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Obama’s Short-Term Memory Loss On Pot Policy

April 26, 2012 by  

Obama’s Short-Term Memory Loss On Pot Policy
President Barack Obama has not kept promises regarding State legalization of medical marijuana.

President Barack Obama, despite admitting to inhaling, probably doesn’t have too many stoner friends in the Nation because his promises and his Presidential actions regarding medical marijuana policy have differed.

Despite laws in some States that made legal the use of medical marijuana, Obama’s Department of Justice has continued to use Federal resources to conduct raids on medical marijuana producers in places like Colorado and California.

Obama, promising to end the raids that had begun under President George W. Bush, said on the campaign trail in 2008, “I’m not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue.”

But that is exactly what his Administration has done, and now he is backpedaling.

“What I specifically said was that we were not going to prioritize prosecutions of persons who are using medical marijuana,” Obama said in a recent explanation of his policy. “I never made a commitment that somehow we were going to give carte blanche to large-scale producers and operators of marijuana — and the reason is, because it’s against federal law.”

Rolling Stone magazine calls out the Obama Administration in a recent article:

The administration’s retreat on medical pot is certainly consistent with its broader election-year strategy of seeking to outflank Republicans on everything from free trade to offshore drilling. Obama’s advisers may be betting that a tough-on-pot stance will shore up the president’s support among seniors in November, as well as voters in Southern swing states like Virginia and North Carolina that are less favorable to drug reform. But the president could pay a steep price for his anti-pot crackdown this fall, particularly if it winds up alienating young voters in swing states like Colorado, where two-thirds of residents support medical mari­juana. In November, Colorado voters will likely consider a referendum to legalize all pot use for adults – and undercutting enthusiasm for the issue will only dampen turnout that could benefit the president.

Like so many of President Obama’s other promises, many medical marijuana advocates say his “rethink and decriminalize” rhetoric during the 2008 election went up in smoke when he got in the Oval Office.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Harold Olsen

    He admits to having smoked pot and inhaling. Perhaps he is still smoking it. I hear that habitual pot smokers have memory problems. Perhaps that his why he has trouble remembering his promises.

    • s c

      We went through this krap with our first black prez – Bubba Klinton. It’s not really a memory problem with Obummer. You see, it’s not possible to use something that he never had. If it was a matter of conscience, it would still be the same (can’t use it if you ain’t got it).

    • Robert Smith

      From the article: “Obama, promising to end the raids that had begun under President George W. Bush, said on the campaign trail in 2008, “I’m not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue.”

      Why isn’t anyone screaming about STATES’ rights?

      There are other issues that states’ are dealing with. For example Ashcroft tried to undo the assisted suicide votes in Oregon.

      Arizona is going to the Supreme Court.

      Why does the extreme right only selectively support states’ rights?

      Joining the legalize pot movement would go a long way towards convincing “other” side that a national carry law is appropriate, and like a drivering liscense if you are good one place you are good everywhere else.


      • Flashy

        it’s not “assisted suicide”. It is the Right to Die with Dignity.

      • Vicki

        Flashy says:
        it’s not “assisted suicide”. It is the Right to Die with Dignity.

        Or more accuratly the right to murder someone under special cirumstances. Kinda like a really late term abortion.

      • Karolyn

        Oh, please Vicki, wouldn’t you like the right to end your own life if you were living like a vegetable or in such pain that you didn’t want to live anymore? Or even if you didn’t want that right, why shouldn’t people have the right to do what they wish with their own bodies? Shouldn’t that be a fundamental right?

      • OneGuess

        Ah, Flushy.

        What a mutt!

      • Robert Smith

        Vicki bleats: “Or more accuratly the right to murder someone under special cirumstances. Kinda like a really late term abortion.”

        Thank you for such a fine example! Why should any American be obligated to YOUR belief system regarding end of life or abortion issues?

        Not everyone goes along with “it’s a baby.” If it is it’s just like any other “person” and if they can be tossed out of my home when I want them gone why can’t a woman toss it out of her very own body?

        Ad the end of life who’s to say YOUR way is best for everyone? If a doctor believes it is his job to end suffering (at the request of a patient) who are YOU to stop them?

        And, if you don’t respect their freedoms why should they allow you to own a gun they believe you will shoot them or yourself with?


      • eric

        well Rob, i have to agree with you on this one. the state Should have the right to decide how the state is going to be run. that IS the entire point of having a state system.

        and as for the assisted suicide/right to die with dignity issue, you have to ask? who owns your body? if we are enslaved and owned by the government, such as created by the norman conquest of england, the we do not have the right to end our own life – for that would be stealing from our masters… however, if we are free, and own our own bodies, then we should have the right to do with our own property whatever we will – as long as it does not injure another person.

        this is the fundamental question behind this issue – freedom or property ??

        and yes, this question does extend to many other topics, but this is the one that brought it to mind.

    • Flashy

      Interesting. The Fed Prosecutor here has stated publically in the last week or so that they aren’t concerned about it. The only time when they would take action is when a growing faciltity is so huge as to defy the intended use of supplying medical users. Oregon and Wash. wil have it on the novemeber ballot full legalization with a controled outlet for tax and monitoring purpose, treating it on the same scale as alcohol. And there was another article in the local paper where the County DA and Chief of police toured some “outlets”, spoke with the owners, and left saying it is about as low of a priority as can be.

      that’s the issue the Right faces when trying to find things to criticize this President about….they have to stretch everything into the realm whre people have to ignore what reality is around them to believe the message.

      • Jake

        Everytime you make one of these onesided jabs at the GOP, I just know you’re down in your parents basement strokin’ it thinking you’ll get a rise out of the other posters. If you don’t have something legit to add, why are you even here.

      • Flashy

        So…the reality of the situation on the ground is not adding anything? Interesting. I know…pesky facts keep getting in the way of a good rant by the Right as they make things up or hype it beyond reality.

      • jeepman1

        How about those “pesky” facts? Let’s see he said in 2008, “I’m not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue.” Just two weeks after Obama took office, the White House reiterated that position, saying, “The president believes that federal resources should not be used to circumvent state laws.”

        Now, in 2012 he said, “What I specifically said was…” blah, blah blah.

        No, what he specifically said was, “I’m not going to be using Justice Department resources to try to circumvent state laws on this issue.” That is what he said…apparently, the “reality on the ground” means the Federal govt will still not leave enforcement up to the states.

        Maybe it’s just me, but that’s not the same as, “I never made a commitment that somehow we were going to give carte blanche to large-scale producers and operators of marijuana — and the reason is, because it’s against federal law.”

    • Bruce

      how easy it is to make a million promises to get elected.
      But why follow thru on “your word”?
      That would mean you have to do as you say, and say as you do, and that does not work to get democrats elected.
      We need people who value the VALUE of their word, to run for office.
      How can you tell if Omoma is lying? His lips are moving…..
      We need people with MORALS, to inhabit our PUBLIC SERVICE POSITIONS, that we the people have made when we created this unique non-socialist form of gov system we had in 1800.
      We need to LOCK UP every politician that lies to us.
      It should be illegal to bear “false witness” and no one should benefit from such “false witnessing”.
      Any public official caught lying (including cops) should be subject to NOT LESS than one month in jail.
      TIME FOR THE SCUM WHO LIE, the weeds among us, to be gathered and thrown into the fire.
      Come quickly.

    • A Little Bit of Reality

      No, that’s not it.. The truth is, he can ergo he will. Pot smokers may have an occasional short term memory lapse but they would not jeopardize their own past time. Obama is simply shooting for votes, that he may loose a group who probably doesn’t remember to vote in any case is the price he must pay for all those red necks who would rather hang them by a marijuana limb to begin with. Looks like ‘blue’ is the favorite flavor for the hunting sport this election. Wait til he okays fed hunting license for the general population.. Buds will roll.

  • Adam David Duvel

    Hmm..the reality of the situation on the ground. You mean like federal agents busting into legitimate businesses and seizing their assets because someone at the DEA thinks they have gotten too large? There are more prescriptions written for the stuff every day and demand is high. There are no regulations regarding how much these businesses can grow, so they grow what they can legally sell. They are not raided for proven illegal sales, they are raided for suspected overproduction. That is the reality on the ground. If it is not a priority, why are they being raided? Do you think the DEA couldn’t find a more likely target. Drive to east LA in a nicer car and look long at the guys standing on the corner appearing to do nothing. They will offer to sell you drugs. It is that freaking easy to find illegal operations. They bust large dispensaries because it makes news that says “Don’t start one of these businesses”.

    • Robert Smith

      From Adam: “There are no regulations regarding how much these businesses can grow, so they grow what they can legally sell. ”

      But there is a TAX problem. Because pot is illegal on the federal level they are not allowed to deduct the expenses of growing the stuff. So, it’s more expensive for patients and they make way less than they should for their efforts.

      Why isn’t anyone jumping up and down to protest the unfair tax on the pot BUSINESS?


      • Pete0097

        Then they need to grow some flowers in between the pot plants so they cand deduct growing expenses. Pot doesn’t need as much to grow as roses and they could make a killing at Valentines Day.

      • Vigilant

        “Why isn’t anyone jumping up and down to protest the unfair tax on the pot BUSINESS?”

        Because it ain’t an important issue.

      • Robert Smith

        It is to the capitalists who are growers.

        But they don’t have the lobbyests to get relief like big pharma does.


      • BillyB

        I’m still trying to comprehend how they can levy a Federal tax on something that is federally illegal. There is no common sense being employed here.

  • cawmun cents

    How many times can what this man said be misinterpreted?
    As many times as there are foolish people in this nation.We are the nation that made Jerry Springer a household term.We bicker and fight,tearing each others clothes while the audience shouts”JERRY,JERRY!”But the real conditions never get addressed because they are ignored in favor of what amuses and entertains us.
    The folks in power are well aware of this fact,and take advantage of your inability to separate reality from your misinformed view.
    “Are you listening McFly?”Not bloody likely mates.
    He tells you that you have the green light to grow as you please,and you mgo insne at the prospect of becoming wealthy on previously illegal practices.You bank your life,liberty,and property on his word,and when you lose it all after having gambled it away,you say,”But you said I could!”
    You should have seen this coming a mile away,but you sampled to much of the product,and now that you are less than cognizent,you realize that it was a ploy to sieze your assets.
    Good job deducing there Einstein.

    • Flashy

      CC….i’d say it’s people not thinking. The Feds have stated it is against tfederal law but they won’t interfere with state law. OK..what is so difficult about interpreting that?

      Say State law would say one can grow grow pot for medical use and dispensing. (Ala Oregon). Someone who grows 50 lbs / month will handle a clientele of 400-800. That’s a lot of people. Yet acceptable under state guidelines. Someone who grows 500 lbs is obviously not growing for medicinal purposes…theose are going to attract the attention of the feds because, quite obviously, they are not growing per approved uses under state law.

      it ain’t rocket science…

      • Steve E

        You’re right. I get my pot from the Oregon growers. They ship some of the Med pot to the legit Med pot stores and they ship some to the other states like mine. God bless them.

      • s c

        If only you had been born around 1897 in old Russia. THEN you could have been happier than a career politician in a pig sty, comrade. Or, you could move to Cuba. The possibilities are almost endless. Have you been “paid” yet today?

      • cawmun cents

        No Flashy…it aint rocket science.
        It’s Black Science.
        Making the folks believe you are their savior to the point where they will stake everything on mistaken opportunity is called black science.
        It is in effect what this administration uses on all folks gullible enough to believe its proposals and propaganda.They offer to look the other way just long enough for the stupid ones to over commit to losing their sensiblities,then they spring the trap.
        Moonshiners all over Tennesee will tell you that this is a tactic that is used.They let you think you can get away with it.But they monitor everything associated with growing and know who all the players are.
        Its as simple as leading flies to a dungheap.
        Not that I am saying that this practice has only been used by this administration,but that it seems more likely if the current president tells you it all good.He is for the people after all,right?
        Black Science,is the tactic being used against the folks right now.
        You are absolutely correct… aint rocket science.
        How else can you do so very little,and convince hundreds of millions that you have done so much?
        But what do I know?
        Apparently very little…..

      • Vigilant

        Flashy says, “….i’d say it’s people not thinking. The Feds have stated it is against federal law but they won’t interfere with state law. OK..what is so difficult about interpreting that?”

        Kinda like the Arizona immigration laws, where the government can’t resist interfering with laws that essentially mirror Federal laws. Leaving alone the pot smokers while pandering to illegal alien (voters) is just what the doctored ordered for your Obama administration.

      • Flashy

        There is so much difference trying to compare medical marijuana to immigration policy there isn’t any starting place available and not enough bandwidth to give you a clue … if you don’t see the difference, I doubt there is anything that would help.

      • cawmun cents

        Right back at you Flashy.
        I got this one folks!
        Suppose many of the illegal entants into our nation were carrying pot on their backs,for sale and consumption here in the good ol’ U.S.of A.?
        Now suppose that many folks grow and distribute their own…..hmmmmm….wouldnt that put a damper on the sale of illegally trafficed drugs crossing the borders?
        AHA!…..can you put two and two together?
        Do you have a firm grasp of second grade mathematics?Can you think outside of the idiot box?
        Now suppose that you had a deal with cartel lords in Mexico?You tell the folks in places that they can grow and distribute all they want to.They gladly believe you and reciprocate by doing exactly that.You create a boom of supply and demand that drives the prices sky high.(This is just sound marketing strategy for all you naysayers out yonder…)
        At last we cut to the chase!
        Now you go and bust all those primo places for obtainum.There is a mass panic in the market.Nobody wants to move quantity,for fear of becoming a victim of circumstances beyond their control.
        Back to the Cartels and their folks moving dope across the border.
        With the supply being unequal to the demand,now there is a cry for cheap dope because the scare tactics have stymied normal supply routes and business has suffered.
        Now you flood the market with Mexican supplied weed,and charge lower prices to get the supply in demand.
        Meanwhile the indoor grown Cali-bud skyrockets in price and there is a movement to take the weed out of state and make a mint.So mant folks who dont even know they are being surveiled,continue business as usual to grow massive amounts,and make massive dolars in out of state markets.
        Can you see what happens next Flashy?
        Do you have a window into the future?
        Can you tie illegal immigration and marijuana supply together?
        Apparently only if you are a stupid,conservative,Christian,like me.
        Just another mouth who doesnt know second grade mathematics,right?

        P.S. The fact that you cannot see how controlling both sides of the coin,or both slices of pie is an inevitability for those who wish to maintain power,is not a mystry to me.They have employed this technique from day one.If you dont like the competition,just make sure you grasp both ends…….Black Science…..get it Flashy?

  • TIME

    This is but yet just one of the many divide’s thats been (artificially created) by a “Criminal De Facto” form of Government to make one side hate the other side about something that has no damaging effects at all on the “HUMAN CONDITION.”
    Well that is other than 100% total Retoric from the spin doctors Conartist from the “City State of the District of Columbia.”

    HOLY OIL is made from POT. Hello people, The Christ used Holy Oil to heal with!

    Your body makes the active ingredients as a natural pain relief.

    May I ask anyone who has a BRAIN why would you not allow people to not only GROW Pot, but to use it as they see fit as long as it has no negative effect on your Brothers and Sisters.
    And why would you be so willing to TAX it? Any of you who feel that TAX’s are a good idea have to take a good long look at whats wrong with you.
    Is it that you have fallen victim to the CON job given out by 100% total CON artist yet again, I am talking about the Blood sucking Vampires whom many you call leaders the very ones YOU keep election year after year.

    ” Treat others as you would wish to be Treated.”

    How many people would still be alive if allowed the used of Pot to CURE CANCER?

    How much Pain & Suffering would have been avoided by familys let alone the person with Cancer?

    Now look at your self in the Mirror and ask why am I feeding these Bloodsucking Vampire CRIMINALS who make such absurd laws?

    Would you support say a person who muders others for no reason at all? If you say no.

    Then I ask you why you would support the Criminals in suits you call your Congress, the SCOTUS, your alledged POTUS? Please do explain why is that again?

    How many of you claim that you follow what this nation was founded on, yet are so quick to cut the heart out of the very instrument you claim you love so much?

    Peace and Love, May the Light of Truth Shine on you very soon.

    • Vigilant

      “Well that is other than 100% total Retoric [sic] from the spin doctors Conartist from the “City State of the District of Columbia.”

      Some day you might find the evidence to support you Organic Act propaganda. This is the fourth time I’ve challenged you to provide ANYTHING in the Organic Act that establishes the nation as a corporation. Somehow, I get the feeling you won’t answer this challenge again.


      • TIME

        Veggie matter,

        Yet once Again your worthless mindless rhetoric proving yet again you can’t read, nor “comprehend” what you can read. Anyone with an grain of gray matter can figure out that the “District of Columbia” is a { CITY STATE.}
        As to what you can read is still a mystery as ite really quite obvious {English is not one of the formats within your grasp.}

        Non the less I forgive your utter ignorance let alone stupidity, as well God also forgives you for being a 100% total mindless fool. Have a good day far less than vigilant……….

        Peace and Love

      • Vigilant

        Well, that makes four times challenged and four times unanswered. You could save us both a lot of time and energy by simply providing JUST ONE quote from the Act, which you cannot do because it’s not there.

        You are the one made to look like the fool you are EVERY time that question is posed and you fail to answer it. Pssssst! Don’t look now…..everyone’s laughing at you.

    • Vigilant

      “And why would you be so willing to TAX it?”

      Prescription drug companies and producers of natural supplements are taxed. You actually see a difference? You’ve been smoking too much of that good stuff, son.

      • TIME

        Dear Veggie,

        Yet again you prove my point that your far less than vigilant, and yet again you prove my case of your utter stupidity let alone your glowing ignorance of what is so vast that between both you would fill the Grand Caynon let alone the Marians trench and then some. Let me just say the Whole bloody universe to make it simple for you to understand just how void of IQ you are.

        Why is it that you think that {TAXS} paid to Criminals who are sucking the life blood out of all Americans, let alone all nations are so good for the American people, or the people of any nation in the world?

        Oh I know, thats due to your IGNORANCE, let alone anything that’s within reason under the very instrument you CLAIM to LOVE let alone FOLLOW!

        You rpost display that you’re little more than a pre programed mindless droid who will do anything your told by the CRIMINALS who are within the City State of the District of Columbia, yet you claim to love Freedom.

        How sad, yet I forgive you for all your faults.

        Peace and Love -

      • Karolyn

        Flashy – Pot is extremely easy to grow. Back in my wild youth in the 70s my ex-husband and I had a few plants growing in our veggie garden, and it grew just fine with little care.

      • Karolyn

        The above was in response to Flashy’s assertion that pot needed to be highly cultivated.

      • Vigilant

        No need to answer TIME for a mental checkup. Every TIME you wind him up he loses it.

        TIME for a reading comprehension course on top of the basic English course for you. LOL!

      • Vigilant

        P.S. Work on your atrocious spelling, too.

    • Vicki

      Time writes
      May I ask anyone who has a BRAIN why would you not allow people to not only GROW Pot, but to use it as they see fit as long as it has no negative effect on your Brothers and Sisters.
      Cause the government can’t tax it. Yet. It is too easy for just anyone to grow. Unlike tobacco which does require some work to grow and harvest. Thus it is far more profitable to keep it illegal and to get bribes from the very rich drug dealers.

      For a TRULY free people the possession of ANYTHING created, grown, obtained without fraud or theft, can not be illegal.

      • Flashy

        hate ta be the one to inform you of this Vicki…but from what i’ve read and heard, growing pot isn’t just tossing seeds on the ground. it’s intensive cultivation. And yes, it can be taxed…just as Oregon has plans drafted for the eventuality of legalization. It will be disseminated via liquor stores and carry a tax.

      • TIME

        Dear Vicki,

        Let me try and educate you on a few things, First off high grade medical pot or {HGMP} – is not common Hemp.

        Common Hemp will grow with very little aid from humans and it really has so many uses that I could write for days about all the POSITIVE things it can do.

        But lets just stay on HGMP – to grow this level takes a true artist, as this grade is free of mites or any form of bugs. Its free of seeds thus it takes a lot of work to produce, keeping it male free as it were.

        The higher grades can do most anything, such as one level can calm you – yet your still alert, one can reduce pain and make you very relaxed, one can make you very alert yet take away only the pain. Some even aid you to sleep.

        The HGMP can also cure most all cancers, let alone so many other illness’s Again I could go on for days, Also it need not just be smoked, it can be eaten, or even made into a paste and eaten etc..

        And as I wholely agree with your last statment as its truth is very obvious to anyone who really grasp the instrument that this nation was founded on.
        Freedom is not cheep, nor for the faint hearted nor the fickel, one must keep their minds open and their hearts open as well as we are all children of GOD no matter what nation we come from.

        Peace and Love

  • Vicki

    I want to know why the sherrifs of counties in states like Calif, Oregon, Colorado etc have not stepped up to their duty and protected their citizens from the interferance of legitimate businesses in their state/county?

    • cawmun cents

      Ah….yes well,er uh…..apparently you cannot envision what side of the biscuit the butter is on.You see theirs is a need for additional fundage,which comes both from the dope,and the war against the dope.You only serve to eliminate one slice of the pie,if you eliminate the war.Since they control both slices….well,I hope that you can see where this is going.

      • Flashy

        What interference in legitimate business? the Feds are not cracking down on anything but operations obviously not in the business of medical production. So how is that ‘interference” ?

      • Vigilant

        What interference in legitimate business? the Feds are not cracking down on anything but operations obviously not in the business of medical production. So how is that ‘interference” ?

        Uh, Flashy, you apparently have no sense for the subtle and sarcastic humor of Vicki. Moreover, county sheriffs are not paid by the Feds. She made no reference to the Feds.

      • jeepman1

        Flashy asks, “what interference”? I’ll give at least one example…

        Notice the important line at the end, “No one was arrested.” But the feds tore out the garden and confiscated personal property.

  • shef

    I wish my state would do medical marjuana. People are burning bunk so they can eat and helps takes the edge off of nuropathy pain and many other ailments.

  • chuckb

    shef, it also takes an edge off your brain.

    • Karolyn

      chuck – That is debatable. I know some people who have been smoking pot their whole adult lives, and they appear to be doing just fine.

      • Vigilant

        Yeah, right karolyn. The people you hang around with are liberals. QED.

      • chuckb

        appear, is a big word and covers a lot of definition.

      • A Little Bit of Reality

        So vig, what are you saying? That pot smoking Libs have more brain matter than your ilk? Granted. The ‘crap’ you’ve heard about pot is just that.. CRAP! Concocted by our own g’ment to ignorant asses like yourself. Obviously you’ve never tried it therefore you can be the ‘expert’ in what it’s capable of. Better ease off on that hateraid your gurgling. The millions of normal pot smokers just might take your insults personally.

      • Karolyn

        Vig – They are most certainly NOT all liberals. There’s one I know who is an extreme conservative.

      • Vigilant

        You want “A Little Bit of Reality?”

        My son’s a pothead. I’ve seen what it has done to him, and MANY others. That it dulls the mind with constant use goes without saying, and that’s not even arguable. And the younger they start, the more effect it has. That’s a MEDICAL fact, son. Pharmacologically, it’s got many more toxins than cigarette smoke.

        I just love these “one issue” voters who claim some high Constitutional principles or medical benefits of pot. Why can’t your ilk just admit, for once, that you LIKE smoking it, that it gives you a high, and cut the crap about the medical pretext? When I saw that VW van a few months ago with the Ron Paul decal on it, I knew exactly what the deal was.

        Learn in your immature mind that when you sit there with your hands over your eyes, we can still see you. And come face to face with the fact that it’s the same old selfish entitlement mentality with which you so vocifierously condemn the masses. You’re spoiled children.

        You want the laws changed? Then quit bitching and DO something about it.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “That pot smoking Libs have more brain matter than your ilk?”

        How’s ’bout William F. Buckley on Drugs?


  • jopa

    As I have stated once before, go take in a Willie Nelson concert and you will see a master at work.His age and his admission of smoking a joint or two and the way he performs today , I would have to say Hemp is not dangerous to a persons health, physically or mentally.It actually may be beneficial as many in the medical community are proclaiming.

  • chuckb

    i enjoy willies music and i agree a master. his demeanor makes me wonder if the music just comes as a natural reaction. is nicotine dangerous? is smoking cigarettes dangerous, is inhaling thc dangerous.
    the liberal environmentalist made an all out war against smoking cigarettes, yet they want to approve of smoking pot? of course that;s liberalism for you.
    personally i don’t care, i raised my children correctly, they never used drugs including marijuana. the people i know that smoke pot have altered their appearance, they have lost their desire to dress neatly and all in all are pretty much bohemian. and most of them forget where they live.

    • dufas magnet

      Then your living in the wrong neighborhood Chuckie boy.. In my neighborhood their American Citizens who have the right and freedom to indulge in anything they choose so long as it’s not a direct threat to others.. But of course, those idiots who take their noses out of their master’s ass and sniff around for pot smoking citizens are only smelling the fecal matter off the asses they snort.. This is a free country (or twas the last time that debate arose) if you don’t like pot then walk away, it doesn’t concern your self-righteous biasness anyway.. No pot smoker would EVER condemn you for sipping a VO from time to time nor would they look down on you for downing a long neck yet you just have to tell them what they can and can not do? Where the hell are we? Communist China? I smoke pot and could run rings around your debates. Your nothing less than a bigoted, worthless waste of skin. Go back to the backwoods were you were hatched and suck on some of that white lightning swill your papa brews for a living.

      • chuckb

        the only thing you could run rings around would be a pole. it’s quite obvious the thc has penetrated your brain, did i say anything about you not smoking pot. “i could care less”
        i would say by the content of your comment your indulging has already proved my point.
        so comb out the lice from your pony tail and go back to bed.

      • jopa

        dufas;You were doing so good and then all of a sudden you got into the name calling blowing a good little speech right out of the water.Take another hit my good man.

  • saveUSAnow

    If people were really educated on the medicinal values of this all natural medicine and the fact that it’s been around forever – they would turn from the incessant ads about this drug and that drug and then a few months later you see a million lawyers paying for ads that say they will represent you if you were killed by or destroyed by the deadly side effects of the drugs they are pushing like penny candy at an arcade. Big Pharma has the entire medical system wrapped up in dispursing dangerous drugs with devastating side effects and many take multiple drugs that kill them quicker. They never tell you that suicide is written into the dangerous drugs – but they warn you it may happen.
    Get away from all prescription drugs, don’t take radiation & chemo, it’s 350 – 850K for this treatment and all it does is kill you faster. get the flouride out of your water – buy Organic food not the Frankens–t GMOs that the FDA refuse to label. Remember: Walmart is marketing GMO corn and not labeling as such and the FDA is fighting states and saying they don’t have to tell us about the Roundup soaked GMOs that are killing off all of our bees and butterflies and destroying our ecosystem. This administration is so bent on killing as many people of the world as possible that nothing will stop them in their pursuit. The Elite have our country by the balls and it’ll be hell to get them out of our White House. None of them (except Ron Paul) want to follow our Constitution and Bill of Rights. As far as the subject here – Medical Marijuana might just be a KILL LIST for the Homeland Security Goons. They lie about everything. They can’t collect all the money from running drug rings all over the world if we legalize something that makes billions for them.

    • Joe H

      “all it does is kill you faster” well, not always. My foster mom had breast cancer at about 65, took the prescribed treatments and died. At 95 three years ago. My sister in law had it they took both breasts, gave her radium treatments and is doing good now. It doesn’t always kill, there are survivors. You should never speak in absolutes.

  • Charlie Brown

    ” Marijuana in its natural form is the safest therapeutically active substances known to man.” DEA Administrative Law Judge, Francis Young.

    • chuckb

      charlie brown, The therapeutic effects of smoked marijuana are typically modest, and in most cases there are more effective medicines. But a “subpopulation of patients” do not respond well to other medications and have no effective alternative to smoking marijuana…

      Because the chronic use of marijuana can have negative effects, the benefits should be weighed against the risk

      • Charlie Brown

        Take your reply and smoke it. Better yet smoke some DMT.

  • Jay

    Speaking of decriminalization; Talk about a case against legalized prostitution!

    A 25-year-old waitress who turned down a job providing “sexual services” at a brothel in Berlin faces possible cuts to her unemployment benefit under laws introduced this year.

    Under Germany’s welfare reforms, any woman under 55 who has been out of work for more than a year can be forced to take an available job – including in the sex industry – or lose her unemployment benefit…

    The government had considered making brothels an exception on moral grounds, but decided that it would be too difficult to distinguish them from bars. As a result, job centres must treat employers looking for a prostitute in the same way as those looking for a
    dental nurse.

    Great, so now the government can be your pimp…Hey Germany, how about giving decriminalization a try?!

  • chuckb

    charlie brown, what i replied to you is from the dea, you quoted some judge from the dea saying how therapeutic dummy dust is. it seems the dea has another opinion too.
    if pot is so theraputic i wonder why the hospitals don’t use it in their therapy.
    happy days are here again!! have some thc on me, lot’d of it.

  • jim

    (offensive comment removed) hemp oil cures cancer rick simson google it

    RUN FROM THE CURE – The Rick Simpson Story (Part 1 of 7 …

    Feb 10, 2008 – Series (Part 1 of 7) Regardless of where you are on earth, you can always download, watch, and share the whole movie FOR FREE …


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