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Obama’s New Math

May 12, 2012 by  

Obama meets the enemy: himself. Good news/bad news for al-Qaida’s favorite channel. Welcome to West Virginia, Mr. President! And TIME for a new marketing strategy. All this — plus — MANBEARPIG! (Again!) Presented in 1080 hi-def, FOR FREE! It’s The Great Eight, from the Personal Liberty Digest™!

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Michael J.

    As you alluded too, tensions are high in the dog-eat-dog oval arena. The timing of the coming out of the closet was a queer revelation made translucent only after the media attack on Romney that followed the next day. Though the last gasp acts of desperation are becoming more and more prevalant, MSM attack coreography continues to unfold with the precision that would make a Hollywood producer envious.

    The Time mag cover demonstrates the left coast anything goes, politically correct culture shock . Who benefits from such an act, the child or the Mom? Where do they go from here to continue shocking the moral majority? A four year old child has the memory capacity to retain such an act their entire life. At what stage in child development lie the boundaries between nutritional sustenance and sexual satisfaction?

    John Edwards most famous quote is coming back to haunt him: There is
    two America’s, and I cheated on my terminally ill wife in both of them.

    • nc

      Michael, did you happen to watch the Republican debates? That wasn’t the MSM trying to cut the guts out of the Republican candidates with accusations. IT WAS THE OTHER REPUBLICAN CANDIDATES! I guess they get a free ride on what they say about other people!

      One of the reasons I miss being a conservative is that you all are so scandal free! Yeah, right.

      • TC.

        I guess you can say anything and infer its true,without any facts to back it up. Dems and Reps are Human but the Dems in this regeim are just pure D evil I should clarify the dms in this regeime is not dems they are regressives. Ob Election Fraud lost his Law licence,Not eligable to hold office not a natural born citizen look it up Supreme Court. Mathamaticly chalenge. Money he received from Grant for annanburg foundation somehow didn’t get to the kids in Chicago and friends like Bill Airs from weather under ground GD America Rev. Wright. Give me a Break. Id take a rep or a pig over this guy. No matter how many unsubstantiated remarks are made . Regressives don’t need facts they just need to accuse!

      • Tom W.

        BEN’S A GAS!!! Ya gotta love him nc! Where’d they get that picture of Warren on the horse in all her Indian regalia and war paint!!! She could get a job as the mascott for Florida St.! LOL!!! That’s right! That’s not at all PC!!! He needs to shave though! What!!! You goin’ thuggin’ or somethin’ Ben?!! Come on man! At least TRY to look CIVILIZED!! DAMN HEATHEN!!!

      • Tom W.

        In spite of the TIME magazine cover (Can you imagine havin’ to be that little boy growin’ up?!! I pray he doesn’t have to attend a public school! WHAT WAS SHE THINKIN’?!! STUPID B!TCH!!! I’m SORRY moms!) I would like to wish ALL you moms out there a BLESSED Mother’s Day!!! As much HELL as mine used to raise with me, (Can you imagine Karolyn?! LOL!!!) I would give ANYTHING to be able to pick up that phone and get my a$$ reamed one more time! Yes mom, I know mom, you’re ABSOLUTELY correct momma1 I LOVE YOU MOMMA!!! Now I can only wish that I’d have said that more often than I did! I know I may sound like a misogynist to some of you ladies sometimes, but have like my ole’ buddy Marty Stewart , always had a weakness for the ladies who are “a little on the trashy side..” and have paid the price accordingly over the years. I do not REALLY hold ALL of Y’ALL responsible for my own BAD decissions! LOL!!! I TRULY understand that it is a mother’s love that has has been the GLUE that has held civilization together since the beginning of time! I also concede that y’all have never recieved the accolades that you truly deserve only because it would prove to be IMPOSSIBLE to do so. So this will have to do ladies, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! WE LOVE YOU! This song is from Bob Seger’s “Beautiful Loser” CD and is absolutely one of my favorites! I couldn’t have said it any better. On the night my mom passed, I must’ve listened to it 100 times! I LOVE AND MISS YOU MOMMA!!!

      • JUKEBOX

        Wasn’t Obama the one who got a free ride when he accused Bill Clinton of being “RACIST” during th 2008 campaign, as well as anyone who dared to criticize him?

      • Tom W.

        Only because Hill tried to play the race card on him after he beat her in the NC primaries, a FAUX PAS’ she was NEVER able to rebound from!!!

      • olinda

        We have two parties collectivist ,one is belong God;the Republicans and the other rule by the devil’in the end God will save America from Evil………

      • Vigilant

        Hey, nc and other leftists out there, how ’bout a comment on Al Qaeda essentially endorsing MSNBC and dissing Fox? (

        Whattsa matter? Cat got your tongue?

        It’s about time you socialist idiots owned up to the fact that when Al Qaeda agrees with you on “news” sources, that’s reason alone to vote Conservative. How’s it feel being in bed with Al Qaeda?

      • Steve E

        Now that the important issues and views are out there before public on our Presidential candidates, I have chosen Romney for my vote. I’d rather cut hair than eat dog. This is the most important issue of all.

      • eddie47d

        Apparently Vigilant sees what he wants to see since the quote at the bottom says, “No American Network Would Be Totally Reliable”. Fox is hardly fair and balanced and generally one sided in reporting. Maybe they are choosing between dumb and dumber!

      • Michael J.

        There is no corelation between the vetting that republican presidential candidates impose on one another and the MSM blind devotion that the annointed one enjoys.

        Furthermore, it is exactly because the faux Potus never received a thorough vetting, that we are in the predicament that we are now forced to endure.

        Now wipe the dribble of your chin and run along like a good little commie convert.

    • Tom W.

      LOL!!! Michael J.! LOL!!! Kudos Bro!

    • dfinch
      • dawgbisquit1

        You know dfinch, when I saw Dick’s name, I had to see what was up! He’s sellin’ books in his pretty pink shirt! The info he’s given may be righteous, but I just have a problem buying anything from Humpty Dumpty! Notice how he’ll never say what his book is about on the Factor! LOL!!! He’d find himself black-balled by O’Reilly along with Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura! I just can’t figure out how Bill and Hill’s one time right hand (EEEYUK!) man, the same guy who went to Kenya in 2007 to run the campaign to help get O’s man Raila Odinga elected president (Only to be run out of the country when incumbant president Mwai Kibaki figured out what he was up to! LOL!!!), ended up a right-wing hack on FNC!!! He’s a weasel and can’t be trusted any further than you could throw his fat a$$!!!

    • David Deal

      Edwards being human and having needs I can understand. I wouldn’t want to ever be in that position. Lonely, stressed and in need of someone to make me feel better when I was in pain. Guess he should have just delivered her divorce papers like Newt did to his wife when she was sick.

      • http://naver samurai

        “Thou shalt not commit adultery”
        “Thou shalt not bear false witness against they neighbor.”

        The Hol Bible, 10 Commandments


        P.S. I understand what you are trying to say, but you and the 5th columers are putting this country through pain.

  • sherriww

    i really wish you would quit hitting at president obama,and face up tp what is now reality.the gop of today is not your fathers repub the gop has become a rich,totally destructive force,aimed only at having the united states becoming a poor nation,run by a very few uber wealthy people,like a king would do.we either stop this now,or risk normal folks dying in the streets for lack of food and medical care,like a third world country,before there is finally an uprising to get rid of these nuts and return this to the great nation it was,before republicans destroyed it.pres.obama is truly the only hope and protection that the poor and middle clas have left,so lets stop the complete nonsense of regular people standing up for repubs who will destroy them,and their families,in an instant,without one bit of regret.

    • swampfox

      i’d take them them over the marxist jihadi we have now.
      the only hope?,my god,if you don’t see what he is by now,there’s no hope for you.
      well he’ll be booted out this nov,he can move in with you and you both can share the (your) wealth.

      • Lou lopez

        R u a x marine, from echo 2/3 ,,nam 67/68,,,, if so I have a picture of u, n u know me

      • Tom W.

        WORD FOR THE DAY; COLLECTIVISM, who are the collectivists in our government? They exist on BOTH sides of the asile!!!

      • nc

        Swampfox. are you ready for another bush and a dow at 6574 and losing 600,000 jobs a month? Another war in the wrong country with 5000 more young Americans killed in a war for the wrong reasons? Foreigners coming here and killing thousands with our own planes?

        You are glutton for punishment!!
        BTW, you people had to photoshop the costume on the lady on the horse! bush brought his own “costume” when he showed up in that silly flight suit for “Mission Accomplished”!!
        What a joke!!

      • Tom W.

        nc, you’re delusional! That’s a picture outta Liz’s family album! LOL!!! Look at that BIG OLE’ HEAD!

      • David Deal

        I see what President Obama is! He is a compassionate, pragmatic, fair, patient, well reasoned, he stands up for women, gays, minorities, he looks at the BIG picture and thinks LONG term (like pushing alternative energy before it’s too late, or being diplomatic as opposed to being a war monger bully). He is a shining example of what a husband and father should be. He is respected by people around the world unlike Bush who was a joke who outsiders could not understand why we elected him. Obama realizes that we already pay for the health care of the uninsured when they show up at the emergency room and cannot pay and the costs are passed on to the rest of us and supported the Democratic legislators attempt to create a bill that would cover those costs up front instead of absorbing them belatedly. He like the rest of us know that the sooner people get to the doctor and the more preventive care they get the less costly it is in the long run. The Rethugs stress personal responsibility yet when the healthcare bill tries to push people to get affordable insurance so they aren’t a burden to society then somehow it’s OK by Rethugs for people to choose NOT to take responsibility?

      • http://naver samurai

        I see Sherriww and David are high on the lib crack. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • geeseven

      To tell the truth, neither of the main parties are what our fathers would have liked. Especially the Democrats. In actuality, there are more rich self absorbed Democrats on the Hill than there are Republicans.

      I don’t say that to defend the Republicans, but it is a fact. The number of lawyers that are members of the Democrat party are also a higher percentage. It’s time we too the lawyers out of writing the laws of this nation and put people with some common sense in place.

      We need a party of grown ups to take charge and put the kindergartners down for their nap.

      • Tom W.

        One of my FAVORITE quotes;
        “We are free today substantially, but the day will come when our republic will come to impossibility because it’s wealth will be concentrated in the hands of a few. When that day comes, then we must rely upon the wisdom of the best elements in the country to readjust the laws of the nation to the changed conditions.” – James Madison
        That DAY is HERE folks, y’all don’t actually think that Bill O’Reilly’s really lookin’ out for us, do ya?!! LOL!!!

      • dawgbisquit1
      • Bud Tugly

        It seems that politicians of both parties have to pass a sanctimonious test to prove how dogmatically inflexible they are. Some of the conservatives come across like phony TV preachers blaspheming the name of Jesus for $$$$$$$. Bombastic pompous asses like Rep. Walsh soil the office they hold. On the left we have naive fools confusing the plight of the poor with with the “evils” of capitalism.

        My father’s GOP was lucidly led by brilliant minds like Dwight D. Eisenhower who understood the human price of war, the dangers of the military industrial complex, had clear social values, and understood the value of compromise for the good of the country. We must be careful about delusional ideologues usurping what should be a Grand Old Party.

      • My 2¢ Worth

        Then this wealth you speak of really doesn’t have to do with either Dem or Pub.. When are you people gonna learn? The fools we vote into office are LAWYERS and THAT’S where the wealth abounds. I’m an Independent, I’m not rich.. I know many Pubs, they aren’t rich.. So too the Dems, none I know are rich.. I also know a few lawyers and in each and every case, they live way beyond my means and seem to be thriving on the backs of several unlucky’s that must retain an attorney and none of them compete with each other when it comes to the services they charge and that philosophy follows them into politics as well. So, don’t blame wealth on the Dems OR the Pubs but upon the political (lawyer) representatives who just happened to have chosen one of the two parties in order to achieve their phony baloney positions.

    • Shelly Mullen

      SHERRIWW, you say quit hitting at Obama??!! Obama hits at himself! His record SPEAKS for it’s self! Especially when he spends HOW MUCH??? hiding his past, all of his executive orders that he has signed, especially the ones putting us under the UN’s laws! Back when he was a nominee for president, he reeked of corruption when it was found out that he hung out with terrorists and communists, yet the IDIOTS in our nation voted him in anyway. Now look at the mess we are in. We are well on our way to becoming a socialist nation thanks to your “don’t pick on him” president. Well I say, “KICK HIM THE HELL OUT! ALL THE WAY BACK TO KENYA BEFORE HE COMPLETELY RUINS OUR COUNTRY!”

      • TC.

        Where do you think he gets his money Wallstreet big banks just look who supports him is that the common man, what will the rep do not as much as Ob has done . Cut SS Medicare he could give a rip for the comman man his agenda is not ours. Are you better off today then 2009 You pay more for food gas clothing insurance and thats not Bush’s fauld even though he wasn’t much different The Dem congress passed these bill and gave the feds more power and you see what accured. Just Tell what has Ob done for you the comman man? I bet you cannot answer that. Do you belive in collective salvation? Do you think the Muslim Brother hood is a secular organization? do you believe NASAs job is to make muslims feel good about themselves? Do you belive that the OW are the best people in out country?Do you think killing Bin Laden was a hard decision? Do you believe that its Ok to let a baby die in a closet after a botched abortion? Because OB does So tell me what values do you hold with this man.

      • dawgbisquit1



      • Neil Swan


        SHERRIWW is obviously a hell of a lot smarter than you.


        • James Lee

          Neil you are so right. Obama promises mountains, Delivers mole holes. Just a mole hill now would put a band aid on one of the wounds he has created till we can get to surgery for the transplants and other major repairs that must not be put off. Also UN, this in it self is a prefix for woops couldn’t tie our own shoe laces. We are our own country and don’t need to be directed by a group that has never shown any value to the degree that which they think can mitigate or if even by popular choice/vote amongest nations can be capable of making sure the popular voted ideal is carried out. They should stay with appellation to foreign entities, and offering information, and God Bless humanitarian aid. That should keep them busy.

      • http://naver samurai

        Ah yes, the personal attack from Neil. Classic liberal strategy. Obviously, your ignorance and atheism are getting in the way of you being able to conduct any form of debate. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        P.S. You need love of country and fear of God to be a patriot.

    • alex

      so many communist have joined the demoRAT party that most of the democrats have started putting an R sfter their names but they still vote with the communist and that is what has screwed up the gop


      I believe I could live better under a king than I could under a Communist dictator like Fidel Obama.

    • Thomas

      You must not ever includ Dr. Ron Paul in the general group of republicans.Alas you must live under a rock not to see what is goin on.Dr. Paul is a wonderful man. do some reasearch before ya decide to comment .on life or death issues.

    • Regina

      r u for real?????????????????

    • Peter Eric Clausen

      You hve what is now identified as a mental disorder….”progressive socialism”. Want free ride, dontcha? Get a job, boy.

    • David Deal

      Tru dat! And even the fact that Al Qaeda can see the truth of FOX being a jokeshows they aren’t totally out of touch. One guy on here asked when we last had a truly conservative president who didn’t raise taxes or debt well you just can’t have both. Reagan reduced taxes and the debt tripled in 12 yrs of his policies. GW cut taxes and look at the result.

      • http://naver samurai

        Obama bin Laddidn’ cut taxes and has added more onto the national debt in 1 term than any other “so called leader” in American history. Neeeeed to be making that popping sound. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • DonR

      I guess you got your names mixed up, your comments would be a lot more accurate if you has said what you did about the Democrats.

      It’s Obama and the democrats that are making the US a poor nation, $5 trillion in debt in 3 years!

      I don’t understand how you can believe the Republicans want people to starve and die.I sure don’t.

      There are LOT of uber rich that are Democrats, do you hate them too??

      What about Soras, the most evil man in the world, in my opinion. He just doesn’t ruin people, he ruins whole countries and you Democrats like him.

      The Tea Pary has woke up the Republicans and a lot of Dems to the fact we are headed down a VERY BAD PATH.

      As I said, Obama and the Dems ARE THE PROBLEM.


    • Michael J.

      sherriww says:
      “the gop of today is not your fathers repub the gop has become a rich,totally destructive force,aimed only at having the united states becoming a poor nation,run by a very few uber wealthy people,”

      How can you be aware of these things and yet be blind to the fact that your messiah is up to his eye balls in the same deceptive practices???

      Please aquaint yourself with the “Right-Left Paradigm” and learn that the differances between the R’s and the D’s would not overflow a pinky thimble! Sheesh…

  • Irv

    Obama and Soros got together and determined what is right for the world. That is – to create a world of socialism. I, myself, fought for this country and am not about to give it up without a fight. Hitler tore Germany apart, Stalin tore Russia apart and Musilini tore Italy apart – we the true Americans will not allow our wonderful nation of the free be turned upside down – so help us GOD!

    • tg sherman

      You are right!! Those dictators ruined their country!! Obama is going to destroy this country, the USA! The media says nothing! The GOP says nothing! The Left Wing Press doesn’t ask the tough questions to Obama! We have Generals, 40 yr. military career soldiers, veterans that fought for this country!! Yet we have a Commander in Chief that hasn’t been in the military or not even run a lemonade stand!! What the HELL could possibly go wrong?????
      TG Sherman

      • JUKEBOX

        Obama seems to be following Hitler’s main principles in MEIN KAMPF.

      • nc

        Tg, bush had an MBA> The only president to ever have such a degree! What could possibly go wrong with our economy with such a “well educated” President in business??
        It fell all to H*LL!! Second worst in out history!! That was just one of the areas where bush showed his incompetence!! Remember?????

      • Michael J.

        Ok, I’ll say it again. The Democommies took control of the House and the Senate in 2006 and mass spending ensued. Then in 2008 when it was clear that the ineligible one was to occupy The White House, the economy went into lock-down mode, not before.

      • Michael J.

        Yes, but with a few minor changes:
        #1 – Mein Fema Kampf
        #2 – 450 million rounds .40 cal. 9mm (since natural gas ovens is an environmental no-no)
        #3 – Friendship three man plastic coffins so no one has to spend eternity alone

        *Popular administration jingle: (A tisket… A tasket… A Fema three man casket)

      • http://naver samurai

        I see that no cajones is up to his old tricks of lies, rhetoric, and innuendo again. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

    • Mamamia

      Take a valium. That’s not going to happen.

      • Irv

        No valium to be taken. This is reality!

  • noncommit

    To sherriww,
    You have to be kidding that Obama is going to protect you poor little soles, he is going to tear the heart out of you soon as he hopefully sets foot into that office again, he is pushing on you things like the old world where the women are raped, if you steal you get your hands cut off and you have no freedom. Pull your head out of the sand and just look at the freedoms he is taking from you daily and doing everything he can to rip America apart, what kind of dream world are you in, this guy is the worse thing that ever set foot in America so you better wake up and quit dreaming he IS NOT THE ANSWER TO AMERICA, what’sthe matter with you. President Bush protected us the whole time he was in office, now look what is happening, killing, terror every day, robbery, never like it is now, you better get your blinders off and open your eyes, I couldn’t figure out what kind of people are supporting Obama now I see one on them, no thanks, you’ll wake up when it’s too late, that man is a criminal the things he’s done, Just listen to the lies and crazy things he is promising daily on his speeches, he made all those before in 2008 and din’t keep one of them so you just go ahead and get brain washed you’ll wake up someday and wonder what happened to the good America you always knew, dope!
    There’s a video out that FROM HIS OWN MOUTH says…”I was not born in Hawaii nor America, I came from Kenya and I will make it to be the leader of this country to make it like the old world abroad” nobody even knows where he came from and he has hide all his records so you know sure a hell he has a lot to hide, all his lying and cheating, there’s something bad wrong in his background. Well Good Luck kid your in for a surprize of your life! Wake Up

    • Shelly Mullen

      To IRV, thank you for your service! And to IRV and NONCOMMIT, you both hit the nail on it’s head! I pray to God that Obama doesn’t get in for another 4 years and I pray that we keep a republican majority in the house and that we can get a republican majority in the senate. If the system stays the way it is now, we are doomed and all the people like SherriWW will FINALLY understand what we were trying so hard to tell them, but sadly, it will be too late. I think the only people who will be happy at that point are the people who have 8 kids for a living and sit at home on their butts and collect welfare and food stamps and live off yours and my hard work.


      With regard to the crime statement, I did not have any of my central air conditioning units stolen off my properties under any of the previous administrations, but I have lost two in the last year to thieves.

      • Mamamia

        That’s funny because air conditioning units have been dissappearing for the last 10 years or more due to the copper value. You are extremely paranoid if you believe Obama has ANYTHING to do with the theft of your airconditioning unit. Yeah, I suppose if your a republican, you believe the democrats are out to get your AC. Of course, it never occured to us democrats that Bush was the one behind the ones stolen from 2000 to 2008. Halarious reading…. keep it coming.

    • Art

      Obummer is nothing but a muslim socialist, When are you people going to realize this. He is no more christian than I am an astronaut. He wants to totally destroy this country, and by the way he is doing a good job so far, so if you want more of the same vote for the SOB.

      • Karolyn

        And yet another psychic joins the group!

      • dawgbisquit1

        Tell him Karlolyn!!! There’s only room for one crystal ball around here Art!

      • Michael J.

        I see nothing objectionable in Art’s comment, and you don’t need a crystal ball to view things that have already happened.

      • Tom W.

        I was accusing Karlolyn of being a hypocrite Michael. Like she’s never indulged in any “what ifs” or happened to listen any FALSE preceptions. As a matter of fact, I would say her WHOLE world view is the result of listenin’ to mispreceptions! LOL!!! She thinks Flush is an intellectual!

    • Mamamia

      Provide link to the video of Obama Please. I’m positive it doesn’t exist. I think I would have seen it on Sean Hannity by now. LOL

  • Vee W

    Vee W says,

    If obama is our only hope to get passed this mess he’s created in
    the united states, then I say Lord help us. Amen
    Because obama is only out for himself, sherriww if you could see two feet in front of your face, then you’d know that.
    Obama has been with wallstreet all the way since being in office.

    He helped more jobs go over seas with those free trade deals, doesn’t want the pipeline deal to go through to help create more jobs for USA
    And now he’s for the queer votes to help him finish the dire situations
    he’s gotten the umited states in.
    NO! We sure don’t need obama in office for four more years.
    He likes to blow the tax payers money going from country to country,
    and accomplishing nothing worth while for the united states people,
    and providing them with hand out’s, instead of helping the ones that
    elected him.


      If he were not in bed with Wall Street, then why would he bring in people like John Corzine and Timothy Geithner who have made billions on Wall Street?

  • Silas Longshot

    Talk about your delusional libs? Wow. That statement is just so unbelievable from anyone who even pretends to be ‘rational’ in their thought processes. I suspect you’re a recent college grad, still steeped in the socialist tripe of your liberal professors stuffing their crap into your head for the past years.
    I won’t waste type strokes in arguing with delusional kool-aide sippers who project all the democrat party faults at the republicans. FACTS: Uber rich? All democrats in power, who take donations from the self same ‘evil corporations’ that your lovely OWS useful idiots rant about. Especially 0BAMA! Millionaires one and all. Corrupt one and all that have had more than two terms, and that’s on BOTH sides. I haven’t noticed any ‘unknown’ people running on the dems side this time, but ‘unknown’ people on the republican side that stirred up the pot (Palin, Cain, Santorum, Paul, etc) as DC outsiders who would have made real change in the system, were of course vilified by the press and abandoned by their own party. The same would probably not happen on the dems side, as a total unknown, 0bama, with NO experience, NO history, NO investigation of every little detail of his life as a republican candidate would have been picked over by the press, NO proof of being a natural born citizen as he shoved a forged document on the nation as his ‘proof’, has become the world’s most powerful and untrusted man.
    If he’s reelected, you sippers will get to see REAL destruction, the crushing of this nation into a poor 3rd world likeness as the economy implodes, and you actually WILL see starving people in the streets.
    I’m prepared for that. Are you? Click the name.

    • TC.

      What republican has said that? as For the VA The Prez is throwing them under the Bus !

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    If you think that imposter is here for your own good , look this up sherriww.. May 26 web are to have up to 100000 russian troops stationed in the U.S. Who set this up? Bush,isuppose? Why are they to be here anyhow? The dimwit needs foriegn troops to get the guns policed up before election time so he can declare himself dictater and wont have to be bothered with counting votes.. Just go to snopes , they will give you the story.. The trashy news media wont…..

    • Ted Crawford

      Check out one of Obamas eaely Executive Orders — EO-13524! that might explain it for us!

  • Dr J

    Sherriww: What rock are you living under? Please don’t pollute the gene pool more by having kids. Massive unemployment and underemployment, half of the current college graduates are unemployed, national debt is overwhelming, misinformation, intimidation by the obamanation’s Axelrod wing, and on and on ad nauseum.

  • Chester

    I have seen first hand the type of life most Republicans have in mind for me, and would almost as soon be in prison as trying to exist under their plans. NO medical help for the poor, there are no poor, NO welfare for anyone, as there are no poor who need it. If you can’t afford insurance to cover anything that might possibly go wrong in your life, you have no right to any help. Soldiers, yes we need them, but after their term of service ends, good luck, see you. VA, done away with, as no ex soldier needs any help. Military retiree pay, done away with, they are supposed to manage their retirement programs on their own, just like a guy who isn’t out there putting his life on the line so the rest of us can go on acting as if everything is right with all the world. I am no great fan of Obama, but have seen the writing on the wall about what will happen if Republicans get all they want.

    • Ted Crawford

      Thank you Comrade, for yet another Alinsky rant all rhetoric and absolutely NO substance!

    • alex

      you did pretty good at listing what obozo is trying to do but it’s exactly the opposite of what the gop stands for

    • Art

      Jeez buddy are you rational, or are you on something. You need help. Serious help.

    • Palin16

      The poor are poor because they are not motivated to do anything other than seek government assistance. Why bother working hard to accomplish anything when you can come up with some bogus excuse to get on welfare, food stamps, free health care, etc.

      • Mamamia

        Hmm. I wonder what the poor were blamed for before the days of government assistance?
        Sounds like a rhetoric sound bite you got going there.

      • http://naver samurai

        Governent assistance is unconstitutional mamamia. Neeeeed to be making that popping sound. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • Mamamia

          How do you figure government assistanc is unconstitutional? Hasn’t it been around for a long, long, time? I guess some people feel that way. Until of course, something happens to your job or your health or your children.

          • James Lee

            Government assistance should be available to the physically needy to get them back on their feet. I also believe that the elderly who have contributed to society should have assistance. I have been around millionaires and the homeless to have a pretty fair view of people. I do not believe that these people in their 20′s, 30′s 40′s should be getting monthly checks that are plenty capable of working and contributing, but throw up their hands kick cry and scream until they get their freebee. A lot of them are out riding their bikes everyday, they get into fights, have enough energy to go out and steal on top of the check they receive, and spend the money on drugs and alcohol. They should be tested for illegal substance abuse, and denied monetary help if found to be waisting away on other peoples hard earned money. There would be enormous amounts of money to help the truly needy then, if the government doesn’t take it and spend it like dummies. they are all getting increasingly arrogant with the peoples money, and can’t even find where the have spent billions and billions. They sure want you to be accountable for every dime though. If they would have invested Social Security money instead of spending it things might be a little smoother. Who knows? The arrogance hole is finished being drilled yet!

          • Mamamia

            Well, okay then. I agree on the “slackers and cheaters” messing it up for the truly needy. But your comment sounded pretty radical about government assistance being unconstitutional. It was a pretty blanket statement.

          • James Lee

            I never said a word about unconstitutional. You must be carrting that over from your last reply. But yes the cheaters and slackers have to go. Don’t you think they got this way by politicians using your dollar just for a vote?

          • Mamamia

            Ahh, I actually was replying to Samurai’s comment about it being unconstitutional and then you replied to me.

          • Mamamia

            Also James, managing the welfare situation is in far worse shape than unemployment/food stamps. “The mother from another brother” and the “sister from another mister” syndrome has got to go. For every kid you pop out that currently raises your welfare check should be changed to lowering your wellfare check. The more kids, the less money. It makes perfect sense to me.

          • James Lee

            I agree. This is not resposible behavior. You should learn before the 1st or at least after the 1st child that you were not capable of taking care of more. And do not ever let any body tell you it was because of religion or something that this contiues one child after another. I also do believe in adoption for the better chance of the new child if some one knows that they can’t provide, and are mature enough to face this.

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    chester Did you just fall off a turnip truck? You had best get a new line of B.S. because that one wont fly. You cant verify one stupid charge that you’ve made. Pure liberal rheteric Grow up!!!

  • Dens

    Excellent video Ben. Loved “chief big beaver” on that horse.

  • Eva

    Once more, another flip-flop for our Sad Presidents choice of being an adult! For my 65 years in this life, he is the Wirst President this nation has ever had! The only one who had chosen to SEAL his College Records. Sounds like The Kennedy Assassinations records being sealed until the year 2030? Records are only sealed to keep identities hidden!!! And , why didn’t Michelle travel with him to ALL the Countries with OUR President!!!! Something to think about, it sure has me wanting to know some HONEST answers!!!!!


      He might be searching for a same sex partner he will marry when he and Michelle split up.

    • Palin16

      You might be interested in a book called “LBJ Mastermind of the JFK Assassination”. Oswald had no motive to kill the President, but LBJ sure did. It was his lifelong goal to become president. JFK threatened to splinter the CIA into a 1000 pieces during his second term. The CIA, LBJ, and J Edgar Hoover all worked together to kill the president and then cover it up by establishing the Warren Commission, whose members were all chosen by Johnson. In planning any presidential motorcade, all windows along the route are to be kept closed; in fact many windows in the Texas School Book Depository were open. Also in planning the route no sharp turns more than 90 degrees are supposed to be made in order to keep the limo’s speed up. In fact, JFK’s limo did turn such a sharp turn, slowing down enough for the assasin to get off a good shot. Mrs. Kennedy also believed LBJ to have a heavy hand in killing her husband.

      • Eva

        My father read a book in a Library that said much as you have written. He wanted me to read it, but it was taken out of circulation . My father told me that LBJ was behind it, and that most of his land was purchased during his term as President. After the movie was made about the Assassination, I written and called my Senator Stevens and Congressman Don Young requesting the documents to be unsealed, to no avail. I was not the only citizen requesting the documents to be unsealed. Only to protect the guilty from due process. As far as I am concerned, those who only know the payroll of Government, eventually turn corrupt , with lies and corruption. Term limits would be the answer. That already applies to the President, now it needs to include our Senstors and Congressmen!!!!!

    • Mamamia

      Perhaps Michelle believes she has the responsibility of staying home with their children. Oh well, maybe that’s too logical and not conspiring against the country enough.

  • waynesharer

    The fact that a standing president of the USA openly opposes free markets and the Constitution is appalling and most likely illegal (based on the Oath of Office taken).

    It is clear the liberal elites will stop at nothing to ensure they get as many “useful idiots” (as the Soviets referred to their blind followers) doing their dirty work of establishing themselves supreme over everyone else.

    The “useful idiots” simply don’t get it that these liberal elites have no intention of handing them money if they are able to topple the Constitution as they desire.

    The liberal elite used the power of Free Markets to obtain their position and will stop at nothing to ensure they remain atop, while everyone they claim to be “helping” remains destitute.

    The founding fathers made no claim the Constitution was perfect. Nonetheless, it was genius. The founding fathers specifically designed it to prevent autocrats and dictators like Obama and the liberal elite from seizing control. It’s why Senators are not supposed to be elected by the general population. It is why the liberal elite fought so hard to change the Constitution to allow Senators to be elected by the general population.

    Take away the rights of the States, and you take away the rights of the people, and force them to be dependent on government. When you’ve done this, the people have no choices, the economy stagnates (then dies), and the liberal elite have conquered.

    • nc

      Wayne, in the last eighty years would you say we have had more years of elite liberal leadership or true conservative leadership? Name the true conservative presidents during that time.You know, the ones who would NEVER raise taxes or increased the national debt! The true conservatives!

      • waynesharer

        Unfortunately for our country, there has not been a completely responsible President, nor has the House of Representatives as the fiscal controllers acted responsibly in the last 80 years. In fact they haven’t acted responsibly since the progressive Theodore Roosevelt starting messing things up. I personally don’t really know what a “true” conservative is. But I do know what responsible business management is, and what free markets are.
        Ronald Regan was the closest to upholding the free markets to the fullest. No one else has been close. That doesn’t make Regan the panacea of free markets. His administration overspent just like all the rest.
        However, none of that matters. The past is the past, and cannot be changed. What matters now, is the current communists in charge of our country are more fiscally irresponsible than any groups of elitists or non-elitists that ever ran our government.
        This was made possible years ago by Richard Nixon completely eliminating the gold standard and not pegging the value of our currency against anything of real value.
        Even in free markets, taxes would and should rise and fall. But not for the sake of the government pretending to take care of you. The lines of propaganda coming from the White House now are the same ones Hitler used to legitimately win an election, then illegally take full control of Germany.
        Note that in the USA, no government run business has ever run profitably. Since the government, according to the Constitution, is not above the law, things like social security, medicare, medicaid, the postal service, etc should not even exist.
        In fact, if they were truly necessary and profitable, private business would be providing them much more effectively (assuming government didn’t regulate them out of existence).

  • s c

    In the event that you folks ‘forgot,’ there are MANY words that describe those who take money under false pretenses, steal it or use it for their own benefit. Because of what is involved in Amerika’s financial and moral crises (that’s PLURAL, for utopians), I fail to see how any rational adult can look at Washington as anything other than a herd of round-heeled floozies and overpaid, under-worked strumpets.
    My question for the day concerns Obummer and his new “talent” for basic math. If he’s so good at everything, I’m STILL waiting to hear how we got 7 new states [57?]. What are their names, where are they located, and are we supposed to believe that the Anointed Yahoo is also an expert at math and/or geography? What k r a p ! Utopians and their hobags and pimps will believe ANYTHING, as long they can get and keep power, money and false titles. Psychotic pretenders.

  • tshayes

    Wow….laugh tracks and bad jokes. It this political commentary. I guess the 50% with below average intelligence need entertainment too.


      Don’t forget that good humor has a strong vein of truth, but you can’t handle the truth!

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    • swampfox


  • Chisna

    I don’t expect a small minded person like Ben Crystal to understand this, but hopefully most of you who read it will get it…..The constant bashing of a president that the majority of the American people elected doesn’t help anyone. And if the American people elect him for a second term. I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to try and work together, rather than try to tear each other down. It’s pretty obvious that the tearing each other down crap doesn’t work. And it only brings a smile to the faces of Al Qaeda and others who would like nothing more than to seen this great country rip itself apart.

    It’s true we will never all see eye to eye politically on all things. We never have and never will. And that’s the way it’s been from the very start.

    • Libertytrain

      good grief – do you read the comments bashing the former president – hey they’re all fair game these days – it’s the way of the world – like it or not. His persona doesn’t command respect so he won’t receive any – he divides rather than unite – oh well, he made his choice and I guess we are making ours.

    • Jay

      No one’s bashing the fake-president, Chisna, We are criticizing him, there’s a difference you know! Btw, speaking of bashing, and tearing down; why are you always on Ben’s case? Just a tad hypocritical, don’t you think?

    • Marilyn

      You know Chisna – if you don’t like Ben you can just click your mouse and go to another blog. You don’t have to be here. For right now, it is still a free country, and if we can get rid of your president, it will remain so.

    • Void1972


      You state;

      “ I don’t expect a small minded person like Ben Crystal to understand this, but hopefully most of you who read it will get it…..The constant bashing of a president that the majority of the American people elected doesn’t help anyone.”

      You really have to love the insanity of the common liberal.

      Bush was attacked daily by the liberal elite in the news, magazines, newspapers and especially Hollywood every day, they even made a television show called “That’s my Bush”!

      The insanity coming from the liberals during Bush’s terms was unprecedented in their vulgar assault on an active President, and these communist that gave us obama knew that by placing a black man in power ( a totally corrupt politician from the most corrupt state in the union, a total fraud of an American and human being ) that they would have total power because of the fallacy of “Racism”.

      How do you think the savages would react if a show named “That’s my obama”, making your president look like a total idiot and fool (this would be a reality series showing what a total idiot and fool he really is)?

      I don’t expect a small minded person like yourself to understand this, but the double standard in this country will hopefully end this November with your fraud of a president.

      I have a feeling that the millions of idiots like yourself, ignorant blacks, homosexuals, felons, muslims, communist, satanist, child molesters, rapist and every other “good” democrat will riot after obamas loss, and America can finally put an end to the insanity called the democRATS!

      God bless America and those who fight for her!!!!

      • louie1

        Thanks for laying into Chisna with so many well selected, on-the-mark words. It’s great and he’s a total azz!

  • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

    Chisna for the record you had better check the record. The majority didnt elect the rat.

    • Jay

      He wasn’t elected, rather, he was, selected. They all have been! Blind, enamoured fools like Chisna just don’t, and won’t get it!

  • James Lee

    Worse than all the fires, natural disasters, and other problems each year, TERMITES! Now that every other country on this planet laughs at us because of this administration, since Obama has sawed away at the legs of the table of the US, all that saw dust draws the termites. So the rest of the world is now sending it’s termites in for dinner, and the vultures to pick at Obamas’ carnage. God, remember what the democrats did on leaving the White House last time? Even Bill and Hillary stole all kinds of furniture and art work. Then with their hands in the cookie jar decided to pay for our stolen items, but of course got their own appraiser to pay us $0.10 on the dollar for the items, and of course no charges were brought against them. Also with their horrible actions like urinating on walls, petty stealing of keys from computers and on, and on. No body held accountable for that garbage either. Let’s just see how deep the democratic dog hole goes this time. These democrats do not deserve the title Democrat, as it means a democracy! They are living proof of bad parenting, and weak minds. They are BRATS, and RATS!

    • nc

      James, your dislike for Democrats seems to go back quite a way. Have you ever voted for a Democrat? You are very descriptive of how you say the Democrats have left the offices and the White House. Give us you best conservative description of the shape that daddy’s boy bush left OUR NATION in !! or the great job Richard Nixon did!!!Hoover???

      • James Lee

        The Democrats when I was growing up used to be able and have their 2 martini lunch with the Republicans and matters always seemed to come to agreement. Of course everyone wasn’t 100% happy but the outcome always had a pretty well working. Everything I stated about the Clinton’s was factual and reported on the daily news, before they started doing their suppression of truth. Also they are reaching in now and printing Forbidden as to the Trayvon and other news on the computer. It goes on and on with their ways of trying to hide items, freezing of reports, overlays on the screen so 2/3rds of the report is not able to be read, on and on. Yeah I agree George Bush had his dispicabilities. But still it wasn’t till the Obamatanic crashed into the White House that you drive through town after town and see soooo many boarded up businesses. Nixon, classic Halloween mask. Haven’t you ever gone into a public bathroom and want to sit down and noticed they were out of Nixon party hats? Have a great Mothers Day, Take care, Jim.

        • David Deal

          Things are starting to slowly improve and gas prices are down a bit, we are getting out of VERY expensive wars so if the Rethugs were to just accept the reasonable tax increases (actually NOT increases but a step back to sanity) and continue to draw down our military spending we might have a chance to balance a budget which would be a good start in chipping away at our debt. And them if the Rethugs would quit cowtowing to the fundamentalists and denying women, gays and minoritites equal rights and protection the USA would become the shining beacon it should be.

          • James Lee

            From reading your 1st response I knew you had a bunch of extra parts in a box when whom ever assembled you. My God how thin are you? Your brain walks between the rain drops. I just can’t believe you are capable of tieing your own shoes. I will help you this time,”duck, here comes a commie.”

  • bscott

    Gosh JL you just really hit the truth nail squarely on the head. Now tell me does your wife believe you when your her that 4″ is actually 10″. We’re actually all laughing at you. HAHAHA!

  • chuckb

    james lee, bill and hillary are determined to get back in the white house and i still think come democratic convention time, some people may get a big surprise, especially if barrys numbers continue to fall. some say they will be better than what’s in there now, i say not, they will continue to rape the nation just like soetoro. this is the modern day democratic (bolshevik) party. either way we lose.
    on the other side of the coin, if romney wins, the republicans will fill their empty coffers and play possum until the next election, then maybe the bols can get nancy and joe elected, by the time the msm gets thru with romney, he will probably quit after four years.
    a sad state of afffairs.
    this country got in this fix by electing people who promised them something for nothing,
    it is also a disgrace that people stand behind a man like barry because of his color.

  • James Lee

    One last thing, that Ben Crystal is smart, funny and entertaining. He needs 30 minutes a day with his own program on cable TV. Amid all the noise and paste everyone needs to laugh or you turn socialist. As I said before and have taught my 3 great taxpaying sons, even if it’s politically incorrect but funny laugh, you really know where your heart and soul lie.

  • Larry

    I see all this mess that we are now experiencing as being the legacy one piss poor actor who ultimately came to be a piss poor president after being the piss poor governor of the state of California. Ronald Reagan ushered in the decline and demise of California, as he did, for the United States of America. Ever since him we have constantly been revisited by his bull. Deregulation and “trickle down” has become the norm and constantly revisited as time wore on. The object of entering into these things is to give less service for more money in return. This leads to a more miserable populace where the majority is concerned in society. The one thing that he advocated that I can agree with is “less government” as it were. However, the approach toward delivering this has been wrong. The politicians is where the focus should have been place in order to achieve this goal. These people have destroyed our country for personal gain. This is the case of democrats and republicans alike. Our system of governance has become dysfunctional at best. It is high time that some changes desperately need to occur before it is too late. These people have made royalty a part of their classification and treatment of themselves at the expense of the masses. I feel that the people should fixate on taking back our government and restructuring it so that that which we have been seeing for a while now can never happen again, There is a real need for ordinary citizens to be in government instead of those with law and business degrees who cannot make a decent go of it outside of government. A big problem that plagues the country is the importation of most available work elsewhere for the sake, and in the name, of earning more profits. Our companies that export jobs for this reason need to be put in their place with the use of tariffs and regulations so that thee option is put in perspective. All of the cheap, crappy, and poisonous things that the country has been bombarded with from other countries due to the lack of regulations and cheap labor combined has to be dealt with realistically. American companies have to be put under control of some sort. Make them have the same expense to profit ratio no matter where they operate. I try to avoid buying as much of this stuff as possible even though it is hard to do now days. As a Vietnam era veteran I especially resent things that come out of that country being sold here. Besides the war with them supposedly over Communism, we also had one with China who are into Communism as well. Now we are enriching them at the expense of our people. We will not allow business to be conducted with Cuba because they embrace Communism supposedly. They are only ninety miles from us even. That is problematic in my view. Things need to be uniform to work best. We have no business dealing with any Communist country. By the same token, what is good for the American people should be held to be good enough for our politicians as well. If this had been the case all along there would be no problem with social security, medicare, and so on. They are also over compensated in terms of pay, expense accounts, and benefits that they gave themselves for failing to deliver. Does this sound familiar? It should as this is the same scenario that has happened in the case of the big banks. Now it seems that we are headed back in this direction again with these people because of their greed and thieving habits. They have no fear of a thing happening to them for their actions. It seems that they should suffer the same fate as Madoff. All needed to be stripped of everything and imprisoned for a long time because they did the exact same thing. The only difference is that they ripped of the American people via the government and are getting away with it. There is a need for real change not the buul$#!% one that we got.

    • Palin16

      There you go again! Ronald Reagan was the greatest president of the 20th century. He got the government off of our backs and out of our pockets.In addition, he ushered in the demise of the Soviet Union when he said “Mr Gorbechev, tear down this wall.”

      • nc

        Palin, the Soviet Union was in demise before Reagan was sworn in! They went broke trying to keep with with space and arms race! He just happened to be there when the bottom fell out! I admit that Reagan is the best Republican President ever even if he did raise taxes and preside over a record accumulation of debt during his terms! Not exactly a “true conservative”!!

      • Michael J.

        Burn your copy of “Rules For Radicals” before it rots your last remaining brain cells. Reagan was a commies worst nightmare and is the reason for the tsunami of lies mounted against his legacy.

    • Void1972

      Great post Larry,

      I couldn’t agree more!
      I do love Reagan for the fight he fought against the evil he knew existed and the powers that are. Reagan was a Democrat in the 60s and changed his ways because of the communist infiltration in his party. He changed to a Republican, and was a true conservative in his life’s actions.
      Unfortunately he was a member of the CFR and did try to get away from the Satanists that control, hence the assignation attempt.

      Reagan was put in his place by the powers that rule and told how he would play the game, and I believe that he fell into place because of the threat on his family.
      If they can get to a standing President, everyone else is easy prey!

      Every politician is bought and paid for by those same powers, and if they cant be bought, their families are threatened.

      We do need to take down the banking system that has destroyed America, and I’m afraid now fully control our entire government and military command.

      “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744-1812), founder of the House of Rothschild.

      “Money plays the largest part in determining the course of history.” Karl Marx writing in the Communist Manifesto (1848).

      “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.” – Thomas Jefferson

      The modern theory of the perpetuation of debt has drenched the earth with blood, and crushed its inhabitants under burdens ever accumulating. -Thomas Jefferson

      History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance. -James Madison

      If congress has the right under the Constitution to issue paper money, it was given them to use themselves, not to be delegated to individuals or corporations. -Andrew Jackson

      The Government should create, issue, and circulate all the currency and credits needed to satisfy the spending power of the Government and the buying power of consumers. By the adoption of these principles, the taxpayers will be saved immense sums of interest. Money will cease to be master and become the servant of humanity. -Abraham Lincoln

      Issue of currency should be lodged with the government and be protected from domination by Wall Street. We are opposed to…provisions [which] would place our currency and credit system in private hands. – Theodore Roosevelt

      “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” Henry Ford, founder of the Ford Motor Company.

      Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote: I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. -Woodrow Wilson

      You ready for one last battle Brother?

      God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Michael J.

        “You ready for one last battle Brother?”

        Don’t know if anyone is ever 100% ready, but out of respect and admiration for the sacrifices made by my ancestors over the past 330 years, I am certainly willing.

    • louie1

      Why don’t you take all your piss poor-ing, take a bucket full of it and dump on your head. Maybe you’ll drown and shut your foul and disgusting lies up, you twit.

  • Larry

    OH! I might add that we have gotten one unqualified president or vice-president in every term starting with Reagan. I feel that there should be a perquisite of prior military service in place in order to hold either of these offices or one in congress as well. Reagan, Quayl, Clinton, Bush II, and Chenney are all lying thieving punks that were allowed to illegally be draft dodgers as it is. Now we have Obama that did not have to be concerned with this issue since Clinton took us on the same path as Rome by implementing a mercenary type of military force with this so-called “all volunteer” thing now in place. Let us demand and get change in government as it is. Semper fi do or die. I see no difference in Obama and Romney except that Obama has had his chance and failed miserably, I expected this and it turned out to be ten times worse than I foresaw. I am black and did not vote for him due to an observed major flaw in his character. For all of the fools that fell for his BS, I hope that you are happy with the change that you got. Be dumb enough to help him get another term, Make sure that you get some prophylactics and petroleum jelly if you do because none will be provided. “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” BTO. By the way, start eating rubber now so that you can kiss your a$$ good-bye for many of you who are going to catch pure dee hell. Mark my words on this. I do feel that it is going to be rough no matter who wins. Oprah Winfree’s boy most certainly is not the answer. Have you noticed that all she touches turns to $#!t.

    • louie1

      Larry, you must be young. In Hollywood, Reagan was touted as one of the many heroic stars for his time in uniform. He left a budding career to serve his country. Back in those 1940′s days, many good and patriotic men were in Hollywood, unlike the Socialist, America bashers that suck money from deluded fans these days. He was a real man. GB II also wore the uniform of this country, so don’t be bashing him either. Clinton demonstrate at Oxford against this country and Obama doesn’t have the balls to wear a uniform, let alone serve.

  • chuckb

    larry, before you lay all these attributes to ronald reagan, maybe you should review the facts. starting with edmund brown and his offspring moonbeam, there’s where the demise of california started. look at the deficit noonbeam left the state, reagan left a huge surplus.” in between browns”, check it out. take a look at california today, the msm doen’t like to mention these things, california has a huge deficit, and completely controlled by liberal democrats for years, arnold schwarzenegger did not stand a chance with the stranglehold the democratic legislature has on california.
    as far as your tariffs are concerned, what do we do, the unions have ground companies into the ground with bountiful contracts loaded with benefits. take gm for example, we cannot succeed in this country without right to work laws and remove the unions from the civil employment,
    until employers have a way to make a profit, most will look for overseas opportunities. don’t give me that old bolshevik battle cry, look how successful gm is they are making big profits, baloney they are living on that bail out money that barry gave them and they have not paid back, they still owe somewhere around thirty five billion and are not paying it back.
    you are saying everything should be uniform? isn’t that something like socialism? isn’t that what the muslim in the white house is preaching?
    competition is the name of the game not everyone sharing equal amounts.. in this world some of us are going to win, some lose, we hasten the losing by voting in people like barry soetoro and his fellow bolsheviks.

    • nc

      Chuckb, are you saying big employers arn’t making a profit? Did I not read somewhere that big companies have the largest cash reserves they have ever had? Why? ThEy took those bush tax breaks that he promised would create jobs and surpluses and STUCK THEM IN THEIR POCKETS! 0FF SHORE BANKS!

      Big companies are as greedy as the people who run them and will KEEP costs (wages) as low as possible for a larger profit! When one abused worker goes to the front office what chance does he have of winning? When the entire plant goes to the office they get the front officies’ attention! What does a union gain by causing a company to go out of business?

      If you will go back and study, you will find that at the same time our industrial complex was becoming the world leader following the depression unions were at their strongest also!
      Workers didn’t destroy this county they helped build it!!!! If companies can have their organizarions, i.e the national Chamber of Commerce, why can’t the workers have theirs?

  • chuckb

    nc, you might ask gm that question, the unions ran them in the ground with their obscene benefits and wages. we the taxpayers bailed them out and what does barry do. he gives the unions ownership in gm. that’s like giving the fox the key to the hen house door.
    you evidently forget, these corporations for the most part are owned by stockholders, that means private individuals like yourself also the unions have invested their money for retirement purpose. the price of oil is driven by speculators which includes union money.

    unions are politically corrupt and i don’t think in this day of history we need them the teachers unions are part of the reason the education system is failing and look at your civil employment, they have wages and benefits that outstrip the private sector who in fact is supplying their wage money thru taxation..

    i didn’t say anything about workers destroying the country, i said the unions are driving our manufacturing out of the country and like everything else these corporations are in business to make a profit. you have that opportunity yourself, start your own business, meet the payrolls, pay the tax and meet the union standards, then tell me what you think.

    i’ve seen this many times in my life, people get a complete new perspective of unions when they start signing the paychecks. there was a time employers did take advantage of their employees, and i will have to admit the unions did help, however, that time is long past and the union have become nothing but corrupt political operatives.

  • dfinch


  • FreedomFighter

    I suggest if you have not allready done so aquire:

    A large caliber rifle, handgun, ammo, water storage/Purification, longterm storage foodstuffs, gear for ruffing it, survival handbook, local and regional maps, and if you can afford it gas masks and NIGHT VISION.

    In addition, weapons training, tactics, evasion skills, edible plants book, temp shelter building and a few other skills

    Time is short, dont be the fools looking for a meal and end up in the Concentration Camps run by FEMA.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Palin16

    I’m just wondering if the liberal lunatics have figured out yet that if gay marriage were recognized by the federal government then they could collect each other’s Social Security survivor benefits with the result Social Security would go broke even sooner. Most likely also a net decrease in tax revenue if one could claim the other as a dependant.

    • Mamamia

      Uh Duh…. that’s part of the reason they want equality. To benefit just like you and me. The marriage ratein this country has declined dramatically recently anyway. It won’t make a difference in taxes, social security etc. any more than the baby boomer years.

      • David A Deal

        Yes indeed the number of people actually getting married keeping declining. Plus if all the gays could just stop being gay (Pray the gay away, Michelle BAchman style) and marry opposite sex like the conservatives want then the result would be the same as what dimwit said about SS benefits. Their own argument turned around on them. Gay marriage is NO threat to anyone else and would NOT have any adverse affect on other people. Isn’t that what FREEDOM is all about. We should be able to do what ever we want so long as it does NOT infringe upon the rights of other and gay marrige affects ONLY the gays wanting to get married and no one else. If MY gya daughter is allowed to marry it will not affect me or you! So SUCKIT you hateful right wingers and mind your own marriage business and quit trying to deny others equal rights!

      • Palin16

        It’s not equal rights the homos want, it’s special rights. If I beat the crap out of some gay dude and yell “take that you faggot” I could be charged with a hate crime in addition to assault, but if this same gay dude beats the crap out of me and yells “Take that you straight #%$@” he can only be charged with assault. My prison term would be double his. Now I read about some liberal democrat sponsoring legislation to have a quota system for hiring gays, that a company must hire a cetain percentage of gays. Instead of hiring the most qualified person they have to hire some dude just because he’s gay. Give me a break!

        • James Lee

          Damn, what’s the gay folks problem? Psychologically they just want an OK from the rest of us. NO OK, but go ahead and dance through life as you want, nobody cares about your limp minds rainbow chasers. I have got to stick with the one I trust, hasn’t let me down yet, and there are only 10 commandments.

        • Mamamia

          Well, my first thought would be “why in the world would you want to beat the crap out of some homo and call him a faggot”? My second reply regarding gay quotas would be ” that might end up being part of our country’s “equal opportunity employee” rule. We cant jump to conclusions right now about that but I might add: Do you know how many jobs I’ve lost out to that very situation? I’m white, but I lost to blacks and hispanics alike.

      • Palin16

        It’s obviousy a hypothetical question….I have no intention of assaulting anyone…..I’m just pointing out my punishment would be more severe, due to special rights of the homosexuals.

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  • same as above

    This is almost as funny as the brilliant Sara Palin… You’re a RACIST
    sarcastic, bunch of women haters, who hopefully will look at facts, instead of blindfully following people who just get rich off you

    • Palin16

      It’s Sarah, not Sara…gee you’re so brilliant.

  • jopa

    Sarah, Sara, big deal. Gee….you’re so petty.Today she is a nobody.Time to change your name to something people recognize like Miss Libertybus since we already have a missslibertytrain here.

    • James Lee

      Sara kicks butt. Let her drive the wagon for a while. And she has the background. I imagine she is thinking that all the idiots have to kick and scream, finish their little tantrums, and let the dust settle. You can’t get through to a bunch of emotional people that never finished common sense 101. Her time will come.

    • Palin16

      Ha ha ha…just as Harry Reid proclains the tea party is dead…..jopa thinks Sarah’s finished. Funny just yesterday over at Big Government they were talking about a candidate that she endorced that is winning by upset in his Nebraska primary. Hey and don’t forget….Sarah’s a heck of a lot younger than most of your heroes like Hillary, Pelosi, Reid ad nausiadum…She’ll be around for a long, long time. I’ve heard her name mentioned for Secretary of the Interior if the GOP wins.

      • jopa

        I saw the clip where they offered her the Secretary of the Interior job and she started screaming “Secretary my As- ” I’ll have you know that I am a Governor.

      • Palin16

        Kindly post a link….I haven’t seen that.

      • Palin16

        PS Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe a cabinet position pays more than a governor. Hillary defineatly makes more money than she did as senator.

  • jopa

    Looking at the three mugshots above which one would you pick to be a dork??LOL

  • Dolor

    I am so proud of my state, en tho they have always been democrat. They voted against Obama in the primary, now that’s a message. Don’t mess with the coal people.

  • madmemere

    Time’s cover is a pretty disgusting exhibition of “sexual perversity”; any normal child, “before” the age of two, can “finger feed themselves” and drink from a sippy cup! That little four-year-old is going to have some major emotional issues, by the time he’s six, or seven, thanks to mouthy, unkind school chums.


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