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Obama’s Temper Flares After Reporter Asks Question

June 19, 2012 by  

Obama’s Temper Flares After Reporter Asks Question
According to reporter Neil Munro of the Daily Caller, President Barack Obama rarely takes questions before leaving the podium after making a statement to the media.

After President Barack Obama’s Administration announced that the United States would stop deporting illegal aliens who were brought to the U.S. as children, the President made a speech. One reporter didn’t like the speech.

The reporter asked Obama why he favored “foreigners over Americans.”

Obama responded: “The next time I’d prefer you let me finish my statements before you ask that question! This is the right thing to do for the American people.” When interrupted again, Obama declared, “I didn’t ask for an argument; I’m answering your question.”

Obama defended the plan by saying that the children have already made significant contributions to our society.

Neil Munro, the White House correspondent for The Daily Caller, said:

I always go to the White House prepared with questions for our president. I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the President of the United States. I know he rarely takes questions before walking away from the podium. When I asked the question as he finished his speech, he turned his back on the many reporters, and walked away while I and at least one other reporter asked questions.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • simian pete

    Don’t get President Obama MAD !! This Neil Munro dude is kind of a dumbass….

    • Beno

      Obozo needs to get a thicker skin, doesn’t need people to cry for his over inflated ego.

      • BrotherPatriot

        Actually…Obozo/Obummer needs to be removed from office instead of getting a thicker skin. He’s a disgrace and an embarrassement to this Country and for all of us who respect the Constitution.

        What we see going on right now at an accelerated pace, are from those who are destroying America from the inside. Unfortunately, they hold high political positions throughout our land.

        We need to recycle Congress and put in loyal constitutionalists. Most likely people who have served in the military or who have adhered by the Constitution during their public service…such as Ron Paul.

        God Bless.

      • redheart

        I agree w/ brother/patriot, right on brother!

      • Robert Smith

        When is the last time Romney answered questions?

        Will he ever?

        He still hasn’t answered the question: Will he continue the dream for kids as Obama has set up or will he deport them?

        Is Romney on the record anywhere?


    • JPM

      (personal attack deleted) Are you afraid of questioning Obama? Every American has the right and resposibility to question any government official. You must favor Obama or you wouldn’t be afraid to ask his majesty about what he is trying to do to this country. I served 22 years in the military and certainly did not do so for the advancement of a politician to destroy it or make himself king and be able to avoid all questions.

      • Tom Williams

        JM, you are right on the money. I only served 4 years but just long enough to figure out what it is like to be in the middle of a heated situation. Those, here, are not willing to question obama are NOT who I would consider true Americans but rather certain people who lived during the mid 1700s. The ones I am talking about were British Loyalists.
        Those people bowed down to their king and would never consider challenging him on any issue. They knew what was in store for them if they did.
        It is extremely clear what obama is up to. He is doing all he can to destroy all of his opposition, especially the opposition between him and We, The People. He is down grading Congress, trying to demoralize them in such a way as to render them useless, right along with our U.S. Constitution. This only means one thing and that is that he intends to change our government, as we know it, to a one man government, a kingship. He wants to be America’s first dictator and he will accomplish this if we do not stop him.
        This is why I keep nipping at the heels of our state’s U.S. Senators and I keep up the pressure to try to convince them to unseat this so called potUS.
        I continue to gather all the evidence I can and when I gather enough, I fire it off to our Senators. I keep doing this over and over again. I think that so far to date, I bet I have fired off well over a hundred reasons why we need a new potUS and see obama arrested on so many violations that it would make a hardened criminal jealous.
        Now, we must look at the reasons why our representatives won’t take any action against this man. It has been told by more than one in high places that the Clintons were threatened if they release the information they have on obama. They clearly stated that they literally feared for the life of their daughter as she was the actual one who received a life threatening warning and the person who informed the clintons of this also informed them that they would be dealt with as one other certain politician who was taken out while he was in his office.
        This would also explain why hillary backed out of the presidential race against obama. Remember the 1 hour closed door obama had with hillary? When she came out of that meeting, she immediately dropped out of the race and now, bill clinton wants hillary to be the next president in 2016, he wants back in the White House any way he can get there.
        And, it was bill clinton who stated that he is the one who started this birther thing, wanting to see obama lose this next election so that hillary could take on mitt romney who would be much easier to defeat, in their minds.
        This is only the tip of the iceberg though and it keeps getting deeper and deeper with obama. I think that if all of us knew the real story behind obama, there would be a lynch party going after him.

      • Bill Chapman

        Right on…I served in the Navy for 21yrs and far as I am concerned Obama does not deserve a salute…If I were still in the service he would not get a salute from me….Obama has degraded the Flag, our Nation, & the Constitution…We have a do noting Congress that lets Obama get away with everything he does…Congress has degraded our Nation & Constitution too….


        Thank you Ladies and Gentlmen for your service to this Country. I also served, not nearly as long as some, but enough to instill the seed of Patriotism, something that almost all Polticians are void of. Not only have I done what I can to help in the fight to remove this beast, along with other Freedom Fighters and Tea Party members, but I continue to pray each and every day to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We must only repent and give ourselves to Him, and He will heal our land. HE, has been left out, one of the major reasons for all that has happened. AMEN.

      • Warrior

        A puppet, a black guy, an illegal alien, a Muslim and a Socialist walk into a bar.

        Bartender asks:

        “What’ll it be, Mr. President?”

    • mt

      Government by the people for the people???????

      • TIME

        Dear NT,

        Not since 1860 has this nation been run by the people for the people, but then again thats saddly not a well know TRUTH in the 50 states of the people farm.

        Just as the TRUTH that the “CITY STATE of the District of Columbia” is not part of America.
        Its its own special l0 square mile land mass, as in when your alledged Congress person steps into that special land – they no longer work for you. They work for the Corporation known as the “United States Inc.”
        And just for the record, your not even noted as being a person your little more than chatel.

        Peace and Love

      • bruce

        Government by the people for the people???????
        where did you get THAT crazy idea?

    • Rocky Night

      LOL simian get angry when anyone question his master ^_^ looks above.

      Obama will just appoint another Czar over the people to tighten his will over this nation.

    • wandamurline

      The reporter should have been yelling….”You don’t have the authority to do this”.

      • JUKEBOX

        Have you forgotten the hell Joe Wilson caught for caling Obama what he is, ie:LIAR.

      • Robert Smith

        Awww jukebox, you’ve gotten it wrong again. Obama DID NOT lie: “Several fact-checking organizations wrote that Wilson’s views were inaccurate because HR 3200 expressly excludes undocumented aliens from receiving government-subsidized “affordability credits”.[48][49][50] ”

        That’s from:

        Check the citations used in the article before you discount Wikipedia. It’s been nicely researched.


    • tiredofsocializm

      Every American has tthe right to question any person we elect to office, pay very well and give excelent benefits fwith our tax dollars! Including the President! If any of them do not like that, well then I would say “thats just a case of tuff (expletive deleted)” THey are all accontable to every one of us!

    • Mr Joe

      You should know!!!

    • Gary L

      I think more questions like this need to be asked instead of getting softballs or just a flat out pass on his assinine statements and policies.

      • JUKEBOX

        He will only display his adolescent temper more and more. That may be good.

        • Renée

          You are right to a point but it only matters to the people that actually watch and liston to the things he says. The people who vote for him don’t. They don’t care. All they want is to continue to be carried around for free or to continue living disgusting life styles without consequences. As long as he evades questions his ignorance can’t shine through. He may be an intellegent man via teleprompter when someone else writes his script but those of us that can see through his charade want what is right and good not for ourselves only but for the “American people” as a whole. We are heading into some really dark times and he isn’t carrying a flash light! There is no love of God or country in that man.

    • Renée

      The reason the B.O. doesn’t take questions is because there aren’t pre-written responses on his teleprompter. He also knows that what he is doing is stupid like everything else that he’s done during his time in office. If he allows questions people will hold him accountable and he refuses to admit he’s done anything wrong. He lives in his own little bubble of denial.

      • Earl, QUEENS, NY

        I hear you. We remember 4 years ago when BHO responded to Joe the Plumber without his teleprompter. BHO admitted that he wants to spread wealth around- in other words, confiscate from producers to give to drones and moochers. Since Joe probably makes a lot less than $250,000, we see BHO lying when he says he will not raise taxes on the middle class. Sadly a lot of naïve voters overlooked what BHO said to Joe. But BHO knows many people have wised up since then. We can see why he’s careful what he says during his re-election campaign.

    • Earl, QUEENS, NY

      Perhaps Munro is. But he asked BHO a good valid question, and BHO was rather curt. If anything, perhaps Munro could issue an apology to the teleprompter-in-chief. E.g., “I apologize Mr. President if I interrupted you. ….. I’m also sorry I didn’t realize the answer to my question is probably not written on your teleprompter.” LOL!!

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    How does an illegal alien get to serve in our armed forces? You would think, that because we are at war, and have been for more than a decade, that the military would do a complete background check to make sure that illegals DO NOT get to serve in our military. I know of no job, except being a cook or a general’s “boot-polisher” that does not require a security clearance. Even a “clerk” needs one. SO HOW IN THE WORLD ARE ILLEGAL ALIENS GETTING INTO OUR ARMED FORCES? Oh, and by the way, NOBODY not even a legal American citizen has the RIGHT to serve in our miliitary. My, what change has been brought to this country by our dim-wit politicians and even more so by those who voted them into office!

    • Antirino

      Does mercenary sound familiar? Helped to bring the Roman Empire down.

      • Robert Smith

        Do you mean organizations like Black Water (or whatever they are calling themselves today)?


    • eddie47d

      Blackwater was an mercenary organization and legal at that. Look at the harm they did so I’ll take the sons of illegals who are willing to fight for America over Blackwater any day.

    • firefight

      You are spot on. His comment about how these young people are contributing is a blanket statement with absolutely no sound proff of that theory. As for the military, when I served in Nam, we didn’t have to worry about some damn Muslim SOB pulling out his M-16 and shooting the place up or blowing us up like our troops do today. NO Muslim belongs in our military. These people have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are sleepers just waiting for the opportunity to strike. They cannot be trusted……and, Obama IS one of them. I don’t feel any more comfortable with Romney, for what it’s worth. And….if Romney tries to run Marco Rubio on his ticket, he is just as bad. Rubio IS NOT a natural born American citizen just like Obama. So, if the Republican party tries this stunt, then the kettle is indeed as black as the pot. Check this out at WND.

      Rubio autobiography proves he’s not eligible for VP?
      Marco Rubio’s autobiography is finally hitting the shelves today, and inside the book, does the Florida senator actually disqualify himself from being Mitt Romney’s VP pick?
      Read the latest now on

      • tangshui

        you must be one of the ACORN top community organizer. eat you heart out. Rubio is just as qualify as your usurper. at least Rubio has his genuine birth certificate, where is this usurperat obama from kenya real birth certificate? (personal attack deleted).

      • Little Bright Feather

        Actually Romney is not eligible either – he is not a ‘natural born citizen’ and the Repubs know it – I spoke to them myself. That is why they do not bring up the subject on Obama.IT’s like they have a secret deal behind closed doors not to bring up the subject.
        Romney’s father was born in Mexico and was a criminal as far as the US was concerned – he was a bigamist as was the grandfather, who also lived in Mexico. BOTH parents must be born on American soil; and be citizens for their offspring to be a “natural born citizen”.
        Everyone forgets the ‘being born on American soil” part. McCain was not a “natural born citizens either as he was born in Panama. NOT on a military base as the media and DC tried to convince us of. Seems to be a CFR habit to choose candidates that are NOT Constitutionally qualified.OF course NONE of the elections of the past over 150 years have been Constitutional in any way! READ the Constitution and you’d see why. And all Political Parties are UN-Constitutional.

        ONLY Ron Paul is eligible and a Constitutional candidate and no matter what happens in Tampa at the convention, real Americans will vote for Ron Paul – write him in. And only use a paper ballot – NEVER vote by those fixed voting machines. Call in for an absentee ballot and you will have your paper ballot. Make sure you send in your absentee vote a good week before the actual election day. If they don’t receive them before election day your vote won’t be counted.
        Ron Paul is the ONLY one with a 35 year long record of fighting for, and standing for, freedom and Constitution and states rights. He’s also pro-life. He is for closed borders and American law. ( He is NOT for amnesty or OWG like the other two are.) He is the only one who takes his stands.. He’s always been very consistent and honest – which is a miracle in itself since he’s been in DC for 35 years and no one goes there and not get the greedy and crazed DC disease..

    • gunner689AI

      they’re giving SC’s to Fags now to.

    • box-bb-car

      I believe this policy has been in effect for some years. Military service is a fast track for citizenship. I am not sure of the details, however you are correct, it should cause issues with the issuance of clearances. I would think that it would certainly disqualify one for anything above secret, and secret would even pose issues

    • Mark-Edward

      First, we are NOT “at war” for nearly a decade… show me the authorized “declaration of war” signed by congress. There isn’t one. The Prez overstepped his authority to get us into battle. Prez is not “commander in chief” until there is a declaration of war.

      Second, our country is not authorized to have a “standing army”, so the comment about having “a right to serve in our military” is an ignorant statement. Every American man has a duty to be part of the “military” by way of the state militia, always prepared to defend his own sovereign STATE. And when war is properly declared by consenent of the sovereign state representatives gathered together in congress, every man of suitable age has the duty to join in the mutual DEFENSE of the other sovereign states in the Union. We must stop this “federalist” mentality, always thinking that the corporation called “United States” is “our country”. Your STATE is your country, and the Feds are working tirelessly to usurp that authority and wipe out state sovereignty.

      “My, what change has been brought to this country by our dim-wit politicians and even more so by those who voted them into office!”

      The “dim-wits” are those who are sucked into the vain political ramblings, debates and “issues”, and have absolutely no clue about American law and proper government.

      • Dale on the left coast

        Seem to recall the Congress and Senate both voting to support the wars in Afganistan and Iraq. I also recall all the retoric from the likes of Kerry, Kennedy, Klinton, Albright and Gore about the “Imminent Threat” that Iraq was back in 1999, 2000 . . .
        The only occupant of the WH that went into a “War” without the approval of Congress in the last 25 years was . . . . you guessed it . . . O’bammy.

      • Robert Smith

        They only voted for it because they were lied to, just like the American people were lied to.


    • TIME

      Dear ODAA,

      ((( Please see my post above for more intel. ))

      First off a CEO of a Corporation need not be an American born person.

      Thats why the Omen is where he is. Just so you get it, We don’t have a Government and have not had one now for 150 plus years.
      We have a De Facto form of leadership/ a CEO and Board of Directors, and the JD – Not a Potus, Congress, and SC, only when all you nuts wake up to that will change ever happen.

      You also have no say in who will be your new CEO, as in YOUR VOTE is worthless; as the new CEO is appointed; and not by anyone in American.

      Want change?
      Then learn the TRUTHS you face and what the Ramifications will be for the noted change.
      The first thing is to know who your fighting and what’s broken and when it was broken, all this mindless back and forth about Lib’s v Con’s / D v R is all
      a waste of TIME.

      Peace and Love

      • BrotherPatriot

        You are very correct, brother. Of course, asking the vast majority to do research w/out setting up a power point presentation for them…is truely asking a lot it seems. Thank God that we have people of Sheriff Joe’s caliber out there to do just that!

        In our dumbed down society, most people want instant gratification instead of doing the hard work & research necessary to keep their children free by learning the truth of things.

        Only a well informed & armed society has a chance to retain their freedom. So far, they have taken control of the media and are working diligently to try & take our arms. UN’s small arms treaty, for example. If we lose the right to bear arms, that will be the nails in the coffin for us. It may be alread to late…but God willing, perhaps we’ll still yet find a way to turn this all around on them.

        Only by talking & sharing the truths they wish to hide, do we have a chance so don’t be afraid to speak the truth.

        God Bless.

      • Robert Smith

        “First off a CEO of a Corporation need not be an American born person. ”

        Or even a citizen. Thus “corporations” should NOT be buying votes in American elections as “people.”


    • tangshui

      do you all know this usurper from kenya don’t even have top security clearance. how in the san hill he even get entry to war room? tht’s the reason how the leaks came out, his loose lips liken to gossiping mitchelle. will he press the nuclear armed switch against the moslem, russian, or china? of course not, he rather see america bombed to smittery while he playing golf in iran. get hope, fire this obama now!!!

    • JerryWheelerWroteThis..

      I’m sorry OneDamn that you were unlucky enough to have never voted for a politician that got into office.. I suppose that’s why you exempted yourself from the phrase, “what change has been brought to this country by our dim-wit politicians and even more so by those who voted them into office!”.. I too have failed to vote into office several of my choices, does that mean I’m also not included in your statement? Seems those who keep voting in these peckerheads are either lucky stiffs (for bingoing all the time) or else it’s all rigged and they have inside information which does include them in the ‘dim-wit’ category otherwise, how do these bozo’s get in? Are there that little intelligent Americans roaming around? If you said no, there’s millions then I say, “Then how come we have these losers and how come we keep voting them in?”..

  • Beno

    The king, the czar, the dictator-in-chief has a ego as big as satan himself, what a joke this non-legal-president is, needs to go and the sooner the better for this nation.

    • lady kroft

      …he IS Satan himself.

      • TIME

        Dear Lady Kroft,

        Not even close, but thanks for playing. He is just the “OMEN” of whats coming, that by the way all Americans have let happen, as in we all share the guilt.

        Peace and Love

    • Mr Joe

      You got that right!!!

  • Jerry schmidt

    Of course this thing we call president, doesn’t answer to any one. He bypasses Congress, disses the Supreme court, and basically is acting like he’s a king. look at his background and who he surrounds himself with and you’ll see what our little tin Commie is about.

    • Beno

      Amen brother, you have him pegged.

  • Marcoli

    Well, he isn’t gonna answer questions after he has made his comments, cause that would be asking him to think on his feet, without the assistance of the teleprompter. All of his press conferences are very one sided, he speaks, then walks away before any questions arise. He wants to say what he has to say, then leave everyone with a heap of questions that will never get answered. At what point did he decide that he no longer has to answer to anyone, expecially the American people.

    • Hank

      We have only foolish people to thank for this mess….the question is… how many fools will go to the polls and re-elect this administration, thereby giving them recognition to continue
      down this path of destruction.

    • eddie47d

      The President said he would answer the question and Munro kept hollering out. If I was President I would have told Munro you are disrespectful and you just lost your privilege. That would go for any reporter who was rude to ANY President. Everyone wants to play the role of the paparazzi!

      • Jay

        According to Mr. Munro, eddie, who was actually there; “I always go to the White House prepared with questions for our president. I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the President of the United States. I know he rarely takes questions before walking away from
        the podium. When I asked the question as he finished his speech, he turned his back on the many reporters, and walked away while I and at least one other reporter asked questions.”

        Well, it seems El Presidente, he no like to answer questions, amigo. I wonder why? Could it be because the answers are not provided for him on the teleprompter? Duh..uhm…uhm…duh…yeah, better play it safe, its best you stick to the teleprompter Senior Presidente…or better yet, just run..erh…walk-away…LOL!

    • Tom Williams

      Has anyone ever heard of peasants questioning their king?? Probably not and this is how obama is acting. He thinks it is below him to answer any questions, especially when it challenges him.
      The only thing different between obama and a king is the actual title itself, he has not been crowned king YET and this is what is striving for. Once he would become crowned as King of America, the questions would no longer exist as he would then be a dictator and he would have anyone who challenged him arrested on the spot. Our rights, as Americans would be over and we would truly be living in a suppressed world. And the scarey part of this is that obama would be king until his death or voluntary step down which would never happen.
      Take a hard long look at michelle obama, she is already acting like a queen in all that she does. She even has 26 servants waiting on her hand and foot. Does anyone think that the obamas will easily give up the White House due to our votes? I think he is going to put up a fight, regardless of any outcome of his popularity or the will of the people.
      And, right now, he is looking for any kind of excuse he can find to declare Martial Law. This is the ultimate power grab he intends to initiate before this coming November, you can count on it. If he does declare Martial Law, Congress goes home and will never return. It will be over for all of us. Look out N. Korea, here comes the U.S. in your likeness and with obama as the head master. N. Korea will have some competition as to how to rule with and iron fist. Think I am full of it?? Then explain why we have 800 FEMA camps that were just recently activated.

      • Carl Manning

        In choosing to deliberately become dictator as he has already essentially done, Obama has nothing to fear from any of the usual stops and Constitutional safeguards against such tyranny. The Congress, the US military, the 4th Estate, Talk Radio, the Churches, the Universities, the State legislatures, the Secretaries of State, the State Attorneys General, the 3 or so bonafide State Militias, the County, State, and Federal courts, the Grand Juries, and the American People themselves have all been proven to be worthless defenders of the American People and the Constitution. The timing could not be more perfect for the Comrade Obama’s Communist coronation ceremony coming in 2012. Face it, folks; it’s all OVER now but the crying! We’re now the USSA, the best Dictatorship money can buy.

        When your local Congressional Whore or Senatorial Whore comes to a local townhall near you this coming October, lying like Pinocchio telling whoppers for your vote, be sure to greet them with bullhorns, eggs, pies, squirt guns, nooses, Monopoly money, mudpies, manure, toilet tissue, and Communist flags. Give them a royal American welcoming committee for the traitorous sacks of crap they are. That’s all that these bastards deserve now is endless ridicule and eventually execution. Everybody needs to show up with nooses in their hands. It won’t change anything, but they need to know what fate awaits them for High Treason.

  • steve

    Oboco needs to go. He does not respect our consitution and is a disgrace to people who love this country. I think he is a socialist and wants to be a dictator. Any other person but oboco would serve this country better. let him play golf and leave washington

    • Chocopot

      Steve -

      Bozo is definitely not a socialist – he’s a full-blooded Marxist. Any action that will help lead to the downfall of this country is one he will support. That was his goal from Day One, and that is the assignment he was given by his handler, George Soros.

  • kategray

    The PRETENDER feels that all are beneath him. He has make himself DICTATOR already and does not have to answer to anyone.

    • eddie47d

      If he was willing to answer the question then how can you say he “does not have to answer to anyone”. That is not a trick question or GRAY area.

  • bernice

    There is supposed to be a movie coming out this summer titled ’2016′. It was written by a very intelligent man and produced by the same person who did ‘Scheindler’s List’. My fear is that it may be outlawed for political reasons as it tell a lot about the President.

  • Bob Bray Sr

    He is a betrayer of our constitution and he is a betrayer of the american people, that what he had plan before he became a no good president he is..


    Do not interupt the King!He can’t use his telepromters when he is ignoring questions and he probably does’nt have an answer amyway.He does have quite a team tho,Napolitano,Holder,and his support people,Pelosi,Rangel,Waters,Sharpton,Jackson and too many more to mention.what a team!!!!

  • Karolyn

    The reporter showed no respect, as a conservative reporter would. He was thus treated without respect.

    • firefight

      NO Karolyn! The reporter had a legitimate question and he knew that Obama would turn and walk away after his speech like he always does. HE issues his directives and then leaves so as to NOT allow any questioning of his moves and motives. This is the format of the Obama administration. Once again proving that he has NO intention of showing any “transparency” in this administration. YOU, Karolyn, are just as blind as any person can ever be when it comes to seeing what is going on in this country today. Stop thinking Democrats VS Republicans and start thinking Americans VS Communism. Both of our political parties have been taking us down that road and you continue to wallow in the age old Demo’ VS Repubs BS. Obama was not just showing disrespect for the reporter. His condescending retort was to tell America that he was not to be questioned about anything he ever does. GET THAT STRAIGHT. He never had any intention of answering the reporter’s question as he implied he was doing. He was only sidestepping the question while displaying his political fangs.

      • Tom Williams

        Firefight, you are right on. I fully agree with you and Karolyn needs to wake up and open her eyes to the truth of what you say. Obama is acting precisely the way a king would which is what he thinks he is or is going to be. He is on a glory stomping tour which I hope ends soon.
        He is the most dangerous of all people who have ever had such and influence in our country. He is running parallel to those before us in other parts of the world. I watched 26 episodes of the History channel’s American Revolution and then, turned around and watched 13 episodes of the History channel’s Last Days of WWII. Once I finished all of those, I read our U.S. Constitution and wondered how we ever got to where we are with obama in office. Obama is acting more and more like Adolph Hitler as time passes. He is also in possession of the characteristics of the King of England during the 1700s. I acquired a cold chill after making the connections. It was down right scarey as it was as if obama was taking his actions right out of the text of the Third Reich and out of England’s manuscripts of the 1700s pertaining to the suppression of his people.
        And, the final end results were that the Democratic party are an exact likeness of the National Socialists of Nazi Germany as well as the British Loyalists in just about every detail, to the letter pertaining to their way of thinking.
        History can and will repeat itself when we have a ruler who idolizes certain characters in History who put people on their knees before them, something obama wants very badly to see happen to him. He is a true muslim!!!!

      • Karolyn

        This was obviously not a question-and-answer period, so he should have adhered to common courtesy. Had it been a question-and-answer situation, it would have been a different story.

      • Mike in MI

        !Bingo!, Tom W. and firefight -
        “There is no new thing under the sun.”
        The Devil has been trying since Cain killed Abel to groom and promote someone from among his puppets to a position of world domination; so he can control mens’ lives and coerce man’s worship to glorify and honor himself. He has always wanted to get it straight without an intermediary human or through corrupting something the true God first set up. At long last, the global political ruling establishments are under his sway…except here (resolute Christians in the U.S.A.) and Israel. (Israel is not, presently, a Godly nation, but has an undercurrent of committed, old-line Hebrews.)
        Throughout time, the only things that have changed are the socio-political petridish and the faces. Otherwise, the goals and playbook remain essentially the same. That’s why the historical dramas so frequently bear such close resemblances.
        Do not make the mistake of thinking current conflicts like Republican/Democrat, Capitalist/ Marxist, America/China, rich/poor or race/race in essence are the root of trouble.
        It’s spiritual – God versus the Devil. Biblical Christianity (Paul’s letters) versus philosophies, doctrines and commandments of men (Colossians 2:6-10). See things through that lens or misinterpret unfolding events which will be presented in such a way as to camoflage Satan’s deceitful goals. Just remember, he’s a beaten contestant.

      • Jazzabelle

        Karolyn, maybe you could tell us when Obama’s next question-and-answer session is scheduled for, huh?

      • Jay

        If it was not a question-and-answer session, why allow reporters in the presence of his-holliness in first place? Is his-holliness incapable of deducing from the fact that reporters are present, that questions, naturally, for the purpose of clarification, may be asked?
        I suppose someone on his staff should have included that explanation on his teleprompter!

        I have to wonder, can this individual even tie his shoe-laces without direct assistance from his staff, or specific instructions drawn in crayon?

    • Jonathan

      Oh like Sam Donaldson, the most courteous of reporters in history, right?.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Karolyn: The Disrespect Started with O’Bomma… Disrespecting the Legal & Immigration Code, Supporters… herefore, Response was justified! ( He should have said: U.S. of A. Citizens! “Not, americans!”)

    • CMSgtken

      Young lady you are very, very confused if you believe that OBama has the slightest bit of concern for anyone other then himself and his ever vacationing family. If Obama had been properly vetted prior to the last election with questions appropriately asked and answered, we would not have the problem because his true life story would have prevented him from getting into my/your White House. The time is here to correct the most damaging mistake ever made by the citizens and voters of our nation by experimenting with our national leader.. He was elected because every timer someone did ask a question, they were called a racist. Three and 1/2 years later, when someonbe does ask a question, the media immediately brings out the racist label.

      PS -I fell reasonably safe in calling you a young lady, as I am 78 years old and a retired enlisted member of with over 31 years service in the USAF..

    • Jay

      Karolyn says: The reporter showed no respect, as a conservative reporter would. He was thus treated without respect.

      It wasn’t disrespect on the part of the reporter that got obama’s panties in a bunch, Karolyn, rather, the question(s) the reporter was asking. To think that a reporter would have the audacity to ask questions; what is this world coming to, Karolyn?

  • gunner689AI

    I’m glad BO’s pissed off. He pisses me off everytime he opens his mouth.

    • jopa

      Gunny;Better to be pissed off than pissed on.

  • braindeadUS

    This man is the true anti-christ

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      A Christ! (Anointed by Some!)

  • T. Jefferson

    Do I see cracks in his demeanor? Is he losing it a bit more each day? This could be interesting.

    • skippy

      I have to agree T……………:)
      And WE will be watching – right??!!!

    • Toni

      Ahhh. . . that’s just his irritation due to his heady view of himself as being a tyrannical czar whose abuses of authority no one should ever dare to question.

    • Deerinwater

      After 3 + years of right wingers open display of contempt and total disrespect for the office and the man, I’ve little doubt it would change anyone to be more cynical.

      This whole thread is about a person of poor judgement, showing his a$$ets and lacking in comprehension of the issues and the presidents reaction to his stupidity.

      Immigration reform is needed in the worst way but been ignored by past administrations due it complexity,unpopularity and there being seen no perfect solutions that would please everyone.

      It needs to be addressed in a humane fashion while some Americans fail to grasp significance since it’s not their problem somehow believe that the problem would be solved if some people might just disappeared.

      To uproot and deport a person from their home to a country they have never lived in just because they were born there is not see to some Americans as a wise thing to do or a moral thing to do.

      We should take down the statue of liberty and pack it away or conduct ourselves differently.


        Dear Deerinwater,

        I respect your views but you have picked out one topic when Americans are concerned about every decision of this President.

        Lady Liberty says come as you are, BUT COME THE RIGHT WAY
        The illegals are flooding into this country criminally. They don’t pay taxes and they take jobs that belong to the melting pot of America that came to this country and paid their dues to do so…

        The children you speak of: are born in our hospitals with NO INSURANCE, I’ve witnessed this personally.
        They are taken into the emergency rooms and given immediate attention, when my son who has insurance and in great need waits. It’s each of us (American) tax payers that pay for these children.
        All because their illegal parents wish to stay in the US. Many marry an American to stay in the US and treat them and their children extremely poorly. I’ve witnessed this as well.
        Then it’s the taxpayers that once again picks up the tab… It’s American Money not the Presidents money that supports criminals in this country.

        Many have spoke of taking Lady Liberty down! Why does America keep giving up its heritage…? America say’s welcome, just enter the proper way! Our constitution is being ripped to shreds by this President. This President doesn’t stand for the people he stands for his agenda. Or more importantly it’s who stands behind the puppet that concerns Americans.

        This President won’t even Label Muslim Terrorist
        See the enclosed article.

        You cannot speak about anything other than illegals that this President has accomplished because America is being run into the ground intentionally and with malice.
        This President is printing money with no idea how to repay and our debt ceiling cannot withstand.
        America is almost in collapse and you want to speak about children of criminals as a talking point.

        I LOVE THE LORD! Our currency says IN GOD WE TRUST…
        But even GOD has commandments
        So why support those who come to this country criminally

        Read the following: This President will not take a stand unless he’s concerned about getting re-elected…

        Exclusive: U.S. to slap “terrorist” label on Nigerian militants
        Description: Reuters
        By John Shiffman and Mark Hosenball | Reuters – 3 hrs ago
        WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government is expected to formally apply a
        “Foreign terrorist” label on Thursday to three alleged leading figures of
        the violent Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, officials said.
        The action by the State and Treasury departments follows growing pressure on
        the Obama Administration to take stronger action against Boko Haram. The
        group, which says it wants to establish an Islamic caliphate in northern
        Nigeria, has stepped up attacks on Christian places of worship this year.
        Thursday’s anticipated action, officials said, involves applying the
        “terrorist” designation to three men presumed to be central figures in the

        WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. government is expected to formally apply a
        “foreign terrorist” label on Thursday to three alleged leading figures of
        the violent Nigerian militant group Boko Haram, officials said.
        The action by the State and Treasury departments follows growing pressure on
        the Obama Administration to take stronger action against Boko Haram. The
        group, which says it wants to establish an Islamic caliphate in northern
        Nigeria, has stepped up attacks on Christian places of worship this year.
        Thursday’s anticipated action, officials said, involves applying the
        “terrorist” designation to three men presumed to be central figures in the

  • dan

    I have a wave of nausea whenever I see him…or listen to him lie
    Respect is reciprocal and when someone considers himself above the law….or the truth

    • Mike in MI

      Loads of good insight in that little proverb, succinctly and concisely advanced for any reader’s contemplation.
      It also kind of begs some questions, “If he doesn’t respect us, why not? Does it indicate he has no self respect, either? Why not? Could it be because he realizes just how much of a tool he has sold his soul to be to advance someone else? I wonder if he trusts who paid for the merchandise?”
      Here’s an interesting idea to toss around: Has O’ BoJangles, our song and dance man POTUS, by selling himself thus put the civil rights struggle by legions of worthy Americans back 150 years?

  • jim

    That is the whole problem with this campaign and the same problem that it was with McCain. Obozo was not asked the tough questions. He should be bombarded with questions about illegals, fast and furious, border protection, not upholding federal laws such as DOMA,voting etc. The media is in his back pocket and the GOP to me, seems like it has no guts to challenge him on the issues. Where does this leave the public? I have bombarded my Congress and Senate members. Only thing we have left is the ballot box, hopefully we can defeat this evil among us there. GOD save us all from the evil to come if he is reelected, and if he is, you have only yourself to blame if you did not do everything possible to defeat him. There are no illusions to what he will do in another term, it is clearly in your face to be seen now.

  • Jerry schmidt

    Maybe BO’s statement of “shovel ready” jobs has something to do with all the graves that will have to be dug for Constitutionalists after he declares Martial Law just before the elections.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Nice Try, Reporter… BUT: REFER TO, U.S. OF A. CITIZENS ” NOT americans” Is there no one older than 40 years old left?

  • Deerinwater

    So how might immigration ever be addressed by “anyone” without some dimwit standing up and saying , “why favor others over Americans?”

    This diverting the topic seems to be a favorite pastime for (some) simple minded Conservatives.

    It reminds me of my children growing up, big tears in their eyes and little arms reaching out to me~ crying, “What about me Pa Pa?” ~ Oh gee? okay sweetheart ~ Pa Pa’s got you.

    • Toni

      Deerinwater, There is a complete and total difference between the illegal alien and the immigrant who has become an American citizen. The illegals chooose to remain illegal. They have no loyalty to America but instead just want the free handouts they can get here. Take away the handouts, and they would either pursue citizenship or leave. They have the choice to pursue legal citizenship. As illegals, they ought not be supported by our tax dollars, while there are legal citizens are suffering. Giving benefits to illegals is taking food out of the mouths of our own needy people. Illegal aliens receive far, far more government aid than do legal citizens who are needy, which is an even more heinous travesty. The new reporter’s question was “right on the money.”

      • Deerinwater

        Excellent point Toni! so why should Citizenship be seen as beyond grasp and not bother?

    • Jay

      deerinwater says:So how might immigration ever be addressed by “anyone” without some dimwit standing up and saying , “why favor others over Americans?”

      Why heck, deerinwater, why not just do away with all our laws and justice system? God forbid, we should offend anyone by enforcing them! Silly us, for thinking we should have laws for the purpose of societal stability; what were we thinking???

      • Deerinwater

        >Why heck, deerinwater, why not just do away with all our laws and justice system? God forbid, we should offend anyone by enforcing them! Silly us<

        Correct! why?

  • Willard dunn

    With all the things that is going on or wrong in our nation boils down to the people in our nation. They need to search out what needs to be done to correct things Then pursue with diligence to correct it. With every bodies comments I have come up with only one solution and that is:
    ” If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 KJV

    I seen a bumper sticker that said “IF YOU LOVE JESUS PRAY FOR OUR NATION”

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Loving Jesus or Prayer Has no Place in Government… Both are funny!

      • Renée

        Dear Bert,
        Do you have love in your life? Have you ever even tried to talk to God? You know, He is there for you if you let Him be. I’ll bet that the minute you open your heart to God your life will change drastically. Don’t put people down for what they believe, no one has puty ou down for what you don’t believe. There is a saying, if you don’t stand for something, you will fall for anything. So Bert, do you stand for anything?

      • Willard Dunn

        You didn’t understand what was stated in the comment. It was not the government being reffed to. It was the people of the nation. When the people of the nation turn from being wicked God will listen to them and heal their nation. With wisdom they will have made the right decisions and make their nation a better place. There is a saying that wise men are still seeking Him.

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Renée says… I don’t need to Pray or talk to God! { God knows my hart & mind!} He??? God is much more than he / she / it… I can’t imagen any form of God! Maby something like Magnitism… False gods are numerious… ( IN THE BEGINING, GOD CREATED!) GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME! I MAY NOT KNOW WHAT GOD LOOKS LIKE — BUT I DO KNOW WHAT GOD IS NOT!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.


        • Renée

          That is interesting to me because if you look at the different preamble’s and a few articles of states you will see GOD in so many of them. Is this government? Here, let me put a few of them down for you, JUST in case you want to look them up later:

          We, the People of the State of Arkansas, grateful to Almighty God for the privilege of choosing our own form of government; for our civil and religious liberty; and desiring to perpetuate its blessings, and secure the same to our selves and posterity; do ordain and establish this Constitution.
          Article 2, Section 24:
          All men have a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences;
          Article 19:
          No person who denies the being of a God shall hold any office in the civil departments of this State, nor be competent to testify as a witness in any Court.

          California- Preamble:
          We, the People of the State of California, grateful to Almighty God for our freedom, in order to secure and perpetuate its blessings, do establish this Constitution.

          The People of Connecticut acknowledging with gratitude, the good providence of God, in having permitted them to enjoy a free government; do, in order more effectually to define, secure, and perpetuate the liberties, rights and privileges which they have derived from their ancestors; hereby, after a careful consideration and revision, ordain and establish the following constitution and form of civil government.

          We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect our government, insure domestic tranquility, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political rights to all, do ordain and establish this constitution.

          Article 2, Section 5, oath of office:
          “So help me God.”

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        To Renée: The Reasons that God & Church Should not have any place in our Government, is beacuse we have so many churches & so many Gods… We are known as Liberals! The origional meaning of: ” jesus” = God With Us! Congress & Jury.( A Group of people in verity Ruleing.) & “Christ” Was Anointed one… ( 1 for all & all for 1.) So no wonder with all of the confusion of the Two… they don’t belong as government! So what kind of Government Should we have? King / Queen / Prince or Princess? Sure wouldn’t want M. L. King or Rodney King or Steven King…

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      Nore, any part of the Bible…


        Respectfully my Brother why would our currency even carry
        I’m sorry but FAITH should be apart of everything
        Our constittution and the founders gave their lives for
        their FAITH AND COUNTRY!
        I’m sorry that you can cast out your creator so easily
        THE GOVERNMENT was suppose to work for the PEOPLE
        they took an oath to do so… Our FAITH IS APART OF IT’S PEOPLE
        If we remove FAITH then why do they dictate to our children what they will eat
        why do they force beliefs that distinctly go against the BIBLE.
        Why does my Catholic Faith now need to supply people with Morning after pills
        and abortions… Then the Government needs to not force it’s beliefs on its people
        Unfortunately this PRESIDENT DOES HAVE AN AGENDA and it does involve his Faith
        and beliefs
        We aren’t working for fame, money, or ego it’s about our eternity
        Why have we gone so far off course

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Faith is a good thing when it connects to something GOOD!
        Faith that your God would Sacrifice his Son for the Sins of others (you) is NOT A GOOD GOD!
        If you saw Abraham put his son on a pile of stones to set a Fire to burn him in sacrifice, to prove Abrahms loyality to God ( his Wife)… Would you try to save the kid? { I Would!} The term My God was often refered to the Husband, Wife, Govener, Judge, Army General, E.C.T. The Biblle is a history book of idiots & imbicles! Morons & infidles! Moses a notorious Lawer! That failed to rule all of the Land with the Laws of 10 Tribes.
        Put Your Faith in in Something possible & realistic…

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        why would our currency even carry
        IN GOD WE TRUST////////////////\\\\\\ Beacuse GOD ment Government… (nothing you can do about it!)

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        To Deerinwater: [ Dear Sir: No nation can be strong except in the strength of God, or safe except in His defense. ]
        GOD isn’t a “His” or Him or He… Only dumb Bible supporters think so… So our Government was overthrown by Dumb Bible Supporters… Just what our Fore Fathers Tryed to avoid! Religions Poisens, are distrbuted, in Government, overpowering Defenses!
        No wonder The Bible Burning Period Got so much support! { The Bible is only a history book of idiots, Imbicles, & Lunitics.} Dolts at least! Why should Our Government be influanced, by corruption, of ignorance to the real facts?

        • Dennis Jones

          Have you ever read the constitution? There is two words for people who need to learn to read: “Our Creator”>

          • Deerinwater

            The term “Creator” is simple enough to understand until you introduce organized religion. I’ll leave you with your “thoughts”.


            Dear Dennis,
            Thank you and all of the devoted Christians that try to enlighten our Brother Deerinwater.
            What I do find interesting… I Believe in GOD, and our Founding Fathers, and I’m offended
            this man is mocking the BIBLE…
            It takes no courage to slander the Holy Bible and the views of others, while using a false name or alias
            GOD will judge Mr Deerinwater, HE KNOW’s WHO HE IS…
            And GOD will judge this President, HE KNOW’s WHAT HE IS…
            So this President feels he’s above answering the American People, but one day he will answer to OUR CREATOR

          • Willard Dunn

            There people that will argue with you until the cows home on the word of God and what is right. All we can do is for them. Not that they find God, but that God fines them. Also pray for our nation as if depends on God and if it depends on you to pray. Get a prayer chain going though out the nation. Then see what is possible with God.


            Amen Willard,

            I pray daily for this country to be completely restored upon Godly Principles.
            Were Faithful People & Churches care and Love those in need.
            When we Teach Fisherman how to Fish

            ObamaCare was passed today!


      Amen Willard
      This is a battle of good against evil
      It’s a spiritual battle

      • Deerinwater

        Well, it’s true one can make war, ~ even with ones on self. Would that make you evil?

  • drose

    The Fourth Estate finally rises from its self-imposed slumber…and not a day too soon!

  • Jaime

    It is these illegals who will be in the “military” force that will be guarding the camps and enforcing martial law when it comess.

    • Toni

      That’s why our foreign usurper (and the dopes in Congress who support illegals in this country) are supporting the illegals. Obummer and his wife hate America and are ashamed of it. They want us to become something other than what we are. In order to do this, we have to be taken over by someone from the outside.

  • jopa

    Yes I did see the clip in it’s entirety and this Munro character was way out of line.The President was still speaking and the question and answer period didn’t even start and this punk starts interrupting.What a loser.He should be banned from future functions.

    • Ladyhawke

      Hey jopa, did you know your name is Russian for butt?
      It certainly fits.

      • Jay

        Too funny!!! But yes, how apropos…!

      • Karolyn

        Wrong. The Russian and Polish word for butt is “dupa.”

      • Jay

        Close enough, Karolyn, and it still aptly describes dopa..erh…i mean jopa. dopa jopa, tomato tomatoe…why split hairs?

      • Deerinwater

        I guess i’m a butt too then, ~ the man was out of line by not following accepted decorum but was in fact attempting to hyjack the function.

        The Celebrating of a Hyjacker by a group of hyjackers comes as no great surprise to an old Pirate like myself.

        At the end of the day, it all boils down to the company you keep and your “commission” to commit crimes against a mutually perceive enemy.

        While I call him a butt wipe, you would call him an allied agent in a war against civility and respected any sitting President in the past has enjoyed.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    That was a big OOPS, big O’…

  • David B. Kelley

    This man (BHO) is one of the most dangerous threats to our Republic’s very survival that I have seen in my lifetime. I am 62 years old, a 2 time vet. Having served in the Corps (’69-’73) and Coast Guard (’76-’92). He does not care for the rule of Law, the Constitution, Congress, the checks and balences built in to our 3 system form of government, or anything that does not agree with his extreme socialist ideas. He was educated and raised as a Muslim, he is still a Muslim, any statements to the contrary are just a smokescreen.

    As he has stated ‘when Congress wont act, I will.’.

    This is not the statement of a duly elected President serving the people, this is the statement of a person who is placing HIS personal agendas ahead at any cost! He will do ANYTHING he has to do to get HIS will done and is doing so. He is setting himself up to be Dictator and NOTHING is going to stand in his way. Congress, Elections, Will of the People, NOTHING!

    Mark my words. We are looking at a Dictator in the making.

    The mainstream media ignores his trampling of our rights and our laws while loudly brayng about anyone who dares to question what he does or says.


    My fellow Brothers & Sisters we are proud to be American’s! This use to mean something in the world! AMERICA WAS THE LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE!
    America is a proud melting pot of people that came in search of their dreams!
    We just ask you enter the RIGHT WAY!
    Please do not leave FAITH out! GOD HIMSELF will deal with the world!
    Obama isn’t just a problem, He is pure evil!
    Trying to bring this great Nation DOWN!
    We have more than illegal’s in our country, we have Terrorist in the White House!
    Obama has passed a law that AMERICANS can be held for NO REASON, yet we cannot even stop and illegal and ask for proof of citizenship!
    The question was asked: why does everyone bow down to Obama!
    Because it’s all the larger powers around him that you should fear! He’s their puppet.
    THE MEDIA, BIG PHARMA, UNIONS, POWERFUL FAMILIES that wish to rule the world!
    This is much larger and far more sinister than anyone can imagine.
    Our food is genetically modified, our TV set are being controlled and slanted, now they even want to police the internet, so we cannot share our comments among one another.
    They don’t want American’s to realize the power they have UNITED!
    They have made the school’s so liberal that they are morally bankrupting our children trying to indoctrinate a generation to disregard FAITH & MORALS. I had a twenty something say to me the other day, that sleeping around, getting pregnant and an abortion isn’t that big of a deal. DEAR GOD WE ARE HEARTLY SORRY that parents aren’t parenting, that we have cast out an entire generation and not built them on the principles of OUR SAVIOUR!
    This is a battle of good against evil!
    Matthew 25:32
    All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will sperate the people one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats.
    Will we allow this administration to lead this great Nation and Americans to slaughter.
    I agree that Mitt Romney isn’t what America needs either.
    Unfortunately we need an entire reorganizing of our government!
    But this country cannot stand another 4 years under OBAMA it will truly crumble beneath our feet.

    • Renée

      Good words Teresa. I’m right there with you. “WE” may not be able to stop what is happening to this country, but we can still pray. I suggest that any of you that read this, if you are a praying people, if you believe that Jesus Christ IS Lord, not that he was just a man, take a few minutes and get on your knees….daily. The man in the white house can’t stop us from doing that, no matter what laws he passes. One thing we can do is pray that God would get hold of him and turn him away from the sin that he is committing. Imagine what he could do if he were actually walking in the right direction!!! He is personally leading this country to hell…in a handbasket and we are letting him, he’s carrying us right along with him.

      2 Chronicles 7:14
      If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

    • http://naver samurai

      Both Teresa and Renee get 2 thumbs up from the Samurai. Well said and keep up the good fight fellow patriots. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      P.S. You need both love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

      • Deerinwater

        I love my country as I would my mother but I only know one kind of fear and God is not it.

  • Dan Holmes

    Where’s the spineless GOP on all this? Why are they not calling for impeachment or at least a congressional hearings?
    What are they afraid of? Are there to many skeletons in closets?
    Who or what will stop this dictator in chief?

    • Deerinwater

      Lead out Danny if you feel that way, why not walk point and be a shining example to follow?

  • Ron

    I want to go back to the Olde Timey Days when Cheney was President!

    Back then, if anyone dared to criticize President Cheney’s decisions—say, secret meetings with the oil company executives, or launching us into the longest war in U.S. history (Price tag, according to Ron Paul: $4 trillion)–Lord Limbaugh, Lady Ann, and the rest of the Nobility on sites like this one would have CROWED that anyone disrespecting the President was an America-hating, Al Qaeda-Lovin’, Traitor.

    And of course, the filthy, America-hating liberal press still had respect for the office of the Presidency, even if they respectfully may have disagreed. So back in the old days, you’d never have seen the kind of perpetual disdain and disrespect that this President gets from the Confederate Media.

    But then again: Cheney was white. Cheney was installed by YOU guys. And Cheney DEFINITELY represented the Corporate Aristocracy of the Olde South.

    So, he shot our wad and gave us one last Feel-Good-Fakey-Patriot-Strut-On-The-Aircraft-Carrier-Wavin’-The-Flag-Tanks-On-The-Ground-Olde-Fashioned-Shootin’-War-Ted -Nugent-Lovin’ High…

    …and now we’ve come down, we’re hung over, have cotton-mouth, the bills are due, the baby’s cryin’, and we’re PI$$ED.

    We’re gunned up, filled with rage, and we’re not allowed by the Confederacy to blame Cheney.

    And we’re vastly less educated, less mannered, and less civil than we used to be–the Greatest Generation wouldn’t even recognize us as Americans.

    And we’re heading toward the days when the only way to really rage up and “shout down” the liberal will be to beat them to death–the way Confederate Preston Brooks tried to do with Charles Sumner on the floor of the Senate back before the Civil War. And throughout the Confederacy, people CROWED with delight and mailed him more clubs to do more death to the liberals.

    Heck, I realized we’re doomed when Rick Santorum said that Americans don’t need an education. He’s got ya right where he wants ya.

    If REALLY Olde Timey Republican Dwight Eisenhower was here and heard that, he’d smack Santorum up the side of the head and say “Shame on you!”

    But then, Eisenhower couldn’t be a Republican anymore. He was a Conservative, but he’s WAY too liberal for you radical guys.

    You’re not gonna stop till you go to war against the Lincolnite Devils.


      Dear Ron,

      No one has disputed America was ready for a President of Color! We just have the wrong President of Color!
      No one is defending either party! The government is trying to take ALL OUR FREEDOMS.
      This admin is trying to DIVIDE not UNITE! We need to come together!
      This is spiritual warfare!
      Good against Evil… No one is defending how America treated slaves or even the Indians!
      It’s dispicable!
      But let’s work together, and not divide
      For the Lord is our Sheperd, we shall not want!

      • Ron

        I appreciate and respect your opinion–and I was responding to the extensive racism and paranoia on this site and not your comments directly. But just look up and down these pages and you will find plenty of nauseating racism in the posts on here. And I believe there is a frequently subtle racism built into the more cleverly worded main articles. The protests here of the constitutional, “America-hating” atrocities supposedly committed now ring hollow when these same people were DEAD silent during the Cheney Administration–wherein he has taken us through the looking glass into a nation who serves, not the American people, but large, multi-national corporations who–especially thanks to “Citizens United” (even the name is an insult when it is designed to turn democracy over to the highest bidder)–are progressively subjugating us to a new form of power.

        This new form of power is rule by Corporation. So, in the feigned effort to “liberate us from Big Government” (which is fine, by the way), we’re being hoodwinked and handed off to government by Big Corporate.

        The crucial difference is, that when Big Corporate puts its hand over it’s heart and pledges allegiance, it is not pledging allegiance, not to the American people or the Constitution, but to a group of international shareholders.

        We are being liberated from one tyranny to be enslaved by a far more greedy and evil tyranny. Just look around the third world and you will see populations devastated by corrupt governments who sold their people out to Big Corporate.

        Big Corporate brought us Bhopal, India. Big Corporate brought us the Cuyahoga River catching fire and burning because of pollution from all the corporations that dumped their flammable, toxic waste in there. There was no money to be made in cleaning their sewage so they just trashed the place for the Americans that would actually have to live there.
        Big Corporate brought us Enron–where Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling cheer-led their employees into investing their retirements in company stock one evening–and then locked the doors the next day, turning thousands of people into the “welfare queens” that people on this site love to crow about with hatred.

        There are infinite examples in history, but I’ll conclude with one that ought to concern you and lots of people on this site but nary a peep is heard: Immediately upon assuming power, President Cheney conducted a series of meetings with the heads of all the major oil companies. The meetings were–and are–secret and still inaccessible to the American people.

        I don’t know what they talked about. We weren’t at war so they can’t hide behind national security–though they do. But I do know gas prices shot up within months and they’ve never come back down. And the oil companies are CONSTANTLY banging the blunthammer that, even though we have an oil surplus and fought a $4 trillion war to “liberate” one of the oil-richest countries in the world–the oil corporations are demanding that we drill more oil from American soil and dump it on the world market to the highest bidder. Great for the multi-national oil companies, but does nothing for the American people.

        If this site and those like it were TRULY concerned about protecting our liberties, I’d feel they were being a little more honest if they’d show the same concern for protecting the American people from greedy corporations (Big Oil, Koch Bros., Citizen’s United, corporate prisons that now incarcerate more Americans than any other country on earth).

        Otherwise, I’m afraid this site is just exchanging one tyrant for another. And maybe even getting paid to do so.

      • Jay

        Oh oh, there’s Ron, having another one of his psychotic-episodes. Hey Ron, looking for help? Sorry, we’re not licensed here, unfortunately!

      • Deerinwater

        Good write up Ron, ~ good rebuttal, of course a strong rebuttal is not well received here. You’er rewards will come in the way of debasing, demonizing and unflattering names.

        To point out their disingenuous claims of being natural to race as they scurry about attempt to relabel and hide their intent will be met with scorn.

        But, it’s okay really, I don’t mind, it serves us well to know, to what lengths they are willing to go to hide, shocking as it maybe while most of their many arguments can be traced back to a single premise.

        I’d rather know ~ then not know, only in that way can we “adjust” for it because they can’t adjust, they don’t possess the ability too, much less the desire.

        I special enjoy the statement, “America was ready for a president of color just not this President” ~ now that’s stepping out there!

        I might select a horse or puppy or even a wife by their appearance but I’m not convinced that is a good way to select a President to the most powerful nation know to man.

        I tend to believe the best person for the job being offered would be a wise choice.

        With McCain’s VP choice, he showed us that he clearly was not Presidential material and the rest is history. Obama didn’t win as much as McCain lost.

        It appears the powers behind the GOP wants a Team Player in their high stakes game while all these “team players” they are offering up are found lacking the personal caliber for the position they seek and would depend heavily on inner counsel to run the nation and matters of state.

        It seems to me,~ this sort of puppet President negated the founding fathers original intent of the position of President. Shouldn’t a President have conviction and strong leadership skills and be every Americans President and not represent only a few?

        Myself, I like some conviction in a President, a president that is willing to make an unpopular decision acting on conviction. Someone that will accept the heat and offer direction?

        The color of ones skin has nothing to do with it, yet we see, some people see race and color as a pretext to Obama’s every decision. It’s a mental function, a program that is ingrained in some people and there is no correction for it, not by mid life. They know it’s not right and why they hide yet feeling justified.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Ron,

      You write: “Back then, if anyone dared to criticize President Cheney’s decisions—say, secret meetings with the oil company executives, or launching us into the longest war in U.S. history (Price tag, according to Ron Paul: $4 trillion)–Lord Limbaugh, Lady Ann, and the rest of the Nobility on sites like this one would have CROWED that anyone disrespecting the President was an America-hating, Al Qaeda-Lovin’, Traitor.” Your paradigm does not work here. Your efforts to paint with a broad brush, make straw man arguments and logical fallacies and incite racism with your racist comments has grown tiresome. You are invited to take your leftist drivel to a left-wing site, where the echo chamber will applaud your remarkable wit and repartee. Yesterday you made a claim that I supported Cheney and Bush and was fond of the Patriot Act. If you’ve read anything at all here, you know what a lie that was. Your Obama talking points have grown old. You bring nothing of substance to the discussion. You are invited to discuss the issues at hand, but if Obama/DNC talking points and charges of racism are all you have to bring to the conversation, be gone.

      Best wishes,

      • eddie47d

        I’ll go to bat for you Ron on your last two comments although Bob Livingston Does Not support Bush/Cheney or the Patriot Act. He has made that clear several times.

      • Ron

        Thank you, Bob. One man’s “leftist drivel” is another man’s free speech.

        If I “incite racism” by parroting back the comments that you–and this community–permit regularly on this site, then I apologize in advance for suggesting that you have a double standard, that conveniently defines my quotes as racist while applauding or tacitly accepting their original authors as RealPatriots.

        Such as this comment by a Patriot ironically named “truth-hurts”:

        “for thousands of years the only white women who would have sex with a black man were whores. ergo obmama is the son of a whore. it would only be logical if she were in porn movies.”

        There are a constant stream of such comments on here. “Kenyigger”, after all, was a term I learned on this site. It IS clever, I’ll grant it that, because it hides the “N” word behind the euphemism, and becomes almost a secret inter-klavern code of sorts.

        My attempt, on occasion, is to hit the “record” button on the most egregious of these, and play them back. I want you to see them in all their ugliness, and then deny that this isn’t a racist site.

        And I don’t even do it for you. I do it in case there might actually be a thoughtful, non-ideologue “true believer”, who might wander onto this site thinking they’ll find an ACTUAL free-speech debate over the m-a-n-y complex issues that we face in figuring out how America is to thrive in the 21st Century…

        …only to be greeted by a sleazy inference that the mother of the President (and I didn’t trash-talk Cheney’s mom when HE was President, either) is a porn star/”whore”–see above–using photos that vaguely resemble one another–but leaving the mind poison in place of raising one more hot-button, knee-jerk reason to hate the current President of the United States, elected by the American people. And any number of similar articles designed to inflame suspicion and hatred.

        In fairness to me, I have actually AGREED with you. Rarely, I admit. But–I immediately posted an agreement and support for your view.

        So, I’m not here to “make straw-man arguments” and “spout leftist drivel” and “Obama/DNC talking points”. I come here hoping to find Dwight Eisenhower. Or Barry Goldwater. Or even Bill Krystol or William F. Buckley. I’d really like to hear from conservatives, and I really respect a lot of Ron Paul’s views. I don’t want want to live in a nation ruled by radical lefties any more than I want to live under the thumb of radical righties.

        The Civil War historian Shelby Foote once said “The genius of America has always been it’s ability to find compromise.” Then he added: “And in 1860 that ability broke down.”

        The consequences were disastrous.

        I’m not a shill for Obama and I really don’t have much use for Democrats–who at this critical moment in our history seem inordinately preoccupied with the legalization of marijuana. Faced with a great moment, they went straight for the small potatoes of policy.

        I’d love to see a third or a fifth party. I think democracy would work a lot better if we had MULTIPLE parties, forcing compromises and preventing the rise of any lock-step goose-step monoparty hegemony of ANY radical stripe.

        I apologize sincerely for assuming that you supported the Cheney/Bush presidency. From the majority of comments on this site, I assumed incorrectly that you did. Since there is support on here for those who did support that administration, I unfairly lumped you in with them.

        Does that mean you’d consider calling on former President Cheney to disclose the agenda and minutes of his secret meetings with the oil company executives?

        As a conservative and libertarian, I think your credibility could be persuasive where almost anyone else would be regarded as a “libtard” simply attacking the former President. Would you go on record asking that Cheney disclose the contents of those meetings under the Freedom of Information Act?

        It just seems to me that, with so much energy on this site devoted to various government “plots” under the current administration, the Cheney secret oil meetings seem like some pretty low-hanging fruit and would actually lend credence to the zeal with which you prosecute and convict the current President, perhaps?

        I don’t live in America looking for an echo chamber, right or left. Echo chambers, I fear, are destroying America. I want to meet people who disagree with me and I want to debate the issues and choices we face. We need answers rather than accusations.

        And the consequences of polarizing this nation–even though it’s a short-term expedient path to money and power for the already-powerful, who will ALWAYS come out okay even if they tear this nation apart–will be devastating for generations.

        I cited Flavius Josephus recently, not to indulge in witty repartee (though I appreciate your generosity, there). I did so because the history lesson of that time was that ideologues having false arguments for power’s sake in the face of genuine, possibly overwhelming threats, doomed those people at that time in history. I’d hate to think we can’t learn from lessons of the past and hopefully choose more wisely the issues we debate.

        For the record: I’m not a welfare queen. I’m not paid by the “Democrats”, “Democraps”, “Demoncraps” or any other organization…though in these dodgy economic times I’m not above it–in case anyone out there’s listening. And IF the Koch Bros. are tossin’ a little cash around to talk some smack and keep people stirred up, *call me*).

        I am a small business man. Heck, since I hire freelance collaborators from time to time I’m even a small businessman ‘job-creator’. I hate paying taxes. I hate that people game the system on all rungs of the economic ladder from welfare fraud to corporate welfare fraud.

        I’m trying to find a balanced approach to reform that doesn’t also create a Dickensian nightmare of haves living in razor-wired compounds surrounded by have-nots…unless of course you have a plan for death-squads to periodically cull the growing herd of former middle class “welfare queens” who can’t work enough at McDonalds to bridge the economic disparity that’s been growing since the ’70s.

        I take time to read and comment on sites like this because, in addition to making a living, I also want to have a country to live in, and unlike wealthy folks, I can’t offshore myself if/when it gets too bad here.

        So, I have to engage in conversation with my fellow Americans who are here with me.

        When I read of Ted Nugent (I still like to call him Lord Nugent) and Sharon Angle, or Lord Limbaugh and Lady Ann–and a constant blunthammer barrage of comments on this site, glibly inferring armed insurrection against the people of the United States over seemingly infinite new nefarious government plots, I get concerned.

        When I see the argument slowly but inevitably leaning toward a resurrection, plank by plank, of the value system and political platform of the former Confederate States of America, I worry.

        As a small businessman, I’ve read enough history to know that a killing, shooting, civil war is fun and exciting for about the first six months. Then the destruction and death get old, but you can’t turn back the clock. Too much hatred and too much bloodshed create enmities that can’t be walked back.

        Like the first Civil War, if the angry and heavily armed people in America succeed in starting a second Civil War, we could see the nation, it’s infrastructure already in decrepitude, plunged into a hole that will last for a generation or more, like the last war did…

        …and despite all the clever saber-rattling and talk of “taking America back”, amplified in this echo chamber (which I frequently parody), the ugly consequences of doing so by arms against the American people will be devastation like we’ve never known in our lifetime.

        It ain’t lefties that flocked to the gun shops and cleaned out the shelves. Heck, they can’t agree on anything enough to get that organized. Put two of ‘em in a room and you get 5 opinions. They may have hated Cheney, but they never suggested assassination. They’re just not “gun” people, like us. (I own a shotgun and a semi-automatic rifle. I’d have joined NRA if Wayne LaPierre wasn’t nuts–IMHO).

        While it may be exciting when Lord Nugent crows about “Second Amendment Remedies”, the reality will be much more like Shakespeare said:

        “His jest will savor but of shallow wit
        When thousands weep more than did laugh at it.”

        And turning America into the next Kosovo or Beirut will be bad for business.

        • Jerry schmidt

          you must live in a very deep hole if you haven’t seen or heard comments from the “left” that were far more “nasty” than any of these on a “web site” as compared to nightly lambastes on the News, and from the likes of Maxines Waters, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and the New Black Panthers. Bush was described as Hitler and made to look inept almost nightly on your favorite Left wing Media outlets. So, get off your socialist soapbox, and see what the real talk is about on this site.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Ron,

          You write: “…only to be greeted by a sleazy inference that the mother of the President (and I didn’t trash-talk Cheney’s mom when HE was President, either) is a porn star/”whore”–see above–using photos that vaguely resemble one another–but leaving the mind poison in place of raising one more hot-button, knee-jerk reason to hate the current President of the United States, elected by the American people. And any number of similar articles designed to inflame suspicion and hatred.” Obama has brought this discussion on himself by lying and prevaricating regarding his birth narrative. I, like hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of others have sought proof that he is a natural-born citizen and eligible to hold the office, something he has spent millions of dollars and countless hours of court time covering up. His mother became pregnant as a minor. Obama’s “mentor,” who was around a young Stanley Ann Dunham, wrote a book about sex with teens and took photos of unclad women while in Hawaii and while palling around with Dunham’s parents. There is nothing racist about wondering whether a possible pedophile impregnated the young Dunham and whether Obama Sr. was paid or otherwise convinced to stand in as husband and father. Obviously the institution of marriage meant nothing to Obama Sr., who left a wife in Africa to come to America for school, married Dunham but never lived with her, moved to the continental U.S. where began dating another woman who went back to Africa with him. They married then divorced and he married another woman. This is a search for the truth…something you will not get with the mainstream media. Sometimes the truth is ugly. But it is not racist to pursue it. And I don’t “hate” the President nor do I suggest that anyone should. I do, however, hate what he stands for and promotes.

          You write: “Does that mean you’d consider calling on former President Cheney to disclose the agenda and minutes of his secret meetings with the oil company executives?” What would be the point? I wrote about this in my newsletter at the time it was relevant. But that was 11 years ago. You can read about it here: if it interests you. However, the regime is not going to let any information out that casts it in a bad light. Read “Classified Woman” if you want to see how the Bush/Cheney regime treated sensitive information and those seeking it. The current regime would act the same, because the same bureaucrats are calling the shots. Obama treats whistleblowers worse than the Bush regime did.

          You write much more that indicates you believe there is a chance that working within the system will bring about reform and that the differences are between a left and a right political spectrum. The truth is it is an “us” (proletariat) against “them” (elites in government and big business) and they have created a false left/right paradigm to keep us distracted and at each others throats while they implement their agenda. They are stealing our wealth and freedoms while the (collective) we battle one another. I describe that here: But this is just one of many.

          When you use your race-baiting, straw man, ad homimens and fallacies you are merely advancing the false meme. I’ll take you on your word that you’re not doing it as an agent provocateur.

          Best wishes,

      • Jay

        Yikes Ron, off your medication again, i see!

      • Jay

        eddie says: although Bob Livingston Does Not support Bush/Cheney or the Patriot Act. He has made that clear several times.

        TY for the confirmation, eddie. Yet, mr. verbosity, Ron, who has been here for quite some time, still doesn’t get it. Perhaps reading comprehension isn’t his forte. I think the poor fellow needs someone to hold his hand, and help him connect the dots. It seems you may be the right man for the job, eddie. Good stepping-up to the plate, eddie…ata-boy!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        What about me,,, Bob?

  • Frank Molina

    Reporter: Mr. President, a question if you will-


  • http://WND fay miller

    Teresa Curry Boyd said it best. All of our people better wake up . I just hope its not to late and that God will still listen to us. Think about this Country and not Democrats or Republicans. Mitt Romney is a much much better person than Obama. At least he’s a God frearing person. I didn’t like him to start with, but the more I read about him the better I like him. He does not brag about anything he has done in the past and anything he is doing now. Please take the time to read about some of the things he has done for others, and has not taken any pay of any kind.

  • copakeman

    how dare you usless peon attempt to address me, in 4 months i will have you executed.

    • Carl Manning

      That’s the best comment I’ve heard yet. What’s so tragic is that so few even see it’s coming. The NWO-33-degree Mason-Satan worshipper-globalist types have always anticipated the day when they could finally take their “Doomsday” theater movies LIVE and mass murder us as a sacrifice to Satan for even more power. When Obama “wins” in 2012 or declares martial law in 2012, there will be WIDESPREAD PANIC everywhere. The dollar will start its cataclysmic collapse almost immediately, and the stage will be set for WWIII and a Russian invasion. Nuclear attacks will wipe out many of our cities and infrastructure. Suicides will be ubiquitous for those whose god is money and materialism. Malls will become makeshift Russian military headquarters and bases. America will seemingly overnight become a decimated war zone. Starvation and disease will not be far behind. We have so much to look forward to with this fine Dictator.

      • Karolyn



    Let’s face it this President continues yet today, to speak about transparency!!! REALLY!!!
    Everything this President has ever implemented has been done behind close doors.
    This is the most tech savvy President, preying on our youth, yet we cannot get a straight answer. Any other President would have been impeached by now… Praise this gentleman for doing his best to get a straight answer, to a direct question!

  • Toni

    Any President (although it was just a usurper in this case) who oversteps the bounds of his authority to issue such an unConstitutional executive order DESERVES much worse than to be interrupted while he is blowing his hot air.

    ALSO, Neil Munro –thank you for your question to the President.

    MOST OF ALL, the response of our foreign-born usurper to Neil Munro literally REEKS of our usurper’s heady view of himself of a tyrannical czar whose abuses of authority no one should ever dare to question.

  • Marlene

    Obama = Pomposity…………

  • FEDUP!

    He is to good to answer any question! He knows what’s best for all Americans! NOT! He said the same thing about Islam. Just wonderful people. I think I am sick.

    • Carl Manning

      Maybe it’s time to change your moniker from FEDUP to THROWINGUP, LOL!!!

  • chuckb

    you people are not getting the point, barry was mad when questioned about what he read from the teleprompter, he doesn’t have a clue what he said and when questioned he becomes frustrated and mad.

    • Jay

      Hmm, you may have something there, chuck. It may be that obama was taken off the IEP-plan (Individual-Education-Plan) just a tad too soon…same could be said for the Ritalin! He just wasn’t ready!!!

    • Deerinwater

      I don’t see it that way and few peopl do.

      • Jay

        Let’s face it, deer, as much as i admire the man, and i admire him a great deal, the fact of the matter is; he’s a loser! Sorry…really!

      • Deerinwater

        It’s okay for us to disagree as long as it’s not perceived as disingenuous and forsaking truth and honesty.

        The addressing of immigration offers us all great and huge challenge, require more focus then most people have and more tolerances then many will be willing to give.

        That the finer points of immigration have been ignored by many administration comes as no great surprise. It’s not a topic that wins enough friend or votes to offset it’s unpopularity.

        Much like fairy’s rights, immigration reform is major baggage to any statesman willing to rise to the challenge. That it could be ignored, makes it self inflicted.

        So? we think it’s okay to beat 44 up for his attempts?

  • Carl Manning

    Even though Obama is now officially our Dictator, i must say that I am looking forward to the day when his personal Black Panther Schutzstaffeln(SS) troops go goose-stepping down Pennsylvania Avenue to a hip-hop beat on May 1st with their black pants hanging around their ankles showing the world their undies as they give Dictator Obama a “Black Power” fist salute.

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      That is Funny… O’Bomia doesan’t know he is Black… His supporters Do…

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    Too bad, it was okay when they did this to Reagan because he was a repub. But the Narcissist-In-Chief is really thin-skinned, especially for a dictator.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    Obamination is mad about anyone questioning him about deportation of Illegal’s because he is one and dosen’t want to go back to Kenya!!!! Give our King a break about the third and 4th vertibret.

  • Mary Ann Ludwig

    The lame excuse that these illegal (i.e. criminal) aliens do not pose a threat to the country is really a specious argument. Of course they pose a threat. They have since they came here breaking our laws.They have taken from this country without our permission. They have gotten educations, jobs, possibly welfare, medical treatments, you name it, without deserving it. That’s a threat. Will they continue to be a threat? You bet. They will contribute to the unemployment problems faced by hundreds of thousands of American citizens. This is just another atrocity committed by Omama. The sooner he is gone, the better.

  • friend

    This site truely & sadly proves that “The only difference between Genius and Stupidity, is that Genius has it’s limitations!”

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Thereis a New report out… Orentals have taken the Lead, in Illegal Alians, here now!
    So.. he must be sucking the ass of $.


      This country is a beautiful melting pot
      Lady Liberty stands and says come as you are
      This isn’t a black issue, we are ready for a President of Color
      We just didn’t get the right President
      Please study the facts, what he’s promised HE HAS FAILED MISERABLY
      Behind all closed door meetings, lies dark secrets that harms this great nation
      This is a President with his own agenda

      It would be nice if you could post facts, instead of just one line zingers meant to
      hurt your fellow brothers and sisters and this nation
      Your comments divide not unite/ so really who is a racist
      God loves you no matter your color or creed

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        I Trust no one, that speaks for god… or reads from the words of god! Calling me Racious? THANK YOU ! ! ! I realy don’t like looking down on people… But: when I see & hear Dumb, all I can do is try to help them up! Untill I see or hear, that they don’t want up! God did make dumb! Why? That is where I’m dumb!

      • Bert Cundle Sr.

        Lady Liberty stands and says come as you are…
        Statue of David Shows his genitials…

      • Jay

        We know Obama the 44th President of the USA is utterly bogus. All we don’t know is who master-minded Frankenstein in the horror laboratory.

        • Mr Joe

          Ten-to-one it is george soros.

  • FWO21

    And how is this good for the American people, I ask? Obama has turned into a tyrant/dictator and that is not what America is about.

    I think we should give the Statue of Liberty back to France because people are taking advantage of what it says too much. Immortalized in the poem of Emma Lazarus, the Statue speaks eternally the words of compassion: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Well, maybe we can breathe free, still, but it is not clean air.


    I’m not sure why people with liberal views find it important to call others a name
    Right Wingers
    This does nothing but create division
    As this President promised to reach across the isle, and bring a nation together
    To show transparency and allow the American People to be apart of the process
    His actions has caused a Nation to question his motives.
    Health Care meetings behind closed doors, excluding republicians and their views.
    Fast & Furious, Solendra This list goes on and on…

    I’m enclosing facts about this President:
    It would be wonderful if you can show the benefits this President brought with his Promises:
    Job Creation
    Housing Market
    Banks not lending/ yet bailed out ( CEOs recieving large sums of Money when Americans are losing their homes) Not until he was running for re-election did he put a program together to assist: while millions of Americans lost their Job’s, Businesses and Homes
    Health Care: That dismissed my Catholic beliefs that youth doesn’t need a morning after pill or abortion.
    Printing Money with NO PLAN How to repay
    While this President supports Amnesty for illegals, he signed a law that Americans can be arrested for no cause… REALLY
    This President is robbing YOUR FREEDOM and you are allowing him to do so…
    A vote for another 4 years under this administration, will cost you all your cival liberties
    Christian men that loved this nation gave their life 4…

    So this topic began about answering a question: I’m sorry you insulted by the way this reported TRIED TO GET A STRAIGHT ANSWER FROM THIS PRESIDENT…
    But this President has never answered for his agenda.

    Anyone else would be in jail if they would have mishandled a company as this President has mishandled the USA.

    I’m done with 70 Czars that are criminal and practically terrorist:
    I’m done with my Freedom disappearing and seeing Americans defending
    a morally bankrupt President.
    The schools under him dictate what our children can eat.
    Children are being taken from their parents because they are over weight
    We can not longer have lemonaid stands or bake sales, because the government wants to control your sons and daughters futures… And your apart of their freedom disappearing… STAND UP AND QUICKLY read and educate yourself OPEN YOUR EYES BEFORE IT’S TO LATE…
    Your children’s freedoms are being striped away, yet we should remove Lady Liberty and give



    This morning, President Obama granted an 11th-hour request by Attorney
    General Eric Holder to exert executive privilege over ‘Fast and
    Furious’ documents, a last-minute maneuver that the administration
    hoped would avoid a contempt vote…

    That move failed when late this afternoon, along strict partisan lines
    the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee voted 23-17 to find
    Holder in contempt for his obstructionist tactics and failure to comply
    with multiple requests to hand over documents pertaining to the botched
    “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal.

    The measure now goes to the full House for consideration, expected as
    early as next week, and is being described as “an unprecedented event”
    – Congress holding a sitting attorney general in contempt.

    + + Did Obama tip his hand?

    Teresa, why did Obama wait 15 months to exert executive privilege? The
    move certainly raises eyebrows and red flags of suspicion that there is
    something criminal in those documents — something this administration
    and Holder don’t want the public or anyone else to see!

    We’ve said “Fast and Furious” had the mystery and intrigue of a
    Hollywood blockbuster, and with Obama’s executive privilege and this
    afternoon’s vote it couldn’t be more apparent!

  • MAL

    O deserved to be interrupted/addressed even if it was not a question/answer session. He has a king complex but he is just following orders. This amnesty will allow every illegal border crosser under a certain age (they all are) to say they were brought here. In 2004 or so, the illegals showed up in Philadelphia Pa (which has no farm work) in masses – there are no jobs for young American citizens here now. Homeowners will be paying a hefty property tax increase to support schools that are flooded with overpopulating illegals’ children. The father pays no child support or school tax. The mother & numerous children collect social services, health care, along with food stamps & cash.



      • Willard Dunn

        This deal about illegal aliens is a reelection ply by Obama. He is despairing in lack of votes for the election. Like a despaired boy not being able to get in the candy store and has to be satisfied with looking in. Be careful of what he is doing and saying. speaking of what he is saying there is a person in Australia that has research in reverse speech, That is recording what a person is saying and playing it backwards to see what the person is thinking in the subconsciousness.” ” That person is David John Oats.

        • Deerinwater

          “This deal about illegal aliens is a reelection ply by Obama. He is despairing in lack of votes for the election. Like a despaired boy not being able to get in the candy store and has to be satisfied with looking in. ”

          Hmm? ~ I think that maybe you need to reconsider that statement. ~ Such a move stand to be unpopular by more voters then it does popular.

          The same thing applies to his stance on same sex marriage, if you wish to consider 2 to 4% of any population is gay. I think it’s safe to say this decision could easily offend 90 % of the population. Not exactly the way to win votes is it?

          I tend to believe that Obama is doing what he thinks is right. Now we can disagree about that, ~ but I fail to see how you might think it wins him more votes then he will lose over this decision.

          If you can explain your thinking, I’m all ears but I fail to see these events as the acts of desperation but of conviction.


    Well let me share this, The year Obama ran I lived in a golf community
    There were only two owners of my home. The original and myself… I recieved a voter registration card that showed two males living in my home, a neighbor recieved the same thing… maybe you could explain that?

    Why is he just sharing those view, during an election year… TRUST ME THEY HAVE AN AGENDA.

    When do we quit speaking about immigration, I’m all ears if you can share answers to his policy decisions. The ones that he NEVER ANSWERS QUESTIONS CONCERNING
    He controls the Media, Maybe you have an answer for that?
    Eric Holder is in deep water and treading. Obama just tried to bail him out
    Maybe you can answer that?
    He signed a law into effect that American citizens can be held without reason, when illegals can’t even be asked for papers if they are stopped for a violation.
    Maybe you can explain that?
    This President has taken liberty with his Power, and one day, you won’t have to ask the questions, when you have been stripped of all your rights and freedom. Obama’s views on immigration and Homosexuality is a smokescreen for something far more sinister!

    This President has sold the American People a BILL OF GOODS he’s a snake oil salesman. And the price for his Presidency IS OUR FREEDOM!

  • Dennis Jones

    The reason Obama was upset, was because he didn’t have the reporter’s question in advance, like he does in his press conference so he can call on the ones he has the questions in advance and be prepared with his answer.


    Right ON Dennis..

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    I’ve also seen other comments in which the writer (presumably liberal) thinks it was the reporter who was rude, not their beloved messianic POTUS Obama. Well, they’re entitled to their opinion. But maybe they answer another question. If GW Bush (or another republican or conservative) had been as curt to a drone or welfare moocher in an audience, I wonder who the libs would consider to be ‘rude’ Hmmmmmm?????

  • Dennis Jones

    …and with Obama not enforcing immigration…all the terrorists have to do now is come through our borders…and you think this ISN’T Obama’s plan? The day the U.S. stopped the registering of aliens is the day our country started falling apart. Obama has proved he is a dictator! If a bill isn’t passed that he wants, all he does is declare an executive order…he doesn’t need congress anymore…if he is re-elected he can pass his executive order to dissolve Congress!


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