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Obama's Third World Problem Isn't Kenya, It's Chicago

June 28, 2012 by  

Chicago is kryptonite to Barack Obama. It is poison to the picture Obama paints of hope and change. The city is in decay and collapsing economically and morally. It’s descending into the violence and poverty of a Third World nation. It’s the story Obama cannot escape. Wayne Allyn Root explains.


Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • MAP

    So now we can add Chicago to the list, along with Cuba and the USSR, as examples of utopia. Interesting!

    • Chuck

      Not just Chicago but a long line of cities that have spent more than they bring in and in the past the government always ‘back-stopped’ them. Well the money train done left and is probably not coming back. Like family, when you spend more than you bring in stop spending. Cities have to learn the same displine.

      • tangshui

        recent budget passed and signed by california jerry brown was just a band-aid fix. 1 million cut is cow manure in comparison to 90 billions buoy annual outlaying. now he wants the voters to past a tax increase. is he insane or a moron at best. that shows he’s incompetence as governor and should be recalled. i said, inorder to rid the deficit, eliminate 310 non-essential agencies (parasites) draining funds needed for schools, police, and fire department. get rid the calpa union and restart california pension without special interest involved. go back on as needed part time state legislation; throw out the scum bag incumbers this coming november election.

    • Randy131

      This has been a problem in Chicago long before Obama became President, but is just now coming to the crescendo that will precipitate it’s collapse. Chicagoans should fear the dire circumstances they find themselves in, but don’t think that the rest of the country is immune to the distress that Chicago now suffers, for the promise of ‘Change’ that Obama made during his 2008 campaign has been settling on the entire USA, and that ‘Change’ is very similar to what Chicago is now going through, but on a national scale. Since Obama became President, all these dire conditions that Chicago has been going through has increased tremendously all around the USA, even where it once did not exist, and that is the ‘Change’ promised by Obama. Never before has a recession in the USA lasted 5 years, as has this one we’re now in, and the recession that Reagan inherited from Carter was much worse than this one inherited by Obama from Bush, but Obama has done just the opposite as Reagan did when he turned the economy around in his first year as President. If you think this is a lie, than research the two recessions and compare them, for Carter had a double digit ‘Triple Misery Index’, of above 10% unemployment rate, way above 10% interest rates, and above 10% inflation rate, now that was a very bad recession, for I lived through it, and this recession has been much easier, but under Obama it just lasts forever.

      • Al

        Chicago is a Democratic state and voted in there destruction of socialism and now is paying for all the people that are now on welfare and those that think the government has the answer, we all know that inside each of us is the will to survive and we also know that we as humans will take the easy way out and the people of Chicago took it and the DEMS got the votes for so long till the states money ran out as it will in California and others such as Stockton California who are now going to file chapter 9. we don’t need all of these Gov services they cost too much take a look at the gas stations what service do they offer for the high price of gas none as will the state and gov because they need to pay for all the bloated pensions states and gov will charge you for everything that you need from them because of this you know it and need to be a part of stopping it . and if you think that socialism is working in Europe its not they are having bigger problems because the gov cant help them now they are the problem.

      • Texascowboyup

        You seem to forget, Obama inherited a recession from Bush that Obama helped creat as a Senator. That last year of the Bush presidency, the first of the recession, was under a democratic controlled House and Senate….quit putting the blame on Bush and call it the way it happened!

      • Gordon

        TexasCowboy= Let’s also remember that the mess handed down from the insolvent Clinton administration was a major contributing cause of this current state. David Walker, head of the GAO (youtube him) stated the Clinton books were absolutely false.

    • Eric Jones

      In todays Cuba healthcare is free. education is free. women make up almost HALF of the workforce. they send ther docters ( mostley women) all over the world FOR FREE. your home is YOURS and no one can take it from you as landlording is illegal. literacy rate is 99%. average life exectancy is 74. infant mortallity rate is among the lowest in the hemasphere. even thoe they lost the majority of foriegn aid when the soviet union fell they never had a food shortage. might just be me but i dont see a problem. do some research before you talk about anouther country. p.s most of the ideas mentioned abouve were the work of Comrade Fidel Castro ! Viva Fidel !

      • baldmurph

        If it’s so good in Cuba, clearly better than here, why do they keep trying to come here by ways less than safe? I suspect a large number of our ancestors were malcontents and renegades; I can understand trying to get here from places in much worse shape, but why from such a fine place as the Cuba you describe?

        • Eric Jones

          Thats a good queston. i know if i lived there id never want to leave. but to answer your queston i belive the reason many came was to reunite with family who had fled the U.S backed dictater Batistas brutality and some were just too narrow-minded to exept life in such a liberal sociaty. admettidly fidel didnt treat gays right at first but thankfully saw the error of his i have a queston for you. keeping in mind the rule of thumb that no goverment can last long without popular support my queston is as follows. if the cuban communist party is doing as bad a job as you seem to think why has it ruled for 53 years. p.s fidel allowed citizens to move to america in the 80,s hes not making them stay.

          • baldmurph

            The USSR crumbled and the Nazi regimes of Europe were crushed from bad cases of overreach, except Spain which stayed out of the fight and maintained its own style until the death of its leader. Think Yugoslavia. Cuba is smaller, easier to keep separate from its neighbors thanks to a few miles of ocean, and the ruling family appears to still be maintaining. Perhaps most of the active disidents have left, to be noisily unhappy here in the traditional American way, and the rest are either determined to adjust or wait for the next wave of change. As for us, we seem to be drifting away from the unruly rugged individual and frequently criminal types of our forebears into a more social benefits-demanding style. Maybe the differences are shrinking, and it is becoming less attractive from that end–either way there is a large government watching you and telling you what to do with which and to whom, and if you are already used to doing it the one way at home, is it worth the effort to move? Personally, I am in favor of lifting the embargo on Cuba: we already make nice with much more disagreeable people, the USSR is gone, and we could consider it an experiment in social survival: are we keeping the present government in power, how will it change and how fast, and how will we change? Brings up the ancient Chinese curse: “May you live in interesting times!”

          • Eric Jones

            You are aware that it was the USSR that crushed the nazis right ? but i actualy agree that the USSR should be looked at as a experiment. it was the first example of worker power it lasted over 70 years against the most powerful imperiralist forces and made truley exrtodanary contrabutions to the world. may it R.I.P.

      • Justice1

        Spoken like a true crop circle fanatic! Even after the perpetrators of the hoaxes not only admitted to it but provided video evidence of themselves doing the “true believers” like you still stand in arrogant, self righteous defiance and claim “it’s real”. My question to you is if Cuba is so wonderful why are you still here? Are you just a glutten for punishment, do you feel like you have been such a naughty person that you don’t deserve such a fine life as Cuba could provide you? Oh let me guess you are willing to ” sacrifice” all that just to remain here and try to “help” all of us see the light and make America the light of the world just like cuba, hell your just a modern day Jesus aren’t you we should all be so thankful for your sacrifices you pathetic little ass-clown go to Cuba and lead by example lead from the front and really show us

        • Eric Jones

          Firstley i dont belive in crop circeles secondly i dont belive in jesus thirdley cuba is not a hoax everything i said can be proven by going to wikipedia and finally I AM not going to show you any thing WE the legions of working and oppressed peoples are going to show you the truth via our glorious revolution.

      • MaryLou

        AndMr Castro was educated in the USA- was it Harvard?

        • Eric Jones

          Admittidley not sure but whats the relavance?

      • Cliffystones

        “everything i said can be proven by going to wikipedia”

        You really must be Nancy Pelosi’s demon spawn to believe and regurgitate crap like that!

        • Eric Jones

          And it must have been sobering to realize that you couldnt disprove me and result to name calling and by-the-way demon spawm ha ha im sure rick santorium is proud of you i dont know who Nancey Pelosi is but im sure she tried to argue rationalley.

          • MAC49

            Eric Jones, are honestly saying and admitting……YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO NANCY PELOSI IS? Thats like saying you don’t know who Harry Reid, or Barrack Obama are. If your serious, you best be quiet. You do not need to comment.

          • Eric Jones

            And how prey tell good sir are you going to stop me from doing anything? and by-the-way you forgot to tell me who she is.

          • MAC49

            Eic Jones……You best pay attention, I DID NOT SAY ANYONE WAS GOING TO STOP YOU OR MAKE YOU STOP. Freedom of speech! I said it was BEST, for you, to not comment, (considering your ignorance). And as for Nancy Pelosi, and who she is, don’t waste my time. Your just a Happy A$$ Liberal, and not mentally intuned with reality.
            The Essence of Liberalism is the Absolute Denial of Reality!

          • Eric Jones

            Thougt you should know i looked here up on google.quick queston just how am i supposed to keep track of the names of EVERYONE in the goverment. dont snap at me because im not as all-knowing as you. and considering the fantasy world the tea-party and gop live in you are in NO POSTION to criticize anyones grip on reality.

      • Dick Sicario

        I have been to Cuba 3 times in the last 6 years, on scuba diving junkets out of Canada.
        You sir are incorrect.
        Cuba sucks, the people are very nice, and the locals we always encounter, would and do give their lives to get the hell out.

        • Eric Jones

          They want to get out to see ther familes again because the american goverment won’t let there familes return to cuba.

      • Ron S.

        Eric, you forget the one new pair of shoes a year handed out there? My doctor has not, he was born there….AND left. He has told me of the horrors of Fidel. You may live in Michael Moore’s world but the Doc lived there and so did his relatives, and some still do. Why he has sent shoes to Cuba for a long time.

        • Eric Jones

          You would be wise to remember that he is telling you what he REMEMBERS not necacerily what is and i,m not so sure he is,nt exageratng.

          • baldmurph

            and your own sweet self has lived there how long lately?

          • Eric Jones

            I dont but unlike you i actually RESEARCH what todays cuba is like instead of relaying on one mans biased memorey but the fact is niether of us can know the entire truth because we dont live there.

          • baldmurph

            Granted, the last. The conclusions we draw from our research will depend on how much reliability we assign to each source, and our selection of sources of information, and we hope an understanding of how the information was filtered. Many of us will believe the stories of escape from horror printed so vividly by publishers trying to sell newspapers. Some of us will believe contrary reports of contented citizens printed by governments to justify their existence. Different motives, different outlooks, different conclusions. Mine tend toward optimistic cynicism (or cynical optimism?). Good luck with yours.

          • Eric Jones

            Thank you.

      • Sheila Burks Higginbotham

        Eric Jones Dear you need to learn how to spell..The words are not spelled [thoe and thougt]…look it up

        • Eric Jones

          What can i say? sometimes i get carried away and miss the errors.

          • MAC49

            Spelling is NOT your problem by a long shot!

          • Eric Jones

            Thanks but my problem tends to be with words i dont spell often.

  • SammysDad

    And Obama’s sweet heart, Emmanuel, is doing such a great job. Chicago is going the way of Detroit, and good riddens. Democratic control of anything is diseased.

    • Liz

      I think you mean, “good RIDDANCE.”

      • DR

        It is usually the UN educated and Fox noise groupies that can not spell or comprehend— but no Chicago is not in the (expletive deleted) any worse than any where else (I live here) so another stupid lie there tea baggers!

      • Bill

        Liz – it really honors me to leave a message for someone who is “Perfect”

      • phideaux

        “…but no Chicago is not in the (expletive deleted) any worse than any where else (I live here) so another stupid lie there tea baggers!”

        Isn’t it odd, where I live isn’t in the (expletive delited) like Chicago, Detroit, and other places. In fact we are doing ok especially considering how poorly much of the country is doing.

    • Liz

      Bill/Sammy’sDad ~ Where did I say I was perfect? Perhaps you are referring to someone else’s post. I wasn’t rude, as some might have been, such as name calling, etc.

      • moonbeam

        (sigh) Why did you feel the need to correct someone in the first place? Just who in the hell do you think you are? Coming in here correcting folks, what nerve. Everybody else knew what he meant by “riddens” and we REALLY didn’t need or want your opinion about it. Actually, I get a ROTFLMFAO kick out of it.

        We don’t need grammar police up in here. So, sit down, shut the hell up and pay attention. Oh, and come down off your high horse.

      • Liz

        Moonbeam: I was not rude, as you are being. At least I corrected him politely. No name calling, bad language, and I didn’t use angry language as you did. Think of this: what if he used the same word on a different post & was rudely attacked, being called ignorant, stupid, or worse. I DIDN’T. And you’re questioning ME about my comment? I thought we had free speech. You impress me as being a hothead. Lighten up, sweetie. It’s not that big a deal.

      • my 2¢ worth

        OMG!! Don’t “till” me (misspell intended).. Did I just hear some ‘post’ rage? Will this soon be considered another medical condition? More money for the drug companies? MORE welfare and disability benefits!! (breaking news at 9:00)..

      • Karen

        Liz, he is referring to your correcting someone else in how they wrote Good Riddance. It’s considered bad manners to do that on the internet. No offense, you may come from an older generation who thought differently but these days? On the internet? We don’t do it. It is kind of the equivalent of correcting someone in the middle of a crowded room where everyone is listening in on the conversation. It just isn’t done.

      • Liz

        There is no such rule about correcting people on the internet. The internet is anonyous; therefore, there is a different set of rules. I would NEVER correct a person in a public setting, where even one person could hear me. It is NOT the same as being in a crowded room. I don’t know where you get your information. Anyone posting should put his/her big girl/big boy pants on & be prepared to be criticized or corrected. I knew there would be at least one hothead, (not you) but I couldn’t care less. I posted it, and I have no regrets, and I’ll do it again. I would bet you anything that the person I corrected was glad for the correction, and he’ll never make that mistake again. Like it or not, we are judged by how we look, speak, and write.

      • The GLB

        Liz, thank you!!!

        I have the most difficult time reading most of what is posted in the comment sections of articles/videos of this type. I often wonder if people ever bother to reread, at least once, what it is that they have written; or if they ever wonder why there is a dotted red line under a quarter of their comment(s).

        I do wonder, however, why did you choose to correct “good riddens”, because as another commenter pointed out: it was obvious what was intended. I will, however, ashamedly admit that for a second I thought about writing exactly what you wrote.

        I also wonder why you did NOT correct any previous poster’s comments, like Eric Jones @12:08 am. Incoherent; terrible grammar; incorrect punctuation (when used); misspelling of common words; and disjointed. An English aficionado could have an absolute blast correcting Eric’s posting, but for some reason you chose to expose the one mistake that Sammy’s Dad wrote.

        As for Moonbeam’s comment: I would ignore it. Why, you may ask? I have long believed that for someone to be taken seriously: one must be able to communicate, either verbally or via the written word, in a clear, cogent manner. The weight of one’s ideas is often measured by how well one can communicate those ideas. Would the word’s of the ‘NWeO-Con’ William F. Buckley been taken seriously had he expressed them in the manner that Eric Jones expresses his Communist-loving views?

        Sammy’s Dad’s idea was NOT lost because of one misspelling, but Eric Jones’ ideas read like they were puréed in a blender before he vomited them into cyberspace via his keyboard.

        I am finished now with my rant; and I await the onslaught of people calling me names just because I believe that the ability to effectively communicate is important.

        Me Grunk, argh, argh, argh!!!

        • Eric Jones

          Forgive me your majesty for allowing my autism to interfere with my spelling i shall try harder my lord! now if you,ve got a problem with my political views feel free to grow a pair and say it to me.

      • Liz

        The GLB: I did read that comment, and I have a good reason for not responding to him which I will not state here. I agree the message posted by “Sammy’s Dad” was not lost, and I was not trying to belittle him in any way. What surprises me is that I have seen this spelling about 3 times now, & I’m sure they’re from all different people. I felt compelled this time to correct the writer. I believe correcting on the internet is different, because it’s anonymous. If “SammysDad” had a first & last name, I would not have done it. I like the saying, “You are who you are when no one’s looking,” and I always keep that in mind when posting anonymously. I ask myself if someone whom I respected would be disappointed in me upon learning I wrote something that was considered inappropriate. Have I ever been corrected? You betcha, and although I was embarrassed, (it was in person) I was glad for it because I learned something & would not make that mistake again. I know some highly intelligent people, one or two with genius level IQs, who cannot spell worth a darn, even simple words. In no way do I feel superior to them. Spelling is my strong suit, and I am grateful, not arrogant, about it. I had nothing to do with this gift. We all have talents in different areas. I find it ironic when I got blasted for my “bad” manners that at least one person used bad manners in responding to me! Did it bother me? No, not a bit, because I expected at least one such blast. Since being on line, I am absolutely appalled at how certain mistakes seem to spread like viruses, such as “could of, would of, should of, must of,” and the increasingly popular, “Him and another guy….” I even heard a newscaster say it on TV! I just don’t understand why kids aren’t being taught better in school. I hope you don’t get blasted for your “rant,” because you kept it classy & were not rude. I appreciate your commenting on my post. Have a nice evening! : )

  • sean murry

    Emmanuel is a crook as big as obummer Chicago is getting as bad as Detroit.

  • Wayoman

    What the heck is this Root (WAR) fellow talking about. You might hate Obama all you want but to use a broad stroke to talk of “Third World as if they are subhumans is the lowest common denominator, American Politics has dug itself into. This is pure madness. Obama is neither the Mayor nor the Governor of Chicago. He is the President of the United States and will win a second term come rain come sun, Period. All this propaganda is what it is :empty rhetoric to bamboozle the uninitiated..

    • rhcrest

      Would you go and live in a third world country? How else do you describe people who are lawless and act like savages?

      • DR

        The Third World country here in our states now was made by none other than George W. Bush and side kick Dick Cheney and their corporate cronies, NOT President Obama so buckle up with a 2nd term- we the people are cleaning (expletive deleted) up!

      • Steve L.

        Lately I’d call em Americans.CONGRATULATIONS President Obama On the SCUTUS Affirmation of real change

      • the big easy

        @-dr——-COMRADE—–I for one am doing just what you say—–buckling up—-I’am investing in precious metals,like BRASS AND LEAD.——–Lock and load.

      • the big easy

        @-steve ————COMRADE——-Do you have an alter with candles and a picture of head flea-infested flea-bagger what’s in charge in the white house,obummmer,with the captions saying ‘MO TAXES,MO TAXES,MO TAXES ? ? ?———- What a puke———–

      • Gordon

        DR= please youtube David Walker, former head of the GAO who did videos explaining how the Clinton books were cooked and Bush inherited a financial mess of massive proportions. He also stated that if the business world did what Clinton administration did that they would be in prison for decades. Walker speaks the truth.

      • Jesus

        This is possibly the stupidest summation of thought I have heard to this day. I am willing to wager that you also believe that everything was created 6000 years ago and dinosaurs lived peacefully with humans. Every city in the world is home to murder and corruption. That is human nature, so really it comes back to the god that you undoubtedly worship. This idiotic specimen of mankind has no idea what he is talking about, and you might have just topped him with your complete lack of common sense and intelligence.

        • Eric Jones

          I agree with you what he said was ignorent however i must disagree with you that “murder and corrution are human nature” they arnt rather its what the elites teach you is human nature so to exuse ther crimes but again aside from that spot on!

    • MAP

      “bamboozle the uninitiated”. You certainly sound like you qualify.

    • David

      Dream on, a second term? good luck. He may not be a mayor or a governor, but as prez,
      he is directly responsible for the shape America is in…including Chicago.
      If obama does win, it won’t come with sunshine, it will be with hail and brimstone and the end of America the Great!

      • nc

        How much koolaid does it take to go completely brain dead??
        I’m 76 years old and every presidential election I can remember the Repugnuts have preached that same bullsh*t! ELECT OR RE-ELECT A DEMOCRAT AND IT WILL BE THE END OF OUR COUNTRY!!!!


      • Buster the Anatolian

        nc, Bush can be blamed in part for what happened up to obama’s inaguration in January 2009. Your god obama has had three and a half years to make things better but has only made things worse. And don’t start that $hit about the Republicans blocking all his efforts. obama had two years of total democrat control where the Republicans could do NOTHING to block anything and he did nothing to improve the economy or anything else.

      • MAC49

        Your right, he will win, BUT…not by the votes (legal votes) It will take some Corrupt and illegal voting and counting. If the real and legal and actual votes were done correctly…….He would Lose by a historical Landslide. There are a lot of ignorant people in this country…………..BUT NOT THAT MANY!

        • baldmurph

          In the past, Chicago has been noted for their ability to get votes posted for people who couldn’t make it to the booths – including the residents of graveyards and those missing presumed dead. And as for ignorant, perhaps more people voting on their own short range benefit than general long range interest, expecting to get more goodies for less work. As the middleclass shrinks, the poor become more numerous (more votes), the rich have more incentive to move elsewhere, and we could look at a really depressing future if we simplify these thoughts enough . . . .

    • Warrior

      Being from chicago, I’ll let you in on a little secret. “gumby n chief” couldn’t win the election for either mayor of guv of IL. There’s a “pecking order” that must be followed. This dude is a fabrication presented by the crook county progressives as their gift to the country.

      Now, say thank you.

      • http://aol theno1chief

        You may not know it, but you are exactly correct. The powerful Alderman in Chicago recruited The President, made him a Senator, and you know the rest of the story. He ascended to The Presidency simply by being a organizer in the Chicago housing projects,
        go figure!!!!

      • Ariel Valyo

        Yes, and now he wants to convert the whole country to the projects……

    • Tom Cook

      Whey omen must watch its diet–too much wheat–thus it is delusional and probably dangerous to subteen girls and family pets.

    • Power To The People

      A true believer aye….

    • Glenn

      I like what Root said about tying Obama to Chicago rather than obsessing about the birth certificate; however, there is something I believe is more telling than his Chicago roots: where Obama was raised.

      During Obama’s most important formative years (6-12, according to Eric Erickson’s theory of child development) he lived with a Muslim stepfather in a chaotic Indonesia during a civil war where the United States was supporting the coup against the Muslim dictator, Sukarno. More than half a million Muslims and communists were killed during the coup and the purge that followed. If you follow Erickson’s logic, Obama has every reason to hate America.

      • nc

        Glenn, how many immigrants have we had out of war torn regions of the world that came to this country, loved it and served it well? Even from the countries where it was American bombs that nearly killed them and greatly damaged their homeland!
        You can think anything you chose about Obama and for any reason, real or imagined.
        Are you what you say you are? Why can’t he be what he says he is? Which is American and Christian! Only him and his maker know for sure! Right????

    • Vigilant

      Although I disagree with Wayoman on the wisdom of re-electing Obama, he has a point in that Mr. Root is really reaching when he tries to tie Obama to Chicago in the way that he does.

      Mr. Root says, “four of the last five governors of Illinois are serving prison time.” He fails to tell you that three of the last five governors were Republican.

      No one’s interested in the state of affairs in Chicago vis a vis the presidency. Chicago is not a bellwether city, any more than is Detroit, which has suffered as a “third world” city through both Republican and Democrat presidents. The anatomies (or more appropriately, postmortems) of cities like Detroit reveal the abject failure of socialist policies primarily at local level but not tied directly to any specifics of presidential politics.

      It took decades for these cities to dig their graves, and it was the self-serving greed and corruptibility of politicians at all levels of government that did it, regardless of party affiliation.

      And David, when you say “He may not be a mayor or a governor, but as prez,
      he is directly responsible for the shape America is in…including Chicago,” then you must condemn equally all the presidents from Woodrow Wilson upwards.

      • stopspending4

        Obama and his community organizing buddies had a major influence in the housing bubble – as others have written. The belief that it was everyone’s “right” to have a home drove the push to find creative ways, all approved and promoted by the government, to give loans to people that had not earned the right to buy a home. Check the facts – community organizers, civil rights advocates, etc. went to banks and even bankers homes to picket until the banks gave loans to everyone. We can all see how effective that was.
        Thanks to all the community organizers who helped fuel the house bubble and subsequent collapse.

      • Dick Sicario

        Political correctness has done more to distroy America, than any other factor.
        Unions follow it in second place.

        • baldmurph

          I didn’t notice when they overtook corporatists. Or maybe they’ve been neck and neck for so long I haven’t noticed who’s ahead this month. But I agree with you about first place. We humans appear to have too many members concerned about the rest acting in the proper (their) way.

    • Rick

      You can’t see the connection between Obama and Chicago? I’m not surprised. Most blacks vote for him just because of the color of his skin without any regard for his policies. You get what you deserve.

      • Vigilant

        Detroit was a sh*thole during Bush’s presidency. Are you going to tie that to him?

      • Vigilant

        “You can’t see the connection between Obama and Chicago?”

        Tell me what position of power in Chicago or the state of Illinois held by Obama where he had any substantial impact upon the city/state political machines. He was never more than a cog in the machiinery, as were all community organizers or state senators.

        Romney was born in Detroit and his father was governor of Michigan. You want to blame him for the state of affairs in Detroit today?

      • Mimi

        George Bush has been out of office for almost four years….stop blaming him for the foolish (expletive deleted) that Obama dictates. He’s corrupting our country….he needs to go! and he can take all his pets with him….Holder, Reid, and “Princess Pelosi”. bye bye!

    • gary j

      obuma is a hard core communist,he wants all of America to become a third world country! This slime ball scum must go!A vote for obuma is a vote to end America!

    • Mimi

      !Well, someone drank the kool-aid. Oh hail Obama, Lord of all, our beloved dictator! Welcome to the Untied Socialist States of America!

    • steveo

      Wrong. Obozo sees himself as a dictator…

    • dak

      How long have you lived in Illinois? I’m 66, lived there all my life until I was fortunate enough to escape 10 years ago. Il. politics has always been a cess ppool. Obama is proud to come from that cesspool and he nurtured at the bottom of the pit. Unfortunately because so many “americans” are too LAZY to provide for themselves, dregs like 0 flourish. Once you break the bank you socialists will STILL have nothing but the rest of us you bankrupted as company (I hope they beat your ass). I think three IL governors went to prison, IL. had several Sec. of State. sent to prison, obama & Blagovitch were selling 0′s vacated Senate seat, Emmanuel is Mayor after leaving WH so Daley’s brother could become Chief of Staff. Did they every find the missing antiques after Gov. Thompson left office (has he come out of the closet yet?)
      Yes CHICAGO is exactly where we are all headed.

    • tiredofbums

      I think the truth will see us free of this Usurper before November. He is not my president nor is he anyone elses. He’s a liar and a theif. He needs to leave the country. He’ll get his walking papers soon. He needs to start packing up his crack pipes and coke spoons and rolling machines and get the hell out of my WHITE HOUSE. And take your $100,000.00 tax payer funded trained dog with you.

    • Bustleton1

      Obama winning a 2nd term? You’ve been in Chicago too long lib! You can’t vote that enough dead people, ACORN, illegals, etc. in Chicago, Detroit, Philly, drown out all of the outraged, honest citizens of this country to get rid of this garbage that you have put in charge of this country. We will get our country back..

  • Ron

    More idiocy from War!

    • Average Joe

      Thank you for your well considered and highly documented retort. Captain of the debate team?

      Best Wishes,

  • teaparty13

    No wonder the prez moved to Chicago, it reminded him of home.

  • Don

    Freedom is not handed over or given as some gift as many think and believe. Freedom must be fought for and taken back! Apparently, the folks of Chicago (for many generations now) have abdicated this inherent right to be free. They have stood by and allowed elections to be rigged, purchased, bought, and stolen. They are, in part, responsible for their city’s demise.

    • Power To The People

      Yep, and the model is being implemented across the USA as we speak. If Obummer get another term and the POTUS slugs in the Senate that support him…we are doomed as too many Americans are too lazy and scared to act.

  • sandman4X4

    what we need to do the our brothers an sisters of Chicago, is this comming November, send them back there world class,community organizer! they are the ones who truly need some hope and change! hehehehe come this Jamuary they will have all the help they need!!!!!

  • dan

    Race Wars in Chicago…gang-style violence …the pride of Marxist Illinois ….
    and Milwaukee and Gary receive the refugees just as Chicago takes the overflow from New Fallujah (Detroit)…………it begins to look like the Mexican border is the least of our problems. The hot days of August will doubtless bring out the rioters and anarchists.

    • nc

      Dan, from what I have been reading here for months since I first signed on, some time between now and November, Obama is going to whup out (as they say around here) the miitary and halt those elections and become dictator! Plus there are a few hundred conspiracies, KNOWN TO BE REAL BY A BUNCH HERE, that should be ripe enough to come to a head before November since they have been in the works since 1913(?)

      • Texascowboyup

        I have always thought wisdom comes with age…NC you prove that theory wrong!…..and I bet you are not a veteran and probably a retired teacher or union worker……at the very least…lol….a yankee….

      • Cheerio Where are we going? How did we get there?
        Although I do not find socialism funny this website is pretty entertaining…

      • Steven Lester


        I hope a liberal idiot like you resides in NC areas like Fayetteville, Raleigh or Durham because your entire world will end in a few days after the obamanation is eliminated from our Government and the savages that live in these communities will act as stated!

        If the communist in chief is re-elected, the same will happen to you and yours.

        I predict this coming November that America will be thrown into a civil war (because the obamanation loses the election, or doesn’t) Europe and America will be thrown into bankruptcy by the corrupt, evil powers that control us all, because that is where we really are according to the false currency we all live by, and total mayhem will be the way of the world!

        America is over and has been for many decades, Europe is over and has been for many centuries!

        Communism is the way of the world’s future, and idiot like you helped make it happen!

        Thank you for getting rid of your entire family and all of the useful idiots like you, and giving us true Americans one last battle to fight before we die!

        God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

  • arlo

    Look at Californicate, Stockton just filed for Bankruptcy, Detroit is a shambles, Illinois, is a shambles, Wisconsin was near the brink of death and look what happened when a conservative got sworn into office….woooooooo I think the dumboRATS should get a picture of the problem.

    • http://yahoo Gene Lewis

      Your suspicions – herewith further confirmed.
      I first came to California in 1938 as a 12 year old.
      Even then, I was fascinated by Sacramento politics.
      Democrat controlled.
      Union controlled.
      Sorry – I just repeated myself.
      Socialism at its worst, and “creeping” – to say the least.
      Actual wisdom said there was one extreme wrongness to “hand-outs”.
      They will attract all of the bums from all of the other 48 (at that time) states.
      Collect all of the “free dollars” you can.
      Cheat in every conceivable area.
      Only the fools actually pay the taxes that they should.
      “Follow me to the promised land”.
      Is the Golden State now bankrupt?
      Yes, but the “deficit financing fools” haven’t figured that out yet.

    • nc

      Arlo, do you really think that the California and Stockston problems only started since Obama became President? Where were you from 2001-2009? What do you think the 2006 and 2008 elections were about! That the country was doing so great under bush that the citizens just wanted to let the Democrats have a chance????? How old are you??
      We Democrats have been getting a picture of the problems of our country for years!
      The Hoover(R) depression problems!!!!The Nixon (R) recession and scandals problems!!! The george w, “daddy’s boy” bush(R) unpopular and unfunded wars’ and the recession from H*LL problems!! Go see the “Bulls, Bears, Donkeys and elephants” site and tell me how those figures got so favorable for the Democrats and so shi**y pitiful for the Reublicans! Reason:: The three REpublicans named above and their trickle down fiscal policy where the rich and the big businesses kept the tax breaks and did not create the jobs promised and the Republicans started wars and as John McCain said the Republcans in congress spent money like a DRUNK SAILOR!
      How old did you say you are??? You don’t remember any of this??? You must live in a paper bag!! I bet you watch a lot of Faux Noise!!!

  • http://yahoo Gene Lewis

    Well, over a number of years, I became acquainted with Chicagoans.
    These were folk of “Chicago stature”.
    You know their delights?
    They delighted and smiling over how crooked their politicians were.
    “Power” – “Grease (the palms)” – you get the picture?
    They were determined to bring back “Scarface”.
    Well, I guess they have – in several different suits.
    Actually no; they were all identified as ward-heeling Democrats.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Otis Earl

    So Juarez has now has a sister city in the U.S. and its name is Chicago. See what happens when you have a great community organizer and he leaves?

  • Dan Rykard

    Obama has pulled the biggest hoax the American people have and will ever see. How The Media does not tell us any thing negitive about Obama unless you watch Fox News. This man is DANGEROUS!!!!!!!!!. If he gets back in for another four years the America you see today will no longer be, unless we have a Republican control Senate and Congress. If not we will see Socialism. Obama wants people to depend on the Government, so he can control. He is so power hungry to be in a position where he does not have to answer to anyone.
    May God Be With Us and Our Great Nation

  • http://facebook martin

    Hi all,just wanted to say something,im a south african and never been in the united states however iv kept a close eye on whats going on there,let me say this!Obama is following the same tragic path that Nelson Mandela did and his policies are identical not suprising that Obama worships Mandela like father,anyway my point is that Mandela turned south africa into a living hell for all people not just the whites and America is on same path,and I do think he will serve another term as president because he has an agenda and his controlers arnt finished with him,I think his second term will be an abselute nightmare for amerca and the rest of the world

  • gekruckeberg

    Cok County (Chicago) is going the way of Wayne County Michigan (Detroit) and for the same reason – decades of Democrat administration.

  • Michael J.

    Chicago is a microcosm of things to come if the progressives are not cut down in their tracks. What we see there is not political ineptitude, but a carefully orchestrated demise by design. A premonition of the dog-eat-dog future cast for America, and but one cog in the wheel of the “Agenda 21” depopulation goals of 500 billion forecast and brought to bear by the global elite.

    Another cog in the wheel: Coroner’s autopsy report today showed no evidence of “Bath Salts” in the Miami Cannibals remains. So what is the source of these Zombifications?

  • jopa

    President Obama is the President of the United States not the beautiful city of Chicago.I have been to Chicago and it has about 100 pluses to every negative.However I realize it is the writers job here to paint gloom and doom and make up exaggerations to try and sway public opinion for their anti-Obama campaign.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Sharon Taylor

      If you haven’t seen the war-zone devastation of the south side of Chicago, you can’t say you’ve been there. There is also the fact that it’s the filthiest city I’ve ever seen.

    • S.C. Murf

      Try living on the south side for a while jopa. Where I live we have about 3 – 4 murder’s a year, on Saturday Night Chicago’s south side averages that every 1/2 hour. Time to make that popping sound bud

      up the hill

      • jopa

        You always seem to bring up that popping sound you enjoy so much.You should get a job and not just sit or do you stand around all day when you make that popping sound.Come out into the light my good man.Or in your case pop out into the light my good man.

      • Oneguess

        Yeah, Poja, bow down to Obamao some more, please.

  • Sam Glionna

    Ha! Some of your comments are hilarious. My wife and I have been living in the jungles of a third world country for three years as missionaries. Having grown up in Chicago and having owned three businesses there I can assure you it is painful to watch what has happened to that wonderful, friendly and formerly safe city. I can also assure you that there is more freedom and almost NO government intrusion in the third world country we live in. There is almost no police force either, so individuals must take responsibility for their own well being. In fact, in almost every area of your personal life, individuals must take personal responsibility for their own well being…..JUST LIKE IT USED TO BE IN THE USA. Maybe some of you should take a trip to a third world country…It might wake you up to the REAL truth.

  • http://Aol Ken Bennett

    I think a large portion of America is getting what it deserves. It took a lot of stupid white trash to elect O’bummer to the highest office in the land.

    Every Major city in America has become a crime infested black ghetto since Light Bulb Johnson passed the 1964 Snivel rights act.

    Cities going broke? Of course, what else could they do? Crooks and others on welfare do not pay taxes; so how does the cities pay for theit upkeep? WAKE UP, SHEEPLE!

    • Alex

      You may find the best answers to your stupid questions by studying both Jane Jacobs on one hand, and Robert Moses on the other, Teabagger.

      • Steve L.

        Your the problem Alex, like so many others you only support democracy when you guy wins and are a total hypocrite when they don’t. MSNBC keep blocking his post,he’s an idiot wrapped in a moron

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I want you all to know that I was punished by MSN for a day they blocked my site, a form of censorship I guess but I signed up for two more just in case they do it again. Now for Obamination please show me why you still want Obamination in office? Please defend these following items and please after 3 1/2 years don’t bring up Bush (an A__hole)Reagan inherited a worse economy and turned the Nation around in 2 Years. First the Fasist takeover of Private American Corporations, Taking American Bond holder and Stock holders money and giving 51% (Illegal) to the Unions? Taking control of the Board of Directors and placing his own Socialist in charge with no stock holder approval (Illegal) President dosen’t have the authority. Placing 55 Czars who are all America Hating Radical Socialists, Communists, Black Panthers, Sunni Muslims running Government Agencies without Congressional approval. Appointing one Radical Socialist and one Communist to the Supreme Court. With The Major Majority ramming thru the biggest Bill that affects all Americans and Murders the elderly if sick, passing this Bill WITHOUT READING IT (ANTI AMERICAN MORONS)and lieing about its content with a hidden $104 Billion tax written in, a projected cost of $500 Billion which has already been revised to over $1.2 Trillion and hasen’t even been started yet, has 21 new taxes at the end of this year 2012 and has taken $500 Billion out of Medicaid which is for the poorest in the Nation to help fund the Death Panel which has just started its vile process by stopping general maintenance for MRI’s, CT Scans, X-Rays and even (sorry forgot what they call cleansing the blood) not transfusion and these people will die shortly after stopping this process. I have to go but will be back for another Round of defend Obamination!!!!!!

    • Alex

      What is wrong with your head, Viet Nam Vet invader who got her or his butt sent back to the states, whipped tail between trembling legs? Did a dedicated Viet Cong freedom fighter kick you in the head for killing and raping innocent grandmothers? No real offense intended, it’s just that so many of our “heroes” did and continue to do things like that. If you didn’t then you just have to say “No”.

      I ask such a question because you are demonstrably psychotic. Reread your silly post, Vet.

      • stopspending4

        Alex, You are one scary human being. Trying to say all Vietnam vets are evil is reprehensible and you should be sent to Vietnam or another communist country to find out the truth.
        Rather than name call the brave men and women who protect your right to say such outrageous things, why don’t you try and answer the questions posed by the Viet Nam Vet? What gives Obama the right to take money from the bond holders and tax payers and give to the unions? Many, many other companies went bankrupt and the employees lost wages, retirements benefits but the gov did not step in and give them back all those things. Instead, those working for bankrupt companies not only lost their retirement and other benefits but also paid with their taxes for the unions to keep their benefits. Unions are quickly losing support of the general public and it is a good thing.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Alex, you are disgusting and despicable! You have nothing intelligent to offer so you denigrate others. Whoever is paying you should get a refund! No one would EVER take you seriously or pay attention to anything you say! You act as confirmation of the stereotypical idiot liberal! If you have nothing to add to he conversation, keep your mouth shut!

      • S.C. Murf

        alex your comment smells of chicken $hit, is that because its running down your leg? People alex IS a Chicken $hit. I would call him a moron but they told me he’s more OFF than on

        up the hill

      • dak

        I think you should be put on the next C130 to Afghanistan. The psychotic items you refer to are the list of 0′s accomplishments ( most of which are anti-American (like 0) and illegal everything about the Teflon-felon. Who’s gonna protect you when the war you soci*alists have been trying to cause starts? If you’ve got the balls those pretty blue helmets would make a wonderful target.

      • Valorie

        (offensive comment removed)

      • Cheerio
    • Average Joe

      Alex ,
      (Read this slowley so that you understand my words)
      You write:
      “What is wrong with your head, Viet Nam Vet invader who got her or his butt sent back to the states, whipped tail between trembling legs? Did a dedicated Viet Cong freedom fighter kick you in the head for killing and raping innocent grandmothers?”

      As simply as I can put this for you,

      WE didn’t get our butts kicked…our Government did. They wouldn’t allow us to do our jobs….plain and simple. As a matter of fact, it’s the same government that got us involved in Viet Nam…based on a lie ( Iraq ring any bells for ya?) (BTW, one was a Democrat and the other a Republican….I don’t play “sides”)
      The same government that folks like you believe..need to run every aspect of our lives.

      Your case of Cranio Rectal Inversion ( head up your rear end )
      is causing me to get Optical Rectalitus ( a real crappy outlook )
      about the survivablity of the human species in general…

      Best Wishes,

      • Oneguess

        Good post, AJ. Keep it up.

  • doubter

    Obama arose to the Presidency because he is the anti-christ, now be afraid.

    • uvuvuv

      i also thought of that

  • uvuvuv

    obama shudda had a trial run in haiti first. wait, based on how it’s doing maybe secretly he did. yes, we have video clips of him blaming his predecessor, george bush.
    glenn, sukarno who was a rabid communist was overthrown by suharto, i forget the year but it was joyous news here. i didn’t know that there was a huntdown of communists following that. but whatever the situation, his living there did set him apart from american values and our normal childhood experiences. he never even went trick or treating, and of course opening christmas presents wasn’t in the picture. he never made a snowman (oops snow person) or had a radio flyer wagon. he never sent in cereal boxtops and impatiently awaited his secret spy ring in the mail. he probably never saw a daffy duck cartoon, or tweety and sylvester. also that was when rocket j squirrel and beany and cecil cartoons were showing. imagine a childhood deprived of them. he never had a schwinn stingray bike or an electric train. he never put his wet mittens on the classroom radiator. and he thinks he can be president? this should have been made clear to the electorate. if they want, or don’t necessarily want, “folks like us” as president they should be able to make an informed decision.

  • jayme

    Obama in a landmark 1995 Chicago real estate case (Selma Buycks-Roberson)while representing clients at law firm Miner, Barnhill & Gallard sucessfully argued against dicriminatory real estate bank lending practices. Obama had joined Miner’s firm in 1993 because it pursued civil-rights litigation and represented progressive non-profit political groups by litigating against Banks “redlining” in certain Chicago’s districts (especially his 13th District he repesented as then Senator).

    In this and other cases, he: 1) promoted and 2) profited from the nation’s disastrous real-estate bubble. One striking example comes from the president’s 1995 housing-discrimination class action lawsuit: a) It provided him with legal fees of $950,000, b) greased his political donations and c)boosted his role in Chicago politics (endorsed by the “New Party”).

    Later, Obama expanded along with his “anti-redlining Progressive activists,” subprime loans for disadvantaged minority populations which in later years spread like wildfire across the USA. So, one could say, from Mr. Obama’s origins in a housing lawsuit to “subprime” legislation in Congress (Barney -Frank) America’s financial 2007/08 crash could be laid at Mr. Obama’s Chicago Progressive activism’s feet. Obama caused the subsequent real estate collapse.

    • Steve L.

      Put down your crack pipe dude,you’ve lost touch with any reality except hate

      • Oneguess

        Why don’t you just go ahead and kiss Obamao’s ^$$?

    • Ariel Valyo

      And then after he made HIS millions, he turned around and conveniently blamed the rich and the very same banks for the mortgage crisis he and his ilk forced to make all those bad subprime loans…

    • nc

      JAYME, In 2002 bush and barney frank were on the same side of the low income housing thingy! See the video ” Bush praising fannie and freddie” FOR THIEr ASSISTANCE WITH LOW INCOME MORTGAGES!!!!!!! Also in 2004 when bush, the Crawford Cretin, ASKED CONGRESS FOR AND GOT (SINCE IT WAS REPUBLICAN CONTROLLED) THEN SIGNED INTO LAW A BILL TO USE US TAXPAYER FUNDS TO MAKE THE DOWN PAYMENT ON LOW INCOME PURCHASES OF HOMES!!
      Where would say this puts bush in the collapse of the housing market and the financial market???? Really?? Not connected at all??? All obama?? REMEMBER!! ADULT INDEPENDENTS ARE WATCHING!!!

      • Oneguess

        How would YOU know if ADULT INDEPENDENTS are watching? YOU are surely not in that class, based on your posts.

  • Mirage

    Sounds to me like W.A.R. is just another Right Wing douche bag (REPLETE WITH GIRLY-MAN HAIR-DO) keeping parallel-pace with a party ideology that forces narrow thinking (beat the other party @ all costs) …
    versus being independent with NO party affiliation, free to support your country first while simultaneously raising one’s middle fingers to ALL parties! FTS!

    Now, where W.A.R.’s going with his crap, which is naturally and nauseatingly predictable, is:
    when November comes; support the Republican candidate, Mr. Wall Street himself, Mitt the SH*T the corporate raider … Mr. Staples, the $8.00 per hour job creator … in trade for the career-type paying jobs he outsourced to Asia.

    How predictable.

    To think the Republican Party/Tea Party wouldn’t let THE GUY with possibly the best ideas for ALL parties participate in their debates, former Louisiana Republican governor Louie Gommer (sp), is a sad testament to a natural fact of ALL parties; they severely restrict ALL americans ability to choose the best men and women to run the country. Political parties restrict freedom – so get rid of them … get rid of all parties.

    Until then, go OWS/TP … MAKE the politicians fear you … restrict their freedom to do what they want!

    • Al

      you must be attracted to the president, because the only change he has given to Americans is more of the same nothing. and so much for him self, If you had a choice the best would be change and that means no more One Big Ass Mistake America. own up to your Obama mistake.

  • uvuvuv

    ken, i read in this biography of lbj that 5 days after he signed the “breakthrough” voters rights act, the riots in watts took place, the first of many across the country. and this was even before crack. if only they had the decency to jump the gun and riot before the congressional vote. this was their gratitude for the equal opportunity commision, the job corps, the community action initiative (which eventually gave barack obama his job as organizer), affirmative action and the great society’s war on poverty. all this was in the 1960s, and what improvements have we seen? well, al sharpie always has a spiffy suit on when he tells us how racist we are.

  • coal miner

    Obama Health care Law upherld by the Supreme Court,5 to 4 decision.

    • Deerinwater

      really? ~ great! ~ I ‘ll put up the news !

      • r.p.

        Romney just said that it will be the first thing he trashes when he takes the W.H. Kegan should be discharged for “conflict of interest”.

      • Jay

        Why is that “great”, deerinwater? Just curious…

      • Oneguess

        Deerinwater doesn’t know, Jay. ‘Just posting to post…

  • uvuvuv

    jayme, i doubt if he was pivotal in that case, they probably had him doing research in the law firm library, but this is a pivotal moment in history i didn’t know about. i did notice that suddenly banks started calling themselves equal opportunity lenders. like, aw gee, how nice.

  • Frank B.

    Just another case of civil rights lost! Don’t worry, you won’t feel a thing as your FREEDOM goes down the tubes one supreme court decision and executive order at a time! Just think how sweet it will be if obummer gets another 4 years!

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Any part of oibummers health care bill is not for any of our good The worst thing that ever happened to America. Pass it so we can then read it…Idiots.

    • nc

      Gotaplenty, based on the approval ratings I’m betting that a larger group would say that the Iraqi war was a worse thing to happen to this country than Obama care! Maybe even bush, the Crawford Cretin, himself!!

      • Oneguess

        What? Does nc stand for “no cranium”?

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    I think this topic does nothing to further the agenda of getting rid of obummer. If we want to be taken seriously we need to stick to the REAL issues. Blaming obummer for conditions in Chicago makes it look like we are just trying to blame him for everything. We will be immediately dismissed as racists. There are plenty of REAL issues that we need to make people aware of.

  • r.p.

    Let’s not forget the birther issue, let’s not forget Eric Holder, let;s not forget Janet Napolitino, let’s not forget “Obamacare” let’s not forget Justice Kagen, let’s not forget NDAA, let’s not forget E.O’s…. Get my gist? He needs to be attacked on ALL sides just the way he’s been attacking the country and it’s people and it’s Constitution.

  • Average Joe

    Breaking news:
    The SCOUTUS, has just announced that the Obamacare “mandate” is Constitutional as a TAX ( although is falls short as a Commerce Clause” issue)…However…it has been upheld.
    May God have mercy on us all.

  • Beno

    God always allows a Un-Godly leader when He judges a city or nation, we got both from obozo. Change? Yes, moral to immoral, riches to crime, safe place for children, ask the mother of Heaven in Chicago. A lawless man gets a lawless nation, just proved by the 5 Supreme idiots in Washington. Come soon Lord Jesus:

  • terris

    The fact that you are blaming one person for the crime in a city is extremely lame, and has no meri to the argument.


    Yesterday I viewed a video about the cult islamics in Detroit (a 3rd world city). It seems they invited Christians to their get together but when the Christians identified themselves the cults went postal and threw items like water bottles and rocks at them. The cops were there, they did nothing to quell the violent acts by the cult, the Christians decided that they were not really welcome after all and left peaceably…..the cops did not cover the with drawal, they did nothing to insure the peace…this video was 25 minutes long and quite revealing.

    • nc

      Ontime, do you have any idea how many of those white puritans that killed those people for witchcraft were Muslims” or how many of those white dude that dragged that black man in Texas until his head came off were Muslims? Or how many of those white guys who killed the Freedom marchers were Muslims.
      BELIEVE ME, we white people have enough blood on our hands to make it stupid beyond words to point fingers at any entire group of people for the conduct of a few!
      There are some good Muslims and there are some bad white Christians!!Live with it!!

  • tree dude

    Chicago has been this way long before Qbama was even born. You are sounding like Rush open mouth and hot air blowing out of it. The death rate and high crime rates have been high in Chicago from Capone’s days. Yes Chicago’s debt is hign so compare it with other towns it’s size like those in Ca. or N.Y. You pulling everything as a one sided thing. Obama has nothing to do with the cash flowin Illinois unless you count all the construction work that has come from his election. As for black kids being draged into a bad way look at them throughout the complete nations. You are getting no points with anyone with a one sided aditude.

  • nc

    Mr. Root, I don’t recall any Republican candidate including Romney and Paul going into Chicago and dogging the city when speaking to its citizens!! Telling them how responsible they are for the crime rate of an entire city! Congratulations on your .399 of 1% of the vote when you ran! The 99.6% who vote for someone else wish you well! Mr. Livingston said me knowing figures like this made me a “Democrat opposition research operative” He didn’t say what it made the man who got them?

    The fine citizens of the cess pool of Chicago wish you well!!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear nc,

      You write: “Mr. Livingston said me knowing figures like this made me a “Democrat opposition research operative” What I said was your expending time, money and energy to research Ben Crystal’s divorce records–and who knows what other parts of his private life–made you a democrat opposition research operative, and a creepy individual to boot. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you’re employed by Brett Kimberlin or the Southern Preposterous Lie Center on the side.

      Best wishes,

  • Suzie

    Detroit’s been a sh!thole since 1967.

    • baldmurph

      Funny you should say that! Coming back from Vietnam in 1969 I was assigned to the Army Air Defense Brigade assigned to protect Chicago from potential attack by the USSR. It had interesting moments – the US Air Force would practice bombing runs simulating Chicago as a Soviet city and we would practice defense simulating their bombers as Soviets. B52′s were a fair fight. The new RB71, later reclassified S71 because of the high price tag, was something else – if we couldn’t lock on and fire (simulated) in 60-90 seconds from the time it showed on the screen we had lost Chicago: the plane could outspeed the missile! Aside from that, I felt safer in Vietnam than in Chicago, and I questioned the need to defend it: personal opinion was US was in more trouble with Chicago than without. Looking from a distance as I am, it does not appear to have improved much, if at all.

  • chuckb

    detroit should be an example of democrat policy, the bolshevik dream, some of our larger cities are well on the way. more illegals, more welfare, no jobs and more energy regulations. the supreme court this day shows us where we are heading, thank you mr. roberts, and thank you mr. bush for this nomination,

  • icetrout

    Get your AR-15 Zombieized before it’s too late…

  • Dr J

    Chicago is sucking the life out of Illinois. Since the 1970 Illinois Constitution, Chicago has gained control of anything that happens in the state. A vote to have another constitutional convention was defeated by the Chicago voters over southern Illinois voters to re-construct it for more equal representation. Chicago representatives are the reason that Illinois is the only state in the 50 states that does not have concealed carry and has a requirement of carrying a FOID (firearm owners identification) to buy ammunition (even co2 cartridges). Governor Quinn is closing Tamms Maximum Security prison that was built some 15-20 years ago that kept violent criminals secured and closing many southern Illinois youth facilities and transferring them to other overcrowded facilities and putting more people on unemployment. Many of us downstaters would like Chicago to be separated from the rest of us.

  • Jay

    While on the board of a Chicago-based charity, Barack Obama helped fund a carbon trading exchange that will likely play a critical role in the cap-and-trade carbon reduction program he is now trying to push through Congress as president.

    The charity was the Joyce Foundation on whose board of directors Obama served and which gave nearly $1.1 million in two separate grants that were “instrumental in developing and launching the privately-owned Chicago Climate Exchange, which now calls itself “North America’s only cap and trade system for all six greenhouse gases, with global affiliates and projects worldwide.”

    And that’s only the beginning of this tawdry tale.

    The “privately-owned” Chicago Climate Exchange is heavily influenced by Obama cohorts Al Gore and Maurice Strong.

    For years now Strong and Gore have been cashing in on that lucrative cottage industry known as man-made global warming.

    Strong is on the board of directors of the Chicago Climate Exchange, Wikipedia-described as “the world’s first and North America’s only legally binding greenhouse gas emission registry reduction system for emission sources and offset projects in North America and Brazil.”

    Gore, self-proclaimed Patron Saint of the Environment, buys his carbon off-sets from himself—the Generation Investment Management LLP, “an independent, private, owner-managed partnership established in 2004 with offices in London and Washington, D.C., of which he is both chairman and founding partner.

    The Generation Investment Management business has considerable influence over the major carbon credit trading firms that currently exist, including the Chicago Climate Exchange.

    Strong, the silent partner, is a man whose name often draws a blank on the Washington cocktail circuit. Even though a former Secretary General of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (the much hyped Rio Earth Summit) and Under-Secretary General of the United Nations in the days of an Oil-for-Food beleaguered Kofi Annan, the Canadian born Strong is little known in the United States.

    That’s because he spends most of his time in China where he he has been working to make the communist country the world’s next superpower. The nondescript Strong, nonetheless is the big cheese in the underworld of climate change and is one of the main architects of the failing Kyoto Protocol.

    Full credit for the expose on the business partnership of Strong and Gore in the cap-and-trade reduction scheme should go to the investigative acumen of the Executive Intelligence Review (EIR).

    The tawdry tale of the top two global warming gurus in the business world goes all the way back to Earth Day, April 17, 1995 when the future author of “An Inconvenient Truth” travelled to Fall River, Massachusetts, to deliver a green sermon at the headquarters of Molten Metal Technology Inc. (MMTI).

    MMTI was a firm that proclaimed to have invented a process for recycling metals from waste. Gore praised the Molten Metal firm as a pioneer in the kind of innovative technology that can save the environment, and make money for investors at the same time.

    Gore left a few facts out of his speech that day,” wrote EIR. “First, the firm was run by Strong and a group of Gore intimates, including Peter Knight, the firm’s registered lobbyist, and Gore’s former top Senate aide.

    (Fast-forward to the present day and ask yourself why it is that every time someone picks up another Senate rock, another serpent comes slithering out).

    Second, the company had received more than $25 million in U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) research and development grants, but had failed to prove that the technology worked on a commercial scale. The company would go on to receive another $8 million in federal taxpayers’ cash, at that point, its only source of revenue.

    With Al Gore’s Earth Day as a Wall Street calling card, Molten Metal’s stock value soared to $35 a share, a range it maintained through October 1996. But along the way, DOE scientists had balked at further funding.

    When in March 1996, corporate officers concluded that the federal cash cow was about to run dry, they took action: Between that date and October 1996, seven corporate officers—including Maurice strong—sold off $15.3 million in personal shares in the company, at top market value. On Oct. 20, 1996—a Sunday—the company issued a press release, announcing for the first time, that DOE funding would be vastly scaled back, and reported the bad news on a conference call with stockbrokers.

    On Monday, the stock plunged by 49%, soon landing at $5 a share.

    By early 1997, furious stockholders had filed a class action suit against the company and its directors. Ironically, one of the class action lawyers had tangled with Maurice strong in another insider trading case, involving a Swiss company called AZL Resources, chaired by Strong, who was also a lead shareholder.

    The AZL case closely mirrored Molten Metal, and in the end, Strong and the other AZL partners agreed to pay $5 million to dodge a jury verdict, when eyewitness evidence surfaced of Strong’s role in scamming the value of the company stock up into the stratosphere, before selling it off.

    In 1997, Strong went on to accept from Tongsun Park, who was found guilty of illegally acting as an Iraqi agent, $1 million from Saddam Hussein, which was invested in Cordex Petroleum Inc., a company he owned with his son, Fred.

    These are the leaders in the Man-made Global Warming Movement, who three years later were to be funded by the man who was to become President of the United States of America.

    If we follow the time line on where Obama was during the funding of the Chicago Climate Exchange, he was still a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School teaching constitutional law, with his law license becoming inactive a year later in 2002.

    It may be interesting to note that the Chicago Climate Exchange in spite of its hype, is a veritable rat’s nest of cronyism.

    The largest shareholder in the Exchange is Goldman Sachs.

    Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is its honorary chairman, The Joyce Foundation, which funded the Exchange also funded money for John Ayers’ Chicago School Initiatives. John is the brother of William Ayers.

    What a flap when it was discovered that the senator from Chicago had nursed on Saul Alinsky’s milk, had his political career launched at a coffee party held by domestic terrorist Bill Ayers, and sat for 20 years, uncomplaining in front of the “God-dam-America pulpit of resentment-challenged Jeremiah Wright.

    Folk were naturally outraged that the empty suit who would go on to become TOTUS was spawned from such anti-American activism.

    But the media should have been hollering, “Stop Thief!” instead.

    The same Chicago Climate Exchange promoting public rip-off was funded by Obama before he was POTUS.

    Even as man-made global warming is being exposed as a money-generating hoax, Obama is working feverishly to push the controversial cap-and-trade carbon reduction scheme through Congress.

    Obama was never the character he created for himself in the fairy-tale version in “Dreams of My Father”. He’s the agent of Change and Hope for cohorts making money down at the Chicago Climate Exchange.

  • Palin16

    Wayne Allyn Root for President!

  • Fred

    Businesses have left IL as well due to that IL personal income tax hike which adversely affects companies who must match it. This sort of thing has NEVER been seen before in Chicago. Once the industrial king of the midwest and much of the nation.

  • Bimbam

    As I’ve said before oBama is a good example of how turd world countries rule themselves and America is getting a first hand example of it.

    oBama is a foreign born Mooslim and has no right or legality to be president and is actually a USURPER along with anyone who supported him in Congress and the Supreme Court.

    You actually have a government that has turned TRAITOR against its citizens. Another terrifying example occurred today in the Supreme Court ruling of oBamacare-less.

    We have no obligation to obey our leaders once we have redressed and rebuked them and they still pursue personal will and not the their delegated authority they swore to uphold!

    Once exceeded their laws are NULL and VOID!

  • KG

    All of our “great’ American cities can claim to be in decline. New Orleans only major daily paper,”The Times Picayune”, is only going to print an actual paper 3 times a week! And I can remember when there were three daily papers! I used to love getting the late edition of the Picayune cause the used to throw a bunch of adds and stuff to ,I guess,”bulk it up” a bit.

    Mr Root has done very well for himself in our society. It’s a shame he feels the need to blame our nations problems on the least powerful. The tv series “Good times” was set in Chicago. They were in the projects cause the father couldn’t get a loan to buy a house – based in racist policies of homelenders in the 60′s. Now, he kept going out to find work and was employed, and yet could not get out of the projects.

    Both sets of my grandparents, after WW2, stayed in housing projects untill they could find a house to live in. Now, I wondered for a while why this was so. And then It came to me. Both of my grandfathers became Union members. And were able to make enough money to buy a house. However, back then, many Unions reflected the society of their time, and they employed racist means to keep out the Blacks and anyone else they felt were undesirable. Just for the fact that my Grandparents were white meant that they could get out of the projects. But because of racism, Blacks could not. And so they got “stuck”. Can you really blame them for their mistrust and antagonisim against white folks?

    • Oneguess

      What? ?

  • julio

    eric jones i dont know where all these goodies are in cuba but if you care to list them i could pass them on to my family so they could enjoy all these things in instead of having to spend their days trying to figure out where their next meal is going to come from

    • Eric Jones

      I have already listed the “goodies” as you so cuteley call them in a earlier post but i will recap for you, free healthcare provided by the goverment. free education provided by the goverment. food growing is done with the peoples actual needs in mind thereby making sure even in times of econamic downturn like now nobody goes hungrey just to name a few. it seems to me that if you cant find the “goodies” its because you ain,t looking hard enough.

      • Sheila Burks Higginbotham

        We are not Cuba or any other country we do not and will not put up with a Dictator. If it is the most wonderful place on earth then why are you still here??

        • Eric Jones

          Just so you know in order to stay in power for so long Fidel Castro had to be elected by his party every few years if they didnt support him there would be nothing he could have done and by-the-way he stepped down for health reasons name anouther ” dictator ” who did that.

        • MAC49

          You putting up with Obama! Case Closed!

  • Pat Pepe

    Chicago is a Battle Field Now. Where are the Religious of all back grounds and faith? Where is Al Sharpton. Not only is it Chicago it is rife through out this country. Black and white community leaders have their own agendas but all have one think in common they are scared to death about being set on by these thugs. Until the Liberal thoughts on these matter are squashed the murder of innocents will become a larger problem. Racial division in the country is becoming a money maker and good business for Hustlers. The amount of African Americans and indeed whites have now reached a point were every honest and descent person has to put his/Foot down and say enough. I would venture to say and not quoting any statistics, that Black murders have surpassed all the killings by the KKK and other Thugs. Lets stop it. We have made a National Farse of the Trevon case, I am not on either side of this tragedy, but why just Travon ? What about the young Black Child sitting on the stoop and was shot in the head. Not even a peep on the Nationial minds. The out rage should now go beyond race, and possibly bringing in the National Guard in the big cities that warrant them

  • Tom Hall

    It’s pretty clear that WAR hasn’t been in Chicago. He’s grotesquely–and cynically–wrong on everything he says about the city. If he didn’t have the internet, he’d be just another demented soul standing on street corners and yelling incoherently at passers-by. I will now cancel my subscription.

    • Pat Pepe

      I believe your comment was directed to me on my feelings pertaining to the out of control crime in Chicago and other large cities. It’s your negative and irresponsible statements that you make, that situations are not being handled in the communities I’ll have you know that I am very active with displaced youths, their remarks and commentaries make TV news people seem very bland. Instead of making snide remarks roll up your sleeve and volunteer in helping young men and women see the light. Or Mr Hall are you frightened to do so.

  • Frank

    You can insert the name of any Liberal dominant city/state…..Sadly, the people in these places are brainwashed to the tunes the Democrats play….The whole song needs to be rewritten and new singers hired…Please vote for someone who has the song of Constitutional freedom down pat…

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Obama’s ,Problem Isn’t Kenya, or Chicago, NOW!!! It is Colorado!!!

  • Jean

    I Quote from above: “TexasCowboy= Let’s also remember that the mess handed down from the insolvent Clinton administration was a major contributing cause of this current state. David Walker, head of the GAO (youtube him) stated the Clinton books were absolutely false.”……Let us also add that President Clinton pushed and Signed into Law, the NAFTA Act. Read it, and you now know why so many of America’s jobs have gone overseas! Now, how do we get them all back? Romney knows how. PS: My email should NOT imply I have written or still write ads for anyone; it is an old email address I’ve kept.

  • Rob

    What a bunch of crap. Of course every big city has problems. I’m so sick of the blame Obama diatribe, and trying to tie every problem to big government. You folks are despicable, and patent idiots.

    • baldmurph

      and the question is: are you trying to correct it, profit from it, pretend it isn’t there, or kick the can down the road?

  • hcg homeopathic

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