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Obama’s Minimum Wage Goals Under Fire

December 31, 2010 by  

Obama's minimum wage goals under fireSeven states are set to raise their minimum wage on Jan. 1, which could give President Barack Obama the momentum he needs to increase the Federal minimum.

Obama has pledged to raise the Federal minimum wage from its current $7.25 level to $9.50 per hour by the end of 2011. Although the President has focused on other campaign goals, such as healthcare reform, financial regulation and stimulus packages, some experts believe that the wage increases on the state level will give Obama fuel to hit his target of $9.50 per hour.

However, a potential minimum wage increase has received harsh criticism from some finance specialists. Tad DeHaven, a budget analyst at the libertarian Cato Institute, told FOX News that the move would slow hiring and hurt investment by making states with lower wages more appealing to prospective businesses.

"The existence of the minimum wage is already inhibitive. Increasing it would just add insult to injury," DeHaven told the media outlet.

According to The Denver Post, some business leaders in Colorado are concerned about the upcoming wage increase — from $7.25 to $7.36 per hour. Pete Meersman, the president of the Colorado Restaurant Association, told the news provider that the change may cause employers to be more reluctant to hire, or they may decide to shift the cost to consumers. 

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  • Claire

    So far, the Illinois minimum wage is $ 8.25. Apparently this begins in 2011.

  • Karolyn

    $9.50 an hour would be impossible here in rural SC. That seems kind of high. It’s $7.50 here now. Of course, I’ve lived here for over five years now and really don’t remember what it’s like to live in a place where there’s a decent wage. I was at $9 per hour after 6 months at a job in NJ six years ago.

    • Robert Smith

      Hi Karolyn,

      You posted: ” I was at $9 per hour after 6 months at a job in NJ six years ago.”

      Was that a wage you could live on?

      Did you get health benefits with that?


      • Karolyn

        Actually, Robert, it was not a full time job and had no benefits. Had I not moved, I would have progressed up the ladder and have been guaranteed a degree in alcohol and drug counseling. I paid most of the bills with housecleaning, which was very lucrative. Right now I am receiving $1100 per month living expense as an AmeriCorps volunteer and $700 Social Scurity Retirement and am living quite well. However, I live in an area where rent for a 3 bedroom mobile home is only $400.

        • Bus

          sounds like the dole is treating you very well.

          • Karolyn

            It’s better not to open your mouth about something you know nothing about.

  • eddie47d

    $7.36 is not a decent living and although $9.50 sounds more realistic it won’t work at this time. Restaurant prices and fast food joints would suffer with those price increases. That might be a good thing if people eat more at home and healthier. The bottom line is that low wages hurt the employee and high wages can hurt the employer.

    • thinking

      Yes eddie47d, high wages takes the high school and 1st job people away from getting jobs as it becomes more appealing for the elderly to work to help in retirement. They hardly say on the news how high unemplyoment is for 16-20 year olds but you know it is much higher than 9.8% national average. I would think of taking a second job if the minimum gets over $10 an hour.

    • Robert Smith

      eddie says: “The bottom line is that low wages hurt the employee and high wages can hurt the employer.”

      But how much is the employer being hurt?

      Many businesses are set up as corporations and the “employer” uses the “enterprise” as a Wall Street device to make money on the stock, not on a cash flow basis where a true profit would be made. Keeping wages low keeps the ratios attractive to other investors who dabble in companies like baseball cards, i.e. until they find another sucker willing to pay more. They don’t produce anything except money for their own personal greed. As Ayn Rand defined them the looters.

      Who suffers? The folks on the bottom who can least afford to have their labors stolen to make a better bottom line.


      • JUD

        It hurts small business, that’s who.

    • independant thinker

      Raising the minimum wage by nearly 2.00 in one year will help no one and hurt many. When the minimum wage makes large jumps companies immediately adjust their prices to cover the increased expense so the ones making minimum will gain nothing and the ones making over minimum will be hurt because they do not get the same adjustment to their pay theirs stays flat or increases only a fraction of the increase in the minimum wage.

  • TIME

    Oh lets see, the Minum wage goes up to $9.50 per hour, yet in China the minum wage is below $1.00 per hour.

    As you all may recall all of our business’s moved to China with that special NAFTA Bill as well as a few other mindless treaty’s.
    Thus even having to build towns, roads, and even energy plants, these business are still saving how much per hour? Even with shipping cost!

    In China they have NO unions, thus the average work week is 65 hours, Now can any of you grasp why in China the standard of living is growing and unemployment is nonexistent, most every one now has a car yet just 15 years ago it was 1 out of every 25 people had a car.

    Perhaps we can learn something from all this ~~ That is only ~~ if you care to just stop and think about the following, {in China they have “no unemployment,” “no inflation,” And ~ JOBS, JOBS JOBS,} and the Chinese people now have more freedom that we do here in the alledged land of the free, where we now have “MORE GOVERNMENT Regulations” than any of you can count.

    Can anyone else see this picture – that is Of what We have done to ourselfs?

    We have “Inflation” that is about to explode in to the mega digets, we have NO JOBS, as the true Unemployment numbers are clearly well over 20% as it sits now, yet ~ your only told its 9.8%, but please STOP and think.
    If folks have been out of work for up to 6 years and your only on the Fed records that get reported for 12 months, even a simple minded Monkey in a tree can grasp that the 20% number is more than likly very low.

    The alledged jobs that were created here in October – December are little more than part time jobs that will end in just a few weeks. AKA “HOLIDAY” jobs.

    Where has the United States Common Sense factor gone???????

    Please keep this simple thought in mind, We now have with the dollar what is noted as the “Worlds Reserve Standard” with our dollar.

    So ~ Let me ask you what do you think will happen when we loose our AAA Credit Standing, and we also loose that Reserve Standard status?

    Can any of you grasp what that means? Can you say $10.00 Per gallon for gas perhaps if we are lucky?

    • thinking

      It doesn’t matter how high the minimum wage is! All it will do is bring more and more people to poverty wages. It takes away from business the determination and how much to pay as everyone will start at minimum wage. It will force prices up and then minimum wage will not be enough to live on so it will have to be increased and inflation will bring more people to poor status. As the minimum goes up it will just suck up people that were making more than minimum so that a ever larger workforce will be at minimum wage. The business will have to raise prices and of course the rich will get richer and on and on. Government is running business and that is bad for capitalism. Why go to college if when complete you start at minimum wage except lawyers. Maybe if everyone became a lawyer then starting wage would be $400 an hour but just think if everyone was making $400 an hour it would be minimum wage!

      • TIME

        I don’t know where you get your facts from but Lawyers don’t start out at $400.00 per hour.

        Now a fact for you with a HSD, you can start at the Post Office at $20.00 per hour, and get time and half after 40 hours. As well the perk package is an easy $40K value on the open market so add that to the end pay.
        Keeping in mind that in just two years that $20.00 per hour is up to $30.00 per hour. So a little math for you; $20.00 X 40 = $800.00 x 4 = $3200.00 x 12 = $38,400.00,+ $40,000.00 = $78,400.00 Then after two years that bumps up to,
        30 x 40 = $1200.00 x 4 = $4800.00 x 12 = $57,600.00 + $40,000.00 = $97,600.00……

        Now compaire that with NYT Truck drivers with only a HSD, who make $155,000.00 PLUS per year with full benifit packages,

        Now compare that with a Laywer fresh out of school who starts out at $110,000.00 per year based on a 70 PLUS hour work week, and thats only with a a “GOOD Petigree” as in a well know Law school, 90% will start out at $70.000.00 per year at most.
        $110,000.00 Div by 12 = $9,166.66 Div by 4 = $2,229.65 div by 70 = $32.73 per hour, thats with a 5 to 6 year higher education also keep in mind that the average person who pays for their education pays out $30,000.00 Plus per year x 5 = $150.000.00 to be able to make $110.000.00

        So whats your point again?

        Oh the fellow that did our lawn work in NY made over $300K Net per year. He never even finished High School.

        Do I envy him? No I am thrilled, so GOOD FOR HIM. Good for anyone who will commit to doing what it takes to support your family and not want to suck the life out of everyone else.

        • thinking

          ok time, $400 is not true for all as your statement is not true for all. You do not start as full time employee at the post office, try it yourself, they start subs and part timers no benifits, I tried. You are also talking government business that is unrealistic of true business. Yes you can find exceptions but I bet that if you are now making $10 an hour and minimum wage goes to $10 an hour most will be making $10 some will get a small raise but this will not bump up everyone that makes more than minimum raise so the majority of higher wage people will really get a cut in pay as inflation goes up. That is my point.

          • TIME

            Hi Thinking,

            I mean no disrespet dude, I have many friends in all walks of life, I know a number of people who work for the Post Office. So what I posted is dead on.
            All the folks I know started at Full Time and after years are making really Strong money for having only a HSD.

            As to inflation, my friend we are there, just look at it this way and you will see what I am saying.
            A Quarter in 1964 was 800 silver, and worth .25 cents, now a quarter is made from an alloy, NO SILVER at all, and has 2 microns of Nickel plating, its face value is .02 cents so thats obvious that a dollar is only .08 cents, now thats inflation, and soon if the Government spending fails to stop, that same quarter will be worth nothing.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            what most of you are forgetting is that the minimum wage was not meant to be a “living” wage. It was enacted to be able to just get by till something better or an increase can be had! Micky D’s and Burger king were not meant to be a carreer.

    • James Anderson

      You are absolutely right! The problem with the ever higher minimum wage is that young people don’t even get a chance to enter the work force and learn basics. Instead, the employer hires an engineer to build an automated machine that does the job the minimum wage guy used to do. Don’t forget the fact that our Corporate Tax rate is the highest in the world. The Politicians love it because it is an indirect form of taxation which gets passed on in the price of the product and the consumer doesn’t even realize he is paying it. As minimum wages go higher, the rate of job export will grow and the dummies who ask for higher wages won’t even understand why their job disappeared.

    • smithington

      The mind is like a parachute, if it has holes in it, you will drop like a dead fly

      • Robert Smith

        If at first you don’t succeed… Don’t try sky diving.


  • Robert Smith

    From the article: “”The existence of the minimum wage is already inhibitive. Increasing it would just add insult to injury,” DeHaven told the media outlet.”

    Actually Henry Ford doubled the local going rate for workers and productivity soared. Cause and effect.

    How can consumers drive our recovery if the trickle down economics doesn’t work? And, no surprise the trickle down economics does NOT work. The rich are putting their money into non productive financial instruments that generates wealth without producing anything. IOW, they are stealing from those who actually do the work.

    Workers DO produce, and spend.


    • Dklisa

      It is the employers business, he isn’t STEALING from his employees. Employers tend to reward employees according to their input and education level- why should employers be forced to pay more for an employee that does minimum work and has not bettered himself? Putting in the same effort as yesterday should not automatically reward you with an increase. That makes no sense whatsoever!
      If it wasn’t for the employer, the employee wouldn’t have a job to begin with. Once that shop closes it’s doors due to further increases in costs, the employee will indeed find that someone stole from him, but that would be the government/Obama policy pushers!
      How do you think small business owners are going to be able to handle such an increase??? The vast majority of businesses are small businesses, not FORDs…. And in these times they are not able to pass the increased labor costs on to it’s ever shrinking customer base – and then what’s gonna happen?: LESS hiring, NO hiring, probably layoffs/closing businesses, reduction in other salaries….
      Don’t forget, the business IS the employers, not the employees… The employer is the one who made the investment, borrowed the monies, carries the risk and pays the taxes…. Of course, he should also profit from that. YOU want to make more money?! Improve yourself, start your own business. It’s disgusting to ask for more output than your input.

      • JLC

        Dklisa — It can be said in one sentence: If your employer doesn’t show a profit, YOU DON”T HAVE A JOB! I am 86 years old, and NEVER worked for a poor man!

        • Dogma-Free

          JLC – Your answer can be corrected with one question:

          Why do you *ASSume* that an employer will go from making a profit, to making ZERO profit, just with one simple wage increase?

          If the cost of living goes up by about 4% per year, on average, then if wages don’t go up accordingly, then people are going backwards.

          I consider myself fortunate for not having to work for minimum wage, and I do not envy those who do.

          Then again, I also don’t/won’t eat at McDonalds, or any of the other crappy fast-food joints, so I don’t really care if the price of a Big Mac goes up, or if McDonalds makes a few thousand dollars less than their usual bazillion dollar profit each year.

          • independant thinker

            “If the cost of living goes up by about 4% per year, on average,”

            Minimum wage adjustments on the federal lever NEVER go up at the same rate as inflation it is always more. Obama’s proposal is a perfect exampole of that. He is proposing a nearly $2.00 increase in one year which is around 25% while the cost of living has remained essentialy flat for two years.

          • ValDM

            This is in reply to Independent Thinker:
            Have you been to the grocery store lately? Bought gas recently? The cost of living “essentially flat”???????????? What planet do you hail from, stranger?????????

          • independant thinker

            The Feds say so since they are not giving SS increases for the second year in a row.

          • Karolyn

            Yeah, they had to do that as soon as I started collecting!

    • http://none Mike

      I.E The stock market. The needs of the shareholder often in the eyes of the CEO exceed the needs of the employee. Stock price drop re-organise the company(lay off employees). Cheer to the stockholder we are now leaner and better looking to you. Store sales start to drop. Stockholders shimmy and shake. Its the employees fault lets lay off some more. Company starts to fail. CEO exricises his stock options worth 100s of millions. Employees collect unemployment worth diddly. This is how the system works now. Thoes in power are no longer held responsible for their preformance. Some have even learned to game the system even more they move from company to company repeating said plan. Mike L.

      • Robert Smith

        Look at the case of Circuit City. They layed off their employees and “allowed” them to apply at lower wages.

        Fortunately that kind of stupid management gutted the customer service and it killed the company.

        They killed the goose that laid the golden egg.


  • Scootercommuter

    The minimum wage is not meant to be a living wage it is meant as a foot in the door as you are gaining work experience and attending college or vocational school where you learn the skills for your lifelong career. When I was attending college in the early ’90s I was earning just over $3.00 an hour and was happy to earn it because I had no experience and my employer was happy to pay it and they knew I wasn’t looking for a career in fast food.

  • Bill Stanley

    Forcing companies to give raises, not because of promotions, additional education, additional experience or better performance, is just more of Czar Obama’s authoritarian, cradle-to-grave welfare-state. I prefer the individual liberty of a more libertarian society.

  • Joe_K

    No matter what the minimum wage is, the bottom rung of the ladder is still the bottom rung of the ladder. After wage increases are passed on to the consumer in the form of inflation, the brief ‘feels good to have a “bigger” paycheck” illusion passes and people living on minimum wage are still in the same hole in the ground they were in before the minimum increased.

    But, politicians get to feel good.

    Union members whose wages are required by law (not all union members, only those working for the govt.) to be appropriately increased will feel good.

    Increasing the minimum wage never serves any purpose other than temporary feel good relief for the recipient, a sense of true, caring nobility for the politicians that put it over, and more inflation.

    More inflation? Wow, we really need some of that right now, don’t we?

    I suspect the lunatics are running the Asylum.

    Wait, they are not really lunatics …. they just want us to like them while they kill us. (economically speaking, of course)


    ALL studies show that whenever the minimum wage is raised, unemployment goes up. Similar results can be seen with unionization. “Right to work” states are the highest growth states. Employers are tired of the union propoganda about how unions are doing so much good and employers are “taking advantage” of the worker. Union leaders are nothing but lying scum.

  • TimO

    What a stupid idea that Henry Ford raised wages and increased productivity. The truth is when prodcuctivity increased he then had the money to raise wages. That’s one of those
    old union wives tales, like unions gave us the 40 hr. work week. The filthy evil rich guy named George Westinghouse gave us the 40 hr. work week long before unions started destroying our work ethic, and stealing their constituants pension funds to waste on electing
    job killing liberal morons that institite stupid policies like the minumum wage.

  • Effin Reed Tard

    Actually we are living in a “mixed economy”. It’s capitalistic/socialist economy. That’s what the American people want. I’m talking about the same American voters who put Obama and the Demopulicans into office !.

    So raising the minimum wage is a good idea, given the business environment we live in (ie “mixed economy).

    In the long run though – realistically – it can a bad decision. If the markets can’t support it then it will hurt the economy …

    • http://none Mike

      Effin, Have to completly agree with you there. The state of our economy right now should show that to be true. Mike L.

    • http://none Mike

      Forgot to add Michael Savage calls this rapicous capitolisim which is probly pretty close to the same Mixed economy your talking about. Mike L.

  • http://com i41

    Butch, you are right on, what most union and idoits who will not work for themselves, ca not understand is it isn’t the wages of employees, but all the beltway reguations on any type of businesses and well as the taxes imposed on a small 2-3 man company. Want to see people being laid off in droves is turn cap and trade over to the EPA. Fuel prices are climbing, we have new pools of discovered crude and gas feilds, and what simple minded anti business group that has created this problem? The marxist communist union socialist democrats, beleives a minium wage is a live able wage, if you are a 40 old healthy f–k up and you need someone to set your wage, what a sorry spoilt jackasss you are. Raise the minium wage only is for enterence level employees, it costs to train new people, between the screw ups and and getting in to the operation of the company, just double the hourly cost. Kids used to work on construction when they were 16 to learn how to get their buttts up and on the job. Now it is a 21 or maybe 18 year old requirement, that needs to be untrained from screwing off and showing up day after day. What sorry bastards do we need to thank, democraty dorks like Drunk Kennedy and his union smucks, which is the whole legal leeches of lawyers and socialist welfare promoters. Unions only protect the f–k ups and screw offs, just proved that with sanation workers with a planned work slow down. When the slow down was going on, the idoits promoting this crap should have been terminated and no recourse of union stewards meddling.

  • RiverRat2U

    From my experience with miminium wage people the wage rate could be raised to $20 and hour and the wage earner would not work any harder or do anything any different than if they were making $3.75 and hour. The work ethic in America has been dumbed down to where those who have not expect the rest of us to pay them for doing little or nothing.
    I had a secretary that quit her job because she said she could make more money on welfare. Marx and Lenin had the right idea. Those who do not work do not eat.

    • SunnieDee

      The Marxists didn’t originate this: “those who don’t work, don’t eat.” This is a Biblical principle.

    • Joe_K


      I am not sure the concept if any should not work, neither should he eat originated with Marx or Lenin. I believe it originated with the apostle Peter in his second letter to the Thessalonians.

      Having said that, you are correct that raising minimum wages to 20 dollars an hour will not make people work harder. The fact is, most people do not earn the money they are already making in the blue collar world and doubling or tripling their wages will only convince them that either A) they are almost getting paid what they are worth or B) you really like them, so it’s ok if they slack off just a bit.

      Also, you are right about the work ethic in America. While it is true that something had to be done about unfair hiring and promotion practices in America decades ago, affirmative action, as well intentioned as it may have been, has dealt a death blow to the American work ethic. It used to be that the means to acquiring good help was as simple as being willing to get rid of bad help until the right workers came along. In todays world, getting rid of bad help can get you sued into the stone age, as can failure to hire bad help in the first place. Additionally, the people who really did work break their backs and work their fingers to the bone have either retired, died or gotten tired of doing their job and half of somebody else’s job because the other person has a racial, ethnic, or gender granted license to lay around on the time clock.

      I know, lots of people will think that is just a racist comment. But it happens to be the truth. What we used to call an honest work ethic in America is now called “brown nosing” “sucking up” or (pardon me, but also truth) “ass kissing” and we have devolved to the point where a genuinely hard worker will find himself or herself used either by his fellow employees as an opportunity to take it easy, or by his employer to get the job done. If the fellow employees do not stab him or her in the back, or cut his or her throat for “trying to make us look bad” then if that person ever rises to the top of the pay scale on a given job, the employer will look for ways to divest himself of that employee because, frankly, no matter how hard you work, you cannot consistently outwork the two or three minimum wage employees that can be hired, perhaps on the so-called “temp” basis.

      Yep, our work ethic, like or Constitution, our national identity, our national sovereignty, our national security, our economy, our freedom of speech, our right to own property, our right to own guns, our primary religious faith, our national ability to feel shame, our national ability to reason and the right to life is headed down the drain. The problem is, if nature abhors a vacuum, what is taking the places of all those things?

  • Carol

    Everything should be questioned he does even the fact that he everybody elses Presdent is in question the reason why I say that I didn’t vote that horrible man in because I knew his background and nobody would listen to me so no he is My White House and he has no business being there and that is a fact.

  • Shucksters

    One reason the Left/Dems always are pushing for higher minimum wages is, the Federally set minimum wage is a benchmark for Union wages. When the minimum goes up so do all Union wages.

    Since most all of the Union leadership is a cesspool of communist activity, they send campaign funds to elect commie democrats and the dems do what they can to raise the minimum wage. The minimum has nothing to do with helping the worker. Its just payback to the Unions.

    One thing I have witnessed around here is, when the minimum goes up, more and more employers will offer “cash” to their workers. No taxes, no insurance, no reporting. And many workers will take “cash”. It is better than no work at all. For many years this area has had a very huge and viable “underground economy”. If the minimum goes to $9.50, our underground economy will grow with it.

    • Joe_K

      I could be wrong, but I do not believe ALL union wages will go up. I believe it is only those who fall under the Davis-Bacon law, those whose unions work for the federal government. I was in a union when the so called “living wage” issue first came up. I was at odds with my fellow union employees who bought the line sold by the leadership that “people who make minimum wage are some of the hardest working people in America and they deserve to make a ‘living wage’.

      When that issue was settled at that time (for the time, it does seem to constantly reappear) I had a little fun with them asking them if they could live on 5.25 an hour and when they replied “hell, no” I would reply, “Well, I am glad that is all settled, now we can go back to calling them rats and scabs like we used to.” Meaning, union leadership is by nature hypocritical, Union workers who did not get the pay raise under Davis Bacon affectively got a pay cut because raising the minimum wage increases prices (inflation, as producers pass expenses on to consumers) and if prices go up and your above minimum wage does not, you just got a pay cut,

      The ultimate goal of those who constantly cry that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer is to expand the base of people at the lower rung of buying power, then offer more government handouts to the poor victims of capitalism (known as ‘trickle down economics’ to socialist and communist).

      The fact is that the only reason a minimum wage exist is that employers can get away with it because there are always those who will be satisfied to work for it. Then, the more the government hands out freebies to those poor victims, the more socialism we have, and the less freedom.

    • Robert Smith

      Posted: “Since most all of the Union leadership is a cesspool of communist activity…”

      No they aren’t. Generally, particularly in places like N.Y., they are outright criminal enterprises.


  • jopa

    Shuckster: I had the opportunity to meet one of those “underground economy” workers.He had a small constuction business drove a Mercedes and one day he turned 65.He tried to retire but could’nt because he didn’t pay any thing in.It was up to his ex-wife and her earnings for him to qualify but she did not like him too much so we know how that went.This is off the subject but the underground economy caught my eye and had to reply.

  • joe sun

    In my life I have found every one thinks they work harder than the other guy and deserves more for thier time its the nature of the beast.I wonder if raiseing the wage might put some of the burger places out and people would start eating healthier.

    • Robert Smith

      Government manipulation to control behavior… I’ll bet some around here will be upset at that one.


  • Mahmoud Abdeljaber

    Raising the minimum wage to $9.50 will be a big mistake. It’s obvious that the companies will raise their prices, but they will not raise it in the same proportion as the increase (around 25%), because they have workers that will not receive a raise because they already get paid $9.50 or more. So if there is a 25% increase in minimum wage, the prices will raise around 10%. So it will benefit the minimum wage workers. But how about the workers who already get paid above minimum wage? Their employers will not raise their pay because the companies are already making less profit because of the wage raise. So that would make the people who make above minimum wage get paid about the same as the minimum wage workers. Then of course, there are the independent workers, like a truck driver owner operator, who also will stick with the same salary, but have higher expenses because the stores raise their prices.
    So here is Obama again trying to benefit the poor who do not have education, and he’s hurting those who are rich. Anyone else agree that Obama is being hypocritical? When he raises the minimum wage that would decrease the desire for the poor to stay in school, because now they can survive on this new minimum wage.

    • Mahmoud Abdeljaber

      Edit: Obama is not only hurting the rich, he is hurting the middle class, the upper middle class, and the rich,and he is benefiting the poor.

    • independant thinker

      “So it will benefit the minimum wage workers.”

      It won’t even benifit them, they will be in the same shape finance wise as they were because pof the increased prices.

  • jimster

    If the minimum wage goes up will the money go to help pay for Obamacare.

  • Bus

    It doesn’t matter much by then the dollar will be devalued so much that $9.50 will feel like $4.00.

  • Kevin

    My first job was a $1.35 an hour, minimum wage at that time. My dad worked two jobs and my mom worked some to help the family in the early years. We had one car, a Volkswagon. I never went to Disney land until I was 18 years old. We took one or two vacations that I can remember. My parents usually voted for Democrats. My parents sent me to Military High School and College. Oh yeah, I paid for the last year of high school myself, parents divorced. I took out a National Direct Student loans for my College. I paid it all back. You want a better America? Stop raising the minumum wage! I now own two restaurants. I took out SBA loans.

    I never cried about minimum wage. I was poor. I decided that I did not want to be poor anymore and I got my act together as a young adult. You cannot make people wealthy or responsible. Why do you think the jobs are in China and India? I will tell you why..LABOR UNIONS. I forgot to tell you that my dad was a union guy. Does China and India have minimum wage laws? OBAMA and George Soros need to be deported and capitalism reinstaed in this country.

    Also my Vice President of our company is an African American and I am a caucasian. Both he and I are could run this county better than OBAMA and BIDEN. We believe in hard work, a little welfare here and there, and people getting off their butts and working. Also, we aint’t afraid of gays. If they want to get married and be just as miserable as the rest of us , let ‘em.

  • http://none Mike

    Sometimes I think we loose track of just who and what we are here in the united states.I can say this though at no other time in our history has the wage paid to the employee been in such disparity of the salary of the manager/owner.
    Before you guys hang me as a marxist hear me out. Exutives at most of americas major retailers and manufactures(what few we have left)and financial institutions. This past year just exceeded 500x of the lowest paid worker in their companies. The big 2 retailers are the worst for this that is Wal-mart and Target. When is enough enough. There is never enough for some untill they have it all people. This applies to goverment as well as buisness barons out there.

    The american worker struggles to stay afloat in a bad economy while Goverment and bords of directors get to vote themselves a raise every year. Please tell me where thats right?And wow if a CEO dosent see a 20% stock growth then its time to start laying off employes. Tell me thats wrong and Ill show you at least a half dosen cases over the years where that exact thing has happend. A fine example of that is Wal-Mart .How many of you have shopped in one of thoes lately? Ever notice there is an employee for about every 12 or 13 thousand squar feet of thoes stores? And pray tell me why one of the biggest bonuses a store manager can get is the one for labor cost? Yes this behavior is encouraged amoungst all their stores. Ever wonder why they are getting sued every other month for off the clock work?>
    Its because if you want to keep your job thats what you have to do. And when they finally settle most of thoes suits its barly a drop in the bucket to their bottem line. No I could continue to rant on this but untill we do something about it its going to continue to be a case of wage slavery. Mike L.

  • independant thinker

    I actualy have nothing against the minimum wage but any adjustment to it should be no more than the official government rate of inflation for the previous year. I also have nothing against the concept of unions but the union leadership has so perverted any good they might have done for the worker the union is now worse than useless.

    • http://none Mike

      Independant, True what you said about unions. They started out for the workers. Then the dues started to show a profit and they became for themselves. Mike L.

  • Ted Crawford

    Oh great more jobs lost to China and India! Does this fool have even one good idea that involves the economy and private sector jobs, or is this just a further excuse to increase the size of the government employees? I find it hard to believe that he could be this clueless, this must be on purpose!

  • http://none Mike

    If anyone comes on today. I recomend you go take a look at an article on Yahoo finance. We are in more serious trouble than you can imagin.The wave has started and we have been left behind by all our wonderfull CEO’S and our leaders. Nope we are soon to be real slave labor here in the states. All for the love of money. Mike L.

  • Manuel

    The problem with minimum wage is that it is on a flat scale, so small businesses are hurt by not being able to hire labor cheap enough to remain viable while large corporations can get away with paying employees so low that they qualify for food stamps.

    If an employee is making $7.25 an hour and has a mortgage and family to care for, he may be busting his butt and looking for other work in his “spare” time but I guarantee you he’s either receiving aid from the rest of us or looking to become homeless.

    If “spreading the wealth around” means putting more money into the hands of Goldman and Sachs and the like, then Obama and Bush have done a great job of that. Robin Williams had it right when he said “Trickle down mean the poor are getting pissed on.”

    A better way to have working minimum wage would be to base that wage on the companies profit after expenses. If you run a lawn mowing service and are making $50,000 a year after expenses then maybe $7.25 an hour is all you can really afford to pay a new employee. If on the other hand you are pocketing $200 million per year, why should you be allowed to pay your employees so little that they qualify for food stamps?

  • Patriot38

    Everyone has a problem with a fixed amount for a minimum wage due to differences in living costs for different areas. Until the minimum wage is some significant value above welfare dole people will simply stay on welfare. Make the minimum wage some percentage above whatever the local welfare pay is so you give an incentive for welfare recipients to take a job instead of continue to sit on their asses.


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