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Obama’s move on marriage enrages rights groups

June 15, 2009 by  

Obama's move on marriage enrages rights groupsThe Justice Department has filed legal papers to dismiss a case in which a same-sex couple is seeking a determination on whether their union is entitled to be acknowledged by states that do not recognize same-sex marriage.

The suit also demands a ruling on whether they are eligible for federal benefits, according to ABC News.

The administration’s move has drawn criticism from gay rights groups which have pointed to the fact that as a presidential candidate Obama vowed to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) which prevents the federal government from treating a same-sex union as marriage.

"The malicious and outrageous arguments and language used in the Justice Department’s brief [are] only serving to inflame and malign the humanity of same-sex couples and our families," says Rea Carey of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Action Fund, quoted by the Los Angeles Times.

Defenders of traditional marriage remain cautious, however.

Randy Thomas, executive vice president of Exodus International, warns on his blog against being "deceived" into thinking Obama will not redefine marriage and family.

"I think we must remember that while the Obama Justice Department is seemingly repeating social conservative arguments … other Obama administration departments are inculcating gay ideology into their corporate environments," he writes, quoted by Christian Post.

The Justice Department has said President Obama wants to see an overturn of DOMA but will defend the existing statute until Congress passes legislation repealing the law.


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  • Mark

    The sodomites will stop at nothing to push their perversion of marriage on the whole of the United States and its citizens. Marriage is the foundational relationship of the family, the framework for the creation of children by one man and one woman. Obviously, it is biologically impossible for same sex couples to create a family and demanding that society must recognize the sodomite definition of marriage is unconstitutional.

    • Melanie

      Wow, Mark. I guess my husband and I shouldn’t have gotten married then, since we knew from the start that I was unable to have children naturally. Or does the fact that I’m married to a man instead of a woman make that okay?

    • Peter Melville

      Stop at nothing is a accurate description of the homosexual agenda, Mark. Society has been more than tolerant but they will not be molified.

      • rodin

        Yeah, their agenda is horrific. If they succeed they eventually might have equal rights with straight people…. that would be too terrible to contemplate. I say we keep all the laws against them and ensure that only true red-blooded white americans who go to episcopal churches and swear their born again status get to enjoy the benefits of this society.. Everyone else should have to pay for their privileges because dog-gone-it, dontcha know they were the ones who originally conquered this country for God. The homos, the blacks, the chinks, screw em all I say. Tired of us having to placate all of them.

        • Peter Melville

          Rodin, Gay activism came about in the post sexual revolution era (60s) when America had one of its dark moral declines. Since homosexuals are not a race, assumably you are made up of many races incling white, you can’t claim racism. . You are not really endearing yourself to the society you want to be equal with by mocking it. How about saying thank you for the price you paid for our freedom. Americans are not great conquerors either, you must be thinking of the Spanish, the British, and the French. The most cruel conquerors were the muslims who by the way execute homosexuals.

        • Rodin

          Peter, hold on to your bigotry. The moral decline you speak of happened when the republican party started kowtowing to the Christofascists and all of a sudden it was in vogue to be anti-gay, and anti-sex. Gay bashing and queer killing seems to be a midwest and southern sport on par with Nascar. But they’re so moral when they do it. You don’t know what freedom is if you think it’s ok to identify one group of citizenry as worthy of less rights than others. You’re right though about American conquerors, the history is more typically lending money to the combatants in other wars. Americans wouldn’t even help out in WWII until Pearl Harbour, but they lent Britain a lot of money at usurious interest rates. Yeah team rah rah rah.

          And you may be right about executions by Muslims, but I think it was us that used to kill witches at Salem, lynch blacks from the nearest trees, and be completely unapologetic everytime another homosexual is killed by a Christian fundamentalist. Don’t talk to me of morals.

  • s c

    This issue is part of a larger movement to make ANYTHING acceptable in America. The credit goes to apostate preachers and churches, a prostitute media, career politicians, the ACLU and social engineering paranoids of every ilk. Shortly, the new pres will be forced to cater to the ‘needs’ of the rest of America’s wackos who demand ‘protected’ status. Not long ago, NAMBLA tried to get Clinton’s blessing. It failed – then. When this group is eventually ‘blessed’ by Washington, America will know what a ‘transparent’ administration really is. To borrow the new pres’ words, ‘You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.’ America, you have NO idea how INSANE Washington can be. Like Titanic II, this final insanity will materialize because it is what our ‘leaders’ want [and who are we mortals to criticize utter perfection?].

    • rodin

      I love paranoia. It makes me feel good to know we have no gun control.

  • Peter Melville

    Besides that Obama has yet to show any good sense.

    • Thinker

      You finally have the best president of the past 50 years. So far, everything that has come out of this administration has been a model of good judgement and pragmatism in the face of serious world crisis. There’s not too many of his decisions I’d question as being potentially wrong and none that have been based on ideology. I’d say to get over your own ideological leanings.

      • Peter Melville

        Sorry Thinker, but you need to look a little deeper. Does fake, phoney, fraud, and flim flam man come to mind, it sure does when I see Mr. BHO. I hope he never loses his teleprompter in a crisis!

        • Thinker

          Your entire statement is filled with empty rhetoric. If you’d like to expand on what he’s done that you don’t like, perhaps I could then address it. So far, from the very instant he took over the reins and rescinded many of GWB’s executive orders, through attempting to re-establish relationships with the rest of the world, to his economic platforms where he is taking the best advice from the most number of economists….. I’m not seeing what you’re upset about?

          • http://naver Brady

            Thinker, I see that you must be an “Osama” Obama supporter. How can you say that Obama is our best president in the last 50 years? I don’t know what you must be smoking, but I know Obama can’t stand up to great presidents like Reagan, Kennedy, and others. He keeps pushing government subsidised health care, which 60-75 percent of the people don’t want. He said he would pull our troops out of Afghanistan, but oops, he just sent an extra 30,000 troops there. I guess under Obama you could say this about our government in Washington, D.C.: “Our representative democracy is dead. Replaced by a swampland of party politics. Ignoring the will of the people, playing games with the future of our children. Bailing out failure and taxing success. Traitors and cowards in elected office, seeking only to appease advocacy groups and ethnic intrests who promise to deliver the most votes at the next election. Let us not be fooled that a failed economy is the central issue, it is not. The economy will rebound, but the issue is how much more dependent on government to satisfy your every need will we be when it returns? And can a nation that no longer teaches the principles of our founding fathers, lest they offend some special interest, ever regain it’s soul?”
            Gays are a “group” that are supported by Osama Obama. Why? I don’t know, but I do know that even Clinton recognized what was going on and passed the “Defense of Marriage Act.” This recognizes that a marriage is the union of holy matrimony between a man and a woman. This is even what God tells us in the Bible. If you have time to write this nonsense of yours on the computer, you should do some required reading before you open your mouth and insert your foot.

  • Peter Melville

    I am not really upset Thinker. A quick rise in fame and prosperity more often ruins a man more often than not. Yes a bit of rhetoric, but backed up by history. No, when adversity arises, BO will react with with oppession and retaliation, like other Dictators. They are only benevolent until they have to become violent. Liberals do not feel any empathy for rioters who oppose them. It is okay when they riot to bring down the establishment, but let them get power and look out. Take Jimmy Carter, and I wish someone would, supposedly a christian, but he empathizes with dictators and oppressors. Because at heart he always wanted to have absolute power. Weak men often simmer with rage. Carter is furious that his legacy is so poor.

  • c

    Get a life! This fight is so silly, so useless and stupid. But mostly, it’s just plain mean. You call yourselves Christians? Wrong! A good Christian is supposed to be loving. The hate I see coming from religious right wingers is appalling. I’m a a senior citizen who has been married to the same man for 38 years–not gay–but I have no problem with letting people be themselves, to marry whomever they want, regardless of sex, and as committed couples to have the same rights as all married couples. It’s only fair to let gay couples marry and have all of the rights and responsibilities of that union. Anybody who is insulted or threatened by this should look very long and hard in the mirror for there is no Christian inside there.

    • Richard Pawle;y

      While it is true that God is Love and that one of the marks of a follower of Jesus is that they will be loving, God does not condone sin of any kind. He forgives it when there is true repentance but he does not condone it. You are probably a bit older than I and I haven’t kept up with this much in recent decades but at one time there were over 200,000 FORMER gays and lesbians in this country. Some of their stories were amazing and as I said in my latest book on the economy, “The Last Days of The Late Great United States” a better writer than I could write a best seller about them. These people have often had a much harder time being accepted by society than even homosexuals because they were often rejected by “religious” people, quasi-Christians who didn’t quite trust them and by the so-called Gay community which is anything but gay, and who considered them as being traitors to the cause. As far as I have been able to ascertain, not a single one of these former gays and lesbians were converted into heterosexuals by psychologists or pyschiatrists, or even by joining a church of a particular denomination. It was only by an encounter with the living person of Jesus Christ, an actual change (that has cured adulterers and drug addicts and alcoholics and gluttons – I am speaking here of people I have actually known including one of my best friends who used weigh over 400 pounds and has been 155-160 pounds for over a decade now) well, all I can say as a follower of Jesus is that He rejects NO ONE who turns to Him with a sincere heart, but He is not going to let a person He loves who loves Him in return stay on a course that will ultimately cause the person harm. He will change us all into something better, if we will let him. The idea that something is “fair” or “not fair” is a political concept. Some who do not have faith and/or who do not understand say it is not fair that some are born black or poor or with deformities or with low I.Q. but fairness is in the hands of God, not politicians. There is a reason for all that happens, whether we know it or not. Whether something is good or not good, helpful or not helpful, is what those who follow Jesus should be concerned with. God is Love (Jesus Himself said that) and true Christians may argue over what some parts of the Bible mean, as did the founding fathers of this nation, but they accept it as the written word of God. Most others do not.

  • Alyx

    Having same gender attraction does not make one part of a minority group, worthy of government protection.


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