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Obama's Human Rights Record Criticized Before Nobel Ceremonies

December 15, 2009 by  

Obama's human rights record criticized before Nobel ceremoniesAs he prepared his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, the advocacy group Amnesty International began questioning President Barack Obama’s human rights record.

Amnesty’s executive director Larry Cox stated that Obama’s human rights record is still a "work in progress" and that he must make it a "constant priority—not just when it is convenient."

While Cox gives Obama credit for a pragmatic foreign policy style and a willingness to open talks with countries like North Korea and Iran, he also faults him for not doing enough to address specific human rights violations, according to Reuters.

"He has spoken out on some cases… but he has not raised enough issues of human rights in China, for example, where it would have demonstrated real commitment on our part not to let other needs prevent us from speaking out very forcefully," said Cox.

Amnesty’s director also encouraged the president to use his acceptance speech as a platform for change.

"[He should say that] the U.S. after many, many decades has failed to provide that kind of leadership [on human rights] and now wants, once again, to provide that leadership," he stated, quoted by the news source.

Meanwhile, President Obama has faced criticism after he acknowledged last month that he will not meet his original January deadline for shutting down the notorious military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

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  • Robert

    Cox should be looking at the current situation in the United States. If the Dems get their way, all Americans will loose their human rights. And Obama is pushing for the total takeover of every aspect of our lives by this government. So what’s so different between us and Iran or North Korea or China? Amnesty International is a joke.

    • Ray Parker

      So is the United Nations, a “joke”!!

  • Judy Doyle

    While I am against abortion, i.e., murdering babies, I am sorry that the son-of-satans white trash mother didn’t embrace the murder of babies the way he does. If she did, we wouldn’t be faced with this evil marxist living in our white house.

    • http://n/a Winnie

      Judy, what an evil thing to say. All lives are to be valued and taken care of the best way we know how. With a mouth like yours, maybe the same could be said aboput you.

      • Ray Parker

        Soo, about SEVEN years of American “Socialism”, ought to do the trick, ehhh?

    • BOE

      Hey Judy…yeah you go girl!! You said it right!

    • Claire

      HOW CRUDE!!!!!!!

    • Claire

      There is good and evil in all races.

    • Claire

      I do not condone abortion, but if the life of the mother is threatened, then it is a different story. If a woman has been raped, it is a different story. If it is a case of incest, it is a different story. My gosh, abortion would be unheard of if women/men would use birth control. Think of all the crackhead mothers that give birth to crack babies and don’t even know who the father is.

  • buckshot

    Ask the aborted babies in America about the “supreme Court” death panel and their human rights! Ask GOD about the perverse behaviors lauded about as a civil right(s). Shameless behaviors boasted about as good and “normal” and those with some semblence of a moral compass are seen as bigotted and intolerant. Houston’s newly elected homosexual mayor in one of her first speeches boasted shamlessly about “how far we (homosexuals) have come. Like the Bible says, “Evil is seen as good and good is seen as evil”. God is the ultimate righteous Judge and will penalize the unrepentent. WE are to pray for our enemies and thereby” heap burning coals of fire upon their heads”.
    God does not rejoice at the death of one who is lost.

    Pray for our loyal soldiers and for wisdom for their leaders.

    • Ray Parker

      Unfortunately Buckshot, Obama IS YOUR “Leader”! I guess, we all Otta pray for him, ehhh?

  • s c

    Comrade obama’s record is a ‘work in progress’ like I’m the leading candidate for the next Nobel Peace Prize for underwater basket weaving. He is a social engineer. That’s about the most polite way to describe him (and his utterly WORTHLESS administration).
    We could not do any worse if we picked random names out of phone books. Comrade obama has eclipsed FDR and his many attempts to cripple America via social engineering. I have to grit my teeth in expressing my outrage that it was so easy for someone like comrade obama to get into politics, let alone find his way to the white house.
    Quo vadis, America? This charlatan is DESTROYING America.

    • Steven Nein

      Is there not one thing this President can do that you hypocritical idiots can’t criticise? I can not belive the vile and bitterness of some of you replys! It’s okay to not abort one unwanted child that was created out of rape or incest, but by God it is just fine to kill some 1 million men women and children in Iraq! Are you people for real? or are all of you just so stupid that you do not realize what has happened to America? Do you really think that the democrats are taking away our constitutional rings after what the Bush administration did to us over the past 8 years? Does illegal wire tapping ring a bell? Does signing statements ring a bell? Does deregulation of the banking system ring a bell? Does out of control greedy capitalism ring a bell? What apathetic and ignorant people you have in your dyiong party!

      • J C

        I am neither an idiot nor a hypocrite. Obama represents the height of corruption and absurdity displayed by both parties for as long as any of us have been alive. Its time to clean out the White House as the whole system is so perverse it can no longer be repaired.

        • Claire

          J C—I believe you could apply your statements to all politicians.

          • Joe H.

            you are right of course, but O-man takes it to new heights!!!

      • Area Republican

        Steven: It is not any one party’s fault, but responsibility for our (AMERICANS) welfare stop with the POTUS! Now, has any one “change” Obama has made in 10 months in office made any sense? Is our economy better or worse as a result of what he has mandated since taking office in January 2009? I say no, he has put us so in debt we will never see the daylight again–our economy is tanked for sure! He has no experience and he hired/appointed “czars” who are either crooks, have no experience, or are insane/clueless as to what to do in their particular assignment. At least previous administrations had some clue as to how to administrate, he does not!

      • s c

        Steven, most of the time, it is a waste of time to try and enlighten idiots like you [he who is 'stuck on stupid' has no one to blame but himself]. However, I’ll try to answer your question(s).
        First, comrade obama can resign and disappear (but only if he takes all his space cadet camp-followers with him). Second, I’d like to see ONE ultraliberal responder on this web site who has the SPINE not to vomit that retarded chorus about George Bush. Does your fearless leader think GB is still in the white house? If you and your friends aren’t brainwashed and somehow “obligated” to spew out more of that predictable pig waste, it sure seems that way. In an attempt to speak for many others, take your act elsewhere. The day your comments are less predictable is when you’ll be justified in taking up feedback space. Get it?

      • Ray Parker


        Perhaps we ought to have a replay of 9/11, to wake YOU up, ehhh?

      • Ray Parker

        Of course not, Steve, we really need Socialism, here!!

      • Claire

        Steven—people do NOT want to hear about this. They are so enthralled with the Republican party, they cannot think past this fact. They cannot realize that both parties took us for a ride for years and years. I have harped about this all night.

    • http://n/a Winnie

      Same could said for your Bush and cheney. President Obama is cleaning up the mess the republicans left. Calling your president comrade only shows how little and closed your mind is. We all need to grow up and act like grown ups, being responsible and accountable for all that we do. We must teach our children to value all of creation and not just those who agree with us.

      • Robin from Indiana

        God abhors evil. This leads me to believe that Christians should follow that lead. I do not like our present administration. Some of the ‘changes’ I see being made and in the process of changing could be considered evil. I am totally against abortion. The Democratic platform either supports abortion or supports a woman’s right to make that choice. God cannot be happy with anyone who supports abortion. And even if one claims to be a Democrat but against abortion, is there a way to separate the two? We will never have a government that doesn’t make mistakes. At least not until Jesus comes back. But Barry and his buddies, are not listening to the people. Hopefully we can turn all this around in 2010. Winnie you seem confused. I hope you are able to get it all figured out.

        • sean murrey

          Lets get that satan out of there put in honest people get rid of these czars and the rest of the crooks.

          • Claire

            And pray tell, who are the honest politicians? Can you name one, two, three? If you do, I will be amazed.

          • Generic Viagra

            I want not agree on it. I over polite post. Specially the appellation attracted me to read the whole story.

        • Claire

          2010 will prove nothing but more of the same. Especially if you vote Republican or Democrat.

      • Ed P

        Winnie, take your head out of your backside and look at what is going on, Even in the Liberal Main Stream Media.

        • Claire

          Winnie has a right to her opinion just like you do.

    • http://n/a Winnie

      Same could said for your Bush and cheney. President Obama is cleaning up the mess the republicans left. Calling your president comrade only shows how little and closed your mind is. We all need to grow up and act like grown ups, being responsible and accountable for all that we do and say. We must teach our children to value all of creation and not just those who agree with us.

      • J C

        Calling him a Marxist is the only accurate description of him. Every single thing he is doing is anti American and anti Constitutional. He’s selling us down the road to global government because he’s “Their boy”. That’s not to say that he’s been the only one, he’s just the one in the White House “now”. And he’s moving America towards Communism faster than any of his predecessors. Obama is a Marxist alright.

        • Rod James

          JC, You and many others seem so concerned about Socialism and Communism
          Mean while the country has been taken over by Corporations. Benito Mussolini said “I wouldn’t so much call it Fascism as I would call it Corpratism” buisness makes a profit,provides employment for the better of society but if buisness looses money then the people help pay the loss. This is very compaitable with the Rep/Dem BAILOUT OF AIG,BANKS favoured companies etc.along with the bypassing of the constitution with THE PATRIOT ACT. I believe the US at the present is more and more looking like a Fascist country.

          • J C

            When governments take over (bail out) corps. you have all of the above. Socialism and economic fascism. All of it concerns me.
            Our system has become a sick joke when compared to Americanism in its truest form.

      • s c

        Winnie, if you didn’t notice, you repeated yourslf. The polite term for that is redundant. This is one of the things that drives conservatives up the nearest wall. When people seem to imitate a parrot (and show very little imagination), it makes a strong case for the idea that some people need to sit and think before sending in feedback.
        Please don’t repeat yourself. It makes you look like somebody’s parrot zombie. It’s bad enough that we get a lot of moonbat comments on this web site. If you’re a typical progressive, then it is no wonder that it is so hard for conservatives and progressives to communicate.

        • Claire

          I believe she has every right ot her opinion. You sure are speaking yours.

          • libra

            the unions screaming for another unemployment fix and have already collected for 99 weeks.they could have –during that period of time retrained themselves for a tech. job–or nursing position. i never heard of 99 weeks of dining from the gov. they want billioms more for another fix. they are addicted to those checks that come in the mail weekly. have some more kool aid. depend on your union thugs for more and more. what you do not realize is that the leader union thug lives much better than you and has had no interruption of his bloated salary.

      • Claire

        Winnie–speak you mind! We are all entitled to do so. Isn’t it amazing when a person does speak their mind, everyone retaliates like a bunch of kids. I think it is funny.

    • Ray Parker


    • Claire

      ALL politicians have been destroying America for years and you are just realizing this? But you can blame Obama. It is all his fault. Give me a break. It is ALL their faults.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    Obama’s approval ratings are falling. This should be no surprise, except I don’t see how they can still be this high. Further, it’s pathetic that so many people were oblivious to the truth about BHO in 2008. Politics often reminds me of the Peanuts comic strip, in which Lucy always lies to Charlie Brown and pulls the football away, and the gullible Charlie Brown always falls on his back. Like Lucy, many leftwing Democraps are liars who pretend to be moderate to conservative to obtain votes. Likewise, a large % of voters are like Charlie Brown – misled by Democraps who will not admit to being the ultra-liberal leftwing radicals that they are. WAKE UP AMERICA!! We cannot undo the big error of 11/4/2008, but we must avoid repeating the error in the future!! Today’s Democrap party is far from what it was in JFK’s days. They’re lying to you when they pretend to be centrist or even somewhat conservative. IMO it should be renamed the Socialist or Leftwing Statist Party!!

  • sean murrey

    He hasnt done a thing to earn the peace prize, i would ask the peace people that give it to ask for it back but knowing that they are socialists.

  • Kev

    I think the Congressional Leftist Liberal and the Republican Right are both crooks, problem is, their just taking orders from the Billionare Bilderberg Group! And I can back that up with a scary 2hr video; GO TO “The Obama Deception”…. “” We as Americans need to wake the hell up and unite as one before we are completely taken over! God Save Us.

  • Ray Turner

    The best way to do something now to stop all of this without violence is a social movement where we perceive the change we want. We need to start a campaign of non-violent resistance and general strikes by absolutely everyone, with the message that both parties are finished. “The People Are Now in Control” We need to demonstrate, protest, walk-out, shut-in, stand-in, etc., in ABSOLUTELY EVERY WAY POSSIBLE. Also, and WE NEED TO GET THE POLICE AND THE MILITARY ON OUR SIDE – PROMOTE THE MESSAGE THAT THEY ARE PEOPLE THAT HAVE CHILDREN AND FAMILIES TOO! The military and police are people like us with families too, not social elitists that want to rule over us like the insane idiots in Washington. This has worked before, and it will work again if it stays non-violent!

  • J C

    Amnesty International should not be criticizing the Annointed One. After all he’s only doing what he’s told to do by his bosses. And how can he possibly critcize China? Thre fact that they own the American economy and can sink us at any moment takes precedence over morality and principle, doesn’t it? So he’s in a tough spot. Its kind of sad though that the Nobel prize has been given about the same status as the plastic toy in a box of Crackerjack’s. It times past, people actually earned the status of Nobel prize winner.

  • Ray Parker

    Izzat so, “in times past, people “earned” their Nobel Prize”?? Yasser Arafat, “earned” his Nobel Prize!! I guess, in “some” peoples minds. Wonder what I would have gotten, If’n I had stood at the UN General Assembly, with MY gun, strapped on MY waist??

  • Claire

    I have said again and again, who is responsible for this mess we are in???? Democrats??? Republicans??? They ALL were in office at one time or another. Did any of them DO anything for the betterment of America while they were in office? Hell no. We have been sliding downhill for so many years that it is pathetic. I BLAME BOTH PARTIES for this mess. It does not make any difference who is President, we all bitch and moan about him. The same happened to Bush. People moaned and groaned about him.

  • Ray Turner

    Here’s an article written by Joseph Farah 12/11/09:
    December 11, 2009
    The end of freedom as we have known it is near.
    Soon, if the enemies of freedom and the proponents of government command-and-control economies have their way, this is what you can expect:
    * A shortage of well-paying, productive jobs actually making things: This is because of a combination of environmental rules and regulations, government red tape and corporate taxes that make it easier to ship jobs overseas. If you think it’s bad now, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Americans also have to compete now with illegal aliens for employment because the government refuses to do something it actually has a responsibility to do – control the borders.
    * You will be told what you can drive and what you can’t: This is part of the government’s power grab under the rubric of “climate change.” Carbon dioxide, a naturally occurring gas vital to all living things, has been determined to be the biggest hazard on the planet – responsible for “global warming” apparently impossible to detect with thermometers, but only through computer modeling. A side effect of this plan is even fewer productive jobs.
    * You will be told what medical procedures you can have and which you can’t have: The government will soon be a middleman between you and your doctor. Even your hard-earned money, if you have any, will be useless in persuading doctors in this country to treat you.
    * Your vote will be meaningless: Of course, systems like these cannot be mandated in a country in which politicians are accountable to the people, so the power of your vote will need to be watered down by giving amnesty to millions of illegal aliens who, in turn, will vote for their benefactors, returning them to office. In addition, criminal organizations like ACORN will be funded by the government and probably placed in charge of elections – if elections are permitted to take place at all.
    * Your guns will be taken away: Tyrannical regimes can only survive in countries in which the government maintains a monopoly on force.
    * Your children will be indoctrinated to believe the government is their friend and benefactor and protector: When the government spends more waking hours with your children than you do, what do you expect? Your archaic ideas and morals will be laughed at and scoffed at by your own children.
    * The financial system will collapse: This will, as it always has in the past, make the government more powerful – prompting emergency powers and possibly even martial law.
    * Criminals and terrorists will have free reign to victimize you: While government officials are protected from the ensuing anarchy, you will be on your own to deal with the mess they have created.
    * Somehow you will be blamed for the chaos: In the name of “tolerance” and punishing so-called “hate crimes,” if you are a serious person of faith, you will be a target of persecution. When the government becomes a god, it will tolerate no other gods before it.
    Does this sound like an implausible nightmare scenario to you?

    if we don’t stand together right now, and I mean right now – we’re going to see the end of freedom in the world for good.
    In the name of Jesus Christ, it’s time to say enough is enough with all of this, and both political parties. Now!

  • Claire

    Ray Turner:

    You are correct in a ll that you say. But, do you really think people will stand together and fight for the same cause? Or will they continue to be for certain parties? Whereas American will remain divided.

  • Ray Turner

    Get the message out. “The People Are Now In Control!” There need to be signs, billboards, protests, media coverage if possible, and it needs to reach every corner of our society. The non-violent movement started with people like Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato. It continued with people in the abolitionist movements like William Wilberforce and Harriet Beecher Stowe. It continued with people like Henry David Thoreau, right on to Ghandi, and Martin Luther King. IT was even recently used by the Otpor movement to oust Slobodan Milosovich in Bosnia! It does work, when we have absolute resolve. It always works if the argument based on the moral concept of the
    rights of the individual over they tyrrany of the State.

  • James Corbin

    Yes, Robin you are right! When are these people going to stop blaming Bush for everything—-Obama, is on his own with the far left causing the debt to triple, spending more than any president in history and we cannot afford all this spending. Why can’t people see this?

  • Ray Turner

    You have to remember: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” The odds may seem overwhelming, but then again,
    “If God be for us, who can be against us?” We have to stand with absolute faith in Jesus Christ, and the resolve to overcome this
    evil being perpetuated upon our country.

  • Claire

    I certainly believe in Jesus Christ, but it is still up to the people to join together and become united for the same cause. I believe it can happen, but we are so set in our ways and beliefs. We much change, and unite for the common good of our country. And after reading these posts on this site, I am rather doubtful. Choosing a certain “party” is not the answer. This will never solve our problems. We must become independent and not cling to either party.

  • Claire

    Why can’t people see that BOTH parties got us into this mess????

  • J C

    Exception noted.

  • Jim Slauenwhite

    This Country is on a path of self destruct until corruption in Government, banks, oil companies, power companies, law enforcement, health care, stock mkt. is brought under control! Along with Social Security fraud!
    The illegals are sent back so they don’t keep bleeding our tax dollars for health care and food!
    The Constitution is followed and political correctness is pushed back where it came from we are doomed!
    It’s all about greed and money until then this country will just keep sliding deeper and deeper until it’s berried! Do we have any honest people left that can’t be bought!

  • Dave

    I’m a union member. I am not a comunist nor do I agree with the union leaders. I feel they are lining their own pockets with cash and following their own agenda.
    I also feel america went down the drain with the nafta free trade agreement.
    Ross Perot said it best, if you pass that bill you will hear a great sucking sound. It will be your jobs being sucked over seas.
    He was so right. Our gov. has made it more profitable to move your plants over seas than keep them here. They even give a tax break for shutting down plants in the US.
    We need to make it profitable to have factories in the US again to bring the decent paying jobs HOME.
    We have been sold out by the communist spread the wealth people.


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