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Obama’s Pump Dream

March 7, 2012 by  

Obama’s Pump Dream

“This president, systematically, is doing everything he can to raise the price of energy in this country. He’s shutting down all sorts of opportunities for us to drill for oil.”
–Rick Santorum

If you think gasoline is expensive now, just wait and see the price at the pump if Barack Obama is re-elected. His policies have steadily dragged the country toward $5 per gallon. If he gets another term in office, affordable gas will be a faint memory. And that will have Obama and his Green backers tickled pink.

The Obama Administration doesn’t seem to care that every 1 cent increase in the price of gasoline costs the economy $1.4 billion. America is becoming more dependent on Muslim oil while turning its back on a half-century energy alliance with Canada. This has been made evident by the President’s rejection of the Keystone Pipeline.

When Obama was sworn into office, the price of gasoline was $1.80 a gallon. Three years into his term, prices for some Americans are approaching $5 per gallon.

That is just the way Obama likes it. Given another four years, gasoline prices could reach $8 a gallon. This is because Obama has a greater allegiance to the Green Machine that drove home his victory in 2008 and that is fueling his chances for another victory lap come November.

The specifics of what the President promised to the environmentalists if he is re-elected remain a secret. But what we know for certain is that Obama clamped down on deep-water drilling inside the Gulf, tightened Federal restrictions for onshore oil exploration and vetoed the Keystone Pipeline, a major oil artery that would secure dependable Canadian crude to a nation thirsting for oil.

Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) said the evidence is in, that the Obama Administration has willfully brought higher prices to the gas pump because it has put an embargo on fresh and dependable sources of North American petroleum.

“We can’t slow down global demand for oil and gas, but we can do a lot more here at home to assure that we have the energy we need and to halt skyrocketing costs,” Hutchison said. “President Obama’s policy has resulted in an unprecedented slowdown in new exploration and production of oil and gas.”

Speaker of the House John Boehner said the President has been reckless in mismanaging the nation’s energy policies.

When added up, not passing the Keystone Pipeline and “scrapping leases for oil-shale development” makes the President responsible for $5 gasoline, read a press release from Boehner.

“The Obama administration has spent more than three years blocking efforts to expand energy production and bring down gas prices, while pushing job-crushing tax hikes and taxpayer-backed loans to companies like Solyndra.”

Boehner laid out a timeline showing Obama’s purposeful drive to sending gasoline prices higher:

  • Jan. 7, 2010 – The Obama administration announces new bureaucratic hurdles to American energy production that Secretary Salazar admitted “could add delays to the leasing and drilling process.” Gas is $2.67 a gallon.
  • March 31, 2010 – Instead of opening new areas to energy exploration and development, President Obama blocks deep-ocean energy production on 60 percent of America’s Outer Continental Shelf. Gas is $2.80 a gallon.
  • Dec. 1, 2010 – The president re-imposes and expands the moratorium on offshore energy production. Gas is $2.86 a gallon.
  • Jan. 2, 2011 – TIME reported that the Obama administration issued the first in a series of regulations on January 2 designed to unilaterally impose a national energy tax. Gas is $3.05 a gallon.
  • May 5, 2011 – The White House issues a formal statement opposing House-passed Restarting American Offshore Leasing Now Act and Putting the Gulf of Mexico Back to Work Act, legislation designed to jumpstart [sic] American energy production, address rising gas prices, and help create new jobs. Gas is $3.96 a gallon.
  • June 21, 2011 – The White House opposes the House-passed Jobs & Energy Permitting Act that would unlock an estimated 27 billion barrels of oil and 132 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Gas is $3.65 a gallon.
  • Nov. 8, 2011 – The Obama Administration releases a plan for a five-year moratorium on offshore energy production, placing “some of the most promising energy resources in the world off-limits,” according to the House Natural Resources Committee. Gas is $3.42 a gallon.
  • Jan. 18, 2012 – President Obama rejects the bipartisan Keystone XL pipeline and the more than 20,000 jobs that would come with it. Gas is $3.39 a gallon, and rising faster and earlier than ever before.

Rising in tandem with gasoline prices has been crude oil.  As you can see from the chart below, crude oil has risen almost 40 percent in the past two years and last week had an upward gap at $105 per barrel. This is a bullish signal and technically indicates the price of oil is going to go higher. More importantly, I think Obama will continue to provide the fundamentals for crude and gasoline to increase, perhaps another 40 percent higher if he is re-elected this November.
Crude Oil Prices Rising Steadily under Obama's Influence
While debating other GOP candidates last month, Newt Gingrich criticized Obama’s national energy program, saying it has been instrumental in driving the price of gasoline to $5 per gallon in some parts of the country.

“[America needs a new] energy policy, getting back to $2.50 a gallon gasoline, outlining both the economic and National Security implications, indicating that instead of bowing to a Saudi King we ought to be drilling, and our goal should be to be so independent that we don’t care what the Iranians are doing in the Straits of Hormuz,” Gingrich said.

That really is a pipe dream for Gingrich and it can only happen if a Republican is in the Oval Office next year.  Short of that, Obama’s pump dream of $8 per gallon gasoline is what we will have. That might good for Green backers and tree huggers, but it will cripple the recovery for the rest of the Nation that depends on affordable gasoline.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

Editor’s Note: Last week, TransCanada announced it would move ahead with part of the Keystone XL pipeline, completing a section Oklahoma to Texas. This plan does not require Federal approval. In January, the Obama Administration rejected TransCanada’s proposal to build a pipeline from the Montana-Canada border through Nebraska because of pressure from environmentalist groups.

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • FreedomFighter

    If knee-capping America, destroying industry, demoralizing population and setting us up for a bankster takeover was your agenda — obama would be batting 1000.

    Let us remove this usurper, imposter, communist puppet named Obama from office.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • dagodave

      I’ tell you why he will suceed in his distruction of America–Because he has total control with the GOP blessings of the entire government! if you disagree withis then explain to me with all the evidence against him –how the hell is he still sitting on the throne?

      • david Stovall

        Now called Cloward-Piven-Obama strategy for destruction of American economy.

      • tuckers

        How right you are. The only thing we can find out about this guy is that he is the son of an American Communist from Hawaii via Kansas, and a Kenyan Communist, a British subject. All other records have been destroyed or are sealed. I don’t think this type of activities were what the founding fathers had in mind.

      • Richard Holmes

        All traitors top the Constitution of the United States of America must be shot.
        Let’s get started, there are a lot of them.

      • MNIce

        It isn’t that he has the blessings of the GOP; it’s that he has the protection of Harry Reid’s gang in the Senate. Everybody on the Hill knows that conviction in an impeachment trial is impossible with this bunch, even if Mr. Obama would shoot a Congressman at high noon in front of a dozen witnesses on the White House lawn.

        They don’t want to try an impeachment under these circumstances because that would just set another precedent for crookedness an imperial president could get away with.

      • Weseeyou

        Several explanations include those who support him are with the “NEW WORLD ORDER”,have the combinations of Socialistic Communism, Islamo-fascist belief systems
        and put into this mix, a type of Capitalism that gives this admin. both money, power and
        the ability to bring down this nation from within (first),; break down the US Constitution,
        divide this nation into wealthy vs. non wealthy; bring about “reverse-racism”, continue with anti-semitism, aid and abet our enemies; tear down our National Defenses to weaken us as a nation that was once a haven for the oppressed but now has sided with gangster cartels, foreign enemies and has broken our economic system and way of life to become
        “unwholesome” in every facet of America life. This, plus take our liberties away, use of the Environmental Agencies to steal land from the American population and eventually create serfdom, create chaos and havoc to this country instead of unity, pride and leadership and death to many within and to the world. This president and his chosen people have also spent more on themselves (through taxpayer funding, than all Presidents who ever lived, combined); with extravagant lifestyles, seriously numerous and expensive vacations and the list can go on like the many pages are in his phony health plan which is a forceful penalty on every human being in this American country. For those who say that he is the “lesser of two evils”, I would comment that I’d rather have “anyone” else who, first off, is a “real”
        American, and second off, who will carry out the commitments and freedoms the Founding Fathers gave to us so that we could call ourselves “AMERICANS”.
        The only way to prove that we have a president who is a danger to our very national security and to our people is for him to eventually pick-pocket the progressive liberals and take away their ability to live in comfort or have much. Then they will riot and believe as to what is happening and “really changing” in this country. This government is very much becoming a dictatorship such is that under Stalin, Hitler and the rogue genocidal Islamic countries in the world. You don’t have to turn very far to see the signs that are undermining our American value system because they’re being instituted quietly in the court systems, in the mainstream media, our school and educational systems and in the worsened conditions we are facing almost every day here. It has to be stopped!

      • Mark Fossey

        This is not evidence- this is filtered information. The data has been cherry picked to make Obama look really bad instead of average.

    • mary

      What is causing gas prices to go up is Commodity Futures trading. Speculation in crude oil markets which pushes prices up gasoline prices. The commission in our gov’t promised to do this by Jan. 2011-to put tough trading limits in place and have done nothing to stop Wall St. futures from dominating the oil market. “Excessive oil speculation increases oil and gasoline prices.”

      • jimster

        It is not speculation to bet on the price of something going up when it becomes in shorter supply or is harder to obtain, That is called betting on a sure thimg.

      • http://firefox wog1

        And we currently refining the oil that is brought here and exporting it. And we the consumer are paying the price in more than one way. There is nothing that will destroy the American economy more than high gas prices. High gas prices are linked to everything and Obama know that. So he proceeds to destroy the economy so he can take over as dictator.

      • DaveH

        Oil speculation has nothing to do with it, Mary. Speculators are only anticipating the future, they can’t change it. Their effect on market prices goes both ways. If their educated guesses are wrong the prices for the underlying commodities on which they speculate will plummet as they are forced to unwind their wrong positions. Read this and learn something, Mary:

      • DaveH

        More for your education:

      • http://clarenceswinney clarenceswinney

        clarence swinney old87uglymeanhonest
        lifeaholics of america

      • david Stovall

        Part of the speculation is speculating on what Obama will do, and Obama, Chu , , and liberals want higher prices as Obama has said many times until he comes close to election and starts lying.

      • Thor

        Thanks for the links DaveH…short, interesting remarks by Anderson on blaming speculators…and, being short, it only addresses part of the formula for gas prices at the pump.

        Some think it’s all the fault of speculators. Speculators can only affect the actual transfer cost from ‘pen to pen’ as they say—that is to say the transfer of ownership of the physical product. Much of the oil they trade never leaves storage containers—i.e., trading 5 million barrels of Saudi oil for 5 million that remains in the ground in Texas via ‘deposit in the National Strategic Oil Reserve.’

        This system leads to small anecdotal nightmares: some years ago (gas prices will date it for you) while going to a job off-shore for Shell Oil Company, I stopped to get gas in south Louisiana in a tiny little town with what was then the largest oil refinery on earth. I stopped at a Shell station just across the street from the refinery—a novel arrangement really—it had no underground tanks but was tapping gas and diesel at the pumps from above-ground tanks across the street in the refinery curtilage. “Regular” gas was $2.10 a gallon there at a time when even mom-and-pop grocery stores were selling the same gas from the same company for 89 cents per gallon. Back then, we were banging the drum of ‘transportation cost’ that was recycled into ‘getting the oil/gas products to the market.’ No transportation costs here, yet the price difference. I suspect Shell was trying to recoup some of the money they paid out to service companies, as most who stopped there were oil field hands, etc.

        I once worked a well near Yantis, Texas that came in at 4.4 long tons of sulfur, 3,300 gallons of brine, 11,000 cubic feet of natural gas and 440 barrels of oil—daily and un-stimulated! It was a gold mine for the producers. They put a big ‘Christmas Tree’ (production head) on it, closed all the valves and moved the rig without spending another dime in production cost. Two years later, the valves were still shut and there was no ‘hammer head’ and no tank. The well was capped, part of the US Strategic Reserve. How did they recoup their production capital? The government paid them in Saudi oil, ownership transferred by pen.

        This is not oil that will take 20 years to produce—as this administration claims—and it is not being produced. It is being ‘reserved.’ I am personally aware of several hundred such wells. Back then, we felt it a wise strategy concerning a finite resource to use ‘theirs instead of ours.’ But, with the new assessments of the Bakken Field reserves and after years of seeing how the Saudis manipulate us politically and the price we pay politically on a global scale, I have new doubts of continuing such a strategy.

        One thing that adds to the price that has not been thoroughly examined is taxes:

        state gas tax (NC) $.389
        federal gas tax .184
        total tax at the pump= 57.3 cents (2012)

        But in the total tax scheme, this does not tell the whole story because everyone in the business of transporting, producing and selling a finished product, gas in this case, recycles or passes on taxes and fees they pay to the consumer at the pump.

      • Thor


        Having some experience in production costs and so forth, I’d say that at any given time the combination of federal excise tax, sales tax and the other taxes passed on to the consumer at least double the cost of gas at the pump. This being so, it means more money for government expenditure: if one is a member of this administration, what’s not to like about doubling the price of gas?

        Knowing we have enough domestic oil to meet our needs for the next 200 years, I have to wonder it the price we are paying economically and in global political capital is worth it.

      • http://windstream Joe

        Mary, this president wants the oil and gas prices to go up so that he can continue his agenda. He is promoting (his) energy agenda. He wants people to believe the lie that it is all the fault of Wall Street, the Bankers, Commodities traders, or everyone but him at fault. Oh, he isn’t alone in this agenda. He has folks in front of him and behind him who are financing him. That is the simple fact. He arrogantly tells the American people that” he would not want the oil prices to go up since it would not help his campaign for reelection.” He isn’t at all concerned with that. Since he was put in the White House by fraud and is being kept there by deception. If you are believing his lies then you are welcome to the consequences. The rest who do not buy it do not deserve this mess and I pray he is long gone this next election or America as we know it will be. ( If this is posted I will believe in miracles. Especially since most of my post about this creepy smile in a suit that some call president has been in office my post are censored.)

      • Richard Holmes

        oslambutt allowes this to continue because they give him money so they can keep robbing the rest of us. These speculators are lefty liberals just like monkeyman.

      • JeffH

        DaveH…again you’re right on. I watched a nice piece on Varney & Co. this morning and they stated the same thing. Spectulation has no bearing on our gas prices.
        Policy & the devaluation of the dollar do have a tremendous effect on gas prices.

        Once again the nation is experiencing gas prices exceeding $4.00 per gallon and as predictable as the sun rising in the East, Obama claims there are no easy fixes and that the real solution is the forced development of alternative energy — after all the United States has only 2% of the world’s oil reserves. This is not only demagoguery of the worst sort but an outright lie.

        1982 – 2010 the United States has increased its consumption by 3.6 million barrels per day. In the meantime America has decreased its domestic production by nearly 3.0 million barrels per day.

        The United States is sitting on the world’s largest untapped oil reserve. A natural resource that would not only mitigate the over $400 Billion sent overseas to other countries but could create untold millions of jobs and put the country on a sound financial footing.

        The untapped reserves are estimated up to 2.3 Trillion barrels, nearly three times the reserves held by the OPEC countries and sufficient to meet 300 years of demand, at today’s levels — for auto, truck, aircraft, heating and industrial fuel, without importing a single barrel of oil.

      • Old Henry

        Soooo, how’s that whole Hopey-Changey thing workin’ out for ya?

      • E. Katevatis


      • katrael59ganaiden

        Many things drive prices up and I’ve read some of them in the replies to your comment and I also agree that futures trading leads to some of it. Short supply is a leading cause but let’s not forget one of the real problems and that is a fiat currency supply. which drives the price of everything up. Inflation, pumping more paper and digital currency into the system, can only lead to higher prices. This inflation doesn’t mean much to us when our incomes increase along with the real rate of inflation. The problem of stagnant or falling wages are of real concern to most Americans who are finding it harder to maintain a lifestyle that they are accustomed to.

      • Steve B

        Hello, like it or not the real cause of the higer prices is the Federal Government and their current fiscal, environmental and other policies:

        These are the Fed’s own words.

        Also, as long as the American $ continues to slide – the price of Oil will go up along with everything else.

        It is also rather foolish to *not* be independent for our fuel. To depend on foreign nations for something vital to our security and survival is not wise. You wonder about high prices – it currently costs roughly $2.75 per gallon in transportation costs to bring in oil from the middle east.


    • Robert Hirschmann

      On January 20, 2012 I wrote the following letter to my congressman, Joe Heck.

      Letter to Congressman Joe Heck 1-20-2012
      With all the underhanded and unconstitutional things this president is
      pulling, how come nothing is being done about it? Sure, I get letters
      from you and others saying that I am right and the president shouldn’t
      be doing this or that but nobody is doing anything about it!

      It seems to me that the oath of office “to defend and uphold the
      constitution” is sacred. Since he has ignored and bypassed that document
      every chance he’s gotten wouldn’t that be perjury? I think it’s treason!

      Is the president above the law? Why hasn’t congress started impeachment
      proceedings against him? He is destroying this country and nothing is done
      about it!! I, along with the vast majority of Americans, do not want to
      live under a dictatorship!!

      And that, my dear congressman, is why the public attitude is that we vote
      out everybody in congress. Nobody believes there is anyone with guts enough
      to stand up against him. How can you possibly believe that we can spend

      our way out of this mess with money we don’t have? The majority of
      Americans do not want “Obamacare”. We need oil independence. (i.e.
      The Keystone pipeline and Alaska). We need less regulation on companies
      and lower taxes on them so they will start hiring again. We need to bring
      our companies back from overseas. We need people in congress TO DO

      What say you?

      01/15/2012 at 8:30 am

      I’m still waiting for an answer!

      • Michael

        Good luck with that wait. I wrote basically the same letter to Rep Lamar Smith and the silence has been deafening.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Right on Brother!! He needs to be impeached for Treason! To intentionally destroy our country is TREASON as I see it…There are many of us knowing and waiting for something or anything to happen in putting an end to this BS! We will never surrender our country to a dictator! We have to organize and be united in this cause to defend our country and constitution! We can’t do it with chat

      • DG

        I have read on this blog that there is a shadow government with a document similar to our real constitution and that those in office swear to it and not the original. So, if that is the case and the government has indeed been usurped, then Obama would not have to be a natural born citizen under that scenario. Correct? OR he is doing the bidding of both parties in destruction of America. That might prove out as correct since both parties make out like the bandits.

        There are only two ways to make a nation…build one or destroy it, then apply the first. It appears both parties are actively in the process of distruction.

      • Richard Holmes

        I am with you 100 %. So what do we do? Hang them shoot them or drag htem out and stone them? Just asking.

      • http://clarenceswinney clarenceswinney





        TOP RATE IS 35%


        CUT THAT TAX!!!!

      • Old Henry

        Mr. Petters, remember Little Barry promised in the campaign the FUNDAMENTALLY change the United States. He is simply fulfilling his promise.

        This is what the majority of voters voted FOR.

        It knows that It can work with impunity.

      • Old Henry

        Richard Holmes:

        In answer to your question: Yes, yes and yes…

        And….. in that order.

      • William Mizell

        It is very frustrating; you write your congressman, sign partition and reply to conversation on blogs and the tide of the liberal left wing of Obama’s administration keeps coming. Most Americans want the government system to work to make the changes demanded by the majority, which I believe are conservatives and simply want to raise their families in peace and hope for a better future for their children. But more and more everyday believe that future is being stolen. Thomas Jefferson said:
        “I predict future happiness for Americans, if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them.”
        ― Thomas Jefferson “Government big enough to supply everything you need is big enough to take everything you have. The course of history shows us that as a government grows, liberty decreases.” Thomas Jefferson
        History and Thomas Jefferson tells us what is really happening here today, gas prices are only the symptoms of a illness and sometimes cutting out the disease organ is the only cure.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        I don’t think the word “destroy” is the right word for what Obama and his ilk want. They need this country to be intact. They want to “subjugate” as they believe it’ll be easier to do that than it would be to “replace” the current population. They found a very effective tool and that is the hypnotizing effects of television. The radio was used for the same thing but wasn’t as effective as television.

      • Preston Weiters Jr.

        3/8/12, Dear Mr. Hirschmann, In 2008 when I was just hearing this buzz about a “Barack Obama,” (Bara-who?), it didn’t take me long to dislike & otherwise despise this character. The guy campaigned on screwing us like we’ve never been screwed before. “Fundamentally change” this nation & fuel must “necessarily skyrocket” were then, & still are, the order of the day.

        How stupid did some of us have to be? 18 year olds, blacks, women, environmentalist radicals, etc. bought it. Let’s drop the gas price for a moment, I’m retired & drive a Caddy, but I don’t need to commute every day like when I was working.

        If you’re unfortunate enough to heat your home with oil, as I do, you’re really getting hosed. I’m grateful for mild weather this season, so I use less. This is, as is, ruinous for many people. You pass a gas station that sells diesel; the diesel price is your fuel oil price. This alone, without any other factors, such as manufacture; transport; commutation; construction, is a deal breaker as far as this admin is concerned. $5., $6., $8./gal. fuel is simply unsustainable. We are in serious trouble–worse so if this Communist gets re-elected.

        • Maurice Richard

          Let’s face it the only reason you hate the president is he is BLAcK.

    • flashy

      while the author is entitled to his opinion, any knowledgable follower of the policies and geo-political forces at work know the conclusion higher prices is the goal of President Obama is nonsense.

      Excerpts from the NYT’s…
      = Domestic crude oil production: up from 5.4 million barrels a day in 2004 to 5.59 million now
      = Imports have dropped by more than 10 percent in the same period. = Despite a temporary slowdown in exploration in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP oil disaster, the number of rigs in American oil fields has quadrupled over three years.
      = There have been new discoveries and the administration has promised to open up more offshore reserves. To say that Mr. Obama has denied industry access is nonsense.

      Equally nonsensical is the Republican claim that Mr. Obama’s proposed repeal of $4 billion in annual tax breaks for the oil and gas industry – whose five biggest players posted $137 billion in profits last year – would drive prices upward. As is Newt Gingrich’s claim that a proposal now taking shape in the Environmental Protection Agency, and fiercely opposed by refiners, to lower the sulfur content in gasoline would add 25 cents to the cost of a gallon. Agency experts say it would add about a penny. ”

      Now think about that. As well, what is the call this past week from the GOP Presidential candidates? Why….nothing less and nothing more than the policies this administration is ursuing, cloaked in different language.

      facts are facts. None but the most ignorant, the ones refusing to have reason overcome fear and hate, or those with the most robotic of minds can state President Obama has failed in his energy policies and begun our transition away from oil dependency and, thus, dependence upon forign influences.

      • parkmanaa

        FLASHY, you completely forgot to mention the positive impact of the Keystone pipeline, both for additional crude oil and also for the jobs it would create.
        You sound like a dyed-in-the wool Obama supporter and an extreme environmentalist.

      • flashy

        Park…Keystone adding jobs is an illusion, a lie disseminated by special interest groups and political hacks. At most, at any one time, a few thousand will be working on the pipeline. few new jobs will be added as those working the pipeline construction will be transfers from other completed projects.

        Second, the amount flowing through the pipeline is neglegible overall. A drop in the bucket so to speak.

        Third, when there are refineries literally ON THE BORDER with Canada, you must ask why is the pipeline needed to go to the Gulf Coast and the seaports?

        Fourth…an amendment which would have required the oil flowing through Keystone to be used domestically was fought tooth and nail by industry lobbyists and rejected by the GOP House. Why would that be?

        I, and most environmentalists (I do not count myself as a Green) would have no objection to Keystone if it was built to send the product to thiose refineries on the border with Canada. Those states could use the jobs of the refineries expanded to handle the load. Yes, industry has screamed about the cost of expanding those refineries…omitting the fact that it would be much less of a cost (AND add more jobs) than building the pipeline across the continent.

        Up through May 2000, North Slope Oil was exported. In May 2000, President Clinton issued an Executive Order permitted by legislation that stopped the export of the oil. It can be overturned by Congressional fiat. However, that avenue of halting exports from other oil states and the Gulf via Exec, Order is not available. And Congress has turned back any attempt to extended that authority. Thus, the largest export from the US last year was ….gasoline.

        THE US EXPORTED 430,000 MORE BARRELS OF GASOLINE PER DAY than it imported in September, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

        When you pull up to the pump today or tomorrow, and pay the price. think about that fact. Congress refuses to limit the exporting of gasoline from the US. President Obama has requested the authority two years running. It never makes it out of the House.

        Think about that. And as you pay the price, you may thank your GOP House.

      • DG

        If you tax a corporation it will pass on the tax as a higher price of product, reduce ROI to share holders or cut back on wages and slash jobs to keep competitive in the market…econ 101. Go back to school and learn before you expose yourself more to those that read with interest.

        With the increase in price of gas tax revenue will increase as well since it is a % of the price. So more tax on the public without a vote.

        Must we really educate you every day?

      • parkmanaa

        Flash, you are so da@@ed smart why aren’t you up there with your idol running this country, with ambitions of being king of the WORLD.

        You seem to be able to rationalize everything this Kenyan, illegal alien does.
        I only hope enough voters will see through all this B.S. and send him back to
        wallow in Chicago style corrupt politics next January.

        He, and his cabinet, cannot possibly know how to handle the business in this country.
        He,FOR SURE, and most of his cabinet, never worled for a profit-making company;
        (not even part-time at a 7-Eleven), they always rode on the backs of the taxpayers.
        He only knows how to be an advocate for the people who will vote for him; not the
        people making the money to support those losers in this country.


      • Thor

        “Keystone adding jobs is an illusion, a lie disseminated by special interest groups and political hacks.”

        flashy, your ‘illusions’ are in fact delusions. I worked on a pipe line and saw literally thousands of co-workers on a daily basis. You and your own “special interest groups and political hacks” need to explain how building a pipeline or building anything else doesn’t create jobs when it takes thousands of people to do it.

        As for taxes and transportation costs, you and your cronies know nothing of the actual practicalities and your facts and figures are boiler-housed in progressive think tanks. There’s an illusion for you.

        First of all, a pipeline is the fastest way to transport the most product! No stoplights and railroad crossings, etc. Crude oil is cheaper to transport than a refined product any day of the week for many reasons—insurance cost, product liability, road tax, sales tax, federal excise tax, state tax. Did you know that trucking companies have to purchase the oil they transport for insurance liability reasons and then sell it again at the refinery? There is another tax each time it is bought and sold.

        What you don’t seem to know about the process would fill volumes. Perhaps you should actually do some of the research yourself. Don’t try to lecture people who have actually worked in the industry with facts and figures generated by bean counters who’ve never had a real job.

      • Freedom Gary

        Flashy, you say it is nonsense that OBUMMER wants higher prices at the gas pumps, well you need to look at his earlier speaches he said ( He would like to see the price of fuel the same as it is in Europe $5.00/ gal) that was approximately two years ago. No I am not going to do your work for you and give you the link, git off you but and do it. But I have the feeling you already know that and wont look any way you will just try to say something stupid as you always do to try to miss lead the issue to something else.

      • Ken

        Oil imports have dropped 10% because the gasoline price went up dramatically since Obama took the office and the economy has shrunk along with the use of oil. Now that is something to truly be proud of don’t you think. The total number of people employed has dramatically dropped year after year under your false God, Obama.

      • Jimbo

        If Obama doesn’t want gas prices to rise, why appoint an energy secretary who has publicly stated he wants gas go up to $8 per gallon? Why wouldn’t Obama immediately fire him? Obama also knew the bombing and war in Libya would disrupt oil supplies, but he did it anyway. Now Libya is overrun with warloads and terrorists, and it will be years before they ramp production back up..

        For a guy who supposedly wants us all to conserve fossil fuels, and save us from “global warming”, Obama sure sets a poor example. We’re all supposed to drive Toyota Prius’s or bicycle to work. He doesn’t make any allowance for the work we do, the quality of our roads, or regional climates. Meanwhile, whenever he travels anywhere, he fires up two identical copies of Air Force 1, and lets his wife fly a separate plane.

        While GW Bush also had a big, gas guzzling limo, Obama’s has been drastically upgraded. Some people have stated that the bullet proof windows are 6″ thick, and the car weighs over 8000 lbs. It’s been rumored to get a whole 4 MPG. And he takes a whole fleet of vehicles with him wherever he goes. Like our members of Congress, he gets all his gas and vehicles free, courtesy of the taxpayers. How can these guys even understand what we face?

        You should know I am an equal opportunity critic of Presidents. When Katrina hit New Orleans, thousands of people were stranded on rooftops for days for lack of helicopters. GW Bush had a brand new fleet of helicopters running continuously at various sites around the country, ready to go 24/7. He could have ordered his helicopters to fly to New Orleans and lower some rope ladders. I must have written the White House about that FOUR TIMES. He didn’t, because it was obvoius he didn’t care! Obama is just as bad. He could have offered his helicopters to help the people hit by the recent tornadoes. But he doesn’t care either. He’s to well taken care of to develop a connection with the common man.

        Obama’s a self centered egotist who lives by the motto, “Do as I say, not as I do!” Some people defend him, saying he’s better than Bush. If that’s their only argument, it’s a pretty poor justification for giving the guy another four years.

      • liberterian

        Your so very right, right or left someone would definitly be impracticle or insane. I don’t see him as a stupid nor a mean person. He has always been so practical.

      • DaveH

        Isn’t it odd that Flashman just happened to stop at 2004 for his starting comparison year?
        Well, not really, it’s the typical Flashman equivocation at work.
        He stopped at 2004 because every year earlier than that date all the way back to 1970 exceeded the US oil production for 2010 when it was 5.5 million barrels a day.
        Some samples:
        1970 — 9.6 million barrels a day (75% greater production than 2010)
        1980 — 8.6 million barrels a day (55% greater production than 2010)
        1990 — 7.4 million barrels a day (35% greater production than 2010)
        2000 — 5.8 million barrels a day (5% greater production than 2010)
        By the way. Anybody notice a trend here? In 1977 the Department of Energy was established (by Liberals like Flashman). It’s goal? To reduce or eliminate US dependence on Foreign Oil. They’ve done a bang-up job, haven’t they?

    • Maurice

      Why do you persist in spreading lies about President Obama. he is not a communist or a socialist. He wants to free the people from the Upper 1% who are bleeding the middle class.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So are you part of the middle class that O is fixing? So let’s see, if something is not broken it cannot be left alone but it has to be fixed and fixed again till it is broken.
        The reality is you have not a clue what the middle class is. Middle Class Americans are a go between economically and are preventing Tyranny from overtaking this country.

      • Robert Hirschmann

        It seems that all along Obama Ben Ladens goal was to destroy America. So far he’s done a great job of it. When he accomplishes his task he will declare himself the first dictator of the United States. This will be another Muslim nation with him as our new Mohammed. Won’t that be great?

        The congress should have impeached him a long time ago. Why haven’t they? I wish I had an answer to that. Obama has avoided, bypassed and basically ignored the Constitution and all it stands for. Yet he swore “to uphold and defend the constitution of the United States”. Did he swear it on the Holy Bible or the Koran? If on the Bible, since he is a Muslim, he probably feels that it is not a valid oath. If this is not impeachable I don’t know what is. I call it treason. And that is certainly impeachable.

      • Jimbo

        What’s bleeding people is the government!

        • Stephen


      • JUKEBOX

        How can something be a lie about his ideals, when he has espoused them out of his own mouth? Oh yes, I remember, nearly everything Obama says is a lie!

    • Old Henry

      Are you sure its name is Obama FreedomFighter? No one seems to know nor can it be proven.

    • I. R.

      as long as the rest of americans play by the rules, but let Obama sets his own rules, he’ll be advancing his agenda. A conservative with a pascifist spirit is no diferent than a chicken.

    • Ranger

      Dear Mr. Myers:

      With your background in the oil industry, I’m surprised that you aren’t more aware of the fact that the recent spike in gas prices at the pump ($.40/gal overnight) has nothing to do with Obama’s energy policies (there’s been NO recent increase in demand, and supplies are up, and the U.S. produces over 80% of our domestic needs; in fact we’ve recently become an energy “exporter” rather than importer). Granted, Obama has many shortcomings, but this surge in price at the pump cannot in all fairness be laid at his doorstep. I’m sorry if “facts are such inconvenient things” for you but recent gas price jumps are solely the responsibility of Wall Street “speculators” and traders, who are “betting” (still gambling) that oil prices “will” go up. These bets do not reflect current realities, and of course the “Streeters” are hedging their bets. The only thing that’s obvious in this whole mess is that we still don’t have enough controls over “Loose cannon” GOP backers on Wall Street!

      • doug mlyn

        at least somebody is talking with some sense. I have seen gas prices shoot up almost $1.00 in a matter of a month. You can’t tell me that all of a sudden Obama’s policies have caused gas to shoot up that quickly, when our supply of oil is UP and demand is DOWN, these are proven facts. If the price of oil is based on supply and demand, then how does this equate. Yes Obama has done some things like sign the NDAA act which is a direct assault on the constitution, which Romney and all of our great congressman wholeheartedly supported. Everyone should write their congressman not blame Obama for high gas prices.

      • DaveH

        Speculators and Traders can only affect short term prices, Ranger. The only explanation for long term price increases is a drop in supply, an increase in demand, or an increase in the supply of our fiat currency. It is the latter which is currently driving our oil prices up. The blame lies squarely with the Federal Reserve.
        For some excellent insight into the driving force behind our economic calamities, please read this:

      • Old Sarge

        Oil supply is up but there are several problems and the Wall Street speculators do not have any effect on the long term prices. A big factor is the constant increase in our debt with China and the fact that more and more money is being printed. This plays a large role in the value of the U.S. Dollar dropping faster, than it has in the past, and that has a lot to do with the raise in gas and oil prices. The devaluation of our dollar means it can’t buy what it did four years ago. We have the oil. We just don’t have the refineries we used to have and it has been many years since the last one was built. The EPA, Green Peace and the Sierra Club are working hand in hand to make sure that no more refineries are built in the U.S and to get more closed down. A big part of the blame goes directly in Obama’s lap.

      • Larry Hunley

        When The People Fear Their Government, There is Tyranny, When The Government, Fears The People, There Is Liberty.” Thomas Jefferson.

    • eddie47d

      Rick Santorum’s quote above is an outright lie but listen to the sheeple here taking it to heart. Santorum must also be a desperate man to feed us so much baloney in one sentence.

    • Steve

      Hello Everyone, There is much speculation as to the “whys” of the higher gas prices. The comments about the President wanting higher prices come not from “rhetoric”, but come from his own mouth and his “Energy Czar” – Dr. Chu. President Obama, before elected, when asked about rising fuel prices said that he didn’t “have a problem with them rising, just how fast they got there.” Here is a quote from words from Dr. Chu when asked about the government “doing anything” about the gas prices: “…no intention of trying to lower the price of oil or the price of gasoline,…” and, indeed he was clear about a goal of “European” prices before he became Secretary. Watch the video at . Whether or not you like Newt, he is only repeating what has been stated by these individuals.

      Also our quickly plummeting greenback – which the price of a barrel of oil is tied to – is also causing the prices to be higher because our dollar is worth LESS! You need look no further the the Federal Government’s fiscal policies for part of the reason fuel prices – and everything with it – are rising. For some food for thought, see article .

      As for the “greedy “big oil”, what our Prez DOES NOT tell you, when he mentions their “obscene” profits, is that for every $Billion an oil company makes in profit, the Federal Goverment takes in upwards of 3 $Billion in fuel taxes – and then these oil companies additionally pay their own taxes that can be in excess of 40% on those “billions” they earn. So our Prez points the finger at “Oil” for making a profit while the Feds take in over 3 TIMES what the oil company earns and then taxes the living daylights out of those earnings! It’s like a guy mugging someone for $30 while he points the finger at the a legitimate vendor down the street who is taking in a $10 profit from customers.

      Final point: I came to this nation from Canada. I wanted to and still want to live in “America” – NOT Canada-Lite, or Diet-Europe – but A M E R I C A!!! Please, please…there are plenty of countries on this earth – if you like what they have/do – emigrate there – America is/was unique in the world – if it wasn’t, people wouldn’t want to come here. Leave America intact, with fiscal responsibility, a free people not dependant on their government, and a Constitutionally limited *small government* – they’re regulating your light bulbs in your our own homes for crying out loud – bring back LIBERTY!

    • Bill Morris

      Let’s try TRUTH for a change. Here’s headline news from this week:
      “On the day after Super Tuesday, the federal Energy Information Administration came out with a striking fact: in 2011, the United States, for the first time since 1949, exported more petroleum products than it imported.” WE EXPORTED MORE OIL than imported. Five years ago, with BUSH in the White House, I was in Prudhoe Bay, AK watching giant tankers loading up American Crude to EXPORT it to Japan, China, etc. DICK Cheney said, before we foolishly invaded Iraq, that IRAQI OIL would pay for the war. LIES, LIES, LIES and more LIES. Get real you IDIOTS or we’ll LOSE this election too! We can’t win elections by insulting the intelligence of fellow Americans.

      • bigjeff1

        No chance, my man. These folks live in some alternate reality where data and facts are only meant to be bent and twisted and distorted or ignored so they can convince themselves that their plight is somehow caused by Obama or the govmint. Just the simplistic use of a chart that tracks gasoline prices starting in 2010 instead of 2000 to “prove” that Obama has somehow made the prices go up is evidence enough.

  • s c

    What the current prez is trying to tell us is that he’s not responsible for the skyrocketing price of gas. In some places, that’s considered words from “above.” In the real world, it’s a LIE.
    While it’s true that the State Department oversees the approval or disapproval of pipelines crossing the borders, it is the Interior Department that stifles oil production in America. And WHO tells the Interior Department what to do and why? People, that’s Obummer, The Liar-in-Chief.
    Let him LIE all he wants. If his jockstrapper followers think he’s doing America any favors or making America “better” by letting gas prices go up, he’s warped and they’re just as warped as he is.
    HOW are high gas prices helping America? If gas goes to $7.50 a gallon, HOW does that make green energy exist or be available? You can’t use that which doesn’t exist! Are we supposed to remain silent when only those with deep pockets and politicians have access to gas? Can ANYONE be so stupid as to let that happen? What about the working POOR, prez? Is THIS how you CARE?
    People, the yahoo in the W H hasn’t hesitated to let food prices go up. He hasn’t done SQUAT to keep a lid on gas prices. You lemmings who elected that Alinskyite are also to blame for this infamy. Nowhere to hide, slimers.
    Try to tell yourselves that everything bad that comes from this criminal administration is an accident or GB caused it. Reality is on its way, and neither the W H nor Obummer’s prostituted lemmings will get out of this one. No more, scum.

    • Oh Dear

      Yeah, just who was it that voted for the current incumbent ?

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Why don’t you tell us? I doubt that many of the visitors to this site voted for Obama, except for the fact that many of them probably wrote in Ron Paul, which was actually a vote for Obama. Not that McCain would have been much better.

      • DaveH

        Actually, Crony Capitalist, Ron Paul will probably draw more people from the disaffected Democrat ranks than from the Disappointed Republicans.
        Read this and weep, CC:

    • http://firefox wog1

      Obviously, Obama does not care about the poor. When he says he does he is lying. His actions indicate otherwise. Gasoline at $8 per gallon will cripple the economy and all of America including the poor.

      • DaveH

        The Leaders can see the finish line (Totalitarianism) and they are getting overly anxious to get there before the awakening dark horse American voters can steal victory from them.

  • revnowwhilewecan

    What’s the deal with Arpaio’s investigation in Arizona? I understand that some states are leaving him off of the ballot and more are following, no? Is it a conspiracy or does it hold water? If it does have weight, who’s protecting the sheriff? We have to get Obama, or whatever his name is, out of office before he declares martial law and shuts the polls down!

    • Vicki

      Declaring martial law would be kinda tough if you don’t have people to back it up. Obama will need a really large false flag event to get the Military and Civilians to all agree to martial law.

      • http://none Claire

        Vicki–I agree.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        Obama’s brown shirts are the T.S.A. employees. I flew from St. Louis to Denver yesterday, and they were making ALL passengers go through the X-ray scanners. I had recently visited my D.O. and asked him about the dangers of this equipment. He advised me to avoid them if possible. I refused the X-ray and opted for the pat down. I told the young man that next time I would demand a female do the pat down, because I am homo-phobic.

      • http://firefox wog1

        Yes but that means a war and that means civil unrest which is exactly what he wants. Then he can justify what he is doing at least in his own mind.

      • flashy

        CB…if you get a TSA woman doing the pat down…ask if she gets her contraceptions paid via health insurance. That way you’ll know if she’s a whore and a slut or not to help with the thrill.

      • Freedom Gary

        Vicky, you need to put down the cool aid he doesn’t need a fause flag they put the method in to place on 3/5/2012 when they made it againest the law to assemble or protest on Government property or anywhere that the Secrete Service is protecting any one. Which allows them to ban anyone form doing this anywhere in the world, so now you have no direct regress to the Government at anytime. That will start what they need to call for martial law. With that move they removed the first Admendment as an obstacle.

      • eddie47d

        Dental X-Rays can be more unhealthful than those TSA machines and watch out for the mercury at the DO office. Then again Gasoline is the choice of arsonists. ( had to get back on topic)

    • JP

      The OWS mob will shut down the elections, that’s what they’ve been training for. How many voters will endure the harassment and risk physical danger from screaming OWS protesters surrounding the polls November 6th? Remember the Blank Panthers in Philadelphia that intimidated voters during the 2008 election? The Justice Department dropped prosecution efforts and sent a very clear message that voter intimidation is no longer a crime.

      • Karolyn

        OMG! And from what prognosticator did this come from? You surely didn’t think up this weird scenario all by yourself.

      • DaveH

        Is an ad hominem attack the best you can do, Karolyn?

      • Karolyn

        Dave – I do not consider that an attack. I consider what I wrote indictment of people who think they know what the future holds.

      • DaveH

        Karolyn says — “You surely didn’t think up this weird scenario all by yourself”.

        You don’t consider calling his beliefs weird an ad hominem attack, Karolyn?
        Why does that not surprise me?

      • Karolyn

        Dave – In looking at some of your responses below, you cannot seriously believe you should call someone on ad hominem attacks! I don’t generally personally attack people by saying things like “By the way, Tony, I’ve seen enough of your comments to know that your ears are bookends to a vacuum.” (per Dave). All I said was that the poster had weird ideas – NO COMNPARISON!

      • DaveH

        The difference, Karolyn? Tony drew First Blood. I treat people like they treat me. You can’t say that about your unprovoked attack.

      • DaveH

        You’d best trash that magic mirror, Karolyn. It’s lying to you.

    • john

      AMEN, and well said.

    • TIME

      My friend Martial Law has been in place since 1860, so its not just the O man its the whole system, by the way its also every AMERICAN who shares the blame.
      I will post this yet again {{if any of you wish to really wake up then please do invest just 50 hours}} and you will have a very good start.

      Here are just a few youtube feeds that will aid you with a real WAKE UP.

      **Season of Treason 1 – 3 this will set the bones in place so you can understand what the base problem is, aka — the real flat tire.

      **All of Billy Foust youtube feeds, these will bring it all together so you can work your way out of the system that your keeping alive, yes its’s all of US who keep this beast alive thus you all are guilt of all the very crimes many of you say you find so nasty.
      ** Also Winston Shroud, whom Billy learned all the base intel from

      **Then when you want to get the bone of why the system trains US to be stupid, watch the 5 hours of; John Taylor Gatto

      ** Also read — The 13 Bloodlines, get the book or just do the work yourself.
      ** Look in to the Rockefeller’s, The Rothschilds and their Bank of London.

      ** Age of Deceit Fallen Angels and the NWO. With this you can understand what the religion is that these people follow, if you don’t understand them then they win!

      All the intel above is in Doucment form, ((as in written in their own words,)) but I will say this yet again you will need “BLACKS LAW” book’s to really ____understand the words values within the noted Doucments that make the very laws / acts of public policy that your to follow.,

      As I said, when you really want to wake up, you will have to understand that, we are the EVIL, as we allow it to grow.

      Your call people, will you really stand up and do the right thing?
      Or will you all Piss and Moan its all the Progressives etc..D v R or vote for the lesser of two evils?
      Do you really like being in a PEOPLE FARM?
      Do you really think that the ” Bill of Rights applies to you?
      Do you really think that the “Original Constitution” has been followed in the last 150 years?

      If so, saddly your only fooling yourself, this really is a case of Ocam’s razor.

      Again the American people are the ones who have not only the Blood on your hands, but you also keep feeding the very beast you claim to hate so much.
      Can I make it any more clear?
      If not, then perhap you may wish to just take a few class’s at the Omega Workshop so you can become good little followers.

      Peace and Love to all —- even the ones who will not wake up.

      • revnowwhilewecan

        Time: Thanks for the info but my point was that we have to start somewhere and to get Obama out is one way. I was being sarcastic with the martial law comment as I am well aware that a (mostly un-noticed) form of it already exsists. I’m well aware of the zionist/Rothschild movement that has funded both sides of every conflict since the 1600′s in Austrian royalty but goes back MUCH further. I spend hours and hours on MSM blog sites trying to get the message out that the issues are not partisan/religous/sexist or any other reason they try and use to divide and conquer. Thanks again for the info. Too much is never enough. Here’s the way I see it and where I think it’s going. It was written by Brandon Levon who is now dead for trying to spread the good word. If you haven’t watched it, let me know what you think. Sharing is caring. :)

      • Maryland Freestater

        Wow! – Interesting piece you’ve written here, “Time”.

        I’ve been spending waaaaaay too much time on YouTube since Thanksgiving – I’d never really sat down and watched it before then – and the truth is I HAVEN’T A CLUE WHAT THE TRUTH REALLY IS ANYMORE! This has been my primary source of info about things happening.

        But I DO know this – most, if not all the media can NOT be trusted to tell the truth or pursue an honorable agenda: the Left is absolutely insane and has bullied and bamboozled the public into following their sheiss-spiel, The President, who blew in almost out of nowhere, is either a totally inept fool, a monster OR a puppet to a ‘dark hand’; There is some kind of existential war going on below the radar between Humanity and some indeterminate ‘Others’, who may be human, aliens, extra-dimensional or demonic. And as soon as one stops believing the corporate line, this is some sort of a wake-up call with the risk of becoming a target of those who benefit from our dormancy, or labelled an idiot for being ‘different’ And, this has been happening since at least the early 20th century. Finally, let’s not even talk about sources of energy that have been forcibly suppressed by the Powers-That-Be.

        What I’ve learned is to apply rational thought – analyze for myself, and ask WHO and WHY. We ALL need to ask WHO because we need to know who is behind all this chicanery, and WHY so we can focus on a solution top the problem. People in this country are aware something is seriously wrong with things but don’t understand why because they don’t (or won’t!) understand the issues. Self-education, my fellow Zombies, self education.

        I used to get stroke-enabling angry with ‘liberals’ – but recently I realized they’re just as deceived, if not moreso, by the ‘Trickster’. I am going to read your links, Time, and let’s see what Rabbit-hole you lead me down now!

        The other day my wife told me about Monsanto’s ‘Terminator-seed” program, which she was told about and I’d never heard of before, and she told me, “y’know, I’m starting to believe that there IS some sort of vast conspiracy going on against Humanity – maybe you’re not such a big credulous idiot as I thought!” So if my wife, Mrs. Skeptic, who usually casts a baleful eye on my activities, feels this way then there IS something up.

      • TIME

        Good Day Rev,

        I will review that feed later today I have a few meatings to take in then I will have some free time.

        Saddly, the vast amount of people on the earth are being used for the labor they offer.
        The word that everyone really need to understand is; ” SERVITUDE” thats the very term that the 1860′s Congress used to sell all of us to the Centeral Bankers as chattel, then again in 1933.

        The US inc. place’s no value on the people of the 50 states that make up what we call America.
        The US Inc was set up as an ACT, all ACTS if not contested within a 30 year period of time become LAW.
        Watch all the bills that Congress brings forth, not a one is called a LAW, they are all called ACTS, thus Public Policy, not law, well that is until that 30 years goes by.
        Note only the 100% totaly controlled mass media hype calls them “LAWS.”

        Thats how the people of this nation got the FED, the IRS, and every other crazy thing thats gone on. We all are slaves, wage slaves but still slaves to the system. And yes the system is run by Criminals, really no better than the very ones that the RICO Act was passed for.

        Oddly that very ACT could in fact be used on every member of what most call Government. But again we don’t have a real government, we only have a De Facto form of such.
        Even many Congress people like Allen West – or Ron Paul have stated that right on the TV, but the people of the 50 states can’t understand the “WORD VALUES”
        So really the politicians could say what ever and people just go about doing what they do. They don’t get it, and saddly they don’t want to get it as it’s just so much more easy to see someone else get in trouble, after all its not them and has no effect on them.

        But what most fail to understand is that in TIME, it will effect everyone, just as the people
        of Germany stated, well they came from the mentaly unfit, then the political partys that I didn’t belong to, then the Jews, Then they came for me and there was no one left.

        Americans for the most part think they are Teflon, and that it just can’t happen here, well they are DEAD wrong!
        Again; in 1983 the ACLU went to Congress to complain that there were 50 different Media owners. Yet in 1993 that number came down to only 30 something, then again in 2003 that number was down to 18!
        As of December 2011 that number is now only 6………

        We make it more crazy by not thinking, by not knowning whats written by the hand that what your labor for FREE.
        Think of it this way we all work for the Company Store.

        Peace & Love.

        On the Omega Worhshops, look them up on line look over the who’s – who also who started it, then look at O man’s logo, just what do you have when you strip it away to just the base bones, > its an OMEGA.

      • TIME

        Good Day Maryland,

        The TRUTH with out a question seems very hard to find, so I quiet understand what your
        saying, hell I been there too.

        So here is a very good method for finding the {TRUTH} in anything. If you can find a Doucment thats been written by the hand of the ones who have commit evil on the Human Condition, then you have found a TRUTH.

        But again please understand that words have{{ TWO meanings,}} there is the ” normal ” And the “Legal” — the first is what most people think a word means, but saddly this will NEVER apply to any Doucment written by the hand of the NWO rulers puppets.
        Thats where a copy of Blacks Law book is so handy, look for an older copy pre 1990..

        Also just as with REAL science, one should be able to replicate your results with anyone who “really understands the WORDS values.”

        Keep in mind the old saying ” the PEN is MIGHTIER than the SWORD.”
        There is a very valid reason for that statment, just look at whats been done to just this nation with a simple pen.
        Most Americans have no clue whats really wrong, or why. So they blame the Puppet of the moment, was Bush 1 or 2 any better than say the O-man? NO.
        They are all the same, hell they ever are related to one an other.

        There is no differance between a R or D in the City State of DC.
        Also note that within all 3 City States the Power of the NWO is very strong,
        DC the Military,
        London the MONEY,
        Vatican City, the Religion, but please do keep in mind its not the Christian Faith that resides within those walls.

        Peace and Love

      • TIME


        Just a quick example of proving a truth, I had questions about a laywer named Orily Taitz, who by all media reports was noted as a “BIRTHER”, and was filing suits to get the O-man’s birth cirtificate.
        By all accounts that seemed logical that someone would take up that case afterall when you make yourself a magnet like the O-man has with lie after lie, let alone miss truths / utter rhetoric thats so transparent that even the blind can see through it.

        Well her cases were getting tossed out of one court room after an other.
        So I just opened up a Martindal Hubbel and looked her up, guess what? She is not in any of them!
        That means that she can’t bring a case of anything into a court room, as she can’t practice law! She is not a laywer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        So after a bit more digging I found she is not even who she claims she is, her real name is
        Ellie Wohl, and just who is that?
        Well She is the daughter of non other than Maurice Strong, and who is he?
        Well he is the Inventor of the Green Movment, who BTW, was also in the United Nations as a high level adminstrator, who by the way also stole hundreds of Million’s dollars from the UN………. But wait there’s even more he also worked for Goldman Saks!

        Also there’s even more, he also worked for David Rockefeller as his personal aid, but wait there’s even more, he also came over from Germany under “Opperation Paper Clip” after WW I I – BTW that was sponcered by The Rockefeller’s .
        He also worked for the Rothschild’s setting up the GREEN MOVMENT………
        Hey dig into the Rockeffeller’s I mean when they came over for Holland way back when
        now talk about the “”WOW”” factor.

        But wait theres even more, why on earth would someone who supports the O-man be making all the fuss about the O-mans Birth Certificate?
        Well low and behold as we all know every case was thrown out of court for lacking evidence, ok, but whats the deal with her not being a lawyer?
        Just how did she get a case into court in the first place, let alone a “Federal” court?

        Its called Finding a group of people to discredit, and just look at how well that worked out, now anyone who dare question the O-man is either a raicest or is some kind of freak for asking such a question..BTW, when your hooked in with that .01% anything is possible even 100% total FAKE MEDIA coverage! Say – what………

        Now you see how that works, when in fact anyone can be POTUS of the US inc, hell even Castro can be our Potus, why?
        Again – We don’t have a Government we have a Corporation and its called the United States Inc . it was set in place in 1871, thus we have a CEO and we can’t elect a CEO now can we? No, they are hired, and who hires them? Goldman Saks, its that simple, BTW, who also owns 3 of the major mass media outlets of the 6? Can you say Goldman Saks?

        So you see the Proof of TRUTH, is a digging thing and you just keep on digging and sooner or later you find TRUTH.

        Peace and Love, its really the only way.

      • John

        I have read whats on the new republic website, i have watched the videos, and I have to say that i have never seen a more delusional bunch of …well …..(insult removed).
        The internet is a meeting place for all different types of loons.

      • John

        More for your research Time lol:
        Here are the published data of her and yes, she is listed in the schools registry.

        Born August 30, 1962 (age 49)
        Kishinev, Moldavian SSR, USSR[1]
        Residence Laguna Niguel, California, U.S.
        Citizenship American[2]
        Alma mater Hebrew University, Taft Law School
        Occupation Dentist, lawyer
        Known for Filing lawsuits challenging Barack Obama’s eligibility to serve as President of the United States
        Home town Chişinău, Moldova (formerly Moldavian SSR)
        Political party Republican[3]
        Spouse Yosef Taitz
        Children 3 sons[4][5][6]

        So, so much for your story which is as much fiction as the rest.

      • TIME

        WOW — John, you sure are a real wiz.

        If you wish to use wikipedia for fact or valid info, you should just get out a 9 and end it, but please be sure you shoot straight up at the roof of your mouth, and please use a HP.

        **By the way people{ Wikipedia } is as accurate as the O-man is. Just for the record – you make up your profile to submit and its never vetted. John I sure hope your not a detective!!!!!!!!! LMAO at you .
        John really; I can’t thank you enough for proving my point, as nothing shows as well as the utter mindless ignorance you posted. Again thank you John Still Ling MBAO!

        As for understanding what happen to this nation if you find that the people who take the time to explain it to the American people loons, let alone by way of showing the very doucments written by the hand of the very ones who have done all the dirty deeds, WOW your a really a marvel amoung the mindless sheep.

        PEACE and LOVE, even to john

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      The media just left the Sheriffs’ birth finding go by the wayside..The media will now do everything it can to make the Sheriff be a kook! I believe the Sheriff did his homework! The mainstream media in my opinion is now Pravda! At the Summit in South america hugo chavez handed Obama with his book on how evil The USA is…Obama took it and commented he loves to read books and will read it …He should have threw it to the floor and told chavez to F off! instead he looked every bit the punk he was!

      • DaveH

        Punk has nothing to do with it. Obama admires Socialists.

      • John

        The media has to do nothing to show him a cook, he does it all by himself.

  • http://none Claire

    Wall Street is well known for fraud, abuse, and manipulation. Wall Street apparently is currently fighting a new rule that would crack down on speculation in the energy markets, which does contribute towards rising gas prices. From what I read, the U.S. supplies plenty of oil–the oil companies prefer to sell it to foreign countries because they make more money. This entire issue of rising gas prices is another form of fraud and abuse. And the oil companies are profitting from it. Same with food prices–the farmers sure as hell aren’t getting rich. Plain old greed it what it is and it will never stop.

    • Leo

      Well duh, that’s what companies are supposed to do. I doubt you know the difference between “profit” and “profit margin”.

      • Karolyn

        Yeah, companies are supposed to make money, but when it’s so over the top and on the backs of so many who are suffering these days, it’s obscene and immoral.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Maybe we should all stand in the welfare line and beg big daddy obama for our crumpets..big companies are Evil! they make all that money and hire people,,Wow! How insane is that! they are a threat to the welfare lines! Down with Greedy companies that hire all those stupid workers!!

      • DaveH

        Compared to third-world citizens, your salary is obscene. What are you going to do about that?

      • Karolyn

        What do I plan on doing about it, Dave? Actually, I am planning on increasing it so I can contribute more to the economy and to charities and to my efforts at making this a more hospitable world.

      • John

        DaveH, compared to the 3rd world Karolyn pays an obscene amount more for basic goods then the people in the 3rd world, what do you propose she do about that…. oh …wait, my fault… i know what you will do, post mises links and promote your utopian concept of free markets… never mind ….

      • http://none Claire

        Well, duh back at you.

      • DaveH

        Why is it, John, that your fallacious statement doesn’t surprise me?

      • Vicki

        Karolyn says:

        Yeah, companies are supposed to make money, but when it’s so over the top and on the backs of so many who are suffering these days, it’s obscene and immoral.

        Why? Did they put guns to your head and force you to give them all that profit? The government profit is 100% since they create nothing and spend everything they take in and borrow even more. If the profit of companies is obscene and immoral why is the 100% profit of government so acceptable to people?

    • Buzz75

      Plain old greed? The major oil companies hat Obummer loves to villify, pay on average 40% of their net income in Federal Taxes. And they earn about 6 to 7 percent profit on gross sales. You have been inhaling the koolaid!

      • Smilee

        The top corporate tax rate is 35% and that is on taxable income not net income which is much less than net. You full of bs.

    • DaveH

      Oil speculators are only anticipating future Oil prices. They can only affect prices in the short term, and if their educated guesses are wrong then they must unravel their positions which again causes only a short term change in prices in the opposite direction.
      Oil companies will sell their Oil to the highest bidder, as any of us would do with our own property. But since Oil is a World commodity, if our producers try to sell Oil at an over-priced level to the foreigners they would just spurn American Oil and buy from some other World source. And our own Oil buyers would also buy from some other World source.
      If there are any shenanigans going on to manipulate prices, you can bet the Politicians are aiding them. Without Crony Politicians the Crony Capitalists would have no choice but to please the Consumers of their products or lose to their competitors.
      And you’re right, there is lots of Greed in the world, which makes it easier for Politicians to steer the voters around by their noses.
      For Free Markets, Limited Government, Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, and PEACE — Vote Libertarian!

      • Maryland Freestater

        DaveH, LIKE!

        VOTE LIBERTARIAN!!! and NOT just vote, but VOLUNTEER with your local USLP chapter at the county level. Very eye opening to work a Libertarian booth at an event in Baltimore – one of the ones I worked was at a Baltimore Zoo Gay Pride Fair was hilarious (intentionally and not) but hey – I put my time where my mouth was.

        Become active politically, even something as simple as envelope stuffing is a contribution. What attracted me to Libertarianism was that it seems it’s the only party that requires one to be thoughtful and contemplative, not just a kneejerk reactionary of either R or D parties.

        DaveH, don’t know ya but i like ya already!

        Viva Libertarianisma!

      • Bruce

        if we ship our oil to China rather than sell it here, the price stays up, our gov gets more money. And control of our oil can be transferred to China to pay our national debt. Sell our farm land to foreigners so they can have food, And we end up starving with no oil or food. The rest of the world does not like us and would love to destroy us. We have NO FRIENDS in the world.

  • Doc Sarvis

    The Keystone pipeline is still on the table just requireing more environmental review. From what I’ve heard from a congressional hearing it is not only environmental groups who have concerns about the pipeline, many residents in those states are very concerned about the pipeline coming through their communities and over their acquifers. Besides, the products from the oil in the Keystone pipeline would go to the highest bidder – not necessarily the U.S. – which translates to higher prices anyway.

    The truth is that prices go up when the greedy corporations want their record profits; multiplied by the fact that global demand for oil is going up while global supply, despite what the oil companies want us to believe, is going down. Another truth is that we have not been paying the real cost of gas at the pump for a long time. Our country subsidy of our oil habit has been long and deep – mostly paid out through the Dept. of Defense.

    This is the market push to move us off of oil as our main drug and to build more efficiencies into our way of life. A lot of Americans are afraid of this new world but true Americans see that it is past time to get out of the oil barrel as our main source of a lot of our energy needs.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Are you for real? I don’t want anything to do with your new world. Why don’t you take it, yourself, and your totalitarian friends and get the hell out of MY country?

      • Karolyn

        YOUR country?

      • Doc Sarvis

        To answer your first question; Yes, I am for real and it is time we faced up to the facts. You’re welcome.

      • Doc Sarvis

        …for Capitalist@B

      • G. H.

        What are you going to do? Kill everybody else in YOUR country? This is a democratic society and the USA is our country including you….you have to give and take, compromise is the word, and be civil about it. If you don’t like it go to Syria and live there or China where wages are about maybe $1 to $2 an hour.

    • Deerinwater

      thoughtful response Doc

      As summer approaches we commonly see these increases, it’s much like a long rubber band.

      Most of us don’t like these higher prices but without them, the incentives to cut our demand would not be strong enough to effect the chances the future requires.

      The market place is where this all plays out. People will refuse any change seen as unnecessary.

      Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas) is a mouth piece for the GOP, an empty shirt, Phill Gramm’s shoe in and will say anything that seen to advance her parties affiliation interest.

      Like Doc said, the Keystone deal is not dead, but it will have to get sweeter.

      America today is drilling and pumping more oil that it ever has as I understand it. While there has been an effort to curb natural gas production in response to over production and falling prices. As the market reacts this will change. I think we can count on it to happen that way.

      During “W’s” tenure, gas prices at the pump exploded as well, I don’t recall him doing much about it, while many of us felt that he should. Other the release held US reserves and what ‘easing” it might offer in the market place or some presidential decree, I not convinced any president can offer much sway to markets.

      Of course, we like to blame sitting Presidents for any and everything. feeling certain they are guilty of “something ” , where it be acting or failing to act.

      • Brad

        Deer in swamp

        Ta’ll liberal;s keep sayinmg Bush did nothing as this happened and that happened during his last 2 years in office you are correct. Mainly because it was 100% democtratoic house and senate. HE COULD DO NOTHING!!! Idot morons!!

      • Deerinwater

        Well, Brad, ~ whatever floats your boat, if you want to pass 8 year of blame on the 2 year democratic controlled 111th congress , be my guest.

        and it Deerinwater. It’s not complicated. It was crafted for people like yourself.

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        you’re right ! the dems had the house and senate the last two years of bushs’ adm..Thats when all the BS started! But also,The Bushs’,Clintons,Carter,McCain,are all in it together..The new world order! They have all of drinking your Koolaid!

      • Deerinwater

        Well, it doesn’t surprise me in the least to hear you say that when “all” the trouble started. I’ve no interested in attempting to correct you.

        I’d prefer you stay as you are, it’s working quite well.

    • DavidL

      I share your view, Doc. Where were all these paranoid rants when W. Bush had gas prices over $4.10? It wasn’t his fault anymore than it is Obama’s. This is the market pure and simple. Yes, speculators and “investors” are part of our system. We need to protect ourselves as much as possible by diversifying into many fuel sources. We better hurry before the Chinese and the Japanese eat our lunch as they did in the 80′s under Reagan before we came roaring back.. The paradigm has changed. When it does, everyone goes back to zero.

      • Rick

        David name One alternaitve fuel sourse for vehicles that is actually here and working pratically now? I will settle for one the technology is here even if the infastructure is not. Obviously electric cars are not a it. Solar is not it. Anything else? We need to have people that will think past the little petty crap and look for solutions for the real problems we have. So much energy has been spent on the dribble that came out of Rush Limbaughs mouth, for example. Or insurance being required to give Birth Control. it’as alol just distracting us from the real problems. Nearly 10% unemployment, Inflation, corrupt politicians, governement debit, crime , and more. we need to stop being distracted by these media hype stories that keep us looking away from where we need to be.

    • Lray

      Doc Sarvis for your information the Keystone pipeline is already there across Nebraska and one part goes east and the other ends in Cushing , OK the plan is to continue that line to the refineries in Texas also to increase the amount of oil for both directions

      • Maurice

        Yes and where will that oil go? across the ocean to foreign producers. We have produced more oil in the past 3 years and have cut our consumption. Do you get the picture dumb ass?

    • GRusling

      Sorry Doc, it appears you know little or nothing about the Oil and Gas industry. The “Greedy Corporations” you refer to (your slang for oil companies) make about 8% profit on their product, and if you think that’s a lot, take a gander at almost any other industry to see where you’re out of synch with reality. Apple Computer (for instance) makes over 40%, and the list goes on and on.

      Gasoline, by the way, is a “manufactured product” and not just a derivative of crude oil, which is nothing more than the “feed stock” for gasoline, just as it is for plastic, asphalt, motor oil and a long list of other products.

      Government subsidies? If you call writing off the cost of FINDING and DRILLING oil wells a “subsidy” you know nothing at all about business. Such “COSTS TO PRODUCE” every product on the market are a write-off for every business in America, and there are no “special subsidies” for the Oil and Gas Industry. That’s just a bogey-man politicians created and use to mislead the uninformed.

      Kay Bailey Hutchison is a moderate Republican Senator, serving her last term because she’s not running for re-election, probably because she expected to be challenged on the right and would probably lose such a challenge. The people of Texas are pretty well fed up with moderates, who like the status-quo and want it to continue.

      Nebraska is the only State which challenged the Keystone XL Pipeline, and their fears are easily addressed since the “aquifer” is already criss-crossed by many decades old pipelines. The danger of contamination from “modern” pipelines is minimal. Maybe they would like “ALL” pipelines removed from the area. That would raise their cost of Gasoline and all other petroleum products to something like “California” pricing, which I’ll bet they REALLY wouldn’t like!

      What we REALLY need to lower the price of gasoline in America is more refineries, but don’t try to get a permit to build one, because the federal EPA will never let such a permit pass…

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ok, I wish you guys would get it straight! Nebraska is NOT opposed to the pipeline! Nebraska was opposed to the route that Trans Canada wanted to use. There is already one Keysone pipeline running through the state. It runs through the eastern part of the state. It has only been in use a short while and has had several leaks, none catastrophic thus far but leaks nonetheless. The route they chose for the new pipeline ran right over the Ogalla Aquifer which supplies drinking water to the whole state. In addition the aquifer supplies irrigation water to all the food grown all the way south to Texas. Now, you must keep in mind this is not regular oil that they are shipping. It is Tar Sands Oil. This is a very thick sludge that would not “run” through the pipes. So they have to “thin” it with chemicals to get it to “flow”. It is these chemicals that Nebraskans are afraid will pollute the only water we’ve got. The EPA asked TransCanada to disclose what substances are in these chemicals and Trans Canada has refused to disclose them. They say they don’t want their competitors to get this information. We all know that historically oil spills can be cleaned up. But we do not know what chemicals they are using and whether this will destroy our water forever. The western part of the state is known as “The Sand Hills”. The ground is very porous. ANY spill would immediately penetrate the ground and contaminate the Aquifer. There goes our WATER! Now the rest of the country may not care if we have water or not but what I think you should care about are the massive food shortages that would occur if the food grown throughout the entire middle section of our country were contaminated. Let me repeat, there have already been several leaks in the existing pipeline! Now I will just finish by saying, the number of jobs this would create has been greatly exaggerated for political reasons. The numbers they cite include the jobs in Canada. Most of the jobs would be very short term and many of the jobs here in the US would be done by Canadians. Nebraska HAS approved a new route for the pipeline and Trans Canada has approved it. They are just waiting for Obummer to agree. But, really this is just a distraction. They’re trying to make people think this would create tons of jobs and it just won’t! The only people who will benefit from this are the oil people!

    • Paul

      Good post. I don’t buy into the lie the repubs keep pushing about drill baby drill. I don’t care how much they drill, or how much oil they find. What ever they produce goes on the world market, and the greed will not give us lower prices. Do you think this oil/gas will remain in the United States? We are exporting now. So wake up.

      • DaveH

        Wake up?
        Perhaps you should study this ranking of countries based on the Size of their Governments. The Bigger the Government, the lower they land on the list. Also the Bigger the Government, the smaller their economies get. And don’t kid yourself, their Leaders all make the same empty promises to their people as they build their Power and Perks ever larger:

      • Smilee


        The Heritage Foundation has not told the truth in years, don’t be such a sucker!!

      • DaveH

        Trust your word over Heritage, Sleepee? Surely you jest.
        By the way, you’re a slanderer, Sleepee.

      • Vicki

        Smilee says:


        The Heritage Foundation has not told the truth in years, don’t be such a sucker!!

        Considering how often you have been proven wrong on this board one has to wonder why you think we would take your word for anything let alone your statement about the Heritage Foundation.

    • mopar461

      This is what that IDIOT muslim in the white house wants!!! problems and bickering among the working class people.
      Don’t be fooled by washington either on just how much OIL this country really has on tap and how much is in reserve. For those of you who don’t live in or around louisiana……there are boat roads for miles and miles that goes around all the capped (ready to pump) gas well and oil wells………in the marsh lands of south louisiana… looks like its own littel city at night with all the flashing red and white lights.
      IF he is………(obama)….a wanna be dictator like hitler was or worse………..I personally will NOT live under a dictatorship!! I do know this though………this is not nearly the same country that I served or my father served!!
      IF the facts are true about the muslim in office…………and congress keeps turning their head to the truth………….then they should be fired….impeached….sentenced…….just the same as obama and elect a NEW congress with TERM LIMITS!!!!

    • DaveH

      Doc says “A lot of Americans are afraid of this new world but true Americans see that it is past time to get out of the oil barrel as our main source of a lot of our energy needs”.
      If you were a True American, Doc, you’d be supporting the downsizing of the Government Leviathan that is devouring 42% of our GDP.

      • Doc Sarvis

        So you agree with President Obama’s proposal to reduce the size of the Federal government. Good for you.

      • DaveH

        Keep on talking, Doc. Your credibility is getting weaker.

      • JeffH

        Doc, “So you agree with President Obama’s proposal to reduce the size of the Federal government.”

        What proposal would that be Doc? Hope & Change?

        • dorrey

          If we don’t invest in alternative ways of energy, solar, wind etc,. we will not have a world for the future generations, I’m old enough to remember the scients saying that there was a hole in the ozone layer and we needed to take measures to keep it from getting worse, they were laughed at, well we are not laughing now.

      • Doc Sarvis
      • DaveH

        Yada, Yada, Yada. The proof, Doc, will be when the Federal Budget goes down. Remind me when that happens, Okay?

      • Smilee


        Why don’t you pay attention as to what is really going on instead of just repeating the same bs over and over again

      • JeffH

        eddie, I mean Smilee(I get them confused)…says DUH!

    • Don T

      HogWash !!!

    • Thor

      Where’s your famous logic, Doc? Getting off our drug addiction to oil presupposes there is a viable replacement for the energy demand. With what new energy source would you replace it? Solar, maybe…if it were the size or the continental US, the most efficient photo-voltaic cell we have would only produce just less than one-one-thousandth-of-one percent of the energy we need. You can do the math yourself, if you are able–or trust the physicists who know.

      Cold Fusion, perhaps? Good news! A wonderful, safe, clean source of energy has been found—fusion. Of course we have known about fusion for quite some time, but there is renewed interest in it now because a new source of Helium-3 has been found in an old place—the Moon. Now the race is on and everyone from the Chinese to the Russians plan to have mining operations there by 2020.

      Helium-3 is needed in copious quantities to make the fusion reactor efficient enough for our purpose of replacing fossil fuel. The greatest source of Helium-3 is the Sun. Large quantities of it are jetted out into the solar system during solar activity. It is scarce on Earth because the atmosphere shields its surface. The Moon does not have an atmosphere and its surface has absorbed tons of the precious stuff. Strip-mining the Moon’s surface in areas where concentrations are highest is the objective. As one scientist put it, “If bars of refined gold were stacked on the Moon’s surface, we could not afford to go and get it, but equal quantities of Helium-3 is cost effective [paraphrase].” As in all things, there is both good and bad in the prospect. Once and for all, we could wean ourselves off fossil fuels—perhaps save Earth from a fate worse than Mars’. But, to do so, we must rape the Moon.

      And so it goes with every alternative you can name. Of course, we are still open for suggestions–suggestions accompanied by facts, please. No faerie tales if you please!

      • Maryland Freestater

        Thor, disagree with your ‘raping the Moon’ comment. the Moon is NOT alive, it cannot by itself support surface life without pressure domes and such (it MAY be hollow – My job, the Astronomy Dept. helped NASA with Deep Impact and it was reported the Moon resonated for a half-hour after Deep Impact hit it) – and in MY book, it is a natural resource that can and should be utilized.

        On this energy topic, I’ve discovered that every-time someone comes along with a paradigm-changing energy generator, the Powers-That-Be suppress it, sometimes violently. People need to take the energy problem into their own hands because the Rulers will NOT allow any but a few narrowly-defined types of energy generation to be used by the public. Remember the Fish Carbeurator? It’d let my ’67 Lincoln get 60 MPH. My Dad used to tell me about a turbine engine from the ’50s that would burn any combustibles – and at an extreme, pee in the gas tank after a Baltimore Bender, which would provide enough alcohol to make it to a gas station!

        Control the Energy, control the World. Bastards all, our Oppressors!

      • Thor

        Just an expression I borrowed from the ‘green folks’ and tree-huggers who view strip-mining natural resources here on earth as raping the planet…the point being that no matter what alternative we come up with–if it is viable–will also have deleterious side effects and consequences. It is the price we pay for consumption of resources. The only free source of energy, sun light, will help but is not a viable (workable, capable) replacement for fossil fuel. Can’t change the facts.

      • Vicki

        Maryland Freestater says:

        On this energy topic, I’ve discovered that every-time someone comes along with a paradigm-changing energy generator, the Powers-That-Be suppress it, sometimes violently. People need to take the energy problem into their own hands because the Rulers will NOT allow any but a few narrowly-defined types of energy generation to be used by the public. Remember the Fish Carbeurator? It’d let my ’67 Lincoln get 60 MPH. My Dad used to tell me about a turbine engine from the ’50s that would burn any combustibles – and at an extreme, pee in the gas tank after a Baltimore Bender, which would provide enough alcohol to make it to a gas station!

        Use the power of the internet to distribute the information on all these “supposed” paradigm-changing generators. You-tube has a bunch. Let the people go build them and see which really are paradigm changing and which are just more snake oil.

        At least snake oil works in oil lamps. :)

    • Bruce

      the only answer is to convert to communism immediately. It worked SO GOOD for the former USSR that we need to copy its success here, NOT!!!!!.

  • Jesse Fell

    More nonsense. Obama is no more to blame for gas prices than he is for the weather. What a compound of ignorance and demagoguery this miserable site is!

    • Johnny Kovalcik

      Then go ELSEWHERE!! To state Obama and his Administration have no ownership in this matter makes you “void” of reality!!

      • Smilee

        No president has ever been responsible for gas prices not even GWB but he got the blame to. This is pure political bs, prices are not likely get to five dollars, we have heard this bs before, didn’t happen then and not likely now either, it will spike for a short time and then come down again same as it did during the Bush administration

    • Elected4Life

      Hey Jesse, Can you read and more importantly contribute to support your comments;

      Comment Policy: We encourage an open discussion with a wide range of viewpoints, even extreme ones, but we will not tolerate racism, profanity or slanderous comments toward the author(s) or comment participants. Make your case passionately, but civilly. Please don’t stoop to name calling. We use filters for spam protection. If your comment does not appear, it is likely because it violates the above policy or contains links or language typical of spam. We reserve the right to remove comments at our discretion.

    • vietnamvet1971

      Hey jesse go play in your Liberal/socialist Cesspool and Repeat your Mantra there no one Cares about you or the DA Liberals.

    • http://liberty Tony

      Hey Jesse:
      I have to agree with you on this. I stated upteen times, i’m a fiscal conservative, but this propaganda is a complete crock. If any President push for a policy as this would at least get laughed out of office to at worst be impeached and place on charges of extortion.
      Alright, thanks for your insight.

      • Capitalist at Birth

        In your mind you are a fiscal conservative. Obviously you have never looked up the definition for either word.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But you are a Social Liberal, so you nullified your Fiscal Conservatism. How does a double minded man exist in his own body?

      • kkflash

        Which of the 8 specific Obama actions listed in the article above do you believe did not contribute to higher oil and gasoline prices? If you think the article is propaganda, back up your statements with some facts. For example, here’s a fact that wasn’t in the article: The taxes on a gallon of gasoline are about 10 times what the oil company’s profit is! While Obama and the Dems are trying to demonize the oil companies, it is by far the government that is extracting the most money from the sale of a gallon of gas. Oil companies create jobs. Government kills jobs. Oil companies pay hundreds of billions in taxes. Government pisses that money away on Solyndra and other crony projects and entitlements. Get your head out of your colon and face the facts.

      • DaveH

        You can state umpteen more times that you’re a fiscal conservative and it won’t change the fact that you are a Liberal, through and through.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To My “Enlighten opponents”:
        Not to be rude but it’s amazing how you people spout off the most ridiculous things in the world, then make Mccarthyite statements. When people take these tactics are usually ones that have very limited knowledge. I emphasize very limited. You’ll call me a ” leftist
        liberal” because i question some of your misguided beliefs. Well, come to think of it, i guess, i’m a liberal. For it’s obvious, if anyone believes in constitutional liberties of others
        than they’re liberal. Therefore, i’ll take that label with a grain of salt.
        Next, the reason why oil prices are so high is because the speculators along with oil execs. are raising it that way to make an astromonical profit at our expense. That’s all.
        Thus, you all need to get real. Thanks!!

      • DaveH

        I am real, Tony. And you’re a Liberal.
        Liberal — Those who think Big Government is the answer to our problems.
        Conservative — Those who think the best Government is the least Government.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Dave H.:
        SInce you think i’m this type of creature, one good thing i can say about a liberal, although, i must admit there’s very few. Yet, i’ll say this, to be liberal means to be openminded. This is something you along with your ilk aren’t. Then again, you have to have a mind to be “open minded”. Fare thee well!!

      • DaveH

        The last thing Liberals have are open minds, Tony. Unless you’re talking about open and empty.

      • DaveH

        By the way, Tony, I’ve seen enough of your comments to know that your ears are bookends to a vacuum.

      • Smilee

        DaveH says:
        March 7, 2012 at 6:28 pm
        The last thing Liberals have are open minds, Tony. Unless you’re talking about open and empty.
        Davie, this statement coming from the most closed mind person on here is such a joke, closed minds are empty because nothing can get in and that is you.

      • DaveH

        That’s not very flattering to you, Sleepee, since I regularly upstage you.

    • Buzz75

      It is amazing the Imposter in Chief takes credit for everything positive that occurs in the Country (which isn’t much), but refuses any responsibility for those things that are going badly..

    • Deerinwater

      “What a compound of ignorance and demagoguery this miserable site is!”

      Well, it’s not a miserable site Jesse Fell, while you might find some misery here.

      It’s a site where people voice their concern and frustration and this makes it a great site.

      We all need to hear these things, listen to them and understand what’s on their minds. To attempt to determine the source of their pain and offer solutions, “get a rope” is not an uncommon solution and you’ll hear it often.

      While it is true, much is self inflicted, void fact and completely necessary, we must hear and sort it out to really know. Sifting thu tons of dirt to find a nugget, think of it at “mining”. Learn to enjoy the process, it’s not a cruise on the “Love Boat” . If you are looking for a Love Boat cruise, you are in the wrong place.

      I can proclaim just about anything on this site, Mr Livingston is a most tolerant man. You attempt to do that somewhere else on some other forum and see how far you get.

      You do however need develop a thick skin and wear your nose guard if you plan to hang around long. Attacking the message and the messenger is not all that unusual here.

    • john

      BULL !

    • Paul

      Amen! But your preaching to the wall here.

    • rhcrest

      What color is the sky in your world Jesse?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      It’s sad to say, but by the time you wake up, it will be too late!

  • GILLYSROOMS from Australia

    CHECK THIS OUT…AUSTRALIAS LAMENT ..Should be compulsory reading for our incompetent politicians

    China today ………..

    Some hard facts on China

    China has 19% of the world’s population, but consumes

    53% of the world’s cement

    48% of the world’s iron ore

    47% of the world’s coal

    …. and the majority of just about every other major commodity.

    In 2010, China produced 11 times more steel than the United States .

    New World Record: China made and sold 18 million vehicles in 2010.

    There are more pigs in China than in the next 43 pork producing nations combined.

    China currently has the world’s fastest train and the world’s largest high-speed rail network.

    China is currently the number one producer in the world of wind and solar power. But don’t use it themselves. While they manufacture 80% of the world’s solar panels,

    They install less than 5% and,

    build a new coal fired power station every week. In 1 year they

    turn on more new coal powered electricity than Australia ‘s total output.

    China currently controls more than 90% of the total global supply of rare earth elements.

    In the past 15 years, China has moved from 14th place to 2nd place

    in the world in published scientific research articles.

    China now possesses the fastest supercomputer on the entire globe.

    At the end of March 2011, China accumulated US$3.04 trillion

    in foreign currency reserves – the largest stockpile on the entire globe.

    Chinese consume 50,000 cigarettes every second …

    They are already the largest carbon dioxide emitter and their output will rise 70% by 2020

    So we’re saving the planet are we LITTLE vegemites????


    • Libertytrain

      Gilly – you’ve stated quite well something that I have been wondering for a few years now…

    • Jim

      Yes, don’t forget India too. They are consuming energy at a very high rate too. They have no problem with using coal. Obozo and all of them have to go in Washington. Someone tell me what difference there is between the political parties anymore. GOP was supposed to be fighting off all these stupid moves by Obozo, but the traitors in the party keep sliding over to the other side. There is just one agenda and that is to force us all into one world government.

    • John

      Of course, most sheep still believe China is just “”copying”” our advancements without realizing, that China is on its way to overtake us in all aspects of life…and has already overtaken us in many technological aspects. Every year, the US is falling farther and farther behind. Now, we are at a point where China is hiring US citizens to work and life in China….Unless we get our act together and change education so that our schools graduate more engineers and scientists that are on top of new developments we might as well get used to the fact that we will be number 5 or 10 in the future. As it is, even our so called superior military technology is at a point that parts of it is licensed from foreign countries and even manufactured there making us extreme vulnerable in the future.This i.m.h.o. is a far bigger threat to this country then our dependency on foreign oil.

    • DaveH

      Why is China growing? Because they’ve awakened to the reality that people produce more when there is less Socialism. While China is Freeing their Markets, the United States is making their Markets less Free.
      So, yes, China is just one more lesson easily accessible to those who want to learn that Free Markets make Richer Economies.
      But I wouldn’t waste too much time envying Chinese people just yet.
      China Gross National Per Capita Income on a PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) basis:
      China — $7570
      United States — $47020

  • absolutely amazed

    You of course are barking crazy with this analysis as to the intent for higher gas prices – what a nonsensical article. On the other hand, those countries that have a sensible energy policy directed toward energy independence, tax energy use and abuse to effect rational distribution of energy production sources. Why should someone in the center of New York CIty who never leaves the city and never uses an automobile pay from their income taxes for road repairs, etc. – these funds should come from revenue from gasoline use. If you elect not to drive, you should not be forced to pay for streets.

    • Leo

      Spoken like a true tree hugging socialist.

    • Brad


      You obviously live in a bubble. If you do not keep up the roads etc. how do you think your produce and meats, etc. will get to the big city where you happen to live? The stuff you and all the other idfiots who choose to live your life out of a home the size of a sardine can and consume all you want, of lifes other luxuries, think this sh— just happens to magically appear, It has too come to you in some sort of transportation method. GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!!!

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Since when do income taxes fund road repairs, building, and anything to do with roads?

      • Deerinwater

        Not INCOME TAX, but incoming taxes from point of sale is how I understand him.

    • Steve E

      In VA the roads are built and maintained by gasoline taxes only. No money comes from the general state fund which is provided by other taxes.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Sensible is a command and control economy? Since when has that ever worked to anyone’s advantage, except for the totalitarians in control? Take your totalitarian mind and body and get the hell out of MY country.

    • securityman

      Do you eat,wear clothes,or are you in a world that is different from everyone else? Trucks bring that stuff to you,no matter where you live. they need roads to move on.

    • Buzz75

      Well, let’s take your argument one step further. I do not want to subsidize Amtrak and all the other mass transit projects that are always way over budget, and are never pay for thenselves. Let you users of those services pay the true cost.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Where does your food, clothing, heating, other essentials like soap, etc. come from when you live in city? Someone somewhere has to transport raw materials to the manufacturers/producers and then transport finished products to your local shops.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You have taken the taxis in NYC so what do you feel they use for fuel?

    • kkflash

      You should change your handle to “absolutely oblivious”. Taxes from gasoline sales DO in fact pay for the roads, an obvious fact that seems to have escaped you. The article is right on the money in pointing out that, as usual, Obama’s actions contradict his lying mouth. He says he wants energy independence, but continually enacts policy that make us more dependent on foreign sources. The only nonsense here is your narrow-minded view that non-drivers shouldn’t have to pay for roads. The price of gas affects every single item that is produced in this country, so don’t think for one second that anyone should be immune to sharing the cost of roads, unless of course you don’t buy or sell anything.

    • John

      Why do you believe people in upstate NY should pay with their taxes for the existence of the chess pool that NYC is? Taxes in NYC should be raised to a point where they are self sufficient and not dependent on the rest of the state to bail them out year after year.

  • Kris

    I agree. Time to call Mitt Romney.

    • Daveh

      Romney is a stuffed shirt from the “right”, as opposed to the stuffed shirts from the “left”. Most statements he made in his victory speeches have been riddled with half truths, almost lies that they all spew to keep you thinking they know something. They, and he especially, don’t know anything specific that can be done. Just spew forth and make you whoop it up and get happy.
      While Ron Paul is the most truthful, he would have problems , too. But he could be useful in a position being a whistle-blower or watchdog to make whoever gets elected stay true to course.

      • DaveH

        Not my post.

      • DaveH

        Please further qualify your UserID, so the readers don’t confuse you with me. I have spent a long time cultivating a reputation for honesty and reason, and I don’t want you messing that up.

      • Smilee

        DaveH says:
        March 7, 2012 at 10:50 am

        Davie, true you have spent a lot of time cultivating your handle, but honest and reasonable, that is your biggest lie ever

      • DaveH

        Do you ever have anything informative to say, Sleepee? It seems that personal attacks are all you have. How sad for you.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, with eddie muzzled and on probation again…Smilee must feel the need to fill that void…two peas in a pod.

    • John

      If Romney should be elected, expect Obama’s policies to be continued but on over drive with the full support of the GOP. If you believe ANY of the promises made by the wanna be presidents in regards to shrinking government or curtailing government agencies, you for sure are delusional. They are not for nothing called politicians…a word that also stands for “perpetual liar”.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Screw you obummer.

  • Oh Dear

    Wow, if you think that prices approaching $5 per gallon is a lot then just look over the pond.
    Prices over there are already somewhere around £1.40 a LITER for Diesel
    That equates to £5.30 per US gallon – that equates to $8.33 !
    And that’s NOW, right now !
    And it’ll just keep getting higher too – brace yourselves.

    • Libertytrain

      One difference between this country and Great Britain and Europe is that they have wonderful transportation available and have for decades so that even owning an automobile isn’t necessary. We, for some reason, let that ability pass us by, when it should have been begun decades ago – at least by the 70′s when gas became an issue the first time for most of us… Our leaders aren’t very good leaders…..

      • Pat

        Right on! We are in the stone (used to build roads – along with petroleum) age when it comes to mass transit in this country. That’s the way Big Oil companies like it. Other major countries have been way ahead of the US in providing rail travel.

      • Vicki

        Pat says:

        Right on! We are in the stone (used to build roads – along with petroleum) age when it comes to mass transit in this country. That’s the way Big Oil companies like it.
        Lets see. Great Britain (England, Scotland, Wales) 93,000 sq mi of land.
        US State with similar land area: Oregon (one of 3)

        Mighty tiny place this Great Britian. Must be why rapid transit is so good there :)

      • Libertytrain

        Vicki – I agree the size differences are a factor, however, that being said, in my small mind, I’ve not understood why with the amount of suburbs alone that cropped up in the 50′s, why mass transportation has not been seriously initiated. A little talk here and there but not on a larger scale. It could have been done by individual States working together to solve a problem. But in my eyes, and time of watching same since the lousy Carter years, little if anything has been done to create any encouragement for anyone, State, Federal, Independent Corporation to either create or take mass transit. I’d have to drive 50 miles to get to even a bus station. Probably a hundred for a train. And I’m not all that far from the booming popular Asheville NC area. I could walk I suppose. And would. I could carry a back pack with a small tent :) I know there’s a company in Roanoke that had been formed for the “new” rail system – but I will be long long dead before I see that come to fruition…..

    • Daveh

      I paid that amount in the mid 80′s when I spent time in England. They had higher taxes on fuel which made the public respond with more efficient vehicles. The one car I drove was a three cylinder job got over 60 MPG and we drove w/four people in it on the highway never feeling underpowered.
      Diesels over there have long gotten 60 MPG. The price of gas was one of the reasons for the great cars. We are just beginning to get some models and their designs over here. Somebody is keeping them out of our country.
      Public transportation was the mode of tronsport. Train from the country to London – 40 minutes. Take the tube around town, transfer to busese and back to the tube and back to the country later that evening. Total cost – less than 10 dollars American.
      Seems like the price of their fuel has remained consistent over two decades according to your numbers.

      • Brad

        that power you got and fuel economy you received is due to the fact that vehicles over there dont have the srtict emmission controls that the EPA force on us here. Not that I do not think emission controls are important to some degree but these are the reasons for the things you mentioned.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        If everything is better over there in England, why is England such a mess?

      • Fred

        Isn’t it amazing that all gas saving invention devices have been bought out and locked away by the controllers. All gas saving and energy technology has been stifled and subdued. Isn’t it amazing that all vehicles, no matter what brand or model get the same gas mileage in their classes. Tell me there is no control or manipulation by the industrial and governmental complexes.

      • G. H.

        The market demand is and was for higher mileage cars so that’s where the cars got sold, overseas. It is a capitalistic principle to make the most money where ever you can. Just as Americans demand for SUV’s is why SUV’s are still produced and sold here. That’s called a free market driven by capitalism…so why are conservatives complaining about the price of gasoline when they support capitalism? Wall Street is also a capitalistic creation. Much of the increases in gasoline prices begin and end there when speculators react to industry decisions and practices. I also support capitalism but not in it’s pure form. That’s why there are regulations in place to protect the consumer from vulture type practices in business and industry. The Keystone pipeline will be built but it has to be done right and with a safe route. NO ONE wants an oil spill in their backyard I am sure where damage can be permanent. But at the same time where will the gasoline that is refined from this oil be sold? Much of it will go overseas where the prices are much higher and the US will still have high prices. There again, free market demand….it’s a world market. T. Boone Pickens actually has the best short term solution with natural gas but the infrastructure must be developed too. And on we go…..and please respect your President. Name calling is not a solution.

      • kkflash

        G.H. He’s not MY president. If you voted for the lying SOB, he’s YOUR president.

      • John

        Brad, emissions in some European countries are as strict as in the US and they still are pushing the 70 mile a gallon point. As long as people don’t care because gas is cheap and buy inferior products corporations will not invest into better more efficient products.

      • Smilee

        kkflash says:
        March 7, 2012 at 9:27 am

        So who is your President a$$hole

  • Power To The People

    Actually, if you check at the wholesale level gas sales are down and trending down. The price increases are more reflective of real inflation.

    I don’t have a problem with a company making a profit, that is why they are in business. Another part of the issue driving price is refinery capacity and taxes.

    However, Obummer and his hugger friends do want gas to go to $8/gallon…..its noted in comments by the administration.

    • Brad

      this is true fiat money is creating inflation and food and fuel is mainly getting higher because it just takes more of your dollars to pay for the same product

      • Capitalist at Birth

        That is why we need Ron Paul as Secretary of the Treasury, not as President.

    • Karolyn

      Gas here in SC went down 10 cents last week within 24 hours. I find it very weird how one day it goes up 6 cents and the next day it’s down. Just weird. To me it seems like 3 years ago when all the experts were crying $5 GAS IS COMING! What happened? Nothing.

      • John

        I believe it was about 4 years ago when that happens. What happened then was that in their greed, big oil pushed the price up to fast and the people realized that they where being had. So people reacted by reducing the amount of driving they did… by such a large amount that the corporations lost a huge amount of money. That and the decision by Bush to release the oil reserves (a move that cost this country a lot of TAX money as it cost a lot more to replenish those reserves then was saved at the pump). Now, the corporations have started a different approach, they raised the prices again but slowly…. this way the majority of the people does not realize what is happening to them… its the story of the frog that dies because the water he is in is heated slowly and he does not realize what happens to him.
        Unless the people again say stop… we don’t take it anymore and reduce their driving to a point where it hurts the corporations NOTHING will happen and the prices in this country will go up to match the rest of the world.
        And all the oil produced domestically, or coming in from the pipe line from Canada will do NOTHING to lower the price. The international price is controlled by OPEC and all US and Canadian oil is traded on the international market subject to international prices even if used domestically… and if we would make moves to reduce those prices, OPEC will just reduce output to drive them back up. The only chance to independently lower prices would be to decouple the North American oil production from the international market and implement export tariffs if companies want to sell on the international market… something that I don’t foresee will ever happen.

      • Smilee

        Went down $.23 cents a gal here in the last two days

  • Robert Hirschmann

    This president obviously is out to destroy America! Approving the pipeline would stimulate the economy and help reduce the price of oil thus lowering gas prices. We would be less dependent on the Middle East for our oil. This is not in Obamas agenda apparently. Why else would he stop drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska where there is enough oil to make us independent from the Middle East? Companies are moving out because of all the regulations imposed on it by this administration. I say cut taxes, drill, get rid of the EPA and Obama and get us back on track!

    • Karolyn

      Apparently, the pipe line is still being worked on.

      Lakota Form Human Blockade to Stop Tar Sands Trucks

    • Daveh

      Production has increased in the gulf recently. Moratorium was after the BP fiasco and is being lifted. Production in the US is increasing.
      The Keystone Pipeline is still in the works. But I don’t see that doing anything dramatic to the price of gas. And it is DIRTY oil. Real impact trying to refine this fuel and it will be sold to the highest bidder. We have no control there thanks to the oil companies priorities.
      How many jobs would it produce for real. Less than 5000 and more like 2500 for a few years and then the owners will want to “maximize their profits” and have a repair crew for long term. Fracking is not a good source for us. It’s detrimental to our future health and environment. Mainly talking water supply depletion and contmination.

      • GRusling

        Oil Sands crude is no more dangerous than any other crude oil, and the fact that it’s being sent to decades old refineries (haven’t built a new one in over 40 years) in Texas should inform you of that fact. The original danger was in the “extraction” process and that had to be overcome before it could be produced. That has now been done.

        People everywhere need to stop listening to “politicians” because 90% of what they say is some sort of lie, and I refer to Democrats and Republicans equally. Find someone who has lived and worked in the Oil and Gas industry all their lives and ask them.

        50 years ago, a lot of contamination resulted from oil and gas production, but that was “50 years ago!” Today, such contamination only results when some company ignores standard safety procedures, like they did on the “BP” well in the Gulf of Mexico. What SHOULD be noted about that particular “accident” is that, it followed “40 YEARS” of an exceptional safety record, when NOTHING of that nature occurred!

        The Safety rules have not been relaxed. They were simply IGNORED by both BP and the company that owned the drilling rig. BOTH should pay through the nose for their lack of regard for human life, not to mention the damage caused to our environment…

    • G. H.

      The Keystone pipeline will be built but it has to be done right and with a safe route. NO ONE wants an oil spill in their backyard I am sure where damage can be permanent. But at the same time where will the gasoline that is refined from this oil be sold? Much of it will go overseas where the prices are much higher and the US will still have high prices. There again, free market demand driven by capitalism….it’s a world market. T. Boone Pickens actually has the best short term solution with natural gas but the infrastructure must be developed too. And on we go…..and please respect your President.

    • Pat

      The only ones that will make money on Keystone XL are TransCanada and the American investors like the Koch brothers. A few American jobs, that’s all. And the crude goes to Big Oil refineries to bolster their profits before the finished product is shipped overseas; none is intended for US. How does that bolster the economy????

      And the damage to the environment will be irreversible.

      Did you know that TransCanada has a bad track record regarding oil leaks in their lines? The US already has an average of 1600 oil leaks a year in existing pipelines. How much more damage will be done by TransCanada.

      TransCanada could build a Canadian pipeline to their own west coast. They just need a refinery. Why aren’t they doing that??

      • vietnamvet1971

        I see you have the Mantra/sound byte of your Master down pretty good. it almost sounds Believable. Nice reading from your script.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        You’ve got it right, Pat! The rest of you, educate yourselves, read my post further up and then you’ll know what the real issues are.

      • Smilee


        I agree with you and Pat on this issue but the large number of closed minds on here are incapable of seeing the truth, no info can get into closed minds

      • DaveH

        Your mind is open alright, Sleepee. Like the open expanses of space. The Enterprise could reach warp-speed between your ears.

  • vietnamvet1971

    Obozo had a news conference and opened his Mouth so we know he was Lying, he does not want high Gas prices, Does any one believe that LIE? what a Pathetic excuse for a president.

    • charles

      what is it that the obummer lovers dont understand about the illeagel alien self admitted muslum that calls himself president admitted a few days ago that gasoline was to cheap that it should be 10 dollars a gallon he wants to make the u. s. a muslum nation he removed the flag where he speaks and installed a yellow muslum schrolled background wake up at election day folks unless you want to live under a muslum dicator obummer scum

      • http://yahoo bob peters

        Right on Brother!

  • Mark Fossey

    Do you actually believe your own crap?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Why, what crap do you believe?

  • Carol

    Obama is a puppet hanging on George Soros and the Rothschild’s string. That man, or boy, wouldn’t know how to zip his own pants if he didn’t read a teleprompter.

    It’s all about banks wanting to take control of the world and spread their useless paper money around. That’s why Israel and America want a war with Iran because Iran wants gold and not the American dollar.

    What’s really going on is that the Rothschild’s dupped and stole the world’s wealth by lies and manipulations. They got caught in their deception and now the world wants some answers. They don’t have any answers except to give back the wealth they stole and they’re not about to part with their $500 trillion. The only tool they have left is to decrease the population by 90% and finish taking over the world by deceit. They’re working fast by taking away every right of every citizen in the world, and Obama is just a paid frontman to help them carry out their plans. It would be interesting to see Obama’s and Michele’s bank accounts and how much they were paid for their treason on America.

    • tammy mackay

      You are right on. I am totally in the same place as you after following all the financial events of the last 5-6 years. You got it lady!!!!!! The problem is, it is really hard to know what to do about it? Some say, just pray. . . I think this family is so far into all its gambling between countries, that they’ve lost control. . . Too much money has fallen to lower level people playing the same game and the outsiders have won. The elite are working overtime to keep inventing new “tools” and “laws” to get the game directed so that they can begin winning again. . . . I guess we better pray that GOOD wins out in the end.

    • kkflash

      I agree that Obama is lying, treasonous scum. This guy has more skeletons in his closet than a Stephen King novel. Why are his college records sealed? Why does he have a Connecticut SS# when he never lived there? Why all the name changes? He should change his name one more time to Pinnochio, because he’s just a lying puppet for the banking interests that are pulling his strings.




    • G. H.

      You should be behind bars…you sound like a potential assassin. Please respect your president…name calling does not provide a solution. The FBI would love to read your post.

      • JeffH

        G.H., although the post was a little over the top(Black African), I see nothing in it that would interest the FBI or even the Secret Service, maybe, unless free speech is actually illegal…but hey, why don’t you alert them if you feel it’s that important.

  • Carl Babcock

    Obummer SUCKS……and I’m talking about more than gas prices…

  • Sirian

    With the way Obummer and his close associates have been manipulating the EPA, Dept. of Interior and scores of other department regulations the steady increase in oil has been, from a political/ideological strategic planning point of view, very well implemented and followed through on. As trouble in the ME continues to be fostered by Obummer and his powerful game players it is not out of the realm of realization that oil could possibly shoot up as far as $440/brl. And if that takes place, crunching the numbers a bit, a gallon of gas could be running as high as $12/gal. if not more. If gas were to ever be maneuvered politically, by domestic regulation, and or, foreign actions in the ME, OPEC, and one of it’s close partners – Iran – could ultimately collapse the U.S. economy in totality. But we need to keep in mind the manipulations the Federal Reserve has been pulling in regards to the soundness of the U.S. Dollar as well as the actions that have been going on within the ECB. Between these two and other banking players across the globe their actions also play a major role in this problem. With the lowering of the value of the dollar it in and of itself increases the price of a barrel of oil. Basic common sense explains that area of economics quite easily. As long as we keep this pseudo president in office we are without any doubt whatsoever heading straight down the road to the total and complete destruction of our nation. This alone has been the most dangerous position our country has ever been pushed into. And still, there are so many fools that can’t see what’s really taking place.

  • David

    What a crock of crap. The President has no control and no authority over the cost of gasoline. Congress makes law and business makes money policy.
    Our dependence on Arab oil has been steadily decreasing over the past couple decades. Currently about 10% of our oil comes from the Middle East. Drilling domestically will have no short term effect on prices and very little long term.
    Oil prices are a product of the market place, driven primarily by speculators who use any excuse to jack the price up.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      You are obviously an economic and political science illiterate.

      • Karolyn

        And what’s your degree in?

      • Smilee


        Aren’t you giving him a lot of credit, I doubt he has a degree in anything

    • GraemeB

      Well said David. Obama of course is responsible for gas being $8.00/gallon in Israel. That’s because of his Israeli policies. He was also repsonsible for the $4.08/ gallon price in 2008 under Bush. How convenient that the article doesn’t mention that. You remember when everyone stopped buying large gas guzzlers in 2007 and 2008 when gas was $4.00? Oil price is regulated by world demand and supply.
      I also forgot to mention that Obama was also responsible for the $720bn Wall Street bailout brought to us by Hank Paulsen, Sce Tres under Bush. That’s also never mentioned

    • Warrior

      Yea, those stupid “speculators” intentionally driving up the price of gas. It’s a damn good thing those stupid “speculators” aren’t involve with natural gas pricing!!!!!

      • Daveh

        No, the natural gas guys are mostly Halliburton and cohorts. Just wait, it’s ging to be comparable price wise when the BTU equivalents are determined. Price will fall in line. They have the oil, too, don’t forget.

      • kkflash

        Attacking the “speculators” is just another government ploy to try and drum up public support for more regulation and government control of free markets. They are just a bunch of power-hungry control freaks who are after our money, our freedom and our country. We must reduce government to its proper place as servants of the people, not masters.

  • daseymaes

    What makes you think that by going along with the pipe line threw our states is gonna make more jobs for Americans? and for how long will they be working 1 year 2 maybe! What makes you oil lovers think that what has happened to our Gulf wont happen to the pipe line, Then we will have oil above our land,
    There are better ways of getting energy, But the Elite who makes a killing on oil wont allow it to happen. This drilling for more oil is sickning, when we can send a ship to the moon& waste hard earned money for what? We need it here on earth to PUSH & DEMAND a different energy then oil. or coal.
    What makes you think Americans will get the jobs? Remember the out sorsing Americans jobs?

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Are you aware of how many miles of pipelines we already have. The Keystone pipeline would not even be 10% of the total.

      • Daveh

        Duh…Gee Tennessee if that’s true than why not just build more pipelines.
        Spock says”That would be illogical”.
        Your statement we will accept as fact means nothing in regards to the “Fracking” pipeline.
        It is not a step forward. Just more old school drill and our problems will be solved. It’s a talking point for everyone to get upset about because why shouldn’t we get more oil no matter what the consequences.
        Who owns all the oil again?

      • daseymaes

        When will that start to leak? Notice I said Leak not dry up? like a little oil in your glass of water?

    • Brad


      Most of everything you mentioned above all rolls down from fiat money and Obama’s taxation policies and if this guy gets another 4 years, hold on to your panties bebause he is especailly coming for the asses of everyone who voted for him first. He has most vote backers in the nation coming from ignorant poor people who think he is GOD and you will be the most effected by his policies. You best wake up bvefore it is too late.

      • Daveh

        Your statements are totally bogus. The voters are the poor and the stupid?
        That’s as un-American a statement I have ever heard.

      • DaveH

        Is this Flashman, trying once again to push the envelope? Sure sounds like Flashman.
        At any rate, consider changing your ID, Davelowercaseh, so that the readers don’t confuse you with me.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, I don’t think anyone, except maybe Flashy & eddie would confuse the two…there was another post made yesterday that obviously wasn’t yours and Vigilant pointed it out right away.

        FYI…did you hear that eddie’s back on the “moderators” list again?

      • DaveH

        Thank you guys for watching my back, Jeff.
        No, I didn’t hear about Eddie, but it doesn’t surprise me. He slipped right back into his Troll groove shortly after the original 30 days.

    • Karolyn

      I heard some experts on the radio this morning saying that the US will be pretty much self-dependent on energy by 2020 with the number of people creating new energy sources. We won’t need oil from anybody. I can’t remember all the facts, but that’s the jist of it. Wish I could find a link but haven’t so far.

      • daseymaes

        Thank You Karolyn
        I remember reading some articles on different energy it’s on line one has to look for it, I just can’t remember the names of it, But I know there are many other energy’s that can work, & cleaner then oil.

      • DaveH

        Only if the people get wise and cut the Federal Government down significantly.

    • Buzz75

      If drilling for oil is so damned terrible, why did this president support a $ 2 Billion loan to Brazil so that they could drill off their coast?

      • Sirian

        Good point Buzz75, good point!

      • daseymaes

        Because he also is being paid off by the Big oil co. This is the war you people don’t get. What does the Gulf look like now , You think it’s safe to drink the water there or eat the sea food from there? If so go for it. All I’m saying is were being set up to fail, because most people on’t see the oil ending. Take your blinders off & read.

    • Sirian

      Alright, you’ve pushed your environmental idiocy quite well. But let me pose this simple question to you. . . what is your solution to the problem of replacing all – let me repeat that, replacing all – power sources with a very economically sound, technologically sound new source of energy that you’re present Secretary of Energy – Chu – would even allow in? What would it be and just how fast could you accomplish this “environmentally sound” action? How long has it been since you changed the oil in your Prius? Go enjoy an algae salad.

      • daseymaes

        I don’t drive a Prius, How would you like a little oil in your water? I don’t know what the other energy are called , But I know there out there. What runs a battery ? & what eles could charge it up when it is low? ever think about the power of the sun or wind?

      • Sirian

        Yep, as usual, as expected, never answered the question. Do a bit of research concerning possible alternate energy sources excluding wind & solar before you make any further extremely weak comments. Specify one, get to know it’s pro’s and con’s, double check it’s viability insofar as the economic demands that will be placed on it’s future and once you have all that rounded up, understood and plenty of research links to provide to back what you say – then – chatter away. There’s no point in making foolish statements with nothing to back them. Sorry kid, doesn’t bring a very good light your way at all.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you believe it is safer to transport oil from overseas?

      • daseymaes

        NO I don;t believe it’s safer to transport oil from over seas, I believe were in a trap made by the elite’s who wont allow us to make alternative energy , There are many cleanner & cheaper energy that could be used if it were not for the Big Oil Co.

    • John

      The pipe line will be build mostly by Canadian workers and immigrants. Trans Canada has applied for 2800 visas for its workers. The myth that is will generate a lot of US jobs is just that, a MYTH. Trans Canada is importing Canadian steel pipes and Canadian equipment into the US to build this pipe line… It will be a large boost to Canadian labor and economy. Anyone who believes that all those people will be a boost to the local economies probably has never heard of company stores and man-camps as used by big oil and the gas companies. I am not surprised that Mr. Myers is pushing so hard for this, after all as a Canadian he has the well being of his own country at heart no necessarily the well being of the US. The entities that will make the most profit on this pipeline are the Canadian oil companies that will be enabled to sell this oil on the international market, mainly to Europe, India and China. It is cheaper for them to build this pipe line than to build their own refineries and have to put up with the environmental problems those refineries cause. If this oil would be really destined for the US market like some corrupt politicians and Mr Myers want you to believe, this pipe line would NOT have to be build all the way to Texas. it could stop in a place like Sinclair WY where the refinery has ample capacity to deal with every drop of oil this pipe line can deliver and has the infra structure to distribute the end product throughout the US (the Sinclair WY refinery is for US domestic production only). The only reason this pipe line is being build to Texas is because there the end product can be shipped to foreign countries and sold at a higher product margin then in the US. Although it costs a lot to build all the way to Texas, that cost is easy offset by the higher prices that can be realized.

      • daseymaes

        Well said John I agree with you the pipe line will not make gas cheaper for the USA, Nor will it make jobs for us. I hope people all read you Reply , We are all lied to, by the Politictians, And if we don’t do our own research , we wil never know the truth. Till it’s to late. Thanks again John

  • Carroll Benoit

    By David Song, Currency Analyst and Joel Kruger, Technical Strategist
    01 February 2012 15:00 GMT At the start of 2012,
    we expect crude prices to remain supported due to supply risks and rising
    expectations for economic growth. As the first half of the year drags on,
    however, we expect to see prices decline as the world economy slows down.
    We expect by the middle of 2012 to see crude oil (WTI) test $80,
    and perhaps even test long-term support at $75.
    P.S. OPEC said they are Satisfy with $80.00 A barrell

    There is More to this Dumb Arse if we go to War with Iran so it will go up, Reagan’s 15 STOCK Speculater cause’s my Gas to go out of Sight.
    Carroll & Marjorie Benoit

  • Evie

    I understand from a speech of Newt Gingrich that the reason gas is so high is because a bill that was supposed to be put in effect the Dodd-Frank Bill initialized in 2011 was not enforced. There is a Petition out there to sign as the reason the gas is high is due to Speculation (Wall Street again) If ya’ll will look for that Petition, that I recently signed, perhaps we can get these prices back down. I do not hear Obama making one comment about why it is so high, however that is the reason for the gas prices rising! Someone needs to put it to Obama to get that bill enforced and signed! As for the Pipeline. if the majority of the US wants the pipeline, who is holding out? It is good business for the US and will put many to work. It does not take up much room on a person’s land and should not have that much effect on the environment. Wow, do we ever need to get some better ideas for saving our country and putting our people back to work, and it does not appear as though we are getting any help from this President. (Look it up on the internet Dodd-Frank Bill)

  • dagodave

    Every thing he say’s is a lie-His birth certificate is a lie his ssn is a a lie- his saying he is christian is a lie-He has not brought forth one document that evry legal citizen in this country has to have to do anything such as a credit card ,see a doctor even get a library card-any thing taht we have to do he dosn’t have to produce even to be PRESIDENT! This country has gone completely MAD!

  • Robert, TX

    And exactly WHAT will the difference be if RINO Romney or Socialist Santorum get in? NOTHING! King George II was afraid of ANWR, and so are the other RINOS. And even yet, the market works. People are moving closer to work; opting for four-day weeks; working from home or even retiring early to avoid this unconscionable $4 gas. Thank you to Phil Gramm the traitor for making the illegal speculation possible.

  • Larry Luntsford

    What the hell are you smoking? To imagine that a sitting President, during an election year, would want gasoline prices to go up, is so far-fetched that it is laugh-worthy. Grow up. Rising gas prices are the result of rampant speculation on oil futures driven by saber-rattling for a war with Iran, mostly coming from the chicken hawk assclowns on the Republican side of the aisle. If you like high gas prices, then put the party of George Bush back in power. Then we’ll have war with Iran, $10 a gallon gasoline, and Great Depression II.

    • kkflash

      It’s neither laugh-worthy or far-fetched for a sitting president to cater to the interests of his backers in an election-year. Obama’s voter base includes environmentalists, who love to demonize the oil companies. How could they demonize the oil companies without higher gas prices? How else could he further his uneconomical alternative energy agenda without raising oil and gas prices to make alternatives seem more competitive than it is. It’s also a proven historical fact that voters tend to rally around the incumbent president when military conflict is ongoing or imminent. Higher oil prices are an inevitable result of Obama’s saber-rattling prattle toward Iran in an attempt to look “presidential” and worthy as commander-in-chief. Blaming speculators is BS. The vast majority of oil futures contracts are bought and sold by people who actually buy and sell real oil, and they use the futures to manage the price risk in their business. To suggest otherwise is evidence of ignorance, which you appear to have in abundance.

  • ? alan

    supply and demand will repeat will bring prices down when you have more oil than you know what to do with prices drop and they drop fast local jobs are created just look at the unemployment rate in north dakota right now lowest in the 50 states and they are looking for more help the unemployment rate is only 3.6% because of oil drilling when the rest of the states unemployment rate is well over 8.5% just google this the facts are there if we keep importing oil from overseas long distances how is that safe those long distance trips contribute to the so called carbon footprint and risk spills also its no different than the keystone pipeline risk so lets do this keystone pipeline the canadians are willing to pay for it and bring more jobs here.

    • Daveh

      I thought there was more natural gas exploration than oil being drilled. I’ve been through there and talked to some of the workers. Halliburton paying exorbitant wages and paying for housing, mostly putting them up in motels and hotel rooms. Seemed like a power grab on Halliburton’s part

  • Joe

    Obama is nothing more than a communist plant put in by commi subversives though out our Gov. This is why no one in any agency or office will take a hard look at his birth cert. or SS cards. His policy is to destroy this country, break down our religious institutions and destroy our middle class. If this does not come right out of a commi play book I do not know what does. WAKE UP ! It is almost to late. Just remember everything is always heading somewhere think about were we are heading. If we can not light a fire under him lets go after his cover like the major news media, the FBI, Congress and the Senate these people have to be called on to do their jobs which is to protect America from this evil that has been put in office.

  • jopa

    Todays price is just a minor fluctuation in the price of gas.It will go up and down, however there is one area that was missed in the above article.I know you all hate the facts but when George W Bush was elected into office the price of a barrel of crude was twenty dollars and when he left it was over eighty and hasn’t been below that.Todays price is driven by the Wall Street speculators and not the president.Wall Street needs more regulation but I know you don’t want that protection from big brother either you just want to sit back and cry about it hoping it will fix itself.However the sun is shining here and it’s another great day in America.Have a good one.

    • kkflash

      You talk as if the rising price of oil & gas is occurring in a vacuum where no other prices change. Why can’t you big government liberals recognize that it’s the systematic devaluation of the dollar that is causing ALL prices to rise. Since the Fed was created, the dollar has lost over 90% of it’s value, and oil and gas prices have risen LESS than other goods and services. You fools keep talking about higher oil prices as the cause of our economic woes, when it is merely a symptom of rampant inflation brought about by fiat money creation that is robbing US citizens of their wealth, enabling the government to mortgage the citizens’ future productivity for decades into the future to feed their insatiable lust for power. They’ll pay back their egregious debt-fueled spending with worthless dollars extracted from us through ever-higher taxes. Government is the problem, not the solution.

  • http://comcast Lee Bird -Veteran USMC

    The rising of gas prices is another obstacle to hurt all types of of business and therefore create less jobs and more unemployment. Apparently Obama doesn,t have any common sense. If we were to vastly explore for our own oil and also have our own mass production we would be able to pay all of our debts and create an abundant amount of employment. Presently all types of business are hurting more and more each day and also creating more unemployment. Furthermore to be a strong nation we must produce OIL- OIL- OIL for our economy and defense of our country. ( Common sense is that a country is only powerful and independent with their own supply of fuel and energy.)

    • Daveh

      We were always powerful before without that control. The market works somewhat like you all talk about. Supply and demand. When things are cheaper and plentiful form outside sources you buy from that source. Been going on since the Indians sold Manhattan for mere baubles, actually since before recorded time but the analogy is for perspective.
      A current barrel of oil is going for over $100 and when we drill the US oil companies will charge us how much less than that? Our supply is far less than others.
      We should all be smarter and combine the various energy sources to our advantage.
      Hate to take the heat for this but we drive two vehicles on veggie oil you all throw away. Got worms producing fertilizer(fuel for plants) to grow my food.This is in an urban area and requires a great deal of effort on my part but everyone should work towards similar goals. Different ways maybe but outcome is to be self sufficient.
      The country is strangled by administrations long ago putting us in this position and when either sides seem to have a good idea the other side yells foul. No matter of the facts.
      The “right” wants the presidency back so they do all they can to make current resident fail.
      They claim the majority but why didn’t they win if they were in the majority before?
      I want the Gov. to leave me alone, too. Veggie oil could be considered illegal in some states.
      Legal Marijuana has been on my list, too. That goes with my ideology that I am not wanting you to pressure me if what I do doesn’t hurt you. In fact I share the fruits of my labor, the food at least, when I have more than I can use. That’s when I barter for things my friends can do to afford a “deal” between us.

      • 45caliber


        On your “the Indians sold Manhatten for baubles …”

        Did they?

        I was told that they sold it for $20 worth of jewelry. But … first the land was worthless to them. It wasn’t worth that much to the settlers there. Jewelry, on the other hand, was worth a lot to the Indians since they had nothing like it at all. And jewelry then wasn’t plastic as most of it is now.

        I never considered them as being cheated when I was studying that in school and I’m certain the Indians then didn’t consider themselves cheated either. They thought they were taking the white man since the land was useless anyway.

    • Daveh

      What mass production are you talking about. The Corporate types control that, not the govt.. The price of labor being the basic problem.
      The Chinese and the underdeveloped offered a days work for a buck or two.
      Should we work for less?
      Govt. should subsidize the difference?
      They spent all there money subsidizing oil companies and the corn conglomerates under the guise of oil independence and energy resources even as wasteful as it is already.

      • Daveh

        45Caliber, I never said anything about them feeling cheated. It was, and is, the mode of exchange. Baubles is just a term for jewelry, and in this instance Indians regarded textiles and feathers and stone adornment a valuable item. They were quite happy, until the colonists took their lives and liberties away long after.

  • Henry Ledbetter

    THANKS JOHN Did he not promise higher energy prices. His plan is to cripple the nation and gain control of every aspect of our life. The NWO is looming nearer and it all fits in to their master plan. Many may get what they want but most are not going to like what they get. When on a dead end road, most people have common sense enough to turn around when you get to its end, but I am beginning to wonder about some. On the other hand, I have found that “nothing is impossible with God.” WAKE UP, AND STAND UP AMERICA..

  • Joe

    Obama is not stupid, he is a commi pure and simple , read about his life , who raised him where he’s been who his friends were. He is a Commi Plant the sooner people wake up to the fact that this is the enemy of all of us the better . This is a plan orchestrated by a commi cabal which has gotten control of our Gov.

  • Ed Stout

    Tell it like it is: As with so many political correct things today, no one seems to want to call something as it is. Some say it is the Green people who are the backers of Obama and causing the gas prices to rise. They do have a share of the issue. The real thing, although mostly shrouded, is that as the prices soar, his Terrorist brothers get richer. If ever there was a representative of the typical Chicago politics, it is the man who some currently call their president. Another four years of this person can well spell the demise of this countrys status in the world, not to mention what it will do to most households. If you watch the last honest media in our country you can see time and again film shots of the lies he has put in front of the American people. Some are obviously blinded by his oratory. They probably also believe that Iran will stop building the bomb through talk. Isreal sure dosent and they have to be right to survive.
    Good luck America

    • Deerinwater

      A conspiratorial view, ~ the current administration has taken no more liberties then any other that’s came before while such claims run rampant.

      It was never intended for us to get off this world alive. Between now and then, good coping skills are a must, for any quality of life and sense of peace. If you don’t have them, get them.

      I don’t believe anyone is expecting a bed of roses.

      Rising fuel prices at the pump effect us all in one way or another. These rapid increase hurts us the most, as all systems can’t not adjust as quickly and this inability to do so creates short falls and disparity.

  • Puzzler

    Folks I’ve got news for you, and it is really sad news. I think that Obama is going to win this Presidential election. The only way we can possibly slow down his systematic destruction of our nation is to make sure that the House and Senate are controlled by Conservatives. Please make sure that you support any Conservative.

    • Daveh

      How could any sane person support “any” conservative?
      Character, experience, other factors matter most over any affiliation.
      Blind stupidity vote the party will kill us every time.

      • 45caliber


        I agree – and I’m a conservative. The real problem in politics is that MOST of those running shouldn’t even be allowed to be a dog catcher – but we don’t have much choice in who runs.

    • Deerinwater

      :”Please make sure that you support any Conservative.”

      When they offer something worthy of support, I shall.

      But just hanging a shingle and flying under some banner won’t cut it.

      Make the GOP a conservative party once again without attacking 50 % of the American voters in the process.

      It was the GOP to loose, and it appears that they have.

      They all but threw in the towel, while not once questioning their strategy or direction.

      This notion of a strong defense is to stay in the attack mode and never backing off, quite franking has failed to be productive, demonstrated in what we see happening today. The GOP is foundering in a raging sea of their own construction while the DNC looks on in mild amusement and disbelief. “Did he really say that?” The GOP is it’s own worst enemy today. Rush’s ultimate demises will be their single greatest benefit since Reagan took office.

      While you ask me to vote for “ALL” conservatives , I think you too are part of their problem with such a mindset.

      Vote for the person running for office and judge him/her by their past and how it reconciles with what they say today.

  • Daveh

    Conservatives share equally or more so for all our problems.

  • 45caliber

    The libs, many of which are in NE, are pushing high gas prices to force people to drive less. Well, in NE they have mass transit and seldom live far from where they work.

    However, here in Texas, that isn’t possible. I live 34 miles from where I work. I could work at a plant 3 miles away – but they won’t hire me. I know people who drive over 60 miles one way to work every day (they drive to Houston) because they can’t find work any closer to home. In fact, here in Texas we no longer use miles to give distance except rarely – we use time (it takes me 40 minutes to get to work).

    What they are trying to do is create a problem for others. Many, I will admit, simply do not consider the fact that everyone else doesn’t have the same ability to get around that they do. They assume – wrongly – that everyone else can do the same thing they do. But I have to go at least 12 miles just to get to the nearest small town to shop – and if I want any choice in what I get I have to drive a minimum of 24 miles.

    My wife and I quit running around for pleasure when gas hit $3 a gallon. $5 a gallon won’t significantly reduce it any more. It can’t.

    • Daveh

      Texas is “Big “Country” Houston and it’s subdivisions almost occupies the same land mass that NE occupies. Houston is just a spot on the map for Texas. I moved from Texas because of the “distance” thing. Your stuck in a world you made for yourselaf there.

      • Deerinwater

        We like it thank you ! But we didn’t make it, we can’t take credit for that.

        There was a time in the not too distant past, distance was measured by a days ride on a quality mount.

        Most Indian raiding party’s would work inside 3 and 4 days ( 5 & 6 days was a stretch) ride from their encampment.

        “130 km or 91 miles a day – quarto de milha is a good horse for longui rides – sergio figueiredo from rua da consolação”

        91miles is slapping leather and will kill a weak horse and beat a weak rider silly.

        “20 to 30 miles” is a highly sustainable pace for a horse, and a fit one can do 40 to 50 miles a day for 4 or 5 days.

        Take a look at the size of Texas counties. They were allocated so that residents could get to the county seat (center of government) for business within a ‘day’s ride’. Or maybe that was a ‘day’s walk’. Anyway, it’s a good distance to start with for casual travel.

        If we take a random county in Texas (I chose Armstrong County: 914 sq. miles), we find that the county seat (Claude ((in the north central part of the county)) is about 15 miles to either the eastern or western border, and about 20-25 miles to the southern border. So it is indeed easily within this range for a horse to travel in a day as suggested by Jana.

        and they ran on Grass!

    • Karolyn

      45 – There is a huge number of commuters who travel by car in the northeast. I don’t have any figures, but I can tell you from experience that a majority people commuting from PA and NJ into NY do so by car unless they live right across the river.

    • Sirian

      $5 a gallon will be the tipping point 45, that will be the tipping point for sure. People simply won’t be able to do anything with gas at that price level and in turn it will have a major effect on everything else. Everything is connected – one way or another – everything is connected. That’s the problem with the environmentalists, better yet, the idiots we have in both houses of Congress and needless to say, the oval office. They can’t, won’t or in reality, could care less. Whether we like it or not, the connections are there. Liberal environmentalists live in some utopian dream world and do nothing worthwhile. Unfortunately we have, more or less, the same sitting in Washington D. C.

    • John

      35 miles away? that is absolute nothing, When i used to live in places like NE and MT I was commuting 50-80 miles one way to work.When I lived in WY I was commuting 125 miles one way…. Mass transits and people living close to work? lmfao, you really don’t know much about this country especially NE do you?

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Hey, 45caliber,
      You’re a moron! Why do you speak about something you know NOTHING about? Nebraska is an extremely conservative state! Did you get that? Extremely conservative! Nebraska has NO mass transit! None! Unless you want to count a few bus lines in the larger cities. Even those will not take you very far. No bus lines out to the suburbs. We drive everywhere. We have no choice. So next time you’re tempted to speak of something you know NOTHING about please restrain yourself!

  • Smithkowitz

    Wow, $5 a gallon that will be a real shocker; having grown up with prices around .25¢ and being under $1 half of my life. Are really going to blame Obama for this? How sad is that? Not an Obama supporter, but he’s not responsible for the price of fuel. More drilling would not lower the price. Less exporting would not lower the price. Ask yourself this; why is GOLD so expensive, how about coffee? Is it because of Obama too? Is it because we don’t drill for coffee or gold in the USA? No. Free Market, OPEC, Stock Market and Commodities, Speculation, Fear and Greed; there are a lot of the causes behind high prices. It’s also another way they take you out of paying attention to all the other issues they (the power elite) are meddling that have lowered our standard of living. It’s not just Liberals or Democrats; it’s all the power elite. We are their slaves, they know we are waking up (to some extent) and that’s why they are enacting law after law to control us. Sadly it is allowing the true criminal element to grow stronger.

    • Sirian

      Remember gas wars Smithkowitz? Lord that was a long time ago. HA, I even remember it hitting .15 a gallon – short lived of course – but gas wars back then were really something to keep an eye open for. If only we could see that once again – now wouldn’t that be a hoot. . . :)

    • kkflash

      The answer to your questions are “yes”, it is because of Obama and his free-spending supporters in Congress, and in the foolish populace. It’s really not all that complicated to figure out. Higher prices are the result of the dollar’s decline. The dollar’s decline is the result of money creation by the Fed. The purpose of the money creation is to devalue the dollar so they can pay back their borrowed money with dollars that are worth less. The second purpose of money creation is so they can buy real assets with money that isn’t real, that isn’t backed by anything except the power to create more of it. The more they borrow, the more they can justify higher taxes, giving them more and more control of a greater percentage of our economic production. They want it all folks, and you foolish supporters of big government and entitlements are letting them take it.

      • Smithkowitz

        One of the great things about the USA (still) is that we are all entitled to believe what we choose. The current administration is no more responsible for the challenges facing our nation than many of them before this. The deficit has been getting deeper and deeper, decade after decade. We face the same issues time and time again, no matter who is in office or running congress. Same BS, different faces lying to us. There are a few rebel politicians out there who truly want to make positive changes for the good of the nation. Most people don’t support them, they continue to support the goon squads put forth by the power elite, corporations, big money and special interest groups.

  • Chisna

    One thing that seeoms to be forgotten in this Obama gas bash diatribe.
    The U.S. experienced it’s worst oil spil in history. ( and no, that wasn’t Obama’;s fault )
    But since then…..

    In the Gulf of Mexico – 499 permits have been issued since June 2010.

    Shallow water: To date, 115 new shallow water well permits have been issued since the implementation of new safety and environmental standards on June 8, 2010. Just 5 of these permits are currently pending; with 9 having been returned to the operator for more information.

    Deepwater permits requiring subsea containment: Since an applicant first successfully demonstrated containment capabilities in mid-February 2011, we have approved 322 of these permits for 98 unique wells, with 26 permits pending, and 19 permits returned to the operator with requests for additional information, particularly information regarding containment.

    Deepwater activities not requiring subsea containment: Since the implementation of new safety and environmental standards, 62 of these permits have been approved, with 3 permits pending, and 0 permits returned to the operator with requests for additional information. These activities include water injection wells and procedures using surface blowout preventers.

    • kkflash

      What’s your point?

      • Chisna

        What do you think the point was ?
        All I am trying to do here is provide a few facts.

        Fact – The worst oil spill in U.S. history occurred in the Gulf.
        Fact – That cost us billions and did serious damage to the gulf.
        Fact – Yes, Obama suspended drilling in the gulf for a short period of time.
        Fact – New regulations were put in place to protect workers and the environment.
        Fact – 18 months after that spill, production levels are back to where they were before.
        Fact – New permits are being issued. ( despite what some are trying to tell us )

        Don’t like facts ?
        Then ignore them.

      • Deerinwater

        They hate fact that doesn’t support their claim, if they can’t find away to attack them, they will ignore them.

        Thanks for turning on the light but someone will blow it out.

  • Mirage

    First: The Canadian author of the article, a guy who “inherited” his industry careers through his father, has no business commenting on America’s president, or our policy. The guy is essentially a lobbiest for the oil industry. If he wants to be demonize, he should keep his pie-hole aimed north of the border.

    This site would be more honest and intelligent if it skimped the ignorant rants about Obama being a; brown shirts, natzi, socialist, Kenyan conspiracy, Hitler, communist, etc.
    Just stick to the truth and curb the blind racial hatred epithets (especially those in Nebraska/White Bread U.S.A. etc. and the KKK types in the South).
    You don’t like the guy, fine … how about articulating policy dislike explanations, versus the Senior-Citizen-White-Trash rants/misnomers that have no bearing in reality??? The latter type comments make you sound like OLD IGNORANT WHITE TRASH.

    As a gun loving independent, I’m not crazy about the job Obama has done, but never has a incoming president inherited more of a disaster (from Bush), and when I consider the disasterous ideas coming from the Republicans/Tea Party, Obama is my “default president”.
    Hopefully in his second term he’ll put some Wall Street/White Collar criminals behind bars! However, I’m not holding my breath.

    Lastly, Right-On Dylan Radigan, Get Money Out, and Occupy Wall Street (spring is coming soon)!!!

    • Chisna

      Well said.

      • Mirage

        Thank you.

    • kkflash

      Obama himself is the biggest white-collar criminal there is, so I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to put any behind bars.

    • John Myers

      I am a U.S. citizen, as was my father and my grandfather. My grandfather and my great-grandfather were part of the Oklahoma Land Rush of 1889. As I see it, I have as much right as any red-blooded American to comment on the United States.


      John Myers

      • Deerinwater

        You do! have such rights, and people have rights to offer comments to your comments, ~don’t they?

        It would be nice to keep our comments inside the scope of reason, but who would be judge of that?

        I’d say, it’s perfect just the way it is.

      • Mirage

        My apologies then, apparently you are an American … I was wrong.
        Now, you just have to deal with the oil lobbiest label, and it sounds like the apple don’t fall far from the tree.
        Good luck.

    • JeffH

      Mirage…just another unsupported attack on this website and this author, John Meyer, by another envious member of the 0.1% liberal radical racists that frequently troll websites like PLD.

      • Mirage

        Sorry to hear you don’t have a clue JeffH.
        I’m a gun loving independent from Montana who is going to reluctantly vote again for the “default” president (Obama) because there are no other real choices for Main Street. I’m not so happy with his performance thus far, but all the Right has been doing is talking about abortion, birth control, who can get married etc. versus JOBS.
        Of course, you’re free to swallow all the psycho-Obama-hate crap peddled on this site, but the real world beyond this Peanut Gallery is going to re-elect Barack Obama … better get used to it.
        You’re livin’ in a fish bowl.

      • JeffH

        …and your name is “Mirage” ??? Naw, I’ll just stick with what I know is real…

  • Scott Robb

    Gasoline was $1.80 when Obama was sworn into office? Really, where?!

    Obama has NOTHING to do with the Gasoline prices and you sir, are a moron!

    It’s time to start tapping into the natural gas which lies in abundant quantities under the United States and in the interim, put a halt to oil speculation which is driving prices up every time someone in the middle east sneezes.

    • Chisna

      What do you mean start tapping ?
      Natural gas production is at historic levels as it is.

      Natural gas production in the U.S. has gone from approximately 65 billion cubic feet a day in July of 2007 to just under 85 billion cubic feet per day in Jan. 2012.

      Information about expansion and upgrades of natural gas pipelines.

    • Pat

      Tapping into natural gas means fracking. Fracking means injecting water along with very harmful chemicals into the shale to release the gas. Result: contaminated water table and increase in earthquakes. Do a search online for the latest report on fracking that confirms this.

      Big Oil and Gas (as well as coal mining that tops mountains) do not care about the environmental damage they cause as long as they make money.

      • John

        Not all of it is fracking, a lot of it is but there is natural gas production that is not.
        I remember a friend of mine that used to ranch in the big horn basin and had to burn the natural occurring gas of the water before he let his livestock drink. He finally drilled a relieve well and ever since is heating all his farms buildings with the gas from this relieve well. Since that day, he has contracted with Marathon oil and gas and has over 60 natural gas wells on his property and none of them use fracking… Fracking is a technology we use because the high natural gas prices have made it feasible to finally extract the product. If the prices where lower fracking would go away. Same with Canadian oil, if the prices per barrel go below a certain threshold ever again, Canadian and a lot of US oil production will come to a grinding halt it would be far to expensive to produce, foreign oil would be cheaper. The biggest benefactors from turmoil in the mid east are the US and Canadian oil corporations.

    • kkflash

      Which of the 8 specific Obama administrative actions cited in the article above do you think had nothing to do with oil & gas prices? You are the moron here.

    • John Myers

      Dear Mr. Robb,
      I suggest you actually check facts before you criticize. This from The Washington Post: “According to the GasBuddy gasoline price tracking web site, the price of a gallon of regular gas was around $1.79 when Mr. Obama took office.”

      You can read the article at:,0_.

      John Myers

      • Thinking About

        Gas was $4.12 in the summer of 2008 and one could say it was the ection of Barack Obama which set the stage for lower gas prices. Explain this.

  • Chisna


    By early 2012 there will be more rigs in the Gulf designed to drill in “deep water” than before the spill. ( And only 18 mo. after the worst spill in U.S. history. )

    Who’s really responsible for the Keystone XL pipeline delay ?

    U.S. Domestic Fuel Production ( by month and year )

    That Gas and other fuels are top U.S. exports, for the first time
    since 1949 ?

    As far as the Keystone pipeline goes…..

    Nebraskas state legislature passes laws which delay and divert the pipeline.

    Montana’s state governor tries to explain to Fox News what those laws do
    ad far as delaying the pipeline construction.

    As far as Solyndra goes…..

    The US International Trade Commission (USITC) voted unanimously and determined that there is a reasonable indication that the US [solar] industry was materially injured by China heavily subsidizing it’s photo voltaic industry. Effectively underselling Solyndra and putting it out of business.

    And don’t even get me started on algae based bio fuel’s, DARPA’s program. Or the fact that they are already powering jets and destroyers with these fuels. Which YES, would in the long run bring down the price of oil, and eventually would be cheaper.

    Are the people that post articles like this for Personal Liberty really that uninformed ?
    Or do they know, and they are simply too partisan to tell the truth ?

  • marion pierce

    It’s really sad that greed is going to ruin this great country, but what goes around will come home to haunt the very people when the children and there grandchildren have to live in the mess they created, no amount of money is going to save them.” Case and point “look at the great John F Kennedy’s family endure, from the sins of the grandfather’s boot leggin money days. All the men in the family died by either strange accidents, or did something so terrible there name was stained for life. So much for GREED and the days of Camelot. Suffer the children for what the parent do. It’s in the Bible. Its the sad CODE OF LIFE.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What has your rant to do with the rising gasoline prices?

  • http://facebook tim

    Thanks to Kenya Boy Obama when he said a quite a few months back that gasoline prices would exceed $5.00 a gallon. Now today the Stock Market the Speculators the News Media and the gasoline stations you can thank the federal government for letting thiis happen Let thse people that are involved in the traders make me rich will not bring the gasoline prices down. The gasoline prices will continue to go up. The Kenya Boy wants green thing to continue to fail even though the president has given them more money for the same companies to fail again and to give themselves another bonuse.

  • ussmlsMickey Smith

    I could not not believe my ears when Obama was running for president, he stated he would shut down the coal industry, a vital source for electricity & jobs and the dumbed down masses voted for him any way, they fell head over heels for all of his well staged speeches that was wrote like a Hollywood movie. I warned many who said they would vote for him & now they set unemployed, having to sell off all of their toys like boats and even the tools of their trade leaving them with no way to take jobs working for themselves!

    It is sad to see these proud hard working folks lose every thing because of the back room dictators who control our government & the monetary system. “We seem to be destined to crash & burn because politicianc repersent themselves!” (Martin Armstrong, historian,trader, inventor) I took that line from one of his many writings at To to understand Martin’s work you need to know his past, it is worth your time if you have never read his work, so please do so! This man has been behine the “curtain” and did not take the offer to “join the Club” and paid a heavy price for that decision & if not not for a few in congress & the out cry from people from around the world, he might not be alive today! If only all those people who will pull for Romney would read his work, I’m sure they would go to DR Paul in a heart beat, but the MSM (the mouth piece of the back room dictators) speads propaganda to keep the sheep in line!

    Years ago my DAD got me started colleting coins as a hobby, he taught me what real money was & how to save a little at a time where it would later be there to fall back on in times like we our in, he said this was coming after Nixon closed the gold window (defaulted) was his words and I used the knowledge he showed me to proptect myself & family against the actions of a out of control goverment. I also would like to share the link to a blog that is very detailed in where we havee been & where we are headed, those who read this blog for the 1st timee have a lot to catch up on, but it’s beeen a blessing in learning for me & many others, I hope people will open their minds & take in all the data that is priceless in detail, the link is The trail has many paths, chosing the correct one is vital to your well being for what is coming, this blog will lead you down many trails, it will be your choice to find the right one, I hope you find the right one! Good luck to all!

  • Old Henry

    Boehner and da boys could do something very significant about gas prices, corruption, and the staggering economy.

    All they have to do is grow a pair, vet the commie foreign-national Kenyan, remove him and Joey-the-Moron and put them in prison awaiting trial, conviction and execution.

    Whoops!! That would put The Weeper in charge. It seems we are faced with a loose-loose situation thanks to the brain-dead voters of 2008 who should not be allowed any where near a polling place, let alone a voting booth.

    Stupid is forever. Ignorance can be fixed.

    • Thinking About

      Enjoy your forever!!!!

  • dorrey

    To blame the President (either party) is one of the dumbest move anyone can do, there are a lot of reasons for high gas prices:
    1) when the cost goes up 5 cents a barell, by the end of day is over the cost at the ump goes up 10 cents a gallon, the crude oil bought today will not reach the pumps for manny months, so the oil companies who set the prices are making a very good profit, but what would you say if the President put a ceiling on that?
    2) we as consumers could by more fuel efficient cars and trucks, but the people who scream the loudest won’t give up their gas gusslers, why do you think the Europeans have had economy cares for decades?

    The government has been subsidizing the oil industry for decades, which we paid for with our taxes, so we do have a choice higher pump prices or higher taxes, so if you have to blame somthing, blame the oil companies, the speculators on wall street, the consumer who insists on gas guzzlers, and last of all the president

    • kkflash

      The evidence of your brain-washing by government propaganda is clear. You believe whatever the liar-in-chief and his minions tell you, but you don’t check the simple facts. Oil company profits are LESS than many other industries, yet you don’t demonize these others. With every gallon of gas you buy, the government takes ten times as much money from you as the oil company profits, yet you blindly believe the government diatribe. Speculators control a tiny fraction of oil futures contracts, with the vast majority of forward contracting used by actual buyers and sellers of real oil in order to control the price risk in their business. Yet you believe Pelosi, Reid and Obama when they blame speculators and ask for still more government regulation and control. You’re as gullible as Obama and his minions need you to be in order to add to their power, steal the people’s money, and mortgage the people’s productivity for decades into the future.

      • Chisna

        Global oil price ( per barrel )
        Yearly average.

        2008 – $91.48 ( Bush’s last year in office )
        2009 – $53.48
        2010 – $71.21
        2011 – $87.48

        As much as some would like to blame
        presidents for the price of gas. The truth is.
        It is a commodity that is traded
        on the international market.

        And the price is influenced by many things.
        From global production to demand, from wars and
        international issues in the middle east to speculators
        of the market.

      • eddie47d

        Thank you Chrisna!. Will they ever get it?

  • Bernard Franklyn

    So what’s the complaint? The more profits for the oil companies the better it is for the country. After all they’re using these profits to create new jobs in R&D, exploration, extraction etc.
    If this involves paying more at the pump, so be it. Everbody has to make sacrifices to keep the country moving forward.

    • Karolyn

      Unfortunately, it does not seem to be reality that the more the oil companies make, the more jobs there are. Where’ve you been? There is no “trickle down” when it comes to the Big Corps because they only care about more money in their pockets.

  • carolinerh

    It is not the greenies that worry me, but the deeper control of America because many of us are watching where, when and how we drive to save a little. As gas prices rise, we cannot go far, therefore we are better controlled – think animals and Pavlov! Obama is evil as well as those who have brought him up the WH and we can’t let ourselves be divided or led astray by media or those whose push the wrong environmental ideals. The planet has saved and revived itself many times in its millennial life and will again. The greenies are the problem and not part of the solution and want to reduce and control populations! Shame on them! If they are not happy in this country, then please do us the favor of moving to another country! I have been a conservator of my goods and earth since the 1950′s and I don’t push my way of life down anyone else’s throat! They should stop their pandering and lack of logic and reasoning, and get into REAL science as I do and have.

    • Chisna

      Environmentalists are evil ?
      So you would rather your children were consuming lead paint chips
      like you were ? Do you want MORE mercury in your tuna because you
      like the metallic taste ?
      Do you actually feel the Deep Horizon spill was good for the seafood
      industry in the Gulf of Mexico ?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        What are you responding to? I read carolinerh’s post but you are projecting your lies onto her. So why should your lies be believed?

      • eddie47d

        Where’s the lie?

  • Pete0097

    I want the EPA to allow small cars that get good gas mileage. THey want cars to get a low percentage of their exhaust to be considered good. That thinking says that a Pinto does not pass emmissions, but a Chevy Suburban does. The Pinto puts half as much crap into the air as the Suburban. Who is really the clean car? The EPA wants us to burn more fuel.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So EPA should dictate to Americans what cars they should buy otherwise they will be punished. We still have freedom to make our own choices and supply and demand controls what cars should be made.

  • Aaron

    If what you say is true then Obama should thank his pals in the congress,especially senator Patrick Leahy and Lamar Smith of Texas, for enabling Obama to sign the”America Invents Act”,sometimes know as Patent Poison,into law.I’m an innovator who would like to develop and bring jobs manufacturing my idea,the Hank T E G and make it available to the public.—But I can’t—because of the Obama,Leahy and Smith “America Invents Act”. It eliminated the reasonable development time. I have to hand it to them,—they did a magnificent job of stopping people like me…I’ve commented on things like this before and I don’t mean to sound repetitive,but my T E G,if successful, will enable the average driver to get roughly 200 mpg and semi truck drivers to get 20 to 60 mpg.These T E G’s are affordable and they can use almost any fuel including American produced liquid natural gas….Furthermore,a Hank T E G doesn’t take 10 hours to recharge.All you have to do is put fuel in the vehicle’s tank.—I don’t know what to do.—Obama has killed me…Perhaps, us all…

    • John

      I don’t see anything in that act that would prevent a genuine inventor from patenting his / her invention. If it prevents you then you either don’t understand the law or you are someone who wants to patent something that you did not ” invent” and that was in public domain before. I have several patents on my own and have never seen a problem with this overhaul of the rules to genuine inventors.. in fact, it has become a lot cheaper to file. The average small inventor saves ~40% on the cost of filing.

  • Old Sarge

    I suggest that all Americans get a copy of United Nations Agenda 21 and study it. You will then understand the reasons for the actions of our government. You will find out that the Republicans as well as Democrats all have the same goal in mind.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    To all the useful idiots who took my bate. F.R.O.

    • cayuga 33

      What do you think would happen if a lot of us pulled a stunt like the Black Pantaloons did during the 2008 elections. Do you think Holder /Obama would prosecute us???

      • Old Sarge

        You can bet the farm on it.

  • Don

    Obama and his allies do not want this country to be energy independent.
    They want this country to be kicked over the cliff asap and they will do everything possible to make it happen. Why do you think that taxes,
    higher food prices, cost of living and everything else is going up
    except wages. Obama and company (Hillary) hate and despise this
    country to no end, yet they will get rich off the backs of the American people in order to pursue their own dream of ruling America,
    not being a real leader.

  • Sam

    The writer of this article is not only naive but quite stupid. The rest of you who think what he is saying is true really need to get a grip and educate yourself. President Bush could not control it neither. It is because oil is a matter beyond their control as presidents. Matters not who you put up there. Oil prices is controlled by a world organization that does not answer to the president of any nation. If you are going to write an article be fair and put some facts instead of politics during an election year. As a stout conservative I see absolutely no reason I should listen to you and you crab, let alone vote for the party I use to endear. If you hate the man say so! Those of you who believe such crab deserves what you get. Gas and oil prices went up beginning with President Bush’s tenure and never went down to its original price. Try and use some common sense search and read. I will not waste my time educating you since the rest of you have already made up your minds. It has nothing to do with oil, gas, or the president’s performance. It has everything to do with your prejudices and the fact that he is not only smart, he knows and understand what real leadership is. It is no wonder so many of the republicans are writing articles about themselves and what is wrong with the party. Have a good day! bozos

    • Old Sarge

      “It has everything to do with your prejudices and the fact that he is not only smart, he knows and understand what real leadership is.”

      Conservative my foot. You wouldn’t know a real conservative or a real leader if you saw

      Let me see if I have your definition of real leadership correct:

      Real Leadership Is:
      Pointing the finger of blame to everyone else but you even for some things for which you
      alone are to blame.
      Condoning the Black Panthers who intimidated voters at the polling places on election
      day. Can you say double standard?
      Apologizing to countries who harbor, train and encourage terrorists organizations who
      target innocent people, whose only crime is that they are not followers of Islam.
      Rewarding illegal aliens by giving them free taxpayer handouts thus sending the
      unwritten message that crime does pay.
      Allowing one religious group to pray any time and anywhere they want while others get
      law suits or even can go to jail for doing the same. That double standard again.
      Allowing a father to murder his daughter and get away with it because she wanted to
      change her religion. Again that double standard pops up.
      Signing a bill that is totally Unconstitutional that will force people to buy something or pay
      heavy fines. Interesting that all the politicians who voted for it were able to exempt
      themselves. That Double Standard.
      Signing a bill that directly violates the Fourth Amendment and allows people to be
      arrested and held indefinitely and without reason only because they are suspected of
      being terrorists. And they exempted themselves again. That double standard. Surprise

      This could go on and on but I think you got the idea. I’m sure you will shoot this full of holes but that is my opinion. You have your opinion and a right to it. I served twenty two years in uniform to help preserve it and it pains me when people like you condone the erosion of our God Given Rights. I want Obama out of the White House and not because he is black. I have met and also served with, over and under many Blacks, Hispanics and other Minorities who who are true leaders and would get my vote if they were to run for elected office.

      It isn’t Obama and his followers that I hate. I hate what is happening to our country because of them.

      • Old Sarge

        Just another thought Sam. Do you remember what the average price was for a gallon of gas on Inauguration Day which was January 20, 2009? It was around $1.75 give or take a few cents. How is that “Hope and Change” working out for you?

      • Smilee

        The difference between you and Sam is he is a honest conservative you are not.

  • Wyatt

    Why not ? This is but the next phase in moving us closer to Communism and his ambition of a Dictatorship . He rammed Obamacare down our throats , put a halt Gulf Drilling , the Keystone pipeline and ignores any efforts to allow tapping the vast reserves here on our continent . He has even given oil rich islands over to Russia .not to mention Pissed all over our Constitution at will .

    His ultimate goal is a dictatorship for himself and his cronies and the destruction of America and the free enterprise system .

  • RAY



  • JeffH

    Back in 2008, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer asked Nancy Pelosi about the cause of high gas prices.
    She laid the blame on two oil men in the White House, Bush & Cheney. Wonder who she’d blame now?

  • JeffH

    Oil Execs Say Obama Led Us To ‘Energy Abyss’…
    Energy executives and other industry players gathered for the North American Prospect Expo (NAPE) in Houston shredded administration assertions that it is opening up areas for oil and gas exploration and that its policies are responsible for increased oil and gas production on President Obama’s watch.

    “These have been the most difficult three years from a policy standpoint that I’ve ever seen in my career,” Bruce Vincent, president of Houston oil and natural gas producer Swift Energy, told the Houston Chronicle.

    “They’ve done nothing but restrict access and delay permitting,” he added. “The Obama administration, unfortunately, has threatened this industry at every turn.”

    Vincent led the voices exposing White House press secretary Jay Carney’s phony assertion Wednesday when asked about gas prices soaring above $4 per gallon.

    “The administration has done everything BUT support drilling,” said NAPE attendee and former Shell executive John Hofmeister. “We are on the verge of slipping into an energy abyss.” Shell has fought the administration to begin drilling in the Chukchi Sea off Alaska.

    The Obama administration recently rescinded 77 oil and gas leases in Utah and stalled oil shale research and development in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming, where the federal government owns most of the world’s oil shale reserves.

    • eddie47d

      The shale companies went bust in the 80′s because of the high cost of extracting oil from shale. Little has changed since then and the enormous amounts of water that has to be used is not compatible with the process. There are hundreds of new natural gas wells throughout that same region in Colorado and within the last 4 years. So don’t believe all that expert advice from those who control the oil and gas media. They will tell you anything in the national articles to gain sympathy.The Denver Post has articles on exploration in this state every day and there is plenty of drilling going on.

  • Eric

    Oh….. Blame the black man for high fuel prices! Seriously! Wasn’t it under the republican watch that the U.S. recorded the all time highest fuel prices in history? And when they wanted to help get another republican in office they dropped the prices to a historic low. ( As low as $1.25 in some areas ) So no one man or office is to blame for the fuel prices. No matter who is in office they will have thier piece of the fuel pie. Stop pointing the finger like all this dumb crap has started on his watch, or because he said so. Just come out and say what’s really on your minds. ” I’m a bigot, and don’t think a black man should be in charge of the U.S.” Most of the good ideas Obama has tried to push forward have been shut down by the house! No president can say anything into existence without going through the chains of command. The entire bush family is deep in the oil industry and no one pressed him for all the extra billions his family made during his constant fuel price hikes.

    • Puzzler

      No, Blame the White part of him. He is no more a black man than he is a white man. Yes this increase in gas prices falls squarely on his shoulders; White & Black.

    • Old Sarge

      Typical Liberal response. Play the race card and point the finger of blame on everyone else when you can’t think of anything else.

    • eddie47d

      Considering the unflattering “black names” that get used against Obama it sometimes does come down to his skin color.

  • Thinking About

    I guess corporate welfare to the Koch brothers is in order. Instead of Keystone Pipeline it should have been named Koch pipeline for and by Koch. With exports leaving this country and the increase of production since Obama you wanr to blame who? There are refineries in Washington and Wyoming which has the ability to process the oil to be sent to Texas. But guess what, Kock refinery is in Corpus Christi, Texas. Where is the processed products going to after refinery in Corpus Christi, it is right on the gulf where shipment will be to elsewhere than US. Want to blame the right group, start with the Koch brothers wanting to sell to the rest of the world. This pipeline is not going to help the US, it will put profits in the hands of Koch and the gas in tanks other than the US vehicles.

    • JeffH


      Keystone XL to Benefit All Oil Sands Players…

      Koch Industries, like the rest of the oil industry, is well positioned to benefit from a pipeline that would double U.S. oil sands imports. Analysts have pointed out that the entire energy industry, including Koch Industries, would benefit from construction of the pipeline.

      A 2010 analysis by Accufacts Inc., an energy consulting firm that focuses on pipelines, identified Koch’s Corpus Christi plant as (just)” 1 of 22 Gulf Coast refineries—out of more than 50—that is now capable of refining “a significant volume of blended bitumen,” the type of crude that would flow through the Keystone XL. The report was prepared for the Natural Resources Defense Council and was based on data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration, a division of the Department of Energy.

      The Accufacts report predicted that 90 percent of the 500,000 barrels of Keystone XL bitumen expected to eventually reach the Gulf each day would be handled in refineries on the line’s route in the Houston and Nederland, Texas areas. It said 10 percent could be handled in Corpus Christi and elsewhere along the Gulf Coast via connecting pipelines.

      In June 2011, Koch Industries asked the Los Angeles Times to correct an op-ed written by Michael Brune, executive director of the Sierra Club. Brune described Keystone XL as being “backed” by the Koch brothers.

      “Koch is not involved in the Keystone Pipeline project in any way as we have stated publicly and as has been widely acknowledged,” Koch spokesperson Melissa Cohlmia said in a letter requesting the correction, which ran on July 15. “This is not a matter of opinion since there are no facts to the contrary.”

      • Thinking About

        What is wrong with the refineries near Canada?

      • JeffH

        TA asks “What is wrong with the refineries near Canada?”

        I ask…what does that have to do with your previous comment and my post?…besides nothing? A feable attempt to redirect with a question…straight out of Alinsky’s playbook.

        You focused your comment’s, with no supported evidence, that the Keystone pipeline is really just a Koch money maker…all I did was provide additional info that the Koch’s along with many other related business interests will be involved in the end process…and isn’t that what they and the other businesses involved do?…yet you are firmly entrenched with the idea that it is only the (evil)Koch Bros.(Industries) that will profit.

      • eddie47d

        Koch Industries would benefit greatly from the pipeline and is waiting with baited breath for the completion of said pipeline but has no involvement. Now that is double talk. Koch even has their hands into the Wisconsin elections so to say they aren’t involved is suspect.Heck what don’t they have their hands into? Spending $23 million to deny climate change? Hmmmm!

      • Thinking About

        Jeffie, YOU replied to my post of which I stated there are refineries nearer to Canada which could handle the crude from Canada without having to have it piped to Texas. Again if you understand what is wrong with using the refineries near Canada?

      • JeffH

        TA ,Just as I said once, I’ll say it again…”A feable attempt to redirect with a question…straight out of Alinsky’s playbook.”

      • Thinking About

        It is what is hap pening with the Keystone pipeline, redirecting the crude to Texas instead of going to refineries closer to where the source is. Now for the third time what is wrong with utilizing the refineries nearer to the source than Texas? You are the one who tried to redirect the question. I pointed out in the post which you tried to redirect to make a failure to respond to why should the nearest refinery was located and you are still redirecting the question of what is wrong with using the nearest refineries. Get over it.

      • JeffH

        Thinking About,

        The other Keystone debate
        Oct 1st 2011, 18:00 by M.D. | OTTAWA

        At the moment, the heavy, black, viscous oil known as bitumen extracted from the tar sands undergoes a preliminary processing in Alberta known as upgrading, so that it is liquid enough to be shipped through a pipe to an oil refinery. Most of those refineries are in the United States, which imports about 1.1m barrels per day (b/d) of tar-sands oil (and another 900,000 b/d of Canadian conventional oil). Canada had plans to expand its refineries and build new ones before the global financial crisis, but most have now been put on hold. The Alberta government is planning to build a refinery in partnership with an oil company capable of processing 50,000 b/d of tar-sands crude.

        Meanwhile, the Keystone XL pipeline will have the capacity to carry 830,000 b/d to refineries in Texas that are either already processing similarly heavy oil from Mexico and Venezuela or expanding their ability to do so. This makes sense from the perspective of the North American oil industry, which is integrated on a continental basis. And it makes sense for the tar-sands producers, who expect to get a better price from the Texas refineries than they currently do in the Midwest, where recent increases in American production have produced a glut at the refineries.

        I’m hope that answer would satisfy your curiosity and you could just as easily have searched for the answer yourself…but alas, that isn’t what liberals do…they’d rather muddy the waters with questions ala Alinsky.

      • JeffH

        the last sentance should have been…they’d rather muddy the waters with questions, ala Alinsky, and reap the rewards of someone elses labor…

  • Joseph Leslie

    I find your premise to be ridiculous. You ignore the fact that when Ronald Reagan was elected he killed al governemental support for alternative energy research. I was one of over 300 people who were working for a major corporation preparing a program that would have eliminated our need for OPEC oil imports. The Reagan administration set back our energy self sufficiency by over 30 years. His ties to “BIG OIL” obligated his administration to sell us out for corporate greed!

    • John Myers

      I don’t understand what point you are trying to make. When Ronald Reagan was in office the price of crude oil fell from $30 per bbl to $12 per bbl. That made oil 1/8th as expensive as it is today. I don’t understand how you can say President Reagan hurt the U.S. economy with his energy policies when he in fact made oil and gasoline so affordable to millions.


      John Myers

      • Smilee

        Try again John address Joseph’s post not go way out on a different topic that Joseph never addressed

      • John

        It was short sighted, very simple. By making it “affordable” he destroyed the future of the US by binding this country even closer to the oil corporations and speculators… What we see today is direct the result of his misguided policy. It destroyed the much needed research into processes that would make this country independent from oil . The citizens of this country are more then ever enslaved to your friends in the oil industry… something I bet you are not unhappy about.

  • chuckb

    it’s strange with the liberal miond, all conservative presidents are related to big oil, however, all the liberal presidents are the cause of high gas prices and shortages.

  • http://facebook David Hendrick Behrens

    It sounds good to call for Obama’s Impeachment, but it won’t happen..
    No members of Congress or the Senate would dare suggest it or call for it in a vote, he or she would called a “racists”, and be pounded and hounded daily by all liberals and minorities, until that individual was kicked out of their job and sent home in disgrace……….

    • William Mizell

      Remember the famous call out during Obama’s address “you lie” an good example of what happens to anyone who dares to distain or even object to Obama’s rule.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Of course we’ve already heard ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ say that he’d like to see $5 a gallon gas prices – just not such a quick hike. LOL!! And if you think 5 dollars is bad ….. think again!! I just read on Newsmax (Sunday, 3/4/2012) that Newt Gingrich believes BHO’s real goal is 8 or 9 dollars per gallon – equal to European prices. Again, I remember when Gingrich was House Speaker back in the mid 1990s, and gasoline was only about a dollar a gallon while I was living in Florida. This means gas could rise at a higher rate than cigarette prices have risen (since tobacco industries caved in and settled with politicians on frivolous lawsuits). And what’s the point of higher prices?? Just to please the flat earth – no growth environmentalist wacko Marxists?? If BHO wants to cater to the flat earth – no growth environmentalist wacko Marxists, perhaps we should also insist that BHO and Michelle quit wasting fuel on Air Force One, gas-guzzling limousines, etc., and ride in the lousy little cars which they want the rest of us to drive. Of course I doubt Nitwit Romney will be much better or that he would do what he should do – just say “NO” to the flat earth – no growth environmentalist wacko Marxists. As much as we loathe RINOs like Mitt-nitwit Obam-ney, BHO needs to be defeated in November. Thus we should reluctantly vote for Obamney as a vote against the ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ made back on 11/4/2008.

  • Fred Mitchell

    Thats what Obama’s goal is. Thats why Obama shut the Keystone pile line down.The muslin world are dictating to Obama.They want America,to be walking and broke,same as muslims.And do all he can to make sure there will be no jobs. One more thing god help us all.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      He’ll approve the pipeline! It’s just a ploy to make the environmentalists think he cares about them. One of Hillary Clinton’s old employees now works for Trans Canada. It’s always been a given. There are e mails back and forth to indicate that approval is assured. There was going to be a delay anyway to figure out the new route. Trans Canada KNOWS its going to be approved. They have resumed building it in other places. Believe me, it IS being built! It’s all just a distraction because if all of us are freaking out over this, we’re not paying attention to whatever else they’re doing!

      • eddie47d

        Whether built or not it should be rerouted and you being from Nebraska should be on board with that. Now should Nebraska pay for any damages that may occur now or in the future,will it fall on the oil companies or the nations taxpayers?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Eddie, it is being rerouted. Our legislature has decided. Nebraska has to pay for the new study that TransCanada will do. If the pipeline leaks I assume TransCanada will be financially liable as they are on their existing pipeline.

  • chuckb

    this energy disaster is not something barry invented, this was started back in jimmy carters day, bill clinton and al gore made big moves for the environmentalist that’s when things really started rolling, they lost a little momentum under gwb, however, bush didn’t pay attention as we hoped. barry is a complete non-plus, he is owned by the enviro movement, i doubt very much barry understands what is going on with the oil situation, he doesn’t understand anything else. people like buffett and soros do, the manipulation of prices is making them more rich by the day and we haven’t seen anything yet. there may be a little decrease in gasoline price enough to get barry re-elected, the oil companies have the sheep used to high prices so when oil drops back to just over three dollars pg the sheep will be dqncing in the street and barry will be re-elected.
    when you factor in obamacare and oil prices we don’t stand a chance come 2013. the media has gone all out to help nominate romney to ensure barry wins in november and what has the republican party done for us? they gave us boehner and mcconnell and now have convinced the sheep to vote for romney, so what do you think about the rep. party now.

  • Stephen

    How come the conservatives didn’t call for Presidents Nixon, Ford and Bush Jr to get out of town when gas was out of control?

    I don’t like what is happening under the Obama Regime anymore than most of you.

    However folks, when it comes to gas prices, few leaders have risen to the podium to protect us regardless of political affiliation.

    • John Myers

      Yes, but the nation got rid of Jimmy Carter. When he was President and price of crude soared from less than $6 per bbl to $36 per bbl. Voters do pay attention when they have to fill-up the car and it costs them far too much.

  • jopa

    Sure is a lot of smoke being blown around here today trying to cover up the facts that America is beginning to look pretty good once more after nearly going into a depression.General Motors is number one again resulting in millions of jobs, the stock markets up, Bin Laden is down along with dozens of his buddies.Democracy is becoming popular worldwide now that the rest of the world has witnessed the greatness of America and they all want to be like US.Most people realize the president has no control over the price of gas like the speculators on Wall Street do.One reason the price is high are the Republicans doing their saber rattling in the House and Senate saying lets attack Iran and Syria.These idiots have to go.They want war just to regain political power and they don’t even care about the lives lost and the money we don’t even have to finance the war.

  • truthsayer

    Its so funny to see the liberal walking dead come on here and try to say Barry has nothing to do with gas prices..when the specific actions are bullet pointed in the article..

    Are these the same morons that claimed in a conspiracy theory that Bush was secretly driving gas prices and somehow skimming money from the oil companies and lining his pockets with it?

  • Kris

    Barack Obama, Oh, yeah, he gotta go.

  • Andre

    “When Obama was sworn into office, the price of gasoline was $1.80 a gallon.” Come on now that is just an outright lie. Gas hasn’t been @ $1.80 a gallon since prior to the Iraq invasion. I despise that commie Obama as much as the next guy but high gas prices are because of George W. not Obama. George W. is also the reason someone like Obama became president. One positive thing I can say about Obama is that at least he’s trying to keep from going to war with Iran because if a republican besides Ron Paul winds up in the White House I can almost guarantee there will be an attack on Iran. If that happens then everyone may as well park their cars because Iran will shut down the Straight of Hormuz sending gas prices through the roof.

    • Libertytrain

      Andre you have “bad rememberings” – here’s this about a month after he was sworn in as just one example of countless thousands you can read about if you would have looked before you posted…
      By Aaron Smith, staff writer
      Last Updated: February 12, 2009: 2:38 PM ET

      NEW YORK ( — The days of cheap gas are retreating into the rearview mirror, as prices continue to roll uphill, flirting with the $2-per-gallon mark.

      The national average price for a gallon of unleaded gasoline reached $1.952 Thursday, according to the motorist group AAA. This is bad news for the growing ranks of jobless Americans, who are pinching pennies and looking for ways to cut costs.

      But since gas prices slumped to a low of $1.616 per gallon on Dec. 30, they’ve jumped more than 20%. At their current rate, prices could easily eclipse $2 per gallon by early next week.

    • eddie47d

      Nobody liked high gas prices when Nixon and Carter were President and 40 years later we are still bellyaching about it. We now have more monster houses and monster cars to to go along with them. I would say our problem is oil addiction not the President. If the consumer wants to live large then be willing to pay higher prices for that privilege.

  • John

    I do not want a obama copy cat either. No bush copy cat. Santorum ,newt are lobbyist that will sellout America. Wake up and stop wasting voting for these clowns.

  • http://yahoo don

    when you vote in november ask youself if you want obunhole for four more years, i say HELL NO

    • John

      Unfortunately, the rest of them and the GOP hopefuls are much worse.

  • Ivan

    I guess when Bush was in power gas was a lot cheaper???? Where was I ? Because I remember been the same price….

    • Libertytrain

      You also have “bad rememberings” – do some checking – here’s a couple Bush years from Reuters below and…I remember paying $1.80 near Leavenworth Kansas in January 2007… It is remembered because we were giddy to see it so low….
      (Reuters) – U.S. average gasoline prices rose 8 percent, or 21 cents, in 2007 from the prior year, an industry analyst said, as oil prices rose. The average annual price for U.S. gasoline was $2.7878 in 2007, up from 2006′s $2.5730, according to the Lundberg survey of about 7,000 U.S. gas stations.

  • JeffH

    Boehner Column: Soaring Gas Prices Prove It’s Time for an “All of the Above” Strategy on American Energy

    Today, Congressman John Boehner (R-West Chester) released the following column discussing soaring gas prices and the need for an “all of the above” American energy strategy:

    “Soaring energy prices are raising the cost of living on families and small businesses across the country, presenting our nation’s economy with yet another challenge as it struggles to return to lasting job creation and prosperity. And as with most of the challenges that have been thrown in our economy’s path in recent years, the misguided policies of our federal government are contributing directly to the problem…

    “Americans are fed up – not just with skyrocketing gas prices, but with Washington’s ongoing refusal to adopt a rational national strategy that will bring about genuine energy security for our country.

    “This is why I and other Republicans for years have been focused on implementing an ‘all-of-the-above’ energy policy that promotes the responsible production of all forms of American-made energy – from increased domestic oil and gas production to the development and increased use of alternative energy sources, including solar, wind, and nuclear power.

    “I was encouraged recently when President Obama broke with the Democratic leadership in the House and Senate and expressed support – rhetorically, at least – for our ‘all-of-the-above’ energy strategy, after years of opposing such an approach. The weeks ahead will tell us whether the president has truly has become an advocate for ‘all of the above,’ or those were just empty election-year sound-bites.

    “A good place to start is the Keystone XL pipeline. While President Obama has in the past blocked this important project, the builder of the Keystone XL pipeline recently announced it will reapply for a presidential permit to bring oil resources from Canada into the United States.

  • bono

    One gets so very tired about hearing that the president did this, the president did that. The reason gas is high is because the oil compainies want to bank greater profits every year. Why don’t they build more refineries. Questions! Shortage creates demand, demand creates big BUCKS, Daddy. Let’s talk war with Iran, why not, better profits through the scare.

    • eddie47d

      The Keystone Pipeline won’t solve the problem anymore than the Alaska Pipeline solved the problem. Even Bob Livingston had an article saying the pipeline won’t change the cost of gasoline at the pump and much of it will be destined for overseas. The Denver Post said the same thing and that there is now a glut of crude in the Midwest .Even if the pipeline is built it will take years to refine that crude and gasoline prices will remain high and will probably never go down.

  • One-Angel

    How can one president be allowed to create so much hell. Doesn’t anyone in Congress have any balls?

  • chuckb

    one angel. NO, the republicans are wimps, the democrats are bolsheviks and leading the way., the republicans are doing what they do best, nothing.

  • Falcon

    Typical right winger… not when they are not lying, they just fail to mention the truth.

    Gas prices still haven’t gotten as high as they did under Bush,

    “…under George W. Bush, the price of gasoline increased from $1.60 per gallon when he took office in January 2001 to $4.40 per gallon in July 2008, a jump of 275 percent.” – GOP Deceptions About Gas Prices (via azspot)

    Someone asked as a request whether the rise of gas prices is tied to a Bush being into office. The simple answer is yes, but not for the reasons that you would think.

    Politics aside, there appears to be a connection with a Bush being into office and the rise is gas prices. I am not, however, like so many of my liberal friends who believe this is due to a corrupt intention to manipulate the gas prices by the Bush family. Instead, I believe it is a change in regulations.

    Generally, Republicans want as little regulation as possible over American business. This is also known as the free market approach. The current Bush ran a deregulator believing that the market could better regulate the economy that the government. For the most part, I actually believe this is a valid contention. However, I do not believe this theory works when it comes to energy.

    In the early part of this decade, California deregulated power. What was seen as a way to promote competition in the marketplace became an economic disaster. California no longer had enough energy and experienced rolling blackouts. Prices rose out of control. There was no competition. This is due to the fact that there are only a few producers of energy.
    This tends to be the sentiment
    This tends to be the sentiment

    The same is true for oil. There are very few countries that can produce the amount of oil the United States uses. Granted, many countries have oil, only a few companies control its output. Without government regulation, these companies have complete control over the price.

    Now I believe in alternative energy. But it is not here yet. Alternative energies are not yet cost effective or feasible. The Bush administration did nothing to move it along and showed no interest to do so. This meant that the oil producers knew that there would be no regulation of gas and no competition. This leads to the price going up under any economic model.

    So yes, it is coincidence, but not by corruption. If President Bush had not been so anti-regulation and pro-market, the prices may have remained stable. But given the various wars, the use of oil by the military in those wars, and a complete lack of discovery on alternative fuels, the prices we paid a few months ago was inevitable. And now, in Bush’s last days, the prices are higher to get some last minute profits before regulation returns. Hopefully, we will push for alternatives as well. We will see.

    • dwight

      they allll are llieing sb we are the sujects keep paying

  • DH

    How can anyone vote for this treasonous tyrant? No one in their right mind. He is has bent on destroying the American economy ever since taking office. What is it about this that people do not understand or realize what he has been doing? How many jobs has he sent overseas while at the same time providing money to foreign countries to build plants and facilities to do so?

  • http://yahoo Timothy Widgren

    I am not a stupid person. I know that the speculators are driving up the price of gasoline. Obama has nothing to do with corporate greed. Oil companies are making record profits. Americans are paying the bill. We actually export more oil than we import and only some of those imports are OPEC actually less than 10%. Republicans , big oil, and constant stopping of bills in congress are the reason America is in the crapper. Hey! Lets deregulate Wall street! Oh yeah, G.W. Bush already did that.

  • Cole

    Approaching? Gas prices are already past $5 a gallon here in California.

  • Neil Swan

    Timothy, you and Sam are the ones that are right.
    I agree with you two.
    The only reason I check out these emails is to see what stupid people say.


    • chuckb

      barry has everything to do with high gas prices, he trying to please the whacko environmentalist has stopped our abilility to produce more crude. the congressional bolsheviks in order to please the whackp environmentalist stop any move to free up our production. congress is the ones who allowed the oil, companies to merge and create the situation we are in, this is why the big oil is showing such high profits and have been all the way along. the short selling on the futures market is creating higher prices at the pump. we need to reign in big oil and shut the market down on crude. why do you think the traders operate overseas. let the enviros run their kiddie cars on batteries and their homes on windmills and solar, i could care less, they will all find out in the end it’s a losing proposition, they don’t have competent battery power and probably never will, it’s been a hundred years of experimenting, the chevy volt proves their unsuccessful, barry doesn’t have the good sense to realize this and more interested in building a marxist society, if you take a look at what used to be rhodesia (zimbabwe) this is the mentality that barry operates under and you can see the results. his hero is mandella. look at south africa another marxist dream and another solid nation destroyed. we are next if barry is re-elected.

  • bigjeff1

    This article is delusionary, at best; just a pack of outright falsehoods at worst. What is more telling is that those who try to insert some facts and a little rational thought into the conversation about the key factors that drive global prices for oil and gasoline at the pump get cat calls from the sand box. It seems more like some bizarre pseudo-religion based on a single commandment – “thou shalt know that anything and everything you don’t like is the fault of the anti-American Muslim Barack Obama and shall shouteth this to the heavens where all the nice people go if they hate him enough.”

  • Robert, TX

    Obama is an idiot who reads a teleprompter. Don’t give him so much credit. But give full credit to Congress – that made illegal speculation in OUR U.S. energy futures markets possible in 1998 (thank you Phil Gramm – Ted Turner’s little puppet). And this eunuch John Boehner, who has done NOTHING to stop Obama. Obama has MORE power with little johnny than he had with pelosi. I wouldn’t pay money to see a fight between Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell, because it would be over before I got to my seat. Dirty Harry would knock out mealy-mouth mitch with the first punch.

  • charlots

    The above statement “When Obama was sworn into office, the price of gasoline was $1.80 a gallon.” is a blatant lie. In January 2008 the cost of regular gasoline was $3.11 per gallon.

    Read it for yourself here at Consumer Reports.

    At times, it’s hard to believe how some can totally re-write history, but what’s more unbelievable is that most people are too stupid and eager to believe these lies, and seem to forget their own past. And this is a so-called “Liberty Alert”? How can you liberate anyone with a pack of lies?

    • JeffH

      charlots says “The above statement “When Obama was sworn into office, the price of gasoline was $1.80 a gallon.” is a blatant lie. In January 2008 the cost of regular gasoline was $3.11 per gallon.”

      I have to ask who’s really lying here…considering Obama was sworn into office on Tuesday, January 20, 2009.

      You really should do your homework before you rant.

      National retail fuel price averages–January 19, 2009 was $1.85
      Source: Energy Information Administration, 1/19/09. Figures rounded to the nearest cent.

      Gasoline prices continue to rise across the country, but diesel prices have decreased compared against the week before. On average, gasoline prices rose around 6 cents. The national gasoline average is now about a $1.17 below the price this time last year. Diesel fuel is now $.97 below this time last year.

    • Steve B

      Sorry Charlots – Pres. Obama was not sworn in until Jan 2009 – when the average gas price was as stated.

    • Libertytrain

      charlots – I’m not sure if you can remember or have checked the Internet, and as Mr. Meyers mentions….Obama was elected at the END of 2008 and INAUGURATED in JANUARY 2009. Go take a gander and you will see there is nothing wrong with the gas prices listed in the article.

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Obviously People that blame Government for higher Prices, don’t understand the Stock Market & Bankers Games… SURE the government admits to being in great debt, and ways to get out, will be unpopular. But: The Middle Class is going to PAY!!! Inflation leads to inflation If you think “ANY” Politican cares about You… You must be blinded, by hope!

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      POLITICO Breaking News
      Fifty-six senators voted to mandate construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, just short of the 60 needed for the proposal to be attached to a highway bill being debated on the Senate floor. The vote was 56-42. The Obama administration had lobbied Democrats not to vote for the amendment.
      //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\The Price of Gas goes up to pay for the cost of making more $… WE Loose!!! They win!

  • BigBadJohn

    Probably no one will see this because it is 2 days old

    Expensive crude = more money for well development and a chance for America’s oil producers to get back on their: feet.

    Just got this from a financial news letter, cut and abbreviated.:

    America’s dependency on foreign oil has already dropped below 50 percent for the first time in 15 years — and yet shale oil production has barely gotten underway…

    What’s more, the Energy Information Administration reported that U.S. crude oil output has actually reversed course and made its biggest RISE since 1985.

    And industry insiders now expect North American oil production to reach an all-time high in 2016. Yes — we’re talking even greater oil output than during the historic oil boom of the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

    The Financial Times declared America’s newfound oil rush “…is a development that holds profound implications for the economy of the US and its status as superpower.”

    Investment banker Ralph Eads was quoted in the Wall Street Journal describing it as “the economic equivalent to any of the big technology innovations.”

    One of the UK’s preeminent newspapers — The Telegraph — announced, “The American phoenix is rising again. Within five years or so the US will be well on its way to self-sufficiency in fuel and energy. Manufacturing will have closed the labour gap with China in a clutch of key industries. The current account might even be in a surplus.”

    And Goldman Sachs even expects America to jump ahead of Russia and Saudi Arabia and reclaim its title of World’s No. 1 Energy Producer by 2017!

    Why are they all so confident this new U.S. energy boom will put America back on top and change the world for years to come?

    • Bert Cundle Sr.

      The only time that Europe, is in complyance with U.S. Is when they are in control!
      Controling the mind of others, makes ruleing much easer…

    • JeffH

      ? What new energy boom. All I’m seeing is government interference. If it weren’t for private industry there’d be no positive movement in oil exploration and drilling at all. The feds aren’t issuing new permits or allowing any new exploration or drilling on federal lands…both natural gas and oil production has steadily declined under this administration. Obama just finished his lobbying for the needed “nay” votes to defeat the latest Keystone proposal in the senate yet he says he’s all for it. He’s all for letting China or any country but the US benefit from the much needed energy source.

      • BigBadJohn

        Jeff someone is wrong???

        My previous post was from a financial news letter – not a politician or political blog. It was focusing on natural gas, horizontal drilling and that natural gas can be made into diesel.

        “Just one oil drilling permit approved during the entire Obama presidency? We recalled that in a March 11, 2011, press conference, Obama said, “we’ve approved more than 35 new offshore drilling permits that meet these new safety and environmental standards.” And he was talking only about permits issued after the Gulf of Mexico moratorium.

        So somebody’s got to be wrong.

        We went first to the Department of the Interior press office, which sent us a link to a Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement, or BOEMRE, report on the “Status of Well Permits and Plans Subject to Enhanced Safety and Environmental Requirements.”

        According to the report, 39 shallow-water permits for new wells have been issued since June 8, 2010, when new rules and information requirements were put into effect. Shallow water drilling operations were not affected by the deepwater drilling moratorium following the gulf oil spill. And there were lots more shallow-water well permits issued by the Obama administration prior to June 8, 2010. Remember, Bachmann’s statement referred to permits issued “under the Obama administration since they came into office.”

        In addition, there have been six deepwater well permits issued since Oct. 12, 2010, when the gulf moratorium was lifted. Five of those were for projects that were under way prior to the moratorium. The operators were required to come back and meet the new, modified standards.

        Then this -
        NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — A federal court ordered the Obama administration Thursday to act on five deep water drilling permits in the Gulf of Mexico within 30 days, calling the delays in issuing new decisions “unreasonable, unacceptable, and unjustified.”

        In a case brought by the drilling company Ensco, U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana Judge Martin Feldman ruled that the four to nine months the company has waited for a decision on the permits it has a stake in is simply too long.

  • lowlywise

    If anyone is still reading the catcalls and other sophomoric twaddle that pass for “Comment” on this column, let me direct your attention to Friday’s online Christian Science Monitor for a thoughtful, non-hysterical piece on the the Keystone XL pipeline. It is not the simplistic issue put forward by either the enemies or the proponent of this project. The president was right to call for a moratorium on it, so that all financial and environmental aspects could be considered. I would deplore any trashing of America’s heartland with loss of soil, water, and sandhill cranes, but I’ve been around long enough to see the dreadful effects of these projects nowhere as severe as predicted. I have also seen much-touted economic benefits turn out far less beneficial than projected. Looks to me like most of the jobs will be exported along with the oil.

    Do you remember in 2000 how criticism of the disgusting Dick Cheney and his oil industry henchmen was punished by a severe spike in gas prices? Looks like the good ol’ boys are at it again. They, not Obama (whose nose isn’t exactly clean either), are really the ones who want higher gas prices. I remember very well when people started bleating about $1.65 a gallon, then four years ago it was the end of the world at $3.50, now it’s continuing to ratchet upward to $4 and $5. It will be worse if the pipeline is built, for the public will be expected to pay for the construction costs and, like Europe and the rest of the world, it will top out at about $10. Costs of everything else will rise proportionately. The only jobs that will allow people to comfortably afford all this will be in the clean-up industry, and it’s not unreasonable to predict very little ripple into the rest of the economy.

    No, let’s all cool off and take a sober look at Keystone XL. Here’s the Monitor link:

  • Aaron Allen

    Had enuf of high fuels-cost? Carefully Browse these:
    HHO gas generators for vehicles; Best HHO gas generators for vehicles; Halo spark plugs; K&N foam air filters; Flowmaster low backpressure mufflers; Low rolling resistance
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    and keep warm, too…Aaron Allen…

  • Jungle Oats

    Obama is clearly doing wha he thinks is best for the country and with the support of the government he will be re-instated.

  • Pete Gordon

    There is no doubt that oil will run out. When, of course, is subject to argument. As the end comes into sight, or people think it could be coming, the price moves up. Obama or Bush nor any other politician has much control over that, other than that killing people in the middle east is likely to drive up the price for a while, but these things are momentary, a war ends, prices go back to normal.
    How much has the price really increased? In 1978, gas was about $.50, a new subdivision house was $35,000., a new high performance car was $6000. Today, the gas is up 9 fold, the house is up about 9 times, the car is up about 6 or 7 times. Compared to Mitt Romney’s wages, the price is small change. For the working American, our wages are only up about 3 fold, which is what makes the gas seem so high. Do not be fooled by the men who rode with Bush when he drove the nation into the economic ditch, they will put you right back there. They drove wages down over the years and have broken the working man to his knees and taken away his union, while cutting taxes for their sponsors.

  • Aaron Allen

    I remember during ‘The War’ [WW II] we managed to have enuf petroleum for both The War
    and the civil homefront–except for 2-3 months. While there was rationing and a nationwide
    speed limit of 35 mph, if one left early and drove carefully, s/he wud ‘get there’. If people di
    needed a slightly-higher ration, for a good reason, one’s local rationing board cud up their
    share. Also, everyone kept a 5-gallon gascan in their garage or shed–for emergencies…
    We had the Office of Price Stabilization–there was a ceiling price on almost all goods and
    services: Paying higher than the ceiling price for anything was a criminal offense! We did
    not allow ‘the world markets’ to push up fuels prices!..

  • Aaron Allen

    I think it is time to change the way we ‘do fuels’..Lookit big map of US and Canadian high-
    ways: Most of both nations [usually seen with light color] are rural or low-density inhabita-
    tion. The darker, ‘busier’ places are urban/suburban. In the rural zones, step up the refining
    of ‘highway hay’ [which is free] into 96-102 Octane, unleaded ‘grassoline’ and the scuzzy
    ponds and waterbodies green-algae ‘biodiesel/heat’ [works in vehicles and heating homes!
    Small, intensive cooperatives or partnerships sell direct to the customer [not thru ANY mid-
    dlemen] for fixed price, not affected by sneezing sheiks, Wall Street gamblers, flash-traders,
    wars, etc…If it comes ‘from inside–out’ external factors have NO effect. The dense areas
    shud temporarily buy ‘local’ or ‘near-regional’ crude ONLY, then refine and sell it direct to
    ‘city/suburban’ customers…Now, add the HHO gas generators and other goodies and cut
    the real cost of these [more traditional but lower cost] fuels by 30-50%+!..Skrew the ripoff
    spot markets and middlemen!..Use HHO WITH CNG for great [and cheap!] performance…
    Aaron Allen…

  • Aaron Allen

    One more idea and then I’ll shut up for a while: Instead of just allowing the ‘world oil market-
    place’ to stumble along, skrewing us while making a relatively few people and institutions
    rich, let’s be like the skilled gamblers who ‘play against the house’–using their dicipline and
    concentration to win consistantly without actually cheating–or appearing to cheat?..This is
    a different philosophy in the energy [or energy-ripoff?] business–circumstantially pushing-
    back high prices and an overly-expensive industry by purchasing only ‘local-source fuels’
    and reworking our vehicles and HVAC systems to use less fuel…Strategies to drive crude
    oil costs–and resultant ‘pump prices’–down, without criminal conspiracy, will be worth de-
    veloping–and sticking-to…Let’s start by eliminating all advertising of fuels and the large
    retail price signs over most fuel stations?..Aaron Allen…

    • lowlywise

      Good idea. I like that: playing against the house. I’d make it specific: mandate that engines be designed to burn fuel 100%, putting plain air out the exhaust, AND make the fuels that can be 100% consumed. This is possible. In fact some of these technologies have been invented as long as 90 years ago, but are immediately suppressed by Big Oil and General Bullmoose. I wouldn’t mind paying even $9 or $10 a gallon if I were going 50 or 60 miles on it and leaving less crud in the atmosphere.

  • lowlywise

    I should have written 50 or 60 miles on that gallon.

  • Aaron Allen

    Hi Lowlywise and other commenters: Pls review the [browse-subjects] I have mentioned…
    These are NOT scams and cud make driving less-costly…FIND OUT–thanks!..We State-
    sider consumers can break-thru the stoopid wringing-of-hands over, and worship of the
    ‘international oil markets’ that are hosing us…Here’s MY strategy to ‘answer’ the whiners
    and the ‘nothing can be doners’: 1. Discover what YOU can do to improve YOUR mileage
    by 30-50%+ [This will effectively reduce gasoline/dieselfuel/heating oil price]… 2. Buy as
    little fuel as possible to save money and reduce weight in vehicles… 3. Like tobacco, end
    all expensive print, billboard/large sign, and broadcast advertising and any other ‘custom-
    ary’ overhead costs… 4. Close all low-performing stations and build small, above-ground-
    fuel tanks-equipped stations to serve rural and far-suburban drivers–making them ‘drive
    to the city’–to fill-up–is stoopid!..Aaron Allen…

  • Aaron Allen

    Ooops! I forgot: Like saloons, bars, liquor stores, limit the number of fuel stations/
    stores in each community…Small towns cud have a station again—run by two or
    three local automotive shops, general stores, other convenience places…Control
    of the pumps/computers wud be present in each place and they wud take turns
    thru the day [6-AM to 10-PM?] running the islands and dealing with customers…
    1-2 grades of NO Ethanol, Unleaded, 1 grade of E85-E90, Green Algae Diesel/heat,
    CNG, LPG [nat gas and propane], and Kerosene–in green plastic jugs in the ‘cage’
    with 25 Gal barbeque tanks–how’s that? Something for everyone…Aaron Allen…

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    As much as I loathe the RINO Mitt Obamney and the old nincompoop crackpot Ron ‘Wrong’ Paul, I agree with those who say the most important thing to do this year is to defeat the leftwing commie-in-chief who now resides in the White House. For now, I will continue to ask: Why ROMNEY?? By that, I mean: Why ‘Repeat Old Mistakes – Not Educated Yet’???? ….. However, once the primaries are over, I will say: Let’s get behind whoever the GOP nominee is. None can be worse than the ‘One Big Awful Mistake America’ of 11/4/2008.


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