” to campaign against as FDR had in 1936. Meanwhile, a lot of people into alternatives to the health care system, normally a “Democratic” constituency actually have had a look at the iron fist rather than the velvet glove of progressivism. Be aware that this could work against Romney too and the “99 percenters” are sheep without the “le” attached.

    • Jazzabelle

      It’s not just people named ‘Yoder.’ All of us are exempt from Social Security by default, whether we are ‘cardholders’ or not. It’s just a card; you can act apart from it if you wish.

      • loboviejo

        Try getting a job without it. The number has become your identification with the government.

  • RichE

    Mr. Wood,
    You said, “Who would be dumb enough to buy it before you needed it? “ May I assume from your question that everyone will need health care at some point? If everyone will need health care then the need for health insurance is now.

  • TOCB

    Contrary to popular belief the SCOTUS did not rule the ACA is constitutional as it is currently written. In fact it ruled the mandate is unconstitutional. However, it let the manddate stand and simply said the penalty for not adhereing to the mandate is a tax. The court seemed to say the manade itself COULD be constitutional IF it were a tax. However, since congress did not make it a tax as part of the ACA, and I don’t believe the SCOTUS has the constitutional power to declare a tax, the court essentially said the mandate is currently unconstitutional. However, everyone seem to have totally missed that little point.

    I don’t know how this will affect the election. Many liberals believe, as I do, the ACA is too weak and doesn’t do enough. Those of us who share this opinion will not change our votes to vote for a party that does not want to do anything at all about the cost and accessibility of health care.

  • uvuvuv

    interestingly when the constitutional convention met in 1787 i don’t think they even had health insurance then. can anyone clarify? they didn’t even have an income tax. but the coast guard was empowered to levy fines. oh, wait, taxes.

  • just sayin

    As Obama begins his Bus Tour in the Canadian made buses to explain how Romney outsourced jobs!

  • cayuga 333

    Obama has done nothing to promote the unity we expected of him through the promises he made on the campaign trail. He has been the MOST divisive POTUS this country has ever experienced. I for one had hope that the changes he was promoting would occur and we could once again become a country united. It hasn’t happened! I will vote for Romney because Obama is a failure is all aspects of the position. I guess that is what we deserved as Obama was never properly vetted and really had NO experience to run a country. Obama I am very disappointed in you! It is time to give someone else the opportunity.

    • Dave Kirby

      Obama bent over backwards trying to get some cooperation. I guess that’s not how you get unity.

      • uvuvuv

        when he was bending over backwards was that when his views on gay marriage evolved?



        YOU MADE MY DAY!


  • Ray Shelton

    To the author of the article and to all those who have posted their comments, I respectfully submit the following:

    1. The American public is being skillfully misdirected away from the REAL issues by keeping them engaged in pointless debates.

    In this case, the debate should NOT be centered around Obamacare. It is a non-issue. The REAL issue is: Why is healthcare so expensive in the US and yet so poor in quality? (FYI: The US arguably has the most expensive healthcare system in the world but comes in at number 27 in terms of quality). The answer is quite simple: Obscene drug and insurance company profits permitted by our elected leaders who are beholden to big business (both Liberals and Conservative leaders alike…and if you don’t believe that, I have a bridge to sell you). The FDA protects the interest of “big pharma” in more ways than one.

    2. Don’t you see, they are making you fight over silly things in order to keep you away from the real issues (hiding in plain sight). Healthcare is not a political issue…it is an issue of deep-rooted corruption among the elites and in-breeding. eg: The FDA is a stepping stone for its employees to get cushy, over-paid jobs later in pharmaceutical companies (scratching each others backs). Drug companies like to deceive the public by explaining that drugs prices are high because they have to pay for R&D. Don’t be fooled. Most drug companies spend much less on R&D than they do on sales and marketing and management salaries and bonuses. Most of the new research comes from tax-payer funded research and small bio-tech companies.

    3. The so-called political divide is non-existent…ask Bob Livingstone. Both Rep and Dem leaders are beholden to their corporate masters. It is just a matter of how they protect their masters’ interests that is different. Both are political lackeys nevertheless.

    4. One big problem in the US that I’ve noticed is this deep-rooted sense of duality. Let me explain: You are either a Yankee fan or a Mets fan. If a Yankee fan, then everything about the Mets is bad and vice versa. You are either a liberal or a conservative. Etc., etc. It is this “black or white” mindset that polarizes America into not being free to do your own thinking. Which is why people like Rush Limbaugh are so popular…because they do the thinking for their followers and hand them down ideologies in neat little packages. Please don’t allow yourself to be “dumbed down”! Realize there are many realities between black and white. Both liberal and conservative ideologies have their pluses and minuses. It is OKAY to mix and match liberal and conservative ideas. It is also okay to step outside the lib/cons box (or should I say prison)?

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ray Shelton,

      I concur.

      Best wishes,

    • RichE

      Ray Shelton,
      IMO, in the end, all the mandated Obamacare will accomplishes is to make the insurance companies richer. Obamacare increased the risk to the insurance companies by increasing the coverage and who’s covered. The “mandate” lowered the risk by increasing the pool with healthier people. To me, Obamacare boils down to votes and riches for the wealthy. The people won’t benefit.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear RichE,

        You write: “IMO, in the end, all the mandated Obamacare will accomplishes is to make the insurance companies richer.” You are correct.

        You write: “To me, Obamacare boils down to votes and riches for the wealthy. The people won’t benefit.” Correct again.

        I sit back in amazement that Obamacare supporters demonize the criminal conduct of the insurance cabal (but not their co-conspirators Big Pharma, conventional medicine, FDA, Congress, etc.) and then applaud a bill that forces them into the clutches of the criminal conspiracy and denies them the ability to opt out. Poor deluded souls!

        Best wishes,

      • Deerinwater

        “You write: “IMO, in the end, all the mandated Obamacare will accomplishes is to make the insurance companies richer.” You are correct.”

        So why is Insurance companies so oppose to these changes if they are to do so well from it? I was under the impression that large profits was most desirable?

        • RichE

          It’s a smoke screen. They are against it so they can slow down the claims processing thus keeping the money longer. The more they bitch and complain about how hard it is to manage the system the more conservative support. No insurance company will slow down or bitch about collecting the new premiums, but they will bitch about paying the new claims.Have you heard any insurance company proclaim, “OMG this will put a burden on our collections department!” but all of them have said, “OMG this will put a burden on our payment department!”

      • JeffH

        Mr. Livingston, “I sit back in amazement that Obamacare supporters demonize the criminal conduct of the insurance cabal (but not their co-conspirators Big Pharma, conventional medicine, FDA, Congress, etc.) and then applaud a bill that forces them into the clutches of the criminal conspiracy and denies them the ability to opt out. Poor deluded souls!”

        Bob, I completely agree. Until “they” realize that without government blessing and legislative co-operation, crony-capiltalism might not even exist on a national and international scale.

      • Deerinwater

        Well Jeff, it seems you are picking one hell of a place to launch a pitch battle against crony-capitalism . What you say has merit but this is the wrong place and wrong time.

        Why swallow a Camel but gag on a Nat? ~ I’ll tell you why, it’s politically convenient.

        Protesting is the easiest thing opposition can ever do. While I know you are willing to give government a nickles credit for every dollar it spends in your behalf. There is no way, you could ever feel that you ever got your monies worth.

        You want these services, but you don’t want to pay for them. ~ I guess? If you have health care coverage this will not affect you directly while others in your family that presently have no coverage now will be covered while an accounting process will hold them responsible to some small degree.

        It’s the end of the free lunch and not the beginning. ~ while I too have some reservation as i don’t like to owe anyone anything nor do I wish to die of complications associated with minor health issue that could have been averted or avoided completely.

        I know government sucks ~but so does watch people needing care not getting it.

        Maybe you are willing to watch people suffer or die needlessly. I’m not, especially the young ones that have yet to reach half life.

        As for myself, I’m 3/4 used up and have done want ever is was I was going to do. I don’t want a new heart, new leg, hip or new head. But there was a time, I had my life in front of me and was bullet proof.

        Money is not everything Jeff ~ but ~ Time is

      • Deerinwater

        And for what it’s worth to you, ~ As a self employed independent contractor, of then 57 years of age ~ I could not find a healthy care provider interested in writing me a policy seven year ago. ~ That is one of the problems associated with employee based health care. ~ I was then in excellent health as I still am today. They simply seen it not in their best interest to write me a policy. After 3 attempts I gave up trying to get coverage.

        That’s has got to change Jeff.

      • JeffH

        Deer bob, can your opinion and sell it for what it’s worth, nothing! I could give a rats arse what you think and do my utmost to ignore your rants and rambles. I would be better advised by a Swami. Go back to your bottle.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      Ray You hit the nail on the head !

      • Jim Cumber

        Deerinwater: please learn how to spell – it is “gnat”, rather than “Nat…”

    • David

      Hi Ray,

      You are so right and it is so easy to get caught in deverison trap. I for one think the education system is obscene. If you really want to drive prices and costs down across the board then change the curriculum. For example you can spend years going to school to become something and 90% of what you are required to take has nothing to do with being able to do your job.

      Imagine if you went to a trade school to be a dentist. If they only taught you what you need to know and not about bones in the foot and other required years of other unrelated education we would have tons of doctors and prices would crash.

      In real estate school you only have to take 90 hours and 90% of that is wasted time as they do not focus on the how to be a good real estate agent and how do anything you actually need to know to be good at your job.

      Apply this logic and apprenticeship programs to most fields and we will have tons of people who can do lots of the work that needs to be done at a fraction of the cost and student loan debt. I think most people who have gone to school understand what I am talking about.

    • boyscout

      Ah ha ! Don’ t think that no one caught you confusing the debated issue with logic and common sense. Oh, and super-size my statins along with that order, please.

    • http://N/A Robert CH

      Thank you, Ray, For pointing out what desperately needed to be pointed out, namely the unholy alliance between FDA and Big Pharma. This, briefly, is the total connection between the high cost of healthcare and the terrible quality of it.

      • Mike in MI

        Robert CH -
        The terrible quality of “health” care (actually the medical doctor pay process) is due to the truth that the medical system is hopelessly outmoded, antiquated, outdated and as modern as a brontosaurus driving a Prius with one brain and a Volt with the other while punching in the GPS function on his iPad as he drives to his doctor’s appointment with the tyrannosaurus rex to get his prostate scoped. IMHO our medical system is nothing much more than pure patient abuse (with the exception of integrative care, medical traumatic emergency care and prosthetics research and development). Otherwise for almost everything they do in regular traditional medicine it is just make work and moving sick people down their conveyor belt to the glories of surgical medical device implantation and transplanted organs. It’s all just pumping poisonous chemicals into human bags from the first vaccines to the final embalming project. Meanwhile, their primary project is to keep you the target population full of self pity (for your misery) and self loathing (having fallen for the ruse they slyly insinuate that “it’s all your fault” – like a woman in an abusive relationship).
        Do everything you can or must to stay out of the medic’s office, ‘Cause once you step in that place your troubles have really just begun.

  • Michael Lewis

    Our predictions about the Obamacare con-game
    By Perry Willis and Jim Babka, Co-founders, Downsize DC
    (886 words)
    Quote of the Day:
    “If elections changed anything they would be illegal.”
    – Emma Goldman
    In this message:
    • Will the election strategy end Obamacare?
    • How the House Republicans could stop Obamacare immediately, and why they won’t.
    • How Romney and the Republicans are manipulating voters.
    • How Americans have been conned before, and will be conned again.
    • The real problem we must solve.
    • What the Deny Consent strategy will LOOK like.
    Will the Election Strategy end Obamacare?
    Did electing Tea Party candidates change things?
    You may think so after House Republicans pass a bill to repeal Obamacare. But . . .
    It’s what they WON’T DO that really matters.
    We all know the Senate won’t agree to repeal and the President would veto. But here’s what you may NOT realize . . .
    House Republicans already have the power to stop Obamacare dead in its tracks, even if the Senate and the President disagree. Here’s how . . .
    House Republicans could attach riders to all 13 appropriations bills, forbidding the use of federal funds to implement Obamacare.
    They already do this to prevent federal funding for abortions, so they could do it for Obamacare too.
    But they won’t, because . . .
    Republican politicians want to exploit Obamacare to MANIPULATE YOU.
    And their manipulation is working just fine!
    Mitt Romney, the original creator of Obamacare, has exploited the Court decision to raise more than $4 million. But will that money get its donors what they want?
    Pay close attention to what Romney is saying. He claims he wants to “repeal and replace” Obamacare. But we’ve seen this con-game before . . .
    Please remember what happened with the debt ceiling fight!
    Downsize DC said that Republican politicians already had the power to balance the budget instantly! All they had to do was honor the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling was the ultimate balanced budget law! But remember what they did instead . . .
    They repealed and replaced the debt ceiling!
    The “replace part” was supposed to give you automatic cuts and forward movement on a balanced budget amendment, but here’s what you really got . . .
    The con worked on the debt ceiling fight, and the con will work with Obamacare too.
    All the partisan patsies will hear Romney promise to replace Obamacare with something good and then run to the polls to endorse him.
    Which brings us to another part of our strategy shift . . .
    The Real Problem is the American people.
    We have to be honest. The politicians can only con us if we allow ourselves to be conned. But sadly . . .
    The vast majority of Americans have been willing dupes.
    This has to change. But how can we cause that change?
    Our new strategy will include something no one has ever had before, as far as we know . . .
    A system to actually measure how minds change and improve.
    We’re nearly done with this powerful new software. We plan to show it to you very soon. It will feed into another part of our new strategy . . .
    Multiple acts of open rebellion designed to remove the legitimacy of The State, bit by bit.
    NORMALLY we would now ask you to PRESSURE the Republicans to prohibit using federal funds to implement Obamacare.
    But we know the Republicans won’t do this.
    They will simply ignore us, because the pressure we can currently apply is simply too small.
    So we need something else.
    That something else will take the following form . . .
    • Each day, more people will move in your direction
    • Each day, more people will move away from The State
    • Each day, The State will lose legitimacy
    • Each day, you will gain power.
    Best of all . . .
    You will be able to watch and measure each increment of this process. You will KNOW that you are succeeding.
    We will be describing and then showing the multiple tactics that will bring this about, but for now, let us give you an image of how this new approach will work and LOOK . . .

    This cartoon shows what it will mean to deny consent.
    So what do we need to make this happen? The first steps require at least the funding we had last year — about $289,000.
    But so far we’re only on track for $231,000. That’s a nearly $60,000 shortfall.
    And we’d really like to have at least $1 per subscriber per month, which would amount to about $341,000.
    The math is simple. Making big changes costs money. If you want to help cause the change you can contribute using our secure online form.
    There’s also a form you can print out if you want to send a check.
    Or you can donate to our foundation if you itemize deductions on your tax return.
    Please also remember how easy it is to maintain a monthly pledge. We’ve given you the power to modify or cancel your pledge at any time, in the Toolbox section of our website.
    We hope you agree that the time has come to be in a state of open but peaceful rebellion against the criminals in Washington.
    Thank you for your support.
    Perry Willis and Jim Babka
    Co-founders, Downsize DC

  • James Graham

    Real Fa The I.R.S. has just been empowered to grab your assets
    Yes, you read that right.

    Obama has given the green light and an unlimited budget to the I.R.S.—the tax collecting arm of ObamaCare—the right to grab:
    • Your home
    • Your life savings
    • Your mementos
    • Your business assets
    • Your family heirlooms
    • Your children’s college money
    • Your unprotected retirement savings
    • Your secret nest-egg

    Virtually anything of yours it damn well pleases. And here’s their sinister plan…

    Your assets will be liquidated and the proceeds used to pay for health care for illegal aliens. How does the Tea Party know this?

    Because the illegal alien clause was NEVER TAKEN OUT of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)—also known as ObamaCare.

    Can you say redistribution of wealth (or poverty as the case may be because by the time O’Scammer is done in the Oval Office we’ll all be dirt poor)—the very thing Obama has been pushing all long.

    They have the authority to take from the mouths of your family and give to undeserving, ILLEGAL strangers. As Obama disembowels our Free-Enterprise Republic, his liberal minions cheer him on, dreaming of the day they can bask in the glory of their evil and sinister conquest.

    But YOU have the power to help us drive a stake through ObamaCare and get rid of this garbage piece of legislation no one wants. Help us fax blast the hell out of both the Senate and the House–all 535 members–and tell them “DITCH ObamaCare NOW!” Kill it once and for all.
    cts About Mitt Romney=em
    Just Some Real Facts About Mitt Romney That We Will Not Hear About From The Lame Stream Media About The Real Mitt Romney! All you will hear from the Lame Stream Media about Romney will be negative or repulsive (from Mitt’s high school days approx. 50 years ago!) that in no way proves anything about what this man is made of today. The facts below are much more informative than what CNN or MSNBC can dig up about Romney.

    Mitt Romney:

    After going to both Harvard Business School and Harvard Law School simultaneously, he passed the Michigan bar, but never worked as an attorney.

    As a venture-capitalist, Romney’s first major business deal involved investing in a start-up office supply company with one store in Massachusetts that sold office supplies. That company, called Staples, now has over 2,000 stores and employs over 90,000 people.

    Romney or his company Bain Capital (using what became known as the “Bain Way”) would go on to perform the same kinds of business miracles again and again, with companies like Domino’s, Sealy, Brookstone, Weather Channel, Burger King, Warner Music Group, Dollarama, Home Depot Supply, and many others.

    Got your calculators handy? Let’s recap.

    Volunteer campaign worker for his dad’s gubernatorial campaign 1 year.

    Unpaid intern in Governor’s office 8 years.

    Mormon missionary in Paris 2 years.

    Unpaid bishop and state president for his church 10 years.

    No salary as president of the Olympics 3 years.

    No salary as MA governor 4 years.

    That’s a grand total of 28 years of unpaid service to his country, his community and his church.

    And in 2011 Mitt Romney gave over $4 million to charity, almost 19% of his income….Obama gave 1%

    Joe Biden gave $300 or .0013%

    This is real character vs….well you know what!

    Romney may not be the best representative the Republicans could have selected. At least I know what religion he is, and that he won’t desecrate the flag, bow down to foreign powers, or squander my money on vacations. I know he has the ability to turn this financial debacle that the “Spending President” has gotten us into. We didn’t know that when Obama said he’d give us change, he meant nickels and dimes, and he would get the big bucks. We won’t like all the things necessary to recover from this debt, but someone with Romney’s background can do it.

    But, on the minus side, He never was a “Community Organizer”, never took drugs or smoked pot. Never got drunk. Did not associate with communists or terrorists. Nor did he attend a church whose pastor called for God to damn the U.S

    • Jimmy The Greek

      You do have a good point !

    • Jim Cumber

      As a Latter-day Saint myself, please permit me to “update” some of your info: Romney’s 2 years of full-time Missionary Service in Paris, France, was at HIS OWN (or his parent’s) expense. Likewise, I know VERY FEW Bishops and Stake Presidents who do NOT “contribute” to the support of their own wards and stakes, so their positions are MORE than “just” UNPAID!

  • uvuvuv

    i think the wind-up dolls in the dnc would have encouraged primary challenges to obama if they had anyone reasonably suitable in inventory. jimmy carter had his ted kennedy and george bush had his pat buchanan. what has to scare the dems is even if al o bama wins in 2012 they have no one for 2016, whereas the repubs have a rich fertile field.

    • CJM2

      uvu: If obammy wins in 2012, there won’t be a 2016 election because he will have himself established as the king/emperor/imam/dictator of the USA—renamed to his dream of the united muslim states of a communist/socialist/islamic amerika. As for the “fertile field” of republican contenders, they will not exist—dictators have a way of dealing with opposition as noted with the conquests by hitler, castro, and chavez.

      • Dave67

        YOU LIE!

        Prove your assertions. You can. Sit down in your mom’s living room with your tin hat and just let the fox propaganda flow.

      • Jazzabelle

        Dave thinks that the word LIE can apply to someone’s prediction about the future. LOL

  • CJM2

    The statement “Let’s be honest: The Supreme Court has a lousy record of telling the Federal government it can’t do something” has only been true since 1954; prior to that, the USSC had no problem telling either the President or Congress where they could go and what they could or could not do. Since that ‘landmark decision’ (which, by the way, Eisenhower opposed—he rightfully acknowledged that a slow pace of integration was the best solution and that’s how he wanted it done), we have watched major civil and legal rights being stripped from the populace. Some folks think the obammy team is ‘running scared’; but let me tell you, this mob of crimnals are NOT ‘scared’ of anything. obammy will do anything he can to remain in office; he will do anything he can to coerce the American public==and that includes the use of violence. If Romney wants to replace obammy, he had better start getting tough and put his money where his mouth is—this is no time for lace and frills. If he can’t do that as a contender, he needs to get out of the way and let someone who can take the lead.

  • mpgfreedom

    It is time for the American People to stand up ! Against this over reaching, Federal behemeth, They Work for us ! We don’t work for them !

  • http://Wildey The Christian American

    Maybe I’m crazy but is anybody paying attention to who we’ve decided to be his replacement? Remember how Stalin replaced Lenin or Bush replaced Clinton. America is very vulnerable on many fronts but people seem to be only interested in their pocket books. “For the love of money is the root of all evil”. The people in government are pushing wars. Have been since Bush was elected. The bombs may of dropped only on the other guys soil in the past but others have gotten very sophisicated. Little Iran knows how to take control of our drones and can turn them against us. Russia and China? I don’t want to know what they are brewing up. Romney’s a warlord and his pride is very very dangerous. The Zionist can suck us into their wars anytime. I agree Obama should be replaced but what are we getting ourselves in for? The Bush haters hailed Obama and when he was elected they thought paradise had returned to America. A drowning man may grasp at straws but we as Americans should stop and think. Read Romney’s resume’. In my opinion I look at both of them as a pair of Cobra’s under my bed

  • Brad lindsey

    The Democrat’s will insist its a penalty and not a tax, regardless what the Supreme court ruled and CBS,ABC,MSNBC and CNN will do all they can to present t to the public that way.

    • Deerinwater

      It comes under a general heading as “Incentives” otherwise your are just splitting hairs.

      All laws offer “Incentives”, incentives that take many forms.

      Tax credits to insulate your attic to R18 value.

      Taxed for being successful and making profits.

      Penalty for filing late.

      So we have Tax, Tax credit and penalty , all being incentive to guide and direct matters of law by government by consent of the governed.

      I think there is plenty of room for sour grapes by the governed on any given issue, but in “general” that is the way it’s always worked.

      To avoid all of these “incentives” you need to find you an uninhabited island somewhere and even that is no guarantee you can escape government incentives.


  • ConfusedAmericanCitizen

    I hadn’t thought of it but it’s so right. If you don’t have to buy insurance at a relatively safe time on the chance that you might have a change, but can wait until you actually need it, there won’t be funding for the insurance to be available to those that need to put in a claim. It’s that simple but our legislatures either don’t get it or have another agenda. I suspect the later.

  • http://yahoo andythibodeau

    re: obamacare???


    Thus far after reading a few pages of this odious dictator mandate, up held yet by those washington girlymen?!!! or whatever they are. The PEOPLE of The U.S. WILL NOT
    Tolerate this horsh*^$%.

    Impeach the entire legislature at the next election, THEY HAVE ALL SOLD OUT
    This COUNTRY and are now Catering to Islam.China will pull all reciets on U.S. and we will Collapse UNLESS WE AMERICAN PATROITS CLEANSE THE USA SHIP OF all the
    RATTS!!! before this ship SINKS into the THIRD WORLD. Wake up Americans and
    vote them ALLLLL OUTTT OF OFICE!!!!

  • http://yahoo andythibodeau

    Yes ,

    The Catholic churches are Praying for repeal of thin UNGODLY
    Buracrecy from our lives once and for all.
    Pray to The Creator GOD that we will succede.
    Gob HELP the U>S>A>

    Stand up against and die if necessary to overcome this EVIL work of the DEVILS.

    Atheists or other Godless people Dont bother to respond since you will be ignored.

    • Dave67

      Obama is the devil now?

      Don’t you have women’s reproductive rights to suppress or pedophilia to cover up?

      Religious loons trying to put their morality play on everyone else is funny and dangerous when the hand of the Gov does it. they just don’t get it.

  • Randall

    What really frustrates me, is that facts show we have an unscrupulous liar committing treason against this country who has shown a in your face disregard for the constitution,

    • Deerinwater

      short answer, No grounds.

  • http://google rose

    Roberts does say that these elected leaders can “be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them.” he doesn’t say vote them out, he says throw them out. He also says that it is not the court’s “job to protect the people the consequences of their political choices.” Although I think he should have ruled Obamacare unconstitutional, he just might be right on this. The court could only can think it is the will of the people to want Obamacare, because all the politicians being elected, on both sides of the aisle, are not doing anything to stop it. So he is correct in his judgement. I believe he was saying that if we vote these people in and they don’t do what they say they will, we should throw them out. So it is not just about throwing out an unconstitutional law, it is about throwing out unconstitutional politicians. We have the constitutional right to remove these politicians. He just left the decision up to the people and not the judges.

    • Jim Cumber

      Unfortunately, for the politically astute who read and “do their homework” (according to “Tragedy and the Hope” and “The Naked Capitalist”) the “solution” of “Throwing the Rascals OUT” HAS ALREADY BEEN NEUTERED by the powers that be! Trying to replace the “RASCALS” ONLY GETS ONE MORE “RASCALS” TO REPLACE THE “OLD” RASCALS! I greatly fear that only ANOTHER VIOLENT AMERICAN REVOLUTION WILL RESOLVE THIS MESS!

  • vietnamvet1971

    “We [the Court] possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

    We must Rise up and Vote out the Liberal mandate,Penalty= TAXES !

    • Deerinwater

      Well, ~you are at liberty to try, ~ how that sound?

  • Gregg

    There has always been free clinics in this country to help the poor and also medicade covers everything. Medicade is better then medicare for retirees. I am retired and my medicare right now cost me 87/mo. People on welfare get midicade and it is free so why do we need Obamacare that forces people to pay for killing babies and they say it is not uncostitutional..

    • Kerry

      When Obamacare goes into full effect, anyone earning $16,300 or less a year are covered by state indigence programs 100% paid for by state and county taxes. Anyone making 200% or less of the poverty-level income fall into the “sliding scale” and if they qualify, it ends up paying 100% also. Anyone making 300% or less of the poverty-level income are covered by Medicaid 100%. I got these figures directly out of the mouth of the man in charge of indigence programs in my county. These people will get “free” health care, but it is not free — it is paid for with taxes. Anyone making over 300% of poverty-level income will be forced to buy insurance under Obamacare….that is, anyone earning approx $35,00 a year or more, up to $250,000. Within and above that, I don’t know what the percentages are. SO, my case in point — Obama’s “Affordable” Health Care Act does NOT create “affordable” coverage for the poor and uninsured. It basically LOWERS the qualifications for indigence and increases the taxes on the middle class. “Affordable” insurance premiums and insurance coverages for the poor does not exist.

  • James H. Dobbins

    The more I think about the Obamacare ruling, the more I like it. I think Roberts was brilliant. Consider what he did.

    1. He took the Commerce Clause out of the equation. He said you cannot use the Commerce Clause to compel people to purchase a commodity, and to try to do so is unconstitutional. This undermines many prior decisions, like ones under the Commerce Clause that said a farmer cannot grow a particular crop even for his own use on his own land if that crop in general is a regulated commodity that is part of interstate commerce. Thus, he struck down the individual mandate as a penalty based on the Commerce Clause.

    2. He took Obama’s campaign argument of an activist court away from him since this opinion was a liberal majority opinion. That is huge.

    3. In doing so, Roberts removed the issue from being a legal issue to a political issue, throwing it from the courts back into the lap of Congress. He says it is not the Court’s place to determine if it is good law, but just to determine whether it is constitutional.

    4. He branded Obama and Pelosi and Reid and all the rest as bald faced liars. If you recall, Obama had an interview with George Stephanopolus (sp?) and George kept insisting it was a tax, not a penalty. Obama got very excited and over and over kept telling George it was definitely not a tax, it was a penalty, and would only be imposed if you don’t buy health care. When it was debated in Congress, it was always debated as a penalty and everyone denied it was a tax, even though it looked and smelled like a tax. Everyone knew it never would have passed if it was presented as a tax. Landrieu and Ben Nelson would never have voted for a huge tax increase. In the actual language of the legislation, it is declared a penalty and not a tax. Nowhere in the legislation is it ever referred to as a tax. Then, in arguments before the Court, the Solicitor General argued it both ways. He said it was a penalty, and then argued it was a tax. Scalia chided him on it but the argument was what it was. The Solicitor General gave Roberts what he needed.

    5. Roberts decided to write the decision himself, and the liberal justices did not agree with his reasoning – something he anticipated and led him not to let one of them write the opinion, and he removed the Commerce Clause from consideration (something Ginsberg did not agree with) and said it would be unconstitutional to try to do this under the Commerce Clause. That was the driving engine of the legislation and he took that completely away from Congress, and took away from them any future attempts to use the Commerce Clause for anything similar. Then he took away the penalty, and said that it would be unconstitutional to penalize someone for not engaging in commerce. At that point he could have simply sided with the others and ruled the whole thing unconstitutional. That would have put all the focus on the Court and gotten the liberals all stirred up to support Obama. But he didn’t.

    6. In a convoluted chain of reasoning, which does not really sound like something he would ordinarily do, he decided to uncover the stink for what it is. In spite of Obama and his minions arguing repeatedly that it is a penalty, not a tax, Roberts, arguing that it is the Court’s duty when possible to keep a law passed by Congress alive, ruled that no matter what they called it and no matter how they couched it in the legislation, it has the nature and characteristics of a tax, not a penalty, and he ruled it is a tax. Again, dropping it back in Obama’s lap and Congress’ lap. He dropped a huge tax increase right into Obama’s lap, took away the Commerce Clause option, and then said that if States do not want to participate in the expanded medicaid, the HHS cannot withhold from the states the other Medicare/Medicaid money they are already getting, practically guaranteeing Romney will win. Obama has so many statements on the record about how he knows it would be bad to impose a tax in such an economic environment, and how he argued over and over that it was a penalty and not a tax, Romney has enough sound bites to last the whole campaign.

    7. What Romney has to do now is explain clearly what he means by “replace” when he says he will repeal and replace Obamacare. Some provisions are popular with people, like coverage for pre-existing conditions; no lifetime limits for certain conditions; keeping your health insurance as you move from company to company, etc. He will also have to include tort reform (which Obamacare does not, taking care of his lawyer buddies) for if he does not do this, medical expenses will never be brought into control; and allow national marketing of health insurance instead of state limited marketing. How he deals with people who are not now covered, or how he deals with illegal aliens, are things that will have to be thought out very carefully, as well as how to pay for it. Engineering a very robust economy could go a long way to address these issues.

    8. The tort reform issue is critical. Many OB/GYNs, for example, do not do that any more because of insurance costs. Most have to pay over a hundred thousand a year for their malpractice insurance, which is totally rediculous. If tort reform is not included in the “replace”, nothing else will make much difference. It is the single biggest driver of medical costs, and it will only get worse.

    9. Finally, Romney and everyone else keeps saying they have to repeal Obamacare. The other gift from Roberts was that he made it a tax, not a penalty. To repeal the statute, they will need a super-majority of 60 senators, and the attempt can be filibustered. But to repeal a tax, all they need is a simple majority and it cannot be filibustered.

    10. If the tax originated in the Senate, then the 26 Attorneys General of the states who are parties to the lawsuit should file a motion in the Supreme Court, since it issued the ruling and they have 21 days to ask for reconsideration, and seek from the Court a decision on the constitutionality of the tax if the tax originated in the Senate. If it did, then it should be declared unconstitutional. The Court could not rule on that point in the original case since that fact of origination was never made a part of the record, nor should it have been since no one was arguing about a tax then. This way they could get rid of Obamacare now and not have to wait for the election, and they can blame it on the Senate democrats.

    The tax in the 2,300-page monstrosity that created Obamacare is not just the penalty tax we have heard so much about in the news. Obamacare contains at least 21 tax increases. Estimates are that it will cost taxpayers more than $800 billion. Remember Obama promising no one making less than $250,000 a year would get a tax increase? The majority of those Obamacare increases will hit families earning less than $250,000 a year. What follows are the seven taxes hidden in Obamacare that will affect all Americans, not just some subset. Sean Hannity had these seven listed on his website:

    The first, and best known, of these seven taxes that will hit all Americans as a result of Obamacare is the Individual Mandate Tax (no longer concealed as a penalty). This provision will require a couple to pay the higher of a base tax of $1,360 per year, or 2.5% of adjusted growth income starting with lower base tax and rising to this level by 2016. Individuals will see a base tax of $695 and families a base tax of $2,085 per year by 2016.

    Next up is the Medicine Cabinet Tax that took effect in 2011. This tax prohibits reimbursement of expenses for over-the-counter medicine, with the lone exception of insulin, from an employee’s pre-tax dollar funded Health Saving Account (HSA), Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). This provision hurts middle class earners particularly hard since they earn enough to actually pay federal taxes, but not enough to make this restriction negligible.

    The Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Cap, which will begin in 2013, is perhaps the most hurtful provision to the middle class. This part of the law imposes a cap of $2,500 per year (which is now unlimited) on the amount of pre-tax dollars that could be deposited into these accounts. Why is this particularly hurtful to the middle class? It is because funds in these accounts may be used to pay for special needs education for special needs children in the United States. Tuition rates for this type of special education can easily exceed $14,000 per year and the use of pre-tax dollars has helped many middle income families.

    Another direct hit to the middle class is the Medical Itemized Deduction Hurdle which is currently 7.5% of adjusted gross income. This is the hurdle that must be met before medical expenses over that hurdle can be taken as a deduction on federal income taxes. Obamacare raises this hurdle to 10% of adjusted gross income beginning in 2013. Consider the middle class family with $80,000 of adjusted gross income and $8,000 of medical expenses. Currently, that family can get some relief from being able to take a $2,000 deduction (7.5% X $80,000 = $6,000; $8,000 –$6,000 = $2,000). An increase to 10% would eliminate the deduction in this example and if that family was paying a 25% federal tax rate, the real cost of that lost deduction would be $500.

    The fifth new tax on the middle class, and all Americans, is the Health Savings Account (HSA) Withdrawal Tax Hike. This provision increases the additional tax on non-medical early withdrawals from an HSA from 10% currently to 20% beginning in 2013. This provision actually sets these accounts apart from Investment Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and other tax advantaged accounts, all of which remain with a 10% early withdrawal tax.

    Another regressive tax that is part of this law began in 2010 and that is the Indoor Tanning Services Tax, which places a 10% excise tax on people using tanning salons. While some may regard this as insignificant, the broader implication is that this act of taxation is a blatant move by the federal government to control the behavior of citizens. This provision, as does the Individual Mandate and as Justice Kennedy said during the oral arguments on the constitutionality of the law said, “….fundamentally changes the relationship between the federal government and the citizen.”

    The seventh new tax that directly impacts the middle class, along with all citizens, is the Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans or the “Cadillac” Health Insurance Plan Tax. These are plans that provide extensive coverage and that are generally fully paid for, or largely paid for, by employers. This provision imposes a 40% excise tax on the employer-paid premium on taxpayers who are covered by such plans, beginning in 2018. The reason it begins in 2018 is because most unionized workers are covered by plans that fall under this definition and a deferral was made to spare union members from this tax for at least a period of time.

    There are thirteen other taxes that apply to businesses and that apply to high income (over $250,000 per year) households. While these additional provisions will not impact the middle class directly, they can have serious indirect consequences for middle and low income earners. Beginning in 2014, the Employer Mandate Tax will impose an annual non-deductible tax on employers with more than 50 employees who do not provide health insurance for their employees.

    The impact of this provision on low and middle income earners, and really all working Americans, is that employers will be confronted with three choices. The first is provide some level of health insurance, as many do today, and there would be no impact on employees. The second choice is to pay the penalty, which would most likely be less expensive than providing health insurance, and force employees to seek their own health insurance or purchase it through federal government controlled state exchanges. Studies have estimated that 20 million Americans will lose their employee funded health insurance as a result of this provision and employers electing this option. The third choice is for employers to lay off employees, or not hire additional employees, because Obamacare forces them to either provide health insurance or pay the new tax.

    Another new tax, the Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers that begins in 2013, places a 2.3% excise tax on all items retailing for more than $100. This provision will not only drive up the cost of various medical devices ranging from mobility assistance devices to personal testing supplies, but will also impact an industry that employs 360,000 people in 6,000 plants across our country. This tax, while not a direct tax, would have significant negative impact on the middle class.

    The Surtax on Investment Income for households earning $250,000 and more, beginning in 2013, will raise the Capital Gains Tax from 15% to 23.8% on investment income for these households and will raise Taxes on Dividends from 15% to 43.4% for the same households. Aside from the impact on retired citizens dependent on dividends, this provision will pull income from the private economy. In addition, the tax rate on Other Investment Income earned by Subchapter S Corporation (which many small business are organized as, allowing the owners to claim all business income as personal income) will rise from 35% to 43.4%. This part of the provision would place additional pressure on small businesses resulting in more layoffs and less hiring, impacting all American workers.

    All but one of the remaining new taxes in Obamacare are directed at health industry businesses and while they will not impact middle income families directly, the additional costs will most likely be passed on to the public. The last new tax is really interesting, it is a tax on certain biofuels!

    These are the facts. It does not matter if you support Mr. Obama and his new law or if you oppose it, the new taxes on the middle class or real and all Americans should understand their impact on their families and the economy. Citizens, regardless of political beliefs, should recognize that Obamacare was passed with almost no sunlight shined on these middle class tax increases and need to understand that the new law was sold with the promise that there would be no new middle class taxes. This is not partisan, it is simply the reality of politics.

    • uvuvuv

      i think the others who read this will agree, it is a very informative rundown and it shows that at least someone read this bill. jd failed to mention or i didn’t catch it was the tax on real estate transactions. my sale in 2009 was far below the threshold for this tax, but at 3.8% i wudda had to pay an additional $2200 at the closing.

      • James H. Dobbins

        Thanks. I just included the seven taxes that apply to everyone, as listed on the Hannity web site. There are at least 21 tax increases and you have pointed out one. If you own or sell a home, you will pay a hefty additional tax, as will others with other kinds of investments. And don’t forget the Bush tax cuts that expire January 1, 2013. Obama is laying on us one huge tax package that is going to hurt everyone, no matter your tax bracket.

  • Arthur Fonzarelli

    It’s really unfair to expect President Obama to turn the economy around.
    How can we expect somebody whose sole life experience is ‘community organizing’, somebody who owes his education to ‘affirmative action’ quotas (this is why he or his wife refuse to make his school records public), somebody who has never had a real job, to FIX our economy?
    If we want to fix our economy we need to elect somebody that understands BUSINESS…..


      “Arthur Fonzarelli,”

      THANKS FOR YOUR STATEMENT IN REFERENCE TO THIS BIRACIAL PRESIDENT, “…who owes his education to ‘affirmative action’ quotas (this is why he or his wife refuse to make his school records public)…”




    • Dave Kirby

      If the Obamas really did use affirmative action to get where they are, then I say, “Wow, it really works.”

  • Jimmy The Greek

    No mater what anyone says or thinks , The only way to fix healthcare is #1 doctors office visits should be paid for in cash ,the really poor ( as long as they are here legally ) would get government help and doctors could not turn away government patents because of what the government pays . #2 All hospitals would have to either be charity hospitals or nonprofit like the VA hospitals with no privet owned hospitals allowed and no insurance company involvement . The reason healthcare is so expensive is because of the way the system is today . Single payer system is the only way to go !

    • Dave67

      I agree Jimmy. There is no country clamoring to have this system we have. The Canadians rejected a 2 tier private system over making improvements to the public system by 87%

      If you have tons of money, our system is great… If you are middle class and poor, this system can be devastatingly bad.

      We can and should do better. The conservatives offered nothing when they were in control, funny how they forget that little bit of info.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I thought the Democrats with all their programs made being poor obsolete, and here you are talking about the poor. Dave67 it seems you are gullible in believing what the Democrats have been telling you.

      • Dave67

        Nadzieja Batki, you seem gullible to every right wing conservative propaganda piece that gets brought out to you.

        The whole post that I was responding to is ridiculous, but no lie is too big for conservatives.

      • Deerinwater

        Wow! Nadzieja , three whole lines!

      • Jay

        As gleeful Democrats tear feverishly into Justice Roberts’ glittery gift, they seem oblivious to the fact that coiled inside and poised to strike rests an election-year viper chock-full of political poison.

        What liberals celebrate as a historic milestone is likely a political millstone that may well drown them in November. The American people didn’t want this job-killing, economy-destroying, health-care-rationing monstrosity then; and we don’t want it now.

        Like yappy little Marxist pugs, Democrats have, for decades, been chasing the socialized medicine mail truck.

        OK, so they finally caught it. Now what?

        The absurdly tagged “Affordable Care Act” remains wildly unpopular with most Americans. Polls have not wavered. By a two-to-one margin voters want the plug pulled on Obamacare.

        As even Michael Shear of the uber-liberal New York Times acknowledges: “The ruling also has the potential to re-energize the tea-party movement … and provide new political power to Mitt Romney’s pledge to repeal the law. … Republicans eager to seize control of the Senate now have a renewed rallying cry in races across the country.”

        And the GOP’s nominee-to-be has wasted no time. It must’ve been all high-fives around Romney headquarters. Shortly after the ruling the former Massachusetts governor took to the microphones, warning America: “If we want to get rid of Obamacare, we’re going to have to replace President Obama. … What the court did not do on its last day in session, I will do on my first day if elected president.”

        That’s a powerful promise to a lot of independent voters. Indeed, in little more than 24 hours, Romney had raised nearly $5 million on his pledge to repeal Obamacare alone.

        I don’t mean to diminish how utterly mind-boggling the court’s ruling remains. Legal scholars will be dissecting this bizarre decision for decades to come. Still, what I’m more interested in, at least for now, is how the ruling will affect the 2012 elections.

        Under any objective analysis, it’s a boon for Mitt Romney and the GOP. Most damaging to Obama and Democrats, perhaps, is the fact that Obamacare’s individual mandate was held to be a “tax” rather than a “penalty.”

        Recall that, while Democrats were using parliamentary sleight-of-hand to ram Obamacare through on Christmas Eve, 2009, they expressly wrote into the bill that fines associated with an individual’s failure to fork over the bucks amounted to a penalty, not a tax.

        President Obama promised the same, saying on multiple occasions that the individual mandate was – you guessed it – a “penalty,” not a “tax.”

        Nevertheless, Chief Justice Roberts enigmatically joined the four known Supreme Court liberals to effectively revise the bill so that it might pass constitutional muster. To do so, they arbitrarily invoked the government’s taxing power, despite lawmakers’ legislative intent to the contrary. This, by definition, is legislating from the bench. It’s judicial activism.

        The effect? Obama and Democrats are a pack of liars. They’ve promised, over and again, not to raise taxes on the middle class.

        Well, middle class, congratulations. You now have 21 brand new tax increases costing you over $700 billion out of pocket.

        How do you like them peas?

        It’s a double-edged sword. Obamacare has become ObamaTax. Although this strange legal fiction may have temporarily saved the health-care overhaul, it likely spells doom for Democrats in November. Ultimately, when all the smoke has cleared, this means that Obamacare remains on life support and is fading fast.

        Shortly after Thursday’s decision, Mat Staver, founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel and dean of Liberty University School of Law, said: “Elections have consequences. Obamacare is the result of squandered votes cast in 2008. This November, we need to elect principled people who will repeal Obamacare.”

        And by “we,” he means you.

        In the 1970 film “Tora! Tora! Tora!,” shortly after bombing Pearl Harbor, Japanese Adm. Isoroku Yamamoto is portrayed as saying, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

        On Thursday, the U.S. Supreme Court awakened a sleeping giant. This giant likes tea.

  • Pritty Brains

    #1 Republican distortion: “The President promised he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class by a penny with this health care law. Well, that’s been proven false now.”

    The facts: President Obama has cut taxes by $3,600 for the average middle-class family over the last three and a half years, and the Republicans fought him nearly every step of the way. From cutting taxes for every working American through the Making Work Pay and payroll tax cuts, to the American Opportunity Tax Credit which gives up to a $10,000 tax credit to help families pay for four years of college, the President has put more money in the pockets of middle-class Americans.

    Here’s another fact: Obamacare includes the largest middle-class tax cut for health care in history. According to the independent Congressional Budget Office, 19 million people will receive tax credits — worth an average of about $4,800 each — to help afford health care. These tax credits will finally put health insurance within reach for millions of American families. In short, Obamacare cuts taxes for middle-class families. Period.

    Around 1 percent of people — those who can afford to buy coverage but instead choose to opt out, shifting their costs to the rest of us — will pay a penalty. The Supreme Court acknowledged yesterday that this penalty will be charged through the tax code — but that doesn’t change its purpose (to ensure everyone who can afford insurance buys it) or its effect (to lower costs for everyone). It’s also the same policy Mitt Romney implemented when he signed health reform in Massachusetts. For many folks in Massachusetts, the penalties under Romney’s reform were even bigger. In fact, here’s a video of him extolling the virtues of his penalty.

    #2 Romney distortion: Romney said Obamacare meant “a larger and larger government, more and more intrusive in your life — separating you and your doctor.”

    The facts: Totally dishonest. In fact, this is one of the most dishonest claims in American politics. First, this isn’t about government. Obamacare builds on and improves the nation’s private health care system.

    Second, here’s what it fixes. Before Obamacare, insurance companies had free rein to arbitrarily cap and cancel coverage, and they could waste our premiums on overheads and big CEO bonuses. With Obamacare, there will now be clear rules of the road to give patients and doctors more control over their health care. These rules will make sure that you and your doctor — not your insurance company, and certainly not a Washington bureaucrat — have control over your health.

    #3 Romney distortion: “Obamacare also means that for up to 20 million Americans, they will lose the insurance they currently have.”

    The facts: Outright false. If you like the insurance you have, you can keep it. The only thing that’s changed is that your coverage is stronger. Here’s how:

    — If you had a lifetime limit (and about 60 percent of employer-based plans did), it’s been lifted.
    — If you have a child under the age of 26, they can stay on your plan.
    – Insurance companies can no longer discriminate against children with preexisting conditions.
    – Starting in 2014, insurance companies will no longer be able to deny anyone insurance based on preexisting conditions, helping up to 129 million Americans get the care they need.
    — Insurance companies will no longer be able to charge women more than men for the exact same coverage.
    — 54 million Americans already have access to better preventive services, free of charge.
    — And if you get sick, your insurance company can’t drop your coverage, and if they deny you a treatment, the law makes sure you have a chance to appeal.

    Republicans who tell you Obamacare won’t let you keep your plan if you like it are lying to you — and it is shameful.

    #4 Republican distortion: “Costs are going up.”

    The facts: Health care costs have been going up for decades — that’s one of the reasons President Obama fought to pass the Affordable Care Act. Obamacare makes targeted changes to hold costs down. The President started by taking on the insurance companies. As he has said, the law ensures that insurance companies spend 80% of your premium dollars on your health care, not administrative costs or CEO bonuses. If they don’t follow that rule, they have to send you a rebate. This month, more than 12 million Americans will receive over $1 billion in rebate checks, and we’re all seeing lower premiums because of it.

    The law also takes on waste in our health care system. Let’s take just one example. We spend billions of dollars every year treating people for infections they get while they are in the hospital. The health care law helps hospitals take simple but necessary steps to prevent infections. These types of reforms will save up to $35 billion and 60,000 lives.

    #5 Romney distortion: “Obamacare adds trillions to our deficits and to our national debt.”

    The facts: Wrong again. The Affordable Care Act cuts the deficit by over $100 billion during the first ten years. In the following decade, it cuts the deficit by another $1 trillion. Not only is the Romney campaign misleading people about the President’s deficit plan, they won’t tell the truth about their own. Romney would grow the deficit by as much as $5 trillion by giving tax cuts that favor millionaires and billionaires while taking away health care benefits that people rely on. We can’t let them get away with it.

    If Romney gets his way, 105 million Americans could see their lifetime caps reinstated, and more than 3.1 young Americans could be booted off their parent’s plan and could again be without insurance. Up to 17 million children with preexisting conditions could, once again, be at risk of being denied coverage, and insurance companies could once again drop you if you get sick.

    • Jazzabelle

      Wow, that reads like a propaganda piece written by a PAC ….

    • Brad

      pritty brains you need to read this before you go off half cocked,

    • Brad

      Pritty Brains,

      She had this to say, “The facts: President Obama has cut taxes by $3,600 for the average middle-class family over the last three and a half years, and the Republicans fought him nearly every step of the way. From cutting taxes for every working American through the Making Work Pay and payroll tax cuts, to the American Opportunity Tax Credit which gives up to a $10,000 tax credit to help families pay for four years of college, the President has put more money in the pockets of middle-class Americans”.

      From a tax payer’s stand point 3600 dollars back in my pocket is a good thing but is bad from the stand point the money comes from my SS and Medicare payroll taxes. Essentially it’s O.K. for congress to give us a pick me up at our own expense when most need those funds going into SS and Medicare. So, the then dem controlled house and senate of 11/10 passed the payroll tax cut of 2% essentially gutting 200 billion from SS and Medicare annually. Another fact, the making work pay tax credit was only in effect for two years and two year’s only. I lost 1/3rd of my tax return due to a program called the 890 billion dollar stimulus which included the making work pay tax credit. Your ten grand sum tax credit is bogus, I went through college and that so called tax credit wasn’t there for me. Please get your facts strait, all you are doing is making yourself look foolish and ill informed and please provide credible resources for all to read when backing up your claims.

  • mickey casey

    when your children say the “pledge of allegiance” which hand do they put over their heart? didn’t think so….

  • Pritty Brains

    Republican Scare Tactics

    Republicans have always capitalized on the gullibility and fear of low-information voters. George W. Bush’s 2004 re-election campaign is a prime example.

    When John Kerry tried to get some “bounce” out of his convention by embarking immediately on a bus tour through the heartland, Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge announced that Al Qaeda had been surveying buildings in New York and New Jersey as possible targets. The media went into a frenzy over Ridge’s claims and all but ignored the Kerry trip. The print media (bless ‘em) eventually revealed that the supposed proof of the surveillance had been in hand for four years. There was no particular reason for Ridge to release it when he did…unless it was to usurp news time that would have been devoted to Kerry.

    Director Ridge bristled at such speculation, and explained that the timing was not political. Ridge said, “The Homeland Security Department doesn’t do politics!” And proceeded to hold a news conference in one of the buildings that he had named as a terror target, after which Laura, Jenna and Barbara Bush held a media event in one of the others.

    Another hoax was perpetrated a few days later when the FBI reported that U.S.military officials in Iraq had sent them some terrorist surveillance of school buildings in America. It turned out to be the notebook of an American supporter in a refugee camp in the Kurdish zone, and it wasn’t surveillance at all, but notes for an education project in Iraq downloaded from public sites on the Internet.

    In August, Attorney General John Ashcroft and Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge ratcheted up fear about “sleeper cells” when they announced the arrest of a 66-year-old man who, they say, planned to blow up the Dirksen Federal Building with fertilizer. The FBI had sold him the fertilizer. The case quietly disappeared.

    On the same day, in New York and New Jersey, the FBI raided 2 homes in connection with the anthrax mailings of 2001. No one was arrested in the raids, though Ashcroft made much of the fact that one of the homeowners was arrested later at a motel–after a domestic disturbance.

    On the same day, in Albany, New York, the FBI arrested two mosque officials who ran a pizza joint and vocally supported America’s war against terrorism. An FBI informant loaned them (loaned, not paid) 65-thousand dollars to purchase a grenade launcher from another FBI operative. (They needed the money for their pizzeria.) The hapless suspects were charged with terrorism and money laundering. The sting had taken 18 months. An Assistant Attorney General said it was “not the case of the century.” But it dominated the news for a few days prior to the election.

    The day climaxed with the President saying “This proves that my tough stand on terrorism is paying off.”

    It certainly paid off in Ohio, where another highly doubtful terrorism event took place on election night:

    In Warren County, officials said there was a Homeland Security issue–they rated it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10–and they locked down the courthouse. Warren was previously a safely Republican County but Kerry had been hitting the area hard. Then came the Homeland Security alert and everyone was locked out of the courthouse and Bush got over 72% of the votes.

    And the news media, with the notable exception of Keith Olbermann, didn’t seem to care.

    (The media reported the Republican terrorism gimmicks with Breaking-News breathlessness, but did not get so excited over the other big election story out of Ohio: the funny math in Precinct IB of Gahanna where—out of 800 registered voters, Bush got 4,258. In Cuyahoga County, there were 93,136 more votes than registered voters.)

    Republican math may be as scary as their terror stories. But even more terrifying is a news media that doesn’t seem to want to offend members of the low-information/FOX-watching segment of the electorate that Republicans often capture with scare tactics.

    More coming… hang on to your hats! *grins*

    • James Heronime

      NEOCONS, thinktanks and Saducees at their very best and this is just the very beginning. How many more of our boys are going to bleed and die in the name of security for Isra……er the US?

    • Jazzabelle

      Pritty Brains, welcome to the party.

      The workings of the terror machine have been old news to Personal Liberty Digest regulars for quite a while now.

      Now we just need to educate you about the true One-Party System in this country….



  • Sarah R.

    Would someone enlighten me. Article I, Section 7, of the Constitution of the United States states that “All bills for raising revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives.” This bill, Affordable Healthcare Act, Obamacare did not originate in the House. Am I missing something?

  • David

    This may sound a little silly but the Federal government wants to all be like the Star Trek Borg and wants us all to believe resistance is futile. They want all of us to be part of their mindless collective and do as we are told.

    With the states help we can resist without violence. Most informed people now know voting more bums in will brings up the definition of insanity where we keep doing the same thing over and over and expect different results.

    Those at the Federal level are just too well connected, too far away and protected to worry about us minions and what we think. If they threaten the states to take away their money, then states out to tell the FED that their citizens will no longer pay homage to the mob in Washington DC. Just ignore them and cut them off.

    If you take away their allowance they will bitch and complain and make a lot of threats but we the people are are in fact the 99% and out number them thousands to 1. Time to quit investing in a failing scheme.

    • Dave Kirby

      What. you mean the constitution and all that?

  • http://Yahoo George

    Having NOBAMA in the Presidency was “TERROR” enough for me. I’m still recovering from 2008!
    I hope Glenn will have a “RESTORE SANITY” event within the next 3 months!!!

  • Chris Condon

    A fine article by Chip Wood. In addition to the two problems he mentioned, there is the problem of money. Government entitlement programs cost far more than they are projected to cost. We can assume that the same will be true of Obamacare. Once the program is fully implemented, it will not be long before Washington runs out of money and is forced to default. Down go Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and Obamacare.

    • James Heronime

      You may as well add Military pay into that equation. Isn’t that also an entitlement? No?
      Neither is Social Security. Those are well funded and if the congress would stop borrowing it to make the annual foreign aid payments to the likes of Israel, then maybe the IOUs in those trust funds could be replenished. Stop feeding, medicating, educating the 30plus millions of mexicans in our country and you won’t be worrying about my social security so much. I paid into that for over 50 years …leave it alone!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You used up your SS long ago, someone else’s money is supporting you.

      • Deerinwater

        I believe that is the way it works, ~ you pay forward. I know it’s complicated to think about.

        For a conservative that is willing to offer us 5 cents credit for every dollar government spends to his/her benefit, it just don’t seem fair does it?

      • 11C Ret

        Nadzieja Batki says:
        July 6, 2012 at 1:27 pm

        You used up your SS long ago, someone else’s money is supporting you.

        No meatball, Your Illegal Alien Parents did that! I’m still drawing mine and will continue
        to do so as long as aliens get welfare in this country.

  • FEDUP!

    This administration always does things like, It is not a tax because that doesn’t sound good even though if it walks like and talks like a duck it probably is. I am a u.s. citizen but can’t prove it but that’s what I said so you all have to go with it. I don’t want Id to be a requirement for voter’s because that is discrimination even though anyone of any color can get an Id. Get real people. These people are con artists and are not even good at it. Most of you people surprise the crap out of me on how ignorant you can be!

  • Old Henry

    I firmly believe the reason Roberts changed his vote was that he was overtly threatened by the communist(s) in our Whte House and the Congress. Additionally I think TPTB also told him the law had better not be overturned as it was put in place to hasten the demise of Corp USA. This in turn brings in the One World Govt and the elimination of 85% of the world’s population.

    He may not have been afraid for his life, however, I do not discount that, but more likely he was told the court would be completely marginalized, if not completely eliminated. (What would stop them? The Constitution?)

    As far as a Republican Congress and White House riding to the rescue – don’t hold your breath.

    • Jim Cumber

      Hate to have to burst your bubble, but if they are following the diktat of the Georgia Guidestones, to limit the human population to no more than 500 million (out of approximately 7 Billion), THAT would require the reduction (MURDER!) of over 99% of the population!

  • David

    Keep pushing for Ron Paul at the convention and let’s clean up the mess once and for all.

  • JeffH

    Some comments from the “D-Communist Party”

    *Executive director of the Democratic National Committee Patrick Gaspard tweets, “It’s constitutional. Bitches.”

    *House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) told reporters June 28 the court’s decision “is a victory for America’s families” and highlighted the benefits the law is bringing and will bring to individuals. Now we can move forward to the full implementation of the law”…

    *Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) echoed Pelosi’s comments, telling reporters at a briefing that Republicans should drop efforts to repeal the law and focus on creating jobs. “The Supreme Court has spoken–the matter is settled,” Reid said, calling the scheduled vote on repeal in the House “a show vote.”

    *Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) told reporters that validation of the law by the court may cause many Americans who are ambivalent or opposed to the law to take a second look at it.

    *Obama Adviser Valerie Jarrett Pretty Happy that ObamaCare Ruling Means America Will Now ‘Provide. Valerie Jarrett is President Barack Obama’s closest adviser, so close that she can and does overrule senior campaign adviser David Axelrod and members of the Obama cabinet. In a radio appearance on June 30, just two days after the US Supreme Court upheld the ObamaCare individual mandate as a tax, Jarrett appeared on a radio show to bask in the administration’s big win. “We will take it [the court victory] any way we get it,” said Jarrett. “I mean, we argued both ways. We thought this fell within the commerce clause, the court ruled it was a tax.

    *Barack Obama Gloats Following Obamacare Decision: “THIS ONE got it done”

    • Old Henry


      The one question I never hear asked of any democraps is why, if this is such a great idea, did the Democrat Congress vote to specifically EXCLUDE themselves and the other two branches from the law.

      We all know the answer, but I would like to hear it asked, and asked, and asked.

      • Dave67

        Because Congress has the sweetest deal going. Obama just finished signing into law outlawing insider trading by Congress. I believe all of Congress and the President needs to live by the same set of rules… Makes for better legislation. We need to do better. This HC law is only a small step in the right direction.

        Just like when we go to war, their kids need to be put into a daft so they can go fight their BS wars, makes going to war a bit more thoughtful in the minds of chickenhawks like Bush 2 and Dick Cheney.

      • JeffH

        OH, they will never answer any questions directly and to the point…deflect and decieve and when all else fails…ignore.
        Remember that the greatest majority of our elected reps are former lawyers. Nuff said!

  • speedle

    The writer is correct all the way down to the last part of the article. Although in the 185 posts here there is probably already a suggestion similar to what I am saying, I will say it anyway. While it is true that this law places employer sponsored healthcare in an irreversible spiral down the toilet, this is exactly what Obama and his gangsters have counted on. That is why the opt out penalty for employers is so ridiculously low (so that more will decide not to offer benefit programs). When employer sponsored healthcare is inevitably relegated to irrelevance, and covering only a small percentage of the population, the Statists will be…er….”forced” to jump in and declare that “single payer” government healthcare is the only remaining salvation.

    This has been the grand plan all along, and anyone that thinks otherwise is simply not paying attention.

  • Publius

    Tim Wood? Is that really your name, [offensive word removed]??? You need help, pal!!

  • HKaufman

    Chip, i thought last name was Wood??? did ;not know you were the second coming of Nostradamus.

  • Dave67

    I have two questions for Conservatives:

    1) Why are there NO other countries in the entire world wanting to move to a private HC like ours? Taiwan rejected a private HC system idea after coming here to check out our system and in 2010, Canada voted overwhelmingly to reject a private system for their people.

    2) If this law is a tax, then why is it if I am a deadbeat dad, do not pay child support as the law dictates, the government can come in a garnish my wages through taxation and that is called a penalty. Romney called his own plan a penalty and it does the EXACT same thing as the HC law.

    Please… explain.

  • Deerinwater

    “Fox News commentator Dick Morris put it this way: “So this really puts Obamacare front and center as the leading issue in the 2012 campaign. In a real sense it makes the 2012 campaign a carbon copy of the 2010 campaign — and we all know how that turned out.”

    More Fox News logic ~ You can eat their stuff up and be misinformation if you wish, but understand that it’s a deliberate choice that you make. ~ If that’s some kind of “Hope & change you can believe in” more power to you.

    Midterm election are know for strong GOP voter turn out. In 2010 the GOP hardly had a heartbeat. “Up” was the only direction they had left to go and stay a viable force in politics.

    “In 2008, the Democrats picked up 21 seats in the House, having just gained 30 seats in the 2006 midterms. It is exceedingly rare for a party to have gains that large in two consecutive elections — and unprecedented to have a third big gain in a row. So even as Republicans reeled in humiliation after their rivals’ landslide victory in 2008, they might have taken comfort in the prospect of a sharp comeback in 2010.”

    I do believe Dick Morris is correct in thinking the passage of the Heath Care Reform Act will be used as a spring board in Obama’s bid for reelection. But unlike Dick Morris I don’t believe that it’s going to hurt him.

    The voters that did not approve of this new law vote, was never up for grabs anyway.

    That just some Fox circular reasoning at work, little more than politic fodder to fill space in silence and pander “feel good” to Fox political followers by appealing to wishful thinking.

    GOP gains made in 2010 were much needed but to suggest as many do, again and again is was some kind of mandate is little more then PEP Squad talk and a lot of hopeful thinking.

    The value you place on Fox News for political insight and hard information is misleading.

    • Rosemary

      What is misleading in the manner in which this monsterous ObamaTax was written. What is misleading is the way that this was explained to the American people, who by the way pay the salary and perks of said lawmakers. What is misleading is the propaganda that this Administration injected into the conversation. Americans voted for Ombama on his mantra of Hope and Change. America got Taxed and Chains. Independent Voter who can agree to disagree without being disagreeable.

      • Deerinwater

        Hmm? ~ i’m not sure about you claim of tax increases by the current administration, you are not very specific about it so how can I address it but to say that you accepted President Reagan tax increases and seem to do okay with them while W lowered them to where they presently are today ~ so what is your complaint regarding present Federal taxes?

        A common criticism of Reagan’s policies stem from Tax Reform Act of 1986 and its impact on the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT). The tax reform would ostensibly reduce or eliminate tax deductions. This legislation expanded the AMT from a law for untaxed rich investors to one refocused on middle class Americans who had children, owned a home, or lived in high tax states.[54] This parallel tax system hit middle class Americans the hardest by reducing their deductions and effectively raising their taxes. Meanwhile, the highest income earners (with incomes exceeding $1,000,000) were proportionately less affected, thereby shifting the tax burden away from the richest 0.5% to poorer Americans.[55] In 2006, the IRS’s National Taxpayer Advocate’s report highlighted the AMT as the single most serious problem with the tax code.[56] As of 2007, the AMT brought in more tax revenue than the regular tax which has made it difficult for Congress to reform.[55]

  • macgyver1948

    SailAway — you believe alright. If you were to get all you suggest do you realize what we would become? Mybe you do because it is very obvious. The removal of Liberals at all levels and replace everything with Conservatives and Tea Party will surly make us the Corporate States Of America and it would be a Hitler’s Utopia.

    We need opposing views and we need balance in that. A one party system will destroy America. We might as well crown whomever is the king for life, oops, I mean your president. Do we really want to go back to that?

    What you suggest is insane for freedom and liberty except for the ruling/elite class. By the way, what religion/denomination in your world would rule? Bye-bye US Constitution and hello your Anti-American insanity. Just because you are on the Right side of the aisle doesn’t mean you are right but you are so far right you are passing fascism. Sieg Heil! SailAway. Not here though.

  • Tierra-Naomi

    Mr. Wood is so far off base that it is alarming,….there will be no rage from consevatives in this election, and if there is, it will be few,…if people are so raged, then why is Obama polling 7% above Romney in the swing states. You would think by now the idiots of this country would have wised up to Obama, but like a plucked chicken, the minute you strip him of his feathers , he will come and eat corn out of your hand,……the American chickens are too stupid and too ignorant to get rid of Obama,…they love him even more after he lies, tars and feathers them,…….the other factor is that Romney is a looser, worse then Dole or McCain,…Obama is kicking his butt up the Boulevarde of broken dreams and enjoying ever minute of it,….

    • Agi Groff

      Watch this video and you will know what is wrong with America:
      You-tube USS LIBERTY Cover Up – Full Documentary – “The loss of Liberty”
      Watch the video, sign the petition!
      Do not be afraid to put your name on this petition, initiated by one of the survivors of the attack. We must all hang together, or else we will hang separately.
      demand that truth and justice reign over this land.
      Watch: Loss Of Liberty on You- tube!
      Sign petition:
      Google: Investigate the Attack on the USS LIBERTY PETITION

  • ireAmerica

    Since the Supreme Court has determined that the individual mandate is a tax;
    a) How can Obamamcare possibly stand, as a capricious application of Federal taxation (due to the many waivers), unlike the progressive tax code, which is convoluted but applies to everyone without exception.

    b) Obamacare was carefully structured and “sold” on the basis of not being a tax. Does that not constitute misrepresentation of an imposed contract (with demonstrable consequent damages)? Never mind the idea of an imposed contract!

    Another issue; How can the decision stand with the participation of Justice Elena Kagan, regardless of her vote, due to her participation in crafting defense strategies for the law?

    And finally, the decision quote * (below) is all wrong. The Supreme Court’s only legitimate function is to insure that the Constitution is not violated as a matter of protecting the people from misapplication of law or inappropriate legislation.

    The powers of the Executive, Congress and the Court are strictly delineated by the Constitution, and the verbiage of the Constitution is the Supreme Law.

    “Consent of the Governed” is a concept from the Old World not the United States, as We the People ARE “the government” and may convene trials for treason against us at any appropriate juncture!

    * quote from the Obamacare decision —

    ” Members of this Court are vested with the authority to interpret the law; we possess neither the expertise nor the prerogative to make policy judgments. Those decisions are entrusted to our Nation’s elected leaders, who can be thrown out of office if the people disagree with them. It is not our job to protect the people from the consequences of their political choices.”

    — end quote —

  • Robert Rashbrooke

    Whist I have sympathy for the idea that all Bills should be short, in reality they often must be very long winded, in order that the PROPER INTENT cannot be misunderstood or misconstrued once it has passed into law. Every detail HAS to be included, otherwise think what ‘lawyers’ would do to the act, with their own interpretation.

    A British parliamentarian once said “We craft Bills with the best interests of the greater majority in mind” , in the case of UK by utilising 4 or 5 Civil Service lawyers, government employees. Once the Bill becomes an Act of Parliament, ie the law of the land, 300 corporate lawyers set about trying to find loopholes in the law so that a small minority can unscrupulessly benefit from that loophole and non compliance with the law. Very likely the same here.

    But for Congressmen to vote for any Bill that they have not read and understood personally, not dependent on one of their minion’s interpretations, is entirely unconsionable and should not be tolerated. When Congress sits for less that 6 months each year, and their ONLY excuse for introducing Bills only a day or so before required passing dates when they have SO MUCH time available to them, is that of “points scoring “over their opposition, then they deserve not to be in their pampered position. But if history is any example, then their uninformed , disinterested constituents will probably vote them back into office.

    • macgyver1948

      Robert Rashbrooke… You include “But for Congressmen to vote for any Bill that they have not read and understood personally, not dependent on one of their minion’s interpretations, is entirely unconsionable and should not be tolerated”.

      This is so true and I totally agree with you. But over the years I have noticed many of a party (both parties actually) in Congress vote together as a flock pretty much. And it so often appears that they are told how to vote. If this is true, and I believe it is, then, from their point of view, why bother reading ‘it’? That whole set-up for both parties is unconscionable and should not be tolerated. It should be thoroughly understood by each Congressional voter before voting or I have to wonder who they are really representing.

  • Robert Rashbrooke

    I Googled the top five CEO salaries for HMOs. They are:
    United Health Care $124 million
    Well point $25 million
    Aetna $22.2 million
    Cigna $13.3 million
    Pacificare $ 3.3 million

    If it costs $5,000 annual premium per person, just think how many people have to sign up just to pay that one salary at the top, which in all probability is not the only million dollar one in the organistion. And that is before rent, overheards, postage, paperwork, programming, MEDICAL CARE, etc are factored in. Wonder why premiums are so high?

    Even with these benefits, why do Health Care Companies, every two or three years or so,
    swindle the government out of public health care monies, including the one run by Florida’s present Govenor, Columbia Health Care?

    The ACA does go some way to limiting these costs, but under any private, FOR PROFIT system, providing health care is only the MEANS to achieving PROFIT for business. As a dedicated socialist, I feel that it is morally wrong for anyone to profit enormously because of other people’s ill health, normally something they did not cause, choose or even wish for.

    Ask yourself why no other country is even contemplating following our beloved system, if it is SO GOOD?

    • Rosemary

      Robert maybe you can explain to use, since you are a dedicated socialist. Name me 3 places where socialism has worked? Where does the money come from to support all social programs when the money runs out? Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare, Military Retirement funds are all in some degree of trouble now. How do all of these continue to provide if you remove incentives and motivation to start, build and grow business. I know of no one would risk money only to give it away to support strangers. Please explain.

  • Daniel from TN

    I read an internet article stating that after the SCOTUS announcement on ObamaCare, cities across the country were reporting record numbers of people registering to vote on June 28th and 29th. I have not heard any news about voter registration for the first week in July. It appears this decision has awakened the sleeping giant again.

  • terris

    Two comments to this opinion:

    1. What you are saying is pure speculation, nothing more.

    2. The Health Care Law is just under 1,000pages, not over 2,000. And it has wide margins and is double spaced.

    Try to at least try to publish facts, instead of regurgitating propaganda and hype. It will make your opinions at least partially coherent.

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      Totally agree with you terris. Too bad too many of the others make up a lot of nonsense. One of them was talking about trash cans. That*s a good place for them.

    • Daniel from TN

      The original bill was over 2700 pages long. Only about 100 pages had anything to do with health care. The rest of it was earmarks.

    • Daniel from TN

      That should be 1000 pages, not 100. Sorry about the typo.

  • pegstermm

    more to come…..RFID chip will be mandatory soon. March 2013 supposed to be the date. you wont be taxed….you wont be able to buy or sell, get a job etc. we have to get rid of this parasite in November.

  • Mark-Edward

    I hate all the nonsense stirred up by the mis-use of words. Words are being used to manipulate emotions, and to confuse the issue.

    Health Care = caring for your health
    Insurance = someone else paying the bills when you FAIL to care for your health

    I have discovered an interesting “health care gage”. The amount of garbage you put out for weekly disposal is inversely correlated to the quality of your “health care”. In other words, as a reference point, a healthy family of 4 probably should not generate more than about 1.5 trash bags of garbage per week – that’s about half of a standard 32 gallon trash can.

    My reasoning for this idea is based upon the absolute mandate that what you eat is more relevant to your health than all other factors combined, and the vast majority of trash that gets thrown away is generated from your bad food habbits. If you eat a lot of garbage food, you generate a lot of garbage waste – i.e. garbage food is processed and comes in packages, boxes, plastic wrap, styrofoam boxes, etc. If you eat healthy food, it will be fresh and not wrapped in much more than celophane or a piece of paper.

    And then there is the “organic” movement. Don’t you think toxic pesticides and herbicides cause health problems? It is bad health care to consume mutated foods that are covered in poisons and carcinogenic toxins. There is more “ingredients” in a can of soda than there is in an honest healthy organic steak and potatoe dinner! If you think organic food is expensive, have you priced cancer lately? This “health care crisis” is caused by bad food, and the expense of insurance is the price you have to pay because you refuse to be responsible for your own body. Somebody has to take care of you because you won’t take care of yourself, so you will now lose your liberty in this power grab staged as a “benevolent health care package”.

    Stop mixing up words. This obama-care thing is something government is doing, and therefore it is bad because everybody knows that government cannot be trusted and that it never ever does anything right. Government is incompetence defined. It is a group of people taking money from the masses and making their friends wealthy while lieing to you about it being “for your own good”. It starts with a lie – i.e. the phony use of the phrase “health care” – and it ends with you losing more of your paycheck so you end up buying even worse junk food because you cannot afford to eat well. And then you will have a doctor who can’t take time to deal with you properly because he is swamped with stupid people who visit for every dumb thing “because its paid for”, so your doctor will just push pills into your hand. Good luck with that. America deserves this noose.

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      You can stuff yourself into one of the garbage cans which has nothing to do with the Health care Law. People can eat what they want and when they get sick,they need health care. Gov*t is bad on some things, but not on Health Care for everyone. And it would be cheaper for Health Insurance under the government plan because the money hungry Insurance companies, Drug Companies, etc. will definitely charge more/ If you ever heard of a moron. You are one.

      • Daniel from TN

        Let’s assume what you say about the cost of health care is true. Then how do you explain a report from the Congressional Budget Office stating that if the government would just pay the insurance premiums for the 20% of the people who are currently uninsured, the cost to taxpayers would be less than one-tenth of 1% of the projected cost of ObamaCare?
        BTW. In case you missed it, projected costs always wind up being much less than actual costs; and there has never been an exception.

      • Mark-Edward

        Only a moron would say “people can eat what they want, and when they get sick they need health care”. Idiot! Caring for your health is YOUR responsiblity. If you eat poison, why should others pay for your medical bills? Idiot! You can’t even conceive of the idea of taking care of yourself enough to consider eating better. Of course, you probably have the reading comprehenison of a two-year-old, because you butchered my whole premise and then called ME a “moron” because YOU can’t comprehend what I’m saying.

        Everybody being forced to purchase a specific product or service creates an immediate imballance in the supply/demand cycle. This creates an incentive to drive prices way up because the insurance companies (that morons are calling “health care”) will not be able to keep up with the demand, and doctors will not be able to see all of the patients who will BURY the hospitals with demands for checking out every hang-nail and mosquito bite! “I’m forced to buy this stupid insurance, so I’m darn sure going to use it!” The quality of treatment will nose-dive into the gutter, Americas hosptials and doctors offices will look like third-world trash heaps, doctors will quit their profession, new college students will either avoid the medical industry creating a shortage of doctors, or prices will go so insanely high that every greedy idiot will take med-school and the colleges will have to lower their standards so that even YOU could become a doctor, either way the “doctors” that Americas will see will be either greedy opportunists or brainless idiots, or both. And stupid Americans will show up to the hospitals by the millions looking for “health care” because that’s the words they keep hearing, and there will be nobody to take care of their health, just licensed drug pushers and cattle herders.

        I’ve always tried to be watchful of what I eat, and I have never in my 45 years on earth had to go to a doctor for anything other than a broken finger. Same with my wife. Same with all our children. I’ve never used medical insurance. Why should I pay for suicidal people who drink Diet Coke and eat Doritos every day to visit the doctor because they have diabetes and high blood pressure and heart disease??

  • Eric Jones

    If ther were a medical plan free for everyone this wouldnt be a problem.

    • macgyver1948

      Eric… perhaps but would that medical plan you mentiuon really be free to every one or would we who are taxed be paying 90% or so of our total earnings in taxes to pay for it? Some of the European countries get to go to the doc/hospital for “free” but they pay huge in taxes.

      • Daniel from TN

        Many have an income tax rate of 60%, or more.

      • Eric Jones

        I would pay for it by increasing taxes on the wealthey nationwide and the rest would come from defence.

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      Mark-Edwards– You and your crazy words can go down to the bottom of lthe ocean. Now your gone and we will hear no more from you. With you gone there will less jackasses around.

  • Doug

    If anyone is under the impression that the Republicans will turn over Obamacare (reminder: it was written mainly by Gingrich and implemented by Romney) they are living under an illusion.

    Sure, Romney will “repeal” Obamacare by:
    1) Changing the name to “Individual Responsibility Health Care” or some other stupid propaganda.
    2) Open up Medicare and/or government health care plan for the masses.
    3) Get rid of insurance companies.

    All good things by the way (especially 2 and 3)
    I’m not a Democrat or a Republican (to be honest, I cannot see a difference) and I do think the AHCA sucks but mainly because it’s a watered down bill. Talk to any health care professional and they’ll tell you that if you get rid of insurance companies you’ll also get rid of 50%-70% of the cost.

    Every modern country in the world have socialized health care. We just have the most expensive and NOT the best.

    Yes, we’ll pay more taxes but the alternative is to go bankrupt when (not if) a long term health care issue arises.

    I also cannot believe that conservatives are against putting the onus of responsibility on the individual. Doesn’t anyone here thinks it’s totally idiotic to have health care attached to one’s job?
    That’s a Republican ideology even if it was brought forth by a Democrat.

    • David Watkins

      “Doesn’t anyone here thinks it’s totally idiotic to have health care attached to one’s job? That’s a Republican ideology even if it was brought forth by a Democrat.”

      One of the big-3 auto makers union contract was being hashed out many years ago when this all started — the companies thought this medical insurance thing would be a inexpensive perk to close the deal, and the unions liked it as well.

    • Daniel from TN

      Many countries do have socialized health care. So why do people in those countries keep coming to the US for treatment? Here’s some possibilities. Better doctors here in the US.
      Faster access to medical care. (If someone needs elective surgery in one of those countries the wait time is 2 to 5 years. If it’s an emergency then they are truly in luck. The wait time for emergency surgery is only 6 weeks.) Bureaucrats make health care decisions in those countries, not the patient and doctor. Lifetime limit to health care. Do any of these “advantages” found in those other countries sound familiar?

      • Doug

        “So why do people in those countries keep coming to the US for treatment”

        What’s your definition of “many”.
        Sure, a lot of people come here, but they are the rich and powerful and the healthcare they get is only available to… the rich and powerful.
        Unfortunately very few Americans can afford these services.

        I personally know of several people who went to Mexico & South America to get surgery because it was cheaper there without insurance vs. their co pays here. (better doctors too when it comes to cosmetic surgery).

  • dontsteponmysnake

    The purpose of Obamacare has never been to provide healthcare to anyone. The purposes are increasing power and control in Washington and doing as much economic damage to the US as possible.

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      Your off your rocker. Wise up to reality.

  • Indepenent Voter Not Tea Partier (Thank God)

    Chip Wood, no conservative will go on a rampage. Chris Christie gets mad at someone on boardwalk that questions his motives. Guees you didn’t want to see that one.
    The Tea Party types will do something the left will find much worse. They’ll vote — in larger numbers than ever before. And they’ll get a bunch of their friends and neighbors to do so as well.
    We are ready for the Tea Party. There is more of us than them. Just wait and see.

  • James

    Since when are the health insurance companies our friends? You think it’s FREEDOM to be under the thumb of a health insurance company? Well, it’s not! Health care, like fire and police protection, is considered a right in every other Western industrialized nation. Look at the privatized mess we have today: 55 million uninsured! And the insured are paying for the uninsured! That’s NOT the solution! The solution is universal health care, with risks spread over the entire working population. Everybody pays his or her fair share–and nobody is turned away, as in our present health care system. I’ll swear to God, I cannot believe how so many so-called “conservatives” are shilling for the health insurance companies! Shame on them! Never forget the “pre-existing” condition clauses or how people’s health care claims have been denied, while premiums have been going up–even though the health insurance companies are making record profits! To hell with that! If you’re shilling for the health insurance companies, you’re just a shill, and I don’t care what you call yourself–you’re still a shill! I will never forget dealing with private insurance companies, and neither should anyone with half a brain! Let’s join the rest of the civilized world and take care of our citizens the right way!

    • Daniel from TN

      In response to your comment this is all I have to say.

    • Marty S.

      James it will be quite the day when all of us producers in this country say F-it and throw in the towel because govt is our lives and runs everything and takes takes takes until we can give no more. This healthcare law was designed to ultimately collapse the entire system. Obama is an avowed communist and this is ultimately his Big F Deal. James, I have a plan for when this all crumbles do you?


    I hate to inform you readers but most voters dont care about the technical issues involved in relation to the Obamacare tax levy and most people will accept the Obamacare idea because most benefactors of the program dont pay much tax. I dont believe your survey is very accurate ,,,,because people tend to lie in surveys to make you think they support the Republican view when in fact many lower income republicans will want to take advantage of Obamacare as they get older and dont want to have to sell their houses to pay for medical services….of course assuming the system will work the way it does in Australia.

    We in Australia have Medicare for everyone and “free”[taxpayer funded] hospital cover for everyone except if you dont have private medical cover you get put on a public waiting list….and some people will die waiting..unless its an obvious emergency. Privately insured people get to use the private hospital and public hospital service with their choice of doctors etc, The rich generally always get better faster service and i’m sure the same would apply in the USA….so generally the price and the market demand will solve the problem you all believe will be a catastrophy with Obamacare.

    I still believe it would be better not to make Obamacare a big issue in the election as I believe the Republicans will lose more votes than you will gain pushing the point. IMO,, all for now…

  • Jay

    Chief Justice John Roberts Has Escaped To Malta

    Amid growing fallout over his surprise healthcare vote, Chief Supreme Court Justice John Roberts has fled the country amid growing fallout over his surprise vote in last week’s landmark healthcare ruling.

    Associated Press photographer Lino Arrigo Azzopardi found the embattled justice in the Mediterranean island nation Malta, where he will be teaching a class (and hiding out from his new conservative adversaries) for the next two weeks.

    • Daniel from TN

      Don’t try to make an issue where there isn’t one. Roberts has gone out of country to teach before and he will do it again. The only difference between this trip and previous trips is bad timing. BTW. Othe justices have also gone out of country for these seminars.

  • Thinking About

    ACA will not change the knowledge in the medical profession and for all who claim this will happen are very pessimistic our medical professionals will suddenly wake up and grow stupid. The medical professionals and facilities should be making the money and not the insurance companies. This would provide more funds to research and assist in education which would in turn benefit all. To provide preventative care would give our citizens better quality of life and this would all citizens no matter what political path you take. What is most interesting in ACA is its contents are Democrat and Republican ideas, based on a program currently in Mass. It perhaps needs improvement and if we had a decent Congress these things can happen but they have to learn to work together for the good of the nation. It is not fair to those who pay insurance premiums to pick up the cost (welfare) of those who do not choose to pay. Even in medicare some of the social security receipents receive $600 a month and still pay around $100 a month for medicare. Don’t use the excuse everyone can not afford to pay something when you see our seniors doing this. Chief Justice Roberts job is not to cater to any political thoughts but in his position he is supposed to render a decision based on the Constitution and not to create or deny laws passed. I also do not agree with every decision made in Supreme Court for I do not always want the decision to go the way I want but none the less this is not what Supreme Justices are supposed to be doing. This was set up by our forefathers and sometimes rights a few of the wrongs so many accept.

  • GregS

    Excellent article, Chip!

    I would also like to point out that ObamaTAXCare is filled with tens of thousands of pages of yet-unwritten, fill-in-the-blank mandates (outsourced to UNELECTED HHS bureaucrats to “create”), which will add to the controversy, as well as to the cost, of this disasterous law, if it is not repealed. The first mandate (the contraceptive mandate) was the first one to come out, and, already, several states, as well as the US Catholic Bishops have filed lawsuits against it, based on religious freedom, and it will surely go to the Supreme Court.

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, because there are MANY more mandates that are yet to be written, any one of which could cause the entire law to be overturned, if it is taken to the Supreme Court.

    Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! ObamaTAXCare’s got to go! Defeat the Dems to make it so!

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      Hey Hey Hey Ho HoHo Down with the studid Republicans not wanting people to have health care. Ridiculous. To hell with all.

      • Mark-Edward

        Docotors don’t take care of people’s heath. Only YOU can take care of your own health. Doctors try to fix the mess you make of your own body, and the best they can do is mitigate the damage and make you feel a little better. Insurance is NOT “health care”. Get an education. Wake up.

        This obama thing IS NOT “HEALTH CARE”!! That is a propaganda term. This is INSURANCE. You are supporting the government forcing people to purchase a product that they may not need or want. You are an anti-American socialist/communist. Get out of my country with your collectivist mental illness. Quit subverting liberty.

        • Eric Jones

          Its not YOUR countrey its OUR countrey and in OUR countrey we are allowed to say whatever we want even facists like you who are the real unamericans.


    How does a country with 50% unemployment expect the middleclass to be able to afford this apocalypse of a health plan.

  • GreenLeaf

    Is the government here for our convenience…..or are we here for the government’s convenience? With only a 7% approval rating congress continues to ignore the wishes of the very people they represent & with shame.

    It’s frustrating. Just read a magnificent book about a small town in America that actually stands up to federal tyranny cause it’s about each of us taking a stand. I recommend it.

    Let us decide the future of our government for our children & not allow govt. make the final ruling on how we should live our lives.

    • macgyver1948

      GreenLeaf…Very good. The Government is the property of “We The People” and never shall we allow it to be the other way around. But sadly it isn’t always that way with Government working as if they own us. The Constitution is also there for us and not for Government, the Founders insisted on that too. So when there are changes to our Constitution, as GW Bush and Home Land Security did, they are in the wrong. They didn’t have our permission to do what they are doing.

      You speak the truth, Congress is ignoring us, 7% or 100% approval rating, it doesn’t matter. Congress hears only the Corporations and we have to ‘adjust’ that. We do that by voting out the ones who do not meet our approval and make sure the new ones know they too can go. We must be consistent about that. We have to make them know they work of us. The founders wanted a Citizens Federal Government, which is where “Government of the People, By the People and ‘For the People’” comes from. They tend to, at the very least, lose that last very important part.

      I feel if there is to be truth to nick names the Republican Party should change their misleading nick to Government Of The Corporate People. Then we should get rid of those in all elected positions who are working only for the benefit and protection of the corporations- and there are so many.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Martin

    Too bad we can’t have Roberts respond. So many opinions and conflicting themes. Krauthammer’s recent argument is an intellectual masterpiece. Yet so far as this citizen is concerned, Roberts turned the conservative boat upside-down. Even if Romney is successful and removes the toxic stench from the oval office; eliminating the ‘Creatures’ health law is highly unlikely.

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      Every person is an individual reply and means nothing. Alll your and their words can just go down the drain.

  • Jay

    What I discovered is that there are indeed dirty little secrets buried deep within the 1,000-plus page health care bill.

    Dirty secret No.1 in Obamacare is about the government’s coming into homes and usurping parental rights over child care and development.

    It’s outlined in sections 440 and 1904 of the House bill (Page 838), under the heading “home visitation programs for families with young children and families expecting children.” The programs (provided via grants to states) would educate parents on child behavior and parenting skills.

    The bill says that the government agents, “well-trained and competent staff,” would “provide parents with knowledge of age-appropriate child development in cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor domains … modeling, consulting, and coaching on parenting practices,” and “skills to interact with their child to enhance age-appropriate development.”

    Are you kidding me?! With whose parental principles and values? Their own? Certain experts’? From what field and theory of childhood development? As if there are one-size-fits-all parenting techniques! Do we really believe they would contextualize and personalize every form of parenting in their education, or would they merely universally indoctrinate with their own?

    Are we to assume the state’s mediators would understand every parent’s social or religious core values on parenting? Or would they teach some secular-progressive and
    religiously neutered version of parental values and wisdom? And if they were to consult and coach those who expect babies, would they ever decide circumstances to be not beneficial for the children and encourage abortions?

    • Dave Kirby

      I did not know that was in there. I remember back in the 1950s my mother had me on her knee and told me that if we were in Russia, they would take me away from her fro a whole year. I thought it sounded pretty bad. After working with delinquent kids for twenty years and seeing how they were being raised I began to believe that that might be a pretty good idea. You read it, Jay, not me, but I’m sure the added service will be for those who need it. Look at “welfare.” We pay people to raise their own children, but they don’t know how or do a lousy job of it. Some of these people need exactly that information to develop skills that could make a huge difference in theirs and their children’s lives. I’m sure you won’t have them coming around telling you how to raise your children.

    • Daniel from TN

      Here’s some other interesting requirements about ObamaCare Liberals do not want you to know about.
      1. MANDATORY euthanasia counseling when you reach a certain age. The government wants to counsel you about when it is alright for you to allow yourself to die or just commit suicide so you will no longer be a financial burden on your family and taxpayers.
      2. A lifetime dollar limit on the amount of health care you can receive. After that it will be a felony for you to receice any more health care, even if you pay for it out of your pocket.
      3. Medical decisions will be made by a government bureaucrat with no medical training, not you and your doctor. Doctors can be prosecuted in federal court if they treat a patient contrary to the bureaucrat’s decision.
      I suggest everyone go to a library and read the law for youself. While I was reading it I thought I was reading a Stephen King horror novel.

      • Dave Kirby

        Daniel, end of life counseling has nothing to do with euthanasia, which is illegal in all states but one. It is advanced directives, which is making decisions for yourself after you die, so your loved ones don’t have to. Advance directives such as; bury, burn, or donate the body; how long to keep the brain dead body alive while on life support; do or do not resucitate; tube feed or not. These are very difficult decisions for an uncouncious or dieing person’s family, especially if there are disagreements over how to proceed.

        btw, most insurance policies have lifetime dollar limits, that’s just business. They also have many procedures that they don’t cover and therefore make decisions for you and your doctor. your doctor can prescribe any procedure they want, it just might not be payed for by the insurance. These are set up ahead of time by the insurance company “panels.” That’s just business. It’s in the policy, Daniel, most people, however, don’t read and/or understand their entire policy.

        • Daniel from TN

          I was not discussing insurance companies and their policies. I was mentioning some of the items that I actually read when I went to the library and read the ObamaCare bill/law for myself. I encourage everyone to do the same and NOT tor rely on what you hear ABOUT ObamaCare from others; especially not the mainstream media, the public relations department for the Democratic Party.

  • Jay

    It’s an open secret that acting-President Obama uses one or more doubles. What if Obama’s double is not just a double? What if he’s Obama’s twin, and what if neither of them is “in charge” in the White House?

    Just in case you’re not up to speed on the Obama double part, take a look at the photos on this page and at the following links. (here)

    Mr. Obama has scars that appear to be cranial surgery scars. As if that weren’t curious enough, the scars are inconsistent from one photo to the next, suggesting that “Obama” is more than one person, and that both persons are Manchurian candidates.

    One person commenting to a blog entry wrote that Obama’s scars are consistent with the scars a person would have after being implanted with a cranial transmitter/transponder (CTT).

    I couldn’t find enough articles on CTT’s to come to a conclusion on that one, but I did find that a patent for a CTT does exist. Its official title in the patent is “Apparatus and method for detecting neural signals and using neural signals to drive external functions,” and the patent number is 7187967.

    • Dave Kirby

      It’s probably from a transceiver/transporter. It’s well known that early teleporters were only able to work on subjects with such implantation. Beam me up Scotty.

  • Rocky

    We don’t need a flunky as President,he’s a total fraud,fraudulent social security card,fraudu
    -lent selective service card,fraudulent birthcertificate,just wait until you see what else
    Sheriff Joe Arpaio has dug up on him,the USAmerican from Arizona and one of the best
    Governors in the United States Brewer,I wished she would come to Alaska and show our
    Governor how to do things for the people and not the oil companies,plus he’s giving away
    benefits meant for Alaskans,to the illegals showing up here for free handouts from Parnell.

  • jopa

    This mornings breaking news is that even Newt Gingrich believes the ACA is good for America along with 56% of the American people that want Washington to quit their childish and sore loser behavior in trying to repeal the law of the land.Each time they try this phony repeal tactic it costs the taxpayers $50 million.This is the 33rd time they tried the appeal.Do the math.

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      That goes to show you how crooked and stupid the Republicans are. Will you continue to be like them., I am registered Republican, but are against their non-cooperation with the President to create jobs or anything else. I use my own mind as to what is right or wrong and the Republicans are on the wrong track. I won*t vote for any of them.

      • DonR

        It seems to me like Harry Reid is the one blocking all the “jobs” bills.

        • Victor J. Fedrizzi

          Thats Ridiculous. Your dreaming. Untrue Republicans have been the culprits.

      • DonR

        So exactly how many JOB bills has Dirty Harry brought up for vote?

        • Victor J. Fedrizzi

          Harry can*t propose any jobs bills when the Republicans won*t let the Democrats spend any money, Bozo. In the first place I wasn*t talking about Harry.

      • DonR

        Ok, no need for me to try to debate with an idiot, so discussion is over.

        • Victor J. Fedrizzi

          You are the idiot. (offensive comment removed)

  • Robert

    I am dissapointed with speaker Boehner! Remember when Polosi was speaker of the house. We wold have to see her mug on t.v. almost weekly if not daily. Where has Boehner been? I despise Pelosi, but she at least was aggressive and outspoken. Where is the ” junk yard dog” in Boehner? Grow a set Mr. Boehner. You need to get furious with this criminal administration and tell it like it is.


    One thing has been made quite clear. The American people made a huge, a huge, huge mistake when they voted Barack Hussein Obama into the Presidency of the United States of America. Consequently, we are never going to get out of the situation we’re in as long as he is President, NEVER. Listen and take note of what he proposes and the proposals he and his socialistic far-left radical and Marxist Administration have already forced upon the people. The only ones who benefit are those who favor his radical policies and issues.

    This President, Barack Hussein Obama and his Administration of Czars are DANGEROUS TO OUR NATION . . . . TO RE-ELECT HIM WOULD BE NATIONAL SUICIDE.
    JUANTOMAS RIVERA: Wounded WW II Veteran: Author of: “ONCE A SOLDIER. they didn’t ask”: Trafford Publishing: Barnes & Nobles.

    • Victor J. Fedrizzi

      Your just crazy in the head. Another jackass.

  • http://http// sophillyjimmy

    As son as I saw that Roberts voted along with the liberals with Obamacare, I thought he did a brilliant thing and was thinking out of the box, especially when he said this was something that elected officials had to do and not the Supreme Court. In essence, he not only got Romney elected this coming November, he also got any senator or congress person who voted for Obamacare that is up for re election voted out of office When I heard so many conservatives calling Roberts a traitor, turncoat, etc, I though he did the best thing for our country. Of course it is a gamble but I think the odds are in the conservatives favor and our numbers in both congress and the senate will increase by leaps and bounds and it will make it much easier for Romney to get his way to repair everything Obama broke in his less then 4 years in the White House.

    • macgyver1948

      sophillyjimmy… Your words “In essence, he not only got Romney elected this coming November, he also got any senator or congress person who voted for Obamacare that is up for re election voted out of office”.

      I so look forward to the vote in November when many will serve up your words to you for a meal, :-)). One way now Obama will lose is if we find crime in his closet and that is very doubtful.

      Another way I see Obama losing is for the Tea Party/Koch and other only-for-the-corporations groups like Citizens United buy the election for themselves. They are working on that and Romney is a Koch puppet so they will get want they want if Mitt wins and that is the ownership of the government. Good-bye Democracy if that happens…

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    First, it was wrong for Justice Roberts to turn around and side with the leftwing radicals on the SCOTUS when we know that Obamacare IS unconstitutional. Second, it is also true that it is not the job of the SCOTUS to correct foolish errors by voters; such as in 2006 and 2008. As we know, many among us were rightfully frustrated by RINOs and moderate GOP wimps who compromised with liberal democraps. But a large % of voters ‘don’t want to vote for the lesser of 2 evils, but rather teach the GOP a lesson’. They are too ignorant to realize that replacing republicans with democraps will only make bad situations worse; and this is why we say that elections have consequences. If they think democraps will govern more conservatively and respect the constitution better than the GOP, they probably believe in the tooth fairy!!

    And I get tired of hearing people rant that they see no difference between the 2 parties. NO DIFFERENCE?? E.g., how many GOP votes were there for the failed phony stimulus/porkulus bill 3 years ago?? Answer – discounting 3 Senate RINOs ….. NONE!! Now, what about Obamacare?? Answer – it passed without a single GOP vote in either branch of Congress!! NOT ONE GOP VOTE FOR THIS RAW DEAL!!!!! Thus we can see a better solution – vote wisely in the future!! And yes, I say this to all the delusional Ron Paul zombies who post comments on Personal Liberty News Desk. You people fail to realize that every vote you cast (or write in) for this unelectable old kook is half of a vote to re-elect the “One Big Awful Mistake America” made back on 11/4/2008. Is that what you want?? THINK ABOUT IT!! Were it not for the foolish errors of voters in 2006 and 2008, we’d have far less debt, and Obummercare never would’ve passed in the first place!!

  • Frank Gore Jersey

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