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Obama's Oil Spill Panel Gets Scrutinized

June 24, 2010 by  

Obama's oil spill panel gets scrutinized The expert panel recently assembled by President Obama to investigate the causes of the nation’s worst ever oil spill is being criticized for having virtually no technical background in the field of offshore drilling.

According to the Associated Press (AP), only two of the seven appointed commissioners have a background in science, one of whom is an expert in optics and physics, not engineering. The other five panel members have spent the better part of their careers as policymakers.

The news source also reports that several of the commissioners have already publicly expressed their discontent with the nation’s current energy policy and its reliance on oil.

"We can blame BP for the disaster and we should," blogged panel member and environmental activist Frances Beinecke in late May. "We can blame lack of adequate government oversight for the disaster and we should. But in the end, we also must place the blame where it originated: America’s addiction to oil."

"The Gulf oil spill isn’t just an accident," she wrote in a separate blog. "It’s the result of a failed energy policy."

Meanwhile, two other panel members—including chairman Bob Graham, former Democratic Governor of Florida—have fought to prevent offshore drilling off the east coast over the last few years.

President Obama requested on Monday that Congress approve $15 million in funding to help pay for the commission, reports.

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  • justmeint

    For goodness sake, isn’t it time to swallow pride and gratefully accept the offers being made by others, who are qualified and available to come and help fix this dreadful situation?

    One would almost think the President either did not care about what is happening, or was too pig headed to see that offers of help – would be beneficial and are needed – otherwise the Requiem for The Gulf should be being practised right now! This will be the world’s largest funeral procession and the longest obituary in living memory. Maybe even one of the shortest Presidency’s in recent history too!

    • Dave

      Whose help did he turn down?

      • angel-wanna-be

        Dave, the Dutch offered help in the oil clean up, Maine offered, and several entrepreneurs offered help oin the way of booms, also, in natural methods of oil absorbency, that wouldn’t further harm the environment, and So far have been turned away.

        • J

          I think Dave needs to get out of his mommy’s basement.

        • JC

          Canada offered it’s clean up equipment and crews as well.
          They were also turned away when they showed up in the gulf after Katrina with food and medical supplies.

      • JA

        Are you kidding? Where have you been? Some help he should turn down, like Venezuela & Iran. Most others he should have been right on top of: Dutch & Canadian skimmer boats (but he won’t suspend the Jones Act), American skimmers sitting is warehouses “because we might need them where they are if we have another spill.”, Miles of boom sitting in a warehouse because “the manufacturer hasn’t been approved by BP”. Donations of hair mats, modified wood fibers, and hay mats all proven to absorb the oil and leave the sea water with no contamination effects. I could go on, but from all your posts I sense you are just here to annoy us, and entertain yourself.

        • kate8

          Don’t forget that Dave only listens to the liberal media, and they don’t report anything that reflects badly on their messiah.

          • JC

            The truth of that statement is so sickeningly sad.

          • Bob Wire

            And you listen to all media outlets?

        • Jana

          Not only has he turned down all and any help, he won’t allow the citizens of this country to do it either. The Coast Guard is sending indiviuals with clean up capable boats ie: skimmers, home. This also comes straight down from Obama.
          His Presidency is falling apart, he can’t make a decision, and when he does make one its wrong.

      • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Randy

        Talk about a rigged panel to come up with the recommendations Obama wants, this is exactly what he’s given us and don’t be surprised that they close down all off-shore drilling including all places around this country besides just the Gulf of Mexico. Though they are not suppose to investigate the ‘Cap and Trade Bill’, I’m sure their recommendations will include passing this through the Congress’s
        ‘Committee of Reconciliation’ to be voted on again so Obama can sign it into law. This bill has nothing to do with off-shore drilling but will raise all carbon based energy so high that it will make other sources cost competative. This may sound good to the average citizen till they find that it will raise gas prices to 5 to 6 dollars a gallon (Stanford professor claims $7.00 a gallon), more than double all electric bills, triple heating oil, raise cost of all manufacturing and agriculture that uses these types of energy, cause huge employee lay-offs, and causes the American consumer to have to turn off their electric for many hours daily as well as curb their traveling to conserve what little gas they can afford. Do you think Obama will give the American people a huge bail-out refund to help pay for their extra energy cost, or at least keep extending the unemployment benefits to try to keep the economy going. Wonder if the government will be able to collect enough taxes to pay for the millions of new government employees needed for this ‘Cap and Trade Bill’ enforcement as well as the Obama ‘Health Care’ that we can’t afford to pay for let alone the new employees needed to run it. Do you think this is all BS, just wait and see what this ‘Expert Panel’ recommends and what it all costs when this stuff takes affect, including the cost of the new employees.

        • Jerry Smith

          The Saudi government and their corporations have the technology to do this level of clean up. BUT the Jones Act (I think) would have to be suspended to allow foreign build ships into the U.S. Coast waters, which would upset the Blue Collar Vote.

          I would rather apologize later unions and other organized labor groups, than have a ecological and economic disaster zone like the gulf has become.

    • BOE

      He doesn`t care what happens to the people down there. His purpose in turning down help in containing the oil is for the crisis effect. In other words overwhelm the system.Part of the plan to take over the auto,finacial & banking industry,high un-employment,health-care…then ah-ha..socialism!! And he will be the dictator! Maybe even leader of the world. SOB.

  • derVenerschnitzel

    Why does the media still act like this communist is trying to “fix” the countries issues. The political agenda is very clear, especially given this man’s history… his govenment has systematically engaged in the
    Take over of the car companies
    Take over of the mortgage industry
    Take over of the largest insurance companies
    Take over of the largest banks
    Take over of student loans
    Take over of Freddie / Fanny Mac
    Take over of health care
    Attempting the take over of the environment (cap & trade)
    Next, take over of oil…

    If it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, quacks like a duck… it’s a duck. Any questions?

    • Dave

      He didn’t “take over” any of those. Do you really think he wants to turn this into a Communist country. TURN OFF FOX! I bet if I scrutinized your life and lied about the rest I could make you look like anything I wanted.

      • angel-wanna-be

        Dave, you’d better open up YOUR eyes__AND turn off the Liberal news!!
        All is NOT well in Never Never Land, my friend!

        • Jana

          The answer to your question is YES!!!
          His actions and in-actions speak louder than any pretty words and speeches that he makes over and over and over.

      • TIME

        Dave, your crack pipe bubba. Now get your head screwed on straight and stop being used as a tool by barryO and the media.

        By the way we don’t think that, WE BLOODY WELL KNOW IT.

      • Steve

        Dave, does the term useful idiot mean anything to you…

      • kate8

        Dave, if you turned Fox on once in awhile, you’d know what was happening. You’d have know that Obama has turned down numerous offers to help clean up the gulf.

        To some, ignorance is bliss.

        • Bob Wire

          Kate, we still have security issues, in such a time as these, is an excellent time for enemies to attempt breaches in out security picket.

          I watch Fox off and on. ~ I know what is said there, I also know what is presented in other places. Fox is notorious for partial omissions which they all do to various degrees, like Ed Schultz, he’s awful! But they all offer something, bits and pieces of the news.

          I’ve learned to read the news, it takes much less time and you cover more ground. ~ A good browser will scan them all, USA today, wall Street, New York Times, LA Time, Boise City News ,Washington Post, Salt lake City news, on and on it goes. ~ It’s quick, no advertising! Find something interesting, follow the trail and it will unfold. “more or less”

          and “then” watch a little TV News and commentary. It fills in the gaps! the omission, the unflattering partisan things, they prefer not to discuss as it weakens the effect of their commentary.

          I use Google firefox myself, finding it more “rounded” and less prone to virus, while I know everyone hated to give up their web page, I’m not sure that you must?

          But bottom line, you just can’t trust one or two sources with one issue.

      • J

        Seems you are a little out of touch with the rest of the people out here that do see the truth. The thing is it’s sad that you are not seeing whats going on it is not just fox news there people from other country’s that live here that ran from this something and now there seeing it again. So son I’m sorry you are dead wrong in your thinking. We all need to get on our knees and change our ways other wise we are going to be a communist country.

        • J

          This was to Dave
          Seems you are a little out of touch with the rest of the people out here that do see the truth. The thing is it’s sad that you are not seeing whats going on it is not just fox news there people from other country’s that live here that ran from this something and now there seeing it again. So son I’m sorry you are dead wrong in your thinking. We all need to get on our knees and change our ways other wise we are going to be a communist country.

          Sorry guys little new to posting comments.

      • Da Norseman

        Actually, Dave, who wants to watch the trash on the other news networks embraced by the leftist morons who have a monopoly on them? Hmmmmm???

        • Bob Wire

          One word “Rupert Murdock” ~ it’s though him, you get your commentary and claim it factual. ~ Just one man? how sad.

      • JC

        He ABSOLUTELY is turning this into a Communist country…and I don’t even watch FOX. I do however study history…you should do a little self educating your own damned self.

        • Da Norseman

          The problem is is that the left wingers only get their “education” from the liberal news media.

        • Bob Wire

          History is a wonderful study! But I’ve never know it all that great for reporting concise happening of current affairs. ~

          Those that don’t study history are prone to repeat history. ~ but that say,~ history repeats it’s self regardless.

          History is a crystal ball into the future, but your prophecies and actions are self fulfilling. We create what we fear the most and it becomes our reality.

          There is lots of parallels we can play mind games with.

          Moses was an outsider from birth and grew to rule people not his own. But later found his people and lead them for 40 years in circles.

          Obama is an “outsider” by birth and rules people not his own and some would say leads us in circles.

          See how I can play with history and your mind all at once? Get you to thinking?

          I guess you know Glenn Beck washed out in his efforts of Theology ? Wash out at Princeton, was it? After a very popular democrat congressman helped him gain entry! Joe L no less!

          But today, Glenn leads his own class on national TV, explaining history for all us “simple people” to understand.

      • steelmagnolia

        Dave: You’ve got to be still asleep. I admit most Americans have been,
        but “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their Nation”. Mr. O. is a takeover artist, and has dealt his handlers a very
        depleted America now. THAT is what happens to democratic States/Countries. We’ve been taken to the cleaners. I guess that means you are on his payroll too?

    • Tim

      Chicago Politics at the highest level.
      is it nov yet?

      • Claire

        It would have been nice to know who the other panel members are.

        • Claire

          Never mind. I looked them up.

    • Bob Wire

      Yea! what are you talking about?

  • s c

    This ‘panel’ is doomed to fail. Herr Obummer has loaded this ‘panel’ with incompetents, political cronies and degenerates who have but one goal – to make the WORST American prez ‘look good.’ Their second goal is to DENY and PROTECT the WORST bunch of THUGS and CRIMINALS ever assembled in America.
    They will never consider taking a HARD look at government’s role in this prez-led disaster.
    Their methods are taken from Lenin, Marx and Stalin. They are as competent as insane children. This is a public relations gambit, and their old ally – America’s WORTHLESS media pimps and whores – will do their ‘best’ to put another mask on Herr Obummer, ignore solutions and distract America from getting anything positive done or unmasking the REAL culprits.
    Anyone really cares about this needs to ask himself/herself a few question. Who owns your posterior, Mr. Prez? Got character? Are your masks in place? Do you still work for the father of all lies? And, are you taking suggestions as to where you can go when you exit Washington in disgrace?

    • Al Sieber

      Very good post, speaks volume’s. this regime has to go.

    • Dave

      Yes, very good post. It speaks volumes about the ridiculous ideas you people get about this president from the right wing media. It really says it all. He does not get his ideas from Stalin, and Lenin. Trickle down economics makes no sense and deregulation is what caused the financial crisis and this oil spill. Hey Lenin once said he was a patriot and you said it to so you’re following Lenin. Oh my! Somebody call the commie squad.

      • Barbara

        The late senator from Idaho Frank Church stated he “better to be red than dead”. Which exactly how he voted.

      • coal miner

        Wrong Dave,

        Lenin never did say that.He said;”I spit on Russia and owe no allegiance to any country”.He was a internationalist.

        Here are the moral and patriotic republicans’ records. · Cached page

    • eddie47d

      always Miss Crabby pants,You tummy must hurt from all the bellyaching you do. Maybe you and Al could get hitched since he likes your style but I would call it a mad house.

      • JeffH

        Nice to see fast eddie making another great un-substantiated contribution to the website discussion.

        I’d still like to know why you think Obama’s taxpayer contribution to Petrobras was a good “maybe” investment? You failed to answer in the last thread and I suppose you’ll continue to make un-related comments to the people that really care about America’s future…the American patriots!

      • Jana

        You should be called 444 not 47d.
        44 for the shirt size and 4 is the hat size. It is obvious you aren’t too smart by the way you answer. Too bad your parents didn’t teach you any manners.

        • eddie47d

          Alot more classy than s.c. and your humorless insults aren’t much better.

    • Steve

      yeah prez….America, live it , love it, or leave it….

    • Bob Wire

      >>”Their methods are taken from Lenin, Marx and Stalin. They are as competent as insane children. This is a public relations gambit, and their old ally – America’s WORTHLESS media pimps and whores – will do their ‘best’ to put another mask on Herr Obummer, ignore solutions and distract America from getting anything positive done or unmasking the REAL culprits.”<>”I don’t see this as our nations’s worst oil spill. British Petroleum is a foreign owned corporation, that was drilling in international waters, and aside from the crude oil the United States was to purchase from BP, we had no authority over how it was produced. It is now painfully obvious that no one in the entire world knows how to seal this ruptured oil pipe quickly.”<<

      Thanks James! Fresh Air! and Sun Shine in dark places! ~ But why it's so dark to so many people, I'm at a loss to understand. ~ The silly "FACTS" are getting in their way "AGAIN".

      Seems they expect Super Bama, to fly down and preform super human, death defying feats! Plug that leak himself! And even then! He'd not do it right!

      They don't like him, his ideas, his panel, his appointments, his judgment, his words, his face, his mama, his wife, his presidency, his achievements, his rewards, his shadow.

      Did I miss something?

      I don't think by now we might ever expect this to change and these are the same mean spirited people that defended 43's administration to the bitter end as the focus and direction of the nation went to hell in a hand basket. They are just plain mean, nasty, ugly people that refuse to accept hard evidence when placed before them, for they really don't care about silly facts or the truth while they claim to be "some kind of a conservative"! The only merits of conservatism I see displayed is the "effort required" to think in a cognizant manner. All of their "news" needs to be "good news" and valid their dark suspicions.

      Funny bunch of folks, they want to run the nation via their very own crystal ball. They seem to know things void of facts or proof and attempt to slander their way though difficult times with horse shoes and hand grenades, thinking they "might" get close enough to the truth to score a hit!

      The circus act of clowns that anger with any laughter.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Barry is undoubtedly paying off political favors to his new Oil Spill Panel. IF he was really interested in stopping this disaster, he wouldn’t come back with this Kangaroo panel, but would find the best of the best to find a solution. His lack of experience is showing.

    • Jana

      I think you are on to something. He received $900,000. from bp as campaing contributions.

      • Bob Wire

        and the GOP received 250 million ! I guess BP made a BO BO?

  • hoss

    15 million! to pay this group of educated unqualified morons? Our President’s employment program is working well! but I don’t see the $$ getting to the poor from the wealth he is doling out. I only see the wealth being spread to people who don’t need it. Additionally, if an accident is preventable, it is NOT an accident! I can see the chrystal ball now!
    If the current administration gets put out and the new administration is Republican and gets in, they will probably never be able to fix this mess and then the left wingers will be blaming the Republicans for the mess! all the while forgetting that the Dummycrats were in power when this mess was created. It never ends!

    • WarriorH

      My suspicion is this panel of experts was assembled to work on coming up with ideas to fix public edumacation but the oil leak took precedence. $15 mil/7 members – nice work if you can get it.

      Oh, the edumacation thing can wait a while because we already know the solution is more money for the teachers. There, problem solved, can I apply for my $2,142,857.10 now? I’ve earned it.

  • Willie D. Bender

    Lets face it, if it were not for the appeasement to the extreme enviromentalists, we would not be drilling in 5000 ft. of water in the first place!! If this had occured in a West Texas Oil Field, it would have been stopped and caqpped and cleaned up within a week!

    The truth of the matter is , At 5000 ft. below the ocean, the pounds per square inch pressure is immense, and to “blow out oil”, at such a volume as it seems to be leaking, requires VERY HIGH PRESSURE. To try to cap such pressure sounds to be humanly impossable.

    Just wait untill the pressure leaks off enough to “equalize”at the site enough for sea water to start to fill the void left by the spewing oil…. can you say “SUPER HEATED STEAM??”


  • J.M.R.

    another joke the oil panel a bunch of ass’s that can’t even open a can of oil, the dick-tater has yet to form a panel that has any back ground for a panel thats he’s appointed them too. they are EPA freaks ENVIRONMENTAL PRICKS ASSOC.their to lazy to work at a real job. their not helping the problem on the gulf their hurting it and the people but thats ok, it doesn’t hurt them freaks.

    • eddie47d

      Environmentalists aren’t the problem. Republicans have watered down the EPA to the point where it’s useless and can’t or won’t do it’s job. It probably is now full of pencil pushers who should be sent out into the field to kick some butt.

      • JeffH

        Oh fast eddie, so fixated on the Republicans that you can’t differentiate between right and wrong…the enviro’s are as wacko and more than the so called “right wingers” you so detest.

        Radical is radical no matter how you choose to self define environmentalists.
        An FYI, outdoorsmen,hunters and fishermen are the original conservationists and have contributed more personal time and money to keep America clean than your eco-enviro wackos. Smoke your wacky tabacky on that for a little while…

        • eddie47d

          Many fishermen,outdoorsmen,and hunters are environmentalists also. They don’t want the lose of land to developers who buy up farm land. Thus their hunting grounds and they certainly don’t want chemicals in their waterways which animals and humans drink from. They are very much aware of the damage that factory sewage does to their hunting and fishing habitats. Environmentalists and conservationists definitely don’t walk around with blinders on.

      • BOE

        Well ..Eddie…Obama has been on the job 18 months now. Don`t you think by now he should have looked into that dept. and fixed any problems? Oh wait ..I forgot..he must have his day trips on air force one everyday,golf games,multiply dinner parties,concerts,a couple of vacations in I guess there realy was no time to look into all depts. he is in charge of. What a #@*& off! Mac-daddy SOB!!

  • bp

    How do you fire a Presidential commission?! There’s nothing left to say. (no pun intended) Hussein does not care about a clean-up; seek and destroy every aspect of AMERICAN LIFE as we know it, is his mission.

    • George E


      I guess Congress doesn’t have to provide funding for this commission, but of course, we all know they will. If we had more balance in Congress, I’d bet some representatives would hold up funding until after discussing whether the panel members have the credentials required to analyze this problem. As it is, we’re just paying for another politically-driven group to endorse Obama’s agenda.

      • JeffH

        George E, so true. We all have come to grips that most of Obama’s people bow to the same agenda and generally don’t have any qualifications to sit on so named policy boards. Let us hope that the fight for the good of America continues with our aggressive assault of these fundamentalists. Keep their “hope & change” on the defensive and keep turning them back until the Jan. 2011 change of power. Do not let up for a minute.

        • George E


    • Kim McGough

      To all of you, yesterday on Fox, they reported Obama’s plan for amniesty for all illegals, by executive order if he don’t get his way on what he wants from congress, they are checking it out, but a quick pass to citizenship with the congress not being able to do anything about it. As for this 2 billion loan to petra bra, it is one of soro,s babies. Good luck America, we need it

  • Karen

    Well, that panel is a joke that will cost us at least 15 million- for what? A bunch of ignorant opinions that have nothing to do with real expertise in the area of offshore drilling. Brilliant marketing, useless rhetoric.

  • http://gmail i41

    It is just a Washington beltway smucks that follow like a bunch of ducks, hope the lead quacker (Onumnut) doen’t take a right hand 90 degree turn, it would snap a lot of worthless necks and rid the USA of overeducated pinheads.

  • angel-wanna-be

    The longer it takes to stop the oil spill, the worse on the local economy. Isn’t this the Administrations agenda??__To collapse us? Trickle down will eventually affect us all.

    • eddie47d

      Obama shouldn’t have trusted BP to seal the leak. Bp now looks like an incompetent oil company who didn’t look ahead and have solutions at hand for different scenerieos. Obama should have taken charge from the start but then you would have screamed socialist take over. If Obama is confused about what to do then he better swallow his pride and get the job done. I do agree with you that he is not doing enough but can we trust big business to do the the right thing either? On your first comment you showed concern for the environment which is great but it was after the spill. Environmentalists show concern long before disasters occur and work tirelessly to inform people of the dangers. Preserving the beauty of America and even places in the world that are being ruined are their top priorities. Whatever happens anywhere can effect us all.

  • George E

    I don’t know why anyone would think a bunch of lawyers, politicians, union bosses, and environmentalists couldn’t figure out what caused a complex technical problem like the Gulf oil spill….. If you think otherwise, you “must” be a partisan hack…… Where has all common sense gone? Ugh…..

  • TIME

    You know I think that if all the experts were shoved in the hole, it may just may stop the leek. So that would be $15 Mill well spend,
    so when are they leaving again?

    Hey Perhaps we can make a movie about it, 15 experts sent to the botton of the sea to use themselfs as a cap to stop an oil leak if needed, and of course it will be needed that they all shove themselfs in the hole, I love it.

    Is Bruce Wills doing anything now? I smell a really good movie here!
    I could make some good money even though movie sales are down by about 25% since barryO took office this is great news.
    Hey the music biz is down in sales by well over 40% since barryO took office so I should be expanding to movies that we can all enjoy.

  • Oscar

    You don’t get it: If the disaster continues, drilling in U.S. waters will cease by ban. All the people employed by the industry will be out of a job. They’ll have to receive unemployment compensation. You and I will be taxed higher to pay for it, and we will all be more dependent on this socialist regime.
    The drilling companies will now be looking for someone to hire them. The U.S.govt just loaned Brazil $2 Billion to do deep-water oil exploration (almost TWICE as deep as Horizon). George Soros has invested $90 Million or so in Brazilian oil exploration. He is a gun-banning, socialist billionaire who is a major Obama Supporter , and founder of Center for American Progress (CAP), an extremely socialist and progressive organization whose aim is government control. He stands to mane tens of billions off the collapse of drilling in the Gulf. He IS controlling this White House with money and influence.
    Now, do you really think Obama will NOT get HUGELY rich off these machinations?

  • thefedupamerican

    Does Obama do ANYTHING for the good of America? Does it ALWAYS have to promote Obama’s political agenda? Yep it does…how else can he become King of the World?

  • Barbara

    What I have not heard is — there was a complete crew change on the oil rig hours before it blew up. Since when does an oil rig change out 100% of its crew at one time. Usually crew changes are a few at a time. The over lap of experienced riggers is essential for uninterrupted drilling and safety.

    • steelmagnolia

      Barbara: Of course, you are right. I am from that area. NO complete
      crew change occurs EXCEPT when it is for a ‘special’ purpose. You are right, and so am I. Proving it is the tickler.

  • http://ordy@fedtel./net Eric g

    If the republicians had managed our economy well when they were in office . we would not be so far in debt now . Both politicial parties have been trying to sink this country any way they can . WHY ? The dream is a new world goverenment our leaders have not told us about .
    After we are totally bankrupt and our money is worthless ,you can expect to be informed of a new better world economic system ,with prosperty and justice for all . We will really not be given a choice , or they wouldnt insist in bankrupting us first , would they?

  • bobinpa.

    All this Phoneys Panels, Committies, etc,etc, are just like hime. Incompetent, Unqualified, and full of LIES, and deception. This Lying Muslim Loser has done NOTHING good for America ever since the Anti-American Socialist Crowd elected him. NOW, they will reap what they have sown . Just a few more months till November, and we can get rid of all those Left wing Anti=American Dirtbags. Just Look at this Scumbag Obamas lips, if they are MOVING, The MUSLIM BASTARD is LYING.

    • eddie47d

      Frustration abounds and incompetent people whether BP’s CEO’s or Obama’s lack of urgency should be brought upon the carpet. Then again your comments were incompetent since a strong capitalist company created the Gulf spill. Not Muslims,Not socialists. So BP should be reaping what they sow.

    • Elle

      The country started long ago on falling apart! R/D and the world is under the control of a certain elite money group who, #1. goal is to see America collapse and then there vigilantees will have us where they want us; a New World order. Look at your former pres’s, they are dicdated and told how to do there job. They ALL are members of the SAME order R/D. BP did things wrong too BUT how much of this was an inside job? Who was the mole or moles? Cap & Trade figures in to this, I have a feeling. SO WE need to QUIT wasting our time blaming R/D and get to the head of this mess and Kick out, Impeach, the hippocrets in Wash. DC and get our Country back! We need more like Gov.J. Brewer of AZ, SHE PROTECTS & does her JOB.

  • George E

    Coal Miner,

    This report might sway hard line liberals and environmentalists, but won’t convince many conservatives or independents anymore than you would be swayed by a report issued by the John Birch Society… This organization doesn’t appear to try to balance environmental with economic needs.

    • coal miner


      What happen to my report?

      • George E

        Coal Miner,

        Good question. Sorry, but I don’t know what happened to your post.

  • bob pa

    enviromentalists hate production, invention, growth, inprovement, true science. they are down on nuclear power, ddt{properly used it saves lives {in africa millions of people especilly children are dying because of the banning of ddt thatkills mosketoes} dams, forestry {blocks thining forests to allow control of fires. as well as cutting fire lines. there are many more examples but I could type them out but it would take me weeks to list them. so if the enviromentalists would listen to reason I could then and cooperate not dislike them and their religion of envirmontial purity. but the envirmontalists are in lock step with the socialists, marxists, communists, and democats. they hate republicans, libertarians, freemarketists.

  • http://mog7@cox.net06042CT Muriel P. Goyette

    INEXPERIENCED OIL SPILL PANEL !!! isn’t that typical of this administration – the less likely you are to be helpful to America, the
    more you are sought for advice. Whatever is the point of this attitude, I wonder. Give just anybody the chance at another crack
    at failing America? We’ve got their number now. Remember it, come November.

    • Bob Wire

      sound like something Bush might have done, doesn’t it?

      Tell us what Ashcroft knew about military tactics?

      or Brown knew about national disasters?

      43 picked from his friends and political supporters.

      Where do you go to find Brain power for such a situation as we face today?

      I would think from the industry itself ~ but so far ~ they have been ineffective.

      So where would you go? Johnson & Johnson tampon division?

  • Da Norseman

    This administration as well as many of those in the DC legislature are just providing a roadblock by deferring any kind of cleanup. So many great ways of cleaning up this mess by certain private individuals were turned down by these crackpot idiots who are supposed to be running this nation who still act like they don’t know what to do. And this fiasco in the Gulf is still occurring and getting worse and worse.

  • chuck b

    anyone interested in learning what caused the oil spill
    google: dep shear ram, then click on “regulators failed to address risks in oil rig fail safe device”. article by david barstow ny times.

  • Dale on left coast

    The Bamster’s panel of oil experts is a joke . . . I have 3 friends that know more about drilling in deep water than this commission of clowns.
    I believe standard practice is two(2) blowout preventers on every well . . . the chances of two failing are almost an imposability.
    When they recover the sunken equipment it will be interesting to see if they have been sabotaged or tampered with.

  • http://gmail i41

    edeee and eeric, the eeee democraps, just like government hogs at the trough, don’t do a damn thing or think, but stay fat and lazy. Onumnuts and his hairy airy fairy group of theorist, don’t and never will accomlish a damn thing, or build a useful product or even be a productive organism. The idea of putting any lawyer in charge of anything but laterine service. It shows how stupid the idoits and the voters who elect thse socialist democraps. We know the 2 smucks on this post, are so retarded they to have sunshine pumped up their rears to maintain their vitamin D levels, they are to damn lazy to get out in the sunshine of life and realalty, with out a government program. Of course socialist democrats never see the sunshine, due to their heads up socialist, muslim, marxist, leader’s radical, domestic, terrorist, thugs in his administration’s anal vents. Reading the ediot47 and erot the parrot insane comments, everyone reailizes the crap induced stupidity of these 2. Socialists and the envior smucks caused this problem spill, and Onumnut and his socialist morons gutless wonders, own this whole damn mess from start to finish. Agencies didn’t inspect or check standads, but every hand got greased in the goverment heiarcky, we cann’t tell if Onumnut got greased or is just naturally oily,being from Chitcago.

    • eddie47d

      i41,As long as you keep posting your filthy bile on this site and your lemmings keep following your lead I don’t think I have a thing to worry about. If you represent the best this site has to offer then America is in serious trouble. Your sewage makes Obama look absolutely brilliant.

  • http://yahoo Russell woody

    EMPEACH EMPEACH EMPEACH WE may be to late.

    • Bob Wire

      High Crimes and Treason Sir! You find it, let the rest of us know about it.

      Until such a time, ~ your words and efforts worthless and a waste of breath.

  • Larry A

    Instead of complaining and wishing things were better, why don’t everyone go to Google, put in Renew America Plan,and have a new hope on life. If you want to help, sign up to be a member in your state and start working with people who are doing something about our deplorable situation. It might be hard to believe that they could make it work, but they are. Study all the information there and become a believer and mover. Also click on LISTEN LIVE, you might get a recording but you will learn things you don’t already know.

  • http://??????? Stephen Browning

    Years ago I always said that there was one class that was not offered in any learning setting. That was COMMON SENSE. Those engineers are lacking of COMMON SENSE. If someone with COMMON SENCE would go to the oil leak and fix it using COMMON SENSE. Come On, educators, start teaching COMMON SENSE.

    • Bob Wire

      I understand what your saying and agree with you, I think what we are deal with here, is the potential for liability and failure being very high and any rewards being very low.

      The amount of reward needs to be raised, this will bring forward the common sense and the “get’rdone” talent to put this puppy to bed.

      Until that time, BP will be the main player for any hands on solution.

  • James

    I don’t see this as our nations’s worst oil spill. British Petroleum is a foreign owned corporation, that was drilling in international waters, and aside from the crude oil the United States was to purchase from BP, we had no authority over how it was produced. It is now painfully obvious that no one in the entire world knows how to seal this ruptured oil pipe quickly. It will not be sealed until the relief well is completed in August, which means that the present flow of 60,000 barrels per day, minus whatever surface vessels can capture, will continue until then, and the effect of all crude oil in the Gulf will probably kill all living things in it, and ruin for decades our entire Gulf coast. There will be no reason for anyone to live in that area for a verylong time. It’s time to face that fact and live with it.

  • Bob Wire

    I hate to see the price we are having to pay ~ but if that’s what it take for us to understand, let not allow the lesson to go to waste

  • Helen Snotknocker

    Our faux POTUS has no clue of what the solution might be!!! for he only knows the chicago was of doing things,—–You cannot muscle an oil well or bribe it to stop pumping!!!!!! It is about time he took his golfclubs, [offensive words removed] back to Kenya, Indonesia, or where-ever it is that he used as an inducement for his student aid!!!!!! Never to set foot on AMERICAN soil again!!!!!!!!

  • libra



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