Obama’s Pathology Goes All The Way Back To Childhood


One of the more curious (for me) aspects of the life story of the undocumented White House usurper is the dearth of former friends and acquaintances from Barack Obama’s early life who have come forward to talk about his formative years.

Certainly, part of that is because he spent part of his childhood in Indonesia. But that doesn’t completely explain how most of his life was spent completely under the radar. Perhaps we now know.

A woman named Mia Marie Pope has come forward who claims to have known Barry, as she knew him, when they were teenagers. She says he was a pathological liar even then, and much of his time was spent apparently prostituting himself with other men to acquire drugs.

Watch the video.


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  • Dirty Daug

    I hope no harm comes to this lady and after this maybe there will be others that knew Obama back then that will come forward. There will more than likely be a search for more people who knew the truth about Obama by the Obama thugs. We already know that some of Obama’s friends back in those years are now dead, but how many more have met their fate of knowing Obama.

    • Alan

      A male version of Shrillary ?

  • 1Reddevil

    If this is true, I have no doubt it is. The woman who come forward should be very carefull. Go to her local police and tell them. If confronted with this he would lie his way out of it. He always lies his way out.

    • Sic Semper Tyrannis

      She already went to the FBI allegedly about his illegal use of SSN’s, and they swept it under the rug. The FBI have all been instructed not to pursue anything that implicates Obama.

  • cribster

    This really rings true! It is exactly how I have perceived this miscreant ever since I heard the first two words out of his mouth. You could see in his walk right after he was elected that he couldn’t beleive he was going to get away with his latest and greatest con.
    The filthy scum shouldn’t be allowed within 100 yards of an American flag let along in the White House. What kind of disrespectful garbage would gloat over putting his feet on the Resolute Desk knwoing he’s sending a signal to his terrorist, criminal, muslim buddies?!

    • rick0857

      Enough with the desk almost every President since Kennedy has put their nasty, disgusting, funky feet, on that desk!

      Barry, however, does it to feel superior, to say to America “I’m above all of this and you, you pee-ons”, while the others propped their feet on the desk in much the same way as we all have done from time to time.

    • rick0857

      Enough with the desk almost every President since Kennedy has put their nasty, disgusting, funky feet, on that desk!

      Barry, however, does it to feel superior, to say to America “I’m above all of this and you, you pee-ons”, while the others propped their feet on the desk in much the same way as we all have done from time to time.

  • Muffin Man Mashinksy

    USA must have some really bad karma for the Anti-Christ to be allowed to occupy Oval Office….America is going through its Cruxification right now & a violent purging seems like only way the people & pols will bend the knee to The Christ!

    • dan

      there’s a lot of innocent blood been shed ….they say it cries out for justice

  • Alan

    Bath house Barry, America’s first whore.

  • Jana

    Mia I am praying for God’s mighty protection, for strength and for endurance for you and your family. Thank you for sharing. It took courage of conviction to do this.

  • blackavenger

    The TRUE everlasting almighty GOD of our fathers will prevail and 0 will perish.

  • Sic Semper Tyrannis

    I hope her courage inspires more of these people who know this detestable criminal to come forward with their experiences, knowledge, and insight into the most mysterious pathological lying Macdaddy thug and con artist whose entire life and every word out of his mouth has been an endless stream of lies. it is such a fitting judgment that Almighty God has placed this detestable lying criminal miraculously at the head of our apostate criminal pathologically lying government in the District of Criminals that perpetrated 9/11 and so many other false-flags on the American People.

  • hank

    ALL you supporters of this black devil……what say you now ???????

  • vicki

    If the story is true then it proves beyond doubt that ANYONE can become President.

  • Nana Monster

    God bless you, Mia for this and stay safe.

  • Beeta


    These are must read for everyone.. Please share.. Everyone needs to meet Obama and see who he is and what he is all about…God Bless America again please…and help us get remove of This tyrant in the WH..

  • Chuckb

    Don’t blame Barry!, He’s not responsible for this mess the country is in, Blame the true culprits, the Democratic party.Blame the Communist Jews that operate this mans teleprompter, If it isn’t obvious by now what will it take to wake people up,
    He doesn’t have a clue about this Healthcare Bill or what’s in it, I doubt if he has a clue about anything except the scheduled trips to spread the propaganda and sway the hapless mass of ignorance that bows to his every word.
    That’s why they lie about Benghazi, He was more concerned about a campaign trip to Las Vegas (derelict of duty to the country)

    How could anyone run this government when you spend all your time flying from city to city reading a speech from the teleprompter. almost every day of the week.
    The Politicians that defend this man’s lies do so to protect their own livelihood

    Take Air Force One away from him, cancel his pension, remove him from the White House. Prosecute him in a court of law, send him to prison and send Moochella to Kenya if they will have her..