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Obama’s Revenge

November 9, 2012 by  

Are you ready for a little revenge? At a campaign rally the day before the election, Barak Obama told the crowd that “voting is the best revenge.” Really? What a strange thing to say. Now he’s got me worried about who he wants to take revenge on. Oh, I know: It’s all those “millionaires and billionaires” who aren’t paying their fair share. I guess we’d better get ready for the tax bite to cut a lot deeper.

A really expensive miss. Nobody has spent more money with less success to win a seat in the Senate than Linda McMahon, co-owner of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc.). According to reports, the wrestling magnate dumped close to $100 million of her own money into her two campaigns for a Senate seat in Connecticut. This past Tuesday, Christopher S. Murphy handily defeated McMahon in the race for the seat being vacated by the retiring officeholder, Joe Lieberman.

So much for the Redskins Rule. No, I’m not talking about victories on the field by the NFL football team, but an interesting series of coincidences. If the Redskins won a home game before a national election, the Democrats won the Presidency. While if the team lost, so did the Democrats. According to the theory, the Redskins’ loss to the Carolina Panthers on Sunday meant that Barack Obama would lose, too. To the dismay of some 60 million Republicans, that turned out not to be true. Another theory goes down the drain.

A little political propaganda here. On Monday, the day before the election, CNNMoney’s article “Election 2012: What about the poor?” left no doubt what it meant: “One wants to strengthen the nation’s existing safety net. The other wants to overhaul it. President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney have vastly different views on how to help the 46.2 million Americans in poverty.” What the story doesn’t say, of course, is that Romney does his charity privately and personally, while Obama wants to force all taxpayers to “do the right thing.” What about the likelihood that the poor’s fate rests more with themselves than with any politician? Of course, that possibility is not mentioned at all.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Chester

    Chip, among the poor you keep disparaging and saying should do more for themselves are a very LARGE number of elderly retirees who have only a very small social security check and a small SSI check to bring their income up to less than eight hundred dollars a month. Just exactly what are they supposed to do to improve their lives? Many of them actually would like a little part time work, but for every dollar they earn there, a dollar is taken out of their SSI, so it winds up being a zero sum game, with the additional negative of the added expenses of getting to and from work. Do you WANT to put these people at the “mercy” of the local food banks and churches to keep their bills paid and make sure they can afford the medicines they need? That doesn’t work very well when a lot of those charities are having a hard time making their own ends meet. Also, the disabled veterans fall into that group, and many of them are already doing everything they can to help themselves, but again, you want to cut VA funding because it”supports those who don’t WANT to work.” I will ask you to try something, then tell all of us on here how well you made out. Park all your credit cards and debit cards, put a two hundred dollars cash money in your pocket, with the promise of another two hundred every week, then go out and try to live. I am NOT asking you to find a job or anything like that, just live on what a lot of people are forced to live on, about eight hundred a month. Do that for a month, and remember, you have NO insurance, so any medical emergencies come out of what you have in your pocket.

    • wandamurline

      I don’t think we are talking seniors and disabled veterans here…we are talking about free loaders who have babies out of wedlock and charge you with their raising…the people who feel that we should take care of their living expenses…the seniors and veterans have “earned” their fees, the others have not. I believe in helping anyone down on their luck “for a time”, but some people in the US have never worked a day in their life, the illegals get free food stamps and medical care, and the middle class pays for it all.

      • Maynard

        I agree Wanda. But the people who complain about caring for those sweet little accidents never want to fund Planned Parenthood or permit the First Trimester Treatment. Often those little ones turn out to be holy terrors and end up to getting a permanent room WITHOUT a view at our expense.

        In China, it’s one woman, one child. Here, special exceptions to this rule could go for those who qualify. They have to have the means and the intellect and they can have more. Don’t say it is undemocratic because not everyone can afford the mansion, the private plane or the swimming pool either. Why should the rest of us have to pay for the little lady to exercise her rights. One is enough for that.

    • Mike

      The 47% You are so stupid and so much of a coward that you wont mention the 47 %,, they put this animal back in office,, they are the lazy,good for nothing,worthless part of our soceity that is growing in numbers that we are unable to count,, they would not have voted unless the dems went out and brought them in,, THE ARE THE AMERICANS THAT WANT TO BE CALLED AFRICANS,, AND WANT EVERY THING FOR FREE,, THEY WILL NEVER GET A SOCIAL SECURITY CHECK,, BECAUSE THEY HAVE NEVER WORKED, AND DONT WANT TO WORK,, What a coward you and all your liberal friends are,, you will suck the rest of us down your sewer hole if we let you

    • http://Yahoo JD

      Damn, the elderly are lumped in with the generational, so called poor. The poor, who have free food, rent up to 1600 a month,electric,water,and even Obama Phone. Many kids, who have kids who simply have the same each generation. They have it all given to them. And don’t have to work.And each mother sees to it,that her next generation does, and gets more of the same. You libs really out did yourselves in “helping” these people to stay Dependant, without dignity, since the 60′s Poor?. The eldrerly, are again, lumped in with this element, in order to have people believe that crap, as in your so compassionat post. Of cource the elderly poor should be helped in anyway possible, and the truly poor and down and out.

  • roger

    yeah, go vote! waste of time

    • JON

      It wasn’t a waste of time for the winners.

      • Ron Wiley

        In a short time the winners will join the losers of the election, as the nation falls into financial disaster. With the national debit as high as it is there is no way to recover and keep social programs status quo; let alone increase them or add new ones. Obamacare is a nice idea, but the cost, unless the health care system is totally revamped is unaffordable.

        The federal government is funded by the people, who already can’t afford what is already owed the creditors. Therefore, where does the money come to increase the existing programs and add the new ones?

        When people are given something for nothing they don’t appreciate it, the don’t understand the value of working for what you get, and over time they lose their self respect.

        Yes, pretty soon we will all be losers!!

      • R.G.Malone

        Ron Wiley: well said; agree completely!

  • Wayne De Cicco

    Most of the rich people and business provide us with jobs, tax them to much and kiss your job good-by….

    • Smilee

      Taxes were much higher during the Clinton Years and many more jogs were created, Bush gave us two tax cuts and job creation dropped, history makes your claim just hot air

  • Texas Gal

    we seem to be a bit bitter now aren’t we-just sayin’. however did it occur to you that now this nation is awake and is watching very closely what Washington is doing-because its hitting their pocket books. keep your eyes on the real knews and your finger on the dialer-people we got work to do!!!!!!!!

  • Right Brain Thinker

    First, kudos to Chester for some good thoughts. And a boo to wanda and Mike. To wanda for for so blithely IGNORING the FACTS about the 47% and slipping so unsmoothkly into the usual mindless crap about “freeloaders”, etc. And to Mike for giving us such a brilliant example of what “sick and stupid” means.

    Chip says “Romney does his charity privately and personally, while Obama wants to force all taxpayers to “do the right thing.” ? First, Romney’s charity is no big deal—many of us would be giving a higher percentage of our income away if we were making what he does. I don’t think it’s unfair to say that most people who are now NOT rich would have no problem giving away to charity or taxes 80 or 90% of $20 million a year and struggling along on the remaining $2 or $4 million. And “private”?—what Romney and his ilk do “privately” is greedily amass even more obscene wealth. Why didn’t Romney release his tax returns from 2009? Because they would have shown that his participation in the rape and destruction of Delphi alone earned him over $100 million on an investment of less than $10 million while costing 30,000 Americans their jobs and pensions. Illegal? No, but certainly immoral and something that he didn’t want the public to know about. And Obama doesn’t want to “force” anyone, certainly not ALL taxpayers as Chip tries to sneak in there. He merely proposes that some balance be restored to our tax structure and that the !% pay their fair share—and the majority of Americans agree with him.

    Chip also says “What about the likelihood that the poor’s fate rests more with themselves than with any politician? Of course, that possibility is not mentioned at all”. First, I get a little lost about the logic behind the “possibility of a likelihood” (LOL) but I do think I get the point Chip fails to make. I will agree that there is a “possibility that the likelihood” exists that there are SOME moochers and freeloaders out there. They are no more abundant than the “welfare queens” of Reagan and “take” far less from the general wealth of the society than the plutocrats and corporate vultures have been doing for the last 30+ years. Reread Chester’s posting for just a snapshot of what the “fate of the poor” is for the vast majority. And keep in mind as you read Chip’s thoughts that he is very likely one of the 1% that has benefited greatly from the recent financial disaster. How about it, Chip?—-even if Romney won’t come clean, will you tell us how much you make so that we can better judge your credibility?

    • Richard

      There is no requirement in life that someone who manages to make a lot of money must give it back in charity. It is certainly altruistic but not required nor should it be.
      What our government does is take away money from the private sector and doles it out to the public as it sees fit. In the most recent years it has chosen to borrow staggering amounts of money to fulfill their promises of entitlements to millions living in the U.S..
      You or I could not possibly do the same thing for any extended period of time but our politicians have chosen to do so to remain in power. Everyone and all governments can borrow until one day they can’t. We have watched this situation unfold in Greece and other countries in Europe. We have known other world powers in past history who have seen this same thing happen to them. All is okay until one day it isn’t and unfortunately that day for America is fast approaching.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Move over oBlamer, Wrong Brain Thinker has pushed you over for the title “Most Brilliant and Charasmatic Person In the World”. You, Mr. Non-Thinker, would sneer at Mr. Romney’s charity?? How much do you give, sir or madam? Really? You’re on welfare and can barely afford your computer and that wall-size tv permanently tuned to MSLSD, oh, I meant MSNBC, so of course you have nothing to give to charity. And we are all supposed to feel sorry for you and your deprived station in life. Sorry, my sympathy wanes. You are one of those who hates people who have more than you, whether they earned it or inherited it (BTW, Romney gave his ENTIRE inheritance to charity; what have you given lately???) I’ll bet you’ve given nothing but your ignorant opinion. You feel the poor should be given more, which is a guarantee that they will stay poor. Why work when you can be supported your entire life for free and never give back a dime of anything. You’re a person full of hatred, and you need help, all right. You need a swift kick in the rear, and to be handed a shovel or pick ax so you can bust up gravel. You want others to support you while you do nothing? You are one of the slaves on Uncle Barack’s Plantation. Welcome to it.

      • R.G.Malone

        Brother, I am in your camp ALL THE WAY! I am so sick of the “pity parties” that Right Brain Thinker wants to partake in. GET A FRIGGIN’ JOB, No Brain Thinker. Stop your whining. Go get rich by taking handouts of the trillion dollars printed by the Hussein administration.

        And, oh yes, talking about charity, ever look at the % Joe Biden gives to charity? It would stagger your imagination to think that someone of his stature gives almost NOTHING.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Somebody is a Fool and RG Malone should be calling themselves Anal Orifice #1 and Anal Orifice #2 because of the mental and mandibular diarrhea they have sprayed all over the concepts of intelligence, rationality, and common courtesy with their remarks.

        Now that the apparently obligatory name-calling is out of the way, let me make the observation that Somebody is a Fool has said ABSOLUTELY 100% NOTHING OF SUBSTANCE in his entire diatribe and that is a new low for this site. His ranting is nothing but a personal attack on me and doesn’t even address a single point that I made. He also makes not one coherent argument and gives not one FACT about ANY subject—-he merely spews the same mindless, ignorant, and hate-filled talking points that we hear from those who have no real arguments to make and no real points to put forth.. His ditto-head buddy RG sings the same song but apparently enjoys better mental health than Somebody-Nobody because he runs out of bile much sooner.

    • m Colen

      your argument would make sense if the government did the work to make someone rich,, the problem is that thew country was founded on principles that did not include stealing from someone simply because they were lucky enough to amass wealth. What someone makes belongs to them not the country.. until more people understand this we will have people trying to take what belongs to someone else

      • R.G.Malone

        m Colen, I salute you. Well said, indeed. I do not see why people cannot understand EXACTLY what you communicated.

      • Smilee

        When the country was founded the slave owners took and kept the money the slaves made for them, is that not stealing. Many of the rich pay their help today but so little they cannot support themselves but then they (the rich) lobbied the government and now the government pays for wage subsidies, buys them food, pays their child care etc. thus they are stealing from us to pay their help. The reality is the reverse of the BS you are feeding us

      • Right Brain Thinker

        M Colen appears to enter the discussion at a MUCH higher level than Fool and DittoFool did. Unfortunately, he mentions “stealing” and “taking what belongs to someone else”, thereby striking out in the game of rational argumentation. RG again shows his inability to think by coming out in support of MC’s unsupportable statements.

        RG, people can’t understand EXACTLY what MC has said because what he has said is just meaningless talking points and has no basis in fact. The government does not “steal”. Some like you want to BELIEVE it because you are a left-brain thinker and you will suck up anything that agrees with your deeply held beliefs, but that has nothing to do with UNDERSTANDING. Can you see that?

  • Bill

    What people don’t realize is that if we had a vibrant free market economy, there would be plenty of extra cash to fund any and all social programs that you like. However, that is just a dream that is lost to the wave of socialism that is sweeping our country.

    A business owner has no incentive to hire more people. If he does, he will have to hire under new regulations and he (or she) will be demonized if they make a profit. It would be much easier to shut down the business and move your money to a more stable currency (Singapore, Hong Kong) and make your money off of the difference in the currency as ours devaluates.

    There is no incentive to expand your business in a stagnant economy where the government is breathing down your neck to take everything that you own

    Bye bye American pie

  • Melissa


    Get off the FOX news crack pipe, watch all of the other news stations and your public news station for some time, but most of all, I suggest getting a degree or some real form of education in government. This is from someone who has a BA in Government, and a BA in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of Texas in Austin.

    • Nobody’s Fool

      Melissa, too bad all that “education” (aka brainwashing) wasn’t helpful to you.

    • Maryland Freestater

      In college I learned that ‘sociology’ was a Marxist / communist construct on how to understand how people think, to then used for commie betterment.

      Thank God my college degrees were in Electronics Engineering and Saxophone Performance (JHU).

    • R.G.Malone

      Should have expected some post like that from a UT student. You must have studied there when Mac “the clown” Brown coaches football there, because all Mac is known for in the Big 12 and nationally is for his constant whining, which is exactly what you are doing. Take your “pity party” elsewhere; are you, too, upset because the upside horn sign is too disrespectful? Jeez, you are sick.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Melissa, you must not have traveled this website much or you would know that “Respectfully” is an alien concept to many of the ignorant and angry folks who visit here.

      Being a Psych major, you understand the concepts of confirmation and deconfirmation bias, motivated reasoning, and cognitive dissonance. This site is a goldmine for anyone who wants to see those things in action, particularly as they relate to the personalities and thought processes of the authoritarian/conservative/tea party type folks on the far right. You need to read “The Republican Brain” by Chris Mooney for some terrific insights into the problem we are having with these folks who would wreck the country if they gained power. It’s a new book and speaks to much of the newest research.

      Some advice. Don’t mention FAUX News because these folks think it is the ONLY place to go for “news” and don’t accept that studies have shown its viewers to be the MOST ill-informed of the viewers of any of the channels. Don’t mention your credentials because they will attack you for being a member of the “intellectual elite” rather than respect your expertise..

      You only need to look at the comments from Fool, MF, and RG, particularly the “Jeez you are sick” to see that we are tilting at windmills here. Anyone who would call you “sick” for what you said is the one who is in questionable mental health. Read the Mooney book.

  • John Lilleburnes Ghost

    Dear Chip The voting was the best revenge on the bigotted, freeper wingnuts this website largerly panders to, although to be fair I salute its openess. On Tuesday despite all your “prayers” you found out that you are not America or in anyway the defenders of it values. In fact you found out that you are repellent to the majority of hard working Americans and are actually considered an embarassment to the country those values you pervert and misinterept to promote your own ugly views and prejudices.

    • Maryland Freestater

      @John L.: Please cite what you’ve said here – I find this column to be non-pandering, pro-American, pro libertarian values, and sticking up for the ‘little man’ (and woman). I believe the comportment of the current admin. is an embarrassment to this country, and the lack of values appalling.

      Since when is promoting freedom and self-accountability ‘ugly’?

      Like most typical entitlementalists, liberals and other criminals, YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.


      • John Lilleburnes Ghost

        I would be all too easy to find multiple examples of your fellow posters making offensive comments about women, immigrants, homosexuals, afro-americans etc. If you havent noticed it well there are none so blind who will not see.
        As for libertarian there is very little true libertarianism here. In the US Libertarianism has been hijacked by the right-wing and is being presented as a crypto-facist agenda this is the true idelogy that is prevelent here. Ultra-conversative views are as much the antiethsis of a true libertarian agenda as socialism. An example would be immigration where a true Libertarian realizes it is not the place of any government agency or other person to dictate where a man or woman can or should live and work. On this website we just have shrill ultra-conservatism and support for those who support the views of hate and bigotry. I could give others examples but why bother.
        The “little-man” who is more downtrodded than the poor those welfare or immigrants? I suspect you are not one of these I suspect you are the average tea-partyer fat lazy white person bitter at your failure and jealous of other people getting any benefits at the expense of yours. In short a whining loser

        As for me being a douchebag well take one of your guns and anally resect yourself with it.

      • R.G.Malone

        Well said, Maryland Freestater. I echo your sentiments entirely!

  • HKaufman

    Time and Time again the following needs to be marked, and remember.. What person was in charge from 2004-2008, what party ok’ed 2 USELESS and Pointless Wars, What sensless devoid of intelligence remarked in 2008 that he will do everything in his power to make Obamas administration fail, What chump n charge crashed the dam economy on his WAY out of office. What individual with an iq of 91 remarked:IS OUR CHILDREN LEARNING, What simple moron wasted the surplus from the Clinton Administratio, lastly what PARTY holding more seats in the House have not and will not work on the problems and get the country deficits under control.. What dam election was anything but about the debt.. This election was nothing more then a bunch of adolescent fools issuing disparaging, biased, and bigotry. This election should go down in history book as the first time an election became a hatred of skin pigmentation, religious and sexual preferences. Summing up, get over it, you lost in 1860 when the south signed the surrender and end the civil war. Now stop and cease all this bull***, how dare you and the rest of those individual that share same attitudes, “DO NOT BRING BACK THE CIVIL WAR” A NATION DIVIDED AGAINST ITSELF WILL NOT STAND.. Remember Abraham LINCOLN…..

    • murray c

      how about facts, the decline was started when the democrats took over control of the house and senate in 2006,, the wars were agreed upon by both sides,, i dont know if they should have been but they were, as far as the clinton surplus , it was a 1 year fiscal surplus which occurred because the republicans forced a balanced budget amendment,, the surplus dollars were returned to the taxpayers from which they were stolen as the government is a non profit organization, our president was sworn in and took an oath to defend the constitution , not just the parts he liked,, so he has lied and compromised our founders values for his own gains

  • richcarro

    I think it’s time for all these money men to sit back and close their companies for a few years, enjoy your families and spend your money on the goodies you all wanted. It’s time to let the people from Hollywood to bear the burden. Let’s see how much help he get’s from these two-faced people. Maybe Micheal Moore will throw in a couple of bucks, and don’t forget the Main Stream Media. And if you don’t want to close, then stop all your ads that you keep them going.All Big Companies should Boycott all ads. If your companies been around for a good many years then you won’t lose any business.


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