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Obama’s ‘In Your Face’ Nominations

January 18, 2013 by  

Obama’s ‘In Your Face’ Nominations
Barack Obama seems to have a "my way or the highway attitude" now that he's embarking on a second term.

Barack Obama’s second term hasn’t even officially begun. But we already know that the tone will be even more demanding and confrontational than his first term. That became clear in the so-called negotiations over the fiscal cliff.

Except there weren’t really any negotiations. It was pretty much “my way or the highway.” One of his most recalcitrant representatives in discussions with Congressional leaders was White House Chief of Staff Jack Lew.

In fact, Lew’s intransigence so infuriated Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell that the normally mild-mannered Republican refused to meet with him anymore. To show you just how extreme Lew was, the Democrats brought in Vice President Joe Biden as a “moderating” influence. Imagine Biden being the calming voice in the room.

So how did all those negotiations end? Here’s how veteran Washington observer Pat Buchanan described the results:

“Rather than do a deal with Speaker John Boehner and offer one-for-one budget cuts for tax hikes, the president forced congressional Republicans into a humiliating climb-down and public retreat that split the House majority asunder. Then he spiked the football to rub it in, saying he had made good on his pledge to make the rich pay.”

Obama then added insult to injury, at least as far as conservative Republicans are concerned, by nominating Lew to succeed Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury.

John Carney, an editor at, said that by nominating Lew for the Treasury post, Obama was being intentionally antagonistic. Indeed, he is sending a “pointed message” that he is now ready to “pick fights with Congress.”

Indeed, that is precisely what has been happening.

Two years ago, when he was serving as Obama’s budget director, Lew testified that Obama’s budget “will get us… to the point where we can look the American people in the eye and say we’re not adding to the debit anymore.”

What a joke! Instead of not adding to the debt, Obama increased the national debt by $6 trillion in four short years. His Administration overspent receipts by more than $1 trillion a year every year he’s been in office.

And now he’s demanding that the debt ceiling be increased — or even worse, abolished altogether — so the spending spree can continue. To put it another way, for every dollar the Federal government spends, it saddles our children and grandchildren with an additional 34 cents of debt.

So much for promises of “not adding to the debt anymore.”

Lew’s nomination to the Treasury post probably won’t receive the opposition it should. There would have been a ton of fireworks on Capitol Hill had Obama proceeded with his original plan to appoint U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State. But the Administration wisely decided that it didn’t want to face the barrage of negative questioning that would have occurred over Rice’s repeated deceptions about the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya in September.

The last thing anyone in the Administration wanted was more attention placed on the murder of Christopher Stevens, our ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans. So Rice was persuaded to withdraw her name from consideration. Instead, Obama went with the very safe nomination of the liberal senior Senator from Massachusetts, John Kerry.

Kerry’s vision of what this country’s role in the world should be is certainly vastly different from mine… and probably yours. But it isn’t strikingly different from that of his new boss. He is generally respected by his colleagues in the Senate, or at least not too heartily disliked. After some tough questioning at his confirmation hearings, I predict that he will be easily confirmed to become our latest Secretary of State.

That won’t be the case for Obama’s third nomination that the Senate will have to consider. There will be some heated opposition for Chuck Hagel to succeed Leon Panetta as Secretary of Defense.

Normally, when a President nominates someone from the other party for an important post, it is smooth sailing all the way. This won’t be the case for Hagel, the former Republican Senator from Nebraska. Not only is he to the left of his Republican colleagues, but on some important issues he is to the left of Barack Obama — as hard as that may be to believe.

Hagel has gotten a lot of criticism for comments that made him appear to many as being anti-Israel. How else would one interpret things like “I’m a United States Senator, not an Israeli Senator” or “the Jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up here [on Capitol Hill]”?

A decade ago, after Yasser Arafat has launched his Second Intifada against Israeli, it was not the Palestinian terrorists whom Hagel condemned. No, he said that “Israel must take steps to show its commitment to peace.”

Charles Krauthammer, the popular FOX commentator, had this to say in response:

“Good God. Exactly two years earlier, Israel had proposed an astonishingly generous peace that offered Arafat a Palestinian state — and half of Jerusalem, a previously unimaginable Israeli concession. Arafat said no, made no counteroffer, walked away and started his terror war. Did no one tell Hagel?”

Regarding cutbacks in the defense budget, Hagel in the past has called the Pentagon “bloated” and says our military “needs to be pared down.” Those views are pretty much in accord with those of Obama. But they are sure to lead to some sharp questioning at his confirmation hearings.

But expect the most heat to be generated over Hagel’s squishy soft attitude toward Iran. Not only has he been outspoken against any military action to end the threat of a nuclear Iran, but he has also opposed American economic sanctions against the terrorist-sponsoring state. He even voted against designating Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization.

Krauthammer rightly calls Hagel “a fringe Senator who left no trace behind.” And he adds, “Hagel matters only because of what his nomination says about Obama.” And he concludes, “The lessons are being duly drawn. Iran’s official media have already cheered the choice of what they call this ‘anti-Israel’ nominee.”

In March, Obama whispered to then-President Dmitry Medvedev of Russia: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”

Judging by the first three nominations for his new term, we now know what Obama meant by “more flexibility.” He will be even more demanding, hard-nosed and unyielding than he was during his first term. And he will push harder and faster in his quest to transform the country that has twice elected him to our highest office.

You all right to be worried, my friends, about what this means for our once-great Republic. Very worried indeed.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

–Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • FreedomFighter

    Obama is a Marxist, a muslim, hell bent on changing America, he said so and is doing so, as much as possible. Obama will continue to do so, republicans seem helpless or comprimised, it will be up to the American people and the states to stop, slow or refuse to comply to the budding dictator in the white house.

    Every appointment made involves a corrupted individual, a communist, socialist, anti-constitutional activist, anti-isreal, or just plain old corrutpt puppet. Obama’s every move increases his powerbase and control, its well planned, well executed and without any internal resistance – the republicans have been neutralized to a great extent or been comprimised. Look at Obamas appointments to the bench, my god its a communist activist progressive whos who. The court system is about to take a nose dive into insanity.

    Obama will in the next four years attempt to remove the 2 term limit for himself to become dictator. He will give himself more control and continue to lessen the powers of the other branches of government. He already told congress the UN gives orders to our military not them — treason in your face congress.

    Obama will insure his next election, thru reform for illegal immagration, creating 30 million votors for himself. He will continue to reward business that supports him and continue to attack business that does not, he has the corrupt media in his pockent and will use it to demonize his political enemies like he is doing to the NRA.

    His enemies will be disarmed (literally), thats the American people, the middle class. The process has started with the 21 executive orders, his croni commi buddy Bloomberg and others creating unconstitutional laws that will eventually lead to a Supreme court showdown. Obama is moving forward thru executive order to MAKE SURE THRU REGISTRATION WHERE EVERY GUN IS, for confiscation later.

    Obama has 4 more years to plan a 2nd amendment showdown in the Supreme court, 2 judges are up for replacement, and we will lose the 2nd amendment or it will be reinterpeted to uselessness for Americans. After we lose the 2nd and are disarmed we will be helpless against a tyrant.

    The dollar is doomed, Martial law will be imposed, UN troops will arrive at your home,you will be disarmed, the 2nd amendment wont exist, your guns are registered, they will take them. unless we as Americans get off our collective backsides and stop this progressive communist/facist takeover nobody will.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Warrior

      Absolutely right. And trumpka fills the “Goering” role nicely I may add. Do not EVER give up your guns, EVER. We are now in the midst of revisiting the 1930′s and the rise of facists and marxist. Ok, let’s hear from the “brown shirt” loyalist now, we all know who you are.

      • Jeff

        Yes, hide under the bed so the black helicopters can’t find you.

      • exile

        proper description of this threat to democracy is marxist-jihad, an obvious discrace when the moslem-brotherhood has key positions in homeland-security-agency, key posts, as well as in the pentagon, and the intelligence community , to the point were they are making policy, case-n-point, the french did not inform the obama-caliph of their mali operation until it was in progress for fear of leaks to al’qaeda , since it appears those trained and supplied by u.s. advisers, all switched sides. this was not seen as coincidence,
        as the same happened in “arab spring” jihad against the secular regimes on the land of allah, when enemies of the u.s. have charges changed as “in workplace violence” for the fort hood assassin,hassan, and “road rage” for n.y.p.d. sgt. hamdi, involved in a routine traffic stop on the grand central parkway. in and by itself a red flagger when you consider the victim was a member of the national guard, and the whole matter has disappeared from any news coverage including the latin american press

      • Nadzieja Batki

        jeff, you are a typical O true believer and already fill the role of a thug and a bully very nicely. Who knows but you may get a pat on the head from Papa O.

      • Mary

        Watch out for those drones. If we are revising the 1930s, it is due to assault type weapons that too many nuts have in their poession. The 1930s were all about a bunch of thugs with machine guns, who thought they could do anything they wanted and disobey the laws. They lost and most were killed or went to jail.
        The Constitution was written to include the (guns) that were available in that era. You can better believe if the “framers” had a crystal ball to see what the future held in the manufacturing of certain guns ,they would have put different wording in the 2nd ammendment. So stand on your so called constitutional rights with your Muskets and hand guns made from that time period, YOU have no idea what they would have said about the rapid firing “assault ” weapons. Gun owners may WANT them but they are not necessary and taking them away because they are more dangerous to more people, does not violate your right to own guns. There are plenty of guns you can own that take care of your 2 nd amendment right. Stlop whining! We have a lot of restrictions in society because it is for the greater good and most have been passed because of a few who have caused the problems. That is the only way a government can operate to protect the most people.
        The President is not even talking about taking away your supper dupper killer gun, he is only making sure you register it and banning the sale of them in the future. If it had been properly registered in the first play, there is no need to worry. Guns are dangersous weapons and we should be able to trace them back to those who commit crimes with them.

      • ChristyK

        Wrong Mary, Our founders were very clear in their extra-constitutional writings that the purpose of the 2nd amendment was defense against thugs and defense against government tyranny. They believed that the people should have identical weapons to those the government had so that they could defend themselves if the government went the way of tyrranny. The lowly musket that people always talk about was used by the government & the people. If the Americans had to defend themselves with knives & bows, we would not have won our independence from England that had muskets and cannons. The same applies now. There is a reason that the 2nd amendment says “the right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. It doesn’t say “right to bear muskets”; it doesn’t even say “right to bear guns”. It does say “right to bear arms”. They were careful to make the 2nd amendment open ended to account for new technology in arms.

        • Tommy

          Christy you will never win that argument even though you are correct, my point bieng why waste your breath. Those of us that believe in the constitution will agree and everybody else will put thier own spin on it so why bother.

        • Jeff

          So are you saying there is no limit to the weapons the 2nd Amendment permits you to own? Surface to air missiles to shoot down aircraft? Drones? A-bombs? I have heard Scalia say he thought the limitation might be those weapons that can be carried, but you apparently feel differently. Is there no rule of reasonableness that applies?

          You have to remember that in 1790, we did not have a standing army. All the power was held by the States except that ceded to the Federal Government. You don’t think the States had the ultimate control over “arms”?

          I think that when people hear that so-called 2nd Amendment advocates say that you want the guns to do battle with our duly-elected government, they are genuinely taken aback. You sound like an Arkansas back-country still operator fighting the revenooers. Assuming for the moment that our Government turned rogue or that we suffered a military coup, how much good is your AR-15 going to do against the Army’s weaponry? And which side would you be on? What if half the gun owners picked one side and half the other? Another Civil War?

        • Bob666

          Here is what is actually says:

          “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

          You don’t get credit when you use only the half of the 2nd that supports your agenda.

          “They were careful to make the 2nd amendment open ended to account for new technology in arms.”

          I don’t agree with you, that is like saying that if our founding fathers were crafting that doccument today, they would include “death rays” and “vaporizers” in the 2nd. If written today, that doccument would deal with a whole new set of current issues and be worded differently for others.

      • WillyT

        Hey Jeff, I hear today that Nagin is being charged with corruption. Golly! I guess his dream of a chocolate city as he put it is over. Another blow against racism and to the most racist president in history, just when Obama thought he’d have a perfect replacement in some cabinet position like HUD too!

        • Jeff

          Brainless Willy:

          Normally, when one makes a charge like you did, he has something to back it up? What leads you to conclude that Obama is racist or as you put it, the most racist president ever? My guess is you are a pure Southern-fried bigot, but I could be mistaken.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Mary, get your Constitution read properly. The civilian population should be able to buy the same weapons as the military or police if they could afford them or if they wanted them abd can afford to maintain them. Most of the time who wants them except collectors.
        Twit, you are more dangerous than any gun owner because you Lie.

      • eddie47d

        Poor Nadzieja still defending the mass killers on the street with an attack aginst Mary! Now if you want the same weapons as the military join the Marines.

      • oh oh

        Nothing Christi said was inconsistent with either clause of the 2nd Amendment. She gets full credit.

      • Jana

        Just got this in an email.
        Absolutely wonderful.

        MUST WATCH 14 minutes: Little Known History – Athens, Tenn – 1946

        This film may explain why Obama’s Department of Homeland Security put out a bulletin classifying “returning veterans,” “gun rights advocates,” and “people who carry copies of the Constitution.” as a “Domestic Terror Threat.”

        “An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject.”

        You may be completely unaware of this event that took place in Athens , TN in 1946. An armed revolt on American soil by WWII veterans took place during our lifetime. A very sobering video to say the least.
        Now the second amendment should be a little clearer to everyone.
        This movie lasts less than fourteen minutes and is well worth the time.

      • lukn003

        I’m No english professor, and only finished hi school, 4 yrs in the Military, and dropped outta college 20 or 30 days Before I finished My 8th semester,, BUT seems I recall that COMMAs were Used in place OF *And & Also* through Out history!!! TRY Reading the 2nd Amendment(and all the other amndmts, plus those other Documents) WITH the Commas Replaced With And or Also!!!

        • Deerinwater

          Warrior says; “We are now in the midst of revisiting the 1930′s and the rise of facists and marxist. Ok, let’s hear from the “brown shirt” loyalist now, we all know who you are.”

          I say, ~ You are correct! It is those of you like and Freedom Fighter that have hidden your brown shirts and hide you activities like Tea Party activists that make this bold claim. ~ Deffer guilt and responsibility your calling card. Blaming evil deeds on natives American rather then risk identification.

          But it’s not working very well this time around Warrior, ~ There are just too many eyes that you cannot avoid. ~ We know who is financing your “Really Big Show”.

          Americans will not succumb to intimidating from noise malcontents.

      • Samdromeda

        Remember that it was President Bush who wanted to restrict the sale of 50 caliber rifles because they could bring down airplanes.

    • John R. Howell

      Mr. Laus Deo, Thank you for everything that you said, and I thank God that you said it. God bless you, and God bless America. John R. Howell

    • TIME

      Dear FF,

      Saddly what you have posted is very much the case in point. We the American people have become the enemy of the “UNITED NATION STATES”

      We have been that enemy for a very long TIME now ~ but we now see the LONG RANGE plan’s last stage unfolding before our very eyes.

      The November “NON” election was the last vetage of what a once FREE nation thought was a real election.
      It was in fact nothing more ~ nor ~ nothing less than a “TOTAL FRAUD” Perpetrated on the American people by the “Mass Media and the New World Order’s talking faces” ~ also known as the “Political Class.”

      The American people were held under the spell of a Massive storm that was contrived just as the whole election fraud unfolded ~ again It was the last vestige of what was once a Free Nation.

      Welcome to the OVERT ~ ” COUP d`Etat” where what you thought was your nation has exposed its face for the TRUE value of its Pernicious as well outright MALICIOUS nature.

      Now any of you who think that FREEDOM is your Right are about to find out, you were only sleeping all the while EVIL had you under its spell ~ robbing you of what was not just the Constitution and Bill of Rights, they robbed you of your very way of life, and soon will follow up by “Elminating” you COMPLETELY.

      All the while the quasi Liberal class or NEO MARXIST class is still jumping up and down about GWB, yet the NEO NAZI CLASS is jumping up and down about the man who no one knows anything about. Barry OMEN.

      The History books will not be complete without the last monster of PURE EVIL written within its pages of BLOOD LUST as well Human sacrifice. As all history books even now are replete with such Monsters of whom so many knelt down to ~ even after knowning the EVIL they embellished each blood soaked page with.

      As I have stated now many TIMES, a “Disposable Society” over TIME becomes
      { disposable its self.}
      Thus WELCOME to that point in TIME. You are the new JEW to the EVIL State, So how’s it feel to be in that role?
      How will you feel when the gates of HELL open ~ ? If you don’t have a RFID chip you are evil to the state?
      If you don’t have the FLU shot, your evil to the state?
      If you don’t give up your guns you are evil to the state?
      If you believe that FREEDOM is a gift from GOD, Your evil to the state?
      If you believe in any form of GOD thats not Lucifer, Your evil to the state.

      Yet how many of you will still denie what is so visible that even the most blind of the blind can see it with a crystal clarity.

      Peace and Love, Shalom ;-)

      If you don’t have your Bus ticket for the higher vibration level yet, you had better act fast, BEG ~ the Holy Sprit of the Christ to Embrace your soul. Do it NOW. Shalom People

      • Andy

        Freedom Fighter & TIME, Very well said. Too bad that there are so many who do not see what is right before them. Make any excuse you can, but it all comes down to the fact that God has taken his protective hand off the U.S. as we have turned our backs on him. There IS a book that outlines exactly what is and will happen–it has been around a very long time. Try reading it sometime.

      • margaret

        thank you for putting into print, what ‘most’ of us American citizens have been thinking right along, but were afraid to speak of – we’ve decoded their lies, and seen/witnessed this going on for a long, long time

      • oh oh

        One of the problems is that we have embraced the enemies of God, the ones he warned us about, and propped them up as “chosen,” blind to the fact that they are the very ones behind the beast called Mystery Babylon and all of its evil predecessors. Any resistance, without identifying the real culprits, will produced temporary results at best and, ultimately, failure.

        • Bob666

          Oh Oh,
          the home called, it’s medication time.

      • Jana

        Yes Bob666,
        It is definitely time for you to take yours!

      • KenPoland

        “The American people were held under the spell of a Massive storm that was contrived just as the whole election fraud unfolded ~ again It was the last vestige of what was once a Free Nation.”

        ‘CONTRIVED’ ???? What uter nonsense!!!

        Time, you had better start quivering and quaking! Your guns don’t stand a chance if the Administration you are so fearful of has such power as to influence nature to bring in a storm at just the precise time to foil the election.

      • Samdromeda

        I see that evil possesses both sides of the equation. Toys of an oppositionally defiant self imposed unseen adversary who loves to make things go BOOM. We are free to act just like him unified only by our mutual greed. Enough baiting with fears. God spoke well of this generation. “They store up violence in their homes.” Fear fuels the business cycle. If you can’t get people to spend their money threaten to take something from them. It helps the economy and fortifies the bottom line. You have all been had.

      • Joe Hammond

        One of the monsters who you left out was the Amerikan pioneers who used genocide and forced removal to take over the North American continent that we possess today. Even Hitler admired the way the Amerikan pioneers did the Native Americans in. And all of these people claimed to be “god-fearing”. Most of the problems occurred after precious commodities were found on Native American lands after treaties were signed. Then the “god-fearing” came a-killin’!!!! And why not? God killed more people than anyone else. The flood killed all but Noah’s family. Unfortunately, he didn’t leave many people left to mate with other than family members. Maybe that is why we are so screwed up…..not enough DNA variants available after the flood………

        • Bob666

          Yo Joe,
          very good point!

    • Bush Wacker

      I do not know if he is a Muslim or not but he is the worst president we have ever had he makes bush look like a statesman.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        If you don’t know what O is, what are you waiting for, you better hurry up and find out.

      • Jana

        Bush Wacker,

        In 1923, Hitler attempted to take control of the Bavarian government in Munich. The revolt was a failure and Hitler was convicted of treason and sentenced to five years’
        imprisonment. While in prison, his political manifesto, Mein Kampf, was ghostwritten by Rudolf Hess. Hitler knew that in order to obtain control of the masses, he had to embrace their religions in order to gain their trust.

        This man Obama has learned what to say, but watch what he does, it doesn’t align up with the Word of God. He favors the Muslims and Islam in almost every instance.

      • Kate8

        Jana – Yes, and here is a firsthand account of Hitler’s takeover of Austria.

        This reads exactly the way our own history reads for the last century, play by play.

        • Jeff


          Must be a Hell of a video because here we are 112 years after 1900 and the Republic has not fallen. Hitler destroyed the Weimar Republic almost immediately upon becoming Chancellor. Any equation between the two is clearly faulty math.

          • Deerinwater

            Jeff says ; “Hitler destroyed the Weimar Republic almost immediately upon becoming Chancellor. ”

            Right ! and you use the term “becoming” somewhat loosely ~ as he as “appointed Chancellor” just to satisfy a noisy 27% that had voted for Hitler in his “failed” effort to gain elected office. ~ Hitler’s noisy support base was very similar in size and composition as today’s Tea Party and employed many of the same tactics ~ noisy threats and intimidation.

            What they didn’t have in numbers, they made up for in noise and threatening manner which make any 27% number significant in politics even today. ~

            We cannot allow a repeat of such an event.

      • Jana

        No Jeff,
        Its called people that are more informed. Not everyone has blinders on like you.

        • Jeff

          I don’t know what you’re talking about since you’ve responded to someone else’s post.

        • Bob666

          Jana (AKA General Turgidson),
          here share some of you witless wisdom, we need a laugh tonight and we were just discussing your vast exploits.

        • Motov

          “Informed?” With more lies than anyone in the history? You cannot spend your way out of a depression,…sooner or later the dollar is going to crash.

      • Motov

        oops my email made this conversation appear as something else,… disregard it

      • Jana

        Then I will repeat it for you, since you can’t seem to remember what you write:

        Jeff says:

        January 18, 2013 at 11:07 pm


        Must be a Hell of a video because here we are 112 years after 1900 and the Republic has not fallen. Hitler destroyed the Weimar Republic almost immediately upon becoming Chancellor. Any equation between the two is clearly faulty math.
        My answer to you is:

        No Jeff,
        Its called people that are more informed. Not everyone has blinders on like you

      • mary j herndon

        sounds like something a bushwacker would say

    • Roger

      Does anyone remember the open microphone mistake when talking to the Russian? He said something like,”Wait until my second term, I’ll have more flexibility”. Well look out people, here it comes and the majority of we loyal Americans are not going to like it.

      • Tommy

        Of course they remember Roger, at least those that had internet because i don’t believe it made it to the main stream media and yet they chose to ignore his remarks and blindly follow thier great leader. It’s just a matter of time now and they will all begin to feel and understand the error of thier ways, more likely sooner then later. Good luck to us all and may God be with you.

    • nc

      FREEDOM FIGHTER, It appears that it may be time for you and old Warrior to arm up and head for your holes in the desert with a case of beans! The end is nigh! The government under the direction of the Kenyan, Muslim Commie is acomin” fer your guns! Better hurry because the last rime the government confiscated all of our weapons they did it in a hurry! (?They already have those Fema camps to store them in! The only history on your side is that the sun comes up every day! Paranoia can be treated! Talk about scared GIRLY men!!!

      • WTS/JAY

        nc:The government under the direction of the Kenyan, Muslim Commie is acomin” fer your guns! Better hurry because the last rime the government confiscated all of our weapons they did it in a hurry!

        Yes, you are correct! Since jug-ears is incapable of creating jobs, he moves to gun-confiscation to off-set his abysmal, job-creation FAILURE!!! He’s useless, and what’s more, he represents the “Enemies” of our country! He is not a muslim, he’s worse than a muslim; he’s a “Progressive”! You can’t get much lower then that! So yes, arm yourselves, people, and get ready for another revolution!

        • Jeff

          You guys are really pathetic. Why don’t you stick to discussing women’s breasts or sports – something you have some under- oh, never mind.

      • FreedomFighter

        Jeff this documentry movie gives the facts

        Innocents Betrayed – Genocide By Gun Control – True History of Gun Confiscation

        and Obannana is appointing the kinda people that will do genocide – they believe in it, because the population is to large.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

    • mamamia

      Wow FF, it must be awful living in such paranoia. I never seen anything like it how some people are so scared of the black boogie man.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        But you are the one who is paranoid, that the Conservatives or Libertarians will take away the little utopian world that is promised by O.

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Comrade mamamia! Why you Libtards always pull the race card?? I don’t care if Obummer is black, white, brown, green, orange, mixed! trash is trash, He is a fraud!

      • TIME

        Oh Dear MamamiA,

        I am BLACK ~ oddly ~ I agree with FF 100%, JFTR, there are countless thousands of blacks who not only have jobs as well very educated who also feel just like FF.

        So whats your point again there, Sweet Lips?

      • Larry K.

        you better believe it mammamia. when your muslim president is through with us GOD believing people he’ll be comming after your a** too. your going to find out that your nothing to him except a devil worshiper. you poor lost soul.

        • Bob666

          it will be OK Larry.

        • Jeff

          Is the K for Krazy or Kreepy? Where do you guys come up with this idiotic stuff? It is absolutely insane. Obama is none of the things you claim. He is a successful politician of a party you disapprove. Nothing more, nothing less. He is not going to put you in the gulag; he is not going to make you convert to Islam; none of it. You are either deluded or a liar.

      • TIME

        Dear Bob Vav Vav Vav,


        Do you really in fact think ~ Lucifers EVIL is good?

    • manuel rosa

      FreedomFighter do you have a plan, or is this just wishfulthinking?

      • FreedomFighter

        others have better plans than I ever will, get political NOW. Finds an organization that is fighting Obanana and join it — get active, get loud, get the word out.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

      • Motov

        If we are lucky some sleepy eyed liberals just might wake up and smell the coffee and realize they have nothing but empty promises from a kenyan fraud who still won’t allow people into his real past, of what his training, beliefs, etc is really doing to this nation.

    • david

      All of congress is in on it. One of the reasons no one will do anything is because they all are afraid they will end up in the FEMA camps with the rest of us!

      • Jeff


        How IS the camp you’re in? Do you play softball, go to the target shooting range? What exactly is it you can’t do? Oh, that’s right, you can’t dictate who the President is. Life’s a bitch, ain’t it?

    • Ron r

      stop whining and get out the time instead of trying to steal it.BTW the majority of Americans voted for him . or the Marxist as you say.

    • Ron r

      Stop whining and get out the vote.the majority voted for the president or Marxist as you say.funny most would rather have a marxist than a republican in office.what a country.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So you are happy that you have a Marxist Thief in office. That is what Marxists are thieves as in the money, time, health and life of other human beings. Marxists are liars and human predators.
        Ron r, you are or soon will be like your master O.

        • Bob666

          “So you are happy that you have a Marxist Thief in office”

          What did he steal? is he writing bad checks or shoplifting?

          • Jeff

            He stole her hope. She was hoping Uncle Dick would become President and start water boarding Democrats in the Lincoln Bedroom!

      • Jeff

        Excuse me. Who nearly destroyed the capitalist system? If we always had a G.W.Hoover in office, there would be no need of a Lenin to destroy the system. If Obama is a Marxist bent on the destruction of the U.S. economic system, he sure is doing a lousy job. The stock market has at least doubled since he took office.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Semper Fi FreedomFighter, everything you said is right on. The replacements are just a little more demonic then those that we there. This nation will be destroyed by there own doing and letting this satanist get a way with all kinds of evil. God Bless Friend:

      • Benjamin Fox

        Sorry anger gribbed me, should be were instead of we and their instead of there.

      • ron . r

        Ok Benjamin, satanist, muslim, what else can you think of to call Dick Cheney?? oh, my bad you were talking about Ronald Reagan the guy with the 666 name. You guys are a riot

    • Ron r

      Yeah, yeah, yeah, Obama is marxist, and not an american and muslim. so stop whining already and get out and vote next time. 51% of America voted for him. so if that means 51% of america is marxist , it’s time for you 47% ers to move out.

      • James Lewis

        Incorrect, 51% of Americans did not vote for Obama. 51% of those who voted voted for Obama a big difference. The true numbers are that only about 56% of those who was illegible voted, therefore the 51% you used is really less than 30% of Americans.

        • Ron r

          Yeah ,yeah,and there you go with those ghost stories about votes.give it a break.the truth is that while you and some others wasted time on this page honing king up excuses for a loss.others were out registering over one million new voters.

          Something you and others could have done. And before you post another lie about the voter surpression laws that were rolled back by the courts.know this,every new voter that came on the rolls could have voted regardless of which law was in find another reason to hate. Just think,2016 is almost here and you and others are still on this page wasting time while making someone else rich.

          • RLr

            Obama won. You guys can try to steal the next election like you tried to steal the last one.

          • Jeff

            Well, they ARE considering running Tony Soprano as their candidate.

        • Bob666

          “true numbers are that only about 56% of those who was illegible voted, therefore the 51% you used is really less than 30% of Americans”

          is this a “new math” or a lack of math skills?

        • Jeff

          If everyone eligible to vote did so, Obama would have received more than 60% of the vote. Republicans tend to vote in a much higher per centage than do Democrats. It’s why Republicans do so much better in off-year elections.

    • Shirley Hall


      Semper Fi

    • truesoy

      ….you really outdid yourself this time for you call President Obama a ‘marxist’ and a ‘muslim’. Now that is a first, to be an ‘atheist’ (marxist) and at the same time a muslim (believer in God). Go figure!.
      One thing I can promise you, though, is that you are a runner-up for the ‘nutso hall of fame’, and you have a very good chance to make it.


      • Bob666

        Yo True,
        Freedom is a complicated guy.

    • Irish Love

      Many people will wonder why this president causes me to worry. I’m not an idealog, radical nor racist, but I have studied history and the direction this president is heading brings to mind the ways the following have come to dictatorship: Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Chiang Kai-Chek, Castro and Chavez.

      They first establish a ‘cult of personality’, they pick a portion of the populace to demonize and place all blame on, (rich, big business and conservatives), establishes strick gun control to disarm possible opposition, gains control of the majority of media outlets. The only thing this person is short of is absolute control of the military, but he has enough people in the military that would support him in exchange for suitable rewards.

      The largest worry I have is that he is stupid enough to think that he can invite outside sources to help him to establish himself and thinks his Elite education will keep him ahead of them.

      • Financially Insecure John

        “I have studied history and the direction this president is heading brings to mind the ways the following have come to dictatorship: Napoleon, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Chiang Kai-Chek, Castro and Chavez”

        Your a mother? are your children in therapy?

        You are clearly delusional and paranoid.

      • Ron r

        Funny how the country has gone through over 40 presidents pf all parties none of which have caused this country to collapse .200 years of presidents and all of a sudden one lone black man becomes president and In eight years,eight years out of over 200 he somehow can mess up any worse than Bish 2. Oh,my bad,he is black.

      • Jana

        Irish Love,
        Many of us who are not Liberal/Socialists, have realized the same thing.

    • Sarah

      Freedom Fighter. You are so right. But, I would like to add that Obama received about 62 million votes. 11% less than 2008. His popularity is deminishing. Romney received about 3.3 million less than Obama. About 2 million did not vote for reasons unknown and then factor in voter fraud. Obama did not win by a mandate nor a landslide. He won by default. American families making $30,000 or less put him over the top 65% to 35%. Did you vote for him? These are the low information voters. The takers for free stuff. He is not the Messiah that the MSM wants you to think he is. When you consider that the NRA reported 80,000 new memberships a day since Newtown than you have a population that knows what Obama is all about and will not stand for him.

      I would like to know just when is someone going to do something about this Fascist/Muslim in the White House? When is someone going to arrest him for treason? His administration has supplied the Muslim Brotherhood with arms throughout the middle east. This administration is now sending fighter jets and tanks to Morsi. Why? Morsi has declared that he will annihilate Israel. Then are we next? But, you can bet that the moneygrabbers and top feeders will be ready for the new New World Order.

      • MLR

        Sarah, This country has been supplying both sides with arms for decades, we suplied both sides in ww1 until we got into it. both sides in ww2 until we got into it. it took an act of congress to stop business from supplying Germany after we got into it. 20% of our economy is supplying arms to other countries. Face it, we are the biggest suppliers of arms to the entire world. It all comes down to the allmighty dollar, we don’t care who we arm, as long as they can pay. The trouble with the Government is that BIG Business calls the shots.

    • Steve L.

      Thank God rational americans rejected the real crazies in this country and voted for President Obama for four more years. The Enemies of the United States would like to express their deep appreciation for the awesome job your doing attacking the Constitutionally and Democratically elected Govt. of the United States. The very constitution you claim to be so loyal to you throw out the window if your people don’t win the election and try to bring down that government. Bunch of frauds, American By Birth Only

    • figmo

      Anyone feeling the need to justify having a well armed citizenry should watch the documentary on the LA riots. Black criminals were pulling innocent unarmed white citizens from their vehicles and beating them to the point of death. The police were pulled out of the area leaving the innocents unprotected. Some high capacity semi-auto weapons in the hands of the innocents would have been nice. It might have changed the kill ratio a wee bit. We had similar riots in Libertty city here in south Florida where unsuspecting whites were pulled from their vehicles and murdered in most unpleasant ways. The news media always keeps it quiet and low key unless it it’s white perps attacking blacks. Then not only are the police sent in but the feds get heavily involved also. Anti-white racism? Naw it couldn’t be could it?

      • Ron r

        And I assume no one in the reich wing press (Fox) told you that there were some black citizens who at risk of life helped some of those whites who were attacked. BTW there are just as many assault weapons in Compton as could have been carried by whites coming through.but then again all some on the reich want is a good old western shot out.

  • mark

    Yeah, Obama, the bully. Because like every other president in history, he dares to nominate the people he wants to serve on his cabinet? Please. He won the election hands down 332 electoral votes to 206. Imagine nominating a Defense Secretary who might consider U.S. interests first over foreign interests i.e. those of Israel, who doesn’t want to get us into yet another Middle Eastern war, this time in Iran. Hagel stood up to the neocons who gave us the Iraq War, who feel that Israel and not Washington should set U.S. policy in the Middle East, and who insist that we bomb and invade Iran. We can all see where following the neocon strategy has gotten us – and will get us. Mired down in endless violent conflict in that indecipherable, uncontrollable region. I thought Libertarians and true Conservatives were against unConstitutional foreign invasions and wars? So is Chuck Hagel. So let’s stone him too even though we agree with him – since Obama likes him.

    And neocon supreme, massive Israel advocate, Charles Krauthammer, is wrong. Israel offered the Palestinians a lousy deal that cut the West Bank up into a pro-settler jigsaw puzzle that would have constrained Palestinian travel, access to land and water, and true political sovereignty for centuries. They were right not to sign that deal. The Palestinians also have a perfect human right to resist the military occupation of their homeland just like any people on earth occupied by the military forces of a foreign power have that right. This is the same right that we as Americans exercised heroically from 1775 to 1783. I certainly condemn the terror tactics that many Palestinians employ but on the West Bank they have been militarily occupied for nearly 46 years. One thing we have learned about the Palestinians they will never kneel down and kiss the jackboot of the Israeili occupiers. They will fight and resist, they will blow themselves up and sacrifice their own children and young people but they will never wave the white flag of surrender and kneel before Israel as a defeated people.

    • Bush Wacker

      Hey mark if he won the election hands down how come the democrats do not control the house. this is much more telling of the overall picture.

      • eddie47d

        You should have spent more time Wacking Bush so we wouldn’t have to put up with that silliness from the Republican Party. With America evenly divided on most issues neither party is going to control everything and that is the way the American people want it. We wish they could work together instead of attacking each other yet a balance of power is preferable to any one party.

      • Gary

        I have a friend who still insists that Geo W only became President because he “cheated”. When I ask how Obama received more votes than eligible voters in Boston the subject immediately changes. Similarly when I ask the logic on how over a 100 precincts in Cleveland gave Obama more than 99 percent of the vote – no answer. Hugo Chavez didn’t get that percentage and he was the only one running in the last election.

      • Flashy

        BW…do you ever think ? the House has ‘safe seats’ where gerrymandering has protected the incumbents from anything but a challenge from more extreme right than the incumbent. Standard tactics which have been employed the past two years as the extremists fear a fair vote…so they’ve created districts which the will of the majority cannot be exercised.

        Y’know how they proclaim they are all about freedom, liberty, etc…and then restrict the votes so they cannot be defeated. I believe these are the same people who yelled and ranted and threatened when International observers were asking to sit around and watch.

        heck…Idi Amin won his elections every year. Same concept with the gerrymandering that the Extremists and American Taliban pushed through.

      • Flashy

        “I have a friend who still insists that Geo W only became President because he “cheated”. When I ask how Obama received more votes than eligible voters in Boston the subject immediately changes. Similarly when I ask the logic on how over a 100 precincts in Cleveland gave Obama more than 99 percent of the vote – no answer. Hugo Chavez didn’t get that percentage and he was the only one running in the last election.” <— Gary

        Well Gary, you could have asked me and I'd have given you the accurate facts.

        methinks your 'friend' realized he was faced with a ranting madman so he wisely kept silent and hoped the foamin' would go down…

      • Ron r

        To Bush Wacker and other neo cons. The reason dems did not win the house is because of a thing called jurymandering. The same thing they are trying now to do with the electorial college. If you can’t win it steal it.

        • Jeff

          Gerrymandering. Democratic House candidates received 1,000,000 more votes than Republicans. In Pennsylvania, as an example, Obama and the Democrat running for Senate carried the state by about 10 points. The House Democratic candidates received far more votes than the Republicans. Yet, the Republicans “won” 13 of 18 Congressional seats there. Boehner’s “majority” is illusory as he has no mandate to govern.

      • Larry K.

        he did everything he could to steal the votes. you people who are for obummer are sure going to be sorry and i will say…. good for you.

      • MLR

        Bush Wacker.
        Because of jerrymandering

        • deerinwater

          Elected Representative, reflect local politics more so than National politics. ~ for what ever that is worth to you ~ not much would be my guess.

          I can’t vote another states Representative but can support them or their opposition in others way ~ with my dollars, etc.

          And why the Governor of Florida in going down.

          • Bob666

            Yo Deer,
            I have lots of issues with our Gov here in Florida, but I am curious as the what people see of him from outside of Florida?

          • Jeff

            He defrauded the Government of mucho millions through his health care company. Now, he’s one of many ultra right wing governors who tried to rig the last election for Romney through voter suppression. I also can’t believe that whole “stand your ground” thing. What was wrong with traditional self defense. This law, or the way it’s interpreted, permits somebody to stalk someone with a gun, then, when he gets confronted, he can claim he feared for his life, and shoot. In some instances, the law doesn’t even allow for prosecution. It’s got holes you could drive a truck through.

          • Deerinwater

            Bob, ~ There is too many to list, ~ besides being a Phil Gramm weasel, white collar criminal that needs to be locked up ~ and everything I hate in a man, he’s failed miserably to be governor to all Florida peoples with fair representation. he’s got that Koach brothers brown spot on his nose and a worthless pieces of human trash and I don’t want to look at him.

            I’ll stop there but could continue ~ I , a Texan, will invest my money to see him off my radar screen and hopefully off your as well.

          • Bob666

            Yo Jeff and Deer,
            Thanks for your input. You basically see him the way many of us here in Florida see him. Forget the fact that he is one creepy guy, any CEO who does not look at his company with adequate checks and balances to see how it was making so much money is incompetent or dishonest. My guess is that Rick Scott is more on the dishonest side.

            I would not be surprised if he falls out of running for a second term as his popularity has never been very high and when Obama took Florida (which surprised many of us down here), I believe that Mr. Scott saw the writing on the wall. The two favorite decisions that he has made were cutting education in his first year and then deciding after test scores went south that maybe we needed to spend more money on education?

            Then there was his pact with other republican governors to make voting difficult (just what Florida needs) and now he says we need to lengthen the period of voting in elections after the whole state came after him.

            I will give him credit for making a crack to get state workers to pay more towards their pensions and health insurance as that is one of the biggest problems that all states are facing regarding their budgets.

            Always good to hear what folks from outside your state think about you.

    • Roger

      You of course mean,how Israel knelt before Germany, a defeated people? I feel for both Israel and Palestine but why Israel would do to someone else what was done to them in the 30′s and 40′s I don’t understand. Like a guy I used to work with used to say “Can’t we all just get along”?

      • http://midcontent ridge runner

        Dreams of Arabs getting along with the Jews is a pipe dream of idoits. Go back and see who was the father of Arabs. He was a trouble causing jackass of a person. His mother was a trouble sow, and since humans are close to animals, like mother, offspring will carry the trouble making gentic material. The Palistinain people keep getting kick out of other countries, and these sand pounders will not get along with any one, they can not build a damn thing or even behave when given a decent place, loook at the pig Arafat , and millions he stole and lived worst than a hog, for dunging up his living quarters. The idea of understanding or showing symathy for people who will not ever get along with any non muslim show what worth fks they are. Our muslim marxist in Cheif, is a good buddy to these oddballs. He syop the National Day of Prayer, then brought in a caravan load of these pedophile worship rug scrubbers,go figure.

        • Jeff

          Ridge Rat:

          The israeli-Palestinian conflict is one that will be difficult to solve but should not be impossible. Dehumanizing the Palestinians is clearly not the way to go. Those who will benefit by cooperation and trade with Israel have to be encouraged and somehow empowered and the Israeli Government has to cease its building of settlements. It will take intelligence and courage and patience. Saying people are pigs descended from evil is the height of stupidity.

      • Motov

        Islam people fight all the time, if they aren’t after Israel they’ll fight amongst themselves.
        The Sunnis and Shiites will never get along with each other, just as they both will never get along with Israel. They know full well Israel will NOT mess around like the USA does.

        • Jeff

          One could say the same of Christians.

      • MLR

        Modern day Arabs can’t even get along with Arabs, why on Earth would they want to get along with Jews and Christians?

        • Deerinwater

          It’s not just modern day Arabs.

          ◄ Genesis 16:12 ► speaking of children of Ishmael

          New International Version (©1984)

          “He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone’s hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers.”

          Here is 200 mentions of Ishmael in the bible, many are very inflammatory

          Which make me believe that male Jews wrote the bible and not a God at all. ~ but that is another issue. ~ In any case, the children of Ishmael have been getting “bad press” for centuries.

          I say ~! if the shoe fits ~?

      • Jana

        I went to that site. Very interesting site.
        Yes, there were 200 mentions of Ismael, did you notice that not all of the Ishmael’s mentioned was the son of Abraham and Hagar?

        Actually the KJV says that Ishmael will be a wild man, instead of a donkey of a man.

        I used to think like you do, that there were a lot of things in the Bible that were very unfair. I was challenged by a really good person who turned out to be a really good friend to study and prove how God was unfair. In order to do that I had to really study, to find out why God was doing what He was doing also. That was about 17 years ago. Since then I have been a serious student of the Bible. The Original King James Version is the best as it is protected by the Massarah and there are many tools that can be used along with this version.

        • Bob666

          Ok General Jana,
          so the old Testament, Torah & Talmud are invalid?????

      • Jana

        Actually if you would look it up you would see that the Ishmael that is being talked about is in the Old Testament.

        • Bob666

          “In order to do that I had to really study, to find out why God was doing what He was doing also. That was about 17 years ago. Since then I have been a serious student of the Bible. The Original King James Version is the best as it is protected”

          Thank you, it makes far more sense to me now.

      • deerinwater

        It is the descendants of Ishmael that we address ~ the Jews half brother and his prodigy. ~ a wider focus is required ~ Arabs and how they have elected to interact with each other and the rest of humankind. ~

        I did not bring forward the subject ~ I only responded to a posting regarding Arab behavior and how Arabs kills Arabs more then they do anyone else with biblical scripture that accounts for this behavior.

        If it’s an indictment on Arabs , it not one that I make ~ but one made long ago by people that selected what to include in Holy Text.

    • S.C.Murf

      mark, you are evil itself. You know what you are and like it that way, you feel good about where you are at worshiping satan. When you stand before the white throne judgement I will stand as witness against you and you will be gone for eternity.

      up the hill

      • Jeff

        Grampa Smurf:

        If you keep your “thoughts” to yourself, no one needs to know how profoundly stupid you are. You could fake sentience. On second thought, the more the American people hear from morons like you, the more they like Obama. Maybe he should send you a megaphone.

      • eddie47d

        Mark made some good points and Smurf is envious and mean!

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Hey comrade gringo Libtard Jeff! Thing getting slow at your Libtard hate site?? Take your Meds!

        • Jeff

          Libtard? Did you make that up? All by yourself? Come on, your Mom helped you with that one. Your nurse? I’ll bet you’ve got some kindergarten names for Obama, too. What a helluva guy!!

    • Ted Crawford

      There is only one response possible to anyone so utterly delusional Mark!
      ” It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason as to administer medicine to the dead” Thomas Jefferson! Welcome to the Proletariat Comrade

  • Scarface

    Oprahbam= the worst of both races!!!!!!!!!

    • eddie47d

      Your face has been scarred one time too many . So do you think Chuck Hagel as a US Senator should act like an Israeli Senator? Should the Israeli vote have more power than an American vote? Instead of being cute how about being relevant on the issues!

      • Benjamin Fox

        I see eddie teddy 47 ways to be a commie and trashy flashy dashy are back carrying the same nazi lie’s again today, real non human trolls, just a robotic mind full of propaganda for their nazi leader-in-chief. If they had a brain they would almost be dangerious but, someday their plug will be pulled and they will rot where they need to be, in a very hot climate for all eternity.

      • ChristyK

        I don’t believe that he should be anti-Israel and ignore the fact that Israel has repeatedly offered concessions, but the Palestinians have always refused all offers and returned terrorism for peace offers. I do agree with Hagel that we should reduce our footprint in the world, quit attacking countries that are not attacking us (especially without a constitutional Congressional declaration of war). We are broke and do not need to run up the deficit acting as policeman of the world. We also need to consider the blowback from our actions that frequently cause more danger for us. Why do we need to be in ~190 nations? Why do we need ~900 foreign bases? We don’t. Why do we risk our soldiers for things that bring our nation no benefit and frequently cause us harm? Look at what we are doing to other nations. How would we feel if another country, such as China or Russia, did this to us? Would it make us act like friends or enemies of the country that acted so? Why is it OK for Obama to commit drone attacks on people (sometimes they don’t even know if the target is truly a terrorist) killing 100s of civilians and many more injuries? Do any of you realize that we not only attack the target, but we also attack those that come and try to help the wounded and those that attend their funerals? Of course the same Obama that authorizes these strikes on women & children, can hold a press conference claiming he cares so much for children that he needs to take all of our guns away. Hypocrite. The Republicans aren’t much better, advocating for continuing and increasing wars that don’t make us safer, but do make us broke. Does either side realize that if we go broke (which will happen soon) that we won’t be able to arm or pay our military. Also, not all military spending is defense spending. Not all military spending makes us safer.

      • eddie47d

        Are you an Israeli spy agent Benjamin or just plain sick!

  • nc

    Notice to Woods and Charles Krautface: We Democrats never expected you to approve of Obama’s appointments. You have approved of nothing else he has done! You get PAID to disapprove which disqualifies you as an impartial observer! No bitching no check! Adult independents know this and are not impressed. Preach on to the choir! Feed the sheep! They know nothing else except the lies you tell them!

    • Gary

      Must be lots of stuff the Democrats don’t approve of as well or there wouldn’t be as many executive orders.

      • Shirley Hall

        How many executive orders dis George W. Bush sign?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        George W Bush signed 291 in 8 years.

        O’Bama has signed 144 as of the end of 2012. The number of orders O’Bama has signed is among the lowest numbers of any of the presidents, certainly since 1900.

    • teddy maher

      NC ….. Are you speaking for all democrats? Iam sure you are pleased with the progress being made with respect to the transforming of America …. My question to you is ,do you see the end game or is your focus just on yourself and your immediate wants and needs…There will come a day when this nation will be in throws of the fight for its very existence and the enemy will be very clearly defined…

      • nc

        Teddy, what you are seeing as the end game is what a lot of people have “seen” as the end game due to believing in the wrong people and feeling inferior because you are not the group getting to lead! What’s not to like about the accomplishments of my party! WE won our wars and kept the economy going and growing as well as any other group who has lead us and for reasons you will never be able to see we became the number one nation in the world. BLIND HATE WILL CAUSE A PERSON TO MISS A LOT OF WHAT IS REAL!

      • Shirley Hall

        You are talking in circles.

    • WTS/JAY

      What’s the difference between a Blue Dog Democrat and a progressive Democrat? One is a vertebrate with a spine and a willingness to bite. The other is a jellyfish with no spine and no teeth.

  • Right Brain Thinker

    O’Bama the Bully? Lord love a duck, Chip.

    Just more paranoia, whining and crybaby crap from the sore losers. The Party of No has been bullying the country for the past four years. It’s about time O’Bama stood up to the real bullies and gave them some of their own “medicine”—-it appears to be the only way to move the country forward.

    It makes me laugh out loud to hear that McConnell has picked up his marbles and gone home. This is the man that said right after O’Bama’s FIRST election that his only goal was to destroy the O’Bama presidency (and he didn’t care what damage he did to the country). If he didn’t have a title and role as “minority leader”, He would have been (and should have been) banned from the White House years ago. And don’t forget that O’Bama has now been elected a SECOND time, folks. Somebody is trying to tell somebody something there. Come out of your dark little corners and try to help the country rather than support those who would hurt it.

    And the first two commenterss feed off the paranoia—–O’Bama is going to do away with the two-term limit and install himself as dictator? UN troops are going to take our guns? That’s beyond a “Lord love a duck”

    Enough “brown shirt” in there for you Warrior? You and FF are the brown shirts, the SA of the plutocrats and the corporate oligarchs who have enlisted you to be their thugs. Remember what happened to the SA once Hitler achieved power? He destroyed the SA, just as your new masters will do to you once they no longer need you. Keep drinking their koolaid but don’t sleep easy—-someone IS coming to get you (but it’s not O’Bama)

    • Warrior

      Let’s see now, mark, nc, rbt post about six minutes apart. Well, good to see it only takes one alarm clock to wake you three comrades up. Now that’s what I call “green”!

      • eddie47d

        “Mitch McConnell mild mannered” He’s like a chained pit bull always ready to bite! To say that Susan Rice got dumped because of Benghazi may be partially true but more because of her making that $2.4 million off of a foreign investment. aka: Keystone. That conflict of interest put her in the cross hairs of both Liberals and Conservatives. Now Warrior its nice to see you beat them out of the gate and that you can count to three before that first cup of coffee. .

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Now that’s mildly clever, Warpior—-good job! Of course, you MIGHT consider that there’s a thing called “getting up in the morning” and most of us do it? And we do all get up around the same time and look at PLD at about the same time? Do you paranoids see conspiracies in everything? Oh, wait!—-I see five squirrels together in the yard—they look like lib-prog squirrels, too—-have to get out the AR-15 and empty a “clip” into them before they take over the world.

        Going to the gym for a while and need to work on painting the kitchen after—almost done with that But don’t worry, Right Brain Terminator WILL be back with some thinking lessons for those who need them.

      • Flashy

        “Oh, wait!—-I see five squirrels together in the yard—they look like lib-prog squirrels, too—-have to get out the AR-15 and empty a “clip” into them before they take over the world.” <— RBT

        RBT…from the Bluehay Division, the scoop is the squirrels were comparing notes and making sure their lists were correct on who to send to the FEMA camps which no one can say where they are located. And because they no one can find them, that's proof they exist.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Don’t make the confused any more confused than they already are, Flash.

        Speaking of squirrels, I saw a really great bumper sticker on a car in the parking lot at the gym this morning.

        It said, NUTTIER THAN A SQUIRREL TURD in big black letters on a camo background.

        And guess what other stickers were on the car?—-wait for it—-A Romney/Ryan (whoever they are) and an NRA sticker!!!. (I wonder if the guy is a regular on PLD?—-I am surely going to strike up a conversation with him if I ever see him in person)

      • Flashy

        RBT…sometimes I will see a TP group of five or so protesting something. I have given in to the urge twice now and stopped to talk. The “death panels’ always comes up. Calmly say ‘no, read the language. here’s what is actually says…’ “He’s Kenyan !” And how do you know this? In essence, from before he was born…you’re stating as a fact .. that the doctor, the nurses, the hospital Administration, the newspaper, the state birth recording offices, the neighbors, the family…all had to be in on a coverup because they all know in 40 years hence the kid was going to be President. That’s what you are stating as fact…

        And it goes on and on with each subject. it was fun as they were louder, more insistent, less rational with each passing minute. But you can’t rationalize with some of these people. They truly are the best excuse for gun control there is. They are out wandering the streets and one step into the door of the lunatic asylum.

    • Shirley Hall


  • Ranchman

    I totally agree with F-F. It is now and has always been only the American people who can stop the Marxist attack from this administration. We have got to organize against him, slowing him down and stopping him when possible. As for “Mark” the communist supporter, he will never see the fraud and deception present in the govt. He chooses not to. People like him are the Tories of old, they will support the “King” against all odds and let him literally get away with murder. We will be fighting them in the streets along with Obama’s Brown shirts. We will win in the end because those we are fighting are not ready to sacrifice all they have like we are. We are committed to winning at all costs and must remain so. We cannot compromise, the fate of our Republic depends on it along with all our future generations and their freedom.

    Remember 1776 & Keep Your Powder Dry!

    • eddie47d

      Remember Ranchman the British were NOT ELECTED and Obama was duly elected. Instead of wringing your hands hoping to take up arms for another Revolution how about working harder next time an get an “honest” Republican elected or at least a Libertarian.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      Lord love a duck! We are throwing Tories into the craziness along with the brown shirts and UN troops now? Pardon me while I wait for the dizziness to pass before I respond.—————————————————————————————————– ——————————————————————————————————————————–sorry, still dizzy——————think I’ll lie down and close my eyes until that bit of craziness fades from memory.

      • Flashy

        RBT…every time i read one of these blowhard false bravado posts like this one above, I envision the writer and those of his ilk quoting General Gates as he saw the British approach his lines at the battle of Camden. “You hold! I’ll run for help!”

  • Gary

    I’m not sure about Obama being a Marxist as Karl Marx probably had a better understanding of how economics actually works than Obama. His political views were stronger than his economic and he was aware of the long term risks. Obama just doesn’t care as long as he gets his political agenda.

    The long and short of the whole situation is that the Democrats have no sense of morality and the Republicans have no guts

    • teddy maher

      Gary you need to reread the Manifesto…. Marx was a syphlitic dope fiend who was so embittered by his exclusion in the industrial revolution he penned the most destructive piece of literature the world has ever known,and BTW this administrations MOP is almost to the letter in the areas of philosophy as well as actions…. Sol Alinsky was an ardent follower of the plan and they both Jewish…

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Being Jewish had no effect on Marx, he would have been a good for nothing in any religion.

      • oh oh

        Marx and Alinsky aren’t the only ones. In fact, the historical trend is quite alarming. If you give history of their involvement an honest look, without PC glasses that require such knee-jerk responses, you might be uncomfortably surprised. The connection to the communist agenda is unmistakable and no coincidence.

    • Shirley Hall

      I think you have it backwards.

  • Jonathan

    The Republicans deserve everything they’re getting after what they did to Ron Paul!!!!!!

    • Gary


      I agree but not even the Democrats deserve what they are getting.

      • deerinwater

        Hmmm? I don’t know ~ having an adversary that is hell bent on destroying it’s self has some “up-sides” that’s sort of fun.

        The problem with lies ~ is they pile up and inevitably come back at you without anyone lifting a hand.

        “Lower taxes stimulate growth and creates jobs” is probably one of my favorites ~ was 10 years just not long enough?

        It sounds ~ so ~logical ~

    • teddy maher

      Jonathan ….. Ron Paul had an opportunity to save us from another 4 years but decided to leave the game and take his ball with him….We would have been alot better off moving Romney to the right than fighting a trench war with an organized front in the executive branch as well as the senate …. i happen to agree with alot of Ron Pauls platform but timing is key and he did us all a great disservice…. Getting RID of the BOZOs at the RNC would be a good idea…

      • Deerinwater

        Ted, ~ it wasn’t Ron Paul that did us the disservice ~ it was the GOP ~ again!

        Ron Paul still managed to plant some seeds ~ let us see how they grow.

  • Deerinwater

    I wish we’d worried about such things as spending when “W” was in office ~

    “I believe very deeply in the proposition that what we did in Iraq was the right thing to do. It was hard to do. It took a long time. There were significant costs involved. ”
    Dick Chaney

    “I think there’s no question but what the tail end of the Bush administration, Bush-Cheney administration, that we took steps specifically geared to try and free up the financial sector. ”
    Dick Cheney

    One of the reasons the deficit got as big as it did, frankly, was because of the economic slowdown, the fall-off in deficits, the terrorist attacks. A significant chunk was taken out of the economy by what happened after the attacks of 9/11.”
    Dick Cheney

    “You can’t fall back on the private sector and say, ‘You take care of the nation’s banking system.’ That’s a fundamental function of the government, the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the FDIC, etc. All of those agencies have a major role to play there.”
    Dick Cheney

    “”One of the very difficult parts of the decision I made on the financial crisis was to use hardworking people’s money to help prevent there to be a crisis.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., Jan. 12, 2009


    “”Let’s make sure that there is certainty during uncertain times in our economy.” — George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., June 2, 2008

    “We got plenty of money in Washington. What we need is more priority.” –George W. Bush, Washington, D.C., June 2, 2008

    “It’s amazing I won. I was running against peace, prosperity, and incumbency.” -George W. Bush, June 14, 2001, speaking to Swedish Prime Minister Goran Perrson, unaware that a live television camera was still rolling.

    “For every fatal shooting, there were roughly three non-fatal shootings. And, folks, this is unacceptable in America. It’s just unacceptable. And we’re going to do something about it.” -George W. Bush, Philadelphia, Penn., May 14, 2001

    “There’s no question that the minute I got elected, the storm clouds on the horizon were getting nearly directly overhead.” -George W. Bush, May 11, 2001

    • ibcamn

      You do know “W” ain’t in the white house anymore,right?

      • Flashy

        Thank the gods for that. but we will suffer the effects of that disastrous regime of BushII/Cheney for at least another decade

      • Right Brain Thinker

        And ANTI-gun control people should feel bad that he’s gone. If you look at his record, he was actually harder on guns than O’Bama was during his first term. If memory serves, wasn’t W in favor of renewing the assault rifle ban when it expired in 2004?

      • Jeff

        But the stench lingers.

    • oh oh

      You do know that “W” was a progressive RINO, not a conservative, and that “O” has merely doubled down on “W’s” bankrupt policies, don’t you?

      • Deerinwater

        OH OH! ~ the only name for W was “President” who was supported by a close 50% of the American people and enjoyed 100% support of the GOP and the Right Wing Christian Collision .

        now I can understand you desire to distance yourself and throw him under the bus ~ but don’t send him the DNC way.

        He’s no progressive ~ there is nothing progressive about him, he’s all things GOP. You could not never trust him to mean what he said and say what he meant. Hell, he didn’t even understand what he said! The mouth opened and moved and words came out. ~ something like, “I’m the decider!” or “you are with us or are against us” or “there a woman giving birth every 10 seconds ~ We gotta find her and stop her”. anyway ~ W was an embarrassment that too many wanted to hide from or just thought he was okay. But he never was okay. He had a staff of people hiding how NOT okay he was.

        I don’t blame Bush ~ I blame all the foolish people that could not see through him and put him in office. ~ That means people like yourself. ~ and if not you ~ people like you oh oh. ~ They have not been remorseful but defiant ~ and until more people are willing to through W under the bus like yourself ~ they may consider me their worthy opposition from now till my dirt nap.

        • Bob666

          “Hell, he didn’t even understand what he said! The mouth opened and moved and words came out. ~ something like, “I’m the decider!” or “you are with us or are against us” or “there a woman giving birth every 10 seconds ~ We gotta find her and stop her”. anyway ~ W was an embarrassment that too many wanted to hide from or just thought he was okay. But he never was okay. He had a staff of people hiding how NOT okay he was.”

          Yo Deer,
          kind a like shooten ducks from a blind……………

      • Jeff

        You keep believing that. His V.P. was the most conservative member of Congress. W was the conservatives’ wet dream with the lone exception of his relatively progressive position on immigration. He cut taxes, fought pre-emptive wars, cut regulations, and destroyed the economy a la Hoover. What more could you morons want from the man?

      • Bob666

        Yo Yo-Oh-Oh (it just sounds cool),

        “O” has merely doubled down on “W’s” bankrupt policies.

        In a strange convoluted way, this is probably the most rational thing that you have posted.

  • Flashy

    Bottom line. President Obama won his re-election with a mandate and crushing the GOP. The people he is selecting are who he chooses t advise him. it’s not a ‘government run by the GOP’ with President Obama as a figurehead doing their bidding.

    This President could nominate Mother Teresa and the extremists would cry and yell and scream. The wacked out extremists have lied, fudged numbers, made stuff up, inflamed confrontation, refused to budge from extremist positions, and for the sake of ‘ideological purity’ shown a willingness to do this nation harm

    Historically, extremists from both Left and Right have had their moments. usually lasts about two years before the people snap back and say ‘are you truly nuts?” and place them outside any centers of impact and discussion, in effect ignoring them as they should be ignored.

    the extremists have had their time. And this president is moving to break their backs. He doesn’t have to worry about re-election, the voters overwhelmingly said “good job Mr. President” and re-up’d his contract.

    Now he’s playing the game by their rules…and we hear nothing but whining, sniping, yelling and screaming as they are now reaping what they sowed. And the more they are being pushed into the corner, the more they realize their time has come and gone and they are headed toward the back of the bus…the wilder the claims, the louder the screams…and they do nothing but increase the speed which the people are tossing them into the trash.

    • deerinwater

      For a stupid guy that can’t do anything, ~ Obama certainly seems to have them tied in knots today. ~ It’s Obama’s women ! The one’s in designer dresses ~ you know,~ dental floss undies, sheer stockings, pat leather 3 ” pumps , silk blouses with a little delicate two piece get-up that accents the curvy hips. ~ They affect oppositions thinking process!

      Remember the movie “Mars Attacks” ?? That’s Obama secret!

      • Shirley Hall

        Speaking of stupid! Look in the mirror!

      • Bob666

        you nailed it, LMAO!

    • John

      Actually, Flashy, the popular vote AGAINST Obama was pretty close to the vote FOR him. Popular vote was 129129671, while obama vote was 6589660. He won by 51.034%. So 48.966% voted for someone else…i.e., against him. Your interpretation of “crushing” is pretty stupid. So is the notion that “the voters overwhelmingly said “good job Mr. President” and re-up’d his contract”. But, don’t let FACTS interupt your pathetic little “victory dance.” This “extremist” response, typified by Cuomo’s ramming through anti-gun owner legislation (background check for ammo sales, thumbhole stocks make rifles “assault weapons” that have to be registered for a fee, detachable magazines make shotguns “assault weapons”) at midnight through the NY state senate is already turning non-nutjob Democrats OFF all over the country. Most of Obama’s Executive orders are fluff (uniform standards for gun locks, gun safety educaion programs…) and he is backing away as fast as possible from NY’s “assault rifle ban”. But keep up the rant, twit…

      • Flashy

        john…i love how the extremists, crazies, and American Taliban attempt to minimize the mandate given to this President. Few presidents have won re-election with more than 50% of the popular vote. Add to that the massive voter suppression drives and campaigns conducted by the GOP.

        let’s see..where the gerrymandering wasn’t able to be pulled off (i.e. the Senate), the Dems took 26 of 33. Even in House races, where the GOP pulled every tactic they could to create unassailable seats, the Dems took back 6.

        Now? The GOP was spanked in the elections. The voters called them out and gave them a whipping. Instead of moderating the extremism, halting the lies, the misstatements, the insults and name calling..they’ve increased it. to the point they have decided…for some strange reason..they should be able to call the shots on the President’s advisors.

        and the most amazing is the crazies reject any Common Sense approach to halting the access to guns by the bad guys…yet they will support a national database for the “mental unstable” .. in other words…they reject having a level of responsibility placed upon them for owning a dangerous weapon. insist that their “Right’ as they see it recognized by the 2nd supersedes any other Right of anyone else…insist they are needing to be armed to fight against the government (yeah…as if they really would or could)….but they support creation of a national database based not on acts, but on Thought.

        Now…who’s the twit?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I don’t know who the “twit” is but I asked VICKI if it wasn’t just common sense to support common sense gun regulation and she refuses to answer me and just keeps babbling some nonsense about 300 MILLION Americans and STOP IT.

      • Deerinwater

        I enjoy Vickie’s arguments , ~ she displays reasoning ability ~ that is so lacking with so many other right-wing posters here. ~

        She’s right you know ~ why must all be punished for the acts of a few? ~ It’s a simple question, while the answer is not.

        Her question has a childish simplicity that is hard to skirt or blow off.

        I would avoid such a question, while I would say ~ that the 2nd amendment does not guarantee gun owners access to state of the arts weapons. Just because it exist ~ does mean that the 2nd amendment clears the way for ownership. ~ It was never intended to be so. ~

        We can have all the pea shooters that we want ~ just like Jana was making claims a few days ago that the Obama administration was selling F 16′s to Egypt. ~

        I say, ~well? if they have got the money , why not? ~ they are going to buy planes somewhere ~ If Egypt can trick them out ~ to keep up with our top line F 16′s, more power to them. Not to mention ~ that it’s a two decade old fighting platform.

        The F16 is much like a Colt revolver ~ an accepted bench mark world standard. It’s became a minimum standard that is rapid quick, dependable, adaptable and affordable.

      • Vicki

        Right Brain Thinker says:
        “I don’t know who the “twit” is but I asked VICKI if it wasn’t just common sense to support common sense gun regulation and she refuses to answer me and just keeps babbling some nonsense about 300 MILLION Americans and STOP IT.”

        I answered you RBT. You just were not paying attention.

        And I know you were not paying attention cause right after you responded with
        “It’s just common sense to be in favor of common sense, wouldn’t you agree?”

        Which, of course, is a truism having nothing to do with your point.

        Now for the amusement of all. (there is new material in it)

        ~300 MILLION AMERICANS (and LEGAL immigrants) DIDN’T SHOOT ANYONE.

        WE have already demonstrated more common sense than ALL the gun-grabbers COMBINED.

        STOP IT NOW

        • Bob666

          Vicki’s “friend” must be here.

      • Vicki

        Deerinwater writes:
        “I enjoy Vickie’s arguments , ~ she displays reasoning ability ~ that is so lacking with so many other right-wing posters here. ~”


        - Deerinwater: “She’s right you know ~ why must all be punished for the acts of a few? ~ It’s a simple question, while the answer is not.”

        Actually the answer is simple. Even children know it. They hate being punished for the acts of others and will quickly tell you that it is (wait for it….) UNFAIR.

        - Deerinwater: “Her question has a childish simplicity that is hard to skirt or blow off.”

        Yours was Interrogative (a question). My statement is clearly exclamatory.


        STOP IT
        STOP IT NOW

      • Vicki

        Btw it’s Childlike simplicity. Using “childish” is likely to be interpreted as an ad hominem.

        • Deerinwater

          It was not intend so ~ and I did invert your command into asking the question asking~ WHY! ~ It was more powerful presented that way.

          I can ignore a shouted command while ignoring a simple question I find difficult and much more powerful . So in the attempt to do you service ~ you see only disservice.

          That’s the part of you I don’t care for ~ while I still enjoy your argumentative nature.

          Loud commands ~ I grew up with from childhood.~ I am immune ~ If I can ignore the IRS and city hall, what chance might you have getting my attention with noisy threats?

          With logic and sense of purpose for fairness wrapped in human passion appeals to my nature.

      • WTS/JAY

        RBT: but I asked VICKI if it wasn’t just common sense to support common sense gun regulation…

        Common-sense gun-regulations have been in place and supported from the time you were in diapers, RBT. Where in the hell have you been all these years, up in a tree eating bananas? The problem is not common-sense, gun-regulation, you narcissistic-infedel, the problem is that the current-administration completely ignores the criminal-element and provides them with a “FREE-PASS”!!! Btw, your “Leper-messiah” has yet to even address the issue of the criminal-element and how criminals can easily by-pass the RIDICULOUS, gun-registration policy, and simply purchase their fire-arms from the black-market. Which makes you ridiculous, RBT. Of course, law-abiding gun-owners have/will abide by the rules, but will the criminals? The answer is NO, you twit! And that is precisely the issue the “Turnip” in office should be addressing, and not, harassing law-abiding citizens, you sh*t for brains!

      • eddie47d

        WTS: we are the number one gun seller in the world and the black market flourishes right here in America.

      • oh oh

        “Common sense” in this context is just code for incremental infringement, with the added disadvantage of not solving the current problem in any meaningful way. So we sacrifice a sacred fundamental right for a non-solution to make progressives feel good or help them in their never-ending agenda to limit our rights.

      • Shirley Hall

        The Electoral Vote is what counts!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Vicki is back, asserting that “I answered you RBT. You just were not paying attention”. That is not quite true, Vicki—-you did NOT answer me in that reply and that’s why I made the comment below—copied in its entirety. Vicki then plays more word games and gets “cute”.rather than answer my question when she says,
        “Now for the amusement of all. (there is new material in it)
        ~300 MILLION AMERICANS (and LEGAL immigrants) DIDN’T SHOOT ANYONE”

        deerinwater apparently misses the clues when he congratulates Vicki—-he is speaking of only one of the two people (at least) who post under that handle—-the one I call the “smarter” Vicki—-she can on occasion put two thoughts together and produce a semblance of an argument. That is not the Vicki I see posting on this thread—-this one I call the “mindless” Vicki—-the one that spouts platitudes, plays at being “cute”, and evades real discussion. This one deserves no compliments.

        Right Brain Thinker says:
        January 17, 2013 at 9:23 am

        Vicki, you are once again failing to see the forest for the trees. Or are you doing that deliberately because you know that this little meander off the “path of truth and rationality” will be sucked up by the mindless readers here and distract them from the truth, and will also be rewarded by whoever it is that pays you to shill for them?

        Vicki says, “Overused? As compared to what? “We need to have common sense gun control”? Yes, Vicki, you have picked a good example of something that is said often, and for good reason. “Common sense gun control” is something that the vast majority of Americans want to see, and a majority of gun owners (even NRA members) want it as well. It’s just common sense to be in favor of common sense, wouldn’t you agree?.

        You would look a lot less like a shill for the NRA (or some other special interests that want to distract people by pushing “gun control wars”), if you did in fact stop plucking “300 million” off your shill checklist of “Things to Endlessly Repeat”, and tried instead for a little variety in your comments—-it would make you more “believable” to those of us who understand what real “arguments” and “debates” are. You know, “points and counterpoints”?

        You need to work on your ~sense of humor, too. And also your ~sense of irony and the concepts of ~sublety and ~mild sarcasm, as well as the meaning of “~metaphor” and “~figurative”. I say that because your little string of “he said, she said” ~comments shows some “fails” in ~understanding. Unless, of course, you are just doing the patented DaveH “smokescreen” thing to distract everyone, in which case I apologize—-you would then be merely earning your paycheck and I admire people who “work” for a living.

        In good propagandist fashion, Vicki closes with some SHOUTING. She has been doing some metaphorical chest beating, podium pounding, and strutting all along here, just as she does in so many of her comments. (Why am I reminded of the movies of some of Adolf’s speeches?)

        Vicki screams at us, “ALL of them have the RIGHT to KEEP and BEAR ARMS too. If they are guilty put them in jail. IF THEY ARE INNOCENT STOP PUNISHING THEM. STOP IT STOP IT NOW” To which I say “BRAVO”!

        In case you’re not following Vicki’s “logic”, folks, she has just advocated that “kids and old folks” (i.e. toddlers and oldsters in nursing homes) should be armed. Let’s start some new charities/advocacy groups to help Vicki achieve that goal—-“AR-15’s For Grannies” and “Derringers for Droolers”—-because everyone should have a gun handy in case a bad guy needs to be stopped, right?. An added benefit is that we will then have a new set of statistics to argue about—-Accidental Shootings of Mommies Changing Diapers and Accidental Shootings of Bed Pan Emptiers in Nursing Homes—-and the NRA (and Vicki) will have something new to shout “BUT—” about.

        Lord love a duck, Vicki!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        WTS/JAY again proves to all that he is having some sort of “episode”, “attack”, or “reality break”. His rantings here indicate that he needs to seek the help of a mental health professional (or AA if it’s a substance abuse problem). To isolate just a few of the words he thinks demonstrate rationality and logical “argument”

        up in a tree eating bananas?
        narcissistic-infidel (A WHAT?)
        completely ignores
        “Leper-messiah” (A WHAT?)
        you twit!
        the “Turnip” in office (TURNIP?)

        And the insane comment that proves MY point, capitalized and repeated for emphasis.

        JAY calls me, “you sh*t for brains!”
        AS IN——–YOU S**T FOR BRAINS!
        Hard to believe that JAY is so far off the deep end, but he is looking for a retort or a reaction, I’m sure. So I will LOL and provide him with one—–With affection, GFYS, JAY. Happy?

        JAY also proves that he is having trouble being rational when he asserts that O’Bama “has yet to even address the issue of the criminal-element and how criminals can easily by-pass the RIDICULOUS, gun-registration policy, and simply purchase their fire-arms from the black-market”. I will remind JAY that there is a current thread that lists out O’Bama’s plan and the executive orders he is signing re: gun control—-it would appear that he HAS addressed the things that you claim he has not. And JAY has made some comments on that thread, so he can’t be unaware of its existence.

        Get some help, JAY—-I care about you and you are really embarrassing yourself here. Calm down, take a deep breath, and lose the anger. Put the “old” JAY back in the padded cell and bring out that “new” JAY that I have had some decent conversations with.

        • Bob666

          I see a group hug comming on , is that covered by Obama -Care?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Vicki? Vicki? VICKI?

        Dang, Vicki is still hiding from me. Or is it just that “Trolls-n-Shills-r-Us“ has given her the weekend off? Too bad, because I wanted to compliment her on the link she gave us to that “Language for Dummies” site. I make jokes about lots of “Thinking for Dummies” sites but THIS one is for real!—-written by real dummies FOR real dummies, and it is high on the list for “laugh of the day” winners. To quote one small part of it:

        “The best way to distinguish one sentence from the other is to memorize what each type of sentence does. You should also take a piece of paper, and make four rows, and on the top of each row write the names of the different types of sentences; declarative, interrogative etc. and under those names (declarative, interrogative etc.) write 5-10 sentences each, that apply to the kind of sentence, for instance in one column you’ll write down declarative and underneath you would write down 5-10 sentences that make a statement. Try reading too, and see if you can spot the different types of sentences. It maybe easier to visibly see in writing which sentences are what; you can also use this sheet of paper to refer back to. It may be tricky to distinguish the sentences but with a little practice it will all get easier”.

        If I had observed some teacher saying these things during a “lesson”, our follow-up conference would have focused heavily on “upping the teacher’s game”. To wit:

        The best way to distinguish is to memorize? This is news? Don’t all bits of knowledge that help us “distinguish” start with “memorizing”?
        And do we know the difference between “rows” and “columns”?
        And we need to be told the names of the “rows” right after we’ve been told to write them?
        And the “row-column” error is corrected in the “write 5-10” sentence but we don’t go back and correct the earlier error? Great proofreading there.
        TRY reading, and SEE if you can spot?
        It MAY be easier to VISIBLY SEE? (as in “touchingly touch”?)
        And don’t forget to use the carefully crafted “cheat sheet” you made (if you ever got the columns-rows thing figured out).

        And the crowning glory of all this wisdom?
        “It may be TRICKY to distinguish the sentences but with a little PRACTICE it will all get easier”

        Lord love a duck, Vicki!—-the person who wrote all that needs a whole library of “For Dummies” books, and you need to look in one or two yourself to understand that your attempts at smugness, condescension, and “cuteness” can be that proverbial alligator in the swamp that bites you on the butt when you turn your back.

        So, I’m sorry Vicki isn’t around because I DO want to talk to her some more about HER four kinds of sentences—-obfuscative, deflectative, imperious, and evasionatory. Also, she really needs to help us with the discussion of “common sense gun regulation”. Maybe she will also come up with another mindless “300 Americans” thingie so we can all groan again?

  • The Christian American

    Obama went fron uncertainty in his first election to “I can’t loose” thinking in his second election. He has been inaugeratated for life in his mind. He’s building his army to conquer Amercia with people satisfied to live on the dole, the people who elected him. And to think, he’s financing his goals with the working people’s hard earned wealth. He’ll have victory day when he and his people celebrate the burning of America’s Constitution and free themselves to be whatever they want, and you can bet it is conceived in hell. The battle is on to destroy the people’s ability to defend themselves. It’s a must win for him but I believe he’d go down in flames rather than concede defeat. If we only had that dedication on our side.

    The one side, his, has a losely defined goal while the other side, ours, has at least four groups all fighting among themselves to see who will be the “victor”. We’re divided for him to conquer while he practices “In unity there is strength”. Yeah, the Libertarians, the Republicans, the Constitutiionalists, the Tea Partiers and who knows who else all want to be the “victors” instead of uniting against a common goal, a dedicated socialist communist hater of liberty and his ilk. The bible teaches all parts contribute to whole body. Each one of these groups can contribute to the whole but seperate they’re dead meat to the communist. Read some of these posts. There written by people that only post in four letter words. Are they going to save America for our children? Archie Bunker had a plaque on his desk that read “I am smarter than no man in that I can learn from all of them”. Think constructively. Destructively will only help destroying you. There’s a hungry Lion in our house. Do we act like sheep? circling and feeling safe as the wolves eat the ones on the outer edge. For America to function it needs all parts and one part is not less valuable than another. The Lord promised He’d come back but He didn’t say he was in a hurry. The way things are going though, read and believe John 3:16, and other bible passages The way we’re acting now you might wish you had in a hurry.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      It has always been a the mantra of the socialist Democrat Part. Every democrat in any type of office, and the only thing they promote is bigger government, and more wasting of taxpayers’ money To think positively, buy more guns and ammo. Also the whining idoits that voted for the muslim marxist and any democrat, everytime they start going bozo, point out what dems stand for, same goes for the pain at the fuel pump. Facts are pretty hard to destro with socialist/facist BS.y

    • Shirley Hall

      “There” should be “they are.” Your post is terribly incorrect.

    • Ron r

      Christian American , yours is about the second most idiotic ,simple,dumb.and just out right stupid statement I have come across today .if you are part of Christianity thank god for Islam, and a host of other religions.. I thought Jim jones was past tense.

  • ibcamn

    well now that Obama is showing his true colors,and personality.the American people are(and will)put it all together,unfortunetly too late.the red wave so to speak is moving across America,and guess what?now were in for an even bigger problem than Obama and his henchmen,now that they got four years to do whatever they want,they want another Marxist going into the white house!!today i heard them say they were not letting their hard work go to just anybody and their not just handing off all the progress they have made in 2016!that made the hair on the back of my neck stand up and my stomach just churn!it never dawned on me,this is only going to get worse all year,every year till 2016,then who’s next?we need to sniff out that person(s) and shut them down,every time a new one pops up then shut that one down!this is going to be a constant battle for the people of the United States of America.the puppeteers behind Obama got their work cut out for them!because were Americans,we don’t give up easy and never have!..a lot of people told me i was an idiot for wanting Newt in the white house,now they say it don’t sound so bad…i just wanted an American bulldog in the white house!..again,Trump where are you with all the paperwork on Obama?!……

    • Jeff

      Ain’t it awful the way he wants to make it harder for gun nuts to shoot up schools? I’ll bet you the Tea Partiers in Congress will impeach him for that.

      • WTS/JAY

        jeff: Ain’t it awful the way he wants to make it harder for gun nuts to shoot up schools?

        But yet, he shows no desire to keep assault-weapons out of the hands of the drug-cartles. If anything, Obama and Holder, through “fast-and-furious”, went out of their way to “arm” the drug-cartles! It would’t surprise me if the weapons used in the most recent “massacres” were provided courtesy of Obama and his administration; which means, they have blood on their hands, and they should all be charged with “multiple, premeditated-homocides”! In essence, jeff, you protect and support a homicidal-maniac! Sleep well!

        • Deerinwater

          Jay says; “But yet, he shows no desire to keep assault-weapons out of the hands of the drug-cartels. ”

          As understand it Jay ~ it was this very desire to restrict arms sales that predicated “Fast & Furious” . It seems as if you are attempting to not only use it’s failure but it’s very conception against Obama for signing off on the plan to track down arms dealers and identify their activities?

          You can have it one way or the other Jay but you can’t have it both ways.

          Most of us accept it as a failed attempt to infiltrate and interdict illegal arms sales used in Mexican drug trafficking. That it failed is a great disappointment and especially for the agents family members that lost love ones~ But that does not mean anything is concluded or over ~ it goes on ~ it’s safe to say, with any losses comes some gains.

          That said, ~at the cost of any full disclosure of these events would father place other agents and intelligence resources at only more risk ~ you are attempting to capitalize on with “your need to know” ~ overriding any notions of prudence or safety for others.

          It’s a fine and dandy position that you elect to take Jay~ no cost being too great for your “need to know”, and then you capitalize on a clear failure as it seen only in the court of public opinion. Yet neither you or I know the complete story ~ and probably won’t until all resources are safely out of harms way and no damage can be done with hard facts. ~

          Information can and does kill Jay ~ Everyday.

        • Jeff

          Do you think Obama or Holder had any knowledge of F&F before the fact? Do you think F&F would have come to fruition if ATF were permitted to have a Director? How about more agents than it had 40 years ago? The Republicans object to the existence of ATF so they son’t confirm anyone as Director. Obama should just appoint someone during one of Congress’ many recesses.

          And how many American guns do you think are reaching the Mexican drug cartels aside from F&F? More guns=more killing on either side of the border.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        JAY’s attempt to throw gasoline on the fire is so deluded that even the deluded and mindless will most likely recognize that fact. Therefore, no detailed reply is necessary, other than to point out that the “old” JAY is back—-perhaps people weren’t paying enough attention to the “new” JAY that DID occasionally make some sense? Kind of like farting in church to get noticed, though—–gets the wrong kind of attention.

      • WTS/JAY

        Oh, i see, RBT. I’m ok in your books just as long as i don’t criticize the Obama-administration? Got ya! Btw, that doesn’t say much for you, does it? How can we take you seriously when you avoid legitimate-investigation into what is clearly, the worst and most dangerous administration then the previous? Of course, your snarky-remmarks are a way to hide your bias and your lack of journalistic-integrity! This is truly disappointing, RBT! I expected better from you!

        • Jeff

          Journalistic integrity? On a right wing blog where Obama is called every name your tiny mind can conjure? You must be a comedian.

      • WTS/JAY

        As opposed to a left-wing blog where Bush is called every name your tiny mind can conjure? You must be a hypocrite.

        • Jeff

          I wouldn’t know. But I do know Bush earned his nicknames. When he was called a chimp, it was because of his speaking and his decisions; not because of some racist stereotype. And what democrat have you morons not called a socialist? It’s your go-to play, like the old Packers running over left tackle. Have nothing to say? Call the Democrat a socialist! The Republicans are now so unpopular even that old reliable play won’t work.

        • Deerinwater

          LOL! Well ~ Jay ~ I didn’t call him ~”every name in the book” but I wanted too and know that some people did! He was my president and have respect for the office.

          So ~ you are saying that you see Obama bashing as justified, ~ okay ! Do you accepted any defense as justified ~ or is everyone just suppose to lay down and allow you to say anything that you want to say without opposition?

          How would you like to proceed?

          That’s rhetorical and you not need answer unless you wish too.

      • The Christian American

        Jeff isn’t worth a comment. Ignore ignorance. It might rub off.

      • WTS/JAY

        deer: That said, ~at the cost of any full disclosure of these events would father place other agents and intelligence resources at only more risk ~ you are attempting to capitalize on with “your need to know” ~ overriding any notions of prudence or safety for others.

        Fast and Furious has been decommissioned, deer, so it’s safe now to bring out all the facts. Don’t hold your breath. Besides, most are clueless as to why “fast and furious” was initiated. The nonsense that it was for the purpose to track guns, is just that, nonsense! The real reason for “fast and furious”:

        The ATF claims it launched its now-disgraced Operation Fast and Furious in 2009 to catch the “big fish.” Fast and Furious was designed to stem the “Iron River” flowing from American gun stores into the cartels’ arsenals. The bureau says it allowed gun smuggling so it could track the firearms and arrest the cartel members downstream. Not true.
        During the course of Operation Fast and Furious, about 2,000 weapons moved from U.S. gun stores to Mexican drug cartels – exactly as intended.

        In congressional testimony, William Newell, former ATF special agent in charge of the Phoenix Field Division, testified that the Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Administration and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were “full partners” in Operation Fast and Furious. Mr. Newell’s list left out the most important player: the CIA. According to a CIA insider, the agency had a strong hand in creating, orchestrating and exploiting Operation Fast and Furious.

        The CIA’s motive is clear enough: The U.S. government is afraid the Los Zetas drug
        cartel will mount a successful coup d’etat against the government of Felipe Calderon.
        Founded by ex-Mexican special forces, the Zetas already control huge swaths of Mexican territory. They have the organization, arms and money needed to take over the entire country.

        Former CIA pilot Robert Plumlee and former CIA operative and DEA Director Phil Jordan recently said the brutally efficient Mexican drug cartel has stockpiled thousands of weapons to disrupt and influence Mexico’s national elections in 2012. There’s a very real chance the Zetas cartel could subvert the political process completely, as it has
        throughout the regions it controls.

        In an effort to prevent a Los Zetas takeover, Uncle Sam has gotten into bed with the rival Sinaloa cartel, which has close ties to the Mexican military. Recent court filings by former Sinaloa cartel member Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, currently in U.S. custody, reveal that the United States allowed the Sinaloas to fly a 747 cargo plane packed with cocaine into American airspace – unmolested.

        Read the rest here, deer:

        deer: It’s a fine and dandy position that you elect to take Jay~ no cost being too great for your “need to know”, and then you capitalize on a clear failure as it seen only in the court of public opinion. Yet neither you or I know the complete story ~ and probably won’t until all resources are safely out of harms way and no damage can be done with hard facts. ~

        I’m not sure if its a fine position for me to take, deer. The only reason i push for it is because the one’s responsible for probably the “biggest” proliferation” of assault weapons which resulted in untold massacres and misery, are the very same who are now on an all out assault on law-abiding, gun-owners! This is nothing short of hypocritical, and no one should be offering these criminals sanctuary, or make excuses for them, much-less, put them in charge of enforcing gun-control legislation! These people in the Obama-administration are clearly insane, incompetent, criminals, and the worst, lying-buch of bastards, ever! I thought the Bush-administration was bad, these guys make the Bush-administration look like a bunch of boy-scouts.

        • Deerinwater

          I understand Jay, ~ you are correct ~ it was botched ~ where it was in conception, planning or execution or the sum of all.

          But the term “decommission” ~ does not carry with it the meaning that you seem to think. ~ it’s not over ~ but still on going somewhere by someone. ~ Names and places and times in the wrong hands can still get more people killed.

          True, “Fast & Furious” has been decommissioned and defunded ~ but the operatives and fragments of the network are still in play Jay. ~ There is only one way to get out of the mob, Jay. The mob with kill 50 people to kill that one people that they know is guilty Jay.

          The Mexican mob is ruthless as they come.

      • WTS/JAY

        Your last comment, jeff, made absolutely no-sense. You must have been rather upset when you wrote it. How about giving it another shot?

      • deerinwater

        Jay say ; “These people in the Obama-administration are clearly insane, incompetent, criminals, and the worst, lying-buch of bastards, ever! I thought the Bush-administration was bad, these guys make the Bush-administration look like a bunch of boy-scouts.”

        Oh ! I don’t know about that Jay ~ Chaney’s “Fair Game ” policy ~ leaking the name of critical CIA operatives to the press for pay-back for exposing the Administration false claim about IraQ’s nuclear intentions and capabilities was pretty low down , sorry and mean ~ That it compromised getting several Iraq’ie nuclear scientist out of Iraq and resulted in the death of them and family members ~ no big deal I suppose? The least to mention that it destroyed the careers of several CIA operatives in the process. That Today Chaney would have the gall to show his face should make everyone sick while Scooter Libby took the rap and is doing Chaney’s time.

        Lying does not begin to describe ~ 43′s administration behavior.

        That an Administration could start a war with false intel that resulted in the death of 7000 collation forces and countless civilian is a little on the “Naughty” side , if you ask me.

        clearly , you have your views Jay ~ but so do I.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Won’t say much in response to JAY because deer and Jeff have “flushed” him nicely. Of course, as I have pointed out before, it is easy to flush someone who climbs up on the rim of the toilet bowl and begs for it by making “flushable” comments.

        I will say that none of “us” called W names—-all “we” did was describe his behaviors, and we were right on target with those descriptions. It’s the JAYs of the world who have done the name-calling ,and as was pointed out, only do it because they have no facts, no logic, and no rationality to employ in an argument. So they would otherwise be unarmed if they didn’t name-call—-it’s what you see in any group of 8-year-olds who haven’t yet been taught how to THINK.

        deer says “clearly , you have your views Jay ~ but so do I”

        You are too polite when you call JAY’s rantings “views”, deer. And you do yourself a disservice if you put JAY on the same level as you—-he is decidedly NOT there. A “view” is an opinion, and a valid opinion needs to have some facts and rational thought behind it—-your “views” display that. Since JAY uses no facts, displays irrationality in his “views”, and actually appears to be malicious in his intent, we need a better word. Delusions, perhaps? Propaganda rantings? Insanity?

        • Deerinwater

          LOl! well RBT, ~ I’ve been here a few years now ~ and I’ve had the joy of getting to know and get passed the veneer that they offer as they pontificate their lofty positions and platitudes.

          They are nice guys ~ Jay is actually a very bright man and has the capacity to offer sound commentary on a wide range of topics and I’ve learned to respect his “ability” to draw from a deep well when the conditions are such that they play well to his “long suit”.

          I would have never thought it possible, ~ but I did manage to have a in-depth and meaningful conversation with Chuck a few times. ~ I was very surprised and pleased about that. ~ There not 10 cents worth of political difference between myself and Chuck ~ he’s just supporting a different banner and completely unfiltered with his comments.

          It was like a Nixon / Frost debate moment for me to have such a conversation and I was pleasantly pleased as they seem to be as well.

          Why , they come across as they do ~ who’s to say for sure ? ~ It’s almost like Pro Wrestling ~ presence ~ a show of strength ~ the casting of an illusion from the position of strength that they want others to believe as real.

          This is a disfranchised bunch RBT. ~ They are angry, they are fearful and they see themselves as losing ground, a losing position, status, money, freedoms and their guns.

          That the GOP has failed not only them but every American, ~they fail to see or willing accept ~ openly, ~but where else is there for them to go? Seeing themselves as victims of political opposition ~ is a small jump and easy enough to span , while their media outlets help support and defend these views. The Progressive did it ~ It’s started in 1918 and they’ve not let up since!

          As for myself, ~ I seek resolve and resolution and I attempt to stay on course while sometimes ~ I too get misdirected by the passion of the argument. i can be mean and nasty ~ very, very nasty ~ sometimes ~ but it’s not good or pretty when I do and serve no real purpose.

          There are some, like General Jana ~ that you cannot ever reach ~ they are here , just having to much fun and see this as little more than a big Food Fight ~ with victory won by the second for their team. ~ Here! wear some broccoli salad, ~ it’s looks on you ~ green become you!

          Or Director David H, ~ you will never find common ground with David, ~ even if you find yourself in agreement with him, ~ he will attempt to hump your leg and show you zero respect for all your efforts to reach out.

          Anyway, ~ I’m glad that you are here RBT and Jeff ~ I dropped in behind enemy lines and have been surrounded on all sides for many years ~ your reinforcement ~has been well received by me. ~ This show of force has changes my dynamic somewhat .

          ~ Mr. Livingston’s has been most gracious and tolerant to opposition, let us never forget that as we find ourselves in sharp disagreement and stay respectful of our host.

          I have other pressing matters to attend to and my attention wanes and suffers here today. ~ I need to back off and allow you to continue the good fight. I am attempting to back down and disengage ~ while it is so hard for me to do ~ as I miss the good fight and all my friends and my enemies.

          Let us not allow our opposition to label us as they try so very hard to do. ~ Let us not interfere with an enemy that is destroying it’s self but offer them support in their efforts. So far, ~ these two ideas has been a winning combination and given us excellent results. I would encourage anyone to stay this course and hold the line.

          ~ tell me ~ this is not great fun?

          • Bob666

            Yo Deer,
            like shooting ducks from a blind. There is a cold one waiting for you in the Florida Keys where the sun sets after a good day.


      • Right Brain Thinker

        I am hugely impressed with that speech, deer. In my mind, it is in the competition for being the “Gettysburg Address” or “Washington’s Farewell” of the PLD site. I too would be proud to buy you a beer should you ever visit VA. Semper Fi, Semper Veritas, and carry on—-there is much fun to be had here and I am glad you and others are here—-it doesn’t take a big crowd to cover each others backs here, and we have a big enough “band of brothers” to get it done.

        I hear what you say about JAY. We started out badly, but then found ourselves agreeing on many things and even supporting each other. This latest “version” of JAY worries me—-I AM serious when I question his motives and/or his mental health.

        And your line about “dropping behind enemy lines” reminds me of what Chesty Puller said at Chosin or somewhere in the south Pacific—I paraphrase a bit. “They’ve got us surrounded? Good! We know exactly where to find them and we can kill them sumbitches a lot easier now. Bring ‘em on.”

        • Bob666

          Thinking about your adventure at the movies:

          Who would know that Bart would find the answer.

        • Deerinwater

          LOL! yea ~ well attitude can carry you far ~ but expect to be called out and show some accounting for yourself. I am glad that you are here ! you and the many others like Bob ~ and other’s I can’t recall at the moment. ~ I’ve found no shortage of opposition on Bob Livingston’s Forum but it to be a target rich environment that’s kept me busy for several years. I’ve learned a lot and homed some skills in the process ~ as we all should.

          I always wanted to see Virginia ~ I hear she is a beautiful state , her statesmen seem to sure love her ~ rich in history ~ I might just make it someday and thanks for your gracious words and warm invitation.

  • ToughGuy1

    Inauguration then, impeachment of the award for the worst spending President in American history. And gaffe Biden too!


    One historical fact that has eluded most Americans, thanks to the illiberal education they receive in school and from the infotainment media, is that fascism has always been popular among so-called “progressives” – despite their tendency to mislabel and mischaracterize their political opponents as followers of the national socialist ideology.

    Benito Mussolini was nearly worshipped by the left in his time. It was only Adolf Hitler who gave fascism a bad name with progressives – and then not until he broke the Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact with Josef Stalin and their adored Soviet Union.

    That’s why I fear fascism today much more than I fear communism.

    Communism is a withered old discredited religion with few observers left besides balding political science professors at American colleges and universities.

    It’s fascism we need to guard against, to be vigilant about opposing, to recognize and fight at every turn if we want to preserve any vestige of freedom in our republic and around the world.

    What is fascism?

    It is a thoroughly socialist ideology that feeds on class warfare and sustains itself on authoritarianism or even totalitarianism, central economic planning, subsidies of favored “private” businesses and something we’re seeing more and more of in the United States today – so-called “public-private partnerships.”

    One thing very important to understand – fascism is not a right-wing ideology; it is a left-wing ideology. It always has been and always will be. It is about statism, not individualism.

    Throughout history, it has often been characterized as a “third way” between capitalism and communism. Now who have you heard use that term in contemporary company? It is a popular euphemism for fascism employed today by the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama.

    The big bailout of the mortgage industry is an excellent illustration of a fascist economic concept. It’s about utilitarianism, not principal – pragmatism, not morality.

    Another characteristic of fascism is intimidation, coercion, bullying tactics and a self-righteousness that leads its followers to believe the rules simply don’t apply to them. The end justifies the means. People working on behalf of the cause are to be excused from accountability for any excesses. In fact, they would find it hard to believe they could ever commit excesses.

    We got a whiff of this kind of fascism in Missouri last week when Obama partisans in various law-enforcement capacities pledged publicly to use their official police powers to go after anyone they believed to be unfairly portraying their candidate in political advertising.

    In other words, they decided to throw the First Amendment out the window.

    St. Louis County Circuit Attorney Bob McCulloch, St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce, Jefferson County Sheriff Glenn Boyer, along with Obama and the leader of his Missouri campaign, Sen. Claire McCaskill, pledged to form a so-called “truth squad” to stop any political advertising that claimed the Democratic presidential candidate was anything other than a devout Christian or that he planned to cut taxes for all Americans earning less than $250,000 a year.

    The campaign was not limited to Missouri, either. The Gestapo tactics included sending “threatening” letters to several news agencies in Pennsylvania and Ohio demanding they stop airing ads exposing Obama’s gun stance, according to the National Rifle Association.

    As Missouri Gov. Matt Blunt put it bluntly: “The only conceivable purpose … is to frighten people away from expressing themselves, to chill free and open debate … to strangle criticism of Mr. Obama, to suppress ads about his support of higher taxes, and to choke out criticism on television, radio, the Internet, blogs, e-mail and daily conversation about the election.”

    This, my friends, is the way fascism works. This is the way it creeps into our lives. Acceptance of this kind of police-state tactic leaves us but an election or crisis away from descent into the netherworld of political barbarism. The brown shirts are at the door, once again.

    Text smaller
    Text bigger


    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Don’t expect the liberial pups that post on this site, to understand what you put out here on past history. Of course all these liberial voting numskulls have an excuse, their biologiacal material donors, were union supporters and/or government employees., They were in favor or using of any government welfare program that was social justice slanted. Also no doubt their grandparents were FDR glazed eyes communist supporters, you know the same shulb who allowed the killing of Americans and the sinking of our ships. Also this idoit and his registered communist in staff, beleived in government control of land and food production, just like the muslim marxist in the WH.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      And this, my friends, is how the new “old JAY” operates. Copy something word-for-word from a wing-nut site like WND and throw it out there.

      I look at WND often to see what the latest right wing nut delusions are—most PLD-ers should also—it’s one of the “circular firing squad” sites”, and will reinforce the BELIEFS that so many hold, even though it’s short on facts and truth.

      Will JAY get the attention he seeks? (other than from me, of course—I am always ready to help the “old” JAY get the attention he deserves, just as I helped the “new” JAY get attention by often agreeing with him).

      • Right Brain Thinker

        And look! JAY has had a “bite”! Too bad RR isn’t one of the more literate or thoughtful people visiting the site, as we can see from his comment. But JAY wasn’t speaking to the “more literate or thoughtful people”, was he? He was pandering to the parrots—-I wonder how many more will come down out of the trees and ask for the stale and foul-tasting “crackers” JAY dispenses?.

      • WTS/JAY

        RBT, why do you despise “freedom of speech”? You gobble-up all the vitriol and criticism against the Bush administration like a blood-thirsty Hyena, yet you are against any critical-investigation towards the obama-administration. Why is that? What are you afraid of? The truth? God forbid, that your messiah may a have a few wrinkles, RBT? This won’t do, RBT! You loose all your credibility when you insist on an “All-hands-of-policy” concerning your precious, Obama-administration. Which is by-far worse than the Bush-administration! Clearly, you prove yourself to be a bit short on “critical-thinking”, and full of naivety; and this, from a “School-administrator”? Remarkable, to say the least!

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Nice propaganda technique, JAY. Starting with a statement that someone despises “freedom of speech” and piling it higher and deeper in an attempt to make that charge stick. (And why did you put it in quotes?—we could talk about that for a while).

        The simple answer to JAY’s piled-higher-and -deeper horsepucky is that JAY is trying to distract you from looking at HIS failings—-the ones I have pointed out. He does that by trying to get you to instead refocus on what he SAYS I do or believe, in spite of the fact that he made it all up. JAY is a manipulator and not a very honest person—-read everything he says with that in mind, particularly in this latest phase where he is “throwing gasoline on the fires” on many threads. If anyone “despises free speech”, it is JAY, as he demonstrates by telling nothing but lies.

        Of course, that may be his role this week. The folks at the “Trolls-n-Shills-r-Us” shill shop undoubtedly sit down for staff meetings and are given rotating assignments. My ongoing analysis of who says what and when is showing some interesting patterns. By the way, where is DaveH? My analysis of his posting patterns was almost ready for publication. Is the shill shop hiding him from me to thwart my work? Is he posting under a different name? It appears there was more than one person posting under “DaveH” anyway, and there may be two using WTS/JAY as well—-that would explain the differences between the many “news” and “olds” in the world of JAY.

      • WTS/JAY

        It’s rather obvious, RBT. You despise “freedom of speech”, and you squelch any investigation/criticism when it comes to the Obama-administration. You loose all credibility, and are basically a “dead-duck-in-the-water”! Since you have no more credibility, the best you can muster is a few pathetic, snarky-remmarks? Lord love a duck.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        It’s rather obvious, JAY, that you are the ‘snarky” one here. Speaking truth is not snarky just because it is YOU I’m talking about, but the lies you would have people believe about me definitely are.

        Keep repeating your lies and throwing horsepucky against the wall in the hope that some will stick—-many on PLD will put it in a sandwich, scoff it down, and ask for more. I “squelch” nothing—-that is your job, and the volume of your postings and their tone make it more obvious every day that you do it for a living. I’m keeping track of your patterns too, JAY, and I predict that the persona of WTS/JAY is soon going to have to go into hiding with DaveH once those patterns are revealed. What is that you folks do?—-come back with a new handle? Switch handles with other shills? What?

        Of course, the general level of awareness on PLD is often just above the level of a turtle (and you count on that), so the folks may not have noticed that you posted the same sick comment on four separate threads yesterday, and that it you did it within just a few minutes, and that the comment had no relation to the topic of the thread. You were just propagandizing and CONTROL people. You are the one with no credibility, JAY, and you saying that I have none rates a “Lord love a GOOSE”.

      • oh oh

        At least some of us are aware of the fact that you failed to address the substantive points raised by Jay.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        oh oh says, “At least some of us are aware of the fact that you failed to address the substantive points raised by Jay”:

        I don’t know who the “some” are that you speak for, oh oh, but you obviously think JAY has made some “substantive” points somewhere in the flood of devious and misleading horsepucky he has unleashed on us. I didn’t think so, and that’s why I said what I said.

        Point out some “substantive points raised by JAY”, oh oh, and I will turn the powers of my feeble intellect loose on addressing them—-list them out—-give us only the “big” ones if you’re strapped for time.. I’m always ready to address the writings and question the motives of the folks like JAY who come on the site to play games rather than discuss truth.

    • Jeff

      “Another characteristic of fascism is intimidation, coercion, bullying tactics and a self-righteousness that leads its followers to believe the rules simply don’t apply to them. The end justifies the means. People working on behalf of the cause are to be excused from accountability for any excesses. In fact, they would find it hard to believe they could ever commit excesses.”

      Like shooting abortion doctors, threatening “2nd Amendment remedies” if they don’t get their way, and shouting down elected representatives at Town Hall Meetings? Carrying firearms in the vicinity of the President? Remember the mob in coats and ties that descended on the Florida office trying to count the votes in 2000? When it comes to bullying, there’s no bully like a right wing bully.

      Who are the left wing bullies? Intellectuals who say something a right winger said was stupid because it was? There are demonstrations on the left but bullying? Only if you feel “bullied” when someone points out the facts or when your candidate loses. Remember, it’s the Republicans who control the House because of gerrymandering. The Democrats received a million more votes than did the Republicans.

    • The Christian American

      Simply put, fascism is Private ownership / government controlled. Communism is government ownership / government controlled. If you tell what the difference is I’d like to know.

      • Jeff

        The difference is lots of big money and corporate interests, both in Europe and the U.S., supported the Nazis. None supported Lenin.

        • Bob666

          If I recall, Henry Ford was one of the great american supporters of Adolph.

          • Jeff

            Most likely. Henry Ford’s “Protocols” was one of Hitler’s principal influences. But other captains of industry also did business with the Nazis like IBM and Prescott Bush.

      • oh oh

        Apparently, Jeff, you missed the historical record of big-money support from New York and London, and volunteer support from the Upper East Side that, at one point, filled a large percentage of the key power positions within Lenin’s blood-thirsty regime. You really don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Terry Bateman

    Since Mr. Obama’s policies will be so damaging to the country, they could open up a
    quick pathway for a republican return to power in 2014 in the senate and 2016 in the
    white house. If republicans truly believe this, why not roll over and approve every Obama
    nomination to every office? Why not roll over and eliminate the debt ceiling? Why not roll
    over and pass all the funding bills to his liking? Republicans can tell the media and their
    constituents that since Obama won, they will not stand in his way to implement his
    vision for america as a matter of congressional courtesy. If their constituents don’t like
    the results, they can vote republican in 2014 and 2016.

    This could so confound Mr. Obama, he might actually start to think through the results
    of his policies and change them accordingly. Republicans have nothing more to lose
    than they are already losing.

    • jim

      impeach obama and biden

    • Ron

      Have heard this many times before- “Let’s go along to get along.” Cannot trash the meaning of it because it sounds so mushy and sweet. But members of congress are elected to serve the needs of the people. Oaths are sworn to uphold each individuals rights granted under the Constitution and given to all as inalienable rights. Nothing in the oath says anything about “not doing my job” because of a belief that such non-compliance with the job will perhaps lead to some perceived political gain down the road. No, this would be totally wrong to just let Obama appoint and do as he pleases. The republicans should stand firm and remind the CEO that they have sworn allegiance to the American people and not him. The Republican party may not see a path to victory in the future elections this way but it is better that they reach out to the voters by informing them of what their sworn duty is. Change can only come about by instituting measures and programs that teach the American people that the US is the land of opportunity and requires the individual’s contribution from all according to their talents and ability. Congress is the caretaker of that “opportunity for all” and not the maintenance mechanic of the free lunch wagon.

      • Ron r

        So all the other presidents can nominate appoint and make exc decisions ,/ except the black guy.hes just not smart enough so the republicans have to hold on until they get the right person in office. Nothing could be worse than Obama than maybe a female with the proper ID.

    • Joe

      This is the most ridiculous comment ever made. This Country will not survive another four years of Barry Soetoro anyway. However if no one stands up to him, it just makes it easier for him to finish demolishing this Country!!!

      • Ron r

        Yeah stand up to Obama like you stood up to Bush/Chenney. BTW what has this president done tha has hurt this country so much.two hundred plus years of men like Hoover ,cleavland,Nixon,Bush and Washington ,and the lone black guy will mess it all up. Ask the millionaires ,and billionaires if they have been hurting lately.

    • http://yahoo Charles

      the chicken crap RINO republicans in congress are nothing but punks for the dems and the litle pinko in the white house

    • Tom

      Where are the real republicans? They should be in his face,not just for the 2nd. amendment ,and his co government with the UN,but because of the stripping of personal liberties under Agenda 21. I see a bunch of rino’s not republicans

      • Ron r

        Ok Tom I assume you just can’t wait to list the liberties he has taken from us along with documentation on the UN co government So please proceed sir.

    • scott

      I fear, we conservatives have been sold out completly, however our elected officials are disguising the sell out as small battles that they do not intend to win. KInda of like selling the farm one acre at a time. I agree with letting Obama have his way in any and all topics that affect our country. Why continue to have a show of force in Congres if we do not intend to use it. Let’s just get it over with sooner by giving Obama his way. Then everyone will be forced to re-construct America.
      We print U S Curency like it’s monopoly money, and for the most part it is becoming as valuable.
      We allow an elected Official to make excutive decisions that have no common sense and restrict our God given Rights as Americans.
      The media for the most part is bought and paid for by the Administration, doing anything and everything they can to further the Obama cause/Liberal cause.
      Let it all go to hell in a handbag quicker, so we can pick up the pieces and start again.

      As Americans we have all been taught to stand up for our beliefs, speak out against topics we disagree with, and fight for the Right. Common sense dictates that when the deck is stacked against you, you have two choices, continue to fight the loosing game/battle, or retreat and live to fight another day. It is not in our nature to give up, cower down and cry uncle. Maybe if we do agree with everything Obama does, pass every bill he wants, submit willingly to his every whim we can defeat his agenda. The liberal desires will be handed to them on a silver platter and they will choke on their own appetite.

      Having siad all of the above, I know in my heart that as a average American, I simply do not have it in me to submit to such a strategy, and I can not condone such an act.

      • deerinwater

        scott says; ” I fear, we conservatives have been sold out completly, however our elected officials are disguising the sell out as small battles that they do not intend to win. KInda of like selling the farm one acre at a time. I agree with letting Obama have his way in any and all topics that affect our country. Why continue to have a show of force in Congres if we do not intend to use it. Let’s just get it over with sooner by giving Obama his way. Then everyone will be forced to re-construct America.”

        I say; Scott conservatives sold themselves out ~ when you did nothing to stop or even attempt to slow the run a way Administration of 43 ~ The Right Wing Christian Collation showed the rest of American their backside and opposition was countered with strong arm intimidation and dirty tricks ~ with the belief that any end justified the means. ~

        I say to you ~ this created a lack of confidence on the part of opposition and today it is now you who seeks some “justifiable end” ~ and there on end to be had ~ there will be no “end” ~ We don’t trust you or the leaders that you select and defend to run this nation anymore. You lost your creditably as a voter! ~ The benefit of doubt is no longer your to enjoy!

        Let’s make one thing very clear Scott ~~~~ Neither you or the party affiliation that you support has~~ gave Obama anything!!!!!!

        Obama took your candy ~ and all you can do about it is cry or lie about it. It seem that you have chosen to lie about it with false claims of giving Obama anything other then disrespect and opposition.

        I’m not telling you that Obama is all that wonderful ~ but compared to what the GOP has offered us ~ it’s been a “no brainier” so far, my decision was very easy to make. ~

        On one hand, you offer us Mc Cain and to have an Occupational force in Iraq for 20 years with a possible Majorette Home Coming Queen for a back up ~ or on the other hand, Willard ~ a man that’s success represents the attributed of a vulture that promises to have a cure what ills us ??????????

        Now just how complicated can such a Presidential decision be to make???

        Now if you think that you have been sold down river today ~ try to imagine how the rest of us felt ~ with 8 long years of W’s blundering ~ and Dick the Snake Chaney’ sneaking about on the world stage while lining their pockets for leaner times.

        • Bob666

          Very well put Deer!

      • Jana

        Actually, I wrote many mad letters to the White House to Bush, as well as sending letters to the editor, to my Representatives (for all the good that did) and sent letters out in my email. One of my letters got picked up by some web group that had discussions.Others were excited as it was supposed to be something great, but I had never heard of them before. I can’t remember which one it was now since it was about 6 years ago, but no, not all of us were silent.

    • W. T. Brian

      I didn’t send my congressman, nor my senators, to Washington to just roll over. They have a job to do, and if they won’t do it, we can very easily send someone else up there next time.

    • Alan E Rousseau

      This might be a point if your only concern was getting more power for the GOP but the damage done to the US and the Constitution in the next 4 years is not worth the partisanship. ‎”The time is always right to do what is right.” – Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    • OLD MAN

      Wrong! Wrong approach! Obama is so narcissistically arrogant that he would surge ahead at a faster pace. We have already nearly reached the point of no return without a serious conflict within our own boarders. Giving him a FREE hand would certainly push everything “over the cliff”. What so many people do not realize is that Obama is an “ant-colonialist”. He is using the teachings of Sal Alinsky, Richard Cloward and Frances Pevin to as he says in his book, “Dreams from My Father”, trying to carry out what his father was unable to achieve. Obama did not run for and get the office to better this country. Obama in his own words ran for office “To Fundamentally Change The United States of America”. Obama’s underlying goal is to turn America into a Socialist country. He is doing it by overwhelming the financial system with entitlements (the FREEBIES) and at the same time attacking freedoms on many different fronts. Medical Care “Obamacare”. Gun control bills that are intended to ultimately lead to confiscation. And the list goes on. AMERICA MUST WAKE UP AND REALIZE WHAT OBAMA REALLY IS OUT TO DO!
      He must be held in check!

      • Ron r

        Tahr is by far the dumbest statement written so guys almost make me wish q you were right so that we could deport you. God ,how does the reich Wong come up with this junk??? Do you guys e we get out among civil thinking people????

      • Jana

        Ron r,
        It is in his own book. Why don’t you buy his books 2 of them, and read them for yourself? Unless you are communistic in nature too, it will not make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

    • Bill

      Except by going along with Obama, it signals that Republicans are no better than Democrats. If Republicans help Obama destroy the economy, they will have a difficult convincing voters they need to be reelected.

      • Terry Bateman

        . Bush 1′s budget agreement with
        congress raising taxes, cutting government spending, and matching increased
        government spending with corresponding tax increases or other government
        spending decreases combined with the welfare reform passed 3 times by
        republicans before clinton signed it paved the way for the balanced budget clinton
        passed on to Bush 2. Unfortunately, clinton also radically altered the CRA in January
        of 1996 to encourage banks to set aside sound mortgage lending standards and
        provide sub prime loans This ultimately caused the financial and economic crisis
        that smeared Bush 2 and congressional republicans and brought on Obama.
        Republicans overall since 1980 have done quite well, especialy the guys who
        made the contract with america. Remember clinton’s words: “Hey, I’m still relevant.”
        Remember Clinton’s priorities: “Cutting the deficit is not one of our priorities”.



      • Ron r

        And how do you shut down part or half of the government? Why would you shut down any part? and you guys call yourselves patriots.

      • Terry Bateman

        I am not aware of the constitution saying anything about social security and medicare.
        I thought defense, judicial system and administration, foreign affairs and diplomacy,
        ports, land,sea, and air transportation and safety were the constitutional responsibilities
        of the federal government.

    • robert

      Surely you jest, give him everything he wants with no contest. This is the road to quick and sure communism.

      • Ron r

        Silly me I thought we left communism when Bush/Chenney we t into hiding .

      • Jana

        Ron r,
        For once we do agree. Silly you. Like I always tell my kids, this is what you get for engaging your mouth before engaging your brain and furnishing it with knowledge of the truth.

        • Bob666

          Ron R,
          General Jana speaks-you shoul listen-All hail the General!



    • Charles Plantz

      Open up the debt limit upon the receipt of a senate budget. Impose the Clinton tax rates plus a variable surtax to apply to the amount exceeding the present debt limit. Cancel all funding for the President’s Czars.

    • Phillip Hendrix

      the republican party has already done this when they ran Romney against obama college is a great thing but without common sense it is completely useless

      • Ron r

        The republican party is so splintered between the truly conservative and the one percent reich wingers like most on the site ,my bad ultra conservatives ( wink wink ) not even the majority of republicans will claim the party in elections

    • shade

      Well what did you expect from the King of America!

    • Lee

      Possibly, the sooner this nightmare may be remedied. The Republicans must not go along with Obama’s decision making, however. They must stress his unwillingness to mitigate with them. He won with PERHAPS barely over half of the nation. Therefore, the Republicans escape is his lack of flexibility. State factually to the american people that they cannot pass anything with both Senate AND his refusal to care about ALL Americans. Work by speaking out constantly unintimidated about every liberal choice they make and let Demograts take the credit for our country’s downhill decline. Republicans have already bent across the isle. When the rest of America awakens, they will run back, begging for Reagans, B. Grahams, and M L Kings. Prayerfully, before devastating harm comes to our land or Israel’s soil. Republicans will be free of guilt or blame.

      • Ron r

        It matters not if Obama won by 51% or 1%he won and has no reason to compromise with republicans and every reason to tell them all to go to hell.he never held a secret meeting to say he would not work with them. It was the republicans who decided in their meeting that they would do what they could to make him a one term president.

        Now that the reich wing nuts (the 1%) control the party he should appoint and pass everything he can legally by executive privilege. A win is a one point or one hundred points.its a win!!!! Dam the republicans,full speed ahead.

    • Ron Bartels

      Never, never, never give up. Winston Churchill WWII You might be speaking German if he had rolled over. Replace the established RIONs in the GOP or start a new third party. There are many. Try the America’s Party or the Conservative Party USA.

    • Pete Deiler

      Single reason. Though His use of EXECUTIVE ORDERS Obama Has ALREADY created an order for martial law that will cause the elected representation (Senate and house of Representatives) to be dissolved. It only needs to be put into action. Google the Words EXECUTIVE ORDERS and read it for your self. It already done! Obama use of EXECUTIVE ORDERS are equivalent to LAW. Be ready to be SCARED. The USA has become a dictatorship.
      You are foolish No I take that back YOU ARE STUPID to think other wise. Foolish is not knowing. STUPID is knowing but not caring.

      Chairman Mao from the Communist party says “Freedom ends when guns are surrendered” Can you see what OBAMA is doing?

    • H Stan Boring PHC USN Ret

      One cannot simply lie down and surrender when attacked by a snake. One must fight to protect oneself and our Constitutional Freedoms. Chief Boring

      • Deerinwater

        Terry Bateman says, “Since Mr. Obama’s policies will be so damaging to the country, they could open up a quick pathway for a republican return to power in 2014 ”

        I say, Wonderful! You hold tight to that thought Mr. Bateman and don’t ever let it go!

        It’s working!

    • BigBobba

      I can’t read all of the comments here, but one needs to remember that Republicans STILL hold a majority in the House and 45 Seats in the Senate. They can (and SHOULD) block almost all of this guy’s agenda if they STAND and FIGHT using Constitutional principles as their weapons. They should not “roll over on anything! We the People must hold their feet to the fire every chance we get. This means writing letters, asking questions, and INFORMING others of those Constitutional principles that the Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their SACRED HONOR to earn for us against the premier fighting force in the World in 1776! Valley Forge was just ONE Winter that Washington’s ragtag Army had to endure – BUT ENDURE, WIN, AND GET US LIBERTY they did, with their blood, as did every Man and Woman who has donned the uniform of the United States. Can we afford to do any less? To quote some of the Founders: “We have given them a Republic IF THEY WILL HAVE IT!” – Ben Franklin – (emphasis mine.) We DO NOT live in a Democracy, nor would I want to! Living in a Republic takes work! We the People must inform ourselves as to Constitutional principles, support and Vote for those candidates who align themselves with those principles, and HUMBLE OURSELVES BEFORE GOD! Another Founder, Patrick Henry: “Why stand we here idle? What is it that (we) gentlemen wish? Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains, or slavery? FORBID IT ALMIGHTY GOD! (emphasis mine.) And remember this: “I call on you in the name of Liberty, of Patriotism, and everything dear to the American Character, to come to our aid with all dispatch. I shall never surrender nor retreat.” – Col. William B. Travis, Commander of forces at the Alamo.
      Where do we stand?.

      • Ron r

        Republicans hold the house because of Gerrymandering,and now want to steal the presidency by gerrymandering the electorial vote.and you want to talk about the constitution? Republicans do not have a clue.the people will rise as they did this past November. And oust the reich wing befor they completely lock the wheels of democracy.


    Fifty seven previously unidentified firearms linked to Operation Fast and Furious were recovered in sites associated with murders, kidnappings, and at least two gruesome massacres.

    Univision News obtained the list of Fast and Furious weapons and a list containing almost 60,000 recovered firearms compiled by Mexico’s Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (SEDENA). A cross-reference of the serial numbers of the guns resulted in 96 full matches (several partial matches were discarded). The 96 firearms linked to Operation Fast and Furious all turned up at crime scenes in Mexico from 2009 to 2010.

    In a report published on July 26, Congress mentioned there were “at least 48 recoveries involving 122 weapons [in Mexico] connected to Operation Fast and Furious.” To check whether those were the same guns pinpointed by the data cross-reference, Univision News contacted congressional investigators asking for the serial numbers of the 122 guns in Congress’ report. After an initial request by Univision News in mid-September and despite numerous phone calls and emails, there was no further response.

    Who are the human faces of the U.S. government’s botched Fast and Furious gun-walking operation? Watch Video
    Univision News then gathered all the serial numbers available in the evidence appendixes of the major congressional investigation released by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Iowa Senator Charles Grassley last July. Another data analysis showed that five of the weapons in the list of 96 were already mentioned in the hundreds of emails and the 4473 forms that the Department of Justice had given to Congress. (The 4473 forms, also known as Firearm Transaction Records, are the documents that people who are purchasing guns from a Federal Firearm Licensee must fill.)

    A search of SEDENA’s press releases, which often include the serial numbers of seized firearms, resulted in one more firearm whose serial number matched one of those already in Congress’ list.

    Finally, Univision News compared the recovery dates and locations highlighted in The Department of Justice’s Operation Fast and Furious: Fueling Cartel Violence, with those found in the remaining list of 90 weapons. For the cross-reference list and Congress’ list, we divided each year’s recovered guns by state. After that, we compared the number of weapons found in each state on both lists. That is, we compared the number of guns recovered, say, in 2009 in Baja California, according to lists by Congress and by Univision News.

    For instance, if Congress had identified seven Fast and Furious weapons recovered in Baja California in 2009, and our list mentioned 24, then we concluded that our list included at least 17 new weapons. In the end, the state-by-state analysis showed that 57 of the firearms in the cross-reference were not included in Congress’ report.

    Univision News started looking for unreported Fast and Weapons after discovering a SEDENA document, which said that three guns from an ATF gun-tracing operation were
    used in the massacre in Villas de Salvarcar, Ciudad Juarez.

  • Motov

    Lets just hope we can impeach this clown before he gets started in dismantling what is left of our once great government. His ego could get him into hot water with the public.
    He is by far the worst there ever has been as far as POTUS is concerned, and people think he’s the greatest since sliced bread. He needs to be in a jail cell for the fraud he has and continues to pull. Whatever happened to MLK jr’s “I had a dream speech”? If you looked at the character of this man, his ability to lie right into your face as if he told the truth. He evades the serious questions with gobblety gook language. He is an extremely dangerous man in a very bad place for us.

    On the other hand the GOP hasn’t offered any viable solutions as well other than Ron Paul. The GOP is now a liberal party as well, look no further than their nominee, Romney.
    Often referred as “Obama Light” He is NOT what conservatives are about, and If the GOP wants to be taken seriously, I strongly suggest to try following a document called the Constitution, It should be on the lips of every member of the GOP but they strayed.

    So what is there left to do Tea party? Libertarian? Other?
    Conservatives better start uniting together, get with the program, and fight back for the liberties we are all gonna lose if this clown gets what he wants!
    Welcome To the United Socialistic States of America,…commie-rad.

    • Tommy

      Motov i’m afraid we are too late. the Dems keep saying they will need a decade to fix what w messed up, well 4 years form now will be darn close to a decade, lets talk then when things are not better but possibly far worse. then the Dems will say well i guess we need 2decades to straighten it out. BS, this is a government problem not a Dem vs Repub problem. Of course what do i know, i’m not smart enough to be a Democrat, my loss i guess.

      • Motov

        Insanity is defined as doing the same things over and over, but expecting different results.
        Government’s idea of solving problems, take it over, add bureaucrats, and dump money into it, We get stuck with the bill, they move on to do it again.

        • Jeff

          I agree. Repeating the mistake of Viet Nam in Iraq and Afghanistan was pretty crazy.

      • oh oh

        That’s right, Jeff. No sense in repeating the mistakes of progressive warfare RINOs, but it won’t do any good until we stop repeating the mistakes of progressive welfare liberals as well. Both sides are wrong.


    Since the Left decided to politicize the Sandy Hook school shooting; perhaps they would like to address Obama’s “fast and furious” program?

    Since we are talking about gun violence and gun control; perhaps the Left should recognize how guns from Obama’s “fast and furious” program has resulted in the murders of Mexican school children?

    On January 30, 2010, according to the Univision report, hired hit men working for the Mexican cartel La Linea invaded a house and opened fire on nearly 60 teenagers who had gathered there for a birthday party. More shootings occurred outside against neighbors and fleeing students. Univision reported that three of the high-caliber weapons used by the hit men were linked to Operation Fast and Furious.

    This massacre does not appear to be an isolated incident. There is a disturbing pattern in which the ATF lost track of weapons provided to Mexican drug cartels via straw purchasers, some of which later ended up at crime scenes in Mexico. In other words, it allowed suspects to walk away with illegally purchased guns in order to try and catch
    bigger fish. But the big fish got away as well after using the guns to kill their prey.


    It’s getting so bad that people are waking up in droves now. Today, someone quite close to me, a person who I have known for nearly two decades and who had previously not given much thought to the concept of false flag terrorism, asked me if I thought the powers that be may have played a direct role in the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

    You have to understand the significance of this. I have never talked about false flag terrorism with this person, nor has this person ever visited SGT report. We are trusted professional colleagues, period.

    I immediately laid out the most significant inconsistencies and contradictions of the “official” story for this person. The truth of the matter was not lost on her. She stated, “The facts about this story just weren’t adding up. First Fast and Furious, then Benghazi, now this.”

    I told her I would send her the best police audio recordings from December 14th so she could hear for herself that police detained two men fleeing the school in a van (or truck). I also told her I’d send her the video footage of the police capturing a man in the woods. But it appears that some of the very best video clips with the most views have been removed from You Tube. So I checked a story from Natural News by Jon Rappoport which we posted at SGT report on New Year’s Eve titled ‘Sandy Hook police audio confirms multiple shooters on the scene‘. The first link to the clip in that article is now dead.

    And there ya go. “Officials” continue to refuse to address the contradictions in this story. It seems the best way to put an end to the myriad questions about the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre is to pretend that a lot of the stuff that happened that day, didn’t.
    Regardless, it IS waking people up.

  • S.C.Murf

    Jeff, right brain fart, flashless mark, you guys are a hoot. Did you watch obamas 23 points for gun control and the kiddies on stage? Lots of bite in all of that right? You guys or gals are fools. You remind me what Dillon once said (how does it feel to be a complete unknown). obama sold you all down the river, how DOES it feel?

    up the hill

    • Deerinwater

      SCMurf say; “You remind me what Dillon once said (how does it feel to be a complete unknown). obama sold you all down the river, how DOES it feel? ”

      I feel pretty good, thanks for asking, how do you feel this morning?

      In matters of the unknown ~ as opposed to what ? The known? So what do you actually know? Who do you actually know?

      That people spend their lives worrying about things that have a 10% chance of happening and of that 10% , there is 7 % they can do little about ~ leaving us with a 3% of things we can do something about ~ while spending 30% of our time trying to do something about 3 % sound fascinating. ~

      But I don’t feel “unknown” ~ not at all. ~ You might only wish for something like that.

    • Jeff

      Grampa Smurf:

      I don’t know WTF you’re talking about, but then I’m neither senile nor insane. BTW: it’s “Dylan.”

      • Right Brain Thinker

        No, Jeff, he got it right. Since Smurfy is so wrapped up in the gun thing that he has guns stuck in every orifice in his body, It’s MARSHAL Dillon he’s referring to. Remember him? That “manly man” that “open carried”? One of Smurfy’s heroes?

        Since Smurfy probably spends all his time watching reruns from the 60′s when he’s not cluttering up PLD, I would be willing to bet on his expertise there. I’ll bet he can quote with authority some important things from The Simpsons, Leave it to Beaver, and Welcome Home Cotter as well.

        Find the hill…
        Ask someone which way is up…
        Try to go up and fall down (repeatedly)….

        • Jeff

          “No, Jeff, he got it right. Since Smurfy is so wrapped up in the gun thing that he has guns stuck in every orifice in his body, It’s MARSHAL Dillon he’s referring to. Remember him? That “manly man” that “open carried”? One of Smurfy’s heroes?”

          I thought of that and it would fit for a gun nut, but what he wrote was a Dylan lyric if memory serves.

  • Bob666

    Yo Deer,
    you forgot my favorite Cheney Quote:

    That Cheney would be the man to get Republicans ginned up is appropriate, because he and his Bush administration colleagues spent money like drunken sailors during their eight years in office. When then-Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill counseled against further tax cuts because of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks and the war in Afghanistan, Cheney informed him that “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter,” according to O’Neill’s telling.

    Cheney continued to champion spending late in the Bush administration, urging skeptical House Republicans to support Bush’s plan to bail out Wall Street. He returned later in 2008 in an unsuccessful effort to persuade Republicans to back a bailout of Detroit, warning lawmakers that “if we don’t do this, we will be known as the party of Herbert Hoover forever.”

    And yet, they forget this and it is all “Obummers” fault. For you trolls that will take aim at this stetement, let’s be clear up front. I am not happy with Obama, But you can’t solve a problem until you identify the problem. Obama is only part of the problem, The GOP is equally responsible here (the house) and until people get that fact, all we will witness on this board are empty words.

  • Bob666

    and have a nice day!

  • ME07

    wow! Anyone else notice the person name “Jeff” is following saul alinsky’s rules for radicals. (the progressive’s favorite hand book) He doesn’t use real facts to substantiate his claims. He resorts to name calling instead of engaging in an informed discussion. It should be noted he committed on many different threads in this discussion. The majority of his commits involved name calling too.

    • Jeff

      I haven’t read the book, but from what I understand of his principles, the greatest Alinskyites in modern history have been Newt Gingrich and the Tea Baggers.

    • Jeff

      When someone makes a serious point, I respond seriously. I don’t have to agree to respect someone’s attempt to discuss a serious issue. When I see a post calling Obama a Muslim or one written at the level of a 4th grader, I like to have a little fun. I’d like to say “so shoot me” but this crowd would take that as a literal invitation.

      • chuckb

        jeffy:” When someone makes a serious point, I respond seriously. I don’t have to agree to respect someone’s attempt to discuss a serious issue.
        what a joke.”
        does anyone really care what you think jeffy?

        you don’t understand, barry is a muslim, he is rug carrying member of the jihad motherhood. apparently you self ordained pseudo intellects can’t get this through your pea brains.

        meo7, jeffy can’t respond to the facts, he hasn’t got the faculties, he can only resort to ridicule to cover for his ignorance.

        • Jeff

          I can never respond seriously to you, Chuckie, because you are an illiterate bigot. Apparently, a lot more people agree with me than with you unless we’re talking the Old Confederacy. You just keep fighting that Civil War, you empty-headed twit.

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Awww! you poor baby! Jeff is soiling his depends again! Gringo Libtards is going crackers!

        • Jeff

          Does your nurse know you’re up blogging? Isn’t it your nap time?


    The last time I heard Communists believe in the overthrow of the USA and its Constitution.
    So this makes them Traitors.

    • Phillip Hendrix

      The terrorist is in the White house .

      • Ron r

        Terrorist in the white house ? I thought he and Chenney were voted out.

  • Carolyn VanZorge

    please view this anti-kerry video, and pass it along to your friends.

    note that while the comment section is reserved exclusively for veterans, non-vets can view, “like”, and share the video.

    i am asking that when vets post that they give their DATES OF SERVICE – i want kerry to know that the vets are still breathing down his wretched neck!!

    • Bob666

      did you serve?

  • Bob666

    “Assuming for the moment that our Government turned rogue or that we suffered a military coup, how much good is your AR-15 going to do against the Army’s weaponry? And which side would you be on? What if half the gun owners picked one side and half the other? Another Civil War?”

    One of the more rational comments on this issue.

    • Deerinwater

      And exactly why an talk of armed resistance should be the last option on the table ~ while we see here, ~ it’s pulled often and with regularity here.

      There are no winners in Civil war. ~ Everyone loses something

      “The end may justify the means as long as there is something that justifies the end.”
      ― Leon Trotsky

      “People have only as much liberty as they have the intelligence to want and the courage to take.”
      ― Emma Goldman

      • Bob666

        Amen Brother!

    • chuckb

      the military may surprise you.

    • http://midcontent ridge rider

      Remember weaponary will take an operator, if a coup would happen, what half would you be on, the democrat of government, or the freedom, personal liberty side. Again weaponary doesn’t kill peole it it the people using the weaponary, and since soldiers and even law enforcement is against the muslim marxist and the socialist democrats, I’ll bet on private owned weapary.

      • Bob666

        “since soldiers and even law enforcement is against the muslim marxist and the socialist democrats, I’ll bet on private owned weapary”

        Ridge, I am willing to bet the same emotional responses took place before the civil war and we know how that ended.

        I personally do not believe that Obama is a “muslim marxist” and before you get your panties in a wad, I am not a supporter of Obama. The Bottom line is; more than 50% of our population voted for him and in a demoracy, your guy does not always win.

        If you want to have a rational discussion, that’s fine. I felt, and history will prove me correct, that George W Bush was a dumb-ass, But when I refered to him, it was as “Mr. President” because he demanded the respect of a legally obtained office and Obama beat Romney and McCain on the percentages.

        You really get fewer points by name calling.

      • oh oh

        The point raised by most I have read on this site isn’t that Obama wasn’t democratically elected (though some challenge the election as fraudulent), but that he has violated his oath of office. In that case, it doesn’t matter whether he was democratically elected.

      • Jeff

        Ridge Rat:

        So, you’re plotting action against this government or do you consider all Democrats Muslim Marxists? Don’t bother answering. We already know where you’re coming from. Say hello to David Duke.

  • chuckb

    jeffy, you keep calling people illiterate, what makes you think you are in a position of intelligence to judge anyone. take a long look in the mirror, you may discover what illiteracy looks like. your knowledge of history and past happenings doesn’t quite ring any bells of knowledge.

    • Jeff

      When I read something that looks like Jethro wrote it, I make assumptions. Sue me.

      • chuckb

        jeffy, watch you’re temper jeffy. you’re assumptions are showing up your illiteracy.

        • Jeff

          Temper? How can you be angry with an inferior being? I consider you a clown put here to post and amuse us with your ignorance and bigotry. Go see if you can get David Duke elected to something.

  • Bob666

    Simple math with a spin, how origional.

  • Carol

    Everybody that voted him back in will really and truely see what he is about and they won’t be happy when he takes away their free phones and food stamps and then and only then they will scream but by then it will be way to late.

  • AWKingsley

    Hagel is a decent choice for head of defense. The U.S. does not need to get involved in a foolish war with Iran. Israel is the best defended country in the world, and Iran is a pipsqueak nation that is no threat to Israel or to the U.S., even if Iran actually does get nukes someday. We need the Iron Dome and Arrow 3 Defense Systems that Israel has to defend our own country instead of being involved in wars in the Middle East and Police Actions all over the globe. The majority of our soldiers and bases are all somewhere else, and someday big nations like China or Russia will take advantage of our lack of homeland defense to invade the U.S. No country is going to nuke another country because they will get nuked in return. What we have seen since the Atomic Bomb was dropped in World War II is land invasions. We need to protect our own country against land invasions instead of pursuing an agenda to satisfy Globalist Socialists. Republicans are just being taken advantage of by Globalist Corporatists when they agree to the wars their RINOs promote. The Globalists have done a con job on Republicans, and Republicans, including the Tea Party, are just licking Globalist Socialist boots when they stand behind the war hawks.

    • Bob666

      “Hagel is a decent choice for head of defense. The U.S. does not need to get involved in a foolish war with Iran”

      “We need the Iron Dome and Arrow 3 Defense Systems that Israel has to defend our own country instead of being involved in wars in the Middle East and Police Actions all over the globe”

      We are in agreement with your statements above.


    More insanity from Obama and his administration.



    Obama agency rules Pepsi’s use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes ‘ordinary business operations’.

    (NaturalNews) The Obama Administration has given its blessing to PepsiCo to continue utilizing the services of a company that produces flavor chemicals for the beverage giant using aborted human fetal tissue. reports that the Obama Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) has decided that PepsiCo’s arrangement with San Diego, Cal.-based Senomyx, which produces flavor enhancing chemicals for Pepsi using human embryonic kidney tissue, simply constitutes “ordinary business operations.”

    The issue began in 2011 when the non-profit group Children of God for Life (CGL) first broke the news about Pepsi’s alliance with Senomyx, which led to massive outcry and a worldwide boycott of Pepsi products. At that time, it was revealed that Pepsi had many other options at its disposal to produce flavor chemicals, which is what its competitors do, but had instead chosen to continue using aborted fetal cells — or as Senomyx deceptively puts it, “isolated human taste receptors”

    A few months later, Pepsi’ shareholders filed a resolution petitioning the company to “adopt a corporate policy that recognizes human rights and employs ethical standards which do not involve using the remains of aborted human beings in both private and collaborative research and development agreements.” But the Obama Administration shut down this 36-page proposal, deciding instead that Pepsi’s used of aborted babies to flavor its beverage products is just business as usual, and not a significant concern.

    “We’re not talking about what kind of pencils PepsiCo wants to use — we are talking about exploiting the remains of an aborted child for profit,” said Debi Vinnedge, Executive Director of CGL, concerning the SEC decision. “Using human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) to produce flavor enhancers for their beverages is a far cry from routine operations!”

    To be clear, the aborted fetal tissue used to make Pepsi’s flavor chemicals does not end up in the final product sold to customers, according to reports — it is used, instead, to evaluate how actual human taste receptors respond to these chemical flavorings. But the fact that Pepsi uses them at all when viable, non-human alternatives are available illustrates the company’s blatant disregard for ethical and moral concerns in the matter.

    Back in January, Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey proposed legislation to ban the production of aborted fetal cell-derived flavor chemicals in his home state. If passed, S.B. 1418 would also reportedly ban the sale of any products that contain flavor chemicals derived from human fetal tissue, which includes Pepsi products as well as products
    produced by Kraft and Nestle.

    Full article:

    • Bob666

      seariously, just what color is the sky in your world?

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        No moron whats yours? Gringo Libtard puke! Bob666 Lock yourself in cage you are a dangerous nut job!

        • Bob666

          “MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes-No moron whats yours? Gringo Libtard puke! Bob666 Lock yourself in cage you are a dangerous nut job!”

          And you call people morons? looked in the mirror latley?

        • Bob666

          Yo Puketard,
          from this point forward, you will be referred to as Bernard Arnold Gumble,

          Bernard “Barney” Arnold Gumble is the Springfield town drunk, the most prominent of several alcoholic Springfieldians and Homer Simpson’s high school friend.

          Since most of you post translate to ““BURRRRRRPPPP!!!”

      • Right Brain Thinker

        I’m sorry to see Bob use the “looked in the mirror lately?” retort to MexicanRetard, although I do understand that MexTard’s not worth wasting very many words on. I say I’m sorry because that phrase is the last refuge of the mindless on the site—the thing they say when they have nothing to say (and just before they call anyone with a brain such things as a communitst-socialist-Marxist-fascist-liberal-progressive.) Bob has shown he is a smart guy, with a “real” vocabulary and a knowledge of what periods and commas are used for, unlike MexTurd. He should leave the “mirror” epithet to those who have nothing else in their “armories” of ignorance and delusion, and work with those of us who are attempting to elevate the intellectual level of discourse on PLD.

        Speaking of “Mexicans”, I was sent a great joke yesterday. Picture of a sleek destroyer on anti-drug patrol with big American flag, hailing a decrepit rowboat with four raggedy Mexicans aboard. Dialogue below picture:

        Destroyer: “Who are you and what’s your destination and purpose?”
        Guys in boat: “We are Mexican Patriots who are going to the U.S. to take back the land you stole from us!”
        Destroyer (with much laughter): “And how far behind you is the rest of your army?”
        Guys in boat: “We’re the last ones—the others are already there!”

    • Right Brain Thinker

      I hope JAY can’t answer the question about what color the sky is in his world because he is locked in a windowless padded room and therefore can’t see it. That ‘s where he needs to be for sure, along with the lunatics who wrote the piece JAY did his usual tricks with here—-you know, google around, find something meaningless with an inflammatory title that doesn’t even relate to the topic at hand, copy it without understanding it (or even reading it), and throw the “gasoline” on the fire just to watch the flames. I’m forming a new mental picture of what JAY is—–he’s a “debate arsonist”—-one who throws any kind of “accelerant” into the always smoldering rantings on PLD so that he can watch the inferno (or maybe watch the “firemen” like me who try to quench the fires—-is JAY in love with fires or firemen? Or lying? Or the power he thinks he gains by misleading and controlling people?. . Hmmmmm)

      Back to dealing with the latest blaze of insanity from JAY.

      JAY says, “More insanity from Obama and his administration”, when any educated person knows that the O’Bama administration has nothing to do with anything here. (and we all know that it was “Bush’s Fault” anyway). He then SHOUTS a bit to make sure we see this bit of outright lying. Perhaps he has noticed that his attempts to burn the house down are not succeeding as planned? That PLD-ers are not the fools he takes them to be and have ignored most of his efforts?. Is that why he shouts?



      I have addressed in detail this exact same gross misinformation on at least one other thread (and it may have been JAY who posted it there—-can’t recall). Simply put, THERE IS NOT ONE WORD OF TRUTH IN THIS. Aborted fetal cells are not, and never have been, and never will be, in ANY food products of ANY kind. Period.

      (Maybe JAY owns Coca-Cola stock and/or he’s a shill for Coke and that’s why he’s attacking Pepsi? Nah, he’s just a sick and dishonest manipulator that truly belongs in that room where he can’t see the color of the sky—–his keepers should lock the door and throw away the key)


    The U.S. Supreme Court in the past has ruled that the “police” have no obligation to provide individual protection for any person. And yet most departments still have the “to protect and serve” jargon on their vehicles.

    The police cannot protect you… plain and simple. They cannot be there to keep that estranged spouse from beating or killing you. They have no obligation to be there and protect you from that rapist that just pulled you into an alley. They will not be there when that home invasion happens. The police will be there after the crime has happened. Usually to collect evidence, get statements and file a report. They will arrive minutes after the fact. Like that old saying goes… “when seconds count help is minutes away”. They will not patrol by your house on a regular basis to make sure you are safe and sound. And we cannot blame the police. They cannot be everywhere at once.

    The average person is at the mercy of any one of a hundred different types of violence. Whether it be rape, muggings, robbery, burglary, or home invasion. And the police are never there when the event takes place. A lot of people sadly live in the false security of having the police there and protecting them from the bad guys. They believe that the police will save them from harm. They believe that when they call 911 the police will rush there and catch and arrest the criminal BEFORE they themselves get beaten, stabbed, robbed, raped or killed. False security my friends… false security!


    Richard Stevens is a lawyer in Washington, D.C., and author of Dial 911 and Die.

    Underlying all “gun control” ideology is this one belief.” “Private citizens don’t need firearms because the police will protect them from crime.” That belief is both false and dangerous for two reasons.

    First, the police cannot and do not protect everyone from crime. Second, the government and the police in most localities owe no legal duty to protect individuals from criminal attack. When it comes to deterring crime and defending against criminals, individuals are ultimately responsible for themselves and their loved ones. Depending solely on police emergency response means relying on the telephone as the only defensive tool. Too often, citizens in trouble dial 911 . . . and die.

    Statistics confirm the obvious truth that the police in America cannot prevent violent crime. In 1997 for example, nationwide there were 18,209 murders, 497,950 robberies, and 96,122 rapes. All those crimes were unprevented and undeterred by the police and the criminal justice system.

    Many criminals use firearms to commit their crimes. For example, in 1997 criminals did so in 68 percent of murders and 40 percent of robberies. Thus criminals either have or can obtain firearms. The existing “gun control” laws do not stop serious criminals from getting guns and using them in crimes.

    Practically speaking, it makes little sense to disarm the innocent victims while the criminals are armed. It is especially silly to disarm the victims when too often the police are simply unable to protect them. As Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, has observed: “Police do very little to prevent violent crime. We investigate crime after the fact.”

    Americans increasingly believe, however, that all they need for protection is a telephone. Dial 911 and the police, fire, and ambulance will come straight to the rescue. It’s faster than the pizza man. Faith in a telephone number and the local cops is so strong that Americans dial 911 over 250,000 times per day.

    Yet, does dialing 911 actually protect crime victims? Researchers found that less than 5 percent of all calls dispatched to police are made quickly enough for officers to stop a crime or arrest a suspect. The 911 bottom line: “cases in which 911 technology makes a substantial difference in the outcome of criminal events are extraordinarily rare.”

    It’s not just that the police cannot protect you. They don’t even have to come when you call. In most states the government and police owe no legal duty to protect individual citizens from criminal attack. The District of Columbia’s highest court spelled out plainly the “fundamental principle that a government and its agents are under no general duty to provide public services, such as police protection, to any particular individual citizen.”

    In the especially gruesome landmark case the “no-duty” rule got ugly. Just before dawn on March 16, 1975, two men broke down the back door of a three-story home in Washington, D.C., shared by three women and a child. On the second floor one woman was sexually attacked. Her housemates on the third floor heard her screams and called the police.

    The women’s first call to D.C. police got assigned a low priority, so the responding officers arrived at the house, got no answer to their knocks on the door, did a quick check around, and left. When the women frantically called the police a second time, the dispatcher promised help would come—but no officers were even dispatched.

    The attackers kidnapped, robbed, raped, and beat all three women over 14 hours.

    When these women later sued the city and its police for negligently failing to protect them or even to answer their second call, the court held that government had no duty to respond to their call or to protect them. Case dismissed.

    The law is similar in most states. A Kansas statute precludes citizens from suing the government or the police for negligently failing to enforce the law or for failing to provide police or fire protection. A California law states that “neither a public entity nor a public employee is liable for failure to establish a police department or otherwise provide police protection service.” As one California appellate court wrote, “police officers have no affirmative statutory duty to do anything.”

    The state legislatures and courts protect government entities and police departments from civil liability for failing to provide adequate police protection. Some states invoke the “sovereign immunity” defense, a throwback to the days when the subjects were forbidden to sue the king.

    Other states have statutes that prevent legal challenges to police “discretionary” functions. Courts preclude lawsuits in those states by holding that answering emergency calls or providing police protection are “discretionary” functions.

    Many states evade liability by relying on the ironically named “public duty” doctrine. Like a George Orwell slogan, that doctrine says: police owe a duty to protect the public in general, but not to protect any particular individual.

    Police Advice: “Get a Gun”

    • Shirley Hall

      Your post is entirely too long to take the time to read.

      • WTS/JAY

        For sure…if you have the attention-span of a flea.

        • Bob666

          No, I believe thay you lost the world after the first paragraph,

          Real Big Yawn………………………………………………………………………

      • WTS/JAY

        Yawn…go back to sleep, sleepy-head.

        • Bob666

          i’m telling ya, there is big Money to be made,,,,Yawn,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

      • WTS/JAY

        Yawn…you’re boring me, bobby. I’d much prefer having a conversation with a think human. You sound like a dead-beat, welfare-case.

        • Bob666

          You know, I really was just screwing with you, but your post do tend to be lengthy diatribes that run in circles. I’m guessing that you have never been accused of brevity?

          There is a common theme in you post; when you disagree with people, you start labeling them with “Left-Wing” labels and we feel pretty certain that you don’t like democrats or President Obama.

          Just so you know, I would not have a clue as to where to apply for welfare.

      • WTS/JAY

        Lengthy articles? It takes approximately 5 minutes to read them. How short is your attention span? Wow!

    • Bob666


      • WTS/JAY

        Wake up, sleepy head, your check is the mail.

        • Bob666

          I would like to make you a business proposition, if we could bottle you post-it could be a great over the counter sleep aid.

          Bigger yawn……………………………………………………………..

      • WTS/JAY

        Yawn….go back to sleep, bobby.

    • Right Brain Thinker

      WTS/JAY only reads the titles and at most the first few sentences of his “clips”, and picks them for their inflammatory potential rather than whether they contain any meaningful content or truth.. He must be a REALLY slow reader if It takes him “approximately 5 minutes” to read only the few sentences that he DOES read in the clips, and he needs to take speed reading lessons if he thinks anyone needs 5 minutes to read his postings here. I wonder if he has to move his finger across the page in order to “keep his place” as he reads? Wow!

      How rapidly DO you read, JAY?


    George Soros’ Center for American Progress (CAP) has published a list of 13 new pieces of legislation they claim we need right now, in the wake of the crime at Sandy Hook Elementary.

    As you will see, these proposals–like others from liberals–would not have stopped the shooting from taking place: they would not even have hindered it. But they would make it harder for law abiding citizens to get the guns they need to defend their lives and families.

    For example, one of new laws that CAP wants is an end to private gun sales. This would include, of course, an end to those dreaded gun shows.

    Question: Did Adam Lanza buy his guns in a private sale? No. He took them illegally and used them illegally.

    Another proposal by CAP is for states to turn over more personal information on citizens to the federal gov. so that background checks work better.

    Question: Did Adam Lanza foil the background check system to get his weapons? No. As a matter of fact, reports indicate he purposely forewent the background check because he knew he wouldn’t pass it.

    Many of the other proposals include things which you probably guessed Soros & Co. would suggest–”assault weapon” ban, “high capacity magazine” ban, start gun registry database, and “treat gun trafficking as a serious crime.”

    Seriously–what does a gun registry have to with ending crime?

    And it’s funny that we need to treat gun-trafficking “as a serious crime,” when the highest ranking law enforcement official in our nation–AG Eric Holder–sat over a gun trafficking scheme that eventually meant 2,500 firearms were smuggled out of the U.S. and into Mexico. I do not remember Soros calling for Holder’s prosecution over that.

    To be fair, Soros & Co. do make one point that’s quasi-sensible. And that’s that federal agencies need to communicate with one another more when one agency has pertinent information on a potential gun buyer (conservatives have said this same thing concerning terrorism and terrorists for years).

    They highlight this need by pointing out that Tuscon shooter Jared Loughner was denied entrance into the Army because of drug abuse problems in 2008. They believe this information, had it been shared with other agencies, would have prevented Loughner from passing a background check for the handgun he used in his crime against former Rep. Gabby Giffords.

    It must be noted, however, that even this quasi-sensible suggestion is a non-starter if it is a backdoor avenue to a new registry.

    Soros & Co. undoubtedly believe guns are the problem. Rational people, on the other hand, know that criminals are the problem. If we create registries, pass bans, and give the government a greater share in our daily lives than they already have, we will soon
    realize that we ourselves have infringed on the very right our Founders marked as sacrosanct–private gun ownership.

    • Bob666

      Sleepy time,,,,,,real big yawn, the offer is still on the table-big dollars to be made!

    • Bob666

      Congratulations, that video on you-tube with the disclaimer “offensive by the you tube community” it could bore to death more people that your post.

      Was it done by Wayne and Garth in the basement at Wayne’s parents house where Wayne’s World was filmed? I’m sorry, Wayne and Garth could hold your interest. That was fifteen minute of your life that you will never get back.

      Why don’t you reference something other than bazaar waka-doodle websites in you post?

      • Jeff

        How many characters from movies can we identify on these blogs? I know I’ve run into Rodney Dangerfield’s history teacher in “Back to School” a few times. Then there’s the psycho witness from “True Believer” trying to convince James Woods and Robert Downey, Jr. that the Phone Company killed JFK.

      • Jeff

        I left out Generals Ripper and Turgidson from “Dr. Strangelove.”

      • Right Brain Thinker

        “And yes, Generals Ripper and Turgidson from “Dr. Strangelove are regular posters on this blog and one of them uses a woman’s name”

        Vicki? Vicki?? VICK! !!!!!!!!!!!

        And perhaps you may have noticed what I said elsewhere? That I am seeing patterns that there are perhaps TWO posters using the name Vicki? If that is true as I suspect, then BOTH of the generals are posting here and using the same name.

        Thanks for reminding me of Dr. Strangelove—one of the best movies ever made. I cut school with several buddies from the advanced classes one fine spring day. We rode into NYC on the train and did the museum-movie-vendor cart hot dog thing. (We had to wait until we were older to do the museum-hot dog-strip club thing). We didn’t really know much about the movie, but we figured that with a title like that it HAD to be good—Strange Love? Bring it ON. Theater wasn’t too crowded, but we managed to seat ourselves in front of several older ladies, who proceeded to shush us often as we rolled on the floor throughout the movie. One of them finally said “You boys should not be laughing about a movie that is addressing such a SERIOUS subject”. We laughed so hard at that that they called the usher on us and we had to move away from the ladies.

        Guess what? Thinking back on it now, I am CONVINCED that these ladies were the parents or grandparents of a good number of the less bright PLD denizens. Just think—-if we had been prescient, we could have followed them out after the movie and pushed them all in front of a bus, thereby saving the world from being tortured by their descendants.

        • Bob666

          the other is General Jana.

  • chuckb

    cheer up jeffy, they may have a gay parade in your honor tomorrow and will make you feel better. so don’t be mad.

    • Jeff

      Was that supposed to be what passes for wit in Philadelphia, Mississippi when you guys aren’t busy murdering civil rights workers? Because here on Planet Earth, it’s just considered pathetic.

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        A gringo Libtard is having a meltdown! LMAO! Be a good little Libtard go back to dailykos and post your nonsense..

        • Bob666

          “post your nonsense..”


        • Jeff

          Are you a FOC (Friend of Chuckie)? I enjoy insulting him because he is stupid, opinionated, a bigot, and an anti-Semite. His posts are full of vile references to Jews, and I think he deserves way more than I post here. Now I’m really scared. He might call me a . . . . Bolshevik, oh no.

      • Nick

        Did you really call somebody and anti-Semite? You appear to be in line with Obama, and I will assume you voted for him, at least one of the two times. And you call somebody else an anti-Semite….interesting. Go check out what the only Jewish state in the world thinks of your president. You might find you are a little more anti-Semitic than you realized.

        • Jeff

          Nick, you dumb bastard, I assume you’re referring to my correspondence with Chuckie. Have you read his posts? He is clearly anti-Semitic and a bigot. He regularly refers to Jews as communists and Bolsheviks and not in a good way. I find him a very stupid person, and I like to make sport of his difficulties expressing a coherent “thought.”

          So you think Obama is anti-Semitic? Why? Because he disagrees with Netanyahu on the settlements? So do many (nearly half) of all Israelis and the majority of American Jews. Obama has been as supportive of Israel as any other American president, and the Israelis have no doubt the U.S. will back them up when necessary. Did Netanyahu favor Romney in the election? Probably and for two reasons. First, he spent many of his formative years in the United States and has allied himself with the American right wing. Second, he has worked with Romney in the past and the two know each other personally. So any pro-Romney sentiment you may have noticed did not mean he thought Obama was anti-Israel.

          Many of Obama’s closest advisors are Jews. Obama carried approximately 70% of the Jewish vote. Even a Republican financier like Sheldon Adelson has to hold his nose to support Republicans and probably has to beg forgiveness from his grandfather.

          Here’s the real issue with Israel. The country has a choice. It can make a deal on the formation of a Palestinian State or it can turn into South Africa over the next 20 years. Netanyahu is looking at the short-term, and he can maintain his power by taking a hard line that will ultimately be disastrous for Israel. His obstinance in the building of more and more settlements is virtually assuring the death of the peace process. Now, I fully understand that the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity, but Israel must maintain the moral high ground and give the “moderates” among the Palestinians a chance to be heard. Israel’s hard line position, building settlements, and its resulting image problem all embolden the Palestinian radicals and have the effect of shutting up those business interests that would legitimately like trade with Israel.

          The short answer is Israel has to take some risks to insure its long-term survival as a Jewish State. Giving a blank check to Likud does not equal support for Israel. A U.S. Government that knows when to say “You’re going too far” is a far more valuable ally for Israel than a right wing government that will blindly support any foolish decision Likud makes.

          • Bob666

            “it can turn into South Africa over the next 20 years. Netanyahu is looking at the short-term, and he can maintain his power by taking a hard line that will ultimately be disastrous for Israel”

            Many in Israel fear that as a possibility. History repeats itself often and those who ignore it often are the most likely repeat it.

  • chuckb

    ok jeffy, i have to go now, on my way i’ll watch for some of those wimpy civil rights workers, however, i believe murder is against the law so i’ll just tar and feather them. do you consider that pathetic too? somehow we have to get their attention, they’ve gone too far the aborigines have more rights than we do.i’m still scratching my head about the one they elected to be president, i think that’s carrying things a little too far. especially since we discovered he’s a closet muslim. well, anyway jeffy, have a goodnight and try not to have bad dreams about us’uns who don’t believe the way you do.
    if we ever occupy the white house, you can rest assured you’re civil rights will be offended, we won’t however, harm you, just a little water boarding and loud christian music for long periods.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      chuckb, Thanks for keeping jeffy socialist/muslim panties twisted in a knot. I guess the little admiring psudo muslim rug scrubbing pedophile, must not have read his marxist lovier’s books. Of course democrats never spout facts, they all are like a gay crossed with a vegtable processor, all are salad shooter gone wild. Before I go to work I see the muslim marxist canpaign staff eith their dictator are going to stop ad on radio and TV from pointing how costly and worthless Obamacare is going to cost and limit coverage. Now the socialist/communists are going to violate the1st admendment, or course democrats have always wanted to destroy the Constitution. Now lets hope the liberial numskull try to spin this BS as being good.

      • Jeff

        Ridge Rat:

        Fox News, I presume? So, the White House is closing down AM Radio and Fox News? Those organs are nothing but anti-Obama propaganda 24 hours a day. You have a job? I find that hard to believe. I hope it doesn’t involve thinking or writing. Are you and chuckie part of the same KKK coven or were you chainmates once upon a time?

    • Bob666

      “i believe murder is against the law so i’ll just tar and feather them. do you consider that pathetic too? ”


      I believe that says it all.

    • Bob666

      Yes, itchy and scratchy fer sure!

    • mary j herndon

      you need to get an education

      • Jeff


        Didn’t you know? Chuckie graduated from the 6th grade. He was in Jethro’s class. I think they were both 30 at the time.

  • black as coal

    the slave has become the master. whites are scared of this individual. get rid of him

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Also knew that there was too much generational stupidy in the black race to do something for themselves, except sell one and other to the Ahab the Arabs, for some drugs and fried chichen and watermelon. Their racism to any people supporting their lazzy azz ways, is alway a serious question. They get mad and destroy their homes and neighbot hoods, how dumb they is!

      • Bob666

        “Their racism to any people supporting their lazzy azz ways, is alway a serious question.”

        that is just wrong on so many levels.

        • Bob666

          And now we know who Side Show Bob is from the Simpsons.

          • FreedomFighter

            On The Mountain: Freedom Works


            Must See…hear…

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Lord, love a duck, FF!—-you DID take too many pugil stick blows to your unguarded head. That’s the only explanation for you posting a clip from ALEX JONES, one of the biggest wing-nuts on the planet.

            I’ll refer back to some things you said in the comment you made before this one and paraphrase some of your words a bit to make them more reflective of the truth

            Thanks to the Internet and AM talk radio, we now have a large number of people like Alex Jones and Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who are involved in a “war on your mind”.

            They seek not to enrich you with truth but to capitalize on your anger, fear, and paranoia and make only themselves rich. They spout conspiracies and blatant untruths, and seek to brainwash you into believing that the government is your enemy. These paragraphs of yours sound like a direct quote from one or more of them. Or have you heard this horsepucky so often that it’s part of your thinking now? (that “brainwashing” I mentioned)

            You go on and about the “the ruling elites”, which you (or whoever you quote) seem to think are politicians, judges and bureaucrats in government agencies — and about media lies, soft mind control distraction of television programming, drugs in the water supply, mind killing medical prescription, a communist congress and president destroying the constitution. All of that is OPINION, not provable fact, and is only believed by people who WANTED TO BELIEVE IT before they even heard it—-angry and frustrated people who are mad at something, even if they don’t know what.

            And you speak some truth—-the best lies all have some truth in the—-when you say, “the ruling elites — with few exceptions — are looking out for their own interests, and their own interests are gaining more wealth and more power”. Your problem is that you don’t see that the ruling elites are the greedy rich of the plutocracy and corporate oligarchy. Yes, they HAVE bought some politicians and judges, but the only hope the country has is to have BETTER government, government that can break the grip of the “ruling elite” and give the country back to the people.

            What’s the alternative, FF? Civil war?

            Back to Alex Jones. He stands up on a mountain and begins his little brainwashing session with a bunch of TOTAL HORSEPUCKY. Why he did that, I can’t figure—-except that he knows guys like you just want to drink the kool-aid and won’t catch his lies, so he says what sounds good to get you pumped up and then just piles it higher and deeper once you’re going his way.

            I’m talking about him saying things like “The USA, compared to MANY other countries, is a small country, and MOST of it is badlands” (His EXACT words—go look). He then slides through horsepucky about liberty gave us wealth (but not anymore because THEY are STEALING our liberty), flaming tyranny, 10,000 programs (ten THOUSAND?) where people were experimented on, the media calling gun owners “scum” and “demonizing” gun owners, and enough other stuff to make your head spin. Of course, he DOES slip a little truth in there, although he may not realize he said it in the midst of the horsepucky. I refer to him blaming our problems on “corporate fascism and crony capitalism”—-I can get behind that idea.

            Back to his opening comments—–”The USA, compared to MANY other countries, is a small country, and MOST of it is badlands”

            Some truth for you to look at, FF—-before you go back and question in your mind whether a guy who lies to you so blatantly and in the first seconds of a tape says ANYTHING that can be trusted in the remaining 8+ minutes.

            FACT—-The United States is the THIRD LARGEST country out of the 234 countries that the CIA lists in it’s data on country size, and therefore not “small”

            FACT—-Russia is the biggest (almost twice the size of the US), and Canada is #2, China #3—–and Canada, the US, and China are quite close in size. Brazil and Australia come in not too far behind those three.

            FACT—-The percentage of .land that is arable in the US is around 18% while only 7% of Russia’s is. That means that Russia has less actual arable land than the US in absolute numbers, since 18% is more than twice 7%, if you follow the math.

            FACT—-Canada has only 4.6% arable land, Brazil and Australia are around 7%, and only China at 14.9% comes anywhere close to the US (and they have over four times our population, so the “share” of each Chinese is under 4%).

            So, it would appear that saying “most of it is badlands” is not something BS Alex has any hope of proving and, as I said it makes no sense for him to lie like this (unless he is laughing in your face because he knows you will suck up his crap—-I call that disrespect for you)

            Knock off the Laus Deo, FF, and try some Laus Veritas—-God may not lie but a lot of other people you seem to listen to surely are doing so. Why do you let them?

            Semper Fi

          • Right Brain Thinker

            Typo correction—-the order of countries by size is #1-Russia, #2-Canada, #3 -USA, and #4-China. I hung a #3 on China in error—-WE are #3.

          • Patrick Tiekamp

            I support your information because I have been doing similar research. A SeaBee

          • shade

            Hey Bro! Do you really think our Brothers and Sisters in Arms will fire upon us their Brothers from a different war? Fire on their Families? I think, at least as a Combat Vet of the Viet Nam War, that the Government would have a very hard time getting me to fire on my own people! I will always still have my own free agency! Semper Fi, 11thSB Viet Nam

    • Jeff

      I think you were looking for the Neo Nazi site. I’m sure Chuckie and Ridge Rat can direct you.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Jeffy and flashy will learn to love the song called “Bring in the Sheep”, followed by Barney’s song, ” I love you, you love me”, and” Jesus loves Me” followed with pork chitlins and some rainbow stew.

    • Bob666

      Well, I believe that we know who itchy and scratchy from the Simpsons are.

      • Jeff

        Those two clowns, Chuckie and Ridge Rat, probably live together like the Three Stooges. Where’s Moe? Neither of these guys could be the leader.

        • Bob666

          Pardon me as I believe I was wrog, They are not Itchy and Scratchy, but the two chain-smoking sisters of Marge Simpson, Patty and Selma.

          For future referance, Chuckie will be Patty and Ridge Rat will be Selma.

          Oh yes, our Mexican friend would be Bernard “Barney” Arnold Gumble since most of his post translate to “BURRRRRRPPPP!!!”

          • Jeff

            I like it. Just don’t make Chuckie cry.

  • brazzos

    I guess Chip Wood doesn’t remember the 8 years of W, and his in your face brand of politics. We have Iraq, Afghanistan, the possibility of depression, then inflation, as he left office. We got joblessness, a country (Iraq) we went into to save, thumbing their noses at us, and not paying back any war reparations. We have Afghanistan, our soldiers training the Afghans to defend their country against the Taliban, as the Afghans turn their backs on the soldiers and do not hesitate to kill them, when they get the chance. So, Chip Wood has a problem with Obama being in the face of the GOP and the rich. What a joke, Chip Wood is.

  • FreedomFighter

    “Progressives” Leftest commies threaten “KILL GUN OWNERS IF THEY DONT GIVE UP THE GUNS”

    They want to kill you while you have guns…wtf is gonna happen when they take them?

    Here is what happened everywhere else:
    Innocents Betrayed – Genocide By Gun Control – True History of Gun Confiscation

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

  • Quin573

    Let’s hope a holocaust/mass killing is not in America’s future because of this administration.

    • Bob666

      All will be OK Quin

      • Ron r

        That’s about the most stupidest statement I have seen to date Quin. Hard to believe. Glad you guys are confined to the Internet and low information pages like this.

        • Bob666

          Ron, another Waynes World Video for your viewing pleasure.

          • Ron r

            Sorry Bob 666 don’t watch reich wing videos .

          • Bob666

            are you refering to the third reich?

          • Ron r

            My apologies Bob. Watching the. Video now. I refer to the extreme right as the reich wing.

  • Ron r

    Saw the video Bob, amazing how the reich wing can make the lie the truth with their low information audiuance. I assume they believe that disarming countries no longer means WMD’s. Now everyone who disagrees with them is out to get them. How do they sleep at night?

    Poor thangs

    • Bob666

      Yo Ron,
      It is one thing to be ignorant, but many on this site waller in ignorance with pride. As my daddy said, you can take a horse to water, but you can not make it drink.

      information and reality can be a scary concept.

  • Quin573

    To Ron r:
    By your use of foul words towards my comment, you must want world peace like all the liberal/democrats. I recognize that you spend a lot of time on this post. So I will simply state, this will be the only comment I will spend on you.

    • Ron r

      Gee,thanks Quin. I’m sure you spend more time on this page than I do.

      • Nick

        So I see you really like to refer to extreme conservatives as the “reich wing”. Very clever, and just so super hilarious, just like when repubs call Obama, Osama, just so clever. Anyway, what would you call somebody like Ron Paul? Who is far from conservative, but strongly opposes the majority of the POTUS’s policies, and agenda? What super silly, clever name do you give those people? The people who think we should get back to the roots of America, and pay attention to the groundwork that the forefathers laid out for us? Let the states govern themselves, etc.

        • Ron r

          I call Ron Paul what I always have. Ron Paul . Glad he’s gone.

          • Jeff

            How about “Publisher”?

          • Ron r

            Ok if you want to press about publisher of racist news letters he says he knew nothing about. Let’s leave it there a d I will get ready to watch some great football later today.

        • Motov

          How about “Constitutionalists?

      • Right Brain Thinker

        So, KNick has gotten a small knot in his KNickers over the use of the word REICH?

        KNick is SO upset that he suffers a “logic fail” when he tries to compare the THREE OR FOUR times that “reich” has been cleverly used here with the MANY HUNDREDS of times that the deluded, ignorant, unpatriotic, and just plain stupid have abused the name of our duly elected president. KNick tries to make this invalid argument after only a very few “reichs” have appeared.

        I ask KNick where he was and why he wasn’t objecting to the idiocy using O’Bama’s name that has appeared for months and years on PLD. And NONE of it was clever except for ObamaMauMau, which did at least show some “depth” by bringing in the Kenyan connection and was a bit “alliterative”—-something that DOES appeal to those of us that like to play with words while using them to put forth ideas. ALL the others were just trash slung by low-IQ types trying to be legends in their own minds.

        Actually, KNick, the use of “reich” IS a bit clever, because it has some hidden meaning for those with brains. It evokes the KNazis, whose behaviors are mimicked by many of the posters on PLD. It means “empire”, which evokes the grandiosity and pomposity that appears in so much of the rantings from the “reich”. Used as it is here, as a little bit of a “homonym” to “right”, it is also at the same time a bit of an antonym, since the “right” is so “wrong”. Got all that? I may start using “reich” myself on occasion now, just to push your button and see if you’re listening..

        And KNick asks questions, as in, “What would you call somebody like Ron Paul? Who is far from conservative?” I can tell you what I call him and them. Ron Paul says he’s a Libertarian, and I think that’s fine—-it does have a clear definition and he seems to stick to it most of the time. That’s what I’d likely call the “Let the states govern themselves” folks. I would also call all of them romantics and delusional because Libertarianism is admirable but unworkable. As Dorothy could tell you, “We ain’t in the 1800′s anymore”.

        I would call anyone who truly wants to “conserve” this nation a conservative. Many on this site who berate me and other true conservatives and call us “liberal-progressive commies” are not conservatives, even though they say they are. One final thought—-one doesn’t need to use “silly names” if they are smart enough to use words that tell the truth—-those that ONLY name call without the “twists” I outlined above are just DUMB, and they prove it again every time they do it..

  • Ron r

    Just got a news flash about a guy attending a gun show in Indy who upon leaving the show was loading his gun and shot himself in the hand. I assume he was trying to re-loan before the UN.took his gun.

    • Jeff

      On this site, he counts as part of Obama’s “body count.”

      • Ron r

        Thankfully the idiot is ok. I get you point Jeff .i wish I could shout conspricy but I’m not of the reich wing,oh my bad ultra conservative group.

  • car games

    Well written post. I especially liked your note on quality content. These points have once again underlined the significance of good content.

  • Financially Insecure John

    Most GOP voters continue to believe that congressional Republicans are out of touch with the party base, while Democrats are happier than ever with how their team is performing in Washington, DC.

    The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 30% of Likely Republican Voters believe Republicans in Congress have done a good job representing their party’s values over the past several years. Sixty-three percent (63%) of GOP voters think congressional Republicans have lost touch with the party’s base throughout the nation.

    • Deerinwater

      If you factor in that Rasmussen polling will flatter the GOP every time them can bend over ~ that leaves TODAYS GOP in the 7% favor range, a historical record low.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        A subnote to what FinInJohn and deer say.

        The folks who disapprove of today’s GOP are not a monolithic group. Some are the looney-tuners of the far right who say the GOP needs to move farther to the right on everything. Some are the romantics of the Libertarian persuasion who say move farther right only on some things, many of them philosophically attractive but totally unworkable in the modern world. Take the religious fundamentalists and TP-ers, who have been hoodwinked by the plutocracy and corporate oligarchy into working against their own best interests and throw them in the stew pot.

        Don’t forget the true conservatives like me who want to “conserve” this country rather than destroy it like the looney-tuners. We used to be “Republicans” and haven’t moved an inch, but now we find ourselves as “likely Democratic voters” because the GOP has moved so far right into La-La-land, mainly because that’s where the 1% want it to be and have PAID for it to go.

        So what will likely happen? If the GOP doesn’t take off the blinders, it will allow itself to be driven to the farther right fringes, become further fragmented, and be split by the rise of third parties—–more folks like me will “move left” while standing still, and the Democrats will rule for the next 50 years.

        It’s a very stinky and bad-tasting “stew” the blind who lead the blind are cooking, and even Republicans are not “chowing down” on it, as the polls show (to say nothing of the results of the last election).

        Sorry I won’t be around for most of that 50 years, but I am looking forward to 2014 and 2016 with glee, and hope to live long enough to see Hilary re-elected in 2020.


        • Jeff

          “Don’t forget the true conservatives like me who want to “conserve” this country rather than destroy it like the looney-tuners. We used to be “Republicans” and haven’t moved an inch, but now we find ourselves as “likely Democratic voters” because the GOP has moved so far right into La-La-land, mainly because that’s where the 1% want it to be and have PAID for it to go.”

          I agree with you although I am sure I am to your left politically. When you say that sane Republicans like yourself want to :”conserve” the country, I think that begs the question a bit. Which changes do you want to conserve because each decade the country is different. The Libertarians seem to want to return to the 1890s before the Government inspected meat, attempted to keep the food supply untainted, protected workers’ rights to safety, etc. Some real right wingers want to go back to the civil War and re-write the 14th Amendment.

          What has always bothered me about people who want to undo something put in place, say, in FDR’s time is they are unwilling to look at the conditions that prompted the change in the first place. Banking regulations are a good example. Pre-1933, banks were essentially unregulated. There were State rules, but in essence they could do anything they wanted. That led to continual bank crises culminating in the Great Depression. FDR passed the 1933 and 1934 Acts and we avoided another banking crisis for 55 years. Then came the S&L Crisis in the late 80s, followed by the repeal of Glass-Stegall ten years later. We know how that turned out.

          So now the Republicans want to repeal Dodd Frank and replace it with essentially nothing. Where is the conservatism? Wouldn’t the “conservative” position be to return to the policies enacted in the 30s that worked well for so long? Instead, these radical Republicans want to return to the pre-1933 era. Obviously that won’t happen because much of the 30s legislation is still en effect, but if we were starting from scratch, they wouldn’t vote for anything. Are they conservatives or lobbyists for Big Banks?

      • FreedomFighter

        Hillary Clinton signed the UN Gun Confiscation Treaty with the UN — Treason actually

        She is a blatant Marxist/Socialist NWO member in high standing.

        so are you Deer. Democrate=Communist party

        You do know, once they fully take over, they the communists usually kill off or imprison people like you — because if you will be traitor to your own country, you cant be trusted when you find out it was all a hoax to bring in totalitarian control and you are a slave now…they figure rightly, you will be a traitor to them.

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

        • Ron r

          Can one of you reich wingers please show me one official document that has been signed or copy of a bill that has been introduced that has the words confiscate the guns of U.S.citizens.if you can I will join your gun crazed reich wing,or as Bob and others like to call it ultra conservative cause.
          If you can’t and you really can’t. Get off this page and go educate / pollute some young reich wingers so they can vot next time and before Hillary Clinton make Malcolm’ Xs birthday a federal holiday and omitts Jefferson Davis Really,find me the signed document (s)

          • Bob666

            It was not attached to the email they recieved and we all know those emails are accurate.

        • Deerinwater

          Freedom Fighter says; “Hillary Clinton signed the UN Gun Confiscation Treaty with the UN — Treason actually
          She is a blatant Marxist/Socialist NWO member in high standing.
          so are you Deer. Democrate=Communist party”

          I say; ~ classic attempt to relabel people that you oppose with unflattering paint with the belief, ~ those that are not with me are seen as against me and there be no middle ground.

          Joe McCarty was censured from the Senate and then proceeded to drink himself to death inside two years but not after doing some serious damage with the few simple minds that would pay any attention to him. ~ This did not stop Joe MCCarty from being a patriot but it did stop him for being a good one and a productive member of society.

          The democratic party is indeed and all inclusive party and with accept every American that honors these principals that we are one nation under God with Liberty and Justice for all.

          What else you got FF? ~ Bring it ~

          More about Tail Gunner Joe,

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Dang, FF—-did you forget to wear your helmet during pugil stick drills and take too many hard blows?

        Since there is no such thing as a “UN Gun Confiscation Treaty”, how could Hilary sign it?
        Maybe you’re talking about the Arms Trade Treaty that so many fools in the circular firing squad keep screaming about? That hasn’t been finalized and they won’t even be talking about it again until March 2013, so Hilary can’t have signed it.

        And when they DO again talk about it, you and the other fear-mongering self-deluded paranoids will need to puke up all that kool-aid. Why?, because this treaty contains nothing that will interfere with gun ownership in the U.S.—-repeat—-NOTHING—-NADA—-ZILCH—-ZERO. In fact, the O’Bama administration has put many “red lines” out there to make sure of that—to list just a few, Hilary and our other “talkers” have been given these guidelines to make sure nothing goes astray. (And you know what “RED LINES” means, don’t you?).

        The Second Amendment to the Constitution must be upheld.

        There will be no restrictions on civilian possession or trade of firearms otherwise permitted by law or protected by the U.S. Constitution.

        There will be no dilution or diminishing of sovereign control over issues involving the private acquisition, ownership, or possession of firearms, which must remain matters of domestic law.

        The U.S. will oppose provisions inconsistent with existing U.S. law or that would unduly interfere with our ability to import, export, or transfer arms in support of our national security and foreign policy interests.

        There will be no requirement for reporting on or marking and tracing of ammunition or explosives.

        The ATT negotiations must have consensus decision making to allow us to protect U.S. equities.

        There will be no mandate for an international body to enforce an ATT.

        (And don’t forget that any such treaty must be ratified by Congress)

        If you and the other fear-mongering self-deluded paranoids could break the grip of the circular firing squad and stop listening to the same old lies, you would find the truth—-it’s there for anyone who seeks it. The “treaty” that the NRA and other gun propagandists want you to believe will “take your guns” is directed ONLY at international arms traffickers and NOT at you. Relax—but only after you stick your stick your finger down your throat and puke up all that delusional kool-aid. (Be sure you puke enough to get up any of that stuff about the 50 year-old State Department Publication 7277 that may still be clogging your tummy and your brain—-it has been wrongly giving tummy aches and brain farts to the gun wing-nuts for far too long).


      • Right Brain Thinker

        Jeff brings up a good point about what it is we should conserve—-let me clarify my position. Specifically, I want us to conserve all the things that progressives of any degree or stripe have accomplished down through the years, starting way back with Jackson and Lincoln and moving on through TR and into Wilson.

        But the most important things we need to conserve are what FDR and those that followed him accomplished and built upon—–the things that led to the “Golden Age of the Middle Class” in this country. You addressed some of them. (And include Nixon in there for his creation of the EPA and the Clean Air and Water Acts). Conserve those things that have been under attack for the last 40+ years by the lackies of the plutocracy and corporate oligarchs.

        And Jeff, you missed the quotation marks I put around “Republican”. I have said before in other threads that I was at most a “progressive moderate Republican” in the past (mainly because of a desire to “conserve”), but the truth is that I have voted for only a few Republicans in my life, most at lower levels of government and never above the Senatorial level—-I have found the GOP at the national level to be more deserving of the title “Repugnant” every year, so at best I have been a RINO at times. You’re correct that you are a bit to my left, but I’m an old guy and grew up in a time when “conservative” meant something. (Although the geniuses on PLD have called me a commie-socialist-Marxist-etc, so I must be pretty far left, huh? Or maybe not—-in the low-IQ world we inhabit here, there is only black and white, so my failure to join the circular firing squads automatically throws me to the other end of the room in the eyes of the ignorant).

        And we have come full circle and closed the ring when you ask, “Where is the conservatism? Are they conservatives or lobbyists for Big Banks?”

        The truth is that there is now little conservatism among the conservatives because they have allowed themselves to be co-opted by the plutocracy and corporate oligarchs and are no longer true to their core values. They ARE lobbyists for the greedy rich and the “big banks”, nothing more. The “smarter” ones that have managed to get elected to some office have just plain sold out for campaign money and other “bribes”, the less intelligent have just sucked up all the kool-aid that the Koch brothers, GROVER, and Karl Rove have worked so hard to provide for them. Fortunately, the country seems to be waking up to all this and the Grand OLD Party seems to be on its way to becoming the Grand OBSOLETE Party. That’s actually “conservative” and a welcome thing to those of us that understand what the word means.

        • Deerinwater

          RBT says; “. They ARE lobbyists for the greedy rich and the “big banks”, nothing more. The “smarter” ones that have managed to get elected to some office have just plain sold out for campaign money and other “bribes”, the less intelligent have just sucked up all the kool-aid that the Koch brothers, GROVER, and Karl Rove have worked so hard to provide for them. Fortunately, the country seems to be waking up to all this and the Grand OLD Party seems to be on its way to becoming the Grand OBSOLETE Party.”

          That’s a fair accounting of todays’ GOP RBT. ~ What they say and what they do are diametrically opposites.

          While Reagan was never a true conservative, little more then a Pitch Man to the highest bidder, he is a sound example of the today’s GOP.

          Addressing the nation, he would say ~ “let’s get the Federal Government off of the “peoples backs” ~ but what he meant was let us remove the checks and balances that earlier administration found necessary to create a stable economy where by all Americans might have a equal shot at in their pursuit of the American dream.

          He would say, ” Let’s wake up this sleeping giant” ~ but what he was actually saying is, Let’s us focus our national concerns on the military complex and enjoy peace by virtue of military power ~ and if any American is not in the position to take part in this effort, ~ they can take a nap and something might trickle down they way eventually and they can be like seagulls fighting over scraps when it happens.

          After Reagan shifted the tax burden off the wealthy and on to other’s ~ at the end of his tenure his administration came up with budget short falls ~ on leaving office Reagan says, that was his one disappointment.

          I say, ~ oh really?

        • Jeff

          I agree entirely. I don’t know how much older you are, but my first vote was against Nixon in ’72. I grew up during Viet Nam, so to me where someone stood then is almost more important than his positions on current issues because it says so much about his judgment.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        You and I are both old enough to have watched Reagan in action and you got it right in what you point out.. In fairness, don’t forget to give him a small bit of credit—-he WAS smart enough and enough of a patriot to do the right thing and RAISE taxes (several times), once he saw that he was wrong. He also did some good things with social security financing in his time. Also remember that he was a union man and a Democrat long before he sold out to the greedy rich, so he must have really believed in America at that time. Long before he switched over to just making nice-sounding speeches about it .

        • Jeff

          Reagan’s rhetoric was awful and it still resonates today in the idea on the right that Government is the enemy. But he governed in a far more pragmatic manner than we had a right to expect. He raised taxes when necessary, and he showed enough restraint in foreign affairs that he would NEVER have acted as foolishly as W. Reagan had some of the same neocon crazies in his administration that W did, but they weren’t running the asylum.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Jeff says: “I agree entirely.” I don’t know who he’s agreeing with—-I suspect he agrees with both deer and I in what we’ve said here. My first vote was for Kennedy, I had a kid in high school in 1972, and I was dealing with anti-war protestors as a school administrator in 1970 and later..

        As for “positions” on Viet Nam, everyone I knew thought it was a [expletive deleted] war, as did I. Unfortunately “judgments” didn’t enter into it—-people fought out of a sense of duty—-Marines fought mainly for each other—-they had been sent there and had no choice but to “carry on” until the end. I haven’t met a Marine who had any other position than that. Maybe deer can tell you more about the “positions” of the Army.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        (Had to repost this comment because the filters didn’t like the word I used in front of “war” in my first sentence in the second paragraph. Here it is with some **** in place of that word—use your imaginations and insert that four letter word beginning with S).

        Jeff says: “I agree entirely.” I don’t know who he’s agreeing with—-I suspect he agrees with both deer and I in what we’ve said here. My first vote was for Kennedy, I had a kid in high school in 1972, and I was dealing with anti-war protestors as a school administrator in 1970 and later..

        As for “positions” on Viet Nam, everyone I knew thought it was a ****ty war, as did I. Unfortunately “judgments” didn’t enter into it—-people fought out of a sense of duty—-Marines fought mainly for each other—-they had been sent there and had no choice but to “carry on” until the end. I haven’t met a Marine who had any other position than that. Maybe deer can tell you more about the “positions” of the grunts in the Army.

        • Jeff

          I certainly wasn’t talking about the “positions” of the soldiers – they and the Viet Namese were the victims of that war. I was speaking of those who had the luxury to have a position like Mitt Romney who protested in favor of the war while a freshman at Stanford in 1965. To me, that was enough information about him.

          Have you ever seen “The Fog of War” by McNamara shortly before he died? If not, look it up on line or get the DVD. He essentially admitted they were totally wrong about the war and couldn’t see it in any way but as a battle in the Cold War. Essentially, “Who knew the Viet Namese thought they were fighting a Civil War”? I felt like screaming at the TV, “All those people protesting outside the White House knew it, that’s who.”

          What’s really ironic is that in actuality LBJ and McNamara knew earlier and better than anyone what a fool’s errand that war was. McNamara was an indispensable voice of reason during the Cuban Missile Crisis but he sure made up for it as the War’s chief salesman. I remember how mad my grandfather got every time he saw McNamara on TV back then.

          • Bob666

            I did not serve in Nam, but my dad was in the service for twenty-five years in WWII and Korea and he use to get pissed when he watched the TV news every night and saw McNamara as the cause of that wars outcome.

            I have yet to run into a vet of that error that had anything good to say about McNamara and many refer to it as McNamara’s war.

        • Deerinwater

          RBT ask; “. Maybe deer can tell you more about the “positions” of the grunts in the Army”

          I can only speak for myself, ~ at 21 finding myself in uniform on distant soil, ~ I harbored no political conviction but honored my Command & Chief, believe my efforts noble and followed leadership to the letter. I was a thinker, ~ but my thinking process was devoted to my position and purpose that I was assigned .

          My concerns ran along the lines of;

          Why are all these 551′s coming in with regulator failures? We’ve got a yard full of them! There must be a common cause? ~ I’m going to work all day and all night until I figure it out.

          Can I cut this water pump in half and weld it onto this mounting and get our Cherry Picker back on line?

          Why must I wire this K ration can to my M60 to avoid belt fed jamming? There’s got to be a better way!

          Can we dig down thu the mud and under the front tracks of this stuck to the top of the tracks M48 ~ and set charges to go off as we pull her out backward with our 55 ton VTR and 200 ft. of anchor chain? Can 5 men with M16′s and a M49 keep the Gooks head down long enough to do this without someone getting hurt?

          I did well for myself with this simple understanding of my purpose. I was rewarded well and lived to tell about it.

          While you need to understand, at 21, I was an old man as most of the grunts I worked with 18, 19 and 20. ~ I’d already been married, had a child and had a field of expertise in metal fabrication, welding, bending, forging, machining and a hands on working knowledge of electricity. The boy’s in my charge were straight from mama’s kitchen table while I took my orders from a Chief Warrant Officer who would never speak of politics.

          I personally knew of few grunt soldiers that held the desire to discuss politics as our lot in life was limited to mail from home and a duty roster. ~ We really didn’t have the time and reading material was sparse. ~ Well, everything was sparse but mud and bugs and sweltering jungle heat.

          I did not get involved in politics until I married New years night of 1979 into a staunch military GOP family and took up their cause to elect Ronnie Reagan and secure a Presidential appointment in the process.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Jeff says,”Mitt Romney, who protested in favor of the war while a freshman at Stanford in 1965. To me, that was enough information about him”. But the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say, is that he had a whole string of student deferments and then went off on his Mormon missionary thing and got deferred for that also—6 or 7 years in total? And then he had the nerve to talk about how “he wanted to serve in Viet Nam” when it came time to tell his lies in order to get elected.

        Yes, The Fog of War shows McNamara admitting to the truth once he got older and wiser and actually he was actually apologizing for their mistakes in a back door way. Just like W and friends state of denial about Iraq—-when the folks with power want a war, we have a war, and few of the power elite (or their kids) ever fight in it. One of the reasons I admire our retiring VA Senator so much—(James Webb)—-is that he fought and his son is a serving Marine right now. He has written several great books—all good reads, but the best is his first—-Fields of Fire—-it will “take you there” into the world of the grunt in Viet Nam and expose you to the futility of war at the same time—I read it every few years and it still brings tears to my eyes.

        You said, “McNamara was an indispensable voice of reason during the Cuban Missile Crisis but he sure made up for it as the War’s chief salesman” Yep. I think it’s called “hubris”—-man thought he was smarter than he was, and the Gods punished him (and us) for it.

        • Jeff

          I’ll read “Fields of Fire.” “The Best and the Brightest” is still one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Just scanning what looks to be a dying thread—-Jeff, if you’re still out there, I agree that The Best and the Brightest is high on the list great books. Fields of Fire is fiction but will ring true for anyone who served—-in many respects, it’s autobiographical and reflects Webb’s background and war experiences..

        PS In an earlier reply to you, I said I had a kid in high school in 1972—-CRS anymore, so I don’t even recall what point I was trying to make there with that date—my kids were born in ’68 and ’70. The other dates are correct.

        • Jeff

          I graduated in ’72. I didn’t think you were old enough to be my father! I canvassed for McGovern during my senior year in high school, then came June, he won the CA primary, then graduation, and the whole campaign ran out of steam.

  • Nick

    Reading through the comments, and it is so annoying when you see, “the founding fathers didn’t think that technology would be what it is today.” Yeah, they were talking about muskets and cannons because that is what the Military had at that time. Free people should be able to defend themselves against their government, so they should be allowed to own arms that allows them to do so. And what about Obama giving the Muslim Brotherhood all fighter jets, and other military equipment? Yeah, the same muslim brotherhood who is the father organization to Al Qaeda. Why don’t you get him to stop that crap before you start having him take law abiding citizens weapon’s. It all doesn’t matter because all of you spineless weazles are going to send this country into a civil war, and you think that the Military will be there to support you because you have the same views as the president. Too bad that the Military swears to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States, not the president, congress, or any scumbag politician.

    • Ron r

      Ok where’s the paperwork that turned the weapons over to the Muslim Brotherhood???? come on reign wingers surely you have those documents.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Stop playing with the reich wingers, Bob. EVERYONE knows that you can’t find any such paperwork because we are NOT going to turn over any F-15′s or M-1 tanks to the MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. We’re going to turn them over to the Egyptian government.

        That whole MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD thing is just more of the delusional horsepucky that circulates endlessly on the circular firing squad sites and Nick must spend too much time there. (And we shouldn’t get KNick’s knickers knotted again by using the word “reich”—-he’s very sensitive about that one).

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Pardon me, Ron—-Must have had “BOB” stuck in my mind for some reason when I replied to you.


        Ron, you’re a complete idiot, here you go

        And your friend, No Brain Thinker, is a complete idiot as well, here you go

        We sent them planes and much more is to come, and yes it was to the Egyptian Government which is now controlled by the muslim brotherhood. You are both complete and total, typical libtards. Learn what is going on in the world yourself instead of listening to all the other idiots you surround yourself with because you don’t like to be challenged. No brain, also check out that first article, you get to see what a wonderful man this is that is the current president of egypt. You may both EAD!

        • Ron r

          That crap was sold to that country prior to the MBH taking over.remember idiot.? Reagan sold arms to Borh Iran and Iraq, where was your simple voice then. Get a hobby and stay away from fox news and other reich wing idiots.


        Oh, and for both of you idiots, I am not a right winger, left winger, Reich winger, or whatever cheesy lame name you want to come up with. You’re not clever, you are pathetic. Your president sucks and you are doing everything possible to ruin this country. You try to claim that “you like the idea of Libertarianism, but “it just can’t work”, “it’s not the 1800′s”, that’s the spirit. That is more pathetic than a quitter, but why am I surprised, you are Obama supporters. You don’t want something to be difficult, you want it given to you; you love the socialist idea, and only claim to like Libertarianism to try to lure them into your pathetic circle, of pathetic human beings. It’s not going to work! We are smarter than you, and we are not willing to sacrifice our rights to appease a bunch of idiots living in a warped reality. You better start making some new friends, because if you take this country to the place you are wanting it to go, you are going to be dealing with a lot of anger wingers and non-wingers, and none of your pathetic liberal pansy friends are going to be of any assistance. Trolling around online all day to just spew your garbage all over the place won’t be of any assistance. All Military personnel swear an oath to protect the Constitution. Just remember that.

        • Bob666

          “Oh, and for both of you idiots, I am not a right winger, left winger, Reich winger, or whatever cheesy lame name you want to come up with. You’re not clever, you are pathetic. Your president sucks and you are doing everything possible to ruin this country. You try to claim that “you like the idea of Libertarianism, but “it just can’t work”, “it’s not the 1800′s”, that’s the spirit”

          don’t hold back, tell us how you really feel.

        • Ron r

          Yes I like the free stuff like veterans benefits,and stuff like matter that I fought and bled to ensure you have the right to say the idiot things you say and maintain that reich wing sprit.keep up the good nonsense .

    • SJJolly

      “… able to defend themselves against their government.” Whenever it has come to private citizens against their government, world-wide, few “peasant revolts” ended other than in massacres of the peasants. Governments, and their armed and trained toops, near always have had an overwhelming advantage in organization and skills. Mao’s Communist take over of China is one of the few exceptions, with much of the credit going to the Communist cadre organizing and training of local peasants before making attacks on the local government troops.
      Want an effective defense against your government attacking you? Cultivate influence in the government and in the news media — tie the government in legal and political knots if it become hostile.


        REALLY?! So you aren’t American then? What exactly do you think happened in order for us to win our independence? You know why most of those other revolts never worked? Because the citizens were disarmed prior to the revolt! You honestly think playing politics, is the answer? We have two completely useless parties to choose from every election, and both of them have completely lost touch with how this country was designed, and what made it great. Both sides overstep their bounds, on a wide variety of subjects. If you think playing politics, with politicians is the answer, I feel sorry for you. And again, let me remind you, the Military of this country swears an oath to protect and preserve the Constitution of the United States against enemies foreign and domestic, not the president, not congress, not the senate. See what kind of support Obama has in our Armed forces, and specifically, our combat arms units.

        • Ron r

          Why just combat arms soldiers ? Fact is miost military men and women area lot smarter than you thank god. And much more patriotic.

  • FreedomFighter

    “The signs are all around for those who choose to see.

    You no longer have to search for them. Thanks to the Internet, which somehow remains out of government’s control, the signs are now appearing in plain sight, even if still only a minority realizes what the signs mean.
    The ruling elites — politicians, judges and bureaucrats in government agencies — claim to have our best interests at heart. (I speak here of the ruling elites at the Federal, State and local levels.) The people believe this despite the contrary evidence. In truth, the ruling elites — with few exceptions — are looking out for their own interests, and their own interests are gaining more wealth and more power. That they do so at the expense of those they rule over bothers them not a whit.”

    The signs of parasite government are all around us for those who choose to see. Freemen no longer have to search the hidden agenda, the crime, the power grabbing. Thanks to the Internet, and the brave hosts of website like Personal Liberty the parasites in government, slowly killing freedom, liberty, the economy, stealing our land under Agenda 21 and sustainable living are exposed easily seen even by the most blind.

    Just like all other social/governmental parasites the ruling elites – politicians, judges and bureaucrats in government agencies – claim to have the hosts or peoples best interest at heart, while they eat the host alive. Bombarded by the soothing media lies, soft mind control distraction of television programming, drugs in the water supply, mind killing medical prescription most of the people believe this despite the contrary evidence of economic collapse, trillions in theft, a liar of a president and a communist congress and president destroying the constitution.

    Like all parasites: ” the ruling elites — with few exceptions — are looking out for their own interests, and their own interests are gaining more wealth and more power. That they do so at the expense of those they rule over bothers them not a whit.”

    I say lets cure ourselves of parasites.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • SJJolly

      “… the brave hosts of website like Personal Liberty”. Frankly, few in the general population would consider Personal Liberty Digest to be other than an asylum for the tinfoil hat brigade. It’s not hard to be brave when defending a bastion that those in government authority would prefer you stayed in — far from anything of importance!

      • Jana

        So Jolly,
        What does this say about you spending time on a site that is so beneath you? Makes you sound petty.

  • Irish Love

    Some Gun Control Facts!

    1911 Turkey established gun control. From 1915-1917, 1.5 million Armenians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    1929 The Soviet Union established gun control. From 1929 to 1953, approximately 20 million dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    1935 China established gun control. From 1948 to 1952, 20 million political dissidents, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    1938 Germany established gun control in 1938 and from 1939 to 1945, 6 to 7 million Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, the mentally ill, and 12 million Christians who were unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    1956 Cambodia established gun control. From 1975 to 1977, one million “educated” people, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    1964 Guatemala established gun control. From 1964 to 1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    1970 Uganda established gun control. From 1971 to 1979, 300,000 Christians, unable to defend themselves, were rounded up and exterminated.

    “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to posses arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by doing so.” -Adolph Hitler 1938

    We should NEVER forget that Lenin, the Communist Revolutionist, was an agent of the GERMAN government. What is not commonly known is that Stalin murdered nearly 6 million Jews during the World War II period, as did Hitler.

    One has only to learn what really happened to the Christians in Rwanda between April and July of 1994 to imagine what may lie in store for Christians here in America at some time in the not-too-distant future. After the Christian Tutsis had been disarmed by governmental decree in the early 1990s, Hutu-led military forces began to systematically massacre the defenseless Christians.

    “Waiting periods are only a step. Registration is only a step. The prohibition of private firearms
    is the goal”–(Janet Reno)

    Here’s a question for anti-gun people: “Would you be willing to put a sticker on your car window or the front door of your house saying ‘I am an anti-gun person–there are no guns in this[car/house]‘”

    History repeats itself, always has, always will, and those who haven’t learned their history is doomed to repeat with it.

    • Ron r

      The difference in what you say and the truth is that there are no giving laws pending or in effect to take guns from Americans. I assume you like the guy I saw on fox news. Eleives that had German Jews had guns even they would have beaten Hitler when the entire country of France could not???

      • Jana

        Ron r
        The difference in what you say and the truth is that there are no giving laws pending or in effect to take guns from Americans.

        Of course they aren’t going to start out with taking the guns away, they couldn’t do it in the first place. The first step is to get just SOME of the population to agree with them. Then as the sentiments grow, and the tide turns against gun owners, that is when they make harsher and more stringent laws.
        This is just the start.
        The sad thing is this doesn’t even touch the true problem that we have. The problem is the mentally ill people on all of these mind altering drugs that cause them to want to commit homicide or kill themselves and or both.
        Obama’s new controls have done nothing to address the real problem here.

        • Bob666

          OK General Jana,
          What would you do?

        • Ron r

          So by your theory only the mentally ill shoot people. I guess if I wanted to tho l like you and some others it would be so easy. The argument is flawed.

      • Jana

        As I said, they aren’t going to start out with taking the guns away, they couldn’t do it in the first place. The first step is to get just SOME of the population to agree with them. Then as the sentiments grow, and the tide turns against gun owners, that is when they make harsher and more stringent laws.
        I and millions of others are going to stay informed and stay active. They might think they are going to succeed, but they won’t.

        • Ron r

          You a d others will sleeping.very well. BTW do you know that there are already gun laws on the books? I hear the government had Tupac killed for the same reason.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Irish regales us with the same series of meaningless quotes and flawed statistics that we see used too often as a substitute for argument and debate. I say meaningless because he uses that tired old quote “History repeats itself, always has, always will, and those who haven’t learned their history (are) doomed to repeat it” as a justification for all that goes before. Since it cannot be proved that history always has and ALWAYS WILL repeat itself, we can (again) ignore all of it. He also gives us that same tired question,

        “Here’s a question for anti-gun people: “Would you be willing to put a sticker on your car window or the front door of your house saying ‘I am an anti-gun person–there are no guns in this [car/house]‘”

        Dumb and pointless question, Irish.. Ask that question of ANYONE—pro-gun, anti-gun, neutral on guns, or anyplace in between those three positions—-and the answer will ALWAYS be the same—NO, and NO, and NO, and NO, and NO. How about asking people to put a “Kick Me” or “I’m a Fool” sign on their backs? Will any say YES to that?

        I have a question for you now, Irish? Why do you and others keep repeating the same dumb question? Like I said, it’s pointless, and mindless in its lack of logic.

        And Jana chips in with an abbreviated version of “cook a frog by slowly turning up the heat under its pot of water—-it won’t notice until it’s too late” with her “The first step is to get just SOME of the population to agree with them” That’s the first step in ANY movement to make change, Jana, but thank you for pointing it out.

        Jana also gives us the standard “blame it on the mid-altering drugs” argument, and manages to slip a new twist in—-”mind altering drugs that cause them to want to commit homicide”—-I would love to see some proof of that one—-got any numbers for us, Jana?.

        • Bob666

          “Why do you and others keep repeating the same dumb question? Like I said, it’s pointless, and mindless in its lack of logic”

          Yo RBT,
          General Jana and Dr. Stangeloviedovie are living proof that emotion defies logic, but remember-Dr. Strangeloviedovie has studied history and being in the Tea Party, she is living proof that history does repeats itself. The Doctor and the General will babble their unoriginal dribble as if the world has never heard it before and be amaze when we are all bored with it as if we are ignorant for lacking interest in it.

          Facts and reality are very scary concepts the people like them.

      • Right Brain Thinker

        Hmmmmm. Never thought of it quite that way. And are you saying that the mindless have a history of being mindless, they are mindless in the present, and if we COULD look into the future, we’d see them still being mindless?

        Seriously—-although we can’t prove it, we KNOW with every bone in our bodies that they WOULD still be mindless if we could see the future—-we want to believe that SO bad that we should just accept it as truth—-or do I sound like them when I say that? If it’s OK for them, isn’t it OK for me? I get so confused sometimes when the thinking gets “heavy”.

        Don’t mention the words “facts” and “reality” here. Most of the “facts” that people call facts here are NOT facts but opinions and are WAY out of touch with reality. And In order to be “scary,”: the scary concept must first be understood. When they get near facts and reality, they are like the little kid walking up to a full grown tiger that has escaped from the zoo and going “Nice Kitty”.

    • SJJolly

      “… Stalin murdered nearly 6 million Jews during the World War II period, as did Hitler.” Such seems to have escaped the attention of the Holocaust Memorials in Israel. Or, was such suppressed by the Israeli government?

    • Patrick Tiekamp

      Has anyone suspected complicity in these sudden and numerous attacks by a firearm. Does anyone realize that if we give in by one inch we will lose a foot and open the door for more loss of rights. If we don’t stand fast- we will lose on every attack of our rights? We must stand fast and firm.

  • SJJolly

    Gad! Actually some sensible posters on PLD today! Tips of the hat, to Brasson, RightBrainThinker, Deerinwater, and Jeff, in paticular.


      Aaawwwwe. How precious. All you little turd trolls are so cute. The way you support each other in your attempts to spread your cancerous thought process across America. It’s just so cute, you come up with silly names for all those bad people, and when somebody makes a point, you just cover your ears and yell “blah, blah, blah, blah”. So addorable, you little ones sure are clever.

      • Bob666

        Yo Med,
        you are one angry guy.

      • Bob666

        You Meds,
        you are one angry dude.

        • DON STUVER


  • Ron r

    We already have some gun control on the books now.sio which right has anyone lost so far. Matter of fact what overall rights have any American lost under the current administration?? Ialmost only counts in horse shoes and hand granades.

    So far Obama and his Kenyan ,Muslim,black pahther,negro army have allowed guns in federal parks. What kind of commie crap is that? I wonder if Hitler allowed guns in parks ? Guess we should ask another reich winger. Chip!

  • Jim B

    The current plutocracy and their bureaucracies have ruined our government much the same as it had ruined old and new Europe. History is bound to repeat yet again. Socialism will not someday reign, it reigns today and is thriving. Socialism is plutocracies weapon of choice and it has always been successful… to a point. Complacent Americans and complacent peoples all over the world have fallen into serfdom. These are the zombies, these are now the voting mass and their numbers grow daily. They have drunk the coolaid, and taken the free stuff to satisfy a meager life that now spans several generations, a legacy within itself. There is nowhere left to go to escape from this madness, every day more and more bureaucracy is created, and plutocracy gets stronger with each liberty removed and each strand of freedom cut. The complacent are unaware of what is happening, they were turned into zombies a long time ago, losing an appendage or a limb does not have any effect on them, they just keep on with an ever more meager existence. Meanwhile those that want to fight back can’t. This is because they are too consumed with keeping their families safe from the zombies, while keeping from becoming zombies themselves. If you are of the plutocracy, you are now above all laws made for the people, your children do not pay back their government backed student loans, and you are exempt from most, if not all criminal activities i.e. fraud (creating new currency from nothing), theft (full congressional salary at retirement even if only serving one term), and extortion (congressional exemption from mandatory (taken by force) government taxing of its citizens, and exempting itself from Obamacare. Have you had enough yet?

    • Ron r

      Jim what the heck are you talking about.that statement is way out there in reich field.

      • Jim B

        I realize how hard it is for a fully right or left leaning serf to understand what blinds them. Maybe it was the 12 year sentence, maybe you went on to pay for even more indoctrination, but it is going to be up to you to determine, on the whole, how evil and corrupted our government really is. I chose no sides, I look upon the whole and see the damage that has been done, and that which is about to be brought to bear. Try to escape from serfdom if you can, it holds no promise for you there.

        • Ron r

          My bad Jim. Totally UN called for on my part. Looking at and posting on my blackberry is hazzardous to my thought process . Again my bad

  • Gea

    Obama is the most skillful practitioner of Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying (see

    “Lying and cheating in the Arab world is not really a moral matter but a method of safeguarding honor and status, avoiding shame, and at all times exploiting possibilities, for those with the wits for it, deftly and expeditiously to convert shame into honor on their own account and vice versa for their opponents. If honor so demands, lies and cheating may become absolute imperatives.” [David Pryce-Jones, “The Closed Circle” An interpretation of the Arabs, p4].

    Barack Hussein Obama had become a multimillionaire selling his toll stories and had even managed to deceive 2/3 of American Jews (4 millions) not only to vote for him but work hard on his election and re-election, all while giving US taxpayers money to supremacist genocidal misogynist Muslim Brothers who are waging war on women, Christians and Obama even gave them F-16 for their new war on Israel. Muslim brotherhood long range plan is “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from withing to establish the only true religion of Islam to rule over all others.”

    Barack Hussein Obama is responsible for the rape and death of US Ambassador in Libya by not allowing US marines to carry life ammunition to defend American diplomats and properties, and he is helping CAIR, ISNA and other American Muslim organization subvert First Amendment of the US Constitution to cover up the true nature of Islamic teachings: A supremacist ideology similar to Nazi supremacist ideology, including its delusional Jew hatred. When will this traitor be impeached and put to prison and be prevented from destroying America?

    • Deerinwater

      Gea say “Obama is the most skillful practitioner of Taqiyya ― Islamic Principle of Lying ”

      I say, You don’t seem to be too bad at it yourself.

    • Bob666

      “Barack Hussein Obama had become a multimillionaire selling his toll stories and had even managed to deceive 2/3 of American Jews (4 millions) not only to vote for him but work hard on his election and re-election, all while giving US taxpayers money to supremacist genocidal misogynist Muslim Brothers who are waging war on women, Christians and Obama even gave them F-16 for their new war on Israel. Muslim brotherhood long range plan is “to infiltrate America and destroy Western civilization from withing to establish the only true religion of Islam to rule over all others.”

      “Barack Hussein Obama”,”Barack Hussein Obama”,”Barack Hussein Obama”,
      if you say it fast three times, he still does not go away.

      I believe we get the fact that you don’t like Muslims or Obama, but the problem with democracy is; sometimes your guy does not win. Morsi was elected in Egypt and Obama (who is not a Muslim) was elected here in the US-Twice.

      As far as the “2/3 of American Jews”, did you ever think that maybe they are just as frightened by hardcore Christians as they are hard core Muslims? In case you have not figured this out, it is the most extreme element in every religion that brings about the stereo-type that hangs over that religion.

      It does not matter which religion we talk about, more people have been killed through-out the history of man-kind in the “name of god” than for power, lust, greed and mental illness combined. During the crusades for example, when “Christian Soldiers” went marching into the middle east, the killed Jews just as indiscriminately as the did Muslims. Jews were a favorite target during the inquisitions as well.

      One of the Jewish philosophies of survival is not forgetting who their friend and enemies are.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Did any one think the jug eared muslimmarxist and any sorry azzed democraps would do a damn thing to retreive our Americans or give these muslim pervs a good case of whip azz, for acting like idoits. Both Obammee and Hillarey are missing for over 8 hoursthey must have been doing cultural cookin’, plenty of whio and chill.

    • Ron r

      Wow,ridge runner,powerful words for such a reich wing fascist. I’m sure it is not easy to come up with those great quotes for are obviously attending Chip Woods school of nonsense.

  • ibcamn

    Obama,the great,king Obama,whatever he thinks he can the idiots who voted for him not see this ruse he’s pulling on Americans?he’s going to rig our system till there’s no going back with people who can be bought and blackmailed and told what to do and say like a dog n pony show?how the hell are we ever going to straighten all this out?can we even just fire these people who pose a problem to the courts or the treasury or local law enforcement or any of the senate seats he’s rigged to sway his way??what will it take to wake up the public to see what he’s done(doing)to us?!?!Americans are going to die under this tyrannical man,and nobody seems to give a rats a$$!(voters and supporters)they all think it’s going to be a utopia and it ain’t gonna be anything close.don’t these people at least read the “right” paper or watch the”” right”news station once in a while?!?!how can people be so ignorant of what’s happening right in front of them?!?!…

    and you know what?we are going to feel sorry for them when SHTF,when Obama and his henchmen are done using them(throws all of them out like trash),we will feel sorry,and we will wind up protecting them when they finally see the errors of their ways!and why will we protect them, because that’s who we are,Americans and dam proud of it!!

    [told you my P.C. button was broke!]

    • Jeff

      “Obama,the great,king Obama,whatever he thinks he can the idiots who voted for him not see this ruse he’s pulling on Americans?he’s going to rig our system till there’s no going back with people who can be bought and blackmailed and told what to do and say like a dog n pony show?”

      Was this supposed to make sense? It didn’t. Frankly, calling Obama a poopoohead would make more sense. Kings don’t get elected. I assume you know that, but then I assume you’re a mammal, too. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s the Republicans who want to rig the system so the president is elected by gerrymandered Congressional District rather than by State popular vote as the Electoral College has always worked. Republicans will do anything to win except actually get the most votes.

      • Bob666

        Yo Jeff,
        you know where is going don’t you?

        • Jeff

          In a circle like most of the idiotic posts here.

  • James

    This is just the beginning, taking a little rights at a time until you have none! our freedom will be gone!! He comes like an angel of light. How do you think people are fooled????

    • Ron r

      You are do right James , I have UN troops in my back yard now. God save the queen!!!!!

  • James

    Obama, is so cocky….I get so tired of him saying I;’m the president I was voted by the people and this was 99% of the blacks , hispanics, and the women that thought he was sexy. Can you believe this? I heard a woman say she was voting for him because he is sexy. So you see most people don’t know what he is about

    • Ron r

      You are so right did you not run for office? Them thar blacks,Mexicans ,and women don’t need to vote,why they can’t even understand they ain’t posen te vote fer that dang Obama . Dag nab it

    • Deerinwater

      James says ; “? I heard a woman say she was voting for him because he is sexy. So you see most people don’t know what he is about”

      I say, This women must have a lot of influence over you James.

      I’ve head people say many things ~ the tongue is a very unruly member.

      If I accepted true half of what I heard, it would be me the fool.

    • Jeff

      Yes, our next president will be George Clooney. His only real competition will be Angelina Jolie. Maybe the woman’s statement is more a reflection of the people you hang with than it is a reflection of true voter sentiment.

      • Bob666

        Yo Jeff,
        It would appear that James has a Posse.

  • James

    Bush Wacker—–I like what you say! You have spoken the truth.


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