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Obama’s Plunging Popularity

June 21, 2013 by  

Obama’s Plunging Popularity

What a difference a month can make. Last month, a majority of Americans said they liked the job President Barack Obama was doing leading this country. Today, that’s no longer true, according to the latest CNN/ORC International poll.

In May, according to the pollsters, 53 percent of Americans said they approved of Obama’s performance, and 45 percent disagreed. Now, 54 percent say our Teleprompter in Chief is doing a poor job, while 45 still support him.

CNN reported:

The overall decline in his approval rating was partially fueled by a plunge in support from younger Americans, a huge base of Obama’s support.

Last month, nearly two-thirds of those in the 18-29 age group gave the president a thumbs up. His approval rating among that bracket fell 17 points in Monday’s poll and now stands at 48%.

And it isn’t just Obama’s personal popularity that has suffered. In every category that was measured, Americans have become more negative about Obama’s leadership:

  • The number who thinks he’s doing a good job on the economy fell by 2 points, from 44 percent who supported him in April to just 42 percent today.
  • Obama’s handling of foreign affairs has also taken a hit, with his support here dropping from 49 percent in April to 44 percent today.
  • Approval of his leadership on immigration is down even more, falling from 44 percent in April to just 40 percent, according to the CNN pollsters.
  • Americans have an even lower opinion of Obama’s leadership on our deficits. His approval fell from 38 percent in April to 34 percent today.
  • The scandal over the government’s surveillance of Americans’ phone calls and emails has also hurt the president. Just 35 percent say Obama is doing a good job here, while 61 percent disagree.

And it isn’t just Obama’s leadership on important national issues that has taken a hit. Our trust in the man personally has also fallen, according to the poll. Last month, 58 percent of respondents said that Obama was honest and trustworthy. Now, that number has dropped to 49 percent. (Among my friends, the number is closer to zero.)

And here’s what may be the best news of all: Nearly two-thirds of the people who participated in the poll responded affirmatively to the following question: “Do you think the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens, or not?”

Yes, 62 percent of the people surveyed say that the Federal government poses “an immediate threat” to our rights and freedoms. Isn’t that wonderful?

Given all of this, you won’t be surprised to learn that a huge majority of Americans now believe that the country is heading in the wrong direction. In the most recent poll by Real Clear Politics, only 31.3 percent of Americans feel the country is on the right track. While almost twice that number, 59.4 percent, says the country is on the wrong track.

Clearly, despite all of the efforts of the mainstream media to defend and excuse the present Administration, the wave of recent scandals is taking its toll — as well it should. When the Justice Department targets respected journalists as potential criminals, the Internal Revenue Service harasses patriotic organizations and the National Security Agency collects billions of phone records and millions of emails from virtually every citizen of the country, no wonder so many fear and mistrust our leaders.

And we get new evidence almost every day to support our position. One of the latest examples concerns the government program to give away free cellphones.

Have you heard about the scandal over the “Obama phones”? It’s a mind-blowing example of how the welfare state has run amok.

It started as one of those ideas that liberals just love: Give poor people access to telephones, to help them look for work and call for assistance in case they face an actual emergency. And thus the Lifeline program was born.

But guess what? Turns out that giving folks something for nothing leads to all sorts of abuse and corruption. And thanks to some conservative activists armed with a video camera, we can see for ourselves just how rotten the program has become.

Investigators for a group called Project Veritas took their hidden cameras along when they applied for some of the free phones. They told the people processing the applications that as soon as they got them, they intended to sell the phones and use the money to buy drugs.

“No problem” was the typical response. One representative even suggested the investigator visit a pawn shop, to find out how much cash he would receive. “Yeah, I don’t care what you do with it,” the clerk can be heard to mutter.

In another encounter caught on tape, one of  Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe’s investigators says she has to sell “a lot of phones” to pay for her Louis Vuitton handbag. The woman dispensing the free cellphones makes it clear that her job is just to give away the phones — not to question what the recipient will do with it.

Oh, one rep did point out that selling the free phones was illegal — but then suggested “pleading the Fifth” if caught. The Project Veritas video illustrates this last point with another knee-slapper — a clip from IRS official Lois Lerner pleading the 5th Amendment in her appearance before a Congressional committee last month.

We have Project Veritas and its founder to thank for this maddening report of how taxpayer funds are being so badly misused. You may remember the group from the exposure it did back in 2009 of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), one of Obama’s favorite “community activist” organizations. ACORN employees were caught on camera promoting child prostitution, human trafficking and tax evasion.

As a result of the scandal, the House and Senate voted to stop all Federal subsidies to the group. The U.S. Census, which had provided many of the grants that funded the organization, severed its ties with the organization. Ultimately, ACORN was forced to disband.

We enjoyed a wonderful victory then. Now, we’ll discover what lawmakers will do when presented with undeniable evidence of fraud and deceit in the $2.2 billion Lifeline program.

By the way, if you’re one of the suckers who actually pays for your telephone service, take a closer look at the next bill you receive. You’ll see a “Universal Service Charge” somewhere on it. That’s the fee you pay to help fund this $2.2 billion giveaway.

I’ll grant you, having a majority of Americans say they mistrust and fear big government isn’t the same thing as getting them to vote for candidates who will actually do something about it. Nor is it the same as finding candidates who will keep the promises they made back home once they get to Washington.

But Obama’s plunging popularity means a lot of our friends and neighbors share our concerns. Our job now is to get more of them to agree with us on the solutions.

We’ll find out next November how good a job we’ve done there.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • AKA John Galt

    Reblogged this on U.S. Constitutional Free Press.

  • http://personallibertydigest linda garris

    I told the fi ve abt the phones over a yr ago. I called sprint abt the charges I’m paying. They say it’s in the contract I signed and if I don’t like it I can cancel- for a huge fee off course. I also had to talkk to a supervisor to get a presidental alert taken off. Really? The customer service girl said no- the supervisor removed it. Why are t here pres alerts on our phones. Btw an aquaintance just told me the people on welfare who sell drugs*(able bodied) just got a $1000 refrigerator for free. Isnt it great to live in america? I don’t know who is giving free appliances in philly . Is it city or state? But I hope the state doesn’t bail out philly with all the corruption. After decades of libera ls running the city its a sewer. Giving them more money is a disgrace. I grew up with rizzo as mayor. This was a safe city. Now even though its blacks who commit 90 percent of crime , nutter wont allow race to describe criminals. Well unless they are white or asian or hispanic. Lol we all know anyway. The news media were salivating because they had awhite girl on tape stealing a wallet in a nail salon. They showed it mult times. Really. Soneone is killed robbed and beaten every day. Drugs are openly sold everywhere and that’s the big news?. Idk why my son bought a home in philly. I guess I’ll die here. It was ok while I was working. Its gotten bad since obama has been in office. I’m a visiting nurse. I wouldn’t work in philly anymore. I didn’t get out when I could.

    • Ron r

      Thease are not presidential alerts ,and they have been available since 2006. Thease same alerts saved lives in Oklahoma recently. My god do you people have any facts???????

      • your private Socrates

        Ron, you are passionate about your leader and your party. Understandable with the dinosaurs in the GOP. But your are blind and quite comparable to a useful idiot. My 40 plus years in Chicago and my knowledge of history, BA and Masters from UIC and Northeastern respectively, coupled with

  • kent zastrow

    The redistribution is giong along quite nicely wouldn’t you agree vallerie, OH YES !!! Barry now if we can only keep eric from going off script. Have you worked out the details to taKe lois to africa with us , one way of course. She’ll be going on a saffari to hunt RINOS to take back to our private zoo just down the street. I. Still don’t know why they call it the peoples house? Do you think I over use the word “folks” when I refer to the little people, I can’t call them my fellow citizens and keep a straIght face even I have limits to MY talents

    • Random Erik


  • Brad n TX

    Don’t worry you little Obama lovers, 4-5 more ongoing scandals added in future and he can take Moochell and their ill brats on vacation

    • Ron r


  • Anthony

    I still don’t understand these European Christians. And, they say that they love God! I wonder which Roman God they’re referring to? Definitely, not the Jesus of modern day Ethiopia. SMILE YOU HYPOCRITES

  • Judiyth

    He had nothing he’d ever done that would recommend him for anything. Only malcontents who never focused on
    making anything better in the world
    elected one of their own who knew
    nothing to better anything, just like themselves. Look at his lifelong record
    of doing nothing for Americans as a whole.

    • Ron r

      So that’s how Bush got elected . Who would have thought it. BTW what did Romney accomplish prior to running. Romneycare, 47% remarks?? Reguardless of if you did or did not vote for him there were more of so called them than so called you who voted. The end result being that the majority of America voted to keep America America and not move backwards into ore 1950.

  • Ron r

    What do polls have to do with anything?? Bush was lower and congress is even lower. Find something else chip . BTW you guys call yourselves Christians ?? If only Jesus knew.

    • Random Erik

      Glad to know that you and Jesus are so close…

      I wonder… Do cyber warriors have souls too? They seem so devoid of ethics…

      • Ron r

        Yes they that why they always mention god , Reagan, and Jesus ????

  • Cory Blackwood

    Obama would have to stand on his mother’s shoulders to kiss GWB’s ass. As each day goes by It becomes obvious that President Bush makes Obama look like the amature he really is. The best thing historians will say about Obama is that he ran better for office than he ran the country. It was obvious to anyone with a lick of intelligence that Obama was In way over his head from day one.

    • Ron r

      Next you will try to convince all that the Irag war was justified ,and that it was Lincoln who in fact shot Booth. George Bush was by far the worst priesident in everyone’s lifetime . What history will say about Obama is that the idiot republifascist in congress from day one were committed to obstructing , and they have the lowest rating of any congress. In fact they rate lower than even Bush.

      • Cory Blackwood

        Remember Ron at Nuremburg when they asked the Nazis where they got all of their ideas they gave the credit to the US Progressives. So when you are calling your political enemies “fascists” and things like that you progressives have a few nasty skeletons in your closet. When people like you talk about things like racism keep in mind the Democrat party is the party of racists like Bull Conner, George Wallace and Robert Byrd. Remember the low expectations you people have for minorities is extremely racist and while you claim to be for rights for everyone you people kind of leave babies in the womb to survive on their own devices. Maybe you people aren’t as sacrosanct as you think you are.
        Cory J. Blackwood
        Bellingham Wa

      • Ron r

        Ok Cory,here you go.the key words are used to be. Yes the dems use to be what the republifascist are now. You remember Barry Goldwater and other idiots like him and oh Ronald Reagan who was also a democrat untill he followed other democracts to the Republican Party to join Goldwater. And no I did not know that the nazis took that position after the war,because most of their ideals fall in line with today’s Tea Party and reich/right wing actions. Anti imagration, an America like it was befor ,anti voting rights, anti civil rights, and against anything that will help the disadvantaged . Now as for those pesky progressives. Had it not been for those Commies as the right calls them we would have been in Vietnam maybe 5 to 7 years longer while great conservatives like Romney,Chenney ,and Limbaugh continued to get deferments /draft dodge while the 47% fought to keep them rich. So while you practice your revisionist history don’t forget that.

      • Ron r

        BTW Cory I have 7 children 16 grandchildren,and 1great grandchild so I am not an advocate for abortion. But on the other hand I have nothing to do with what a woman decides to do with her body. You know seems to me that the so called righteous told the American Indian that both Christianity and reservations were in their best intrest,that did not work out so well for them did it. I did not see the party of Linchon comming to their rescue. Robert Byrd,what about Lindsey Graham. At least Byrd and Wallace both tried to apologize. Graham has no shame .

      • Keith

        Ron r, Is it not congress’s job to act as a check and balance to the executive branch? This is something they are doing a poor job of. Congress has a duty to nullify any unconstitutional or illegal orders or decrees from the president. But I suppose this is what you call ” obstruction”. Just because an evil schmuck got a majority of ignorant schmucks to vote him into office does not make him king.

  • Brent black

    I dont know who this poor Ron r guy is, but he seems to have a unhealthy fixation on George W.. I dont understand why he isnt the happiest guy on the planet. Our glorious savior president has pretty much gotten everything the waco lefties have ever dreamed of (they havent totally disarmed us yet) but other than that all these policies and laws have been their wettest dreams come true! Be happy ron. Your happy days are actually here! George W. is long gone. It is a terrible waste of your best years going to a place where the people would only like your savior to defend-or at least acknowledge the constitution (like he swore to do)-just to bring yourself down. I think there are professionals that could help you with that. But they cost a lot of money. I wonder if our new healthcare law will help pay for that? If help getting over George isnt covered-it just isnt a very good democrat program. Give me a few weeks-i will look it up for you.

    • Ron r

      My supposed fixation on George bush is in no way as bad as your real fixation and absolute hatred of the president..but there is a cure for you,it’s called the truth and all you have to do is seek it somewhere other than Fox “news” and other reich wing sites. Good luck because I hear its hard to overcome an addiction.

      • Brent black

        Lol. Youre too easy

      • Ron r

        So are you

      • http://none johnny reb

        its obvious you are so brainwashed that it boggles the mind.
        if obomski starts rounding up Americans and marching them off to fema concentration camps,you’d be one of them poking a rifle barrel into some old persons back and yelling schnell schnell.
        then you’ll be truely are sold out and a socialist.

    • mark

      Ron r is probably the new non profit organization set up by bo and david axelrod to push the failed policies of the obama administration. The only way obama can reatin power is by lies and subterfuge!!!!

  • Jeff Noncent

    Well what do we expect we as we the people need to wake up and smell the roses

  • James Highburger Jr

    Don’t forget about this upcomming vote ? From Congress on the “THAT’S RIGHT” Obama’s IMMIGRATION AMNESTY bill that House Speaker Be promises the “Hatchet Rule” will be in effect ? We shall see? Personally I wish he would not even bring it forward. Just like “Harry the bitch Reid”does in the Senate! (Remember, Obama likes “Old White Men”) JH

  • http://Google Daniel

    I’ve been reading these posts for a long time. Everytime Ron r is ignored the posts remain on topic for the most part. This individual (troll) is here to bring discord. Ignore him and don’t get caught up in his nonsense. Don’t dignify his posts with answers. Continue on point. That’s what makes reading these posts interesting.


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