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Obama’s immigration plan fires up debate on jobs, economy

April 15, 2009 by  

Obama's immigration plan fires up debate on jobs, economyThe administration’s announcement regarding planned immigration reform is pitting supporters and critics once again in a debate about the impact of an amnesty on American economy and the job market.

President Obama revealed that the key component of his comprehensive immigration reform will center around putting the estimated 12 million undocumented immigrants now living in the U.S. on the path to citizenship.

Predictably, the move has caused mixed reactions.

During an event hosted by the Immigration Policy Center, economic and labor experts discussed the benefits of bringing undocumented immigrants out of the shadows and creating a level playing field for all workers.

In their opinion, this will lead to better worker protection, higher salaries – by eliminating the "trap door" that artificially lowers wages – and spur economic growth.

However, many have expressed a different view.

"[While]Americans are being thrown out of work and families are struggling everywhere, how could this administration convince anyone that flooding the labor market with more foreign laborers is going to help open up or create jobs for American workers?" asks Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

As Obama’s immigration concept matures before a bill is introduced this summer, the dispute is sure to continue unabated.

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  • s c

    Obama is part of the same crowd that has ignored illegal immigration since the ’60s! They didn’t have answers then. They don’t have answers now. We are supposed to believe they have what it takes to solve a problem that they created.
    Illegal immigrants will supply easy votes for two-legged vermin who shouldn’t be within 1,000 miles of Washington. ‘Leaders’ who create and maintain problems are anything but leaders. See them for who they are. To them, all ends justify the means. How can anyone think
    these pretenders care about America? These people are not worthy
    of anyone’s trust. Open your eyes while you can, America.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      very true. These lefties want them all legal, so they can have more legal votes. But from what Ive heard around, they were getting their votes somehow anyways. Now if we could just get them to stop getting votes from dead people like they always do, ala JFK winning the election against Nixon, we’d be set.

      • stephen heins

        Neo con repulicans want cheap labor and liberils just want to give away the store cause it feels good…….we’re screwed.. who working for us average

  • TeresaE

    Why, when we have over 6 MILLION workers “officially” unemployed, probably up to 20 million under employed, did we just issue 42,000 (out of 65,000) worker visas last week?

    13 million, which is more than likely a fractional pipe dream, will hit our government’s tit overnight.

    Food stamps, unemployment (which will force the illegal employers into insolvency with the government-which is fine, but really do we need FEWER businesses paying taxes and employing anyone right now?), social security, disability, education, etc, etc, etc.

    This will make the trillion dollar budget explode.

    Bye bye greatest nation on earth, at least I will be able to tell my grandkids fairy tales & myths about the nation that once was great. Sadly, they won’t get the chance to know it first hand.

    • PapaBarry

      Possible Future Democrat Voters and welfare receivers.

      You pay — They play.

      • Frances Carraway

        Also, Social Security.

    • OrlandoRican

      VOTES! Both legal and illegal (a la ACORN!). WE, THE PEOPLE can stop this by doing two things. First, contact your Representative and your two Senators (email, phone, letter, town hall meetings) and let them know that you don’t want amnesty for the illegals and that come the next election cycle you will throw their arses out. Secondly, come next election cycle, THROW THEIR ARSES OUT! All of them. Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, and so-called Independents. ALL OF THEM!
      This will send a clear message that WE, THE PEOPLE are in charge. Not Washington, not La Raza, not any other spacial interest group. WE, THE PEOPLE!

  • rich

    When and if the actual cost associated with the illegal immigration is openly discussed, this matter should no longer be an issue for consideration. That states including California, Texas and Arizona, which have been forced to deal with this issue in a greater degree could educate the rest of the states. This “free ride” that is provided to so many illegals, is not available to those of us playing by the rules. Tax us more to provide for others NOT playing by the rules will not gain support. Issues like this are exactly why the “Tea Parties” are gaining popularity. I expect more vocal opposition to such poorly thought out legislation.

    • OrlandoRican

      True..See my reply to comment #2.

  • PapaBarry

    Any plan to reward those in this country illegally can not be supported by me. It is time to replace those in Washington by those who will put America and its citizens first: In jobs, in pay, in service, in many things.

    It is time for our elected officials to protect this country, not give it away.

    Time to fight for citizen’s rights.

    • Shirley

      I would love to talk to Washington people who support America – Who Are
      They Exactly?????? I don’t recall anyone on the East Coast supporting
      America for a long long time. We need an uprising NOW!!!!!

      • Bill

        If these idots in Washington would do the right thing and refuse all of these calls for amnesty we would not have an unemployment problem like we have now. I am sure that it would not completely take care of the problem but it would eliminate much of it. If these people did not have as many sources of of illegals maybe they would have to hire our citizens.

    • OrlandoRican

      Right, again. See my reply to comment #2.

  • Dicebucket

    The most fundamental obligation of the executive branch at any level of government is to enforce the law. Any president, governor, or mayor that is responsible for purposely letting any law he disagrees with to go unenforced should be summarily impeached, convicted, and removed from office!! The executive branch has only two options: enforce the law or change the law!

    The left has supported the outrageous practice of totally ignoring illegal immigration for only one reason. For at least ten years It has been salivating at the prospect of adding 12-24 million (who has the correct count??) illegal aliens to the Democratic party. They plan on accomplishing a permanent occupation of the White House.

    Lord help us. We have no one to blame but ourselves.

    • OrlandoRican

      Under the Obama administration, those you referred to are named to Cabinet positions. Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano is a perfect example. She didn’t want to enforce inmmigration laws while Governor of Nevada, so the genius appoints her to head Homeland Security? Go figure.

      • karen

        Please engage your brain before you speak and check your facts. Janet Napolitano was the governor of Arizona, not Nevada. And another thing – labeling and pigeon holing doesn’t help your cause and in fact hurts it. It makes you look stupid and uneducated, unable to appreciate and discern the differences in peoples beliefs and ideas. We are complicated beings (I hope). Our multitude of experiences have shaped our thinking. We do not always “think” within the boundaries of an artificial definition on any one topic. If your agenda is immigration and I mostly agree with the details of your thought don’t worry about where I live. Let’s get the action details organized and acted upon. I like what Orlandorican said about writing letters to our congresspeople and threatening to vote out the ones that don’t listen. To keep the political compromise issue out of the mix- What part of illegal don’t you understand? I like your thoughts, Bob, and enjoy your emails. Most importantly I learn from you. Am I rightwing or leftwing? Wrong question! Do I support your cause? Correct qustion!

        • Judy & LIVID

          Karen, just want to clue you in, never threaten. Promise to vote them out or we will vote you out if you don’t follow the Constitution as written.
          Remember we are their employers.

  • accutrax

    The people who promote globalism want to run the whole world as one country. It is time that the USA returns to the path that was laid out by the Fathers of America, and the US Constitution. Americans should demand this from their elected leaders, their judges, and bureaucrats. America First!

    • OrlandoRican

      I agree with you 100%. But then, Obama can’t be king of the world. So we better think this over.

      • accutrax

        I don’t believe that Obama will be king. In my view, I think that the real power brokers are calling the shots for both the Republicans and Democrats. Obviously there has to be percieved differences to bamboozal the voters. That is a danger with a two party system. Even the Fathers of the USA warned the infant country (USA) of that. I could go on and on, but you get the picture. Global interdependence is the name of the game. But in order to achieve this on a global basis, you need to setup a framework of global rules and laws. That is happening. A countries own sovereignty must go by the wayside. Some in the USA think that this is the way to go, many don’t. It is time that people really think about this. Immigration is just one item to be taken into consideration. Time to think America..

  • PapaBarry

    Just a large problem and a no solution accept three that I see.

    Do nothing and allow the problem to continue for the next generation.
    Make them all legal and the problem is solved until 50 million more illegals enter the country.
    Stop illegal immigration now. Remove all handouts, free education, free medical, jobs and so on. The big questions I have is how do we do this? We talk a big talk but where is the action behind it? Our elected officials (Federal and State) ignore our demands yet we elect them again every time. They listen to the illegal criminals over citizens. What can WE THE PEOPLE (CITIZENS) do to force an acceptable solution to this growing problem? Do we need another Citizen’s style “TEA PARTY” to force action? Recall elections for those in office that do not listen? WHAT?

    • Dicebucket

      One thing we can do is see that as many citizens as possible read and comprehend this information:

      I’ve always wondered if our pledge of allegiance starts with “I pledge allegiance to the constitution of the United States of America, and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands”, why on earth do people keep calling it a DEMOCRACY??

      Study that information. There IS a reason. And it is very chilling…

      • OrlandoRican

        Dicebucket, that is because our government schools have indoctrinated our children into believing we are a democracy. Most high schoolers (I’m willing to bet!) have not read the Declaration of Independence nor The Constitution of the United States even once! I carry one in my pocket at all times and have given copies to my sons to carry with them.

    • wayne

      You’ve mentioned the main thing possible, someone needs to start impeachment, somewhere, if the rest of the crooks see this you may make a gain. California certainly has enough reasons for impeaching someone PELOSI, FEINSTEIN, BOXER please someone. get started. Before we can have citizen desires we need to get rid of current electoral system, you think party heads will allow this? We need the current 2 party system ignored, it means nothing, it allows a party to get most incompetent elected as 80% of voters knows nothing about senators, congress but are mind trained to vote party no matter who. Most people should be tested for competence before allowed to vote . How else could we have OBAMA?

      • shirley

        right on.right on, Wayne…..exactly: get rid of the two parties, invent something new (Independent??) maybe. Important to do something….also, did you know they are talking about “civil disobedience” right now?

        We should FORCE THEM (candidates) to prove their worth somehow…not be able even to lie and promise and then do nothing. What on earth is happening. Well, i just heard David Horowitz talking about having “hope” that America/Americans (especially the right & conservatives) ARE WAKING UP finally after a long time and things can/will get better…not because of our current government at all. Because of thinking, caring, Constitution-loving, “freedom”-loving people.

  • Rod

    The push is on to break America so the one world government can finalize. Obama gets the top position world king. By breaking us so hard as to not be able to come to Israels aid, just look at the total playing field and you come to your own conclusion. He is not an American, and that is why he has put so many bad choices in his administration , he lets them mess up just like he is letting congress as this is what he is after the destruction of America.

    • PapaBarry

      Seems to me that starting from at least Carter up to Obama, all the presidents and congress have let down the American people on Illegal immigration(?) . As you can see this has been happening a long time.

      How do ‘We The People’ push back? How do WE make our voices loud enough so that Congress and the President can hear them?

      • Rod

        I maybe wrong but in my opinion I see the one world gov as being the sole demon in immigration ,money crisis, health care, military,etc. Because they all are going towards a one world as being sold as an only solution.That is why you keep hearing about Europe. The tax day protest are a start to having a big voice, that is why they so desperately try to deceive people to believe the opposite. These protest need to grow to a size that they cannot oppose. Also voting them out.
        |But first you have to convince the ones they have convinced what is really happening. They are really a sleep. Pelosi and Reed need to be defeated.This is a very deep well designed problem.I hope we as Americans can find a way to stop this group from being successful in any of these fields.

        • http://- dotty

          I believe what you said is true we must pay attention to what is going on and vote these people out. The whole lot of them senate and congressman get rid of them.

        • PapaBarry

          Dotty may be correct..
          But is it too late..
          Vote them out in 2010.

      • smith

        **I hope everyone here is doing as many “first hand” complaints to their so-called representatives as they do here. People like Pelosi and Obama and henchmen won’t read these comments as readily as they *might their ‘gov/contact’ mail.

        Obama can’t seem to get his staff to investigate even the basics of those he underwrites for cabinet postions. More than half are commiting fraud, not having paid their taxes and getting away with it. No one reads the nation’s budget before they blindlly accept it**If they aren’t doing their job there, check to see who the porkers are and get rid of them – in your own districts!

      • Mystery Man

        I have a petition posted on to have Nancy Pelosi removed as speaker of the house. Please inform everyone to go to this site and sign it.

        • PapaBarry

          Mystery Man

          Never know we could remove a House Speaker without the vote of the house. There is a majority of Pelosi Supporters in the House. All those minds have to be changed.

        • Shocked and Puzzled Lady:

          Hooray! I will go there now. Can’t we add Reid’s name to that, too.

          Keep up the good work all you all.

    • NaNa

      AMEN!!! Just grab your Bible and read Daniel or Revelation to see what is already happening! ONE WORLD GOV. AND ONE WORLD CURRENCY AND SOON TO COME ………ONE WORKD RELIGION. It’s all in there.

      • accutrax

        Yes Yes Yes!!! We need to pray.

      • Shocked and Puzzled Lady:

        Its true, of course. Many times i don’t know HOW to pray because all these things WILL come to pass. Its just difficult to accept that now is the time and here is the place.


    Those who stand against amnesty had best gear up for another battle, not that it has ever gone away but now with the libs making their agenda a known fact, the battle will become very intense. It is known that amnesty like socialism is a failure, it simply is not a viable way to get things done when you disobey the laws, break your own rules and allow lethargy to top what works. It’s called giving up, throwing up your hands and running away.

    The border is our soverignity it needs secured, the immigration laws are on the books they need enforced, the E Verify program is amazingly effective let it work. Those who are on a foreign payroll that are also on the tax payers payroll need to step down or be prosecuted, the lies and the thievery have taken a toll on good people and now it is time to pay back the crooks.

  • Mystery Man

    Hello Ladies and Gents,
    This is my first posting and I can not agree more with your comments. I spent over half my life defending this Country, The Flag, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights and it’s legal Citizens. Each and every year on Memorial Day, I go to the Veteran Cemetery, I look out at the row upon row of my fallen Brother’s and Sister’s and my quote is always the same. I inform my Brother’s and Sister’s that they gave their lives for nothing.

    This Republic is falling apart and it is all being orchorchestrated by a bunch of brain washed individuals (Democrats) that were introduced to the socialist way of life in college by socialist professors who hammered into their skulls that the American way of life is wrong. These same people that are now in the main stream media, in our pre-kindergarden schools, in elementary schools and high schools are attempting to brain wash our children early in life to accept their ideas of socialism.

    Many years ago and several time after the initial entry into the Military, I took an Oath that I would support and defend the United States, The Constitution, The Flag and The Bill of Rights against all enemies both foreign and domestic. This is an Oath I took and still do take very seriously. It is also the Oath that each and every elected official takes prior to assuming office.

    I have a petition posted on to have Nancy Pelosi removed as Speaker of The House. I am asking everyone to please go to this site and sign my petition. If we’re going to clean out the rats nest in Washington we have to do it in an orderly Constitutional manner. Remember, all the power and authority these people hold has been delegated to them by the people, for the people and we as the legal citizens both native and naturalized have the power to remove them through Federal Law procedures. In the mean time, keep your powder dry and keep fighting for what is rightfully our’s.

    • Mystery Man

      If someone walks into The Halls of Congress with a petition with thousands if not a few million signatures on it from each and every congressional district, what do you think Congress is going to do, knowing their jobs and reps are hanging in the balance. Any elected official can be removed from office, if it is the will of the “People.” Remember the Pre-Amble to our Constitution, “WE THE PEOPLE.”

  • http://beliefnet Denise Thorbjornsen

    I think it’s sad that there are real Americans who need work and this President is trying to over turn our government by illegally giving non-U.S. citizens the right to become citizens. This is outrageous! We don’t need their political views flooding our government. I know that I didn’t vote for Obama. He’s shown his true colors;signing into law tax dollars for abortion. Next he’ll be trying to pass muslim law in our country, a slap in the face to 9/11 victoms.

  • “WestCoastBestyRoss”

    Obama has no understanding of America’s culture and pride. He was not raised in this country. He has not, to this day, been able to prove that he was even born in this country!! All of his records have been sealed shut, including his college records thanks to his very aggressive bands of lawyers. Why?? He has something to hide. So it is not surprising that he is more supportive of immigrants than he is of the true American citizens and taxpayers. He doesn’t understand (or even want to) our history or where we came from. Check out The main stream media has done a very good job in covering it up and not reporting this piece of critical information along with many other information. So as of today–Obama is an illegal alien!!

    Obama, his Cabinet thugs and Congress did not honor the Constitution’s qualifications for one that want to become President of the United States of America as we know it. Lawsuits questioning his eligibility have gone up to as high as the United State Supreme Court, but most have been turned down. And now one very brave female lawyer looked into her rejected filing again and found out that a law clerk of one of the US Supreme Court judges deleted her lawsuit off the docket (meaning it doesn’t exist!) and one of the judges said he had no recollection of it!!! This full story is in WND. Incredible and an act of treason!! She is now demanding that the FBI investigate it. Have you heard this on mainstream media? –Nooooo….

    So—even if we sent these petitions and letters with our concerns and demands–how do we even know that the letters/petitions will even get to the actual person intended for or will their so-called clerks/helpers/secretaries/office workers delete/shred/throw away our papers of concerns/demands/petitions? This is one part of our problem–these politicians can actually “claim” that they were not aware of the problems by allowing their assistants to deal with info coming into their office. These politicians chose to barricade themselves in these steel fishbowls with earplugs.
    So–what do we do??

    We will have to continue to STAY THE COURSE and keep the fight alive knowing it will be a long haul and not ever give up. Like what the colonials did for us–they fought for our freedom, not theirs as most of them probably didn’t live long enough to enjoy their full freedom–we might have to forget our wants, take of care of our basic needs and focus on what our children and grandchildren should be having. The younger generation need to support us and that will be difficult because as someone said in these comments that the liberal historical/political schooling has greatly influenced our children of the last 15-20 years. This is absolulely true esp. in California. It is not just in college–we have them in our high schools!! And we had to reinforced our kids each day when they would come home from school. It was a very heartwrenching and trying time for us.

    We also need to research who we need that are anti-immigrants, low taxes, and smaller gov’t and to get them voted into Congress in the next election which will be in 1 1/2 years. Research need to start now–it is possibly our last chance to maybe turn this around and point it back in the right direction. Our biggest problem is Obama’s lawyers–they are thugs that know how to research American citizens and destroy their reputation byt twisting the truth. Palin is an excellent example-it doesn’t mean that I would have voted for her or not but the way the thugs did it was terrible and she is now saddled with $1/2 million bill for the legal process. They deliberating tried and succeeded in destroying her. This is wrong.

    Another is the illegal aliens–they have to be denied their so-called “rights” in this country. This past year I have decided no more legal immigrants, as well as illegal which I have been fighting it for 15 years, should be allow in this country for now. We need to shut down the Immigrant Office temporarily –like 10 years or so?. Why?? This country need to get back on its feet completely and putting a band-aid over the problem isn’t going to do it. I am tired of being forced to help others when we and our beloved country is going down the tubes.

    Tea Parties were very encouraging–they all got made fun of–but this goes to show you what is truly going on–medias and politicians and talk show hosts are nothing but a bunch of mindless and dysfunctional people–and that should make us more determined to continue. Petitons and demands along with the tea parties will need to continue as part of our way of life and include as part of our daily/ weekly readings. I have been reading it for 2 years.
    So–all you wonderful Brothers, and Sisters of Old America–STAY THE COURSE.

    • Shocked and Puzzled Lady:

      WestCoast BetsyRoss….

      Sarah Palin WAS NOT DESTROYED!! hOw on earth could you think that? she IS ALIVE and well and working hard for our good and rights, etc. – no matter what her “party affiliation or new name” may be.

  • Shirley

    I said nothing derogatory or slanderes in my reply – I don’t understand why I have
    been singled out for a repremand. From now on I will just read and not write – another freedom lost!!!

    • Margaret

      Why do you think you were reprimanded. He was agreeing with you! Don’t stop voicing your opinion–thwn THEY have won.

  • Ali

    Too bad Mr. Obama doesn’t seem to have taken an economics course at Harvard, or he’d realize that “bringing illegal aliens out of the shadows” does nothing to create a level playing ground for Americans. The fact is that it is the NUMBER of illegal aliens competing with Americans for jobs that helps drive down wages and reduce opportunities. Legal or not, these MILLIONS of workers are what will continue to make the playing ground unfair, just as the H1-B program for skilled workers has done for Americans in certain industries.

    As a DEMOCRAT, I oppose amnesty and will continue to do so. We’ve already seen how much faith we can put in the promises of government to enforce the law AFTER an amnesty, which is none at all. Until this Administration chooses to enforce the law against BOTH employers and illegal aliens, we will continue to reject amnesty. Enforce the law for four years, and we’ll discuss amnesty in his second term–if he gets one.

    • NaNa

      Ali…………We can’t afford another term from him. We will have enough trouble with one term.

  • Sophia

    Obama, does not care about U.S. citizens. It is that simple. He cares more about 15,000,000 Illegal Aliens having jobs, instead of 15,000,000 U.S. citizens, so that we can feed our children. This is blatant Treason and we must demand, for his immediate resignation, unless he apologizes to every U.S. citizen, stop all talks of any Amnesty and start Deporting Illegal Aliens. This is our country. He is our President and if he, wants to represent Mexicans, he needs to move to Mexico to do it. He will not do it, from our White House.

    Step down, President Obama. Step Down.

  • Alexa

    This president has to come to his senses and quick! His responsibility as a new president is to take care of U.S. citizens first. The illegals don’t want any of the field jobs; they want the blue and white collar jobs. U.S. citizens should have the first choice of getting their jobs back or be hired for the jobs they applied for. Obama wants to give the illegals 65 years our social security money. What is going to happen when my children and grandchildren reached retirement? These politicians have set their own retirement in a nutshell. They should be put on social security system then they will improve the social security and make them take it out of the general fund where Franklin Roosevelt said it would not go there. God protect us from all of these corruptions within our government.

  • Mad*Dog

    Well whats next ??? Men in black trenchcoats with a maltese cross around there neck. It’s time to WAKE UP THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND TELL THEM TO TAKE OFF THERE BLINDERS. I guess the best way to say it is ………………………


    This has been paid for by the friend that support the USA and the Constitution. ONE NATION UNDER GOD !!!!

  • Dan

    Is Third World Immigration a Threat to America’s Way of Life?

    Yes: Patrick Buchanan, from “Shields Up!” The American Enterprise (March 2002)
    No: Ben Wattenberg, from “Immigration is Good,” The American Enterprise (March 2002)

    Is immigration good or bad for America? Many immigrants, both legal and illegal enter the US every year. The majority of immigrants come from

    Third World countries and the largest percentage are from Mexico, the Philippines, Korea, and the Caribbean. European immigration has shrunk to about 10 percent. (Finsterbusch, p. 40)

    The immigration act of 1965 put all immigrants on equal footing. It made it even easier for Third World immigrants to enter the country. The new law gave preference to those with a family member already living in the US. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Immigrants enter the US for various reasons. They may be fleeing tyranny and terrorism, to escape war, or join relatives already settled in the US. The question has arisen as to whether or not immigrants take jobs away from US citizens or do they just do jobs the US citizens do not want. The immigrants see the US as a place of affluence in a global sea of poverty. In the US they can earn many times what they could in their native countries. What will these new immigrants do to the United States—or for it?

    (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    Buchanan contends that immigrants are harming the US both economically and culturally. He claims that the sheer number of immigrants threatens to overwhelm traditional safeguards against cultural disintegration. This foreign influx is transforming a “nation” into a collection of separate nationalities. However, Ben Wattenberg argues that immigration will benefit the US, by making it a “universal” nation that will be better able to compete in a future that is increasingly global. (Finsterbusch, p. 41)

    In 1821, the new independent Mexico invited Americans to settle in the northern part of Texas—on two conditions. Americans must become Catholics and swear allegiance to Mexico. The Americans eventually outnumbered the Mexicans ten to one. In 1835 General Santa Anna seized power in Texas and being tired of the Americans making false oaths and fake conversions, sent them back across the Rio Grande. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Santa Anna led his army north to recapture his lost province. At the Alamo he massacred the first rebels who resisted. Then at Goliad he executed 400 Texans, who had surrendered. At San Jacinto he was ambushed. His army was butchered and he was captured. The Texans wanted him massacred, but Sam Houston made the dictator an offer: his life for Texas. Santa Anna signed. Andrew Jackson, on his last day in office, recognized the independence of the Lone Star Republic. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    Eight years later, the US annexed the Texas republic. Mexico disputed the American claim to all land north of the Rio Grande. President Polk sent troops to the north band of the river. Mexican soldiers crossed the river and fired on a US patrol. Congress declared war. By 1848 Mexico lost the war and was forced to cede all of Texas, the Southwest, and California. In addition the US gave Mexico $15 million to ease the anguish of the amputation. (Buchanan, p. 42)

    As a result of this history Mexico has an historic grievance against the US that is deeply felt by her people. Immigration today is different from the past. Today the number of people from Mexico is larger than any country ever before. In the 1990”s alone, the number of people of Mexican heritage living in the US grew by 50 percent to at least 21 million, which are highly concentrated in the Southwest. Mexicans are not just from another culture, but another race. Different races are more difficult to assimilate than different cultures. 60 million Americans of German ancestry are assimilated, but millions from Africa and Asia are not. Millions of Mexicans broke the law. Each year, 1.6 million illegal aliens are apprehended mostly at our southern border. Unlike old immigrants, Mexican immigrants did not break away from Mexico. They have no desire to learn English or become US citizens. They are here to earn money. Rather than assimilate, they created their own radio and TV stations, newspapers, films, and magazines. They are becoming a nation within a nation. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican immigration is a challenge to our cultural integrity, our national identity, and potentially to our future as a country. 72 percent of Americans want less immigration. The people want action. The elites disagree—and do nothing. The US lacks the fortitude to defend its borders and to demand that immigrants assimilate into its society. If assimilation fails our children will suffer. The US will become a cleft country with potential for internal strife. (Buchanan, p.43)

    Mexican President Fox proposed a complete opening of borders between the US, Canada, and Mexico. Half of the Mexicans live in poverty. This situation will result in millions of Mexicans to enter the US within months. They will treat America as nothing more than an economic system. (Buchanan, p. 44)

    Even the Mexican army shows contempt for the US along its 2,000 mile border. In 2000 Mexican soldiers barreled through a barbed-wire fence, fired shots and pursued two mounted officers and a US Border Patrol vehicle. Border Patrol agents believe that some Mexican army units collaborate with their county’s drug cartels. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    The Mexican government supports illegal entry of its citizens into the US by providing them with “survival kits” of water, dry meat, granola, Tylenol, anti-diarrhea pills, bandages, and condoms. Some Anglo Americans have moved from California in search of cities like the one they grew up in. Others are moving into gated communities. Complaints about the radical change in America’s ethnic composition have been called un-American. However, Theodore Roosevelt warned that “The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities.” Yet immigration has been deemed taboo by the forces of political correctness. (Buchanan, p. 46)

    Harvard economist George Borjas has found no net economic benefit from mass migration from the Third World. The added costs of schooling, health care, welfare, prisons, plus the pressure on land, water and power resources, exceed the taxes that immigrants pay. A third of the legal immigrants have not finished high school. 22 percent do not even have ninth-grade education. 60 percent still do not earn $20,000 a year. Immigrant use of food stamps, Supplemental Security Income, and school lunch programs that run 50 to 100 % higher than use by the native born. By 1991 they accounted for 24 percent of all arrests in Los Angeles and 36 Percent of all arrest in Miami. In 1980, federal and state prisons housed 9,000 criminal aliens. (Buchanan, p.47)

    Mass emigration from poor Third World countries is good for businesses that employ large numbers of workers at low wages. However, what is good for corporate America is no good for Middle America. Is the US government failing in its Constitutional duty to protect the rights of American citizens? (Buchanan, p. 47)

    Immigrants arriving from cultures that have little in common with our own raise a question: What is a nation? Some define a nation as one people of common ancestry, language, literature, history, heritage, heroes, traditions, customs, mores and faith who have lived together over time in the same land under the same rulers. Secretary of State John Quincy Adams said, “They must cast off the European skin, never to resume it. They must look forward to their posterity rather than backward to their ancestors.” John Stuart Mill cautioned that unified public opinion is “necessary to the working of representative government.” We are about to find out if he was right. (Buchanan, p. 48)

    Immigration is Good

    By the year 2050, we were told, America would be “majority non-white.” Hispanics will be “America’s largest minority.” Although most Americans of Hispanic heritage declare themselves “white,” they are inferentially counted as non-white. However, there lies a central truth: America is becoming a universal nation, with significant representation of nearly all human hues, creeds, ethnicities, and national ancestries. (Wattenberg, pp. 49, 50)

    Absorbing many immigrants, Pat Buchanan and other critics believe, will “swamp” the American culture and bring Third World problems to America. However, 8.8 million immigrants who arrived in the US between 1901 and 1910 increased the total American population by 1 percent per year. In our most recent decade, the 10 million legal immigrants represented annual growth of only 0.36 percent, because the US population went from 249 million to 281 million. Overall, 15 percent of Americans were foreign-born in 1910. In 1999, our foreign-born were 10 percent of our total. Today, America’s “foreign-born” amounts to 21 percent of the population and heading up. However in 1910, the comparable figure was 34 percent—one third of the entire country—and the heavens did not collapse. We can take in more immigrants, if we want to. Should we? (Wattenberg, p.50)

    The US population will go to 397 million in 2050 with expected immigration, but only 328 million should we choose a path of zero immigration. Is more population good for America? When it comes to potential global power and influence, numbers can matter a great deal. Taxpayers, many of them, pay for a fleet of aircraft carries. On the economic side it is better to have a customer boom than a customer bust. Japan’s stagnant demography is one cause of its decade-long slum. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    But will the current crop of immigrants acculturate? Even among Mexican-Americans, many second-and third-generation offspring speak no Spanish at all, often to the dismay of their elders (a familiar American story). Michael Barones book “The New Americans” theorizes that Mexican immigrants are following roughly the same course of earlier Italian and Irish immigrants. It took a hundred years until Irish-Americans reached full income parity with the rest of America. California recently repealed its bilingual education programs. Half of Latino voters supported the proposition. Latina mothers reportedly tell their children that “Spanish is the language of busboys”—stressing that in America you have to speak English to get ahead. (Wattenberg, p. 51)

    Newcomers are always viewed with suspicion, but such views change over time. There are high rates of intermarriage. Most Americans lost their qualms about marriage between people of different European ethnicities. In 1990, 64 percent of Asian Americans married outside their heritage, as did 37 percent of Hispanics. Black-white intermarriage is much lower, but it climbed from 3 percent in 1980 to 9 percent in 1998. (One reason to do away with the race question of the census is that within a few decades we won’t be able to know who is what.) (Wattenberg, p.52)

    Substantial numbers of people are necessary for a country to be globally influential. Will America have enough people to keep their ideas and principles alive? Birth rates in developed part of the world—Europe, North America, Australia, and Japan, nations where liberal Western values are rooted—had sunk so law that there is danger ahead. Women in these modern countries are bearing 1.5 children. It is 28 percent below the long-term population replacement level. The European rate is 1.34 children per woman—radically below replacement level. The nations of the Western world will soon be less populous, and a substantially smaller fraction of the world population. The modern countries of the world, the bearers of Western civilization, made up one third of the global population in 1950, and one fifth in 2000, and are projected to represent one eight by 2050. If we end up in a world with nine competing civilizations, will this make it that much harder for Western values to prevail in the cultural and political arenas. The good news is that fertility rates have also plunged in the less developed counties—from 6 children to 1970 to 2.9 today. By the middle to end of this century, there should be a rough global convergence of fertility rates and population growth. (Wattenberg, p. 53) America should not cut back immigration. America needs to keep growing, and we can fruitfully use both high and low-skill immigrants. Pluralism works here, as it does in Canada and Australia. America must be prepared to go it alone. If we keep admitting immigrants at our current levels there will be almost 400 million Americans by 2050. That can keep us strong enough to defend and perhaps extend our views and values. The civilization we will be advancing may not just be Western, but even more universal: American. (Wattenberg, p. 54)

    The issue is based on what one thinks will happen as America becomes more diverse. Buchanan sees America as coming apart and Wattenberg sees America as leading the world. (Finsterbusch, p. 55)

    Finsterbusch, Kurt. Taking Sides: Social Issues. McGraw-Hill/Duskin, 2006

  • 03triumph

    We are all doomed, done, screwed. All of us. Yeah, we’ll keep fighting “the good fight” but nobody’s listening. Now if we were all from another third world foreign country – that would be another story. Unfortunately, our leaders always think they know what’s good for us (there’s always something in it for them, too). Don’t our leaders seem to do what they want & not what we want them to do?? We’re screwed.

  • Fred

    President Obama is under the impression that by putting illegal immigrants on the pass to citizenship it will lead to higher wages for them. What President Obama does not understand is that American corporations and small businesses will then hire the next wave of illegal immigrants into the United States. The ones who become legal will now be out of a job and they, plus their families, will flood the welfare offices and apply for other government programs. That will drive up the cost of goverment at all levels. The main reason for this happening is the low level of education so many illegal immigrants have.

    There is another factor to consider. If you were an immigrant waiting your turn to come to America and it took a long time to be accepted, would you wait any longer while 12 million illegal immigrants got in front of line before you? The answer in most cases is no. America will be flooded with millions more and there will be no stopping them from coming here. It will be the end of America. Poverty will be everywhere. Your children future will fade away, and diseases like TB and STD will be rampant. God help us when this happen.

  • Judy&LIVID

    Recently, I attended my first TeaParty and some Town Meetings. In order for us to Effectively voice our opinions, is to send Hand-Written letters to our local reps. and senators, then to our State Reps. and Senators who represent us in Washington. We were told that e-mail correspondance was usually deleted, along with online petitions. Another way is to actually run for an office. WCBetsy Ross is correct about indoctrination in our public schools. I recommend reading “Forbidden Secrets” by Gregory Thompson, who exposes the Truth of how the socialist plan to take over the nation. It will make you mad! Quotes: Vladimir Lenin, “Give me your four year olds, and in a generation I will build a socialist state. & “Hitler, “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state. Norman Thomas, Socialist and member of the Civil Liberties Union stated in 1976, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until, one day, America will be a socialist nation without knowing how it happen. Sophia is right, we need to act NOW and start a movement to demand for Obama’s resignation, along with his cabinet and anyone who does not comply with or inforce our Constitution as the Founding Fathers intended.
    Yes, America needs to WAKE UP! Obama claims that he does read, He Needs To Read and Study the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, and the Bill of Rights. Check out these websites: ; and; for more information on bills Obama’s wanting to sneek passed us.

  • just bill

    While immigration problems have many valid reasons why we should bring it under
    control, I am concerned about all immigration numbers. The U.S. has abandoned
    previous quota policies, and numbers are overwhelming. While we want to be a
    welcoming nation, I think we have to take into great consideration what growing
    numbers of people are doing to the environment and resources of our nation. These
    resources are not limitless. In California there is not enough water for everyone, as is
    a problem in the rest of the Southwest. The people are under threat of rationing water, and amounts of use are being reduced to bare minimum or less. Legal citizens will have to use less or at times do without to carry the use by ever incoming illegal persons. Every third world person coming into the U.S. becomes a first world user and leaves a bigger “carbon footprint”. Democrats want global warming controls and yet want to allow more non-citizens access to fossil fuels, etc. There is so much to consider for the good of our nation. But to voice concern is to invite slurs of ‘selfish interest’. I hope reason will prevail here. It’s all so depressing.

  • http://google done wannna say

    though i am not a citizen of the united states, it has been a life long dream of mine to become one. i hope president obama passes that bill as soon as pssible, becuz i am going 2 college in September, and since i am not a citizen i can’t get financial aid. and I’ll have 2 pay everything from my pocket,my dreams are motivating me to become a children doctor, and i hope i achieve that goal, cuz i want to help all the sick children feel better.not all legal immagrants are bad, i 4 one am a very nice person once you get to now me.

    • Linda

      I don’t think Americans are objecting to legal immigrants. It is the illegals that have us upset.

  • Speakeasy

    To Done wanna say: In no way do I believe that you are bad. This issue is bigger than you and I. It has to do with the economic impact of having more people than jobs in any particular country. It is destructive from a big picture point-of-view. We US citizens are concerned about the demand on our LIMITED natural resources (water, food, jobs). Mexico has a smart plan for hiring immigrants in their country: you must have a job to rent a roof over your head and turn on the electricity; the only way you can get a job is if NO OTHER Mexican National, who is qualified for the job, wants the job!!! So, why is it okay for Mexico to say no to American Nationals working and living in their country legally , but it is okay for us to accept MILLIONS of people who came here illegally? If our country implodes from our own insanity, you and my children and grandchildren won’t have the opportunity to go to college or practice medicine on anyone – so at some point it has got to stop.

  • Linda Wright

    I cannot believe that we should reward illegal aliens (what part of illegal don’t they understand) by offering them citizenship while the people from other countries that are trying to enter legally would be turned away. Our unemployment is sky high. We do not need illegal aliens taking our jobs. We do not need illegal aliens becoming citizens taking more of our money for health care, welfare, etc. We need to worry about Obama bringing us to the One World Government. None of these things make sense to me. Our founding fathers would roll over in their graves if they knew of all the corruption going on in our country. We still have freedom of speech, but when we try to use it we are called terrorists. We are not terrorists. We love our country and are trying to keep it the way it was created by the original constitution. How often does anyone ask about the constitution? They will be losing our freedoms completely if the country keeps going in the direction it appears to be heading.

  • Dale

    As long as this country continues to abort the lives of one million unborn American babies every year there will always be room for another million illegal immigrants to take their place.


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