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Obama’s Incompetence May Fuel Racial Violence

April 25, 2012 by  

Obama’s Incompetence May Fuel Racial Violence
In 2009, President Barack Obama hosted the “Beer Summit” in the Rose Garden of the White House in what was touted as an attempt to improve race relations in the aftermath of the arrest of a black professor by a white police officer.

The election of Barack Obama was seen as a pivotal moment of the 21st century: an opportunity for America to be healed by a black President who embraced the ideals needed for a new America.

There was a comedy about ancient Rome titled “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum.” More recently, a funny thing happened on the way to the Oval Office. After the new President was anointed by the mass media and leading celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, America’s emperor was shown to be naked. Everyone on both sides of the racial divide has an opinion about why Obama is being attacked.

A great many African-Americans represented by the likes of the Reverend Jesse Jackson preach that white Americans refuse to show Obama the proper respect and go along with his programs simply because he is black. However, a great many white Americans, and maybe even right-minded people of all races, are angry at the President after he demonstrated his incompetence over the past three years. Tens of millions of Americans don’t like Obama not because he is black but because he has pushed America into the red.

Like the Elton John song, “I’ve Seen That Movie Too,” I saw it begin with the election of Pierre Elliot Trudeau, a francophone and constitutional lawyer who became a rock star north of America’s border in 1968.

Trudeau was Canada’s Prime Minister from 1968 to 1979 and from 1980 to 1984. Trudeau changed Canada with a radical new socialism. And the weapon used against his English Canadian critics was that they were simply prejudiced, that they refused to see all the good that Trudeau was doing for Canada. In fact, if you were bold enough to oppose Trudeau’s Official Languages Act (1969) you were downright anti-French.

Regardless of the onslaught that Trudeau orchestrated over 16 years, his liberal supporters and the Liberal Party met all such claims that critics were anti-French.

It took Canada’s economy 20 years to recover from Trudeau, who not only imposed his ideals on a nation but divided French and English more than any Canadian Prime Minister.

Trudeau almost broke up the confederation.

  • One year after Trudeau took office, French and English were both declared the official languages of Canada.
  • In 1970, terrorist separatists kidnapped and murdered Quebec’s minister of labor and immigration, Pierre Laporte. The federal government ordered in troops and suspended civil liberties.
  • The party that pledged Quebec separatism won the 1976 provincial election and passed several measures to strengthen the movement.
  • Quebec voters narrowly rejected secession from Canada in a 1995 referendum, but many in the province are still pushing for separation.

If you think that I am not giving Trudeau a fair shake or that I am critical of him because he was French Canadian, consider that as Prime Minister he spoke openly of the superiority of a socialist planned economy over a free enterprise one — so much so that Trudeau was close friends with Cuban President Fidel Castro. Castro attended Trudeau’s funeral in October 2000 and stood before the former Prime Minister’s casket. He even ordered flags to fly at half-staff in Cuba for three days.

Obamamania Could Turn Violent

A generation later, America has its own Trudeau, a minority and charismatic leader. And the same social disarray that happened in Canada has begun in the United States, from the George Zimmerman case to race-baiting by the likes of Al Sharpton.

Despite all of Obama’s failings as President, a great many African-Americans think that attacks made against him are mostly due to his skin color.

I can’t accept such nonsense. Obama has proven that he is unfit for the highest office. At the same time, he has made race relations worse, not better.

A recent Newsweek poll came to the same conclusion. Four years ago, 52 percent of Americans told Pew Research Center that they expected race relations to get better as a result of Obama’s election; just 9 percent anticipated a decline. Today, that 43-point gap has vanished. The survey shows that fewer than one-third of Americans believe race relations have improved since the President’s inauguration, while an equal number believe they have gotten worse. If you consider those who say nothing has changed, then you are left with this staggering fact: Six out of 10 Americans believe that race relations have either deteriorated or stagnated under Obama.

Newsweek reported this month that: “Whites are especially critical of Obama’s approach: a majority (51 percent) actually believe he’s been unhelpful in bridging the country’s racial divide. Even blacks have concluded, by a 20-point margin, that race relations have not improved on Obama’s watch.”

The article concludes: “(T)he election of an African-American president now seems to be deepening our divisions rather than diminishing them.”

This divide has grown since the shooting of Trayvon Martin in Florida. According to CNN, blacks are more than twice as likely as whites to say Martin’s death was racially motivated. African-Americans seem convinced that Martin was targeted because he was black, while whites are not so sure.

In fact, blacks overwhelmingly approve of how Obama has handled the controversy, while a majority of whites disapprove.

I don’t know what happened that night between Martin and George Zimmerman because I wasn’t there. You know who else was not there? Obama. But that didn’t stop him from chiming in, just the latest example of Obama using his Presidential podium to inflame race relations.

My expectation is that race-baiting is only going to worsen. In fact, the United States is headed for a no-win situation.

If the President is defeated in November as I hope, I expect millions of blacks to be angry and declare that America couldn’t accept a black President. Violence may even erupt.

And if Obama wins a second term, he will have four more years to continue his socialist programs. As for us critics, we will continue to be branded as “racists” rather than realists.

I saw it happen during the Trudeau years. America can suffer a similar fate or something worse.

Yours in good times and bad,

–John Myers
Editor, Myers’ Energy & Gold Report

John Myers

is editor of Myers’ Energy and Gold Report. The son of C.V. Myers, the original publisher of Oilweek Magazine, John has worked with two of the world’s largest investment publishers, Phillips and Agora. He was the original editor for Outstanding Investments and has more than 20 years experience as an investment writer. John is a graduate of the University of Calgary. He has worked for Prudential Securities in Spokane, Wash., as a registered investment advisor. His office location in Calgary, Alberta, is just minutes away from the headquarters of some of the biggest players in today’s energy markets. This gives him personal access to everyone from oil CEOs to roughnecks, where he learns secrets from oil insiders he passes on to his subscribers. Plus, during his years in Spokane he cultivated a network of relationships with mining insiders in Idaho, Oregon and Washington.

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  • Sirian

    Very good article John, says a lot that so many have totally forgotten about. There are plenty more that have no memory of the Trudeau period at all. But it does set a very good example of how things can turn.

    • Warrior
      • FreedomFighter

        Many are missing the point, its not incompetence, its planning, its to sway public opinion, and create a problem then provide the solution that is the true goal — GUN CONFISCATION

        Think 5 moves ahead guys, a bill in the congress that give the IRS the right to take guns – totally unconstituional and illegal

        Hilary signed the gun confiscation treaty

        Bank of America owned by the FED and offshore interests – illuminati, declare they will not do business with gun makers


        Create a situation (race riots) implement martial law, take guns, make more gun control laws, take guns, justify it — for you own protection — the master will protect the slaves.


        The end justifys the means, race wars, or whatever will be used

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • FreedomFighter

        Would like to add

        IRS To Confiscate Guns At Will!

        Contact your statesman in congress – stop this NOW

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • rock thomson

          To all of the IRS who will be part of this program: Molon Labe and bring lots of body bags!!!

      • Sirian

        That’s a very good article Warrior, well worth the read. His reference to Jonah Goldberg’s book – “Liberal Fascism” – is another good one that many should read. I read that shortly after it hit the stands. Another good one is John T. Flynn’s book – “As We Go Marching” – gives a very detailed and poignant historical view as to the progressive movement within Italy that resulted in the fascist state of Mussolini. The methods used then remains quite evident even today. Again, very good read – Thanks!!

      • Tom W.

        Excellent observation John! Good mornin’ everybody, let’s take a closer look at our beloved POTUS, is he truly black?! Well maybe 50% REAL black!!! Ever see a picture of his dad, man he was DARK! But who was his dad? He was a Kenyan elitest who was chosen to come to the US and attend college so that he might be better prepared to help lead his country which had just recently thrown off the shackles of British colonialism and emerged as a new socialist government. Where he met O’s WHITE (As much as it evidently offended her!) mother at the University of Hawaii. Not long after O was born to the young couple, O Sr. recieved an opportunity to attend Harvard to further his education but would only cover his expenses. He left his family behind, and O’s mom met and married an Indonesian man whom raised Barry in Indonesia until that marrage started to get shaky and Barry returned to Hawaii to be raised by his WHITE grandparents. His grandparents were by no means weathy, but were not poor by any means either. His grandmother was the first female ever to be named as a vice-president of a bank in the state of Hawaii! (Quite an accomplishment! You go girl!!!) Makes ya wonder why O embaced his Ebony roots and despised his Anglo-Saxon ones! (Ya think he knew about the Cheney connection?!! NAHHH!!! Mentored by the likes of Frank Marshall Davis (, Barry went on to graduate from HS and go on to Columbia University where the only other student to remember Barry is PLA’s own Wayne Allyn Root! LOL!!! ( From there going on to his dad’s Alma Mater Harvard to study law. From there he went to Chi’town where he worked as a community organizer on Chicago’s South Side! There he served as Tony Rezko’s (The South Side’s BIGGEST slum lord!) personal counsel, this man owned properties that were among the worst low-income government substidised housing projects in the country! He exploited poor black people and O served as his personal counsel!!! So, I ask you again, Is Barack Hussan Obama truly black?!!

        Bio info gleened from the book “The Obama Nation” by Jerome R. Corsi, Ph.D.

        • Shawn

          I watched the YouTube video. Listen to Obama try to sound “black” for his audience.

      • Carol

        FF, if the illuminati won’t do business with gun owners that only gives every household in America an incentive to own guns because it’s a step in the right direction to get out of their deadly grip on American’s lives.

        How do Jackson and Sharpton earn a living? Are they on the world bankers payroll as salaried employees? Those two need their mouths taped, or better yet, their lips sewn together because they are the true racists who are dividing this country. And as a president of America Obama’s hatred for whites and division of this country should have never spewed out of his mouth with his bringing up the subject of Trayvon Martin without knowing anything about the case.

        There’s always a third party involved in any argument or war. For example, it would be like my gossiping that Biden wants to impeach Obama for starting an illegal war in Libya as he stated in an interview with Chris Matthews in September 2007. Obama hears the gossip and goes and kicks Biden’s behind. That’s what’s happening with the three racists, Obama, Sharpton, and Jackson because racial division is the banking illuminati’s plan and those three are licking the milk out of the banker’s hands.

        I did not vote for Obama because I did not like his policies and not because of his skin color. If Walter Williams or Steele were running for president I would jump at the chance to vote for them because I think they’re honest men who tell the truth.

        As far as the federal government’s overreach for gun confiscation and the overthrow of our Constitution, they can have my gun after I’ve unloaded it.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        This is for Carol.
        I would rather have a man like Thomas Sowell be President even if I like Walter Williams.
        According to the Lefties and their useful idiots, neither of the men is the right sort of brown.

      • Kate8

        Good post, Carol.

        It is obvious that Obama was selected not for his potential to heal racism, but to escalate it. Who better to incite and rally minorities than one who makes it clear that he represents THEM over the rest of us, and that he means to procure JUSTICE for THEM over whitey.

        Has he spoken one word about the beatings and killings of elderly white folks by these blacks seeking justice for Trayvon? Since he chooses to step in and comment about selective incidents involving blacks as victims, he, likewise, condones the violence on whites as retribution by his silence.

        There is no doubt that this racial wars are part of the overall plan to incite chaos in America, to bring about mass violence and death and bring the good people to their knees, begging for the elite to step in and save them. Same old problem, reaction, solution… or however that goes.

        The best thing we can do is to keep our cool and maintain the higher ground of goodness and love. We must also reserve the right to defend ourselves if necessary. But the worst things we can do is to jump into the fray, which plays right into their hands.

        We are not the animals the elite believe us to be. It is our faith and determination to regain our freedom which will save us. We must hold our ground and refuse to give consent to the edicts coming out of government. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m tired of playing their game, by their rules. We have the right to exist and be free. They do not have the right to impose their will on the rest of us. They are nothing but little men behind a curtain of technology…counterfeit power.

        The elite are being exposed every day. Shining light into their dark holes will destroy them. They know this, and they are becoming desperate. They are pulling out all the stops. But knowledge is power, and when we know the game, we can refuse to play.

      • http://herbert brenda

        I agree with freedom fighter .

      • Windrinker

        Flushdouche, why don’t you want to deal with what is happening with THIS administration!
        Your regressives and their ideology prohibits this country from “going forward,” growing the economy, and enabling businesses to provide jobs.

        Every poster on this board could do a better job than “the dog-eating cretin” in the oval office! One of the reasons he hates America is because when he was having “doggy dinner” Americans were eating well. He won’t ever forget that…and obviously hasn’t. He was raised and groomed by American-hating marxists all his life. They played into his innate hatred of those that are prosperous…yet, when given the opportunity, look at how he lavishly spends the money of hard-working Americans, on himself, thunder-thighs, and the little moochers.

        Regardless, no matter what you or any of your “retro friends” say, Americans know what is going on, if not the “back room details.” As I see it, the closer to the election, the angrier and increasingly stubborn the “dod eating cretin” becomes. He becomes bolder everyday and blatantly inflames Americans by usurping power and the passing of unconstitutional EOS, laws and mandates..

        So flushy, you can be here everyday, and earn your keep, but it will be to no avail other than to provide us with entertainment and your giving us a look into the mind of another “retro man.”

      • http://herbert brenda

        Cwipaulk …… thats true what you say about the democrats owning congress and senate in 2007 forward. . The repubs could do nothing about anything with the democrates totally in control of everything.

      • Tom W.

        Excellent posts all! Especially you ladies and especially you Kate8! Very well said my dear to fly off the handle would be playin’ right into their hands! They’re proceeding play by play just as it’d laid out and the poor blind little lemmings still REFUSE to LOOK and SEE it, because to do so would mean to admit that they’re not the enlightened, but the duped! LOL!!! They’d die or voluntarily go into slavery before they would ever admit that they’ve been wrong since day one! And you’re also so right about the disinfecting qualities of sun light, they’re like vampires, theyre severely allergic to it!!! No Kate, we’re not the animals they make us out to be, but they are everybit the animals that they believe themselves to be!!! Animals who know no higher power than their own evil imaginations, the TOP of the food chain, the ones spoken of in God’s Holy Word, “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand. Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness; And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.” – Eph. 6:11-16 (KJV)
        If blacks would see him as the elitest that he truly is, he would probably be in GRAVE danger!!! We must be be extremely restrained, alert, and vigilant in the days ahead! Because people are startin’ to awaken, they KNOW that their window of opportunity is fast closing! They will be as dangerous as a mama grizzly defending her cubs in the days ahead! The biggest advantage that we possess over them is the FACT that they’re a bunch of cowardly bastards!!! That why it’s not below them to target women and children, they know that they USUALLY don’t fight back! They know what they want to do but lack the intestinal fortitude required to pull it off!!!

        Keep your eyes on the skies folks, JESUS IS COMIN’! He LOVES y’all and so do I!!!

        “If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.” – John 8:36 (KJV)

      • JeffH

        Kate8, kudos to ya’! :) What you’ve just said bears repeating time and time again, if for nothing else, as a reminder to the “O-base” that “Homey don’t play that sh*t”.

      • Old Henry

        If you voted for Obama in ’08 to prove you’re not a racist, vote for someone else in ’12 to prove you’re not an idiot.

        And…. Obama / Soetoro is not president as someone who is not iligible for the office cannot hold the office. At best he is Faux President.

      • Old Henry


        I clicked the link.

        It says it has been removed by the user.

      • Old Henry

        Speaking of Jackson / Sharpton / racism check out this link.

      • FreedomFighter
      • Tom W.

        Hey Windrinker! A photo for your archives!!! Oh, you’re so welcome, anything for one of my homies! LOL!!! And Michelle wants to give everyone else a HARD time about it!

      • Tom W.

        FF, have you heard this claim?!!

        Of course it was debunked by Snopes who claim that the Big Dogs at both the Freedom Group and Cerberus Capital Management are ALL rabid 2nd Amendment supporters! But this still doesn’t change the FACT that when ya get right down to it, Soro’s owns ALL their a$$es!!!

      • Tom W.

        Great post OH!!! Talk about TELLIN’ IT LIKE IT IS! It’s not just the poor black youth, the poor uneducated whites (I personally like the term, “Trailer park trash”!) are every bit as bad, and talk about BAD BLOOD! The hate-filled VIOLENT animosity between these two groups is unprecedented and hard to understand the devide, they act, dress, talk just alike!!! THUGS! KILLER POST OG!!!

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear FreedomFighter,

        We have not taken down any of your links.

        Best wishes,

    • absolutely amazed

      Who pushed America into the red? The data explicitly indicate that George W. Bush essentially wrecked the economy from multiple directions – wars unpaid for carried forth for trumped up indications, a tax break predominately for the advantaged members of society, a spending spree of unprecedented proportions. When he left office, this nation was the victim of incompetence and greed not seen since the 1920s; he had bailed out Wall Street after facilitating their rape of the American people, and we will pay for that for decades. 3 years of struggle will not be nearly enough. Take a look at corporate profits today – higher than ever, but no relief for the middle class, with Regressive Party plans to sock it to them even more, education devalued and despised by the Tea Party, and plans to convert us to a Master/slave society. If we don’t start caring for our common interests and for each other, this society is doomed. By the time the Tea Party gets done with us, we won’t even have roads, let alone education or health care.

      • Mark Are Reynolds

        America has been in the red since the war for Southern Independence. It really got bad in 1913 with the Federal Reserve. But reality states that money created out of thin air can disappear into thin air. So what are we in debt for? I’ll give you 100 tons of it, delivered to your front yard if you can tell me.

      • jeepman1

        I understand that you are unable to comprehend details and deal with reality. However, I still feel a need to at least answer your silly little post. GW has not been in office for a while now, and playing that song and dance over and over will not win you any new converts. Obama is either the president, or he is not. Which is it? Carefully clear your muddled brain housing group before trying to answer. What part of failure do you not get? Housing, jobs, the debt (oh yeah! the debt, Obama owns a third of it), jobs, scandals galore, jobs, the infighting with states rights, jobs, the bailouts, Solyndra, jobs, and on and on and on. All abject, demonstrable failures. Your man’s only defence is, “It’s Bush’s fault” or, “Look, I’m just the prezident, I can’t affect gas prices. Besides those obstructionist Republicans…” Frankly, I am disappointed at the lack of responsibility and leadership. If all you see are roses, then perhaps you really don’t care about the increasing numbers on food stamps or the millions out of work. Then again, I thought all liberals “feel your pain”. I guess you just don’t care to solve the issue.

      • cwipaulk

        The day the democrats took over was not January 22nd 2009, it was actually January 3rd, 2007 the day the Democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress.

        The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of the 103rd Congress in 1995.

        For those who are listening to the liberals propagating the fallacy that everything is “Bush’s Fault”, think about this:
        January 3rd, 2007 was the day the Democrats took over the Senate and the Congress.

        At the time:

        The DOW Jones closed at 12,621.77

        The GDP for the previous quarter was 3.5%

        The Unemployment rate was 4.6%

        George Bush’s Economic policies SET A RECORD of 52 STRAIGHT MONTHS of JOB GROWTH

        Remember the day…

        January 3rd, 2007 was the day that Barney Frank took over the House Financial Services Committee and Chris Dodd took over the Senate Banking Committee.

        The economic meltdown that happened 15 months later was in what part of the economy?


        Unemployment… to this CRISIS by (among MANY other things) dumping 5-6 TRILLION Dollars of toxic loans on the economy from YOUR Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac FIASCOES!

        Bush asked Congress 17 TIMES to stop Fannie & Freddie – starting in 2001 because it was financially risky for the US economy.

        And who took the THIRD highest pay-off from Fannie Mae AND Freddie Mac?


        And who fought against reform of Fannie and Freddie?

        OBAMA and the Democrat Congress

        So when someone tries to blame Bush,


        Budgets do not come from the White House. They come from Congress and the party that controlled Congress since January 2007 is the Democrat Party.

        Furthermore, the Democrats controlled the budget process for 2008 & 2009 as well as 2010 & 2011.

        In that first year, they had to contend with George Bush, which caused them to compromise on spending, when Bush somewhat belatedly got tough on spending increases.

        For 2009 though, Nancy Pelosi & Harry Reid bypassed George Bush entirely, passing continuing resolutions to keep government running until Barack Obama could take office. At that time, they passed a massive omnibus spending bill to complete the 2009 budgets.

        And where was Barack Obama during this time? He was a member of that very Congress that passed all of these massive spending bills, and he signed the omnibus bill as President to complete 2009.

        If the Democrats inherited any deficit, it was the 2007 deficit, the last of the Republican budgets. That deficit was the lowest in five years, and the fourth straight decline in deficit spending. After that, Democrats in Congress took control of spending, and that includes Barack Obama, who voted for the budgets.

        If Obama inherited anything, he inherited it from himself. In a nutshell, what Obama is saying is I inherited a deficit that I voted for and then I voted to expand that deficit four-fold since January 20th.

      • Tom W.

        Oh come on now aa! We’ve been chuggin’ down this path for well over 100 years now! Picking up speed considerably with the signing of the “New Deal” by Roosevelt, accellerating a little more with LBJ’s “War on Poverty” and finally reaching what we HOPE and PRAY is max-warp drive under this administration!!! And I’m here to stand behind MINE and other’s assessment that ever since JFK’s assassination that ALL parties are ALL part of the same megalomaniacal oligarchy that has been in FULL charge ever since, and that INCLUDES Ronnie Raygun!!!

        Thank you FF and the rest of all of ya tryin’ to get the TRUTH out there!!!

      • Brad

        I’m absolutely amazed at your lack of common sense, I blame congress for their deficit spending, from 2007 to today congress has essentialy added over 7 Trillion to the national debt and you point fingers. Get real sir/mam of the last four years we are still running on a continuing I’m absolutely amazed at your lack of common sense, I blame congress for their deficit spending, from 2007 to today congress has essentially added over 7 Trillion to the national debt and you point fingers. Get real sir/mama of the last four years we are still running on a continuing resolution, what does that mean, the senate hasn’t voted on a budget in over 1000 days and who controls the senate, the RATS. Tell us what started the greed shown by those big Wall Street banks, wasn’t it called CRA enacted back in 1976 and tweaked in the 90′s by the Clinton administration. The perfect storm was brewing and as a country we slept knowing one day the rat’s house of cards will come crumbling down. It did and GWB being the stand up guy bailed out the auto industry, but the real losers were the their secure creditors they lost billions, where as the unions paid penny’s on the dollar for a 20% stake. You need to go back in time and look what GWBs administration tried to do to prevent what had occurred between 2007-2009 and who controlled congress.
        The American public has been raped by our government ever since enactment of the IRS and other federal organizations designed to take from us and redistribute the wealth to the non working, which by the way has increased under BHO. Please quit using your blinders, look at both sides of the argument and do some research instead of listening to the lame stream media and their talking heads. For once in your life you just might learn a thing or two instead of parroting some else and their socialist propaganda mantra.
        resolution, what does that mean, the senate hasn’t voted on a budgit in over 1000 days and who controls congress, the RATS. Tell us what started the greed shown by those big wall street banks, wasn’t it called CRA inacted back in 1976 and tweeked in the 90′s by the Clinton administration. The perfect storm was brewing and as acountry we slept knowing one day the rats house of cards will come crumbling down. It did and GWB being the stand up guy bailed out the auto industry, but the real loosers were the their creditoi

      • Flashy

        Excellent summation.

        I found the comment ” A great many African-Americans represented by the likes of the Reverend Jesse Jackson preach that white Americans refuse to show Obama the proper respect and go along with his programs simply because he is black. However…” to be an excuse and denying reality. of course this is part of the hatred against President Obama. All Myers has to do is read some of these posts which state just that on a daily basis.

        what is very interesting is that the subject matter of the articles lately are stretching thin in attempting to portray this Pres. and the national mood as evil and bad. Yesterday, Crystal attempted to show this admin as scandal ridden in using minor and unconnected actions. Today Myers has to go back to the 70′s and Trudeau…a time when the entire world was aflame with post Vietnam syndrome…and the entrenched powers under attack by vast social forces in rebellion against the status quo.

        The daily rants on spending and the deficit are becoming tiresome as the rants and ignorance is on display…and no solutions proffered except wild insane radical calls for ending this nation. The absolute refusal to examine the events and policies of 1929-30 and the effects Europe is suffering because of the very policies called for ‘as a beginning’ is astounding.

        It speaks volumes when oil subsidies are fought for and attempts to rein them in are killed..and cheered by the ignorant masses of the radical Right, American Taliban and the TPers … and they cheer the possibility of ending the student loan subsidized rates instead.

        go figure. Continue to enrich the wealthy and Big Corporations with ongoing welfare…and refuse to invest in our future and straddle the real job creators with more debt for their future. that’s the preferred way of the Right…who must be called and viewed as dangerously anti American.

      • http://aol theno1chief

        My friend, you are apparently walking around blind as to what has happened over the last three years. This President simply did not have the experience to do the job!

      • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

        Lots of inflammatory rhetoric, my friend, but a complete lack of knowledge. Your first assertion condemns you. The 2001 tax cuts did not create tax benefits only for “the rich” but in fact benefitted people across the board. That is why Obama wants to keep most of the structure, just not for “the rich”. As for your claims about the Tea Party devaluing education and wanting to reintroduce “master/slave” I have only two words for you: “prove it.”

      • jim

        one thing is certain , you qualify as being stupid enough to vote for obama again , you’re a psycho/socialist just like obama !!

      • Carol

        AA, thank God for the Tea Party and their devaluing the liberal education system. Every thing that’s taught in the school system is from progressive ideas, and their ideas are of the master/slave mentality. It’s ‘do as we say’ because you don’t have a brain of your own nor are you allowed to know the truth nor learn anything besides what our pathetic schools teach you. Too much bull s#!t has been crammed down our children’s throats and it’s time they regurgitated the ignorance they’ve been taught.

        • stevor

          I’m a teacher. I taught algebra and computers. I’ll retire in June after 26 years teaching (I worked elsewhere before then).
          I see that a BIG problem with education is that EVERYBODY is required to go. Since the kids are required, too many don’t appreciate it and even fight teachers to get them to actually work.
          Even right now when we’re doing a computer art unit, which CAN make them USE their brains in creative ways instead of just regurgitating whatever, too many do too little. I think it’s due to too many parents letting their kids get away with too much because they want to be “friends” with their kids instead of be “parents”, which takes MUCH more work.

          It’s sad and I’m so glad that I won’t have to deal with it any more because I don’t see it getting better.
          I plan to still go back to help elementary kids who are behind but only those who TRULY WANT to get help.

      • Opal the Gem

        Once again the proven lier with absolutely no credibility comes on and makes a verbose post full of prevarications. He has absolutely nothing to back up anything he says for if he did he would post his sources and/or links.

      • Opal the Gem

        Oops. The opening line should be: “Once again the proven lier Flushy the person with absolutely no credibility …”

      • Robert

        That is the biggest load of carp I have seen since yesterday.

      • Flashy

        Enough with the excuses ‘GW has been out of office for three years’ ranting. fact is fact. reagan ‘blessed ‘ us with trillion dollar debt..and Bush II / Cheney complet4ed the carnage begun by Reagan.

        We will be years digging out of that wrckage caused by the worst two presidents EVER.

        Fact is fact…live with it, recognize it, and get out of the way so Americans who desire to move this country forward, onward, and upward can do some work fixing what the Radical right and American taliban have worked so hard to so completely destroy.

      • Tom W.

        Well how is it that yo man O has managed to outspend all the other presidents COMBINED from Mt. Vernon George to George the elder Flushdouche?!! How do you answer that one, oh enlightened one?!!!



        • stevor

          I totally DISLIKE o’bummer but don’t give Bush credit for much of anything. The whole economy is RUN by the Elite. They drive the markets up or down, usually to scare folks to sell cheap so they can buy cheap.
          Bush was the “dummy puppet” whose strings were mostly in Cheney’s hands, but whose strings were directed by the Upper Elite.
          Bush was put in the Set up the situation for obama to continue to FLUSh the country down the toilet. Bush was to (and did) use Executive orders to make congress useless and VASTLY increase the SPYING on citizens. He even set up the Bailout so obama could “follow it” and not get blamed.

          BOTH “parties” are legs of the Elite and NEITHER one will do anything for the country. Ron Paul, as small of a chance that he has, is the ONLY HOPE for CHANGE!

      • Charles Moore

        Are you really that ignorant?.The Recessions started in boyj Japan and the U.S. when Consumer Income was 130% of Consumer disposable income. In 2005 alone there were 5,5 million people that had Credit Card Debt of at least $10,000. Our Econony is 70% driven by consumers and when they had no more money to spend then the Economy collapsed and there was a Credit crunch, The Democrats took control of both houses of Congress on January 3, 2007 . Congress passes the Legislation.The Democats were in control thr last two years of Bush, The Recession started in Decemeber 2007. Check your facts.

        This Adminsitration has created more debt in 3 years than “ANY” POTUS in U,S, History. No wonder this Country is in trouble when people make decisons on misinformtion.

      • JeffH


        Falsy(aka Flashy)has admitted that part of his job is doing “research” on this website…in other words, he’s a paid shill for the commie/socialist/progressive/facsists.

        Expose Falsy’s lack of credibility but do not allow him to control the converstion in any way.

      • Flashy

        JeffH….keep uyp with the hype. One day you may even get somthing correct…though the track record to date denies that possibility. I stated..”part’ … and nowhere have i stated, or even hinted, that i work for a political party, government, or any company reliant upon government largess.

        But then…you live in an alternate universe far removed from reality …

      • JeffH

        OMG! :( Falsy, I believe the proper word to describe you’re comment is, uhhh, equivocation!

        Not once have I ever said you did. I merely pointed out what you have admitted that you do research here for your job…and I’m sure you don’t work for free.

        That you decieve and espouse half truths and fabrications is your problem, not mine, and has only led to your total lack of believeability and destroyed any credibility you miy have thought you had.

        I’m just the messenger here…you’re the player.

      • michiganminuteman

        I have a feeling you would be amazed to find out that if you lay down with dogs you will get up with fleas. I will not waist anymore of my time with you than that.

      • Rod Majors

        jeep jeep!

      • http://Yahoo Pat

        Why can’t you see the “whole” picture? Yes, we did get into some financial trouble because Bush was protecting us, because we had been attacked and I appreciate Bush for what he did to protect all of us. How much has Obama spent on giving all these people who always have a handout, who don’t want to find jobs unemployment, food stamps, housing, etc.? How much has he given to those non-Americans with their handout? Why do you think our Medicare/Medicaid, social security, etc is in trouble? Obama plays the race game to get the african-americans to vote for him, just like he now says he believes that same sex people should be able to marry? He is playing the game of allowing illegal immigrants amnesty to obtain their votes. He is willing to do anything to get re-elected folks! If you want to become a “slave” to our government then vote for Obama because if he is re-elected this is what you and all of us will become “Slaves” . America wake up, see the signs!!!!!!!!!! How can so many people be so blind???????????

        • Charles Moore

          Why are we talking about George Bush?. Doesn’t belong here, however, since a Moron that is clueless has mentioned it then I will straighten you out. The Recession started when Consumer Debt was 130% of Consumer disposable income just as it did in Japan. In 2005 alone there were 5.5 million people who owed at least $10,000 in credit card debt. People bought houses they couldn’t afford, People were too ignorant to balance expenses against their income . The U.S. Economy is 70% driven by Consumers. When Consumers were too much in debt then there was no way to prop up the economy. Many people including myself never lived beyond our means and we are doing fine. You have to be a real Idiot to think that GWB put a gun to their head and forced them to go into Debt.

          • stevor

            Yes, it wasn’t Bush’s fault but if he weren’t such a dummy (or had an administration with folks not OWNED by the Globalist Elites) he would have gotten rid of the rule that forced banks to lend to the incompetent.

          • Charles Moore

            Are you really that Ignorant? First of all there were no 8 years of Republican rule as the Idiots are continually claiming 24/7. The Democrats took control of both Houses of Congress on January 3, 2007. Presidents propose and Congress must dispose. So anything you claim in his Administration for the last two years goes to the Democrats. During the eight years of the Bush Administration added to the Federal Debt. During the three years of the Obama Administration there was 5 trillion added to the Federal Debt. Bush did not cause the Recession. What did happen was the War in Iraq. This War was approved by all but three members of Congress during the whole eight years. What should have happened is that taxes should have been raised to support it which was a major reason for some of the Deficits. Both parties did not see fit to do it. The Recessions both here and in Japan started when Consumer debt was 130% of Consumer disposable income. It also seems to apply to Countries as a percentage of Debt to GDP as evidence Greece, Italy etc. We are now at 105% of Debt to GDP. The Obama Administration is presently running a 1.3 trillion annual deficit. At the present growth rate of the Economy we will be at 130% of GDP on 3 1/2 years and Bankruptcy. This is just a part of the next bubble. The Bush tax cuts expire on January 2013. ALL. The 2% payroll tax holiday also expires on January 2013. The increased taxes on both will be $500 Billion dollars. This means consumers will have $500 Billion less to spend in 2013. The U,S, Economy is 70% driven by Consumers and hasn’t recovered to that level yet. Now just what do the Morons think is going to happen in 2013 when consumers have $500 Billion less to spend in an Economy that hasn’t recovered yet?. I will give you a clue, It starts with “RE”. THE 2 1/2 tears later a debt bubble, Obama has all but destroyed this Economy. Give him four more years to finish it. And the Idiots want to talk about sme global elitist nonsense. Apparently you missed all the giveaways by Obama to the United Nations. The last was the idea to consult the U.N. and getting permission to go to war stc and you want to talk about this childish and inane Bush elitist nonsense?

    • Independent

      An excellent article, great comparison, unfortunately the younger generation hasn’t heard this before. I’m curious as to how many people in the Media are progressives (commies) or just plain ignorant. Thank God my Grandchildren believe that I am smarter than the News Commentators..LOL. But I do explain the importance of the Constitution. I also give my Granddaughter questions to ask her Teacher in Social Studys. She comes back with, “My teacher says you must be very conservative”. I just love it!

      • Flashy

        Just goes to show you can fool kids…but faced with someone with an education, you’re outed. How’s it feel knowing people with awareness and an education rolls their eyes at you amazed someone like you can still function in this world?

      • Jazzabelle

        LOL Flashy, are you calling teachers “people with awareness and an education?”

        Keep it coming, you’re in comic form today!

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Flashy, if you are so educated and so intelligent (according to your own opinion of yourself), why are you a Leftist? Independent Individuals hash and rehash all the information that comes at them and make a conclusion based on Truth and Facts.

      • Flashy

        Nad…only those who adhere to the TP/American Taliban/Radical Right trilogy of hate, fear and ignorance believes Moderates are leftist. Fact is fact…most Moderates and Progressives are educated and degreed. Look at the red States and the Blue states…look at who the GOP and the TP/American Taliban/Radical Right cater to in misleading and controlling.

        Heck..look at who desires this nation to move forward and upwards into the future looking ahead versus those who desire to take this nation backwards and regressing.

        Fact is fact…live with it, recognize it. Now get out of the way so we can repair what you have caused…

      • JUKEBOX

        The liberals love revisionist history. George Washington Carver said many years ago that blacks who continue to stir up racial conflict (ie: Sharpton, Jackson, Shabazz, etc.) are only interested in their own self interests.

      • Jazzabelle

        Flashy wrote: “Fact is fact…most Moderates and Progressives are educated and degreed.”

        Translation: “Most moderates and progressives are fully indoctrinated, reliable Democrat voters.” No wonder Flashy thinks so highly of the letters behind people’s names!

      • Ellen

        Flashy, I remember the only people pursuing an Education degree when I was in college were the people too stupid to pursue other degrees like Business, Biology, Computer Science, etc. It was a campus-wide joke. I remember it clearly because my roommate was an Education major and her curriculum was utterly ridiculous. She never had homework or studying to do. Since that time, I’ve seen my children go through school in 4 different states, so I think I have a pretty wide range of experience with the current educational system. Suffice it to say, those grandchildren were not dealing with intelligent teachers, as you assumed.

      • rtringgo

        Just charge on in & continue to show us what you really are. How much are you paid for your posts?

      • Tired of illegal immigrants

        Independent: It is a shame that a teacher calls names when one questions their opions… You should explain your American beliefs and have the teacher schooled by your grandchild.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Flashy likes the facts. Here you have the facts:
        According to the Pew Research Center, which is a left-of-center organization Fleshy, in 2010 Republicans outperformed Democrats on 10 of 12 questions, with one tie and Democrats outperforming Republicans on just 1 of the 12.

        In the latest scientific survey of 1,168 adults conducted during September and October of last year, however, Republicans outperformed Democrats on every single one of 19 questions.
        These are undisputable FACTS.

        Here are more facts about your FRAUDULENT Ignorant/Liar-in-Chief , who can’t say HELLO without TelePrompter:
        1. 57 states in America (“I’ve now been in 57 states. I think one left to go.” – in Oregon)
        2. Austrian language (There is no Austrian language. Austrians speak German)
        3. Hawaii in Asia (Hawaii are located in Polynesia, which is in the central Pacific Ocean)
        4. Navy “corpsman” as “corpse-man”
        5. “Islam has always been part of America … and American Muslims have made extraordinary contributions to our country.” What contributions??? Hate and destruction!!!
        6. “On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of FALLEN heroes – I see many of them in the AUDIENCE HERE TODAY…”
        7. Maligned former President Rutherford B. Hayes as disdainful of the telephone (LIE)
        List goes on and on.
        Flashy, please your FACTS.

    • Patriotic nut

      Agreed, a very good article. The author stops just short though. He mentions the possibility of violence from the black community if Obama fails to be re-elected but he does not mention that it is a very real possibility of violence from the other side if he does win. There are many who believe that the U.S. cannot suffer through another term under him.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        We are a nation of law abiding people, whether of secular laws or G-D’s Laws.
        Don’t instigate nuttiness.
        We are also a nation of no specific shades of brown or pink people. So unless some nut job starts a measuring system of how much melanin is in the skin this fomenting of racial strife should go nowhere.

      • Windrinker

        Nad (whatever) the word you are trying to use is spelled….GOD! What is wrong, are you afraid your keyboard will burst into fire if you spell it out.. Or, is it that the word is “offensive” to you..

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Windrinker, in case you haven’t been paying attention. We have lost most of our Freedoms through the courts and we will keep on losing what remains of them through the legal system. The Leftists/Socialists/Marxists/Democrats do not advocate physical confrontation at this time. They fight us in the courts. They bog us down time and moneywise.
        What is the difficulty of understanding that the majority of Americans are law abiding even if the laws are draconian and onorous?
        Leftists lie without any qualms, lying in court is an acceptable option to get their ideological agendas in place.
        Christians and religious Jews do not advocate lying and violence and antisocial behaviors because God gave prohibitions against such.
        The Academia and Law are almost all Leftist/Socialist/Marxist/Democrat and they let us know that they are in charge.

      • Windrinker

        Nad (whatever) Glad you paid attention to your spelling lesson for the day. You spell it
        G O D, instead of spelling it G-d!

        I don’t know what all that other crap was about…. You don’t have to prove anything to me…cause I don’t care about what you know…..but, everyone should know how to spell
        G O D..

    • Michael

      Perhaps race is part of the issue with Obama’s administration. i cannot think of a single elected black administrator who has not ruined things while in office. Mayor Barry (D.C.), Mayor Young (Atlanta) the current mayor of Detroit, ditto the current mayor of L.A. I am sure I have overlooked some, but to me the recurring theme is, they are all black and all have driven their constituents into deeper debt and more and more onto the dole.

      • Flashy

        Yep…as this post demonstrates..there is no racial undercurrent to the opposition to this administration…nawwwwww

      • JUKEBOX

        Don’t fail to mention that Marion Berry and Bill Campbell (Atlanta) both were sent to prison.

      • JeffH

        Michael, to make a statement like that shows ignorance on your part. While I can agree that Marion Barry is a criminal his skin color is not the reason and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is hispanic, a leftist progressive who caters to the progressive ideals of pandering to his latin base.

        I’m all for telling it like it is but to paint this issue with a broad brush not only plays into the progressive’s fabricated claim that Obama is hated because he is(1/2)black but leaves one with the false idea that you might represent the majority of Obama’s naysayers and that just isn’t the case.

      • http://peresonallibertydigest.. gottaplenty

        I have been wondering how many with an inteligence level above pure stupid has ever noticed that fact.. That has been one of the front page facts since those civil rights days began. Pull out any of those black elected officials , I can remember in the 1960s. The first one they were so proud of was sending his wife to the Bahammas regularly with a suitcase full of stolen money. Of course there wasnt much done because it would be a racist thing.. Then as time went on it seemed that every one of the black ones tried to out do the next. There has been more cases than trhey want to admit. Michael , there isnt too many that look past thier own stupidity if politics is in thier way.

      • Tired of illegal immigrants

        Don’t forget to add Ike brown of Noxubee County to the list of black thugs. And the Obama administration’s Eric holder needs to be included also!

    • Tom W.

      And the idiots still swear that it’s the answer Sirian, after century after century of repeated failures, they’re willin’ to take, the whole world this time down, the same road to RUIN!!! What is the definition of insanity?!!

      • charlie

        Tom W. ,,, King Jesus is here on planet Earth , now, see Matthew 6:9–13 “thy Kingdom come “,,,does King Jesus answer prayer ? Who is King Jesus here for ? see Matthew 15:24… When is King Jesus going to “””empower””” you ? as soon as you comply with the first two “Orders” of King Jesus as called out at Matthew 6:33,,,BUT,,. how much “Power” can you use under ” thy will be done”??? Not your will! ,,, The King’s Will can you tell anyone what the Will of King Jesus is ???
        Tom W. have you obeyed The King’s ranking man ,Peter, the Law spoken by Peter at Acts 2:38???… Better get busy, The King is waiting for you to do your part in His Will…

        • needfulthings

          There once was a time when all people believed in gawd and the shurch reled … This time was called ‘THE DARK AGES”

          Men will ever be FREE until the last King is strangled with the entrails of the last priest !!!

    • Donald York

      Nothing from me. Very good article.

  • cawmun cents

    Somewhere along the line someone makes it about the differences which divide us.
    They need to maintain control over the things which separate the populace,to ensure there is always a question of integrity involved.It plays to the emotional content of those with a chip on their shoulder.Baiting and agitation are always helpful to those who wish to hold power over others.
    In truth there is a need for justice to be served.
    But in the good book it clearly states that God hates those who sow discord among brethren.
    The leaders need to be very careful as to what their intentions are,
    That is not for me to decide by sitting in judgement of them for any perceived actions,rather as I see their actions,it is my part to pray for,and love them despite any differences I may have with them.The thing you must understand here is that they have the same obligation towards me.That is what is supposed to separate us as Christians,from the rest of the world.Not the color of skin tone,or what linguistics we use,but our compassion for the travails of our fellow man.I cannot know the heartache that these people feel.But it never makes sense to set out to make two wrongs by making happen what seems to be right.
    Who claimed that He was the final arbiter of vengeance?
    God did.
    Both those who take it upon themselves to kill another human being,and those who stir up hate because that condition occured,will have to face God.This is of course understanding that many of these people involved claim to be Christians.
    I really only have third part story and innuendo to go upon in most cases,so I have to take these things with a grain of salt.But creating a bad situation from another bad situation,wil never change the condition.It will only serve to make the condition worse.
    I fervently pray that the people whos family suffered a tragic loss would find ease to their suffering and heartache,that some good could come from this tragedy.I also pray for those who intend to foment anger over this reccuring tragedy,that people will be more understanding of their fears and insecurities,and therefore that further violence will not be a part of the condition we face here today.Lift up the hearts of those involved,and help them to gain empathy with one another.Calm the hearts of those who are angry.Relieve the burdens of those who carry grudges.Create a lasting peace among countrymen.Help the leaders make good and true decisions of how to best deal with this crisis.
    In Jesus’ name Amen.

    • DocVenture

      cc, That is exactly right, and what I strive for. I admit, I fall short when I see injustices perpertrated by by the left against those on the right, but you are ever so right to say that ours is not to judge, but to pray for them. That is a mighty tall pole to climb, but what pleases God is far more important than what pleases us. Just vote your conscience in November, and get rid of those who would divide us!

      • Chester

        You say you pray for those on the left who inflict injustices on the rigtht, but I would almost bet that you applaud the injustices the right inflicts on the left, claiming they are NOT injustices, but your belief in what is right. If each of us is allowed to use our own PERSONAL interpretation of the Bible to determine what is right for all, are we not judging others, even after being directed NOT to do so in the Bible?

      • absolutely amazed

        The injustices of the right against the rest of us are the outrage of our time. And they are just getting re-started. The Regressives will have us back to 1840 in no time flat if their behavior for the past 3 years is any indication of what they’ll do in the future. Elections are now bought by billionaires and humongous, non-accountable corporations and organizations. “We the people” just don’t exist in their eyes. What drives these greed-mongers – can they wear more than one pair of pants at a time? Must they accumulate unbelievable masses of wealth for their personal, selfish use? Have they any warmth of human kindness? I haven’t seen adequate evidence thus far. There are some outstanding examples, all too rare – Jacobs of Qualcomm, Gates of Microsoft, Buffet, Bloomberg – but standing in contrast are the Koch Brothers, the Halliburton crew, and most of Wall Street e.g. GoldmanSachs.

      • jeepman1

        AA, if Wall Street is so bad, then why is it that oman is outpacing Romney in donations from the “evil empire”? Perhaps they really know who butters their bread.

      • Brad

        absolutely amazed,

        You are just a hypocrit in sheeps cloathing, trying to play the so called victim which you are not. Why don’t you get real and flick that socialist bogger off your finger.

      • cawmun cents

        Evidently Chester,you didnt take the time to read my prayer,or you would have seen that I prayed for all the parties involved.
        Right doesnt make right,but neither does might.
        Those who choose to live by violence,will be dealt with violently.That is common knowledge.It is much like those who resist arrest thinking that being beaten by those they are resisting is a violation of their rights.Whhat is not stated is that in their violent resistance,they have violated the law and therefore are subject to violence in return.That is as I said,common knowledge.No criminal thinks he can resist arrest without receiving violent behavior from the arresting officials in return.That is a ludicrous assumption at best.Once you resist then you open yourself to forceable detainment,regardless of your stance on whether your rights are being violated.
        You are violating the law by not being peacefully detained,therefore force becomes necessary.
        It does not entitle the police to go over and above the force necessary to detain you,but it does give them leeway in deciding what force is necessary to ensure that you are detained.
        But ifand when it is made into an issue of race,instead of an issue of resistance then many other people are affected by anger and violence which does not serve to alleviate the conditions.Then,all that can come of it is for bigotry and hatred culminating in the need to encite violence,often against people who deserve no violence to their person.Only bad things can occur as a result of such actions.
        I pray that all our leaders learn from these conditions and that cooler heads will prevail.Yet I continually see the media/academia turn the focus toward skin tone to the degree where it foments racial violence.This is a criminal act,whether anyone calls them on it,or not.
        There is no such thing as”fairness”,it is a doctrine of madness.It can only lead to warfare of the kind which causes civil strife and a total breakdown of social order.Anyone with good sense knows this.But those who insinuate otherwise are let to do these things with no repercussions and can cause death and destruction with assumed impunity.
        I disagree,eventually someone will hold their feet to the fire as well.

      • JeffH

        Chester and aa…In “Breaking the System”, David Horowitz and Liz Blane explain how Obama is using the Cloward-Piven Strategy to continuously manufacture crises of which he can take advantage, and to advance his agenda.

        Obama’s plan, “…is the product of a calculated strategy by the radical Left to subvert America’s free-enterprise system and to turn the country’s citizens into wards of an always-growing state whose ultimate objective is to engineer American lives. Specifically, Obama’s policies reflect the strategy developed by two leftist professors, Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, in the mid-1960s to manufacture crises that will fracture our social and cultural institutions and pave the way for a socialist redistribution of wealth and control over every aspect of individual endeavor.

        • Shawn

          Amen brother!

  • Nottakenyan

    Two of Americs’s biggest racist are living in the White House at the expense of the US taxpayer.

    • Jim in NY

      Obama was elected by a majority of American voters. He has a wife much like his predecessors have had wives. Deal with it. And you wonder why many blacks feel whites don’t accept Obama merely because he is black. The hatred people on sites like this have for Michele Obama really says something.

      • DJ

        People like yourself are exactly a HUGE part of the problem. Entirely too content to assume patriotic Americans who love this country disagree with who in in the WH based on the color of their skin. GET OVER IT!! I’m a veteran Jim in NY…are you?? Have you EVER stepped up to do or be something greater than yourself? I highly doubt it!! As a veteran I served proudly with blacks, hispanics, asians etc. We all bleed red…love this country and fight for it and we will also get along. People are calling this arrogant POS out due to his failed policies and his clear dis-dain for America…not the color of his skin. You make it about skin color and you are only blowing smoke up your behind and others like you. It’s not about skin’s about respecting the concept of a government of, for and by it’s people. A key concept this usurper in the WH has and will continue to disrespect!! Open your eyes and set the Kool Aid aside!!

      • tsalagi

        I don’t care what color a marxist is, I don’t like marxists.

      • Pete0097

        How many of obama’s predecessors had wives that had 21 employees? The most I have seen is 3. Even that seems excessive. EvenHillary Clinton only had 3, and she was running for Senate.

      • Majik Imaje

        This has nothing to do with color (get over it). It has everything to do with dishonesty – lying – deception and the purposeful destruction and bankruptcy of the United States of America by a foreign student that refuses to provide documentation that is verifiable !

      • sandy daniels

        obummer has been a champion in the feild of propaganda. The eidence is overwhelming that the shooter was NOT a racist it also proves conclusivly that it was a rightious shoot. Ask yourself this while obummer is promoting a race war and marching with the black panthers,what is going on in thr rest of government? Bills to allow your rights to be taken away from you for debt. We left other countries like the british isles because of things like
        a debtors prison. Obummer has done more damadge to our religious rights by making one of his indicators for domestic terrorism. We are 80-120 TRILLION dollars in debt since his takeover three years ago. Most dont even realize yet that our economy is not being destroyed…………………. it has been ALREADY BEEN DESTROYED. THATS WHY I WOULDN’T VOTE FOR HIM THE FIRST TIME NOR NOW.

      • Patriot

        I do not like Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Mussolini, Hitler, Castro or any other Marxist dictators, which has obviously nothing to do with the color of their skin. Wake up before it’s too late! A rose by any other name, still smells as sweet!

      • Flashy

        “Entirely too content to assume patriotic Americans who love this country disagree with who in in the WH based on the color of their skin.” <— DJ

        i don't believe Moderates and Progressives think that. The question they are asking is how anyone can be a self-proclaimed 'patriot" when they say they love this country…yet almost every statement is one of hatred for its People.

      • Tired of illegal immigrants

        Jim: Your assumption the “two racists” refer to Obama and his wife; however, Eric Holder shares the title of racist. Eric Holder and Barack Obama’s policies and lack of enforcement of voter id laws and immigration laws (selective law enforcement) make them racists! Laws are to be applied equally; not selectively as is the case with the current administration. These policies fuel racism and hatred! Read Injustice by J. Christian Adams for proof if needed.

      • Jazzabelle

        Tired, you’re right, Eric Holder is a racist. But, I don’t think he lives in the White House.

      • bhs3kgt

        Which First Lady has manipulated Americans and businesses to kowtow to their personal agenda on what everyone should eat. And, she’s a food hypocrite, eating what she tells others not to.

      • michiganminuteman

        It’s not that obama is black, or that his wife is black. I don’t care what color they are. It’s what they are trying to do to our country. I don’t like marxist theives no mater what color their skin is. They have cost us more for vactions, parties, golf, so on and so on than any other five presidents combind! Just like when the clintons left the white house, anything not bolted down will be gone! The left will keep trying to make it a race issue because they don’t have anything else to work with.

      • Windrinker

        These “retro libs” have only one thing to talk about…racism! That is the only tool in their box!

        What else can they say, because the illegal sure can’t run on his record! So, their only pitiful response to the truth, is to call conservatives that love this country…racists…when the biggest racist in the country is squatting in the oval office…

      • charlie

        Jim,,, read Matthew 15:24 and tell Me IF any darky is one of those people at Matthew 15:24 as called out by King Jesus …

    • danny

      well said, can’t add to that

    • Vigilant

      Jim in the People’s Republic of NY says, “And you wonder why many blacks feel whites don’t accept Obama merely because he is black.”

      Might be related to why so many whites see that blacks support Obama merely because he is black.

      Works both ways, sonny.

      • TML

        Unrelated; I responded to you comments from yesterday on the Executive Order article… I think you might find my information interesting.

      • Vigilant

        Thanks, TML, I’ll check it and respond today.

      • Tired of illegal immigrants

        Vigilant, you hit the nail on the head!

    • THG

      You are absolutely correct and taking million dollar vacations on taxpayer money and laughing at the American people the entire time.

    • THG

      Is it not just as racist to vote For someone just because he’s black as it is to NOT vote for someone because he’s black. I’m a black man and I’m not voting for him and it’s not because he’s black , it’s because I don’t agree with his policies or the lack of respect he shows for the office that he holds and the lack of respect he has for the constitution and the people it was put there to protect.

  • Chuck

    This is his plan along even Stevie Wounder can see this one.

    • fedupwidit

      Right on Chuck, what is mystifying is the ignorance of the MTV generation that put him in office, and they will vote for him again no doubt… just can’t fix stupid

    • RivahMitch

      You’re dead on, Chuck! The Kenyan fascists goal all along has been to destroy our society, our economy and our ability to defend ourselves either as individuals or as a nation. (Think Rhodesia (aka Zimbabwe). Only our natural right of self-defense, as confirmed (not granted) by the 2nd Amendment offer any hope of national survival.

      • Flashy

        yeah….there is no white contingent against this president based upon race. uh huh ….

        let me ask…how many of you have Black friends and acquaintences ?

        Now…no doubt many of you answered that question without pause. If you did…you have a problem in identifying your racism.

        if you ask me that response is as i have always responded…”I don’t know. I don’t catagorize my friends and acquaaintences by race or skin color.”

        See the issue?

      • Jazzabelle

        That would make sense, Flashy, if you also opposed all race-based policies. Will you go on record opposing Affirmative Action? Legal immigration quotas? Special federally subsidized loans for minorities? Free health care for American Indians?

        If you claim to be “color blind,” then you must think it’s a good idea, and the government should be held to the same standard. If you disagree with this, then you’re not really “color blind” and you’re just disingenuously self-righteous and hypocritical.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Flashy, why should we have friends based on their shade of skin?

      • Flashy

        “That would make sense, Flashy, if you also opposed all race-based policies. Will you go on record opposing Affirmative Action? Legal immigration quotas? Special federally subsidized loans for minorities? Free health care for American Indians?” <– jazzabelle

        OK…for the record (and yes, you can check to ensure i'm ot double speak)

        As a Moderate and as i understand the position as well of my friends who hold similar ideological spectrum…

        AA. Not talking about anti discrimination…we're on AA as a program. for the most part, i believe AA has run its course as a national program. I do believe there has to remain 'targeted' areas where there is a strong base of discrimination though. Not just in the South…but also in the North. AA should be adjusted for area..not as a national program.

        On a side note…discrimination. it exists…by all races and both genders whomever has control. it is the nature of the human beast to identify which similarities of another. Women tend to hire tend to hire men, Hispanics tend to hire Hisanics, Blacks tend to hire blacks. etc. it is human nature, and more often than not, not even realized. Thus..all things being equal, i would favor a program which allowed for racial percentages to be adhereed to. if the community is 70% white, 20% Hispanic, 10% black…and all things in the applications being equal, then i would favor mirroring in the workforce of the agency a reflecting community percentage.

        Immigration quotas? no. One wants in and they fit the parameters…let 'em come in. This is America, the Land for All.

        Subsidized loan for minorities? (I assume this includes gender). I tend not to suport most of said programs. it depends. For example…i support subsidized oans for education or start up when a woman is struggling to raise her kids and her status … especially lower income. i don't support the general subsidized loans for business start ups for women as a gender.

        Fee health care for American indians? I support health care for ALL . I am a strong supporter for a Public option..and i count that as one of the major failures of this administration. Not having that public option is stupidity on our part. there is little downside and much upside. Can you imagine the shot in the arm for a small business to be relieved of the cost of employee health care? By the gawds above…that alone will create more jobs and more wealth to the Middle Class than any program i can imagine.

        Sticking with the American indian situation. Yeah…we shafted them in the past, and are still giving them the shaft. That culture needs all the help they can get to overcome where we've set them. All one needs is to visit a reservation to realize that.

        How's that?

      • Jazzabelle

        Flashy, well, that answers the question about what you believe, but most of it turns out to be irrelevant to your original point about race.

        Affirmative Action isn’t a single “program,” though, it’s an approach that’s taken by government, schools, employers, and organizations–sometimes voluntarily, sometimes not–aimed at weighting some kind of competition to ensure that the “winners” reflect local race demographics, regardless of the personal qualifications of the “winners.”

        I understand your response to mean that you think Affirmative Action policies should be forced, by the government, on some localities but not others, including on privately owned businesses. If that’s what you mean, it doesn’t sound color-blind at all to me. Why not institute quotas for your friends? “Sorry, Jazzabelle, I already have enough white friends, you’re out. But if you know any hot Japanese chicks, give them my phone number.” Is that how it ought to work? ;)

        You wrote: “Immigration quotas? no. One wants in and they fit the parameters…let ‘em come in. This is America, the Land for All.”

        I do hope you realize the way that supply and demand affects “the parameters” … and that said parameters will be adjusted based on the demand in order to ensure the “best” immigrants, which will mean wealthy, English-speaking ones, and not very many poor minorities.

        Subsidized loans for minorities does include gender, but there are lots of subsizided loan progams that target ethnic minorities as well (housing, start-up business loans, education, etc.). Since our conversation was about race, it would seem more apropo to address race rather than gender exclusively.

        Free health care for American Indians … they already have it, they’ve had it for years. They don’t need Obamacare. They already have single-payer. I agree they’ve been shafted, and I think the best thing our government can do for them is get the h*** out of their way so they can pursue whatever they want to. There are reservations that have been trying to get running water and electricity for 30 years and they CAN’T because of government red tape. But if you think legislative favors will help them, consider the horrors that “government help” has wrought in the black community. I don’t find your solution here to be as “color blind” as you present yourself personally either.

      • JeffH

        Falsy says “yeah….there is no white contingent against this president based upon race. uh huh ….”

        A rather ambiguous statement I would surmise.

        Turnabout is far play right Falsy? Question for ya?

        Is there a black contingent that is for Obama based purley upon race? Where I come from, two wrongs don’t make a right…then again I’m not a liberal.

      • Libertytrain

        flashy always has to distinguish the difference between black and white – why is that? he claims he’s color blind himself yet never fails to bring it up over and over and over and “assume” that he is better than the rest of us because he’s brought it up again, and accuses others of what he probably is more than guilty of himself or he wouldn’t keep trying to keep races separated over and over and over again ….- what a doofus -

      • Libertytrain

        flashy apparently missed the leftist lesson on political correctness. Native American – not American Indian…

      • Windrinker

        Flushy…NO! American doesn’t belong to everyone in the world that wants to come here!

        We have no obligation to allow our country to be overrun with foreigners. We have a country that belongs to Americans by their hard labor and work making it a good place for themselves and their families. We have a culture, an American culture, and we deserve to keep it that way.

        We have laws that must be enforced and just because someone wants to come and suck at the tit of the American taxpayers, doesn’t mean they have the right. Quotas should be enforced and there should be qualification for citizenship…. Instead citizenship to our country is being passed out like fifty-cent coupons. We need to have healthy, skilled people that are invited in because have something to add, instead of being a drain on the taxpayers.

        No country has open borders, but this one! Other governments control immigration and protect their cultures and maintain their security. We should do the same. You retro libs want to flood America with foreigners and turn this country into nothing less than “tent city!” American is being taken over by large alien communities of different people that maintain allegiance to their home countries. American is losing its cohesive “glue” that has kept this country together, by having common goals, morals and culture. When large segments of the population (notice I didn’t say Americans) do not willingly accept our laws, morality and culture, there will be nothing but chaos and eventual destruction of our country.

  • MAP

    Here’s a link to a man that is not afraid to say what it not allowed by our liberal/communist levelers. Truth is not a factor in leftist policy making:

    • Vigilant

      Thanks for the link, MAP. Fred’s assessment is astoundingly correct. I’ve added his website to my favorites.

    • JeffH

      MAP, :) I too have added the link to my favorites.

    • Baba T-ro

      I dont know why I am still amazed with this racist, non prgressive, and anti Christian swill the Right Wing has continued to spew since before the CIVIL WAR!!! Look, I haven’t a lot of love for much US policies that makes the the US look like a imperialistic bullies, economic doofusses, and human rights hypocrites. Dont get me wrong I love the rights, privilege and richness of US (read capitalism) life AND USA status as THE world power on the planet, but why, at the expense of humanity, charity or the good sense to take care of the planet that gives you life!
      Can you tell me when did the right wing did anything to promote voter inclusion, worker protection, women’s issues,put more resources to education, economic assistance for middle class or poor. Can you tell me why, when grown ass man kills a child and justifies it by obviously lying ( broken nose, cement batttered head? NO blood on clothes, NO apparent injuries?) about self defense, that ilk seems to automatically think this was not something to arrest him for! (please answer that one!!!) Why is there no outrage when police/authorities perpertrate violence or DEATH to ordinary citizans in America for being DUI, pulling out a wallet, standing at a transit stop, coming out of your own batchelor party, or just walking home from the corner store!??
      A previous writer spewed some BS about Black freedoms, etc. While they were correct in ID’ing the KKK and other racist as originally being Dems, who repealled Reconstruction, gaves us apathied like Jim Crow laws that treated Blacks like slaves, and violently resisted attempts to exercise citizens’ rights to decent education, voting, housing, and economic equality. These same Dixiecrats ran screaming to the GOP after them Yankee liberals elected an Irish Catholic president. If Black folks were so free there wouldn’t have needed the 13th admendment, to give citizen rights, the Voting Rights Act, to protect that right and the Equal Housing [sic] Act to allow people to live anywhere they can afford…. And NO we did NOT get the proscribed 3 acres and mule. Hell if it were not for Reconstruction there might not be free state wide school system, no in school breakfast programs but for the Black Panther party providing food to daycares.
      What amazes me is how so many Americans suck up to right wing policies that are so unbenificial to them…. Rebublicans have not balenced a budget since Eisinhower, have allowed greedy unprogressive capitalists to gut our manufacturing industries and send them overseas. Allowed our banking institutions to slash and burn the housing market, etc
      I’m a Christian, and the Jesus that I read about lived and died in service to people. His mission was to feed the hungry, shelter the poor,clothe the naked,free the oppressed, and care for the children….

      • charlie

        Baba,,, what did King Jesus say and mean at Matthew 15:24???

  • northbrook

    It is everyresponsible citizens duty to vote Obama out of office in November.

    • Jim in NY

      It is the responsibility of every American citizen to vote in November.

      • Chester

        Thanks, Jim. Yours is one of the few comments on here I can and do totally agree with.

      • jim

        evry citizen should vote , obama want the non citizens to vote, obama should be tried for crimes against humanity , he is a psycho/socialist !!

      • Jim in NY

        jim – what do you mean by crime against humanity. Be specific.

    • Vigilant

      northbrook, every RESPONSIBLE citizen will vote against Obama in November, that goes without saying.

      • Flashy

        Vig..and every responsible patriotic citizen with a yearning to return greatness to this nation will vote for his re-election. That’s a fact…live with it.

      • Brad

        It’s a fcat they will be looking to Ohmama for their next handout if he is re-elected.

      • Vigilant

        Flush, a lie that big is not even worth the rejoinder.

  • tsalagi

    Obama wants to fuel racial violence. He is creating an exploitable crisis.

    “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it’s an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before”.
    Rahm Emanuel

    • James O’ Malley

      I’m voting for Obama in 2012, I’d rather have him in office for four more years than an Idiot like Mitt Romney who’s wife stated while in college her family was forced to sell stock in order for them to get by and it’s not Obama fault America is in the red because he wasn’t the one who passed a trillion dollar tax cut. Wow know one wants to go after ex president Bush heck he’s white and white folks can do no wrong. I pray if Zimmerman walks that someone shoots him in the head.

      • Jake

        There are a lot of community colleges that offer classes in reading skills. Instead of listening to the radio, left or right, learn how to read – then read. You’ll come to a completely different opinion.

      • Kachisaw

        Well-said. It is better to think twice than to utter a divisive article like the respected Author gave us. Thanks.

      • tsalagi

        The basic unit of the democrat party is the Lynch mob, and some of you certainly fit right in.

      • rock thomson

        Hey O’Malley. I’ve got a friend from Lake City Missouri I’d like you to meet. You 2 need to get together. Since you’re gay and he’s indiscriminate, you’ll get along famously.

      • AMERICAN

        You’re a racist james nad stupid. bush had the same congress obama had in his first two ANTI AMERICAN years AS DICTATOR.

      • jeepman1

        Death threats James? Inciting violence…the left wing nazis must be getting desparate. I suppose like most liberal nut jobs, you cannot let justice takes its course. It is interesting that you have already decided that Zimmerman is guilty and have already declared a death sentence. But, like a typical liberal you cannot “dirty” your hands, so like Sharpton and Jackson you incite others to do it for you. Come on James, man up.

        No, you will not step up on your convictions. It is much easier to sit behind the anonymity of a computer screen and incite others. Typical liberal.

      • Vigilant

        jeepman 1, good assessment!

      • michiganminuteman

        You Sir are a total idiot and a “usefull” one at that!

      • Philip McKee

        James lay off the kool-aid please. This idiot has done nothing helpfull to our good ole U S A
        He has been on vacation how many times? I have lost count, how many golf gmes? And all on WE THE PEOPLES DIME. Don’t be an idiot like him..

        • needfulthings

          Since you wanna talk about presidents on vacation, how about dubya who spent just shy of 1000 days out of the whitehouse? 487 days were at camp david (he said the peoples house was being remodeled) but only one room the president may use was affected for 45 days! Every major desaster dubya was not on the job! How about ronnie star wars ray-gun…. hes # 2 with 335 vacation days .. So yeah lets talk about absentee presidents.

        • Shawn

          You are another “Useful Idiot” that is helping to bring down this country. You are spoon fed the BS and you lap it up. Apparently you are in good company;

          Current article: The Communist Party USA isn’t always happy with the Democrats, but in the 2012 election, its chairman says, the best bet for advancing the Party’s goals is to back Barack Obama.

          It’s sad to think our soldiers have died to protect what people like you are willing to throw away. If Obama wins, you better learn to enjoy your ration of porridge!

        • Charles Moore

          You are blowing against the wind trying to convert such ignorant people. . When I bought a home in 1979. I saved 10% of my salary and invested it in the Stock market. Then I paid my mortage and bought food etc. Just the basic necessities. If there was then no money left then there were no pizzas, vacations nothing. Ocassionally there was an emergency and I had to sell stock etc. Then I had to replace it when things were better. The Buffet rule is a disortion and a scam. All income is not taxed equally. Stock dvividends are taxed at a maximum of 15%. Most of the income of Buffet are stock dividends and are taxed at 15%. Of course, it is a smaller rate than his secretary who has a Salary. Anybody can take advantage of the IRS tax code. His idol Obama has an income of 700K and paid 20.2% which is a lesser rate than his secretary because he took advantage of all the deductions. Obama has trampled on the U,S,Constitution. A gallon of gasoline costs $1.89 when he took office ,Because of his poli. cies it has doubled. On January 2013 the Democrats and Obama want the ALL the Bush tax cuts to expire. Do a search on Bush tax cuts . Wikipedia is excellent. It cost 2.2 trillion over ten years for just those making under 200K or 220 Billion a year. It costs 75 Billion a year for those making over 200K as they are much less in numbers. The Payroll tax holiday also expires on in January 2013. This is 120 Billion a year. So Consumers will see increased taxes of 415 Billion dollars which means 415 Billion less to spend in an Economy that is 70% consumer driven and hasn’t recovered to that level. This equals Recession and you have some Idiot that is going to vote for somebody that wants to create this situation instead of Romney who has been successful as a Governor, created jobs and saved the Olympics just because his wife and family had to sell stock because they had a family emergency. And people wonder why this Country is in trouble with such stupid reasoning and then they boast about being clueless. I hope the idiots re-elect Obama. I am counting on it. I have put money aside to take advantage of the Economic downturn just as I did in 2008. I am retired. I don’t have to worry about Unemployment. I can get by on 10-15 gallons a week of gasoline. I don’t care if a gallon of gasoline is $10.00 a gallon. Let the Idiots fall for this nonsense. Just make sure that you don’t incur any more debts, Try and pay off present debts and by all means save money so that you can weather through any downturns and increased taxes.

      • Libertytrain

        gosh needful – what’s wrong with working at their own homes as Bush and Reagan did – people work from home all the time these days – not quite the same as a vacation though there are folks who think people that work from home don’t work but they are not bright enough to understand the concept and functionality of it -

        • needfulthings

          NO Libertytrain …. Some wanna talk smack about President vacations ?? I want to play too … so ya really don’t have an answer do ya???? A-Tipical

      • Libertytrain

        needful – your comment makes no sense —-

        • needfulthings

          I’ll have’ta go back and look, on this computer half my tiping does not show up untill its posted ???? Why the desk top which has a big screen I don’t know???? Thanks for the heads-up.

    • rock thomson

      Spot on,sir! You’ll see a state of emergency by end of summer due to massive riots, anarchy, chaos. All predicted by Soros on 60 min. prog. last mo. He would know, he’s behind most of it. Elections postponed indefinitely. Civil/Racial War.

      • Vigilant

        “Elections postponed indefinitely. Civil/Racial War.”

        Unlikely, but we’ll see.

      • michiganminuteman

        Keep an eye on the horizion folks, it’s going to be an “interesting” summer.

        • stevor

          I think it will “hit the fan” this summer.

    • nc

      Tsalagi, it is so evident that Obama wants to fuel racial violence!! You can “hear” it in his speeches against “white” Americans. You can “see” it in the race riots in our major cities that MAY start any day! You can “see” it when the troops WILL come marching down the street to persecute the whites.ALL OF THAT IS ‘TRUE” IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT TO BELIEVE. JUST ONE PROBLEM! IT AIN’T HAPPENED YET! AND LIKE SO MANY “PROPHESIES OF DOOM AND DESTRUCTION” IT WON’T HAPPEN AND THE PROPHESIER WILL BE LEFT WITH EGG ON HIS FACE.

      Remember the prophesy of doom that electing those “socialist” Democrats will ruin our free market system and the stock market that the Republicans have preached since 1932???? GO to the site’ “Bulls, bears, donkeys and elephants” and see what a LIE Es that has been! or go to at “The presidents and prosperity” and see how much better the “socialist” Democrats have done than the Republicans with the economy in the last 80 years> “THE STOCK MARKET LOVES THE DEMOCRATS” IS AN OLD OLD STATEMENT ONLY BECAUSE THE FACTS AND FIGURES PROVE IT!


      • Vigilant


        You’ve posted that absolutely unscientific set of stats before, and it’s about time someone called you on it. In your arrested state of educational development, you have latched on to something that you think nails it. It doesn’t.

        The number of shortcomings in such a reductionist claim are as follows:

        (1) The assumption is made that the president, as if he were a wizard, has an immediate and direct influence on the DJIA. He does not. It takes literally YEARS before the long-term economic policies of the chief executive take effect. Witness Reagan, whose policies ushered in the longest period of business prosperity in the history of America. Clinton’s “prosperity” was in fact Reagan’s prosperity.

        (2) A valid analysis would include the composition of the Congress which, if memory serves, MAKES the laws that, over time, can affect the performance of the stock market. No such analysis is evident in those “statistics.”

        (3) The stats are a classic example of the “post hoc ergo propter hoc” economic fallacy. Literally, it means “after this, therefore because of this.” An example was the tongue-in-cheek “study” done decades ago which purported to prove that when the hemlines on women’s dresses got shorter, the stock market improved. To explain it to you and others with a one-demensional thinking problem, the connection of presiding executive and stock market performance is NOT a direct cause and effect relationship.

        (4) The faulty assumption, BIG TIME, is that the performance of the stock market is indicative of economic health in all quarters. See how far you’ll get with the one in five Americans out of work when you tout your “statistic” and tell them they CAN’T be suffering because the stock market’s doing just fine.

        In short, do yourself (and us) a favor and raise your level of understanding beyond the superficial. If you do so, next time you might find yourself testing depth of the waters with only one foot instead of two.

        • bigjeff1

          I hope that you are not overly impressed with your casual use of false logic because of the Latin phrases you picked up somewhere. You see, what you posted is actually a good example of convoluted logic to reach pre-determined conclusions that are not borne out by the facts. Of course it is true that no President has direct control over the DJIA or the overall economic performance of the economy in the short-term. Unless it is Obama, of course. In that case he is solely responsible for current rates of unemployment, an imploded financial sector, and high US debt. Those who have actually studied the economy of the past 100 years know where the root cause of the current recession lie and how the guts of our economy has been dis-embowled while the rich laughed all the way to the bank. It was, in fact, the set of policies, practices, and deregulatory efforts of the Reagan/Thatcher and then Greenspan crowd.

      • Vigilant

        “I hope that you are not overly impressed with your casual use of false logic because of the Latin phrases you picked up somewhere. You see, what you posted is actually a good example of convoluted logic to reach pre-determined conclusions that are not borne out by the facts.”

        Now, to bolster your claims, it is customary in discussion to provide facts to support your contentions. You have not.

        Kindly point out, in specifics, where my logic is either faulty or convoluted. Had you an iota of comprehension, you would have seen that my comments specifically addressed the “convoluted logic to reach pre-determined conclusions that are not borne out by the facts” in the ridiculous posting that claims the stock market loves Democrats.

        Your sophomoric comments are an Alinsky attempt to take the conversation off into the weeds. Your anti-Reagan diatribe has NOTHING to do with the subject discussed, and Obama was not even mentioned by me.


  • steve brewster

    Excellant article, informing and rational, well written. And I do happen to aggree comlpetely with this conclusion, I thought of this situation before Obama was elected.

  • Obamapower!

    You all sound racist to me! You have never lived the tough life that African Americans are faced with, due to selfish, rich conservatives (Confederates!)Imposed on us. All conservatives are blinded by the whitehoods they wear in the hick backwoods. You all would love to get rid of all nationalities that are not white, except for use as slaves. I gonna make sure everyone I know votes for Obama.

    • Floridarooster

      Please stop the victim mentality. It will not serve your interests. Most of us are proud that we elected a black president, but hate that it was the wrong one. It has nothing to do with race. I hate his political positions and his trillion+ dollar deficits.
      The great majority of us white Americans want to see the black population pull themselves up, and are saddened by the atrocious black-on-black murder rate, the 72% illitigimate birth rate, and the 50% high school drop out rate. Your leaders should be focusing on that instead of race baiting and blaming white people. Sharpton and Jackson come to mind, but I think you can add Obama to that list.

      • rock thomson

        Right on! I would vote for Cain and West in a heartbeat! True patriots. Loved and respected by those who have worked with and for them.

      • Libertytrain

        Obamapower is kind of full of beans – and a bigot.

    • jeepman1

      And, you are blinded by your “hoodie”…silly liberal, you will never be successful.

    • Average Joe

      “You have never lived the tough life that African Americans are faced with, due to selfish, rich conservatives (Confederates!)Imposed on us.”

      You might want to read this…and before you go spouting off with another ignorant rant…do the research (if you are capable) and disprove anything in this commentary ( provide sources and links your opinion doesn’t matter to us)…otherwise you are simply blowing smoke up your own backside….Read’em and weep…..
      You’ve had it so bad…..BS!

      By Patrick J. Buchanan

      Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to. This time, the silent majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and demands heard. And among them are these:

      First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever known. Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he is an American.

      Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ’60s on welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the black American community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and nursing homes for blacks.
      We hear the grievances. Where is the gratitude?

      Barack talks about new ‘ladders of opportunity’ for blacks. Let him go to Altoona, Johnstown , and ask the white kids in Catholic schools how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out scholarships for ‘deserving’ white kids ? Is white America really responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for black Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it really white America’s fault that illegitimacy in the black American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

      Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of the black community itself?

      As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time, black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

      Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

      We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley, the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear nothing.

      Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40 trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed around because, this is a message everyone needs to hear !

      OK will you pass it on ?

      YES. I did but will you?

      Because I’m for a better America.

      • Flashy

        i’ve come to like Buchanan’s viewpoint. At times, he’s wayyyy out there, other times not. But he always articulates a well reasoned viewpoint without the inflammatory rhetoric of the radical Right/American Taliban/TP fanatics.

        “Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation. White America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to.”

        One would be hard pressed to disagree with this comment. What Buchanan doesn’t address, and where he is missing the mark, is that “white America” needs to learn how to articulate and converse in a reasoned conversation.

        Those Moderates who can, are denigrated by the Radical Right/American Taliban/TPers as ‘socialist” or ‘Marxist”…and are rejected simply for being able to converse about the racial issues which are within our society.

        When the RR/AT/TP contingent can somehow find itself to be willing to listen and converse without a ‘woe is me’ or wthout aggressive misplaced inferiority complexes … we may move forward in great strides. As i see it, until that time they reject the TP trilogy of hate fear and igorance, it will be forwarded in incremental baby steps hammering away at that wall built by those unwilling to learn and listen.

      • Brad

        Flashy, I have come to believe this country will never have racial equality due in part by the NAACP, NBPP, Rev. Wright, Jackson and Sharpton, Louis Farrahcon and finally BHO himself.

      • Jazzabelle


        If you want to have a real, reasoned conversation about race with a “right-wing” or Tea Party conservative, why don’t you find a run-of-the-mill right-wing/TP conservative living in your own neighborhood? I think you will find that most such people are ordinary people who can articulate their opinions at least as well as you can yours. In my experience and observation, people like you who make sweeping generalizations about other groups of people typically have little or no exposure to people in those groups. Typically, their opinions (and contempt) are based on little more than media stereotypes and superficial conversations with members of their family whom they don’t like anyway. Get out more! Talk to people who are different from you! I can’t guarantee the experience will open your mind–after all, you’re Flashy–but it might help moderate the tone of your writing a little so that you don’t sound self-righteous and intolerant when you attack other people for being self-righteous and intolerant.

      • Average Joe

        I’m sorry, I don;t find that Mr. Buchanan has missed anything in his summation of the facts. You, on the other hand, post your summation about “RR/AT/TP contingent ” without any facts, links, or anything else that can be verified. You see, Mr. Buchanan’s assertions can be verified quite easily…..yours cannot. Just because you have an opinion on a subject…does not make it true…and the same applies to me…and everyone else. We all have opinions, but that doesn’t make them true. You make statements (regularly) that have no basis in reality…other than in your own psyche’. Facts are relevant…conjecture is not.

        As for, ““white America” needs to learn how to articulate and converse in a reasoned conversation”, that sir, is a two way street. Blacks as well as whites need to learn how to articulate and converse…as pointed out at the beginning of Mr. Buchanan’s article…. White’s need to be listened to…rather than lectured to.

      • Flashy

        Jazz…i do. And stand by my statement of the TPer being led by the trilogy of fear, hate and ignorance.

        AJ…I agree…but when faced with a contingent who denigrates anyone willing to hold a reasoned conversation as ‘socilaist’ or “marxist’ … it’s difficult not to lecture as an adult to a child. Esecially when they refuse to listen except as an excuse to whine about it.

        • stevor

          No, the TEA Party that I go to is NOT as you say. They are for the Constitution and don’t care whether a Democrat or a GOPer or an INDEPENDENT is chosen as long as they stand for the constitution.
          Race is IRRELEVANT and they have some GREAT black speakers at their events!

      • Opal the Gem

        “No, the TEA Party that I go to is NOT as you say. They are for the Constitution and don’t care whether a Democrat or a GOPer or an INDEPENDENT is chosen as long as they stand for the constitution.
        Race is IRRELEVANT and they have some GREAT black speakers at their events!”

        Once again Flushy is proven to be a lier.

      • Flashy

        Opal..if such is what i wrote, i’d agree with you. good thing i didn’t write it eh?

      • Average Joe

        Speaking of Pat Buchanan, this just came out today. Spend an hour listening to the man explain where we are and how we got here. Exellent commentary. Those who don’t get it…please watch it over and over until you do….(you know who you are).

      • Deerinwater

        Jazzabella says; ” In my experience and observation, people like you who make sweeping generalizations about other groups of people typically have little or no exposure to people in those groups”

        “Washington (CNN) – A new report by a nonprofit organization estimates that there are 67,000 Tea Party activists throughout the country, which is at odds with estimates by a handful of conservatives including Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele.”

        That is only 27, 000 more America’s then is on Welfare today. I must confess, I know one such person personally.

        In a land of 327 million people, your numbers are not as large as you might wish to think! There is over 67,000 gay people living in American today. Even the Gays have you out numbered.

        Think about it darling?

        Maybe it is you who needs to get out more?

      • Jazzabelle

        Deerinwater … Are you implying that I’m a Tea Partier??!?!

    • Tag

      Well, you just showed the nation what a blithering idiot you are! You opened you mouth and proved it to the rest of America that the only reason people like YOU exist is to create problems and be a sore on the side of America! If you don’t like it here let us know and we will be GLAD to help you pack your bags and move your bony butt BACK to Africa where the likes of YOU belong! What a waste of space and oxygen! Twit!

      • Flashy

        Such belies the call made by buchanan above for intelligent convesation. how can anyone have an intelligent conversation with people like this? They lack intelligence and obvious unwilling to converse

      • Tag

        So, Flashy,playing the game YOUR way is ‘conversing’? Do you ever bother to proof what you’ve typed? And YOU speak of some one’s ‘intelligence’? DuH! I’m willing to converse but all you are capable of is shooting your mouth off and sarcastically insulting others! I bow to your stupidity – you can have it since it fits so well!

        • Charles Moore

          Are you really that ignorant? the top 10% of income earners pay 70% of te Federal taxes. A perfect example of this “rich” scam is the so called Buffet Rule.
          1. All Income is not treated equal under the IRS code.
          2. All Salaries are taxed at a progressive rate. The higher the income then the higher the tax rate.
          3. Buffet gives himself a $100.000 dollar salary. His Secretary has a $400,000 salary. Not only is her salary taxed at a higher rate because $400,000 in higher then $100,000 but she is in the 1%.
          4. Stock dividends and long term Capital gains have a maximum tax rate of 15%. Buffet can have $300,000 of stock dividends + his $100,000 salary to equal,her $400,000. But the $300,000 in stock dividends has a maximum tax rate of 15%. So the tax obligation for Buffet on the $300,000 is $45,000. So Buffet now has an income subject to tax of $145,000. Since $145,000 in less than $400,000 then he pays a lower tax rate. Anybody can take advantage of the tax code. A perfect example is your Idol Obama
          5. The tax returns of Obama were just released. He had an an income of over $70,000. He had a tax rate of 20.2%. He took advantage of every tax deduction possible and gave to Charity. His tax rate was lower then his Secretary who made $95,000 or an eighth as much.
          6.Biden who made some $300,000 paid a higher tax rate than Obama who made twice as much because he gave much less to Charity.
          7, Riciateomney has a 14.62% tax rate because all his income is Stock Dividends taxed at 15% and he gave 3 million dollars to Charity which lowered it to an effective rate of 14.62%.
          Anybody who is not aware of the facts and posts this nonsense of yours is not only ignorant but needs to look in the mirror where they will see a huge problem in this Country. These ignorant and uninformed people need to make sure that they associate with people just as ignorant and uninformed as themselves. Otherwise they will be seen as a fool. The problem is that the ignorant and uninformed are allowed to vote and vote on the basis of their ignorance which is a reason that this Country is in trouble.

      • Tag

        Hey, you two, don’t go gettin’ your underdrawers all in a wad – my comment got posted under the wrong posting – that’s why they made the little smiley face! S…. happens!

    • http://Google Gary Gerke

      You and yours are the racist bigets that are stirring the pot of racism. The DOJ, J.Jackson, Al Sharpton and the black panthers are calling for the year of the bullet. I feel that we need to get it over with once and for all, bring it on!!!!!!
      You should be careful what you wish for…..15% VS 62% of the population is just plain lunacy!!!!!!!!!1

    • michiganminuteman

      Racist, Racist, Racist………..get a new shtik that one is getting old. I would love to have a color blind society but that will never happen as long as people use that word any time things don’t go the way they think they should!

      • Libertytrain

        Amen, it seems to me that’s the method used to keep people of varying colors in their “place” by the left – keep telling them they are different and the conservatives hate them. What idiotic methods the left uses to control so many….

    • Rod Majors

      Hey Osamapower! You must’ve missed Old Henry’s post earlier, That’s a shame, and I feel sooo strongly that you should see it, that I’ll be a gentleman and post it again for ya!!! I will add that the vile human impersonators that this Brother dresses down exist in ALL races! Not JUST his!!! These THUGS are the fulfillment of II Tim. 3:1-5, “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.” (KJV of course!)

    • Windrinker

      Hey obamapower, which are you, African or American? Were you born in Africa. Bet you haven’t even been there.

      The first thing “you people” have to do is to decide that you are “Americans!”

      The second thing you must do is to change your attitude. Your problems are of your own making. The White man is not responsible for the problems in the black community. You are the only ones that have the power to change. And your leaders profit from the statusquo! Your own black leaders, the ones you let speak for you, have led you down the wrong path, one of intimidation and threats. That hasn’t worked and it won’t.

      The black community must stop with the “gangbanger attitude.” Stop the rampant crime in the black communities. Stop the killing and violence. Instead, black men must preserve the black family. They should marry the mother of their kids and support their own families. See that your children get an education and make them stay in school. Teach them respect for the law and the country in which they live. Give your kids a reason to respect you! Make your children admire you by putting food on the table…..and you will receive the acceptance you say you want, from others.

      Now, as a whole, blacks come across as a volatile, lazy, racist, uneducated people, Employers don’t want to get involved with what you bring to the table. Lawsuits, violence, “attitude” in the work place, isn’t getting the black people where they want to go. You won’t get there by “intimidation or threats!” That may be the most important thing to learn… It turns-off the very people from which you want respect. Blacks must show that they can live normal lives and be good neighbors. Right now, with few exceptions, that just is not the reputation the black community has earned.

      As for obama and the demonrats, they keep you poor, uneducated, and without hope….the opposite of what was promised. You obviously believed obama because he was black, when he said things would be better if he was elected…..Are things better in the black community??? The answer is “No.” Black unemployment is higher than ever.
      Racial tension is worse than it was before obama. Blacks are pulling away from the White community and the country is being divided. What will this this what you want?? Is it worth attacking “Whitey” and losing the benefits you get from them every month… Sure, you can steal, loot, kill, roam the streets. But, when all that is over…where will you be and what will you have in the future… I can tell you. Blacks will have nothing. Foreign soldiers will patrol the streets and they will show no mercy. Citizens will be incarcerated, and the wealth you thought you could steal, will be confiscated by government. Black families will lose just like everyone else, if and when, this country goes under.

      Think about it…

  • Deerinwater

    “Somewhere along the line someone makes it about the differences which divide us.”

    “Somewhere along the line someone makes it about the differences which divide us.”

    “Somewhere along the line someone makes it about the differences which divide us.”

    Well, I know who it wasn’t.

    • Vigilant

      Care to share?

      • Deerinwater

        Not really, thinking the statement more effective open ended, begging one to ponder.

        cawmun cents framing statement was excellent, I only borrowed some of it’s power.

        I found my nugget for the day early.

    • Deerinwater

      Hmm? I’m half black dutch myself which only means Protestant German. LOL! I didn’t make that up nor do I know who did.

      An thanks for point out George T Horvat, that Obama is not a black man anymore then I am a Dutchman or a Native American while my family linage can be traced to Quanah Parker and back another 50 years. Quanah, who himself was mixed race as his mother Cynthia was abducted by native American.

      Quanah Parker’s mother, Cynthia Ann Parker (born ca. 1827), was a member of the large Parker frontier family that settled in east Texas in the 1830s. She was captured in 1836 (at age nine) by Comanches during the raid of Fort Parker near present-day Groesbeck, Texas. Given the Indian name Nadua (Someone Found), she was adopted into the Nocona band of Comanches.[1]
      Assimilated into the Comanche, Cynthia Ann Parker later married the warrior Peta Nocona, (also known as Noconie, Tah-con-ne-ah-pe-ah, or Nocona).[1] His father was the renowned chief Iron Jacket, famous among the Comanche for wearing a Spanish coat of mail. Nadua and Nocona’s first child was Quanah (Fragrance), born in the Wichita Mountains.

      You mix a little healthy Davis Irish into my blood,and that is what I am, a Hines 57 American with no special privileges or benefits. I would not want other’s to look upon me in any other way.

      Why must Obama be seen only as a black man only serves some peoples purpose to justify a predisposition and preconceived notions about black people. Guilt by association, we all do a lot of that. For example ; if you don’t wish to be seen as a turkey, it’s wise to not hang around with a lot of turkeys.

      This is the nature of man, to tag and label. You must leave home as Jesus did to be anything more that what people ‘permit and allow you to be”. And still, to many~ Jesus was just the carpenters son. “I know that boy and his whole family!” “The boy was a lazy no count!” ~ “The sorriest goat keeper, I never seen” ~ ” I had to run him off several times, I couldn’t get any work out of him”

      • charlie

        Red Neck go west and blend in with the rest of us cross breeds that look white

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    As i said yesterday, i’ll say again. Despite it all, Obama will be re-elected because of his competition or lack of. Next, Obamapower, you need to chill out with the rethoric. We all have to work together. By the way, i’m Black myself, although i’m half German. Thanks!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Being Black is not a nation, being German is not a race.

      • http://liberty Tony

        Dear Ms Batki:
        I was explaining what i am in order to get my point across that we are all Americans regardless of background, orientation, belief etc. Thus, this divisive ignorance has to end, you included. Thanks!!
        P.S. Rhetoric is correct spelling. Let me not be like these p.c. phonies.

  • rock thomson

    J. Jackson and Al Sharpton should have been introduced to Lake City Missouri in the form of a 62 gr. Green Tip a loooooonng time ago! All they do is foment racial hatred just so they can line their pockets. They run their mouths and get the dummies to do the dirty work, ending up in jail or dead. They pulled that crap in Ariz. and got run outt’s town after several were killed or jailed. If interested, read the book titled MIRACLE VALLEY SHOOT OUT. It happened back in the early 80′s.

    • Pete0097

      Then how would they live? How would they make a living?


    IMO your getting your causes and effects out of wack for the recession we got in 2008 and still have today caused by greedy money traders and you should not blame your pale black coloured President for the sins of those 20 alleged blacks have most likely always been crims of the worst kind and i’m sure the police know or suspect who they are unless they are part of the community and they dont want to know. Those types are always looking for excuses to attack and maime people and the high chances are that they have a long history of such type of unlawful attacks against whites. They will be found and should be dealt with severly as an example to others who claim to hide behind innocence BS and want to take the law unto themselves. I have no patience with such activities or excuses, they are never justified. Just an excuse for a malicious act of cowadice. 20 against one.

    Yeah some blacks have got a big head over the events of the election of a black president but the President cannot control the miilions of black citizens who think its about time they ruled the roost, They are mistaken and it aint going to happen. Times are definately getting critical with your southern brothers cheap imported labor problem now wanting to whip their masters…but they got no hope and even less hope if they rebell once again and OBAMA will definately lose his place in history.

    • steve

      i am not a fan of obama’s & am sick & tire of the foolish inuendos made by both sides of the issue. blacks say hes is black & some whites use this to try to poison people base on skin color. obama has darker skin than most white individuals, but he is not truly a black man !! now before you take offence & get outraged, as many did in the florida incident over the color of a persons skin, he had a white mother, so is neither black or white !! peel off the skin of an individual & for the most part everything looks the same. so both sides of the issue (excuses) need to look at their motivations & have a reality check. my issues with obama are his policies, constitutional disrespect, disdain for the comman man or woman, not being honest with issue that put him in a bad light, disregarding what’s best for the american community, photo ops to continue the fascade of an understanding individiual, & not taking responsibility for his failures, for we all have them. to me it makes him a hollow man with no loyalities except to himself & if the issues of frivolity are continued to be observed by too many, “WE” are not worth saving & will go the way of past nations—”CHAOS & DEMISE”

  • Shawn

    The only thing I can add to your well laid out explanation is this. Obama is not doing this because he incompetent everything he does is planned out and calculated. You don’t accidently become a Marxist.

    • Flashy

      Seeing as almost all the President espouses is close to that of Reagan’s policies and positions … good thing he’s not a Marxist eh?

      • Vigilant

        Equating Reagan with Obama?

        To quote Samuel Johnson, “you must have taken great pains, sir; you could not naturally have been so stupid.”

      • demsagainst obama

        I believe Reagan’s son said obama’s attempts to make himself look like Reagan was the biggest pile of cr@p from obama yet.

      • Flashy

        LOL….if one would set aside bias and blinders…using a side by side comparison with policies and approaches to the issues, President Obama is very near Reagan’s style, approach and policies.

        The biggest difference is where reagan favored the wealthy and elite and gave us the huge deficits with his tax and spend policies (lower the taxes for the wealthy and say the dribbles for the Middle Class are equal) and spending on those areas benefitting the entrenched corporate powers…this president concentrates on attacking that redistribution of wealth Reagan began and evening the score by attempting to cut the welfare subsidies for the wealthy and entrenched corporate powers.

        Seriously though…especially in foreign policy matters…Pres. Obama is much closer to Reagan than any other president. And in some areas, Obama out conservatives Reagan

        In all seriousness. Cut out the rhetoric, cut through the myth, stand them side by side and they are darned close. The major diofference is that reagan favored the wealth and the entrenched corporate powers whereas Obama tends to favor the Middle Class.

        As has been pointed out…does anyone think reagan would win a GOP primary today? He wouldn’t even be in the top tiers.

  • Gea

    If Zimmerman were black and Martin white, would there be such an outcry about Stand Your Ground Laws? I doubt it! I was shocked when a black guy I knew blamed the Jews for keeping black children from becoming educated, and told him that he is a bigot and a racist who should learn history. Same with Obama, who attended a chruch where the pastor had a similar oppinion of US as Osama bin Ladin did. Obama bows to Saudi king whose subjects committed 9/11, and Obama extolls Islam and Koran, while dissing Bible. HE cannnot help it since childhood indoctrication with Islam, which he had in Indonesia ifrom age 6-10 is deep. He is a nice guy but by his catering to Islamists he is endangering not only US soldiers but entier US and Western civilization. Islam is INCOMPATIBLE with the Universal Declaration of Human Rigfhts, and thus should be REFORMED and NOT appeased and whitewashed.

    As for Obama socialism, he caters to oil coroporations much more, and his record clearly shows that he is firmly on the side of large fossil burning corporations and not on the side of social justice.

    • Vigilant

      Gea says, ” As for Obama socialism, he caters to oil coroporations [sic] much more, and his record clearly shows that he is firmly on the side of large fossil burning corporations and not on the side of social justice.”

      I think you’ve got that backwards. “Social justice” has become a code word for “socialism,” and that is the goal of this president and his ilk.

      As for Big Oil, Obama continues to villify them in public, and throws roadblocks in the way of increased domestic production every chance he gets. Throwing billions into the money pit of alternative energy is not hardly what I would call being “firmly on the side of large fossil burning corporations “

  • Ted Crawford

    That is all you EVER say Tony, but thanks for your post anyway Comrade!

  • whistleblower

    Everything that happens between folks of different races is not necessarily like Jesse Jackson would have us believe – racist. Blacks have issues with other blacks and whites do too, so sometimes there is a rsal issue that is just between humans. All is not racially motivated just because people of color are involved, some issues are just real and have no relation to race. I am offended by Michells many very expensive vacations on our dime when we are told to cut back. That is not a race issue, it is an economics issue.
    You can bet that if re-elected, that offensive behavior will continue as will the rolling out of more executive orders that are not in the best interests of ALL people.

  • george

    Black, green. orange, or purple-I am not concerned about his color or anyone else’s-he has not done a good job as potus. He has not lived up to his promises of transparency in the government, he has skirted around the congress and the constitution in his appointments and presidential orders. I feel I am less free than when he entered office and I am disheartened by what I see happening to America. If he was a Constitutional lawyer- I wonder what constitution he was looking at-it certainly was not the one I read low those many years ago in school and I know the words in that constitution have not changed nor have the meaning of the words changed. Lets be honest he has been a bad choice for the office and we need to get on with it and get another to replace him. I do not think it will be healthy for the citizens of this country to go through another four years of this. In his own words-if he could not start turning this country around in four years he did not deserve to be re-elected and he would not seek it. Now he is just on a power/ego trip as all politicians are. We need to give someone else a chance to save the country.

  • Tracy

    A lot of people will die if they try to take my guns! That is not a threat it is a promise.As for obama he is just a f-ing pupet to the oil companies and bankers.

    • Distinguished and Wise

      Obama is a Marxist and a dictator wannabe. This man is dangerous and has an agenda to destroy this country. By the way, he won’t get my guns either as they will have to pry them from my cold dead hands.

    • Steve E

      If they go after my guns, I will be a martyr too.

    • Flashy

      Seeing as this is the most pro-gun administration in recent history…you don’t have much to worry about then do you.

      • Steve E

        Not really. More guns have been purchased during this administration than any other administration.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        Do you cross your fingers behind your back and type one-handed when you type these lies, or are you so soulless that you can lie without flinching?

        Best wishes,

      • Opal the Gem

        “…or are you so soulless that you can lie without flinching?”

        I believe that is most likely the case Mr Livingston.

      • Flashy

        Mr. Livingston…are you usually so blind to reality?

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear Flashy,

        Me blind to reality? Hardly. For proof:

        Obama supports the UN Small Arms Treaty.

        Who endorses Obama? The Humane Society of the United States. Who are they? President Wayne Pacelle said, “If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would.” – as quoted by the Associated Press in Impassioned Agitator, December 30, 1991

        “Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting. Our opponents say hunting is a tradition. We say traditions can change.” – Bozeman Daily Chronicle, October 8, 1991

        The Brady Campaign endorses Obama.
        “I just want you to know that we are working on [gun control]. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar,” President Obama told Sarah Brady, the former president of the Brady Campaign, this past spring.

        Eric “really brainwash people” Holder is his AG. He wanted new gun laws to halt sales of US guns in Mexico. Ooops. It was his organization pushing the guns to Mexico in order to use the issue as a straw man to enact stricter gun laws (and other reasons).

        I could post more, but as you often say when asked for sources, I’m not going to do all the work for you.

        Best wishes,

        • rock thomson

          Whooops, there it is!!! The man tells it like it is. So run tell that!

      • Flashy

        “Dear Flashy,

        Me blind to reality? Hardly. For proof:

        Obama supports the UN Small Arms Treaty.
        I would doubt this indicates any ‘anti-gun” issues in this country as it is a support for the talks…which are for the purpose of slowing down the supply of guns and arms across borders. In other words, take out international gun dealers. it has nothing to do with the domestic issues. While there may be…under an extreme interpretation…clauses which may affect the domestic situation…may being the key word…there is no showing of any support for anything other than the international arms trade. note the talks received 151-1 vote to proceed.

        As well…knowing any treaty requires consent of Congress…you’d state that such a treaty, if affecting the domestic situation, would receive the consent of the Senate?

        Who endorses Obama? The Humane Society of the United States. Who are they? President Wayne Pacelle said, “If we could shut down all sport hunting in a moment, we would.” – as quoted by the Associated Press in Impassioned Agitator, December 30, 1991

        “Our goal is to get sport hunting in the same category as cock fighting and dog fighting. Our opponents say hunting is a tradition. We say traditions can change.” – Bozeman Daily Chronicle, October 8, 1991

        The Brady Campaign endorses Obama.
        “I just want you to know that we are working on [gun control]. We have to go through a few processes, but under the radar,” President Obama told Sarah Brady, the former president of the Brady Campaign, this past spring.
        Supports means that is what his actions are? Really? Shall i begin to cite the groups supporting Ron Paul and state that because they support Mr. Paul that such is his intent????

        As for the Sarah Brady quote…the neutral sites i looked up stated that is according to HER. Not anything anyone heard this president state.

        Eric “really brainwash people” Holder is his AG. He wanted new gun laws to halt sales of US guns in Mexico. Ooops. It was his organization pushing the guns to Mexico in order to use the issue as a straw man to enact stricter gun laws (and other reasons).
        So a law restricting sales to mexico is an attack on our domestic situation? C’mon mr. livingston….c’mon … Last i heard, gun sales to mexico was an issue which inflamed the Right…

        Fact is…cite any law or policy by this Administration which acted to restrict gun sales and gun rights. the gun laws have been eased to the extent that one has to go back decades to find a more liberal environment for gun freaks.

        One can go to any past administration and se that there have been laws and regs passed to restrict guns and ammo. All except this one where the opposite has occurred. To state otherwise is …well…to state something not true.

        Mr. Livingston, i will not state you lie. But i will state that if you take the stance this administration is more restrictive and more anti gun than any previous modern administration…is stating such under a misimpression of reviewing the past administrations. Including Reagan..when the Brady Bill was passed…

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Flashy,

          Obfuscation,, thy name is Flashy. Allow me to clarify. I wrote: “He wanted new gun laws to halt sales of US guns in Mexico.” I’m certain you realize that what I meant was Holder wanted new gun laws ostensibly to halt sales of US guns in Mexico.” There were already laws against selling guns to Mexicans, but the BATF was walking guns to Mexico illegally.

          I have cited my evidence that this is an anti-gun administration. You write: “…cite any law or policy by this Administration which acted to restrict gun sales and gun rights. the gun laws have been eased to the extent that one has to go back decades to find a more liberal environment for gun freaks.” Here’s your chance to do so.

          Best wishes,

      • Flashy

        During this administration…he signed a bill allowing people to take loaded guns into national parks; when Rep. Gifford was shot, his stance was a call for improving “gun safety”, not gun control (meaning a call to study ways of improving the background checks, to date no study has been completed) ; there is no push to renew the assault weapons ban, there is no push to limit the magazine capacity; he signed another allowing guns as checked baggage on Amtrak. He has acted to preserve an existing law limiting the use of government information on firearms it has traced.

        There has been no legislation introduced by this administration restricting gun ownership. There are more states with the Pack and Attack laws (ala’ Zimmerman) than ever…all without federal opposition by this administration.

        Is the absence of support for more restrictions on hand guns now being treated as evidence he is for gun control? Have we gotten to that point where the absence indicates intent for?


      • JeffH

        Falsy, I would say that your lie was the result of your blindness but then that would just be a lie.

        Are you aware that gun-banners are leading Obama’s re-election?
        Anti-gun fanatic Rahm Enmanuel as co-chair. Other anti-gun fanatics chosen to co-chairs for Obama’s re-election campaign include Dick Durbin, Jan Schakowsky, Lincoln Chafee, Kamala Harris and Deval Patrick. Guilty by association!

        Rahm Emanuel and Obama both look at Rev. Michael Pfleger as a “spiritual advisor”. If you don’t know, it was the Rev. Pfleger who openly called for the killing of a Chicago area gun store owner John Riggio(quote: “we’re going to snuff out John Riggio”) and threatened pro-gun Illionois legislators as targets to be “snuffed out”.

        What is truly clear is that the web of lies spun about Obama’s phony, claimed support for the Second Amendment and the vision of his supporters. Obama’s vision of the Second Amendment is the same vision that disarmed the citizens of DC and Chicago.

        Obama is short on experience but he’s long on anti-gun votes and even longer on rhetoric.

      • JeffH
      • michiganminuteman

        That is the bigest lie you have told ……..ever, you stupid POS.

        • Charles Moore

          “Pro gun Administration”.???. Anybody that states that this Administration is pro gun is ignorant the facts. Anybody that states that it is the most pro gun administration is extremely ignorant.
          1. Illinois State Senator Obama sponsored a bill in the State Legislature that would allow retired police officers in the State of Illinois to carry a concealed weapon. Nobody else in Illinois is allowed to have a permit. He did this in order to secure the endorsement of the Police unions in Illinois in his run for U.S. Senator.
          2. Obama also stated at the time that hwe was for the restriciton on guns in Washington D.C.. When this restriction was over turned by the U.S Supreme Court theb he was in favor of the Supreme court ruling.
          3. Hiliiary Clinton who is his Cabinet member and serves on his whim wnet to the Uniteed Nations and agreed with them on their restrictive gun plans,
          4. Etc etc

      • Flashy

        So, during his presidency, by not promulgatng gun control laws or speaking out in support of gun control laws, never sponsoring gun control laws as a legislatorm and in fact as president signing legislation which is considered pro-gun…he’s anti gun.

        Hokayyyyyyyy …. so the entire argument that Pres. Obama is pro-gun control is basically….”there is not one shred of evidence during this administration that the President supports gun control legislation…so we’re gonna make it up out of thin air and claim it anyways stating the lack of any support really means he’s supporting it. ”

        Whew….I’m not sure that is the sign of a sane person making such a claim…

        • Libertytrain

          you ought to look a little more —- put your big boy pants on and go back down to the basement and see what you can find.

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Oh, Oh, yeah. The administration is definitely pro-gun for Mexico – “Fast & Furious”

        • needfulthings

          Lets not forget dubya’s own gun running into Mexico 500 guns but we have very little info since over half of that administrations mis-deeds we erased !!!!!!

      • http://PeronalLiberty Alondra

        Flashy, these are the FACTS of “the most pro-gun administration in recent history”

        Obama’s view:
        1 Obama endorsed Illinois handgun ban (Source: analysis of 2008 Philadelphia primary debate Apr 16, 2008)

        2. He respect 2nd Amendment, but he is for the local gun bans
        Q: You said recently, “I have no intention of taking away folks’ guns.” But you support the D.C. handgun ban, and you’ve said that it’s constitutional. How do you reconcile those two positions?
        A: Because I think we have two conflicting traditions in this country. I think it’s important for us to recognize that we’ve got a tradition of handgun ownership and gun ownership generally…We can have reasonable, thoughtful gun control measure that I think respect the Second Amendment and people’s traditions.
        Source: 2008 Politico pre-Potomac Primary interview Feb 11, 2008

        3. Q: Is the D.C. law prohibiting ownership of handguns consistent with an individual’s right to bear arms?
        A: As a general principle, I believe that the Constitution confers an individual right to bear arms. But just because you have an individual right does not mean that the state or local government can’t constrain the exercise of that right, in the same way that we have a right to private property but local governments can establish zoning ordinances that determine how you can use it.
        (Source: 2008 Philadelphia primary debate, on eve of PA primary Apr 16, 2008)

        4. Holder Finally Speaks Truth and Tells Congress Obama Goal to Ban Guns

        Holder’s view:
        1. Eric Holder in 1995: We “really need to brainwash people into thinking about guns in a vastly different way.”

        2. 2001: Eric Holder used 9/11 to argue more gun control laws

        3. 2011: Holder’s Department of Justice – sent about 2,000 guns south to Mexican drug cartels. The Obama administration did this via “straw purchasers” who bought guns in the United States with the intention of illegally trafficking them somewhere else.

        4. Holder Finally Speaks Truth and Tells Congress Obama Goal to Ban Guns

        Oh, yeah. The administration is definitely pro-gun ……….. for Mexico – “Fast & Furious” is a good example.

        Flashy, do not be sooooooooo blind to reality and to the facts.

      • CZ52

        Flashy you have been proven to be a lier about obama and gun control so many times it is pathetic it has to be proven again. Obama DID NOT sign legislation expanding gun rights he signed other legislation that the right to carry in national parks had been added to as an amendment. He did so because he wanted the primary bill more than he wanted the fight over the amendment. Obama has stated he supported the banning of the manufacture, sale, and posession of semi-auto pistols. Obama supported the renual of the ban on so called “assualt rifles” that in fact did nothing to ban assualt rifles but rather banned a large number of semi-auto only rifles. Obama said after he was elected president he would not seek any new gun control laws at that time because he did not have the votes necessary to get them passed.

    • Tired of illegal immigrants

      And my guns will never be taken from me; dead or alive!

  • Forth Right

    yes, SOS. Race baiting, oppression , discrimination, affirmative action, etc.

    All tools used by politicians, race baiters in a never ending drive for power. Speak the truth, branded a racist. so trite, so boorish. can’t have a reasonable discussion.

    They can’t be reasoned with, for, as Ben Franklin said, “You cannot reason a man out of a position he has not reasoned himself into.” Emotion is the seducer who charms them, and reason changes minds, not hearts.

    this will never end:

  • Distinguished and Wise

    The choice is simple…reelect Obama and lose our country or elect another candidate that will move us away from tyranny and Marxism. The choice is up to us…

    • sandy daniels

      It was recently proven in the primarys that our vote isn’t going to count. It is all computerized and comes from Spain. The winneres in the primarys were called with less th 1/4 of 1 % of votes counted. Our leaders are who Spain says they are not who we vote for and with computerized voting there will be no re-counts. The case was presented perfictly on you tube and the exit polls from S Carolina were 1800 people when the winner was called other even more populated states had counts of 1200, 1400 1900.Romney is the dems choice for the rnc therefore he had to win. our vote is no longer counted.

  • sesame

    Bush is the guy who pushed us into the red. It took him 8 years of running unwarranted wars. You expected Obama to undo all this in just four? Also don’t forget the role of the Fed which no President has control.

    • Distinguished and Wise

      Sesame you have been drinking the Obama Kool Aid. Your naivety appears to be clouding your judgement. Wake up and see what’s happening to this country before it’s too late. Don’t let skin color bias your judgement. We are all Americans and we are in this mess Obama created together. You have got to quit blaming Bush for Obamas shortcomings. It simply doesn’t work anymore.

    • rock thomson

      Even if what you say is true about Bush running us into the red, the Imposter Obama promised to fix everything. As a matter of fact, he promised us all kinds of crap! And what has he delivered? More debt. More racial hatred. More unemployment. More social problems. What? ? ? Nothing to say about that? Let’s face it. You are an idiot!

      • Steve E

        As to date, Obama spent more in three years than Bush did in eight years.

    • jeepman1

      Your comments mirror earlier posts from your fellow lib operatives. Really, you guys should have a teleconference and do a better job of hitting different threads before posting the day’s democrat talking points. It is painfully obvious that you are not as organized as you think yourselves to be.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Actually Reagan trickle down economics and deregulations is where things went seriously wrong. It took decades, and then Bush’s UNFUNDED wars and tax cuts were the straw that broke the camel’s back.

      Wall Street, congress, US Chamber of Commerce and general big business attitudes and our general greed is good attitude is all a part of this mess. Corporations and the wealthy buying our politicians and a revolving door system where for example the polluters work for the FDA weaken it and go back to work for the polluter is all part of this modern fascism.

      The reason some people are now screaming racism is because none of you really saw what was happening nor did you want to listen when someone was shouting from the roof tops about it way before Obama, but all of a sudden now that a black man is in the house it’s all his fault. That’s just too much hypocrisy.

      Regardless of what the morons and uneducated rude fools spew out, Obama is a centrist running the same basic policies as past presidents. Almost nothing has changed except that he tried unsuccessfully to give us what we really should have which is universal healthcare but the forces against him were too strong and we end up with an abortion that you all so disingenuously call Obamacare when it should really be called stupid conservative republican help the insurance companies compromise care.

      Sane, honest, intelligent people at least have the courage to entertain this basic question:

      How long should it take to change the course of the American Titanic.

      I’ve heard some courageous CEOs say it took at least 40 years to make this mess, do you really think it can be fixed in 3 years especially when at least half the country wants you to fail and half the government is furiously working to insure that he will fail without a care for who gets hurt in the process.

      None of you have the right to throw the first stone.

      • jeepman1

        Eric, you have spouted the same basic mantra on nearly every post I have read of yours. The tired old, “Reagan, Bush and Bush…oh my!” along with “Obama is a centerist! Really! I’m not kidding!” just seems to be getting you nowhere. Well, at least Obama is going somewhere….straight over an economic cliff. Anyway, I digress, you seem stuck in the same rut and I thought I might point out to you that our economy is strong and vibrant when unfettered by the chains of govt regulation, taxes and general interference. That is a simple solution that this prez simply cannot, nor will not ever understand. The simple solution of stop tinkering, get a handle on crony capitalism, shrink the size and scope of govt and stop borrowing money to pay off your union thugs will never be instituted by this guy. He will continue to sink money into Solyndra, surround himself with socialists and try his best to demonize and divide the country. Sorry, but this is just how it has been for 3 1/2 years.

        One point that you tend to make a lot is the unfunded nature of the war effort under Bush. Okay, I get it that, but why then are you not upset over the unfunded nature (i.e. no budget) of the ENTIRE FEDERAL govt under Obama? Hmmm? Is it those pesky Tea Partiers? Noooo…dems had complete control for two years and couldn’t even get it together to create a budget (something I believe that is mandated). And, somehow you expect this same group to come up with a plan to “fix” the economy? Really?

      • Jay

        jeepman1, you lost Eric at; our economy is strong and vibrant when unfettered by the chains of govt regulation, taxes and general interference.

        Freedom is considered anathema to the progressive-socialists, it gets them no-where. They much prefer discussing racism, and how the Constitution should be scraped; Oh ya, almost forgot, and those filthy rich people, you know; the middle-class!

        • Charles Moore

          Some people either ahve a shk yourort memory or they are uncapable of researching the facts for themselves and can only parrot misinformation. I lived during the Carter years. I bought a home in 1979. I had to put down a minimum of 15% and my debts could not represent more than 25% of my income including my mortgage. I also paid an interest rate of 10 3/4%. Less than a year later they were up to 18% under Carter and almost destroyed the Country. Reagan changed it all and created a robust economy for all of his Presidency . He made one huge mistake. He agreed to a raise in taxes that the Democrats wanted and promised that they would reduce spending $3.00 for every $1.00 in tax raises, Democrats never did it. We had a Housing and Credit Crisis in 2008. Did Bush put a gun to the heads of people and force them to buy housed they couln;t afford. Did Bush force 5.5 million people to incur Credit Card debt of at least $10,000?. This Economy is 70% consumer driven. Wen people had no more monet to spend and could not get any more money then it collapsed. Don’t forget that the Democrats took control of Congress on January 3, 2007 and for the last two years of the Bush Administration.

          Obama increased troops by 30,000 in Afghanistan. Do you people thnk they were free?. Afghanistan is unwinnable. No outside force has conquered it since Alexander the Great which was 2300 years ago, Why increases troops? It was Bush who signed the withdrawal in Iraq in 2008. Obama wanted to extend them there but couldn’t get the Government of Iraz to agree to Immunity for the troops, Why don’t you Idiots check your facts instead of just parroting mindless nonsense?

          • needfulthings

            Do you leave out the juicy stuff, Like All be two of ronnie star wars ray gun tax increases he requested! There were 11 ray gun tax increases plus other hits to the middle class tax payers and ray gun had the HIGHEST TAX INCREASE EVER RECORDED DURING PEACE TIME! Ray gun created more debt in total than all other presidents combined !! (3 times more) .. Carter was handed a poor economy from Nixon/Ford ..(8% unemployment) the dems got to fix what the republicans broke again !!
            Oh theres lots more mr moore but were getting far afield from all the rights race bating .

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If O knew he could not do the job of being POTUS why did he take the job? So you would say that he would have advisors, but if O is incompetent in the first place how is he expected to make good choices of those selfsame advisors.

      • michiganminuteman

        obama is not incompedent, he is un-american and anti-american! He is the biggest threat to this county since the cold war! I took an oath to defend this country against ALL threats, foreign or domestic. He is a clear and present danger to the security of this nation!!!!! He must be purged!

        • Charles Moore

          I agree. Obama is not incompetent. I would like to see his transcripts that he has refused to release . i would like to see his grades in certain areas and I would like to see what clubs and activities that he was a member, I suspect that they would give us a very early inidication of his political leanings and mentors.

          During his 2008 campaign Obama stated that the U.S. Constitution was flawed and needed to be revised in order to more benefit those that didn’t have more opportunities
          1.U,S, Senator Obama who taught U.S. Constitutional law for 10 years stated that any U.S, President that engaged in hostilities with any other Country and did not consult Congress first unless the Security of the United States or its Citizens was in imminent danger was guilty of violating the U,S, Constitution.
          2. President Obama engaged in hostilities with Libya and did not consult Congress and the Security of the U.S.and its Citizens was not at stake.

          I have given other examples of him trampling on the U.S.Constitution and distorting the facts and destroying the Economy. It is not because he is incompetent in general. It is because he is driven by an extreme socialist ideology and he doesn’t care who or what he destroys in order to do it.

  • http://yahoo Joe

    I gonna not vote 4 Obama! LMAO

  • ray

    United we stand divided we fall.

  • George Thomas Horvat

    Dear John:
    When are you and the rest of the so called free press going to get it through your heads that President Obama is “NOT” a black man. He is just as white as he is black. He’s a mulato, a half breed. Do you get it, you idiot?

    • Ann Elias

      A point I’ve been trying tjo make for years, George!Even written to O’Reilly, Hannity, etc. to use the correct term.He is bi-racial. Is he ashamed of his white mother? or using his blackness for a divide? If he was the son of a white mother and a Chinese father would we call him our first Chinese president or first Eurasian?

  • David

    John, You said, “Tens of millions of Americans don’t like Obama not because he is black but because he has pushed America into the red.”. The red was created by President Bush’s tax cut,the war on Iraq, and bank rescue, which Obama followed through. As far as Obama’s comments on Martin case, I think the info. is obivious, George Zimmerman killed him, because of his race, as being the wrong color in the wrong place sometimes makes one a suspect. Of course, Obama raised the deficit with the stimulus package, but see what happened to England when they took the reverse direction. As far as the election, Obama will win or loose because of his record. The majority of Americans are smart enough to judge him on his record rather than his skin color, which is God’s given, not on his own volution. So, please stop calling him racist.

    • jeepman1

      Please, I invite you to look hard at oman’s record…honestly and with an open mind. Because even a cursory glance shows a complete failure. Jobs, the economy, housing, scandals, etc. Where are the successes? Hmmm…still looking.

      • Flashy

        Jeep…though i like your moniker…try to show some intelligence at times. i know it may be difficult … but maybe an indication once in awhile you have some?

      • jeepman1

        Thanks Flashy, but I would look into the mirror on occassion…you may be suprised. Before lobbing insults, perhaps you should at least guage your competition. Your inane and often incomprehensible commentary rarely rises to a level worthy of consideration. So, I will take this passing snipe from you with a grain of salt and do as I usually do with your posts, that is to say I will ignore the tripe that issues from your keyboard.

      • Jay

        Nice snap-back, jeepman1! Nice to see the Flash can’t suck everybody into a emotional exchange…That, sadly, is the only reason he is here.

        • needfulthings

          Heres just a few of President Obama’s accomplishments>

          Overhauled the food safety system;
          Approved the Lily Ledbetter “Equal Pay” for women rule;
          Ended “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell” discrimination in the military;
          Passed the Hate Crimes bill in Congress;
          Appointed two progressive women to the U.S. Supreme Court including the first Latina;
          Pushed through the Affordable Health Care Act, outlawing denial of coverage for pre-existing conditions, extending until age 26 health care coverage of children under parent’s plans, steps toward “Medicare for All;”
          Expanded the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) health care for children;
          Pushed through a $789 economic stimulus bill that saved or created 3 million jobs and began task of repairing the nation’s infrastructure;
          Overhauled the credit card industry, making it more consumer friendly;
          Established the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and used a recess appointment to keep it on track in the face of GOP attempts to derail it;
          Also outmaneuvered GOP in naming two members of the National Labor Relations Board blocked by the Republicans in their attempt to shut down the NLRB;
          Won two extensions of the debt ceiling and extensions of unemployment compensation in the face of Republican threats to shut down the U.S. government;
          Pulled troops out of Iraq and began draw down of troops in Afghanistan.
          Since he prepared the list, it has been posted and reposted on the Internet hundreds of times with scores of bloggers commenting on it and adding to the list.

          Writing in Washington Monthly’s Political Animal column, blogger Steve Benen, points out that many of Obama’s achievements have been won through painful concessions he was forced to make with intransigent Republican obstructionists on Capitol Hill.

          Employment: Jobs>>

          2.Jobs for Main Street Act (2010). ref
          3.American Jobs and Closing Tax Loopholes Act of 2010. ref
          4.National Export Initiative ref
          6.(DOL) Dedicated $100 million in Energy Training Partnership green jobs training grants. ref
          7.(DOL) Dedicated $150 million for Pathways Out of Poverty green jobs training grants. ref
          8.$33 billion-dollar jobs package (March 2010). ref , ref
          9.$26 billion aid to states package (Aug 2010). ref
          10.$5,000 tax credit for every new worker. ref
          11.New Health IT Workforce Grants (ARRA). ref
          12.TARGETED ACTIONS:
          13.Job training programs in clean technologies for displaced workers. ref
          14.Green Vet Initiative to promote environmental jobs for veterans. ref
          15.Financial agencies must establish Offices of Women and Minorities to promote more diverse hiring (DF).
          16.Recruited math and science degree graduates to the teaching profession. ref
          17.Initiated a new policy to promote federal hiring of military spouses. ref, ref
          18.Required new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliations or contributions. ref, ref
          19.RESULTS:20.CBO found 3.7 Million jobs created by stimulus (May 2010). ref
          21.Job loss exploded under Bush, improves under Obama. ref
          22.682,370 jobs created under the Recovery Act Between January 1 — March 31,2010. ref, ref, ref
          23.New jobless claims tumble. ref
          24.March payrolls surge by 162,000 US says . ref
          25.March jobs data showed biggest growth in three years .ref
          26.U.S. economy added 90000 jobs in April . ref
          27.Jobless rates dropped in 34 states and DC (A

      • charlie

        jeep,,,tell flash you both are heathens,,, check it out at Acts 2;38

    • Average Joe

      Me thinks Flashy may have a short between the keyboard and the seat….just an observation……

      • jeepman1

        A very strong possibility, my friend!

  • rosina

    Before the election of 2008 I was in Rome.
    My friend asked me why I disliked Obama, color or because he was a democrat.
    I tole her it was because he was a democrat and in fact, they are NOT democrats. (I prefer to call them demoncraps) aT THE TIME I WAS UNAWARE THAT SO MANY WERE MEMBERS OF THE cOMMUNIST pARTY. bUT THEIR WAYS MADE ME SUSPICIOUS. And, remember that the spies for Russia turned out to be ALL democrats!!!!
    From the first violence was ignited by this Usurper about whom nothing was known. ALL Hidden from sight that he is in reality a communist also.
    Who remembers how he cheered on the uprising against Scott walker the Governor of Wisconsin who has done nothing but good for his State but the unions opposed. And this O< instead of being neutral, his role as President, helped to ignite violence???
    The shooting of a democrat Rep caused such a commotion against the Conservatives who had nothing to do with it, BUT, how much was heard about the REPUBLICAN Judge who was shot dead???? He did not count of course in the democrap universe.
    Cawmuncents writes well and is so correct. But I am finind it hard to forgive such a thug and the thugs who help him including some who call them selves Christian.
    I was told pretty much by a German Priest recently with whom I expressed my dislike-even more than dislike. And am trying to follow his advice by prayer and cawmun cents powerful letter helps.
    Thank you both.

  • Mike McMillan

    As a White Conservative, I personally don’t care what your skin color is, I care about the character of your heart. I want all people to have the opportunity to be successful in life based on their desire and hard work and not given special privilege because of color. The word “racist”, has been bastardized by the political correct crowd to take the place of the word “bigot”. By definition a racist is someone who believes that someone of a different color is somewhat inferior to another color of individual. The logic then indicates that if the politically correct crowd continues to push an agenda that continues to claim that blacks are being held back because of their race, this test or that test for promotions are racially biased, or the educational system must lower standards because the curriculum is too rigerous, there must be a superior group. The liberals must be transferring their bigoted mindset to conservatives.Then by coming to a logical conclusion ,liberals must be both bigoted and racist by their thoughts, actions and deeds. If the race baiters would stop their rhetoric, race relations would begin to heal as we find common ground between people.

    • Average Joe

      Well spoken! Thank you!

  • roger gunderson

    Racial differences are here to stay no matter who is president. The best we can do is try and get along but we will never be as “one”. The Mexicans have invaded America and have no intention of integrating because they know it will never happen. They want to keep their own language,culture,skin color,etc. When white Europeans came to America, they integrated well because they were of one race. The black people are here because of slavery and were not meant to be free and integrate with the whites. They have forever been looked as inferior people and when they got their freedom, the whites have hated them then,now and probably forever. America, or any other country , will always have racial differences as long as we have different races.A fact of life that no words can change.

    • http://nowebsite.Onlyemail Louis Trujillo are so full of “bull crap” it’s pathetic. Maybe you are atheist but if you are a “true” Christian then you have forgotten we are all “God’s Childrens”. We come in all Colors. We arer different only in Cultures and Languages. We did not decide to be born White,Black or Brown but God made us all Human beings in the same form with all the same emotions,laughter,crying,sadness,joy,understanding,sympathy,forgiveness and on and on. We were made to adapt and live togerther in peace and harmony. Most of all,we finally integrate,inter-marry and share our culture,food,develop friendship and work together. That’s what life is all about. We come into the world with nothing and leave with nothing but memories. If we tried to live knowing we are the same and love our neighbor inspite of our differences then we can leave this earth in peace. I share both Cultures,
      Hispanic American and just plain American. I am bi-lingual and fluent in both. I Love and enjoy American Movies,read American books,music,food and all. I can switch and enjoy the Mexican Culture.and all. That’s the enjoyment of life. I am a 5th genaration great Grand,Grand father and my family ties connect with different nationalities and feel truly blessed and proud.

      • charlie

        Louis,,, can you back that heathen nonsense you just printed with some “Scripture”???

  • don larson

    A Civil War IS coming but it will NOT be along Racial Lines, (Nice try – - you out of touch
    Right Wing Racist.)

    The coming War will take place between the Classes; between ordinary trusting and hard working Americans of all Colors; and the Corrupt and Predator Robber Barrons who, during the past 30 years have disinfranchised the bottom 90%, economically, socially, and politically.

    When it occurs, it will be caused by the Greedy Extractors, who have blundered the Nation, in a fashion not seen since the Gilded Age, during the 1870′s.

    Constitutional Scholars are studying what legitimate options are available for consideration when a Democratic Government is no longer Legitimate – - in the sense that it no longer represents the vast Majority of the American People.

    There are 400 Million guns in the hands of Ordinary People who have been robbed of their Wealth, Dignity, and the Fruits of their Labor.

    It could be a long and bloody affair. Tis’ a Shame! Can’t help but believe that the Nation’s Founders would be aligned with, “The People.”


    • rock thomson

      Tell that to all those Blk. Panthers and La Raza, retard! Have you not been watching the news lately??? The race war has already started but your head is so far up your azz, you can’t see it. Next time you come up for air, chk. out what’s happening all across the nation. Blacks beating, raping, maiming, killing whites. La Raza protesting/demonstrating making threats of violent revolution in cities throughout. Wake up dude!!!

      • Steve E

        I believe there will be race riots and violence in certain cities which have gun control, but not so much in cities where there is no gun control. You see, her in VA, White boys have plenty of guns and ammo, and the blacks know this. The blacks here know that white boy would long for a fight, but white boy won’t start it either, neither will the blacks because they know they are way outnumbered.

  • spidermike

    “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race-problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well, because as long as the disease holds out they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.” ~ My Larger Education (1911) Booker T. Washington (1856–1915)

    • MAP

      If the blacks hsd taken the route of (pull yourself up by your own bootstraps) Booker T., instead of the communistic NAACP, many of our race problems would not exist today. Booker T. still has many followers today amnong the blacks. They are all successful, quite unlike those that followed the hand-out, poor-mouthing, feel-sorry-for-me communist left. Booker T. is, and should be, an American hero.

  • http://nowebsite.Onlyemail Louis Trujillo

    Obama is is like a small speck in this downed economy. The Real culprits are the Rich through their Corporate Giants who now through their monopolization control of almost all facets of Goods and services for the masses. The 1% Rich against the 99% masses of the working class is akin to a match between a heavy weight vs a light weight. Read Internets “The Amped Audit,Financial Terrorism in America” and learn who the real bosses are world wide. It will astound you.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Since you are repeating the 1% mantra of the Left it means that you are not doing your own thinking.

      • jeepman1

        Louis didn’t get the memo from his handlers today. The class warfare talking points were shelved this morning in favor of “Bush put us in the red.” Apparently, Louis didn’t read his emails from the DNC.

  • needfulthings

    Errrrrr! Stick to what you know John (energy) , I see so many holes in your presentation …You know nothing about race relations except, you are part of the problem!

    • FreedomFighter

      Back under your rock.


      “America, as well as the rest of the entire world, is being deluged with schemes to do away with individual freedom, property rights and the Constitution. I do not exaggerate about the extent of the evils that are trying to control every aspect of our lives and to eliminate many of us.”

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • Tag

      Unfortunately, its’ people like you that do not understand the rest of us since you are so embroiled in your own racist endeavors. The guy DOES understand because he lives it every day and amongs those of whom you speak! He understands better than you because he has to deal with it daily and believe me, pal, it’s a pain in the rearend!

      • Karolyn

        WHAT on earth are you talking about?

      • michiganminuteman

        WTF are you attemting to say?!

  • Mard

    I fully agree with you and I grew up with whites and blacks in school in the 1960-1970s. To me blacks cry too much about nothing if they would educated themselves and not have this victim mentality it would be better. I’m not racism as my family is muliticultrual and I was in the military for 20 years and I notice my best supervisors were black but educated and very fair to those that work under them. For a educated black/white president he has now has broken the mold about being fair to anyone who does not agree with him and is acting as a victim. His thinking is using his mouth with flowery speech to divided this nation worse than I seen in my life time. We need someone who will united this country back again and not a two bit car saleman trying to snow over people over with his poor decision making policies and get the whole government to do their job. I don’t really support the republicans for they are no better when it comes to the people who elected them.

  • Annette

    This is what happens when you let race or ethnicity determine the ability of the president and in the case of Canada’s former prime minister. It has led to the fallacy that only blacks can cure America and in Canada, that only French-Canadians can fix things. It has also led to the assumptions that if you do not belong to the favored ethnic group, that no one will list to you or your words will have less imput,

    • charlie

      Annette,,, word search “Ernst Zundel ” IF you want to see how corrupt Canada is…

  • Dark_Archer


    April 25 2012

    story by staff

    President obama coins new campaign slogan

    Not one to waste any crises good or bad the presidents team went into crises mode yesterday after he has taken hit after hit from the right on his acknowledging haven eaten dog in his book co authored by William Ayers ” Dreams From My Father ” in the book then Indonesian citizen and practicing muslim obama noted that in his family eating dog,snakes, and crickets was a common occurrence and that they someday hoped to eat tiger meat, like most backward indonesian muslims these 3rd world people thought that eating the flesh of certain animals gave the person eating it some of the characteristics of the animal ,rodent or bug being eaten ,perhaps having eaten to many crickets is why were hearing nothing but crickets out of the obama white house about rising gas prices . At a campaign event in Siobhan Illinois the president was said that if elected to rule for another term he would guarantee a ” DOG IN EVERY POT ” no matter how high gas prices went because of his failed policies.

  • FreedomFighter


    They are against the 2nd ammendment to the constitution, do not do business with them


    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Wow something we can agree on maybe there’s hope. I did that in 2006. Pulled out and went to a local credit Union.

      • Average Joe

        I’ve always said that we spend entirely too much of our time arguing about the things we disagree on…rather than disscussing the things we do agree on. Thanks to media, politics and religion…all we do is fight amongst ourselves……like much lesser animals.Humans are the dominant, intelligent species? I have my serious doubts about our survial as a species.

    • charlie

      FF jarhead ,,, get smart ,,, boycott all banks…

  • Power To The People

    Obummer is a puppet…and willing servant of the NWO. If any of you doubt this you will soon learn what facisim is all about in his second term. His vision of America is that of his father, a nuttered power that has been reduced to no more than a third rate dictatorship. He is not alone. There are plenty of his kind in the Congress, higher education and the media.

    This agruement is not about race….but Obummer needs it to be. Its not about economics….Obummer needs it to be about envy. He is dividing us to achieve his goal. Create perceived problems….make sure they create hatred….put in place policies that are supposed to fix the problems…ever while taking us deeper into the facisit world he longs for.

    • michiganminuteman

      Yes, you hit the nail right on the head.

  • Dale

    Why has everyone forgotten that Obama is half white? And it was Obama himself that said he wished he could purge his white blood. Obama is the racist in chief.

    It isn’t the white people’s fault blacks are the number one perpetrator of violent crimes.

    It isn’t the white people’s fault slavery was started in the US. Blacks must accept their role in what happens to their own. Blacks started world trafficing of black slaves; blacks provided the black slaves; and the second man to own slaves in the US was a black man.

    Blacks need to stop supporting the democrats. The democrats fought to civil war to keep slavery. The KKK were democrats.

    Most importantly, no one that was a slave is alive today.The slaves were given their freedom, a free education, land and a mule. Maybe not much compensaton but then again, IT WAS BLACKS THAT WERE RESPONSIBLE FOR SLAVERY IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Look around the world, blacks are a violent race, why? It is their choice, no one made them do it but themselves.

    One last queston; what is it that per capita more blacks are life-long welfare recipients than whites? Never even trying to better themselves perhaps because handouts don’t encourage people of any color to fend for themselves?

    • Tag

      You MUSt take into consideration what you are dealing with when dealing with blacks. First, when they were’ created’ they were NOT created to live in the USA. They were meant to live in Africa just like the rest of the African tribes do today – they are not meant to live in what Americans call a ‘civilized’ country. Their breeding does not dictate they live like that but that they live as a native in a tribe like the Mandingo, the Zulu, etc. HOWEVER they were taken out of what was supposed to be their natural environment and brought here which is an UNNATURAL environment – and they cannot adjust because they are not bred to live as we do! Their automatic instinct is to war, to raid, and plunder other tribes. So, they do it here by committing the crimes, trashing the areas in which they live, are loud, vulgar, and uneducated! They don’t have the ambition to live like a natural born citizen of the USA – they are not supposed to be here – bottom line!

      • Karolyn

        It just may be that YOU don’t belong here! Seriously, we are really all brothers and sisters no matter where our ancestors originally came from. And there is only one race – the human race – homo sapiens. I don’t know if you’re a Christian or not; but if you are, then you believe that we all came from Adam and Eve.

      • Windrinker

        First of all Karolyn, Tag does have some points that I agree with… You, on the other hand, are into that PC, liberal crap that is just emotional bull, and all liberals like to spread it around.!

        I don’t know about you, but I am not like a “Ghetto black” or “muslim terrorist that can strap a bomb on his kid!” It isn’t in my make-up to beat a man unconscious and near death, with a baseball bat or a can of paint because he wanted some quiet.That just happened to an elderly White man, beaten by a group of blacks. How many groups of White people have beaten the black man in their neighborhood. These things just don’t happen in a civilized society. How many groups of White people storm a store and steal everything they can get their hands on….huh! When did that happen last.
        When was the last time a White man killed his two daughters because they were not religious enough.

        There are DIFFERENCES in people! And, being the Godly person you perceive yourself to be, you should know that God made people different for a reason. But, they all have a choice how to live.. Some just chose to live animals because it is in their genes.

        We are not all “equal,” in the real sense, even though you think that we are all equal in Gods eyes.. I believe that God has preferences! He helps those that believe in Him. Non- believers are not going to enjoy what he has to offer…that is his “preference.”
        God has likes and dislikes. And, right now, he doesn’t LIKE what is going on in this country and he doesn’t LIKE what certain people are doing…He will destroy people that are evil and despise Him. So don’t tell me that everyone is equal and we are all brothers and sisters. God has and will punish those that act like animals, including people that kill and maim, and turn from his ways…that is another of his preferences…And, if it is good enough for God, it is good enough for me. I prefer civilized people that share my culture and beliefs. Blacks have their own culture and a nature that we don’t understand..The terrorists have their own culture and a nature that we don’t understand… And, if you have noticed, in countries that are ruled by blacks or muslims, the people are not “free and prosperous.” And, why do you think that is so….maybe it has something to do with the fact that God has preferences for those that follow in his footsteps and believe in Him…

        But, more to Tag’s point.. A civilized society cannot survie a segment of that society that refuses to comply willingly with its laws! There has to be a common thread, a consenses, among the people how they will live, and those alike, with the same beliefs, are the ones that will successfully live together. Otherwise, there will be only chaos, and that is where this country is, at the moment.

      • Tag

        Amen, Windrinker, you hit the nail right on the head. As you have already noted most people don’t think along the liines of geneology and environment of why a person is ‘made up’ the way they are according to where they live and survive. Blacks were never intended to be in North America – they were intended to be in Africa doing what Africans were meant to do and live the way Africans were meant to live and exist. When they were brought here, unwillingly I might add, it took them out of their intended environment and habitat where God meant for them to live. When God allowed us to make our own decisions, and I would imagine hoping we would make the right ones, someone, a black actually, thought it a good idea to SELL the slaves they had already captured after they kept the ones they wanted for themselves, so brought them to the shores and the place of the big ships! If you do your history research you will most definitely find that blacks were the very FIRST slave holders and the very first to sell people! So, see, folks, the idea of slavery came from YOU and now YOU blame the white man for jumping on the band wagon and buying some labor for his fields. You also forget that any slave holder had to house, feed, clothe and doctor all of his help and they received much better medical, food, housing, etc. than they EVER would have received if still in Africa – they would still be living in grass huts and hurling spears at each other and trying to eat animals they thought would inhance their own spirit by the consumption of specific animals.
        Since were meant to survive in a certain environment their mental capacities were created by what they would more than likely be confronted with IN that environment, and what they would have to be able to handle. It is well known that blacks thought process is much different than a white person. If you say the same identical 15 words to a black and then to a white you will get TWO different reactions because they will hear those same words differently. They assimiliate the information differently and their instinct is totally different. They are created to instinctively react to a particular environment and way of life – it isn’t like that in N. America so they cross the line into the criminal element because of the thug mentality! Too bad, but guess what (and this is for blacks) it isn’t the white mans fault – it’s your OWN because you simply cannot fit in! That last sentence is a bit simplified but it is the reality – you simply don’t fit in to THiS country and should be in your own!
        It’s no different with Asians – they live in a totally different world from anyone – it has nothing to do with color – it’s how you were created to survive where you were meant to live! And, you simply were not meant to live HERE!!!

      • michiganminuteman

        That was clearly over the top dude, are you for real, or just trying to bait someone? WOW!

      • Karolyn

        Winddrinker – From God’s mouth to your ears, huh? And I bet you think you’re a Christian. Of course there have been instances of whites beating on blacks, as well as whites rioting. What about after that basketball game when the kids, primarily white, freaked out and starting burning cars? So we white people, especially in the US, are favored by God above everyone else. My aren’t we special. I really feel sorry for you.

      • Windrinker

        Tag, what you say is certainly true of the animal kingdom. Every species has differences that allow them to survive in their natural environments. I don’t see why it couldn’t be possible with the different human races. As groups, the races do have different activities in which they excel.

        Africa can be a hostile environment where speed and athletic ability would be necessary for survival and the ability to fight. Europe might not be as hostile but the weather would have more extremes and people would have to be innovative,develop survival skill, and be adaptable. Places in Asia became civilized first, and they could concentrate on the “arts,” not having as many challenges in their environment. Diets in different environments would make for genetic differences, as well. Fundamentally, people are genetic products of their fore bearers and environments. And, different races are susceptible to certain diseases. This in itself shows that there are differences in them physically.

        As for the muslims and their ability to wreak havoc on their own wives and children, slaves and prisoners…bothers me. Such savagery practiced over Centuries still prevails, only somewhat lessened. Not a race, on its own, the Middle Easterners, still have had such a barbaric tendency. Wondering about this fact, I was reading on the Internet and it was suggested that the problem could be due to the rampant inbreeding that has always been done in the those countries. The article said that inbreeding could be a cause of mental degeneration… I don’t know…just was reading.

        Overall, it seems there are differences in races, their productivity, physical ability, susceptibility to disease, and mental activity.


      • Windrinker

        Karolyn being the retro lib that you are, you consistently try to be an arrogant twit and you succeed!

        And, Karolyn, YES, YES and YES, I do believe that America was blessed by God! And, YES Americans were always special, caring, and generous as a people!

        There was a time when this country was filled with real Americans, Christian Americans, and most believed in God’s word and they followed Him! People did business on a “handshake,” people believed in personal responsibility, there was shame in bearing children out of marriage, and communities expected individuals to “do the right thing” as declared by Christian values. And, God took care of this Nation!

        It has changed because of retro libs like yourself, that help bring us political correctness, diversity and multiculturalism. It is all about “Do what feel goods,” “Right is Wrong” and “Wrong is Right,” it is an upside down, world gone crazy… thanks Karolyn you and people like you are part of the problem..

      • Tag

        Karolyn, to call you ignorant would be a compliment for ;you – not supposed to be here? I’ve got news for you kiddo, (next time take your foot out of your mouth) you see, I’m NATIVE AMERICAN – there isn’t anyone on here that is supposed to be HERE more than I am…;you are the intruder and when blacks came that was the straw that broke the camels back – we’ve been fighting their ignorance, supidity, and laziness since BEFORE the birdbrain Lincoln from Illinois did the supid thing and freed them. Take a look at the other nation occupied by blacks – they are ALL abject failures! Africa, Haiti, etc. If not for the white man those countries would sink in the ocean – which is a fitting place for them! Take your anestors for example – the Neanderthalss – and OURS, the Cro Magnan. The Cro Magnan were the superior and intelligent species – the Neanderthals were known as ‘flatheads’ and were gutteral, did not have a language as did the Cro Magnan, and frankly, it hasn’t changed all that much for them, now has it? Duh!

  • carolyn

    I am a 70 year old senior citizen so obviously I have seen good and bad times as far as the economy goes. I saw segregation, integration but I have never seen a country so divided as it is now. Even after the terrible tragedy of 9/11 I saw a country coming together but now there seems to be hatred all around both on the left and right. President Obama has done nothing but tear our country down and I fear what lies ahead for my children and grandchildren. He has produced none of his promises and instead of taking responsibility for his lack of leadership, he chooses to blame Republicans, George Bush and anyone else he can lay the blame on. America needs to wake up.

    • Karolyn

      Well, I’m 65 and certainly have seen it more divided. So much so that my brother had to quit school because of the racial tension between blacks and whites in the 70s. There has always been division. The only difference is that now we have the means to hear more about it. I live in a southern rural area with a high percentage of African-Americans; and I see little to no tension here.

      • Brad

        Karolyn, don’t you mean Black Americans, if you were born in this country you are an American nothing more nothing less. If you are were born in another country, came here and became a US citizen then you can claim you’re an X country-American

      • Karolyn

        Sometimes I use politically correct terms – Sue me!

      • Brad

        BS Karolyn, maybe we should forget PC for once and talk plainly maybe just maybe something might get through. If I hurt your dainty little feelings…and as you said it, sue me…because I don’t give a rats azz.

      • Libertytrain

        Karolyn, racial tension was always much higher in the North; it remains that way today. Remember busing – those Northerners just didn’t know how to handle that at all – to the point their democratic racism was displayed everywhere in cities like the democratic Boston, Milwaukee and on and on….

      • Karolyn

        Liberty – I do have to say that when I was a kid in NJ, there was no race problem. I lived in kind of a rural, up-and-coming suburban, area; and in our township there was a large black population in the “downtown” area. We had absolutely no problem in high school in the early to mid 60s. My mother was rather racist, but I never was; and there were never any problems in our town. A couple of months ago I was talking to a coworker about our schools always being integrated; and she was shocked because she thought all schools in the US were segregated. Of course, I was also told the story of a teacher becoming friendly with a Jewish transplant in the 70s who was taught that Jews had horns; and she really believed it!

      • Tag

        Karolyn, you, lady, are a very bitter female. You don’t see the ‘racial tension’ in the southern rural area where you live because ‘the man’ will knock a few heads together to make them behave themselves, not like the north were they wring they hands and run around ‘what to do, what to do’. I’m from the south and behaving like a bunch of thugs with gangs were not tolerated – and everyone is allowed to carry their weapon, loaded, with them where ever they go. You KNOW someone just might blow your back side off if you dared to act like they do up north. Just recently the gun laws changed in all states accept Illinois – the most backward state in the USA! However, regardless of the actual Illinois law people are armed anyway. When blacks wake up and realize that living in the USA as a free citizen is a blessing and they should get down on their knees and bless the day their ancestors were brought here – remember, you COULD be in the jungle throwing spears at each other instead of guns shooting each other AND running to keep your bony butt out of the jaws of a tiger – or worse. Straighten up and fly right! If not, things will always be the way they are and you will be the most hated race of any out there! You’ve done it the old fashioned way, Karolyn, you’ve earned that reputation! No one but YOU!! So, get your own race straight THEN start on the rest of the population – until then, you have the most problems – fix ‘em – it sure ‘hain’t ‘ up to me! You see, if you are in jail or prison then that is that many less we have to worry about!

      • Libertytrain

        Karolyn, unless you lived in some oddity in the North, the schools were not integrated till the busing created integrated schools. Even today, going through Chicago, Milwaukee, and probably still Boston, Philadelphia, I would imagine the neighborhoods are still pretty separate – though the schools by force are integrated – and remember the violence in just Boston alone…
        There is so much information on the segregation of schools – it’s fascinating to take a trip down memory lane and not that long ago…. and it is NATIONWIDE not SOUTHERN wide.

      • charlie

        Karolyn ,,, how does one become a “True Christian ” according to The King’s Law Book,,, give Me Scripture…

    • nc

      .Carolyn, I am 76 years old and have experienced those same years. You say that after 9/ll this country came together but that OBAMA has torn it apart. You’ re right that the country came together to the tune of a 91% approval rating of President bush but you failed to mention that SOMETHING(S) occurred in the next seven years UNDER BUSH to cause the country to DIVIDE to the point that only 26% approved of him in the end BEFORE OBAMA ever entered the White House!! Do you think it is possible that some of those bush mistakes with his policies that Americans came to disapprove of are STILL involved in our problems today???? Are you sure that ALL of our problems were caused by Obama??? Did you vote for OBAMA?

      • michiganminuteman

        Much of the reason Bush’s approval rating was down was because the MSM did EVERTHING they could to marginalize him. Remember?

  • Power To The People

    Carolyn…..right on!

  • Power To The People

    Case in point about the Obummer supporters, UNC, Iowa and the other university’s supporting Obummer by letting him do campaign stops to spread more lies, endoctronate the young and easily persuaded. More of the divide and conquer mentality he is so good at.

  • Carolyn

    WOOOOOOOOOE! Everyone stop the madness! You’re forgetting one thing! Obama is NOT black! He’s half white! Racism has NOTHING to do with it! I don’t care if he’s purple…He IS the worst excuse of a president in American history! If we want a BLACK president , then let’s get one that knows his butt from a hole in the ground! Obama is destroying America! If everyone, black and white, would open they’re blinded eyes and see that, they’d hopefully realize that we a CHANGE! And this time, the RIGHT change!

    • Tag

      You are incorrect – oskummo may have some white blood in his veins but I’ll guarantee you he is BLACK. It is the one drop rule! Anyone with 1/8 or MORE black blood in his veins IS BLACK. The white blood doesn’t count – he is a black man living as a black man…nuf said! Look it up THEN open your trap!

    • Brad

      He’s mullato born of a white mother and black father, nothing more nothing less.

      • Windrinker

        Brad, how do you know that this foreigner has a black father and a White mother….because MSM told you so? Or, is it because of the fake certificate of birth that convinced you?

        We don’t know who this wacko is or where he comes from. Personally, I believe he is an
        arab….you know, the guy that thinks there are 57 states, or the one that is fluent in multiple dialects of arabic (when was the last American president that could do that) or maybe the guy that went to school on a “foreign scholarship,” or the one that has a foreign passport, or the one that thinks the most beautiful sound in the world is the “call to muslim prayer…..” Or, just maybe, the one that claimed he was not born in this country, but that didn’t make any difference….as a Senator.

        • stevor

          A good reason to believe he’s black is because I don’t think RACIST Moochelle would marry (control) him if he weren’t black.

      • Windrinker

        Brad, if the money was right, thunder thighs, would marry a pig. And, you can’t deny that she has been enjoying herself tremendously on our tax money. Besides, I haven’t seen a marriage certificate, and seriously doubt those little moochers belong to homo-boy.

        And, finally, they, thunder thighs and doggy diner, have something in common, their hatred for America!

        Look, I don’t believe anything that we have been told about them, is the truth…The entire escapade has been “fiction” from the beginning.

      • Windrinker

        The comment above was meant for Stevor..not Brad.

      • Tag

        Brad. a mixed person is called by a certain name because of skin color and percentagel of the mixed blood. Ovomit is black because he is BLACK, a person with less black blood, say 3/4 white and 1/4 black is an Octaroon, and another which is just a tag more or less is known as a mulatto – they are STILL classified as a member of the BLACK race – NEVER white because of the quanitity of black blood running in their veins! Anything over 1/8 contamination is a BLACK person – NEVER white, even if their skin is pearly white if the percentage is a known fact they are black!

    • charlie

      Carolyn,,, did King Jesus discriminate at Matthew 15:24,,, yes ,,,but,,,why???
      The good white guys are the lineage of a Man named Jacob Israel…
      The bad white guys are the lineage of a Man named Esau Edom…
      The World History Book called The Holy Bible tells you the above ,,,read ,,, it expands the mind,,, but be sure to search for “Truth” ,,, Man lies,,, King Jesus is Truth …

  • Daren

    I agree 100%. So many of us feel the same and reading or speaking with others that do also, helps solidify our beliefs. America and the World are so un-nerved with the course Obumer and the other liberals have sunk the fangs into. God help us all……

  • JM

    I am personally so sick and tired of everyone who chooses to make this a race issue. I am black and I don’t like or respect all blacks and it has nothing to do with them being black. Likewise I don’t like or respect everyone I see or cross paths with in this life and, that too, has NOTHING to do with their RACE! It has everything to do with how they live, honor the Lord, treat their fellow man, treat their families, and if they are TRUTHFUL and transparent with high integrity. I don’t feel that Obuma has met all of these standards and that based on his willingness to court any and every agenda that seemingly will get votes for him (while professing to be a Christian), makes him and his cohorts very dangerous people with hidden, selfish agendas of their own. The fact that the government is willing to close their eyes, turn their heads, and cover-up issues presented to them (and him) that any other REAL American born citizen or alien would be forced to comply with reaks of dishonesty at the highest levels. The fact that many have come forth and stated they have been threatened if they disclose information they already have to prove he is unfit; the fact that Obuma and the government have passed laws affecting the entire American public without their knowlege or consent, (law regarding martial law passed on March 16th) and have garnered the Press’ help to keep it all hush,hush, reaks of major cover-up and dishonesty. The fact that others investigating the president (who are qualified professionals in law enforcement) are being threatened because of their continued efforts to find and disclose the truth (whatever that truth is) implies there’s something the govenment, and Obama, don’t want the public to know. His strings are being vehemently pulled by the real powers that be.

    I will not vote for anyone based on the color of their skin, but based on how the entire party they represent and their platforms line up with the Word of God. “How can two walk together unless they agree.” I (not anyone else on my behalf) will have to stand before the Lord and give an account for my life and that includes my vote!

  • Bobalus

    I used to think that I was a socialist, I would help as I could – the old, the sick, the less well off. I was raised to stand up to let the lady or the older man take my seat on the bus. My Ma explained that you should always treat people the way you would like to be treated.

    I try not to be rude, I try not to condemn – I’m not in their shoes.

    I still actually believe that I’m responsible for what I do; on, and to this planet.
    I have three children, they all are my “Responsibility” and I will look after them. Two work, one is still schooling. I never felt that society should owe me anything or that society should pay for me – that was my problem

    Simple values.
    I got old.

    I started to look around – I find that people living on welfare have better cars TVs, designer clothes than I dare offer myself.
    I find now, that because I look after my own meagre savings – people would look on me as capitalist.

    I feel sorry when I read the article.
    I don’t know how many murders and shootings there are in the States every day, and I certainly don’t think that the President should be expressing an opinion on a local law problem. I think the US with wars on two fronts and a debt that size to pay off would be already enough to keep him occupied.
    But I guess that this is the proof that the person elected to the Oval office is more of a figurehead and somebody or some team pulls the strings.

    Knowing that the same money feeds Mitt or Obama, we should be worrying.

    Votin’ for either won’t make a big difference, neither one will be able to stop us hittin’ the wall.
    So I can’t get excited about bein’ a democrat or a republican. Wouldn’t it be nice if NOT voting could count for something !

    Let’s imagine that:
    The people vote to decide if there are government pay rises.
    The wages of all congress men and government officers is linked to the %age of voters at election time.
    Anything less that 50% – no pension contributions either.

    That they actually become responsible for errors and pay their own transport bills.

    I like reading the comments but sometimes the “Partisan” seems to take over

  • 4everliberal

    Perhaps John myers intent to decieve the american public is because President Obama wants to end the billions of sudsidies or corporate welfare that oil corporations are recieving.

    • FreedomFighter

      I had Elvis the talking bird read your post

      Laus Deo
      Semper fi

    • jim

      4everstupid !!

    • MAP

      4everdelusional, 4everaliar, 4evernuts, 4evernonsensical, 4everdreaming, 4everpathtic
      Say, this is fun!

    • Windrinker

      RIGHT, 4everstupid! We all could tell that obama is NOT about corporate welfare, just as soon as we saw where all the “stimulus money” went. (Lots of sarcasm here.)

  • yescubanb

    Nice. I was looking for something ridiculous to read and tweet this morning. Thanks for this one.

  • Paul

    Sure blame the Mann in the White House. America is starting to grow because of this administration. Who left this country bankrupt was his predecessor. George W. Bush! Chasing after false wars to satisfy his personal vendetta at the expense of the American taxpayer. I feel this administration has done good consider all the obtructionist that have tried to stop him. Where are all the jobs from the Bush tax cuts? In china that is where. The Republicans support of corporations who have either moved their operations overseas or have outsourced them have cripple our nation. Your spew poison is Anit- American and political rhetoric to blacken the name of the current administration. But America does not need 8 more years of the Bush policies that benefit only the wealthy. We need a leader who will help restore America to the industrial leader that she once was. You talk about Canada but they have one of the best national health care systems. I don’t remember ever reading that our founding fathers ever said that America was built on Democracy and capatlism.” We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[note 1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” Perfect union and domestic tranquility does not come from creating a two tier society. Not that I support everybody is on the same social level either. But we must lessen the disparity that exists and spread the wealth a little better in our society to promote the general welfare so as to insure our posterity. Our government is to provide for the common defence not be expanding our military all over the world. We must stop this military expansionism and use these resources to bring down the deficit and provide for better domestic improvements!!!

    • FreedomFighter

      Stupid People are you one

      or are you just full of it, or nuts

      Laus Deo
      Semper Fi

    • tsalagi

      Never before has this nation had a president who hates The Constitution as much as Obama does. If Obama gets what he wants he will be a dictator. If that is what you want you are a fool..

      • Flashy

        Are you referring to that document that Bush II’s Atty gen referred to as that ‘quaint’ document and which Bush II stated had “no express grant of habeas.” ?

    • UnrepentantCurmudgeon

      You say we spew poison to “blacken the name of the current administration.” Racist.

      Otherwise, you entirely miss the point. Most conservatives condemn the spending excesses of the Bush administration. On the other hand, most liberals refuse to condemn the spending excesses of the Obama administration. Here is a man whose policies have led to the greatest accumulation of debt in any single three-year period in our history. Our economy was downgraded in international markets for the first time, basically because we cannot control spending. For the first time in history our national debt exceeds GDP, and the trend is worsening. Obama has seized on every bad trend under prior administrations and made them all worse.

      All of that is a blend of incompetence and intent. But on the racial front it is not incompetence. Obama comes from the “critical race” school of “thought” and believe in his soul that whites are irreparably racist by definition. Hence his every response on any racial issue is polarizing, even when he tries to pretend to be above it all. His DOJ refuses to take on the racist violence spurred by the New Black Panthers, even when they openly call for the lynching of George Zimmerman.

      And all that said, I expect when all else fails Obama expects the race card to be his ticket to the WH in 2012. He expects blacks to vote for him, and enough whites to vote for him because of racial considerations to put him over the top. What does it say when the American people have to factor the possibility of racial violence as the result of defeating Obama into their decision making?

      • Windrinker

        The demonrats consistently claim that everyone, criticizing this dog-eating cretin, is a racists! So, let get it clear where the racism is coming from and who is using it as a weapon.

        I don’t hear conservatives complain about “race” but they complain loudly about the unconstitutional usurping of their freedoms, the over spending of government, and the increased taxation..

  • Patrick Henry (@Cpz9Paul)

    No more “civil”, beer summits when blacks are attacking innocent Whites are there Mr. Obama? Or Illegals raping & killing American Citizens!

  • Garfield

    Mr. Myers:
    Superficial self-appointed “analysts” like you, who use ambiguous words such as “many” instead or real statistics, to blur and misrepresent a true picture, are the ones we need to read with caution, or not read at all. How many is a “great many African Americans”? How many is “a great many white Americans”? And what do you mean by such invective and racist language as “the likes of the Reverend Jesse Jackson” and “the likes of Al Sharpton”? I dare say that this country needs to be saved from the “likes of you” with your poorly disguised racist politics. You expect President Obama to remedy in one term many years of unjust Republican economics. And you expect black people to remain silent at the murder of a black child because it’s election time. May we all be saved from “the likes of you”. I hope honest, fair-minded, Godly people, both black and white, file articles like yours in their trash baskets. And just in case I be misunderstood or deliberately misrepresented, let me make it clear that it’s your views I believe should be filed in the trash, and most certainly not you. As a human being created by God, you should be treated with fairness and respect in spite of your ugly views.
    Gary D

    • Windrinker

      Garfiled is a typical hysterical lib that filters everything through the prism of racism!

  • uvuvuv

    kennedy didn’t disappoint his voters, johnson did. no one had expectations for nixon, there was a slim majority that was actually voting against laughing boy humphrey. ford was never voted in and so he had no voters to disappoint. carter monumentally disappointed everyone, the pilgrimages to peanutville led to a sad end of empty motels. reagan did not disappoint his voters, and even dems voted him back in against mondale. the first bush, here people again were voting against someone, dukakis. yes you read that right, michael dukakis who probably never even as a kid was called mike. so there were no expectations for bush. clinton was such a huge disappointment to his voters that they actually rallied to him. it had a reverse effect. they might have in the wee small hours of the night wondered if vince foster was ahem, terminated, or what happened with monica lewinsky, but they would never ever even remotely bring these subjects up in conversation. that would be an instant way to lose friends. then the second bush, he was disappointing because like his father he never seemed to have a grasp. there was no shining city on the hill vision with him. then obama. another bust, but unlike clinton, and like carter, no one is rallying to him, other than to say, well look who he followed. no one is excited about him, there is no closing of the ranks. i did think that with him as president the blacks would straighten their spines and show what they can do, but per spike lee’s movie malcolm x was more effective for that than obama has been. he needs dick morris, but that phone call should have gone out a long time ago. too late now.

  • Wyatt

    There is a very old saying , ” If you can’t convince them with your logic , baffle them with your bull—- ” . Well seeing that Obama and the Democrats in charge have no logic , all he has left , is bull—- . In fact its all he has ever had , and he spreads it wide and far . All one has to do is read or listen to some of his speeches , each is carefully tailored to the crowd he is addressing and usually contradicts the speech he gave to another crowd he addressed . As typical of the majority of politicians , promise them anything , deliver only that which suits your agenda . And it is very clear that Obama’s agenda is the destruction of America by any means possible . His attempts to turn us into a Communist Dictatorship are meeting with resistance so , so the fall back plan is , destroy the U.S. by any means fair or foul .

    Already he has lowered our credit rating in the world , the first time ever in our history . And more than any other before him , he has waged class war and devided the country not only on class lines , but on racial lines as well . And if one examines his methods carefully , they will see all the patterns Lenin used to bring down the Czar in Russia back in 1917 . The desention and division of the people is in place , all it needs is the spark to set revolution into motion . He has is cadre , and his thugs poised and at the first legitimate oppertunity , he will probably impose Martial Law on America . He may impose it anyway should he not get his excuse such is the magnitude of his ego and ambition .

    The battle to prove his ineligibility to even hold the office he now occupies is going against him and yet he ignores the Constitution and courts battling back with threats and more attacks on our Constitution via edicts from the Oval Office . He blames everyone but himself for the problems in America , and this voice of hope and change has caused dispare that any change will ever come . If allowed a second term we can expect at the very least another reduction of our world credit rating , shortages of food , gasoline and home heating fuel . Mass unemployment and a mass influx of illegal aliens who will vote to keep the imposter in power .

    Time to stand up America , time to stand as one regardless of race , color or political party . If we don’t , there will be no America , at least no America as we knew it . A land of opertunity and freedom .

  • Mirage

    It is a sad and undeniable fact, that throughout the South, a fair amount of white voters will not vote for a black man, no matter how competent he might be!
    The South’s history of racial hatred is undeniable …. it started of course with slavery, the South’s great reluctance to grant civil rights (said rights only happened through the Federal Government imposing it on states i.e. President Kennedy/President Johnson), their history with the K.K.K., etc.
    Well over a century since the South lost the civil war, there still are places where they insist on showing the rebel flag … vestige of racial hatred and societal inequality.
    No matter how good a job Obama might do (hasn’t been good), with certain whites in the south, his skin color disqualitfies him from their vote. Undeniable fact … an authentic race card.

    • jim

      are you trying to blame the south for obamas stupidity !!

      • Mirage

        No: I am not blaming Obama’s weak and (somewhat) ineffectual administration on the South … he is kicking the can down the road on his own accord.
        My points were, a fair amount of racial hatred still exists throughout America, particularly in the South, a region that was forced by the Federal government to abolish slavery and grant civil rights. Therefore, it is no surprise that a segment of southerners (like contributing authors found here i.e. Chip Wood) would say much good about anything Obama does … his fault or not.
        In closing and with a smidge of fairness, I did not read the above article, because like most found here, they primarily deal with demonizing Obama with hyperbolic minomers (i.e. fascist, marxist, socialist, etc.), versus simply telling the truth. An example of telling the truth regarding President Obama, would be to ask why Wall Street/Too Big To Fail Banks have not been reformed, versus being the type to write about the president’s likeness to Hitler.
        If they were more conerned with the truth here, they’d point out that our political system is broken, and even if Ron Paul were to become our next president, not much would change for middle America … the status quo would remain.
        On a side note to another response to my post … I’ve been all over this country and known all kinds of people from the south, the north, the west, the mid-west, etc. Generally the more educated people of the north are less racist, more progressive (generally a function of education), and more “uppity”, than southerners.
        Opinions of the day, over and out.

      • Libertytrain

        Mirage, I have been all over this country and Europe, born in and not only visiting the North – educated and uneducated folks are far more racist than those living in the South. We each will have our own opinion but I’ve lived it – years and years in both parts of the Country, and have seen more bigotry and misinformation propogated by educated Northerners about old perceptions that do not exist, perhaps they never did. There is racism alive and well all over this world and bigotry in comments such as yours. Kind of like that one I’ve heard so often from those educated Northerners that make fun of Southern folk because of their style of speaking. What I’ve discussed with my friends in the North that are a little skin toned than I – they will tell me there is a division of color in the North that they do not feel when they are in the South… Silly uppity Northerner.

    • Libertytrain

      mirage your bigoted racist statement about the South – proves your ignorance. I have lived in both places and the North is by far the most racist of all -

    • coal miner

      Sadly what you are saying is true.

      • Libertytrain

        coal miner – fortunately, neither of you is correct….

      • coal miner

        Wrong Liberty,
        That is pure horse sh*t,bigotry and racism is still live and well in the good old south.

        • Libertytrain

          coal miner was speaking about the Southside of Chicago, Southside of Milwaukee, Southside of Boston etc.

      • Libertytrain

        wrong coal, only by some Northerners that relocate to the South and bring their racism with them. That’s the only racism I have heard here – from uppity Northerners.

    • charlie

      don’t be calling the Confederate Flag a rebel flag ,,,the Confederates just lost there cools and started a war they did not plan for ,,, the north was wrong the south was wrong so what’s new ? Man has been making mistakes since he was created ,,, that;s why King Jesus came , to clean up things …

  • Dens

    Matthew Owens, the young white man beaten nearly to death by 20 blacks, remains in critical condition in the hospital. No arrests have been made so….Sharpton and Jackson apparently think he got what he deserved for being white. I guess if Obama had a son, he wouldn’t look just like Matthew.

    • Chisna

      After reading these posts it’s pretty obvious there is a racism issue in this country. And that it existed LONG before Obama became president…….And that all Obama’s election did was bring the rats out of the woodwork…..So the rat’s found their spine once they found there were more just like them out there….. And now instead of hiding behind a pointy white hat. They are hiding behind a keyboard.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You have just called yourself a rat that came out of the woodwork.

      • Shawn

        You are a sap! This is why Obama is a perfect storm. He is totally the opposite of MLK who believed a man should be judged on the content of his character. Now with people like you there is no room to comment on a Black man’s character without being called a racist. You are most definitely part of the problem.

  • stevor

    The PLAN IS for “racial violence”. obama WANTS to put in Martial Law so, with folks urged to “join in” on the rioting due to the Financial MESS that he was PART OF and due to the rest of the “divide and conquer” tactics, folks will BEG for being “saved” by the UN’s New World (fascist) Order (whereupon he pobably plans to RULE)

    Our ONLY HOPE is to vote for Ron Paul since Romney is a mini-obama PUPPET of the same Elite as barry is

  • Garfield

    To Those Who Scrutinize What Is To Be Allowed On This Blog:
    Can you all explain to me how in direct opposition to your “Comment Policy” you allowed the post of the person who represented himself as Tag? His comments were blatant insults to all black people but they were allowed. Does not this suggest what we are in for if those holding Mr. Myers views get control of this country. Black people would all have to go back to Africa. And I wonder where the white immigrants would have to go. Sick, Sick, Sick. I do not know how I got on this sick blog but I leave just as quickly as I came. God help us!!

    • Windrinker

      Good riddance!

  • Rafael

    I believe your right in saying that blacks will probably will go out into the streets, if Obama doesn’t win the reelection, but all americans are brought up the same way, “blood is thicker than water”, rooted in the conscience of all people.
    By the way you were wrong in saying “Cuban President Fidel Castro”, he is a fascist dictator, not a President.
    To bad the USA lost the opportunity of having Ron Paul as President.

    • Jazzabelle

      “To bad the USA lost the opportunity of having Ron Paul as President.”

      We haven’t yet….

  • Ron

    ‘Simple way to find out if you folks on here are racists: ‘next time you have your black friends over for dinner, show them this website, let them read through all the comments about ‘Obama should get his Moooslim a$$ back to Kenya’, etc., etc. and ask them:

    “Do you think I’m a racist?”

    • Windrinker

      Ron, who really cares if someone says that obama should get his arse back to Kenya…we have been told by MSM that his father is Kenyan.

      If you are so worried about racism you should be concerned about the Black Panthers putting a “dead or alive” bounty out on a “yet to be proven guilty American.” Or is this not to be considered racism!

      Or, be concerned about the leader of the Black Panthers when he said, “We must kill all the White babies.” I guess that wasn’t racism either..

      Or, be concerned about the group of blacks that just nearly beat to death an elderly White man, in their neighborhood.

      Or, what about the White boy that was set on fire by blacks, because he was White.

      You libs are nothing but hypocrites And, no one wants to hear your whining.

  • Mountain Saint

    Unlike the Trudeau experience in Canada, we may not have the luxury of time to recover from Obama’s domestic and foreign policies….As an enemy agent, Obama is deliberately slashing our defense budget and weakening our missile deterrent so that in the future enemy countries like Russia, China and the world government (Revelation 13) can possess this country…World War Three is coming. Russia will nuke us first before attacking Israel seeking spoil (Ezekiel 39:6 and Jeremiah 25:32-33)…. Our limited missile defense won’t be able to shoot down the Russian missiles and we will lose at least 1/4th of our population (Revelation 6:8)…As for Israel, she will annihilate 5/6ths of the enemy troops with her nuclear weapons (Ezekiel 39:2 and Isaiah 17:14)….It’s important that we vote out Obama this November. It would give us a little more time. Otherwise, we are doomed.

    • Karolyn

      Seriously? You actually believe that the Russians (or ANYBODY) want a war that would destroy the world as we know it? What planet are you from?

      • Brad

        Seriously Karolyn, all you need to do is look at Islam and their domination so far to include their idol threats of planting their flag atop the white house. Today they control 1/6th of the worlds population.

        • Charles Moore

          Speaking about the Russians. The News was released today that the Russians purchased the U,S, Battery company “ENER1″ For those of you that are unfamilar with ENER1 there was 118 million dollars in Stimulus Money that went to it. After spending 59 million of it they declared Bankruptcy.Do a search on ENER1. Word is that the U.S. Army gave it several applications that the Russians will now receive. Remember when Obama was caught on open mike a few weeks ago telling the Russian President that after he is re-elected in November that he will be more flexible as he doesn;t have to run for office again? Wake up people.

    • coal miner

      Mountain Saint
      Bullsh*t.,More Bible myths?

      • charlie

        Heathen,,, be careful with your hippo mouth ,,,you are under judgement of King Jesus…

    • charlie

      Mt Saint, what’s your take on the book of Obadiah ???

  • bigjeff1

    The reason that people think most of those who are so irrationally angry that Obama is President are racist is because they are racist. They cannot stand the fact that he represents a future – starting now – in which those of other color and race will be in the majority both here and throughout the globe. It terrifies them to think of themselves as a “minority” and the loss of status and privilege they once had. “We” are of mixed race, culture, religion, sexual preference, and class. Get used to it.

    • stevor

      Obama IS Racist and Exudes racism. He said Trayvon could have been his kid (because he’s black) but didn’t say the WHITE guy who was beat up in response to Trayvon could have been barry’s half-brother from the WHITE side of barry’s family.

      • bigjeff1

        I don’t think that Zimmerman was the one that was killed; whose family lost a son; who was simply walking in a neighborhood where he was “frightening” because he wore a hoodie.

      • Jazzabelle

        biggjeff, stevor isn’t talking about Zimmerman. He’s talking about the white guy who was attacked by a mob of 20 black guys while he was sitting on his own front porch. He was beaten almost to death and left in critical condition (where he remains), and one of the attackers walked off saying, “Now, that’s justice for Trayvon.”

        Unlike the Trayvon Martin shooting, of course, no-one has been arrested in this incident. And the president hasn’t made any public comment on it at all. Hmmmm,……the silence is deafening.

    • Patriotic nut

      If you believe that vile stuff that you are spewing you are part of the problem. Sure there are some that don’t like Obama because he is part black, but there are also those of us who are the majority that just simply do not like what he is doing. Why do you think that Herman Cain was forced out of the GOP race so quickly? It was because he represented the biggest threat to Obama by removing the race card from play, and by the way, I supported and would have voted for Mr. Cain proudly.

      • bigjeff1

        Herman Cain was forced out of the Republican primary why? Because he was a threat to Obama? So the Republicans don’t want to win? Or maybe they don’t really enjoy their black brothers in any Party. And you really would have voted for Palin? No surprise.

        • stevor

          The GOP is just the other leg of the Elite. They have CHOSEN their guy and informed everybody who he is. It is romney BUT that’s a fraud, too.
          Romney is only being dangled up in front of obama as the possible NEXT PUPPET of the Elite because they WANT barry to accomplish his GIVEN AGENDA as soon as possible or they’ll put in the NEXT PUPPET, romney.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So you are a racist plain and simple.
      Better get with the measuring of melanin in your skin to make sure that you create enough of the proper shade because there other nuts like you who will like to displace you either becuse you are too light or too dark.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        My response was also to bigjeff1.

    • Charles Moore

      Are you that ignorant?
      1, U,S. Senator Obama who taught U,S, Constituional law for 10 years stated that any U.S.President that doesn’t consult Congress before engaging in hostitlites with another Contry unless the Security of the U,S, or its Citizens is at stake is guilty of an Unconstitutional act. POTUS Obama engaged in hostilities with Libya without consulting Congress.
      2. Do an Internet search on “Commerce”. Wikipedia is excellent. Oil Rigs are Commerce. According to the U.S Constitution only Congress has the sole power to regulate Commerce. The Gulf Oil moratorium usurped the powers of Congress and was Unconstitutional.
      3. Clinton increased drilling on Federal Land by 58% and GWB by 116%, This is why it was $1.84 when Obama took office. Obama decreased drilling on Federal lands by 30% and restricted it further with the illegal Gulf oil Moratorium
      4.In the three years that Obama has been in office he has increased the Deficit more than any President in U.S.History.

      This is just the tip of the iceberg. I suppose that if you are Ignorant and uninformed that one would be so ignorant as to believe this Racist nonsense. Obama would never have been elected if this was the case. The Majority of voters believed this silver tongued snake oil salesman in spite of his history and socialist background and only experience as a community organizer. He can’t run on his record of bad polices and destroying the Country so he plays the Race card and divides the Country through Class and Gender Warfare. The question is “how many people are ignorant enough to fall for it and are too incompetent to research the facts?

  • Patriotic nut

    My previous comment was in response to bigjeff1.

  • Barb Patton

    A very good article. This kind of thing is happening here in America and there will never never bee a solution to the white/black problem. The blacks in this country fail to realize that all the murders and atrocities that are meted out against blacks are blacks themselves, but they will continue to blame the honkeys. The ayatollah barack hussien obama is a very very evil man and not surprising so is his puppet master george soros.. Having come from a black country that has a black presidnet (who does not eat dog meat) I can assure you that I do not care a tinker’s benediction for the color of his skin, I care about the manner in which he runs the country. Enough said.

  • jopa

    Americans are actually truly amazed at the accomplishments of our President despite the do nothing Congress and the Commies led by Boehner.GM the #1 auto maker in the world now, Usama Bin Laden food for a sea slug, the stock market over 13000, 25 months of continual job growth, America is respected around the world once again, the war in Iraq is over and the troops in Afghanistan will be home shortly.The list goes on and on but there is only so much room in cyberspace.With the up coming elections we will probably see a housecleaning and more of the Teabagger type and Blue dog Democrats will be taking a hike.America is once again beginning to shine like the New World Trade Center glistening above the NY city skyline.

    • 45caliber


      What have you been drinking? I’d like to get some of it. It seems to make you nice and rosy…

    • Brad

      Jopa, please check to make sure your rose color glasses are correct.

    • stevor

      Good things happen DESPITE obama. He’s done NOTHING to promote anything good. Regarding bin Laden, he DIED IN 2001, as WORLD LEADERS announced back then. Since barry’s “killing” of him was a FRAUD that was about to be Exposed, those SEAL guys that were witnesses had to be KILLED!

      • Karolyn

        Can you provide proof of your assertions?

      • Brad

        Karolyn, can you prove his assersions are wrong? If so please provide a resouse for the rest od us.

      • Karolyn

        Bradd – I was under the impression that the accuser has to prove what they are accusing someone of. Rumors are a big problem in this type of discussion. Somebody hears something in passing and reiterates it without even knowing where it came from and whether it’s true or not. If it suits their purpose, it is assumed to be true.

        • needfulthings

          Okay Karolyn I’m ah gonna type real slow fo yous ………

          Even cheney’s righthand meat puppet dub-ya said he couldn’t find him, and don’t ya think they would take credit?????

          YES! yer right Karolyn This president had nothing to do with ALL da good tangs except a few listed here ( now read real slow like so’s ya don’t hurt any of the parts above yo neck!

          1.BROAD POLICY:
          2.The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA): a $789 billion economic stimulus plan. ref
          3.US auto industry rescue plan. ref, ref
          4.Start-Up activity now higher than it was during the dotcom boom. ref
          5.Created task force to fight deficit. ref
          6.Worker, Homeownership, and Business Assistance Act of 2009. ref
          7.Temporary extension of programs under the Small Business Act and the Small Business Investment Act of 1958. ref
          9.Increased minority access to capital. ref
          10.$26 billion aid to states package (Aug 2010). ref
          11.TARGETED ACTIONS:12.Raised the small business investment limit to $250,000 through the end of 2009. ref
          13.Created an Advanced Manufacturing Fund to invest in peer-reviewed manufacturing processes. ref
          14.Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act – establishes a Federal “Do Not Pay” list. ref
          15.Extended and indexed the 2007 Alternative Minimum Tax patch. ref
          16.Adopted Economic Substance tax doctrine. ref
          17.Extended unemployment insurance benefits and temporarily suspend taxes on these benefits. ref ref
          18.Economy grew 5.9% in 4th quarter. ref
          19.U.S. Economy: Manufacturing grew by most since 2004. ref
          20.U.S. GDP up 3.2% in first quarter. ref
          21.Consumer spending showed biggest rise in 3 years. ref
          22.Orders for most durable goods rose. ref
          23.Wholesale inventories and sales rose in March. ref
          24.$26 billion state aid bill triggered a surge of private municipal investment. ref
          25.EXHIBITS – THE STIMULUS ONE YEAR LATER:26.Success of the stimulus–how do you illustrate ‘could have been worse’? ref
          27.Distribution of ARRA funds by year. ref
          28.Need for financial education: Investors who act on their own do worse than T-bills; market timers earn negative returns. ref
          29.Consumer debt patterns (revolving and non-revolving) through end of 2009. ref
          30.Growth of the national debt from 2000-2009. ref
          31.Bar chart showing increases in national debt by President (since Carter). ref
          32.Pie chart: 2009 annual deficit contrasting large Bush tax cuts and relatively small ARRA. ref
          33.THE LEGACY: AUGUST 2010
          34.The Economy Has Been Growing – seasonally adjusted change in GDP by quarter 2007-2010. ref
          35.The Private Sector Has Begun to Add Jobs – Monthly change in nonfarm employment 2008-2010. ref
          36.GDP would have been lower without the Recovery Act (2007-2013 projection) (scroll down to Part III to see chart). ref
          37.Unemployment would have been higher without ARRA (2008-2010). ref
          38.The gap between actual and full-employment GDP would have been much larger without TARP and ARRA (2008-2010). ref
          40.Public Sector Lost 316,000 jobs October 09-July 10 (state aid negotiated out of ARRA by GOP). ref
          41.Section curator ^roytoric

      • Jay

        What you say is true, Karolyn. So where’s the proof that it was in fact Osama, that was killed?

    • Karolyn

      Unfortunately, jopa, too many people want to only see what’s being done that is not to their liking and what’s not being done. They would not even deign to recognize anything good to come out of any administration they did not support.

    • Charles Moore

      Are you really that ignorant?The Republican House has passed over 30 pieces of Major legislation including three Budgets and Jobs Bills.The Senate controlled by the Democrats has shelved them all and not even allowed an up or down vote. Apparently you are the puppet and believe the Republicans are the Obstructionist and do nothing part of Congress put out by your idol Obama. Want to know how you can tell if Obama is being untruthful? His lips are moving. As for General Motors. The news that released today was that General Motors still owes the taxpayers almost 28 Billion dollars. This Administration had an IPO with some of the shares it owns as collateral. In order for the tax payers to break even it had to sell at 55. It sold at 34. Even though the Stock Market has been up 20% since that time GM is 15% below its offering which was bad enough.

  • 45caliber

    “Obama’s Incompetence May Fuel Racial Violence”

    Is it incompetence? Or is it a deliberate action designed to stir up trouble??

    • stevor

      YES, it’s on PURPOSE. His puppeteer, George Soros, wants a New World Order and the biggest thing in the way of that is the USA. Thus he NEEDs to destroy the USA to fulfill his AGENDA

  • Mutantone

    The real point is that Obama is setting up riots and unrest as a grounds to declare Marshall law to suspend the elections, why else has he openly requested that the “Occupiers” and their union funded members get more violent? Why has his rhetoric been geared totally towards racial inequality allowing the Black Panthers unfettered freedoms to intimidate even offer a reward for Zimmerman dead or alive and said nothing about it?
    He is setting up for civil unrest to suspend the elections as the only means he has to take another four years as president his various acts of treason ignoring the Constitution should be warning enough for all Americans to see, why else would he place Muslim Brotherhood members inside of homeland security and as advisers in the White House that shortly after their placement all of the CIA’s agents in the Middle East were named their locations given and they were hunted down and killed!

  • John

    Great Article, but there are really two themes here with the Headline only capturing the racial component. I lived through the Trudeau years and the political divisions at the expense of the country are playing out here in America. It was common during the Trudeau years to be English in Quebec and have your car vandalized; have your children bullied at school for being English speaking; Shopkeepers would turn their backs on you and Trudeau would stoke the Anti English sentiment amongst the French to secure Quebec as one mighty voting block for his continued re-election. Meanwhile he promised the gullible English that his way was the way to a United Canada all the while dividing Canada. This political approach is being used by Obama to secure the black vote regardless of competency; but since the % of black voters is not significant enough he is attempting to co-op the Latino vote; look for a push for 2nd language and government services in Spanish to co-op the Latino vote and further divide America.

    The second theme here is the socialist direction which Trudeau took the country. If you looked at his background prior to being elected you would find someone who was a liberal intellectual ; who spent time in China during his formative years and espoused and delivered a socialist agenda. If we look at Obama’s past and his associations and his books; we see that he is merely doing what he said he would do. The only surprise is how many American voters were so desperate to believe his hope and change would be in the direction of what is good for America not what is good for Obama and his socialist agenda.

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      I disagree John, I lived in Montreal in the 50′s and sixties and I can tell you that it was the opposite. French speaking people were always treated like 2nd class citizens and not respected. The british ruling and upper class almost had their own apartheid system. So this was just a natural reaction to decades of abuse.

      I think Trudeau although not perfect, but who is, did the country a favor and instituted many great things. If there’s anything wrong with Canada today it is because of the mean, conservative Harper policies who basically followed Bush policies.

      The only thing worth remembering about Trudeau is this.

      John Lennon said, after talking with Trudeau for 50 minutes, that Trudeau was “a beautiful person” and that “if all politicians were like Pierre Trudeau, there would be world peace.”

      • Jazzabelle

        WOW…. the only thing worth remembering about a politician was what a rock star thought of him??

        Trudeau must’ve been a totally forgettable guy….

      • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

        You can interpret and twist that any way you like.

        But just maybe we should “give peace a chance”

      • Jazzabelle

        Unfortunately, you (and Lennin) seem to think that “peace” involves socialism. Except that eventually you will run out of other people’s money … and a violent revolution results. So much for peace. Study history and you will see that this is the way it works.

  • FreedomFighter

    Republicans Push For Department of Homeland Security Takeover of National Parks

    Legislation pending in the U.S. House of Representatives that is being falsely touted as improving U.S. border security would instead “have the potential to devastate 54 of America’s national parks, historic sites, national monuments and other popular park icons and negatively impact the nation’s economy,” according to a warning issued today by the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees (CNPSR). H.R. 1505, the mistitled “National Security and Federal Lands Protection Act,” would gut a century’s worth of proven federal lands protection, potentially opening up millions of pristine acres of national parks to off-road vehicle use, road construction, air strips and helipads, fencing, base installations, and other disruptions.

    This radical legislation introduced by Rep. Rob Bishop (R-UT) would suspend the enforcement of almost all the nation’s environmental laws on all lands under the jurisdiction of the Departments of the Interior and Agriculture within 100 miles of the northern border with Canada and the southern border with Mexico.

    It would change the targeted national park and other federal areas into security zones and leave priceless resources unprotected. Such dramatic changes to the integrity of our national parks and forests would almost certainly damage local economies, which have evolved to depend on the tourism, jobs, and related economic benefits generated by these national assets.

    Why would families seeking the natural and cultural wonders and transformative outdoor experiences of our national parks choose to visit such Border Patrol-controlled areas criss-crossed by new roads, penetrated by noisy all-terrain vehicles, and dominated by tactical infrastructure?

    These guys need be voted out of office.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Jazzabelle

      But it only applies to federal lands that are within 100 miles of our national borders. Does this have something to do with our ability to secure our borders?

      I remember reading something awhile back about how the INS couldn’t chase the illegals and their drugs through the national parks near the border because their vehicles weren’t allowed or something. Just an excuse from the feds, of course … but it sounds like somebody in Congress wants to take away their pathetic excuses. Good for them.

      • rock thomson

        This is a fact. There are fed. pks. that do not allow BP or other LE entities to drive on the property even tho’ thousands upon thousands of Illegals and drug mules trash the place constantly. Some of the politicians/traitors are actually working with the Mex. cartels to try and get more of the border areas classified as fed. pks. so as to keep LE off but to allow the cartels free access ie: Raul Grijalva (AZ) is well known for his contacts with the Mex. Cartels and La Raza.

    • Charles Moore

      Nonsense. Obama is trying to confiscate land and convert it to Government use so that there can not be any drilling for oil on it. Oik drilling on Federal Lands incresed 58% under Clinton and 116% under GWB. This is why a gallon of gasoline went from $4.00 to $1.84 when Obama took office. Obama reduced drilling on Federal land 30% and restricted it even further with the illegal Gulf Oil Moratorium. Apparently it has slipped your mind that your idol Obama went to Brazil and helped them attain 2 Billion dollars in Loans for Oil Drilling right after the illegal oil moratroium. and told them that we would be their best customer. The Oil output in Brazil has now doubled and 58.5% of that oil is exported to the U,S, Schumer (D) went to Saudi Arabia and begged then to increase their output to us. What the naive, and ignorant don’t understand is that Oil is now a Global commodity. It is no longer local supply and demand by Country with the demands of China and India. The U.S. must now compete with the rest of the World for the available supply and as long as we must export 60% of our Oil abroad and the Democrats and Obama insist that we will pay whatever it costs as long as there is not drilling here then the prices will continue to go up. It should be common sense that the more we become less dependent on available World supply and the competition for it that the better it will be for us. This is not Rocket Science. Instead of investigating the facts and doing the research people are only capable of parroting misinformation by the Intel Hub or other Obama organs.

  • thom c.

    on this issue alone is why Herman Cain was so threatening to the left because the divide is used for empowerment … i wish someone would poll (non-blacks) who supported Cain how many voted for Obama? … we all know the answer very very few if not 0% … liberals NEED racisism to be alive and well so getting Cain out was necessary

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Thom C
      “Liberals need racism to be alive”
      You sir, (like Cain, Palin, Bachman, Santorum), are a moron.
      We have enough problems, we don’t need another moron in the white house. 8 years of Bush was enough thank you.

      • 45caliber

        But you are willing to settle for the idiot that’s in there now. Thanks, but I prefer the moron. He’s a LITTLE smarter.

      • JeffH

        So says the self proclaimed progressive ,and now also a fascist, Eric the Red!

        “Progressivism was a major reform movement that began in the late 1800s. The movement shared the intellectual roots of European state theorists such as Hegel and Marx. In 20th century Europe their ideas came to fruition in the forms of communism in Russia, national socialism––that is, Naziism––in Germany, and fascism in Italy, respectively.

        These movements were ideological cousins of American Progressivism, certainly not isolated from one another; their respective leaders read the same philosophers and made the same arguments, albeit in their respective cultural contexts.”

        No advance, no progress can be made beyond these propositions. If anyone wishes to deny their truth or their soundness, the only direction in which he can proceed historically is not forward, but backward toward the time when there was no equality, no rights of the individual, no rule of the people.
        - Freedom Lessons

        Those who wish to proceed in that direction cannot lay claim to progress. They are reactionary. Their ideas are not more modern, but more ancient, than those of the Revolutionary fathers.” (President Coolidge-July 5, 1926)

  • Pathfinder1

    Obama is not incompetent and knows exactly what he is doing. He and his and his wife have , by their own words proven themselves racists and anti-American. Obama spent nine years in a Kenyan muslim school, then another 20 years with the likes of rev Wright and black liberation theology. Obama again by his own words is out to “Fundamentally Change America” and that translates to destroying America as we know it. Obama is not alone. He along with his cronies and supporters (George Soros, the corrupt press among them) have an agenda that will socially and financially enslave America. They will “divided and will conquer” if we let them.

  • http://Sondra Sondra Clark

    Isn’t it time we include the House & Senate? 535 people that begged for their jobs knowing they would be required to take an oath to support & defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign & domestic, an obligation taken freely, ending “So help me God”. Since we Americans are trusting, generous people we offer those that have not adhered to their oath a chance to step down & promise not to run for any public office again.
    Don’t we owe something to the million brave men & women that have & continue to fight & die for the Constitution, our representative republic, freedom, liberty and justice for all?

  • Freedomrules

    For all you leftists out there, go tell the owner of the company you work for (assuming you have a job) what a greedy S.O.B. he/she is and how Big Brother should take more of his hard earned profit. Maybe he’ll get the point and give more by taking it from your salary …or eliminating your job!

    • Eric Bischoff (@ericbischoff)

      Freedomrules, You’ve made the left’s case. They are SOBs. Working in Information and Technology, I have inside info on the corruption and the cheating of both the employees, the share holders and the government. And I know this is not an isolated case it’s the norm. It’s business as usual.

      Cooperative Worker Owned Corporations is the answer.

      • 45caliber


        Cooperative Worker Owned Corporations? Really? That’s what Russia and other Communist countries tried. And it failed. Big time. All you end up with is someone who has no money in the pot taking out all of it. Regardless of what you intend, there are always a small group of people who end up in charge and taking all the money. I prefer that they at least put up their own money to begin with and then try to work to make more than someone who simply sits there and gets it all.

      • te smith

        Youi agree

  • Waldeck Charles

    Which president pushed America in the red?
    Obama became president because America was deep into the red. Get your facts straight!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      So answer the question? The second sentence is not the answer.

    • 45caliber


      I don’t believe anyone said anything about American NOT being in the red when Oblama took over. Does that mean that he can be excused for running is far deeper into the red? No. His whole job was to get us OUT of the red! So far he’s failed to even start on that.

  • Murcile H.

    Why is it so easy to over look the true facts. I know many have a problem respectfully calling our president : President Obama, fact 2; I dare you all accuse him of doing a bad job. No one runs The United States Of America alone. Every plan has a beginning and an ending, almost every bill brought to congress was shot down and he had to spend more time fighting congress for one bill after the other. We as a country need to stay the course re-elect President Obama, elect a congress that will work with our President not fight and beat his plans down. How will we ever know if he plans for the better of our country would work. To all of you who has fought him for the past 3/12 years , you have shown Americans how little value our lives. And you know who you are. Dame anything or anyone to have things your way , not that your way is any better , Your Bill/ Plans will have pros and cons and some of us will suffer as well. We all know a new President means starting over. We can not afford to do this

    • Jazzabelle

      Murcile wrote: “I dare you all accuse him of doing a bad job.” Um, hello, have you read ANY of the other comments? OR the article? Lots of us took your dare before you offered it. Care to say anything else of relevance?

      Murcile wrote: “How will we ever know if he plans for the better of our country would work.” You must be one of the very, very few people on this site who HASN’T been paying any attention at all for the past 3+ years.

      Murcile wrote: “To all of you who has fought him for the past 3/12 years , you have shown Americans how little value our lives.” No; OBAMA has spent the last 3+ years showing how little HE values OUR lives (and freedom).

      Murcile wrote: “We all know a new President means starting over. We can not afford to do this.” We can’t afford NOT to.

    • Patriotic nut

      Murcile H. President Obama is doing a horrible job and I wish someone would inform him he is not allowed to run this country alone. I certainly do not want to see the end of his plan. As for the congress shooting down his plans I must ask, which party controlled both houses of congress for his first two years in office? I might add the most destructive two years in our history. I will not stay the course if his is the course to which you refer. If you think he has been fought on every front to this point I would suggest that you don’t want to see him get a second term, for the fight will intensify by twenty fold. Finally, we will not be starting over if there is a new president, we will, for a period, be repairing the damage this cabal has done.

      • Charles Moore

        The Repubican House has passed over 30 pieces of Major Legislation including three Budgets and Jobs Bills. The Senate controlled by the Democrats won’t even allow an up or down vote on them. Yet the Democrats haven’t even submitted a Budget in almost three years even though they controlled both houses of Congress from January 3, 2007-2011 and also the White House since January 2009. Oil drilling on Federal lans increased 58% under Clinton and 116% under GWB. This is why a gallon of gasoline was down form $4.00 to $1.84 when Obama took office. Obama decreased drilling on Federal lands by 30% and restricted it even further with the illegal Gulf Oil Moratorium. He has increased the debt in three years more than any President in U.S History. We can’t afford any more of his “plans”.

    • 45caliber


      Boy, you really believe their hype, don’t you? Congress shoots down his stuff? If you check, he got more through the first couple of years than any other President can claim. (And most of it was bad, but that’s not the issue here.) He’s gotten a lot since then. I think you should actually do some checking instead of simply listening to some liberal trying to alibi him.

    • Dean Palmer

      If you truly believe your own words, then I can certainly see why our country is in the sad state it’s in. It’s a sad state where a charismatic politician with no experience or credentials and too much ambition, greed, and a lust for power and worship moved masses of under-educated people with his charm, rhetoric, and baseless promises that had little chance for success even in a strong economy. You and other Obama supporters – obviously lacking any knowledge of history or any real understanding of economics – can’t see that the numbers just don’t add up. Indeed, many of you still might believe that the world is flat and that the Apollo moon landings were conducted on a Hollywood movie set. These kinds of people buy whatever is marketed to them that’s cool and popular and sincerely believes that the government really does have their best interests at heart, and pays more attention to ball games, American Idol and what Oprah did today than what’s going on in their nation’s capitol. Then, if anyone speaks out against their hero, they either play the race card or say the rest of us just don’t understand. What I understand is this: I am an engineer, and never have I had as much trouble getting and keeping a job as I do now, and never in my life have I made so little money. I’ve watched horrified as my country has slowly and insidiously moved from a secure and powerful place of growth, leadership and democracy where the People are in charge of their own lives to a stagnant state of socialism and a mass social embrace of communism where the wealthy possess all the assets and the federal government has total power over the people. Greed is the new law of the land and where there is money to be made, any means suits the end. Scandals and corruption in the highest corporate and government offices runs rampant and there is no accountability, and a devalued dollar drives our cost of living higher and higher. This all reminds me of a Chicago mob scene of the 1920′s! Meanwhile, Obama’s government spends billions of our tax dollars “bailing out” the corrupt banks and corporations that caused the current economic collapse in the first place. We owe China and other countries more money than this country is worth and yet the country descends deeper and deeper into national debt with no end in sight. And to top it all off, the United Nations is moving slowly and steadily towards a One World Order with the total endorsement of the US Government. Yet Obama lovers believe that these problems are caused because the rest of us haven’t been supporting the president well enough. It’s like you repeatedly hit yourself on the foot with a hammer, then blame the hammer because it hurts! Alas, I suppose there is no way to get people to see what’s really going on in the world when they are only willing to see what they want to see – or what they’re told to see on the television. If you really like the way things are going in America, then go ahead and vote again for this president. You’ll get more of the same, only things are going to get much worse. Realize that if communism and a socialist economy was such a great way to be, then Russia would right now be the most powerful and prosperous nation on Earth. They’re not. But I know that these are advanced concepts that you may struggle to understand and your having no knowledge of world history will not help. Until you can divorce yourselves from the lies, deceptions and empty promises you see on TV, or better yet, turn off the damn TV and get yourselves educated and learn some history, you will never see and understand that the direction the country is going is never going to work. It can’t work. The economy is going to get worse and soon, the nation will collapse into chaos and violence, the standing government will fall or give up its power, and the country will eventually fall under foreign rule. I cannot possibly support a president and a prevailing social attitude that seeks to drive the country I love into ruin under the guise of “Change”. This not a change that I or my children can live with.

  • ed chin

    race riots !! hell yes ! if gives blacks to go on a shopping spree again ! remember 92 in la., katrina ,swrming in convience stores and ao many other incidents that they feel the have the right to act ih crimminal behavior ?? think about it and remember the past acts of stupidity. why hasnt the o told his black followers to behave like good citizens ? COME ON AMERICA WAKE UP !! OH BY THE WAY , I’M A MINORITY ALSO BUT WONT BEHAVE LIKE THESE PEOPLE DO !!

  • Dolor

    Everyone knows that he is racist and is pushing racism to the black people. I hope they are too smart to be used.

  • simian_pete

    Good article John !

    So who is really responsible when a “good” candidate gets elected, then turns “bad” ? President Obama persuaded the majority of voters in 2008…

    Now 2012 is here, will the voters re-elect Mr. Obama ? It’s time for all of us to look in the mirror. Those who voted for Mr. Obama are responsible for what is happening.

    Now we have a chance to change course, Ron Paul is the solution. Vote for Ron Paul in 2012 ! Hopefully Ron Paul will be running under a different Party if Romney gets the Repubs nomination….

    Ron Paul NOW !!! 2012 !!!

    • Jazzabelle

      Good post simian_pete! But, are you suggesting that a candidate, like Obama, who gets a majority of the vote is therefore a “good candidate?”

    • 45caliber


      But you would be RACIST if you don’t vote for Oblama! You wouldn’t want to be RACIST, would you?

  • JeffH

    Back when Barack Obama was a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, he assigned Derrick Bell’s readings in class. In particular, he assigned the introduction to Bell’s book, Faces at the Bottom of the Well. Bell’s book was highly controversial, and for good reason: it contains some of the most inflammatory racial material in the critical race theory canon. And the introduction is chock-full of it.

    • JeffH

      ***Barack Obama has studied Black Liberation Theology, Alinsky & Marxism and Cloward-Pivens and fully understands how Marxism and Black Liberation Theology can be used as powerfull political tool.

      Black Liberation Theology as Marxist Victimology
      Black Liberation Theology actually encourages a victim mentality among blacks.

      John McWhorters’ book “Losing the Race”, will be helpful here. Victimology, says McWhorter, is the adoption of victimhood as the core of one’s identity — for example, like one who suffers through living in “a country and who lived in a culture controlled by rich white people.” It is a subconscious, culturally inherited affirmation that life for blacks in America has been in the past and will be in the future a life of being victimized by the oppression of whites. In today’s terms, it is the conviction that, 40 years after the Civil Rights Act, conditions for blacks have not substantially changed.

      Perhaps it is the Marxism imbedded in Obama’s attendance at Trinity Church that should raise red flags. “Economic parity” and “distribution” language implies things like government-coerced wealth redistribution, perpetual minimum wage increases, government subsidized health care for all, and the like. One of the priorities listed on Obama’s campaign website reads, “Obama will protect tax cuts for poor and middle class families, but he will reverse most of the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest taxpayers.”

      Black Liberation Theology, originally intended to help the black community, may have actually hurt many blacks by promoting racial tension, victimology, and Marxism which ultimately leads to more oppression. As the failed “War on Poverty” has exposed, the best way to keep the blacks perpetually enslaved to government as “daddy” is to preach victimology, Marxism, and to seduce blacks into thinking that upward mobility is someone else’s responsibility in a free society.

  • Dean Palmer

    Funny how some people so conveniently play the Race Card when things aren’t going the way they think it should with this president! Good grief – I was so hoping that human society had grown beyond these kinds of petty positions and archaic attitudes. So I’m calling foul. It’s time that this society grows up, calls a spade a spade and faces the real and difficult issues of our current situation: That Barack H. Obama was NOT qualified to hold the office of the US President by either experience, education nor temperament. I wouldn’t have hired him for a job at Walmart much less for president of the United States given his sadly lacking resume’ and his unwillingness to provide documented and verifiable proof of his citizenship, education and background! He comes to us out of the woodwork with little to no experience in Government, Finance, The Economy or Foreign Policy, and his total ignorance and lack of understand of U.S. and World History makes him a bumbling, stumbling bombastic fumbleton bouncing and flailing about the White house with delusions of grandeur. I’m sure he was a great Community Organizer, but he hasn’t the necessary background and certainly no clue whatsoever about American values and ideals, nor it’s goals or the fundamental principles it was founded on. He did however possess that ‘ol charismatic gift of gab – a Teleprompter Titillator in a suit and tie who was able to charismatically move masses of un or under-educated people of all races and social status enticing them to cast their votes for him. They could have voted for the Easter Bunny and achieved the same results but without all the drama and scandal, and power grabbing Pharaoh complex. The reality is that none of this has anything to do with race or color – at least for the rest of us. If any of you really believe that we don’t like this president because he’s black probably also believe that we are in a better state now as a nation than we were before he was elected. Once you pull your heads out of the sand and take a good look around and admit you made a bad choice for president, we may have a chance to turn things around in this country. He said once during his campaign that,”America is the greatest nation in the world, and I’m going to change it!”. Yeah, right. Just what we needed! Here we are three and a half years later and so many have lost their jobs; so many have lost their homes. So much for Change. But the good news is there’s a chance this situation can be fixed – and yes, it’s gonna hurt. Personally, I’ll take the pain for the chance of gaining a better and more prosperous nation in the end. Come on people – try to get past this old race crap. I know you can do it!

    • EJ

      All of you need to learn your facts, figure out who’s behind this. Why the Chaos? Why the Chaos Theory, then you’ll find your answer. This will go on forever otherwise. Some people just like Chaos and thrive on it. Are you all so blind to not see this? Do you really think that everyone has ‘good intent’? No, think destruction for destructions’ sake. And seeing their enjoyment as we fools try to fix things over and over. As we fools ‘pray’ to God. That’s their glory, that’s what they live for… our sorrow, our pain, our foolish prayers, and our stupidity to not see and recognize them.

      • 45caliber


        Take a look at Soros, the lib money man and hero. He has acquired ALL his money by encouraging things to become chaotic. He is a Jew … but he spend WWII as a young man turning in Jews to the Gestopo and robbing their houses after they were arrested. He makes his money now by ruining the economy of a country and then taking advantage of that chaos to take control of everything.

    • chuckb

      great comment dean palmer, you make the point a lot of people missed. most people voting for barry did so because of his skin color. very few questioned his qualification.
      now we have a real problem, the guy has the country in a mess, the blacks don’t care either way he’s black that’s all that counts, if he loses in november they will most likely riot in the city, thank you bleeding hearts.

      some say we need to vote in walter williams or thomas sowell, really? why, because they are black? people need to get off this color bit, let’s elect our president by his qualifications, both those men probably qualify and yet maybe they don’t, however, sowell seems to talk a good fight.

  • http://N/A HapHarris

    Short of a lengthy essay: Henry Kissinger was ordered by the Criminal Power Elite to find someone to bring us into the New World Order. He selected BO and had him groomed by elements in the CIA. They knew he would be President as early as 1994. It’s not likely he will be defeated; but if he is they have Mittens Romney standing by. THEY WANT RACIAL CONFLICT IN THE STREETS-! THEY WANT WAR WITH IRAN-! THEY WANT WORLDWIDE ECONOMICAL COLLAPSE-! THEY CAN’T WAIT TO IMPLEMENT MARSHAL LAW [FOR WHATEVER REASON] SO THEY MAY TAKE COMPLETE CONTROL OF THE WORLD GOVERNMENT-! And, it all starts in the United States because we are the ones armed to the teeth. I’ve been studying this scenario [12 to 16 hrs. daily for the last six and a half years. I’m confident about what I’m telling you. it is all coming down because they have managed to mislead, dumb down, and outright lie to us until they now consider us as stupid as a box of rocks. When the trucks stop running and you discover that food doesn’t come from supermarkets, you will understand what going on.

    • nc

      Sure you are, Hap!!! How soon will you be allowed to play with sharp scissors?

    • Karolyn

      12-16 hours a day or the past 6.5 years! OMG! You poor thing!

  • Average Joe


    “but when faced with a contingent who denigrates anyone willing to hold a reasoned conversation as ‘socilaist’ or “marxist’”

    Care to ellaborate on who or what this “contingent” might be?
    I tend to talk to people on a one to one basis…not in or as… groups or cliques. I treat everyone as an individual when I talk them…because everyone’s experiences in life are different…each person is a distinct individual…I don’t call all liberals or Democrats idiots…..because clearly there are some that are rational in their thinking (Dennis Kuccinch comes to mind)….just as I don’t claim that all conservatives or Republicans are the sharpest of bowling balls…clearly there are some idiots in the crowd (Linsey Grahm comes to mind). The point is, stop treating it as “group therapy” (because one size doesn’t fit all)….make the crusade a personal crusade (one on one). Stop labling people and treat them as the individuals they are….Teach by example….not by force.

    Sometimes it is how the message is delivered…rather than the message itself that determines whether the message is heard… or not.

  • UWorlds1

    I just find it amazing how many people on this board have the NERVE to blame President Obama for the racism in the U.S. I guess he is to blame for slavery also…which is the reason we have so much racism. White people have never fully accepted blacks as humans, and these boards goes to show how ignorant you people are. You don’t know the history of the U.S. Like you are also saying about black people, white people have to take some responsiblity for the way the U.S. is today.

    Reagonomics, police profiling, the massive incarceration of blacks, the lose of human capitol. You people would rather bring in foreignors than give jobs to your own citizens because of the color of their skin.

    It would suit you right that in the next ten years whites will be the minority. And believe me some people from across the border are so ready to kick you to the curb.

    • JeffH

      “There is another class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do do not want to lose their jobs.”
      – Booker T. Washington, “Up from Slavery” circa 1901

      And who is the other class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles?

    • 45caliber

      If the whites are so unaccepting of the blacks, why do I see so many cross racial marriages now vs. 40 years ago or more?

      While the whites have to accept that some of us are racist, the blacks need to do the same thing.

    • Average Joe

      Got started on the Koolaid early today,huh?

      Believe it or not, white folks don’t get up every morning worrying about how we are gonna screw up the black community today. On the contrary, white people get up everyday and worry about what they are going to do to support their families, pay their bills and make it through the next week.
      Is it White America’s fault that the black community has the highest rate of abortion in the nation?
      Is it White America’s fault the the black community has the highest rate of unwed mothers in the nation?Is it White America’s fault that the black community has the highest dropout rate in the nation?
      Is it White America’s fault that the majority of the crimes committed against blacks are perpatrated by other blacks?
      Is it White America’s fault that a large percentage of black men choose not to marry their children’s mothers or take care of their children?
      Is it White America’s faultthat a large percentage of black males choose to commit ciminal acts, rather than work at a legitimat job?
      Somehow, I get the impression that the black community does more harm to itself than the white race could ever dream of ( not that they would actually dream of it).

      Maybe you need to go back up the page and read my post from Pat Buchanan and learn a thing or two about the real world…..and stop whining….it isn’t pretty…and it doesn’t help your case…..And last, but not least, if you want to end racism…start at home. You must first walk the walk before talking the talk ( your post says that you don’t walk the walk)…..Lead by example.

      • Patriotic nut

        Average Joe, to be honest a lot of the things you asked about being the fault of white America is actually the fault of white American Democrats. The reason for so many unwed black mothers is because of the welfare state the demoncrats created and trapped the blacks into. The blacks were smart enough to game the system when they found that if they married the father(s) of the kids their welfare draw went down. They also figured out that if they were to get a job the punishment was a swift cut in their benefits that outweighed the salary they earned. I believe it has been done by design and sold to the black community as “Help from the government” for as long as the demoncrats maintained the power. They have, the demoncrats, set the trap and sprung it on the blacks. Now they intend to do the same to illegal aliens and trap them into the welfare state. Why do you think they oppose voter ID laws?

      • Average Joe

        Patriotic nut,
        I agree with you 100% on all points. My point is that they’ve had the same opportunities as the rest of us, if not more (through affirmative action etc.) and they’ve chosen to damage their own community, by taking the handouts rather than trying to better themselves through education and gainful employment
        Let’s face it, if we weren’t sending so much of our tax dollars to Uncle Sam to pay for all of these “entitlement programs”, there would be a lot more money in the economy….to create more jobs.
        As I stated above, they abort their own children at a higher rate, drop out of school at a higher rate than any other ethnicity, fathers don’t take responsiblity for their children and they would rather take up illegal activities than to work an actual job ( so they can stay elligible for those handouts)……Most remind me of the Fred G. Sanford mentality….without the humor.
        Don’t get me wrong, there are many blacks who have pulled themselves up from the muck and made something of themselves and their lives. I commend them for their efforts and applaude them for their audacity to break away from the stereotypical…”woe is me” attitude shown by the majority of black folks. The difference is that those who have done something…did so… by taking responsibility….for their own lives…rather than trying to blame someone else for their misfortunes… isn’t about skintone…it’s about attitude.

      • UWorlds1

        I can’t stop racism in America…it is to deeply ingrained in every fabric of society. I don’t know why you people blame blacks for everything. Why should it worry you what blacks do. If we are on the bottom of society I don’t know why spend every waking moment hating on black people.

        You guys should be angry at the jews for the way they are running the Fed. But it is just like cowards to pick on people that really have no economic power.

        And we really have no desire to riot. This country sold it’s soul long ago. It is not worth fighting for.

      • Average Joe

        By blame, do you mean…pointing out what they’ve done to themseves? Sorry, that’s not blame…that is fact. Sometimes you just have to own up to the truth and work to change it. If you want others to have a different view of the black culture…then the black poulation must work to change that view…by changing their behavior. In short sweet terms…You can’t expect people to treat you like a genius…if you continue act a fool. If you want us to have a different view…give us a different view…Got it? Either you want to assimilate into the rest of society…or you want to continue whining and crying that the world ain’t fair….Gues what?…It isn’t…deal with it and grow up…you’re still whining. I mean c’mon…you have your own college fund, your own media channels etc….if the white folks had those things, you’ld be on your high horse hollering at the top of your lungs about racism…..but hey, it’s ok for the black community right? You have interesting values….to say the least….I think your problem…is that you only see color….where we see character.
        From what you have posted, you lack any character…you claim racism while spouting racist comments. Get yourself a mirror…sit in front of it….and do a real assesment of the person you are looking at….spend a very long time doing this.

  • gunfighter

    It is just as racist to vote for a person because of their skin color as to not vote for them because of their skin color. It cuts both ways. Obama’s political record is a sham and that is why he needs to go.

    • 45caliber

      I agree with you. In fact, the most racist people I’ve met are all black. But they insist that only whites are racist – and if you aren’t black, you are white regardless of race.

      • http://herbert brenda

        I heard a black man say on joe pags show , that all white people are born racist . I was appauled to hear him say that . Where does that kinda of nonsense come from ? You got it …….. home . I say if the blacks want to remain on the plantation …. then let them . Just stop trying to take the rest of us with you. You can’t force common sense on people , hell , you can’t even buy common sense , much less get it out of a book.

  • JeffH

    A filing for a Writ of Mandamus by well-known grassroots activist Hugh McInnish that seeks to require a certified, original copy of Obama’s birth certificate authenticated by the Secretary of State before Obama would be allowed on the Alabama presidential ballot in November is valid, says Justice Parker. It has raised “serious questions” about Obama’s alleged long-form “birth certificate” currently available only as an electronic file online – and given the possibility that it is a FORGERY, the State has an obligation to act.

    In a decision written on March 6, 2012, the Alabama State Supreme Court denied McInnish’s demand of obtaining the birth certificate copy before allowing Obama’s name to be placed on the ballot. The denial was not based on the merit of the evidence of forgery of the birth certificate, rather it was denied because they did not believe that the state supreme court had legal jurisdiction of the matter.

    Justice Tom Parker has filed a “special, unpublished concurrence” in the case arguing that Alabama citizen Hugh McInnish’s charges of “forgery” demonstrate legitimate cause for concern.

  • Brad you Ohmama supporters should read this article.

  • lindarm

    HOW can a president like this one expect respect, when he shows total disrepect for all Americans. He’s selective about those he likes and respects. He’s supposed to be the president of OUR country and dissing us is just one way he has disrespected us. Another way, is how he has become a stereotypical racist and he’s a communist on top of that. Lord only knows what his REAL religion is.

  • Chuck

    During the 2008 election I heard of some black people, hopefully not most, who said there’d be violence if Obama lost. I doubt if that’s changed. We need to defeat Obama, but be prepared for trouble.

    • UWorlds1

      I don’t know of any black person that wants violence, the only violence I see are on these so-called freedom boards. It’s funny when I subscribed to this board I thought it was about personal freedoms. Didn’t know it was a hate black people forum.

      • Libertytrain

        I hadn’t noticed the kind of thing you’re talking about except when events like this Zimmerman thing occur and obama takes sides – kind of like he did against the policeman – he’s very polarizing pitting black against white. Sad…he had the power to make a difference to be a real leader – instead he creates a separation – very sad.

      • Jazzabelle

        You see violence on Internet message boards? How?? There aren’t even any pictures here ….

        Sounds like a personal problem. Maybe a shrink could help?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are a typical liar. You have no idea what colors people are on these postings.

  • Danielle

    Why start it out with it may cause violence?? Just say HE NEEDS TO GET OUT OF OFFICE AND WE NEED A REAL AMERICAN TO BE PRESIDENT!! There need be no violence. We just all stand up against the establishment! We use our justice system and put the crooks in jail there is not need for violence. We have a voice and our constitution gives us the right to throw out anyone who isnt doing their job morally and correctly according to the people. Dont vote for Romney. He’s just obama in a white suit. Join the revolution… the intellectual revolution. Vote RON PAUL!

    • UWorlds1

      A real American??????????????

      • needfulthings

        A REAL American !!!!!!! Like all the draft dodging puss-eyes in the In the cheney/dubya administration!

      • Jazzabelle

        No, needfulthings. A REAL American! Are you DEAF?!?!

        • needfulthings

          Not too many of them there REAL americans here! Actually the right has distroyed America, dats been going since ronnie star wars ray-gun, We now have an”OLIGARCHY” or a “PLUTOCRACY” as the corn-servitives like to believe. The only thing left is to rename this land … Should it be “OMERICA” to honor President Obama/ or maybe ‘ OMERIKA” or “AMERIKA’ to honor president cheney and his right hand meat puppet dubya? Most here are so clueless.

    • UWorlds1

      Ron Paul does have a few ideas but he needs to quit the anti-black mantra. It’s old. Just like most of the posters here. Most of the people in America want decent jobs for a decent pay…without being taxed to death. No black I know is inciting violence.

      • JeffH

        You are one sick puppy! Seek some help!

  • Jay

    The parallels between Obama and Roosevelt are both striking and fascinating remembering powerful American Jesuits brought both marionettes to power—”by hook and by crook.”

    Both men were puppets of the Archbishop of New York City via their clandestine association with the Cardinal’s Council on Foreign Relations (CFR); both were socialist-radical Democrats; both were gripping orators; both were winsome with their smiles and eye-contact, each personality possessing an approachable bearing and demeanor; both called for “Change,” which “Change” centralized more power in Washington while further destroying the White Protestant and Baptist Middle Class; both sought to openly lead the Pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment American Empire out of a Jesuit Georgetown University-plotted, CFR-executed economic depression in which both coadjutors played their assigned, devilish parts; both inherited said depressions from previous, CFR-controlled, Republican administrations, Jesuit Coadjutors Hoover and Bush obediently wrecking their economies; both were pro-communist socialists (FDR hosting Soviet Bolsheviks at the White House—according to FDR’s son-in-law Curtis Dall, as well as BDO hosting Red Chinese Communists at the White House on national television!); both attended apostate Protestant, pro-socialist-communist Harvard University; and both headed Harvard university news reviews.

    Further, both were connected to the Jesuits during their political ascendancy (FDR via the New York political machine directed by Archbishop of New York City Patrick Cardinal Hayes, and BDO by means of the Chicago political machine overseen by Archbishop of Chicago Francis Cardinal George; both would promote Jesuit-authored and perfected Fabian-Socialist-Communist-left wing—”secular progressive” (Oh! what a deceptive neo-fascist term constantly employed by Fox News Roman Catholic pundits Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly!)” solutions to deliberately impose economic depressions; both would promote a “Recovery Act;” both would plunge the nation into massive debt (FDR’s $500 Billion “New Deal” and BDO’s $24 Trillion “Bailout”); both would promote national, communal work forces; both would be advised by Jesuits during their tenures as “Commander-in-Chief;” both OPENLY pretended to be the enemies of the big, cartel-capitalist bankers on Wall Street while SECRETLY serving the interests of these very CFR-directed “robber barons” that put them in office; and both would impose a pro-Black and pro-Roman Catholic domestic and foreign policy specifically targeting the nation’s historic White Anglo-Saxon Protestant and Baptist Middle Class for its final, economic destruction.

    Indeed, Jesuit-imposed, Counter-Reformation socialism is the “Final Solution to the Middle Class Question,” that White Middle Class born out of the risen Son of God’s Bible-based Protestant Reformation.

    One more preface of fact: there is no such thing as a “State of the Union” address. The Federal Union of Sovereign American States called “These United States of America” created in 1789 died on July 28, 1868. On that day the 14th Amendment was proclaimed to be “ratified,” the amendment reversing the origin and character of American citizenship, the new national citizenship being “paramount and dominant” and state citizenship being “subordinate and derivative.”

    On that day of infamy, the Pope’s “Holy Roman” 14th Amendment American Empire was born.

    Therefore, the presidential address should be renamed “State of the Empire Address,” more accurately termed “The State of the Jesuit Empire Address.”

  • Lucinda

    Flashy is immersed in the Obama cut of personality. He knows no other way to think. He must be pitied for his ignorance.

    • Jay

      You have to admit, he is very dedicated to the cause; although he is yet to articulate it. He is waiting to surprise us, i suspect. Do you suppose that there might be some indication of such, “the cause”, in his passion-loaded comments? What could it be? hmm…

  • John Thomas

    John says:
    April 25, 2012.

    I would hope whoever becomes President will give us a Financial and Health Care system like our neighbours to the North. Canada.

    • stevor

      really? From what I’ve heard, many of them come down HERE because it takes so long to get anything done up there.

      • needfulthings

        NOT TRUE ! Some will come to the US for medical treatments because we DO have some experts. Thousands of Americans leave here to seek treatments in other countries … That,s Thousands n Thousands of Americans every week !!!!!!

      • Jazzabelle

        Needfulthings…there are reasons that people come to America for medical care (e.g., socialized medicine in their home countries, long waiting lists for critical treatments, etc.) even though just about every treatment is more expensive here.

        There are also reasons that Americans go to other countries for medical care, but they are different reasons. (e.g., other countries don’t have medical industries gripped in the stranglehold of America’s FDA, so “unapproved” but very effective treatments and even CURES are available in other countries but not here. another reason: even standard medical treatments are lots CHEAPER in other countries than in the US)

        This isn’t a zero-sum game. Don’t try to pretend that people who leave the US seeking medical care cancel out people who COME to the US seeking medical care, and if the balance is positive, we’re all good. It doesn’t work that way. Our system has pros and cons, and so do other systems. People in other countries who want our pros and don’t mind our cons will come here seeking care. Americans who can’t stand our cons go elsewhere looking for care. There is nothing wrong with this. It’s called FREE CHOICE.

        • needfulthings

          Its also called a whole lot cheaper , we have the most expensive medical care in the world. There is so much to say on this but its getting way off the main subject. I still hope for a single payer system, much better for all.

    • Jay

      John, go live in Canada for a few years, then come back and re-read your statement!

      • needfulthings

        I live many friends the live in Canda and work in the U.S. 98% are very happy with their health care system and any hole you find in the system can be filled with Private Insurance. Here we have a system where 40 Million Americans have no real insurance to speak of…… no tickey no washy !!!!!!!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What grade are you in?
      Your teacher wrote the words on the board and you tried to put them in a sentence your own way.

  • chuckb

    This is just the way it is

    The White Side of the Story of Negroes

    This is the reason CNN has dropped Buchanan. It’s like Newt G. said the
    other night in the debate. You’re not supposed to bring up uncomfortable
    facts. (verified on Buchanan’s website)

    Finally………… it is said publicly. I have never seen the white side
    explained better! Pat Buchanan had the guts to say it. It is about time.

    By Patrick J. Buchanan
    Barack says we need to have a conversation about race in America .. Fair
    enough. But this time, it has to be a two-way conversation.. White
    America needs to be heard from, not just lectured to…. This time,
    the Silent Majority needs to have its convictions, grievances and
    demands heard. And among them are these:

    First, America has been the best country on earth for black folks. It was
    here that 600,000 black people, brought from Africa in slave ships, grew
    into a community of 40 million, were introduced to Christian salvation, and
    reached the greatest levels of freedom and prosperity blacks have ever
    known.. Jeremiah Wright ought to go down on his knees and thank God he
    is an American.

    Second, no people anywhere has done more to lift up blacks than white
    Americans. Untold trillions have been spent since the ‘ 60s on
    welfare, food stamps, rent supplements, Section 8 housing, Pell
    grants, student loans, legal services, Medicaid, Earned Income Tax
    Credits and poverty programs designed to bring the African-American
    community into the mainstream. Governments, businesses and colleges
    have engaged in discrimination against white folks — with affirmative
    action, contract set-asides and quotas — to advance black applicants
    over white applicants. Churches, foundations, civic groups, schools
    and individuals all over America have donated their time and money to
    support soup kitchens, adult education, day care, retirement and
    nursing homes for blacks.
    We hear

    the grievances. Where is the gratitude??

    Barack talks about new ‘ladders of opportunity’ for blacks. Let him go to
    Altoona ? And Johnstown , and ask the white kids in Catholic schools
    how many were visited lately by Ivy League recruiters handing out
    scholarships for ‘deserving’ white kids…? Is white America really
    responsible for the fact that the crime and incarceration rates for
    African-Americans are seven times those of white America ? Is it
    really white America ‘s fault that illegitimacy in the
    African-American community has hit 70 percent and the black dropout
    rate from high schools in some cities has reached 50 percent?

    Is that the fault of white America or, first and foremost, a failure of
    the black community itself?

    As for racism, its ugliest manifestation is in interracial crime, and

    especially interracial crimes of violence. Is Barack Obama aware that
    while white criminals choose black victims 3 percent of the time,
    black criminals choose white victims 45 percent of the time?

    Is Barack aware that black-on-white rapes are 100 times more common
    than the reverse, that black-on-white robberies were 139 times as
    common in the first three years of this decade as the reverse?

    We have all heard ad nauseam from the Rev. Al about Tawana Brawley,
    the Duke rape case and Jena . And all turned out to be hoaxes. But
    about the epidemic of black assaults on whites that are real, we hear

    Sorry, Barack, some of us have heard it all before, about 40 years and 40
    trillion tax dollars ago. This needs to be passed around because, this is
    a message everyone needs to hear!!!

    OK……….. will you pass it on ?

    YES. I did but will you?

  • Jim James

    Obama is NOT an African-American….. he is an AFRICAN

    • Mutantone

      as well as a communist-Marxist out to ruin the USA as seen by his actions and his history and his appeasements to Muslim extremist

  • Neil Swan

    What we need to do in November is reelect Obama and get rid of the senate and congress Republicans. They are the ones that dont’t want to tax the rich and oil companies. They want to get rid of social security and medicare. We need to get rid of them.


    • stevor

      Congress is a house of puppet. They are OWNED. If they weren’t owned, they’d LOOK at the evidence that o’bummer is a FRAUD, as PROVED by Joe Arpaio.
      Congress has either been promised something, blackmailed, or outright threatened that they can’t do anything against the Regime (for now).
      I do suspect that if barry doesn’t do his AGENDA real soon, the Elite will OUT him and then everybody will get the official “okay” to do whatever they want to him (and barry knows that so THAT is why he’s so anxious to get all his “ducks in a row” for the New World (fascist) Order.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama will not lose or leave the White House with out a desperate, evil attempt to win and to stay in power and finish his destruction of America,, There are many scenario’s he could do as he calculates his next moves.

    Obama could Declare Marshall Law, end the election, because of a National Security crisis, as he lies and makes up some terrorists organizations, planning a devastational massive, attack on America ASAP..

    Obama could pick on and taunt and dare, push that little insane, Commie Porky of North Korea, so he would go berserk, retaliate and go ahead with threats and use his small nuclear arsenal and attack South Korea with massive attacks and as America would defend S. Korea and fight the North and China troops again, this time all using nuclear bombs , so Obama could void the election forever and declare a National War Emergency.

    Last but least, Obama could order the American Military to assists and help Israel attack Iran’s nuclear sites and that would tee off Putin and the American and Russian Cold War would again start. All Nuclear Missiles would be re-aimed, Stealth and Long Range Bombers taken out of moth balls, would go back on line, as would other Subs and Ships Planes on patrol, would again all be carrying Nuclear Tomahawks on full alert…….. Obama will not lose gracefully and just leave normally, without doing something stupid……

  • Wildey

    A man like Obama will use any division that might exist to further his agenda and thats having everyone living under his bondage Black and White, Muslims and whoever, Blue collar workers and White collar workers. All that he wants is to get people fighting with each other and calling for help from his government. I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. Courts? They’re a joke as long as they can be called liberal or conservative. Justice abides with the transcendental law, moral law. A standard we all can be held accountable to. Lenin used the Whites and the Reds. Hitler used a “picked on ” Germany. Divide and conquer. It as old as man himself. Terror? The government has us watching each other instead of the District of Criminals. Inocent until your proven guilty? What a laugh. Today it’s guilty until your proven innocent. That’s the way we should look at politicians, not each other. Its going to take a moral people to reestablish a moral country. Playing by DC’s rules will only get us further down the road to what we don’t want.

  • David Hendrick Behrens

    Obama is already dividing Amercia by race and class and will continue until he has meet his goals of winning agan and he will do what ever he has to do, in a desperate attempt to win……….

    • Merceedes

      We live in world of Ignorant adults and they can not see as far as their butts. Presient Obama has helepd this world or your tales would not have nothing??? god is coming back and some of us are too bumb to see that. Looka t the weather and the storms and its becaseu some of us are devils, grow up adults. can’t you see kids acting juts like you do????

  • Charles Bill L.

    The gentleman spoke the plain truth.Either way this election goes there will be coflict with the blacks.If O is defeated the blacks will attempt to burn down America.The blacks look at whites with hate in their hearts and it makes no diffrence how wrong a black is they paint all whites as racist.Those few blacks who oppose O is labled as uncle toms.There has been a fire raising over race relations.I look for nothing but trouble for America if Romney wins.And if O wins there will still be trouble because he wants it that way.Its his desire to divide the races and for him to be a dictator.Just think he is an illegal president who came to America and divided and conqured it.Its comming wait and see.

    • UWorlds1

      You sound crazy no one is going to go crazy if Obama isn’t elected. You are the only one inciting violence. How many black people do you know that are saying they want to burn down America? Just what I thought…you know none. I am black we are moving forward in our lives I advise you to do the same and quit worrying about us poor, lazy black folks.

    • UWorlds1

      By the look of your post you need to go back to school. Why don’t you learn how to write before making predictions.

  • Neil Swan

    I can see by going over these email coments. That most of the people making them are idiots.


    • angelwannabe

      So what’s your solution there, Mr. Einstein…….

    • JeffH

      Neil, really? Who just said these comments are email comments?
      Now guess again who the idiot is. Hint, hint, look in the mirror!

  • angelwannabe

    Obamapower__You typed> “You all sound racist to me! You have never lived the tough life that African Americans are faced with, due to selfish, rich conservatives (Confederates!)Imposed on us. All conservatives are blinded by the whitehoods they wear in the hick backwoods. You all would love to get rid of all nationalities that are not white, except for use as slaves. I gonna make sure everyone I know votes for Obama.

    First of all stop playing the victim!!!!___According to you racism is alive and well, and the leaders that you adore in which you hang on every word, are the ones who are keeping the ball rolling_ and instead of you digging deep for truth, you accept they’re lies, as truth!
    __As for a tough life friend, I wasn’t given a free pass at go just because I’m white, Mama was sick, Daddy worked the Mill and I was pretty much on my own from the time I was seven!__I didn’t blame my hardship on the color of people or anything else. , I played the hand of cards I was dealt, until I was old enough to make it better.

    The Civil War is over, the generation of “whites” today are no more responsible for what our ancestors did in having slaves in that era, than you are a “Victim” of it! Your kind of haters keep playing the race card over and over again, who now is really keeping racisim stirred up, look in the mirror__Your only a victim if you wanna be no matter what color you are!!!

    The past is a good place to learn, but when you continally use the past as a crutch, it’ll keep you down and you’ll never walk on your own.

    I think your the one who hates whites and you hate anyone not like you!__No one ever said having slaves were “right” it wasn’t, but it is over.__Look Friend, I’m partly Lenape Indian, I don’t like what happened to the indians, but I can’t change the past, and neither can you!!

  • Old Henry

    Mr. Myers:

    And the good people of Canada elected / re-elected Trudeau how many times?

    They are either slow learners, or like socialism.

  • Buck

    On the contrary , it is indicative of his competence in this case because it is what he wants to happen .

  • RL

    Great article. I totally agree that along with many areas race relations have plummented since Obama’s presidency. I am a black conservative married to another black, conservative, Harvard law grad (yes there is such a creature). Sadly we saw this coming.

    • angelwannabe

      Very well said RL!

  • Old Geezer

    Flashy, If it wasn’t for president Obama we would all be drinking free bubbleup and eating rainbow stew.

  • Karolyn

    I wonder what you people would do if you didn’t have Obama to complain about. On the other hand, you will always find something to b!tch about.

    • stevor

      In reverse of that, so you have NOTHING to complain about since obama is president?

    • Jay

      Karolyn says: I wonder what you people would do if you didn’t have Obama to complain about.

      A better question; what would you be doing, Karolyn, if you didn’t have Obama?

    • Tag

      She defends ovomit because she’s more than likely a welfare recipient of several freebie’s ovomit promised – remember a land of plenty for all blacks…

  • Jay

    Want to understand a Progressive-Socialist? Let’s delve into the dark-murky soul of a progressive-socialist. After you read this, you will understand them, and hopefully, adjust your strategy and comments, in particular, to the “The Flash-man”!

    Doublethink:The prevailing mental condition is controlled insanity.

    The rules of the Inner Party are held together by adherence to a common doctrine. In a Party member not even the smallest deviation of opinion on the most unimportant subject can be tolerated. But it is also necessary to remember that events happened in the desired manner. And if it is necessary to rearrange one’s memories or to tamper with written records, then it is necessary to forget that one has done so. The trick of doing this can be learned like any other mental technique. It is learned by the majority of Party members, and certainly by all who are intelligent as well as orthodox.

    In Oldspeak it is called, quite frankly, “reality control.” In Newspeak, it is called doublethink, though doublethink comprises much else as well.

    Doublethink means the power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one’s mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them. The Party intellectual knows in which direction his memories must be altered; he therefore knows that he is playing tricks with reality; but by the exercise of doublethink he also satisfies himself that reality is not violated. The process has to be conscious, or it would not be carried out with sufficient precision, but it also has to be unconscious, or it would bring with it a feeling of falsity and hence of guilt.

    Doublethink lies at the very heart of Ingsoc, since the essential act of the Party is to use conscious deception while retaining the firmness of purpose that goes with complete honesty.

    To tell deliberate lies while genuinely believing them and to forget any fact that has become inconvenient, and then, when it becomes necessary again, to draw it back from oblivion for just so long as it is needed, to deny the existence of objective reality and all the while to take account of the reality which one denies – all this is indispensably necessary.

    Even in using the word doublethink it is necessary to exercise doublethink. For by using the word one admits that one is tampering with reality; by a fresh act of doublethink one erases this knowledge; and so on indefinitely, with the lie always one leap ahead of the truth.

    Ultimately it is by means of doublethink that the Party has been able – and may, for all we know, continue to be able for thousands of years – to arrest the course of history…

    But since in reality BIG BROTHER is not infallible, there is need for an unwearying, moment-to-moment flexibility in the treatment of facts.

    The key-word here is blackwhite. Like so many Newspeak words, this word has two mutually contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it means the habit of impudently claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts.

    Applied to a Party member, it means a loyal willingness to say that black is white when Party discipline demands this. But it means also the ability to believe that black is white, and more, to know that black is white, and to forget that one has ever believed the contrary. This demands a continuous alteration of the past, made possible by the system of thought which really embraces all the rest, and which is known as doublethink.

    The official ideology abounds with contradictions even when there is no reason for them.

    Simultaneously, true to the principles of doublethink, the Party rejects and vilifies every principle for which the Socialist movement originally stood, and it does this in the name of socialism.

    It systematically undermines the solidarity of the family all the while appealing to the sentiment of family. Even the names of the four Ministries by which Oceania is governed are a deliberate reversal of facts:

    The Ministry of Peace concerns itself with War;
    the Ministry of Truth with Lies;
    the Ministry of Love with Torture;
    and the Ministry of Plenty with Starvation.

    These contradictions are not accidental. They are a deliberate exercise of doublethink.

    If the High are to keep their places permanently – then the prevailing mental condition must be controlled insanity.

    The subtlest practitioners of doublethink are those who invented doublethink and know that it is a vast system of mental cheating. In our society, those who have the best knowledge of what is happening are also those who are furthest from seeing the world as is.

    In general, the greater the understanding, the greater the delusion: the more intelligent, the less sane.

    Get it now????

    • Jeremy Leochner

      The problem Jay is that as a progressive that is not what I believe. My personal views are nothing like the Inner party or big brother in the novel 1984. I have no desire to control people or encourage controlled insanity. If you would like to tell me more about myself without knowing me please let me know. Let me know what else you think I believe.

      • Jay

        What prompted you to think that i was talking about you, Jeremy? I don’t recall having inserted your name in the article. Why so defensive…?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Well Jay in your post you talked about understanding a progressive and you talked about delving into their murky soul. Since I am a progressive I assumed I must be included.When I read your post I realized I am nothing like that. But I am a progressive. So I figured you must be including me in your use of the term “progressive” since you made no distinctions. I am a progressive but I am nothing like what you described. So I simply wanted to point out that you might be talking about a progressive you may have heard but what you are talking about is not progressives in general.
        I’ll try not to be so defensive. But for me if you could make some sort of distinction like some progressives are like this or several progressives instead of just saying progressives.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        You are a Progressive/Socialist/Marxist, your own words have told on you, what your character is, how your mind works, who you associate with, what groups of people you denigrate.

      • Void1972

        People hear the word “progressive” and are very confused. Wouldn’t it be less confusing for the sheeple just to say what you really are? A Communist!
        I don’t understand why the communist hide behind names in today’s times, when we have a communist as the leader of the so called “free world”, soon to be not so free after all world.
        America can survive another four years of dictatorship, because in the end, when we are at our lowest point in our history, and the people have had enough, civil war will cleanse our great nation of this communist insanity, and America will rise to its greatness once again!
        God bless America, and those who fight for her!!!!

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Actually my being a progressive has nothing to do with my character. Wanting progress is not an act of character but an act of logic. My political beliefs and my character while connected are not the measure of the other. My being a progressive in no way represents my character.
        And void. Communism and Socialism are two very different things. Socialism is a middle ground theory between capitalism and communism. It involves some government regulation and moderate control of means of production. Communism is total government control and true capitalism involves no government whatsoever. Socialism is the neutral point between two extremes. Neutral is not the same as picking one side.

        • Shawn

          Hey history major!!!! Give me an example were Socialism remains Socialism? Just like there is no such thing as a true Democracy. Which is why what we have or should say had is called a Democratic Republic. Watch this and get yourself educated

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Shawn I have already seen that video. With respect it is based on the personal views of the maker of that video. It features graphs which simply show what they see as an inexorable rise in government power. Just because one feels and thinks something dose not make it so.
        As to the issue of socialism. Our country has had government involved in the economy since our country began. It has always been socialist. Yes at times socialist countries or ideas have been perverted and turned into communist countries but that is the risk of equality and liberty. As you said it is the same with a republic. Republics can fall prey to dictatorship if the people and their representatives forget the principles on which the republic is founded. But in both cases just because the principles behind the systems can be forgotten or perverted that dose not mean the ideals are hallow.
        A republic and a neutral idea where government can provide regulation without absolute control is not a dream or a farce. Yes people have misused such beautiful words and ideas to bad ends but that dose not make the ideals themselves bad or untrustworthy.
        Maintaining regulation without creating repression and encouraging equality without destroying liberty are tightropes that must always be walked carefully. But while at times things go wrong the ideals behind them should not be simply abandoned.
        I disagree with you about the republic or democracy. Without our republic you and I could not even have this conversation. A republic cannot be taken from without or within. A republic is only lost when the people give up on the ideals that a republic is founded on. The ideal that everyone has a valid point and every idea deserves to be heard and make its case. Socialism is a neutral point of view. I believe it blends the best of both laissez-faire capitalist competition with the rulebook of government regulation. With socialism we can still play monopoly, but we have rules so we all can have a fair chance.

    • absolutely amazed

      Sounds like psychobabble to me. What a collection of hate and vituperation amongst you bloggers. Can any of you participate in civil discourse? I haven’t seen many examples of it – you just rant, rage, hate. What scares the hell out of me is that most of you have guns with little hesitation to use them in place of your brains. This nation has totally lost its way and left compassion and caring behind. Why have a nation or a government – back to the caves and forests, guys and gals – be done with civilization and the horrors it has wrought. Occupy your own spaces and protect them from every other human walking by, lest they suggest you might share a few of your fruits and nuts.

      • Jay

        Personally, i think you are over-exagerating; perhaps, at tad too sensitive? If so, then this place is not for you, or for the faint-of-heart. But i’m sure you’ll stick around; for as much as you claim to be in possession of higher, moral ground, you at the same time fail to notice, that your presence, betrays your words. Admit it, since you brought-up hate, rage, and vituperation, you are obviously full of such!

  • Jeremy Leochner

    I disagree with Obama being incompetent or encouraging racial violence. I believe it is wrong to label people racist simply because they oppose President Obama. However I also believe it is wrong to name someone socialist if they simply wish to have government involved in the economy or simply have government at all.
    Obama is not working for George Soros and America is not Canada.
    I do not believe race is a predominate factor in deciding who a person votes for. Black people may feel a kinship with Obama since he is black but a person won’t vote for someone based on race. People base their decisions on facts and their own personal beliefs.

    • Void1972

      Jeremy states

      “Black people may feel a kinship with Obama since he is black but a person won’t vote for someone based on race. People base their decisions on facts and their own personal beliefs”.

      Jeremy, your close, some people vote on their beliefs, but unfortunately, millions of others vote in pure ignorance.
      If you remember the mayor of DC, Marion Barry, your theory goes down in flames when considering the black community, or maybe not!
      “People base their decisions on facts and their own personal beliefs”.
      Maybe it’s OK in the black mind to elect a corrupt, drug addicted, infidel, maybe, just maybe this mindset is not limited to the African American community, but for blacks in all countries?
      Would this be the reason every black nation is suffering from extreme corruption and poverty, or is it the “white man’s” fault?

      • Jeremy Leochner

        Theres no such thing as a black nation Void. There are peoples of every race and creed in every nation. Poverty and corruption are human faults we all have. Sometimes corrupt and unreliable people get elected. That is the only fault of a republic. But it is certainly not something only black people do.


    How ironic. We were chatting about the upcoming American election and I mentioned to a co-worker that I did not think Canada needed another demagogue like Trudeau and that we were still recovering from the divisive and socialist policies of the last one. He figured I was just another Albertan upset at the National Energy Program (an attempt to fix prices and gain control over provincial oil and gas rights that occurred under Trudeau). I explained that it was his other policies that led me to that conclusion.

    John Myers does an excellent job of capturing the problems that Trudeau left us with. I may forward this article to my co-worker.

  • The Patriot

    Lock and LOAD, THE SLEEPING GIANT IS BEING DISTURBED.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Blood

      and you will be the one running and hiding and depending on the brave people who wil defend your idiot kind.

  • DH

    Of course he is a racist. He is black isnt he?

    • Jazzabelle

      LOL. I hope that was tongue-in-cheek!

    • Blood

      The GOP/Tea Party race baiters will start it by taking away the dignity of the poor and working classes (both black, white, Asian and Hispanic) . Those of us who know the truth will see past the propaganda and we will work together to defeat the race baiters.

      • JeffH

        “Blood”? The GOP/Tea Party race baiters? Can you provide any evidence or links to back up your rhetoric?

    • Tag

      Nope, he isn’t kidding and it isn’t tongue-in-cheek either! That, my friend, is gospel truth – blacks are MORE racist than a white person ever thought about being – why do you think that ALL blacks are so paranoid about? They are taught to be paranoid and yelling ‘racism’ at the drop of a hat because they are ALWAYS looking for it! What a way to live and their priorities stink! It goes like thi s: welfare freebies’ FIRST, yelling racism SECOND, other gov. freebies THIRD – that way, ah duzn’t has ta wurk!

  • Jay

    Marx believed that the bourgeoisie exploited the proletariat by keeping them in chains. He urged, “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.”

    Classical socialists believed that socialism was an imperfect stage before communism, where the means of production were owned by the state and workers were paid hourly for their work.

    Margaret Thatcher had once said, “The problem with socialism is that, at some point, you run out of other people’s money.” She was referring to the deliberate attempt by a centralized socialist government to confiscate by various means and redistribute wealth they viewed as unfairly earned at the expense of the masses.

    Communism abolished classes and the workers were paid for their needs not for the work they performed—“from each according to his ability, to each according to his need.” This brings to mind the motto Romanian workers adopted under communism in order to survive: “They pretend to pay us and we pretend to work.”

    There is no such thing as “equal” or “shared” (”communis” means “shared” in Latin) in communism. There is equal misery, equal suffering, equal mistreatment, and equal poverty. We shared constant shortages of food, rationing of necessities, water, energy, and heat.

    Marx said, the proletariat does all the work. It is only fitting that they share the wealth. What wealth? The one that the Communist Party elites confiscated by force from its citizens after they were thrown in jail for being “bourgeois?”

    Karl Marx, “the original hippie,” was negligent with his own family and “detested manual labor, preferring to dream up ideas about mooching from others and spreading their wealth around.” A report written in1852 by a Prussian police agent described a man who rarely washed, combed, or changed his linens, idle for days on end, an intellectual Bohemian.

    “There is not one clean and solid piece of furniture to be found in the whole apartment: everything is broken, tattered and torn…in one word everything is topsy turvy… When you enter Marx’s room, smoke and tobacco fumes make your eyes water so badly, that you think for a moment that you are groping about in a cave… Everything is dirty and covered with dust. It is positively dangerous to sit down. One chair has three legs. On another chair, which happens to be whole, the children are playing at cooking.”

    Marx cherished his philosophical ideas more than his responsibilities to his family because he relied on wealthy patrons such as Friedrich Engels, communist sponsors, and inheritances to care for his family. He died a pauper.

    The failed socialist experiment at Jamestown, Virginia, taught us that, when people worked the land together, some were lazy and did much less work, while others, who worked harder, resented the slackers. The whole commune nearly starved to death. The following year, land was divided again to each family, and the settlement thrived and had extra food to trade for other needs.

    Marxism does not work because greed and jealousy exist. Not everyone is so altruistic that he/she is willing to work extremely hard for the good of everyone.

    Capitalism does work because of self-interest. One individual’s hard work to achieve self-interest enables Adam Smith’s “invisible hand” (the price system) to push everyone else to greater economic achievement.

    Waiting on the dole and the spreading of wealth is the death of initiative, respect, dignity, honor in a good-day’s work, and the desire to improve one’s standing in society.

    Self-interest also breeds charity. Communist elites were never charitable except to themselves. People living under communism were not charitable to strangers. They performed volunteer activities involuntarily under the forced directions of communist rulers.

    The population in communism hoarded food, enabled black markets to thrive, and engaged in bartering stolen goods or raw materials from work in order to survive. They tended to steal even public items that were fastened or nailed down if they could be sold for recycling.

    There was no private property in communism because it created unfair competition. However, if a citizen was part of the ruling regime elites, he/she could own as much private property as they wished or as fast as they could steal it from the hapless proletariat and from the common means of production.

    In the socialist and communist “utopia” I experienced, the proletariat was given free health care, education, and transportation. In reality, we had to pay for transportation and anything else at subsidized prices. Health care so dismal and constant shortages due to rationing created a huge black market. Medical care was pathetically inadequate and life had no value. People were killed by malpractice with no accountability since everybody worked for the ruling communist regime for meager wages and the omnipotent government could not be sued. Doctors, nurses, teachers, and engineers were told where to live, where to practice their trade, and how much they could earn.

    Modern socialists in Europe advocate and run bankrupt welfare states with a nanny mentality of cradle-to-grave entitlements. Exceptionalism is punished, “global citizens” are shaped by socialist schools, and “groupthink” is rewarded. Most inventions of the modern world were the result of individual creativity and exceptional talent of one individual not of groups “brainstorming.”

    Communist China did not start to make economic progress until the centralized bureaucracy lessened its stronghold on the population and allowed individual creativity and entrepreneurship to thrive. People were forced to do everything in society against their will.

    Norman Matoon Thomas (Nov. 20,1884—December 19, 1968), a leading American socialist and six-time presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America, explained best the status of socialism in the U.S.:

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism. But, under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program, until one day America will be a socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” He continued, “I no longer need to run as a Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party. The Democrat Party has adopted our platform.” It appears that they have reached that goal.

    • Charles Moore

      True communism does not exist. The first communist manifisto was not written by Karl Marx. It was over 2000 years ago and was the :Republic” by Plato. Plato wrote about the perfect Utopia. There would be Philospher Kings. They would rule and would be satisfied with just ruling and no monetary reward. The next would be the merchants who woiuld not rule and would satisfied with money. Then would be the Military who would not care about ruling or money but protecting the Country.

      After demonstrating every facet, Plato then ended by saying it wouldn’t work due to the inherent greed of man. The merchants would not be satisfied with just money and would want to rule etc.

      True Communism would mean that everybody including the rulers would share in all sacrifices and would be treated exactly equal. They would all eat the same food in the same building etc. The leaders in Russia and China lived a much better life and were ablt to shop in high cost department stores etc.

      We do have Socialism here.

  • herb

    jeepman 1 you got it (thumbs Up)

  • rkz777

    Jay: I didn’t know many people followed all the old evidence of the socialist-communist growth in America, and the true words of matoon thomas, and of course it’s eventual and now it’s presence in or government, like fleas on a dog. The white house and all factions of our government are packed with socialist-communist. And It didn’t start with hobama, every president since at least World War II has been groomed for the job, and don’t leave out the so called republicans along with the host group of democrats. We must make a clean sweep of these enemies of America. GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONE MORE TIME!

    • Jay

      I agree, rkz777, the rot is through and through. It goes without saying that, corruption has rendered both parties, worthless, and have become a serious threat to our freedoms, and to our very lives. Will God bless America once more? I pray that He will! But you know, God’s judgment, is, His Blessing; some spiritual consideration is required to understand that. I suspect that you do…!

  • Thinking About

    If it took 20 years to fix the problems after Trudeau then we are 3+ years in correcting problems in the USA.

  • Jay

    Our founding fathers believed in and respected private property as the cornerstone of our Constitutional republic. Belief in God and family were the keystones.

    A majority of Americans today subscribe to the ideas that:

    Character is the single most important attribute in a leader
    Respect and honor are laudable traits
    Entrepreneurs are our economic lifeblood and deserve what they make
    The rich and entrepreneurs help enrich us all
    American ingenuity promotes wealth
    American generosity saves many nations in times of peril/need
    Families are the building blocks of society
    Guns prevent evil from taking over
    Stoked class envy and hatred is un-American
    Hyphenated labels are divisive and destructive
    Illegal and unchecked immigration are dangerous to this country
    Multilingualism is a divider
    Global warming scare is junk science
    Liberalism is a failed ideology
    Military strength deters aggression (”Si vis pacem, para bellum.” If you want peace, prepare for war, said the Romans.
    National security is the first responsibility of the federal government
    “Political correctness is the liberal version of fascism”
    Quotas should not exist
    Tax rates should be flat and everybody should pay taxes
    Unions have outlived their usefulness
    “Vigilance is the price of freedom”
    “Welfare robs people of their dignity and is the poison of capitalism”
    We are responsible for our own destiny, not government or society
    Government is not the solution, out-of-control government is the problem

    “The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If ‘Thou shall not covet’ and ‘Thou shall not steal’ were not
    commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable percepts in every society before it can be civilized or made free.” (John Adams, A Defense of the American Constitutions, 1787)

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are preaching to the choir and we will nod in agreement, while the Lefties will turn on you for bringing up this hated knowledge.

  • Dee

    It is a shame people are blinded to the racism in this nation on both sides of the fence. Whites and blacks have issues. However I must admit since moving from the north to the south of this great country, I have never seen such separation among people. There are confederates, yankees etc. The south is EXTREMELY RACIST. Would you believe I saw an interracial couple flee for their lives just two weeks ago from two white men who wanted to shoot them. Obama had nothing to do with that. For decades minorities have been placed on the back burner while whites have controlled jobs, resources, etc. I am not agreeing with everything our President has done, however there has been much done damage from his predecessors which has not been addressed. America needs prayer. America needs to be unified. There are many who claim to be believers of Jesus Christ who are not unified. There is anger, bitterness, respector of person (racism) etc. Now there are a lot a wonderful people in the USA. I am addressing those who are not. How can a nation which claims to be home of the free and the land of the brave, legalize groups which believe in practicing terriorism on our soil. Are you not aware that Nazi’s, Militia’s and such like are hate terrorist groups on our free land. Our current President had nothing to do with these groups. Our government previously has allowed this to happen. In order for our nation to be healed it will take all of us in this country to come together and be accountable of biblical unity. YES we must hold our leaders to what they have promised, but we must not forget how we got here in the first place. The damage was done decades ago. Now our current administration has not helped. America band together and pray. Band together and become a beacon of light for the world. That couple who was threatened was merely minding their own business. If this is what our country is coming to then NO there should not be freedom to have guns. Too many innocent people die for foolish reasons. I love this nation and the people in it. Pray for our country everyone. God bless you and God bless America!

    • charlie

      Dee,,, what God/god are you going to pray to???

      • Rod Majors

        The GOD of Abaham, Isaac, and Jacob! The 1st Member of the Holy Trinity!! Almighty God, Father of His only Begotten Son, our Lord And Savior, the GREAT God – JESUS CHRIST!!! That’s who Holmes!

    • Libertytrain

      goodness where do you live? The south side of Milwaukee – Chicago…. Mixed race couples are so prevalent these days – who notices? Certainly not in the Southern States I live in and visit frequently – there will always be isolated incidences of racism all over this world….but I see them most often in the North when I visit there…. not here in the South where I live.

      • Charles Moore

        Nonsense. One of my Nephews is attending the University of Chicage Law School. . There is heavy gang activity within three blocks of it and they are warned not to go anywhere near there.Meanwhile there is a “heavy” police presence on the Campus. It is pretty pathetic when somewhere such as the Univerisity of Chicago Law school must have a heavy police presence and students can’t go within three blocks of it.

      • Libertytrain

        Yep Charles, that’s how I have experienced the North as well —- especially places like Chicago and Boston.

  • GG

    I’m not white, but I despise Obama for the regression he has caused in our nation. I KNEW he was trouble for us because he had no history: Who was he and how did he become the democratic choice under these circumstances? Blacks and others were so caught up in the historical aspect of electing the first black president (see where that’s gotten us), that they were not thinking rationally. It was a HORRIBLE mistake to elect Obama…he has lied to us from the very beginning and continues to lie and deceive.

    • Blood

      The GOP and Tea Party race baiters will start something by taking away the dignity of the poor and working classes (both black, white, Asian and Hispanic) . Those of us who know the truth will see past the propaganda and we will work together to defeat the race baiters.

    • nc

      GG, you seem to be concerned that Obama lied to us “from the beginning”? Were you deceived enough to vote for him? Do you remember that in 2000 that bush was promising that IF ELECTED he would offer a new new fiscal policy that would perform better than Clintons’ which had produced, what many think and the numbers reflect, was our strongest economy ever,.Bush promised balanced budgets and great surpluses in 10 years. HOW BIG OF A LIE DID THAT TURN OUT TO BE??? The stock market was LOWER when bush LEFT than when he took over from Clinton!!! PROGRESS???
      You ask what had electing Obama gotten us? It got us rid of the trickle down economics that that serves the working class only if the rich and big businesses and rich put their taxbreaks back into the economy instead of foreign bank accounts. Seems the big businesses DECIDED TO GO TO THE OFF SHORE BANKS INSTEAD OF THE ECONOMY and ended up the biggest CASH RESERVES IN HISTORY by not reinvesting while the country proceeded to lose 700,000 jobs a month and the owner of the largest creation of debt in an 8 year term as the bush “big lie” reared its’ ugly head.

      • coal miner



      • Jay

        nc, if you think that Bush and Obama did great damage to this country, wait till Romney gets a hold of the steering wheel. Better keep your violin tuned-up, and your crying towel handy…!

  • emsaravia

    I’m certain obama wouldn’t be a racist if he could help it , unfortunately for him he has it in his veins. that’s how he got where he is, what he says are speeches that somebody else’s writes. he definetely hates us.

    • nc

      Emsara, you say “racism” in is Obama’s veins. What is in your veins! Is it what makes you who you are? Whites have a history “as whites” in this country and blacks have a history ” as blacks”!
      Say that the Chinese ruled the whites and as a white you saw pictures of innocent white ancestors hanging from trees, put there by the Chinese.Or water fountains THAT EVERYONE BUT YOU could drink from ACCORDING TO LAWS MADE BY THE CHINESE! Or Chinese skinheads marched the streets screaming that whites were inferior humans and had no place here. DO YOU THINK THAT, JUST MAYBE, YOU MIGHT FEEL SOME DIFFERENCE TOWARD THE CHINESE THAN OTHERS, JUST A LITTLE DIFFERENCE??? NONE?? REALLY??

      Do you see any evidence that Obama has persecuted whites just because they are whites? Do you have pictures? Do you have personal reports from people who have actually suffered physical torture from government because of their white race? Are you drinking the kool aid?

      • te smith

        Youi aggre with youe i agree

    • needfulthings

      Let me understand this … Some say the Obama is a racist and hates us ( whom ever us is) How can that be? His father was black and he had less than 5 years contact with him, His mother was white so he hates his own mother ( who he speaks very highly of), The grand parents that raised him thru most of his adult years were white ( again obama speaks very highly of) so he hates them. This ignores ALL logic and flys in the face of ACTUAL FACTS !!! You need help !!!!!!!!

    • Jay

      emsaravia, i would recommend you read “The Manchurian President: Barack Obama’s Ties to Communists, Socialists and Other Anti-American Extremists” by Aaron Klein with Branda J. Elliot.

      All your worst fears will be confirmed. Using Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals” as their guide, “progressives” (otherwise known as communists) have, since the 1970s, been boring from within, hiding their anti-American beliefs and allegiances to infiltrate the nation’s universities, its media, and to gain power in its various levels of government.

      They have now hit the jackpot with Barack Obama as President.

      The Congressional Progressive Caucus is the largest of the Democrat Party caucuses in the House of Representatives with 83 declared members. Among its more prominent members is Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Barney Frank, Charlie Rangel, and a co-authors of the Cap-and-Tax bill presently in the Senate, Ed Markey and Henry Waxman. There are 15 members from California, eight from New York, and six from Illinois, but most states are represented.

      Suffice it to say they wield a lot of power. Of the twenty standing committees in the House, ten are chaired by members of the CPC.

  • Blood

    John Myers: the only one to start a race war is you and your Republican counterparts. By giving everything to the rich (mostly white old people and families like the Romneys). You’ll take away the dignity of the poor and working classes (both black and white and Hispanic) and blame the white race, not the GOP, Republican, Koch brothers or other law makers in Congress. Those of us who know the truth will see past your propaganda and we will work together to defeat you race baiters.

    • Kachisaw

      You are right Blood John Myers is a racist himself and that is why he wrote such a divisive article in the first place. We stand together and GOD BLESS AMERICA.

    • Jay

      The Socialist-Progressive-Democratic-Party constantly play the race card because, without it; their party would be irrelevant?

  • tbone

    the bottom line is that white america cant stand that a black man is in charge period.
    stop this bull— about its not the color of his skin but his administration. its all about RACE! come november and obama is elected again.

    • Libertytrain

      tbone – perhaps that is the problem you have with his being president however for the greater majority of those of us that don’t like him; skin tone is irrelevant – his administration, the way he administers his presidency, his czars, holder and the other folks doing his bidding, etc… are the problem.

  • catman11

    We neeed jobs,jobs, jobs

    • catman11

      Testing my computer.

    • Jay

      Before we can get; jobs, jobs, jobs, we have to re-energize; industry, industry, industry!!!!

      Without industry, crying for jobs, is liken to a man with no legs crying, i want to; walk, walk, walk….!

      • don larson

        Energize existing Industries? I think not. They have been operating at under capacity for years. Spend money to make them more efficient – - yes, yes, – - if, by doing so, more workers can be layed off.

        Invent new and more creative Industries? Well, maybe. Big Companies would rather invest money in capital improvements, than put a dime in hiring more workers.

        Be afraid, dear friends, that the divide between the few Rich at the Top, and the Masses below, is only going to continue to widen.

        Staying on point, in defense of the Corporates, why would they want to increase capacity, production, and hire new workers, when there is no supply or demand need? Many Consumers today, are only thinking about purchasing the basic necessities of life; and today that usually means shopping at Wal-mart.

        Realtors are saying today, that there is another hugh backlog of foreclosures coming, once the Robo Bandits correct their errors on the first batch.

        Fed Ben, advised us recently that the Economy will likely decline some, from the Nation’s current slow pace, during 2013 and 2014. Think there will be many new jobs created in the U.S., in the next few years?

        The Trick for Government will be to keep the Pot from Boiling over in the coming months and years as the Masses become more desperate; and, look for more scapegoats as emotions and hate rises, and spill over to the Streets.

        If those that are socially, economically, and politically disenfranchased, ever decide to go, “PASSIVE-AGGRESSIVE;” that is, Passive during the light of Day – - and Aggressive under the cover of darknes;, this Country will be in for a World of Hurt. It’s not hard to imagine boycotts, blockades, and massive sit-ins during the day; and at night, massive vandalism, theft, and destruction at night. The Aim of course, will be to hurt the Rich Oligarchs in the only way that matters to them: in their Pocket Books.


        • needfulthings

          The right ain’t interested in JOBS, their only goal is to make Obama look bad, they don’t care how many are unemployed, YOU can all wait, theres a black man in office n we gots to get’em out before he fixes everything.

      • coal miner


        You are right.I agree with you.

      • Jay

        Cool, nice pick, btw!

        • needfulthings

          I see men walk again almost everyday here at the VA Hospital.

  • RJ

    Traditional weapons-bought and/or made, of of utmost importance. The arts of archery,battle axes and spears and crossbows and even slingshots need to be taken up again.
    They are not traceable,are inexpensive and very very quiet.
    Learning to grow your own food, and no dig forest gardens in particular are important,as traditional gardens will be raided by the welfare monkeys.
    Of course, their look of bewilderment will be amusing when they cannot seem to find a McNugget plant.

  • Jay

    Playing the race card, is the progressive socialists’ most basic tactic. It stifles debate because, instead of dealing with the issues that you brought up (Obama’s OBVIOUS ineptitude), they attack your character. As a result, one spends the rest of the conversation trying to explain that they aren’t a racist, and that they have a lot of black friends, and that they donate half of their pay to the SPLC.

    If you’re defending your character, you can’t debate Obama’s policies. Another debate silenced from the weaponized application of a worthless word from an idiot’s arsenal.

    If you refuse to talk about your racial politics but instead continue to focus on why the Undocumented Worker isn’t fit to clean bathrooms at McDonalds, much less lead the entire country, they will become more shrill and usually end up looking like an idiot.

    Which is generally what one has to be to be an Obama supporter in the first place.

    Also, when the progs use the word “racist”, they mean simply, a “bad White person”.

    The last resort of the progresive-socialist-scoundrel is the false accusation of racism. It’s a sign not just of moral and intellectual bankruptcy, but of desperation.

  • Jay

    The Trayvon Martin case is a wholly familiar one to residents of any major urban city. If you live in Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, then it’s only a matter of time until an incident between a law enforcement officer, or more rarely a civilian defending himself, and a member of a minority group flares up into a citywide grievance theater complete with angry reverends on the steps of City Hall, women with stony faces holding up banners calling for justice and a media-driven debate about police tactics and racism.

    This sort of thing happens with depressing regularity in cities where even the most liberal residents have to choose between police over-reach and being murdered. It never leads to meaningful debate or a resolution. Instead it peters out with the best actors in the grievance theater picking up money and influence, the media selling a few more papers or ads for nasal polyp relief on the drive time news, and everything going back to the way it was.

    The grievance theater is never really about the specific case, the specific shooting, it’s about the links between the social problems of the black community, the compromises of civil liberties necessary to keep entire cities from turning into Detroit, and the inability of the media to address the sources of crime as anything but the phantoms of white racism.

    It’s about a black leadership that is more interested in posturing as angry activists and
    shaking loose some money, than in healing their own community’s problems. And so the same story repeats itself again and again without an honest dialogue or anything meaningful coming out of it.

  • ROB

    Only fools believe you can make people equal.

  • william L Collins

    why is it if you search for the latest poll on ron paul all you get romney and obama polls you cant get a honest poll no where ron paul now been compleatly blacked out or has he droped out or is it that they even blacked him out on the internet too

  • Bruce Barron

    “In fact, blacks overwhelmingly approve of how Obama has handled the controversy, while a majority of whites disapprove”

    He’s pulled a Houdini remaining abscent,silent,and invisible AS IF he ISN’T RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS.


    In other words the blacks approve of obama inciting this with:
    “If I had a son etc”

    It reminds me of:
    “I have a dream” which sounds like “If I had a dream etc”.

    obama INCITED this knowing full well the consequences.Typical thug central planner communist tactics.

    If Zimmerman is killed obama is responsible for his murder.
    obama is an accessory by consent,by PROVOCATION,by flattery(If I had a son etc),,by refusing to defuse this,and his racism.
    After Zimmerman is murdered itself is guilty by consent

    It will fall in on him and kill him someday but he doesn’t care as long as he can take us with him.We’re not going to follow him to his eternal doom hopefully.

  • GrayStroke

    Folks you all are fighting among each other as if Bush was the good guy and chairman-Obama was the bad guy… truth is BOTH are selling us down the river….by design… Yes, I will keep on telling you all and hope that at least one of you will get it:

    You scoff at me because I mention the Masonic sign flashed at the end of each weekly video but that will never erased the fact that there are forces at work that we have no concept of:

    Follow this trail if you dare and THINK about it as you read and study it……there are many trails within and you will conclude as Woodrow Wilson did, to wit:

    “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world – no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.”
    ― Woodrow Wilson”

    This even Woodrow Wilson knew first hand:

    “Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”
    ― Woodrow Wilson, The New Freedom

    Think how technology has empowered these hidden elites even more. So when you see news of a soldier going amok or a deranged shooter that commits suicide remember it may very well be a programmed person using their alter ego and not have a clue about it.

    Now please educate yourselves, quit watching so much TV and learn what is really happening before it is too late.

  • GrayStroke

    Oh forgot this one also….

    good reading….much more advanced then the Neuro Linguistic Programming training I got at Ft. Benning back in the early 80′s…..yes folks it really is all real! Had an SFC from California give us the training. We were a combat medical unit interesting we were selected for this. Never got the see the end game I was discharged in the mid 80′s. But the training stayed with me forever. It has taken on an acute awareness of how other people act and what they mean other then what they say by watching their demeanor, eyes, voice cadence and body language. quite a useful skill for survival today but it’s original intent is not benign.

  • Larry

    Starting with Reagan the country has not had anyone worthy of being at the helm, He started us down the path that we are now on. The others that came afterwards just kept us on the path of mayhem. Congresspersons helped by not doing their jobs. I feel that the whole system of federal government is in dire need of restructuring as it is. These people have been obsessed with gaining as much as possible for themselves and their friends and family at any cost as I see it. The people are so stupid to keep sending the same ones back to continue the same behavior. The madness needs to stop. We need some mandatory term limits for all in federal government to keep them in check since the electorate will not act sensible and stop the mess in place at the present time. Obama needs to go but Romney will not do any better. We are inundated by rich a$$holes in the government that do nothing for the majority of people. I fail to realize how and why it is that nothing but these types of people are all that we ever get. The term thou must be rich to hold office does not appear nowhere in the Constitution. This is a big part of the problem and, if they are not already rich when they arrive, they are upon leaving office. This is the other part of the problem. Many of them have law degrees and fell that they should not be held accountable for lawlessness on their part. They put themselves out of the reach of what the rest of us are held to. They utilize their limited knowledge of law to exempt themselves from the very rules that they dictate for the rest of most of us. They should be held to all of the standards that are deemed good for the public in general. I mean everything such as retirement benefits, pay and perks, healthcare, and such.

    • GrayStroke

      Larry you said: “I fail to realize how and why it is that nothing but these types of people are all that we ever get.”

      The answer is in the link above in the last post. This is not hard. The human mind is unwilling to admit we are all being duped. It took me years to accept this when I asked the very same question you did.

      For you convenience here is the link again.

      We are up against the global cabal. That is what my quotes about Woodrow were about it also answered you question. Either you are very naive or like the rest of America refuse to accept the possibility that our very own leaders are so corrupt of morals that the mind blocks out any sense of truth if it conflicts with your present world view.

      It is a protective mechanism and

      This president is better at deception then all the others and explains why some may get a tingle up their leg! Here is the explanation. Not a short read but a very worthy read if you really want to know how we are being manipulated.

      and it is a level much more refined then the techniques we were taught back in 82′ at Ft. Benning, Ga. However the NLP we learned are tools I use today to discern players, liars and manipulators. Not very good at it but it helps save my bacon!

      With only 23k page views the odds of anyone reading my links and realizing what this is all about is very miniscule. Yet, I try to reach out. Yes BOTH parties are owned by these global cabals. It make no difference even Ron Paul cannot change anything. Reagan’s assassination attempt was a message to get on board. The JFK was the reminder.

      I weep for our nation and the blinders that we have. THEY are successful because we are bickering among ourselves.

      Last question for thought.

      America came to Germany’s rescue. We are in the stages of the Wiemar Republic.

      Who will rescue us??????

      as the world goes full blown socialist???

      • Charles Moore

        The voters have returned 90% of incumbents to Congress for the last 20 years with the exception of 2010.You don’t have to look further than the Idiots here. One is going to vote for Obama because Ann Romney made a comment that they had to sell some stock in their early years. When I got married in 1979 and bought a house I saved 10% of my meager salary. Then I paid the necessities such as Mortgae ,Food etc. If there was then no money left over then there were no pizzas, vacations, resaurants etc, I never lived beyond my means.Ocasionally I had emergencies and had to sell stock to get through with no more debts. I never made as much as even the average wage. Now we are retired and do well with no debts. The Idiots today are not only stupid and envious but they want people such as myself to bail them out if they live beyonf their means etc. I oaid off my House early in 2005. It lost $17,000 in value last year because Morons were too stupid to balance their expenses against their incomes. Many have whined that the Banks gave them the Loans and didn’t warn them that their income wouldn;t support their lifestyle. In other words, They were either too stupid to add and subtract and balance their income against their expenses or they could care less. This is your Future.

  • coal miner


    You are right 100%.

  • needfulthings

    This is a response to> Charles Moore : on April 29, 2012 at 6:03 pm
    So many things wrong with your response its hard to know where to begain ????
    Okay Bush gas prices were just as high as President Obama are today, in July of 2008 they hit $5.00 a gal. Only when dubya’s policies took the U.S. in to a depression did gas hit $1.89 the last two months of his administration. A fox noise lie ! Bye the bye ….ALL 8 years of the dubya drilling for oil went DOWN , Obama has INCREASED drilling to 2003 levels.

    Do ya wanna talk about Natural Gas prices under bush and Enron… hun I think not!

    “Obama has trampled on the U,S,Constitution” That statement is questionable but for sure dubya has pissed on it !!!

    “Obama wants the ALL the Bush tax cuts to expire” NOT TRUE and there are many speaches of him saying so … another fox noise lie !!

    “The Buffet rule is a disortion and a scam” Yer partially correct here (the money is much higher than 90 Billion) except Obama will also end the scam of the rich calling their income “stock dividends”

    “Wikipedia ” Figures are changed daily but dubyas two tax cuts have already cost over 2 trillion and ya just can’t do that when your spending like a drunk …. oh wait he is a drunk (even in the white house) !!!!!!

    Theres lots more but I tired but you did get one thing right put’n money away for the big one ! it will come, no one knows when but again were still paying interest on dubya’s 7 Trillion he spent YES it is that high now !

    • Charles Moore

      Are you nreally that Ignorant?. I have ben investing for over thirty years abd I guarabty you that I know more about Oil and N.G than you. The Price of oil started coming down when Bush announced increased drilling on Federal Lands. I don’t listen to Fox so I have no idea of their claims. Drilling on Federal Lands is down 30% under Obama. Do a search on the defintion of “Commerce”. Wikipedia is excellent. Oil rigs are Commerce. The U.S. CONSTITUTION gives sole power to Congress to regulate Commerce. The U.S. Constitution also mandates that no branch of Government can encroach on the powers of another. The Gulf Oil Moratorium was Unconstitutional,When three Federal Courts ruled it was illegal then Obama slowed up the issuing of permits. These actions caused the price to rise. U.S. Senator Obama who supposedly taught Constitutional Law for ten years stated that any President that engaged in hostilities with another Country without consulting Congress unless the Security of U.S. Citizens or the U.S. was at stake was guilty of violating the U.S. Constitution. POTUS Obama engaged in hostilities with Libya without consulting Congress. It was Unconstitutional. The days of local Supply and Demand in Oil are long gone with Countries such as India and Japan. starting to equal the U,S, makes Oil a World Commodity . Therefore the U.S has to compete with the rest of the World for available supply .Also there are two kinds of Oil. There is WTI or West Texas Intermediate which sells for about $104 a barrel. There is Brent Oil which is the Global standard and sells for $118 a barrel. WTI has a high sulfur content and thus is not usable for all applications. It is used for kerosene etc. Prices have not come down in the U,S, because the U.S. has to import 60% of Brent. Obama went to Brazil after the Oil Moratorium here and greased the way for granting 2 billion dollars for Oil drilling and told them we would be it best customer. Brazil now exports 58% of its Oil output to the U.S Schumer (D) N.Y. went to Saudi Arabia and convinced them to raise their output to us. S.A is the chief supplier of Brent. The Saudis agreed. A fifth grader could see that increase in supply makes no difference when you import 60% and have to pay the World price. Obama and the Democrats don’t want to drill her and have put up obstacles. The Unions wanted Keystone and the Environmentalists told Obama no. Where are the Unions going to go?. So Obama went with the Environmentalists. A 5th Grader could tell you that if we are dependent on World prices that the only way to reduce prices here is to reduce our dependence on World prices which means more drilling here. Oil drilling is up here on Private Lands. Obama can;t stop it. Look at North Dakota. Huge drilling there for Natural Gas. Unemployment is at 3.2%. People were getting signing Bonuses to work at McDonalds because they can’t attract enough people. N.G. is a fossil fuel. This Administration is against Fossil Fuels. They have tried to stop it whenever possible. There is no proof that fracking is dangerous as claimed by the OBAMA EPA. Here are the particulars on Buffet, He pays himself a $100,000 salary. His secretary gets $400,000. Since both are salaries and since $400,000 is more then $100,000 then she pays a higher tax rate.The other income of Buffet is Stock dividends. They are taxed at a maximum of 15%. If he gets $300,000 more in stock dividends to equal $400,000 then he has a tax obligation of $145,000 income. I can do you one better . I have several Oil and N.G. Stock that are MLPS or Master Limited Partnerships. All their dividends are tax deferred because 90% of their profits are passed to shareholders in dividends. I do not have t pay taxes on any of those dividends unless I sell the Stock. Then my cost basis is reduced by the amount of dividends. If I get a $2.00 per share dividend for two years and I paid $20 a share for it then my cost is reduced from $20 to $16,00 . If I never sell it then my dividends are free. This is the tax code. If you want to play the Idiot then do it someplace else where people have the same limited intelligence and are as uniformed as yourself. Check your facts before making such childish and Idiotic statements.

  • Pete0097

    All I know is that if this white guy (me) was racist, I would not have supported Herman Cain. I have always and will continue to vote for the person that I feel is most qualified to lead this country. Since my state has had it’s primary, I can’t vote any more until the fall. I voted for Ron Paul in 08 (I lived in MD and knew a vote for anyone but obama wouldn’t matter and I just wanted to send a message to the Rep party). Now I live in SC and will vote for the republican candidate, although I would really rather vote for Paul.

    • Charles Moore

      I voted for Nader in 2008. I would have voted for Ron Paul but he was not on my State Ballot. I will have to vote for anybody but Obama this time which will be the Republican candidate. I fear it is too late. ALL the Bush tax cuts expire on January 2013. The 2% payroll deduction holiday also expires on January 2013. This means a total tax increase of 500 Billion dollars. The U.S. Economy is 70% consumer driven and still hasn’t recovered to that level. This is not Rocket Science. It is simple Math. Consumers will have 500 Billion less to spend in an Economy that hasn’t recovered to its historic and necessary level. The Buffet rule is a distortion and a scam. All income is not treated equal. Salaries are taxed at the regular rate. The higher the Salary then the higher the tax rate. Stock Dividends are taxed right now at a maximum of 15%. The Secretary of Buffet gets $400,000 and hence the 1%. If Buffet gets $400,000 in Stock dividends since he has no salary then he pays 15% on it or $45,000. Since $45,000 is less than $400,000 then he pays a lesser tax rate. It is the same for everybody. The fact that at least 60% here believe that he is getting away with something is pathetic and shows their ignorance. Romney has a 14.62% tax rate because all his income is in Stock dividends which is taxed at 15% and he gave $3 million dollars to Charity which is deductible and reduces it to 14.62%. Anybody can take advantage of the tax code.The OWS crowd thinks that everything ought to be free and Corporations and the Community(taxpayers” will pay for it. France has a new President because he promised to reverse austerity measures that took away extravagant benefits and caused huge debts. He promised to tax the rich at a rate of 75% to pay for it. . Never mind that tasking the rich 75% will not pay for it in France and taxing 100% of the income of the rich will only run the U.S. Government for 6 months. A household making a million dollars ans being taxed 75% si they are left with $250,000 will not put up with it. They will leave but not before huge damage to the Economy. What do this people do when they run out of the money of everybody else? France and Greece are our future.

  • Dad

    It is already violent. The bigotry of this administration is very evident and has been proven in case after case.
    I can live with the blacks’ racism, it is the communism and the anti-american behavior that I detest the most.

    • needfulthings

      The bigotry of this administration … Really Dad .. this administation REALLY !!!!! Proven time after time ????? Communism (fixed noise) anti-American/// REALLY !

      • Shawn

        Well needful, with a user name “needfulthings” you are obviously a liberal democrat. Nothing Obama loves more than a large group of “needfulthings”. Anybody that votes for Obama does not deserve to live in this country. However, you do deserve to live in the country he is trying to turn it into!!

        • needfulthings

          I still don’t see any substance to your statements? I’d like to see a few tid-bits of reality on your charges? You are at liberty to say what you want, but your not entitled to your own facts. But on thee other hand it’s rather obvious your playing the part of a devout RACIST! Now that we got the name calling over with lets see some FACTS!

          Remember > Bigotry (proven time after time), anti-American … whatz dat ?????
          Considering what president cheney and his right hand meat pupit dubya did for 8 years ya think theres any America left ?

          • Shawn

            Now calling someone a liberal democrat is RACIST. No bounds for the pitiful. One thing for sure it’s the only thing liberals have is racism & political correctness. This gives them the opportunity label people to take attention off their monstrosities. Your comments prove my point! Not one ounce of racism but you still find a way to bring it up. Needful of many things you certainly are!

          • Charles Moore

            I have pretty much detailed them here. I am not familiar with Needfulnothings. Stalin had a more useful descriptive term. It was “useful Idiots”.

          • needfulthings

            Ouch! you know I’ll never recover from that name you called me! What a child, are you really an ADULT? or may a smart-arss 10 year old?

          • Charles Moore

            If the shoe fits then wear it. I didn’t direct it at any one person, It was a general statement. Do i need ti define useful idiot for you?

          • needfulthings

            More school yard chants, Yep people this IS a smart arss 12 year old and I for one will not believe anything he writes.. This (charles moore) is a child folkes!!!!!!!!! Your call as to responding to this immature little boy. (except for fun) !!!!

          • Charles Moore

            That would be “folks” and not “folkes”. The only immature one here is you. I really don’t care.The best that you can do is name calling and bad spelling. You have failed to answer any of the questions and you can’t refute anything. You fir the exact description of a “useful idiot”.

          • needfulthings

            Go back and LOOK who started the name calling…. yep dats right … I thought I explained to you. I DON’T WANNA PLAY “ARE YOU SMARTER THAN A FIFTH GRADER” WITH YOU! Spelling or typo ? See what I mean folks now he wants a spelling bee You still got thee message.Now go tell your mother see wahts you. Geeee some people’s kids !!!

          • Charles Moore

            Apparently you have no other choice but to play the IDIOT. I have given the reasons and only Facts for the clown Zimmerman. You have done nothing but name calling and insults because you are too incompetent. You are not competent enough to make any common sense comments. If you had made intelligent and common sense comments in the first place instead then I wouldn’t have to reply to your stupid and inane comments.

          • needfulthings

            bum bye charlie

      • Charles Moore

        Bigotry and Communism are a poor source of words.There is no such thing as pure communism. This Administration is destroying the Country. The Buffet rule is a scam and a distortion. All Income is not treated equally. Salaries are taxed the same way. Stock Dividends are taxed at a maximum of 15%. The $400,000 salary of his Secretary is taxed at the full rate. The $400,000 Sock dividends of Buffet are taxed at 15% which would be $60,000. Thus Buffet is taxed at $60,000 and his Secretary at $400,000, Since $400,000 is more than $60,000 then she pays a higher rate, DUH! DUH!Obama is either either a Liar or clueless. U.S. Senator Obama stated that any President that entered into hostilities with any Country without consulting Congress unless the Security of the U,S, or its Citizens were in imminent danger violated the U,S, Constitution. Obama id the one who is supposed to have taught Constitutional Law for 10 years. President Obama engaged in Hostilities with Libya without consulting Congress. Which one is the Lie?. Obama tramples on the U.S Constitution all the time, Want to know when he is not telling the truth?. His lips are moving. He is also turning U.S. sovereignty over to NATO. Wake up.

  • swampfox

    INCOMPETENCE,now there is a word that ought to have comrad obama’s picture next to it in the dictionary as a prime example of what that word really means!!!

  • Eric Jones

    You want to know what im tired of Mr Myers? i will tell you. Im tired of narrow minded right wingers like you who think you have exlusive rights to the word patriot.the true meaning of the word is ANYONE RIGHT OR LEFTwho has the best entrest of this country at heart so quit WHINING. Im tired of you being so NARROW MINDED you think ANYTHING even remotley left-lenning is socialism. I AM A SOCIALIST and i can honestly say the next time someone calls obama or the democractic party socialist i WILL HUNT THEM DOWN AND BITCH-SLAP THEM INFRONT OF THER FAMILY. and by-the way fidel castrois TWICE the man you will ever be.


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